An Active Shooter Open Fires on a Crowd. What Do You Do?

by | May 18, 2018 | Headline News | 140 comments

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    This article was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Ready Nutrition

    [Editor’s Note: A rising epidemic is growing in this country that no one seems to know how to quell. According to a recent study, there are more mass shootings in the United States than in any other country in the world. Equally as sobering is the fact that Americans tend to suffer from mental disorders more than any other country. Could this be coincidental?

    While there is no universal definition of a “mass shooting,” one can surmise this country has a big problem and the numbers speak for themselves. Thus far, 2018 has seen close to 100 mass shootings occur across the country. The numbers are sobering to say the least and show that something is very wrong and has sprawled nationwide debates on every subject from gun control to protection.

    The fact is, we have always had a false sense of security in this country and many of us are unprepared on how to handle a situation of an active shooter opening fire. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security believes in a “whole community” approach to preparedness and have created workshops to help others prepare. Civilian-based companies are also seeing the need for essential training in this matter and active shooter response training companies for schools, healthcare systems, houses of worship and businesses are trying to help others get prepared.

    With mass shootings increasing, we should all have a plan in advance if faced with this type of devastating emergency. While the situation and location matter, acting deputy undersecretary, Bob Kolasky for the Department of Homeland Security is teaching a simple guideline for surviving a mass shooting: Run, hide and fight. His advice is based of studying actual cases and, while horrific in terms of imaging, the fact remains that it is up to you to prepare yourself for surviving the situation.

    With that in mind, how does one survive a mass shooter? Writer, Jeremiah Johnson, who happens to be a retired Green Beret, shares valuable advice on how to prepare, train and mitigate a mass shooting attack.]

    Mass shootings are increasing in frequency and severity. While many are holding out hope that they will stop or that the government will handle the situation, our personal security and peace of mind continue to be under attack. This begs the question on what can each citizen of this country do to survive.

    Firstly, if you’re in a state that permits you to carry, open or concealed weapons, then you have an opportunity to prevent something: that will be on you, on your state’s laws, and where you fit in between with whatever you have in your head and what your environment and social life/structure has placed in it.

    While I was in the military, we learned drills to respond to a near-ambush, and a far-ambush (the latter also termed a “sniper”).  The actions are a little bit different, but we can find some tailoring to employ them for your use. Let’s do a “near-maniac” and a “far-maniac” for our categories.


    This could be loosely defined as a jerk who is starting to fire in your immediate vicinity…say within 30 feet (an approximation). Much of this immediate action will be contingent on your situation: how many maniacs, what type of weapon(s) he or they are firing, and how the attack is being carried out. For that “how,” I mean is it just a random spraying or is it a precise, calculated effort to place bullets into a target. Is the maniac just shooting at anything, or is he more deliberate and calculating? Let’s cover the basics.

    1. Get yourself and your loved ones out of the line of fire and behind cover and concealment if possible. For a refresher: cover actually protects you to some degree from the bullet; concealment does not necessarily protect from bullets, but it affords you a degree of being rendered unseen to the maniac.
    2. Figure out his intended path or estimate it. Maniacs in general tend to be very focused, and when the predatory instinct is at a fevered pitch, the cone of focus of their field of vision is more intensified with adrenaline…they tend to go after what comes into that cone, or what they place the cone on. Gauge from the sounds of activity and the direction in which they’re running, and the sounds of the yelling.
    3. If possible, move away from his direction of travel. Maintain as much cover as possible, and run low, almost crouching, so as not to silhouette yourself or to give him a target with your movement. Remember: as discussed in past articles, movement is the first focus that we have that attracts our hunter-gatherer eyes.
    4. Safeguard your relatives or family members: have them continue on to safety or lead them…if they leave without you, make sure it is to provide that they are not followed…to act as a blocking element to ensure the maniac does not pursue them.
    5. * The military reaction to a near ambush is to charge the ambusher…CQB, or “Close-Quarters Battle.” I would advise not engaging unless you have the training as either former military, law enforcement, or martial skills that you’ve placed into practice in the past.


    A “pseudo-sniper,” usually these guys don’t have the training to effectively place a bullet in anything more than a mob targeted at random. Nevertheless, it may be something you encounter in an open area, such as a football field or an athletic stadium of some kind, or in a public venue such as a fairground. In that case, take these steps:

    1. Identify the direction and distance of the Far-Maniac.
    2. If in the open where there’s no cover and concealment? Run, but not with the crowd. The maniac will see the “area target” of the crowd and want to shoot at it…a better chance of hitting someone…than an individual target moving rapidly and haphazardly.
    3. Move in a zig-zag pattern, changing your direction every 3-5 steps, but not in a defined pattern…don’t change in the same manner to “telegraph” yourself.
    4. Immediately find cover and concealment.
    5. Know whether the maniac is on the move, or if he’s in a fixed position, dumbly awaiting the drone
    6. Be able to continue movement if you are covered throughout the traveling
    7. If you are armed: find a good location and hunker down, making sure that avenues of approach are covered, and that you are not able to be seen and sighted in unless he (the Maniac) exposes himself to your position

    Whether a contrived false-flag operation or a genuine independent maniac, these mass shootings have been occurring more and more frequently. Your best bet with things is to play the scenario in your mind and know what actions you will take when out and about with your family before the event occurs. With practice and training, and if you live in a state where firearms are not an anathema to vampires of Marxism, you may be able to do some good and prevent a bad situation…at the very least, keep it from escalating and touching you and your family. Fight that good fight to win! JJ out!


    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. He is a Certified Master Herbalist and a graduate of the Global College of Natural Medicine of Santa Ana, CA. A graduate of the U.S. Army’s survival course of SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape), Mr. Johnson also successfully completed the Montana Master Food Preserver Course for home-canning, smoking, and dehydrating foods.

    Mr. Johnson dries and tinctures a wide variety of medicinal herbs taken by wild crafting and cultivation, in addition to preserving and canning his own food. An expert in land navigation, survival, mountaineering, and parachuting as trained by the United States Army, Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    Mr. Johnson brings practical, tested experience firmly rooted in formal education to his writings and to our team. He and his wife live in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with their three cats.

    This information has been made available from Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.

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      1. It just happened again in TX.
        Beware of fake fire drills.

        • The answer to the question is simple,

          As for what happened in Texas, well what do you expect in a gun free zone where people are required to be.

          How many of these school shootings have occurred in home schools?

          • An Active Shooter Open Fires on a Crowd. What Do You Do?

            Get behind the incredibly obese black woman.

            • Draw your concealed weapon and engage, and shoot the Perp dead. That’s a easy one. What else?

              • Reading about both Earp and Hickok, both stood, aimed and fired. I read that running draws attention as its movement but standing blends in. Careful as possible aiming is vitally important. Its takes extreme courage because everything says RUN. Obviously its not a logical move if unarmed.

                • It is much harder to hit a moving target than a target that is standing still.

                  • Damn Geri, you got more comments for this article than any you ever plagiarized before. Good job.

                  • Its much harder to hit a target when your moving. Earp and Hickok aimed, fired and survived. Running while shooting is a compromise between attack and defense that is neither. I’m not saying that I have the courage to do so but it worked for them.

                    • Your advice is worthless. Stand and deliver gunfighting is proven to get you killed. Earl and hickock were lucky. They also didn’t have ak-47s shooting at them either.

                  • Active shooter open up on a crowd, what do you do?

                    Look for the false flag by the FBI or G Soros gang, they are gunning to ban guns, so we are defenseless slaves. What can we do? Buy more guns and ammo pronto before the price goes up to maintain our freedoms. Shoot anybody who tries to take away your guns.

            • my sons(teenagers) know to put on their backpacks(with double kevlar layers installed) and run like hell. if they are too close to get away, put that pack in front of them and rush in to knock the shooter down. even if you only got BOOKS in there, it will still offer some protection. so….RUN! military vests are a good place to find those panels….often found very cheap, especially if you live near a base….try bookoo.c om

              • It is a sad reality that we have to do this now. Better safe than sorry.

              • Buttcrack, what you said makes sense, but unfortunately, those kids are always told to remove their backpacks and leave them behind as they flee the school.

                • nothing i can do about that….but by the time they are told that, they are away from the shootist, generally speakin’. my kids know what’s up, and at least ONE of them knows he can “resist authority” when it comes to his safety.

            • If you are fat and not fit you are already screwed from the get go ! Not a word mentioned except the absurdly obvious.

          • +1
            Yep, seems pretty straight forward, dont be there in the first place

            • +1 And homeschool your children.

          • Honest dialog. NOT allowed. Censorship is order of the day on this site and MOST of net. Honest discussion is Verbotten.

            I put up a post telling people here how to stay Alive. But you are not see that post. Not Allowed.
            My methods work. How do I know? I am alive.

            My wife was a near casualty at a mass shooter event. Why wasn’t she? I had to work that morning, Could not accompany her. So I asked her to cancel her plans. She didn’t think she needed me as a security detail, but she grudgingly complied with cancellation. She Said, “I was over protective Caveman.”

            Now she asks me to go with her. Yes I am armed when with wife/children. Anti Gun Movie stars have armed security. Anti gun Obama and Hillary has armed security. So does my beautiful wife and sometimes sweet children.

            Now Starbucks CEO, after saying he would hire tens of thousands of Muslims. Now has decreed that Any Bum can hang around Starbucks and use thier facilities. They are closing up locations for “anti bias training”.

            My response:
            -My wife will No longer go there.
            -My Mother will No longer go there.
            -My office girls will No longer make coffe runs for the office.
            -I am DONE with Starbucks overpriced burned bean coffee, and now official Bum/Predator hangout.

            Calling a Rattle Snake a dangerous animal is not bias.
            it is common sense.
            Calling a Bum a Bum is common sense. Women in my life will NOT be put in Danger because trouble makers are allowed to cause trouble and oogle paying customers, just because the ooglers have a certain skin tone.

            If I wanted to use a restroom I would have plopped down $2.65 for black coffee, used restroom, been on my way with no drama.

            But the Entitled Class must Always seek drama.
            WallStreet Journal:
            “Starbucks Restrooms Open for All Visitors
            Employees told in a letter that everyone is ‘considered a customer’” story at:

            My rant not likely alloowed just like prior post. Prior post was not rant but actionable tactics and Reality mindset. Just like reality mindset of calling a hanger around an establishment a “Bum/Predator on the prowl”. But according to Starbuck CEO, I am “biased.”

            Arm yourselves people of SHTFplan. Keep your cool in ALL circumstances. Protect your family. No one else will.
            Listen to Bob Marley “Three Little Birds.”


        • The school in Texas is a GUN FREE zone, so there is no way any shootings could happen there. Stop your fake news and lies.

          We have GUN FREE zones so people know they can go there are be safe and that nobody will bring any type of gun there. Why? Well, I will tell you again: (read my lips) it is GUN FREE, duh.

          I made sure my kids go to a GUN FREE zone and not one of these dangerous schools in my area that have fat coaches and idiotic guidance councilors carrying guns, for Allah’s sake !!!! I can see a teacher, or principal or math teacher blowing away his students. Only a GUN FREE zone can insure safety.

        • What to do? Take out your concealed GUN, which one must carry, get as “close” as you can, and fire as many rounds as you need to take the fool out, making sure shots go to the head. You must KILL the person.

          Basically, it is that simple.

          Kill the person.

          (Now, remember, the title of this posting is that it IS an Active Shooter, thus there is no need for me to discuss making a mistake and shooting an innocent person with a gun in their hand)

          As for legal problems? In today’s climate, public outcry, and thus the sleazy politicians, will be on the side of the good guy. I doubt, today, there will be any prosecution of the good guy, or, at least, there will be many willing to help in the defense. The NRA legal department would love a high-profile “good guy” case to enter.

        • Run Fast. Stay Low. Shoot First. Die Last.

          —Cover. Concealment. Distance.
          If not possible. Flank. Work around behind them.
          Man up. Destroy the shooter with any and all means available. Rally other bystanders if possible. Attack the bastards that are doing harm. Crazy people can not be reasoned with.

          Arm yourself at all times, if wife and children are with you. (When alone I seldom carry. Each man decides for himself.)

          Laws are for people that obey laws THESE NUT JOBS DO NOT.

          If you obey a law and your wife and children are harmed by evil doers. You failed your family, by allowing politicians and your fear of law, to prevent you from doing what is Necessary for thier safety and security.

          Law enforcement response time is 3 to 9 minutes on a good day. IF THEY even have balls to engage the nutjob upon thier arrival. BIG IF. They will let you and your family DIE if they don’t think they have upper hand.

          Fire fighters run INTO fires.
          Marines run TOWARDS gun fire and Hostile action.
          Cops often WAIT for backup. Meanwhile your family dies.

          Don’t let that happen. Arm youselves.

          Obama/Leftist Dems/Leftist Republicrats ALLOWED MS-13/other gangs and cartel drug soldiers to OVERRUN our country and cities. They will kill you. Rape your wife. Sell poison aka drugs to your children.
          These are the “dreamers”. CRIMINALS.

          Politicians REFUSE to deal with mentally ill TROUBLED people. Politicians REFUSE to secure our BORDERS.

        • In the last 50 years not one child has been killed in a school fire. We have fire drills, fire sprinklers, fire alarms, and rack mounted fire hoses in schools.

          Very few schools have lock down drills for an active shooter. Things have changed.

          With all the violence in the nation why is the homicide rate so low? Recently a Harvard Study explained it all. If we had the same level of medical care now as they did in 1970, the homicide rate would be 400% higher. There were no Paramedics, Level 1 ERs, or helicopters on call for medical emergencies in 1970.

          Guess what the biggest life saver on the battlefield is now? Same as WW2, the tourniquet. They now have a tourniquet that will work on small children called the SWAT-T. It also works on adults.

          Who would have ever thought that we would have to have tourniquets for children that were victim’s of a mass shooting?

          These are the times we live in. Deal with reality or reality will deal with you.

      2. Stay calm and shoot them in the face.

        • Shout “I’m a liberal” then you will be safe.

          • In mexican, that is…

            “Soy un liberal!”

            Not only will you be safe, they’ll give you free stuff, hell even Eric dickHolder will come and give you some guns.

      3. But, but, the NRA advocated for “completely gun free schools, no exceptions” (Wayne LaPierre).

        How could this possibly happen?

        • I’m still pissed about bump stocks and Wayne writing a letter supporting banning them. They going to ban belt loops next?

          • Yep, Wayne is not on our side. Like a RINO, call him John McWayne. He’s why I let my NRA membership lapse. If NRA fires him someday and decides to start supporting the second amendment without compromising our rights away I might rejoin, but I doubt that will ever happen.

        • We believe in absolutely gun-free, zero-tolerance, totally safe schools. That means no guns in America’s schools. Period. With the rare exception of law enforcement officers or trained security personnel. We believe America’s schools should be as safe as America’s airports. You can’t talk about. Much less take guns on the airplanes. Such behavior in our schools should be prosecuted. Just as certainly as such behavior in our airports is prosecuted.

      4. Die.

        We don’t have concealed carry in Cali. I mean shit, HERE? Even if you did defend yourself you’d probably get the chair so once again, die.

        • California? Can’t you just send them “Good Vibrations” and all would be well?

        • wrong! you dont! doesnt mean nobody does! dope

      5. How convenient, yet another school shooting. Sure bet the shooter used an AR 15 too. Also, no cops died and the shooter was taken into custody alive. Gimme a break.

        • Even worse… taken into custody and they didn’t beat the holy shit out of him.

          If I was there, I would have at least poked out an eye for good measure.

        • My Co in FL is putting Cops in every school.

          • You in Lee?

            • No, North of Tampa a few counties. I did live in Ft Myers back in the 90’s. Out by Sanibel Island. Amazing boating down there. Count on every redneck in FL packing heat. We are all armed andcready to putva Thumpin on any ahole that gets out of order.

              • Cape Coral is putting armed security in every school.

        • funny, they said on news(fox) it was a shotgun…..then on onother channel a few minutes later, it was an AR15…..then back to shotgun and a 38 pistol a half hour later…..surely some dumbshit reporter jumping the GUN(sorry for the pun) early-on, just KNOWING that all guns are AR’s.

          • The media is under no obligation to be accurate and has a lot of interest being inaccurate.

          • Jesus Christ report the true News Media.
            The next thing you all will be saying it was a GATLING GUN this kid made at home.

            You guys will be the DOWNFALL OF OUR NATION.

        • Nope. Shotgun and a revolver.

      6. Seek cover..Identify the threat..Aquire target..Kill it..

        • Do you think you could get a refund in case of a mass shooting?

          I bet customer service would be shit.

      7. “An Active Shooter Open Fires on a Crowd. What Do You Do?”

        I run at the first chance and I’m still a pretty good shot despite being 20 years out of the service.

        You do not know if the active shooter is alone, a good shot, what he’s carrying and how much ammo he/she has. Professionals do not engage other shooters without backup and planning and you’re going to take him down ? Stupid is as stupid does.

        On a personal note, I would like to thank liberals for turning the country so far away from God, the bible and it’s abandoning of the traditional nuclear family to making days like today its present and future.

        • “depends on the nature of the terrain”.
          Military always taught me to attack.
          I know these are kids, but we used to play war
          when I was a kid. You learn how to fight strangers
          at age 4 or so. I’m a rare case but I was was
          suspended from several schools and school districts.
          I don’t like being bullied.
          If I’m stuck in a classroom I can
          close pretty quick.
          I’m not a target. You may kick my ass or kill me
          but I’m not going to make it easy for you.
          I learned this starting in Daycare, 1950’s

          • I agree with Rellik,if you have a firearm you move towards the sound of gunfire, and attack the shooter. You don’t wait for them to come to you, if you do that, it gives the shooter that much more time to kill people. Plus, most of these shooter, when confronted with return fire will kill themselves. If they don’t kill themselves, then you pin them down until backup comes, thereby allow more people time to escape the kill zone.

          • When I was young, my cousins lived next door. We played cowboys and indians (very un-PC to current thinking, but this was way back when). Our male cousin always had assorted cap guns so all of us were “outfitted” with some “weapon” or another. We learned how to sneak up on our target and ambush. Most of the time we didn’t have caps (nobody was wealthy enough to have them all the time) so we’d have to holler “Bang” when we “shot” our gun.

            We learned how to track the opposition, too, even though it was only our own yards or a couple nearby vacant lots, but we also learned how to hide and not be spotted so we could have a chance at getting a captive.

            It appears I learned quite a bit just in my own backyard.

            Thanks, Rellik, for reminding me of lessons learned long ago. I didn’t put up with bullying either. One time on my way home from school, a big kid was shoving snow down the back of a little kid. I didn’t think twice about leaping into the fray. I managed to not only surprise the bully but send him packing. I’m amazed my mother was able to teach me feminine skills like embroidery (which I still enjoy–believe it or not). LOL

            • I’m with you. I won’t start a fight, but by George, I’ll put the hurting on anyone bothering me. One time a classmate jumped me from behind as we were walking back to school after lunch( imagine being able to go home for lunch!), and I kicked him backwards in the shin so hard it left a scar. He never bothered me again. ? that was 7th grade. In 8 th grade I got caught in the center stall of the girls bathroom by a set of twins and one half of the other set. They pulled my hair, but I raked their wrists and made them bleed. They never bothered me again. Of all of us, I’m the only one to have made something of myself, the others, meh. I may die, but I’ll go fighting, if necessary!

          • Someone gunning down innocents are no longer kids.

          • Rellik. I started learning the same things in the 60s. I never could stand bullies either. Lost count of how many times I was sent home for fights, LOL. I still don’t know to this day how I even managed to graduate. Those were the days like Archie Bunker used to say, LOL.

        • I knew this country was trashed morally and culturally in the ’70’s. Divorce rates went up and single women were raising kids on welfare. Churches have been apostate for sometime turning into social clubs and entertainment centers. Gov. schools and 501c3 churches (1954 became tax ex) are being used as globalist takedown by brainwashing the masses, preaching/teaching lies and misinformation about the Bible and civics and history. People need to ditch gov controlled churches and form home church or meet in private facilities like they are doing in my area off gov. radar. Some HOA’s will not allow home groups so have to find a way to meet. Glad we never raised kids, zero future for younger. Retirees lived the golden years which weren’t perfect, but parents used to discipline kids which is now illegal.. Kids rule the parents since the ’80’s making family life a farce. Kids in gov. schools turning into adult Marxists.

          • Drive through Christianity.

          • Laura Ann, you knocked that one out of the park. I also avoid the 501c3 whorehouses [my name for today’s ‘churches’]. I never had any kids either. Like you said, no future for them and I won’t tolerate anyone telling me I can’t discipline the child when he or she needs it.

        • At last – some common sense! I’ve consistently posted the same thing as the author – then had to withstand a flurry of Rambo types wanting to take out the shooter. Duck, run, hide, work toward an exit and get your loved ones out of danger. Once your exit is secure you can go back in if you want – but you could be outgunned and outnumbered. Only engage the shooter if you are cornered or have a can’t miss shot – and preferably do so from safe cover. I am not interested in protecting 150 millennials so they can live another day and go on marches for more gun control.

        • Religion, God and the Bible teaches hate greed jealousy and genocide. And glorifies war and killing.

          Onward Christian soldiers marching off to war… to destroy another Culture and Nation thats not juat like yours. Come on kids sing along. God is glorious on this murder path. Sick.. Thats why normal people with a brain are turned off by religion. Besides religious leaders raping your children. Gee you think maybe religion has a PR Problem. You think? Religion is Fraud.

        • “Professionals do not engage other shooters without backup”

          This philosophy has worked really well at Vegas, Columbine, Parkland, etc., etc., etc.

          Get lost, you fucking coward.

      8. Why?

        Why are there more mass shootings?

        Brain tumors don’t help. Kids on WiFi getting brains fried. Microwave ovens and other devices putting out damaging electronic waves that interfere with human electric currents.

        Chemicals, preservatives, insecticicides, pesticides, aluminum deodorants, aluminum in baking powder and baked goods, mercury in tooth fillings, fluoride, vaccinations, anti-depressants, over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, divorce, absent fathers, crappy teachers, crappy schools, violent entertainment, violent pornography, jungle war music and gangster life encouraged, fake news, fake mass shootings, real mass shootings, fitting in, fashion, peer pressure, loss of purpose, no racial pride, no pride in the achievements of the ancestors, no pride in the community, no national pride in our Country.


        • you have NAILED IT! Thank you for your concise observation. God helps us all!

        • Too many kids thinking of shooting people. When I was that age all I thought about was getting laid.

          • JS, at that age if I wasn’t in a fight I was getting laid, LOL.

            • Hay Cuz I remember you at that age, and the few times you was in a fight, you got laid alright, laid out flat on your back like a dead fish.

              • NGIC, go back to sleep. I was banging away on cheerleaders when you were still in puberty.

          • all i thought about was shooting my rocks

        • The real reason is that they are being programmed to kill by constantly playing violent video games and watching violent movies. Notice that the kids in the Parkland shooting gave very calm interviews 30 minutes after seeing their friends blown away. That is because they have seen it a thousand times before in movies that glamorize violence made by anti-gun liberal movie stars.

          • That’s why that stuff is pushed on them by the “mainstream” (go along with it or you’re not “American”, or, “you don’t fit it”, etc.).

      9. “The military reaction to a near ambush is to charge the ambusher”.
        I was trained in the Air force and that is what I was taught.
        However I live in a state where I am a Felon if I carry a weapon outside my “residence, place of business, or place of sojourn”,
        Hunting areas also excepted if you are licensed.
        Hard to respond to threats that I’ve been trained to do when
        I may not have a weapon, but it is better to attack the threat
        than to get shot in the back or shot as you huddle in fear.
        I’m a pretty good trap shooter so can shoot moving birds,
        I can also drop running rabbits( with rifle or shotgun).
        Most people aren’t very good at hitting moving things.
        If nothing else you draw attention away from those running.
        Life is terminal, nobody gets out alive.

        • Hey Mac,
          This was a rellik post.
          I thought it failed.
          Interesting that it came up
          as Anonymous.

          • Nobody like a tattle tale.

        • Rellik, I know that’s you. Wonder how the hell ‘Anonymous’ ended up in there.

      10. Drop down and start the longest low crawl of my life!! I don’t like running from fights,but I know my limitations. Lena, I would also like to thank the liberals for turning our once great country into a living shithole.Oh, how I despise them !

        • s’side: like my above post to lena, it is a slow process for decades with schools, colleges and churches controlled by CFR/globalists brainwashing younger generations decades ago, maybe back in the ’50’s it all started depending on what part of the country you lived in at the time. Europe has turned into a hell hole because of Marxist leaders, PC gov, schools and churches PC agendas allowing third world barbarians to take it down into a third world dump. How long will it be when we are under another form of gov. like sharia law (lawlessness to the max) as the EU is now.

        • An Active Shooter Open Fires on a Crowd. What Do You Do?

          I could get REAL skinny REAL quick.

      11. Q Active shooter, what steps do you take?
        A F@#king large ones

        • Drop down turn around and do the boot scootin boogie. Unless your my Cuz, then shootem all and let God sortem out.

        • good one.

      12. ” according to a recent study” Second sentence of article. I stopped right there to find out about the study. Done by the government during the last year of Obama presidency. So amigos,, what conclusion could only be drawn other than how horrible the mass shootings are in the US where we have access to those evil guns ect. I bet some of us could have taken the exact same set of facts and come to a different conclusion. Remember,, when an article is about a study or poll or any other opinion manipulated material look to who published it for the political point, usually liberal, to be made. KF

        • I stopped right there to find out about the study.

          I’ll save you the time. The study is fake and they got paid 1/2 million dollars from the federal government to do it.

      13. Why do we not hear ANYTHING about these “shooters” after they are arrested?

        Why have we heard NOTHING about the Las Vegas shooter? Nothing. Total silence.

        Something very odd is going on.

        • NOTHING about the Las Vegas shooter

          These shooters are progressive liberals so it does not fit the “narrative”

          • Every one of these shooters was a democrat on some psycho drug. Why isn’t the focus on that common denominator, the pharmaceutical element? They insist on going after the guns instead of addressing the real problem, pharma induced mental illness.

            • Some CIA drug? The Deep State benefits from all the shootings and their mainstream media’s coaching the public to bleat for their own further vulnerability “to make it all better”.

      14. Dimitrios Pagourtzis is yet one more who had raised the flags of the onset of insanity; yet, nothing was done to either help him or funnel him into custody of some sort. This is going to play out once more on the news like the rest. I’m waiting for Hogg and Gonzalez to chime in at any time. My prayers to the families of the 10 lost.

        • You are not allowed to say “thoughts and prayers” anymore. This is the next thing the liberals are attacking.

          • JS, the libturds can go f#$% themselves with their censorship. I’ve got something they don’t want.

          • John Stiner…You are correct. I heard someone on the news this weekend regarding the latest shooting say “we don’t want your prayers”.

        • Haven’t seen Hogg yet, but Gonzalez has already chimed in. Didn’t take her long.

      15. Unless the NRA and other pro gun rights groups call out the false flags and hoaxes most of these are, then they already lost. If the root Lie is not called out, then the anti-2nd amendment agenda will win.

        • If you look through out history, the radicals usually win in the end.

      16. The gov started this problem, now they want to blame the gun for the trouble. Not the person , but the Gun…

        Take God out of the School and you replace it with Lucifer…

      17. Every time something like this happens the first thing that pops in my mind……….alphabet agencies lurking nearby or complicit, based on past events.

      18. When you are in a crowd of people, stay alert to what is going on around you. The person who first sees the danger has an advantage over others, can act quickly, and has the best chance of surviving.

      19. If Im someplace and someone is getting mugged beaten up shot ect. They will continue to be a victim. Unless the very life of me and mine is in danger and there is no other choice my weapon will remain holstered. If I ever do pull it I will be cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger. But im not the police. Its not my job to defend others. Its partly their fault for not carrying a weapon. Not my job to kill percieved bad guys. And you can never be 100% certain what is going on. It may be a prank or someone shooting a movie.

        • If I ever have to kill anybody, I would immediately drive off, find the nearest river and toss the gun, then never speak of it again.

          I sure as hell won’t stick around for the cops.

          • Smart guy!

            • Out here in the Country, we dont call 911, we are 911. And I carry daily. An unarmed man is slave or a soon to be victim. I choose to be neither.

      20. why dont you just drop and play dead. Thats what they say to do with bears. They guys walks past and then you run. Hes shooting at people running and verticle. Or let them pass and then get them from behind. WHY JUST DONT WE BUILD FENCES AROUND THE SCHOOLS AND HAVE A GUARD AT THE GATE. BEFORE THEY GET ON PROPERTY??? CAR SEARCH, MAY BE A DECENT DETERRENT. VET VET VET iD IMAGINE A TRAINED GUARD WITH SOME SMARTS COULD DETECT SOMEONE BAD.

      21. Be a sheep dog. Protect the sheep from the wolves. You must attack the attacker, you and like minded people. When people run and hide the shooter will have his way. Sure, folks will still get killed but not as many.

      22. I’m no sports fan but I seen a real cool “sports jersey” like the pro ball players wear. The name at the top was AMENDMENT and the number was 2.

      23. When you’re in public, especially in a crowd, maintain an awareness of your surroundings. You may be able to see the gunman before he strikes and act. First to see the danger and to act means the best chance to survive.

      24. J. Johnson;
        Good post. I notice that even the experts that usually bad mouth you are not doing so today. I get the feeling that you may actually know what you are talking about>

        • I dont usually accept advice from ex military minions who lost every war since WW2.. I like advice from winners.

          14 yo ragheads with AK’s kicked JJ ass in the sandbox. Lets interview them on tactics to kick the US Military’s ass since they will most likely be the army that tries to enforce gun bans and martial law for their NWO bosses.

          And JJ has no verifiable credentials. Stolen Valor, fake name, fake BS, loser. Not sure why Mac even post his wanna be BS.. As if he has any credibility. Zero!! JJ fought for Israehell and the NWO, Exxon and McDonalds. The enemy of the American people. JJ is a fraud.

          • I like this TharSheBlows poster. He thinks for himself and does not follow the military herd like some others on this board.

          • “14 yo ragheads with AK’s kicked JJ ass in the sandbox”

            Thats a tad unfair. Guerrillas / insurgents don’t “win”. They just continue to fight making governing impossible. As General Giap said, “I’ll lose 10 of my men to every one of your but you will eventually tire and leave”; “I cannot leave for I have nowhere to go”. This was brought out in a study at the Pentagon that was hid from the public and exposed as “The Pentagon Papers”.

            Its likely that if the Emperor of Japan said to his people fight to the death the US would have still been fighting in Japan in some capacity into the 1960s or even later.

      25. Let me let you reveal some of the activations.
        There are active shooters. They activate the shooting. Later reload.
        There are sexually active shooters. Don’t know what they do. THere all kinds of alternative shrecktualities. Use your imagination.
        There are retired shooters. They just give up on the activities.
        There are refarted shooters. They only shoot in the toilet. ect.ect.ect/ect……………

        Ok. Fk u. Do I care? No.
        The only shooter I care about is the one who points a gun at me or mine. But then he gets a hole in the vitals and becomes an inactive corpse.

      26. As drug usage goes up, mental health problems go up (demonic possessions), murders go up and the more drug using fools in power keep telling everybody drugs are not the problem and that they should all be legalized.

        Vicious cycle of drug induced mental retardation that is growing and not reducing because more and more people are falling into this trap!

        • @ Martus

          the drugging and indoctrination of America is crippling our society and it is deliberate social engineering

          the megalomaniac NWO technocrats are very sick people

          they are transforming America into minority report, brave new world, and 1984 all in one

      27. Democrats = marxist communist party

      28. First thing, having a firearm yourself is no benefit in such a situation. It did not matter if anyone had a weapon during the Vegas shooting and if they did it would have made it even worse. Just imagine moronic ‘preppers’ randomly firing at the hotel and surrounding area as they tried to locate the shooter.

        The first thing to do is to get the hell out of there. Zig zag and dart your way out of the line of fire and then keep running.

        Covering your eyes, or just lying prone and flat will not do it. Shooters need targets so your first duty is to not be a target.

        Leave it to the police or military take on the shooter. They know what to do tactically and they have the weapons and the law on their side.

        In building shootings, that is a different story. Get out if you can but if the way is blocked then you should distrupt the shooter. Use anything you can get your hands on and build obstacles, hazards for the shooter. Even a simple trip wire across the hallway as the shooter runs along can be enough to disrupt them. Your goal is to create hazards and slow the shooter down. If you can get close, use a fire extinguisher or other object to hit the shooter. Even Mr T would struggle if he was hit with three or four heavy school chairs from all directions at the same time.

      29. If you are in a crowd in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed America, the most vile evil disgusting society the world has ever known, then you are completely batshit INSANE in the first place.

      30. Its highly likely that the “professional” mass shooters (false flag) backed with $$$ for equipment will have a rifle (demonized AR15) and body armor. Anything can be concealment but under these circumstance cover becomes more difficult. Firing back with a handgun, thanks to banning civilians of AP handgun ammo necessitates, “Shoot at the best thing you can until something better comes along”. The hip / groin / upper thigh may be the target if the perp is wearing a K Pot and body armor with the head being too difficult. Its against human nature but closing the distance with subsequent shots aiming for the head may be advisable as your only defense once committed is a ruthlessly executed offense. Your not outrunning the perps return fire once your noticed.

      31. The tactic of using the fat Obese folks for cover . that’s funny no matter who your are. But it does have merit. And the thing about Earp standing like a statue. Earp was skinny and turned sideways. Wore a heavy long slicker. that slicker would entangle the slow moving lead from muzzle loading black powder handguns in the same manner that a silk cape can render arrows harmless. someone with a Chinese SKS or a modern handgun would mow him down. Now Hickcock was a marksman if he shot at you that’s all folks. He killed most Before they ever got off a shot. He shot by reaction without thinking. He shot and killed his own deputy by mistake.

        • Hickok wasn’t bullet proof. A 45 LC traveled at 800 FPS with blackpowder, a cap and ball about 700 FPS, both able to penetrate. Hickok was as cool as ice, focused and like many in his era fired W/O hesitation. He aimed. Earp was the same.

          • Earp wasn’t the central figure in Tombstone . His brother Virgil Was Town Marshal and a US deputy. Wyatt killed two men with a shotgun. Its not certain he ever killed anyone with a handgun. One he killed with a shotgun when he was a guard for wells fargo. Wyatt did not shoot ike clanton. He did help in a number of mob gang type gunfights but its not certain he was the one who fired the deadly shot.

            • Old Guy

              As I have read it was Holiday that used the shotgun and Wyatt used a Colt 1873. At the Ok Corral three were killed not “he was the one who fired the deadly shot”.

              Regardless the successful gun fighters aimed and shot. Aimed being the key word.

      32. Generally speaking it is rare to hear of people fighting back. Even if you are hit by a bullet you probably wont die right away. At close range a charging man is hard to stop depending on what caliber of bullet is being used. That is why the army went to 45 caliber hand guns. A philipino Moslem could kill any army officer with a sword before the officer could kill him with a 38 caliber hand gun. Bite the bullet if necessary charge the shooter and hold his gun down while others have the chance to charge and over whelm the shooter by numbers. Fewer people would be shot in the long run

      33. Hi;
        As usual, I will add a rant at the end of a day old article so no one will read it. I am in my mid 60’s and retired although we have a pretty large place that still requires work. We are in Oregon but live in a rural area.
        I have been noticing lately the arrogance of people that I have to deal with and I believe that here at least, even dumb asses are making money at present. It’s a lot like 2005-2006. Big pickups everywhere, housing incredibly expensive, unsophisticated buyers paying incredible prices for things on time. I have had dealings with people in the midwest recently and get the feeling that it is somewhat the same there. I have a feeling that there are a bunch of people out there that are going to find out that operating a smart phone is not a skill set.
        My wife and I both come from rural folks and we have grown a lot of our food and animals for years. I am going to start putting back a bit more and watching carefully what is going on around us. We occaisionally purchase and sell property both here and in other inland states of the Northwest and the people that concern me there are not blacks or Mexicans for the most part. If things get tough there are a lot of people who will want what you have and they come from all quarters.
        I can’t help but wonder how many of the people who lost homes and businesses in 2008-2010 will be back in the shitter while crying “I used to have it all!”
        At my age, I think that I will certainly live to see the hammer drop again.

        • Anon,
          Just so you won’t be last I’ll chime in.
          Hopefully you don’t live in Prineville, OR.
          John day is much better, or rogue(sp?) river.
          I had family in OR, most are dead or moved on now.
          I’m not quite mid 60’s yet but getting close.
          I too live in a very isolated and rural area.
          I raise a lot of food, but am not quite self sufficent
          yet unless SHTF in which case I’ll do OK with a very
          plain and humble diet( eg no more lobsters or crabs).
          My wifes birthday present this year is 3 crabs,
          8 pounds of clams and a gallon or two of homemade
          clam chowder. Thanks to FEDEX.
          If you are rich you can afford to buy here.
          using local comps to price it out you could probably get my 5 acres and buildings for 850K or so.
          That price shocks the sh it out of me!
          Nail’s property on Maui is probably is worth millions.
          Since I’m last I get the last word. Keep on acting like you are going to live a long time and prepare for the worst, because you might just live to be 120 years old and Dogfood isn’t all that good, fresh eggs, bacon, veggies, and fruit are much better.

      34. Hi Rellik;
        Funny you should mention clams. We just dug razors on thursday and will be enjoying them tonight. We are on the west side about 35 miles to the coast. Our property and home are also worth scary amounts, as long as one does not wait a day too long. I sold last main place in late 2006. I would love to have that timing just one more time and get moved to another location.
        The main gripe that I have is really low talent people are loading up again on debt and are quite arrogant. A lot of them were not yet adults in 2008-09. Somehow that was swept under the carpet but one of these days the fix won’t be in and the downside will be for a long time. As much as we are hated internationally and with other powers climbing the ladder the next recovery may not happen, or at least not a quick QE slam bam. Thanks for your comments. btw I have lived in Oregon, Ca. and Wa. at different times but my maternal side of family settled here in Oregon in the late 1850’s. They were not liberals!

        • Since I have to get the last word in,
          I grew up in CA, became an adult and worked a lot of years
          in WA, worked and retired in HI.
          Much family in OR and AK.
          There is a company here that supplies
          the tourist resorts, we shop for seafood
          there. Pretty neat set up. We can walk in the ponds
          and select what we want.
          Think of a 10 acre aquarium 1 foot deep.
          Lobster, Crab, Clams Abalone, and some other stuff
          I’m not sure of.
          I have one or two liberals in my family.
          but they are not really that liberal.
          They are criminals like me. All stuff
          done as minors and cases sealed.

      35. Silly things praetors do for fun —

        Beat blackouts and the subjects of chases (after they are subdued.) (Blackout may have been for medical reasons.)
        Display women’s underwear, or anything sexual. (Apparently, could be related to trafficking.)
        Reportedly shoot vigilantes, at least once.
        Counting arbitrary coup. Just because. (resistors are unstable.)

        What do you do? There is a line of discussion, in which you do nothing, during an active shooter situation, when those people are of no particular concern of yours. (Like if you were from Broward.)

      36. Im old My give a durn has been broken for a long time. mostly service to self. I really only care about me and mine. If I take care of me and mine and others take care of them and theirs everything should be OK. Some fat girl posted this on face book. She asked If I have ten strips of bacon and you take five? What have you got? (answer) a black eye and a broken wrist!

      37. John Stiner. Why don’t you go fuck off and leave some room for the rest of us to comment . Little twat.

      38. Several of J.J.’s “bullet points” could get you killed.

        Just because he claims to be a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces does not make his opinion a fact.

        And his motivation for posting and creating a “fan base” is….. it is always the money.

        The sky is falling, just as it always has and always will be.

        This same old shit gets re-posted over and over again and some gullible idiots begin to believe it.

      39. jj is a fraud, fake name, fake credentials, stolen valor, fake advice. Do you accept advice from a losing party in a conflict? Losers do NOT deserve any pensions or benefits. JJ brags about his participation trophy. Or first aid class he took like he is some sort of medical expert. Lol. Probably was a kitchen cook slinging hash and eggs for his tour.

        • ThereSheBlowshard. And your credentials are what exactly? Military service? Civilian service? Local Community service?

          With every post you’re sounding uncannily like the misnamed Braveheart. Both of you are “full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”

      40. When you are in public, maintain an awareness of your surroundings. If you are in a crowd, be doubly aware. You may not always be able to see the shooter, but if you can see him before anyone else does;you have the edge over the others. You can act first. Whether you try to jump him or take cover will depend on the circumstances. Bright colored clothing will attract the shooter’s attention so you might tone it down and wear clothing that is drab. If he shoots you and you know you are done for and have no weapon, give him an obscene gesture and yell “You f*cking bastard!”. Won’t help but you might feel better!

      41. I would draw my weapon along with the other members of the Constitutional Militia…
        Oh wait! We don’t have the “Militia of the several States” that the Constitution requires the States to maintain, to which We the People are REQUIRED to serve.
        I forgot that we’ve been mislead to believe that the 2nd is other than something the Founders understood, and recognized in law. I forgot we’ve been mislead to believe that we have no obligation to ourselves, family, and community other than to call for more intrusions, restrictions, and infringements while we cry for help instead of performing our DUTY.

      42. Get low and find a safe place.

      43. Get behind him,draw your legal concealed .357 magnum and shoot the perp in the back, perferably in the back of the head.

      44. Take a Knee. Better control of the weapon. Less mass presented to the shooter.

        Some of us grew up having loaded guns in kitchen drawers, over the fireplace and lying up next to the door. We saw them as nothing more than tools, like a hammer waiting to nail something that needs to be “fixed”. On occasion we’ve used’em, mostly for varmints going after the livestock. Otherwise, they were just fixtures.

        I tend to worry about glory seekers and people whom become too attached and want to collect them all, and then post stupid shots of themselves posing online. Such folks are only extending the narrative into the wrong direction, while providing “evidence”.

        Video games, action films, maligned families, wrong choice of diet and increasing bad environments. Then you have false flags, bravado for the both teams, and someone want’s to sell a book or gizmo, or pass a imperfect law to capitalize on it?

        In the words of that Standup Russian Comedian Smirnoff: “What a country!”

      45. A primary issue is the lack of long term mental health institutions. We are not able to hospitalize those who need it for long periods of time and haven’t for decades now. We have severly mentally ill out in the community and we have no recourse. Until we are able to institutionalize the severely mentally ill, we will have these situations.

        • Yeah but those institutions will no doubt turn into gulags because the really true sick and crazy people are running the asylum

        • Yeah but those mental institutions will no doubt turn into gulags because the really true sick and crazy people are running the asylum as it is

      46. Thought provoking article but if you believe surviving a mass shooting involves anything but luck, I suggest you speak to a survivor that was standing directly next to a victim.
        Unless the shooter is targeting you (or everyone LIKE you), your proximity to the shooter is probably the most important factor in surviving.
        Put distance and structure between you and the shooter as quickly as you can.
        We’re getting to a point where we will have to take matters into our own hands soon.

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