An In-Depth Look At American Propaganda, Operation Mockingbird, & Mind Control

by | May 17, 2020 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Even though most Americans now realize that the mainstream media lies to them and uses propaganda to push the enslavement narrative of the ruling class elitists, most still consume it. Many others still know things aren’t right, but don’t use the critical thinking skills necessary to ever be free from their mental chains.

    Because we’ve seen so much ridiculous agenda-pushing in the past few months, let’s take a look at all of this propaganda, fear-mongering, and mind control brought to us by the mainstream media and the CIA. Denial is the worst thing we can engage upon as this situation is unfolding.  Bottom line, no-rose colored glasses expectation is; there will be no quick recovery and there is a high probability that we’ll have to endure severe austerity for years, as the media engages in a strategy of psychological operations on Americans.

    We all know the elitists who want to rule to world need us in a state of panic and fear in order for us to be willing to subjugate ourselves. That right there is a powerful tool that they’ve been using for decades with the compliance and assistance of the mainstream media.

    The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

    The mainstream News Media across the board (all of them) seem to be clearly under the control of an elite group of people (puppet-masters) in power (at levels above puppet governments in place) who are providing the narratives for media, which arguably are being employed to control the behavior of Americans using proven mind control methods based in well designed propaganda that is broadly distributed to develop a ‘herd’ mentality. ValueWalk

    There should be no more illusions. The cops are willingly enforcing tyranny while the mainstream media at the commands of the ruling class and their masters above them, continue to panic the public into accepting the most horrible of all outcomes. Yet, even though this is well-known, they are still attempting to label people who state the obvious “conspiracy theorists.”

    If you even remotely think that the mainstream media is not propaganda designed to alter your behavior and perception, check this out:

    This has become a grand war for the power of your mind.  If the elitists control and enslave your mind, there is no need to control or enslave your body.  You’ll be obedient and do what you’re told without fighting back and you will even tattle to the masters when other slaves refuse to comply any longer. This our path unless we change it now.

    Operation Mockingbird isn’t a secret, but it is something the mainstream media doesn’t want you to focus on or even know about. Operation Mockingbird is a large-scale mind control program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency that began in the late 1940s. The CIA manipulated the news media for propaganda purposes in order to make sure the American public would willingly accept their slavery when the time came. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.

    And it has largely been successful.  Americans, for the most part, believe everything they are told as long as the media tells them and they look down on those who ask questions or show evidence that the official narrative makes little or no sense. If you haven’t watched the documentary Out of Shadows, I highly recommend it.

    Don’t let them rule you. Don’t let them own you.  You own yourself, you always have. No other human being, whether they call themselves government or a gang, has any right to your life or the fruits of your labor.  Wake up, and stop acting like a slave when being free is your birthright.


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      1. So, has anyone actually traced back to the source that all of the news organizations are actually getting their scripts from. Obviously they are all reading the same script.

        Which is telling in itself, since these were supposedly independent networks. But, they seem to have their marching orders and they apparently are toeing the line.

        Who is the “source” for what they are saying?

      2. The cell phone and wireless industries have been overtly trying to rewrite reality regarding scientific data which has proven that cell phones damage cells, including brain cells. The governments and corporations want a stupid population that is too mentally incompetent for critical thinking and logic, because they are corrupt and stupid themselves, never wondering exactly how it is that they intend to care for 7 billion people that are mentally incompetent. They don’t care. As far as they are concerned, it is just another opportunity for the MEDICAL MAFIA and BIG NANNY NAZIS! It is probably why the telecoms are such big sponsors of WHO, nd why WHO, sucks it up!

        They are in total denial of what they are doing, which is typical and expected behavior of people who knowingly are engaging in evil and illegal criminal predation! 

        The MEDICAL MAFIA keeps getting exposed for their disgusting heinous predatory crimes!

        Including but not limited to:
        A.) Radiation experiments on preganant women and newborns
        B.) Forced sterilization of those that they considered retarded, insane, or oppositional
        C.) The Bad Blood Experiment deliberately infecting people and deliberately misdiagnosing people with syphillus to see if syphillus affected blacks cognatively and whites physically.
        D.) MKULTRA mind control experiments involving psychedllic drugs, torture, isolation, and sensory and sleep deprivation.
        E.) Sadistic torture experiments on animals just for the sake of sadistically torturing animals.
        F.) The opioid epidemic resulting in the deaths of over 330,000 Americans.
        G.) The psychiatry hoax claiming that depression, anger, boredom, and knowledge of criminal conspiracies are mental
        illnesses that can be “cured” with psychiatric drugs that account for 2/3 of RX spending which are dangerous drugs, with dangerous side -effects in a philosophy as absurd and antiquated as the medival 5 Humors theories, oblivious to the fact that individuals can be affected by external threats like toxins, bacteria, and viruses.
        H.) The vaccine hoax claiming that vaccines can prevent people from contracting viruses.Vaccines force people to contract viruses in antigen vaccines, inject people with antibodies that survived the virus in antibody vaccines, which does not mean that the antibodies would fight off the virus. The bodies own immune system would still be required to fight off the virus. The antibody is the affect of that and not the cure of that. It is a backward line of logic! It is not the cure, it is the result. It would be like giving someone that never studied science a Phd. in science. They would have the Phd., but they would still not have any scientific knowledge! m-RNA vaccines are messenger RNA vaccines that would edit RNA with a programmed immune response to attack cells infected with the virus, thereby resulting in the body attavking itself. Viruses are constantly mutating. It is not possible to keep up with viral mutations.
        I.)  The covid-19 hoax that forcing healthy people to quarantine 
        will result in a healthier society, when it destroys the economy, 
        results in unemployment, global mass poverty, and starvation, 
        homelessness, and indebtedness.
        J.)  Medical error is the third leading cause of death in America.
        K.) Medical spending in the U.S. was 6% of GDP in 1970 with 100% coverage and no deductible or co-pay  and is now 18% of
        GDP, while deductibles are often $10,000 and co-pays can be anywhere from 0-50%. 

        So WHO are you going to believe?! WHO has proven to be a criminal gang of pathological liars ?! 

      3. Reading this article infuriated me, claiming that covid-19 lockdown caused mental illness! That is an extremely backwards tke on things! Covid-19 lockdown was caused by people who have either completely lost touch with reality, or are fully aware that they are totally full of shit and have decided to engage in the largest homicidal mass conspiracy and loss of civil rights in world history!

        If people are not upset by the lockdown, there is definitely something wrong with them! Either they have totally lost touch with reality, or they are involved in the largest conspiracy of global mass murder and loss of civil rights in world history!

        My own personal decision is to refuse to give one red cent to the barbaric psychopaths in the Medical Mafia, which does include mental health!

        Financially rewarding evil behavior will only result in more evil

        They are the problem not the cure! They are terrorists!

      4. Make the same 3-4 notes, in front of that real life mocking bird, and you’re liable to hear them back, a few wks from now.

        Post an odd figure of speech, in some trendy places, and hear it back, in a radio show.

        Tell someone, directly, and hear back, who made you king!

        I know some pastors and rabbis, who won’t say fair warnings — unlike the plagiarists.

      5. My own take on ‘Jones Plantation’ is that the demographic republic is analogous to the Delphi Method. It has all the same functionaries, parts, and pieces.

        Jones Plantation:
        h ttps://

        Are you being Delphied:
        h ttps://

        The elitists determine an agenda, and the plebs determine the noble lie.

        Anything catchy you write is just going to be worked into a game of madlibs, which supports elitism — reminiscing of the mocking bird.

        • (edit — democratic republic)

        • (edit: demographic -> democratic)

      6. How odd that Dr. WHO time travelled in a phone booth, and the and Apple shut all of its stores down prior to any lockdowns or school closures because of the coronavirus, and that the telecoms and digital mafia are the largest sponsors of WHO that is claiming that if everyone dresses up to look like a Dr., they will be protected.

        I feel like laughing and screaming in rage at the same time at how insane these masked monsters and masked robbers are!

        You can tell that this is now for sure a stoner run economy, although as an ex-stoner, my plans were never evil or big. Maybe it is a PCP, crystal meth, LSD, vodka, crack economy and not a stoner economy. Or maybe just a bunch of psychos that have been brain damaged from wi-fi and EMF radiation and mercury in vaccines and whatever else they have been injecting into everyone.

      7. Unfortunately the psy-opping is not limited to U.S. MSM. There are many individuals that were alternative media that have apparently sold out to the Global Engagement Center, or The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, or George Soros, or one of the many villains in America.

        Just as the guilty parties still to this day refuse to admit that they were wrong about Russia trying to influence the election and control Trump and his election campaign members as well as his administration, they will not admit that they are wrong on this either, and now, many have sold out to Lucifer.

        Many alternative media sites and people that knew how ludicrous the Russia hoax was are totally propagandazing the corona hoax and defiantly defend their lunacy, in total denial of logic and facts.

        Global Engagement Center Motto:
        If you look good, we don’t look good!

        We will pay you to self-destruct !
        Misery loves company!

      8. Obviously, they’re all reading from a script, the SAME script. The question one should ask is from whom, and why. Well, a lot of us already know the answer to that. The deep State defines any information as “fake news” that does not fit in their narrative, regardless of it’s factualness.
        MSM is nothing more than an appendage of the deep State Propaganda Ministry. Local news stations are regularly utilized by the Prop. Min. rather than through official broadcasts to hide the fact the flow of information is a deep State top-down structure, and to maintain the illusion of independent journalism. Pres. Reagan’s intel director stated the State was successful when everything Amer.s believed is false.
        Many people have even noted seeing many of the same faces in video of reported tragedies that occurred at different times and places across the US. This shows the length the State will go to, to shape and control thinking and public attitudes and behavior, to have us believe and act on a contrived set of facts, based on contrived events.
        It is altogether shameful that news organizations and journalists have sold out to the powers who want the destruction of the First Amend. We can easily see the presenter’s phoniness and the fake facial expressions, and hear the fake tones and inflections. Especially nauseating is the accompanying body language in an effort to try to be convincing, and show they care. They try to make us believe as if everything said is spontaneous or comes from their own mind, it is so utterly farcical. They have completely sold out.
        Big Tech and social media are also complicit with the State in controlling information. There is a concerted deep State campaign to discredit and smear widely known individuals who operate outside of official and corporate control. Isn’t it suspicious that so many individuals, who exposed official corruption, or successfully treated diseases outside of Establishment treatment programs ended up “committing suicide”.
        To be truly informed, with real facts, empowers citizens. The State wants us to be fed off pure drivel, to be mindless sheep, guided and herded for State purposes. Rather, listen to and read alternative news sources. I have discovered the more a report disagrees with the official story, the truer it is.

      9. Do all the homework needed to make just one useful thing, independently, attractively, and you would have some purpose in life.

        And, before long, you will have your own methodology, your own habits, and unique traditions, special to you, in particular.

        A cooking pot, a button, a seed, a stitch have been the basis for identifying entire cultures. Why not yours.

        If you think it’s too late, because this is the penultimate, cosmological end, at least be contrite about, it in your own words, and with your own feelings. They might even be quoted for a thousand years.

        Your gas station musak and your additions to the Standard American Diet might be remembered as important mainstays, in the absence of anything better to do.

        Outside of the context of state demoralization, mockingbirds are no more good or evil than a standard radio repeater, ditto, megaphone, or billboard. It is a passive tool to be leveraged, creatively.

      10. If someone told these propagandists to:
        a.) The government said that you should stick your tongue in a light socket.
        b.) The Government said that you should turn on a wood chipper and climb into it.
        c.) The Government said that you should kill your family.

        Do you think that any of them would do any of those things?

        Well, who in the hell really knows, based on the legacies of evil that they are leaving to their descendants to try to survive in!
        Yeah, sure that the psychopaths would make good on their promises after you die propagandists! They have such a phenomonal record of being honest, don’t they?! What’s to raise any suspiscion?

        Thick as a brick!

      11. Scripted news. Ignorant? Easily led? Watch the lamestream media. A minute or two each. or another at One uses gay marriage as the lead in, but what the frantically applauding crowd misses, of course, is the incredible irony that they, themselves, are frantically applauding precisely because they are being deluded about gay marriage!

        Now you know how and why a clearly senile Biden is in the lead right now. Heck, the left could run a ham sandwich and the media would flog it. Watch it before the technofascists pull it! And yes,gay marriage is NOT marriage.

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