America’s No. 1 Milk Company Declares Bankruptcy Among Loss of Demand

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    Dean Foods has declared bankruptcy saying there’s been a drop in demand for milk and milk products in the United States. The Dallas company said it may sell itself to the Dairy Farmers of America, a marketing cooperative owned by thousands of farmers.

    According to AP News, Dean Foods blamed a decades-long drop in milk consumption on people turning to alternatives like soda, juice and almond milk.  And Dean Foods is not the only dairy farm having problems in the U.S.

    The blows to the farming industry just keep coming. “Despite our best efforts to make our business more agile and cost-efficient, we continue to be impacted by a challenging operating environment marked by continuing declines in consumer milk consumption,” CEO Eric Berigause said in a statement.

    Since 1975, the amount of liquid milk consumed per capita in the U.S. has tumbled more than 40%. Americans drank around 24 gallons a year in 1996, according to government data. That dropped to 17 gallons in 2018. –AP News

    Health concerns and animal welfare concerns have driven former dairy drinkers to consider other options, such as “nut milks.” Oat milk, for example, saw U.S. sales rise 636% to more than $52 million over the past year, according to Nielsen data. Sales of cow’s milk dropped 2.4% in that same time frame.

    But not all dairy products have been affected. U.S. butter and cheese consumption is up since 1996, for example. “We’re eating our dairy, not drinking it,” said Mark Stephenson, director of dairy policy analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Butter and cheese is still a staple in most households.

    Dean employs 16,000 people and operates 60 processing facilities across the country. On any given day, it is running 8,000 refrigerated delivery trucks on U.S. roads.

    It supplies milk for its own brands, like Dairy Pure, Meadow Gold and TruMoo, as well as store brands. One big blow came last year, when Walmart opened its own milk processing plant in Indiana.

    Dean said it will continue operating normally while it puts its finances in order under Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It has lined up about $850 million in financing from lenders. –AP News


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      1. Good! Less cows will be tortured so that humans can drink another animal’s milk that was meant for her calf. Dairy “farmers” don’t deserve taxpayer subsidies. They should all hopefully fail.

        • You are truly an idiot

        • Mikey,
          You are a genuine idiot! I am drinking a nice, tall, cold glass of milk right now and will be having a nice, freshly grilled Steak this evening and will think of you when I am siting on the toilet, dropping the kids off at the pool, you F-tard buffoon soy-boy you.

      2. Moo

      3. I have tried most all the usual milk and meat alternatives. I eat many different kinds of food, for the sake of variety, lots of which is accidentally healthy.

        In my mind, I am associating the lack of demand for dairy, with a recent story, in which 1/4 of people have never tried a vegetable.

        But, is there a financial reason, in which foreigners or state interests have stolen the rightful spot of the private producer.

        • And as usual anything you comment on has no meaning whatsoever.

      4. Part of the decline in milk consumption comes from the almost incessant bombardment of complaints, perpetuated by the low brow media, from climate and animal rights morons about (fill in the blank) and how that is harming the planet. (The same media and gullible cretins who believe Epstein killed himself).
        The other and most damaging reason is that worthless parents wean their kids on soda and sugar drinks instead of what the Good Lord intended….Milk.

      5. Nut Milk? Hmmmmm…..Think I’ll pass on that one. Sounds like the drink of champions for soy boys.

      6. NUT MILK? No Thanks….How do you milk a……nevermind.

        • hahahaha – – that was funny.

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