An Armed Pregnant Woman Defended Herself, Now She Faces 24 Years in Jail

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Headline News | 76 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tho Bishop at the Mises Institute

    Last December, Krissy Noble (then going by her maiden name Tran) shot and killed a man who broke into her apartment and attacked her. She was 11 weeks pregnant at the time.

    As ABC News described the incident:

    [When her attacker was] inside, the man tackled her and began trying to cover her mouth with his hand, which she thought smelled of chemicals, the report states. He then started hitting her in the face with his fist.

    After she was able to break free, Noble grabbed a pistol off the coffee table and shot the man three times before running to her neighbor’s apartment and telling her to call 911, according to the report.

    Noble told police that “she feared not only for her safety but for the safety of her baby, and felt that she had no other option in this situation, according to the report.

    Authorities have ruled that Noble’s use of force was justified, however she now faces 24 years in jail for her actions. Why? She previously pled guilty to a felony marijuana charge.

    As she told ABC 13:

    “Right now I’m looking at the max, 24 years, that’s my baby’s life. I mean, I’m going to miss 24 years of my child… I won’t even, I won’t even know my child, I’ll miss out on everything.”

    The tragedy of Nobles’s story has several layers.

    The first is that a marijuana possession is a felony charge in the state of Arkansas. It’s worth noting that there is nothing particularly unusual about Noble’s case: her and several friends were found with an ounce of marijuana and drug paraphernalia during a routine traffic stop. Since no one claimed ownership, all faced criminal charges. Facing jail time, Noble accepted a plea deal that gave her a suspended sentence and barred her from possessing a fire arm.

    That Noble would face a felony from such an incident speaks to the absurdity of the continued war on drugs. It may also explain why 66 of Arkansas’s 75 counties see unusually high opioid prescriptions.

    The second is how over criminalization leads to a dangerous loss of basic individual rights. In the case of Noble, the gun used to defend herself was owned by her husband, who serves in the Arkansas National Guard. In the eyes of the Arkansas “Justice” system, Noble being caught with marijuana last December meant she had no right to use her husband’s firearm to defend herself from a brutal attacker. The law would leave her a defenseless victim.

    Luckily there does seem to be momentum towards restoring gun ownership rights to non-violent offenders that have been caught up in America’s justice system. Legislators at both the state and federal level have relevant pushed bills in recent years, while federal courts have also found some that blanket bans for all felons are unconstitutional.

    Unfortunately for Noble, this precedent won’t apply to her case as she was still under her five year suspended sentence.


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      1. By definition, fully one half of all humans are below average intelligence, and this includes many people who write laws.

        • Police department hiring practices are to hire no officer with an IQ over 109 and no lower than 88. So…they’re pretty low IQ compared to the average of 112 for men and women in the USA. Average IQ is said to be 98 to 99 world wide, so the PD will brag how “officers are above average intelligence”, when they’re actually lower than the nation’s average.

          • For comparison, borderline, mental retardation is estimated at 75-86.

            • Liberals range 62-74.

              • Jury Nulufication.

                Another Vuctim of the decades old failed war on drugs. The real Drug Pushers work for the FDA and pharmacutical companies.

                The problem today is most anybody can qualify for a medical marijuana card and be put on a list for later gun confiscation of your firearms. And if you refuse to give up your firearm, you are an instant felon. The salvery fix is in folks. Got ya coming and going. Most of the US Government needs ti be shut down and freedoms restored as the Framers of our Country intended. This is not the America nor the dream we were taught.

                That lady needs to insist on a jury trial of her peers. Just takes one juror with an IQ above mental retardation to vote Not Guilty to squash this sham called the criminal injustice system.

                • ….and all it requires is one leftist judge to throw out the juty’s verdict and reverse their decision.

                  You are 100% correct though. The court is their playground. If you think you will prevail because you have right or truth on your side, then you’ve watched too much Perry Mason growing up.

          • I’d like to sit on the jury. She’d walk free.

            • Menzo, if I sat on the jury I would do my best also to see that she walked free. In my eyes, any restrictions on self-defense are unjustifiable and illegitimate. You do whatever you consider necessary to get out of a situation alive, even if it means using deadly force. Forget about what any stupid, unconstitutional law says. Any law which falls outside the Constitution is null and void. There’s a US Supreme Court ruling, I think it’s Marbury vs. Madison, that will verify that. Anyone who tries to punish that girl for legitimate self-defense needs to have something happen to them. I know if anyone tried that with me they won’t live to talk about it.

              • This USA ain’t what it once was for sure DR

                • Menzo, the America you and I grew up in is gone. I don’t like the one I see taking its place. When it’s my time to go I’ll say goodbye and good riddance.

            • She can sit on my face.

          • 112 usa ? lol

            you are 90.

            only china is 110.

            joe six pack thinking he is above others when he buys all is free shit from china and let his president set tariff on materias…

            plain fucking lol

            • Ahahahaha, how the f$%# do you know what anyone’s IQ on this site is? Well I can guarantee it’s a lot higher than what liberals have. And we DON’T consider ourselves above anyone else in the world. We are just people who love our country, freedom, culture, religion, etc. and will stand and fight for what we believe in. That’s who we are, mofo. So go back to MSM sites and have a nice day.

          • World wide average IQ doesn’t tell us much. Average IQ by nation tells us a lot, especially when we connect that information with where immigration is coming FROM and where it is going TO. See IQ by nation stats here:

        • Rrrr, agreed about the people who write the laws. They don’t live in the real world.

          • I think she should be totally exonerated and has cause to be thought and seen a hero. I don’t give a rat’s behind if she was stoned out of her gourd. She had to shoot. So what is she’d used some pot sometime, somewhere. She pled guilty to that right? She was adult enough to admit to a crime then. Just how does that make her guilty of anything in this case? As for felony….. with so many states in this nation with ‘can use’ laws for one reason or another (and listen all – I do not use anything; nor, do I wish it to be a part of my life in any way) how does any pot crime affect the need to …. live, survive – especially when in some way or another it is legal more or less in so much of the country?

          • True story: a journalist was researching for an article on how marijuana was originally made illegal, so he went to the Library of Congress to read the debate transcripts, which are filed in separate folders for each bill being considered. To his chagrin, the librarian couldn’t find the folder for the marijuana ban bill, and the journalist had to give up. But the librarian went back to the stacks later to look more, and finally found the folder: it was so thin it had been pushed back and fell behind the shelves. Congress basically didn’t debate, only rubber-stamped, this monumental bill that would end up imprisoning MILLIONS of people.

            • Tom: Unfortunately that does Not surprise me one little damn bit. This country and this tyrannical Gov’t is so vile and disgusting anymore!! It sickens me to see what we have allowed this place to turn into my God, WTF is wrong with the big picture here folks. So with this example, I guess this woman should of simply called 911 and just sat there and taken ff her clothes and waited for the sexual predator to treat her like 5 fat progressive hogs at an all you can eat Dunkin’ Donuts buffet. WTF is wrong with this picture people? This could easily be you or your sister or your mother or your wife, etc, etc, etc. The woman should be given a huge trophy for doing the right thing for a change and getting rid of a sexual deviant predator monster that got exactly what he deserved!! This once great land absolutely repulses me these days and that is a damn awful state of affairs. . . .

        • real soon these judges and lawyers and police who go against the constitutional 2nd protection GRANTED BY GOD NOT MEN will be the ones who do the time and pay the price.
          We the people have had enough of their shit!

        • Don’t forget power hungry prosecutors that look for reasons to prosecute people unjustly. I think that many of these people have a severe case of “trisomy 16.”

      2. Two words: “JURY NULLIFICATION”

        Jury nullification is a concept where members of a trial jury find a defendant not guilty if they do not support a government’s law, do not believe it is constitutional or humane.

        • John

          To my understanding unless it has changed the JURY has the right to say ITS A BAD LAW and DISQUALIFY IT and MOVED TO THROW IT OUT OF A TRAIL.


          I agree. The law she is being charged under is repugnant to the Second Amendment. She has the absolute right to defend herself. I would be interesting to see if the liberals, so interested in protecting women (yes- sarcasm) would come out to support her. If I were on the Grand Jury I would not have voted to return a True Bill.

        • You can get arrested for passing out these nullification flyers, in front of a courthouse, and the people will usually, reflexively throw it away, before reading a single word.

          But, if you report for jury duty, they will ask about your prejudices, as though it’s your civic duty, to say what you think of the legal system.

          Then, you get a mic and a captive audience of about 100 people.

          I assume that it’s profilable and I could be detained, on the spot. Just saying. Don’t do it, without that level of conviction.

          • B: TO hell with all of this garbage and this joke of a country anymore…they can suck it.

      3. Might as well kill the judge if I were her

      4. BS!!! She has the right to defend her life by any means necessary…The Gov. likes to think that they can take the rights away from it’s citizens..

        • I have never understood the principle that a convicted felon loses a part or all his or her Constitutional Rights for life.

          In other words, commit a felony and lose your citizenship.

          I think it was a plot on the part of the elite to ‘non-person’ people rather than protect the public.

          I understand that several States now restore Civil Rights (including the 2A) after a period of post conviction/incarceration Right Living.

          That is a step in the Right direction.


          • If I ever have to kill intruders I will bury them over 6 feet deep where they will never be found and not tell a soul.

            • Menzo, that’s right. Shoot, shovel, shutup.

              • Don’t forget clean up.

            • DEEP DOWN, intruders are good people…… make SURE you bury ’em DEEP.

            • Just hope that the person you shoot doesn’t have their cell phone on them, or the final pings to that phone will be at YOUR address. Even if you throw their phone in the river, the ping logs will still show the final movements of that person at your address. The good news is more and more criminals are learning to leave their cell phone home when they commit crimes because the ping logs can be used against them in court, too.

          • Technically a convicted person doesn’t lose natural rights. They lose the State protecting their natural rights. See the difference?

            Thus all citizens (in general) have natural rights protecting the 2nd Amendment and all state constitutions as well. These constitutions do not grant rights,but protect them to citizens. If anything impedes one’s political status, then they lose protection.

            Otherwise illegal aliens could legally carry firearms. You don’t want that,right?

          • You are mixing up natural rights with civil rights. They are not synonymous, thus a major error.

      5. A woman is not equal in strength to a man, and this woman would have no chance at all in defending herself in this situation. Her only hope would be to run if the option presented itself, which often does not happen. When you’re in your own home and attacked by an intruder all rules go out the door, the name of the game is survival by any means necessary. This law is ludicrous in this case. Every case should be examined and ruled upon according to its own individual events. This woman is guilty of no crime in this case.

      6. Sounds like a perfect pardon for Trump to make…

        • I believe the President’s pardon powers only apply to Federal Crimes. This woman is in violation of Arkansas law. <bb

          • drug laws are federal.

            • Good point, but in some States, there are local laws about drugs. Trump could pardon the Fed crime part. <bb

      7. I’d like to know more of the details of this before arriving at a conclusion one way or the other.

      8. In my younger days I worked the 11-7 shift at a convenience store. One night a guy came in around 1am, and the round about path he took to the beer made me think this guy is about to steal beer. That’s exactly what he did. I had noticed when he came in that he was walking, also noticed when he ran out he went around the corner of the building. I knew there had to be a vehicle waiting, so I ran out a locked side door with a baseball bat drilled out and filled with lead and I threw it at him but missed. When the cops came and took a report they informed me that if I had harmed him with the bat that he could sue me for his medical bills. I said you’ve got to be kidding me! The cops said no that could happen, but if it would have happened they would have taken up a collection to help me. This is another example of nonsense in our laws.

      9. Its not a felony to posses or use marijuana in Arkansas if your name is Clinton and you don’t inhale. It is OK to shoot children if they get to close to the airport in Mena especially if you are unloading cocaine.

      10. Case for jury nullification

      11. If the circumstances are right, do not call the law. Youv’e already shot, so shovel and shut up. Just bury the scumbag at least 6 feet deep.

      12. If anyone here still trusts our legal system I feel sorry for you.

        • Menzo, that’s right. The courts and law enforcement have totally undermined themselves with their corruption and anti-public mentality. They’ve lost whatever legitimacy they had in the past.

          • I don’t trust any of them and I’m also very prepared to win at least the first fight with them. They underestimate veterans and we have goodies and tricks too.

            • Most of these boys are gonna employ their sidearms first and they’re only wearing IIIA most often. Big mistake with me. I know if they ever want me bad enough it’ll be a road ambush because it will be much too costly to their lives to attempt my home as it is extremely well prepared for attack. I do not desire this and only wish to be left alone but I am sick as hell of this shit that’s going on and the only thing I can do is make a hell of a defensive statement when I die. I won’t start it. They will and they’ll be some widows and orphans for their foolishness.

              • Menzo, same here. I don’t want any of this either. It’s being forced on all of us. I’ll be at the BOL permanently when it happens and I have enough family very close by for backup. All of us are of the same mindset 100%. Anyone who tries that stupidity at our homes will NOT be going back to their homes alive. We never start anything but we definitely know how to finish it. The other side should stop and think before doing anything but I’m not counting on that.

            • And you Veterans have been AWOL for decades because you are slaves on the government payroll you traitorous sheep. You even take one step off the Givernment slave teain and you lose your Veteran benefits. Cowards all of ya. Thats why the US is in such a mess today constitutionally. You all been AWOL from your OATH.

              • We’ll get the job done when it’s time. You are a fucking coward and will be killed off quickly when they come for you as you have no skill but running your trap

      13. The people in Arkansas reflect the pigs running the state, a$$backwards hillbillies. 80 years post reefer madness BS and still arresting and convicting citizens for using a natural plant with proven health benefits without the dangers of the poison concoctions of big pharma death “medicines”. This a totally revealing glimpse of how evil this government rolls.

      14. In terms of height and weight, I sometimes shop at a special clothes store. Maxed out gym equipment in middle school. I’m not exactly pretty, so not trying to be motherly, here.

        Forget about your supposed, legal rights, race, drug politics, or religion.

        For the purposes of Murphy’s Law, it’s always — always — considered mutual combat. Or, the victor is assumed to be in the wrong. On the left coast, they use the expression “primary aggressor.”

        Be glad for your food, water, shelter, and what good memories you may have. You do not live in a free country, and these people are not providing you with free freedom.

      15. I lost my right to possess a firearm when my ex-wife filed a restraining order (out of spite) against me. In Arizona, you lose your 2nd amendment right if you are even accused of domestic violence (not convicted). Meaning, if an intruder breaks into my home, I cannot defend myself….all because a domestic partner decided to file a restraining order for an episode of violence that never happened. This country is screwed.!!!!

        • The word “firearm” does not appear in the 2nd amendment.

          ” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms , shall not be infringed.”

          Arms available to any militia (not the Continental Army) were quite varied. They included pole arms, daggers, swords but also various firearms.

          Restricting firearms is only half the issue. You have the right to own and bear (carry) them as a natural right.

          All 50 states have state constitutions protecting this right. Restrictions when legally challenged have almost always be declared null and void.

          State legislatures create dubious laws. Barring some circumstances ie legal trouble as a result of incarceration, violence, and mental issues, then legally these restrictions are honestly nonsense. Of course it costs millions to get them removed, and then leftists create new illegal restrictions.

          Natural rights are inherrent and unalienable as they arise from YHWH. They are assigned at birth and they cannot be removed.

          Civil rights are arbitrary rights granted by the State ie governments. They are granted based upon whims and mob appeal.

          • A problem I see is that the governments of man sometimes choose to ignore the natural rights because they do not want to recognize YHWH. Leftists especially will trample natural rights.

            • Historically, someone like Thomas Paine would say that YHWH or Nature imbues us with natural rights. It gave them an out so they did not have to believe in Christianity. Many of the Founding Fathers ardently believed in natural rights theory due to John Locke, but actually were deists, not Christians. They believed in a distant Supreme Being who acted as an initiator(Prime Mover) and architect/engineer. That also gave them a way out.

      16. Note how it is uncritically accepted that a felony should deny you your 2nd amendment rights.

        How about allowing felons (at least nonviolent) to own and use Guns just like any citizen. There are moves to restore voting rights, why not gun rights?

        An old Libertarian Stichk was to compare the war on drugs and war on guns. I would like to end both, but the latter is more important as drugs aren’t the only stupid laws which are felonies.

      17. Yu Fen Wang, a leftist, was running an anchor baby nursery so people could have their babies in the USA and automatically get citizenship, stabbed multiple babies (many about a month old) today. At least three deaths and 12 injured.

        This breaks the leftist narrative of the predatory white male conservatives, right?

        • You were a racist misogynist, for mentioning the hate facts.

          (And, don’t even think of dressing up like her, for Halloween.)

          • Nope. I beg to differ. Ask any leftist and they will tell you that there is no scientific basis for race. Thus I tell them it’s scientifically impossible to be racist. This typically makes them get tight lipped, red faced, and furious.

            Try it.

            • 😉

          • There is already one costume that has sparked outrage from a certain group in society. Here’s the story. ht tps://

      18. This woman just saved more women in the area from being raped and/or killed by this man..Chances are this woman wasn’t his first victim,and she more than likely wouldn’t have been his last..Better to be judged by a jury of 12 than carried to your grave by 6..We might as well face the fact that this is not the country we grew up in any longer and it’s only going to continue to deteriorate until SHTF..

      19. Common sense got lost by Arkansas….

      20. 88 to 109.

        You mean I’m too smart to be a cop? That must be why employers tell me I’m over qualified for the position. And I thought it was just an excuse to let me down easy.


      21. This is one of the main reasons Trump appointed Jeff Sessions for his Attorney General. He knew Sessions was a staunch opponent of legalized recreational weed and hates it along the people who use it, and wants everyone caught with it to be imprisoned and prevented from owning firearms.

        Trump also knew Sessions would make it a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance/drug so that it goes back under Federal law/jurisdiction instead of remaining under State law. That trick enables the government to enforce LE arresting those who use/grow, even in States where it is legal, as well as to prevent them from owning firearms. And that is what Trumps’ pick, AG Sessions, is all about.

        Sessions has already threatened to instruct cops to continue to arrest people using/growing in states where it is already legalized and to also engage in Civil Asset Forfeiture, and Trump has secretly supported that inane decision. Trump knew Sessions did not want the futile, senseless War on Drugs to end and actually felt the same way but didn’t want to admit it for fear of losing voters.

        Trump didn’t want to be the bad guy and certainly didn’t want to risk losing voters so he said he would leave it up to the individual States, “As far as the legalization of recreational marijuana I’ll leave it up to the individual States” (Trumps’ campaign lip service) only to deliberately appoint an AG who would not uphold that choice and take the heat for it, making Trump look like the good guy when he was really standing right behind all of this all along.

        Trump knowingly appointed an AG who would do what he secretly wanted without looking like the bad guy. See how the game was played?

      22. If she didn’t take action and shoot him she’d be dead and so would her unborn child.

        Essentially, her choice was to shoot and go to prison OR to not shoot and die a horrible death at the hands of a maniac criminal. Phucked up judicial justice system. More like an injustice system.

      23. I don’t know the details of this woman’s case
        so I reserve judgement on this….but ….if I
        read this story right somone was caught with drugs,
        right? Not sure WHO was using them… but
        birds of a feather, flock together.
        If she was using drugs while pregnant….. that she would
        endanger her innocent child…speaks volumes
        of her character.
        Another brain damaged child on welfare?
        Like I said…. we don’t know everything.

        She would not like me to be her judge….if she could do
        that to her child.

        Maybe the judge thought to save the child …put her
        in prison to protect them both…..and make her think.
        Babies and old folks have no choices, they need help.

        People shouldn’t have babies unless they can love and
        protect them….above all else.

      24. Lesson learned: use dope in a hick state, go to jail (for a long time). Lesson not learned: when you leave the house, make sure your weapon is secure. Apparently National Guard members have no problem leaving their handgun out on a coffee table. Where it belongs.

        Hicks in the sticks never learn new tricks.

      25. When a prohibitionist leaves his/her home, he/she should wonder if they will ever make it back.

      26. Next time dont call the cops.
        Dispose of the body yourself.

        • BW: I mean seriously. She did what she thought was the right and “legal” thing to do and well, look how well that turned out for her…F- all of this noise period.

      27. An 11 week old fetus doesn’t have person status in your messed up country so how can you say that her baby was in danger of being killed? Or are you negating the the primary argument for abortion on demand? How many of your wives and sisters have had abortions and you have defended it by saying it wasn’t yet a human being? Just wondering.

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