Americans Ready and Willing to Work Jobs Traditionally Reserved for Illegal Aliens

by | Mar 8, 2011 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    In past years, when debates about illegal immigration arose, many proponents of amnesty legislation argued that Americans were simply not prepared to work the jobs traditionally held by migrant workers. Jobs like dishwashers, cooks, lawn mowing and construction often require hard work and provide little pay with no benefits. The argument has been that Americans who grew up around video games, internet coffee shops and those that acquired Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in college were simply not interested in menial labor paying minimum wage.

    As the economic crisis has deepened, however, with official unemployment / underemployment hovering around 17% and in excess of 43 million individuals in the US on government food assistance, the job paradigm we’ve become so accustomed to over the last several decades is rapidly shifting.

    When the Pei Wei chain of restaurants in Arizona was recently raided by immigration officials, the company was forced to shut down several locations because they didn’t have enough legally employed staff members to operate. In turn, the company quickly posted advertisements and held a job fair to fill the positions left empty by illegal immigrants.

    What happened next is real world evidence for those arguing that no one in America would work the bottom-of-the-barrel jobs in our society.

    One job seeker and Pei Wei applicant, a former business owner with a master’s degree, shows us just how desperate of a situation those without jobs are in, and how far they are willing to go to put food on the table:

    I feel bad for those people losing their jobs, but if it means I get one then I am really happy that Sheriff Joe did what he did and I’ll send him a thank you letter.

    I’ve got a family to feed.

    It [8 dollars an hour] is better than zero dollars an hour.

    If I weren’t so old, I’d consider doing yards for people.

    Easy money, credit and the perception of boom times are giving way to reality.

    People have no choice but to take whatever they can get. Americans in large and ever growing numbers are willing to work long hours in physically demanding jobs for very little pay.

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      1. In the past I have worked 3 jobs over 6 days a week to pay the bills and I was tired but very glad to be able to pay my bills and take care of my family.  Over time one of those jobs became full time and with benefits and I am so very grateful. But if I had not worked the partime jobs I might not have found this one.
        I know many people who consider their unemployment time as vacation time. They choose not to look for work till  the checks stop. In these times I consider that dangerous.  But in general I just can’t sit at home and let the system pay my bills. And it appears that there are many people like me who will work hard and long to take care or themselves. God bless you all in your efforts to get and keep a job.

      2. sad news
        somebody build some factories?

      3. …..In good times these low paying entry level jobs would have gone a long way in reducing the welfare rolls.
        ” Doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.” has always been a lie promoted by the fifth columnist progressive left.

      4. I am tired of hearing everyone complain that Americans wont do the jobs that illegals do. It’s not that we wont do them, its that we haven’t had to. We have educations and good paying jobs so we don’t have to mow lawns or wash dishes. Get rid of all the illegals that are sucking up all of our money through aid programs and what not. Not to mention they don’t pay taxes and send all their money back to their shit hole country! Go home and fix your  country and stay out of ours! We need to get them off our government tit!

      5. Bout time these lazy people get a sense ofreality.
        I live in a area with chronic  high unemployment (easy welfare).
        I can not tell you how many people bitch about how bad things are.
        Yet if you are willing to be a contract worker and can actually work. There is tons of work out there. ( I am turn down more work than I take every week even in 2009 when the first round of the dip was in full swing)
        But you have to be willing to work. (don’t expect something on a silver platter.)
        BTW I am very well educated (BS+). I chose to go back to working with my hands 15 years ago. Absolutely the best decision I ever made.

      6. The meat processors here in Colorado were raided and they too had a job fair, for $1/hr more in pay they got more workers then they knew what to do with. All American, mostly white.
        $1/hr makes a difference.

      7. Comments….. I just got out of the hospital – I was in there for 14 days.  Mexicans did the cleaning -not whites. Though they could speak some English, they worked hard. Dunno if they were legal or not. One nurse was Mexican, all others were white males and females (educated).  All physical therapists were white, except 1 was East Indian – educated.  I bet if the hospital placed an ad for what the Mexicans are doing, they would still hire Mexicans just to get their quotas met.  EEOO and all of that nonsense.

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        The easiest job to find and hold is the one you create for yourself.
        Just a thought…

      9. My opinion is that no matter illegal or legal, or native or whatever, the job standards are getting lower and lower.
        This works combined with the lower quality of education which our kids receive all over the world.
        For example take a look at the U.K. tuition increase in universities. After a while who do you think will be able to send his kid to a college or university? Nobody i pressume.
        We will return in the time when only rich kids could study, and poor kids started to work from the age of 10 or 12. Those few rich kids belonged to the higher class, which eventually created the rullers (presidents, bankers, businessmen, high rank officers etc.).
        I don’t know if i sound silly but it’s just a hunch. But to give you a clue of what’s happening in Greece, the “neoriberals” are closing down schools, and increasing the number of kids in the remaining schools. Why on earth some clever governor is closing down an education institute, even in an austerity period?

      10. If we hadn’t been killing unborn babies all these years, lots of taxpaying, social security contributing American citizens would be working at the jobs illegals now take.

      11. People, immigration is not real problem. Those who enter this country to take on menial jobs free up demand for more specialized work. Rather, it’s the market-distorting policies by governments that are to blame for the current situation. Be they wage-controls, licensing laws, currency inflation, etc, the state has warped competition against its natives for the worse.
        At the rate this country is falling, I’d be more concerned over whether immigrants continue to come AT ALL.

      12. God’s Creation,

        Please do. I’m definitely interested.


      13. Welcome to Globalism…

      14. >>>
        Robert B.
        …” Doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.” has always been a lie promoted by the fifth columnist progressive left.

        The ethereal, politically correct ‘fifth columnist progressive left’ has a tangible identity and reality…
        I prefer the title, ‘Immigration: The Non-Accident. How We Got Here From There’
        Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review

        Professor Kevin MacDonald,Ph.D
        California State University-Long Beach

        For more on this subject, simply Google ‘kevin macdonald immigration’
        You may also visit:

      15. @God’s Creation – I’m interested.  Thanks.

        @everyone – My husband is a pastor.  As with all churches and any charitable institutions, donations are way down.  He is working two jobs (sometimes 3) to put food on our table.  Guess what job?  He works mornings at a chicken farm.  He’s not too good to get dirty.  He also has been painting some when he can for my parents who own rentals. 
        One thing to consider about illegals taking low paying jobs – think about what jobs their kids will want in 20 years.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for them.  (I also have an adopted Chinese daughter) But most don’t pay taxes, have children on medicaid, etc.  Then their kids will enroll in colleges and be considered minorities (grants, scholarships) while my biological kids will be doing good to get enough money to make it through.

      16. @God’s Creation-sounds interesting, please post!

      17. The dearth of jobs, the destruction of good jobs (outsourcing), the destruction of manufacturing, the influx of hordes of illegal aliens, the housing crash (still continuing), the robbery of the Treasury in broad daylight, etc., etc., etc., have ONE CAUSE: Zionist Slimeballs! If you have a minimum of 2 braincells left and put them to work, you, too, can figure that out! Then you can put them to work to figure out how to STOP THEM! Unless and until we STOP THEM, things will just get worse and worse until TSHTF – REALLY! What the Financial Markets do is completely irrelevant (except Gold). Financial Markets are MANIPULATED (don’t ask by whom!)

      18. What the heck kind of a name is “Pei Wei”?  Sounds like it’s Chinese or Vietnamese.  Slave labor in America?  By the way, $8.00 an hour in the USA is close to a slave labor wage. 

      19. Que es problemo, amigos? We got sheethole country with head lice and stale tortillas and drug lords keep shoosting at us so we wanna leave. You got nice country with lawns to mow and chichens that need (f)plucking and we come do the job for you. Just ’cause we never leave and have a few dozen kids and call our 17 cousins to come join us with their kids and use a leetle of your free school lunches you get all mad and stuff. Hey! it’s free money. The government makes it so it don’t cost you nothing, right? Why you so peesed off alla time? Relax muchacos. eets all good!

      20. For those interested, I created a simple blog and wrote a posting that should help you get started making a few dollars on the internet.
        Yes, I realize it is very generic instructions.  I will answer your questions and provide guidance to anyone who needs it.  Just post your questions in the comments.
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      21. Less than a year ago I had a job working at a ranch cleaning horse manure from the the pens. I did it daily for a year and half every day. I’m a 41 year old female who at one time was on the fast track to being an airline pilot. I chucked the career to have children. I realized that you can have it all – just not all at once. Since 9-11 and all the TSA crap – I have no regrets at all about my decision.

        I also built and maintain 5 websites of my own selling niche for outdoor sporting goods. I love what I do and I do it without selling on eBay (aka FeeBay) or Amazon. I don’t like them telling me how to sell – so I taught myself how to build a website. They are not the most sophisticated, but I am my own boss and they do ok.

        Don’t let anyone tell you Americans will not do the job illegals do – we did it before they came and we will again when need be.

        Nothing good comes from messico. If you want to really know what is going on down there- google and subscribe to the “M3 Report” it is put on by retired BP agents and if you have the stomach for all the blood, hacked up bodies and chopped off heads then by all means check it out. I hate to say it, but it does not even phase me anymore because I’ve seen so much of it. Defense mechanism, I guess. The MSM aint telling even HALF the story of how truly bad it is down there.

      22. NunJoBizness, how much time and what tickets?  Good for you.

      23. GoldenFoxx: Glad you’re out! Hospitals are a germ factory. If your nurse was a spanish speaker, she was probably filipino, as the Phillipines is a major source of nurses to meet the nurse shortage in the USA.

        Illegal Immigration is about lots more than low paying jobs that American do or don’t want; or will or will not do. READ:

        SHTF Illegal Immigration

      24. People are frustrated and we are starting to get mad. Now all we need is Plan.

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolu­tion2.osix­ )

        We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

      25. Comments…..  I have absolutely no problem with LEGAL immigration.  I do have a problem with illegal immigration.  The old logic that the cheap labor that illegals provide, more than makes up for what they cost has been totally debunked.  The social services the illegals get costs way more than the service they provide. Since they are low income, they basically pay no income tax.  They pay very little property tax, and get low cost, or free medical care.  That’s medical care that every legal resident has to suppliment with higher preminums on their health care insurance.
              I don’t blame someone for wanting to leave a bad situation in one country, and go to another, just do it legally.
              I live in an area with a lot of mexican immigrants. they are hard workers.  but if they are here illegally, they are breaking the law, that’s all there is to it.  I don’t like subsidizing their free ride of the system–period. I don’t feel sorry for them.   I would rather my tax dollar go to help Americans, both natural born, and naturalized citizens.   The imigrant problem has gone on for so long, I don’t think it can ever be fixed.
             But as evidenced by more and more stories of our bad economy , that old garbage about the immigrants are the only ones that will take the lower paying jobs, has pretty much been debunked now.
             I know there are plenty of you guys over the age of 50,  who in your younger days, worked on farms, worked landscape businesses, cut grass, and many other low paying blue collar jobs that many immigrants do today.  So when you hear the media talk that crap that those jobs are ones that only immigrants will take, you know that’s a lie.  I would do what I have to to pay the bills, as I’ve already been there, done that.  End of story.
                There’s no telling how much competition for these lower paying jobs we’re going to see in the near future.  But one thing for sure, it’s just beginning to get heated up.

      26. Growing up as a boy my grandfather asked me if I wanted new clothes for school. I said yes sir I do please. He said great! He took me about 20 miles away to a strawberry field and said here is where you will earn the money for your school clothes. For every .25 cents you earn I will match it. He said when the man asks you for your age you tell him your 12. I don’t like people who lie and I don’t like lazy no go bastards so as long as I don’t hear you lie I won’t spank you now get out and go ask for the man in charge. I was 9 years old and
        I’ve worked my entire life from washing dishes to peeling potatoes in the Marines. I worked 2 jobs when I went to college and 2 jobs when I got out (to pay off my debt). There is work available if you want to work but we have a bunch of lazy bastards out there as my grandfather once said. He went into the Army at the age of 14 and fought all over Germany. I was unemployed once and as I sat there crying in my coffee my girlfriend said to me “get off your ass and try harder’! I had a job by the end of the day.
        My point to all this is just get out there and look and you will find. Hiring managers want someone they can rely on to be there and do the work even if it is $8 dollars an hour.


        Scott—great attitude..too bad the seniors aren’t greeted with welcome like you young guys.

        My husband looked for an entire year—and that was only allowed because we had $5000 saved ….we sold a car, a 4 wheeler, a Honda cycle when the cash was gone…and spent a frotune on gas each week searching from city to city, county to county.

        A 60 year old with lost vision in one eye due to a stroke who all his life has operated heavy equipment and driven semis hasn’t a prayer(and there were many) as he tries to compete with the more educated, younger crowd seeking jobs.

        The LOrd willing, he retrurned to the logging profession little by little.
        He works every day when weather allows; I am really sick of the chant… ‘the jobs are there, if you really want one and get off your ass’.

        Until some of you walk in our shoes, stop judging.

        And I never did find a job.  Was 58 at the time, with teaching experience, new to the area and noone–NOONE– would even interview me. 

      28. Bankster created inflation makes our toilet paper dollars worth nothing. Then the sheeple are told to get more education and go work in a cubicle making more dollars than the lowly laborers. That way they can move up to “middle class” (where many laborers used to be in generations past.) Their education trains them to be able only to do the specialized work so they don’t know how to make a living any other way. Throw in lots of licensing and regulations and it becomes nearly impossible for them to start their own business. Now they are locked into the system. Then add a few purposely made bubbles and bursts. On the way up the sheep think they are getting rich. Many of them even put all their excess paper wealth into other paper goodies like stocks/bonds thinking they are somehow shrewd “investers.” Then comes the bust and the banksters can reposess nearly all the tangibles held by the sheep and start the next round of cycles all over again. Meanwhile almost all the imported illegals (the ones doing the labor-type work ’cause somebody has to) can easily be led to wherever they are needed by the PTB for political purposes or set against the sheep in a divide and conquer scheme. Any of the laborers that do manage to crawl up the ladder into middle class will automatically join the sheep. Isn’t this how Amerika’s been run for quite a while? Or do I need to shake the fog out of my head and adjust my medications again?


        On this subject….my husband did go to a construction site in another county, begging for a job…sat there in his truck and watched Mexicans operating equipment.
        Not even an interview as there were no jobs available.

        Wonder why??

      30. 8$ an hour is decent money around here,Id take a job making that if I could find one,besides this farm(which is all hard work and no pay) Ive worked in all those jobs Americans wont do,making half what the illegals made just to have a job to pay the “cash” bills(power company wont take chickens in payment),best way Ive found personally is to work at not needing much cash……still Id take 8$ an hr if I had the opportunity….just sayin’

      31. Comments…..i live in a “very” rural area of n.e.miss.  not much around here but furniture factories and sweet potato fields. the mexicans get the jobs in the sweet potato fields not because they are mexican and low paid..they are under contract and are paid very well…they line up at the post ofc every friday to send their pay to mexico and texas-then they go back to the sweet potato farm where they have good lodging, and board. they are even provided transportation if they need it. the furniture industry here is pathetic…long hours on a factory line although the pay is not bad. of course you can count on being layed off at least four mos. out of the year. if both your spouse and you work full time at a furn.factory and there is a lay off guess what…both of your hours will be cut in half rather than laying the spouse off…that way there is still a 40 hour check coming in each week even though it takes two people to make it. the town is fixing to dry up and blow away..businesses that remain here close up early and close on weekends too. i always need help around my small farm..but guess what…no one around here wants to do the work even though you offer to pay them…it is never enough.

      32. I know things are tough right now but let’s do some math.

        Two people working in the household 40hrs each making a LOUSY $8.00hr each = $33,300 a year/12 months = $2770 a month aprox. Less taxes @ 20% = $2200. Rent @ $700, utilities @ $200, food @ $400, insurance for 2 cars @ $150, gas @ $200. This still leaves $550 for other stuff I have left out. This also assumes you don’t drive 2 new cars and don’t have kids. I know this is tight and understand that but it can be done. This is also based on a 40hr work week with 2 days off which could be used to get a second job. I’m not saying this is easy by any means, but in todays climate, you do what you have to do.

      33. A friend needed some cleanup help after hurricane Ike. He couldn’t afford the contractors making the rounds in the neighborhoods. So he went to HomeDepot and offered the illegals $10/hr plus lunch. They laughed in his face.
        Eventually he found a couple of unemployed Americans who did the work at that price. And they were happy for the work.

      34. I knew some employers who own their own biz.  Mexicans show up for work on time, put in a full days work. They’re good in construction, landscaping, painting, labor types. If I was a biz owner, I’d hire them too.  Older American workers also  have a better work ethic, while the younger ones show up late or don’t call in.  We brought this all on ourselves.  Another subject:  having kids today is an economic bad choice. Volunteer/help with kids instead in community projects.  This is the 21st century and cost of living will get worse.

      35. “We brought this all on ourselves.”

        NO, we didn’t! The Zionist Slimeballs brought this to America. SEE! “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” – and WEEP! Then, STAND UP and FIGHT BACK! (against THEM NOT anyone else!)

      36. Welcome to the global economy!! This is what we got when we allowed our bought and paid for politicians to vote in NAFTA, Clinton giving China( a communist totalitarian state) most favored nation status. This was obviously so they would buy our bonds. In a global economy, the standard of living must equalize with the participants. Since we are at the top,ours will come down while thiers will come up. Until we elect a congress with an America first outlook we can plan on a further deteriorization of our lifestyle which, by the way, is a bit crazy. Who “needs” ipads,flat screen TV’s, Mcmantions, and all the toys. We must adapt to conditions and focus on our families and loved ones and our God. Like it or not, that is our future. As my nephew says” It is what it is”. Prepare as much as you can for inflation and possible currency collapse because that is what I feel is going to come next. Good Luck and God Bless 


         This is also based on a 40hr work week with 2 days off which could be used to get a second job. I’m not saying this is easy by any means, but in todays climate, you do what you have to do.

        Whoa, and why should they while their neighbor sits on the porch drinking beer all day and watching traffic and soaps??
        Or while the elite of this country spend time making laws to steal more of our taxes using the tax provided limos, expense accounts and jets??
        Just saying…


        “Whoa, and why should they while their neighbor sits on the porch drinking beer all day and watching traffic and soaps??”

        Pride in one self or it is just the right thing to do!

      39. Here in the Boise area of Idaho, Caucasians of all sorts are working at car washes, convenience stores, labor jobs etc…  It is a bold faced LIE that these jobs can only be filled with illegals. 

      40. Thanks God’s Creation!

        I’ll start reading!

      41. http://www.empiremasonryheater Heat your home w/ as little as two fires a day of 6-8 pcs of wood!!! Great for going off the grid! You can add ovens in them to cook your meals.

      42. Wow,quite a divergence of thoughts on the employment problem….
        Just a few thoughts…
        Now that the Bankers(Goldie-Sakies2u,Cities-profit for Themselves and their Ilk.)have raped the economy.(via the losses suffered by the working people’s retirement funds,mutual funds etc.)MEANWHILE, THEY have pocketed enormous wealth by betting AGAINST us and rigging the market in their favor!).And yes,far more than a few are Jewish!The rest of us are left with the crash a.k.a. being unemployed,fired and laid off and underemployed(x2 part-time jobs do NOT equate 1 full time job).I went thru a smaller version in the ’70s.I took what ever was available@$5.00 an hour,No health/retirement offered,period.It was truly hard times for my family and myself for awhile.Could hardly feed and house them.Mickey’s D was a LUXURY, I had to shop at Sears for a pair of pants for $10 or less for Sunday.It took a long time find work that allowed us to get back on our feet.The young people today are suffering the same cold, hard,reality that hard times bring.We all(except the UBER 5% Rich) suffer from the”Free-market Capitalist system” that demands that Illegals be allowed to work here verses American Citizens.The same applies to the “contract” workers” brought in from overseas by the Corporations crying about the “overpaid American”workers”.(The “contract workers being paid 50-70% less.)Meanwhile, the corporations make massive( Untaxed/under-taxed) profits year after year. It isn’t as much the wages as the work conditions that many people object to when it comes to menial work .Mexico as a nation is in frightful condition,due in no small part to “free trade policies”brought on by our “Corporate Quislings” Repocrats in Congress.Thing will get worse before they get better(remember the Titanic?).As least here at SHTF, we get news from the front lines of the normal guy that “Foxxy-Fakey”,”Con-U-castistc” and they new toy,” Not-really in Business to tell the truth” network(what ever happened to the anti-monopoly laws?) aren’t able to “filter”.That’s my rant……….
        Hope the best for All,

      43. Illegal aliens take up 4.9% of the workforce
        and cost the taxpayers over $100 BILLION nationwide in
        Local, State and Federal handouts.
        They also murder/kill over 500 Americans each year.
        The US census believes that their is 500,000 illegals from EUROPE, and less than 12 million from all Latina nations.   Shows you just how far the government can screw things up.
        Just in California alone…
        In 2004, the Federation for American Immigration Reform estimated the cost to the state taxpayers of California cities for education, health care and incarceration of illegal immigrants at $10.5 billion per year.
        They are a disease.

      44. Some of the “Europeans” are North Africans or Arabs who come to the USA via that continent, or Bosniaks and Albanians who are not really ‘Europeans’.

      45. I really honestly don’t see anyone doing the jobs other then the Mexicans, Central Americans and Polish doing them in my city.  I think it’s a big crock that people say here, that they would do the jobs.  I DON’T SEE IT!

      46. ! see Wisconsin, soon OH, NJ
        to chop, reduce current wages, benefits
        not just future hires. Stig-.
        Litz., book “$3Trillion War.” three tril, T O M

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