Analyst Warns Of Major September Event: “There’s A Lot Of Chatter Regarding A Market Crash”

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Headline News | 91 comments

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    Gregory Mannarino of has previously warned that when the global debt bubble bursts it could lead to the deaths of millions upon millions of people on a worldwide scale. By all accounts, we are witnessing an unprecedented economic and financial situation across the globe.

    As Mannarino notes in his latest video report, multi-trillion dollar monetary injections into stock markets have given the majority of people the perception of a healthy economy. Yet, central banks find themselves in a predicament for which there is no easy way out. And right now, the Federal Reserve is teetering on “a knife’s edge.”

    With the end game for the Fed rapidly approaching, we could soon see a massive market correction that will leave most people bewildered by its ferocity:

    There’s a lot of chatter everywhere regarding some type of market crash or major event occurring next month.

    There are so many metrics that can prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that not only are we not recovering… we are in terminal decline and it’s accelerating.

    The Federal Reserve… if they do not act next month and simply leave things as they are… and that is simply “emergency monetary policy will be maintained”… that might shake up the markets… If the Federal Reserve says they have to save whatever credibility they have left and try to nudge the short end of the yield curve by raising interest rates by a quarter of a percent… that also is going to rattle markets.

    There’s always a ripple effect… so even small incremental changes could have huge implications.

    We’ve never been here before. This is uncharted territory on a scale that is hard to imagine.

    These distortions are so dramatic everywhere in this market and there’s no price discovery mechanism… there’s going to be a moment when all this is going to correct to fair value… it’s going to feel like the mother of all collapses… It will eclipse every single market crash we’ve ever seen… It will eclipse by orders of magnitude when this gets rolling.

    We are teetering on that knife’s edge right now.

    Watch the full report as Greg Mannarino explains why we may soon see a total collapse in stock prices:

    (Watch at Youtube)


    How To Prepare For An Economic Collapse: A Step-By-Step Guide

    Analyst: “Millions Upon Millions of People Are Going to Die on a World-Wide Scale When the Debt Bubble Bursts”

    Rothschild Warns “Biggest Financial Experiment in History” About to Unleash Consequences Unknown

    Survival Expert James Rawles Warns: “There’s Going To Be A Massive Run On Firearms… Bigger Than Anything We’ve Ever Seen Before” If Hillary Win Is Imminent


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      1. There will be no crash in Sept 2016. As is always the case, if you can see it coming, it ain’t. Crashes mostly happen because of the unexpected so that is when a crash will happen, when no one expects it.

        Be prepared
        Be safe

        • Not to mention the fed is gonna roll out QE again and deflate the money some more to prop things up .
          Its like watching those horror movies , Jason unleashed , Jason unmasked , Jason kills again , so predictable , yet we are always suprised .
          OHH . Look at the butterflys………
          As long as these assbags got a printing press and TrueValue sells wheelbarrows , there will be no crash .


          • This is an election year, and the illusion that everything is A-OK, they will keep the Markets propped up and flushed with free money, to Get their Whore Hillary elected, and will claim unemployment at 1% and the skies are full of rainbows and wagging puppy dog tails.. and why? Because they can Lie and get away with it, because the controlled media is from the same tribe cloth of thieves and scoundrels, and 50% of the US population is dummer than dirt. That’s why.

            And if Trump is elected watch the unwinding begin. Just get your PM’s in place now, Out of Phony Fiat currency and stacked to the roofline with food, water, guns and ammo. And be out of the major population centers and safe and secure in your BOL in a remote location.

            Because Standing on Train Tracks looking for the light at the end of the tunnel will be a fast moving train coming at ya, with no conductor.


        • By your logic, it would be well for me then to Expect It, every month! That way it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

          Happy Days!

          • That No one can expect it?? That’s just silly. There’s always going to be bears out there

        • there will be NO market crash beofre elections, as it would sweep Trump into office.
          Sept-Oct date is due to the jewish intl bankster cabal bnai brith staging it to coincide w/ the jewish High Holidays. Also the fact that the shmitah shit ah has been a feces fest among xtian zionist masonic apostates like john haggee, steve quayle, haggmann, dave hodges, etc etc
          btw- when is there NOT major chatter for an economic collapse?? since 2008 this tune hasnt stopped. it will happen- but they could pull it in another decade.
          all the false dates are wearing people down and dont help

      2. Sitting on the lake in a forest waiting. As the seals are be stripped away.

        • Jesus Freak

          • Fool clown ^^

          • hey don’t forget me, i’m a Jesus freak, too!!

        • The seals from your Jack Daniels bottle ? lol

          • Hammer,have some bottles of #7 stashed for “interesting times”.I for the moment do not drink but it all goes to hell among other actions will have a few drinks/listen to some music a final time perhaps(Warchild album by Tull first up!),and then just get on with what needs to be done.

            • Warchild, stop buying that inferior whiskey and just drink mine from the deck. My stuff is pure Genius lol. Even the foriegners love it lol. I’m not exagerating either!

              • Foreigners,what the fuck kind of opsec you running?!Oh wait,was it a hillbag fundraiser?I like all real Americans love Jack and could give a rats fucking ass about whether some foreign commie approves or not,WTF Genius?!

        • ah the annual fall “OMG Black swan/economic crash” prediction. Me, I’m still awaiting the Chinese stock market correction from LAST fall to cause the end of the world as we know it as predicted by folks here.

          If this really is a major crash coming and the market is in terminal decline, why is Greg selling a stock trading “system”? shouldn’t we be fleeing the market en masse?

      3. It will be the 2008 Crash again on Steroids. Be far far away, isolated in your own BOL hidey holes, Off all Grids, stacked and packed and armed to the teeth.


      4. September-October is the usual time for crashes.

        • and the unfulfilled predictions of such…


          Does This ‘Elite’ Magazine Cover Predict A Major Global Event For November?

          Mac Slavo

          – October 27th, 2015

          115 Comments, Join in »

          It appears the elite have been warned of impending doom.

          Continue Reading…


          11 Red Flag Events That Just Happened As We Enter The Pivotal Month Of August 2015

          Michael Snyder

          – August 1st, 2015

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          This next month (August) will be a month of transition as we enter an extremely chaotic time in the fall and winter…

          Continue Reading…


          Governments Worldwide Will Crash the First Week of October… According to 2 Financial Forecasters

          Washington’s Blog

          – July 20th, 2015


          This October The World Will Change: “China Is Preparing For Something Big”

          Mac Slavo

          – May 18th, 2015

          • Great post! I know those predictions are there, read them all the time. I remember Gerald Celente predicting that financial armageddon would hit in 2012. I love Gerald Celente and know it IS coming – it is very hard to nail down just when it will strike.

            For those chuckling about a “Jesus freak,” Christ did die for our sins and is as real as you reading these lines. Your unbelief will disqualify from you from entry into the heavenly kingdom soon to come. While you mock, Bible prophecy is being rapidly fulfilled. I suggest reading “The Great Controversy,” especially chapter 25 on the Mark of the Beast and the last eight chapters.

      5. After the 2008 stock market crash a decision was made by those in positions of power, Politicians, Bankers , Federal Reserve etc. The decision was to make ‘The Market’ the only way to invest, thus forcing everyone into the market.
        The old saving options such as CD’s, money markets accounts, safe bonds or even plain old saving accounts pay nothing due to zero percent interest rates. So you either buy stocks or you lose by way of inflation on ‘safe’ methods.
        Who benefits??
        Well financial guys have had boom years since they get a cut of every investment. Money flowing to stock market inflates their assets and they also get a hefty commission.
        Politician’s benefit they are vested in public pension funds that lost half their value in 2008.
        Inflating these pension funds keep the public employees happy and supporting their politician.
        With millions of boomers retiring, what would happen if they suddenly had a safe investment option??
        Say 6% safe return compared to gambling in stock market, mass exodus from market.
        And of course politicians could keep borrowing and spending with ‘cheap’ money.
        The ‘scheme’ is coming to a head as those in power know it was a prefabricated scam.
        Since 2008 we have witnessed the biggest financial scam in history.
        Won’t end well…

        • in 1929, we learned, the bubble investors were committing suicide for the shame of their folly…
          This go ’round we may have to assist them in that endeavor…just a thought from an irate citizen.

      6. Crash is when the WallStreet banks AKA the JewBanks are full of dead bodies.

        • Hey there Nazi….

          • The thought is weak in this one yes? So easily overcome by propaganda lol.

            • Indeed…!

      7. Watch YouTube Dennis Wise 27 Episode Documentary film
        “Hitler, The Greatest Story Ever Told”
        And the Sequel
        “Communism By The Back Door”

        A German man explains the reasons for the Animosity toward the J*ws prior to WW2. One reason he stated was the J*wish bankers caused a lot of crashes. People lost their life savings and their was hardship.

        I ask you, how many of the people working for Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, how many are not J*wish. Why is this mere 2% of America controlling the financial arm of the 98% of Americans? Is this right? Is this giving us financial stability? According to the experts we stand on the edge of a falling economy that is doomed to collapse.

        When is it going to change? When are we going to take the reins back from this illegal cabal. From Jekyll Island to 2008, the “Great Depression” and the threat of calamity in 2016. I say the time has come. If the people are going to starve, take the trillions of dollars of swindled loot back from the richest 200 people and give it back. Or just let them keep it and let the 98% take it from here. Either way, I and millions of others, are tired of hearing how badly we have been screwed and get ready you’re about to get royally fucked. Again.


        • The Greatest Story Never Told

          One letter changes everything. Without the N, you might get the life of Jesus Christ. He was crucified by the J*ws, or rather because of the J*ws. The Romans carried out the deed, but Pontius Pilot washed his hands of the blood of this innocent man. The J*ws said “let his blood be on us, and on our children for all the generations”. Whether some dumb J*w actually said that or not, you have to admit; the J*ws have been messing over Christians for generations and Christians have been getting fed up with their shit and kicking them to the curb. History keeps repeating itself.


          • B from CA–Your sin put Him on that cross as much as any other.

            Your hand held the hammer that pounded the nails.

            You have just as much responsibility in The Greatest Story EVER Told as me or any one else.

            • Well,as I had no hand at all in the crucification so I bare no responsibility,a bit before me time!Just as I have no debt to blacks as never had/never would have slaves,hell,the list I as a white man am supposedly to be blamed for is endless!

              That said,I do look in the mirror first when blaming those that allowed this country to become what it has.So,besides surviving tough times ahead and preparing to help others tis something I will in a very small part be actually responsible for and thus will try and correct the error of me ways,hopefully there are millions who feel the same.

            • I believe Jesus who is recorded in John 10:17-18 as claiming that He put himself on the cross.

              • Its all bullshit that has no proof whatsoever. Just a man made story to create a religious form of government to keep people in line. Jeeesus I swear lol….B from CA, Im getting to like your posts a lot, thanks!

                  • Damn Genius,your grandkids really turning you on to some good tunes,saw Ronnie with Rainbow when a young lad,twas airport Jam.Started with Sweet/Rainbow/Atlanta Rhythm Section and the closer Foghat!Damn,miss 70’s concerts!

                    Was to see last in line tour,had front row,got into it with Dee Snyder in front of 15,000 people,guess who got the boot?!I hated sister and should have skipped opening act!

              • John 10:17 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.
                18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.

                And the reason for His willingness to do this?

                Our Sin. Mine, yours, the Roman soldiers, J*ews, Gentiles. Jesus was willing to go to the Cross for ALL of us.

                Our fingerprints are on the hammer.

              • Yes great Point! Theres also a verse that states that “Jesus No Longer walked in jeruselem…Because the jews kept trying to Murder Him!”

                And He refused to allow they or anybody else to kill Him untill His mission was finished on earth eh.

                That statement so popular today grandee wrote probably got its start from scofield bible versions so designed to remove the Heat away from the jewish perps eh?

                Why not? since Most of scofields version was designed to make jewry look more swell to non tribe member goys.

                Scofields last Re-wrote version I believe was in 1967 done just before that six day war so to make usa folks more likly to agree with israels war then.

                Chuck Baldwin has a few articles that mention such issues well. Several Other websites delve far deeper into how and why scofields version has so screwed up usa christianity the past 100+ years now.

                Baldwins articles are at newswithviews dot com

                Listed at His name link at side of page.

              • Sheep willingly follow each other off the cliff, religion is like the pide piper handing out crack. tweet tweet, follow me dumbasses. Prep Pastor, Show me one person ever who was saved, John 3:16. False promises from a friggin hoax, but keep sending in your money, cause God can’t make his own.


            • Yes Grandee BUT! The ONLY folks Christ EVER Condemnd.

              And actually Told Them that “You Are Of Your Father Satan and His Lust YOU shall Do” and those main Lusts are LIE-ROB/Steal-MURDER that satan is Unable as a spirit to do so he needs His children/tribe to Do his Lusts.

              And also The ONLY people Christ ever called “The Synagouge of Satan” “Those that call themselves jews but they Are Imposters(Khazars perhaps?).

              Were NOT Christians…NOT Monks…Not Arabs…Not ANYbody else But…international jewry period.

              And He also never told anybody else that “The Kingdom shall be Taken away from You! and given to Others(the christian church of the New covenant is that others).

              And Tons of more verses that pertains to Only one devious nefarious stiff necked stubron ethnic group that has had now 2,000 yrs to RE-think all their pharisee babylonian religious scams and opps and as yet have remaind as stiff necked stuborn and more nefarious than they ever were back in His days!

              Perhaps Chuck Baldwins newswithviews lastest New article about how most of americans christians today have been totally Judiaised to the Max, and are far too obsessive about phony flashood end times scenarios from so many usa apostate pastors is americans MAIN real Problem eh?

              Maybe You need Read Baldwins new article at that website.

              Then try reading every verse Christ spoke of or which pertains to that ethnic entiy you so defend always.

              Yes yes yes I know that is simply Too much to ask of you types correct. Just remain stuck in Old testement stuff and covet that bunch Christ so railed against eh…Sounds real christian no…Christians that never need any new testement since it so messes up false OT is still the deal beliefs eh.

              indeed the last Few Chuck Baldwin articles about this issue and issues on zionists etc would sure open a few folks eyes here I’d wager. Unless they are them what has eyes and ears yet cannot SEE nor Hear?

              Wide awake Prepper person:..”hey did you YET research all them great Info proof documented vetted facts based truth website Links that guy gave you”?

              Asleep at wheel Goat/christians: “Huh? research that type website?!! oh No no No! never read that type website info in ten million years! because what “If” that websites info really Is accurate and facts based truths? It would mean I must RE think most all I prior though was real or true!..Heaven Forbid I should bother to waste any my time on such truths! NO thanks! I rather remain in deep denials and in Bed with those I so envy/worship as “sepcial self chozens” that think I am no better than a Goyim aka sub human Animal ripe to lie to ripe for the thefts of all they own and ripe for my special ethnic tribe to mass murder once they possess zero to steal any longer! Because I stand with them what Christ Himself comdemned!”

              yep a Few Chuck Baladwin articles may help a bit.

              A Few David Duke videos too perhaps!

              • Them Guys–Ok dude. I don’t go to whomever websites-C. Baldwin I’m not familiar with.

                I’m not interested in man’s interpretation of the Bible.

                The Bible does fine on it’s own, interpreting it’s self. And this is the way it should be looked at.

                Never taking verses/ideas out of context and it’s OT/NT set up.

                A devoted day in day out continual, committed, consistent study/meditation of the whole Bible (I use KJV) will serve you and me better than being tossed about by every wind of doctrine that comes down the pipe from who ever, including their web sites.

                An open willing teachable heart, yielded to the Holy Spirit, will allow God to use His Word and show you His way.

                My challenge to you, Them Guys, is to turn off all the outside influence and let God lead you through His Word.

                By the way …”worship the J*ews…? I worship God and only God.


                • Exactly! You just proved my Point! IE: That folks like You will NEVER read ANYTHING from ANY such websites or books written on these issues.

                  You contradict yourself too. 1st you state “Do not trust No Mans interpretations etc”…Then you say you trust your bible reading interpretation. Theres no main difference besides You are a women not a man.

                  “If” like most males you did think with Logic, perhaps then you’d consider that just maybe sometimes Gods Holy Spirit IS influenceing or telling You that there are Others out there that Do know much more than you or me does, and that If you would read their stuff perhaps you too could get more enlightened than as done all alone on your own as you claim to do best. Thats why Christ Anointed the orig 12 aposteles isnt it after all? To assist folks with lesser knowledges etc? yes of course thats correct eh. Well maybe you are alot like those early folk that can use some help in a few areas eh.

                  But in that respect it makes zero difference man or woman.

                  As far as various info websites and books about zionist and jewish and WWII issues etc?…That has zero to do with biblical interpretations. However those type info sites Will cause a person to Learn real factual truth and proofs that will Greatly challange almost every possible prior tought or belife they formerly held on Those main important issues.

                  Which is exacly why You refuse to ever research such sites or books…You rather remain in a delusional state of mind so to not mess up what you state is Not jew worship, yet for all intent and porpouse it sure is akin to a worship. When a person has to always be first to arise and stand in favor or defense of a certain ethnic group no matter what they have done wrong, and then refuses to at least research the proof info that proves of their wrongs done or many Lies said on for example WWII camps etc.

                  if That aint worship it is as close as one can get to worship, especially when That certain ethnic grouo is the ONLY group they ever so defend no matter what.

                  Which IS the Main Goal that group has had and been doing with all of their mass control of usa TV and hollywood and tv news and usa fed govnt etc etc….They have used it all to gain total control of all you goyims brains!

                  So You will araise instantly without a thought as to why and promptly defend their group or persons to the inth degree….To the point that same as hillary defenders act, you israel/jew firsters will staunchly defned any jewish person even if they went Live TV and cut a small 5 yr old kids throat and laughed as kid bled to death on Live Tv news…NO matter what anybody else said of it…You will always take a stand to defend that and them and Yes you will use as many Out of context bible verses as needed to feel you acomplished that goal so swell.

                  I asked You and others here to Please post up ONE single

                  Bible verse that states what You folks always claim…A Claim that You tell us “God said We Must Bless the jews or he wont bless Us or america”

                  but NO such bible verse exists Grandee.

                  So like all good bible thumpers does, you guys always tell us of a genesis verse about God will bless abraham and his seed…THEN you Twist the word seed into the word Jew…Then claim Thats the verse that God cammands we bless jews.

                  But That is a apostate falshood teaching and is proven false BY apostel Paul in new testement book of Galatians where he explains that exact same genesis verse abraham and his seed etc, and Paul tells us it did NOT mean nor will it ever mean the word or persons of jew period.

                  SEED in That OT verse means Christ not jew. Per Galatians Per Paul…I believe Paul knew a bit more than any hillbilly thumpers eh.

                  Okay good now go Back to refusal to ever read/research ANY info books or websites on those major issues that have so influenced all of Our american lives and in the worst possible way of influence due to media tv jewish brainwashings of the Goyim minds. It really Is okay if you are in that camp what cannot handle real truth or facts like that, really it is okay, them jewdeokommies Need duped goys to keep their scams going!

                  • Them Guys-when I leave with “~peace”, that’s exactly what I mean.

                    I’m NOT having a protracted argument with you.


                    James 1:19 ¶ Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:

                    20 For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.

                • grandee says:
                  Comment ID: 3602404
                  August 26, 2016 at 3:26 pm Them Guys–Ok dude. I don’t go to whomever websites-C. Baldwin I’m not familiar with.

                  “I’m not interested in man’s interpretation of the Bible.”

                  Are you really going to run with that? It was man who wrote the bible…jeeeze! Kinda like O J saying that the glove didn’t fit…wtf!

                  • Jibbs- Man wrote the Bible UNDER the direction of the Holy Spirit of God.

                    The Holy Spirit is the key to UNDERSTANDING what He, the Holy Spirit, wrote in the Bible.

                    The Holy Spirit spirit directs and leads all aspects of a Christian’s life, including the understanding of the written Word.

                    That is why the Bible is it’s own best interpreter. It is the interpretation of it’s self by the Holy Spirit, the one who wrote it.

                    I would never go with a man directed/man centered interpretation of the written Word.

                    I do listen intently for and to the direction of the Holy Spirit. Putting away the outside influences is important or we/I become tossed about by every wind of doctrine.

                    Eph. 4:14 That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;
                    15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into Him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:


                    • Grandee why did it take the holy spirit so long after jesus’ death for the bible to be written? Also if it is a sin to lie then why was it OK for the writers to lie about Matthew, Mark, Luke, etc as having written their respective books when they did not write the bible. Other people did? Was that under the holy spirits direction also – to attribute a writing to someone who never wrote anything? Sounds pretty deceitful to me. Would god allow that?

                      I guess the reason is man’s desire to make gods out of human men. That people worship and respect certain people so to give the bible its so called credibility they pretended that the “popular kids” wrote said gospels when they did no such thing.

                    • RJ-Let’s see now.
                      Q#1 The Old Test. that is now a part of the Bible was written before Jesus walked the earth. Paul’s letters in the New Test were written and passed around for the new churches to read. Other of the New Test writings were the first person accounts of their writers and as directed by the Spirit, included in the NT.
                      Q#2 Luke did write the Gospel of Luke as well as Acts. Matthew is said to have written his history about eight years after Christ’s ascension. Mark wrote his gospel also.
                      Q#3 All that is written in the Bible was indeed Spirit directed and the Holy Spirit says so: 2Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
                      Q#4 God is not deceitful nor is His Spirit directed Word.
                      Q#5 new paragraph- If you read the Bible you will notice that it shows God becoming a man. Not the other way around as you suggest (man making/becoming a god). Only Christianity tells the good news of God becoming a man, leaving his place of glory in Heaven, to take upon Himself our sin.
                      Q#6 As I said before, the three gospels were written by Matthew, Mark, and Luke as first person accounts of the life of Jesus.

                      I have given my best short version answers to you as the questions you ask really require one to apply himself to an in depth study. Perhaps you would like to take the time to study and meditate and ask the Holy Spirit’s guidance and direction in your study.


            • More like the greatest bunch of b.s. ever told and believed by millions, Grandee. I am what I am. Not a sinner and not a saint. Though I can be one or the other. What will I choose today? My actions and thoughts make me god or the devil. The universe wants us to do the hard, uncomfortable things, regardless of the consequences. Unfortunately because we are all afraid we choose to go along to get along and the world we live in is the end result.

              If christians really believed that they were going to heaven and had eternal life, they would be an unstoppable and dangerous force for change in this world. Yet most christians are eunuchs and fearful. More than likely because deep, deep, way deep down inside they are not 100% sure that the bill of eternal salvation is really true.

              Ironically if we all knew more about who we really are and what we really are (apart from our physical bodies) we would all be unstoppable and the elite would have no power or hold over us.

              Our culture is fear based. Afraid of death. So much so we had to make up religions to explain and make ourselves immortal. Not realizing that we already are immortal beings. Trapped here on earth.

              • RJ-I would suggest and encourage you to pick up a copy of:

                Martyrs Mirror: The Story of Seventeen Centuries of Christian Martyrdom From the Time of Christ to A.D. 1660. This is a classic graphic account of more than 4,000 Christians who endured suffering, torture, and a martyr’s death because of their simple faith in the gospel of Christ. They did not fear death. You will find it WELL documented.

                Also a subscription to Voice Of The Martyrs magazine would bring you further up to date and you would read the testimony of the faithful in todays world. These stand firm in the faith for their Lord and Savior.

                May you be blessed in the reading.

          • Spot On BA from CA.. Lessons learned, America needs a good culling of the chaos makers. sooner the better. I’d put a bounty on every scalp of the tribe.

            ~WWTI… Until this happens America will continue to rot.

            • PS: I also do wonder if you have ever yet found that bible verse or few that deals with why “Your Women Should Remain Silent in Church and in discussing Church/christian religious issues etc”?

              That is the main reason that for Catholic women they always wore a Head covering as those bible verses Command women to do…It is a representation to show that the women understand that all the way bacl to garden of eden and Adam and Eve era Gos told them and Us that..

              “See I have Created the Man Adam to BE the Head, and Eve the women I have created from adams side/Rib so she will be His Help mate and stand at His side , and Submit to him as the Head/leader/Boss etc etc.”

              He also stated to Eve the woman,after she messed up, ate wrong forbiden fruit, screwed satan and later would have her son of evil Cain because of that forbidden union.

              When God Cursed Satan and Eve and Adam, He told satan that from That time forewards the devil will crawl on his belly as a serphant aka snake in the dirt and eat dust and dirt he crawls thru etc…The serphant devil was NOT Yet a “Snake” untill after he screwed Eve and knocked her up with Cain!…Anyways back to cursed Eve.

              God told Eve that “Your(eves) desire will be for the man Adam, but he the Man shall Remain as Head like I created Him to be”

              It should be obvious that the word used of Desrie did NOT mean eve woud desire sex with adam…it meant that Eve as well as ALL female women that come after her are going to Desire to have Control Over Men and Be the Head!

              And just Look at how well that has so played out as Truth in Todays femmanazi kommie womens americsa of ruin eh!

              That is why in NT book we are told “It is Good for Your women to remain SILENT in Church and with church/bible/religious matters”! And they should wear Head Coverings to show they undertand and abide by this command when in church.

              What Is “church”? Whever Two or More christians are gathered and speaking in Christs Name or about Him etc that Is church for the Holy Spirit Is always present then with those Two or more”

              That counts even with todays website forums same as if inside actual church “Buildings” eh…

              Let me Know if you need a Head covering Grandee or a scarf or babushka as perhaps I can forewards one to you thru Macs site eh.

              Indeed seems Many female women Here well prove as good that bible reason given for women to remain silent on certain issues no?

              • Sigh–I’m Christian walking out my faith in a Mennonite Church.

                I wear a head covering-at all times.

                This forum is not a church (I have no idea if you are Christian) gathered in His name.

                I may speak.

                0nce again I leave you… in ~peace.

      8. ***Yawn***
        Economic Crash coming 2010
        Economic Crash coming 2011
        Economic Crash coming 2012
        Economic Crash coming 2013
        Economic Crash coming 2014
        Economic Crash coming 2015
        Economic Crash coming 2016

        Enough already….

      9. It will pump up big first so they can take all they can then drop fast. I say Sept/Oct.

        • Morgan Stanley says that as the “smart money has been selling, “retail” has been buying.

          That is a sure sign the end of this market bis near. 🙁

          • Not to mention the insane highs with very little volume and the gov the main buyer of stocks and their own debt created via buybacks, POMO and the PPT. No matter who is elected, there will be a RESET and it will not end well. Even if Hillary does get in, she will be dead long before her first term ends. I give her maybe 2 years at most before she croaks from the massive amount of pharmaceuticals that are keeping her and Bill alive. Remember how she had to quit SEC of State position because she could not handle the job physically and mentally and she had how many aids actually doing all the work , if you can call any of it work ? More like simply telling lies and creating schemes. She is already nearly completely dysfunctional and brain dead, so somebody has a grander plan than Hillary actually being president ? and it may well tie in to the coming reset. It seems beyond obvious that none of this (cyber dollar)scenario can be maintained indefinitely. As I have mentioned before, the outlier events will be what causes it all to unwind. We have been walking a tite rope and near disaster for almost a decade, and all based on illusions created by the control freaks we call our government and the corporatocracy they have created in the last 30 years. BHO and crew simply put it all on steroids and will try to blame the crash on the new guys in power. If Hillary does get in, the Dems will hold full responsibility for the coming chaos and the failure of Obamacare the tax scheme. But that will not change a thing at that point in time. Just more lies and phony laws created.

            I think the only chance we all have is for a complete collapse and hopefully many of the control freaks will perish. As long as they are in power we are in trouble. Our system is seriously broken and corrupted beyond any kind of fix !

            Far better to have your own program together and know your full capabilities and skills with confidence. All else is likely a fantasy.

      10. What scares the market is Trump (yes I an voting for him). Every trader, including me, knows the gravy train will continue with Hillary. That is baked in.

        What is giving the market jitters is – the talk – of a Trump victory. If trump were to appoint a Fed chairman who does not pass out sugar cookies like Yellen the world market jitters could be huge. Our fed is the force that rocks central banks around the world with Keynesian krap. If that were tested just a little it could send shock waves through world markets…

        • unfortunately there are no actual real markets ? only the illusions of markets and money for that matter ! Good luck getting crushed in the chaos.

      11. I thought I would check this page, haven’t been here in a while. Yawn, nothing new, got tired of waiting for the last economic collapse years ago.

      12. What ever the event is, the chicken littles in DC will not help you. They will run. You are on your own.

      13. My son and his wife are moving back from Washington state to the upper mid west in the next month or so. The reason being is the polilitical, economic, social climate really sucks. I just hope nothing happens to cause him to have to stay there. Now is I could just figure out way to get my other boy to move back here.

        • Al,all you can do is express the offer the door is open if he changes his mind,if able set aside a little in supplies with him and his kin in mind,best you can do.Many folks trapped in less then ideal places due to family/jobs ect,tis a reality suck.

          • Warchild, Im gettin tired of sheetin muh britches with every fear article. I think I will fire up the fan and throw my poo in it just to get it started. Good idea ya?

        • It is indeed a tough fact to face sir, but not everyone will make it. And we certainly can’t ‘save’ each and every member of our family, especially when they are scattered over such an extended area. Best wishes.

      14. Unless he’s gone fully short in market his positions why should we pay attention to him?

      15. It’s not ok to bash Jews but it’s ok to say nazi like its a bad thing and call someone that though. Look the Jews hold the purse strings. They put themselves in this position over time. If it all collapses I’d say it’s their fault. Fascists have just as much right to thier ideology just as Marxist Jews do to theirs. When people say hitler was evil I just don’t see it that way sorry.

        • How dare you question the prevailing narrative? To the gulag with you!

          • What do You think most folks Here would do if say…They had been Elected as usa Prez, and knew that their nation was the Current Host(not by invite either!) Nation to international bolhevik jewry. And they also Knew that said nation invaders were also Communists, and just around a couple WEEKS after they got Elected.

            In 1933, Every international major Newspaper Headline had read that “jews of the World Unite and Declare WAR against Germany and All german’s everywheres they exist”!?

            And by the word of “All jews unite to”..They meant ALL! Because barely a tiny small handfull of jews in europe or usa spoke out aganst international jewish Leadership like Samual untermyer in usa NY that Penned those headlines!

            And here in usa any american folk that dared resist? or Dared question jews?…Imeadiatly was called an antisemite and their job and family and life destroyed asap if at all possible to destroy them.

            This is why Charles Lindburg, famous Pilot and US Rep elected official, started his Pro-America-FIRST! organizarion…And usa jewry as well as International jewry fully destroyed him too, over his rejection of another world war aka WWII with usa in it! but Lindburg was Correct on all he stated of war and jewry etc period. Today its too easy to prove that as so.

            Think if smart and as leader of a nation they may consider that something Must get done asap fast?

            When your nation held a Majority of that ethnic group that declared War against your country!?

            Gee what did Americas fed govnt and usa Prez do after Japs attacked pearl harbor?…oh Yeah! Japs got rounded up and put into Camps for Our and Their safty! It is where Hiter got the idea from! usa Japs rounded up before a single jew in germany did!

            And because at that time the usa prez etc had NO good nor fast method to determine Which usa Japs may have been Spies? or actual Jap enemys still Loyal to japan and its emperor eh?…So Logic and Safty First for entire america nation dictated to round up every usa Jap and feed and house em all untill other info or events determine all is swell.

            Yet ONLY germany and hitler are bad men correct?

            Maybe if prior to hitler by a margin of at least Two Decades!…Them same bolshevik russian jews as well as International jewry as a whole didn’t mass murder at least 50-Million white and christian peoples, 20+ yrs before hitler was ever heard of by most of worlds peoples!

            And maybe if instead of acting same as typical negroes when as a whole the entire group almost, always takes sides with all fellow tribe members regardless of the atrocities or evils they did or do..

            And perhaps if that One time, “If” we are to believe that Most of jewry are such swell guys and do gooders etc?…That then they would have Shown the germans and worlds peoples Proof solid by Takeing a FIRM Stand Against what Their russian brethren jewry kommie butchers did and continued doing, aka Mass killing as many whiteys and christians as they could in as short time span as possible so to cement in their soviet kommie rulsership etc.

            Then just maybe what they usually call “antisemitism” would NOT have Happened eh?

            I’d wager that probably at least 98-99% of the worlds peoples everywheres…Usually as a rule never maintain hatred nor despise Anybody else or any other religion or race etc…UNTILL….Any certain race or ethnic group or religion goes haywire off the rails and does what got done in 1917 Russia correct?

            And Then the Proper response Is to despise or hate the evils done and them what does said evils correct? It is simple Human nature to abhore and hate such Mass muderous evils and terrible unthinkable tortures as done to 100% innocent folks due to they are whites and or christians.

            Yet how many Folks HERE at SHTF can Honestly state that, they believe that Not very many Germans back then Knew of those russian jewry soviet bolshevik atrocieties being done?….Especially when After WWI, and Versai Treaty Gave away a part of german lands TO Poland, and that land still Had a Million or so german folk there as mainly Farmer folk.

            And that when jewdeokommie bolsheviks went into Poland lands, they also mass killed off at least 50,000 German farmer folk that never did wrong to polaks or jews or others.

            Think Germans of 1933 were Not aware of all that stuff going on and WHOM the Main ruler/murderer perps were?

            So Then with ALL That so far…They decide to in 1933 Declare War against germany and german folk?

            So what would Most folk HERE reading this stuff actually Do if they was in charge of the nation?

            Hand Out Flowers and candy to them what had just agreed Internationally to a Man, every jew globally to a man agreed that as stated in headlined articles in said newspapers global wide…”germany Must Be fully destroyed and Perish! and EVERY german person no matter which country they live in or are citizen of Must also Die/perish from face of earth!”

            ANY and EVERY Honest person here and elsewheres…

            Would say Fuck that and fuck Them who declared war against Us!

            NOW…Go watch those Yutube videos with actual Inside camps old still photos, and the full evidence that proves beyond all doubt or debate that…at least 98% of all You ever heard in the form of complaints from jews about various nazi camp conditions and treatments etc etc.

            Have been mostly fabricated stories, half truths if even half! and total Outright Lies designed to create mass hysteria fear and cause more jews to Move to state of Israel so zionists and bankster jewry can fill israel with enough folks to actual have a nation state!

            Along with the 20th century main method to create a free Cash Cow of Hohohoax event that still Today pay out aprox $1000 per so called “Survivors” ALL almost 4-MILLION of survivors today gets paid still!

            Just how efficient were nazis and german folk that they allowed 4 million to Escape?!….If that many escaped and another 6 Million died?

            Then WHY when You check Jewish Almanac Census reports for the Years of…1938 and again global jewish population Census of 1948…ALL other nations and peoples globally during WWII era Lost population numbers. Except for jewry. Which began with aprox 14.6 Million in 1938 and still had 14.4 Million left alive after WWII ended in their own 1948 Census reports! How possible?

            WHY does Their very OWN Almanacs show only a reduction of jews from 1938 to 1948, the decade begun Piror to WWII and ending After WWII ended…A total Loss of global jewish population of just around 200,000 total or Less in 1948 than started with in 1938?

            How can it be so? Are jewish almanacs lying? or are camp so called survivors liying to obtain free cash cow cash?

            4,000 yrs ago Moses got real Pissed off when he saw his jew folk created a Golden Calf to Pray to…Then 4,000 yrs after Moses in 1945 they again created a Cow only this time it was a Holohoax Cash Cow!

            Because the documented vetted evidence and written and video proof as well as actual released secret docs of past 70+ yrs and Maps and Photos taken by USA and British Planes of above skies of germany and Camps visible etc in photos ALL show a remarkably Different True story!

            And ALL of it is Now avail Free Online for Your research if you care of the real facts and truths…So Get Busy so to catch Up with we who already got jewized up and WWII wized up…Simply Amaze yourself with Real Truth Eh!

            Then Please let Us here know of what facts and Truths You have found about these important issues okay, Thanks.

            • Them Guys:

              Charles Lindbergh, the pilot was the first human to circumnavigate (fly all the way around) the globe. He was a proponent of staying out of the European conflicts under the banner of “America First”, until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Later Charles spied on the Germans who were lulled into a false sense of security because of Lindbergh’s nonintervention stance. Germany have Charles a medal at a public function. It would have been impossible for him to refuse without losing access to vital info about Germany’s air power capabilities. Because of this the Americans built a stronger better aircraft. Charles Lindbergh’s patriotism being challenged is rediculous, but many irroneously believe he was a Nazi. Not so.

              Another thing few realize; Charles Lindbergh’s father, also named Charles, was the Senator who led the fight against the establishment of the J*w Reserve, that is The Fed Reserve.
              The kidnap and murder of the Lindbergh baby is believed by some to have been punishment by the J*ws banking Rothschild’s gangsters in retaliation for Charles Seniors part in holding off the J*ws from taking control of America by establishing themselves as the sole control of money and the printing and loaning of all money in America by establishment of The Federal Reserve. It is the American branch of the Bank System established by Myer Amshel deRothschild, his five sons, and the J*w elite who now thru control of money, rule the world.


              • B from CA: Wow I did know most of that info. but Never knew so much of his fathers major role against jewish fed banksters etc…Great info posting B/CA!!

                Its quite obvious you too do much homework on these important issues eh. Good to see that for sure.

                I just wish somebody somehweres coud finally figure out a way to get the vast majority of still fast asleep folks to research such major issues.

                Because the more one learns of it all the more you realize that most everything we all been so brainwashed and so controled by, has all along been directly related to the fed reserve and rothschilds gang.

                They have used and screwed america in general since at least the days of usa prez andrew jackson term of 1820 era.

                They attempted at least Six assainations on Jackson! All Failed. He was Our Last real american prez that refused to do crapola for the bankster bunch and stated such in public!

                Andrew Jackson while us prez publically Vowed to “if its the last thing I ever do by God and with His help I shall Route out every one of You Viper Snakes and Money Changers!”

                Not exact verbatim quote but close enough eh.

                Too Bad Jackson didn’t have em all arrested as spies or traitors and hang em all.

                Hey B/CA have You ever yet read any info on how the american 1860’s civil war was also the main Job of rothschild?

                I did and what I read stated something on how Two first cousin rothschild’s, from the younger group of them, were getting married!…So the real main agenda for usa civil war was rothschild Sr.’s plan to do the war to split usa into Two distinct nations of south and north.

                Then to award one side each to each of the Two married cousins. The Husband would Own and be like a King of north while the wife queen of south or visa versa.

                That way it all would still remain fully under direct rothschild and family total control same as a real Kingdom.

                Plus his plan involved forceing the Southern states of usa once war ended, to Join with Mexico and parts of south america so rothschild can corner the entire market of cotton and suger!

                Main issue that messed up all such type plans was when the Russian King aka Czar in 1860’s Sent an urgent message to usa prez lincoln to inform lincoln of such nefarious plans by rothschilds and crew.

                And then Russias czar sent his Naval Fleet war ships to Both East and West coasts of usa and parked ships in place.

                Then russian czar gave entire full control of all his russian naval ships to prez lincoln if needed.

                That was due to russian czar learned of yet another secret plan a foot that Five European nations had soldiers and ships at the ready inside of mexico!

                To assist the south and make certain usa spilts into two nations no matter what was done by either side of americans in the war.

                it was England, France, Germany(?), Spain, and one more I don’t now recall which nation armys at ready.

                Soon as they all found out Russias Mighty Navy war ships was parked at each usa coastline, and that the russian czar gave Lincoln full permission to call the shots and russian captains will obey order from lincoln etc…All them other euro nations in cahoots with the jew bankster family Rothschild ran away asap fast as posible to avoid involvement.

                I do not know how much of that was truth or not? it was 100% truth of russias czar and navy ships came to potential rescue of usa then though.

                USA and Russia remained Best of allies up untill later on when rothschild and other jewish banksters forced yet another usa prez to rejct a treaty of trade goods with russia in effect then. He resisted and was stomach shot while he gave a speech! Died a day or so later if I recall correct. Then the next New us prez is whom was too fearing of jewish bankster cabal so he did away with that trade treaty and usa and russia ever since were on the Outs.

                There is a Boat Load of real facts based history like that, that we never heard of due to its all been well hidden for so long…Internet has drastically changed it all eh! Today such hidden former info truths are easy as pie to locate and learn of…if Only folks will Do So!

                Perhaps when soon, those duped “I shall stand with israel and jewry” type folk gets knocked down like lined up Bowling Pins at an ally, By the Very ones they so support and defend without question always.

                Maybe Then some shall wize up and awaken enough to make a real difference in america and for white folk eh?

            • Lindbergh, did not start the organizarion, he was a spokesman.

              Formation September 4, 1940 (1940-09-04)
              Founder Robert D. Stuart Jr.
              Founded at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.
              Extinction December 10, 1941 (1941-12-10)
              Type Non-partisan pressure group
              Purpose Non-interventionism
              Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
              Membership (1941) 800,000
              Chairman Robert E. Wood
              Spokesperson Charles Lindbergh
              Key people Walt Disney · John T. Flynn · Lillian Gish · John F. Kennedy · Alice Longworth · Robert R. McCormick · Sargent Shriver · Potter Stewart · Norman Thomas · Gore Vidal · Frank Lloyd Wright ·
              Subsidiaries 450 chapters
              Revenue (1940) $370,000

      16. Very little I can do about the crash of the stock market. Try to prep to make the aftermath easier. Got about 20 canning jars to fill.

      17. Okay folks,time to help a brother out!
        The SGT over at American Prepper admitted he could use some help,he lost his house in the flood down here.Trying to get $ for RV to live in during rebuild.Alright Satoro I got $100 match me??Put up or shut up!
        537 Apollo Rd. #238 Scott La. 70583
        Lets see what we can do!
        Maniac –out

        • I’ll send somethin. Who’s name should I put it in?

        • Not to be a complete dick but I have to ask…so a prepper living in Louisiana (a flood prone region) didn’t prepare properly for flooding ..?? Talk about a loss of “prepper cred”

      18. Isn’t peddling fear porn just another form of terrorism.

      19. I forgot to mention that: When you folks always hear of how Hitler invaded Poland so it is the reason England made war against germany etc…

        What they didn’t Tell you foks is that…The Main reason Hitler ever entered into Poland in first place was becuase.

        After WWI and with Versai Treaty former german Lands were Given scott free to Poland…THEN..Soviet Bolshevik jewish kommies in Poland began to Mass Kill off german Farmer folk that got stuck in Poland due to land transfer etc.

        So Hitlers entry into Poland was actually a RESCUE mission to rescue and Save more germans from the same fate.

        AND what Else they forgot to Tell you about that era events…Is that at same time frame of Hitler went into Poand from the West..

        Those Rusian jewish kommie armys also entered Poland from the east!…So Why didn’t England think it proper to also save Poland peoples from evils of Russian jewdeo kommie bolsheviks, that England and Churchill KNEW alreday of were Mass mudering and mass viciously Tortureing innocent white christian russian folks?

        it ALL comes together a bit differently once one Knows the rest of the facts and stroy eh.

        Which with Internet IS Now available free Online to reaserch read so, You too know the real deal truths surounding americans worst ever Blunder of WWII when usa picked the Wrong side to allie with! Thats precicely what usa gen george patton Tank div commander hero stated in His own personal Diary and letters home to wife and former military retired pals about.

        “America fought against the Wrong Peoples in Europe”! Pattons Own words in his diary…Think He didn’t know the real facts and truths too? Read the Book from 1970’s “Pattons Diary” see for youself.

        Americas been on wrong side of history and wars since at least WWI if not sooner yet! Yes yes difficult info to ponder and believe of course. But which is Best? Lies or Truths? I shall always remain with Truth= Best.

        • I call bullshit!! you seem to put a twist on history. I suggest you go as far back as 1569 and read polish history. Part of my family came from Poland in the late 1800’s and we still have family there to this day. You sound like a bs liberal, …twisting information!

          Part of a series on the
          History of Poland

          List of Polish monarchs

          Prehistory and protohistory
          Stone Age
          Bronze and Iron Age

          Middle Ages
          Early Middle Ages
          Piast period 10th century – 1385
          Jagiellonian period 1385–1572

          Early Modern
          Early elective monarchy 1572–1648
          Deluge and decline 1648–1764
          Three partitions 1764–95

          Partitioned Poland 1795–1918
          World War I 1914–18
          Second Republic 1918–39
          World War II 1939–45
          Communist Poland 1945–89

          Third Republic 1989–present

          Poland portal
          v · t · e ·

          Main article: Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
          See also: History of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569–1648), History of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (1648–1764), and History of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (1764–1795)

      20. As the China now comes in to the IMF with a lot of gold to back their play. the world of fiats will fall at their feet.

      21. “…we are witnessing an unprecedented economic and financial situation across the globe.”
        “… the Federal Reserve is teetering on “a knife’s edge.”

        But this morning, Janet Yellen said the American economy is doing well, that employment was growing steadily, and consumer spending is on the up and up.

        So now…?

      22. I think more then ever —this is the time that obama will try and start this to stay in office so we won’t have an election. He is that devious. Do I trust this B, hell no. and now with this so called ransom that wasn’t a ransom at all but a give away. Reagan took care of that ransom during his term. He is shorting the hang mans rope on us little by little. People if you have any smarts at all get ready, because its going to get bad. Now if wimpy congress and senate move their rears and stop obama before the machete comes down on us that would be a big help. And get Biden to take over with the direction from the congress and senate before jan20. If we can just old out till we get Trump in there to fix this damn mess. and also remove cair from our country and a better fence.!!!

      23. A market analyst, forecasting ups and downs in the market for the past 15 years, 100% accuracy, has predicted market action 8/26/-8/30/2016; Again September 26, 2016 and finally October 6, 2016. FYI…

        • What is the name of that magic analyst?

      24. God is with us.

      25. European Union being handed control of the Internet of the United States on October 1, 2016. That handing off to foreign control will directly affect anyone in the United States who depends on the Internet or has any access to it for financial reasons. In effect, it is a de facto hand over of United States sovereignty and control to foreign governance no different than capitulation to a hostile foreign power in a war. That is where the real SHTF is going to begin and commence with. It all begins silently on October 1, 2016, and is meant to be out of reach and control for us to physically fight.

      26. Barbara: Watch FOX TV Much do you?

        You forgot to mention should we also Boot Out AIPAC Too?

        And hows about we also give the big Boot out to SPLC and ADL and over 300 More similar jewdeo Orgs that exist only to “Do whats good for israel and or jews”

        Even when that means most everything done good for israel or jews is always very very Bad for all of Us non jewish-Goyim folk?

        • Them Guys:

          The Southern Poverty Law Center is not poor, does not help “the poor”, and is J*wish. AIPAC is running the show. But it’s the ADL that gets my vote for most contemptible. The “anti-defamation league”, it sounds so upstanding. Then I learned the real story. Every year at Purim and during other annual celebrations, insanely evil J*wish fanatics take a nonJ*w baby or child and kill them as a sacrifice for power. Other J*ws just murder for the sadistic thrill or as part of their sexual depravity. So common is this that the general population of J*ws rather than exposing and stopping it, opted to put their money together to cover it up. So was born the ADL to cover up one such murder by a J*w. Since its inception, the ADL has grown as a strong arm to beat down anyone who dares to expose J*w crimes.

          I’m with you Them Guys, let’s, we 98% victims of J*w criminality, stand up to the real bullies on the block. The J*ws are not the victims they have convinced you they are. These people create victims wherever and whenever they show up, then they deflect blame (usually to the victim), and pretend to be the one injured, even if that injury is telling the truth about a situation the J*w cannot deny so he claims a right to never ever have his feelings hurt by anyone saying anything negative about any J*w living or dead as long as we both shall live.


          • B from CA: Incogman’s website has the full story on How the ADL org first got started in 1913!

            It was due to a jewish factroy supervisor at a #2 Lead Pencil factory where those pencils got made at and in the south state of Alabama? or maybe S.Carolina?

            Anyways that supervisor guy had the Hot’s bad for a young 14 yr old gentile girl whom worked at the pencil maker factory. Mary Fagan was her name.

            Well supervisor guys attempts to date mary Fagan got him nowheres. Mary had zero desires for him.

            Then one day as work day closed, he told Mary he needed her to remain after work so he can speak to her about her job duties etc.

            She waited as was told to in some storage room near His main office untill finally he entered the room. He again made advances on her for sex and she again rejected him totally. She tried to leave and he raped her viscously and very violently Hit her repeatedly. She fell down with her nice dress down to her ankels and ruined etc and hit her head on a corner of a desk in the room.

            She died while he still again tried to rape her!

            Ok fast fwd to court case of rape and murder…jewboy rapist was convicted at jury trial. Judge gave death sentebce by hanging.

            ADL types began to organize a group of jews and others duped to side with them.

            While rapeist sat in local Jail cell awaiting to be hung as sentenced. Some ADL jewish honcho or a few of them, found a Different Judge that desired to be next state Govner!…They gave him promices to get him elected govner if he’d RE try the case and switch death sentence to Life in Jail instead.

            When local town folks got wind of the New verdict, they went balistic, broke into local Jail, grabbed that jewish rapsist and murderer and took him to a huge Tree and Hung him! aka they Lynched him asap fast as possible…Whole town almost was in on it due to mary fagan was a very young 14 yrs old and as pretty as can be White girl.

            In 1913 Deep South raped by her jewish supervisor!

            That exact incident was what the very first beginning Foundation ADL formed around.

            Then later on ADL was the Main usa jew org to arise always in total defense whenever anybody bashed the Fed Reserve bank system…Yet Later on ADL went all out to defend all and Any type speech or actions they didn’t like or agree with, if it at all involved jewish folk etc.

            Thats when ADL became the Monster org as Your post so well described!

            if not yet read it? Go to incogman dot net

            Look for Picture at Left side page, of a real Spooky looking guy with Buggy huge Black Eyes like some character in a spooky dracula movie…Click That photo for true stroy on Mary Fagans rape and murder at hands of her jewish supervisor at work etc….It also contains tons of Links for documented and vetted proofs galore incase some folks refuse to believe it all.

            Yes indeed america and Us americans has been Hoodwinked, swindled, scammed and screwed Royally by ADL type bastards as well as 300 More similar well funded private jewish orgs that ALL exist for israel and jewry period.

            And Always at OUR expence and Ruinations!

            I am NO longer in wide wonderment as to just why Christ spoke so badly about that bunch eh…If He was speaking out Today? He’d Really go all out I rekon!

      27. Oct. 1 the USD will no longer be in the SDR basket of currency, making the petro dollar useless, and will be dumped faster than a hot potato, like they’ve been doing for months already. In no part thanks to our congress that spends money like a bunch of drunkin sailors in a whore house.

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