American Politics Is Now Just Civil War by Other Means

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    This article was originally published by James George Jatras at Strategic Culture Foundation

    In the wake of the sending of bomb-like devices of uncertain capability to prominent critics of US President Donald Trump and of a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue (both Trump’s fault, of course) – plus a migrant invasion approaching the US through Mexico – there have been widespread calls for toning down harsh and “divisive” political rhetoric. Of course given the nature of the American media and other establishment voices, these demands predictably have been aimed almost entirely against Trump and his Deplorable supporters, almost never against the same establishment that unceasingly vilifies Trump and Middle American radicals as literally Hitler, all backed up by the evil White-Nationalist-in-Chief, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Those appealing for more civility and a return to polite discourse can save their breath. It’s much, much too late for that.

    When Trump calls the establishment media the enemies of the people, that’s because they – together with their passive NPC drones and active Antifa enforcers – are enemies, if by “the people” we mean the historic American nation. Trump’s sin is that he calls them out for what they are.

    Trump didn’t cause today’s polarization, he only exacerbates it because he punches back. Good, may he continue to do so. Pining for a more well-mannered time in a country that belongs to another, long-gone era is futile.

    American politics is no longer about a narrow range of governing styles or competing economic interests. It is tribal. Today’s “tribes” are defined in terms of affinity for or hostility to the founding American ethnos characterized by European, overwhelming British origin (a/k/a, “white”); Christian, mainly Protestant; and English-speaking, as augmented by members of other groups who have totally or partially assimilated to that ethnos or who at least identify with it (think of Mr. Hamadura in The Camp of the Saints).

    (Unfortunately we don’t have a specific word for this core American ethnic identity to distinguish it from general references to the United States in a civic or geographic sense. (Russian, by contrast, makes a distinction between ethnic русский (russkiy) and civic/geographical российский (rossiiskiy).) Maybe we could adapt Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Usonian”? “Or Americaner,” comparable to Afrikaner? “Or Anglo-American”?)

    Since the Left gave up on its original focus on industrial workers as the revolutionary class, the old bourgeois/proletarian dichotomy is out. Tribes now line up according to categories in a plural Cultural Marxist schematic of oppressor and victim pairings, with the latter claiming unlimited redress from the former. As the late Joe Sobran said, it takes a lot of clout to be a victim in America these days. The following is a helpful guide to who’s who under the new dispensation:

    In most of the above categories there are variations that can increase the intensity of oppressor or victim status. For example, certified victimhood in a recognized category confers extra points, like Black Lives Matter for race (it is racist to suggest that “all lives matter”) or a defined religious group marginalized by “hate” (mainly anti-Jewish or anti-Muslim, but not something like anti-Buddhist, anti-Rastafarian, or even anti-atheist or anti-Satanist because no one bothers about them; anti-Christian victimhood is an oxymoron because “Christian” is inherently an oppressive category). In addition, meeting the criteria for more than one category confers enhanced victimhood under a principle called “intersectionality.”

    In the same way, there are aggravating factors in oppressor categories, such as being a policeman (an enforcer of the structure of oppression regardless of the officer’s personal victim attributes, but worse if straight, white, Christian, etc.) or a member of a “hate” subculture (a Southerner who’s not vocally self-loathing is a presumed Klan sympathizer; thus, a diabetic, unemployed, opioid-addicted Georgia cracker is an oppressor as the beneficiary of his “white privilege” and “toxic masculinity,” notwithstanding his socio-economic and health status). Like being Southern, living while genetically Russian is also an aggravating factor.

    Creatively shuffling these descriptors suggests an entertaining game like Mad Libs, or perhaps an endless series of jokes for which you could be fired if you told them at work:

    Two people walk into a bar.

    One is a Baptist, straight, male Virginia state trooper whose ancestors arrived at Jamestown.

    The other is a one-legged, genderqueerSomali Dervish WIC recipient illegally in the US on an expired student visa.

    So the bartender says … [insert your own punch line here].

    While Patrick Buchanan is right that the level of domestic violence today is not up to what the US experienced in 1968, the depth of the existential divide is much greater. This is why it’s perfectly acceptable for a homosexual, black MSM news anchor to describe “white men” collectively as a “terror threat,” but when a straight white, female counterpart makes a clumsy but mild observation about ethnic role-playing it’s a firing offense. (Note that while “female” is an assigned victim category, white females can be “gender traitors” if they are seen as putting their “racial privilege ahead of their second-class gender status”; to remain victims in good standing and an “allies” of higher-caste victim groups they need to learn to just “shut the f**k up” when POC sisters with superior oppressed status are holding forth.)

    The victim side accuses its opponents of a litany of sins such as racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, etc., for which the solution is demographic and ideological replacement – even while denying that the replacement is going onor intended. This is no longer ordinary political competition but (in an inversion of von Clausewitz attributed to Michel Foucault) politics “as the continuation of war by other means.” In its immediate application this war is a second American civil war, but it can have immense consequences for war on the international stage as well.

    To attain victory the forces of victimhood championed by the Democratic Party need to reclaim part of the apparatus of power they lost in Trump’s unexpected 2016 win. (Actually, much of the apparatus in the Executive Branch remains in Democratic hands but is only of limited utility as a “resistance” under the superficial Trumpian occupation.) As this commentary appears it is expected that on November 6 the GOP will retain control of the US Senate but the House of Representatives will flip to the Democrats.

    That’s what’s “supposed” to happen, just as Hillary Clinton was “supposed” to win the White House two years ago. How things will actually play out though is anybody’s guess.

    But for the sake of discussion, if the expected scenario comes to pass the last chance Trump’s election afforded to save what is left of the American nation is likely to come to an end. We can anticipate three results:

    • First, on the domestic political front, while Democrats and their MSM echo chamber have cooled down talk of impeaching Trump, it will return with a vengeance on November 7 (coincidentally, Great October Socialist Revolution Day) if the House changes hands. In contrast to the GOP’s dithering in the area of investigations and hearings relevant to the US-UK Deep State conspiracy to overturn the 2016 election (which will be buried forever), the Democrats will be utterly ruthless in using their power with the single-minded purpose of getting Trump out of office before 2020. They won’t waste much time on the phony Russian “collusion” story (Robert Mueller’s report will be an obscenely expensive dud), they’ll focus like a laser on getting Trump’s tax returns and dredging up anything they can from his long involvement in the sharp-elbowed, dog-eat-dog world of New York property development and construction, confident they can find something that qualifies as a high crime or misdemeanor. (Some racist language couldn’t hurt, either.) The model will be Richard Nixon’s Vice President Spiro Agnew, who was forced out of office on charges relating to his time in Maryland politics years earlier. Even the GOP’s retention of the Senate would be far from a guarantee that Trump won’t be removed. It’s easily foreseeable that a dozen-plus Republican Senators would be thrilled to get rid of Trump and restore the party’s status quo ante with Mike Pence in the Oval Office. As with Nixon, Republicans will panic at whatever dirt the Democrats dig up and demand Trump resign for the “good of the country and the party,” as opposed to the way Democrats formed a protective phalanx around Bill Clinton. Unlike Nixon, Trump might choose to fight it out in the Senate and might even prevail. In any case, a change in control of just one chamber means an extended political crisis that will keep Trump boxed in and perpetually on the defensive.
    • Third and most ominously, chances of a major war could increase exponentially. If Trump is fighting for his life, chances of purging his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad national security team will go from slim to none. Any hope of a national interest-based policy along the lines Trump promised in 2016 – and which still seems to be his personal preference – will be gone. Thankfully, South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in has run with the ball through last year’s opening and hopefully the momentum for peace in Northeast Asia will be self-sustaining. With any luck, the Khashoggi imbroglio between Washington and Riyadh will lead to America’s “downplaying and eventually abandoning the anti-Iranian obsession that has so far overshadowed our regional policy” and to an end the carnage in Yemen, even as the Syria war lurches toward resolution. Still, the US remains addicted to ever-increasing sanctions, and despite warnings from both Russia and China that they are prepared for war – warnings virtually ignored by the US media and political class – the US keeps pressing on all fronts: outer space, the Arctic, Europe (withdrawal from the INF treaty), Ukraine, the South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait, Xinjiang, and elsewhere. Trump is expected to meet with Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping following the US election, but they may have to conclude that he is not capable of restraining the war machine nominally under his command and will plan accordingly.


    James George Jatras is an analyst and former U.S. diplomat and foreign policy adviser to the Senate GOP leadership.


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      1. If race doesn’t exist, then no one can be racist.

        If genitalia doesn’t result in gender identity, then no one can be sexist.

        See how ridiculous the extreme liberals are?




      2. Just remember if you are conservative, (Christian or not), caucasion, gun owning, straight, no queer, hardworking American, you now are a minority or skating the edges of it with a target on your back. If you get a chance slip on over to Survival Blog and read ‘Ol Remus, “The Wood Pile Report”. Some very good info and thought there today plus some info on making Hardtack Bread and Pemmican.

        • Almost forgot…POW! that was my punch line inserted.

        • RS, anyone who targets me will have a fight on their hands. If they just forget that idea they’ll be just fine.

          • Anyone who targets white males based upon all this libturd BS will have a fight on their hands. Not a smart thing for anyone to do.

      3. The prerequisite for any form of enduring and civilized democracy is that the losing side of an election is willing to accept their loss.

        As did the Republicans after they lost to Obama and his agenda.

        Are we seeing the same now in return after Trump’s win, and if not which side is the unwilling side?

        If both sides become unwilling to accept their loss in an election, then a for real civil war or change from democracy to a non democratic dictatorship is going to be the result.

        Take a hard look at what both the Democrats and the Republicans have done in this country over the last several decades, and decide which is the more democratic of the two.

      4. One of two things will happen from today’s elections.

        1) We will lose the House and maybe the Senate to the Democrats, and then we will grumble and moan and get up tomorrow and go to work on a somber day while the liberals rejoice and party and riot and tear up their town in celebration.

        2) We will win and be happy and go to work tomorrow while the leftist liberals take to the streets and riot and burn their town.

        Either way the pathetic liberals will show their true colors while we show our true whiteness.

      5. Trump has been a brief respite for the US from the globalist/leftist effort to subjugate western civilization, culture, heritage, and history. He has exposed the extent that the Marxists/leftists in this country along with their globalist allies have come in subverting the Republic and all it stands for. I do not know what will happen in today’s election, but I fear long term for what course our Republic will take.

      6. I really infurated some Dimocraps. I told them that their opinions like there votes don’t count. Because Arkansas is a Red State. No dimocrap has any chance here.

        • Clinton?

          • Yep the Clintons are responsible for turning Arkansas into a solid Republican Stronghold. We where relieved when Bill got Elected President. Because we where finnaly rid of the Clintons. And Obummer finished the job. We kicked our Dimocrap congress and senate folks out because they voted for Obama care.

      7. When the candidate for presidemt labels an entire group of people as deplorables and then her supportes proceed to do the same and call us names that best describe their tactics amd political lean its written in stone my resistance to, hatred of, amd willingness to lay it all down should it come to that.
        Democrats can eat their own medicine,
        Yall are a buncha assholes,
        Come n take it

        • Nail,
          Molon Labe!
          Hawaii guys are up early today!

        • Nailbanger, same here. If libturds are looking for trouble that can be arranged.

      8. The political scene can only get worse. More uncivil. But, isn’t that their plan?

      9. First off I do not violate any constitutional Federal, state, or local laws.
        I don’t believe most laws passed by Democrats are constitutional.
        In fact the only laws I follow are found in the chapter called Exodus in a popular book called a bible.
        So in today’s society I’m a criminal and proud of it.

        • So what sorta BS can we expect when its a Red flood and blue ripple?
          I know we wont see anything here but the continent has tons of deranged dimmicraps,
          I think Andrea T has an excellent chance of beating Ige, as a friend of mine put it she is strongly reminiscent of Linda Lingle in her esrly political career

          • Nail,
            One can only hope.
            I voted for her. but she still
            has to deal with a Democrat

            • So true,,,
              I think she would be good for the state, but like you said, is up against an entrenched dim o crap legislature.
              I just cant see josh greeen as the lt gov,, that dude sucks, one of his things is removing guns from society, he says ther is no need for anyone to have handguns or anything capable of firing more than one round,,,, this is what he told a friend of mine who lives in Kau and spoke to him at a party….

      10. And who came up with idea to name the democrat states blue and the republican states red? Did they make a conscious decision to do that so the democrats wouldn’t obviously be ID’d as Reds? I think so.

        • that and the psychological relevance- red being associated with aggression and hostility, while blue is supposedly more calming and introspective.

          Its not by accident.

      11. I did not like Obummer legislating by Execuitave Orders. And Now Trump Is considering doing the same. He wants to end the birth right citizenship. However his Order unlike O bammys will immediately be challenged in Court. And if it makes it way to the supreme court and they Agree with It. Then a future president cannot undo it by execuitave order.

        • The decision would only be whether or not he had the power to do it, not whether or not a future President has the power to undo it.

          In all likelihood, any ruling issued upholding it would contain wording that also upheld the right to undo it, barring Congressional action specifically defining or redefining the issue.

          Legislative law on the issue of which foreigners (legal or illegal, visitors, etc.) can be given citizenship by birthright could or would change everything since Congress is given that authority.

        • You have to fight fire with fire. I say use those Executive Orders WHOLESALE.

      12. Neither party wants a wall or healthcare fix. 2 years on now and nothing, now the Dems are likely to be in the House so now way in hell any fixing anything. If the Reps stay in majority, still will not tackle these issues. Some other sorry excuse will come up, what a load of BS and nothing long standing will change anyway.

      13. Anyway, out here in rural ‘Murica – What would CW2 look like?

        A typical scenario…

        Do I attack the Social Security Office? Well, my Cousin is the Director there.

        Do I blow up the Post Office? My son-in-law works there.

        Do I burn down the building that houses the Cooperative Extension Service County Agent? Our neighbor’s wife is his Administrative Assistant.

        Do I attack the Sheriff’s Dept? – Well, two of the Deputies are Deacons at our Church and we’ve known their Families for 15 years.

        So even if the Government turns hard against us, this CW stuff is the pits…


        • bb: In rural ‘Murica, whether it by GA or my digs in North ID, the culture and society are different. We do not have to attack anybody. In your A/O as in mine, I’m sure you have a few noisy collectivist, Marxist useful idiots. Just find out who they are and watch what they do. If they encroach on you and yours, react appropriately.

      14. someone with the right connections should organize truckers to go on strike at the proper time and halt food delivery to the big cities. Just park your trucks for a couple of days.

        • Trucking has changed in the last 10 years. 2/3rds of them are clueless milennials now, who usually vote how their liberal girlfriends tell them too.

      15. There are multi levels of government that rule ABOVE the POTUS, they control everything, they won’t allow the value of their holding to decrease by destruction/war/uprising.

        Think of it this way, as an white straight legal American taxpaying working citizen, you are even below illegal aliens in rights…

        and you have about *50 different levels of government* above your head guaranteeing that you will STFU about it!

        If we were truly free we would have just one layer of government, and it would be local.

      16. If things blow up tonight or tomorrow I’m already where I need to be. I’ll just sit back with the popcorn and enjoy the show.

        • Things won’t “blow up” no matter who wins, they will stay about the same but become more intense.

          • Anonymous, and that is precisely why we live in such dystopian times here in USA today. Americans have become completely oblivious to how they are so easily controlled today. It is all about forms of materialism and fear on a basic level and the sin of pointing out the obvious victim hood scams. If you speak against the established victims, gays, latinos, blacks or whatever you will be legally penalized and lose some of your stuff. So very few people will fight back or even say a word that matters.

            If DEMs take the house and lose other important seats the outcome will be muted. But they will stop all the DOJ/FBI DEM/DSA exposing of crimes they committed and Comey, Hillary and the rest will walk away. which is what this election was all about for them. And the REPs actually helped them even more so before Trump.

            The establishment of both red and blue are very corrupted and whacked. Trump is our only chance to change any of it.

      17. Mr. Jatras, thanks for the great analysis. Our legal system embraces “preferred groups” with greater penalties for crimes against these super-citizens. The basis for “hate-crimes” is wrong and antithetical to the founders ideas. Return the legal system (I don’t use the term JUSTICE) to EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW.

      18. I can knock Muslims all day long and never get deleted by censorship but the word Jew is off limits.

        Let’s see if this post gets through before six million victims wail in pain as they strike.


      19. Sure enough. My post was censored by moderation.

        There is one group above all else. They are the victims above all others.

        Without their meddling, none of this would be happening.

        Guess who.


      20. I am too slow to run so I will be found surrounded by empty brass, not a bad way to go. Consider the Alamo.

      21. Hence, you should pick up topics that interest you as well as your partner, a
        person are from a marry! Next, is that possible want to look
        around. How can we promote health for those patients?

      22. I heard a rabbi define a perversion as fetishizing what is asexual.

        By that logic, I would say that a radical is someone who politicizes something that is apolitical.

        Terrorism is nothing new. At least since the civil rights era, 50ish years ago, the bus bench, porta-potty, payphone, dumpster, theater, museum, buffet, country music concert, etc, have all been politicized or perverted, visibly, wherever some leftist interest as passed through.

        Inner city violence was intended to be political, an act of open warfare, coordinating with the definition of terrorism.

        The war began (if not with civil war era Reconstruction) then, when immigration quotas would be used to destroy the social fabric. New gun controls were enacted at roughly the same time, when dissidence was given a soapbox.

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