Americans Have Been Brainwashed To Accept War Without Question

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    As the United States seemed to teeter on the edge of yet another war, this time with Iran, the biggest concern was just how much support the government had for its mass-murdering schemes. But psychologists say that that is no mistake.  As Americans, we have been conditioned for war all of our lives.

    Americans have been programmed to accept the violence and domination with a belief that the mass murders are done for some kind of “good.” Propaganda has been widely used along with patriotic images to make even those who consider themselves peaceful cheer for death, violence, and destruction.

    Americans are taught from a young age to accept their country’s militarism without question. This conditioning has numerous ingredients. Themes of nationalism and militarism are frequently injected into public life through the media and other institutions, for example, as is a sense of righteousness, a rarely challenged belief that the country is almost always a force for good. –Psychology Today

    Fear is also a major element in conditioning minds for war. Americans of all ages are often reminded, by their government and the media, that perceived enemies pose a constant danger. The Soviet threat was used to justify military spending and adventurism around the globe for much of the later twentieth century, validating the warning given by President Eisenhower in his 1961 farewell speech of the growing influence of the “military-industrial complex.”

    More recently, through constant reminders of the “war on terror,” Americans are effectively conditioned to see evildoers as always looming. There is little to no debate about whether slaughtering people and killing others thousands of miles away is right or wrong.  Militarism and force through mass murder is always the conclusion drawn by most Americans.

     Anti-intellectualism seems to be an important ingredient in conditioning the American mindset for war, with the system relying on a population motivated by fear and forgoing critical thinking. We can see this anti-intellectualism taking shape even in the way society molds young minds. The United States is the only developed country that expects schools to regularly conduct a loyalty oath (a “Pledge of Allegiance”). This kind of exercise does nothing to encourage critical thinking or an understanding of the complexities of contemporary geopolitics but may go far in solidifying a sense of national greatness that can subsequently be used to portray aggression as justified.

    The fact that those who question American militarism are seen by many as troublemakers is further evidence of how the national mindset has been conditioned for war. –Psychology Today

    The surest sign of successful conditioning is a population that not only complies with the desired outcome but does so without question. We see this every time a new president is elected.  Whether the laws are “right” or “wrong” morally, Americans will, by and large, see them as moral and acceptable if their master was chosen to rule the slaves.  Morality is out the window.  We’ve been taught to just accept that the ruling class has authority over our lives and we have two choices: obey or have violence used against you.

    What’s worse, is we are taught to glorify the government and that just because the U.S. isn’t as violent and tyrannical as say, North Korea, we are to accept our fate as slaves to powers that shouldn’t be.

    Larken Rose makes this behavior rather apparent in his book, Most Dangerous Superstition. The primary threat to freedom and justice is not greed, or hatred, or any of the other emotions or human flaws usually blamed for such things. Instead, it is one ubiquitous superstition that infects the minds of people of all races, religions, and nationalities, which deceives decent, well-intentioned people into supporting and advocating violence and oppression. Even without making human beings one bit more wise or virtuous, removing that one superstition would remove the vast majority of injustice and suffering from the world.

    Start thinking for yourself.  Ask yourself one question: who owns you?



    H/T [Psychology Today, David Niose]


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      1. It’s likely Zionist / neo-con politicians in the Senate made their support conditional for Pres. DT. The Pres. was probably made aware that their impeachment vote is based on if the Pres. ordered the Iranian general taken out. We all know the Israelis had been constantly tracking the general’s movement for a long time. At the right time, being the opportunists they are, they no doubt had their cohorts in the Senate offer their support for the Pres. if the Pres. did something for them. It just so happened they had the general’s exact location when the order was given. This appears to be collusion of Amer. politicians with another country, allowing a foreign nation to interfere with Amer. policy. It goes shows that many politicians and officials in our gov’t have divided loyalties.

      2. So here’s my take on the latest narrative for war.

        According to DC and the media pundits, Soleimani was a “terrorist” who had been working with Assad (another “terrorist”) to destroy ISIS (also “terrorists”) and al Qaeda ( older “terrorists”) with support from Russia (kind of “terrorists”) and accused of doing and planning imminent “terrorism” things. Soleimani flew to Baghdad on a “terrorist” flight to meet with more “terrorists” at a secret “terrorist” meeting to respond to a de-escalation proposal from Saudi Arabia (9/11 “terrorists”) when the US military (a force for good…not “terrorist”) pre-emptively murdered him with a General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-9B Reaper Drone. Iran (“terrorist” country) reacted to the murder of their “terrorist” general like a bunch of “terrorists”. The Ayatollah (another “terrorist”) issued a series of “terrorist” threats to the US bases completely encircling his “terrorist” country. Millions of Iranians (all “terrorists”…except of course those who belong to MEK) took to the streets and shouted “Death to America” and other “terrorist” slogans. The Iranian military (more “terrorists”) notified the US of an impending attack with some “terrorist” missiles so the recipients could hide in their bunkers and run into the desert to escape the “terrorist” attack.

        Next day Trump announced all was good and put more sanctions on the “terrorist” bad guys that can’t ever seem to act like a normal country.

        Your move “terrorists”…

      3. I am older than dirt. In the early 40’s you could go down Main Street America and ask anyone, ‘How is the war going?’ and they would promptly answer you with an informed opinion. That ended in the early 50’s. Today we have zombies.

        Clearly we have a “design to reduce us under absolute Despotism.”

        Here is ‘How Perpetual War Was Created’ (in one picture)

        • For some months, I was a roomie, with the first man reported wounded at Pearl Harbor.

          He said, people of the time were all well aware of the dissenting conspiracy theories on WW2. What else were people going to talk about.

          They accepted the worst possible rumors against their own country as the objective truth — not as enemy propaganda, say form Tokyo Rose.

          It was like the saying about how sausage is made or breaking the eggs. They consciously accepted that they were getting their hands dirty.

          People nowadays are just as culpable, because you could read the Snowden and Assange revelations, nonchalantly, like it was common knowledge.

      4. On one side of my family, grandpa is photoed in a T-shirt with those airplane girls in softcore porn. Grandma owns a saloon in a port city, so has to be able to out curse a drunken sailor, convincingly.

        On the other side, were Dick Tracye-tier gangmembers, some of whom were executed, formally.

        Me and mine are no more deserving of your nostalgic fantasy life than Cain or Machiavelli.

      5. The human condition is an entirely hopeless situation, the longer that people live, the more it is realized. This level of psychopathic mind control, demanding allegiance to forces of evil, and total conformity by those in power has been used for thousands of years.Advancements in technolgy have compounded the effects.

        Donald Trump, following in Obama’s footsteps plans to weaponize space.

        Not weaponizing space is not good enough!

        Space must also be de-militarized! The spy satellites from so many different countries, including our own are a threat to life and liberty!

        Without a single satelite for thousands of years, somehow Captains have had the ability to navigate ships by using astronomy, compasses, astrolabes, and telescopes, and agrarians have been able to maintain sustennance for entire civilzations without weather satellites. The satellites do not prevent good or bad weather, and meteorologists are wrong 50% of the time anyways.

        Maybe at some point in everyone’s life an angel visits them and offers to grant a single wish, and everyone has the same wish- death.

        Life is torturous.

        • Of the many Orwellian American institutions resposible for brainwashing Americans into accepting war, it is impossible not to cite the universities as the first and foremost brainwashing concentration camps responsible for all of America’s wars and cocophany of insanely macaab, sinister, grotesque policies, including Eugenics started in universities in the early 1900’s, radiation experiments on people including pregnant women and newborns, assisting in the developement of all weapons systems including nuclear weapons, assisting in the developement of the surveillance state with ARPA and DARPA, assisting in CIA mind control MKULTRA programs, assisting in the developement of Mind-jacking technology and capabilities.

          Just because something can be done does not mean that it ought to be done.

          The universities are full of the most evil and stupid professors and students in the world.

          Intelligence is having the ability to know what to do with the knowledge that one has attained.

          These evil monsters do not posess a scintilla of intelligence or common sense. They do not have the ability to see the profound consequences of the evil technologies and agendas that develope.

          They are mad scientists and are totally mentally incompetent and really belong in insane assylums and removed from society where they cannot harm anyone.

          The universities tution prices have risen to levels of insanity all in order to fund these evil research programs which they in turn often sell at a profit to the war industry and other evil instituions.

          The students receive nothing other than a destroyed mind, spirit, and a shit load of debt.

          Stop elevating psychopaths! Drop out!

          • War is the fruits of Americans who have found their own stupidity to be their highest source of inspiration.

      6. We have been taught for centuries to obey and serve all the so called noble causes.

        You have been fed this idea with your mother’s milk.


        You go on carrying this stupid idea that has been put into your mind down the ages, throughout the ages.

        Obeying will make you feel good, patriotic.

        You may even be obeying it in spite of your own conscience.

        Disobeying any noble cause is designed to create guilt in you.

        But there is no need to be obedient to somebody else, to some idiotic idea.

        Just find your own awareness, and be obedient to it.

        Be aware!

        Democracy, equality, morality, loyalty, duty, discipline, obedience.

        Great words!

        Beware of them.

        My country, motherland, fatherland, democracy, equality, church, temple.

        Beware of all great words!

        They can drive you into an unconscious, robot-like behaviour.

        This is now the greatest danger to human survival.

        The capacity for individuals to abandon their humanity, indeed, the inevitability that they do so as they merge their unique personality into larger institutional structures.

        It is not anger, violence, aggression, destructiveness, which is so dangerous, but the greatly valued idea of obedience.

        It is ironic that the virtues of loyalty, discipline and self-sacrifice that we value so highly in the individual are the very properties that create destructive organizational energies of war and that blind individuals to malevolent systems of authority.

        The disappearance of a sense of responsibility is the most far-reaching consequence of submission to authority.

        It is very easy to dispense with your responsibility.

        You can always say, “What can I do? I have been ordered.”

        And the higher person can say he has been ordered from a higher authority, and so on and so forth.

        Even the President can say, “I have been advised by the military experts.”

        And so on and on, round and round it goes.

        Nobody is really responsible.

        Responsibility can always be shoved on somebody else’s shoulders.

        ‘Noble cause’ is a very dangerous game.

        Who decides what is noble?

        Let each individual decide according to their own conscience.

        In this coming decade, this foolish idea of obedience to all these so called imperialistic noble causes, in the guise of the global war on terror, is going to destroy the whole of humanity in a nuclear fireball.

        And not only humanity, with humanity, all life on this earth, all trees, all birds, all animals, all kinds of life.

        And there are millions of kinds of life on this earth.

        This earth is a festival of light and life!

        Do you think Adolf Hitlers cause was not noble?

        If it had not been noble, how could a very intelligent race like the Germans have followed him?

        And remember that the Germans are one of the most intelligent races on the world-map.

        Last century, these four great minds had dominated the whole world, they all have come from Germany. Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Albert Einstein.

        How could such an intelligent people follow this stupid megalomaniac, Adolf Hitler?

        In the name of a so called noble cause!

        The noble cause was: The world is in chaos and the world has to be dominated and ruled by the noble people, by the Aryans.(Now to be read as the ‘Exceptional Americans’)

        The word ‘arya’ means noble.

        Arya is a Sanskrit word.

        It means the noblest.

        The world has to be dominated and ruled by the noblest of the noble.

        Now, behind the word ‘noble’, Adolf Hitler was hiding all kinds of ugly things.

        And thousands and thousands of intelligent people followed him, obediently, because the cause was noble!

        Millions of Jews were exterminated, in the name of a noble cause, millions suffered in concentration camps.

        And the people who were torturing them were not unintelligent people, they were very efficient and intelligent people.

        And they were doing their duty, obediently, for a noble cause.

        What happened in Russia?

        Joseph Stalin, another psychopath of the same type as Adolf Hitler, murdered and butchered millions of people, again in the name of a noble cause.

        Communism has to be established, and any sacrifice is not too much.

        If communism, the paradise, the classless society, can arrive on the earth, then no sacrifice is too much.

        But humanity refuses to learn from history.

        When old altars disappear, they create new ones, and continue to sacrifice the individual.

        Beware in 2020, democratic socialism is such a new altar!

        Remember, if we want to create a new humanity, we will have to reconsider the whole mind of the individual.

        The past has created a a very ugly mind, of course, with beautiful labels, with beautiful painted smiles, and behind is great animality.

        The emphasis should be on the individual not on the society, not on the nation, not on the religion.

        The emphasis is on the individual.

        The individual has to be freed from all kinds of social bondages and slaveries.

        Simply become aware!

        Could the people who dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, just two persons!

        Out of awareness could they have said no?

        It was so obvious that the one hundred thousand people who lived in Hiroshima were utterly innocent, small children, women, old people.

        Why drop an atom bomb that would destroy them immediately, within seconds?

        And within ten seconds Hiroshima was a dead city.

        Just ten seconds before, it was alive.

        And after just a few moments, the whole of Hiroshima was just a cemetery, so many dead people.

        The individuals who dropped the bomb could have said no, but they were obediently serving a noble cause.

        What was the noble cause?

        So called democracy!

        These great words are very dangerous, because behind them you can hide anything.

        Now in the name of democracy, capitalism hides itself.

        And in the name of equality, communism hides itself.

        Watch all great words, and whenever a politician uses these words, be aware, there is something criminal behind it!

      7. POTUS of the most magnificent country in world history, USAUSAUSA has placed the Supreme Ayatollah Khoemeini on notice. The Ayatollah has been forwarned by the greatest POTUS in USA history, “Be careful with your words.”

        Trump the Fantastic has the very best words. President Trump has informed the world that he does, so it is obviously true.

        We have not yet heard the very best words for one simple reason. Trump is keeping these aces up his sleave, waiting to release them at precisely the right moment for maximum impact, which is part of the President’s 4 D chess strategy.

      8. It would be anti-cannibalistic to question the validity of the Epsilon Establishment foreign policy agenda and financiers!

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