Another Real Estate Crash Is Coming: Legendary Market Timer Unloads His Positions: “They’ve Sold Deferred Reality For So Long…”

by | May 28, 2016 | Headline News | 115 comments

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    real-estate-easy-money2 real-estate-easy-money

    If you haven’t heard yet, median home prices in the United States are on a tear having reached all-time highs in April. To boot, rental prices have gone insane, showing a year-over-year inflationary increase of 8%. On top of that, stock markets are rocketing back to their own all time highs based on the premise that the U.S. economy is seeing healthy growth. By all official accounts, it appears that we’re back on track.

    But appearances can be deceiving and highly acclaimed investment guru Sam Zell isn’t buying the hype. In fact, he’s taking this opportunity to sell… in a very big way.

    Wolf Richter explains:

    And he has been selling. Back in 2007, he once again proved his sense of market timing. As the commercial property bubble was already teetering, he sold Equity Office Properties Trust to Blackstone for $23 billion, not including $16 billion in debt. Then prices crashed, and commercial property defaults hit the banks. As the dust was settling at the end of the Great Recession, he went on a shopping spree.

    Now he’s selling again, unloading multifamily properties at peak prices on a massive scale just when a multi-year construction boom is flooding the market with new supply.

    So when Sam Zell speaks, our ears perk up.

    Read the full report at Wolf Street

    In a recent interview with CNBC Zell noted that zero interest rate policies are removing the risk of borrowing, making it easy for big banks and finance companies to keep pushing supply onto the market.

    Easy credit. What could possibly go wrong?

    A lot, according to Zell:

    “Overall we’ve come off this extraordinary period of liquidity and this extraordinary period of low interest rates… I think we’re unlikely to see a repeat of that going forward, and I think we’re going to see more supply in what had been pretty tight markets.”

    “In the most simplistic terminology, I would ask you the question, if something is free, is it valued? Is it appropriately risked?”

    “We have distorted markets. Maybe we have bubbles.”

    “The problem is I think the Fed should have raised interest rates two years ago, and therefore today would be able to make a much more rational decision as to what to do. The problem is that they’ve so deferred reality for so long that I think they have a serious credibility problem if they don’t raise rates.”

    Everything seems to be booming again – easy money, easy lending, rising prices, and a bread and circused populous.

    Never mind the nearly 50 million Americans on food stamps, the six million millennials living in their parents’ basements, or the massive spike in business debt delinquencies.

    Should Americans be preparing for another collapse?

    Probably not, because despite all of the market distortions, there is really no need for concern. This time it really is different.


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      1. Always a plan to make people go sale their place cheaper then Globalists go back in and buy them back cheaper and then raise the price back up and sale them at a higher price…

        • Who Cares, Sheep deserve to Get Fleeced. Get out of the Cities Priciest property Death Traps Now, Cash out at the top and go buy Rural Land for cash and get off the Grid, and pay off all your debts.

          When it all crashes again, I can go buy more land, and rent it out. Some people’s fear, is opportunity for others who are paying attention.

          I’d look out for the bigger crash, the Bank Derivatives market. That’s where the banks steal all your wealth if it is their bank. How you gonna pay your debt payments when you have no job or income? The market crash will rob your 401K’s by 50%. Then what. Remember that release you signed on your 401K? This summer will be devastating for many who are not positioned and prepped correctly.

          ~WWTI… Got Your Silver Rounds? Last chance!!

          • No disrespect meant to you, but if there’s no “law and order”, who’s going to enforce your rental property agreement? We no longer have rental property because of the quality of renters. Our town mandates “Affirmative” rental, so your property is trashed immediately, the rent is not paid and you can’t get rid of the tenants. If you’re renting farm land, you might make some money, but housing, no way.

        • Want to hear a no-shitter! The last couple of nights on the local news they have been saying that in Yellowstone Park they are going to have to put in squat-toilet because they are having toilet seats broken by certain people from parts of Europe and Asia standing up on them when using them. Wonder what group of camel herders they are having to cater to. I saw this type of thing 50 years ago in third world countries. Squat toilets, total body tatoos, pierced noses and loops in the ears, boy are we advancing! Trekker Out.

          • In the 80s there was a new wave band named DEVO. Their “skit” was that man had reached the peak of evolutionary development and is now reversing.

            “Does art imitate life or does life imitate art”?

          • Excuse me, but just exactly HOW are these 3rd worlders from obviously backward villages, and therefore not members of the moneyed sector of their societies, affording trips to Yellowstone?

            • they are refuges living off your tax dollars while our homeless and veterans live below the poverty level and usually under a bridge.

          • We can see all of that at Wal-Mart, and I won’t use their restrooms anyway. It’s creepy, isn’t it?

      2. Really makes one wonder what will really happen???

        • Pepe, I don’t wonder anymore. I just try to stay alert for what is going on around us. I was reading on drugs about the desecration of war memorials this weekend. It seriously makes me want to take my AR and go stand watch downtown. The REAL America has about had enough. I know a lot of the protestors are agit props, but the gangs will join in sooner or later and cities will burn this summer. I was watching a waters world segment and there are black people who can’t even tell you who fought in the civil war. Yet they believe all their liberal welfare slave masters have told them. Unfreaking believable. Working out of town only gives me 2 days a week to do all that needs doing around this place but we’ve come a long way in a year. It’s time to inventory my food stores and replenish as needed. More seeds are a must as we worked on seeding out this year and it didn’t work out well adjusting to different climate.

          Was hoping to kill some wild hog this last winter, but the local university trapped over 150. They want to develop a feed that will kill hogs, but no other animals. Bullshit I say. Deer pop is down due to aggressive doe bagging limit. We have cows now and want pigs. Hubby wants to jump right in it, but I say let’s wait aLittle while. Afraid taking on too much too soon will burn us both out. Praying for a job much closer to home. God Bless all.

          • LOL. Eppe, not Pepe. Damned autocorrect.

            • Funny you say that.
              Had a high school bud call me ‘pepe eppe’…

              • Nopitty, it is tough to do what yall did. Lots of adjustment.
                You are strong willed, it will be okay.
                Just work on it daily…

              • Venezuela Drifts Into New Territory: Hunger, Blackouts and Government Shutdown
                ht tp://

                “More than 80 percent of basic consumer products including food and medicine are now in short supply in Venezuela…”

                “The deterioration has been exponential over the last two months,” Leon said. “We are seeing indices worsen in a really dramatic way.”

                “Datanalisis expects inflation of 450 percent, and predicts purchasing power will drop by at least 40 points compared to 2015.

                The latest official inflation figures from December 2015 reported a 180.9 percent increase in prices.”

                ht tps://

                • Each one of them that starves to death in Venezuela is one we don’t have to worry about crossing the border into America. There is a silver lining in every dark cloud. thanks

                  • What kind of Human Being are you? No wonder the world is in such a mess this type of selfishness has to stop or as a species we are finished.

                  • Thirty-six people wounded and four people dead in over two dozen shootings in Chicago (west side) since the start of Memorial day weekend (count as of Sunday morning).

                    • RE: Chitcago Shootings:
                      Yeah for kicks I was listening to the NPR radio and they were talking about targeting pre-crime in Chicago. Of course they refused to label the group doing all the shootings. Well let me fill in the blanks for you NPR. ITS NIGGERS SHOOTING NIGGERS. That’s right Jesse Jackson Your Negro tribal Animals have no clue what normal society means. No Baby Daddies around to monitor their offspring generation after generation. You want welfare you need to get permanently Neutered. You don’t know who the Daddy is you don’t get any welfare period. That Negro Dick needs to pay his own baby bills, not us Great American Taxpayers who contribute to society. Its BS we have to pay for others irresponsibility.

                      ~WWTI… We need to stop rewarding failure and needless Negro baby breading for starters.

          • Drudge

          • No Pity,I also saw all those different desecration articles.I get it if you think the wars wrong ect.,hell,agree with you.There though is a huge difference between opposing wars of profit and desecrating cemeteries and memorials for folks who have died,really do not understand how these assholes cannot see that!

          • NPPH, I head back to the BOL in the morning on another supply run and some R&R.

            • The American People better wake up. All we are all just worker bee slaves, and for our work we are getting hosed,, I mean compensated mostly in Worthless Fiat US Dollars. Besides other tangible compensation such as medical coverage benefits.

              The Digital Chamber of Commerce, just had a get together in May in Delaware, presenting digital currencies. Oh, its gonna get worse.

              You see right now, when you go to work you are to be compensated. But in what form of payment? Does your employer give you Silver or food for payments for your time and effort? No, He gives you a piece of paper IOU statement or check, that says you were paid, but in digital form. Oh and you need to go elsewhere to get cash. And that Dollar Fiat Cash you withdraw, is just another IOU promise that you will be paid one day. You see, when you leave your money digits deposited in the bank, “YOU” are the Loaner, and the BANK is the Borrower. And if they can’t pay you, they close their doors. If fact they are having such a hard time paying people (Depositors) back right now, they use more delay tactics, such as limiting the amount of money IOU Cash Dollars they can give you at a time. Like just $400 Max out of an ATM per day, and maybe $3000 to $5000 for cash W/D to a walk up teller that you have to stand in line for.. Greece limited depositors just about $67 per day when they crashed, and you should have seen the lines wait all day for $67. You see banks don’t really have your money. They are just an agent to move money and work off of Digital numbers on a spread sheet. And you are still the last deep pocket to guarantee all transactions, checks and payments, even if you did not write the check but presented it to the bank.

              True Example, Someone wrote me a check for $3200, and I took the check to the Credit Union, and they said there will be a 48 hour hold on the check before I could withdraw money off of it.. I said fine, see you in 2 days.. Sure enough 2 days later I went back to the CU and they said the $3200 was available. I took $2800 cash out and left the rest in. Here’s what happens next. 10 calendar Days goes by, and I get a letter in the mail that says the check was no good/ funds not available, I now owe the C/U $2800, and they froze my remaining bank account balance of $600, which also caused a check to NSF bounce and fee, since it was written against those funds, But now all taken to cover the entire $3200 bad check.

              I said, WTF to them? 10 Days goes by, I got the bank receipt that says the funds were available. That’s a done transaction, Now after that, what you did with the check is not my problem. They said that by law they can’t wait longer than 48 hours to give cash, but I am still responsible for the bad check. I said 10 Days goes by. They Fucked up Bad, and they sent me the language in the member agreement that they are just the “AGENTS” to move funds, and the member is responsible for all transactions. So I said, didn’t you scan the check to see if it was good, and submit it in for reimbursement for that bank? That all should typically happen in a day or so for verification, and a scanned check is immediate approval and transfer overnight.

              I even went to the States Atty Office to see what the Law is on this. Its between me and the check writer. So WTF, even though you think you have money, 10 days later you are on the hook for someone else’s Check IOU. The CU Fucked up bad in failing to notify me promptly, failure to properly verify the check causing me harm. I could have sued the assholes. So bottom line, I made the C/U Pricks wait 2 months before I decided what I was going to do. So came to an agreement, that they’d gave me a ZERO Percent Loan $2800 to pay back the balance in 1 year. If I didn’t pay it they would fuck with my credit as a bad account. I didn’t have much of a choice.

              So look people, On the back side of this, Brilliant move, I took that $2800 Cash and went out and bought another 100 OZ in silver back in Nov 2015 when this all happened, for $1499 including commission and the rest I kept in cash. Fuckin Eh’. That’s how you deal with these banking Pricks.. Now I got wealth in real value, Zero Percent Loan from the C/U Pricks to buy the Silver for me. I have a Credit score of over 800 with no flaws, and Silver is up $1.30 per OZ from Nov. That is how you change digital currency’s worthless IOU’s into Real Tangible P/M Wealth.

              It is going to get even worse coming up, with more digital currencies, because they can now track your transactions of where you spent money, how you spent money. You will loose all anonymity and privacy in transactions. That would also eliminate traditional banks and banking, since all you get to hold in your hand is a plastic card with some numbers on it, that you can look up your balance online or a Teller Center on a wall, and all your sweat and toil from your labor is paid to you with an IOU with their Control. And also they also control the value of the digital currency and can flip the switch off, and cut you off from your digital currency at any time. And blame an attack for your lost digital data and wipe you out in full in a second flat or use some other excuse. Own parking tickets, your bank account is frozen. 1984 was a blueprint.

              You think you just got a 5% annual raise, but the digital Currency’s value just decreased by 10% annually. This is what has happened over the last 70 years.. It costs a lot of money to print money, just ask Venezuela who can’t afford the paper, to even print the money on, besides inflation that will eat the value up alive.

              I predict, The Powers To Be will create a physical paper dollar shortage to force every body onto digital. Mark my words, Stockpiling digital currency will be disaster. Convert it into land, water, food, guns, precious metals, and tools right now ASAP to preserve your wealth. Digital currency will be taxed, and fees will be placed on it for every transaction including sales taxes, and you can not control that. We are just all Worker bee slaves, and Its gonna be SHTF soon.


              • So you are more upset with the credit union than the guy who fucked you over by writing a bad check?

                Though I can understand in this day and age of electronic banking they should be able to tell you immediately (at least in the 2 day time frame of when your money was supposedly available) if a check has bounced. Why make you wait 2 days if they are going to tell you 10 days later that the check bounced?

                Seems like the conveniences and electronic shit only benefit them and not the consumer.

              • For someone who claims to be so smart, you really are stoopid and gullible.
                Why did you not ask for cash or a bank certified check?
                Or silver rounds in payment?
                Considering that 3.2k was a quarter of your yearly income.
                Are you going to hunt them down and waste them?

                • FU Anon Troll, come out of your closet ANON? Swing like a sissy behind a keyboard eh?. You have no balls. It was a corporate check by an old employer, who actually owes me about $20K in total in back pay. I will cash any check they send me. 10 Days by mail it took for the C/U to notify me. That’s what’s BS. I told them I spent the money and its their problem. Then their C/S said they would ding my credit.. Fn Aholes. This is why I tell you this story.. You ain’t gonna win with any bank. Read the contract fine print for your accounts you signed.

                  The company that wrote the check is in bankrupt Michigan. Like I can chase that down or prove who the signer of the check was, or had authorization to write it.. There is more to the law about bad checks than you think. Id take a baseball bat to the fat head who wrote it if I could. I already had contracted several Lawyers over several years, about collecting the $20K, and there just isn’t enough money in it for the Greedy Attys, to chase it down for me, unless I paid them to fight it. Its not a great idea to spend more good money chasing down bad noncollectable money. Get used to being Fucked, like those who spent a lifetime working and their company pensions were erased in a market crash or they sell out to some other company at a shitty price.

                  WWTI… Anymore snide comments ANON?

                  • Who knows, it really doesn’t matter if someone is anonymous or uses a made up name. We are all anonymous when it comes down to it. You could make the same statement about everyone here.

        • eppi.. where are you located ?

          I know a eppi but is that u?

          • Jawja…











          • Saw a great sign in a Bar last week. It read:

            When the White Man
            Discovered this Country,
            Indians were running it.
            No Taxes or Debt,
            Women did all the work.
            White Man thought he could
            improve on a system like that.

            ~Maybe the Indians could teach you something about living.


          • As usual, your facts are way off never was 100 million American Indians. Actual estimate is about 1 million.

      3. Yeah, the older you get the more times you get to hear “This time it really is different.” History just keeps on repeating itself.

      4. Yeah everything is just hunky dory, housing prices up, rent prices up and away, stock prices up and gaining, confidence exploding at the seams, cheap labor plentiful, all you naysayers can eat dirt and die, USA USA USA, I say kill kill I want to make a killing. Some sick shit.

      5. We need more brown people. Everything would be better if we had more brown people. Look at how well they’ve done in their countries . Yes we need more brown people. Then everything would be great?

      6. Nothing new!! Crap loads of forclosures on the market, Pick a state!! Look on Zillow, enter your zip.. Anything prices in blue = foreclosure or auction, prices in red = 4 sale… Crap loads of forclosures where I’m at, for miles in any direction..

      7. Few people buying or renting due to prices. That is why kids are living in parents basement. No decent paying jobs to afford anything. watch the Fed raise rates and thing deteriorate some more. Not much good on the horizon.

      8. It’s OK ,I thought the whole thing was going down 5 years ago. it didn’t. But in the extra time I’ve had all bills paid, PM’S and food stocked up, so Let her go wherever she wants to. No one here can say they weren’t told.

      9. Might be time to buy a house once things get corrected.

        • Absolutely Fatty. Just don’t jump too soon on the way down.

        • Pay close attention to the property taxes and first find out from your local county assessor whether or not, and how fast, your property taxes would be lowered to match the lower price you paid after the bubble popped. County budgets are based on X amount of tax revenues coming in, and those budgets are not changed mid-way through a housing crisis. Property taxes are quite high in any county with decent services.

      10. I recently went back into the electrical trade for three reasons:

        1) I was sick and tired of catering to the coding needs of so many and being under constant threat of losing clients to China and India. The pressure after 10 years of doing this was becoming too overwhelming for the payout.

        2) The building in my area is off the charts. Houses and buildings to support these neighborhoods are going in at a rate that I have never seen before.

        3) All the real tradesmen have left their respective fields back in 2008 and most never came back. This leaves a massive void for a someone like me that has a schooling and a diverse background in the trade. I figured I could easily ride this gravy train until the next bubble pops. May as well, the payout is pretty damned good and people love having a real tradesman on their site, versus all the non-English speaking grunts they get.

        Yeah, by the look of it, we’re due for some serious bubble popping very soon. In the meantime, I’m going to cash in on the stupidity of the sheep that can’t see it. That shit is on them, not me, may as well rake in some bucks.

        • Joe,can not fathom why but the trades booming in New England.I am talking way beyond basic needs like a new roof/heat/electric panel ect.I do a lot of maintenance/new doors/windows ect.I get folks want what they have in good shape but crazy new homes/sub divisions/new commercial though a dearth of places commercial for sale/lease,so,work when I want and agree,make hay while sun shines.

          I also feel better in what I do as folks just maintaining to best of ability property value and keeping down heating bills ect.I though am licensed builder refuse in any way to work on the new housing for most part as to me pretty low quality it seems,not all but most.

      11. OK. “Why are the interest rates not at zero”?, I asked myself. “Why are they at negative?”

        “Of course”, I thought. “How else can the banks make up for the actually zero interest. They have no choice. When things get tuff just steal it from people’s bank accounts and tell them the interest is negative.” If it were true than the principle on home loans would be subtracted from the loan.

        I love Banksters math. If only I had come up with this swindle I’ld be rich, instead of talking to myself and reading articles about how messed up everything is.

        • That is not what negative interest rates are.

          Negative interest rates are from the central banks, like the federal reserve or German federal bank.

          The charge negative interest rates against the banks to force the banks to get rid of the money.

          The farce of it all is: the banks borrow from the federal reserve at ZERO precent interest then buy government bonds at 2 to 3 percent. Free money for the taking, no risk and no work.

          Negative interest rates against the banks are designed to force the banks to loan the money out to the consumers, but the banks are too busy with their own get rich quick schemes.

          On a side note, if you are not a homeowner, buy a house right now. Interest rates are rock bottom. 4 to 5 percent.

          I remember in the late 1980s the interest rates were 14%.

          • JS. Interest rates in the late 80’s were 10% at most. They were 14 and up in the early 80’s.

      12. People complain about housing being too expensive. I don’t see it that way. If I sold my house I want as much $ for it as I can get. So does anyone with property on the market. Housing shouldn’t be cheap. If you move to where it’s cheap criminals and free shit bums will be there. I’d rather pay much more $ to be away from that. Most people go to the city because it’s cheaper a lot of time. Get cheap housing and the area is high crime guaranteed. This is my finding on housing. The bulk of your income should be used for housing not new cars. A new car and a shitty place or a nice place and shitty car. Id choose the shit car if I had to just to have a nice place.

        • Detroit has really cheap housing.

          • Yep
            And ventilation is free ( all the bullet holes)

            So it seems water is also free , and if you know how to steal electricity that too is free
            Or you can wait until winter comes and cry that the government wants to freeze your grandma to death , so than a legal electrical hook up is free

            Free to them , not free to us! As it is our tax dollars on our utilities are supplementing this cost

            You just have to be the right color

        • Cars are never a good investment. In 1984 I bought a Benz for $48k. If I bought housing then instead I would be Trump now.

          • That would have been my dream car.

      13. Trades are booming cause no one wants to do those jobs they suck. Their is easier ways to hustle a living IMO. Who wants to do plumbing work shit in the pipes nasty shit couldn’t pay me to do that. Trades are jobs you have to work. People don’t wanna do shit and still get paid. I was delivering to electricians a truckload of light fixtures for a big job. The guys told me they don’t make even $30 hr and no time and half after 8hrs. This is terrible for guys that Trained for 4 years.they weren’t pissed off but they knew they weren’t paid like they should be. No $ take it eas amigo that’s what I say. See the jobs are not set so a guy can make $ why kill yourself and you don’t have to. But if you want to they will take advantage of you. I see it all the time guy bust their ass for the same $ as the laziest guy on the team. Don’t do trades. Go to college and study as long as you can get a degree in something you can make $ at with a flexible schedule and be a snappy dresser not getting dirty. Trades will make you grunt and smell be a thinker not a stinker.

        • There is a reason plumbers don’t chew their fingernails.

        • As a self employed electrician, I can live on 10 billable hours a week. I love fucks like you. I can tell them anything and they’re afraid to question me because they know they’ll look stupid.

        • That snappy dresser is still going to need electricity , and a place to shit that works
          Because his premadonna ass will feel he’s above the ability and knowledge to do it

          That’s when the guy that knows how to get it done and don’t care about the dirt under his nails is going to reap the stuffed suits cash
          , in spades!

      14. Real estate is local but interest rates, laws and lending rules aren’t. The market is slightly different than in 08. No more than 5 fha loans is obviously fewer than the 10 in 08. Speculators would by several houses and sit on them for short time periods while they appreciate. When the music stopped, there were several people standing who got knocked on their asses. This won’t be as bad as last time. The under writing has been more strict albeit less so recently. This will help to a degree. Larger popular cities with growth boundaries should do ok. The rest of the country will get hit. Nothing lasts forever and Zell does know what he is talking about. He has kept some holdings in markets he knows won’t be killed. He has dumped the complexes and buildings that are exposed.

      15. “Let it rain and let it snow. I don’t care oh no, no, no. I’ll get along somehow.” — Ernest Tubb

        ht tps://

        My father used to sing this song. It has some clever lyrics.

      16. As this thing drags out I am building raised bed 8 and such stuff at home. This cannot last, too many unemployed, too much craziness. Got a call from Dallas to come back at 20k more than I made in 2008. I considered zinging over, renting an apartment, and making hay too. Asked for 24 hours, looked around, and decided to stay and create self-sufficiency. I do not want to be 11 hours from home worrying about how to get back in a crisis… with a neglected garden and no progress made. They were shocked. Heck, I am the cleanup mess brigade. They know I could work from home but like staff to be under their thumb. It was hard to say no to the money but I love living in the mountains and Dallas is a cesspool.

        • @ Rebecca…smart move…..stay focused…keep digging. You can’t buy time.

          • Dave in Idaho,

            It wasn’t easy to say no to one of my old bosses, I was always such a loyal person… a bit of that hangs on even if misplaced 🙂

        • Good for you, Rebecca! You made the right choice.

        • Rebecca, BRAVO to you for staying away from Dallas. My home city of Memphis is a cesspool. In the morning I head back to the BOL for another supply run and a few days of R&R. I’ll have enough reasons soon enough to bugout and I have a feeling that may come during one of the conventions. It will be a long, hot summer. In the meantime, I still have a job and livelihood here. I still monitor everything very closely. That’s why I’m such an internet freak. the first signs I see of SHTF, I’m bugging out.


            • So does Knoxville. Much more civilized here. 🙂 just don’t go out in the back woods without knowing where you are going, don’t go alone, and don’t park on people’s driveways reading a map cuz you are lost. Stick to the main roads and turn around in church parking lots, you will be ok. 😉

          • Braveheart,
            Thanks. It is spring here and I am outside for hours every day. Transplanted an Elderberry bush today. This is my BOL.
            Civil unrest over Trump in Albuquerque, but I never ventured out and sure didn’t make a run into town. It probably didn’t amount to much. One thing about New Mexico, if it gets hungry here, half the population might go live with their folks in Mexico. Our population could drop!

            • Rebecca, I arrived at the BOL at 2 PM and having fun for the next few days. It’s a shame I’ll have to go back later in the week, but still have job and livelihood in the city. I have come up with a bugout plan for the time frame covering the conventions. That’s when I think a false-flag will take place.

              • Hey Brave are your preps still there in the shed behind your sisters house. Did the mice eat the Fish Crackers?

                For kicks I opened up a 1 year past expiration on a box of Mac n Cheese. Looks like a termite got in the box and there were little specks that looked like salt in the dry noodles. I already had the water boiling so I blew out the bug shrapnel and boiled the piss out of the noodles. Drained and rinsed them and with the added cheese etc. it was tasty.

                I had to try to see what I would do it that was the last box of food I had. It comes down to making the best of any situation. I had steak and baked potatoes on the grill the next night. Everybody needs to start living out of the box and push the envelope. Go check to see what healthy edible plants are on your property. I found several patches of wild black berries. They tasted great.

                So when was the last time you took out your BOB- Bug Out Bag and see whats in it, and adjusts and remove the BS heavy stuff, check expiration dates on food. Change out and relax the springs in your 30 round magazines. I’ve updated more local maps, and recharging the communications batteries. Flashlights, navigation GPS, Working the mobile solar battery chargers. Got your camel back back ready? Get busy… Its coming.


          • Braveheart;
            I just came in from planting. While I was doing so I caught myself humming old Little Feat tunes. Dixie Chicken in particular. “That lowdown Southern whiskey, began to fog my mind”. Damn, that was good music! I have never had the pleasure of spending time in Memphis but would like to do so before I head back to the barn. A huge old time mill near where I live fabricated a bar top for the Commodore Hotel that they have a picture of that I think was about 80 feet long and 6 inches thick and 4 feet wide out of one Douglas fir. We may just jump on a plane and head there for ribs, alcohol, and music for a weekend. Please tell me it is not as bad as you have portrayed.

            • Skeptic, I must recommend you stay OUT of Memphis. When I was a kid and it was segregated, it was a helluva lot better than it is now. That basically goes for all urban areas now. But you did bring back some good memories for me mentioning Little Feet. I arrived at the BOL at 2 PM and will be enjoying myself for the next few days. as far as the food in Memphis goes, yes there are some good restaurants, especially BBQ, but crime there is definitely getting worse. Beale St. has some good restaurants and they’re pricey but they’ve also had some trouble down there lately. Last night there was supposedly a stampede involving a few hundred people On Beale, supposedly a few people were shot and stabbed. Memphis is 70% black, which speaks volumes. I never go to Beale or anywhere downtown, main reason being it’s the most expensive part of the city. It’s your choice. I would just hate to hear about you going there and experiencing some personal SHTF, which could very well happen. Take care.

        • Rebecca – I did the same almost. Got tired of the population and crazy growth around the Vancouver, Canada area and sold my 2.5 acre property with a 2000 sq. ft., 45 year old home on it and got a 15 year old, 3000 sq. ft. house on 30 acres, 2 hours away from my old place up in the mountains for half the price. Bye, bye mortgage, line of credit and debt. The house is on the side of a small mountain overlooking a beautiful salmon spawning river with lots of game in the forest surrounding my home. I put in a bunch of raised beds (3 feet high so I don’t have to bend over to plant, weed and harvest) and have lots of vegetables coming up as we speak. Fortunately, I have a great internet connection via microwave tower and can do 95% of my work from home so only have to go back down to the lower mainland for work a few days a month. Thanks to some good advice that I received from this group, I have taken up pressure canning so any vegetables that I don’t eat will get canned. So I totally get where you are coming from not wanting to leave your mountain paradise.


        • Rebecca,
          Good move on the job part, on your raised beds, IF you have Gophers and moles like we do, i put heavy stucco lathing wire under the raised beds and it keeps them out for many years.
          good luck on your garden this year as well!

          • Apache54
            I thought all would call me some kind of fool. I have moles or voles? I used chicken wire doubled… because it was free and laying around. 7 beds are sitting on excessive concrete that I turned into a potager. Little vegetables everywhere. Little fruit trees. Blueberries and raspberries. Asparagus. And the makings of perfume because I’m a gurl.

        • Im turning down paying gigs too just so i can get the home project list whittled down, sometimes it just ends up being trading dollars. Rather be broke than have all these projects hanging over my head all the time.

        • Somebody would have to pay me over $100K a year to go move someplace else or work for them.

          Something to be said about being self-employed, independent and happier for nearly 25-yrs.


      17. Are they selling swamp land in Florida yet?

        Buy it, Fill it in. Build a house and Yankee’s will buy it.
        Good investment.

        • It’s not a swamp, it’s a Federally protected wetland habitat. Yes, you may buy it but no, you my not fill it in and make it habitable for humans.

          • WS

            You can bet your bottom dollar that if there was enough money in it for a politician there would be an easement of some kind.

            • Ha! Move to Miami and see it all happen in real time. The Everglades are right up against thousands, literally, of new housing units in Kendall. Politicians here take the bribe up front and screw the alligators and the children of tomorrow. Then they worry about Zika.

      18. In 2008 commercial real estate did not collapse, but after 7 years of Obama crushing small business and business startups, commercial real estate has no new renters coming on board. They’d already be bust without low interest rates. Most commercial rental properties already have high vacancy rates. A little recession (it’s underway already) and commercial real estate industry is toast.

      19. Depression.
        I’d love to see my property value drop
        to zero, so would my property taxes.
        So would my “net worth”.
        I’ll pay cash for everything.
        the Government and its employees
        can starve and die, and I’ll urinate on
        their bodies. I’ll use the compost to fertilize
        my fields.

        • You really think our democrat controlled local governments would stop taxing us just because the property is worth squat? Hate to break it to ya bud but were screwed, our local governments will take our land before they let us get away with having low or no property tax,, thats where the 4g warfare will come into play,
          If they want to take everything from you you got nothing to lose by purging them

      20. When I found out Fannie Mae held the note on our home after a refinance, I saw no good coming from that……We paid it off !!!

      21. The Real Estate market is fucked. Mt business is being affected.. it was what cost me my house and car and it’s going down hill again, except that I have adapted.. luckily business started picking back up again because I have connections and leads are still coming my way to work those leads and close those deals.. the marker will bust by October November time frame, then again if Trump gets in it might get a different turnout.. at least we are hoping because people will continue to buy homes.. I won’t kid close what I do for a living but I can tell you that I work with investors and connectors who renovate properties and flip them..I believe that based on what’s been taking place lately that I will crash and burn and end up out on the street.. Once this happens, I am folding my business and leaving the city. That planed engineered crash by russia and chinese bankers is what our me our of my house back in 2011 and made me homeless do 18 months only to build up stronger and was able to get off the street into a nice condo 2 yrs ago…I have since then maximized preps, provisions, etc, fortified on some levels over the top levels you phuck not believe.. I had had Hammer drop me off with Just my bug our bag, 70 mike’s our side the city, to see if I could make it back in, which took me 3 days..i have crossed over jungles if Houston, come into contact with wild coyotes trying to eat me for diner as I fire on their ass with my Smith/Wesson pellet gun.

        So I know I can survive it, except that I cheated on my way back, ate at a few fast food joints, and made my way back to town. It was hell on earth.. now the question is this, if this was a real senarios, I phucking would have been carrying my 9 million, with 100 rounds and 5 mags and this is what my cop buddy recommend for runners/preppers escaping collapse..if we think that we are going to be sitting on our asses looking outside our windows and ride h this our, we are highly mistaken..when I asked my woman what she when have done if this caught off her off guard, he reponse was look at me said nothing, back to filing her nails..phucking figures, told her she better find a aggressive red neck bairded white man right way if I get my ass killed..better to get with red necks for food and protection that she had Bert become his girlfriend fast… oh shut up I don’t wanna think about her response.. tipical female mentality..let get my breakfast ready before she gets up..

        HCKS.. out.

        • I thought you were a security guard. Im certain I read that on one of your posts a while ago.

      22. Mac, you need to post one on this article, this own will commense a Shtf storm in this site..God help us..

        COPPER, GO ON STEVEQUALE.COM And read that article with zionist Alan Greespan telling the public that Venezuela declares martial law and that America is next.. tell the shtf community what this means..

        You got the floor..the real preppers on this site know better not to talk shit to me because I have hard facts.

        America is next.. just a few scientist rambling Bs to mental but jobs like me eh?


        • HCKS

          Went over to check on Greenie and that is what he said.

          We all know the country is headed to the crapper when they say our vote don’t count and Congressman says we are done. They will continue to squeeze the life out of us till we fight back.

          I do not know exactly who we will fight first but you better PREPARE FOR WAR!

      23. Watch the video with the kazarian..zionist Greespan telling the public thet we are next while a video of un prepped stupid people in Venezuela raid delivery food truck, then the zionist prick tells is that we are next.. we hear you loud and clear buddy.. in fact the fat ugly arcon Yelled almost craped her drawers a few months back if you recall..


        Yes, a mental evaluation is key to my future not food, not water not prep, Copper advises..

        • HCKS. You are actually funny sometimes. Like I said, you certainly could be right.

      24. On this eve of Memorial day I get this same notion that those that died in war did so in vain. I posted this opinion once before on another site a couple of years ago, the only other site I comment at, and took a lot of heat. I was talking about the big 20th century wars, WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam. The media does go heavy and all out on the fallen heroes storyline. I said I was a veteran and was called a liar. Living veterans are expected to support the propaganda that those who died in banker wars died honorably. I replied to those posts opposing my view asking what did these war dead die for, more than once and received no answer. They could not tell me what they died for. I still assert that they all died in vain.

        • I would like to hear more of your opinion.

          Seriously, Is your opinion driven by the ever increasing degradation of U.S. citizen’s constitutional rights by the Government and the “Power Elite”?

          Or is it the destruction of our monetary system by the Federal Reserve and the TBTF banks?

          Or is it the destruction of the Social Moral fabric of the country by the Leftist groups whose goal IS the destruction of this once great country?

          Yes, I am interested in the reason for your “They died in Vain” comment. While I understand you do not wish to get beat up here on your opinion, there are those here who might agree with an unpopular opinion


          • Montana Mike… purely an anti war comment pointing out the brainwashing of the American public. You described the reasoning well.

          • Montana Mike

            What skin did we have in WWI? Germany and Britain fought time and time again. Why were we taking sides and what did we gain besides losing 175,000 people?

            WWII, got a justified one there. Japan attacks us and Germany declares war on us two days later.

            Korea made the peninsula safe for manufacturing competition.

            Vietnam……oh my Vietnam. Our WWII allies. They asked us not to let the French return, we promised, we lied of course. Stopped a reunification election, set up successive puppet governments, false flagged The Gulf Of Tonkin, killed 600,000 to a million Vietnamese and over 58,000 Americans. Interestingly the “excuse” was to stop Chinese expansionism in Asia and the reunified Vietnam fought China in 1979 to keep their hands off it and stopped Pol Pot’s genocide too.

            Not a Vet but I read a lot.

        • Many did die in vain,
          But i personally feel (opinions are like assholes) that we do owe at least respect to the veterans and to stand up and drop your cap when the national anthem is sung,,,
          Just because of your or my personal opinions doesnt or wont change what song is the national anthem. And regardless of wether or not the vets died in vain or not i will stand for them as well.

          • @ Kula…Agree. Most Veterans served their country out of Patriotism and were unknowingly serving the evil ruling elite. They have my respect, and I don’t give a fuck what others think.

          • The most honorable thing one can do for Vets is help them as individuals. I had a great time recently buying a 94 year old WWII vet, Purple Heart, Bronze Star recipient to boot lunch. He was happy being acknowledged for his service and I was even happier listening to him and seeing him smile.

        • If you think ww2 was a banker war your wrong. And if we never jumped in things would have been different. Europe would be Russia and no telling how far Japan would have gone.

          • WWII as I can see what the only justified war in the 20th century. We were attacked and two days later Germany jumps in and declares war on us. No choice and its prosecution showed it as you defeat real enemies.

            Many say that the US Military is the policeman of the world. I disagree. They’re either the bully boy enforcer for Wall Street disguised as a cop or a cop that is corrupt doing the bidding of Wall Street largely at the expense of their supposed employer the taxpayer. The actual, “Cop On The Beat”, the Soldier / Marine has no clue believing very well done propaganda. WWII was the rare justified exception and its images are repeatedly used to sell the subsequent endeavors. USMC MG and two time recipient of the Medal Of Honor Smedley Butler wrote a book about in, “War Is A Racket”.

            Regarding the USSR having Europe so be it. Its not ours to defend. We developed nuclear weapons, instant invasion deterrent. Japan could take Asia except what is ours. The Philippines shouldn’t have been in our possession anyway but we had squatters rights at that time from the Spanish American War which started globalization.

            No one in the US lost their job due to economic competition from the USSR. Islamic terrorism was greatly reduced as the Soviets didn’t want their allied nations drawling them into a war because of Fundamentalist Islamic Crazies. Their existence kept US industrial capacity largely at home because of the fear of nationalization. Their economic system was inferior and American lives are worth too much to toss away ostensibly for “Freedom” when in reality its for business. The 50 year embargo with Cuba is because of the the taking of business assets, not freedom for the Cuban people, as we supported many a dictator in Central America that couldn’t spell freedom but damn sure could count money.

      25. I have not been much of a speculator in real estate over the years. I just have not viewed that as a vehicle for investment. Speculators have driven the prices for a long time. This is just another case when the little man will get hurt.

      26. Why worry about the vets. The country is lost on many fronts. They will all be forgotten in time.

      27. Did any one catch what they put out down at the last minute on Friday i do belive that thats where the whole economy crash that they were talking about came from cus the feds announced that they would be raising interest rates so there we go it wasn’t so much a sudden crash as people thought but the heads up beginning so now Tuesday the stock market may be intetesting cus all them that invested on borrowed money banks ect will be cashin out while the gettins good

        • All them with adjustable rate mortgages and non fixed apr loans the piper is gonna be commin callin peoples 401k gonna drop and mgt pament gonna go up

      28. I live on a secluded canal just off a large lake/state park.

        I procrastinated putting my property on the market to build a new dock and 35 steps leading down to it through a park=like setting, and then our f’king Governor drained the main lake and made my piece of paradise into ditchfront property, instead of waterfront property.

        They “repaired” an earthen dam, and now the generous state officials have finally closed the spillway gates, and Mother Nature will fill it up in her sweet time (i guess Oct of next year).

        I will be ready to sell as soon as possible and when the water returns, i hope so will some more equity. It’s kinda hard to ask for more money for waterfront when there is no water.

        In the meantime I keep adding to the gardens, and fortifying the property.

        If things get so bad with rates and what-not, i might sell on land contract, or have a realtor take a fee to manage it for me as a rental.

        It is set up for multi-family, or HUGE single family/extended family.

        Two gas bills, two electric bills, etc.

        I am not looking forward the prospect of buying/renting when we return to Hawai’i, but will jump off the dwelling bridge when i get to it, and enjoy the generosity of my local wife’s Family offers to “come stay with us” until the dust settles on our “Golden Years”.

        If rates get too high, I suspect we will be seeing ads for Carlton Sheets Seminars on How To Buy With No Money Down Assumable Mortgages. Or Dave Delgado.

        Time will tell. In the meantime I am googling rain dancing.

        SHTF will probably get in the way of my plans, but that’s why I prep and am constantly updating plans B, C, and beyond.

      29. We have a lot to be proud of or is that all just a smokescreen seeing where we stand as a nation today. Back in the 1800s the Black Hills in Dakota were assayed and determined to be worthless wilderness by the high priests in the US capital, then the Black Hills were acknowledged to be sovereign Sioux property in a formal, legally binding treaty ratified by Congress. Shortly thereafter in 1874, Custer led a US Army expedition into the area for a second look. They discovered gold there in the hills and the treaty was unilaterally abrogated, war was manufactured and the Sioux were cast out. Then to add insult to injuries of grand theft, genocide, and cultural annihilation, one of the most Sioux sacred peaks was desecrated with the carvings of the likenesses of the leaders of the cutthroats and thieves, which is called Mount Rushmore. Millions of American’s visit the site in reverence to those images carved there. This same mindset magnified on a global scale presently is not and will not be advantageous to humankind.

        • So what’s the problem? We left some token Indians; perhaps more than we should have; and Custer was an Idiot so no loss all gain.

      30. Oh yea i need a mental evaluation and I head earlier that some massive gun battle went down in my city the memorial area.. I haven’t gotten a chance to check into it or have not heard anything in it..


        • Hicks what about the mid west ohio indiana illinois and whats commin did your sources say any thing about us

        • I was going to ask you about it, shoot out in Houston. Front page Fox News.

        • And what of Alberta ? You must have heard something my hometown is host to the second largest military base in the world CFB suffield ? And with all the equipment coming through all marked US/UN or Canada. And what of northern Alberta the Alaska hi way goes right through here.

      31. There’s someone in my head, but it’s not me.

      32. It should read world crash is coming/ here………

      33. Everyone is saying the dollar will collapse. I don’t see it that way. Here’s why banks wanna drop properties for$. Silver and gold sellers want $ auto dealers want $ survival gear sellers want $. All corporations and individuals want $. Seems to me no matter what happens everyone wants $ more than anything else. If nobody wanted $ and they all wanted all the other stuff then I could see the dollar crash. I know this thinking flys in the face of everything preppers believe in. If your unemployed your personal shtf has come so if your not prepared to cope for a bit then you failed. If a war starts it beyond your control if you didn’t pickup a firearm you failed if a meteor hits the earth and causes an ice age or something and you didn’t prepare once again it’s your fault. If you have a large bank account I don’t give a shit what anyone says you will make it. The economy is manipulated as we all know but we all still have to play the game it’s how you play the game that determines your survival. If your ass goes to work and you don’t have expensive habits like smoking alcohol drugs whores gambling your gonna make it. Everyone I’ve ever know that did these things didn’t have shit and was a slave to their habits. They always said they could stop but of course never did 20 years went by and they still have nothing. This is how you end up in your mid forties with nothing. But hey what do I know I’m just a dumb truck driver. do these people think the casino was built to pay them cause they showed up with a little $ to gamble. Does the cigarette and alcohol companies care if they can afford the habit. Do whores care about them. How about big pharma and drug dealers do they care. All scams and if you do any of it your a fool plain and simple. All designed to part you from your $ and they all are very successful at it. if I offend anyone saying this be honest and tell me how these things help your life. Don’t give me some bullshit you need it for stress or you made payroll for your employees at the casino. Bullshit you know it kills your finances. ive always said cigarettes is a rich persons habit. More poor people smoke than rich. They fell for the scam. Drug dealers don’t do drugs because they just want $ and know it will hurt the bottom line. Whores are usually on drugs so they need your $ to support their habit. Casinos will let you give them the deed to your house if you still think you can beat them at the game they run. Fuck the pm’s get $ and keep it. The metals thing is a scam because of the spot price is lower than you pay. So your paying more than it’s worth. The only thing worth having is $.

      34. I saw the event on the TV. And they have released who the thugs were that’s did that false flag.. That I have, do a search and see live video action..


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