“And Just Like That NAFTA May Be Over” – Mexico Cancels White House Meeting Following Trump’s “Wall Ultimatum”

by | Jan 26, 2017 | Headline News | 69 comments

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    It’s official. Mexico’s President Pena Nieto has pulled out of his scheduled White House meeting for later this month.

    Earlier this morning President Trump tweeted that should Mexico determine they do not want to pay for the wall, they might as well cancel the meeting.

    And while Mexico’s Pena Nieto said yesterday that his country doesn’t believe in walls and that he would still like to meet Trump at the White House, after Trump’s early morning tweet, Mexico changed its tune.

    “This morning we informed the White House that I will not attend the scheduled work meeting for next Tuesday with @POTUS.”

    As financial website Zero Hedge notes, the move by Mexico could have a disastrous impact to their economy as it signals Trump’s willingness to no longer be bullied by traditional foreign policy.

    The following report was originally published at Zero Hedge:

    Vicente Fox, the former Mexican president, stoked the flames in cruder terms in a series of tweets. “Donald, don’t be self-indulgent. Mexico has spoken, we will never ever pay for the #F**kingWall,” he tweeted on Thursday morning.

    And just like that NAFTA may be over. And the peso is plunging…

    * * *

    Mexico now finds itself in a double bind, squeezed not only by Trump, but also by its partner Canada, which as we reproted last night, has left Mexico on its own. Recall that Canada will focus on preserving its U.S. trade ties during talks to renegotiate NAFTA and may not be able to help Mexico avoid being targeted by the Trump administration, Canadian government sources say.

    “We love our Mexican friends. But our national interests come first and the friendship comes second,” a source said on the sidelines of a cabinet retreat in Calgary, Alberta. “The two are not mutually exclusive,” the source added.

    In other words, when it comes to preserving NAFTA, it’s important, but what is more important is being on good enough terms with Trump to be able to cobble together a bilateral treaty should NAFTA fail.  As Reuters reports, the comments are some of the starkest yet by Canadian officials, “who are increasingly convinced Mexico will suffer the most damage from changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement.”

    Reuters’ government sources note Mexico and Canada would appear to have little in common. Trump is unhappy about the large U.S. deficit with Mexico and has promised to punish firms with manufacturing bases there. “Our negotiating positions are totally different. Mexico is being hung out of an skyscraper window by its feet,” said a second government source.”Mexico is in a terrible, terrible position. We are not,” said another Canadian person involved on the trade file.

    Nieto just may have to pay for that wall after all.

    Portions of this report have been contributed by Zero Hedge.


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      1. If Florida can pay a bounty of $4,850 for pythons, FedGov can pay $1,000 per illegal alien.

        • Scum illegals get the hell out!

        • Cancel NAFTA and balance that $80 billion annual trade imbalance–HEY Vicente, looks like YOU ARE paying for the Fucking Wall !! Stick that in your burrito and eat it asshole……….

        • WOW, that got to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read here.

          • P Bro, there’s some things you’re overlooking. 10% of Mexico’s total population has been in this nation for the past 20 years putting our people out of work. they get drunk driving on our roads, don’t buy any car insurance, and kill some of our fellow citizens with impunity. They’re never held accountable for their actions because they come from another country. The money they make here they wire back to family in Mexico to the tune of billions per year. They came here having bad intentions toward us to begin with. The only reason they come here is the $$$$$. Take away that incentive and they’ll go home on their own. I’m skeptical about a wall even working, but I do believe NAFTA’s days are numbered.

            • The second largest source of income for the nation of Mexico is US dollars sent home. Illegals not only knowingly break the law coming here, they break it to work because they either work under the table and don’t pay taxes or they steal a SSN and use that till they get caught. Then they are let go, they change jobs and names, buy a new stolen SSN and do it again. If they work under the table or don’t work they are claiming free medical ( wouldn’t you like free medical?)food stamps, free schooling for their kids, free housing and cash subsidies. And all of this comes out of the working citizens paycheck because we are required to pay taxes.

              The wall would not be needed IF the laws were enforced at the border, in the courts and by employers. The law worked until the Federal government chose to ignore it. The law is the best wall but only if it is used.

              I believe this will all be used to force national ID. That would be disasterous to state sovereignty and to personal rights.

        • Years ago, someone posted to this community that the UK would leave Europe and move closer to the USA, during discussion of the EU.

          That’s happening. And yes, its in the archives.

          Today Europe appears to be in Chaos, and it is. But out of this Chaos, a much stronger, more dominant Europe will emerge. Hard to believe on the face of things, I know.

          It may take some time, but it will happen. That is BIBLICAL. It’s all falling into place. 🙂

        • This is all quite funny!! Trump has ba…s, unlike Obama!! (He,he,he!)

        • Ha Ha Thats a good one

        • try going into Mexico illegaly and get caught and see what happens to you!!

        • Count me in. What slithers and crawls is worthy of a bounty. Start in N Miami and go South to the Keys and block off the HWY75 and 41 West bound to the Gulf, No escape but to the keys. Bridge FEMA camp. Million of Illegals in Miami, slithering will pour out of town with the Pythons.

      2. Do they still have Taco Tuesday at Taco Bell?

        • If Trump bans Taco Tuesday it would be an impeachable offense for sure.

          There’d be a million sombrero march in DC.

          • We will go to Moe’s for Burrito’s

          • …all the sombreros would have vagina pictures on them as well, because……Giirrrrl Power!

      3. He doesn’t believe in walls my ass. Then tear down the wall on Mexican side of the Nicaragua border.

        • thank you, I was just about to go there

          Nieto, may not believe in a wall on his northern border ,, but he does on his southern border,,and he also believes in very stringent immigration laws and laws governing illegal immigration to his country .. he enforces them too

          so he’s a liar, and a hypocrite .. just like every other politician we know

          to be honest i dont think a physical wall will do much.. maybe slow them down, its just for aesthetics.. criminals will still find a way,( ahem, tunnels have been across the border for decades and they are building new ones every day) and so will people being told its better and free over that wall

          what will stop them is stopping all the dam freebees they get when they come here..stop that schitt and enforce our laws and guess what will happen …G O N E

          • Exactly
            How many come across in rail boxcars,shipping containers, big rig trailers or overstay their visa’s?
            Are we going to fence in the entire Gulf of Mexico?

            • Junkman, good points. And Mexico just lets all that happen to OUR detriment. They could stop it but they won’t. That shows how treacherous they are.

            • In a word, “YES” if it becomes necessary. 🙂

              Most ILLEGALS will stay home now that that government policy matches public opinion: subsidies dry up, their jobs disappear, and prison prior to deportation is instituted.

              The Peso will continue to COLLAPSE as planned, allowing the NWO to move excess world production to Mexico from China, who will have the rug (yuan) pulled out from underneath them when the MASSIVE debt that has fueled the “Chinese Miracle” collapses the Chinese economy when the TRUMPSTER slaps FAIR TRADE REALITY upon these currency manipulators.

              China is between a rock and proverbial hard place with nowhere to go but DOWN. Short China. 🙂

              • DK, I believe all you said will happen but there’s a chance China could lash out at us. I think a war with China is more likely than with anyone else.

          • EOTS, damn straight! Nobody in Mexico tells us Americans what the f#$% to do in our own country. so the President of Mexico won’t meet with Trump? Well, that’s on him. We don’t owe Mexico a damn thing!

            • Wait when Trump Voids out all transactions going South to Mexico. Billions every month going to Mexico from the illegals sending money home. Shut it down, you will see the building the wall like the Chinese eating with chopsticks. Belly up for sum wall time.

          • Pull the plug on all the freebies, education, health care and EBT cards. Tax outbound wire transfers, postal money orders, etc. to Mexico 40% to 50%. Make it a federal offense (felony) to hire illegals and they will be out of here like shit through a goose. I would not put a tariff on inbound goods from Mexico as it would only hurt US consumers and discourage their own country from becoming more productive. The game need to be setup so that they want to stay in their country VS ours. However that might require the populous rebelling and hanging or shooting most of the corrupt politicians running their government.

        • There must have been some seismic activity down there. I don’t think Nicaragua used to border Mexico. (I know what you mean just couldn’t help myself).

      4. China built the Great Wall. Then the Romans built Hadrian’s Wall.

        So how does the Trump Wall compare to those?

      5. Every day I get up and can’t wait to see the new political developments that President Trump has put forward. The liberal left has a very hard sell with the American people attempting to tell those who’s incomes in many cased dropped by 50% why the US people should share more. America First. Why should anything else ever be acceptable?

        • Under Obama any problems that appeared were an opportunity for hand wringing and blaming Obama’s opposition. If the problems were intensional and caused by Obama policy, the press MSM would just cover it up.

          Under Trump problems that appear are corrected, and we move on!

        • Agreed, Kevin. Every day I get up and click on the news looking for more Trump carnage of the liberal worldview. Always a bright point in my day. And….there is really never a dull moment…there’s ALWAYS something he’s doing to shut the library’s down.

          Nothing shakes the thirst better than a nice full glass of lib tears…

        • Kevin2, the left can forget their agenda. Now THEY’RE the ones on the defensive.

        • Yep kevin2, Trump will have fixed everything in America in his First 100 Days. Trump works so fast, the MSM is doing head spins, and nobody is listening to them.

      6. The whole world is watching.

        __ This is an amazing time. I’m glad I lived to see it. America, and our people coming out of terrible economic and social decline, starting to turn the corner.

        __ Thank You President Trump…


        • Trump is an ally to Israel.

          Thank you President Trump.

          • Israel has been supplying Guatemala with arms for years of National chaos, this the Big Migration from Guatemala to the US on Trains through Mexico. Its all a Tribe Plot to overthrow the US, with mass illegals from Central America. Yeah Israel is sure helping us. Uh that $38 Billion we gave ya, Uh,…Not happening aholes… You are paying us now bitches.

            • Oh please, watchina and see. I would be greatly surprised if Trump doesn’t quadruple the welfare/royalty payments to his masters in IS= REAL-HELL. Trump is their vassal cuckhold. I suppose you didn’t see him pander his ass off during his AIPAC speech “We must protect and cherish IS= REAL-HELL. FVCK IS= REAL-HELL.

          • Trump is an IS= REAL-HE11I cuckhold. All he will do is bow down and can’t get to his knees fast enough for his masters in Hell Aviv.

      7. Mexico is a lawless narco state with death rates from violence matching a civil war. The country had a wonderful opportunity to pull itself together by going into a trade agreement with the world’s wealthiest country (the US) and one of the world’s most civil and peaceful countries (Canada). And the Mexicans blew it.

        They did the same garbage you see with all third world populations. They make a bee line to the wealthiest country and then get to running scams and leaching off that place (think of Somalis etc.). They will send most of the money they make back to their homeland, thus never committing to the country they have moved to. They act all entitled, refuse to speak or learn the local language, live in ghettos, and hang out in gangs and run drugs. Mexico is basically lawless and in a state of civil war right across its border with the US. The wall makes sense.

        • Yep. You can’t polish a turd. Mexicans are turds.

        • FT, sad but true.

        • And like goats they eat and shit where they sleep.

        • yes it is sad, there are some really good people in Mexico and then they have the scumbag drug cartel and the corrupt government and so for the most part they as a country are SCREWED and that is the road our country is going down at this moment, we can only hope we the people can stop it before we are just like mexico!!

          • yes i have spent time in mexico for MANY reason, one was looking for the a–h–e that killed my Dads brother, i never found him and i think he was offed by the cartel. probablt won’t ever know about that. but i have spent time in MANY foreign countries and I’ll take them over mid-east ANYTIME!!!

      8. Don’t get too excited. You’ll notice that not one criminal banker, politician or treasonous military members have even been looked at, much less arrested or prosecuted. Stop immigration, but pay no attention to the TRILLIONS of dollars being stolen from the American People through bogus and numerous do nothing programs that just steal money. Let alone the pilfering of the nations wealth ( your wealth and mine) by the thieves in charge in Washington DC

        It’s still all theater for the gullible.

        • Be patient. Trump can’t do everything his first few days in office.

      9. .voter fraud investigation starts today

      10. Possibly I am in error? Social and economic conditions exist that have become so concrete in nature that to undue the damage will ‘Demand’… demand such Social and Economic disruption. Will the “Snow Flake” left stand the heat? Will the “Illegal Left” submit to the rule of law and step up? Can the basically silent ‘Right’ maintain the calm they have demonstrated for the last 50 years or more?

        Having been allowed to Go with your feelings and follow your bliss for so long comes at a cost. What sort of National Bar Fight will evolve when Snow Flake, Illegal, Born Again and the Indifferent are faced with the ‘Bill’ … reality… call it what ya will.

        Living in history is interesting if you pay attention… at least you can see the train coming long enough to say your prayers.

      11. Mexico’s President Pena Nieto is so predictable, you can always count on Hispanic machismo.

        I see remarks here that describe Mexicans as lazy etc. I gotta say they can be some of the hardest working people I’ve ever seen, and they often do the work no one else will. Most landscapers allow siesta, but when it’s over they are back on the job.

        • If they are so hard working why is there own country a shithole . I’m sick of idiots telling us these third world rats are anything but nation wreckers . Name one country run by these people that isn’t a third world crime ridden shithole . Or a police state? Like Japan . It like telling us some child traffickers are good people. They just lack education and opertunity . Until it’s your kid being sold . We have how many people on food stamps? Isn’t it obvious the domestic enemy is trying to destroy us from within. And they are doing a dam good job of it. Watch. Live leak Finnish man tells Muslems what they are.

      12. What about the accusations against Trump that refusing to divest of his holdings or place them in a blind trust is unconstitutional. He wants to profit at every chance apparently. I like some of his moves also, but his warmongering appreciation is obvious. He needed the American voters approval to get elected without actually mentioning vast areas of concern to the American people. Of course Hillary ignored voters concerns also. He has the backing of Goldman Sachs and the Pentagon. The untouchables.

        • I like Trump so far. He has said good things against war before, so not sure what the problem is there…but yes, he does ignore some important issues. Hillary ignored every single important issue there is, in favor of lining up women who claimed to have had sexual altercations with her opponent (some of which were proved untrue and the rest unverified). The comparison couldn’t possibly be more stark. A criminal nothingburger ptb rubber-stamp or a wildcard. We’ve had the criminal nothingburgers for a very long time now. Time to try the wildcard.

          That’s why I voted for the guy. It was totally non-ideological. I might have voted for Bernie for the same reason. I just wanted stuff shook up and the rest of the flock in DC put on notice. Also for the same reason, apart from Trump, I voted a straight Libertarian ticket for the state and national level races. We are beyond splitting hairs on this policy or that. We need to inform these people that we’re sick of their crap en masse.

      13. The party is canceled. Get me an RMA for the Pinata’s!

      14. The little worm in mexico better watch what he is doing. Right now is economy is falling part. The need the USA or they will fall apart soon very soon. With a wall they can’t or wont come here!


      15. Who was it that said…”tear down that wall!”

        • That was to keep people in not out!
          Maniac out

          • What do you think this one is for? Look at all the comments. Blindness, complete sheep mentality.

      16. Sell all your leaf blowing landscaping shares immediately

      17. Read where President Trump is going to charge a 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico to pay for wall. That’ll show ’em. Also read where pres. Mexico has cancelled meeting with Trump. Oh well.

      18. With Nafta going up in smoke, I say we get a pool going. Closest guess as to when Mexico goes belly up like Venezuela wins.

        Build that friggin’ wall!

      19. A Mexican war against the American people would be your second loss think twice PEDRO

      20. I say we make a deal with China to take all illegal alien prisoners in Chinese prisons cheap. The US prison industrial complex and the guard unions won’t like it but we got Trump. Arrest them put them on returning Chinese cargo ships . No problem?

      21. little ricky penis pendejo would like us to think HE cancelled that meeting…but I heard trump said something like “maybe we don’t need to meet just yet”…

      22. Endlessly we are taught the NAZIs are the bad guys the Jews are the good guys. The NAZIs are the bad guys the communists are the good guys( WW2 ). Now we are told the NAZIs are the bad guys the Muslems are the good guys. Do you see a pattern here? Do you see a domestic enemy here? The bible tells us John 8:44 who their father is . The bible tells us what they call themselves Rev. 2:9. The bible tells us Who knows their blasphemy Rev. 3:9. Who do you want to believe? The main stream media or the bible? Take your pick . And live for eternity with the consequences .

      23. I was told by a Mexican that the Mexican presidents come from Spain. As if Spain decides who runs for president in Mexico. Dose anyone know about that? What’s true?

      24. They’ll have a revolution before summer.

      25. Mexican peeps now are gunna shift the blame on the Merikan peeple. Problem aint the people its the corrupt gummints.

        I feel bad for the Mexicans. They need to rebel against their govt not the Merikan people. Gummints did this to you not the people. Everyone deserves to be successful and have freedom.

        KK clickety clack on the keys and shuttin down 10-7

      26. Use our military to patrol OUR borders. Its amazing how an Apache helicopter can change the mind of anyone. If we use our troops to secure the borders of foreign countries, why not our own? Wouldn’t take long for ground troops to clean out all the ramshackle little ghettos along the border. Give all illegals 3 hours to get back across the border then start cleaning house.
        I’ve argued this point and I’ve heard, “But people will get killed”. Right now, the ones being hurt and or killed or the innocents who are either American citizens or are here legally. We have no problem with our troops being killed in a country who doesn’t care or doesn’t want us. Why not use them to protect the people who do care? Our troops are paid 24 hours a day 7 days a week whether they do anything or not. Why not use the defense budget to actually defend America?

        • ChickenHawk, I could live with that, really I could!

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