An 11 Year-Old Demonstrates Gun Control: “Not Only Good Judgment But Also Good Marksmanship, Striking Only the Intended and Lawful Target”

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    Editor’s Note: Does the Constitution give an 11 year-old boy the right to bear arms and defend himself and his loved ones? The immediate answer from the anti-gun crowd would be a resounding “no.” But what if he so happened to be at home alone with his 4 year-old sister when two individuals attempted to break into his house not one or twice, but three times? Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker weighs in.

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    Gun Control Success — BS Immediately Follows
    By Karl Denninger

    There’s both an impressive and outrageous angle to this story.

    An 11-year-old Missouri boy shot and killed a 16-year-old boy during an attempted home invasion Thursday afternoon, St. Louis County police said.

    Police said two suspects tried to break into the home north of downtown St. Louis twice before the shooting on Thursday. On the third try, authorities said the unidentified teen went through the home’s unlocked front door while the 11-year-old and a 4-year-old girl were home alone.Police said the younger boy shot the teen in the head. The would-be burglar’s body was found in the home’s front foyer.

    Good shot.

    One round, one bad guy stopped in the commission of a forcible felony, and who knows what other felonies were on his mind given that there was a 4 year old girl in the house at the time.  The two home invaders apparently were quite-persistent as well since reports are that they made three attempts to break in.

    Fox2Now reported that police want to know why the children were home alone and why the 11-year-old had access to a gun. Police believe the mother bought the gun after prior break-in attempts.

    In other words since the cops couldn’t do their ****ing job now we’re going to try to find some reason to hang the mother.

    Look, I get it — generally-speaking it’s a bad idea for kids to have access to firearms as such does sometimes lead to horrifying accidents.  But — and this is important, the right to keep and bear arms doesn’t have an age limit and neither does your right to defend your own life or the life of those you love.  This 11 year old did exactly that using the only device known to man that equalizes an 11 year old boy and a 16 year old thug who was vastly superior on a physical basis, exactly as it does when a thug assaults grandma.

    Go ahead and punish those who act irresponsibly — that is, where someone’s decision in this regard leads to a bad outcome that can rationally be determined to have occurred due to negligence.  If someone’s decision to leave a firearm accessible to a minor leads to them doing a bad thing, whether criminally or negligently, then come down on the adult(s) involved like a falling piano — they deserve it.

    But no such thing occurred here.  This young man demonstrated not only good judgment but also good marksmanship, striking only the intended and lawful target with his round.  He selected the only effective means of stopping the invader, he deployed that tool with an appropriate amount of skill and no innocent person was injured nor was property damaged, beyond the need to clean up the mess necessarily produced as the side effect of his lawful stop of a forcible felony, as a result of his decision to do so.


    Leave his family, his sister and his mother alone.

    Karl Denninger is the author of Leverage: How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World in which he discusses the ill-use of leverage and how it is destroying the global economy, as well as where all of this will lead. The result is ugly: the value of everything—including gold—falls, and even personal safety is at risk in a world where there is limited money even for essentials like food and fuel.

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      1. I suspect children this young have defended home and country with firearms since before the US was founded. In some places, a well-reared child of 11 is very responsible. I’m not a huge fan, but I believe this to be legal. Sounds like the boy was either very good or very lucky, or both.

        • Your comment makes me think of the minutemen of the Revolutionary War. A lot of kids, 12, 13, 14 year old were fighting in that war and helped found our country.

          I think there was a movie about that…. Aim small, Miss small…. had a Jew hater in it…. Can’t remember the name of the movie.

          • The Patriot

            • Southron, that was Mel Gibson who also played the lead role in the movie of my namesake, and if I recall, he was DRUNK when he supposedly made some anti-Semitic remark. No one else plays the underdog like Mel Gibson.

              • There was no ‘supposed’ about it, he was drunk, and was on tape. He was on a rant, no question.

                The left tried to end his career, but it’s still going.

                • …and the latest “Mad Max” is a joke without Mel.

                • Smokey, the left has been after Mel Gibson ever since the late 80s just because he doesn’t follow their BS.

              • In Vino Veritas

        • Forget about legality concerning the boy’s actions. what about the actions and intentions of the 2 thugs. last time I checked home invasion is still illegal and who knows what else they were planning. Kudos to this boy. he and his sister are alive because of his actions. He did what he had to do. That boy will have nightmares now and God knows what else now, but at least he can look at himself in the mirror and know and say that he did the right thing. If some libturd moron wants to try to hang the mother, I would be glad to help that family any way I can.

          • Here in Washington state, the libs are trying to get support for a ‘safe storage requirement’ for firearms, to prevent accidents with child access to guns. I guarantee you if this incident would have happened here next year or after this becomes law, the 11-year old’s mother would find herself in jail on a felony charge and probably even accessory to murder of the 16 year old.

            • How about the mom of the dead boy!!!
              Why isn’t she charged for raising the thug!!!
              This is just the first time he got caught!!!

          • Ditto. You saved me a lot of typing, BH.

            • Six pack, you can type all you want. I always enjoy your posts. You know I always put my 2 cents in on articles like this one.

          • Who is not aware of CPS seizure of children left alone at home?

            Even if a child is reliably mature and has good judgment, that won’t stop government maniacs from destroying a family.

        • He shot him with a rifle, it wasn’t long ago a gun rack in Child’s room was common thing. I was suprised it was AR15, but its a common rifle. I could of been a MP15-22 or similar. The news media is not know to be accurate. Everything is a AK47, or AR15 these days.

          At eleven, some kids are driving farm equipment, and trucks off road. Hunting in the woods by themselves. I would expected a 22 rifle, or a shotgun. A 6lb AR15 would be a fine rifle for a kid to learn markship with.

        • I’ll say it again… Gun Control is a 2 inch shot grouping!

          I have 3 grandsons: 2 years, 4 years and 6 years old. You can bet your ass that they will be trained in the proper & responsible use of a firearm, where to aim at the target and the lethality of the available projectiles. My grand daughter will be trained by her father, an ex-Marine corps armorer.

          A consideration for Lethality loads: 357 Snake shot in the first chamber, 38 P+ PDX second chamber, 357 SJHP in the third. Repeat for chambers 4-5-6… for the assistant assailant/robber/rapist/murderer.

      2. Kid did what he had to. Now libs, leave he and his family alone!

        • I hope they don’t hang the mother and take her children, but in the ussa today, expect that outcome. If so they need to do some more shooting.

          • No word on any charges the mother of the home invader will face..?

            • @Marcus, excellent observation.

            • Marcus, how long will it take for the thug’s sorry-assed mam to come along and ‘demand answers’?

          • If they come for the children, use the gun again. It seems to be “sighted in” quite well.

            • Swift, damn right. A HEAD shot from an 11-year-old? Imagine that! whoever taught him knew their business.

          • Zero, spot on. The mother ought to shoot anyone who comes after her.

          • Zero, BTW, bullets would do wonders on any antigun moron.

        • Bless him, I hope shtf and you and us all will follow up on this. Hey mac, just an idea, you should do a little deeper digging on these topics and include phone numbers, emails, contact info, etc. on these pigs that try to tear apart families for things that are in no way and should in no way be illegal. Often times if the info is already there people will use it and call or contact to make known their disagreement. But if they have to do all the looking and searching…well the information overload kicks in and they just get pissed, post a comment, and try to forget about it {me included} Good job for this kid for protecting his families lives and property. I had access to every gun in the house at that age. There is nothing wrong with this incident as is described. Hope to follow up.

          • “Hey mac, just an idea, you should do a little deeper digging on these topics and include phone numbers, emails, contact info, etc. on these pigs that try to tear apart families for things that are in no way and should in no way be illegal.”

            That would be worthy of our time and attention, unlike following every damned dip in the stock market. Personally, I don’t play in that casino game, so I couldn’t care less if richie rich loses a bundle.

      3. I would let the kid in my foxhole

        • If I had a son he would look like…….

          Oh, wait, I’ve got two!!

          • I have a 17 year old. I read him this story.

            His response, “Why is this news?” He wasn’t impressed other than the well placed shot the boy made.

            He’s been shooting since he was old enough to hold a gun. He’s been really good since he was about 12. I show him off every once in a while with a revolver and a 2 inch steel target at 50yds.

            But, I raised him to be a man as my father did me. I don’t relish the thought of killing someone protecting myself or my family but I’ll be a long way from feeling guilty about it.

            Just remember: if hes still breathing, he’s a threat. Another round isn’t that expensive.

            Sorry, it may seem unChristianLike, but when someone threatens you, they just put their life on the line. You’re blameless if you kill them.

            • yep. ❤

            • I had my son and daughter shooting 22 bolt action rifles by the age of 4. My daughters first deer was taken with a .243 at 7 years old and her first elk with a .270 at 11 years old. Some say I started them too early, but starting them early, taking them hunting and seeing first hand that firearms can take lives gave them the knowledge and proper respect of firearms. To my children, a firearm is just another tool to do a job whether it be target shooting, self defense, or hunting.

              • Txprepper, absolutely. All my family in GA grew up on farms and were taught how to handle weapons at the earliest possible age. They also learned hunting, fishing, foraging, etc. as kids. My cousin who owns the BOL I’m going to was shooting .22s by age 5 and was shooting shotguns at age 10. She even strips down and does maintenance on her own guns. they also learn how to do maintenance on their guns as kids. 2 of my relatives are gunsmiths they also help to keep the family’s weapons working when any part wears out, etc. Learning the truth about firearms as a kid makes all the difference in the world.

                • Braveheart, I also strip down when I clean my guns, it keeps from getting oil on your clothes and staining them.

          • Cookin Mom, if I had a son he would like that boy. My wife was killed by a drunk driver before we could have kids. that kid can join my team any day.

      4. Awesome!

      5. But Sharon Taylor, who lives next door to where the shooting happened and said she is a cousin of the 11-year-old’s father, said the boy is not a troublemaker. She doubted the break-in story, however, calling it unlikely to happen in the middle of the day.

        What this retard neighbor does not realize is that MOST residential burglaries happen during the day time. Most business burglaries happen during the night time.

        It does not take a genius to realize that people are not at home during the day, they are at work. At night, the business are closed and people are at home.

        It is anti-gun pro black racists like this lady that make any justifiable shootings become unjustified real quick.

        Best policy:

        Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up.

        • JS, I agree about the neighbor being retarded. I wouldn’t have any trouble shooting an antigun quack.

      6. Outstanding.


      7. I had a felon threaten me when I was around 12 years old. I ran inside and grabbed Dad’s shotgun, loaded it and confronted the guy. He ran inside the neighbor’s house (where had been visiting) and they called the police on me. Cop showed up, talked to them, talked to me and then told the guy I was justified. The cop told him if anything at all happened to me he would personally hunt the guy down. Of course this was almost 50 years ago. Not sure it would go down that way today.

      8. When I was younger. My father stationed me by a window and he challenged a guy breaking into our neighbors house. My dad had instructed me, you are a minor, I’ll get you out of jail, just don’t let me get hurt. The burglar guy was pretty mouthy till I racked the 45 and aimed. My Dad said to the guy, my son will kill you. He shut up really quick and ran off.
        The man was 1/2 second from dying. The first time I shot a 45 was age 8.

        • The takeaway from that incident, is that it was resolved without injury or loss. That’s MY idea of a “peaceful resolution.” 🙂

          • Six pack, I get that same result every time someone tries to do a home invasion on me. My “tools of persuasion ” area loaded gun in one hand and a1000 lumen led flashlight in the other. That’s given me peace of mind and peaceful resolution so far.

      9. 11Yr old boy protecting his 4yr old baby sister….he did what any man would do…good job bud protecting your sister…great shot. Also whoever taught this boy about firearms needs to be commended as well

      10. not familiar with this story, but I think the mother is going to need some donations for legal work.

        • Ketchupondemand, if any antigun POS tries to harm that mother, I’ll be glad to help that family any way I can. It would be my pleasure to help the antigun POS have an ‘accident’.

          • Ya’ll dun fergot them lead nutirnets an yur ventalayshun teem thar cuz.

            • Cuz, I would almost take acid etch over you. Well…..almost. Almost only counts in horseshoes.

        • I would think the NRA would help out. Perfect story line for the cause. Fine job this young man did!

      11. Kid deserves a pat on the back and a shiny new firearm.

        Maybe his mother just went to the corner to get something for the kids. “I’ll be right back…” Might have taken a little longer than expected. The boy was 11. Not like he couldn’t take care of himself and his sister for an hour or so.

        …especially if he’s been raised to eventually be a man. I carried a 22 rifle allover the place when I was 11. Dad bought me my first shotgun when I was 12 (I still have it).

        Didn’t see what the kid shot the thug with, but, doesn’t really matter. It was on private property and nothing bad happened. My advice to the young man: Load quickly, son, there are a lot more out there!

        Also, to the young man, thank you! It saves me having to clean my carpet.

        That entire community should thank that kid! I’m guessing that the burglaries will be way down for the next few months.

        • NetRanger, spot on. that kid did exactly what I would’ve done. dialing 911 can wait and then only to have the cops come clean up the mess. I just hope the libturd scum will leave the mother alone. If not, I’ll happily do whatever I can to help the family.

      12. some more of the story i read was the 11yo had invited one of the teens to the house. and if previous break-in attempts were made why was the door unlocked? i dont think the story adds up.

        • well sheeeee…it I missed that unlocked part. Obviously anybody getting their brains blown out needs be looked into thoroughly. But if as it reads on surface, my opinion, move along nothing more to see here, state/gov/cops/dcs, leave em alone. Let us hope it is not a case of a psycho kid

          • Yep. We all know that with the anti-gun sentimentality of the media today, IF the kid had shot one of his own friends, IT WOULD BE ALL OVER THE NEWS EVERYWHERE.

            That is what tells me this was a real incident of home invasion. Sometimes it’s what the media DOESN’T SAY that we need to pay attention to. Really.

            • Six pack, with all MSM sources you have to know how to read between the lines.

        • Hmmm. I assumed (you know what they say about ass u me) it was a misprint, meant to be “locked” not “unlocked”. But, yeah, if that door was “unlocked” then why were previous “attempts” to break in failures. Unless, maybe, the kid unlocked the door, and stepped back, and waited for the thugs to walk in. This story is starting to smell a bit fishy…

          • Did anyone consider the possibility that the intruder used a key under the mat, or quickly forced the door open? WHO said the door was unlocked? The kid? The writer? WHO? Was there a window where the perp could’ve reached around and unlocked the door? WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ANY OF THAT. This is a MSM article, not investigation notes, for pete’s sake. There’s only the details they want us to have.

            We can’t let them cast doubt into this. The facts of the matter is:

            The kids were in their own home where they have an expectation of safety, minding their own business.

            The kid did an excellent job of gun control, just like the article says—No one got hurt but the perp, who was, BTW, not where he had a right to be, doing something wrong.

            The kid did what he felt he had to do.

            Nothing else really matters, does it? Maybe we’re just feeling a little bit empty, because we’re used to them throwing race issues into everything…

        • There are some unanswered questions, but from what I’ve read there was no invitation, and door being locked or unlocked is meaningless. We get to do things like turn off alarm systems and leave the door unlocked when we’re at home and still have the right to repel an uninvited entry.

          If we’re going to conclude the kid was lying in wait and committed murder, that’s going to take a confession from the kid, he’s the only witness other than the 4-year old.

      13. The president, Obama, must be shaking in his golf shoes.

      14. I started squirrel hunting with my Grampa when I was 8 or 9. I had been shooting the .22 at tin cans on the woodpile for a couple years by then (with Gramps helping) I still have that old Mossberg and I brought it to my first Appleseed. A bolt action it is, and holding your natural aim point while cycling the bolt is good practice.

        Aim small…Miss small

      15. Was 15 hunting with 12 gauge and a slung 22, learned from Nana that an unloaded (under the bed) 12 gauge was a stick.

      16. My Marlin 22 with scope was so accurate, I would use sights just to make it ‘fair’.

      17. what would the neighbors have said if the little girl was harmed? why is there no criticism of the boy who broke in? A 16 year old should know better to go into someone’s house uninvited and expect some reaction from any home owner. The mother could have shot the kid and she’d be a hero but the 11 year old is wrong? good job son and your sister will thank you when she is older. The cops should clean up the mess and move on. The 2nd amendment has no age limit!

        • If an adult had shot the kid they would have been arrested on the spot.

        • Jim, good point about lack of criticism of the burglar. there’s always some retard who tries to justify crim inal actions any way they can and claim self-defense against evildoers is wrong. I’ll take on any moron who has a problem with legitimate acts of self-defense. In my mind, you just don’t tamper with self-defense, ever! It’s the same as tampering with life.

      18. I shot a 100 lb Alaskan wolf in my yard at that age. Stalked me home from school. Didn’t even notice the recoil from dads’ 357 hot hand loads. Mom bragged about it for awhile. I remember I was scared, the wolf wanted to eat me.

        The kid did what he had to do if he feared for his life or for his sisters. One less thug to worry about. I fear we are all gonna get the chance to do the same.

        • I fear we are all gonna get the chance to do the same.

          Yes indeed the way of this month,, rumors have of a 3 day EBT shut down, banks closing, economy collapse , care to add anything?
          SGT USMC 1966-72

          • Catena, source for then report about EBT shutdown and banks closing?

            • Rumors are like the poor, they are always with us.

        • I was barely 15 when I heard a ruckus in the hen house. I was already awake, so I beat my Dad to the front porch…he had to put on some pants first.

          A fox with a squawking chicken in it’s jaws, walked into the floodlight for just a couple of seconds—it only took half that long for me to drop the fox. The chicken survived.

          Dad just went back to bed with a grin on his face.


      19. That was a dangerous cocktail mix that worked out well. An 11 year old home alone is one thing. An 11 year old watching a 4 year old is a compounded mature responsibility. Adding in a loaded handgun sans adult supervision is generally not the perferred environment.

        This kid did great. I’m hesitant to refer this as a model for others as I think this young guy is at the upper end of maturity. Each additional year at that age comes with a significant development in grown up.

        I hope this young man (call him what he is) is not scarred from this and obviously is far better off than the potential outcome if he wasn’t armed. I think this lad will do just fine in life. I would like to think that he is a typical 11 year old but he is not. Apparently his Mother, the person that knows him the best made the right call. Its her call, its her home, they’re her kids.

        • Shotgun. I knew from the time I was very small to never touch dads guns…..but I had .12 pump behind my bedrooom door and 3 00 buckshot lined up one my dresser. Someone tried to break in when I was home alone one summer day .My car was parked in back. Pumping the action of the shotgun when I loaded and yelling I’ll shoot sent them running

          • I had guns as a teen too. Took a .22 rifle to the range on my bicycle and shot tin cans at 14 years old. Had a juvenile hunting license too at that age hunting alone. My hats off to this kid but as I said 11 home alone watching a 4 year old and having a loaded gun is pushing it.

            I kept everything locked up when we weren’t home when my kids were that young. My big concern wasn’t them as they knew better but rather their friends and acquaintances.

          • NPPH, racking the slide on a pump shotgun is a damned good psychological tactic to use. It stops trouble before it can ever start.

            • AMEN. If it doesn’t send the threat running, you have to realize that you were going to be forced to use it no matter what. Some criminals are just that stupid.

      20. You see that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, and Thank God this young man knew how to shoot! I have a feeling that if the kid didn’t have a gun he was going to use a bat or something else. His little sister was lucky he was there. God only know what these thugs would have done to her. Good Job Young Man. Don’t stop shooting, Keep practicing!!!!

        The parents of this kid should get a big pat on the back.

        I hope this young man is not scared by what he had to do. My God look after him and his family!

        Can you just imagine how nice it would be if everyone had to keep a gun in their house and that everyone had to learn how to use it. Thugs and scum would have to think twice about some of the crap they try to pull.

        There was a post about a thug that got shot trying to rob a store by a CCW. Could thing be changing? We can only hope!!!!


        • Here in Kennesaw, GA that law is on the books.

        • Yes, I posted a video rant in another article. The black kids family said the guy who stopped the robbery, should’ve “left the store and minded his own bi’ness”.

          Here’s the video rant. again;

      21. Cool video…

        ht tp://

      22. Don’t have the facts so will reserve judgment on this particular case. Wouldn’t want to help the anti-gun lobby by rushing to judgment only to learn later that mom is a crackhead and boy shooter is being treated for manic-depression with psychotic tendencies.

        That said: this country has destroyed tens of thousands of families through the Child “protective” Services. They routinely remove children from the homes of parents who are poor but who love their kids. Foster Care is not better. Adoption is not for the child’s benefit when his/her mother needs help not having her kid “legally” kidnapped.

        I know of several cases where the mother was unstable financially and emotionally after suffering at the hands of an abusive husband/boyfriend. The minute something went wrong that involved the police; CPS was called in. The children were removed ” kidnapped” and the mothers suffered a complete nervous breakdown. Is this justice? No! This is Tyranny. And it is more common than most people realize. Watch out if you are on the wrong side of a “political” situation and you are having success effecting change that is undesirable. Your “political enemies” with money are going to go after what you love. And what do you love more than your children and your grandchildren. Be forewarned. Child Protective Services is a facist covert operation designed to destroy percieived enemies of the state. If they occasionally help a truly abused child it is nice but it is not the real reason for the creation and maintenance of this corrupt FACIST COVERT GOVERNMENT AGENCY. Never leave your children alone. NEVER!

        • Amen.

      23. Not sure what the real story is or was but one fact remains an 11-yearold boy shot and killed another young man. This isn’t. 200 years ago and the pshycological make up is a bit different today about death. I’ve seen head shots they can be quite gruesome. Yes if the story holds true then yes good lad you maned up and protected home and hearth but someone should consider what that act justified or not is doing to his mind. He should be commended but also kept an eye on for signs of trauma. And talked down from it. For better or worse his innocence is gone forever he’s not a trained soldier he was a kid in school just a few days ago anyone who has a son of this age will tell you there are many other things to be proud of your kids for. But yes I’m in total agreement he did what he had too. A shit sandwich came around and he maned up and took his fair bite and swallowed it.
        Good job son

      24. The kid should be a shooting instructor for the NYPD.

        News flash: NYPD in shootout with armed suspect.

        News Flash: NYPD missed the armed suspect and killed the family.

        • Anyone in my family could be an instructor for NYPD since they can also outperform NYPD in the shooting dept.

      25. Hope to hell that Mom managed to move – the shot 16 yr old was a confirmed banger – they’ll be looking for revenge …

      26. I am glad the young man had the access to firearm and enough knowledge to use it well,am saddened a 11 year old kid was put in this position along with his younger sister.

      27. Well done young man

      28. Geez more gun talk isn’t everybody tired of talking about this. It’s almost like people want someone to breakin so they can shoot and kill and look like the hero of the day. They will be able to say they killed a man and got away with it because they were defending their loved ones. It’s like this is the focus of gun ownership. Violent situations happen quick and you need to respond if needed. I get it I’m on board but why does this have to be discussed every time the gun debate arises. I’m not debating shit. This leaves open the argument. Gonna have a piece and that’s it end discussion don’t care what anti gun fools think. If they wanna be victims that’s their business. Personally I think they are cowards like all the Syrian vagrant men fleeing with women and children. But if they want to live in camps then they shouldn’t bitch I don’t feel bad for them.

      29. After reading this article, I would say that the 11 yr old did what he had to, when he had to. I’m not sure that it is right or wrong, but just think what could have happened and I’m glad the boy and his sister are ok, no matter what some people think or saying.

      30. In addition to what I said above, something maybe similiar or not happened to my son-in-law 35 yrs ago, he and his brother and sisters watched their father die of a heart attack on thanksgiving day in front of them. He instantly became the head of the house hold or the man of the house at age 10 ( he should have had his childhood last until his teen yrs).At age of 16 and 17, he was working 10 and 12 hrs a day in the summer to help his mother with expenses doing yard work and yes, construction ( he was big for his age ). 5 yrs ago he became mother and father to his 3 kids when his wife ( my daughter ) passed in her sleep. No, that shouldn’t have happened either.Does this compare to what that 11 yr old did? I don’t know, but it happened.

      31. Another thing about the 11 yr old shooting the 16 yr old boy, he’ll remember what happened to his dying day and what he could have done different and whether he was right or not. Good luck to him and his.

      32. GOOD JOB 11YR OLD

      33. Hi there colleagues, how is everything, and what you would like to say regarding this paragraph, in my view its genuinely awesome designed for me.

      34. Maybe he can use his skills to take out a policeman the next time a cop goes to execute someone on junked up charges like speeding or having a bit of weed.

        Yes i would call that a “Lawful Target” too since the legal system in the US is so weighted towards the bankers and the elite that keep them in power.

        Since 9/11 the USA has been at war with it’s own people but don’t speak too loud because windows 10 is recording what you say and uploading the recordings using HTTPS

      35. the humungatang failed to ask where were the parents of the 2 boys doing felonius breakins at a black lives riot most likely

      36. Before the enforcement of mandatory schooling, middle-school-age boys did hunt meat, serve in the continental militia, and supported their families with full time wages.

        Let the socalled civil servants be disarmed, rather than forever looking for a ‘gotcha’, and, when they are in trouble, let them call upon a responsible citizen.

      37. Is that a “black live matter” situation ??

      38. The shooting by the 11 year old wasn’t a home invasion robbery. The 11 year old was seen by two neighbors outside the house. The 16 year old was trying to sell a cell phone to the 11 year old boy. The boy shot the 16 year old in the head. (According to two neighbors in two separate houses seeing the shooting from two different angles). Check out facts before printing them. Some people follow the news closely. I do however believe a 6 year old is ok in shooting an intruder. The point of the story is dead on. The
        Stated facts are in dispute.

      39. I wanted to search for the original news story so I typed the one sentence from the story in Google and found many stories with the same sentence. What I found disturbing was at the bottom of the page of related searches:

        Searches related to An 11-year-old Missouri boy shot and killed a 16-year-old boy during an attempted home invasion Thursday afternoon, St. Louis County police said.
        13 year old boy shot and killed by police
        12 year old boy shot and killed by police

        Where did “by Police” come up in the original search?

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