Ammon Bundy Will Defy Government Orders And Hold A Massive Easter Gathering

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    A few people have started to rebel against the government’s tyranny disguised as a way to fight a pandemic.  Ammon Bundy is no stranger to fighting authoritarianism, and now he’s going to hold a massive 1000+ person gathering for Easter in defiance of the government’s orders.

    Some will refuse to be enslaved, and Bundy is one of those.  His Easter gathering can be considered nothing short of a middle finger to tyranny. Bundy was one of the men behind the 41-day militia standoff at an Oregon wildlife refuge in 2016 and the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014.

    Idaho Governor Brad Little announced a stay-at-home order in the state on March 25, and Bundy says he will not comply. He has also been hosting meetings with dozens of like-minded people discussing ways to defy the order. During one of the meetings that was filmed and posted to Facebook, Bundy said that he will personally help provide a legal, political and physical defense to Idaho residents who are planning to ignore the governor’s order, according to a report by The Gateway Pundit

    The world needs more order defiers, not more order followers. When speaking to the New York Times, Bundy said that his group is looking for a venue to host a thousand-person Easter service in his state.

    “Please help us find this venue so those wanting to worship and honor God on this eventful day, can do so. We are willing to pay for the use of the building, if it is not donated,” Bundy wrote in a Facebook post. “We must stand together in times such as these.”

    In a Facebook Live video about his Easter plans, Bundy said that he has been receiving hate mail and death threats over the event.  But that’s expected when one of the slaves steps out of line.

    Bundy isn’t alone.  A handful of politicians have been stepping up against the authoritarian power grabs of state governors and the federal government. Idaho Representative Heather Scott posted a video to the Idaho Legislature’s website last week titled “The Virus that Tried to Kill the Constitution-COVID, The Constitution and Cause for Concern.”

    “Our government is founded on the principle that each of us has inalienable rights that come from God, and that the government’s role is to protect those rights.  Some of our rights include life, liberty, the right to possess and protect our property (a business is a property), the right to speak freely, the right to defend ourselves, the right to freedom of assembly, and the right of equal protection.  Our government cannot take those rights, even in times of emergency,” Scott said.

    Likewise, North Idaho Representative Pastor Tim Remington said that church gatherings act as an essential service and are necessary for some worshipers during times of uncertainty caused by coronavirus.


    A lawmaker in neighboring Wyoming is also speaking out against the power-hungry governor, who not only threatened people with martial law, has the entire economy of the state shut down over 216 cases with not a single death recorded. Gillette lawmaker Scott Clem says the state needs to ease up on the restrictions and stop making the solution worse than the virus.

    It’s nice to finally see some people standing up for their basic human rights and dignity and to see that there are a few politicians noticing that it isn’t right to lock people down.

    GOOGLE Is Doing Whatever It Can to De-Monetize us And Shadow-Ban us. During these TOUGH financial times, we ASPIRE to stay completely independent and pay our full staff, so we can continue to deliver VALUE to you. It is possible for you to HELP us, by supporting our COVID-19 expert survival report HERE!

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      1. notice how this website always messes up when you try to write something that tech monopoly bullies wants censored?

        It is very simple folks:
        * The state has NO right to prevent religious gatherings. We as a people have a right to worship God in a house of God of our choice.
        * The state has NO right to prevent a man from working and earning a living for his family. You have a right to provide for family.
        * The state has NO right to prevent citizens from having firearms, so as to protect the lives of his family and his property.

        If any nation/state does any of those things THEN the people must Not comply. Must Not obey. Must Disreguard any “commands” from deceptive liar thief dirtbag never worked a day in their life politicians.

        And turn off the media. Nothing but a control psyop using lies, deception, false footage, and FEAR. Just turn them OFF.

        Now that they know you can be driven over a cliff with Fear. They will do this every few years now on a whim. It will get much worse. Remember you were warned.

        Did you know that most of the minute men were recruited in pubs/bars to depose the tyrant king across the pond? Many churches also recruited patriots to get rid of a Tyrant King stomping on the rights of the common man. Maybe that is why the “theys” don’t want gatherings?

        Most Important?:
        Or is it to hide the fact that 5G snitch snoop infrastructure is currently still being installed? Notice the road crews cutting holes for sensors. Induction loops. 5G is a weapon system to use against YOU. 60 mm waves interfere with the way hemoglobin/oxygen is absorbed in lungs. When you lack oxygen you drop. Just like pics of people in China.

        Do your own research while you can. Google is banning anything not “official” narrative about all things.
        China CCP unleashed a ChiCom virus bioweapon. This is not only economic warfare. This is WAR.

        • I would bet you that if the CCP had used a nuke and radiation was everywhere, Bundy wouldn’t be having a large gathering and people wouldn’t be attending because they wouldn’t want to get radiation poisoning! That would be logical!

          So whats the difference between radiation and covid-19? (Thats a rhetorical question)

        • This was a Plan-Demic, Another false flag triggered by 5G to give flue like symptoms to add to the fakery of the CoronaHoax -fraud count. Hospitals are empty. Where are the funerals? No bodies.. 1000’s die daily of heart attacks, you don’t see the government banning convenience stores from selling cigarettes do ya?

          It is much easier to fool people that convince them that they have been fooled. ~ Mark Twain

          Welcome to Agenda21 right on schedule. Yes War has been declared on us.

      2. 1st Amendment, freedom of peaceable assembly and the free exercise of religion.

        Will the government honor it?

        We’ll soon see.

        Nothing can be done about it if it doesn’t, barring some unanticipated intervention on the part of the Court (which is possible).

        • all church goers should attend armed, if the number is large the police cant do anything, arrest them for violating the Consitution.

      3. 1. Setup multiple redundent “live feeds” to ALL major social media-internet-youtube. Go also to over seas sites.
        2. Warn participants of dangers. From tyrants and possible chicom CCP bioweapon.
        3. Insist that Men-Women- Young men-Young women attendees all be heavily armed and ready for self protection.

        Then hold your gathering in peace. If Tyrants show up. Refuse to be arrested. Let the video live feeds tell the story. Then there would be consequences and not typical gov cover up/Lies, allowed. The world would see tyrants at work attacking peaceful people. And there would be hell to pay.

        If I owned a bar or restaurant I would do this.
        No one will prevent me from providing for my family. Adults can make their own decisions about acceptable risks. Living life has always been dangerous. Accept that and move forward. People die. We all will die.

        Matter of perspective.
        The following is a great outlook from the heros:
        “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero” -Zerohedge dot com

      4. Good for him! At least he has some balls!

        • He’ll lose those balls when he’s whimpering like a baby as he lays in bed with corona.

          • He will lose a lot more than just his balls if he is naive enough to allow guests to attend the event without signing a WAIVER,stating that guests are attending AT THEIR OWN RISK, and the organizer,his family,etc.,are NOT LIABLE for any injuries/accidents or ILLNESSES,while attending the event.

            Anyone with common sense knows exactly what guests will do if they contract the virus while attending the event.

            There’s no such thing as friends and loyalty whenever money,drugs and sex are involved.
            Millions of people have found that out the hard way.

        • Bundy’s doing his part to thin-the-herd.

          • You are wrong.
            Many people survive horrors that you can’t even imagine.
            Ever seen combat casualties? Car crash victims? Pieces, parts, bits, blood, goo, meat, blood drained near dry, and God decided the person lives. God is Great.
            They live while others die.
            God decides. I’ve seen it. Seen God at work. Literally felt Death hoovering near. And a simple prayer changed the situation. God decides.

            God decides.
            Not you. Not me. Not a doctor.
            Not a liar fearmonger Media knownothing.
            Not a deceptive power grabbing -control freak -thief criminal politician.
            God decides the appointed time for each of us.
            One thing is certain. All of us will die.

            But how will you live until that appointed time? Will you bow to and serve the Beast System? Will you follow Jesus even if it is certain death in this life?
            Some people believe that special time and gathering, with family/freinds, celebrating the death and resurection of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is worth the risk. No matter if the risk is real or imagined.

            Maybe all Christians should come together on the coming holiday? If we die, we die. God will decide. Not godless China CCP that persecutes Christians. China CCP runs over human beings with tanks. Reports are that China CCP are putting still alive sick people into body bags, then the alive people go into incinerators being burned alive.
            That is godless communism. China CCP at situation normal. A people that eat family pets, run over people with tanks, have a track record of genocide, welds people’s doors shut, burns people alive, releases a bioweapon on the world. You are allowing that ilk to decide Easter celebration cancelled by fear?

            The masters of this world are all about Deception-Lies-Fear-Falsehoods-Chaos. Does fear control you? Do you rise above it? Most of us do the best we can each day, hour, minute, second. Some fights you win. Some you loose. But to quit the fight is a definitive LOSS. To shut down the world and America with fear is a LOSS.

            Tyrants use Fear-Famine-Lies-Deception-Forced compliance. Americans used to be brave, resist and rise above, all those evils. What happened? Think about it. You know what happened. People stopped following God.

            They now let politicians and media decide. The people currently allow themselves to be isolated. Isolation is a method to break the will of weak people. Psychological warfare. To break the will. Are you going to allow this to continue?

            It is difficult to defeat a population that is fearless in the face of certain death. Threaten, arrest, or murder us. Christians will worship Jesus Christ on the celebrated day. If I find a Church meeting. I will defy the President, defy the governor, defy the petty county judge. I won’t “stay at home, stay safe.” I will worship the Lord Jesus Christ with fellow believers.

            -so censor that-

            • Indeed God can move mountains, but he expects you to bring a shovel too!

              Another word, God gave us intelligence to use, not to wonder about aimlessly without thought or reason!

              The bottom line is this; if the Govt didn’t act and push the social distancing, etc., and millions of Americans died, then the masses would rise up in anger and want to know why with heads on a platter! And now that the Govt., did act and the deaths are far lower than expected (which one has to wonder did all this really work, i.e., social distancing etc) thus destroying the economy, job losses etc., the people will want to know why with heads on a platter!

              Double edged sword either way!

      5. Bundy is a fucking moron. If you catch the virus you have a 33% chance of dying. These percentage is based on three numbers.

        1. A couple of days ago the aggregate number of confirmed cases was 336,000 in the USA. Of these CC (at that moment in time) 27,000 had been “resolved”. A Resolution terminates in survival or death. All other cases without a “resolution” are pending.
        2. Of the 27,000 cc which had terminated in a resolution, 18,000 survived and 9,000 died.
        3. You cannot calculate a fatality rate without a resolution: either death or survival. The 2-4 percent mortality rate bandied about by the Media and WHO is complete BS. 🙁

        • DK, Damm man I thought you were smarter than that. The numbers are complete BS! Look into it. Die of cancer, pnumonia, aids, ANYTHING and they are told to report it as CV. Proven cures are banned! You are being played like a cheap guitar. Shut off your TV and read alt. media.

          • Yeah, I have seen those things on alt media and I know that most victims have underlying health conditions like, high blood pressure or diabetes. I am not disputing that reality but I don’t know how many people died from other causes.

            In Italy for example, there were very high fatalities attributed to the Wuhan Virus. New reports say the vast majority of those who died were obese.

            The wuhan virus is likely the last nail in the coffin for many of these people. The reality that I am trying to point out, is that if you catch the virus your likelihood of dying was 33% at that moment in time based upon RESOLVED cases.

            Subsequently that percentage moved to 38% and then 40%; but may now be declining because of the malaria drug and other therapies.

            China is using Vitamin C for its victims, which is why there is a lack of it available on store shelves. I got mine. Get yours if you can find some. 🙂

        • Here let me get you started. Look up Dr. Shiva he is 10X smarter and a better doctor than Fauci the pharma whore fraud. He will explain things to you truthfully.

        • ” If you catch the virus you have a 33% chance of dying.”

          You’re either a fool or a liar.

          The body count proves that.

          FWIW, real stats, the ones that are mostly hidden and kept almost unknown, show that the majority of corona deaths are in people already dying of something else (like, in two famous ones, pancreatic cancer and terminal stage lung cancer) but are classified as corona deaths anyway if any virus can be found to pad the numbers. Average age of corona deaths last time I checked was 81.

      6. Peru and Panama are also at war against religion and co-mingling. Men can leave house arrest on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, women can leave house arrest Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays. House arrest for everyone on Sundays.

        It is rumored that the military may attempt to oust Bolsanaro for reducing military spending and replace him with the V. P., supposedly over the coronavirus with 18,179 cases and 957 deaths with a population of 203.5 million.

        So, anytime the globalists, bankers, military, corporations, or basically anyone is unhappy about anything, the mishandling of the coronavirus can be blamed as a reason for impeachment, military coups, forced hospitalizations of high ranking officials, political advesaries, corporate competitors, sexual competitors, or for anything really. I oppose Bolsonaro but this is a slippery slope! As if the military can’t just tell the truth!

        BoJo is free. Assange is not.

        Kooties!!! Bubble Yum!

      7. This will make for a good chuckle when him and his buddies catch corona.

        • I will get a good chuckle when you cut your wifes bra in half and make masks out of them lol.

      8. As with the Islamists, I have zero issues or personality conflicts with your traditional conservatism, in and of itself.

        Chauvinism is not my problem, as the guy, here. Pardon my gracelessness.

        Often vulgar and triumphalistic, myself, I would personally find it amusing, that you could outbreed your political competition, change the placenames, and enforce no-go zones, except I am not a member of your religious schism:

        h ttps://

        h ttp://

        h ttps://

        Some of their preppers showed me large stores of food, because they trusted me. I asked, whether they have beliefs about then end of the world, or if it was for a civil emergency. Community gardens and businesses are hidden, here-and-there. Some had very little religion, even at this level in participation.

        The Adventures of Tom Sawyer the scene of the fence:
        h ttps://

        Missionaries sounded very generic and dispensational, usually, and volunteerism had even led some of their very modest women to clean up gnarly animal waste, as an act of good will. Some are also martyred, by statists ad liberal interests, up to modern times.

        I don’t believe that all of their members are embedded deeply-enough to be culpable. Most are too sincere, would wear their heart on their sleeve, and just want some kind of an outlet.

        Out of public view, you may be treated like Romney’s dog, reminiscing of Old Testament racism. If you are member of their party, this warning goes out to you, too.

      9. It is time to go to work and get back to life! enough is enough!
        The MSM has declared war on us, and now it is our turn to declare war on them. This is a defining moment for our country to be enslaved forever to the elites or to break this rope around our necks and proceed with our freedom to live as we please!

        • I would urge you to do just a little bit of reading on bio warfare and all the implications of that, before deciding upon a course of return to normal…

      10. I hope he succeeds, and that this type of civil disobedience continues and expands. Frankly though, there’s not enough men like him to go around. There must be a sizable portion of social cohesion and concerted effort to triumph.
        Rational and sane freedom loving people in this country must contend with war on at least two fronts; one with officialdom continuously trying to undermine our GOD-given natural individual liberties and freedoms, and the other is general cultural deterioration, which is not by mere chance. Both exercise a considerable array of tactics, means, and resources to bring about desired goals?
        On the gov’t / officialdom / the deep state front with their minions, the Fed. gov’t has destroyed the 10th Amendment, usurping the state’s Constitutional legal powers and authority, rendering states to mere extensions of the Fed. gov’t., with no autonomy as per the Constitution. And doing their damndest to finally finish off the 1st, 2nd, and 5th Amendments.
        Elected officials are quick to allow abortion (even on the day a full term baby is due to be delivered), same-sex marriages, and mixed use of public restrooms. Now they want to permit young children to undergo biological sex changes – how bizarre and perverted! But all these are not rights, they are privileges, because if gov’t can give these “rights”, they can take them away. Our Creator endows us with these rights by virtue of being a human being, gov’t has no right to limit our rights. The second reason why they are not civil rights is because they do not empower a person against gov’t. Freedom of speech, to bear arms, free press, etc. are rights that empower a person against the State, officialdom is always trying to abridge these. Privileges do not and cannot empower one against the State.
        On the cultural front, we have seen an incredible deterioration of morality in the last 30 years. Immorality and relativism have dissipated society’s will to live truly free. Officialdom and their minions are at the forefront endorsing and introducing “alternative choices” to society. They know this will sap society’s focus on thenbigger and more important issues. On top of that, TPTB keep introducing endless partisan issues into society to keep it fractured (divide and conquer), the result is that it cannot unify as a force against the State.
        If one wants to be a feminist, a transgender, or gay, do what you want, just don’t try to change my views and beliefs. One can watch on-line videos of these same groups come out for support of Islam, communism, multiculturalism, and types of other systems inimical to free democracy. Yet, they despise and call for the destruction of the very freedoms which allows them to practice any lifestyle they want. That’s the beauty of effective propaganda, it is able to make people believe contradictory positions. They want all these other types of systems to prevail over over our natural rights and freedoms, even though these other systems would quickly extinguish ANY and ALL practices these various communities that currently exist. Don’t believe me? Go to China or any Moslem country or just about anywhere in Africa, see how much tolerance and diversity they practice. I’ll say my goodbyes now because we’ll never see you again.
        It’s a pity, people will remain passive against an autocratic and overreaching gov’t, nor want to be accused of any time of “insensitivity”, and will not do a g*dd*m thing to protect their own rights and freedoms. They gleefully watch the State place shackles on their children as another generation is prepared to be a managed disposable resource for the State.

      11. If this flu speads as fast as we are being told then most of us have had a mild version,bad cold. This multi state lock down is not needed and will only give the state false hope of legale controle.This will lead to the mother of all black markets for everything people want but can’t get.We are seeing the cotrole grid go up fast and it won’t stop most of the freedoms that are now gone,for are own good,for being used in seceret.The thing that the NWO fears is info that they can’t control and decentralization.The lock down is proving that many don’t need the goverment and or it’s in the way of us the people.Big education is about to lose ground to parents teaching their kids the truth,big goverment permit money is drying up and taxes have droped way off.Many more will stand up and some will suffer but most will win.Time to live free or die trying.

      12. Law enforcement agencies have already been busting up church services and threatening or arresting some church leaders and pastors around the country. Local churches in my area have been placed on notice to not have services with more than 10 people and basically remain closed for the duration. Near my area there are one or two houses of worship for other religions. I wonder if the same restrictions will be enforced against them. It not, and if I am confronted by police for attending a service I will make hay out of the incident and make a big public thing out it. Not because the other religions are holding their services, but because of unequal application of law.

      13. Simply put,
        “Thou shall NOT Tempt the Lord, thy God.”

        Really Folks? I see this as little more than standing on train tracks hearing the whistle of an approaching freight train coming up at you from behind, eyes wide SHUT, ears stopped UP, praying diligently to be SAVED.
        I gave up on ALL Zealots long ago…regardless of persuasion. Yes, we DO have a Loving Father in Heaven…but He gives us BASIC INTELLIGENCE such that we can evade the things we CAN see. Anything else is simply tempting God.
        Nuff said.


        • Yeah, Don’t jump off the Empire State Building and expect the Good Lord to save you from being splattered on the way down. He gave us a brain to use, so use it. Thou shall not tempt the Lord, thy God.

      14. A guy heads out on the water, foolishly as it was somewhat windy. As luck would have It, the boat capsized and he was in the water beside it. He prayed fervently, promising he would do all sorts of things if God saved him. Soon, a boat sailed by, and the captain shouted over the megaphone, “you need a hand?” The guy said, “no, God will save me.” A little while later, another boat came by, someone on board shouted they could toss him a life ring. He said, “no, God will save me.” Later, a helicopter flew over, and the co-pilot shouted over the loudspeaker, “Hey, I’ll drop you a line. “ The guy said “God will save me.” He drowned. When he got to the gates, he asked God, “I prayed so hard. Why didn’t you save me?” God said, “Hey, man, I sent two boats and a helicopter, what more did you want?”

      15. I admire anyone who stands up to tyrants.
        This virus is one of many. What happens when there is a truly deadly disease that gets out of control because of homeless, lack of sanitation, migrant hordes of invaders?

        Northern Italy is loaded with Chinese who have poor respiratory health because of China’s pollution, smoking, and Italy’s pollution.

        Italy has more aged than almost anywhere on earth. But eventually Italians die. There are migrants from Africa with AIDS who die if a heavy wind blows in their direction.

        The problem with statistics is that numbers do lie. There are lies and bigger lies and then there are statistics. The Italian’s methods for counting are not reliable. As in the USA there are agendas outside of scientific accuracy.

        Globalists have flexed their muscles. They have used our fear of disease to trick us into accepting their tyrannical dictatorship, the trampling of our God given rights as human beings to move about freely, to work, to congregate in worship of Christ. And we allowed it to happen. They must be rolling on the floor laughing their asses off, telling each other how stupid we are, and gloating that we deserve our enslavement.


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