Anthrax False Flag Redux?

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Headline News | 7 comments

This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire

It was reported this morning the Pentagon mail facility has received at least two packages containing the deadly poison ricin.

Immediately after the anthrax attacks in 2001, Bush neocons put pressure on FBI Director Robert Mueller to prove the mysterious attack was the work of al-Qaeda, a fantasy on par with Saddam’s WMDs. This story—the essence of fake news—left out something important: it takes complex equipment to prepare anthrax spores for weaponization and it was highly unlikely if not impossible for Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda to produce the substance in a remote Afghan cave. 

Both Bush and Cheney made the claim and the Wall Street Journal published an article linking the attack to Osama bin Laden and Iraq. Reports by ABC News followed after the late John McCain insisted the anthrax attack was the work of Iraq. McCain, celebrated as a true American hero after his death, was in cahoots with the Bush neocons to get a war going in Iraq. 

The anthrax attack dovetailed with other absurdist fake propaganda and helped promote the plan to invade Iraq. It was also instrumental in the passage of the Patriot Act, thanks to then Attorney General John Ashcroft haranguing the House Judiciary Committee.

The anthrax attack was exploited in standard problem-reaction-solution fashion. After the attack and media hyperactivity, the US once again began throwing money into biological warfare research. The government gave the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases $1.5 billion in 2003 and Congress passed Project Bioshield Act, which provided $5.6 billion over ten years for the purchase of new vaccines and drugs, thus providing transnational pharmaceutical corporations a welcome influx of taxpayer money. 

How long before a revitalized cadre of neocons folded within the Trump administration blame this attack on Iran or Russia? The UK set the example when it blamed Russia for the Skripal “Novichok” poisonings, a transparent and completely baseless accusation that was embraced by the US and its parroting corporate media. 

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    1. aljamo

      I was and am of the belief that the post 9-11 anthrax incident was a product of a US inside job to get the war on Iraq going. Clearly it was part of the psyop. On another note, here we are a year and a day past the Las Vegas massacre with nothing more publicly known than the single gunman story all over again. But his girlfriend is said to have had FBI connections and the entire official story is bogus when looked at closely. My opinion is that the FBI planned and ran this event from the start.

    2. Anonymous

      Only the Republicans and right wingers would do something like this.

      Our enemies and the Leftists would never even think of doing a heinous attack against us.

      That should be obvious to everyone, and the author gives plenty of credible evidence to prove it.

    3. Fritz

      If this was truly a case of terrorism, I’m certainly glad it was thwarted. It does seem a bit of uncanny good fortune though, that out of thousands of pieces of mail that are sent to the Pentagon each day that they were able to zero in on these two envelopes with the ricin in them.

    4. B from CA

      Before bombing Russia consider this. Russia is a white Christian Country and is less communist than the USA. In the last century enemies of white Christians managed to kill hundreds of millions of white Christians in Brother against Brother wars instigated by the real enemy.


    5. Heartless

      What everyone forgets is that ricin is easy to manufacture. Dangerous as hell, yes; but, not really complicated. Kitchen chemistry (with some form of dependable exhaust system) and vigilance in handling materials during the process. All constituent components and materials required can be purchased over the counter. It literally is NOT rocket-science at all. And that is what makes it so stupid to claim any particular side of the political battle did (or did not) do this. I’d vote the left – some disgruntled progressive liberal jackass who did okay in high school chemistry most likely pulled this stunt.

    6. Jim in Va.

      Beware of both sides,trust nobody.

    7. Jim in Va.

      Beware of both sides,trust nobody.

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