Another Recession Indicator is Flashing RED

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    Although most wouldn’t know it by taking a quick glance at the stock market, the economy is showing the undercurrents of an economic downturn.  Another recession indicator is flashing red as everything but the stock market is strained.

    The most recent indicator of an upcoming recession is called the Chicago Fed National Activity Index. This index combines 85 indicators to measure the strength of the economy and inflation in the United States. It is released monthly and it just came in at a negative 0.02 on Monday, below economist expectations for a positive 0.1. This is now the seventh month in a row that this index has come in negative, prompting experts to sound the recession alarms.

    “Every prior streak of seven or more months of negative readings in the index has coincided with a recession,” writes Bespoke Investment Group’s Paul Hickey. However, according to Barron‘s, Hickey implies that this time, it could be different and perhaps the economy won’t sink into a recession after all. The Chicago Fed index isn’t very negative, which could indicate that the U.S. economy is just “sputtering,” not sinking into recession. Furthermore, six negative readings in a row used to be enough to signal a looming recession, but the index has had two of those since the financial crisis, Hickey explains. “The relevance of the Chicago Fed NAI may not be as strong as it used to be,” he writes.

    Yield Curve Inversion Hits 3-Month Mark: This Predicated All 7 Previous Recessions

    The Federal Reserve’s manipulation of the economy through keeping interest rates low and endlessly printing money to give to the government has made most of the recession indicators, including the yield curve, null and void.  Things are not what they used to be and over a century of market manipulation is permanently changing the economic landscape.


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      1. uuuuuuuhhggggg, Iv’e about had it with this site…..

        • Gen,
          You actually get a lot of reads on this site.
          Big fish small pond sort of thing.
          My last Ban was on a site called Free Republic.
          Been banned four times there. For a bunch
          of “Christians” they don’t show much forgiveness.
          Last ban probably came from someone on this site.
          turning me in as a repeat.

        • lmao.

      2. Supernatural manipulation.

      3. Speaking of flashing red….. My pussy Tacoma truck with 212K on it just had the pinion bearing go out. I have NEVER had rear end problems with ANY truck. The oil was full and topped off with synthetic. Unbelievable. It doesn’t get abused because it is too gutless to abuse. Maybe I will fix it and get rid of it and get a 4×4 Ranger….

        • Gen,
          I’ve done my share of rear ends. Ever heard of Prussian Blue? Most the time an out of balance drive shaft kills the bearing you talk about. I remember one drive shaft repair where the U-joint needle bearings were literally dust.
          I have a 4 liter 2004 4X4 Mazda( AKA Ranger).
          I’m at over 260,000 miles.
          Things wear out. Big deal is if you can get parts.
          I’d fix and keep the Toyota, if it has a good body.

          • relik, the U-joints are in good shape (I suspected them first) What is prussian blue?

            • Gen,
              Prussian blue is a Blue Vaseline, you use to make sure
              you have the correct adjustment for rear end gears.
              It confirms you have the correct wear pattern.
              A correctly aligned, maintained and lubricated differential should never wear out in less than a few million miles.

      4. Genius, I know just what you mean. I’ve had one foot out the door for a while now. Where is mac these days? Churns out articles or is that just AI doing it? When’s the last time he actually said something to US, the “clickers”?
        I have an older Ranger (01) 4.0 V6, good truck but it has it’s issues…you’d be better off upgrading the Toyota..IMO

        • Ketch,
          How is your governor doing?

          • rellik, yeah, he’s got a foot out the door too!
            Now the next in line is under investigation and she doesn’t even want the position!
            A new election may be in the cards.
            Maybe it’s a chance to get out of the corruption that plagues the island from top to bottom but I’m not optimistic.
            What is needed, (as in many states) is a provisional government brought in to clean house and put people in prison.(And it’s been happening on a small scale) That’s about the only way to ensure future would-be politicians behave.
            But on a local level, we here in the country don’t give a rip what happens in San Juan because life is just fine here.
            Wouldn’t live anywhere else.
            Maybe Hawaii but it’s too expensive.

            • Good to hear ya Ketch! Hard to imagine any country more corrupt than the good ol USA lol. I used to have a Toyota 4×4 with a 4 cyl. and it was gutless too and I had to replace the head twice! When Toyota first put the 6 cyl. in them they only had 10 more H.P. lol. The reason toyotas last so long is they are low compression and do very little work. Compare engine braking between anything and a toyota and you will see. I swear coming down from the steep mountain roads in 2nd gear (our 4 runner auto trans) that fooker would go 70 mph at 6500 rpm! I have to use first gear at 3000 rpm and still tap the brakes. I need a 4×4 (the tacoma is not) so maybe shop around for a newer one that is 4×4. There are a few issues with Toyota that peeees me off….

              • Gen,
                Most my experience was with the Toyota
                20R engine it was bulletproof.
                Today I only own Manual transmissions.
                Mostly 4WD vehicles.
                I live on the slopes of a volcano,
                You don’t know steep!
                I have to do calculations to ensure
                I can get proper water pressure to
                my house.

                • relik, lol I know steep trust me! Any car going off the road is guaranteed death! Like off a cliff. Scary shit really if yer brakes gave out. My truck has the 22R engine. 2.4 litre gutless model. I agree with manual tranny’s much more controllable. The mountain in my back yard is a 4500 foot verticle climb in about 17 miles. If you ever visit the mainland look me up I will take you too some of the most beautiful and (treacherous) places which are right next to our home. You would love it guaranteed!

                  • Seriously genius? You have a 4 cylinder truck and your complaining? A 4cyl 4 wheel drive at that. No one in their right mind that uses a little Tonka toy like that should even be allowed to admit it

                • 20R, made me think. it’s what is in my old Toyota.

                  Under is all rust, body looks intact.
                  It hasn’t had working brakes for about 15 years.
                  the drive train still works great, I use it for hauling wood.

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