Another “Coincidence”: An Ohio Metal Factory Explodes

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Headline News | 1 comment

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    What a coincidence. Another explosion has occurred in Ohio at a metal factory, and it has scattered molten debris. The smoke and toxins from this fire will be driven directly to East Palestine too.

    This explosion happened in Bedford, Ohio, and looking at the wind direction, the “molten debris” from this explosion will be carried right over the same area that just experienced a trail derailment that resulted in toxic fume intentionally being released into the atmosphere.

    Although original reports called this a “mass casualty event,” only one person has been reportedly killed but a dozen or so more were injured according to a report by Reuters.

    Good thing East Palestine has their MyID biometric IDs provided by the ruling class…or is that just another coincidence?

    East Palestine Launched Biometric IDs Weeks Before The Train Derailment

    Oakwood Fire Captain Brian DiRocco told reporters that 13 people were injured in the metal factory explosion. They were transferred to several area hospitals and another was still being examined. According to DiRocco, one person was pulled from the debris and was being treated while being taken to a medical helicopter.

    “The bulk of the fire is out, and responding firefighters are just working on a couple of hot spots,” DiRocco said, according to a report by Yahoo News. 

    Matt Barkett, chief client officer for I. Schumann & Co., released a statement Monday evening saying the origin of the explosion is still unknown. He confirmed employees were injured and that the facility sustained significant damage.

    “Our efforts now are focused on supporting the first responders who came on scene quickly to help our employees,” Barkett said. “The safety and health of our employees is our top priority and we commit to ensuring they receive the medical care they need.”

    Jeff Huhn, who works across the street, heard the explosion. “We were just loading up a truck, getting ready to leave, and it was the loudest noise we ever heard,” Huhn said. “Everything was shaking, things were falling off the shelves here. We looked out and saw a huge plume of smoke. About 40 feet down from the entrance, it blew up half the building. It blew debris and shrapnel, there were cars on fire. We just saw pandemonium after the explosion.”

    It’s just another one of those coincidences, right? And East Palestine just happens to be in its path? And the residents of East Palestine just happen to have biometric ID issues so the masters can track and trace them?


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      1. This was no accident. Too many of these events are occurring in a timely manner. Food processing facilities burning down or exploding, like factories, egg laying chicken facilities burning, rail derailments, chemical fires, etc.

        It reminds me of this item I read from Franklin Delano Roosevelt years ago.

        “In politics, nothing happens by accident. You can bet it was planned that way.” FDR

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