Americans Are Financially And Mentally Unstable: Crippling Debt Is Linked To Chronic Depression

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Headline News | 81 comments


Americans have become increasingly dependent on debt while at the same time suffering from record high rates of chronic depression. But they probably have a lot to do with each other – perhaps more than we originally thought.

In 2018, 36% of Americans admitted to losing sleep over money concerns. That number feels low, as 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck with only a handful of those having any kind of emergency fund in place to protect them from a job loss or recession. And a recent analysis says that people who suffer from mental health issues are three-and-a-half times more likely to be in “problem debt” than those without such conditions, analysis suggests.

This link between poor mental health and poor financial health was even stronger for certain conditions such as bipolar disorder and depression, the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute said, according to the BBC.  It said those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) were six times more likely to have serious money troubles.

The institute analyzed data from the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, which had responses from 7,500 people in England. This revealed an estimated 1.5 million people were struggling with mental health and debt issues at the same time. Those surveyed admitted to using credit and borrowing money to buy things that made them temporarily happy if they were stressed or felt depressed.

This is a cyclical problem too. As people spiral into a depressed mental state, they tend to spend more money to alleviate those pressures. And those who use debt and get to the point of having “problem debt” or living paycheck to paycheck are more likely to descend into a state of mental disarray. It’s a vicious “Catch 22.”

“When you’re struggling with your mental health it can be much harder to stay in work or manage your spending, while being in debt can cause huge stress and anxiety – so the two issues feed off each other, creating a vicious cycle which can destroy lives,” said Helen Undy the institute’s chief executive. “Yet despite how connected these problems are, financial services rarely think about our mental health, and mental health services rarely consider what is happening with our money.”

If you can’t be bothered to get your finances in order to protect yourself from the impending debt-based system’s collapse, consider doing for your own mental health.

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    1. Menzoberranzan

      Not to worry. Your local quack will prescribe antidepressants and atypical anti psychotics for you. Now you are all better (sarc)

      • TharSheBlows

        I say nonsense, go out there and Double Down and go get dozens more credit cards and go rack them up buying tools and anything else you need for survival for the next decade. Secure your future on their backs. Go buy a dozens of Water Well Pitcher Pumps and secure your own water source off their water meter and pipes full of chemicals and hormones and fluoride.

        • Menzoberranzan

          They are now investigating the armed patriots patrolling the border and detaining scum illegals. They say they don’t want the migrants menaced. These people are fracking criminals and instead should be shot dead if they cross the border.

          • The Deplorable Renegade


            • Menzoberranzan

              And it’s the people highest up in gov that are the traitors. In this case it’d be NM’s governor. A woman too.

              • The Deplorable Renegade

                Menzo, all of the traitors have retribution coming to them.

        • European American

          Says the up-to-his-eyeballs in debt Millennial.

        • Anonymous

          Buy more live free be happy it’s gona be fine. The gov will take care of u

      • durangokidd

        “Americans have become increasingly dependent on debt while at the same time suffering from record high rates of chronic depression.”

        This is SO true. It’s why women in particular shop so much. They get a high buying something they want.

        I dated a woman twenty five years ago who was making $75k at that time. Her mother would pay off her credit cards every year at Christmas. She had more than 100 pairs of shoes …. for a starter.

        Fotunately she had money and her family had money but when she was having a bad day she would break out the plastic and take me to lunch at the nicest restaurants. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Which you will pay for how again?

      • JustMe

        “…Doctor Parkinson declared ‘I’m not surprised to see you here
        You’ve got smokers cough from smoking, brewer’s droop from drinking beer
        I don’t know how you came to get the Betty Davis knees
        But worst of all young man you’ve got Industrial Disease’
        He wrote me a prescription he said ‘you are depressed
        But I’m glad you came to see me to get this off your chest
        Come back and see me later – next patient please
        Send in another victim of Industrial Disease’…”

        Dire Straights, Industrial Disease

    2. Genius

      Somebody call the WAAAAAAMBULANCE!

      • TharSheBlows

        90 degs here in FL today. I’ve been building bird houses out of repurposed wood fencing. Then slap a facia of bark for the front door, and drill a hole opening through it, and poof hang it.

        Need to get a few bat houses built ASAP.. They eat mosquitos at dusk.

        • Genius

          Just crack open some liberals skulls and let the bats out lol.

          • The Deplorable Renegade

            Genius, ROTFLMAO! One of the best ones I’ve ever heard.

            • TharSheBlows

              The economic decline has been planed to generations since ChinaMart infiltrated every neighborhood in America to peddle their cheap crap, and Dumb Americans sucked it up like a honey pot. Self inflicted stupidity. Outsourcing, shopping jobs over seas. The money flow is in one direction out of this country. So ready or not, the end is near. We are just living off our last generations banked assets and they are dwindling. I see so many grown adults shaking up with their parents and vise versa to survive. Generations huddled together, like sheep waiting slaughter. Many are abandoning the cold weather rust belt and moving South. I heard in 2018 that Orlando FL grew by 60,000 people and Tampa Grew by 50K people. That’s a hefty migration south. And another reason why I moved out of Tampa.

              • rellik

                Tampa is a bad place to live if you are white. A place to stay way away from!

                • Kevin2

                  I believe the general mindset of these economic refugees is, “If I’m going to be poor, I’ll be poor in the warm”. The Florida labor market is flooded thus driving down wages. It’s generally a more difficult place than most for a non professional to make a living.

              • JustMe

                Maybe they could go to Free-attle…

                • Philosopher Deplorabilis

                  You mean Shitattle, right?

          • odd ball

            use a baseball bat to do the cracking

    3. rellik

      This post pretty well explains the existence of the Democrat party in America. How do we fix it?
      I suggest low cost Opioids and Fentanyl for all adults( $0.50 per dose). Sell it OTC like Aspirin, with proof of age. Ensure naloxone products( like Narcan) can only be administered by Board certified Medical doctors.
      Within a very short period of time a large part of the Mental illness problem will take care of itself. At the same time the Democrat problem will become more manageable.

      • stan

        great idea, and burn the dead for energy.

      • The Deplorable Renegade

        “Liberalism is a mental disease.” Dr. Michael Savage

    4. Honeypot


      Get some sun. It’s FREE.


      • Genius

        What sun? If it aint the shitty weather it’s the chemtrails.
        When the going gets tough, the tough go drinking! Aaahhhh I feel so much better now! 😀

      • Yahooie

        Going for a walk is also free. Pull out that cell phone and take some pretty pictures for cheering up on gloomy days.

        Or go for a picnic in any weather aside from dangerous conditions. I dragged out my friend, her grandson and my son for a trip to Skyline Drive. It was foggy and slightly drizzly so no breathtaking views. However, the fog produced lovely and magical looking scenery near the road that would have been unnoticed otherwise. We grilled our food at a covered shelter; it tasted so good. The kids talked for years about the rain picnic; they may still–I don’t know. I certainly have good memories of the day. So, take a chance, you never know.

      • Anonymous


        The magic 4 letter word starting with ‘F’.
        Loved by politicians!

    5. Anonymous


      Five ninety nine ….are yuh outta your mind?

      • Genius

        HA HA GO TO THE ARCHIVES AND READ THE LATTER PART OF THE 2015 ARTICLES! IT MIRRORS THE SAME SHIT AS NOW! (oh and by the way, if you see my poem about shopping please alert me as to where it is or copy it, thanks!).

        • Anonymous

          Damn youre full of yourself….like anybody gives a fuck about what you said in 2015 or one of your fucktard poems.

          • Genius

            I didn’t say look at what I said I said look at the articles and if you happen to come across a poem I’m looking for let me know. Are you ok? Do you need a hug? 😀

    6. Honeypot

      My solution for depression? Popcorn and exercise.

      As a practical matter you will want to be prepared.

      Bob’s Red Mill out of Oregon sells popcorn in bulk. Get it.

      Redmond salt sells popcorn salt. Get it.

      I buy Nutritional Yeast flakes and put them in the VitaMix blender, then back into the bag they came in. I get mine from Bob’s but you can find them in any health food store and some grocery chains. They are loaded with B Vitamins which are important in preventing depression.

      You can use olive oil or walnut oil or coconut oil. All are good anti- depressants. Corn will raise your sugar and that can alleviate depression caused by hypo (low) glycemic blood.

      So now that you’ve eaten your popcorn, go walk (or run) around the block or maybe play basketball with the kids.

      It isn’t rocket science.

      But if you are inclined toward rocket science, you’ll be more productive with a clear head. Even smart guys get depressed when they don’t get enough fun in the sun.


      • Genius

        Yep Redmond real salt is all we use. It is better than any salt I have ever had. We get the 25 pound bags to save $. As far as corn goes I made some corn mash and I figured I would need less sugar because the corn was so sweet. That was a mistake dammit! The start proof was only 125 grrrrrr, now I AM depressed!

        • TharSheBlows

          Try to stick to Sea Salt. All that ionized salt isn’t good for you.

          • Genius

            Redmond is sea salt. Did you get your land patented yet?

            • TharSheBlows

              Yes, just picked up my Land Patent. The Patent was signed by President Franklin Pierce in 1856. I have to read through the long cursive writing of the 3 page document. Now I have to write my declaration that I am bringing this Land Patent Forward, and ultimate ownership of this parcel of land. Get that all notarized then filed and recorded on my property. Lots of details need to go into that declaration to make sure it is exactly right.

              • TharSheBlows

                BTW/ All land in the USA is patented. You need to contact the BLM in Washington DC and request that “YOUR Land Patent” be sent to you. You have to give them info like Town/ Range/ Section, or if you are in the original 13 colonies you need to use Meets and bounds description. The cost to me with 3 certified copies was only $16.75 total cost. No brainer, go get your patents people nd file them so nobody can ever steal your land or place a lien on it or win every land boundary dispute with a Land Patent. Land Patents trump any and all Warrantee deeds in a court room.

                • rellik

                  Not too sure that will work in Hawaii.
                  They don’t do any papers for land ownership.
                  Historically land here belongs to everybody.
                  I don’t have a “Deed” just a recording at the county
                  court house and a few safes filled with guns and ammo.

              • Anonymous

                The best way to have the feds turn the spotlight on you is a land patent. Ok well you could file for a 501c as the (fill in the blank) church of marijuana….maybe that would illuminate you better but not much.
                But you already knew that.

                • Anonymous

                  @blows not rellik

      • Boyo


        I suggest dropping Redmill popcorn for Amish Country popcorn. Try all of em. My fav is purple.

        Redmill couldn’t confirm or deny glyphosate use on the corn as it’s farmed out (pun intended).

        For me 50/50 butter and solid coconut oil for the MCTs and other goodness.

        Amish Country confirmed they do not use it

        FYI- popping corns are not yet GMO.

    7. Anonymous

      She blows real good…blew my blues away.

      ht tps://

      • Genius

        Are you smoking that Hopeium again?
        “she blew me to kingdom cum….” lol

    8. Anonymous

      What ever happened to be responsible. Spend you life at work like me and you have no time to spend $ you don’t have on shit you don’t need. Am I supposed to feel bad for the people in debt when I’m working and they are going to the pubs and casinos. Fuck them hope they kill themselves over it. I love watching people destroy their lives and then they want sympathy. Shtf can’t happen fast enuff.

    9. Anonymous

      Have you ever been outrun by an angry animal. (Take your pick.) Up a tree or in a hole. (Really, really?) Maybe, it’s the endorphins talking. Maybe, there will be no troubles.

      It’s liberating to reach a dead end, with a slumlord employer, and say in a perfect state of calm that you’re not actually part of a corporate “family”. (What’s the worse that can happen.)

      I don’t believe that learned helplessness is the cause of depression, because disaffected people are forced, forced to find a workaround.

      It sounds like the person in question is at least breaking even, because it’s physically possible to carry on.

    10. Jim

      People today no longer understand the difference between wants and needs, and that will lead to financial catastrophe.

      • Heartless

        Honeypot above hit one of the keys to ending this ‘crisis’ – exercise. I’d add to that an agreement with Jim. People need to learn that being happy hasn’t a thing to do with… well, things. In many ways, the more ‘things’ the worse life can become. But how to make people stop trying to keep up with those Joneses? To find contentment with what they have, the time they have and can spend with those they care for, work that they do as well as possible, those possessions they truly value and take care of and use, to set goals and strive towards them, learn as much as possible about whatever they find of importance… all those and many more are what would cure this. In truth, if needs met are not what is the most important of all the wants…. life becomes a hell. If those needs are met, the rest should all be reasons for happiness.

        • Ketchupondemand

          Honeypot (some screen-name, babe! :), Jim and Heartless, couldn’t agree more. I mentioned wants vs. needs in the past and how most people don’t even think of needs…

          And rellik, I know you’re being facetious but, in a larger sense, what is it about life in America that so many people simply must dope themselves up SO MUCH?
          It’s not like most of them realize we’re all becoming electronic/economic prisoners…(like we here know from reading all this doom p*rn..)
          If I recall correctly, 180 Americans die every day from opiates. WTF?
          Or maybe they DO know the prison we’re all falling into…

          • rellik

            I wish I could say I was being facetious about the comment earlier. I was quite serious. Let the weak willed destroy themselves, God will sort it all out. I’ve given up trying to help those that can, but won’t help themselves. The quicker they are gone the better for us that have to slug on through life.
            As to your question “what is it about life in America that so many people simply must dope themselves up SO MUCH?”.
            This is not unique to America, it is the history and nature of mankind. The flesh is weak. Life can be very hard. People seek escape through drugs. When they come down life still sucks, so they get high again, it is easier than working to solve their personal problems and we all have personal problems.
            BTW, I fully agree with Jim’s and Heartless’s comments.
            Today is a time for reflection.

            • The Deplorable Renegade

              Rellik, you hit that one right out of the park. Life has always been tough for me but I’ve always coped with it and I DON’T need any dope or booze to help me either. I also agree with Jim and Heartless. The weak are going to destroy themselves and don’t want to be saved. Definitely solve some problems once they’re gone.

            • Ketchupondemand

              But if all democrats somehow vanished things would be better on the local level but we’d still have war mongering republicans (controlled by you-know-who) in power, and they really like wars.

              And back to dope/drugs..I get what you’re saying about history, nature, weak flesh, life is hard, etc. but what about all the countries and populations that don’t have this rampant drug problem?
              It isn’t only that they have less disposable income.
              A change of consciousness is nice sometimes, but it’s a bit different than killing yourself with opiates, heroin, meth, etc.

              The voracious appetite for dope seems to be uniquely American.
              Or maybe uniquely Western..
              And once again, thanks to China for supplying Mexico with many of the ingredients for drugs bound for the US.

              • rellik

                I guess I have to ask, what country doesn’t have a “rampant” drug problem. You need to include alcohol and tobacco in that assessment.
                Full disclosure; I’m drinking a beer right now and I quit smoking in 1981.

                • Ketchupondemand

                  The poorer countries of the world have less problems. Central African countries, Indonesia, the western regions of South America and even Mexico, and many countries in Asia also.
                  Because of less affluence, restrictive governments (Philippines!!) and probably less availability…
                  I agree with you completely, except for the sheer amount of fatal overdoses in the US…mostly Caucasians.
                  My point was yes, getting high and/or having a drink is fine–and considered normal.
                  But is life in the US so terrible that the fatal overdose rate is as high as it is?

                • Ketchupondemand

                  rellik, I left a post yesterday but it is lost in moderation, typical on weekends when Mac is off..
                  I left a link to global drug use and it was interesting in that most of the poorer countries of the world have the lowest rates.
                  We’re in agreement actually. Wife and I have one or two drinks most nights and I smoke a cigar a day.
                  But I have no sympathy for alkies and drug addicts who have zero hope of ever regaining self control.
                  Modern Western civilization is devolving.

    11. Glen

      I find the best stress relievers are gratitude and prayer. Also, I believe that love can push negative emotions out of your mind to some degree so love God, family, country, friends and pets. Take joy in the simple things even if it is just a cup of tea, a walk or calling a friend/loved one.

    12. Brian

      Another thing that is linked to depression is the length of time that you spend watching the news on television. The world is going to hell in the fast lane. Once you figure that out, limit the time in front of network news.

    13. aljamo

      What me worry?

      • Philosopher Deplorabilis


    14. Warchild Dammit!

      Todays history lesson /reminder.

      In 1993 the feds murdered thefolks in Waco Texas.

      In 1995 you had the Oklahoma bombing.

      Never forgive/never forget!

      • The Deplorable Renegade

        Warchild, I totally agree and good to hear from you again. How’ve you been?

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Hey Renegade,am I right to assume you used to be Brave and his many other handles?!I have been very busy with work and helping a family member but still get on net occasionally and of course prep/bloat ect.Hope all you nuts have conversed with over the years are doing well and will try and stop in again soon for some paint thinner ect.!

          • Anonymous

            Howdy gents been a long time!

          • Anonymous

            The real warchild alredy knew of DR’s new handle wtf fed

          • Anonymous

            Lying fed me and warchild had conversation that only he could answer … Genius = Rat

          • Anonymous

            I know wcd’s font and that aint his font

            • Genius

              I may be a lot of things but I aint a RAT! And ya that is warchild ya stoopid worm!

              • Warchild Dammit!

                Yes this is the real Warchild,Brave/Renegade is always having handle issues and thus me ?I have as said before been real busy and to be honest a little saddened at newer layout here,but,do not run a site so not sure why the changes.

                I have been here for years(off & on)but did leave to a large degree after the loss of Eppe(Mike).

                Genius of course recognizes me as me due to me “paint thinner”comment(how you doing man?).

                As I said before,hope all the folks here doing OK and will try and get in a bit more,that said,am very busy and thus not a terminal viewer as much.

                • Anonymous

                  Lying fed ….

      • rellik

        I was attending a software class in Austin at that time in 1993, when Waco went down. The AG at the time hopefully is burning in Hell as I type. Those people were burned to death to prove a point, that Democrat agents cannot be shown a lack of respect, or you will die.
        The OK city bombing was a real screwup. It did not hit its intended target. McVeigh deserved his sentence for his stupidity. Had he taken out the DEA, BATF, JD people, et al he was after, his name would be revered today by all good Americans.
        Lesson learned; DOX the agents and attack them directly, and randomly. Leave the kids alone.

        • cranerigger

          rellik, I couldn’t agree more. Janet “sterno” Reno, the attorney general at that time, wanted to make a point. A better police action would have been to arrest David Koresh outside the compound, investigate inside thereafter, and don’t jump to confusions. Sure, I have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight but the Federal Government has limits on their Constitutional duties.

      • Borodino

        Thanks for the bitter reminder Warchild. I never forget either. Day 51 was the day I stopped watching network and cable tv. Haven’t missed tv at all since. There’s a special place in Hell for the ones who squealed “Texas Barbecue!”

      • Norrak

        Never Forget.

      • Anonymous

        War is that really you?

    15. Anonymous

      Hello war is that you ?

      • Ketchupondemand

        Which anonymous are YOU?
        Do you think you’re really hiding behind that ?

        • Anonymous


    16. Brian

      Depression is not necessarily a form of mental illness. There are situations in life that you can find yourself in where not being depressed is proof of being mentally ill. Being depressed is sometimes proof of being in touch with reality.

    17. Bert

      more bullshit fear porn from the inventor of penis envy

    18. Vet1

      “Bombs kill more than 200 in Sri Lankan churches, hotels on Easter Sunday”

      It takes a special kind of person to detonate themselves in the presence of women and children…

    19. SwiftRach

      There is a line between wants and needs. People need to understand that. Wants aren’t as important as needs. Figuring out the difference between these two can help save a lot of money.

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