Ammo? What Ammo? DHS Takes Unprecedented Step of Redacting Mass Ammunition Purchase

by | Aug 15, 2012 | Headline News | 323 comments

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    A report from Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars indicates that the Department of Homeland Security has redacted their most recent purchase order for ammunition. With DHS having purchased over one billion rounds of ammunition in just the last year and an outcry across alternative media web sites and blogs, it seems they are now looking to hide their activities, even though the only legal reasons for redacting government related documents is through a Congressional mandate or a national security issue.

    The Department of Homeland Security has redacted information relating to the quantity of bullets it is buying following a controversy concerning the agency’s purchase of over a billion rounds of ammo, which many fear is a sign the federal government is preparing for civil unrest in the United States.

    Despite the fact that documents are only supposed to be redacted if authorized by Congress or for national security reasons, a solicitation posted on the FedBizOpps website yesterday concerning ammunition purchases made by the DHS on behalf of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) contains numerous blacked out sections.

    The Department of Homeland Security’s decision to black out sections of the document, including the number of bullets being purchased, is likely to be related to a massive controversy which has snowballed over the last few weeks pertaining to concerns as to why the federal agency has purchased well over a billion rounds of bullets over the last 6 months alone.

    Given the fact that the DHS is also acquiring riot gear in preparation for civil unrest which could take place at the upcoming DNC, RNC and presidential inauguration, the purchase of ammunition in such massive numbers has stoked fears that the federal government could be preparing to use force against the American people.

    This screenshot illustrates how the DHS has blacked out information pertaining to the amount of bullets being purchased.

    The trigger for this could be an economic collapse that causes angry Americans to flood the streets similar to scenes witnessed across Europe over the last two years.

    As Mike Adams writes, “The U.S. government clearly sees the writing on the wall. What lays ahead for America is a day of unbearable reckoning. The financial collapse will wipe out savings accounts, pensions, investment funds and equities of the working class, all across the nation. Imagine bank accounts being reset to zero, “bank holidays” enforced at gunpoint. That will unleash a wave of violent protests, social chaos and even talk of revolution. The government will almost certainly respond with a declaration of Martial Law, the rolling out of highway checkpoints, and before long, the use of live ammo on unruly protesters.”

    Source: Infowars

    One possible reason behind why DHS is now trying to erase any record of how much ammunition they are purchasing is newly proposed legislation in California that would red flag anyone who purchases more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition in a five (5) day period. Perhaps Homeland Security’s redaction is an effort to stay off the red list (of which so many of our readers are certainly now members of).

    All kidding aside, there must be something to this.

    For what reason would a public agency redact a public purchase order without the approval of Congress? Perhaps there is already a national security issue in place that we have not yet been made aware of. As DHS notes in their order, there is an “unusual and compelling urgency” to purchasing this ammunition.

    Apparently the one billion rounds already purchased in the last twelve months isn’t enough and Homeland Security is planning on running out. Either they’ve been doing some serious target shooting across the country to burn through that much ammo, or they plan on using it soon and expect that a billion just isn’t going to cut it. What could possibly be so urgent that they are running low given how much they have already stockpiled?

    Congressional members are looking into banning online ammunition sales on a national level and now states are starting to red flag people for acquiring ammo in bulk, yet not a peep from Congress, the President or any mainstream media organization on why our government is stockpiling hundreds of millions of bullets.

    If there were ever a red flag, we think this is it.


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      1. Off Topic, but has this fraud even one brain cell working??

        To recap, government is driving up the cost of food, animal feed and gasoline, and Obama’s solution is to drive up meat prices as well.
        Obama could eliminate the entire problem overnight and reduce carbon emissions were he to waive the ethanol mandate in a time of drought.
        Instead, he is creating a new SPENDING program (surprised???) to mollify livestock producers, who, were it not for the ethanol mandate, would be able to make an honest living without his help.

        This man has been placed where he is to totally destroy any independence left of our industries and private sectors.
        He gets an A+, huh??

        • Jay-Jay,
          Why anyone would vote for him is unbelievable. He should be fired for the poor job he has done running this country. Anyone with his performance out in the real world would have been fired 3 years ago. It just goes for the sheer stupidity of the people out there. I know Romney will probably not be any better, but he hasnt proved that he is an incompetent either.

          • The DHS scum got busted, and now they know everything they do is being watched so they must hide it better. The people are waking up at a quicker rate than it first suspected they would.

            My question is, why would an American company bid to be the suppliers of bullets that are meant to kill THEIR OWN employees?

            Somehow I doubt there will be an election this year. They will need those bullets in effort to stay in power. I only hope there are enough soldiers and militarized local police to shoot them in the right direction, away from the People they are supposed to protect.

            • Social Security Administration to purchase 174,000 Rounds of hollow point bullets.

              National Weather Service to purchase 46,000 rounds of hollow point bullets.


            • KY Mom, interesting quote from your link

              “””As the Business Insider notes, hollow point bullets have been “illegal in international warfare since 1899.”””

              Must be for domestic purposes.

              On the other hand, the military is nothing but an illegal international war machine so why would it follow international law?

            • Money is more important than people…Besides the manufacturers think if they play ball, when the genocide comes, they will get to live.

              One more thing, dhs has bought huge quantities of rdx, and ammonium nitrate, probably for the next big false flag. The quantities they purchased were large enough to do a couple of OKC’s…but it’s just for training dogs, you know…

              The parasites who have taken over are nothing short of evil, biut then marxists are that way.

            • Maybe CHinamart will bid with bullets from their China.

            • Shekels…dude. That’s why! Its mega shekels vs an EPA audit or a harsh OSHA inspection. You know the drill, right?

              Agreed, the ammo is to ensure the continuity of tyranny, while the public fails to realize that the Constitution & Bill of Rights have been, for all practical purposes……..redacted in entirety!

              Think about it.

            • One obvious part of ZOG’s ammunition orders is to siphon off the ammo, so it is not available for us goyim to purchase.

            • A question that has to be asked, concerning the ammo purchase. Where did these agencies get the weapons that require the ammo? Are they issued and gov’t purchased?

            • God Creation and KY Mom: Almost all federal agencies including Soc. Sec., HHS, and others have undercover agents investigating fraud. The better known ones such as the Secret Service, ATF, and CBP, which is part of Homeland Security (ICE), also have armned agents. They only carry sidearms unless there’s a really big bust. Within CBP these agents are only a small part of the organization. The uniformed officers are the bulk of the agency, formerly U.S. Customs, INS, and Border Patrol. Border Patrol has long guns but the rest of the officers at the borders, airports, and seaports (CBP Officers) have not been trained or issued any long guns. They carry an H&K .40cal. with three magazines, a baton, and some also carry pepper spray, that’s it. What is frightening is that many of these agencies have also developed their own SRT (Special Response Team) including the uniformned CBP Officers. These SRTs do have and train with long guns. The CBP SRT was developed, we were told, to respond nation wide to any terroist threat and back up the local troops. But then again, these groups are very small so their use is limited by their size. Still, it’s a little un-nerving to see all of these agencies militarized, even if the groups are small.

            • hey GC,
              its because these fools dont fucking read history…how many business tycoons and generals helped get Hitler into power? And how many of them ended up in Gestapo cellars? Sometimes I despair of the human race EVER learning anything from history!

          • Obama is going to win even by cheating. They are going to rig the voting and the Independent Agency in control of counting the votes will be paid off and under orders to rig it. AND thats why DHS is preparing, with this urgency in the ammo purchase, because this will lead to social unrest when its announced that Obama has won.

            • Yes, nuttshell with two t’s and the SS Admin. acquiring bullets?
              They are about to stop those checks?? I haven’t heard from filing 2 weeks ago–strange??
              Now, what about the national weather service–they gonna put us down like dogs after the hurricane?? Geeze.

            • You have got to be kidding. George Soros owns the company in Greece that counts votes, and that company just bought up the largest vote-counting (or reporting) company in the USA, so IF there is an election this November, then all those votes end up getting “counted” in Greece. Since a) George Soros ownes the company, and b) George Soros is a HUGE supporter of Black Hitler Obermeister (you-know-who) and c) once the votes are “sent” to be counted etc., in Greece, they are no longer available for any sort of a re-count at all…… that leaves just one possibility – no wonder Obumfer told the Russian President that he would be more flexible with Vladimir Putin AFTER he (Obumfer) wins the November election — FOLKS THE VOTES ARE CAST ALREADY! As Stalin famously said, “it does not matter who votes, what matters is who counts the votes” and that’s all I got to say ’bout dat! GOD HELP US!

            • This barely scratches the surface and only names a few names (and certainly does not name the worst of the worst), but it does begin to reveal the scope of the problem:

              The Global 1%: Exposing the Transnational Ruling Class


            • @ nut—–I’m not a real religious person,but more & more it seems like Obamy is the ‘Anti-Christ we’ve been told is coming for years! But Rummy is no better,protector of the RICH and wants to start a war with Iran soon as he’s in office! I think I’ll start headin for a cave that I know of ,REAL SOON!!!

            • Arming for the planned coup d’etat. It’s interesting to note that Obama is using Hitler’s plan, i.e. have your operatives (Blacks) create civil unrest. Declare marshal law. Then have your personal goon squads (DHS) quell the unrest (which will be Whites arming themselves). Blacks will set the keg off, but it will be Whites that Obama plans to shoot.

          • Jim, at night I pray for relief of this idiot govt and administration..and I ask myself..
            how can this credent sleep nights, for I know he has staff that peruse every issue of these type blogs(thank you Mac) for negative remarks, a feel of the true country for him and his idiots and is very aware of the hatred toward him as no other president in any other time in my lifetime.

            • Too many had that hatred before he even took office, that’s where the real shame lies!

          • Why are they buying all of this ammo? Perhaps this roumor is true.
            This is just a rumor, but it is a must to read this notice.

            Please read!!

            Joe Angione is a former columnist for The Villages Daily Sun. Click Joe Angione
            to email Joe.

            An Obama rumor that must never become reality

            A good journalist is usually taught not to print rumors or at least never to present them as the truth.

            What I’m going to report here is only a rumor that presently can’t be confirmed. But it is of such magnitude that it must be made known if only to prepare America for a possible terrible eventuality. And while it has not been confirmed, neither can it authoritatively and convincingly be denied, certainly not in a United States where our Constitutional rights are under constant attack.

            This rumor involves an agent of the Department of Homeland Security who allegedly informed a reporter at the Canada Free Press of a “false flag” or faked event to be initiated by Obama administration operatives in the hope of preventing the November presidential elections.

            Canada Free Press (CFP) is an independent, conservative, electronic daily newspaper, updated several times a day. It boasts more than 100 writers and columnists who file stories regularly to the newspaper from all corners of the globe.
            According to the newspaper’s coverage of this DHS “whistleblower,” the event would be a staged assassination attempt on the life of President Obama that would be blamed on “white supremacists” and subsequently used to enrage black and Hispanic communities driving them to rioting all across the nation.

            The faked assassination, says the CFP report, would be carried out through the assistance of DHS agents, and “other colluders” taking their orders from the White House
            . The objective would be to stir up enough racial unrest to justify the imposition of martial law in major urban cities, including erecting DHS checkpoints, restricting travel, and delaying (possibly indefinitely) the November 2012 elections.

            Doug Hagmann, reporting in the May 8, 2012 edition of the Canada Free Press wrote that his informant works in “the upper-echelon of DHS”, which he described as “effectively under the control of Barack Hussein Obama.”

            Hagmann’s contact said: “The DHS is actively preparing for massive social unrest inside the United States . He then corrected himself, stating that ‘a civil war’ is the more appropriate term. Certain elements of the government are not only expecting and preparing for it, they are actually facilitating it.”

            The DHS whistleblower mentioned a recent meeting at the Department of Homeland Security where plans were discussed to use pawns to simulate the rioting seen in the Arab Spring countries that would bring on a “controlled chaos” for the benefit of the Obama administration.

            “Envisioned by these conspirators are riots starting in urban areas such as New York , followed by a disruption of business and commerce,” the DHS source added. “They want to restrict travel, if not through high energy prices, then by checkpoints and curfews mandated by the rioting and unrest…The whole purpose is to keep Obama in office for another term, no matter how unpopular he is, as he is not finished changing our country from a Constitutional Republic .”

            This certainly isn’t the first rumor to surface about Mr. Obama’s intention to subvert the U.S. Constitution, by manipulating economic, racial and social issues that would polarize Americans and bring on enormous conflict but the full measure of this contrived event, if true, involves total suspension of our democratic rights, and repression on a scale never thought possible in the America we’ve known and cherished all our lives.

            It’s a rumor that bears watching…and is worth spreading because the more people who know about it–and understand the high level of deceit and treachery that confronts us daily in Washington –the less likely it is for the rumor to become a reality.
            The lesson here is that if people are aware of the possibility, even remote, of some great calamity befalling them, they’re on guard…they’re prepared…their defenses are up, and those who would commit evil, will back down fearing a confrontation they can’t win.

            The more we talk about the potential for a staged, bogus presidential assassination that would trigger massive civil unrest and possible martial law, the stronger is our defense against it actually occurring. The nation will be watching. Patriots everywhere will be on alert. The Obama administration will be under scrutiny more intense than ever before. It doesn’t have the guts to take on millions of Americans when we’re ready for anything.

            Sometimes rumors are a good thing……JA

            • The presidential race is a charade. Both Obama and Romney take their marching orders from the same dynastic banksters. So, while Obama might be an actor in the next false flag operation, the operation certainly will not be intended for his benefit, but for the benefit of the Zionist tribe that loots, kills, and enslaves us.

              Besides, how many of you would hold still trusting that you would walk away from such a plan?

            • We can also hope that the “fake assassin” misses his target and actually kills the Imposter residing in the White House by “mistake”.

            • Although there is just a slight chance that you may be right, what should your penalty be if you’re found to be wrong? Rumor’s can be dangerous and can cause irreputable harm.
              Think long and hard before posting this kin of stuff, do a good fact check 1’st.

            • that rumor sounds alot like the trick that was 9=11 . All the setup for a rumor enables the actual deed to occur with confusion about it being real.

          • He was not selected to run the country but to ruin the country. He gets an A+ for that. If he gets a second term he will take off the gloves and destroy everything while a cowardly congress sits and watches. I despise Michelle Bachmann as she was the one most responsible for getting the Patriot Act extended/renewed and NDAA written. Dumb bitch.

          • To the contrary, Romney has proven that he is a competent and effective leader and can get the job done. No one is going to be happy with every decision made. Generally, there are so many competing interests, trickle-down effects and variables involved in a decision that only a subject matter expert can truly understand any given issue. Politicians, not to their descredit, are rarely the subject matter experts but Romney will surround himself with the smart people – unlike our terrorist in chief who surrounds himself with self-righteous, idiolistic, idiots and America-haters who believe us “little” people need their help. I agree with you, how can anyone vote for Barry/Barack –whatever the f his name is. With Obama there is no hope. With Romney, there is a chance for the American people to do what they do best – make it happen on our own. Government needs to stay out of our lives – yes, this is oversimplified so all you self-righteous socialists just calm down….

        • oh yeah, back to the story. Another nail in the coffin.

          • Very Unsettling….

            Why would they buy 1,000,000,000 bullets? What rational reason could they possibly give other than they expect unrest.

            It is brewing folks….soon it will come to a head. Do you really think it will wait until after November to do so?

            • Look folks, have any of ya read the GIVE Act of 2009?

              If not, go do it. It’s 196 pgs are filled with intel! Yes, it’s a hard read, but look at it from a psyops standpoint. It makes perfect sense why this is happening. Why they are purchasing so much ammo. Within that document you will find where they are training up the “Civilian” corps. It includes juvenile delinquents, former gang members, habitual offenders who have been in youth facilities, and the like. What better people to have in a Civilian “Army”, or as Obama put it — “a force just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the U.S. military.”

              Well folks, who do you think NOW is getting that ammo? Hmmmmmmmm?

            • Redacting (purpose?)
              1) Not bugeted.
              2) Not authorized.
              3) In order for this amount(both ammo and spent dollars)
              justification has to be made and approved in writing.
              4) Most Important Reason: no one was suppose to know.

              Like fast and furious, the ammo purchase is surcumventing due process. Another words: someone has to answer for this mess. (You got it, it goes all the way to the top). And who will come foward?

            • You gotta buy the bullets while you can afford them otherwise you have to use alternative means to get rid of your citizens(woops enemies of the state) like gas chambers or slave labor starvation camps(otherwise known as FEMA camps)!!!

            • Tina – It has to happen before the election so Barry can declare Martial Law which will suspend the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Congress and the Election. He is a Marxist Socialist and does not intend to leave office.

              All that I can say for now is get ready, prepare yourself and stock plenty of food and water, this may take a while. This is a must win for our side.

            • Israeli minister warns of 30-day war with Iran

              Posted on Drudge Report

            • WHy would anyone purchase a large quantity of bullets?

              Simply because they think that bullet production is going to be curtailed. This is not for tomorrow – – it’s for 10 – 20 years, etc.

        • “You Can’t Eat your Puddin’ , till you Eat your GMO poison laced laboratory grown eugenics UN AGENDA 21 synthetic meat!”

          non-gmo drug chem free meat in the new gestapo ameriKa nwo un agenda 21 cia fascist freemason zionist jooo world future is only for the Rich!

          None of you are that Rich!

          Only poachers will have fresh real meat in the future!

          Buy a Crossbow or Bow w/ spare parts while you still can!

          Learn to hunt at night! Learn to butcher ! Beware of wolves bear cougars if you do poach at night they will be attracted to the blood.

          Yes … this sheeit is really happening and its all planned out intentional by the nwo un agenda 21 ptb.


          • I get sick of all your brain-dead Nazi references to Jews and Zionists.

            • @barn cat … i apologize to you for it offending you so much. its not my intention to offend you @barn cat … i’m simply trying to awaken people to the truth of our world and those destroying poisoning it around us for their own selfish self serving reasons.

              please forgive me.


          • p.s.

            *** beware of zoological diseases from wild game when butchering … wash your meat and self thoroughly after butchering. beware of open cuts wear gloves. only hunt/ butcher away from your home/ shelter. don’t set a pattern – change up your area of hunting so you aren’t followed and poached yourself. watch your 6.


          • Nina, you always come thisclose to contributing some real good, valid info, then you start in with all this nwo zion joo stuff, and my personal pet peeve, putting a K in America….please explain that shit to me, I’m really trying hard to like what you bring to the table, but that crap turns me off…

            • hi ;0) @dixon jabuti (i like your name has a nice ring) … phew … you don’t ask for much huh ;0)?

              do you have a few hours and a sixpack of coor’s gold? as i explain my valid factually truthfully proved reasons for my writing style and subliminal meanings word personal spelling style. of the truth of our very real 1% GLOBAList banker secret political societies CIA (thieving murdering domestic-terrorist) run wash dc fedgov and individual (nwo u.n. controlled financed influenced) state governments and their un agenda 21 global death eugenics population control , DE-industrialization plans for the usa (america) and the worlds 99% brown skinned poor?

              phew ;0) your not asking for much.

              honestly … this is something you must learn on your own so you may form your own opinions for yourself of what is the truth of the world around you ! i am only here to stimulate thoughts – not to teach. you must discover on your own … start here at this link please (see below)

              WHAT IS THE TRUTH of the world around you?

              This is something every man woman child must learn for themselves … to Break Free of global THOUGHT CONTROL enslavement!

              You must learn to THINK FOR YOURSELF!

              QUESTION EVERYTHING? ;0)


            • Dixon, the problem with all of this is it is void of any mention of God, the one True God. Without God, nothing matters. Keep that in mind too please.

          • Nina , has anyone told you that you’re a bit, um, eccentric?

            • I’ll add it to the list .

              oh isn’t it time for you to go watch “The Man Show” i hear the juggies will be jumping on trampolines again . That should be just your speed ! Don’t forget that suitcase of budweiser beer .


          • cocopuff, I’m just curious and not judging, and with all due respect how old are you? and what state do you live in. Just curios how you think and if you were a east coast or west coast or not even in the US. Wont ask or say one bad thing about you, just very curious if you dont mind. Thanks

            • coco, im just tryin to understand if you read into conflict overseas or here and the jew thing. No problems just curious your age. I never attack anyones beliefs. If I don’t like them I just skip over it and go on. SO if I get thumbs down over this I just don’t care makes no difference to me. Just trying to exchange knowledge on here and if I can understand where people sometimes are from or age you can relate to them a bit better or a differnt way. thats all.

            • ;0P pssszzt … all you need to know is I’m a FreeMan American Constitutionalist Patriot Veteran who is preparing daily to Physically Fight the U.N. NWO Gestapo Zionist Fascist Commie Controlled FEDGOV as necessary to ensure that future Natural born generations of Americans and my own Natural Born American Family know what True Freedom is !!!

              Janet Napolitano Director of DHS would label me a “Lone Wolf Veteran Domestic Terrorist!” Which one day will be her own undoing as I know she is really a Fraud , she’s an Accomplice of Murder , Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Guilty of Destroying the Evidence of the CIA FBI FEDGOV MURDER of young babies and children in Oklahoma City Oklahoma CIA FBI FEDGOV Black OPS FALSE-FAG BOMBINGS and helped cover up the Oklahoma City Federal Bldg Bombings for (Child Murderer Drug Runner Cop Killer) ex puppet prez Bill Clinton and his (Vince Foster murdering) wife Hilary Rodam Clinton.

              What Goes Around eventually Comes Around !!!

              DHS Director Janet Napolitano will some day eat those words Declaring Free American Patriots and Veterans Terrorists !!!

              I can promise you all that in blood !!! She’s an accomplice to Murder of Babies and children in FEDGOV Oklahoma City Bombings !!!

              Who’s the Real Terrorist America ???


            • @clint hospo ;0P pssszzt … all you need to know is I’m a FreeMan American Constitutionalist Patriot Veteran who is preparing daily to Physically Fight the U.N. NWO Gestapo Zionist Fascist Commie Controlled FEDGOV as necessary to ensure that future Natural born generations of Americans and my own Natural Born American Family know what True Freedom is !!!

              Janet Napolitano Director of DHS would label me a “Lone Wolf Veteran Domestic Terrorist!” Which one day will be her own undoing as I know she is really a Fraud , she’s an Accomplice of Murder , Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Guilty of Destroying the Evidence of the CIA FBI FEDGOV MURDER of young babies and children in Oklahoma City Oklahoma CIA FBI FEDGOV Black OPS FALSE-FAG BOMBINGS and helped cover up the Oklahoma City Federal Bldg Bombings for (Child Murderer Drug Runner Cop Killer) ex puppet prez Bill Clinton and his (Vince Foster murdering) wife Hilary Rodam Clinton.

              What Goes Around eventually Comes Around !!!

              DHS Director Janet Napolitano will some day eat those words Declaring Free American Patriots and Veterans Terrorists !!!

              I can promise you all that in blood !!! She’s an accomplice to Murder of Babies and children in FEDGOV Oklahoma City Bombings !!!

              Who’s the Real Terrorist America ???


            • @clint hospo
              quote : im just tryin to understand if you read into conflict overseas or here and the jew thing.

              1.) the topic answers your reaching for is what ??? be specific please the conflict in the united states is directly tied to the conflict over seas – THE PROBLEMS Americans Face Daily IS GLOBAL as they originate not in washington dc but NEW YORK CITY NY – WALLSTREET . And wallstreet ALONG WITH the PRIVATE owned 12 American FEDERAL RESERVES , THE CITY OF LONDON ENGLAND AND THE VATICAN OF ROME ITALY RULE OWN ENSLAVE CONTROL MUCH OF THE WORLD !!!

              then add the stock market as of 2008 is dead rigged a PONZI FRAUD and DON’T FORGET THE pissed off russians and chinese who are getting robbed literally of 100’s of billions TRILLIONS by the above mentioned people and you are truly in a pickle OF A BRAIN TWIST!!!

              2.) AN the jewish thing ;0) is americas number #1 big problem at the moment from wallstreet to hollywood to wash dc TO THE MIDDLE EAST and even american state politics , their control power manipulation is total saturation !!!

              what is it you want to know @clint h ???

              your asking “checkers” questions about a game of “global chess” ???

              your trying to see the big picture of whats really happening nationally globally on a flat surface … you can’t see it all IN BLACK AND WHITE on just a flat surface you have to view it all IN COLOR 3D from multiple layers at multiple angles … get it ???

              *** just start with a simple question you have of why does NinaO dislike zionist communist jews and research it on-line www , eventually if you read deep enough you will see why i don’t like zionist communist jews in america or in the middle east !!!

              *** The jews belong on a vacant isolated island where they can do no one no harm and live as they please on that same island !!!




          • I will tell you what, I liked your answer this morning on thursday. thats ok you dont have to give your age. im 40 been in war, from midwest. checkers huh, that made me smile. take care man, I like the energy you have

            • @ch

              by your own self description “We” ate the same dirt in some places , have the same combat training knowledge and are of the same generation . you though operated experienced the illegal ameriKan foreign invasion false global terrorist occupation wars in a different theater of war than i .

              i use a “K” in ameriKa too make people subliminally aware that the united states of ameriKa is a lie and is actually run controlled by a shadow government of global secret societies globalist foreign fascist freemasons london england , italian black jesuits priests of the vatican rome italy and zionist commmie jooo’s from around the world as of by U.S. Constitution Law very illegal secretly formed written executed Un-Constitutional corrupt foreign banker creation of the – 1913 federal reserve act and the very Un-Constitutional ILLEGAL irs act which was never made into law not ratified . yes thats right the very money you use daily is by U.S. Constitutional Law “Illegal” and you are not by U.S. Constitutional Law required to report or pay federal taxes also “Illegal” !!!



              that is why i use a K in ameriKa , cause ameriKa is a foreign fascist zionist communist illegally run controlled manipulated cia mk-ultra lie !!!

              be safe prepare if you need a place to bug-out evacuate too head for the north west rockies @ch folks here are finally waking up to the real truth about ameriKa. beware of the locals locals though some are thieving dimtards severe druggies alchi’s and predators.

              watch your six stay frosty @ch.


          • I will tell you what, I liked your answer this morning on thursday. thats ok you dont have to give your age. im 40 been in war, from midwest. checkers huh, that made me smile. take care man, I like the energy you have

            • Truth spoken ,this man understood how to explain complex ideas to common people. He wrote revolutionary papers that drove people to fight for freedom. Rights of Man & Age of Reason.
              Reason obeys itself, ignorance does what is dictated.
              Libery is a law of nature that binds us fighting for a principle which cannot be taken. Its our duty to provide that unto following geenerations above everthing else.


        • This is not any one administrators doing. It’s Obama. You cut off the head of the snake the snake dies. This can only happen because the head of the snake authorized it, condoned it, allowed it, and is encouraging it. They (Gov’t and Obama-Rama) are not only doing it to this ammo issue, but are doing it with fuel and food. Transport will stop, They will stop it to starve out and subjugate people. People who are starving without food and water and guns and ammo, will give up and acquiesce. They will submit to control. Obama has GOT TO GO. OMG, OMG, OMG OBAMA-MUST-GO, and where is the Attorney General of the Justice department? he’s in bed with them. So is Napolitano. They are all crooks working for the banks, when they deliberately engineer the GREATEST THEFT of WEALTH in American history and flush our rights with it.

          • Do you really think community organizer putz is that well thought out, ahead of the curve?? My only real problem with conspiracies are they give too much credit.

            I’ll bet this ammo thing boils down to some gov knucklhead ( could be ‘bama) thinking they buy all the ammo, it will dry up supply and raise prices. Keep it out of the hands of the folks. We just need to find out where they’re storing it. Plus, they are spending dollars like drunken sailors. All kinds of emergency/FEMA type chit. pisssing it away.
            ( Have seen it. Op-sec precludes details)

          • Stanley–There’s not enough incompetence in the world to have had this all happen, this destruction from all means and all sides; this is planned, executed by many higher than the fraud in office that he stole.
            He ain’t that powerful or smart–hell, the man can’t even speak without a teleprompter.
            DO NOT give him credit and ushering in is Romney to finish the job for the oligarchy, that is running this country.

          • @Stanley

            Sorry, wrong answer! You’re 1/2 way there, though.

            The bi-sexual, communist illegal alien mulatto that you’re attempting to, pin the tail on the donkey (pun intended), is in truth, merely a frontman & lots o’ folks know it.
            He’s nothing more than a circled “U”, trademarked product.

            Think about it.

          • NO, I hear that the bum who is boss in Canada has already passed the UN Agenda 21 under a different name. Herr Harper has also stated publicly that he is in favor of “Global Governance” (a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT) – maybe he is waiting to become a small spoke in a big wheel??? Just my thought…

          • @
            With all due respect, you can’t cut off the head of the snake when the snake controlling the events that are unfolding is not flesh. He is the dragon and his spirit controls the minds of TPTB. Only God can do that and it will happen in due time. There has to be a “sorting out” first, and then the “reckoning”. We which are alive and remain will see these things come to pass as God has so intented.

            As far as ammo being bought up by gov. groups that apparently have no need for such; it could be a two-fold deal. They (many gov. controlled groups) are doing so to keep that ammo out of the hands of law abiding citizens, or they are so scared that people will revolt against any agency causing them strife. Only God knows for sure, and I don’t care, except for the fact that it is against the wishes of the people for them to spend taxpayer $$ on things that are not directly related to their operation.

            It is evident that things are “ramping” up to a boiling point and things are about to get a lot “hotter”. More than just the weather. The jig is up! Wake up! Look up! and Praise be to the Saviour, for our redemption draweth nigh! Happy Hunting!

        • Please see the movie ‘2016’. Extremely informative.

        • mac

          The original post came from endthelie about 3 or 4 days ago

          read it entirely’s a 91 page pdf document from the feds site

          the site administrator took the time and equated all the requests..and added up all the ammo to 750 million rounds all total

          they fail to mention the actual requests for firearms themselves as well..

          infowars took it and ran with it..

          hopefully they give kudos to that site

          just saying..


        • They need this many rounds cause they can’t shoot worth a shit, spray and pray.

          I prefer shoot and scoot at a long distance. One shot one…well you get the idea!

        • I wrote this below but wanted people to see this, this is very important if this is about a billion of .223 rounds here is what I said below,,Im I loosing it or the only one that caught on to this above!! They are not talking about a billion .40 cal pistol handgun in the blackout form above! They are talking about .223 duty rounds which is the ar-15 or the new FN-Scar .223 which many of the military are using, this is not a pistol round preppers. this round that is 62grain bullet weight and 64grain duty round is for troops that carry an ar-15 and this shoots at 3020FPS(feet per second) and is by Federal Ammo company. This is what national guard and troops carry not a pistol ammo people. This is called xm855 62 grain green tip steel penetrator round that will pierce thru kevlar eazy and go thru thin steel plates! They are getting serious and what I’m saying is 100percent accurate. This is not pistol round this is armor piercing ammo for a ar-15 gun which many companies and troops carry. colt,LWRC,FN(SCAR) and others!!! You see they blacked out the name of the shell which this is anytime they call it duty round its the best round mainly and if this is billions of .223 this is for troops not your pistol round! This makes things different now I thought it was 750 million .40cal rounds purchased but if they purchased over a billion of these this is a new game!! THis really woke me up and literally, 1032pm wed aug 15th. Anyone not sure what im talking about chime in!!

          • This is off topic but not really, i believe they are going to put in these checkpoints in all major cities and do searches and if you have a weapon its going to get taken from you so remember that and not going to get it back and probably rounded up. 2nd is these checkpoints will do is contain you in your area with all sorts of troops, that makes sense for the bulletproof checkpoints. Then they are going to have a list or some computer to check you out fast while you hit the checkpoins if you need to travel and if on a list your gone or captured. So if all hell breaks lose and the government is taking over you must have a team or a plan to take down these areas and must do it quickly before backup is directed there. Makes sense for the drones, a few flying in all major cities to sense heat and drifters in areas that are called with curfews which will alrert troops in hum-vees to go to the unknown or to capture you. So if they are killing or putting us into fema camps we must be able to target the checkpoints with long distace shooting. you know which ones here are capable of taking care of this. Once trapped in, We must have men or women who can take those 500+ yard headshots to takeout these illegal checkpoints. Don’t think you can just drive up and pop pop. they are going to be wearing kevlar vest plus with steel plates or ceramic plates on the outside to stop most guns so it would not be wise to aim for the chest. you must make a headshot or a buckshot or slug to the upper femar bone where it snaps and the artery in the leg wound bleeding would be hell for that person, the shock alone would cause them to drop. Don’t ever stand in one place for a long period of time, keep moving and practice shooting this way. I don’t care if you young punks or liberals thumbs me down, i know what I’m talking about been there and served in the military for many years so it doesn’t hurt my feelings idiots.You either take them out under 45 sec or hit and run and do not stay in one area, once reinforcements come in your done, don’t make that mistake. You either take out that dozen guys unknown and all coordinated quickly or take shots and get out. If on foot make sure to carry long guns with scope and pistol or shotgun with buckshot more preferred. You could take out your targets if have to run and hide inside a building near checkpoints. Don’t do this alone young people unless your good and trained and remember don’t ever stay in the same location in a city for more than a few min. Don’t shoot and then they shoot back and you keep firing, remember to think about where you are how to move and where your going to go to for backup point. But if we can all control the city and not a few dozen people to control us. Depends where you live number of roads etc. Make sure to wear earplugs at all times too, you wont flinch and will help you focus better, trust me on this one. This wont happen this was just a mock if china would invade us anyone reading this. From a movie RED Dawn for legal purpose.

            • I love all these people who have Rambo complexes. Some people have watched WAY too many movies. No. What’s going to happen if the SHTF is that you’re going to bug in if you haven’t gotten out of the area prior to any checkpoints. Realistically, you’re hunkering down in an attempt to ride whatever it is out. When a squad comes to your door you’re going to do your best to convince them you are unarmed and starving just like the rest of your neighbors. Maybe hand over a cheap expendable firearm to get them to leave.

              Those that think they’re going to blast away with their one man army are in for a rude wake up call and simply do not understand the overwhelming force the US military can bring when they need it. News flash people, we invade FOREIGN COUNTRIES, do you think your little compound and AR are going to make a bit of a difference? The first round you fire at them will be the last thing you do before a TOW missile or drone strike allows the squad to check your name off a list and move on.

              Rambo complexes, enjoy the rest of your short life.

        • God this is driving me nuts what is blacked out. if you hold your computer to the light you can just about make out the blacked out lines, at first I thought it was saying 5.7×28 but that makes no sense across the line what they are talking about. if any of you can make it out 100 percent or piece it together we can figure this out, you about can see it at certain angles. im talking about the 3rd black lineout down on the left side

          • If it is indeed 5.7×28 and AP, then it will most certianly pentatrate body armor, Just tested the same round against the FBI body armor at 20 meters and the round went thru three plates frontal and two plas back. Total of 5 plates at 20 meters, The FiveSeven hand gun capable of 30 round clips(handgun) and the ps90 50 round clips. Lost of fire power and weapons (both) very accurate.

            • Texas its not 5.7×28 i know that the end looks like 600,000 is what im getting out of it. I have the ps90 and about 1500 rounds of 198’s and 100 of 195’s and 200 of ss190’s. Texas got a question, when you shot that were these plates are soft kevlar that you shot it thru. and if plates what name were they. just curious. I took my .338 laupa at 10 yards and shot it thru 1 inch of steel. One inch!! A couple of the rounds blew the steel and deformed it out like a balloon. If i can find an old sapi plate, I want to try it at 300 yards to see what the effects are. I don’t trust what i read or even see sometimes. Meaning my study

          • Arkaden your right about 90 percent, we are going to have to act tired and poor and hungery and weaponless. 100 percent accurate, but if you are afraid to fire back is not going to be hard for them to take everything we have. So we are both right. I have been in war. im sure you have too. im 40 years old. been there and done that. Have shot guns competitively for years. Not on a national level. But what im doing is trying to create ideas and make people think differently in times of war or conflict. im just trying to spark an idea in someones owns mind that can give them an idea. Your not going to win against 12 people but if you know your neighborhood/city well about 200,000 people in that city you know the area, hiding spots, get aways, vs someone who has not spent there whole time there such as a guard that might of been in the city but donest know shortcuts etc. that is all im saying. nothing more. so if you got to fire at one bad guy you can get to a known friends house or on the other side of town by foot being covert

            • Arkaden..agree on some of what you said, but my guess is they will try to starve us out, cut the Power etc..they are not going to assault every person that takes up arms, they don”t have the Manpower to do it, Major cities should be avoided, as the Gang Bangers will rule there, I think people will rally in their AO, and stop the Influx, of Outsiders, and that includes the JBT If only 3% of us Fight, thats about 30 Million Pissed of Patriots..just saying!

          • clint hospo: I also have the Barret 98B, sweet, Yes we tested the PS90 and FiveSeven on the same vest from 20 meters with the same results, went thru 5 steel plates. The vest was level IV protection. This should give you the information you looking for. Remember we utilized the AP rounds. Have a great day.

          • Clint;

            I actually have the Purchase Order (PO) that was submitted for the massive ammo purchase, It lists like a who’s who for weapons, 40 cal, 45, 38, 7.62×39, etc. Alot of the ammo being purchased is for the AK 47???? Fast and furious again, perhaps the weapons that did get across now needs the ammo? Whos knows, Just really curious about the amount. Quite unsual for a Gov’t agency(s) especially since they only used half that amount in the last five years….. Stay alert.

        • The government is NOT our friend and they are NOT here to protect us.

        • Have you seen the movie Obama’s America 2016? It explains exactly what he is doing and WHY. Everyone needs to see this movie and be registered to vote for November. Mitt Romney is no savior but my god people, if we don’t get Obama out of the White House, we will be completely destroyed.

        • Maybe his plan for helping with the food shortage is to seriously reduce the number of useless eaters.

        • You mean the ethanol mandate that W. Bush signed into law as part of his “twenty in ten” oil dependency reduction plan?

      2. So this means we are safe then?

        • No, it doesn’t.

            • It’s to use against all the old geezers when their checks don’t arrive after the election. Won’t have to wait for Obama care to thin the geezer herd. Who the hell uses .357 anyway? No law enforcement or military still use revolvers.

        • If DHS is purchasing all this ammo, then ammo could soon be in short supply at retailers. I have heard that some retailers recently have found it ‘challenging’ to keep stocked on ammo. I am assuming that the orders for DHS will get ‘first priority’ when getting filled. The most recent DHS order included some different types of ammo.

          Hmmm…could this be the latest gun control?…make it difficult for citizens to acquire ammo.

          • Very interesting point KY Mom. They’ve purchased .223, .40 cal, .357, and whatever else. You’re theory sounds reasonable and I can see how this could be TPTB’s way of doing maximum damage without ‘firing a shot’.

          • Not necessarily a short supply of ammo but maybe the components to make ammo, KY Mom. The Feds take RFP competitive bids before issuing a purchase order over a $-limit (used to be $10K, don’t know anymore). The awards are generally based on price and delivery date/turn-around. If they are only awarding one manufacturer for the purchase orders, the “priority” would only be from that one particular manufacturer. Of course, there are raw materials that go into bullet-making so from a supply-side shortage, certain powders and copper might be in short supply.

          • KY Mom: You are right on, I have said this before, forget them coming for the guns (that would be a meat grinder for them) just dry up the ammo supply, along with parts to fix’m. They are not dumb, they know what cal’s to dry up. They are not buy 270,243,22-250, etc. you all know what I mean. For what it’s worth. no buy up on 22lr, 22mag hint hint. Shotgun rounds are not high on their list also. Use or should I say trade a 22lr or 22mag, and you have a very nice M-16, oh and no paper work.

        • They still bought the bullets, they just don’t want you to know how many.

      3. just reload….

      4. The government blacks out anything and everything that it doesn’t want everyone to see, and THEN they have the audacity to tell the public that they are being straight up and transparent. What I don’t like is how california red flags anyone who purchases more than 1000 rounds in a 5 day period. Hasn’t anyone heard of people that shoot in competition, or just have purchased what they need at the time? When I lived in california the laws there were unbelievably suffocating towards people that were honest and less so towards rights of the common criminal that vitimizes.

        I am just gald that there are sites like this one to make everyone aware of what crap the government tries to pull over the eyes. Sneaky governments seem to always trip themselves up eventually, and this is something postitive that comes from this.

          • Long guns? Assault weapons? What guns, what weapons? I don’t own any of those dangerous things!

            (**or at least none they will be able to find**) 😉

            • Anonymous

              Bet you had a boating accident didn’t you? I know this because it is a very common occurrence over there, the Colorado is a very dangerous place for gun enthusiasts.

              Take care

            • Hey Burt, I live right on the Colorado river and I can tell you that navigating it sometimes can be hazardous because of all the spills that have taken place! We are a clumbsy bunch here.

          • In 2014, I will register NOTHING. Same as 2012.

          • @anymice….

            And I will guarantee you that after they are registered, the next step will be them demanding that you turn them in.

            They’ve already done this once…..with the SKS type-56 with detachable magazine. Initially, it was “register them and we’ll let you keep them”. Then it was…..”Gee, we changed our minds. Turn them in.”

            Anyone who registers a firearm in the State of California is a fool.

            It’s time to resist this tyranny.

            • You don’t have much choice if you are buying one of the so called assault weapons. they give you a special permit to have it. I would take an old Garrand anyday over a M-16. You tag someone with a .30-.06 vest or no vest they are going down.

        • “`were unbelievably suffocating towards people that were honest and less so towards rights of the common criminal that vitimizes“`
          that was to keep the congress from being prosecuted!!!

        • The Calif. state law does not apply to what is purchased by the Federal govt. The state of Calif. has no say in it. The bigger king rule.

      5. Pretty son they will have a red flag for the purchase of more than 72 rolls of TP in one day.

        What’s dumb?
        Directions on toilet paper.

        What’s dumber than that?
        Reading them.

        Even dumber?
        Reading them and learning something.

        Dumbest of all?
        Reading them and having to correct
        something you’ve been doing wrong.

        Y’all Beware! Hope they wipe themselves out of office.

        • @Y’allB,
          ROFLMAO, Thank you for the laugh this afternoon, I needed it

          now I have some reading to do!!!

          • All it says is: “Use both sides before discarding”

        • Haha! I actually went and looked at my toilet paper to see if it had directions! It honestly would not have surprised me if it did.

          • “For External Use Only”

        • I busted a gut laughing at that one Y’all Beware! Thanks!

      6. Looks like DHS is hoarding what will likely be the next currency. Good for them!

        • If DHS is hoarding ammo then they too are preppers, doesn’t that constitute as a domestic terrorist as well? After all they are buying more then 1000 round in bulk

          • Thus the redaction so they aren’t on “their own list”! LOL!

          • Fresh off Drudge!
            DHS, puts in order for 730,000 rolls of Charmen toilet paper!
            Only the best for these assholes.

        • I think it’s time to buy me a .40 cal Glock. Seems they may need some help using all that ammo.

          • If you are a little quicker i’m sure you can have all you want when the time comes.

        • Why is that good? What does DHS need with all that ammunition being that 90 percent of their people are office workers.

      7. Maybe they are playing for the obama bump? If obama were re elected (OMG) the chances of another run on ammo with him not beholden to the voters ever again is quite real.

        Now mind you I played the last obama bump quite well….I didn’t buy any but when my fellow gun owners began suffering this horrible economy in late 09 I stocked up nicely.

        BTW update: SB249 a true assault weapon ban for us in CA appears to have hit a nice road block. Doesn’t mean they won’t try again.

      8. They keep taking all these names of us then they best be willing to wake up to the biggest headline ever seen !


        Hey! News flash! It will not be WORTH IT!

      9. I am guessing the citizens of America buy a heck of a lot more than this.

        U.S. citizens own 270 million of the world’s 875 million known firearms, according to the Small Arms Survey 2007 by the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies.

        So lets say that every gun has 100 rounds to its name.

        Thats 27 billion rounds. I do think they are outgunned when it comes to conventional hand to hand combat. Its the tanks and artillery that the citizens do not have, or the eye in the sky.

        • But we got DRONES! Oh I didn’t say that…

        • Douglas MacArthur bypassed the Japanese strong points, cut supply lines and left Japanese troops to starve on unsupported islands. With this strategy in mind all that is needed to to prevent the people from getting food. Given sufficient starvation and loss of energy resources the majority will either die or surrender. Most people are not self sufficient. That is the Achilles heel.

          • Right. Recall that the Emergency Defense Preparedness Executive Order signed by Obama (one in a long line of EO’s dealing with COG), all prepared food resources will be handled by FEMA in conjunction with the USDA, INCLUDING bottled water. All other water resources within the country are under the charge of the DOD.

            There will be plenty of food … in the camps. At least at first.

            • Yep they get legal control, but they won’t have the man power to actually control it. Even with all their ammo they can’t stop 3 million people from gardening, self sufficiency and feeding their own little army! They’ll need farmers and they won’t be easily swayed to provide for FEMA.

          • Jim

            If you substance farm and don’t travel using fuel you just fulfilled a goal of Agenda 21. If need be they can cull the herd from the air if they deem it necessary.

            They can stop you from growing any food in abundance. Remember Agent Orange?

            • Planes like that…..we call them soft targets

          • Just like Russia did to the Germans. Germans started cannibalizing their own.

        • Doesn’t seem to bother the afghans or iraqis or anyone else we’ve tried to police over the last 50 years. They can’t stomp out insurgency completely and that is why they will lose in the end. Many may die for freedom again but if they can’t beat a bunch of guys in caves and dudes in the desert, they won’t beat us!!!

          • The achilles heel of .gov is that the machine requires massive injections of cash daily to survive. If we are not going to work and paying taxes, where will they get it? They will be in a race to beat us into submission before the beast starves. They may get some (even most) of us, but .gov cannot operate as it does today without millions of americans feeding the beast.

          • that will be their undoing. They created alot of insurgents while we were in iraq and afgan. Alot of us are civilians now and remember everything we learned over their. If they dont get us in the first wave, it will be their biggest mistake. But, I know I am somewhere near the top of their list.

            • (there) oops

        • Gravlore,
          You keep telling yourself that. Take on a squad that did a couple of tours in Iraq or Afghanistan going house to house, and you have no support. You will be dead in half an hour.

          • I’ll get one.

        • You actually think people are going to fight back against trained troops or the cops? get real, so far no one has made so much as a whimper no matter how outrageous the insult. You really think someone is going to risk getting their entire family killed by shooting a couple of Feds? Get a clue. Not going to happen, we will go quietly to the camps just like the Jews and the Russian people when the NKVD came and got them.

          • John W..Speak for yourself..we are not Running Period!
            Semper Fi

          • The cowards that go to the camps can stay there when it’s over. I see no reason to “release” them.

      10. Ammo (guns) good for gov….Bad for citizens ?? Regarding Nobama….this battle is not merely political. imho it is a battle between good and evil for our country and freedom. If you haven’t figured out Nobama is PURE EVIL you need to take a few steps back and view the whole picture. He is all the evil dictators in one disguised as a progressive…..More like progressively anti-constitutional, i.e. your freedoms.

        • So who’s the “good” one again?

          You know, sometimes it’s just a battle between evil and evil. Took me a while to figure this out.

      11. Oh good… the government has a bazillion rounds to protect us.

        Feeling safe??

        • The problem is though, is that they already have millions upon millions of rounds in the military not including what is already stockpiled for other alphabet agencies. We were already safe, LOL! But these recent orders are above and beyond their already over-bloated stock. These are specific orders and are meant to use. The question is, against whom will they be used?

          • Sorry, bad English! That next to last sentence should have read — These are specific orders and are meant to BE USED. 🙁

        • LOL! They HAD to make some kind of excuse. Heck they’re redacting, they might as well lie about it too as being a ‘clerical’ error! ROFLMAO!!!

        • I’m picturing a meteorologist on the Weather Channel wearing a holstered Government 1911 while reading the hourly weather update with a smile.

          • “yes citizens, the hurricane has always been coming from eurasia, it was never coming from eastasia”

        • Satori…Thanks for the link. In your linked article it does admit that these rounds were, in fact, ordered for NOAA. I suppose that people thought that meant weathermen since that is what we equate NOAA with.However, NOAA does have a law enforcement branch (OLE) and the rounds were for them. The OLE has around 200 agents worldwide. I think the article was a smear to Rand Paul (although he should maybe check his references closer). After all, those weathermen need protected too. (sarc)

          • @JRS…

            Well gee….I guess the NOAA guys have to protect themselves when they get a forecast wrong and some gets PO’d ’cause their picnic gets rained out.

            Just curious…do they have NOAA SWAT teams too?

            • Don’t laugh. They all WANT Swat teams. Dogcatchers want to dress up like swat clowns. I’m so god damn sick of seeing these meatheads dressed in black, chomping at the bit to “take one down”. Let’s get this show on the road.

          • My understanding is that the rounds were actually going to be allocated in substantial part to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). In my neck of the woods, some of those guys have duties you can equate to a game warden, because they have jurisdiction over endangered species and poaching. Therefore, they are in fact peace officers, and armed.

          • Or they’re gonna put us down like injured horses after a Hurricane??

        • Weather Service is in charge of the Fisheries. They will need amunition to kill those who are hungry and need food to eat like fish.

        • Ive, had the tube on the weather channel all day waiting for Al roker and Stephanie Abrahms to come on packin heat

      12. If they order a billion rounds, then all our stuff is backordered till after “the event.”

      13. This adds up to about 12,500 rounds per employee per year for the involved agencies. 3125 per quarter. If every single employee had to fire 500 rounds per year for training purposes this would leave 2625 additional rounds per employee. Now lets say we siphon off an additional 500 rounds per employee to provide for the training of specialized units, tactical teams, this still leaves over 2,000 rounds per employee and then there is the need to keep ammo to have for emergency situations, so lets say 500 per employee. That still leaves over 1500 extra rounds for employee use. That seems quite excessive.

        • I think a more interesting calculation would be how many rounds are allotted for the non-white, non-muslim, Jewish, Christian, American citizens who call themselves patriots? Gee a billion rounds targeted for what, 150 million people? Seems awful excessive to me.
          mY “GOVERNMENT” is starting to terrify me. Do we have enough patriots left in the military leadership and in local county sheriffs to thwart what is brewing and an all out assault by this admin on anyone that disagrees with them or rebels when the Marxist policies fail catastrophically?

          • .357 hollow points would be great for shots to the back of the head. maybe Obamas civilian defense force will be issued revolvers and told to bring in some ears. Twenty five bucks a pair. No civilian or military police use revolvers anymore. So what is this ammunition for?

        • Ummm, not to me.

          • I guess you’re right, having too much ammo is like like having too much fun, it just ain’t possible

      14. So this just means they are hiding it, and wont talk about orders in the doesnt change a dam thing, or change the intent

        • Volume wise, this amount must take up a fair bit of space…where the hell are they putting it all?

          Take care

          • I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

        • It does, in fact, confirm the intent.

      15. “Unusual and compelling reason to purchase this ammo”? According to the FAR Subpart 6.302-2:

        6.302-2 Unusual and compelling urgency.
        (a) Authority.

        (1) Citations: 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(2) or 41 U.S.C. 253(c)(2).

        (2) When the agency’s need for the supplies or services is of such an unusual and compelling urgency that the Government would be seriously injured unless the agency is permitted to limit the number of sources from which it solicits bids or proposals, full and open competition need not be provided for.

        (b) Application. This authority applies in those situations where—

        (1) An unusual and compelling urgency precludes full and open competition; and

        (2) Delay in award of a contract would result in serious injury, financial or other, to the Government.

        (c) Limitations.

        (1) Contracts awarded using this authority shall be supported by the written justifications and approvals described in 6.303 and 6.304. These justifications may be made and approved after contract award when preparation and approval prior to award would unreasonably delay the acquisition.

        (2) This statutory authority requires that agencies shall request offers from as many potential sources as is practicable under the circumstances.

        (d) Period of Performance. The total period of performance of a contract awarded using this authority—

        (1) May not exceed the time necessary:

        (i) To meet the unusual and compelling requirements of the work to be performed under the contract; and

        (ii) For the agency to enter into another contract for the required goods and services through the use of competitive procedures.

        (2) May not exceed one year unless the head of the agency entering into the contract determines that exceptional circumstances apply.

        (3) The requirements in paragraphs (1) and (2) of this section shall apply to any contract in an amount greater than the simplified acquisition threshold.

        (4) The determination of exceptional circumstances is in addition to the approval of the justification in 6.304.

        (5) The determination may be made after contract award when making the determination prior to award would unreasonably delay the acquisition.

        I think “(2) Delay in award of a contract would result in serious injury, financial or other, to the Government” says it all folks.

        • In other words, we’ll do whatever the fuck we want, when we want.

      16. Mac

        any thoughts on that “who wants to get rid of our second amendment rights” List?

        Published list

        still wondering if you got my e-mail on the subject and what your thoughts are..and if we could be the group that gets this “list” rolling

        you know how these cowards are once enough people know who they are and what thier intentions are..

      17. So that’s 3.5 bullets for each Citizen…… nothing to see here folks! We got this!

      18. Well this is a horrid state of affairs. I’m looking for more ways to keep a lower profile. Better to stay off the radar than resort to the unthinkable. I have my ammo and arms, just in case, but this just gets uglier by the day.

        • Normally, I don’t get too excited over events in daily life, national issues, or even international issues. But I have one quick, mean, ugly temper when pushed in any way. I know what I’m like and that’s why I avoid getting excited. This issue is different. There is only one explanation for DHS wanting a billion rounds of ammo. They intend to make war on American citizens. I consider myself as having been pushed! As soon as I finish this post, I’m ordering more ammo. Woe and woe to any turd who believes I don’t have a mind set to defend myself, loved ones, property, even people I hate. DHS needs to strip away the facade of wanting to protect us, show their true colors as evil domestic terrorists and get on with the fight. Show me some cajones and I’ll take aim!

      19. Greeting Everyone!
        So now they’re hiding what they buy….they think!
        It’s a SSDD/FUBAR moment.
        I lost all them weapons I used to be ownin’ when I was cleaning them while fishing…ammo included.
        Just a thought,perhaps the ammo is being sent to Syria to the “freedom fighters” there.Otherwise,something truly BIG comin’ around the bend at top speed,and DHS is getting ready for the fallout.As for the current CIC,none too happy with his actions so far.Then I see what the red tie clowns have put forth and am inclined to say:”THIS guy is our BEST “other choice”?WTF?!And they want us to vote?
        It all makes Nixon look almost good,FDR appear saintlike(he wasn’t,really),and Lincoln the best there ever was.
        My choices,any one have better?
        Best to ALL

        • I’d make an outstanding dictator…I mean, ahem…”President”. So, vote for me!

      20. can i redact all the paper work on my gun purchases?
        unfortunately i dont own a canoe so i cant claim they were lost by accident.
        on second thought maybe i need to buy one

        • Ahh, you lost the canoe too remember?

          • Shot a hole in the bottom of it, ironically.

            • Dumb country hick that I am… brought a gun to a fishing trip!

      21. If you have ever been in combat you know that there are 4 positions that are needed for it to be safe #1 the TL Team Leader, #2 PM point-man, #3 RG rear guard or slack, #4 what I think is really #1 RTO the radio-man with out him no commo. In Vietnam the RTO life was 17 days to be killed or wounded. Lets look at it #1 TL someone to step- up and say boys load and lock follow me. #2 PM people out there looking getting the info, #3 RG this is very important someone to watch your back, and now #4 RTO that is this site and the ones like it telling the people what is happening. Alllowing the people to commo with one another. I fear that the net will be taken over very shortly and we will lose our RTO. If it were not for the inter-net very few would know about all the ammo being ordered,and what is happening out there, so I see the next to be killed will be the NET. And when that happens GOD HELP US! After the nets death the next thing you will see is hummer’s coming down your street. So we need to stop this B S now while we can, call their bluff if you will. WE need a TL now not latter. If you are ambushed what do you do, you charge the ambushers. Thanks to the PM we know we are walking into an ambush thats being set up by our goverment. So we need to charge and take them by surprise now. Forget martial law it is all ready here believe it or not. Thats just me a dumb old county hick trying to live out the rest of my life FREE

        • Agreed about the net, the EO has already been signed. Most people don’t want to believe it, or get the gravity of it.

        • Speaking of which, has anyone had their VPN blocked recently?

        • The day I go to log on, and can’t. Game on.

          • Wow, glad your priorities are in order, Rick.

          • Good idea, Rick.

            But be sure to do a redundancy check via a cell phone call to a friend, in a neighboring city. If that comm avenue is jammed up as well…the clock has truly struck, ZERO-HOUR!

        • Michael Savage is hitting this pretty hard right now. Came right out and said the people now fear their govt. last night I actually watched a bug out commercial put out by the govt. What the hell is that all about?

      22. One billion rounds. Thats enough for DHS, local police, U.N. troops, with ammo to spare.

      23. Um, I sold my rifle. I didn’t give a receipt because I sold it to $15.00. I can’t remember the guys name either, I think I was John Doe? Oh well, maybe I’ll buy one from his wife.

      24. They are doing what all cockroaches do……scurry off into the cracks in the woodwork when the light of day shows them for what they are.

      25. Make no mistake folks, a crash of Biblical proportions is coming and I mean soon. The scum fed cops will turn their back on the People and serve their commie masters. Absolutely pityful. I weep for my Country.

        • @King crazy,,don’t be the least bit surprised if the cops turning their backs on the people,,,,are locals. I also weep for the Republic, but soon the time for weeping will be finished and the time for revenge will be at hand.

      26. This is all being done to keep you in line and to limit what is available for you to purchase!!! Furthermore it is driving up the cost on .40 S&W, 5.56×65 and 7.62×51

        What JNapLesBo doesn’t understand is its likely to get turned on them. Her troops are already defecting and there are some real problems at DHS and DOJ.

        I mean hey they already have enough ammo to shoot every citizen 5 times. Think about that!!!

      27. Most folks know who their neighbors are and who they work for. My bet is any Federal workers will lay low and not support a gov crackdown because they will have to come home sometime. They will most likly not show up for wotk at all.They will consider the ramifacations on thier loved ones.

        • Families of Federal Neo-nazi Alphabet agencies will be whisked away to military bases or other areas of safety. It was planned long ago, for the very reasons you alluded to. If you have Feds living in your neighborhood, watch their house for a head-up when things are going to go south. They WILL be evacuated before TSHTF! Unless you intend to fight in place; when they go, you go.

          • SWIFT: Right on good buddy they will be the warning that it is about to go down. Watch for them to take a vaction suddenly.

        • When my liberal federal employee co-worker was hating on “the wealthy” and advocating higher taxes on them, I reminded him that his neighbors know he is a federal employee and that in their minds, he might be one of the “wealthy” since wealthy is relative to your own financial situation. We were talking about a class war soon and he actually saw himself as one of the “poor”. Completely delusional and he will be surprised when they break into his home to steal all of his stuff. He sees no reason to be armed and says whatever happens, happens.

      28. You guys are sooooo fucked in the head, it’s Alex Jones reporting this shit. ALEX FUCKING JONES! THE BIG WACK JOB. And you assholeS believe this crap tooo.

        Other than Rich 99, are there any-Any-ANY sane people on this site. Not Daisy,not Burt, not Barn Cat, certainly not Kevin, KY Mom, VRF (A total psych mess), Be Informed is a retard, who copies crap from other sites and pretends to be smart. Ya’ll Beware is a little boy with a keyboard that wants ssooooo bad to be noticed.

        That Nino guy….forget about it!

        Now you are all going to post how tough and brave that you all are and how you’re ready to fight the “Corp” and TPTB. Bullshit! You are all a bunch of wannabe Rambos.

        Okie, has talent, he could do a whole lot better than this bunch of nut jobs………bye & FU!

        Don’t bother to respond, as I won’t be coming back.

        • i heard NinaO was a chick … just sayn’ ;0P pssszzt

          • Nina…all this time I thought you were a bloke…lol

            Take care

            • Cheers @CarolieUK ;0)

              I’m very pleased you and yours survived the london olympics. You were in my VERY GOOD THOUGHTS AND HOPES MENTAL DRAWER. ;0) I do hope your preparing for a hard winter ahead in Bloody Ole’ Britain fuel prices are predicted to sky-rocket again in britain this winter. maybe look into a affordable portable propane heater with outside vent you can stick out a window (only use if vented properly to outside) and buy your propane now in portable canisters you can store safely in a closet away from heat sources while its still cheap. You can find em’ online at affordable prices still as it’s summer.

              I send you warm thoughts from da’ colonies ;0).

              Toodles Cheerio and all that stuffy brit blunderpuss stuff burt ;0)

              Take Care


            • bloke
              Bloke is simply a British slang term for ‘man/guy’, with perhaps slight connotations of masculinity, and used only in an informal setting. Unlike ‘guy’ it is not normally used vocatively, as in ‘hey you blokes’.

              proper example of use : ‘I met this bloke in town who told me to stop wasting my time on the internet…’

              ;0P pssszzt

            • Nina

              Like the definition of bloke lol

              The propane is a good idea and also bio ethanol gel as it burns clean without carbon monoxide issues.

              Oh well toodle pip old boy

              Take care

        • Is anyone else reminded of “Southern Boy” in one of his many incarnations?

          • Are you two lovers or something? Every time cocopuffmeoff writes something, there you are Ms. Daisy driving all of us crazy!

            • Nope – just responding to being addressed in (*)s goodbye speech. It’s kinda like getting an award or something.

              …I’d like to thank the Academy and…..

        • Oh, and btw – it’s so nice to be mentioned in your farewell address! I’m glad I could make such an impact!

          ~ D

        • (*)

          Bye bye, and thank you. Being called a nutter is the most polite insult I have had in a very long time.

          Take care

        • promises, promises. Good riddance, but I don’t believe you.

        • That was meant to be a thumbs down.

          Alex Jones says some unbelievable things sometimes, but then three or so years later he is proven to be right, again and again.

          He had links to the original documents on a government website. What more proof does anyone need that he’s right? It’s denial, plain and simple. (*) is afraid of reality.

        • @(*),
          I’m sure you are watching the replies to your post. From what I attached earlier, there is indeed a request to purchase 1 billion rounds of ammo. This is a fact. The only thing that you stated that is reasonable is that AJ is kinda out there. I have not made up my mind on which side he is on yet.
          By the way, I believe this “SHTF” is real because I personally have witnessed an abandoned Dodge dealership, near where I live, turned into a complete armory. It is always full of cars owned by God knows who and doing God knows what. It is complete with brand new Humvees, troop carriers, tanker trucks, satellite trucks, etc., etc. Moreover, this armory is located adjacent to entrances to a major interstate. Thus, it can be shut down in a few minutes. Explain that away.

          • Post photos, please.

        • Awww
          you hurt my feelings

          Hahhaha, not!

          • Oh BTW I gave you a thumbs up..just to be sure you’d come back

            • Geez VRF – I think you have psych issues or something!


            • I think I do Daisy, Im Psyching these treasonous bastards out, and it seems to be pissing them off..

              my work is done here


        • @ (*). Na, na, na, na….. na, na, na, na,… hey, hey, Good bye. Someone like you and finx contribute absolutely nothing to anything, because you are nothing. You are zero nothing, a total loser that only gains self gratification by putting good honest people down. Maybe you are finx the cockroach or his excrement. I could spot a shoe licking BO (obama) worshipper immediately in you yesterday. I hit a real nerve when I told the truth about you. It is always amusing when someone discovers the truth about a pile of horse manure like yourself.

          You call me retard, listen mongoloid, none of what you say as a single bit of original thought to it, this is all regurgitated rhetoric from the liberal radical left wing that wants to empower criminal elements, take away everyone’s freedom to defend themselves, and take away everyone’s liberty. You act like what you say is your own. I could see someone like yourself getting off when they talk about the UN, the most worthless organization since it was the league of nations.

          Call me a retard, you miserable cretin, simpleton, idiot. Then you call the good people here nuts. Any 5 year old can have a tantrum and call names, but you have nothing to come back with. I hate to belittle myself to your level, but when you insult these really nice people on this site, you piss me off. Go climb your tree ass monkey and go on worshipping those in the obama adminstration and those in the UN that regard you as less than a peon than the people on this site think of you. Good riddance to bad rubbish, go back to your anti-southern poverty group or whatever anti-freedom driven organization you crawled from the rectum out of.

          • Wow, BI – I never heard you let someone have it like that before!

            Well said!

            • @ Daisy. Not something I enjoy doing, but when some decrepit, senile, obama idiolizer gets on and insults almost everyone on this site, expect for RICH99, something has to be done. This is a creep that has cardboard posters up of BO, biden, helicopter ben, and many other from the BO adminstration all around their house and they fantanize about becoming one of them. All the while with an UN flag draped around their body. Someone like this want to vanquish all freedoms of people.

              Just look at the asinine comments that they made about almost everyone, including Mac indirectly and the site as a whole. Sooooo f’ed in the head. Wack jobs, the idiot misspelled whack. This slime called the good people on this site assholes. Wanne be Rambos. There has not really been someone talking out of the side of their ass like this in a long time. These people on this site cherish freedom and decency, that is something that evil hates and (*) true colrs really came out. I truly hope that if (*), with that name or another, that others let this anti-freedom vermin let it have it like I did. Trash like this needs to be driven back to the cess pit from whence IT came.

          • Geez B’ – don’t hold back… tell us what you really think!

        • I gave you a thumbs up for leaving.

        • I’m glad he didn’t mention my name and he was definitely referring to the other people on here about Rambo cause I’m a John Wayne

      29. HHHHHHHHHHHHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm meditating

        aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh i see in my crystal ball a smokey image …



        YES !

        come u.n. nwo ameriKan martial law day 2012 … the day the ussa gestapo zionist fascist commie fedgov sheeits all over the U.S. Constitution .

        I PREDICT THAT MANY DHS EMPLOYEE’S WILL SOON BE GETTING PAID night-time PATRIOTIC VISITS by torch bearing FreeMen FreeWomen Americans AT THEIR OWN UNPROTECTED HOMES WHEN home with their families !


        *** you threaten me and mine in my home with nwo u.n. commie fascist freemason zionist jooo Tyranny … i’ll be coming to yours to do the same to you real soon .




        *** prepare preppers learn who works for your local federal offices learn who your local senators congressmen fbi cia nsa irs dea postal service national guard sheriff office police dept etc etc , learn where they sleep , these are the people who will be enslaving you under nwo ameriKan un agenda 21 martial law .



        • Thats one way to say it. MOst Gov emplyoess live and work next door to us. when the SHTF they are going to have the weigh the options: Will I risk reprisle against my loved ones if I colaberate? Something that any evesdroping Gov emplyoees Must consider..

          • Rick, Foreign troops will be here by then.

          • Moat gov. workers are just poor schmucks like the rest of us. They will get no special treatment. Only the elites will have a chance.

        • Ummmmmmm……can I borrow that crystal ball for a little while?

          I wanna track down that pleasant british lass posting here.
          Brit babes are HOT!

          • Alexi

            I thought then I was onto a winner…but I am only hot in summer lol

            Take care

        • N.O.


          1st time your posts are more likes than dislikes

          not that it means anything to you of course



          you are reaching out and touching with more validity to the common folk

          keep on keeping on

          keep on stacking


        • @ Coco- I guess if you ever disappear from this website ,it will tell th rest of us that you had a late nite visit from ‘THE Guy’s in BLACK’ and then the time to be alert is at hand! Hope it doesn’t happen cause I think you’d be a great leader for th Cause!! Person of UN-interest!!

      30. I’m not in the US, but have the following questions:-

        1.Where is the ammo manufactured?
        2.What currency is used to trade for ammo? (The Chinese & SE Aisa increasingly seem to like gold as opposed to the dollar whenever possible?)
        3. Who are the KEY beneficiaries of gov ammo purchases (which corp individuals get the bribes?)
        4. How stable is the dollar REALLY (eg could the gov envisage a time in the short-medium term when the US dollar is not “good enough” to purchase ammo in quantity, so is stocking up while it can?)

        I know sweet FA about weapons manufacture but have found that if you “follow the money” you seem to get to the core truth of myriad government style shenigans. Clue – the official statistics and figures are never the WHOLE story ; )

        My choice of gun at this point in time, if I lived in the US wouldn’t be the fancy, smancy all-singing, all dancing model that’s made in China. I’d choose a model, and ammo manufactured as close to my home as possible, with the most easily available ammo.

        Here in the UK, choices are limited by our far more restrictive rules on gun ownership. (Basically unless you are a criminal the only way to own one is to be a formally recognised sports enthusiast or a farmer, vet or gamekeeper etc)

      31. National Weather service buying ammo? Come on people, think. That is so unreasonable as to border on the pathological. But, I see a lot of psychopatholgy on this site, so I should not be surprised. I suspect tin foils hats are a common fashion accessory for people on the site.

        • Yep! I wear a tin foil hat daily because “the voices” told me to. They also told me to clean my gun and I never fail to listen.

        • If nothing ” happens”, I’m eatin’ cheap for the forseable future, and passing on a wonderful gift package to my son.
          On the other hand, I’m not “dead in the water”.

          Better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

          Are you that confident in the system???? Your betting your life on it.

        • You’re just jelous because the voices talk to me.

        • Actually NOAA has quite a few research ships all around the world. Many go in areas where piracy is a problem. There are Navy personnel onboard these ships that do various functions including security. I knew a few that were on NOAA ships and they said it was a great tour.

      32. I have access to Fed Biz opps as a contractor. There is no such posting by DHS or ICE at this time, nor in the last 2 weeks.

        Just saying

      33. What pisses me off is they think we r so dumb we will just say “oops we musta been mistakin, oh well let’s watch tv”

        What pisses me off even more is A LOT of people will do just that. Forget about it…!

        And that’s with way more than just this topic. I hate people to assume I’m an idiot and they are gonna put one over on me! This country should be pissed for the same reason! WAKE UP IDIOTS!!

        • Yo Young MAP So you get it! I have read 3 million Americans prep. That is 1 percent of the US population. That’s not very much but still alot. I think it’s more than that but just say 2 or 3 percent, that’s 6 to 9 million people. That is still alot of people. I cut the tv off 2 years ago because I could not take it anymore and that is all I will say. Americans will not wake up until they have lost all, are hungry, and the pills have run dry. Take care off those kids and yourself and fuck the rest. Stock up on your family’s needs and thank the man above for your many blessings. I struggle with many things and no matter how I stray I keep my faith and hope I am not given up on. Good to resd your post. Take care brother and GOD bless you and yours. PS Do any of your friends or family feel the way you do or are you solo also?? Just wondering.

          • Hey, nice to hear from u Mike. To answer your question I’ve got two types of friends. A “talker” you know the type, nuff said, and a good friend that’s a “doer” has a family like mine same aged kids, we’re on the same page. We look out for eachother. Just got us both a bow from a yard sale $15 a piece! He got some TVP for us both. We have a plan together. Don’t talk to the other friend about it anymore. His family is my family and vice versa. In regards to my family, nope all are useless. They talk about coming here and they are more than welcomed. Only thing is I won’t be here 😉 like I said we have a plan. I’ll keep stocking and we will fight with everything we got to survive what’s coming.

            • Btw I thank God everyday for my blessings and every night for the day! I must say I’m relatively new to being thankful but kids change the chore being of a person. Or at least they changed me. God bless you and yours. Nice hearing from you mike.

      34. That’s the problem with most Americans concerning politics.. You always focus in on the guy in charge when it’s all of those assholes.

        • $4.6 million,chump change. They are spending way more. $200 million no bid contract(s).

      35. I know this is one great big crazy idea or thought. The movie 2012 comes to mind, what if they are putting back all this stuff for the future. After we are all wiped out by a sloar flare, fallout , earthquake anything that destoryes the people on the surface. We know they are building underground bases. The select few will have the way for them to carry on with their lives, who knows. We also know they will not tell the truth about anything. They are preparing for something big, very big to happen and soon. Again I may be crazy as all get out, but I would not put it passed them to be doing something like that.

      36. Now, they are trying to cover their tracks.
        I hope you can see that the Obama administration is nearly totally out of control, that our Congress, courts, Media and agencies are doing little or nothing in the way of checks and balances. Is is up to US to stop it electorally and if necessary, by demonstrations, and even civil disobedience. Disobeying illegal orders is not really wrong. In fact, it is your duty. Be very afraid when your “own” government is buying billions of rounds of internationally outlawed ammunition for civilian agencies for domestic use. No good can come of this.

      37. My dream has been to organize a couple hundred thousand deer hunters on the Capitol grounds, coordinated with the state police and local law enforcement, breeches open, no ammo, as a symbolic gesture to government that we are sick and tired of the BS going on in our country.

        We must get back to the Constitution.

        If one state could accomplish this, I feel it would spread nationwide, fast. Perhaps our leaders would get the idea. Promise them, if nothing is done & we must assemble again, breeches will be closed.

      38. no one is “taking” anything i own away from me…

      39. I wonder how ridiculous DHS personnel are going to feel when the US Military does what it is sworn to do – uphold the constitution.

        • Where I used to work there was a det. of DHS people. I never felt they were wild eyed get the American people types. Something else is going on here.

      40. To [*]: Most of the people on this forum are definitely in the REAL WORLD; whose fantasy world are you from? Sounds like you have blind faith in the mainstream media; Go back to those sites and stop wasting space on a sensible site like this one. CC: I’ve told you before, I’m against the NWO as much as everybody else and I’ll be happy to stand and fight the NWO with everyone else, but YOU NEED TO STOP ALL OF YOUR STUPID AND ASININE ANTISEMITIC RANTING! I DON’T CARE WHO I’M FACING; WHETHER GENTILE, JEW, ETC., IF YOU WANT TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY, YOU’VE GOT TO GO THROUGH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FIRST! The only reason for these huge ammo orders are most obvious; USG is gearing up for war with US citizens. Let them bring it on; they will pay the ultimate price for catering to the whims of the globalists. May God have mercy on them because I WON’T! Live free or die! Take care and keep prepping.

      41. KY Mom: I’m especially concerned about the .40 and .357 orders; i’ve got one pistol for each of those calibers. In my area, there is a pretty good supply of those 2 calibers at least for now. However, i doubt if they’ll show any interest in .22LR. I’ve got a new .22 pistol on order and already have a .22 rifle with a good stock of ammo which i will improve upon. I’m not crazy about having to take on anybody with just a .22, but it beats nothing if it comes down to it.

      42. Dear (*),

        Your departure from the site is a blessing. May your chains rest lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were one of our countrymen.




        IN EVERY CITY!




        IN EVERY CITY.



        BUT TO START,



      44. (*)

        Here is your medicine – a cup full of sarcasm – enjoy.

        • I’d like to see things from your point of view, but I can’t seem to get my head that far up your ass.

        • If you were twice as smart as you are now, you’d be absolutely stupid.

        • A sharp tongue does not mean you have a keen mind.

        • Don’t thank me for insulting you, it was a pleasure.

        • I don’t know what makes you so dumb but it really works.

        • I know you are nobody’s fool, but maybe someone will adopt you one day.

        • I will defend, to your death, my right to my opinion.

        • I’m glad to see you’re not letting your education get in the way of your ignorance.

        • There are several people in this world that I find unbearably obnoxious, and you are all of them.

        • You would never be able to live down to your reputation, but I see you’re doing your best.

        Y’all Beware! I decided that humor is one of the better medicines. That is why you are included.

      45. braveheart

        They used 22 cal in Vietnam with silencers..
        The mob used it effectively for ages.
        Many an assassination or attempted was by 22.
        223 NATO rnds are basically 22 cal with a huge jacket behind them..
        Check out the target at 50 or 100 yds side by side firing 22&223 rnds.
        The entry points are very similar in size.
        Penetration by 223 is huge..but the entry hole is almost the same.

        Better to have a 22 than nothing at all imo


        10 well placed mini mag hp 22 cals will take out anyone.

        The idea that you need 38 cal or better to stop a perp is ridiculous

        • One well placed .22 round will do the job…Ive taken many a deer with one,men aint any tougher…just sayin 🙂

          • I’ve killed hundreds of deer with a .22 softpoint to the brain pan. They work well.

          • The good old days when the woods weren’t saturated with game wardens patrolling 24/7. When it was just a fine IF you got caught. Before they took all your assets and banned you from owning guns if you get caught.When I considered it my right to kill game to eat.Now you have to buy a “privilege” to shoot even a crow or a groundhog.

            • JRS, The problem, is people like my neighbor, who would kill anything that moves and deplete the woods of all game if he could. Will throw out game in his freezer to make room for more just for the thrill of killing something. When the SHTF, he is a great hunter, but he will waste game and ruin the survival for the rest of us with his ignorance.

        • Bobby Kennedy was killed with a .22. Check me on that.

          • Sirhan had a .22, Robert Kennedy was killed with a .38.

      46. btw

        I use 22lr for constant practice.

        also have 40 cal as well

        If you go higher caliber,,it gets pricey

        9mm 50 rounds around 10 bucks
        40 cal basic 50 rnds 18 bucks
        40 cal hollow point 50 rnds..30 bucks
        22 lr cci blazers 525 rnds..20 bucks

        enjoy the day


      47. There is much talk about the economy and finances. Lots of people have lots of opinions about them. But there’s only one opinion that counts — God’s.


        Monday, 13 August 2012: Julie received this Word from the Lord this evening.

        “I am planning an immense fall for America, says the Lord, a fall that will desolate and amaze her people. I am sending America sliding over the cliff into financial ruin. America’s fall has only begun, and there are many more chapters to be written before the tale is told. I am bringing financial ruin to this nation. And when I am through, her wealth will be scattered and gone, and she will sell herself for a piece of bread.

        “Walk softly before Me in these days, says the Lord. For I am forming My people into My image even as I bring down America around you, says the Lord Who has mercy on you. Amen and amen.”

        This is just the latest message from the Most High; He began speaking to us about America in June 1998. That July He spoke the first of many Words concerning terror, which have come to pass (and more terror is coming).

        If you have read The Harbinger (Jonathan Cahn), you will realize that another massive stroke of judgment is due America. This will spell that out. And for a scriptural preview of America’s future (which is much closer than you think), read the book of Lamentations.

        There’s only one solution for you, and that’s a strong, living relationship with Jesus Christ. SELAH!

        • Wow…what to say…better find you another dealer cause that stuff youre smokin aint kosher,best to stay away from cheap stuff thats been sprayed with Round-up… 🙁

        • The Harbinger is a great book–just finishing it up now.

        • They say when you speak to god, it’s prayer. When god speaks to you, it’s mental illness.

      48. SM, thank you for the quote from Samuel Adams. YB, thanks for the sarcasm you gave to [*]. If my Cuban wife were still alive, she would give him a piece of her mind in Spanish WITHOUT TRANSLATING IT FOR HIM, chew him up, and spit him out like a worn out piece of gum. Possee, thank you for the tips about 22LR. I had an older cousin who was SF in Vietnam and told me a few stories about the use of 22LR over there. Plus, 22LR is ALWAYS available in PLENTIFUL supply somewhere; never seen a shortage of that caliber anywhere. It’s what John Hinckley used on Ronald Reagan back in 1981. His Chief of Staff, Jim Brady, had his spinal cord severed and was paralyzed for life by one of those rounds. Now his POS wife, Sarah Brady, is one of the gun grabbers. I think it’s time for the gun grabbers to be targeted. Let some of them suffer home invasions, get some relatives beateb, raped, killed, etc., and see what kind of song they sing after the fact. Take care and keep prepping.

        • I wish no violence on anyone..


          to engage any of the ptb and their minions would require substantial planning and those who are well trained,well armed.well equipped that field of exercise.

          I am not planning to engage anyone at this point in time


          should the situation arise

          all bets are off

          we all here should remain vigilant and aware of what is ensuing and take heed..prepare..practice your skills should any event come your way..then engage as need be.

          in my humble opinion

          it;s just a matter of time until

          something wicked this way comes..


      49. This is an incredible amount of ammo. But, I remember hearing there were( 2 )750 million round purchases for d h s. Please comment on this if you read the same. So roughly 1.5 billion rounds ordered in the last 3-4 months ? Then the noaa and ss administration order for their ammo. Also, remember hearing about the bulletproof checkpoints purchased ? Riot gear, incomprehensible amounts of mre’s ordered. It seems that the sh_it has already hit the fan and we are waiting for it to hit us all. I hope all of you can remain safe and well nourished. I fear a a real struggle lies ahead. Joe

      50. I quit working for the company that was building the air
        handlers for the underground bunkers. These were huge, 80ft x 25ft x 20ft capable of heat and ac for an area
        larger than anything thats built above ground. Classified
        air filter system, chem, bio war proof. The last unit
        went out in march so the shadow gov is getting ready to
        go undergroud. When that happens they will shot off the
        already stagged chem weapons and kill most of us, those
        who are still alive and resist will be shot on site. They
        only ordered 17million mre’s for the fema camps. No red dawn here.

      51. I have horrible news…I was in a terrible cannoe accident as well and wouldn’t you know i had my 2 guns with me and they are both at the bottom of the lake now. R.I.P. old friends. I guess i’ll just use my baseball bat for protection now that I no longer have firearms.


      52. I’m burying ammo, guns and money in the backyard; what are you doing this summer ?

        • Adding:

          Well, you guys finally won me over to 100% prepper !

          I was on the fence and really didn’t expect the crash to hit in the US to hit until sometime in 2013, if it hits.

          But all the comments in this post, the drought starting to have real effects and the financial markets becoming unhinged from reality causes me to think maybe we don’t have until 2013.

          I was planning on being ready to go 3 months without regular food, water, money and electricity sometime in 2013; just moved that up to October 1st. I suppose I’ll just get a good seat and wait on the fireworks after that.

          • welcome aboard

            I look at prepping kinda like insurance
            I don’t ever want to have to use it
            but if I need it
            it is there

          • welcome to the sane club. Your family will thank you.

      53. I got the clap !

        • That’s not good.Have you been hijacked?

        • The real KY Mom did not write the above comment. There is some idiot troll who likes to write things using my name.

      54. Let ’em buy all the ammo and drones and helicopters they want. THEY aren’t gonna be the problem.

        The problem is Bubba. Lives down the road from you, barely making it on food stamps now, has a rusty 30-30 in the closet and 1/2 a box of ammo. When the federal handouts finally stop, and Bubba and his brood get hungry, Bubba is going looking for the easiest meal around…..preppers. And you think you’re keeping it hidden, but people talk and Bubba either suspects or already knows what you have.

        Yeah…Bubba is gonna come thru the woods and catch you working in your garden and gut shoot you, then deal with your wife and kids, and haul off what he can.

        Forget the govt. Worry about Bubba.

        • NOT ME !

          my place is a bunker with 6 foot gates and nothing to indicate i’ve prepped is visible.

          we’ll be surviving on piles of ammo, mre’s and purified water just like m army days.

          just gotta take watch at night and wait out the zombie attacks.

        • that would be why there are no seeds in this house.

        • @ TnAndy

          Around here, Bubba likely won’t make it past the booby-traps. Smart guys can build bouncing Bettys.

        • Phuck the Bubba, I will take it to him First..Signed Concerned Neighbor!

        • I resent that!

      55. dishonorabledisclosure dot com

        the military and national security ops are getting fed up with having thier cover blown, and having the prez taking credit for thier hard work.

        maybe there are more of them waking up too, and will not carry out unlawful orders against their own country men..

        would be nice to know who’s side they are on..maybe this is an indication of that?
        its just starting out from what I’ve found

      56. Im I loosing it or the only one that caught on to this above!! They are not talking about a billion .40 cal pistol handgun in the blackout form above! They are talking about .223 duty rounds which is the ar-15 or the new FN-Scar .223 which many of the military are using, this is not a pistol round preppers. this round that is 62grain bullet weight and 64grain duty round is for troops that carry an ar-15 and this shoots at 3020FPS(feet per second) and is by Federal Ammo company. This is what national guard and troops carry not a pistol ammo people. This is called xm855 62 grain green tip steel penetrator round that will pierce thru kevlar eazy and go thru thin steel plates! They are getting serious and what I’m saying is 100percent accurate. This is not pistol round this is armor piercing ammo for a ar-15 gun which many companies and troops carry. colt,LWRC,FN(SCAR) and others!!! You see they blacked out the name of the shell which this is anytime they call it duty round its the best round mainly and if this is billions of .223 this is for troops not your pistol round! This makes things different now I thought it was 750 million .40cal rounds purchased but if they purchased over a billion of these this is a new game!! THis really woke me up and literally, 1032pm wed aug 15th. Anyone not sure what im talking about chime in!!

        • your right, this is more serious; but i always believed if a government agency wants to get me; there’s not much i can do. i can only hold off the desperate that resolve to any means.

          if the government is slow and methodic with that supply, they’ll get everyone that makes their list.

        • What you say makes more sense than .357 a round that mostly civilians use. If in fact you are not mistaken.

        • Clint I believe everyone is referring to the report of a few weeks ago, the original report said .223, and 40 cal.

          • yes, what confused me machinist 73 was I thought last week they purchased approx 750 million .40 cal bullets then this form that was blacked out was for .223. That is why I got confused. That makes a big difference. Other thing you guys can do if you don’t know this is go to DOD website or DHS and then type in awarded contracts and dig into what or who got a contract for a service and it will list what they do for the DHS or DOD. You can put the pieces together this way sometimes. Just trying to help

      57. TNANDY, Bubba had better be a good shot with that 30-30 or whatever he has; I’ll have a 110gr .30Carbine round from my M1 with his name on it waiting for him. It’s going to be more than Bubba; gangbangers and everyone else. Expendable, what you just said is true up to a point; nobody has a clue how many cops and military will join us; on the military side, I think the majority will be rank-and-file mostly low to midgrade officers; very few colonels on up if any. BI, thank you for your response to [*]. By far, you have the most interesting and eloquent posts on this forum, along with your occasional articles. I take my hat off to you. Take care and keep prepping.

        • @ braveheart. Thank you for the nice compliment. People on this site are truly quite intelligent and when some dung beetle like (*) starts debasing everyone just because they don’t agree with their hero BO (obama) and all the anti-freedom that goes along with it, the time is to let someone like this have it. I often will try to point out someone’s viewpoints that are strange as such in a polite way to keep this wonderful site as civil as possible, and as of respect for Mac. This fungus though just wanted to attack without anything to support or back it up. Sometimes it takes a strongarm approach to a total peckerhead like this.

          I have seen time and time again how people spend their own free time writing to try to help others prepare with the most interesting ideas. This is not because of wanting to hear themselves talk, but because they can understand what a fellow prepper, a fellow freedom oriented person is and they just want to help them. I have seen people pray for others in distress.

          Then you have some dilapidated washed up excuse for taking space up stink bug put down practically everyone, including the articles printed here and the site as whole. (*) is example of an infection that deserves only to be laughed at and put down. I can see (*) hugging ITS UN flag and all the posters tacked up around ITS home of BO, biden, the head of the UN, helicopter ben, geithner, holder, and the biggest poster that says ban all guns from private hands. I can see this less than a cockroach with every anti-freedom and anti-self defense bit of propanganda ever printed. What do you bet this anti-prepper is one of the 10% that approves of congress?

      58. @everyone. I visit infowars and visit just about 4 days a week. I believe that alex jones is genuine, he just has a big ego and wants to have the spotlight. But some of the articles are misleading or blown out of proportion. It’s not all his fault, he doesn’t write every article . But 95% of what he exposes is true and verifiable. At the same time he does not want to form any organized resistance, he is hoping he can get others stand up first. I personally think he would be a great person to get something organized to fight against this.

        The people who pay for infowars accounts need to hold alex and his crew accountable for any slight distorted or misleading articles. I want to be able to refer people to infowars but i don’t because the lack of consistency. Please, anyone who has an account with infowars do your best to make it known to alex that you expect accuracy and patience. They don’t have to post 8 articles a day to keep people going, people ( not sheeple), will go wherever truth is. I hope to be able to show my parents a site like infowars but not until they get their act together. ( I know both sites share articles alot) which is cool, as long as they are accurate. Please spread that message and let’s all get real serious about spreading information. God bless all of you, keep safe.

        • Just for the record I’m not bashing this article. I’m actually doing some shopping because of it. We got keep up with DHS holes.

      59. the .gov and corporations are doing a lot of things
        especially this

        when they formulated all these trade agreements such as NAFTA
        they HAD to know the end result
        they HAD to know it would result in the deliberate destruction of our manufacturing base
        and the resulting economic depression that has resulted
        the question is
        what is the agenda?
        and even today
        they are still pressing for these so called free trade agreements
        I guess they’re not quite done
        DELIBERATELY destroying the country
        I’m not one for conspiracy theories
        the evidence at this point is OVERWHELMING

        and all of this has been followed by laws that absolutely shred the Constitution
        all supported by BOTH political parties

        • Okay–the short version of one person’s thoughts, not mine, I keep my mind under lock and key.
          The total destruction of all nations’ economies— and yes, this drought/flood destroying crops is part of the plan –is to present such a suffering that industries, manufacturers, homeowners, any businesses will default/bankrupt on their commitments.
          In steps the elite and buys these properties 10 cents on a dollar.
          In the end, they will own every thing; this will allow them to usher in the new world order and rule.
          Evil is among us.
          Everything happening is not just nature–it is for this end.
          Murder of leaders in other countries is not nature; chemtrails is not nature; installing an ineligible president is not nature. Many more, but you get the point.

        • “The love of money is the root of all evil”. That and “control” about sums it up.

      60. I really need some more food and water. We are up to about 3 months, but that is not enough. I do have 2 years worth of soap, deodorant, and toothpaste. I also need to dig a hole, then make it look like the dogs did it. Maybe many holes. Just a few filled, with good stuff.

        • I’m not burying a thing and that includes the SOB’s trying to take away what I have…:)

        •’ll be the cleanest, best smelling, white toothed street person out there!!!!
          Barter with those supplies??? Definitely.
          Never let a crisis go to waste…or excess hygiene products.

          • 🙂 I got all of it for free with coupons. I use it everyday and will be able to barter with. Oh and six months worth of feminine products, very cheap or free.

            • @ JL. I wish I could give you more than one thumbs up for using coupons to get supplies for free. It is incredible how many free items, or next to free you can get with coupons. Coupons are just like money. Companies want you to try out their products and will often try to get people hooked on them by offering fantatic deals. I have a motto, NEVER pass up an opportunity to get something for free that you or someone else can use, or that you can barter for. Makes you feel so good 🙂 to see preppers that find ways of getting supplies for free.

      61. One benefit: After the zombie apocalypse wipes out the government forces, we’ll have plenty of ammunition to salvage. 😉

      62. Get all your ducks (#10 cans of food)in a row, and FAST! Do your kids really need that new cell phone before school starts or could you use those $200-300 dollars to by some food storage so your kids will have something to eat next year? We get all our stuff from srmarketplacedotcom. They have some great deals and the food is surprisingly good!

      63. The internet has brought this all to the forefront. The corrupt corp gov has been doing this for decades.However, without the internet, the flow of information was managed through propaganda.This is no longer possible if you filter out the disinformation. Have no doubt that the corp gov is now very afraid of losing control.This is the reason they have been ramping up their preps to consolidate their control over the entire world.They can now be seen to have “no clothes” and will shut down all but selected internet sites when the time is right. Get ready, your time is short.

      64. Ok I live less than 2 miles from a state/ federal shooting range where everyone from local leo all the way up to national guard train. Anytime I hear them rockin and rolling over there I take a drive by it to see who’s training and normally its just local pd or state troopers doing their proficiency tests. Every now and then the range is full of humvees and digital camo. I have yet to see dhs,tsa, or any other alphabet organization training with their expensive hollowpoint. Point is these people currently are not trained or qualified to handle a weapon much less aim their Dick when they pee. Altough I have seen the white dhs suv in a small town 17 miles south of me he was sitting on the side of a small county rd going into the town. The point I have is that they may be getting armed but they (are not trained) so go sign up for basic door kicking room clearing class or practice on your property if you have it and you will be better trained and armed than them.
        Work smart not hard

        Remember squirrels swim on their back to keep their nuts dry

        • There is a food place here in San Diego, Phils BBQ where we like to go. Awhile back some of us from work went there for lunch and there in the parking lot were two big tour type buses with DHS on the sides. They were picking up a bunch of meals to go from Phils. We only saw one person and the windows of the buses were heavily tinted so you could not see in. Lots of govt. and military in the area. We had a bunch of these guys where I worked for awhile until they found a new place to be stationed. They sure have some nice buses. All we ever had were Navy vans.

      65. What have we been saying, new gun laws are comeing. Well an other shooting in Louisiana assault weapon was used. Like it has been said, they are stacking the deck on guns, more and more shootings are comeing fast now. They were ambushed, how much do you think that a vet done it, and or a white hate group/ paramilitary, will be blamed for the shooting. THING ARE GOING HAPPEN FAST VERY FAST NOW. As the maybe election gets closer, who knows what they are going to do. For the election,” it’s not how many votes were casted, but who counts them”

      66. Their preparing for something and something big. I’m so tired of these pigs destroying peoples lives,I am fed up with it. They put our country in debt and so many folks are going poor. And now their ready to fire on us, Bring it on,I’m waiting for ya! 1 pissed off citizen!

      67. What happens when our goverment becomes our enemy? I think I have just been placed on some “Enemy of the State” list. I will not deny my God, family and liberty as a free American. Come and get me, I am ready.

      68. all those bullets are meant for us, you know that right?

        • @ awake, do what earnest p. Warrel would do. Keep a round with your name on it in your pocket. If not it’s electro man time.

      69. Morons. Let’s put this into perspective.

        How many rounds of ammunition do you think DHS already had? What about the National Guard? Law Enforcement?

        How can an additional purchase — of ANY SIZE — make any difference at all?

        You idiots are trying to “read into” the meaning and intent of what more ammunition purchases “might mean” while ignoring the ongoing facts of how well armed these agencies already were.

        A new ammunition purchase MEANS NOTHING AT ALL. End of story.

        The rest of what I read here is just speculative bullshit. Good to know that you idiots are willing to post your stupidity online — no wonder nobody takes any of you seriously, you couldn’t think your way out of a wet paper bag.

        • Before you begin calling people names you need to understand that in THIS economy, with THIS administration, people are very nervous, and they have every right to be nervous. Observe how the government is raping the bill of rights, NDAA is one example, protestors must now protest in “designated” protest areas, in certain circumstances protesting can be a felony crime! Look at what the TSA has done to people’s rights, and guess what, they are no longer happy being in airports, they are expanding to bus stations, train terminals, and even doing highway stops! Ah, but there is even more, soon we will have over thirty thousand (30,000) unmanned drones spying on us, you can show all the smut and pornography you want, don’t you dare say the name of JESUS CHRIST, you WILL be prosecuted, and you know it. So yes, any time the government makes a move like this people are going to get nervous, I wouldn’t trust the government to handle a used diaper, they’d find some way to screw that up as well. We as Americans need to hold this government accountable, and NOW.

      70. Infowars and Alex Jones are part of the “controlled dissent.” Listen to him with discernment and be wary of believing him carte blanche.

      71. Is it so ridiculous to ask the manufacturer to just say no?

      72. 08-26-2012: This may not have much or anything to do with the topic, but federal agencies are nearing the end of the fiscal budget year (ending 09/30/2012). Managers often have some administrative funding left. They do not like to leave any of it unused, because it would seem to imply that they did not need as much as was budgeted this year: So their budget(s) for next year may be cut if this year’s money is not spent

      73. regarding a “fake assassination attempt”: sure, nothing is too outrageous for some of the political operatives working at the highest levels. don’t forget that there are schemes within conspiracies within “leaks”, all designed and coordinated to manipulate opinion and behavior.

        Even if the POTUS were aware of such a political maneuver, and in theory believed that it might work and be useful in November, no competent Secret Service man would allow it. A “fake” assassination must be near-enough to be believable, and any mis-calculation or failure could lead to a genuine death, or worse, an intentional hit, disguised to look like a false flag action gone wrong. Joe Biden as VP is the best decision that BHO ever made. No one can find a use for old dim Joe as a POTUS, thus, they hold with the status quo.

        I think that the fact of non-LE agencies becoming militarized and having local
        arsenals is one of the most under-appreciated situations of 2012. How will all of these weapons and ammo stockpiles be secured, and who will have access?


      74. The solution is not to buy ammo and weapons! The solution is to stop being corrupt! They need to stop taking money from lobbyists and start represent the people! But the UN/NWO wants/needs for the US to fall financially to make thaat happen! Thus, the reason Obama has in 4 years to spend what it took bush 8 years to spend! He has to make us financially collapse to integrate his plans to depopulate the world! NWO ten commandments says world must be depopulated to 500 million so that the elite can properly control the masses/slaves. The slaves are slaves financially as the tax rates are gonna soar! Next comes the microchip.. many of those coming from mexico are already chipped! RFID… no chip (the mark) not allowed to buy! They have to have complete control… also implemented is the drones to be used on american soil. Obama has already through his regime attacked the first 5 amendments!

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