Americans Are The Most Spied On People In World History

by | Dec 5, 2012 | Headline News | 135 comments

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    More Spying On Citizens than in Stasi East Germany

    TechDirt notes:

    In a radio interview, Wall Street Journal reporter Julia Angwin (who’s been one of the best at covering the surveillance state in the US) made a simple observation that puts much of this into context: the US surveillance regime has more data on the average American than the Stasi ever did on East Germans.

    Indeed, the American government has more information on the average American than Stalin had on Russians, Hitler had on German citizens, or any other government has ever had on its people.

    The American government is collecting and storing virtually every phone call, purchases, email,  text message, internet searchessocial media communicationshealth information,  employment history, travel and student records, and virtually all other information of every American.

    Some also claim that the government is also using facial recognition software and surveillance cameras totrack where everyone is going.  Moreover, cell towers track where your phone is at any moment, and the major cell carriers, including Verizon and AT&T, responded to at least 1.3 million law enforcement requests for cell phone locations and other data in 2011. And – given that your smartphone routinely sends your location information back to Apple or Google – it would be child’s play for the government to track your location that way.

    As the top spy chief at the U.S. National Security Agency explained this week, the American government is collecting some 100 billion 1,000-character emails per day, and 20 trillion communications of all types per year.

    He says that the government has collected all of the communications of congressional leaders, generals and everyone else in the U.S. for the last 10 years.

    He further explains that he set up the NSA’s system so that all of the information would automatically be encrypted, so that the government had to obtain a search warrant based upon probably cause before a particular suspect’s communications could be decrypted.  But the NSA now collects all data in an unencrypted form, so that no probable cause is needed to view any citizen’s information.  He says that it is actually cheaper and easier to store the data in an encrypted format: so the government’s current system is being done for political – not practical – purposes.

    He says that if anyone gets on the government’s “enemies list”, then the stored information will be used to target them. Specifically, he notes that if the government decides it doesn’t like someone, it analyzes all of the data it has collected on that person and his or her associates over the last 10 years to build a case against him.

    As we’ve previously documented, the spying isn’t being done to keep us safe … but to crush dissent and to smear people who uncover unflattering this about the government … and to help the too big to fail businesses compete against smaller businesses (and here).

    And as we point out at every opportunity, this is not some “post-9/11 reality”.  Spying on Americans – and most of the other attacks on liberty – started before 9/11.

    Senator Frank Church – who chaired the famous “Church Committee” into the unlawful FBI Cointel program, and who chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – said in 1975:

    Th[e National Security Agency’s]  capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything: telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn’t matter. There would be no place to hide.  [If a dictator ever took over, the N.S.A.] could enable it to impose total tyranny ….

    We can debate whether or not dictators are running Washington. But one thing is clear: the capacity is already here.

    TechDirt points out:

    While the Stasi likely wanted more info and would have loved to have been able to tap into a digitally connected world like we have today, that just wasn’t possible.

    That’s true.  The tyrants in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Stasi Eastern Europe would have liked to easedrop on every communication and every transaction of every citizen.  But in the world before the internet, smart phones, electronic medical records and digital credit card transactions, much of what happened behind closed doors remained private.

    (And modern tin pot dictators don’t have the tens of billions of dollars necessary to set up a sophisticated electronic spying system).

    In modern America, a much higher percentage of your communications and transactions are being recorded and stored by the government.


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      1. Sometimes paranoia’s just having all the facts.

        ~ William S. Burroughs

        • Hi NSA hope the spying is going well for you today, while I got you here can you please let me know if anyone has got me anything for Christmas that will help me when your tyrannical govt comes crashing to the ground, shit I used the Christ word now I’m probably bumped up the list a few spots!

          • My friend said he is taking NBC gear with him in his last email. His type of unit never carries it on them. Once again just two friend talking about their day.

            •  That would be Nuclear Biological, Correct?

              • Nuculear, Biological and Chemical.  I took the course and became certified as a specialist back in the day.  If I remember it was at the time NBC/R (radiation).  Nuculear was for calculating fallout patterns and determing size / type of nuculear bomb used. Radiation was for detection, measuring rads, protection etc. 

                Who would believe that computer technology would come back to bite us in the ass?  I guess there is a black side to everything in life. I am sure there are ways to protect yourself against information being collected on yourself and I am sure there are some real smart guys and gals on this board who knows how.  But the point is that you would have to keep one step ahead of the game and who has the time to do that.

                Drop off the grid?  There is no such thing.  Even I know that. 

                • “””Who would believe that computer technology would come back to bite us in the ass? “””

                  Technology isn’t biting anyone in the ass.  It is those who use it for Unlawful purposes that must be dealt with.

                • Spelling nuclear as nuculear does diminish ones creditibility.

                • NBC refers to a lot of stuff. NBC is most commonly used to refer to the Personal Protective gear that EVERY deploying soldier takes with them (Gas mask, Chem suit, decon kit).

          • Butthead, if the NSA knows whose bunghole is not well, then why don’t they give me T.P. for my bunghole?  Isn’t that what taxes are for???

            N.S.A. = Nabbing Shit & Assholes


          • As I open the website, and glanced at the titles, I saw;  Americans are The Most STUPID People in World History.   I thought ” this should be good!”

            Obviuosly some version of a Freudian brain fart.

            • U.S. military developing spychips for soldiers

              “It’s always in incremental steps.”

              “The move is another step in the trip down the road of having every person implanted with a chip that might very well monitor health but also other areas of life.”



            • Obviuosly you are American!   hahahahahha

          • OT, Is anyone else having difficulty viewing articles on this site?  I’ve tried to look at the last 4 and cannot scroll down through the article to read it and the comments that follow.  I keep getting a message that “SHTF is not responding due to a long running script”.  Yes, I ran a scan with a couple of programs to make sure I’m clean, no difference.  Now I’m getting the same message when trying to post this comment.  Grrrrrrr

            • it’s just the nsa preventing us from reading this stuff. drop off the grid, it get’s easier….

            • I can’t even see the articles on Firefox, just the ads.  Runs VERY slowly on Exploder, but seems fine on Google Chrome.  I just HATE using anything google…..

        • With the advancements of technology comes total abuse of power, it can only get that much worse in the future if the United States hold together that long.  I guess you just have to realize that most of what you do is being watched by some character.  I know that this site is very closely watched as people here have minds of their own.  So let them watch and gawk, maybe they will learn something. 

          • This is for you computer geeks. Im informed but not be informed. lol im funny but, I have black tape over my computer camera. not paranoid but when you are on skype the light comes on, do any of you know when they track IP addresses etc and monitor your phone for sound etc and cameras also for data on what I hear, do any of you know do you think they turn on your camera to see who you are but if the camera light does not come on do they still try and use this feature or does it only work really if the camera light comes on. You guys know what Im trying to say? Just curious

            • This can be done with off the shelf programs any good university student has. Quite offen you are being look at. If you’re at some of the sites out here.

            • Use an old computer with no camera and no microphone.

            • Shockwave Rider.   John Brunner.    And that book was 45 years ago.

              It’s not like some people didn’t see it coming.


            • I wrote a lovely post for this reply, but the system won’t take it.  I provide links to software and hardware, but the STFU machine doesn’t like it.  Sorry, I tried to help.  If you send a message to admin at, I’ll send you the info.

              Good luck.

          • BI,

                Sumatra (Northern) a 5.1, what up with that, WRT 2004?

            • BI,

                   More activity near Masset, CA, a 5.0…looks like it’s firing again.

              • @ JustOneGuy.  Sumatra is very active, 5.1 is as common as a 3 in southern california, the 5.0 is nothing but an aftershock to the 7.8 last month.  Actually the only one that a saw today was the 4.5 in the Yukon, this one connects an energy ridge that travels down to South America.  That polar earthquake on Nov. 27 still has one week to manifect a big earthquake, there is a near 90% chance of this.  If the Vanautu earthquake last week didn’t happen that would be near 100%. 

                Right now I am very concerned over the chemical weapons issue in Syria.  Assad could very well lob a huge number of those into Israel if he thought that his power was ending, as in his view it would be a better chance surviving a whole string of Israeli nukes in some bunker than would be getting strung up by his people or put onto trial like hussein and later strung up.  Start a regional war with Israel and try to get the muslims all against the jews,  could happen.  Then………………….

          • BI, I am sure thet have learned MUCH so far.

        • I do not believe NSA can intercept and decode TLS traffic (POP and SMTP over SSL/TLS). Just use encrypted channels to send and receive information.

          That’s why Google switched their search engine interface to SSL/TLS. Otherwise BigBrother will collect info about what you are interested in (search arguments).

          • You would be wrong. The FEDS can capture EVERY item sent over the entire web, sort it by IP address, and decode and/or encrypt EVERYTHING. Are you really, that naive?

            LMFAO!   🙂

            • Once they take the picture of the web, they store that “file” and run key word searches. Then they take that search and run for other info. Eventually they get hits that they identify, follow, and research.

              The Cyber Squad has nothing but time and money. OUR time and OUR money.

          • HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH! Wake the hell up.

        • Payback is going to be such a bitch for these assclown eggheads. Easy to do, find out where their servers are, usually in huge warehouses, lots of power drain, will have huge deiesel generators outside  in case power goes out.  Dumbasses showed this on TV.  And remember this is the twenty something and early thirtys generation doing this, about 10% of population this age group, Arrogant and inhuman, they think they deserve to rule the world.  Example;  Zuckerburg,  Anonomous, the anarchist groups, ect.  Dont be Fooled.

        • My phone just got a pop up! Its from the GOV’t this is crap. The GOV’t has to much power now a days.

        • I really don’t understand why so many thumbs down on this.  It’s a link to the Rockwell/Jackson video, ” Somebody’s Watching Me”, which is appropriate for the subject matter.  Considering when this song was released,  1984, it’s very fitting.  Two thumbs up!

      2. Ya we sure are nosy! smell smell it’s cooking.It o.k. to know what is going on around you. It how far we have taken it!

      3. I see the amount of spying as a catch22 for any tyrannical gov, most of us on sites like this are waiting calmly and plan on using government home invasions as a trigger for our own preplanned actions the important part for us is to identify/ sift through the propaganda in order to see it.


        Make friends create a network, know and seek the truth.

        • …just don’t do the intel online…


           @y99     Everyone of us is in some kind of data base. I see more law enforcement setting up booths at the gun shows to include the ATF. They are not there just to hand out phamplets. IMO.You mentioned  SOF. Have you ever heard of Pick 7?

          • Slingshot


            I agree, and can honestly tell you many of the LEO’s I knew as friends are now for some odd reason distant from me, and not due to an opsec breech on my part. As to pick 7??? I left the community in 03, RET 06.

      4. Hey track this, Barry is a lying asshole.

        • I 2nd that!  Why do you want someone as shitty as barry doing this to your country as well and possibly doing things that are illegal and you are losing your integrity and honor. Think about what your grandparents would feel about you NSA and others for what you are doing for a total piece of shit to this country and your kids future. IF you don’t think this is an issue spyiers, then your a self centered SOB and you have no feelings and are worthless just like your grandparents were then. IF you were honest you would do the right thing and speak up and restore this country. You let illegals run freely and nail and target us the middle! You have no HONOR!!!!


      5. “WHY ARE ??? Americans Are The Most Spied On People In World History ???”




        Prepare for THE 2nd American Revolutionary WAR against the NWO ZOG U.N. FEDGOV !


        ~N.O. ;0P  


          commie in office.

          Don’t participate.

          White backlash.

          We still control more than you know.

          • Fuck the government. Bring back the militia movement.

        • Actually, it’ll be the third, but the second did work out so well for us. 

        • Online Book – Freedom Chronicles 2026 by Mike Adams

          natural news . com

          Episode One: Thought Security Investigations


          “Are you lookin’ at me funny, bwiatch?” No one else standing in the line looked up to even acknowledge the voice, but she glared at him with contempt.

          The pot-bellied enforcement officer quirked his head to the side and sneered. “I said, I don’t like the way yer lookin’ at me.” His taser and baton clanked as he waddled over to the line of would-be travelers. They numbered a hundred or more, all waiting to be scrutinized by security before being allowed to board the plane. A war was on, after all, and the government warned that terrorists could be hiding anywhere. Especially in airports.


          • Torah,

            When was this book written? I just read the excerpt, very approbo!!! I want to read the rest of it, just so I know what to expect next.


        • * just how dumb are israeli jews ???


          duh ! ;0P



          ~ N.O. ;0p




      6. This article confirms everything I’ve said all along — that they are more interested in collecting dirt on lawmakers, to keep THEM in line than spying on our little habits. I’ll bet they’ve used their dirty little secrets collection to keep other WORLD leaders in tow. How else can we explain all of those influential people going against all logic and tradition? They all know the U.S. has dirt on them and are afraid

        • I was wondering about that myself.  If you are a politician and are against whatever regime is in power, you will be targeted.  Anyone think that is why John Roberts voted the way he did on obamacare?

      7. Most of the ones who are spying on us are corporations. Buyer club cards, key tags for discounts, emails for prize drawings, stores tracking your purchases. By far I get speid on more by my local grocery store than by the post i make on the internet. And it’s all in the name of “marketing.” Heck, I have to post my email just to post here.

        • Rachel: Your IP address is captured, logged, and stored by the Cyber Squad in Chantilly VA at NRO every time you turn your computer on and log on to the internet by any connection.

          There are ways to hide your location, but your IP address is singular.

          High speed computers can take a “real time picture “of the ENTIRE database of the WWW in about an hour now. It use to take only 20 minutes but there are more users and more data now.

          Do you really use a valid email address?   LMAO   🙂

        • I have someone else’s grocery store card.  I loan it to anyone else in line who doesn’t have one.  The store’s computers must be really confused.  Sometimes I’m white, sometimes I’m Mexican.  There’s no pattern to what shows up on the account, plus it isn’t attached to my name.

          Maybe we should all trade store loyalty cards with our friends every so often, just to screw up the store computers.

          • Won’t do any good unless you pay cash every time.  

      8. I have asked before, and I ask again: Will there come a day when an EMP will be a blessing?  A day when it is set off by Patriots rather than enemies?  

        I’d rather live free without modern convenience than as a prisoner in a well lit cell.  Rather risk my children’s health without Blue Cross than have their well being determined by a board of bureaucrats.  Rather work hard til the day I die than have ‘free stuff’ mold me into a slave wholly dependent on the moods of a political elite.  

        Esse Quam Videri

      9. We are the biggest threat to these assholes who want to take total contol over us. If we were not we would be left alone. They want to know what we think about them when they abuse laws, raise taxes on us, take away their rights and freedom and guns. They spy and pyle all this data to see if there will be riots and trouble for them to deal with,. Since they test the waters and read what we post, you better believe you bastards you take away our try our 2nd any further you will have yourself a major and disruptive civil war you POS people. THis is not a threat this is reality! You will never have your job left after this is all over. 

        • I mean… it’s not hard to figure out how we feel about tax increases, illegal immigration, and abuse of laws.  All you guys have to do to simulate it is lock yourselves out of your own bank accounts for a year or two, and allow yoursel only $30-40,000 a year.  Also have to lock yourself out of your property and your cars and your jets.  Dress like a bum and go wandering through El Segundo at night for an extra-special good time. 


          In a contest between “us” and “them”… frankly my money is on them.  You haven’t been seeing the US Military REALLY playing to win in reent history.  Like, as in, pull out all the stops and to hell with collateral damage (World War 2) kind of playing to win.

          I dread if it comes to that.

          • “You haven’t been seeing the US Military REALLY playing to win in reent history. Like, as in, pull out all the stops and to hell with collateral damage (World War 2) kind of playing to win.”

            So true and this why we didn’t win anything in Iraq and well anywhere. And why we really are not fear anywhere anymore.

            • Well I mean we really couldn’t.

              I mean, we’re not attempting to start a war with Russia and China and have all of our dollar holdings dumped, now are we?

              OTOH if all of these SHTF scenarios come to pass and we’re looking at an INTERNAL conflict (which pre-supposes that we’re already totally fucked, more or less)…

              You’re going to be in for a rather big surprise.

              Do not mistake the CHOICE of holding back for a realistic assessment of ability.  If the US had nothing to lose, the entirety of Iraq would have been Fallujah in something like under 3 days.

          • If we’re all dodging drone strikes, the money flow to .gov stops and the machine stops shortly thereafter.

      10. Bread and circus …. time to stop worrying about everything else and use this time to simplify and organize your life. A friend recently got completely off grid and ready (for whatever) in 3 weekends… you can too…. 1st weekend. After he closed on a couple acre piece of somewhat flat ground he hooked his solar well up (he had already had a test well dug as part of escrow). Cost the lot was 16K, the well and solar pump were 7K. Had a gravel pad put in 2000. Weekend 2. Moved his Vintage Trailer on (this is stinkin cute and cost 4K) and rough built a pumphouse shed on piers with a nice leanto garage AND a little cinder block corner is also a spring house. No cost on the pumphouse since it was all recycled redwood from a fence other than a few main beams and the cinderblocks for foundation/piers . Weekend 3. Put in a cistern (an old galvy water tank he salaged), drip and 6 raised beds. Cost “0”. What is left to do?. Hook up his solar led lights for his trailer, insulate his pump house, move his preps in (and build a shade trellis with misters.. ok I put that in)… Best part? Another friend likes it so much THEY are buying a vintage  12′ house trailer and moving it on and paying for 1/2 the lot. Why vintage btw? Cuz there are no bad materials in the ones built before 1960… Get to it!

        • Um where does he poo, not to be too indelicate…

          Also heat and food sources, and I hope the solar’s minimal cause I hate all those batteries for the big systems.

          Other than those details, sounds great!  I’d love to have something like that just kicking around, I’d use it as a “vacation home” until… well you know.

        • what about lead based paints,,,???


      11. what nonsense, have you not witnessed the incompetence of these uneducated parasites in full swing, its hard not to chuckle about seeing this, this will be my first response and initial break in opsec to some degree, it seemed time, fear not if you can hear a cricket chirp, for you are already standing on higher ground

                                         scraping the bolt, again 

        • I know people who work in an have worked in Gov. If their stories are remotely correct, I hope the Gov is hiding the “smart ones”.  Seriously, they have super high tech, but are staffed with complete morons, by every account.

          This happened yesterday; Client/tenant= gov contractor staffed exclusively by former military. 6 men (fully grown, I might add) on site.  Doorknob fell off. Manager ( 25 years military, high rank ret.), took time to visit our office, in my opionion, go berserk over security breach, etc. I got the call. Drove 25 miles, leaving a job in progess, to handle this “DIRE EMERGENCY”. Walked in, found the handle still laying on the floor, located the set screw that fell out, and reinstalled the handle. As I was leaving, The Manager came over to show me what was wrong. Oh, it’s fixed??. yup What was wrong?? set screw fell out.            

          Again. 5+ retired warriors. Not a one with with the mindset to pick up a handle and replace a setscrew.  Yeah, I’m worried.

          • Please tell me you are joking…are people THAT stupid?

            • The only joke was 50 miles round trip on my F250 diesel @ $4.00 a gallon and 2 hours of my valuable time. How do I send a legitimate invoice to the building owner for this?  It would be fair to invoice $200.00. As it stands, I don’t have the nerve.

      12. Damn I feel pretty important since these jackasses are terrified of lil ‘ol me. Must of had the fear of Gawd put into them. I sure hope that if they ever get down my neck of the woods they’ll stop in and say hello. I’m sure some will want to stay forever.

      13. Have you noticed that every little town, cities even along the interstate highway have traffic cameras. Who is monitoring these devices and why? Traffic did just fine before all of these cameras.  I just don’t like being watched, I’m a big boy and can take care of myself. 

      14. I fly below the radar as much as possible. Trust know one, our government is full of overweight lawyers out for themselves. They are lying to all of us. Continue to prepare and be ready because time is running out.

      15. Yeah!

        ok im standing in my driveway flipping them the bird!

        I already knew this years ago, I was told by a friend in a position to see them zero in with a camera on a quarter in a parking lot, …from a satelite.

        he said it showed up on the screen, it was pre-planed..but it made the point, they have the ability

          • Maybe I should paint a nasty message to them on top of my trailer. They can see it all over the country!

            On second thought, do the Uhaul and Ryder truck rental people ever check the top of those rental trucks? I think it’s time we started getting creative!

      16. Hello Mr. President.

        So you say I should pay for my employee’s healthcare.

        But I already pay for their 401k match, Fica, workers comp ins. unemployment and disability.  Further, I pay for their training, discounted food at the corp. cafe, provide a fitness center, medical and dental.

        But you want me to pay more?

        OK…here’s what we are going to do.

        NOTHING.  We’ve already downsized when we hear you won.

        This year…it’s just stay afloat.  No expansion plans, cut the staff and make things very efficient.  No planned purchases.

        I cannot support this country anymore…because of you. 

        You are a commie and not even a natural born citizen.

        So…I’m opting out.  We’re not going to spend shit.

        No vacations, no bonuses, no cars, trucks or anything.

        Then when it all collapses…that might make sure you don’t change the laws and anoint yourself king.



        We’ll live on hot dogs and beans for the next four years.

        Good luck with that commie thing you have going and the traitor congressmen who want to disarm up.   I will spend money on one thing…. more ammo for my future grand children.   I’m sure you will find a way to ban it one day.

        So there you go…

        That’s what we’re doing…  I won’t support a communist govt. in America.

        Think about it.

        Here’s your quote…





        • if your paying their medical dental then you are already paying for their healthcare eh?

          “But I already pay for their 401k match, Fica, workers comp ins. unemployment and disability.  Further, I pay for their training, discounted food at the corp. cafe, provide a fitness center, medical and dental.”  quote from my talk with obama above. Note you already say you pay their medical, sooo how is obama care bothering you if your ALREADY doing it? not for obama care just pointing out  your main gripe at the top was paying for the healthcare  and you state in your spiel that you already do, making your point void.

      17. oh hey..guess whos paying for this



        • You see my point.

      18. Internet = World Wide Wiretap.  I am a very private person and am very fierce about maintaining my privacy.   I don’t trust very easily, and am low-key and tight lipped about my personal life.   I know when to move around and when not to move around to avoid dealing with the ‘herd’, the public.  Nice guys finish last.  If anyone wants my help, they have to earn it…

      19. It was my understanding that England had that distinction of being the most spied upon. Maybe the “City of London” has the distinction for global cities? 

        • London also has a HUGE illegal immigrant population, (on an Island!).  As a deterrent to crime cameras are NOT effective. It’s an individual choice as to whether to live in fear of surveillance, and frankly our criminal element chooses not to. This was demonstrated clearly for the world to see when we had our riots the other summer.

          Data is only as useful as the individuals doing the datamining. If as I suspect the goons are as smart as the TSA ones on public view then you can draw your own conclusions.

          In a world where so many are being reduced to a position where they feel they have nothing left to lose and young men and women choose suicide instead of life, all this surveillance is becoming a moot point.

          On a personal level the fact the camera has recorded my being mugged, doesn’t stop the egg on my head hurting does it?

      20. Well in that case , mr. President i luv ya man and im glad i dont own guns because they are evil

      21. Most of them lose though in the end, the final and everlasting end when they burn in hell for all eternity



        have fun at the roast nsa  🙂

      22.       Drones, Camera’s, Infra Red, Night Vision, Laser Tracking. Sound Amplification, Radar Penetration, Satellites with Infinite Resolution Lenses. GPS.

         Counter Measures?

         Unless they put a JDAM, 20 mm or Hell Fire  on you they still have to put men on the ground to come and get you. Oh!  How about all that robotic technology? Nothing like having a carriage with a M60E3 mounted on it, show up on your doorstep.

        • slingshot i want to order 4 of those to go please ,,no mustard (gas)


      23. My secret plan is working, first I spend years below the radar, then I get on the list; Then  I BORE THEM TO DEATH with all my files  HAHAHAHAHAHA

      24. @ Emily  –  I’m with you!  I can’t stand it when I purchase something & the clerk asks me for my email address or phone #. I just say I want my merchandise & receipt with no questions ask.  Thank you.  GEEZ!

        I do not want any correspondence from a dept store, etc.  Now Walgreens has that stupid card.  I hate all this crap!  I live in a development with an HOA and I refuse to be on their email recipient list.  And I opted to not be in their directory every year.  I don’t want to hear from the Board of Directors, etc. I figure if there’s an emergency or some sort of bad news I’ll hear about it on the news or word of mouth.  A lot of property owners are fed up with HOA’S. I’m not a joiner & don’t ever want to serve on any committees, either.  Just not a “joiner” for years now.  Forget Fadebook (that’s what I call it). ha!  FB will fade eventually …..

        I can’t get out of Staples or Office Depot without getting the 3rd degree for info.  I feel sorry for the clerks when they have to wait on customers who are not cooperative.  ha!

        So, Emily, I agree with you wholeheartedly!

        ~~~  Gardenia

        • I find it more (self) entertaining to give random phone numbers is area codes in other states as well as zip codes.  

          When some data’s validity is suspect then all data is suspect.   Having reasonable doubt can be a very important legal concept if it ever comes to that.   I also randomly borrow electronic devices from work and connect them to my wifi at home.  “What?  No none of those are mine.  My wifi must of een hacked.  You mean I shouldn’t use password as a password?”

          Reasonable doubt friends, it’s a good thing. 

          • my answer is always the same  (516) 867 5309  address: 1313 mockingbird lane hell mi. ( actual city in michigan lol 🙂

        • You know how you can tell a lot by what kids say? My smart young niece was playing “store” so I “bought something” from her, and she proceeded to ask me for my phone number, email address, home address, zip code, husband’s name, and birth date and got me to sign a form. That says a lot. She apparently learned that from experience.

          I bought a soda in a home and garden store, and the cashier said “zip code?” I said “I’m buying a coke. Why do you need my zip code?” If enough people refused, they would stop some of that intrusiveness.

        • Now this is weird. I refreshed the screen and the following was in the reply box. I replaced the arrow brackets with asterisks so it won’t disappear as code: *p**br data-mce-bogus=”1″*/p*

          • LT, the data-mce there is likely from one of two sources — either it is a tag being included in your comment if you copy/paste from something like a Word document, OR, the more likely scenario is that it is an issue with some of our backend code — we just updated the comment areas and have some issues reported that are being worked on.

            I encourage anyone who experiences issues or weirdness while commenting to please contact us and let us know (screenshots would be awesome!) so we can have the developer give it a look-see.

            Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.


      25. Hey NSA:

        Why dont you go lick the shit out of a reindeer’s asshole? I hope your mothers get hit by a bus, you swine. You filthy vermin are the bane of humanity.

      26. off topic for a minute

        in the immortal words of that old man who spends his time yelling at the clouds,John McCain

        “bomb bomb bomb

        bomb bomb Iran

        bomb Iran…”

         time to EMP them back to the Stone Age ?

      27. When the world crashes I nominate myself as supreme leader.

        Here’s my new rules.

        1. Hot women are banned from wearing clothes…just like the Feringi in star trek

        2. We’ll bring back gladiator fights..a nice way to clean out the prisons.

        3. I here by ban all lawyers from holding public office.  To hold office you must be a plumber, electrician or some type of building trade.  

        4. We will repurpose the cargo container ships to evict all immigrants.

        5. All are required to own and carry loaded fire arms at all times.

        6. All low pantsers will be shot on site.  Not a racial thing…but a low IQ thing. WE just don’t want these folks to breed.

        7. Authority figures are required to hug their workers daily to remind them that they are people and not their slaves or “employees”.

        8. I decree that the blacks need to back off on the racism of the whites.  These folks did not do shit to you…the folks that fucked you over died hundreds of years ago.  Get over it.  They are just people like you trying to have a life.

        9.  Bill Clinton is to have “I had sex with Miss Lewinski” on his forehead.  Monica to be given a lifetime salary for services to our nation rendered.  She was just a young govt. clerk and the prez. of the US wanted her to perform services.  Just compensation for a patriotic gal.

        10.  All key public figures with great responsibility will have their own sexual servant.  This will keep them focused.

        11.  All citizens are required to have 3 months of dried goods in case of crop failures.

        12.  November is NO Shave month… Madonna’s arm pits too.

        13.  Only silver and gold is to be legal currency…  Where did I hear that before?

        14.  All Americans who propose disarming of the American people are to be deemed traitors to the United States and they have to surrender their balls or tits.

        15.  All people will be given a zero interest load for their home.  Each month we will retire the payment amounts from the economy.

        16.  Israel is to be disbanded and all the occupants to be shipped to Long Island.

        17. There is no retirement.  Your retirement will be to live with the very young and pass on your learned wisdom.

        18.  We are a Christian nation.  Enough said.

        HOW DID I DO?

        • I personally like #9. I think it should be carved in Billy’s forehead with a knife like in the movie,”Inglorius Bastards” where they carved the swatzstika in german soldiers foreheads that they captured.

        • Enjoyed #6 idea.

          Lost my support on #15


        • @ IWLU

          Ummmm… let’s rephrase item #16. We have too many of those cretins in this country already. So…ship the Israelis & their American cousins to Madagascar. Then impose a  24-7  naval blockade to prevent their escape.

          Afterwards,  sit back & watch how fast civilization returns to normal & prosperity blooms again.

          • Too much oil and gas in Madagsacar. They would get rich as hell again and start more trouble. New Yorkers would never allow drill rigs in the bay.

            • DK

              Thanks for the update, per Madagascar.

              Ok, so scratch that idea…(deep sigh).

        • IWLU,


          I certainly hope that last one (#18) is a joke. I see nothing in rules 1-17 that are Christian. Too bad more Christians aren’t more Christ-like.

          I DO like #2 though, gladiator fights with the Christians getting torn to pieces by the lions sounds like back in the good ‘ol days.


          Heel Out 🙂


        • I will lead us!,

          How about one rule only, let a Mom who raised her own kids, who did a good job and made it her life’s work, was married, moral, loving but firm, stayed true to her convictions, protected her children like a mother lion, loved and honored her husband and loved herself, rule the world. I can not think of a better candidate who would be as fair, honest, trustworthy, sincere and responsible. I have one of those endangered species right here.

          • I have no children, but can relate to most other attributes you posted…I feel like such a minority today…38 years marriage after widowed of 5 year marriage. 

        • @ I will lead us.

                I can see some humor in your post but you do bring up an interesting point. Provided we withstand the transition. The problem is that we have dug so many deep holes on every front, compounded by a polarise nation. I am sure that any change would create a second upheavel. First one fighting government control/globalism and the second reacerting the Constitution as it was meant to be. I would dismantel and rewrite Federal law  with a firm assertion on States Rights. Commerce and International Trade would be balanced by revisiting NAFTA and GATT, forbidding job flow overseas. Building plants overseas with our tax money only degrades our economy and is a slap in the face to all Americans.  Taxes!   No more property tax on your home after it is PAID OFF.  The government by any form, Local, State or Federal, will not steal your property. Also if you don’t have children your property taxes should be adjusted. I hate paying for an institution that produces functional illiterates.   U.S. History, Mathematics and Science is to be core subjects. We are a Nation of Laws. We are drowning in Law. We sue for anything that we think can get money for some frivolous act.

          I mean if you buy a ladder and you fall the hell off or you exceed the weight limit.  If your going to be stupid you have to be tough. Hot cofffee is really HOT, don’t you think? By the same token if a company knownly produces a flawed product or does not comply with safety procedure ( Gulf Oil Rig Fire), I say crucify them.

           I’l bet some feathers are ruffled. Shows how complicated it is going to be.

        • i sure hope you’re 100% Native American because your ass would be shipped out in your neat little refurbished shipping container….

          or am i missing the point of the Keep AmeriKa AmeriKan movement?

          • I wonder who the native Americans killed off…who was here before them.

            It’s just part of life.


            • Animals maybe, other then that probably not much in the way of humans.

              Coprolites — ancient feces — were found to contain human DNA linked directly to modern-day Native Americans with Asian roots and radiocarbon dated to 14,300 years ago. That’s 1,000 years before the oldest stone points of the Clovis culture, which for much of the 20th century was believed to represent the first people in North America.

              For many years the prevailing view was that the Clovis people walked from Siberia across a land bridge exposed by the Ice Age to Alaska and spread south through an ice-free corridor down the center of the continent exposed 10,000 years ago by warming temperatures.

        • I am thinking you should be our next president! 😉

      28. Something on Washington’s Blog that might actually be true!   Wotta concept!

      29. Just like the old days of the 2 party line, history always repeats it self

      30. I’m not a bible-thumper by any stretch of the imagination, but the USan regime — with its omnipresent surveillance, state-mandated torture, sexual humiliation of citizens at airports, brutality, tyranny and bloodlust (entertainingly directed at so-called “towel heads,” but coming soon to a ‘Merkin venue near you) — is really looking more and more like the kingdom of the Antichrist.

        Here is the “Owner’s Manual” for the Amerikan prison state that our “betters” have established:

        P.S. It’s funny that almost the entire program set forth in a so-called forgery from a century ago has now become the law and custom of the Merkin land.

      31. “₣℅⅔₳№  ʚʥʣ  ʎʄʯʠ”  Decrypt that bitch!

      32. So Halo, another Blackwater Mercenary corporation just admitted Big Sis DHS is training local police to GUN DOWN AMERICANS instead of helping them in an emergency.

        “Brad Barker is the president and founder of the HALO Corporation. He began his government service in 2005 when his special operations team deployed in response to Hurricane Katrina”

        New Orleans, where citizens were gunned down by police in broad daylight for no reason

        There’s your sign…

      33. The problem spies have is either too little information, or too much.  Too little and they don’t have enough to reach a conclusion, and too much and they are overwhelmed.

        I think it might be a good idea to use PGP to encrypt large documents like the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution and email them often from a difficult to trace email account to all sorts of unrelated email addresses picked up from around the internet.

        They want to spy, so drain their energy.


        • Cloward-Piven their spying!!!  I love it!!!!

      34. On google earth, you can see my truck in my driveway with the tailgate down and my 2 dogs laying on my front lawn. Freaking peeping Toms. There’s nothing I can do about it. Invasive tech is used from a distance, is zoomed in and sanctioned by the government. There is no such thing for the majority as being under the radar, the best you can do is to not raise red flags.

      35. check out George Ure’s site today

        Urban Survival

        the section

        Adventures in Earthquake Land is particularly interesting


        couple of excerpts

        “.As you can see, since about 1981, when the world was experiencing about 0.65 earthquake per month magnitude 7, or larger, we have steadily been increasing and we can see now how the current levels are up to about 1.6 earthquakes per month and there is an obvious trend. Which gets us to a series of further questions like “How are the 6.0’s doing, and are those small ones, down at magnitude 3 and under, still “disappearing?” Behold!”

        “Pay attention to that HUGE spike in 6.0 and above – I’d expect that would be the flurry of aftershocks after the 2011 Japan quake. About those 3 and above” 



      36. A friend of mine works high up in the US government. Her name is Suzy Sparklefarts. She is in charge of the computers that digest the massive information flow. She says they don’t ever get anything done, because they take long lunches and call in sick frequently. Then they get 12 holidays and lots of vacation. They’re government workers after all. Her boss, Sydney Tootsalot, is always chasing her around the computers. We have nothing to fear, but the bill for all the time off they get.   

      37. Having worked in the world of the Internet and Online Marketing since 1992 I can tell you that big data owns all of us.  It’s not just the NSA, it’s Facebook, it’s Google, it’s companies you’ve never heard of like Experian or other data collection companies.  And all that data is for sale, and guess what people buy it to connect to their data set, and then that combined data set is sold to another company that knows your insurance information or DMV records.  Pretty soon your medical records will be online.  Use or a medical site?  That data will just go into the big monster pool along with all your Credit card purchases.  Watch TV, well those little cable boxes tell your cable company the exact shows you watch and that data is sold to marketers.  It goes on and on.  The Internet is a beautiful thing but you need to realize that that is just part of a bigger data pool that connects you to the real world as well.  So why is all this data really needed?  I’ve always asked that question, so you can see ads that are relevant to you?  No, in the end it is always about and always will be about money.  Who ever has the best data has the best chance of making money off of you.  It is that simple.  You a prepper, then guess what you’re going to get year supply food ads.  You’ll get emails for the same thing.  Snail mail catalogs about guns and para-chords suppliers.  Every action is a piece of data stored somewhere, even if you live off the grid, you still have to buy things, and go places, even if you paid cash for everything, you still have an address, pay taxes, on and on.   You’ll never truly be off the grid.  Trust me, I deal with data for a living.  

        • I think this guy is beige?

          Amazing what color is this guy?

          man..the blacks are so watered down now…the look like Italians.

          ps.  Did you ever notice sicilian women are fucking crazy…yell though walls, break dishes and peel wall paper.   But the makeups are great.

      38. All that information is used by Obama to target voters and get re elected. Google earth your secret bugout location.

      39. @Gardina ~~  Thank you for your reply.   When I am asked for my phone # at a Dept. store, or any where else for that matter,   I make up a phone # for them.  I do the same thing when asked for my email addy.   I live in a 1200 sq.ft. townhouse. It does have a blue haired board.  I do not have a choice but to be listed on owners listing.  The place turns over like popcorn, and the blue haired board only give out the owners names listing once a year, or less,  last year no one received one.  Me being proactive,  obtain one every year.  Next year though,  I am going to have my first name initialed and my last name listed.   Rentals seem to have more ‘rights.’ The townhouse is listed under the owners name, even though they rent.  The renters names are unknown to us responsible homeowners.  Which makes it tough if an animal or two decides to reside in the rental.  Fortunately, with enough complaints,  the ‘bad’ renters do not stick around too long.  I know there is a loss of privacy everytime I log on, but I do fight for what privacy I can maintain. I heartedly agree with your statements, and am relieved I am not the only one in the rowboat. 

      40. At least we’re still the “home of the brave”… *sigh*

      41. In a sense, you can say that there isn’t a single individual in the entire country who can’t be tracked or monitored.

        Someone with the means and skills can easily find out everything about you. They can track you through your cell phone communications and GPS, and learn which bars, Best Buys and Victoria’s Secret stores you’ve been to. They can use Google Earth to see what your house looks like. CCTV cameras can watch you as you walk down the street. The “loyalty cards” that you use at your favorite supermarket – they can tell exactly what items you’re purchasing. Ever had someone from Arbitron or Nielsen ratings call you? Great, now they know what TV shows you watch! None of us are truly “free” anymore.

        George Orwell was right, even if his timing was a bit off by 28 years. Pray that whoever has total access to all information, is a benevolent person, government or entity who has the public’s safety and welfare in mind. (fat chance! There’s a 99.999935% chance that will ever happen!) So, who would ever want to know everything about you? Well – for starters:

        Department of Homeland Security (you, yes you, could be a TERRORIST!!), the U.S. State Department, U.S. Labor Department (how long have you been unemployed?!), Social Security Administration, Medicare, Medicaid, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service,  Central Intelligence Agency, and so on and so forth.

      42. The NSA is one reason I prep. I understand that national security is in reality security for the government and essentially provides cover for those individuals in the government. Do the math.  Zero percent privacy for the citizen times 100 percent secrecy for the government equals zero percent chance for peaceful government reformation.  With such authoritarianism it is no wonder that a government so bad at math uses alphabet forces to persecute the citizen.  Their mistake is that you cannot lie to physics. Reformation and evolution cannot be stopped by alphabet forces. History has proven this time and time again. To the alphabet puppets interpreting this, I have one question. Why do you think your latest version of total authority will end up any different?  I assume you do think.

      43. They get bogged down in the mass of info. The data only tracks where you were or where you will be if you keep that pattern. When the SHTF, change all previous patterns. Make them look for ghosts. Drives them nuts.

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