Anti-Gun Senators Caught On Hot Mic: “Confiscate, Confiscate, Confiscate”

by | May 15, 2013 | Headline News | 182 comments

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    While gun control advocates claim that their initiatives are solely designed to protect our children and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the following discussion between three New Jersey state Senators reveals their real motivations.

    At the conclusion of the New Jersey Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee meeting last Thursday, an open microphone caught three state senators, identified by voice as Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, Assistant Majority Leader Sandra Cunningham, Senate Majority Whip Linda Greenstein, and at least one staff member talking candidly about their intent to confiscate all guns from the people they serve. It should be noted that Senator Loretta Weinberg is the chief proponent of the anti-gun legislation being moved through the New Jersey State Senate.

    Although some of the candid conversation is a bit difficult to discern due to the ambient noise, their message is clear. “We need[ed] a bill that was going to confiscate, confiscate, confiscate,”stated one high ranking senate member.

    “They don’t care about the bad guys.  All they want to do is have their ‘little guns’ and do whatever they want with them,” added another in an obviously demeaning manner. Another conceded that gun owners do, in fact, want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but added that “they don’t have any regulations to do it.” Oh really?

    For anyone doubting the bitter contempt these legislators hold for gun owners and pro-Constitutionalists, a YouTube video that captured the “open microphone moment” is available for review.

    Sourced from via Infowars


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      1. Typo on the title, mate 🙂

        • Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice in YOUR neck of the woods. Patriots are responsible for defending the Constitution in YOUR State.

          The NWO Gun Grabbers can be eliminated overnight, and at 1000 yards. If they do not want to live with the Second Amendment, they should move to Canada.

          America belongs to Patriots. Trespassers intruding upon OUR rights should be considered treasonous and “processed” appropriately.


          • Please keep and deal with your own gun grabbers.

            – Canada

            • We don’t want that NWO gutter trash here either, just the same.

          • Thats about it , even Russia has better gun laws than Canada …………..altho , not surprising as the country is run by the mafia .

          • “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are suffer able than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpation’s, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

            • This reference refers to the People,

              ” it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

              It is their right, it is their duty that means you, that means us.

        • what a shock!! their plan all along has been confiscation?? next thing your going to tell me is that the easter bunny is fake!!!!

      2. Was there any doubt, even before this??

        • WIENBERG and GREENSTEIN, just another “Coincidence” of course…right? I wonder if the thrid clown is also a tribe member? get ear plugs Now as it won’t be long now before pissed off gentiles get sick and tired of these idiots and their band of bolshevik kommies. Then is when you will hear very Loud crys of racist or antisemite.

          Do Not fall for it! its only designed to Stiffle all truth or debate of their antigun anti-american crap. Whos fault is it, when Their Own publications Rave in articles at how Their group is leading the current charges to ban the 2nd and Our firearms?

          Their group need be reminded They are only a measely 1.5% of the total usa Population. And if this keeps on much longer, do not be shocked if usa becomes the 110th nation to give Their group the fuckin BOOT!

          Time for any Real patriots of Their group to step up and confirm what fools and kommies Their brethren truly are. Or else do not get pissed when folks get tired of it all.

          Tens of Millions in america are very weary of this small group of self chozen-self worshipping Hypocrites and Kommies. You would think the last 2000 yrs would teach them a few lessons huh. As in All Nation Wreckers Will eventually get Booted Out!

          • Are the citizens of New Jersey listening and will they remove these people?

            • And for their confiscate(x3), how about: impeach, impeach, impeach!

            • NJ ?……no they wont . one word sums up why : YANKEES

              • Politically NJ is a suburb of NYC with for the most part the same mindset. South Jersey and the far NW on the Pa border don’t have the numbers so they have little political power. This stuff is acceptable there.

          • When are they really going to start directing their
            efforts toward the will and wishes of the people?

            Or am I just being naïve again?

            Bad dog, OutWest, bad dog… biscuit for you

            • John Q Public, once again as your link post confirms, the Proof is in the…PuddinOppps! I meant in the Mhotazballs(sp?). Funny to see them so openly admitting it now huh? I wonder if that means They actually have a sinister plan ready to go and are so sure of themselves? That has been their major downfall for milenia. Big egos, and outward arogance beyond the pale. Which every time in every nation always leads to their final downfall.

              They will NEVER get Our Firearms in America Priod.

              • While the rabbis are experts in boiling frogs, occasionally they get impatient, they turn up the heat too fast, and frogs jump out of the pot.

                I believe that their recent gun ban attack is one such miscalculation. They turned up the heat too fast and some Americans awoke from their coma and jumped out of the pot.

                Too, their aggression in Syria risks World War 3 with Russia.

                They have never been shy about starting wars, even started two world wars already, but their next world war is not likely to go any better for them than for the goyim. A decade ago only a few percent of Americans understood what the Master Race is doing. Now about a third of Americans understand and that percentage is growing as their genocide and financial crimes against humanity and their political manipulations come to light. Because Jews were the enormously disproportionate slaveholders and slave traders in the USA and because the Master Race slum lords have so abused ghetto tenants, even higher percentages of Blacks understand the origin of our misery.

                The agenda of the Master Race is not going to go as smoothly as the synagogue wants.

                Meanwhile… the more that people talk about the Jews behind gun control, the faster the Master Race will drop that hot potato… while looking for more goyim front men and front-womyn [sic] to do the Jews’ dirty work.

          • Not all ‘tribe members’ are anti-gun (JFPO.ORG) and not all anti-gunners are ‘tribe members'(Harry reid, Barak Obama etc)

        • Howdy JJsan,

          “Was there any doubt, even before this??”

          “Not one bit..”

          To have it OUT in the open IS refreshing though …C’mon Y’all “Liberal'” come out from behind the Politically Correct, “Feel-Good” narrative that we are SOOOO tired of…

          …and GROW A SET of ‘what-evers’.

          I say, ‘Come Forth’ and be Well-Met, to DECIDE this ONCE AND FOR ALL. Be assured…you can HAVE our Arms, the only question is “What PRICE?” THAT will be HIGH Indeed, SO high, in fact, that ALL that you hold Dear in this world will be required of you IN PAYMENT…still want our Guns….COME GET THEM…PLEASE, I BEG You!

          …What Napoleon faced at Waterloo will look like ‘recreational entertainment’ by way of comparison to what will now come…

          One hundred MILLIOM Americans will NEVER give up the means by which we DEFEND ourselves…AGAINST YOU!..”The Enemy”. No MATTTER how many lives that cost in the end. Be assured, the PRICE for our Arms is MORE than you can BEAR….that PRICE is “Totality”…

          But PLEASE, Do Come!…We ARE waiting, I AWAIT YOU.


          • Napoleon in Russia ………..500,000 went in ………………..50,000 came out .

            Custer at little big horn .

      3. What is the deal with these people? Who are these people? I don’t personally know anyone that has this attitude. It must be a politically correct attitude that the left has assumed that everyone thinks the same way as them. It is time to have these people step down. I honestly believe they are being paid by outside influences, i.e. communist outsiders who want to see this country left as defenseless as they have made their own people.


        • Typical left wing government statist pig beurocrats.

          • Call or write her:

            Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg
            545 Cedar Lane
            Teaneck, NJ 07666

            Phone: (201) 928-0100

            I know she would love to hear from us.


            • just called this # & it is her office…woman that answered said that was not her! She said there were about 50 people in the room and that WAS NOT her saying those sentences. Was there a camera anywhere filming? I asked her beliefs on the 2nd amendment and the preservation of the constitution and was told that she believes in the 2nd amendment but that it needs to be regulated to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people and criminals. Well, why don’t we make a law that criminals can’t have guns! That will fix it! And while we’re at it, let’s make cocaine and meth illegal too! gee whiz.

              • G2H,

                So you are all well and good with “criminals can’t have guns”. Even considered who decides who is a criminal? Ever noticed the hundreds of thousands of pages of “law”? Do you really want to back the elimination of inherint rights? How does “shall not be infringed” jive with “you violated statute 101 and thus can’t own a gun”?

                You are actually no different from the statists who want to disarm the public, both of you want to decide who has rights based on your opinion and have no regard to the idea that the individual is supreme. Next you will be saying “crazy” people shouldn’t have guns. I am sure many of us here don’t like being told what to do and thus suffer from “oppositional defiance disorder”. Guess that means we don’t get guns either.

                Rights are either actually rights and apply to all or they are a bullshit smokescreen meant to obscure the truth.

                • You are correct CS. Given their current trend in criminalizing EVERYTHING THEY CAN, we will ALL end up being tagged “criminals” very soon, one way or another. THEN who will have the “right” to own a gun by law? Basically, it will only be those that the law does not apply to—meaning THEM.

                  We’ve been duped into fearing “the C word” instead of those people who actually do harm to others. We are afraid of only a title given to people who were caught disobeying one of thousands of “no-nos” created by—THEM.

                  We are reacting PREEMPTIVELY to violence that hasn’t occurred yet, and may NEVER occur, when we penalize all “criminals” as unfit to protect themselves and bear arms, regardless of the nature of their past crimes.

                  Shoplifting is not, without more, a violent act, and neither is driving without the permission of the state, or without liability insurance, for example. Yet we have laws that make each of these crimes a felony. Carrying a loaded weapon is a felony in many places, irrespective of whether any harm was actually done.

                  The question in my mind is; How do we predict someone’s future actions so confidently, that we can justify taking their right to protect themselves away for the rest of their lives?

                  We can’t. We just buy into the political fear mongering.

                  Remember, in the future, everyone here who owns a firearm may find ourselves on the long list of “criminals” who no longer have the right to bear arms, simply because we chose to disobey unconstitutional laws.

                  Does that really mean WE are dangerous, just because some bureaucrat says so? The SAME bureaucrat who wants to dominate and disarm us, by any means possible?

                  I think not.

                  • I know of nothing in the Constitution that prohibits convicted criminals from owning a gun or voting after their sentence has been served.

                  • Thank you sixpack,

                    We should all remember, “no one shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.”

                    Please note it makes no mention of depriving someone of their rights. A persons rights are not granted by anyone and thus have no legal way to be removed.

                • @ common sense,…..Right! Since the gun-owners are considered ‘a little OFF in th HEAD’,we are thought of as Lunatic Fringe !! Soon, owning a GUN will be thought of as a’ Privilege’ other than a ‘Right’!!(like drivers license) AS in Rich & Powerful !! (like in England)……mm~ keep a watch out..

                • Soooo, What you’re saying is you are OK with a convicted child rapist or say a charlie manson type being able to purchase and possess a firearm??

                  Not trying to be an A$$ but that is the way it came across. Of course in my perfect world a child rapist or any other predator of women and children would be removed with extreme prejudice and not have the opportunity to buy a gun…. Just saying

                  • If you are alive then you have rights. I cannot be more clear. If you have issue with who is is drawing breath, that is another question entirely.

                    Please refer to comment 1674376, “no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or proerty without due process of law”.

                    You can not take away a persons rights but if they show reason you can take their life.

                    I hope that is clear enough.

            • if no answer try her Telaviv address.

            • “Weinberg”

              Wouldn’t happen to be jewish would she?

              Just sayin

              • You know I have been thinking on this “whole” thing this morning and I keep coming back to one thing. I know that the President swears on a bible, I think Obama swore on two of them that he will protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America.

                So if that is true, and bear with me on this, then by trying to change and or circumvent the Constitution that he swore to uphold isn’t that treason? And what is the penalty for committing treason? See: Long term imprisonment or death.

                Maybe I just am not seeing this clearly or maybe I am seeing it all to clearly. Don’t other elected officials such as Holder, Clinton, Biden and even this Weinstein take pretty much the same pledge? It appears to me that they are not upholding what they pledged to do.


                • Two ASSHOLES on this site..

              • Even if she is , she does not speak for all of them , matter of fact there is a Conservative Jewish pro gun lobby JPFO ( Jews for the Protection of Firearms Ownership )
                Just sayin .

                • T.R.

                  JPFO did terrific research. I knew the founder Aaron Zelman may he be known for good.

                  That data that circulates regarding genocide and gun confiscation was compiled from them. They translated the gun laws from about a dozen nations which was not easy for sure.

              • Harry Reid…..wouldn’t happen to be Christian would he?

            • Splendid Find BigB!!

              Now THAT’s a ‘response’ to REMEBER!!! KUDOS Brother!!

              Hmmm, eems like most of this stuff SHOLD be PUBLIC RCORD, Yes…that means we can KNOW where ALL of them are.

              What a delightful notion!


            • When you write her, suggest that Israeli Jews be disarmed first; after that we can talk about disarming US goyim.

              • Am I the only one who’s noticed that Israel keeps slowing their timeline on the completion of an Iranian atomic bomb as they figure out USA is not going to attack Iran for Israel? I’ve heard an Iranian A-bomb was only months away for several years. I’ve heard that reaching 20% enrichment is about 87% of the way to a bomb. Iran reached 20% enrichment some time ago.

                The explosion of an Iranian H-bomb would end all talk of such an attack, even by USA. Iran probably has A-bomb capability now, but maybe not the capability to mass produce them. Who says the NK nuclear tests were not really Iranian bombs? I suspect H-bombs are the goal now.

                • BOBO BRAZIL, correct on timeline.Also common sense dictates that “IF” Iran truly desired a Nuke to wipe out israel, how difficult would it be for iran to simply Buy a nuke or trade for future oil promices to a Number of other nations who Do already have them?

                  Also, ever notice whenever Fox tv news shows as well as CNN et al msm’s rant about Irans leader or prez and how he supposedly said “he wants a nuke so he can force the israelies into the sea to drown em all” or some such crap.

                  They always show Iran guy speaking in arabic or persian language, then They the fox or cnn talker tells us what he said in english right. What if They are Lying to Us about that?

                  Reason I ask this is due to various Other websites have also translated what iran guy said, and it is NOT what fox or cnn leads us to believe acording to those other sites info. Basically as I recall from reading it only about twice is what he really says in english translates to more like THIS: “He would like to drive Out of israel all of those Fake jews that are actually really Khazers”

                  Thats NOT Verbatim, but is close to his true messg at least acording to Other sources. I think Vetrans today, Gordon Duff’s website may be one I saw this at.(?)

                  I will tell you, after seeing and hearing so much lies and cover-ups by every msm and especially Fox neocon supporters, on more issues than anyone can count for years and years now. I do wonder what did that iran leader really say? If I was still located in Detroit, I could go to ask a number of persian or arabic speaking folks that detroiters come into contact with on a daily basis.

                  I am inclined to believe the alternate websites though, as opposed to fox or cnn or msnbc etc.

                  The Main issue is really about Zionist’s believe They have a right to toss out every Non Jewish person from what They call “Greater Yisrael” or something like that.

                  They want all the lands now occupied by Iran-Iraq-Part of arabia-That other suposedly pro usa nation or kingdom. near them. And maybe one or two more nations lands.

                  Basically all the lands God Promiced Abraham 4000 yrs ago when God said “IF” Your people all 12 tribes OBEY Their covenant with ME(GOD) I will do this and that etc.

                  KEY operative words being “OBEY” covenants…History Proves as does the entire old testement as well as the new testement, they Failed miserably whenever it came to “OBEYING GOD” In Most everything they should have.

                  They no longer have ANY claims, not legit anyways if based upon those covenants etc. But like todays libs they too are very Stuborn when admiting they are wrong, is at issue. They never will admit to that!

                  As it is for almost 19 centuries, 1900 yrs! They pissed and moaned and complained to all who will listen, of how they so wished a chance to Return to their “homelands” israel. Then in 1948 BINGO! the UN nations “Barely” got a winning yes vote to recognize it as a nation again(along With strict provisions for a TWO state deal with palestinians, both muslim and christian). That agreement still stands leagally today.

                  Yet after 1900 yrs of crying to get the land back again, finally get it in 1948, and what do we all see Now today in 2013?…About 1/2 or slightly Less of entire jewish population worldwide has actually Gone to Live There!

                  WHY? If it was so damn important for 1900 yrs to non stop complain, why does a full 1/2 or More jewsih folks Refuses to Go Live there yet?

                  Can some folks be correct who say, much like american blacks, Most(not all of course-exceptions to every rule)they too are Parasitic peoples, and therefore Must have at least 1/2 of their group residing in Other Prosperous nations where they can blend in(like white nations) and swindle and scam that “Host” nation to assist in supporting their israeli lands other 1/2?

                  When a person considers how a Vast cash sum goes to israel every year, and since 1948, along with even More vast sums in Military weapons-aid-WARS!(that usa taxpayers pays for And dies fighting in!) add it all up, add in also the vast amounts swindled Here at home by Their Banksters(usury/intrest to borrow our Own national moneys) and all related swindles They are doing in the usa. And it makes for a Very good reason to believe them folks who call em parasitic peoples are correct.

          • Left wing, right wing, same bird.

            Wake the fuck up!

        • BigB. Its us against them ..Thats just how life is now in these united states.The sooner people come to grips with it the better off we ll be in the long run. Remember “the blood of patroits”

          • Indeed Barterman, indeed.


      4. Vast right wing conspiracy? Seems to be unfolding all at once.
        Wow! Even MSNBC is critical of the administration. Still got that thrill up your leg Chris?

        • He ought to have a wet tingling feeling going down his leg.


          • Nah… Chris will have to call Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” hot line because he has a warm wet stinky skid mark. Then he will deny, deny, deny even though we all can smell it.

      5. There will be a Tanner Gun Show in Denver, June 1 and 2. Yours truly will be waiting in line 1.5 hours early.

      6. I hate my state, and am currently looking to cross the PA border where I can gain a little more freedom back. 10 years ago, I thought the state was pretty good because I spent most of my time at the shore and was just out of college. Now married with 2 kids, I count the days that I can move my family out of this cesspool. It truly is the armpit of America, the only good thing in Jersey is the low prices on gas.

        • @MC-
          I would cross the river and get yourself into Pennsy ASAP although primarily a Dem state, we here in PA have it better than most (as long as you stay away from Nutter’s Philly).
          Living in NJ is just as bad as living in NY…if not worse (I fear Christie is going to do even more evil to his state in the next few years than Bloomberg did to NY because Christie’s looking at that 2016 presidential nom so he’ll have to turn NJ into the example of what TPTB want to do to the country as a whole).
          I’m in the rural burbs just across the river, 5 mins from less expensive gas and 45 mins from the Jersey shore. Plus you can get your CCW in less than an hour, handguns are allowed without a special permit or registration, no waiting period for any kind of firearm, and plenty of patriots right here in the area where the turning point of the American Revolution happened.
          Best place to be imho.
          So c’mon over to this side of the river: you are welcome here! 😉

          • Gov Christy wont qualify for prez. His Fat massive sized belly will Prohibit him from Banging his forehead aganist Their Walling Wall over at HQ for usa rulers. This will cause him to be Unqualified from the Main first mandate to run for usa prez. No bangi forehead at Wall=See ya later loser, the head Rabbi’s do not approve you.

            American Folks better soon study and Read up on how in every nation before Ours these people never had more than a total of 2.5% and That was when in Russia 1918 era. Russia had 150 Million folks, 2.5% Took the entire country over and murdered almost a full 1/2! Thats Real documented factual History. No BS, just true history how Kommies operate.

            Well guess what. The Same Kommie Bolsheviks are Now Here in america and do not be shocked when you soon see the exact same results as Russia had. And That lasted almost 75 yrs! The Best most effectual method to NOT repeat Bad evil history, is to NOW read and Learn what happened back Then. Or else begin to invent some fake story to tell Your kiddies and gradkiddies when They are enslaved by Bolshevik Kommies of that evil disaster of a tribe.

            Tell Your sunday pastors to start telling the truth about them, or find a new church. In 1775 it was the Pastors who got folks riled enough to Act against Red Coats!

            In 1775 those pastors were labled by England as “The Black Robed” Regiment. As most wore Long black robes at their pulpits. With Their Militia Uniforms under the robes! They didnt preach get rich with jesus, or Obey all forms govnt per romans 13 crap. They told Truths and folks got active. Thats what is needed Today. Pastors who are NOT PC nor afraid to be called vile names such as antisemite or racist. Forget mail senators, Speak out to Your pastors! Demand factual truth be spoken.

            ps if needed I can supply quite a few website links for any patriot pastors who may need info on this vile group of kommie bolsheviks.

            • TG, agree whole heartedly with you (concerning pastors) I pastor/chaplin 2 different locals and warn people all the time and add the historical facts. Tomorrow, our group, survivalists, will have a county sheriff speaking about their frustrations, laws and what the fed is doing.

              • DRD5508, Thank you, and I Commend You Sir! Not often do we see today such a True called by the Lord to preach Pastor! And NOT to dictate or try to tell you what your buisness on pastoring your flock is. However I do highly Recomend if not already doing so, to read and study about Khazer fakes etc, and preach truth about it as concerns americas woes due to this issue today and the past 100 yrs.

                If you already know of what I say here, then you likly also know to which falsehoods are being taught in a Vast Majority of churches today. As in for example the Entire TBN-TV ministry crowd and Especially Texas pastor John Hagee. hes founder of CUFI aka christians united for israel. Everything he teaches regards jews-israel-biblical promices etc etc is at least 99+% Incorrect.

                I think you too will agree on this if you know who he is and heard him preach. There is simply zero excuses for any christian or even non christian folks to not learn facts and truths about these issues. IMHO= Americas Very Life depends on it! as do our Freedoms!

                We are Already at WAR! a spiritual war…for now. It will go Hot and likly soon. I hope not. But all signs point to that. It is High time for all folks to reject all false pastors, regardless if their parents went to church there etc. If it aint truth spoken Get OUT! go elsewheres. Homechurch if necessary.

                Pastor Chuck Baldwin, who ran for prez in 2008 for const party, says the same. Americas preachers are who Hold the Keys to fixing america and based on what is preached at churches across our lands. Too many chase $$$$ or Perks from polititions or jewish groups at any cost. Well the USA aint up for Sale period.

                DRD, I appreciate how you say you teach. Thank you and hope we someday can Meet in Person! God Bless you Sir!

                • TG, every Sunday I do a service at the truck stop and by the Grace of God we are packed. The drivers are some of the most down to earth people in this country. I consider it a privilege to answer the many questions (biblically, morally, and historically) concerning what is going on.
                  I could write a book, just about the drivers.
                  Hagee: stated that the Jews didn’t reject Jesus but Jesus rejected the Jews. Most don’t believe me, but check it out. In 92 I did a 1/2 hour prime time program on one of our local TV stations. Topic: Televangelists and tithing. It was the most responded local program ever, to that point.
                  I have met 100s of present and former pastors that can’t answer why the church isn’t preparing for what this gov’t is about to unleash upon us nor know the history of the church during the revolution.
                  That said, it would be an honor to meet you sir and many others on this sight.

                  • DRD Tithing was part of the old testement Mosiac or Moses laws. Those are the Laws Christ done away with at the cross. Most pastors today say all moses laws are dome away with EXCEPT Tithing! And they milk the life out of dumbed down christians by out of context verses jumbled and mixed to create a New chapter to enrichen themselves.

                    Yes I saw a video recently where Hagee said that about it was Jesus who rejected jews etc!!!

                    I bet hagee teaches it was Roman soldiers who arrested and tried and murdered Jesus also. If I recall correctly the bible says it was Pharesee’s along with Jewsih temple Guards/soldiers who arrested Christ.

                    Hagee on that video also warns christians to NOT spread the Gosple to jews. Spread gospel to all other folks or nations etc…But NOT to jews! Hagees reason is the jews have a “special” plan with God so all jews ever born get a FREE Pass into heaven! Regardless what evils or wrongs they commit. If born jew=Free Pass as acording to Hagee even God cannot Judge jews due to prior covenants God made with them! Funny Hagee never mentions a word of how God demands jews Honor and Obey Their part of said covenants. Nope! Just they get free passes and Nobody not even God can ever judge whatever jews do or did no matter How egrigious or evil.

                    You Just cannot make this stuff up eh! ps Between hagee and his wife he pays both a combined years salary of Over $2-Million! and his 401 ret plan gets over $400,000 per yr into it, while hagee also has a huge massive hunting preserve included in his 401 plan. It is aprox, 8000 Acres! EIGHT Thousand acres! complete with a huge mansion to house 25+ bedrooms and baths, with a commercial type size Kitchen that is equipped to Cook and Feed at least 140+ persons at a time!

                    PLUS! a few yrs ago Hagee as well as Jerry Falwell(now dead) Both got FREE Jet Planes as a thnakyou from his NY and Telaviv jewish/zionist pals!

                    Swindling Johnny Hagee eh! Bless and Worship them jews and fill my jet gas tank Again! EeeeeHaaaa!

                    Man I hate such swindlers with a true passion.

            • This bears repeating:

              Ten thousand Reds took Moscow and were opposed only by a few hundred officer cadets and instructors. Even then the battle was fierce and losses high. However, in the city at that time lived 30,000 soldiers (active and retired), all with their own weapons and ammunition, plus tens of thousands of other armed citizens. The Soviets promised to leave them alone if they did not intervene. They did not. They were asked to register themselves and their weapons; where they were shot.

            • Assume that jews are correct when they say they have been persecuted in most countries on Earth. You must then ask “Why does everybody hate jews?” Hard to believe 99.5% of the world hate them just because they are called jews. Where there’s smoke…

              • BOBO heres an example to your question. Do you recall how aprox. 24,000 Polish Police, the cream of the crop polish cops, good christian folks, were also taken into the Forest at Katyn and stripped down to underwear-hands tied behind backs-and systematically one by one SHOT in Back of Heads, while forced to Kneel?

                History since WWII calls it the “Katyn Forest Masacre”.

                Well if you know this you also always heard it told that the NAZIS is whos to blame for Katyn right?

                Guess what was Discovered when KGB archives were opened to review after 1991?…It was NOT German Nazis!(also a mixed group of various experts Dug Up Katyn grave sites and verrified the dead bodies were those polish cops etc.)

                No! NOT NAZIS! but it WAS Russian/Polish Bolshevik Kommie JEWS! Who swindled all those men, 24,000 into trusting them. Then systematically Murdered every single man!

                remember that info..NOT done by Nazis. Done by Jews-Kommie bolshevik Jews did it all and Blamed germany and nazis. How many More things as such did They blame nazis for?…Alot more as I found.

                I am Not saying nazis is good or never did wrongs. Because yes they too did wrongs. So did usa and brits in wwii era. Check out American Red CRoss Records on actual numbers of liberated from camps totals! Amaze yourself with the True numbers! You Will be suprized when you learn these truths. Nobody lied as much as usa/england/jews about WWII events and issues.

                Yes this is difficult to accept as an american, especially if like me your father or uncles went to fight WWII. But Real facts and Truths should be what counts Most right. And there is NO shortages of things to learn of that we were all lied to about. It does make a difference.

          • As the sign says on the Pennsylvania Delaware border “America Starts Here”.

        • @MC : I got your six if you need it. Ghost Rider standing by.

        • MC, ain’t no need to come to THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF MARYLAND. We’re just as frigged up as you are. We got the other 1/3rd part of the white Obama (Slick Mick O’Malley) and the rest of his fornicating forces. From the AG (Gansler the Stupid) to, hell take your pick there’s just too many to list and it makes my head hurt. Kinda of ironic that during the War of 1812, it was in Maryland that Francis Scott Key was being held captive aboard a British frigate off Ft McHenry (Maryland waters)when he penned the “Star Bangled Banner”. These bastards in the Maryland assembly don’t know the hurt thats coming their way when we throw down. I might not make it two steps but the only thing that beats a try is a failure and I WILL NOT LAY DOWN. Hell, I’ll probably take some scalps if’n the hair is worth it.(Always wanted to do that, might even be worth trading for something. One just never knows). Have a good evening all and don’t let your meat loaf.

      7. They need to be legally removed for violating their oath of office.

        • Why is it ok for them to Lie and BRAKE OATH and get away with it?

      8. Here in Maryland, gun shops are running out of storage space for purchased firearms. Nothing being approved. Wife waiting now for over 3 months for background check,paperwork. Rumor has it they just said ” fuck it, we’re banning guns.” Somebody tell me different.

        • Also, s.o.p. was to release firearm after 7 days if paperwork wasn’t back. Authorities have let the stores know they are waiting for an incident to make an example of. No firearms are being released therefor.

        • Please ship these to West Virginia.

        • what the heck kind of system do you have in maryland.
          in michigan you walk in to a store , get a background check, it comes back in a few minutes and then you head for the range to sight in your new gun.
          why do they hold a gun?
          background checks are instant, the police do them on the roadside,i sure as hell wouldnt want to sit on the roadside waiting 3 months for a background check !
          best of luck .

          • hammerhead

            Can you give any location in Michigan?


          • Same thing in Tennessee. Go to store, pick out gun, wait 20 mins. for the background check, walk out with gun. No muss — no fuss. Also, we can buy and sell through the paper, gun show parking lot, etc. Isn’t life great!

        • I’m not a resident of Maryland, so can someone explain why the NCIS instant background check – which takes only a matter of a few minutes in any gun store in my state, and if you’re approved – you walk out of the store with your purchased item inside of a hour, at most – how is it that in Maryland, you have to wait 7 days or weeks for the ‘paperwork’ / background check to be completed?

      9. maybe these individuals would like to show how they intend to “confiscate” said arms from the public..
        so easy to say, so easy to put on paper…not so easy to do, especially when we are allowed to own and defend ourselfs from scum like this.

      10. Take a vacation to South Dakota, see the Bad Lands, Black Hills, pick up some Black Hills Gold, and then visit one of their many gun stores where you do not need to be a resident to purchase long guns.

        • Dam Shootit, very good to know.

          Stuck here in cold country where we have more Christian churches per capita than any other state, yet our Socialist Government just said O.K. to the perverts.

          Of course the “useful idiots” known as Libertarians backed the homo’s full tilt!
          Which is why I’ll never vote for a person with “Paul” in his name, Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, or Rand Paul! PUKE-BARF-REECH!


            • Hey Eisen. Do you work?

          • How is that ok to buy long guns? IE: If I recall the law right it is either fed or state laws that base it on fed law that your state Must have a border that touches the other state you buy in. Has That changed? Or is it just state law in Mich perhaps? Better check first.

            • I have bought long guns in SD before, but it has been a few years, so 2 weeks ago I asked a friend/gun dealer from SD if I could buy a gun from him when I was passing through and he said yes. We were talking about a long gun he had in stock. I did not ask him about small paper weights. Check the Laws for yourself before embarking on a long trip/vacation.

              • As long as the long gun is legal in your home state you can buy a long gun only. True for all states at fed level.

                State laws can get in the way.

                • Under federal law you may buy a long arm in your state of residency or a contiguous state.

                  Under federal law you may buy a handgun only in your state of residency.

                  State laws vary considerably.

                  • Federal Law does not require contiguous State for long arm but certain States do such as Florida.

                    A little known quirk in Federal Law is a dual residence. If you own a home in another State not one you rent but actually use you can buy Firearms in that State using that residence regardless if your drivers license is from another State. You can have up to 5 total residences. I imagine this was for the wealthy but if it applies it applies. Deed and Utility Bills are required.

                • In United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542 (1875), the Supreme Court ruled that “[t]he right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution; neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The Second Amendment means no more than that it shall not be infringed by Congress, and has no other effect than to restrict the powers of the National Government.”

                  Wonder ware the Feds thought that they could CONTROL US?

                  • The Feds got the idea they can violate us const and control us back in 1912, when a Slew of evil bastards such as Untermeyer, and the First jewish us supreme ct justice(cant recall his name now?) got appointed by Prez Wilson. That supreme ct judge along with a Slew of His pals constantly surrounded prez Wilson at all times.

                    plus as an early original “Progressive aka Kommie” he was an Easy target to subvert. He and They is where this began. Where it willl End, God alone knows for now.

                  • Louis Brandeis

      11. just another example of how very evil and corrupt the
        government has become

        this is just sad

        Florida Tweaks Traffic Lights to Rob Citizens of Millions of Dollars

        • No kidding Slick! We move to our BOL in the middle of nothing in 2 months and can’t wait. Such horse shit!!! There are cameras EVERYWHERE here!!!!

        • These cameras will be abandoned when the cost of replacing them becomes too great. The companies that own them will not operate them at a loss.

          Glad that bird flu thing is resolved and can be forgotten. An illness with a 25% fatality rate is nothing to get worked up over, and not worthy of any attention at all from the alleged news networks. Now Angie cutting off her boobies….

        • It’s Florida! What else do you expect?

          So many weird things and people occur in Florida it seems anymore. Every weird headline seems to happen there.

          • @ C Kid…….I just moved from there after living there 2 years. And your Right, th natives call it FLORI-DUH !! mm~

      12. For the anti-second amendment left, confiscation is the obvious goal and it always has been. They want every single gun to be in the hands of the government.

        Andrew Cuomo was on television saying that confiscation was a potential option before the SAFE Act passed in NY. I guess he though it might slow things down, and left it out.

        There is a new registration mandate though, which amounts to DEFERRED CONFISCATION. The state won’t come to take your guns until you die or visit a therapist. In the end, deferred confiscation will achieve the same goal: removing the guns from the people altogether.

        • “For the anti-second amendment left”

          For the anti-american second amendment left.

          there, fixed it.

          • uugh. Apparently Mac’s site doesnt like the strikethrough tag.

      13. For the bureaucrat[Z] itz a highly rational position. They are succinctly aware that when the SHTF, their civilian counterparts will be ranting with even more furor “Guillotine, guillotine, guillotine…”. And it will be the guns that will permit the citizenry to collect them and lead them up the stairway.

      14. Let’s see now. Supposed “leaders” that want to dismantle the 2nd. Amendment, leave the country wide open to future attack by taking firearms out of the hands of the civilian militia, this sure seems like treason to me. When you act on something that benefits an enemy, such as China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, terrorist organization such as Hezbollah, and hinders the U.S. to defend themselves against ALL enemies domestic and foreign, whose side are you on?

        I said this once and I will say it again, one of the reasons the west coast of the U.S. was not invaded by the Japanese during WW2 was the 2nd Amendment that allow a huge civilian army back up to the armed forces. Take away or dilute the 2nd. Amendment and these treasonists will weaken the National Security of the United States. Again, whose side are these individuals on?

        • @BI,

          Agree with everything you say. My mother in law tells a story about when the news broke about Pearl Harbor being attacked. They lived in Sacramento Ca.. She says that the first thing her father did upon hearing about it was to pull out his rifle and clean it. Set it next to the front door. Stated that no Jap would ever set foot on the West Coast. I can only imagine that sentiment was the common feeling back then here on the West Coast.


          • well a similar thing just happened in Boston
            when that bomber was running loose
            the people of Boston
            grabbed their 12 gauges and stood guard on their front porches

            oh wait

            now I remember

            they cowered in their houses
            peeking out behind the curtains
            Boston,cradle of freedom my ass


            they ain’t buildin’ ’em like they used to

            • Yeah not only did they cower under the covers , when the slave boss said ok come out now they made nice little signs and clapped their hands in thanks for their handlers, thankyou NWO thankyou can I get my rfid chip now? The Chinese NKoreans and any other genuine enemy of these United States must be laughing at this point. We are a joke and we keep asking for more, Benghazi, IRS, AP wiretap and on and on and on. You know Churchill had a saying about us goes something like this

              “Americans will allways do the right thing, but only after exhausting all other options”

              he must be rolling over in his grave about now

              • What is omitted in Churchill’s observation is that in most historical instances, the luxury of time doesn’t exist to permit exhausting all other options.

        • I feel that hope is waning for the 2nd Amendment. It appears that an unconstitutional firearm ban and confiscation is imminent whether it is voted for or against, illegal or otherwise. His Highness will simply declare it be done at the urging of foreign entities and it will be done. They really don’t have choice. They must grab the enemies (that’s us) guns before the domestic war. You, me and everyone else with a brain, a spine and sense of duty will be in a tight spot. One can only speculate where this rabbit hole leads.

          Glad you didn’t pop a blood vessel BI. I was anticipating the commentary.

          Minute Man

      15. I hope these three are out front leading the charge and ringing the doorbells. I also hope they realize that alot of people know right where they live.

      16. off topic but important…did anyone else see the story this morning that 7 people were caught at the water reservoir for Boston last night after midnight…all chemical engineers and students from Pakistan, Saudia Arabia and Singapore. They questioned them and LET THEM GO! They have been told they will be summoned to court for trespassing. They are going to step up patrols. here’s the link:

        • WTF?


        • Yeh, I did. I saw it on the Boston Herald front page. The State cops and the FBI let these people go with a traffic ticket like summons for “trespassing”. Last I knew Quabbin Res. was open to fishing and hunting during the season. Fishing season has been open for several weeks now and I’m pretty sure that night time fishing is not illegal. Not that I’m defending these foreigners.

          When I saw that they were recently graduated “chemical engineers” all from foreign countries my reaction was WTF are the cops and the FBI thinking?

          Oh, my mistake neither the cops nor the FBI can think outside the box.

          • Apparently, none of the chemical engineers had a bible, concealed carry permit or a BOB with them, and since they weren’t white, Christians or preppers, they had to let them go…a copy of the U.S. Constitution or a Ron Paul sticker would’ve doomed them for sure.

            • You got that right six pack!

        • From our “strategic partners” Pakistan and Saudi Arabia? I’m shocked, I tell you! Shocked!

      17. All antigun politicians, from local to federal, had better back off if they know what’s best for them. nothing they do has any legitimate basis whatsoever. let some of them become victims of a home invasion, lose some family to criminals, etc. and see what kind of song they sing afterward. braveheart

        • Bh: While I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments of anti gun politicians.
          I suspect the song they will sing if something bad happens to them, will not be to get a gun for protection (as I think you are alluding to).
          But to enact more laws since they will believe the current ones did not protect them. People with this kind of mindset will never enjoy peace from harm and true security until they realize it lies within themselves to do something about it.

          Never put your security in something or someone else and you will never be disappointed.

      18. A little off subject here, but to those of you that think that the economy is showing signs of life, remember that the FED is pumping in $85 billion per month to stimulate the economy (or in this case prop up).
        310,000,0000 approx. people in US = ~$274 per month per person (every man woman and child). = ~$10/day/head. My house is benefiting $60/day. If the FED stops, the economy stops. I know I could not come up with the $1650 per month as my families share of the stimulus to keep my standard of living. The biggest problem is that there is no plan in the works to put the US back on a sustainable economic path. Neither side has a plan. They just assume a $28 trillion debt in 8 years. Then silence. Not one fucker has any idea how this country goes forward. THE WHEELS WILL COME OFF AT SOME POINT. MATHEMATICS CAN BE A BITCH.

        • As absurd as this is doing what Japan is doing is even worse. They have came and said that they asre going to double their money supply in 2 years to achieve the desired inflation rate of 2%. They are printing the equivalent of 75 billion a month to our 85 billion and their economy is 1/2 the size. Wall Street is having a hey day with the yen carry trade– borrowing cheap money from Japan, leveraging it up and then paying it back with cheaper currency. This scheme is going to blow up in 2-4 years when they start to have to turn the debt over.

          Math never lies!!!

      19. Terminate, terminate, terminate…their job.

      20. “Don’t take your guns to town son, leaver your guns at home Bill, don’t take your guns to town”…..Johhnny Cash


        • Jews have done more for this country than YOU!

          1776 and the War of Independence, around 2,000 Jews lived in America .

          They played a significant role in the struggle for independence, including fighting the British .
          Jews played a key role in financing the revolution.

          President George Washington remembered the Jewish contribution when he wrote: “May the children of the stock of Abraham who dwell in the land continue to merit and enjoy the goodwill of the other inhabitants.

          EISEN: There is a very good chance you would not be able to voice your uninformed remarks on this site if it were not for the Jews and their contributions to help create a country of free men so many years ago.

          WOW, I thought for sure I would have to use the word God to defend the Jews in this rebuttal.

          • Looks like Ghostrighter has swallowed the hasbara hook, line, and sinker.

            “Chosen People” (Gavril Princeps and his co-assassins) started World War ONE—25 million died.

            “Chosen People” (the 1933 Declaration of War of World Jewry against Germany) started World War TWO—60 to 80 million died.

            “Chosen People” created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, etc.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, etc.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, etc.), and mostly ran (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, etc.) Communism, their secret police (Beria, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, etc.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.)—60 million died in the USSR; if you blame Hess and Marx for Mao, add another 75 million dead.

            The synagogue of Satan is responsible, directly and indirectly, for the murder of nearly a QUARTER BILLION PEOPLE in the 20th century.

            How many will you let them kill in the 21st century?

          • Here we go again… I had wondered when the article about gun confiscation would come full circle back to Jews. Of course we had to wade our way thru the earthquakes and economy and a few dozen other off topic things first.!!

            • Sallie, Perhaps Your post reply should be posted at several Pro-Jew and pro-zionist websites. As after all with such a vast number of Their tribe doing all of these anti american and antigun traitorous things, Non Stop for at least 60 yrs now….WHO do YOU suggest we Blame or complain of? Hint: we cannot blame “evil nazis” since they are all mostly Dead now.

              You know I recall 50 yrs ago as a kid age 10yrs old I seen and heard Often on TV news the KKK orgs constantly bash Blacks and Jews. They the KKK guys said that again and again. Guess what..You may find quite alot to bitch of when it comes to kkk and bad stuff kkk did.

              But after 50 yrs now to look back at what those KKK folks told us…IE: Wake Up whiteys because in the future america its Blacks and Jews that will Wreck and Ruin you whiteys and america. As bad or wrong on Other issues as KKK was…Boy! was They correct on that part!

              Disclaimer: Yes it goes without saying, that there is most always exceptions to every rule. Therefore No not “all” of any group or race or religion are bad or evil. However..One cannot discount that our very Own national and personal histories and memories reveal, that with ‘some” it does seem that they Do have a hugely Disproportionate number or percentage that are bad or evil etc.

              • Who needs the Protocols when current events and history are your road map to what they are doing to us?


        • Southern, good article and chilling to think of its ramafications.

        • Unlikely we’ll see this link in many places…

          Trust us, we’re the good guys and we’re here to help…

      22. Clean House

        and Senate

      23. Only 3% of abled bodied men and boys fought in our Revolutionary War.

        • And today the vast majority of “patriots” are too chickenshit to march on DC.

          • EISEN your mother work at the whitehouse how do you think
            you got here

          • Eisen. You are a dumbass. At least you didn’t ask your usual ” what about Angelina’s boobs”. Or “where can I find a pocket knife that has a decoder and umbrella”. Or ” has anyone been to Walmart? You are progressing but still need to work on maturity issues.

            • At the risk of upsetting a few of the ladies who post here, I was wondering if Angelina Jolie decided to get reconstructive surgery and go with breast implants, after her double mastectomy?

              More specifically, since Jolie suffers from some kind of bizarre mental disease that motivates her to constantly adopt black kids from Africa – I’d be curious to know, if she did get the implants, did she think to get a black pair of boobs so she could breast feed her adopted black babies with a more natural sense of nutrition and spirituality?

              • Maddonna the rock singer woman is even Worser instead of Adopting african black kids, she simply goes there and takes her pick of the litter so to speak, then Pays $20,000 Cash $$ for each kid and brings em back home to Hollywood. Hmmmmm..I thought that was called slavery? Buy Blacks for Cash money and Own them?

      24. Eisen, watch your mouth about people in the South. I don’t have any use for the gays, myself, but you’re crossing a line attacking Southerners, so back off.

        • What the hell are you talking about? I live in the south, genius. And I’m quaking in my boots what you’ll do to me knowing how you stand up to the gubmint and all. **Rolls eyes**

          • Yo Eisen!!! Do you work?

      25. 4th of July there is a scheduled pro-2nd amendment rally near DC. How much you want to bet they are passing this in preparation of gunning down some civilians?
        Step 1: hire paramilitary to instigate the demonstrators
        Step 2: fire random shots in the air from within the crowd
        Step 3: Police react by killing as many civilians as possible without fear of punishment + they get paid vacations for killing innocent people
        Step 4: release public statement saying demonstrators were hostile and military needed to be called in to control the area
        Step 5: attempt to further inhibit gun ownership
        Step 6: expand military power

        • There will be a mandated media blackout of any coverage of this event unless Steps 1-4 are taken… Then the media goes on and on ad nauseam for weeks about the need for Steps 5-6, for our benefit and safety of course.

      26. Southern Border, I read that article. very chilling, but not surprising, considering everything that’s happening. If they target me, they will have a fight on their hands. braveheart

        • You’re not going to do anything. You won’t even participate in a peaceful demonstration. Coward.

          • in answer to all who wonder if eisen works
            yes he works at being a jerkoff!!

            he is also a
            offshore sailor
            writer of anti gubment rants with crayons
            expert on Bit coin investing
            Gun expert
            hot rodder
            surfer who wears a belt with Cow skulls for buckles
            expert on all things to do with living in a tent for 9 months
            Pro pot smokers rights expert
            and a Buck wild cast member.( brain dead)
            not to mention a toothless hillbilly piece of trailer trash who lives in his Milf mommy’s trailer

            did i leave any thing out ??

            oh boy am i going to get thumbed down for this one LOL
            EISEN Shit my offer still stands to have you come up to idaho so i can introduce you to my white hood wearing friends. we are soo looking forward to having you at our next meeting. we have a lovely cross just for you

            • The question is less whether Eisen’s a troll than whether he’s a good troll or a bad troll.

              A good troll can liven things up some without really damaging the conversation for everyone else. There’s nothing wrong with spouting off a little crazy shit on the internets… until the NSA sends their white-hooded, jack-booted, black helicopter pilots to bash your door in.

              That said, Eisen’s trolling is mediocre to poor. I do give him points for not making a lot of direct attacks on people in the room. On the other hand, he is relentlessly predictable… and the anti-semitism troll is just an act of desperation.

              Either way, Killer, nice job keeping track of his bullshit.

          • Did you answer as to whether you would be at bonus march II, E?

          • esien I do agree more ppl should be active in their actions instead of just jacking jaws.

            With that said, what the fuck have you done?
            I been to occupy, NYC.
            I support Anonymous,
            I have protested.
            I run a survival training group.( small but eh the more who know how to live will live )
            I have a small group ( roughly 30 ppl now ) ready to go for when the shit hits.
            teachers, nurses, machinists, plumbers, electricians, ex military, mechanics, even a fucking pastery chef ( not that I care for my brother in law )
            I have been to the state capitol in MI to protest.
            WTF have you done again?
            I speak freely and openly to anyone in ear shot of the bullshit that is going on from ALL sides. Not just thru my keyboard but face to face.
            I have went head to head with groups like Michigan League of Conservation Voters and other EPA groups to put in front of them the real problems that are facing our country.
            I AM on a no fly list.
            I AM considered a possible future terrorist threat just because I am ex EOD.
            I may be considered not mentally capable to own a firearm for I was in Eurasia and I did EOD work and I may have some stress disorder. ( which if I have that now where the fuck was it for the last 15 years ? )

            So little e wtf have you done?

            Also a Member of AIM ( American Indian Movement )
            I am a tree hugging fucking hippie. ( even tho I was born in the 70’s )
            I do have rifles, cross bows, bows, the knowledge to make weapons right on up to (thanks to my EOD training)the boomers. (Personal fav is actually Edged weapons mostly knives really good with those )

            Little e I HAVE killed and murdered for the corp. More times then I wish to count.
            I will have my time of punishment from God when I am judged.

            WTF have you done again?

            I have traveled the world, toured many countries for the corp. When I was like you too young and stupid to know any better.
            WTF have you gone again ?

            I now take care of my wife who has uterine cancer.
            Who besides yourself do you take care of. ( don’t even bother lying little e, we know your self serving. )

            Little e you will end up on my door step begging along with the rest of them.

            You will learn one day. You remind me of that young buck, fresh off of tour, marine, got in to the face of the local sheriff, got bitch slapped by an older Marine who was hardcore. One day little e you will learn and you will gain respect.

            • ( waits patiently for the fucking drone to blow up his garage with him in it now )

        • Yeah, your so tough they would need to send every Navy SEAL we have.

          Im sure you make em quake in their boots, redneck.

      27. Let’s hear it for Eisen; HEIL EISENCRAP! SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL! [right arm extended in nazi salute] [heels clicking] [sarcasm definitely intended]

      28. ^ I would really like to think if they gun down citizens on July 4th in DC that it would be the straw that broke the camels back.

        • well if they would hope so, but anymore these days I gotta wonder.

          there have been plenty of reasons to do something about this admin..yet not a dam thing is done, so I doubt this will happen and I doubt if it does happen that we will do a dam thing about it..why do i feel this way..

          past history (recent) shows me this

          oh and trust me if it goes hot,, they will be sure to have a way to blame the citizens for it, not themselfs as always

        • The Second shot heard around the world!

          • BILL don’t shoot EISEN were gonna need field whores

      29. Suit the senator up and point him toward Newark and let him have at it.

      30. MERS update

        the World Health Organization is reporting two new cases
        both of them are health care workers

        total cases 40
        total deaths 20

        • Another front in the pandemic assault feared by BI. With a 50% death rate, MERS would be worse than smallpox.

      31. Thomas Jefferson: “We Failed”

        “All political groups are fatally dangerous. They gain inappropriate force and displace the will of the people.”

        “Small groups of clever and dedicated men will corrupt the actions of government, making it serve their own ends.”

      32. Ummm, was it “Hope and Change” he campained on? or was it really Hoax and Chains?

      33. Interesting?
        Russia’s CIA spy bust ‘was linked to Boston Bombing’: U.S diplomat was trying to recruit Dagestan expert who travelled to terrorist’s home town when he was arrested

      34. Awwww… aaand they’re fired.

        Hope they like Public Assistance. Hey they can try out the SNAP program now! Let’s conduct a field experiment to see how well it works, whaddaya say guys?

        No, that wasn’t a question… it was a statement.

      35. strange thing it was also a bunch of Kazars(synagogue of satan) who tried to influence the ban of guns in this country & came very close, what they did achieve in the interim until they get their final solution is a new digital registry ( with complience to new laws) which through scare tactics they are trying to get people to re-registar themselves because it is alot easier than trying to find a file in that cockroach, rat & lice infested jumble of a national firearms archive, in a slip by national media they said the place had to be closed for a while due to health & safety issues. Long live the cockroaches

      36. How about no self defence? Being a strong supporter of the right of citizens to defend themselves against crime and government tyranny, I’m not allowed a gun because of a 34 year old non violent felony. This justice is just bullshit.

        • Aljamo, Check the State Laws where Your felony occured or where Convicted of it. Look Up state laws about getting a “SET ASIDE” and/Or an “Expungment” done. If that is avail as a remedy, and If you meet qualifications(usually No other convictions Ever etc) that just may be a good method to Restore Your gun owner right.

          Many states automatically restore “civil” rights after a set time elapses after done with fines, jail time, parole or probation etc. Usually it is 3yrs or 5 yrs after done.

          Depends on State and states laws weather ATF fed laws agree with it all. Some yes some no. But ATF Will Honor an set aside or expungment as it wipes record clean. Same goes for jobs where no felons allowed apply. Its a clean fresh start again if qualified. I know several guys that did this so Check it out online state laws will show you about it all.

        • dont worry you will be just like all the rest of us soon enough , at the rate this government is incroaching on our 2nd amendment right, none of us will have the ability to own legally….and thats the catch word..


      37. This site is starting to sling too much shit at each other and treading dangerous ground between free speech and threats. Productivity is decreasing in the “prepare” area. I guess I had better bow out and go fishing. My preps are in order mentally, physically and supply wise. Good luck to you all and GOD bless.

        • Never has been about prepping , its about current events and speculation …..look at it as entertainment . A place to vent , if your looking for prepping ideas and advise , your in the wrong place . Not a slam , sites like this one has its place , if the left can vent , why cant we ?

        • d..b: Amen

      38. civil war , civil war , civil war !

      39. Alabama doesn’t require you to be a resident to purchase long guns either. Traveling through a small town named Cullman (between Huntsville and Birmingham) a couple weeks ago I came across PLENTY of ammo. 22LR, 9mm, 38, .40, and .45 we’re plentiful and very reasonably priced, $16.99 for 50 rnds of 124gn Blazer Brass ain’t bad these days. Cases full of handguns and racks full of rifles, haven’t seen that many AR’s for sale in one place in a few years…

      40. And chubby(lapband)Gov.Christie will sign

        • That weak-willed tub of lard is a Governor?

          Oh wow!

      41. Eisencrap, I could take you on and kick your ass if I had to. braveheart

      42. Just remember the people that vote these idiots in every year do so for a reason. They want the guns gone. It is up to the rest of us to keep them out of office. My reply to their confiscate is vote, vote, vote. Keep buying and storing guns and ammo, because they are only going to get scarcer.

      43. I really can’t figure out what happened in NJ and NY. As a kid in Brooklyn we played stick ball and had an occasion rumbled. there were bats, chains, knives and an occasion zip gun, but no one got hurt real bad. Usually we were back for another game of stick ball by evening. We had guns in the hall closet but never touched them except when we went hunting and camping. By 68 we had moved to another democratic state, Maryland. Us kids 12 to 15 years old we walked 6 miles through the neighborhood, across main road with guns in the open, to go hunting and that was normal.

        In today’s would I would be in foster care and my parents would be in jail. The progressive, liberal rot and decay has set into the NE. The lack of accountability and moral decay is destroying the colonies.

        Anyways back then there was always a father, uncle or grand father around to put a boot in you ass if you lacked respect for or disrespected an adult. Today they are a bunch of liberal panzy’s that breed children like the Sandy Hook shooter because they don’t keep score at a little legue ball game.

        In the real world there are winners and losers, week and strong, smart and stupid, and life isn’t fair. That’s the pecking order and nothing will ever change that.

      44. go ahead lead by example zog fedgov …

        you dis-arm first zog fedgov stategov …

        then i’ll think on it some …

        i’ll give up mine when the tyrannic industrial war machine / u.s. military is dis-armed , dis-banded

        when war is nonexistant and crime is just a scary story for kids at bed time .

        when the civilian police carry water guns filled with grape drink

        and the AmeriKan citizens aren’t such ruthless predatory selfish pricks and bitches .

        till then … blow me .

        From My Cold Dead Hands !


      45. NJ likes to control everything. There are rules and regulations for that would shock you. Its “law land”. Here is an example. You need to get a permit to bury your deceased dog in your backyard.

        Many residents are conditioned to believe that NJ is normal and, “this is the way things should be”. They like paying $10,000 / yr in property taxes claiming they get better services. They get a bloated government with every State Senator & Assemblyman family filling state payroll in do nothing jobs. Its no coincidence that NJ is used as a backdrop for organized crime in movies and TV. Corruption is institutionalized.

        On a positive note their road signs are pretty good and the diners fantastic.

      46. 20 years ago, I accepted a job transfer out of NJ. It was one of my wiser decisions. Even back then, NJ was one of the worst for gun ownership and forget about concealed carry. If you legally transfer a gun to NJ and carry it from your car to your hotel room, you if caught, will be charged with concealed carry.

        How do these people get in ofice? They don’t appoint themselves to office, you do NJ. The dissenters on this forum have been marginalized and those cited in this article know it

      47. autodrone

        You got out just after S-166 the assault gun ban in NJ allowing you to then have a Marlin Model 60 .22 which was banned due to its 17 round capacity tube feed.

        I can’t imagine living there again. Its like someone fleeing East Germany over the Berlin Wall. Its like NJ is not part of the United States.

      48. Confiscation is, with few exceptions, an action that requires two parties to be successful. One party is willing to confiscate, while the other is willing to let it happen. The time has long since passed to pick a side — will we let it happen in our neighborhoods or stand firm & defend our Constitutional freedoms? We must stand firm not only in our own driveways, but also with our neighbors. Stay free my patriot friends.

      49. K2,

        New Jersey, as always, finds itself the poor cousin to New York.

        Next year New York is going to outlaw balls.

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