American Powder Keg: New Black Panther Chairman Declares “The Hour of War Is At Hand”

by | Sep 17, 2011 | Headline News | 454 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Race war, class war, anti-government riots – you name it. All of it is headed our way.

    The sentiment across the nation, as Michael Bloomberg suggested in a recent interview, is that Americans know something is wrong in this country. For every individual and the groups with which they affiliate it’s different. For the new black panthers it’s racism and poverty. For unions it’s benefit cuts, wage cuts and free market solutions. For Tea Party members it’s an intrusive and socialist government.

    The majority of America is not happy and they’ve lost hope, because regardless of what group you identify with, what color you are or what way you lean politically, you’re losing jobs, falling behind on essential bills, having difficulty putting food on the table and are constantly being accosted by government on all levels.

    When the riots start – and they will – the core motivators for individuals who hit the streets will be similar. Where the difference will arise is who each person or group will blame. Those elites in the upper echelons of our command and control apparatus thrive on hate, confusion and panic, and they will use our own ignorance against us.

    When we discuss the coming civil disobedience and unrest in America, we may find ourselves visualizing protests where the people join together to oust a tyrannical government. Be forewarned. This is not the most likely outcome – at least not at the outset. With so many different ideologies in this country, every one of us interprets the problems and directs blame a different way. These differences will be used against us; they’ll be used to turn us against each other.

    As you watch the following short speech from the New Black Panther Party National Chairman Malik Shabazz, consider that, while you may disagree with his solutions to the problems or where he places some of the blame, his core message is very similar to those of others that are fed up with what’s going on in this country.

    Our message to the State Department, our message to the CIA, our message to Homeland Security, our message to the government today, is that your enemy is not our enemy.

    Your enemy in Afghanistan, your enemy in Iran, your enemy that you are bombing in Libya today – those are not our enemies. Our enemies are right here in the United States of America. Our battle is not against Ghaddafi. Our battle is against police brutality right here at home. Our battle is against budget cuts right here at home…

    A message to the President, Barack Hussein Obama. We elected you. But we did not elect you to bomb your homeland. We did not elect you to bomb Africa. We are pleading with you Mr. Obama.

    You cannot make a compromise with the devil. The bible says resist the devil, and the devil shall flee from you. You can’t cut a deal with Satan, Mr. Obama. You got to stand up for God…

    We have to fight. Gird up your loins college students. Gird up your loins young black man and young black woman, for the hour of war is at hand.

    America is a powder keg. The fuse has been lit.

    Sourced via Jeff Rense


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      1. I just LOVE how the Department of Homeland Security is targeting White Middle Class Terrorists as the true danger to this country, while loudmouth, race baiting black idiots like this guy are encouraged. Doom is approaching, and it seems like it is picking up speed. Good luck to all.

        • Not too mention over 400 union members taking hostages, and destroying property because the “corp” hired people from a different union (Seattle)

          • Unions..that’s called taking care of their own…just not so simple identifying who is their own??

        • The Titanic hit the iceberg at 11:40p.m. It is now 11:35p.m. on the cold dark sea that we call home.
          WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!

          • Americans are not going to wake up. Ever. Period. When it does hit the fan and your average TV watcher is in the streets, he still won’t have a clue what happened to him. He will blame whoever the TV tells him to blame. Americans for the most part are clueless morons with no survival instinct left in them. I’m actually embarrassed to be American.

            Maybe there is a remnant that can rebuild a free society after the collapse. Keep your power dry, keep a copy of the constitution, and understand how it happened.

            • AMEN!

            • Agreed. Go to the average shopping mall these days, you will see endless dumb sheep wondering around with no skills at all. Most Americans are so clueless they would walk off a gang plank if told to

            • go to and join .. learn how to be part of the solution..

            • Does the movie “They Live” ring a bell.


              Those are *UNITED*STATES*CITIZENS*, I am an American. There is a difference. If you don’t know the difference, you’re still asleep.

              You can’t fix it if you don’t know what’s wrong.

              You can’t fix it if you don’t know what it is.

              You can’t fix it if you don’t know who you are.

              Many of you *THINK* you know what it is and what is wrong and who you are but you don’t. FedCo is still using its tools to muddy the water and confuse you.

              Dean Clifford
              MichiganRepublic dot com
              Robert Menard

              Read it. Study it. Free your mind first and the rest is easy.

            • those reading this blog and a handfull of others, we ARE the remnant! Prep and pray, the end has arrived!

            • It takes a while to come to this distressing conclusion, but it doesn’t appear to be refutable. EVERYONE on here just has to look to family, close friends and associates to know this is sad, but true. I have offered to do all the work to help get the info, organize their preparation, shown them with down-on-paper hard facts about what is happening and…nothing. So I’ve given up on wasting time and energy with that crusade and I’m just preparing as best I can. I’ll do my best but there will be a number of those close to me that I won’t be able to do a thing for…BECAUSE THEY WOULDN’T DO ONE THING FOR THEMSELVES WHILE THEY COULD.

            • dead on correct!

            • It’s always GOING to hit the fan just like I am GOING to win a million dollars !

            • i can tell you via direct knowledge that any epiphany from the 21-35 year olds in this nation would be a direct miracle from God. i speak extensively with people my age (i’m 28) and the number one thing on their mind, head and shoulders above anything else is sex, and homosexuality to be more specific. with that in mind and the caveat being that they uniformly hate Jesus and his followers you have a lost generation and i would love someone with a knowledge of this current crop of “adults” to contradict my assertion.

            • I have to agree with you.
              It’s sad but true.
              I was just “people watching” the other day in the parking lot of the local Walgreens while waiting for my grandma to get a few things and these people are not going to survive anything!!!

            • Wow what an ignorant post.. you’re completely lost. Considering “most” Americans clueless morons… your post makes you out to be exactly that. The human race as a whole has no idea what’s coming, it has nothing to do with this country or that. But I will say Jeff, I am embarrassed that you’re an American.

        • This animal is a racist baiter shit blind bat with eyes and a brain that promotes the muslim hate for the lost that are confused while promoting black. The white crooked politicans allow this to happen while in their favor.

        • Ah EmptyHand, you do not yet understand…these ‘black idiots’ will in fact be the brownshirts, the shocktroops of the Obama Army…

          • Brownshirts? Shocktroops? Oh, yeah! Those are the modern terms they use. The old term was “cannon fodder”.

            I guess it shouldn’t amaze me. Was it Kissinger that called them “worthless eaters”? I really hate that term, but, sometimes it cannot be avoided.

            The idea is comical. These people are far too lazy to do ANYTHING for ANYONE. They’ve never done anything for themselves, does the Obama machine think they’ll do anything for them? If they do they are far more clueless than I thought. They trained a generation (or two) of people that the lazier they are, the more the government will take care of them. Now they have to put out EFFORT! Ha! Thats a good one! LMFAO!!!

          • their shock trooping will only last a short time. If you watch any antics of these idiots during past crises (hurricane Katrina, LA riots) their actions are in bursts and then peter out after a day or two. But knowing the anger welling up in those of us who have been patient and productive Americans all of these years, the overwhelming response to the ‘giant’ they will awaken will last long into the future.

        • OMG !!! doom is approaching….its always approaching ….year after year its always coming but never really seems to get here now does it ?

          • Just giving them a chance to surrender with their glancing blows,.. to target, and justify the knockout punch we will give them. The only thing is..can we be smart enough to do it right after the smoke clears…in order to have some kind of meaningful restructuring? THAT is what should be, and better be, on everyone’s mind that gives a shit what happens. Otherwise..its in vain.

          • Doom approached for people in the Twin Towers. Doom arrived for Japanese people during the earthquake and tsunami. People who jumped out of the Twin Towers realized that Doom arrived, and they weren’t in denial.

        • I think Shabazz is wise to think and speak in the form of charges and guilt. The perpetrators have committed genocide and economic crimes against humanity. Ironically, the perpetrators set precedents at their dynasties’ Nuremberg show trials that should and hopefully will be used against them at trial—and punishment.

          The “international” banksters and financiers continue to move for 90% depopulation and to enslave the survivors.

          Prosecute them and punish the guilty! Leave the innocent alone. If the guiolty run, run them to ground just like they ran octogenarian and nonagenarian Nazis to ground. Let their trials and their punishments be made known to the world. Let “Never again!” sting their ears.

        • Lec agree that change is needed. Usaia aint gonna change from inside as result of political press @ all. Usaia is changin due outside pressure. Defeated in Afghanistan and Irak now deals with Russia and China aas partners. Untrhinkable decade ago! Problem is as aparatchiki in soviet union did not catch reality the same model aparatus a la soviet union politbureau controled by Rockefeller, Kissinger and Zbiggy Brzezinski failed as well. Usaia lost credibility on all fields. Military is not so stroing and canb be easily defeated by AK-47.Usaia has nothing to offer to the world. Keep garbage @ home do not export it!
          There is inside presure in Usaia. The greatest pressure is created by elites! They fight to each other. That’s good for serfs. In reality it is scary to see aframs waking up. As aframs generaly share low level of IQ nobody wants 2 C em on the streets! Their movement is not gonna be political but criminal most likely! Good bless america!

        • its exactly that, the DOHS getting there orders from the nut job in the white house to label all white middle class Americans as terrorists, while disregarding the racist bastards we see and hear everyday on the screwball no tell media. they will be the catalyst the Black man in the nut house will use to instigate and start race riots, what ever you believe, they will not win and any military personal who go against white America will be deemed as a treasonous person, no trial , just shot or hung.

          • And where, do you suppose, the White House is getting thier orders from?
            It certainly isn’t We The People.
            Its designed to make it look like its racist, and technically, in some areas, it IS..but not like the sheep think it is.
            Their criminality targets all colors..the only ‘race’ is the human race.

        • One may expect something random from the Black Panthers, but I can’t disagree with anything the guy is quoted as saying above. He’s disgusted with the sorry excuse for foreign policy, and so am I.

          I might disagree on 100 issues with the Black Panthers, but not on this.

        • Yeah, the white guys are the terrorists? I think the blacks had better realize that if they start a race war they will wake up a sleeping giant. It’s better to let the old dog sleep rather than having your old welfare laden butt be blown off. Of coure, I don’t want any harm to come to anyone, but us white folk have about had enough of this racisim crap. Who are the real racists? The black leaders have an answer for all of us!

          • What does his speech have to do with “race war?”. Am I missing something here?

        • Luck’s got nothing to do with it. The blacks will starve. Just make sure you are more than a three days walk (thats how far the normal human can walk without food) from any major inner-city. Better to be up in the mountains. Wayyy away from the crazies. Oh, there are less crazies in the mountains, but they still exist up there, too. So arm yourselves. Remember a house full of guns is worthless if you don’t have a house full of bullets.

        • Blacks have been screaming race war for decades. They’re all talk, don’t have the guts to start it.

          They are what’s wrong with this country, wherever they live they bring crime, filth and depressed property values, so why would I put out the welcome mat?

          They’re so unhappy here, go back to the homeland and live in a mud hut.

        • White people are the ONLY terrorists on the earth!!
          White people have been making war against The Muslim SAINTS and Humanity – WORLD-WIDE since 1492!!!

      2. Just an after thought… I don’t think my bullets are race sensitive. They will kill any color moron.

        • Reminds me of my grandmother’s saying, “Trash comes in all colors.” So do morons, liberals and traitors, but I repeat myself.

          • WestVaFolks, Your grandmother is a wise woman.

          • Sounds like that West Va granny was pretty smart…

          • Absolutely..because the only the human race. It isn’t a color race war..its a HUMAN race war..if you can’t see that, you’re as good as dead..and I don’t think you can duck fast enough.

        • If an adversary is willing to shoot you for a dime, you had better be prepared to fight for your life.

        • Amen brothers! See you on the other side when we can restore our heritage to where it belongs. Just need to collect some more piano wire and a few Lamp posts!

      3. Way too many bad things going on in the U.S see if all of them come to a head one right the other.

      4. And let’s not forget today is the National Day of Rage with protests planned in several major cities. Let’s hope these two groups don’t meet, or my house is going into lockdown.
        As far as the union crap here in Washington, our news played it down, big time. They should be considered domestic terrorists, not those who store food. Unions are nothing but today’s Mafia. Hoffa Jr. has his hand up obamas rear working him like a puppet. It would be interesting to see if the governement see this “message” from this panther group as a threat, or just minorities expressing themselves. I have read in several places that race wars is something the bama admin plans to use for reelection. If white guilt won’t get you, white fear will.

        • First of all, I and every real Dsiciple of Christ, is afraid of no man. Second, does anynone realize that this is also National Constitution day? Just thought I’d throw that out there. Have a good day.

          • Guess I should proofread: “are afraid of no MAN”

            • Just cause he died for you doesn’t make your grammar any better. Believe me, I know… Brother.

        • Are you in Longview?

          • I am in longview, wa. Are you?

            • I am not in longview! I did not post above comment!

            • Don’t be scared NOW….if you are a threat, they know where you are anyway.

      5. The views expressed in the video are widely accepted in the black community. That bone head is not the exception to the rule. My observation is based on extensive interaction with black people over decades. I went to a Chicago public high school that was 50% black. Slept next to them in the Army. Worked with hundreds of them. Sat down and had long conversations about race, etc. See if you can find info about the Zebra Murders in the 1970’s mostly around San Francisco. Over 70 whites murdered at random by losers just like the speaker. Those crimes were sent down the memory hole.

        • Thanks, HS. Had never heard of Zebra Murders so went to Wikipedia and looked them up. These violent and frenzied attacks were UNPROVOKED in every single case. Dozens murdered, shot, hacked up, etc. Frightenening and disgusting. Police were trying to solve crimes, then ACLU gets involved and thwarts their efforts big time. Like you said…down the memory hole.

          • Everyone full of hate will find a way to justify their violence. Sadly you see it even here in a few posters convinced there is no hope so violence is justified. I disagree. We sent 80 people to congress new in Nov and while no where near perfect it is a start. Dump o’bumbler in 2012, pick up a few more senate sears and 50 more congressman and we could still right the ship. Return to the gold standard, dump obamascare, get our own oil, and put the country back to free kin work.

            • Our former governor, Joe Manchin, is one of those who went to Washington last Nov. and is rattling a few chains, from what we hear. He left W.Va. with a balanced (yes, BALANCED) budget and keeps asking why it can’t be done with the nation as well. One senator actually told him he (Manchin) doesn’t “understand” how the fed gov works and reminded him he’s a newbie and to start acting like one. Guess what? Manchin keeps asking! Go Joe!!!

            • Wish I could say the same; our “new” congressman is a “party” man and I don’t mean drinks and hordeorves (sp) I mean whatever the “machine” tells him to do he will….at least he’s on the right side of the equation but we all know the Republican Party is adept at letting us down almost as much as the Democratic Party. Still I have some hope that some of those Congressmen and Senators sent back WILL do the right things when given the chance.

              People here critical of our government and its leaders are a lot like the sheeple in that they want everything their way right now. Our constitution was prepared by experts to make sure that could not happen. Government must change slowly or the consequences dire. I’d be elated if we dumped O’Bumbler, got 5 new real senators and 20 new real congressmen. The tide will be turning and the sheeple congressmen (like mine) will go with them when its time.

            • Oh, LOrd, where’s LadyHawke??

            • Oh, hell, I’ll do it for her…same snake..two heads.

            • It says something that in a “historic” election, over 80% were returned to congress.

            • There will be no election in 2012. SHTF will begin before Christmas this year.
              If there IS an election in 2012, it will be a REAL election, and not a set-up.

          • High-five from Charleston!

        • Sounds similar to these swarms of black youth who attack people nowdays. The most recent incident was a few days ago in Denver, Colorado. I was in Denver yesterday. And, yes, I was armed.

          • Doesn’t seem that “Rocky Mountain High” was near the top of the pop charts that long ago. Wonder what John Denver would think…probably break his heart.

        • Homeland Security
          “…The views expressed in the video are widely accepted in the black community…”

          Can’t let that go buy – NO, the Black Panther party of old (1970’S) and the New Black Panther party are NOT representative or widely accepted by the black community. Just as the Skin Heads and White Supremest groups are not widely accepted or representative of the white community.

          Agree with comments these are idiots and a-holes and will be the first casualties when the SHTF.

          Your comments remind me of an old saying that shows how uninformed some people can be. I saw two Indians walking in a straight line, therefore, all Indians walk in a straight line….

          • Much truth in that old saying. Of course now we’d have to say “native Americans” 🙂

          • Did you read my post? Are you sugesting that I am uninformed? Grew up in inner city Chicago. Went to public high school in inner city. School was 50% black, 10% Mexican and the rest white. Have you got that so far? Was in the army and shared rooms with black guys. Worked in the projects on a daily basis when I was delivering medical supplies. You following me? How many white guys do you know that worked in the projects and never got jacked? I’m the only one I know of. Worked for a big corporation in Chicago with many black people. Talked with them daily. Lady Hawke, ever go to the honky hen? Ever talk about “Chuck” while he was standing right there? You know who “Chuck” is, right? Uninformed? Not Me. Try that stuff on some small town yokel. Try that on someone whose only contact with black people is watching Bill Cosby on tv.

            • My experience agrees with you. Used to be a Winchell’s Donut store on Imperial Highway in LA. Right around Figureoa. Anyway, whenever I had to go to Benjamin Metals I would stop & get a coffee. When I would walk in the donut store ALL of the chatter would cease. It would be so quiet all you could hear was breathing and the coffee dripping into the pots. Awful quiet for a store with a dozen or more customers. I’d just laugh a little, order my coffee and git on down the road. I believe most thought I was either insane or LAPD.

            • Shows how effective the “education” system has been!

            • A lot of naive White people out there. I would like one of them to walk through some black ghetto, if they get out alive to talk about it, let’s see if they felt welcome. But we’re supposed to welcome blacks into our communities. Oh, how they walk around feeling all safe because they know there will be no White mobs chasing them back to the ghetto. White people have nobody to blame but themselves for the pathetic state of this country. Cowards the majority of them. Where’s our spokespeople, who is speaking for us? No White civil rights leaders allowed. As soon as a White person speaks up for us, they’re labeled Nazis, Skinheads, etc. Very sad.

            • Same here, In the Army with many blacks and then in law enforcement with blacks. Ended up rooming with a black guy for over a year. Totally different morality. Always thinking the man done me wrong even when your work was way below the minimum. I’m tired of hearing how racist the white man is when all I have seen up close and personal is black racism alive and well and condoned by the US Gov. ALL race baiters need to be shunned, ignored, and where possible prosecuted for their hate mongering. Unfortunately with Obama and Eric Holder there is only one race that can be blamed. So what to do? Arm up and don’t take no shit from no one no matter what their color.

          • LH is wrong. I see blacks self-segregate and openly hate whitey all the time. The victim mentality has been bred into them for generations.

            I see many similar traits in blacks and muslims. I keep hearing “this will enrage muslims”. What doesn’t?

            Can any white person here think of a mostly black area they would want to move to?

            • Redlining, the practice by banks and financial institutions to grant loans, morgages, and services in specific areas. In the 70’s Blacks were only able to buy homes close to inner city ghettos and project housing resulting in white flight to the suburbs.

              Caveman says:

              “…Can any white person here think of a mostly black area they would want to move to?…”

              It’s called urban renewal and whites want back close to the cities for jobs and no commutes. $$$$

            • agreed,since the 70’s black children have been taught in black history how horrible the white man has treated there people so naturally after 4 decades of this they are gonna have hate for the white people.kill whitey,and yes I did grow up in the inner city and went to mostly black schools,and at 45 I say bring it on ,If his idiot followers who cant think on there own need some releif I will releive them it is the least I can do for them.

        • Yeah, and don’t forget the blacks snipers in the D.C. area. When it was first reported they were White, oh, the outrage, as soon as it was learned they were black ghetto trash, the media frenzy died down.

        • Ahh Old Inmate Simon, that guy was a putz. I did not know why he was locked up until a fellow officer pointed it out.
          A real ass-hat that one was.

      6. This kind of thing is difficult to read. Stuff like this will tear our country apart from the inside. Who needs enemies when we turn on ourselves?

        Very disturbing.

        • You sound like a flaming Liberal to me!

        • Get used to it Daisy. It is what The Obama wants. Turn on ourselves is exactly what he’s banking on. And, while the race wars rage, he gets re-elected. Just watch and learn how evil progresses. It will be a text book example as long as something doesn’t re-route his plans. What do you think, BJ?

          Maybe we’ll get a little Barackus Interruptus here soon!

          • This is how civil war starts……the last thing that we need is money being funneled to a war that we fight with ourselves. Economic disaster will be certain then.

            NR – do you have any historical examples of what you are describing? I’d be interested to read about them.

            • You and LH think civil war was over the slaves. You wouldn’t known civil war if it slapped you up the back side of your pumpkin.

          • Net Ranger

            I think there is agreement blacks are around 13% of the population. Blacks alone CANNOT elect A$$wipe, I mean O, Ob, you know who I mean.

            Discounting the children and infirm, adults are maybe 7% and of that number another 3% are disenfranchised and will not vote for him. So he receives 4% from the Black community.

            It is the majority you need to preach too. If he gets re-elected it’s not about his black side, look to his white side.

        • “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

          -Edmund Burke-
          Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 – 1797)

      7. There is no way to avoid the coming violence. Look at the size of the crowd listening to this creep.

        I have said before and will say it again: “I refuse to apologize for being born white.” I will also say that if any group,race, religion, gang or agency declares it’s intent on eradicating me, my family, Christians, white people or vets then I will defend myself and my family with extreme prejudice.

        I would say to Mr. Shalik Shabazz that he should think real long and real hard about what he is asking for.

        He may just get it.

        • 😉

        • Lock and load brother, its coming and sooner then some think. 30 Years ago my father (God bless his soul) said that there would be a civil/race war in this country in 20 to 30 years. The man had insight! Buy your bullets now folks, its coming to a city near you. It has already started the media just isn’t reporting it. These “flash mobs” are the beginning. Google Iowa State Fair attacks. 300 to 400 blacks convurge on the fair at closing and start attacking white people exiting. That should have been pretty big news but nothing out of the national news networks. If the colors were reveresed it would still be the first story of the night or headline in the paper and that was 5 weeks ago. Lock and load!

          • Was that Iowa or Illinois?

            • Wisconsin.

            • Wisconsin state fair.

        • POA

          Who’s asking you to apologize for being white? You are an American, just as I am. Anyone, white, green or purple coming after yours or mine, I expect for us to take care of business.

          • No one ever asked me to. I was having a conversation with a black lady bartender the first time I said that and she busted up laughing. She said “But so many of you White folks do” and she kept on laughing.

            I am not real popular with a lot of black folks. My position is that it is not racist to hold a person to the same standards as you hold yourself. It is when you make excuses and promote “affirmative” action that your true belief in your racial superiority comes out.

            I have four grandchildren. Two are White. Two are Black. Everyone of them hugs me and loves me. Also, each and every one knows I’ll “bust their ass in a NY minute” if they lie, cheat or disrespect their mom. They all get treated the same.

            • POA
              “…I am not real popular with a lot of black folks. My position is that it is not racist to hold a person to the same standards as you hold yourself. It is when you make excuses and promote “affirmative” action that your true belief in your racial superiority comes out.

              If it’s about standards like decency, fairness and justice then help me understand why after blacks became citizens, white folks passed and enforced all those laws that excluded blacks?

              From jobs and earning a liveable wage, to education and vocational training and apprenticing in union trades on par with whites instead of segregated schools, being barred higher public educations and exclusion in the unions and covenants prohibiting the buying and owning of property and homes so you could live in your all white communities?

              You, like those that benefited from the exclusion of blacks, are hypocrites. You want blacks to have the same standards and values, yet, whites did nothing for over one hundred years to address the grievances blacks raised that they couldn’t compete under those draconian laws and barriers.

              All those years and generations, white folks didn’t want change, they were content with having the whole pie and the question I can’t get answered is, given your so called standards, when were you going to step up to the plate and say these 100 year old laws and barriers barring black citizens equal rights were unfair and unjust and needed to be changed?

              I think never, it had to be forced on you and white folks have been kicking and screaming ever sense. It isn’t and wasn’t about racial superiority, it was about righting a wrong that was generational.

              I realize folks like you can’t see that. You talk about blacks and entitlements, well look in a mirror POA, seems to me you and those like you felt and feel entitled that the American dream is yours alone and legislate out anyone else trying to get a slice.

              POA, I feel sorry for your black grandkids, if it was pre 1970’s, given the laws and barriers in place, they would be working menial jobs and living in the projects while your white grandkids live the American Dream.

              They may get treated the same in your household, but it wouldn’t be the same in the world they would have to live in.

              All I’m saying POA, is affirmative action needed to happen. Is it’s time over? I believe it’s time to have that discussion.


              Posters here focus on the inner city poor blacks as feeding at the tax payer trough – consider: the numbers go like this: 61% of the population receiving welfare, listed as “means-tested cash assistance” by the Census Bureau, is identified as white, while only 33% is identified as black and blacks are only 12% of the population.

        • The race war he is inciting would turn out very differently than he imagines. Just do the math. Blacks are about 13% of US population.

        • Well put Sir.

        • Growing up white in the black inner city I,ve seen these “Shabazzes” put out their poison pills to incite. I bet you money this dude is financed by a foundation or an outside organization intent on keeping racial tensions at a peak. As Lenin would say a good “useful idiot.” If the SHTF you can bet this coward called Shabazz will become invisible until he sticks that ugly mug out of his safehouse to see which way the wind is blowing.

      8. I like his coat, is he a General in the Black Panthers or a Bell Hop at the Hilton??????

        • that is funny, i hope they dont ask for this because they will lose. we are smarter and thats where it counts, we are like the VC in vietnam. I dont want it to happen but it will.

        • Can’t be a bellhop – he doesn’t have a little hat with a chinstrap…

          • I think he is probably an off duty monkey for an organ grinder. I could be wrong, I’m just sayin’!

          • Thought that was a monkey……

            • did you ever consider a monkey might have feelings?

            • Whose Porch is he standing on?…..

          • I feel like I am living in the planet of the apes movie. Maybe Obama will chain our necks like Charleton Heston and we will pick up his easter eggs for his daughters at easter? Then next another Charleton Heston movie soylent green…when they are done with us they will just put us through a shredder and make soylent green food for the people to eat. Then cannibalism will be the last sin and we will get kuru and die or jakob kruzfeld disease….and run around in circles and pass out and die…Lovely…absolutely lovely…another fine mess you have gotten us into Ollie!!!!!

        • I kind of thought that the really neat ‘squiggles’ on the sleeves of his uniform jacket were vaguely “Captain-Kangarooish” in motif. Very ‘macho’ to wear something in public that makes you look like such an absolute idiot. This moron and his minions are supposed to scare me and instill fear into the streets of my community?? I rather think not, thank you kindly!!!

      9. I grew up in a city where a one-sided, low level race war was the norm for decades. There are of horror stories I could recount. A 79 year old widow raped and tortured to death by blacks in her home. A neighboring family’s father shot and killed on the street for fun by blacks. A classmate who was castrated by blacks in a park.

        All these atrocities were denied at the time by the authorities or disguised as “crimes” that they had no interest in solving. The future atrocities we can expect from these clowns will make the prior ones look like a joke. Preparation is essential. The disciplined and organized will prevail.

        • Guess what? I can match atrocities – for every one you post, I have one of what white’s have done to blacks – PLEASE, lets not go there.

          These are idiots and like the black flash mobs when they cross the line into violence my expectations are we ALL will do what we need to.

          • I find it curious..the flash mobs in Chicago were white and black..people learn the age old method of conquest..divide and conquer many who think others are sleep are themselves brainwashed..we are one nation under God and we need to be indivisable

            • No white flash mobs in Chicago.

          • LadyHawk, if by white-on-black atrocities you mean slavery, the KKK, southern segregation, etc., you’re barking up the wrong tree.

            The whites in my neighborhood in a NORTHEASTERN city were mainly first and second generation European ethnics (Irish, Poles and Italians mostly, and almost all CATHOLIC – not the KKK’s favorite people, and people who were NOT in this country long enough for their ancestors to have participated in black slavery in ANY form). Plus, the kid they castrated was a Polish immigrant, who spoke English as a SECOND language. Now If the Poles ever enslaved blacks, please let us all know when and where, including a listing of which Polish ports hosted the Polish slave ships that transported African slaves. So much for your “Payback’s a bitch” thesis.

            Now, if you still seek to justify black violence against whites that is not based on actual history, but solely on the color of a white person’s skin, PLEASE DO “go there,” so everybody can see your utter stupidity in its undiluted form.

            • She is one of them.

          • LadyHawk, if by white-on-black atrocities you mean slavery, the KKK, southern segregation, etc., you’re barking up the wrong tree.

            The whites in my neighborhood in a NORTHEASTERN city were mainly first and second generation European ethnics (Irish, Poles and Italians mostly, and almost all CATHOLIC – not the KKK’s favorite people, and people who were NOT in this country long enough for their ancestors to have participated in black slavery in ANY form). Plus, the kid they castrated was a Polish immigrant, who spoke English as a SECOND language. Now If the Poles ever enslaved blacks, please let us all know when and where, including a listing of which Polish ports hosted the Polish slave ships that transported African slaves. So much for your “Payback” thesis.

            Now, if you still seek to justify black violence against whites that is not based on actual history, but solely on the color of a white person’s skin, PLEASE DO “go there,” so everybody can see your utter stupidity in its undiluted form.

            • I called her out on this, too. She replied with some obtuse vague history. I suspect she is young with few real life lessons. If she went from 1970 to present she wouldn’t be able to find any atrocities even close to what I listed. And I have lots more.

            • Ahab

              Let me get this straight – I do not believe in “pay back” nor do my historical reports and comments mean I support in any way, violence against whites. Repeat. No pay back or violence against whites. If you were a long time poster here, as I have been, you would have read my previous posts where I posted as much.

              You may want to look up the New York City draft riots and the Detroit Race riots of 1863. Is New York and Detroit northeastern enough? Blacks were seen as the cause of the Civil War and immigrants were being drafted to fight the war. In addition, those first and second generation immigrants viewed freed slaves as competition for scarce jobs.

              Blacks became the target of the rioter’s anger and the mobs beat, tortured, hung, set on fire and killed not only men, but women and children. They also destroyed black homes and businesses. The low numbers were in the hundreds of blacks maimed and killed and the high numbers in the thousands.

              Historically, go the US Census Report for that period, you will find some of those first generation Irish and Scots had migrated to the south and partaken in the traditions and customs of the time.

              One of my ancestors is a immigrant from Scotland and he bought and owned slaves. It is one of the reason’s why I post historical background as I don’t believe whites know American history or maybe they just don’t want to know the dirty little secrets.

            • Before we bash the South for being “black-haters”…

              Yes, there were/are people who hate blacks here in the South. Mostly, the folks here who hate blacks do so BECAUSE WE’VE HAD BLACK EQUALITY/SUPERIORITY/ACCEPTANCE SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS FOR GENERATIONS!

              Now, despite my previous “shout”, I love black people, but I despise the racist hate spouted by people like Shabazz. Unfortunately, his racism is rampant among black people. Even some of the ones I work with every day, still keep a racist distance from me like I’m going to bite them and turn them white. I never treat them with anything but respect. I call them “sir” or “ma’am” even when their “rank” is no higher than mine. I call everyone “sir” or “ma’am”. It’s just a matter of respect for everyone.

              Lastly, I’d like to point out that I’ve heard as much racist sentiment from “Yankees”, if not more than I’ve heard from Southern white people. I’ve known quite a few northern folks who seemed to have a bitter hatred for blacks that shocked even me. It seemed as though we had a reason to distrust and dislike them. These people truly seemed to HATE them with no apparent reason. I’m still looking that reason.

          • Are your horror stories current or from the 50’s?

            • Why don’t you move to the inner city and find out for yourself?

            • One more thing, Plain old American — the horror stories of the one-sided race war that took place in my neighborhood when I was GROWING UP (as I stated) are of course not up-to-the-minute “current.”

              The white people who previously lived there found it necessary to relocate due to the omnipresent threat of racially motivated robbery, rapine and homicide. Since there is no longer any vestige of the former white population there to be attacked, I suppose you could say it’s no longer happening, and hence, my stories are in that sense no longer “current.”

              Speaking of timeliness, didn’t slavery end almost 150 years ago? Why then do some people keep using it as an excuse for sociopathic and psychopathic behavior?

            • Ahab,
              I was questioning Lady Hawk.

              I am all too familiar with atrocities committed in the present day inner city neighborhoods. There were stories in the Portland News about bicyclists being pulled from their bikes and beaten by yoots. The PC News never would admit it was ALWAYS White victims and Black perps.

              One fellow I knew went into a bar in Lynwood, CA. He had been visiting his 80 year old mother and was frustrated so he walked to the local bar. Mom never moved out of the area when all of the other White people did. Anyway, James was damn near killed, skull busted open, numerous broken ribs, both arms broken and his jaw was broken. People said he “should’ve known better than to walk into a bar in Lynwood.” Whites are not allowed.

              I was asking LH if she could point to anything at all like this happening to Blacks today. I see Blacks in restaurants, stores and theaters. No body bats an eye or pays the least bit of attention.

            • Again, LadyHawke has nothing current. She has to go back to the 1800’s to find stuff. She’s young.

            • Plain Old American said “I see Blacks in restaurants, stores and theaters. No body bats an eye or pays the least bit of attention.”

              And THAT’S THE PROBLEM… They aren’t getting the attention they crave. I’ve noticed, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE NOWADAYS, blacks, to an even greater degree than whites, are addicted to DRAMA!!!

            • Before I begin this response post, I want to reiterate my position that black flash mob actions are to be punished and the parties charged under hate crime penalties when whites have been assaulted.

              This from the Washington Times “…PHILADELPHIA — Mayor Michael Nutter, telling marauding black youths “you have damaged your own race,” imposed a tougher curfew Monday in response to the latest “flash mob” — spontaneous groups of teens who attack people at random on the streets of the city’s tourist and fashionable shopping districts.

              “Take those God-darn hoodies down, especially in the summer,” Mr Nutter, the city’s third black mayor, said in an angry lecture aimed at black teens. “Pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”

              “If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ‘cause you look like you’re crazy,” the mayor said. “You have damaged your own race.”

              It is one of many posts that the majority of blacks are not supportive of black flash mobs.

              When I started research for my response, I used Goggle and put in white on black crime. The sites popping up were all black on white crime. Did it twice. It was as if there was no white on black crime. So I went hate crimes against blacks. Here are examples of what I found.

              “…Since 1995, when hate crime statistics were first collected at the national level, one thing remains clear. Blacks are more likely to be victims of hate crime than any other identity group in the United States.

              In the last decade alone nearly 40,000 hate crimes against Blacks have been recorded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That’s over 3,000 incidents targeting blacks per year. While the reporting of hate crimes over all continues to decline, hate crimes against blacks have remained fairly consistent.

              While 40,000 incidents in a decade should be alarming news, the actual fact is that that number is closer to 600,000 (that’s nearly 45,000 per year). Why? Because hate crimes are notoriously undercounted in the United States. A study done in 2005 by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that hate crimes were actually 15 times higher than reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation…” Written by Eric Ward

              Examples of recent white on black crimes:

              “…Brandon Manning, has broken bones in his face. One minute he was hanging out with seven seemingly friendly guys in a park, the next he said he was on the ground, the blows coming from all sides, a fist or foot landing hard enough to fracture six bones in his face. But it was the words accompanying the blows that made Manning, 24, think he was about to die. “Coon.” And then, “How do you like this, you f-ing n-?…”
              (Carlos Avila Gonzalez / The Chronicle)

              An FBI investigation moved forward on the recent vicious murder of 49-year-old James Craig Anderson, who was deliberately hit and run down by Deryl Dedmon in Jackson, Mississippi. Both Dedmon, and his accomplice, John Aaron Rice, are accused of beating Anderson before he was killed. These two went looking to “f**k a “n”* and randomly picked Anderson, an auto plant worker and family man.

              There is a Graphic you tube video at

              BRIDGEPORT, Conn.—Connecticut police have charged a Bridgeport man with a bias crime after he allegedly fired a gun at a group of black men. Police say 64-year-old Lawrence Mammone Jr. is charged with firing a gun at a neighbor who was talking to friends Monday night.

              Police say the neighbor was outside his house with friends, all of whom are black, when Mammone, who is white, began shouting racial slurs at them. Police say the group ignored Mammone until he allegedly pointed a handgun at them and fired a shot. Source: Boston Globe

              When Mark Hennings ran over a 12-year-old black youth in Fort Dodge, Iowa with his blue Ford Ranger. (Love this part – no doubt he realized the consequences) Hennings later argues that although he might be prejudiced against blacks, the reason he hit the boy was for other reasons.

              The kid was among a group of kids blocking traffic while walking in the road. That led to a heated argument. Hennings was charged under the state’s hate crime statute because of the racially offensive language he used during the incident and in describing it to police afterward. More can be found at the Sioux City Journal

              There are articles about white on black crimes from beatings to hospitalization to killings perped by several white persons or as individuals. It seems one of the main reasons these incidents occur is over black men with white women. The articles are there, you just have to dig. Why don’t whites know about these incidents or see news reports? You tell me.

            • You might have brought that out first LH or are we missing something.

            • anonymous says:

              “…You might have brought that out first LH or are we missing something…”

              Please clarify – brought out what first?

            • anonymous says:

              “…You are lonely……”

              Ahhh – not that lonely! 8-o

        • If these evil bastards think they can get away with this stuff, they’ll soon find that Americans will only put up with it for a very short time.

          I have a feeling that society as a whole is about to get a lot more “polite”. This isn’t Europe and this isn’t Egypt.

          The only place stuff like this will happen is where the “authorities” have raped the peoples right to protect themselves.

          Chicago, D.C., New York, other large metro areas.

          • I hope you’re right, but we’ve put up with so much…. There doesn’t seem to be an end to what we will put up with.

            • “…but we’ve put up with so much…. There doesn’t seem to be an end to what we will put up with…”

              That could of come from a black person before the Civil Rights Act

              Thanks for the laugh

            • You are lonely…

      10. Oops! I should have said “There are LOTS of horror stories I could recount.”

      11. Can you say, Sedition?”

        No, okay, then you can say, “Treason.”

        Be well and stay safe.

      12. I knew a San Francisco leiutenant who worked on the cases (zebra murders). He said they had 75 dead white people, nationwide, verified. They found a photo book that had pictures of over 400 black men. To get your pic in the book you had to have a verified kill of a white person. I googled Zebra Murders just now. They admit to 17 murders in SFO but don’t acknowledge any outside of the area. The MSM media wouldn’t even print info or alert anyone that the crimes were going on, back then. But then, one of their own got wacked at a bus stop. Then it mattered.


        Once again we have a group of Yoots attacking White people. I don’t know about anyone else but I am personally getting real sick & tired of the “it’s a thug issue, White people do it too, it is because of poverty, it’s the lack of jobs” and all of the other BS.

        White people are roaming around in packs and attacking Black’s? Really? Let’s see a link or a video. Something more current than 1963 Birmingham..

        I believe that this is being instigated by people working with this administration. We are going to have to face the fact that Obama is not a legal POTUS and we’re gonna have to frog march his butt out of the White House and into the Big House.

        • POA—don’t you think this is instigated by TPTB(from inside?? bribes work wonders and they have the funds to accomplish this)..this is the plan..what they want…hate the illegals, hate the blacks, hate this, hate that…because >>>>>>>
          And I didn’t list treason, for they have loyalty to no country.

          • JJ

            almost gave you a +1 – except for “hate the illegals”

            I don’t hate them, but resent them invading our country, stealing our treasury and jobs and overwhelming our medical and education system.

            Look up how much money 30 million illegals are costing the tax payers and your children will be the ones paying the tab. They need to leave the country, get in line and stop violating our Constitution. There is no hate in that.

            • I like how you refer to 1863. I see lots of black on white crime today. A black woman has very little fear of rape by whites.

            • LadyHawk; Over the past year I have enjoyed a lot of your comments without ever considering your color. Remember, there is only one race:human. Having grown up as an army brat/duffle bag baby starting from the early 50’s, I had grown up as a minority. All of us brats (white,black,hispanic,etc..) were always different from the civilian population. I was in Hawaii (1st grade) when it became a state. In Alabama when desegregation started (as a yankee). Germany when blacks were gaining equal access to society (granted, it was slow but it was happening). Served time in the military.
              Point being, I know what discrimination is like personnally and have talked at lenght with many others (no matter the color) concerning discrimination. What I have understood all these years is something I share on most Sundays from the pupit; people will always find a reason to hate you. If a person has to judge you by your color, then they have (I) problems.
              The biggest issue for inner city youths (all colors) is the lack of good role models. Many music, movie/tv, and sports stars are individuals with major character flaws. I tell many young men and women to always remember that these personalities aren’t real people.
              There was a lull during the 80’s thru the 90’s of racially reported issues. Then, the socialists needed to speed up our demise, as a nation. And what better way; Race.
              Everyone has a story concerning racism. Still, we must always judge an individual by their character. If we focus on color, many desent people are going to suffer the wrath of those that are motivated through race baiting.
              Stay true to yourself and the Lord, you’re alright with many on this site.

            • DRD5508

              I just read your comments at a time I was thinking to myself, I’ll follow through with one last comment on this post to Homeland Security because I said I would and then I’m done.

              There is so much disinformation and stereotyping here and denial of history and facts, that I forgot one of my basic principles. You don’t change people. They are who they are. They think what they think.

              And some need to think that ALL blacks are cut from the same cloth, it’s how they justify their violation of their own standards and values. There’s not a whole lot of critical thinking going on here.

              And PS – Caveman

              Reread Ahab’s post, it was about first and second generation immigrants – critical thinking time here- what time period would that be?

              And I rebutted with a post about “lots” of white on black crime today supported by FBI stats. All women have to worry about rape. It’s why I don’t leave windows open on these hot nights to get a breeze or jog with headphones covering both ears, or be unaware of my surroundings.

            • DRD5508 I forgot, I was posting to thank you for the kind remarks 😀

          • Current administration / TPTB. 3×2 to one 50% of a dozen to the other.

            Point being that it is orchestrated & deliberate.

      14. “Gird up your loins college students. Gird up your loins young black man and young black woman, for the hour of war is at hand.”

        Does “Gird up your loins” translate to “pull up your damn britches so I can’t see your nasty drawers”?!?!?

        • One would hope…

          • I’ll say one thing. I don’t look forward to a race war beween blacks and whites,but I do know that if it comes, there will be blood ,but when it’s over and done,the negroes of America will be eradicated. Do not ever think that the black race could ever wipe out the whites. Blacks would have to get the whole country of Africa to help them and would still lose.With that said,I hope black idiots like this black panther or what ever animalistic name he wants to call himself, realizes that he will be the first target for the whites. Every person in this world has had people of their race hurt ,one way or another,but for this idiot to blame white people for his bullsh&& ancesters slave days, he is a total nincompoot. How could you blacks think that a race war would solve your problems? So, if thats what you crave ,what are you waiting for? Lets just get it over.

        • That’s funny

          • You are phunnie LH & Daisy! Get a room with clean sheets & get un-lonely. Teflon bill needs a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder. You voted for him lefty Butch.

            • Nothing intelligent to say, so attack the poster.

        • What drawers?

      15. SGT Peppers Band

        • The Fab4 are much better looking 🙂

      16. Hey Mac, things are really heating up between Israel, Turkey and Greece. Next week they might start shooting. Go to and mat-rodina blogspot.

      17. Seems day by day, this collapse it coming faster and faster…

        Its getting scary now…


      18. In Matthew 24: 7, Jesus said: “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.”

        The word nation in the transliterated Greek is ‘Ethnos’ – Latin root word to our modern day word for ‘ehtnic’ – meaning ‘race’ of people of specific or family, tribe, people or nation of the same stock. Websters

        The word kingdom in the transliterated Greek is ‘Basileia’ – Matthew specifically used the Greek term “Basileia tōn Ouranōn” (Βασιλεία τῶν Ουρανῶν),[Mt 13:45] which has been translated as “Kingdom of Heaven.”

        I think it could be successfully argued that at the time of the end, it will seem that virtually every mans’ hand will be against his brother and neighbor – race against race / and country against country – while at the same time, the war between the kingdom of Heaven will be ever increasing against the kingdom of Lucifer (Basileia).

        And, according to Jesus, this is when things are just getting started… Matthew 24:8.

        So stand firm everyone (Mt. 24:13), everything is about to be shaken / the whole earth, and everything that is loose will fall (Hebrews 12: 26,27) / the whole heavens shall also be shaken (Mt. 24:29).

        • I agree..for those who have no relationship with The Lord Jesus know that it’s not too late..ask Him into your heart while there is still time..It’s almost “check out” time…many of you know what I..if you don’t ask Him into your heart ASAP

      19. This is one of the most incredible, and disturbing videos I have seen on the economy, Obama, and the future of this country ( and I spend at least 6-10 hours a day watching everything I can )….

        This is long, but is very well done, and it gets better ( or worse, I should say ) as it goes along…

        The top Expert in the world, on this disease Obama has been diagnosed with….

        Please watch freinds, (Mac you may want to include at least part of this in one of your great reports.)


        Firewall Obama’s Narcissism: On the Path to De-compensation and Acting Out



        • Well ok then. He is going to act out, lash out and try to take everyone down with him. Who cares? It’s not like he is POTUS or someone powerful enough to do major harm….oh wait….he IS squatting in the White House with HIS finger on the button. Boy do I have the warm & fuzzies now.

          • Thanks for the link, KY Mom. General Shelton is a man I would be proud to know. Moral and honest to the core. We need more like him in the upper eschelons of the military – men and women who will stand tall for what is right and true. Even if it means going head-to-head with the President of the country they have sworn to protect and defend. WestVaFolks salute you, sir!

        • Thanks for the link. I find it very interesting (and more than a little disturbing) that the narcissism expert has “trouble sleeping at night” for fear of what Obama may do.

      20. I’m sure the hard core posters here, the militant ones, if in the other shoes, the black ones, would be standing behind this fellow saying; “Amen Brother, right on”.

        It’s interesting that the “Zionist Jews” never come up here at the SHTFPlan in a major story (or did I miss “it”).

        Maybe folks, we need to start looking a little deeper into the rabbit hole in regards to the instigators of the Divide and Conquer rule for world domination? There is a plan. It seems pretty obvious, yes? Why is there a Black Party needing to be formed in the first place?

        • @ E.A:

          I’m sure the hard core posters here, the militant ones, if in the other shoes, the black ones, would be standing behind this fellow saying; “Amen Brother, right on”.

          You are wrong sir, I am a Black African-American natural born citizen in 1982 with my heritage coming from Angola in the 1800’s and this man does not represent most of us African-Americans, he is not my spiritual leader or represent anything of the such with my faith, SO TO YOU I would not say AMEN to this ASSHOLE, THE ALMIGHTY GOD and JESUS CHRIST is my spiritual leader not Mohammad or some nut job that thinks he is a high and mighty. Nobody owes me anything I earned what I have worked for and will answer to the same God as you will

          There is no “AMEN RIGHT ON BROTHER” HERE, you wont see me giving bumps and hugs to these thugs and terrorists, they can rot as far as I care, This man is a terrorist and traitor to this country plain and simple, hurting both you or me. Don’t judge all of us before you get to know some of us, we have had to over come that all of our lives trying to break away from the stereo-type. We are all Americans the same, I bleed the same color as you, with some red white and blue, and will die to preserve our freedoms and liberties for our Constitution, just as you would. Many of us has a distaste for this man and others like him. I didn’t vote Obamma because I saw what would happen because I’m sure you who stereo types will throw that out…

          • I’d be confident with you to my left or right anyday, anywhere.

          • Right on, Jack! You rock! As an active military member, I know many folks just like you and I’m proud to be their brother in arms as well as brother in Christ. I bleed the same color, too. 🙂

          • Well said Sir!….SEMPER FI !

            • Ditto. Welcome home.

          • I rest my case. (But you’ll probably misinterpret that, also)

          • I do not detect much understanding here that the symptoms (your/my racial experiences) are rooted in a disease (race hatred) spread intentionally by the bankster dynasties to ensure that their victims (of different colors) will fight each other. Otherwise victims of all colors would look to appropriately depose and justly (or summarily!) punish the perpetrators of genocide and economic crimes against humanity.

            In a deceitful irony that should not be lost on you, the perpetrators are fond of perpetually posing as sinless victims.

            Punish the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

            P.S. The US Constitution is a broken contract—no more worthy of religious idolatry than any other broken contract. Get over it. It is time to make Jesus Christ the King of our nation.

            • As an historical aside… In the early twentieth century Blacks made a huge mistake. Blacks decided to follow W.E.B. Du Bois, the Black puppet of “Jewish” financiers.* Du Bois led his people back into slavery, both social and economic slavery.

              Marcus Garvey had offered a path to independence, both social and economic, but the majority of Blacks rejected the path to freedom. Instead they they let themselves be deceived and so chained themselves to essentially the same ‘massah’ whose dynasties owned the slave ships. (Among many, see “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews–Volumes 1 and 2”).

              Worse, Blacks have let themselves be led to the slaughter of the abortion industry. They have killed millions of their own babies to serve a creed that teaches that they (like the rest of us goyim) are not even human:
              “Some of the Turks and the nomads in the North, and the Blacks and the nomads in the South, and those who resemble them in our climates. And their nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion they are not on the level of human beings, and their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey, because they have the image and the resemblance of a man more than a monkey does.” Maimonides explaining who is not fit “to participate in the world to come,” Guide for the Perplexed, Book III, chapter 51 cited in Israel Shahak, Hebrew University Professor, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years. London: Pluto Press, 1997. p. 25.

              *If you want to understand why I use quotes, read Jesus’ explanation in Apocalypse 3:9 .

          • I applaud you ,sir.I am white and respect a person of your being, wether black, white ,green ,red or any other color they happen to be.You should be a leader for all people to follow.Again, I, congradulate you for your honesty and christian beliefs.

      21. Hate is disgusting, horrible, and wrong no matter which angle it comes from. Watching this video was like watching hate feeding hate. Really if you are so worried about your “homeland” then go back to it. If after hundreds of years of being in America, you dont consider yourself an American, then go away, we dont need you here. If you think that only black people are targeted for hate crimes, police brutality, or the “goverment setup” then you need to pull your head out of your @ss and look around. It is not just “blacks” being targeted it is everyone. And really if you want to look at the specifics, you will see that more blacks kill blacks then anyone else. So maybe instead of pushing your problems onto everyone else you should take a good look into your own “race” and fix the problems there. If the young “black” populace would be more concerned about finding a job then acting like a little gang banger maybe your “race” wouldnt have the highest unemployment rate.
        I am so unbelievably tired of all the crap going on, this group hates that group, that group hates this group. Everyone is so busy hating and blaming each other that nothing will ever get done. No one wants to look at the real fault line, they only want to see what will back up there beliefs.

        • Thank you. Well stated.

      22. AMEN brother!!!

      23. Don’t be sorry, Mardochee. Articulate and well said. I fear for those of African or Mexican descent that love this country, men and women I admire and call friend, count as some of the finest people on earth. They will be getting it from both sides and it is those of us that will need to stand with them too, as they stand with us.
        I know the thugs here in this small town, and in truth I would expect them to be wiped out after their first few forays against innocent people.
        Some have said they would steal from other people, especially us here….I simply think look to my gun safe to the left, with multiple weapons and multiple boxes of ammunition. And pray I need neither……
        For they forget we can stand as one too….and we vastly outnumber them………

      24. The elitists have done their homework well. “Divide and Conquer!” I don’t care what color your skin is or who your God is, if we join hands (and keep our guns) the elitists are screwed. Read between the lines and you can see who the “True Enemy” is.





        • Sha-ZAMM! 🙂

          • I thought it was SHAM WOW!

            Paging Vince.

      26. most blacks and whites know that we’re all in the same boat now and have to work together to keep from sinking. I wouldn’t pay any attention to people like Shabazz,Farrakhan,ect. they’re never held down a job and lived off other peoples money all their life, wait til the money dries up and see what happends to them.

        • I have the feeling that decent people of all colors will come together and administer an ass-kicker to Mr. Shabazz and all of his fellow race-baiters of all colors, the like of which they won’t soon forget ……. should they be unfortunate enough to survive the encounter.

      27. Sir I will stand with you anywhere, anytime. I am certain the Zero & company (GBs) are pushing for chaos. The race war is just part of it.

      28. Outstanding. As someone posted earlier, there are losers in every race, gender, religious order; and there are outstanding people in the same. If the s*** does hit the fan, I hope we all do not throw someone out just because of their looks and beliefs. If we stand together, we can win. If we give into this jerks attitude, we will lose.

      29. he’s employing an old trick. he’s playing the victem card and acting like a bully.

        it’s the oldest trick in the book. let’s call this for what it really is…a trick.

        one cannot claim to be a victem of racism and then pass judgment for imaginary crimes. the assumption that whites are racist (thus all whites are racist) in itself is a racist statement and plays the bully.

        his followers are being pawned.

      30. Doesn’t matter what color your skin is.. a hater is a hater and should be shunned by all peaceble people.

        Not one of us picked the color of our skin.. except me; I definitely remember getting in the ” Smokin Hot, rich, smart, powerful and nice white boy” line..

        Unfortunately, some jerk must’ve switched the signs that day.

        If I ever catch the dip weed that did that; he’s got a major butt whuppin comin from me..

        • You mean you are not ” Smokin Hot, rich, smart, powerful and a nice white boy”?


          • lmao

            • Inside joke for black folks?

          • You talking to me Lady Hawk? 🙂

            • Always, Dear “”fluttering eyelashes””

      31. Every African needs to read about Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book “The Grand Chessboard” where the National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter (1977-81) talks about Africa’s subordination.
        I am white and his writings show me that he and those like him are free humanity’s enemy.

      32. I think even hogs would turn their noses up at Shabazz

      33. Oh this guy is a joke, like really? If the NBP are this F*@#ing stupid and want to throw the first punch, then lets get it on, it’ll give me something to do! I’m so sick of the ignorant victim shit, how the F*@# can you be a victim 200 years later? No body owes us anything at all there’s no secret contract; HELL our own f%*&king kind sold us too, if anyone else would have said this in public you’d been branded a terrorist, W.T.F.? If me and a Caucasian stand side by side and said the same thing, they’d get him first, AND THAT IS UTTER B.S.. I’m sorry but he is nothing more then just a “Buster” all talk an nothing to back him up. This pussy wont even be in the front lines…that’s how stupid they are. This man could have made positive change with his influence but yet preaches the negative.
        Hey Shab-azzhole wanna Tango why don’t you stay one night in the Ghetto where I came from for dinner, On the menu I just stuffed some 9, 40S&W, .223, 7.62/308, and 22lr hollow points with fresh cut bacon bits from a wild boar, and for drinks hot bacon grease moltav’s. Come get some I’m ringing the dinner bell at my house you disgraceful F#@%. Mine and your culture is not what this is all about, your views and preachings have made a honest African-American have to work 5x’s harder to succeed…

        Sorry all if I offended but this man and Obamma does not represent my African-American heritage in my family, not all off us are victims, and am sorry for this mans disgrace to everybody’s heritage with his twisted veiws, it makes me sick. Of coarse being black and saying such brands me a race traitor in their eyes, but I know right from wrong!

        Oh my name is George and not Shaka-Stinky_Quefa-Tunisa-Bamboozole-Zulu and I too am a PREP, thanks for all the great help in information

        • George – re your “African name” – hubby’s ROFLOL!!! Keep comin’ back!!!

        • You, Sir, I would stand with…………ANYTIME !

          • @ NM said ” You, Sir, I would stand with…………ANYTIME !”

            Well Spoken, God Bless OUR America!

            @ Jack said ” On the menu I just stuffed some 9, 40S&W, .223, 7.62/308, and 22lr hollow points with fresh cut bacon bits from a wild boar, and for drinks hot bacon grease moltav’s ”

            You name it and I have your back

          • Me too.Lets do it.

        • The black middle class are this guy’s worst nightmare.

        • “Sorry all if I offended but this man and Obamma does not represent my African-American heritage in my family, not all off us are victims”

          I call major bullsh*t.

          Your “heritage” is not African-American anymore than mine is German American.

          Your “heritage” is American.

          Let’s roll.

          • On a new KIA or Benz in the ghetto while driving through the Dollar Store trash bags blowing in the wind. What does CHANGE stand for again? Super glue a quarter on the pavement out in the middle of the street. Not in the cross walk, nobody uses it.

      34. Don’t get sucked into the race-hate thing: the economy is FUBAR for all of us.

        But be aware scum – black, white, Mexican – will exploit the situation and may need to be taken care of.

        Look at the UK: those riots were a wake-up call.

      35. Black males are roughly 7.5% of the US population and they commit 50% of all murders, according to FBI statistics.

        Just sayin’


      36. The PTB never get the message until there is blood on the streets of America. That is a fact.

        May it be their blood.

        • 🙂

          Durango Kidd you are probably right…

        • The blood of Ben Shalom Bernanke and the bankers and the Wall-Street speculators and the rest of ’em?

      37. It doesn’t matter what Whites want or what blacks want. The fact is that there are significant racial differences in intelligence and ingenuity and that means that blacks and others are biologically unfit for life in White society.

        There is not a single society on Earth where both Whites and blacks live where blacks do not occupy a position other than the bottom. There is a biological reason for that.

        The so-called “gains” that blacks have made are from Affirmative Action, minority contractor set-asides, watered-down curricula in the schools, special university admission procedures that bypass the normal procedures like the “separate, less-demanding admissions process” at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland (

        These advantages actually mask black inferiority because they give the appearance that “blacks can make it if just given the opportunity.” If you take everything away from them that they do not deserve, they will appear as they do in Africa and Detroit.

        If you form a preparedness/survival group you will have the best chance of success if you maximize the group’s solidarity by minimizing its diversity. Apply racial considerations to all issues. “Racism” is a survival trait, nature’s way of ensuring group survival. We possess in our genetic code the behavior described by some as “racism”, “bigotry”, “intolerance”. We need to stop denying our true feelings about race.

        • You need to STFU.

        • For real? What crap, but thanks for posting. You show other posters here what blacks are up against.

        • I have shared the cockpit with high caliber and capable blacks. As a military instructor pilot (MOS: 100BC) I have seen blacks that couldn’t cut the mustard as well as whites. Nobody gets a free pass in aviation. It is self correcting if you do.

          Unfortunately black culture penalizes those who aspire to and achieve a better position in life that is identified as being primarily the domain of whites. Uncle Tom, oreo, etc.

          To be judged by the content of their character (and ability) rather than the color of their skin! Unfortunately, it is too easy to blame the judgement on the color of their skin when things don’t pan out.

          I have known some blacks that I would rather have as guests at my dinner table before some whites I have known. That said, there are things taking place in the black community today that should not be tolerated. Black leaders need to rise up that are capable of policing their own rather than promoting a sense of injustice, otherwise it won’t be pretty where all this leads.

          The current POTUS has not helped matters, but rather has made them worse. It makes me wonder how things would have progressed if Alan Keyes or an Alan West would have rose to the position instead.

          One thing about it should a full scale race war ensue, it won’t be hard to identify your enemy once political correctness is tossed to the garbage heap it belongs in. I fear for those good men who happen to be of the opposite color. But, that won’t stop me from defending my family.

          • Wild Goose

            Overall I agree – what doesn’t get out is that the majority of blacks do not support or tolerate the flash mobs and other violence on whites. I’ve said it over and over here and there are other sites where blacks are expressing their outrage, but we have no voice.

            Why? Because the major media keeps trotting out the same old “Negro” leaders that don’t and can’t speak for the whole community. It’s time they were retired and if white folks would stop going to them for comments (knowing their “we are owed” bias)and getting the sound bite they want, then you would know different.

            By the way, I resent the whole Black Leader thing. I speak for myself. Whose your White Leader that speaks for all whites?

            Least we forget, there are white extremist groups who are as sick and depraved as this ass wipe and I hold the same position as you in that it won’t stop me from defending me and mine.

            , o or vio and the majThere is alot of i

        • Thank you Mark for the mention of truth and fact in this discussion. Any dull-headed White or Muddle-headed black who thinks that the Races just need to pull together to make it through the coming chaos just need to look at race relations in the formerly White nations of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa – yeah how is that working out for the Whites who were stupid enough to believe in “equality” and the blacks who believed they could sustain and maintain a White Civilization? My Group with not have any affirmative action hires when the SHTF and I will stand with you Mark for common sense and truth.

          • Spent 6 good months in Rhodesia in 1978.

      38. Sam you give me joy,for we choose not which line to stand.We have all been used by the evil trickery they do.We are all beautiful and made in God’s Image.We are to unite in pray and obedience to the Lord our God.They have set us up to divide and conquer,evil enemies to us all.Together in prayer we unite as one,stand together in victory with Our Lord.Together we stand divide we fall. No matter the color of your face,in Christ love peace be with us all.

      39. Dirtbags like this have really surfaced since Barry snuck into the WH. It is getting to be time to let them have this war. When they lose we will not be merciful. Arm yourselves whitey!

        • @Ky Mom…Thanks for the link. Great manual! I stayed up too late reading 🙂

        • KY Mom

          Thanks for this link, I added it to my long list of prep manuals, you also need to look up the Boy scouts web site it has some great reading. Once again thank you


        • Peewees Mom and DPS,

          You are welcome! 🙂

          It has information on every aspect of Preparedness. I think it is a great resource. If you know anyone new to prepping, refer them to this manual.

          Keep prepping!
          KY Mom

      40. Here was its going to look like folks!

        Mostly the blacks going insane in the streets.

        WARNING…this is violent disturbing to watch.

        • I remember laughing when the TV folks were interviewing people at the gun stores and sporting goods stores. They’d pick out a firearm, fill out the 4473 and then pay the money. When the clerk took the gun and told them they could get it in about 10 working days the purchaser would go ballistic. “I need it NOW” they’d scream. California has (had?) a waiting period.

          Better have ALL of the firearms and ammo you are going to need BEFORE the SHTF.

      41. I’m white, my wife is black, and my kids are American!

        I’ve got some big rounds for anyone who has anything to say bout splitting my family in half!

      42. our message to KFC, Popeyes, and Church’s!

      43. “….our battle is against budget cuts right here at

        WOW! There you have it! Top leader for Black Racist
        Party declares war against budget cuts! After all,
        we can’t have the gubment stopping handouts for food,
        housing, health care and job preferences.

        This shows the I.Q. level of this individual. Room
        temperature (70’s ?)

        Anyone railing against budget cuts just doesn’t realize
        that America is BROKE and can’t afford to subsidize
        the loafers anymore. Don’t like that? Bring It!

        • Actually he is a graduate of Howard University School of Law and is a lawyer.

          He is also a:

          1. Racist
          2. Muslim
          3. Anti-Semite
          4. Target

          • 5. Wingnut

            • No, no, no.

              I’m the wing nut.

              Who is the stove bolt?

      44. Thanks everyone. I have woke up.

      45. Did anyone watch Conspiracy Theories? Jessie Ventura did a story on the underground cities built to protect the “elite” against us normal citizens in the event we do decide to rise up against them. There are even specially trained troops, unknown to us, that have been trained to protect the “elite” from us. I too Pooh Poohed this until I did some research. They do exist!!! Our own Government has prepared to do battle against us. Using our own money they have set themselves up to be protected from us and are prepared to set up camps to put those of us who might survive. So after we slaughter each other, those left have to fight against our own government. What is left?

      46. It will never happen so stop impropagandizing

      47. But, Harry, I sorta agree with the idiot on that one…cut social security, which isn’t an entitlement, and other projects/budgets here but send money to other nations??
        We must get stability and productive again here before ‘helping’ others.

        • What did Christ say? About first removing the beam from your OWN eye before trying to help your brother remove the splinter from HIS eye?

      48. If we stand together, as universal human beings we win and take the future for our prize.

        If we don’t, then we will get just we have had since the begining of consciousness, segrigated hate.

        Republican/Democrat – Black/white – Broncos/Chiefs – Fox/MSNBC – country/metal – jocks/goths – atheist/theists, and so on.

        Wake up folks, I know most of you do not follow Ruppert, but, he is GOD DAMDED right, they want us to fight in the streets.

        Let us fight with words when it is all done, but do not join in the rioting, race bating, political shams, utter hatred and murder unless we are in need of self defense.

        Take from histories great peaceful minds, like JESUS, and let them crucify us if they must, but, let it be their fault for all to see, instead of making it ours.

        Let us go out with a smile on our faces, if we know we can do no more to win!

        • I ain’t gettin’ crucified. I ain’t turning the other cheek. What fool would do that?

          • JESUS. LMAO,

            • Look where that got him.

            • Yes but he knew he’d be back in a few days AND he’d be coming back to kick their backsides in the next scene….just sayin 🙂

          • Oh, your not religious, great, not many of us around here.

            But, your still an anti-universalist and irrational man, so why bother being a non-religious man if your not going to look at the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

            It is not about pride – turning the other cheek – it is about reality.

            A zombie is a zombie no matter the color, two bullets in the middle and one up top, right. Maybe more blacks will be zombied percentage wise, but why does that matter? I assure you, there are far more white zombies in total population!

        • “GOD DAMDED”

          Misspelled or not, was that really necessary?

          • Yes, and those concerned with spelling mistakes have nothing better to argue, thus, loose.

            • Besides foul-mouthed and dense, apparently you are also dyslexic. “Misspelled or _NOT_” my complaint is your use of God and Jesus as though they are curses.

              It is YOU, Ignoranus [sic], who lose because:

              Be not deceived, God is not mocked.
              Galatians 6:7

            • John Q Dumbass – Fck your wanna be made up God and you buddy.

              I have the facts about your God, and you are apparently too damn scared to look for them, or to stupid.

              That is hardly my fault, I win again, because I am a critical thinker who does take one word for the truth just because I was raised to use fake assed words like ‘faith.’

              I do not bow down too mind control any more with the Bible than I do with our media. Wake up you fool, your God and his divinty are made up, reused versions of stories that pre-date the Bible by thousands of years, just look into it you blind following wanna be intellectual.

              U b a dam Zomby… pathetic crock of pre-human shit. Ya, cuss words have a place, where anger needs to show through. Jesus Christ already!!!!!

            • P.S. which way is it? Your hypocritical book tells of not taking Lords name in vain also? For it is a “sin.”

              See, you can pull whatever one wants from that text, period, that is how convoluded and confused its hundreds of writers were.

      49. Race war means the human race has reached it’s height of stupidity. While the real slave owners tighten the screws, on everyone of us. Freedom is the quality of life freely given by God. But one must choose to fight and die to maintain it’s prosperity. It will allude the murders because she can’t be held captive. Know thy enemy or thy enemy will control and conquer thy seed. This should be a Common Man’s Rebellion Against the common agenda.

      50. Buy a gun, rifle and/or shotgun and lots of ammo and do it soon because there’s a waiting period. Our family did and it gives you a sense of at least some comfort.

        It’s almost a certainty that violent domestic unrest is coming to this country. Protect your family. Things are going to get uglier than you can imagine.

      51. What a hypocrite. He talk about racism and white supremacy while shouting black power, black this, and black that. He better be careful.. the black race has already lost out to the latino community as being the largest minority group and is fastly becoming a smaller percentage going forward.

      52. Sorry, you’re too stupid to be trusted to pick cotton.

        Heck, I bet if you tried to pick your nose, you’d put your own eye out.

      53. LadyHawk, he’s all yours………….

      54. I agreed 100% of everything he said up until the 40 second mark

      55. your part of the problem 223, not the solution

        • WoW!

          Great responses and comments – Thank you from the bottom of my heart for those stepping up to the plate – Totally awesome – You rock! Good Night – Today, been rode hard and put away….

      56. I’ve got news for you MR. Shabuzz, Negro! Your people are only 12% of the population! You run NOTHING a$$clown! If your coons block the voting booths they will be shot! Do you understand………BOY?

      57. 75% of all violent crime is committed by Negro males in their 20’s. The numbers don’t lie! Get a damn job and quit robbing people you dumb monkey’s! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

      58. Wow! I guess operator and Marine would like to start a new country. They could name it UBA United Bigots of America!

        • That one is already taken by the new black country.

        • I agree 100% but it should be called,,,UNITED NATION OF DUMB-ASS’S

        • It’s a cinch you wouldn’t be there dip stick!

      59. I guess you guys know about the Cincinnati riots, if you knew what was going on in Zimbabwe and South Africa, it’d make your blood boil. DOJ stats show that blacks are far more likely to commit crime agains’t whites than vise versa. So why are whites branded as racist?

      60. Hey Bro – It takes one to know one. It wasn’t only cotton being picked. I was going through the census records researching those plantation houses and found out the households started out as white occupants with some women of color as slaves.

        The next census shows children identified as mixed and it wasn’t just the men, the women with means had mixed off spring too. So Cuz, was it your great grandpappy or your grandmama? May want to get that DNA tested.

        • LadyHawke, please read my reply back up on top.

          • LOL, LadyHawk, I admire your will, and will use you as inspiration.

            But, the likelyhood of some of these anti-rational pre-humans hearing is indeed very slim.

            Best wishes…

            Hey, you single? why yes, I am white guy.

            Pssst – that should get a good rise out of ’em… kick back and laugh, cause their lives are running short on morality, and . . . life.

          • HLS

            I was responding and was spell checking and poof I hit something and it was gone – I work a 12 hr shift on weekends = so for now am going to sleep but I will respond


            I appreciate the perspective on your part and the debate. I work with white males and the way I can best describe the white and black history is a horse race.

            After the Civil War and slaves were given citizenship and Constitutional protection, equality didn’t happen over night. In fact, it didn’t happen in a hundred years.

            Laws had been passed that prohibited blacks from being taught to read and write. Blacks were denied second amendment rights to own guns, because after the Civil War, whites were afraid of what blacks would do. So blacks were disarmed and denied access to fire arms to defend themselves, making us easy pickings for the KKK.

            I say it was a horse race, because if it was about equality, then whites and blacks would of came out of the gate on the same footing. That’s what white and black citizens have been lead to believe was the American way.

            Reality was one horse wasn’t handicapped with an additional hundred pounds to compete. No obstacles or hurdles for them.

            When the handicapped horse won carrying that additional hundred pounds, it was high five time all around and when the horse lost, it was blamed as being lazy, unfit and genetically inferior. Sound familiar?

        • Hey, you single? why yes, I am white guy.

          Single, loaded with 30 years of preps and come with a check ;-D

          Race doesn’t matter, it’s a can do attitude and what’s between the ears. Please send picture of armory and toolbox.

          • Name got lost in a ccleaner scan???

            Sorry, can’t attach photos here:(

            Indeed, whats between the ears,,,

          • i would but the wife would kick the sh&t outa me.
            like you attitude. you can never have too much ammo.

      61. You know whats worse than a human heart and spirit chained by hatred, blinded by fear and fed on nothing but curruption ?

        Me neither..

        • Having ones mother hit on the head, with a pipe, from behind and robbed by a black guy.

          • Having ones mother hit on the head, with a pipe, from behind and robbed by a white guy.

            • Having one’s mother hit on the head with a lead pipe from behind by Colonel Mustard in the conservatory.

      62. I would also stand by your side!

      63. And the idiots are out, ranting and saying stupid racist things they would never DARE to say without the anonymity of the internet.

        Nam Marine, you are shaming the Corp with what you say.

        223, you are just as much of a sh*t disturber as Mr. Shabazz.

        Stirring up the pot with this racial crap makes you no better than the speaker in the above video. You guys are a waste of graftable skin.

        • Screw you Daisy! I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and I’ve had enough of their shit for one life time! If you are not part of the solution….you are part of the problem. Just don’t get in the way!

          • Cleveland Ohio,

          • You need to hush.

            The solution is not targeting a particular race and saying “Ship ’em off” or “Hang ’em high”/

            The solution is not hatred.

            You would not know the solution if it walked up and smacked you on the back of the head.

            • Was this a high school project somewhere? Have all the black students get on a web site and preach BS?

            • Even if it were Leroy Jethro Gibbs?

          • I’m not supporting NM’s views, politics, or behaviors.
            When he said I’ve had enough of their chit…it reminded me of a story…it’s true.
            I never met many blacks till college and that was late.
            NO problem…didn’t go to school with them —first admitted was year after my graduation..’68.
            My dh had a relly bad attitude —but he lived in Springfield, Tn..over 50% blacks; he had served in VietNam with ratio 10 to 1 favoring blacks.
            One day I asked why are you so hateful??? why do you talk badly about blacks?
            He sat me down and asked if any black girl walked down any white neighborhood would she be make it to the other side safeky??? would she be harassed??? Would she be raped, or slandered, or molested???
            I said of course not!!!
            He then asked if any white girl walked down any black neighborhood, would she make it to the other side??
            I knew the answer..point made..I learned and could finally see what he felt.

            • Oh, and I moved from that city—but still get the county paper—and EVERY time there is a murder..guess whose picture…EVERY time there’s a rape…guess whose picture…and EVERY time there is a robbery…guess whose picture….and EVERY time there’s a B&E…guess whose picture??
              Am I racist for just stating facts…look them up..their there.

            • What was the guys name that lived in Springfield TN, that is where I’m from

            • JJ

              I went by this one several times and struggled over whether to respond – I grew up in an all white area of Irish and Italians, we were the only black family living in what other blacks called the sticks.

              There were long streches of woods, then houses, so when visiting friends, one would have to pass by or through the woods. I was almost 14 years old and on return from a friends house. I got caught alone by two white high school boys. I fought, hard and ran making it out without being raped, but barely. (Being Catholic then meant rape equaled having to kill oneself, so was highly motivated.)

              I was scared and couldn’t tell anyone. If I had told my Father, I knew what he would of done and it would of meant his loss to the family. I never put myself in that position again.

              I had a young cousin that was raped by a white man on her job. Yet, there were white women social workers that visited the projects (mostly black people) to hand out government commodities and inspect the premises and they were able to walk through out the area without being cat called, hooted, molested or raped.

              Different perspective. Mine is I was forever on guard of white males in my neighborhood for I knew what they were capable of. There were other young men that felt it was okay to spit on my sister or myself. These vile acts did not make me hateful or have an attitude towards all white people.

            • JJ

              “…Am I racist for just stating facts…look them up..their there…”

              No, I don’t think your are racist, but it doesn’t seem you are willing to question what is in front of you – I’ve traveled these United States a lot living in a motor home. In the small towns I’d stay in they had those weekly newspapers with the local Crime Report, which is more like a gossip sheet on your neighbors.

              I wasn’t surprised when I was in a small community of whites the reports and pictures were of white folks and if I was in New Mexico, they were of people of color.

              It has always been a contention nationally on how the news is being reported. I’m not saying blacks are not doing crimes, no excuses, but so are whites and their pictures don’t make the 6 o’clock news as there crimes are white collar, financing and pedophilia.

              There were 184 arrests on an international DUTCH pedophile ring with ties into the US. Wonder how many black faces you are going to see in that group? There is another in Nebraska. See the pictures of those criminals? I didn’t think so.

            • Right on JJ ! If these people would look up the facts.
              In a large City like Cleveland, 75% of ALL violent crime is committed by Negro men in their early 20’s. It’s a fact!
              And you are also correct. The Blacks outnumbered us “poor” Whites in Vietnam. The wealthy did not have to go to War.
              Just the people of color and the “poor” Whites. We should have been “together”, but they wanted no part of the White guys! Most of the one’s that were drafted also ran from the fighting!

        • You go girl.

        • Daisy, your organs would be a prime prize in a jar, in a hot storage bldg. Be you and get over being black and start acting like the person you want to be. LH, stop your preaching of history unless you’re 200 years old. I judge people by who they are. Right is right, wrong is wrong.

          • History matters. Tell your children and the children of the posters here that history doesn’t matter as they inherit the trillion dollars owed, no living wage impacting their ability to own a home and provide for a family, open borders and a treasury robbed by invaders.

            I’m a result of history and so are you. I’m living history and so are you – and we are trying to clean up the mess of our parents generation, as they did there’s.

            • Hi LH, history DOES matter, BUT, the victors write history! Example 1- We got into ww1 because a boat was torpedoed, and sunk by the germans. The germans claimed the boat was carrying munitions and was a target of war, well, we (the usa) said that the boat only carried passengers, and we went to ww1. Recently it has been proven that the germans were correct, WE WENT TO WAR ON A LIE (sound familiar) Soooo, what history do we learn(believe)? Race baitors always claim the civil war was about slavery, I was indoctrined to believe the same. I have read your comments on this site, your heart is good, BUT you have to recognize tribalism, when TSHTF it might get you hurt or worse! God Bless.

          • Actually, I’m caucasian. But don’t worry, I’m over it.

        • Daisy is what is wrong with this country. Oh, the poor black man, what we did to him, instead of seeing the ungrateful bastards they are. They moan and cry about being slaves, would they have had it better in Africa living in a mud hut with no food or medical supplies?

          And speaking of slavery, the White man had nothing to do with it, all the slave traders were jewish, all ships that brought them over here were jewish-owned.

          But Daisy is a typical White Liberal idiot.

          She’s the type of person who idolizes black athletes, celebrities. When’s the last time you saw a black person gushing over a White athlete, celebrity?

      64. The prudent man would buy more ammunition!

      65. Operator223 – you’re as big of a problem as Shabazz…

      66. Daisy: You are soooo hot ‘n sexy when you’re angry!!! I agree. 🙂

        • *flutters eyelashes*

          • As they say, get a room!!!

      67. Pssst, LadyHawk, are you single? Yes, I am a white guy.

        That aught to get a good rise out of them.

        Kick back and have a good laugh, cause their lives are running short on morality, and … life.

        • Francis, I like that name sweet cheeks. Want me to come over and push in your stool?

          • Exactly, You laughing yet LH?

            Bite it, hook line and sinker you dumb fckn scum on my boot.

            Bet in the next article your preaching your homophobic side you fukn hypocrite. That’s how you roll huh, rape a black gal… or guy, yet your a white trash honkie rascist homophobe. LMFAO,

            All this sound familar? Isaiah 42:13 to be exact. Short on morality, well thats okay, cause some of us only play nice with those that deserve it, the rest get the warriors rath.

            Just read your history you confederate fckn turd licker. If you insist, history will repeat itself, just for all you southern pride blinder than bat shit crackers.

            Ahhh, can’t wait for the world without you.

            • You seem to be out of control little boy. Stay calm. Nice name.

            • HS – who ever said I was a boy? Maybe I am a lesbian? Maybe a I am a six foot four long haired hippy?

              Why not answer my post instead of moving on to something different everytime and ignoring the rational side of your brian?


              We have a chance to be universally human, and win this war together. If we only have and use the same facts in our heads. I do not hold out much hope for that, but at least I reach out to all sides of the isle.

            • Put your bible where the sun don’t shine. I can always get a Marxist to come out of the closet with just a few words. You hide until you run out of self discipline. Then you lose it. Now the other posters know who you are.

            • Exactly what is “universally human”?

            • Francis Le Oublieux, I can’t figure out why you quote scripture from time to time, as your vulgar language shows you are not a true follower of Christ.

              This is what Isaiah 42:13 says, “The LORD will march out like a mighty man, like a warrior he will stir up his zeal; with a shout he will raise the battle cry and will triumph over his enemies.”

              Anyway to continue;

              Matthew 7:16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit

              People this is the fruit of a genuine Christian.

              Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

            • jrsmac – I am not a follower of the “divine” “biblical” Christ. Much like Ghandi, Jesus did have alot of good wisdom to share. The Bible is mostly a mind control lie, and I use it against the religious here and everywhere.

              Just like he hypocrytical versus you just spelled out for me. Which is it, huh?

              And hey, I already know 42:13, many of us feel that verse in our bones, and we are ready to act with collapse, if the universal ways cannot shine through.

              Doood, there is no such thing as a genuine Christian, there are at least fifty different sects that are constantly evolving to fit their current views.

              Anyway… very little in this world is black and white, thus I pick from branches of all trees, even the poisonous, and fruitless ones. No one has it all, so I use what is useful. It is real simple.

              Chuck – Universally human refers to evolution, and how we ARE the same, humans. That is one, without the segrigation that TPTB want. There would be no different races anymore, if we stopped segrigating as nature started via continental seperation, and humans continue via ignorance.

            • HS – HuH, there you go again, not answering my posts. What a waste of a human.

              First, yes, no doubt, marxism has its rights, mostly wrongs though. Same as with capitalism, socialism, monarchies, fudilists, and any other monetary system of people/mind control. Yes, capitalism controls via debt and consumerism. So just can it already.

              Till I run out of self disipline, and everyone knows who I am now???????

              What the hell does that mean??? I have been posting the same stuff here for months now, nothing new to the readers…

              And self disipline, you obviously know nothng of – take your hand off your penis BOY.

              You might call me bi-polar, but I assure you, I am self disiplined like you will never know.

      68. Damn, tough crowd here tonight. I’m folding. Night all!

      69. Have to quote someone equal to sha-blabbermouth

        “shut up you dill-weed” the great beavis and butthead.

        This guy is a pawn and in the chess game being played won’t last to checkmate.

      70. Ghetto is not a location, it’s a state of mind.

        • That should be a bumper sticker!

        • That causes a ghetto.

        • Sell that to the cockroaches, backed up plumbing and broken elevator. But it does make a great bumper sticker

      71. HA! I knew you’d say something. As soon as I saw the video my brain said, “I bet Mardochee Augustin will have something to say about this!”

        Lets get one this straight, Mr. Augustin: You, sir, are already somebody! Schooling or no schooling.

        I see that treason and traitors very much irritate those that appreciate America, as you do.

        Thank you for your rant.

      72. LadyHawke, got your reply. My point is that I was taught race relations by black people. I didn’t imagine things. Wish things could have been nicer, but they were what they were.

      73. That many black people don’t show up on site like this by accident.

      74. Don’t be sick of someone because of their skin color. Be sick of those that demand a different standard of accountability based upon skin color.

      75. Stop the Hate: Separate!
        Stop the Hate: Separate!
        Stop the Hate: Separate!
        Stop the Hate: Separate!

        • Mac, you are gettng lot’s of hits here and I’m the site idiot, but the amount of racist venim(sp) being spewed here is a bit alarming. I thougt we were preparing for what we know is coming, and I think most people here are good folk, and to the rest, “Farewell and fu*k Ya”.

      76. Always makes me laugh how black militants are always dressed up like Captain Crunch

      77. I thought the pro ghetto bumper sticker was
        obama biden 08


        • SEMPER FI MARINE !

      79. Hey Mac, instead of giving this black kkk a$$clown free press, and attracting race baitors, how bout covering the “occupying wall street” protest goin on right now. THAT needs press!!! Race is used to divide, we must unite! WE ARE THE HUMAN RACE, and WE are enslaved by the bankers RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! The race baitors have tooken over the comment section AGAIN, and it destracts from the REAL issue FASCISM!

        • Kevin – I’ve been trying to follow that and can find very little information. Do you know if that occupation is also tied in to the “Day of Rage” protests too?

          • Daisy
            Yes they seem to be tied together. However they have no direction in this protest, lack of leadership makes it look like a joke, the live steaming video keeps going down due to the batteries in the laptop keep going dead. If they would have plan more for this they might had a better turn out. This just goes to show what happens when you don’t prep. We here at this site know that a plan and preps pay off big time. The group said they would be there for weeks or months but the didn’t bring feed or a power source. Now thats just dumb,maybe the should have thought things out before taking action.With such piss poor planning it will be hard for them to gain any support from the people..


            • I think they are not “TIED” together, I AM TIRIED OF BEING PLAYED LIKE A FOOTBALL(violin, since it is sunday, it’s a football). Day of rage??? yeah, state workers wanting more taxes, how many times have we seen this before? 100? I am sick and tired of it! About 6 months ago, some “tax” protests made the national news, out of chicago, and guess what? OH, state workers protesting for MORE taxes! BELIEVE ME PEOPLE, I swear on the life of my family, I have first hand knowledge, If information on the net, needs to be suppressed, IT IS!

          • Daisy

            here is the link for the streaming video

            I also think this could get out of hand very fast, All it would take is 1 a–hole to fire a shot and TSWHTF.


            • I checked their website out. Its totally lame. Instead of addressing the real causes of their plight in their “manifesto” they come across as someone looking for a handout.

              I promise you, Jefferson didn’t write the manifesto and these people have no clue as to what their rights truly are.

              This protest will go nowhere without intelligent leadership.

          • day of rage is a cover story, WALL STREET OCCUPACTION IS THE STORY!

          • day of rage was INVENTED to cover up the REAL PROTEST! Theer is a “media” black out. I will look for link now (been watchin football, bread and circus)

          • “washingtons blog” has a write up on the protest at wall street. Day of rage IS a cover story, yeah, we are supposed to give a shit about a bunch of state,local and federal employees wanting HIGHER taxes? MY ASS! Do not believe the bull$hit people!

      80. When the black Haitians killed all the white people on
        the island during the uprising, they killed all the
        mullatos as well. There was no room for anything but

        When the race wars occur in THIS nation, the exact
        reverse will happen. Don’t expect to stand next to me
        pulling a trigger if you have the defective genes.
        There will be no room for anything but ‘white’.

        • If an all out race war happens in America, the part where blacks are driven to will resemble Africa or Detroit.

        • Anything but white? Harry, relax, you go TOO FAR.

          I’m a European American and I know Asians who have said things to me about blacks and their vile behavior that would make you blush. The Chinese, Japanese and Koreans are all about manners, decorum and orderly performance of one’s role in society.

          Many of the folks I knew when I worked in NY’s Chinatown find black behavior positively subhuman. Remember the 1980’s, when Chinese students in Beijing rioted against black exchange students and their manners (as one Chinese guy said at the time) “developed ein tropical forests.” I have seen black shoplifters in NY Chinatown beaten to within an inch of their lives by Chines merchants. Yep, no liberal wet-pants hand-wringing there.

          I also know a Kalmyk Mongol who is a Buddhist monk, and after he and his brother were robbed and viciously beaten by black bucks in Philly, he said to me “They’re black on the outside and black on the INSIDE.”

          Indeed, every group seems to be able to “just get along” — except ONE.

          • pick one
            European or American

            this hypenated Citizenship shit sucks, and is also part of the problem

            be proud to be ONLY American or go back home

            • VRF, your pronouncement is patently ridiculous on its face, for I am “home.”

              Since America was discovered, settled and built by Europeans as an EXTENSION of Europe, and since our government is based on centuries of Greco-Roman and Anglo-Saxon governmental and legal principles, and since our music, architecture and literature are all EUROPEAN in form and in content (Melville and Twain were not from Ghana or Zimbabwe, after all), there is no contradiction in a WHITE man like me calling himself a EUROPEAN American. That you are writing in a EUROPEAN language proves the origin of America. Thomas Jefferson would have laughed himself silly at your pronouncement.

              What historical vacuum did you arise in? Have you ever actually had an American HISTORY class, even as a child? To even have to “clarify” this is SCARY indeed (but such is the state of “education” in this country today).

          • That’s exactly what the elite say about the Tea Partyer’s and any one else holding their feet to the fire over Constitutional rights.

            Your are right. Why don’t blacks and other non conformist just go along to get along and stay in one’s place.

            • Ladyhawk, I indirectly referred to Confucian principles in my remarks about my Asian friends. Now we in the West don’t live by the principles of Confucianism as many Asian cultures do, do we? So your remarks are irrelevant.

              The problem with many blacks in the world who supposedly “don’t know their place” is that they don’t want “equality” among all groups, so much as they want to supplant the numerically dominant white Europeans, exile or murder them and take their wealth. Haiti, South Africa and former Rhodesia are examples I could cite, as is Kenya after the Mau Mau takeover.

              By the way, I’m not a Tea Partyer. I’d like to see the Tea Party crowd explain libertarian principles of small government to 80 IQ members of the New Black Panther Militia, and protest that they are not racists, while the latter are engaged in raping their wives, daughters and sons, followed by the gouging out of their blue eyes and the slashing open of their bowels.

              Others (no longer with us) have tried it.

      81. Racial relations have dramatically worsened since obama took office. It almost seems as though black America feels empowered or superior because of the community organizer (who is 1/2 white). Turn on your computer any day of the week and you’ll see a story about black on white attacks. Just today on Drudge there is a story about black & hispanic teens attacking white people outside a Denver mall.

        The mainstream media is giving this a pass (no surprise). But if it was roving white gangs attacking blacks you’d see 24-7 coverage of it. Disgusting.

        • I beg to differ and have posted stats in support.

          “…The mainstream media is giving this a pass (no surprise). But if it was roving white gangs attacking blacks you’d see 24-7 coverage of it…”

          Just the opposite, it’s been 24-7 on the black flash mobs and isn’t it interesting in who gets covered when a child is kidnapped? Let her be blond and blue eyed and it’s full press court, be she black?

      82. Regardless of skin color, or uniform ,or political party, or union affliliation, or pro gun or anti gun stance any peice of shit that tries to do me or mine harm will face the wrath of Garand . Has anybody realized that this kind of shit will be the catalyst that plunges this nation into the dark ages ? Go ahead Black panther wave your bat in my face, see what happens.

      83. The funny thing is that in every race Asian,black,Hispanic,or white there is always a minority that wants race war. The thing is there will be no race war in America. The reason is because race relations still not perfect are way better then lets say the 1920s.The KKK are not as strong as they used to be in the 1920s,the black panthers are not as strong and popular as they were in the 1970s,the Brown Berets are treated as bigots in the Hispanic community. The bigots,instigators in each race will never be heard because they are blood thirsty idiots who themselves will get killed. I visited family in Ohio a year ago ,my uncle is a gun owner and we went to the range to shoot. Anyway there was black,arab christian,whites all shooting together at the same time. They chatted and were having fun. The point is black,white,latino we have idiots in our race who say dumbshit. We must ignore them and work together to take this nation back. Yes multiculturalism is a failure because we should all adopt an American culture.

        Second I would like to address to those who say “black youth commits most crimes in America.” I agree but the reason is not because they are inferior or “genetically defective.” It is because Democrats in the 60’s and 70’s brought upon the community welfare,and public housing. Democrats also has brainwashed the black community to believe they are always the victim and that they do not have a shot in America. Democrats have ruined the black race by its propaganda and entitlement programs. To say blacks are inferior is just plain stupid. Also moist black nations that are third world were made that way because marxism by the liberal in Europe and America were transplanted to those nations. Haiti for example keeps getting visited by Bill Clintong and Jimmy Carter who spew their progressive/marxist bullshit to “help,” Haiti. The Haitian political elite copy these ideas and bring ruin to the country. Look at Africa,progressives in Europe and America keep going there to “help” but in the end destroy the nation with their ideas.

        I am black an I support the patriot cause because I love this nation. I love the Constitution,our military,and our Exceptionalism. There are blacks who support the patriot cause. Look at James Johnson,he went to a Congressional hearing in the 1990s representing I think it was the Ohio Unorganized Militia. Anyway what he said was true that this movement is not an angry white man movement. There was and still a mood in the nation of the bullcrap coming out of Washington is getting out of hand. If we focus on black vs white,black vs latino etc we will lose everything. The beautiful thing about the militias is that there are blacks,whites,latinos all in it together. We must not focus on our skin color. It is ridiculous to focus on the melanin of our skin. It is stupid. We all share the same frustration at Washington. The point is we must ignore the stupid shit coming out of Shabazz or David Duke. You know I am not going to call myself black or Haitian American anymore,I am an AMERICAN!!

        • You are my american brother! Let us also ignore al sharpton, hillary clinton, jesse jackson(and jr.),barbera boxer,harry reid,feinstein,oboma, george bush(and jr),carter, and all the other a$$clowns. Farrakan says some stupid $hit also(so do I), but personally I like him(dont know why). The bean counters say I am white, but I am also just American!

        • Well said, MA.

        • As best I can tell, David Duke REPENTED his KKK affiliation 30 years ago and NOW is hot on the trail of the perps which is precisely why the perp-owned media still demonize him.

        • Very well said, eloquent to the last. I’ll stand with you.

      84. Im part American Indian,we were saw unfit to live as they broke every treaty they signed.We fed them they killed us!Black were sold by mother Africa to most likely Zionist monsters.The unseen puppet master of all that is going on in our Gov is doing this.They are doing it all over the world-resist and well look at libya.They have been planning all this crap for years.The beast is their master and he is rising up people,there shouldn’t be talking about a race war.United they fall, rising up against each other will only fed right into they’re plan. Don’t forget there is POWER IN PRAYER no matter your color.

      85. Operator223,,,,,,you are gonna be one of the first dumb-ass’s shot in what ever uprising happens,,and as far as picking your own cotton,,,your stupid-ass would probley try to smoke it.

      86. Thanks, Mardochee, you sound like someone I would love to meet and know. But, you have to admit that you are a tiny voice in a sea of black hatred of whites. Too bad that the majority of black leaders use this hatred, feed it, and control it to keep themselves in power. Until the average black person says, “Enough!”, and refuses to be led around and controlled, the world will continue as it is. The day of their awakening is a long way off, sorry to say.

      87. The day spineless politicians tell me I who never owned a slave have to pay reparations to someone who was not a slave is the day I will join in any war this racist bastard wants to start.

        • Reparations for slavery…sorta like modern-day Spanish non-Catholics asking the present Pope for money because of the Inquisition. Water over the dam, under the bridge, wherever…GET OVER IT!

      88. A vote for Joe Manchin, Democrat from WVA, is a vote for Obama. If you live in West Va, remember this come the 2012 election. Manchin is another leftist democrat trying to fly under the radar and pass himself of as some kind of ” enlightend friend of the middle class “. Manchin may be selling but we in WVa ain’t buying this crap no more

      89. Glad to hear my friend. Your voice needs to be heard more.

      90. Mac

        Thanks for the e-mail tip it worked out great. Could you maybe look into the (occupying wall street) thing? Its seems that they have blacked it out in NYC, Alex Jones has a small article on it but not much info anywhere else..

        Thanks Again


      91. Working in a well paid skilled industrial environment for 30 years I have come to the conclusion that black people will resort to a violent option sooner then white people. I believe a mistrust of police authority has them conditioned to accept street justice as socially acceptable. Absolutely nothing is genetic. It’s just social conditioning. I worked along side of black engineers that we’re indistinguishable from their white or asian counterparts. Engineers did not resort to a violent option if provoked.

        If the “SHTF” and the economy really goes into a sharp tailspin in relatively short order the lines of distinction between civilization and chaos will disappear regardless of race. Desperate people do desperate things.

      92. Mac –

        I’m all for free press but some of the comments here are pretty ridiculous.

        If this was the first time I had come across this site and I read the comments I would likely not return because so many of them are white supremacist BS.

        I know there are a lot of intelligent people here with valuable things to say, so I keep coming back. But is there anyway to moderate this at all?

        • Waa! Hush, stfu, ridiculous. Let’s moderate sob, sob, waist of skin graph, woo woo. “fluttering eyelashes”. You are killing us! Think again what was just said. You’re a self proclaimed lighting rod with an Easy Button on the back of your head. Listen to what all of the people here are saying and try just for a second to put their shoes on… You know (not much) & have learned even less and you are emotional. Your lessons from me are over “but”.

          Anonymous: You two really are buffalo girls.
          Daisy/LadyHawk: What’s your problem, Anonymous?
          Anonymous: You’re everyone’s problem. That’s because every time you go up to blog, you’re unsafe. I don’t like you because you’re dangerous & your reason skills suck.
          Daisy/LadyHawk: That’s right! Anonymous. We are dangerous. We are woman!

          A good pilot is compelled to evaluate what’s happened, so he/she can apply what’s learned. Up there, we gotta push your Easy Button. That’s our job. It’s your option, girl. All yours and we’re not talking sky blue Honda Pilot driving slow in the left lane.

        • The great thing about the internet is that we CAN speak our minds freely!Freedom of speech is here to protect UNpopular,mornic,ignorant,racist,dumb,smart,biblical, informed,uniformed,genius,educated, and uneducated ranting voices, even black kkk guys! NO MODERATION MAC!

        • I’m all for free press but… that means you’re not for free press. You’re free to go. You’re free to stay.

          • No, I am for free press – these people with their hate just make everyone on here look bad – that’s all I’m saying.

            • No, that’s not all you’re saying. You were negating yourself just before that.

            • Daisy, listen to yourself! You don’t get it both ways. Maybe you don’t get it at all? Everyone hates, even you if your honest with yourself. It’s okay though. You can still visit. Just don’t try to change the way things are. I don’t look bad because of what someone else thinks or says. Get some backbone girl. Or go live in your make believe world.

            • No hate here, nothin but love! I love you!

            • I look damn GOOD! Speak for yourself! There is people here with no color that I respect. Go back to screal & get a real degree.

            • You are a liar. Lay down, put your feet up in the stirrups and relax while I tell you read a history book story. Do not clinch. Leadership you do not know. Life is not fair. What are you saying… I can’t hear you.

            • rules of engagement are written for your safety and for that of your ego. They are not flexible, nor am I. Either obey them or you are history. Is that clear?

              Are we clear?

            • It just makes you look bad no matter how hard you try to dig yourself out of a hole while talking smack.

              Now, it rubs the lotion on it’s skin.

            • Kevin must not “get it” either.

        • WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

          • You make me sick.

      93. The next leg to the class war Buffett Tax is about to start tomorrow (uh huh) and it’s going to be interesting. Dueling pistols at dawn? It’s always dawn somewhere. There you go… Here we come… Watch & learn from FL350. No swapping paint.

      94. Mac Slavo is absolutely correct! This is one of the most important messages on the internet today. Why? Because he is correct in saying that the coming implosion is being directed so that race will rise against race and ordinary citizens will attack one another, so that the Elites, who brought ALL of this on through their global financial dictatorship, will remain unscathed and still empowered.

        As hard as it is, don’t succumb to the race bating. The race bating is coming from every racial camp: Whites are doing it, blacks are doing it, Mexicans are doing it…etc.

        The next bank crisis is almost at hand. prepare for it. Be brave and know that being scared is ok. Bravery has nothing to do with being scared. Brave people are scared.

        I don’t know if I’m going to make it thru this. I can’t find a job and time and money are running out. BUT, you can make it. Just don’t bite the bait.

        Keep a clear head. Be rational.

        • And who’s behind the scenes creating division? (And why aren’t THEY being exposed here at this site?)

          THE ZIONIST.

          Now, if we could just ask THEM to kindly remove themselves from this planet, life as we know, unquestionably would vastly improve. Then all you gung ho military “semper fi’s (War is our business and business is good) could mellow out a bit… Victory before war!

          (Editorial note: The Natives here, especially the newer ones, seem to be restless, a bit agitated. Best to tip toe through the sleeping herd of elephants. Wouldn’t want a stampede here at this site.)

          • European American says:
            September 18, 2011 at 6:25 pm

            And who’s behind the scenes creating division? (And why aren’t THEY being exposed here at this site?)

            THE ZIONIST.

            If being for Israel causes one to labeled a zionist,
            I am for Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            What does God say about His Chosen People?

            Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

            Genesis 15: 18 In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates: (the territory of) 19 The Kenites, and the Kenizzites, and the Kadmonites, 20 And the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Rephaims, 21 And the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Girgashites, and the Jebusites.

            Genesis 35:10-12 God said to him, “Your name is Jacob, but you will no longer be called Jacob; your name will be Israel.” So he named him Israel. And God said to him, “I am God Almighty; be fruitful and increase in number. A nation and a community of nations will come from you, and kings will come from your body. The land I gave to Abraham and Isaac I also give to you, and I will give this land to your descendants after you.”

            Leviticus 25: 23 The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is mine; for ye are strangers and sojourners with me.

            Deuteronomy 34: 4 “This is the land of which I swore to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, ‘I will give it to your offspring.”

            2 Chronicles 6:5-6 ‘Since the day that I brought My people from the land of Egypt, I did not choose a city out of all the tribes of Israel in which to build a house that My name might be there, nor did I choose any man for a leader over My people Israel; but I have chosen Jerusalem that My name might be there, and I have chosen David to be over My people Israel.’

            • Good for you jsrmac. You know the truth. I am two.

            • @ jrsmac

              Your exegesis is faulty.

              God made this covenant with Abram when he was a Gentile!

              Notwithstanding errant exegesis by Protestant dispensationalists and Zionists, God was not speaking to or about Jewish people because there was no Jewish nation—Abram, not yet Abraham, was still a Gentile and God was speaking to Abram alone.

              St. Paul affirms in Galatians 3:6-8 that God’s covenant with Abram, later Abraham, was made to him as a Gentile:

              “As it is written: Abraham believed God, and it was reputed to him unto justice. Know ye therefore, that they who are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham. And the scripture, foreseeing, that God justifieth the Gentiles by faith, told unto Abraham before: In thee shall all nations be blessed.”

              St. Paul further elaborates on the justification of and covenant with Abraham before he was a Jew in Romans chapter 4.

              Zionists propagate and exploit the deception that they hold the lease on that land. They revel that you are deceived. Do not confuse the Abrahamic Covenant and the Mosaic Covenant. The Abrahamic Covenant is forever, but has nothing legitimate to do with Judaism. The Mosaic Covenant was superseded and cannot save.

              The Hebrews had plenty of warning (over six centuries of warning!) that the Mosaic Covenant would be superseded. Through His Prophet Jeremias, God warned that He would replace the Mosaic covenant. See Jeremias 31:31-32.

              Behold the days shall come, saith the Lord, and I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Juda: Not according to the covenant which I made with their fathers, in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt: the covenant which they made void, and I had dominion over them, saith the Lord.

              “…the covenant which they made void.” Think about that.

            • Jrsmac, you obviously haven’t a clue of the relationship between Zionism and Christianity. You’re the quintessential Goy, serving your masters exquisitely. They’d be proud of you. Keep it up.

            • in opposition: from the New Testament.
              Luke 3:7-11
              Then said he to the multitude that came forth to be baptized of him, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance, and begin not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to [our] father: for I say unto you, That God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham. And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: every tree therefore which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

              John 8:37-
              Christ: I know that ye are Abraham’s seed; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you. I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father. They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham. But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth, which I have heard of God: this did not Abraham. Ye do the deeds of your father. Then said they to him, We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, [even] God. Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech? [even] because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell [you] the truth, ye believe me not.

      95. Don’t sugar coat it. Say what you really feel.

      96. Black Panther National Chairman Malik Shabazz,”We are pleading with you Mr. Obama.”

        Plead all you want Mickey-Shab .it’s never worked for any party before.Nothing stands in the way of Police State Authority..

        Take some advice from Stephan.Don’t beg an asshole for nothing.

      97. What are the whites (other than the elites) doing there Peter Dick cast iron pan? The only thing I see is the TEA party that the libtards hate. They don’t leave any trash as a group. I am not bad. I pick up trash every morning at my business that is left.

        • TEA = Taxed Enough Already

        • Good Stuff! Thanks!

      98. Folks

        I think you might wanna take a closer look at this NYC protest, I looks to me this about to get way out of hand,

        Police presance is building and the press is suppose to be on the way.

        It started out claim but it is getting out of hand fast


      99. Though it was 41yrs ago today,
        I remember it as yesterday.
        Rock on Jimi

      100. Hey Malik,
        Bring your “Black Power”…I will turn it into a bloody vaporized mist in the noon day sun…or morning dew – whatever time of day you choose. Bring violence upon me & mine and it will be met with a vengeance the likes of which you have never even thought to fream of. 60% of the population will quickly remind you that you & your “kind” are only 13%!!! ‘Nuff said…punk.

        • If the panthers start their race war,all we would have to do is call the animal rescue.

      101. more unsurprising race baiting from mac slavo and his slobbering band of morons.

        • little sam- we’re having a fine and enjoyable race rant here and you are welcome to join in the fun. Choose any side you wish. The great thing about this site is that there’s room for all, even you! But be forewarned, I am just back from a long break, I’m well rested and I have four new books with several long multi-syllable words that I’m anxious to use!…Let the festivities begin!!
          By the way- that’s “Mac Slavo & His Slobbering Band of Morons” and we never open the act, we always Headline!
          (cue trumpet and electric guitars here)

          • You’re hot tonight SO 😀 Think the music selection should be Fire!

            • Give him some room LH. He can’t relax with you riding piggy back.

        • Green eggs & ham sam.

      102. This man is NOT the Black Panther Chairman, he is the leader of a group called the New Black Partner, which has nothing to do with the original group. This is a fringe group that preaches hate, it’s very important to not mix up the two.

        • Demcad, I will make the appropriate changes…totally missed that on my edit…thanks

      103. No, most likely, like it idiots, we will fight amongst ourselves. Then we’ll smart and fight against our real enemy.

        I’m not afraid anymore!

        The Revolution has started –
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )


      104. Fortunately, I live in East Tennessee. It is still mostly a rural area with alot of God fearing people that can mostly take care of themselves and generally help their neighbors. This is anti-union country and proud of it. I feel sorry for the folks that live in large cities where most of the population depend on the govt. one way or another. I pray that shtf does not happen but the gasoline has been poured on the ground and just waiting for a match to light it. Be prepared my friends and God bless you all. Remember to pillage first, then burn.

      105. Media Black Out on the protests today at Wall Street…

        The bank owned media, have been given orders not to cover the thousands of people in the streets…There are hundreds right now camping out.

        Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!

        Many protesters say they will stay there for months if they have too.

        Bless their hearts!!!

        Here comes the Total Collapse!!!!

        • Total Collapse:
          The problem is, they are all Acorn and SEIU Union thugs and hippies! They all belong in jail, or worse! The cops are doing a great job of controlling the whiners! If they don’t like it here they can all move to China and see how Communism really works!

      106. If it goes-down like this instead of a generalized class war aka. haves vs. have-nots…at least it won’t be hard to sort out the aggressors from a distance if (God forbid) the shooting actually starts…..

        it would suit Owe-bama well to drive millions of frustrated black Americans (whom he shared no cultural ties with) forward into the guns of terrified white Americans to create the false-flag impetus for sweeping gun confiscation and iron-fisted centralized rule.

        Stalin shafted his people worse…

        • You are a little bit wrong Death N Taxes. When he speaks to a mostly (all) black crowd, his mannerism & teletubbie words contain a strong fake culture. A sure sign of:?????

          Between Buffett & Bo, I’m not sure who is scrubbing who’s back in the tub. Medals awarded, bailing out BAC, making millions overnight, visits to the WH, can Becky Quick keep up?

          Cue Fender Bender electric sitars from India.

      107. this seems to have the makings of the S. African anti-aparteid riots of not that long ago…. well, as the leadership there was forced to legitimize machete-wielding back-country tribesmen who today may well be no better off, so there may be an attempt here to force normal society to recognize the welfare-check wielding, lazy, educationally self-deprived as viable, productive members of whatever community… isn’t this race-baiter’s right-hand man a H.S. drop-out who runs a dope selling ring in whatever ghetto..??

        Scripture declares: II Thess. 3:10 “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”

      108. I’m a peaceable person, but if anyone of ANY race, color, creed, religion, or political philosophy threatens my family in any way, I will respond with any amount of force that is required. I wouldn’t want to do it and anyone who does is crazy and should talk with their psychologist and preacher. I pray daily that this never comes to pass or my children never experience what I have seen, my father experienced in Vietnam, my grandfathers in Europe and the pacific in WW2. I pray daily for those that wish harm on others for political or personal gain to come to their senses and stop this insanity. I don’t think it will happen but I prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
        308 is not just an area code. Luck all

        • it,s very sad but all those lives that were lost, and lost for freedoms sake, have been in vain. What we have now is communist thugs who have taken our government and it’s institutions over in its entirety in the last 40-50 years. There is no way out for us American, but to fight fire with fire, I am a godly man , but when good men do nothing, evil abounds, and this is where we are at. many of us are going to lose our lives in this coming battle, but it’s okay , if we die for a righteous cause that will restore our republic then I for one will die for a just cause. I will not ask my son to fight for America under this sitting Fraud in the nut house, he will have to fight as a rebel to win our nation back.

          • Very well said Bill!

          • +1 bill – I felt the same way about Bush too – same snake, just has two heads.

      109. Annnnnnnd the markets are open.

      110. Bring it on dummy.

      111. They have no idea what they are asking for. Many sheepie
        whites will follow them.
        I want to introduce him to Allah.. so he can get his
        Be careful for what you wish for fool!!!!
        Bring it on..

        • you may be right, but all we need is 2% out of the 90-100 million gun owners to remove any force from our land. and this is what they are shitting in there pants about at this very moment. they think by bringing in foreign troops to kill off americans are going to get them out of there problem, Let me tell you not one of these foreign troops on our soil at this present time will be going home to there families when this begins. they will all be going home in body bags if we allow it.

          • Well said again! Plus, those “blue helmets” make great targets!

          • Bill- What are you referring to foreign troops on our soil to kill Americans? This is the first I’ve heard of it.

            • AFMSgt, You need to do more research. This is the Great
              Obama’s plan. He finds an excuse to declare Martial Law and then brings in the U.N. to put down the civilian unrest! That’s why our troops will NOT be coming home anytime soon!

      112. “The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the BLOOD of Patriots and Tyrannts” Thomas Jefferson

      113. You know how many years news sites have been repeating this kind of crahp almost to try to foment race riots?

        • Another broad that thinks she’s an intellectual! You,
          Daisy and Ladyhawk ought to get a room!

          • Patricia

            New??? Welcome – ignore the a-holes who question our gender and sexuality because we speak our mind. They have no insightful input, so that’s all they have left.

            I find the women here intelligent, thoughtful and supportive, so, post your thoughts – this post just happens to be one of the most contentious , it’s not always like this. 😀

            • That’s right. We’re a pretty diverse bunch on this site. And the longer you’re here, diverse it gets….

          • Bad Marine Bad Marine

            You are thinking impure thoughts – on your knees and do 100 Our Father’s and 50 Hail Mary’s.

        • Go take the woman you have chained in your closet out for a walk Nam Marine.
          And other repetitive bloated themes: Hyperinflation and the Housing Return

          • Sounds like Liberal Lesbianism to me! You can’t insult me -itch, you came from the rib. A cheaper cut!

      114. This all figures. The Dept. Of Homeland Security thinks Middle class Whites are terrorists, but it’s O.K. if a Negro racist dick head runs his mouth all over the place with no interference! BULL!
        I say let the Race Wars begin! Should take a couple days to get rid of the 12% of the population that needs it!

      115. Racist sons of bitches……Fuck ’em and feed ’em fish!

      116. The only moderation you’re going to get from me is a 223 cal. bullet, numbnuts!


        • Thanks Marine!………..SEMPER FI !

      118. A couple more comments and we will break 400, a shtf record! come on people a couple more!

      119. This topic is not worthy of so much attention. What are the Kardashians doing?

        • Who? 🙂

        • Spreading STD’s

      120. Let the shit start now.

      121. “We know these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights … “

        “We mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor …”

        “ … that government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth …”

        ‘I have a dream today … where my children’s children will not be judged on the color of their skin but on the content of their character …. I have a dream today …”

        “Divine Providence created this nation and Divine Providence will sustain it, if the American people acknowledge that Source and honor it once again. “

        • We “HOLD” these truths….. Sometimes a blind chicken misses the corn, but you all know what I meant. Its just a senior momkent brought on by the altitude.

          Sorry! 🙂

      122. Only an idiot would riot in the USA right now…gee, what will happen? I wonder!

        Have fun getting your skull thumped!

        And that’s to everyone on the board, not just the black cats!

        • Have fun ducking!

      123. In the past ere have been over one million White females, from babies to elderly, raped by blacks. In that same time there has been over 50 000 Whites, killed by those black animals. The race war has been going on for some time now, and it is time we Whites start fighting back.

        Race war and revolution are inevtitable and more than welcome as far as I’m concerned. The filth and evil of diversity will be cleansed and hte blood of evil blacks and other lesser racial types, along with the blood of White race traitors will paint the way to the future!

        Viva La Raza Blanca!!!

      124. Ian Santiago says:

        …In the past ere have been over one million White females, from babies to elderly, raped by blacks. In that same time there has been over 50 000 Whites, killed by those black animals. The race war has been going on for some time now, and it is time we Whites start fighting back…

        You are right in that the race war has been going on for some time, race extremest of both colors keep it alive. It’s hard to believe this is all about one’s skin color. Same species, only different skin color.

        When I provide stats, I back them up with sources. But there are those who it makes no difference -they know what they know. So, it becomes their truth. I shake my head over posts like these – sad, very, very sad.

        You claim blacks are animals, look in a mirror. Your hands are not clean, it seems to be a species defect.

        • Daisy says:

          September 17, 2011 at 7:52 pm

          You need to STFU.

        • Google is your friend. Rest assured, payback is coming for Channon Christian and evryone and everything else, and of that you may be one million perecent certain!

          Viva La Raza Blanca!!!

        • White Devil Liar!!!

      125. So the tree of Liberty will be watered with the blood of idiots. Will that make it grow, or kill it too?

      126. It’s idiots like this that will not be satisfied till the white man is erased. I’ve never owned anyone and no one I know has either.STFU already!

        • Can say the same thing – on the last several posts and their wanting the black man erased.

          • The black man will erase himself. Look at how they behave.

      127. I’ve had no desire to instigate – but when someone whose handle is in “red” print lettering – which I thought meant a long time poster of SHTFPlan – comes out with this white supremest shit…

        I try to get across it is the extremest on both sides that promote this crap – so I don’t see a need to point out to all those thumping their chest on how bad ass they are and what they are going to do to the blacks that it just may not be as easy as one thinks.

        In days of slavery, few blacks had access to guns, military training and tactics and families to protect (they were breed like cattle – no attachment.) Times have changed.

        My mentors have told me to never underestimate the enemy. If it becomes a race war, many here seem to underestimate those they want to war with.

        It’s about the color of one’s skin. I don’t understand with all we face that this is the line in the sand and this is worth dying over.

        So, Mac, what does it mean when a handle name is in red print?

        • The outcome of any race war is a foregone conclusion. You animals can only engage in ooga booga cowardly savagery against women and children. And, you might want to google “race specific bioweapons”, just for kicks and giggles.

          Viva La Raza Blanca!!!

          • IS

            Savagery against children seems to be a white thing called pedophilia. Race specific bio weapons may be a double edge sword for some of you supremest.

            I’ve used family oral history to find ancestors. Many families have history of mixed children from Plantation owners or those having raped women of color that passed for white – many used that ticket to their advantage and lived a life as a white moving to a different part of the country.

            I know of white families that are in denial, so a bio virus would be true poetic justice. Had that DNA test yet?

      128. White people are the ONLY Terrorists on the earth!!

        White people are making war against The Muslim SAINTS and Humanity – WORLD-WIDE WAR since 1492!!!


        • The biggest mistake we Whites have made was to show mercy, and pity to blacks, muslims, non-White latinos and other filth who would do us harm and destroy what we have built. We will not repeat that mistake!

          Viva La Raza Blanca!!

          • Ian, I can see you are not a Christian.

            Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

            And one of the scribes came and heard them arguing, and recognizing that He had answered them well, asked Him, “What commandment is the foremost of all?” Jesus answered, “The foremost is, ‘Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God is one Lord; and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ “The second is this, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” (NAS, Mark 12:28-31)

            In Jesus’ teachings, our relationship with our fellow men, women and children is inseparable from our relationship with God. Love of God and love of our neighbors are two aspects of the same calling:

            “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (NIV, John 13:34-35)

            A lot more can be found on this subject in the Bible obviously, but here also online.

            • I use the Bible for bathroom tissue, after I run out of Korans.

        • Moslems are superstitious vermin and should be exterminated to the last delusional cretin.

      129. Amen

      130. When the war this lunatic declares is coming actually arrives, where will it take place? And, who will fight it?

      131. Has anyone here considered that this man may be planted to cause divisiveness?? If you’re looking at every black person as the enemy, then you’ll probably miss the real perpetrator, same thing with black people, they’re looking at whites as the enemy. The key is finding those of any race that share your morals, values and principles and believe or not whites don’t have the monopoly on good moral values and belief systems.

      132. Forget it…most ppl will NOT act, despite dictatorships rising…only a rise of a militia will change the filth that ravages america. As did 1775.

      133. Let the Panthers and others like them, make the will be a great cover for those that are smart enough to do the real damage that will help us restructure after the smoke clears.

      134. Every single one of you degenerate ‘color’ racists should never get in my crosshairs. (Black, white, brown, yellow, pink with polka dots, green aliens)—(+)—
        We are gonna need every single person for the REAL war. I don’t care WHAT color they are.
        The ‘color’ racists are playing right INTO the hands of the enemy. They know that if we make it a ‘color’ race war, we will be weakened enough for them to win the ‘human’ race war. Any deviation…we lose.
        If too many of you make it a violent uprising..guess what? You lose again..along with the rest of humanity.
        I am not fighting for you. I will protect my family, which is currently the only thing worth laying my life down for AT THE MOMENT…until they bring a big enough prybar to kill me. But they will be a few people shorter when they do.
        “Better to have tried and failed, than to have done NOTHING!”
        Fighting a color race war, is doing NOTHING that has to do with TRYING.

        Blessed Be to all.

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