Anthony Scaramucci on Trump: “We Gotta Take This Guy Out!”

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    Anthony Scaramucci, a former White House communications director for 11 days back in 2017 said that President Donald Trump will likely bow out of the 2020 election. He added that Trump is “worse than a racist” and “we gotta take this guy out!”

    The real question is if Trump is voluntarily going to pass on reelection, then why would it be necessary to “take this guy out?” But according to several media reports, including one from USA Today, that’s Scaramucci’s assessment from an interview with Vanity Fair published Friday. The prediction is that Trump will drop out of the 2020 presidential race by March because there is no possible way for him to win.

    Scaramucci, who has been nicknamed “the Mooch,” kicked off the war of words and has been battling it out with Trump on Twitter since he said on CNN that he could no longer support the president.

    “It’s gonna become very clear that it’s impossible for him to win,” Scaramucci said. “And is this the kind of guy that’s gonna want to be that humiliated and lose as a sitting president? He’s got the self-worth in terms of his self-esteem of a small pigeon. It’s a very small pigeon.” While it’s obvious that Scaramucci didn’t straight up state Trump will drop out of the 2020 election race, he’s eluding to it and saying Trump’s hubris will force him to bail on the election.

    “You know, this is like ‘Game of Thrones.’ We need an Arya Stark, okay? We gotta take this guy out because this is like the Night King,” Scaramucci said, referencing the icy villain who poses a danger to humanity in the HBO series. “We had the Wicked Witch of the West, but he is the Wicked Witch of the West Wing. We gotta get some water thrown on him. He’ll start melting,” Scaramucci said.

    “The red line was the racism—full-blown racism. He can say that he’s not a racist, and I agree with him, okay?” Scaramucci told Vanity Fair’s William Cohan. “He’s actually worse than a racist. He is so narcissistic, he doesn’t see people as people. He sees them as objects in his field of vision.”

    Scaramucci also said he hopes a Republican will run against Trump, who he called “this jack*ss,” in the primary and win. “And so listen, there’s gotta be somebody in the Republican Party that’s worried about 2024 and the identity of the Republican Party.”

    Scaramucci said he bases his attacks on Trump’s leadership abilities, not on personal qualities. “I’m not calling him ‘Small Hands’ or saying he’s got a small penis. I’m not doing any of that. I’m attacking him by asserting presidential leadership; this is where the bar is, this is where you are,” Scaramucci said. “You’re bullying. You’re angry. You’re detached.”


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      1. Little Dago’s just trying to make himself relevant.

        • He lasted for 10 days and now he’s callin for Trump’s ouster. Is he mad cause he has to honor a 5 year no lobby agreement?

      2. Tony da Mooch comes out as a deep state goon.

      3. What is wrong with that guy??

      4. Boy just one look at him, and I see REPTILIAN

      5. Lot of Gab from a perennial Sophmore

      6. Campaigning for president has become a non stop extravaganza. The sides are clear being the government against the people. The people lose every time around.

      7. Scaramucci is a fruitcake with a CAPITAL F. Just another “Fredo” like CNN’s Chris Cuomo, LOL.

      8. SHTF Plan, where the Fruitcakes meet the Nut Jobs.

      9. Keep it up ‘scarface’. The result of your unintelligent diatribes will only serve to make Trump’s re-election less of a simple victory and closer to a landslide. Full time membership in the ‘squad’ with the lunatic fringe is in your immediate future, and your indelible legacy.

      10. Trump and his MAGA is to the right what Obama’s “hope and change” was to the left. Promises, promises, promises to get elected, then follow the bosses script.

        We live in a representative republic theme park. Walk around to the back and you’ll see that the levers and handles are not attached to anything. The levers of power are controlled by the bosses in that other tent with the sign that says “House of Smoke and Mirrors”

        “Look!…a squirrel”

        “Orwell got it backward. Big Brother isn’t watching. He’s singing and dancing. He’s pulling rabbits out of a hat. Big Brother’s busy holding your attention every moment you’re awake. He’s making sure you’re always distracted.”

        —————————–Chuck Palahniuk——————————-

        Right vs Left. Hahahahaha…sigh…sheeptards

      11. This little twit needs to be taken out.

        Trump is the greatest president after Washington.

        He promised what he was going to do and has kept most if not all his commitments
        The democrats, Hollywood, MSM and a lot of the world hate him.

        That alone makes him great in my book

        Undoing all Obama’s mistakes also make him great.
        When he de-nukes the NKO – cuts a great deal with China
        even the dopes will take notice.
        I also like that he does not jump to use our military and get young people killed just to push our weight around

        Looking forward to 5 more years of winning and 5 years of liberal howling!

      12. I know how this site can get more comments
        FIX IT

        I write a comment and it comes back duplicate – its not
        So i leave it up for 5 minutes – nothing???

      13. You really have to wonder what specific cocktail of hallucinogens you have to be taking to become as divorced from reality as Scara-hoochi is…as well as all the other LGBTSYNFSX
        crowd is. Either that or these folk are repetively bouncing back and forth between alternate realities thus getting something akin to ‘Jet lag’, I dunno…maybe ‘Dimension lag’?
        Trump isn’t the Second coming – everyone can be absolutely sure of that apriori – however what the other side simply cannot seem to grasp is that thier bizarro world propositions have precisely zero chance of resonating with the TAX paying general public. Hence Trump is the ONLY possible candidate for the right.
        Case in point; Bernie Sanders actually – publically! – declared a day or two ago that his primary thrust if elected President would be an all out assault on “Toxic Whiteness”.
        Really?! Does this fool not recognize exactly where this goes – both politically and civilly – as well as the same for all his democratic cohorts whose outlandish utterances of late are at least on a par with ‘The Burns” apparent descent into senility. Hmm, maybe it’s Alzheimers in his case.
        To sum it up here briefly, what the Left is currently engaged in will result in the final push to a level of polarization sufficient to initiate a second Civil War…something they are woefully incompetent to prosecute. Given the basic tenor being seen broad and wide today that would almost instantly become genocidal extermination…and unfortunately for the left they just aren’t terrribly competent at anything that involves actual real-world skills, including – but HARDLY limited to – firearms, woodcraft, tactical/strategic thinking, etc, etc…ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

        Lately, I’ve begun to wonder if it isn’t due to something air-borne that originates from seawater…both coastlines appear to have fully succumed to the infection but the central states hardly at all. Coincidence?….


      14. And now it’s time for our fun game “flip the races”.

        (Always do this when you’re accused of being anything-ist).

        SO! If we said that white people should move into and take over a Mexican neighborhood WHAT’S THAT?


        That’s funny…

        So, ok I get how this works, it’s only NOT racist if you hate whiiiite peopleeee. Gotttt ittttttt.

      15. Enemies domestic and traitors
        Got his little panties in a bunch because DJT ditched him within 2 weeks,
        Its called propaganda from opposition
        Beat it saramusshi

      16. Anthony are you a Reptilian ?

      17. trump is a fish he flip flops on all issues. one minute hes for the second amendment the next we need red fag laws nationwide. hes a fucking snake people. this is not what leadership is. trump is gonna get us all into a major war and economic collapse. stop being such fan boys just becus you hate the demons more. america is suffering a real crisis of leadership. they are failing us and gonna leave us holding the bag. its not funny. our kids are screwed.

      18. Treason. Arrest these morons for their threats. But who would arrest the violent provoking traitors?
        Former F bi head stated on MSNBC that “Trump supporters are ter ror suspects”.
        Seems F bi are “Wolves guarding the sheep.”
        Is F bi now a Political/Enforcement arm of the leftist commie crowd? Who knows? Trust No One. All corrupt violent Liars.

        Robert LaVoy Finicum ambushed and Murdered by Feds. No Accountbility. The feds murdered a man and terrorized, flash banged, gassed, a unarmed woman, child, man, innocent bystanders. Your new changed Amerrikka. How sad that Americans are now treated this way.
        Please look up situation, and watch the fed ambush on YouTube before it is deleted. Oregonian news paper put up video evidence from trial.

        When you see evidnce like that and no accountability.
        Then you see witness like Epstein murdered while in custody to silence him from testifying.
        What hope is there for any justice? Violent Criminal crooks now run things in Amerrikka.

      19. Scar who?

      20. Republicans are just maintaining a holding pattern, solidifying the social damages caused by radical change agents, rather than reversing them.

        Take Antifa’s escalations backward, one step at a time. Oh, wait. You don’t.

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