Americans Turn to Overloaded 911 System in the Event of an Emergency

by | Mar 15, 2010 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    This is what happens when individual citizens fail to prepare for an emergency:

    Nassau County officials are meeting to analyze why the county’s 911 system became overloaded during the weekend Nor’easter.

    County Executive Edward Mangano has ordered an immediate review.

    During the height of the storm, Mangano says some of the estimated 10,000 Nassau County 911 calls were transferred. They landed in emergency centers in nearby Suffolk County — or as far away as Albany. Typically, the system gets about 2,200 calls a day.

    Mangano says officials “cannot let another day pass by without addressing this situation.

    Mr. Mangano is looking to cure the symptoms of the disease, as opposed to preventative measures to address the cause.

    Rather than focusing on how the 911 system can handle tens of thousands of calls in an emergency, which, with limited staff is nearly impossible, they should be focusing on educating the public on how to deal with an emergency in the event that it occurs.

    Some simple ideas that would likely cost much less money, stress and burden on the emergency 911 system would include

    • educating the public on when to use the 911 emergency system
    • preparing a two week reserve supply of food, water and medicine.
    • acquiring emergency power generation systems
    • having a home defense security plan
    • creating local, neighborhood response teams to deal with a crisis on a community level

    It’s simple really – unless you are a government official who believes the government should be the answer for everything.


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      1. NEVER forget this :  Just because you call 9-11 does not obligate the responders to come to you !  Along with that you have no recourse if thay do not come .  In other words , you can’t sue the responders for not comming to your emergency call.  This was all ready tried years ago when some college students called 9-11 to report a break in in progress but the police came two days later to find them raped and beaten as well as robbed ! When the students tried to sue it was thrown out of court , with the judges decision being that the police did not have any legal obligation to the callers !!  You are on your own folks .

      2. “…unless you are a government official who believes the government should be the answer for everything.”

        Uh, Hello? Anybody home? Every government official EVERYWHERE in this climate believes government is the answer.

        Bluntly put, government is the Anti-Midas. Unlike King Midas, who’s touch turned things to gold, everything government touches turns to manure, absolute and complete rotting, stinking shit. …and almost instantly! But, when this happens, the lying moron bastard thieves simply think they need to raise taxes and waste more money. Over and over, the insanity continues until, as we are seeing, the government and the people are completely bankrupt. 

        I have no respect for government. The rule of law has been broken over my back. Government is now the enemy of the people. We must reform it this November. If we cannot, the USA will be unrecognizable in 10 years.

      3. The most ironic thing is they purposely remove the individuals ability to be self-reliant. You can’t grow your own freedom garden, you can’t fish, you can’t even collect water from anywhere, including your own well. You can’t help a human in need anymore, so you gotta watch them get beaten and even worse, get killed right before your eyes. And everyday they say “We’re here to help, all these policies are for your own safety!”

        We need to man up and be a real human like our forefathers.

      4. You see Mac, your suggestions make entirely too much sense, effectively meaning the government will never adopt them.

        911 is sort of like social security – we pay into it (just look at your phone bill) and expect to get something back for our investment when we need it most. In this case someone breaking into your home or putting the hurt on your family. Since we know social security will be broke and useless for the majority of us quite soon, we should therefore expect the same fate to befall the 911 emergency response system. Making matters worse, just when a record number of persons need it most, it fails.

        But aren’t all infrastructure and technology systems the same in this regard? As an engineer, I can tell you that systems are designed AT MOST to handle 2-3x as much traffic as nominal conditions warrant, sometimes less. So if in a typical day 2,200 911 calls are received and in one day a total of 10,000 are received, the system crashes. In civil engineering a bridge is designed to hold 2x as much weight as it will ever see, not 5x.

        The warning signs for spectacular system failure are seemingly everywhere. How many of you were able to use your cellphones in/around NYC area on 9/11? How about the land lines? I know I couldn’t get through for most of the day.  Look at our highways, why are we in such conditions of gridlock most of the time, particularly in/around major cities? The traffic is approaching the point at which it cannot be accommodated any further by the existing infrastructure, hence it becomes paralyzing to drive. And how about global oil production? A supply disruption in the Middle East of only 3% could result in a 30% or more increases in price overnight – evidence of the tenuous nature of the oil distribution infrastructure.

        There are countless others, all on the precipice of system collapse. Perhaps it was timed this way, I don’t know – material for another discussion I guess. But as we deteriorate over the next several years I guarantee 100% that more and more systems will fail as they were not designed with the future events in mind.

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