Another Blow To The US: China Is CUTTING Tariffs On NON-US Goods

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Headline News | 39 comments

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    China has decided to come out swinging against president Donald Trump’s trade war.  In a recent move, the Communist country has elected to cut tariffs on imports that come from anywhere other than the United States.

    This simple yet effective step taken in the combat that has become a trade war show that China is not backing down and will be in it for the long haul.  China’s government announced Wednesday that the country would cut import tariffs on a slew of goods to lessen the impact of the trade war with the US. Duties on textiles, construction equipment, and more than 1,500 other goods will drop on November 1, according to the Chinese government. Chinese state media said the move was expected to save consumers in the country 60 billion yuan, about $8.7 billion.

    Even Communist China understands tariffs are paid by consumers. Attempting to ease the financial burden on their citizens, China took steps to help while the US continues to punish everyday Americans and push the cost of the trade war off onto their backs.  According to Business Insider, all indications have pointed to a protracted trade war as China canceled talks following President Donald Trump’s latest round of tariffs; and the US is already threatening another round of restrictions.

    Wednesday’s move also shows that Beijing is also trying to tweak economic conditions in the country to weather a drawn-out fight, Edward Alden, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, said. “Cutting tariffs makes a lot of sense,” Alden said. “If you’re worried about strengthening China’s position in the supply chain if you cut tariffs — especially on intermediate goods — that helps the competitiveness of companies within China and it helps keep down consumer costs at a time the tariff war is driving them up.”

    Cutting tariffs on non-US goods was a smart move on China’s part, and most economists agree, it’ll help ease up the consumer’s pain. This will essentially act as a release valve for some of the pressure from the trade war. Businesses and consumers in China won’t see as dramatic of an increase in the cost of goods, which decreases public pressure on the government to come to an agreement with the US. Additionally, the cut is likely to increase the pain for US manufacturers as Chinese consumers shift away from more expensive American goods toward cheaper alternatives from other countries, reported Business Insider. 

    “In principle, these tariff cuts should apply to all imports, including those from the United States,” Scott Kennedy, a Chinese economic expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies told Business Insider. “But China is still likely to leave in place its retaliatory tariffs, meaning the benefits of these tariff cuts will go to other countries.”


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      1. Evey time I have to come back to America it looks more and more like a shithole. Even the heartland has mud people now.

        Practice your Spanish, goyim

        • Puerto Rico is not really the US Ekrutz… lol

          BTW/ Time to impose a tax on every Chinese person entering the USA. Like $10K to come here and play, and confiscate all the property owned by any Chinese here in America and sell it at Auction. Start boycotting Chinese restaurants in solidarity. F*ck the Goooks. And suddenly watch the dog and cat population mysteriously rise again. hmmmmmm….

          • In my neck of the woods the Chinese Buffet is aka, “The Kitty Palace”.

          • Yes boycott everything Chinese. China has been trying to ruin the USA for years and are still sticking it to us. What makes it worse is our allies are in on it. I say F ’em all. WE can stand alone, we have in the past and can do it again.

        • I told you, don’t come back to America, stay in the Pyrenees. Why are you still talking, stay away.

      2. IF these tariffs are going to finish off the economy maybe Trump should back off. People are just barely keeping their heads above water now as it is.

        • You’re absolutely right in my opinion. What everyone needs to remember is that most of these trade deficits are caused by our manufacturers offshoring jobs in order to maximize their profits, and minimize expenses in order to use the “coolie” labor of the Chinese.
          It’s bullshit and we’re the beneficiaries of this economic folly.

          • The National deficit could be deceased if all major US Corporations were finally held accountable for offshoring all their profits in bogus shell companies in the Caymans and other off shore banks to avoid paying taxes. Companies that make Billions rarely pay any taxes. Its you and I that just don’t seem to have that extended reach to off shore anything. The government loves forced direct deposit employee pay deposits for the sheep.

            How about you go demand from your employer, you now want to be paid your employee paychecks in Physical Silver every week or month, instead of a digital money parked in a fascist US bank.

            • It isn’t actual US corporations doing it, that is corporations centered entirely in and on America, it is multinational corporations with US corporate status doing it,

              Multinationals have no allegiance to any country, they do business and have their corporate presence wherever their interests are suited, having no qualms at all about moving from one to another as the local conditions change in their favor elsewhere.

          • Time to make laws prohibiting American manufactures from doing business outside the USA unless they want to give up their citizenship and all the perks that go with it. Trump needs to get tough, really tough.

        • D R – Born with a silver spoon in his mouth he does not relate to the common working man. Barely making ends meet, hardships, and all that goes with it, he does not relate to any of it. Even if you think he does, he doesn’t. At all.

      3. Trump is right. Fuck china


        • Bingo again HCKS!

          • China needs the US more for a healthy economy than the US needs China. Trump knows how to play 4D chess. Watch and learn. Oh, it may be painful for some of you American schleps to have to go shop someplace else besides ChinaMart to get your products. About the only US Made products on the shelf in WallyWorld is Food and AMMO and we do a great job at making gun ammo. Food? Not so well with GMO Frankenstein chemical reengineered slop packaged as food.

            • And the little green 1# propane cans for your camp stove or heater….!I checked one day for kicks!

        • I’ll second that.

      4. “China has decided to come out swinging against president Donald Trump’s trade war. In a recent move, the Communist country has elected to cut tariffs on imports that come from anywhere other than the United States.”

        LMFAO !!! This is not a “blow” to the US. It literally shows that the Emperor has no clothes !!! It totally eviscerates any moral high ground that China could try to claim that the US is being unfair to China by imposing tariffs on China in the first place.

        It benefits Chinese consumers, so what ??? The issue is EXPORTS. EXPORTS. EXPORTS. Without the USA consumer buying Chinese products, because Walmart has sourced them elsewhere, factories in China will close, employees will be laid off, and the fake GDP numbers that China has been publishing for a decade, fatally exposed. Then what ??? What’s next ???

        Let me tell you what is next. Then consumption in China will decline, profits will fall, spending will decline, GDP will tank, NPL will increase, the bloated real estate market will crash, the stock market will follow the real estate market, banks will fail, bankruptcies will skyrocket, deposits will be lost, and the Chinese will be in the street by the tens of millions looking for blood !!!

        Let them eat pork !!! Chinese consumers will find that the supply of pork has dwindled and that their pork fried rice no longer has pork in it and/or that it will be more expensive for all of those hungry mouths.

        If you think the US economy is built upon debt, you haven’t seen anything yet. China is the mother of all debt bombs !!! 🙂

        • The population of China is ready for war and it can easily endure the problems. Americans, if they get an increase of 15-20% in a couple of months, will raise a riot. They do not understand why the exceptional nation that they injected into their ears becomes poor and for what.

          • “The population of China is ready for war and it can easily endure the problems”

            I call BULLSHIT !!! The Chinese population is SOFT !!!

            The Chinese have had an unbroken era of INCREASING prosperity for 30 years. THIRTY. FUCKING. YEARS !!! This present generation of Chinese has no fucking idea of what a DEPRESSION is like, and it is a DEPRESSION that is coming to China unless they capitulate to TRUMP.

            The result will be a complete realignment of world currency markets and universal FAIR TRADE; or the Chinese Yuan will become confetti !!! 🙂

            • DK

              “I call BULLSHIT !!! The Chinese population is SOFT’

              I say bullshit to your bullshit. I seen photos of them eliciting bamboo scaffold on sky scrapers climbing like monkeys. Their rural people are in the 3rd world.

              • erecting not elicting

              • K2 The rural people of China are IRRELEVANT !!! It’s the city dwellers who will riot. More than half, or about 700 billion Chinese live in an urban area, and many more people in the rural areas want to live in the cities because that is where the financial opportunities lie.

                I have had many personal conversations with these Chinese millennials. Prosperity is the only thing they know.These Urban people are soft, Westernized, spoiled, and when push comes to shove, the Chinese house of cards will crumble like an oatmeal cookie.

                The wealth of the children of the Communist Party, which is quite extraordinary, will vanish in a flash as the debt in China explodes. The cascading effects from that Crash will be unlike anything the world has ever seen in size & scope.

                Mark my words. 🙂

      5. Why buy from China? There are other Asian countries that are more willing to trade with the US without tariffs.

      6. I always said that the US would eventually regret letting China up off the mat. We should have left them to rot in their rice patties.

        • Rank by Country for Rice Produced (millions of hectares)

          1 India 43.20
          2 China 30.35
          3 Indonesia 12.16
          4 Bangladesh 12.00
          5 Thailand 9.65
          6 Vietnam 7.66
          7 Burma 6.80
          8 Philippines 4.50
          9 Cambodia 2.90
          10 Pakistan 2.85

          Preppers, you better get out there and stock up heavy on rice and seal it in mylar bags with O2 Absorbers and put it away in 5 Gal Buckets. Do this ASAP before the shortages hit us.

          • screw chinese made rice, I dont own a grain. Not because of tariffs, but because those f’kers have been trying to poison us for decades.
            Indian Basmati rice for the win folks. stock up 🙂

      7. america is just the name left in place but the gov is controlled by the globalist un cartel. everybody can trade with China duty free except America. Bet you didn’t see that one cumming. Trump I’m sick of winning. Trump policy’s hasn’t helped me one bit just a lot of hot air. Someone put an American flag sticker on my work truck before it was assigned to me I peeled it off. Nothing to be proud of anymore. They can’t change the name of the country from United States to something else because it would cause war. They were able to steal America from us without firing a shot in fact it was handed to them. Way to go fat head doing a hell of job making America great again.

      8. Keeping in mind unless it involves national security, only congress can pass tariffs. So China, a threat to our national security is reacting like a threat to our national security.
        Do you all get it?
        Our Middle class is declining, not due to China, but due to
        our local Democrats. America’s place in the world has declined due to Democrats. The enemy is Democrats.
        The economy of the world is vast. I wear boots made in Bangladesh, pants made in South Carolina, I’m typing on a computer assembled in China made up of parts from Malaysia and Vietnam, and engineered in San Jose USA, sold by a Japanese company.

      9. “Protection of our own labor against the cheaper, ill-paid, half-fed, and pauper labor of Europe, is … a duty which the country owes to its own citizens.”
        Daniel Webster

        “The wealth … independence, and security of a Country, appear to be materially connected with the prosperity of manufactures. Every nation … ought to endeavor to possess within itself all the essentials of national supply. These compromise the means of subsistence, habitation, clothing, and defence.”
        Alexander Hamilton

        “Free trade results in our giving our money … our manufactures and our markets to other nations. … It will bring widespread discontent. It will revolutionize our values.”
        William McKinley

        “Open competition between high-paid American labor and poorly paid European labor will either drive out of existence American industry or lower American wages.”
        William McKinley

      10. If our alleged allies do not support our economic policies, then they are not our allies and we need not defend them.

        • Maranatha

          Read “Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins. You’ll find to a great degree many of our “Allies” are coerced / forced. Simply put, they’re not allies at all.

          • “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.”

            ———————Henry Kissinger———————

      11. You can grow rice from Kentucky down to the South with a little difficulty. But you are most likely going to rely upon field corn and beans based on history.

        The main issue is a nutritional one having to do with getting balanced essential amino acid profiles.

      12. Communists never have any ideas of their own. They insert spies, copy what you say, and rip-off intellectual property.

        This is a Chinese counterfeit of American policy.

        Reds always steal from and purge the productive and independent thinkers, until their civilization stagnates and falls behind.

        • Beaumont

          While what you state is true its unfortunate that their system of governance over the civilian population is the model of the fascist non communists that own the world.

          • They’re called democratic republics and say they got the idea from us, again.

      13. Trump doesn’t make any decisions, he is just the mouthpiece for predatory capitalists. Proof enough the UN America boasting being laughed at. A tool and a stooge for those stealing our freedoms and financial ability to survive. Yet another fraud posing as a representative of the people which he clearly is not.

      14. This is a bullshiite article. Don’t care. There’s no ‘blow to the US’, the chi-coms can do whatever the he// they want but we’re not going to spend $500billion every year out to infinity just to satisfy you.

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