American Dependency: The Soup Line is Open

by | May 8, 2014 | Headline News | 237 comments

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    This commentary on America’s dependency has been generously contributed by Rory at The Daily Coin


    Most of my working career has been in food and more specifically, high-end retail food; think Dean & DeLuca. The customer base has always been educated and financially well-to-do. After a “revelation” in early 2000 I decided that I needed to put my skill set to use in another industry. I found myself working in an office with the masses. Less educated, less well-off and one thing that particularly stands out, no self-respect. How can I possibly respect you when I don’t respect myself? Impossible. YOU don’t stand a chance.

    After dealing with this toxic environment for several years I decided to get back into retail food. Out of the frying pan, into the fire! OMG! The masses are now on both sides of the counter. The impact of 44 million people on food stamps, as of September 2013, is hard to imagine if you are not in retail food.

    The spike in business beginning on the 3rd of each month is truly astounding. By the 10th of the month the business begins to normalize and by the 22nd the ship is sinking. When there is a holiday in the month we experience a slightly different flow of business. Depending on the nature of the holiday and when it hits the calendar the flow of business changes accordingly. There is always the spike from the 3rd through 7th as the pantry has run dry. But when the holiday rolls around people have saved their position in the soup line in order to “celebrate” the event appropriately. Remember, not only are the working people of this country putting food on the table, we are also funding items like, lottery tickets, cigarettes, alcohol and everything else that is non-food as a lot people are issued a “cash card” in addition to the ticket for the soup line (EBT card). The state of Connecticut has a handy website that spells everything out, in detail, on how to get cash. Awesome!

    Listen, I am not some heartless, soulless butt-head. If you need assistance I will be happy to help. My wife and I budget, every month, a significant amount of resources to purchase food and donate to the local rescue mission. I would encourage each of you to do the same. If you have a drug addict, alcoholic or a person with another type of illness in your family, odds are, they have reached out to a rescue mission at some point. It is very common and the programs they offer are designed to help people that actually want help. The people that I am referring to are the ones that are sucking on the teet of the system that you and I have to pay their way with our labor. Our labor is stolen, through taxes, and handed over to someone that neither deserves it or that I want to have it. I would love to sit around and read, visit friends and family all day, but I respect my life and I respect my community, so I earn my keep.

    Now that we have a significant portion of the country standing in the soup line, and millions more that we pay directly through government jobs how do we get out of this mess? Tax payer funded “jobs” exist on three levels of government, local, state and federal. The working people pay for them all.

    When you combine the number of people that receive their daily bread, from tax payer funds, with the number of people who work for government I dare say it will be impossible to have an election that ever removes the corrupt from office. Who is going to vote against their pay check or the food on their table?

    Sadly, it appears, the soup line is here to stay.

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      1. “Worlds highest standard of Living (off the grid). Are you?

        • Should this be a surprise to anyone? The US Govt does not want its own people independent of the State. It wants to control the serfs. The more people that are beholden to the State the more they can get away with in removing your liberty. You certainly aren’t going to fight the Govt when the SHTF and you need food and water.

          • Absolutely correct.

            We, as a nation, have sent most of our manufacturing overseas. What did we expect to happen? The only way some people can live is on the gov handouts. Unfortunately, there are many who think that the free ride should last forever. Why? Many don’t get any respect, and many do not give any respect in the form of common courtesy. Who would want to work anywhere in that environment? They make them cheaper in China? But WE make them better here! Yeah, sure they cost more, but………. Oh shit.

            Welcome to the soup line.

            Thank you, Free Trade.

            Thank you, Over-regulation.

            Thank you, High taxes.

            Thank you, TPTB. 🙁

            • It’s interesting that this author chose to enumerate the smallest and cheapest portion of “welfare recipients”…He apparently has no problem with CORPORATE WELFARE, BANKER WELFARE (BAILOUTS) AND FOREIGN AID WELFARE. These are the institutions who are responsible for the demise of the “little people” who now need assistance.

              This is just more hate porn, as usual, pointed at the wrong end of the pyramid.

              • Good evening, sixpack. I agree corporate welfare, banker welfare aka bailouts, foreign aid welfare, and even defense welfare all played their own parts in the demise of we “little people”. I have no problem with anyone who has a GENUINE NEED FOR ASSISTANCE AND WILL ONLY BE ON A PROGRAM TEMPORARILY UNTIL THEY GET BACK ON THEIR FEET. MY PROBLEM , AND I KNOW EVERYONE ELSE HERE AGREES, ARE THE ONES WHO GET ON THE PROGRAMS FOR LIFE, WHO HAVE NO INTENTION OF EVER TRYING TO DO FOR THEMSELVES, AND [PARDON MY FRENCH] GO OUT AND FUCK 10 DIFFERENT GUYS AND HAVE A KID BY EACH ONE OF THEM AND WE ALREADY KNOW THEY’LL BE FUTURE WELFARE MOOCHERS. The only way all of this BS will ever stop will be taking down the grid [EMP, solar flare, cyber attack]. That’s when the reset begins. Sixpack, I’m not belittling you at all. It would’ve helped if he had touched on the other forms of welfare also. I always enjoy your posts and I know you mean well. I understand you are disabled to some degree and getting something yourself. You deserve it in my view. You’re the kind of person I would be willing to help.

                • Braveheart and six pack, NO ONE deserves my money except me and my family, NO ONE! Now if I know someone in need and I think their need was thru no fault of theirs and I want to help them with my hard earned money then that is MY choice, not the government or anyone elses. But if anyone is in the tank because they will not get up and go to work and support themselves, it’s not my fault or my problem. what happens to them is of their own choosing. If they perish because of their refusal to take care of their family it is no skin off my nose. I know that sounds harsh but the rest of God’s creation survives on the theory that the strong survives and we as intelligent beings ought to be able to survive as well as dumb animals otherwise we will all be in the same sinking boat which is what the powers that be want so we ALL will be dependent on them for the crumbs they throw us.

                  • And they wouldn’t have any crumbs to throw us if they weren’t taking most of our bread in the first place.


                  • Mark, excellent post. I agree totally.

                  • True, no one deserves your money, Mark. Likewise, no one has the right to tell me I may not pick fruit from a tree when I’m hungry or drink water from a well/spring I may see. No one has a right to restrict me from the land that God gave US– no deeds should be necessary for me to live! I didn’t ask to be part of this horrible, corrupt system. The Indians were here before the corrupt, useless white man (not that all white men are bad) and they ate where ever they wanted to and did not make fences/restrictions on the land and did not destroy the land! If people don’t want to share their money, fine. But don’t tell me I don’t have a right to live and eat! (I don’t want to play your game!)

                  • “the rest of God’s creation survives on the theory that the strong survives”

                    I always thought that was why God placed us above the lower animals, because we were given a wider range of emotions, like EMPATHY. Your argument falls apart, when any animal helps another in distress. It happens often. That is also part of nature’s plan.

                • Thanks, BH. I guess I just know if I had a choice, I’d choose to be working and self-sufficient. I’ve never been lazy a day in my life. I’m still not lazy—I’m physically limited…sometimes I do it anyway and pay the price for my hard-headedness. Usually, it is worth it to me.

                  I know there are a lot of people stuck like me. Some, who just can’t find a job, which is the whole point of TPTB destroying our economy. People have been intentionally planned out of self-sufficiency. I don’t even like to discuss the do-nothings, they deserve nothing IMO. But they are not the bulk of the welfare roles now.

                  We have to realize that NONE OF US HAD ANY CONTROL OVER THIS. I* believe nearly every human being has a right to live.

                  I guess I don’t believe any man/woman has the right to decide what anyone else deserves.

                  Only GOD decides what we deserve.

              • Smallest, perhaps, although what he is really talking about is gov dependency writ large and so that would include Social Security and Medicare the largest portions of our budget.

                However, in a country that fancies itself democratic and is organized as a federal republic of democratic states, the “demos”
                or people are still the most crucial component of power. And more so than foreign governments or even corporations and their lobbyists the most certain way to ensure bad government is to bribe and thereby enslave 51% of the electorate.

                • The money used to be there for Social Security. It’s not an entitlement per se, as it was originally paid for by the taxpayers. However, what ended up happening is just like the movie “Dumb and Dumber” where Harry and Lloyd discover that the suitcase is full of cash. The politicians have been using the money that was supposed to be put aside (by and for) the taxpayers, on a wild spending spree for decades now, and replacing the money with worthless IOU’s…

                  • RE: The money used to be there for SS…

                    The government has duped the populace into thinking the US federal debt stands at $17 trillion, when in reality the unfunded liabilities of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security stand at $114 trillion because the government has used the payroll tax confiscation for these programs to fund the welfare progrms for millions of non-English speaking, 3rd world, deadbeat immigrants. Even Yellen from the Federal Reserve is freaking out at the uncontrolled spending by the trifecta of government…fed, state, and local.

              • How about the Black-Ops expenditures, and the building of those underground bunkers. And let’s not forget the scientists working endlessly to create viruses and diseases to wipe us out!!

                There are monies going out the back door that the average american has no idea about.

                Feel free to add to the list!!!!!!!!!!

                • Do not forget: asinine usless expenditures for every stupid cause or agenda. IE: as example, $10 Million granted to some lib kommie college Prof. To “Study the weekend drinking Habits and type of drinks consumed at Bars and clubs In Brazil!…Consumed BY jap or chinese Hookers on their nites Off work as Pro-prostitutes!

                  Or Sex Preferences of tiny eels and gold fishes that reside in southern warm climes! Thats prob good for another $25 Million per year.

                  Then said prof that gets huge tax cash grants uses Students to do actual leg work and write “papers” endless “Papers” outlining the found data for such asinine spending sprees.

                  EVERY USA Gen Up till Now, always made it Better for the Next gen to assume control of america. And that included better and MORE Prosperity aka Net cash owned etc and better incomes etc…

                  If not for engineered by design series of never ending recessions, and great depressions, on Top of already mentioned foriegn policy cash to Many nations, unecessary wars galore, also never ending.

                  Todays retireing or soon to be retired Boomer gen would have been On schedule to become the first and greatest numbers of Millionaires and Multi Millionaires the entire world has ever seen in One location or nation.

                  Between retirement funds, saved cash, owned properties/homes and buisness’s etc…The overall net worth of a vast Majority of todays boomer gen would be as stated more millionaires than you can count.

                  Which when carried fwd to the Next gen they too would be on schedule to be even better off and wealthier yet!

                  we Could have become a nation that had so many rich folks due to saved cash, hard work, inherited wealth etc that most of todays boomer gen could Hire out for all types jobs, labors, and basically act retired at the ages of more like 35 -40 yrs old.

                  But crooked Banksters and their paid bribed polititions made certain to never allow That to happen..About the only sin worse than property taxes even after homes Paid for, is that 55% Tax for all You Inherit from parents etc. While parents saved away for kids futures so to have it so better…Crooked swindlers and Pols added more and more taxes, rules, laws, un const codes and more to be certain reg avh folks never amount to more then a serf or peon.

                  And heres the Main reason for all of Their forced by design national failures etc…Because if they ever allowd the masses of usa to be so wealthy as I described…Then They, the crook pols and bankster crowds would be NO different then us “peons” as their eyes view us all…We & They would basically be Equals in wealth. Some would have more some less but ALL or close to all, of Us & them would be wealthy beyond our dreams as compared to reality Today.

                  How can They think of Us as meere Peons beneath their feet if such was allowed occure?…They could Not.

                  And neither can their ultimate goals of genocide against Whites become a reality if vast majority of whiteys got so wealthy. Ironicly You wont likly hear such truth spoken by any TV news shows, Dr Phil’s or Oprahas, nor even any Talk radio of the “Right side” sectors…And They ALL are well aware of what I write here believe You me!

              • Yep, I didn’t ask to be part of this crap-assed system. We are the only species which has to pay to live. As an old woman, if they offer me foodstamps, dern right I will take it. Top people screw us out of everything– that’s what should be concentrated on– the Criminal Elite at the top of the food chain.

                (And I only get about $12 per month in food stamps– where as this Mexican I know, who has her own home, is always buying new freezers, re-modeling her bathroom, etc. get $109 per month. (I barely make ends meet!)

              • Thank you, Sixpack. As usual, beautifully stated!

            • Let us not not forget about all those BILLIONS of $ that are given away to other countries around the globe. I for one am truly sick and tired of the give aways regargless of who is receiving it.

              Molon Labe – the time draws near

            • If we are honest with ourselves, we must also include unions. Look at the steel industry, the US used to be the leader in steel, and could essentially charge whatever the market would bear. Unions demanded higher wages, and got them because the steel companies could just raise their prices. Once Japan figured out how to make steel, we had competition, and the steel companies asked for wage concessions. The unions refused (as they always do) and the American steel industry completely died. Same goes for the US auto industry, specifically Detroit. All the successful auto plants are now in non-union states. Union labor can not compete in a global economy – that’s just the way it is. If manufacturing in this country was cost effective, they never would have left.

              • AndyNY: Now you know reason why since day One in whitehouse, hobammys most frequest, every other day, visitor was that Head Union Honcho guy!…Top Union Heads have always been in on it with top banksters, corp ceos and political officials. They may ‘act” as if they disagree on various agendas etc…But theres also good reason its called an “ACT”.

                What it Should be called by all folks is a Vast Criminal Conspiricy by afore named entities, and they all should be rounded up, tried with good honest Justices WE the people choose, juries WE the avg reg folks sit on, then once convicted, be either Hung for treason or Jailed in normal regular prisons WITH general prison populations. aka ZERO Club-Fed’s type jails.

                And EVERY Penny they swindled or scammed or stolen or got in bribes and off shored moneys etc be Put into a national General Fund, similar to soc sec was orig done, and REPAID back to the rightfull owners…Us folks.

                An Honest equitable method can be devised to ensure each usa citizen that worked, paid taxes obeys laws etc etc…Gets Their “Fair Share” Rebates and Unlike soc sec, get paid in ONE Huge Lump Sum up Front..Due to the trials may linger on awhile.

                But I have a great solution for lingering trials or endless ct appeals also…Thats Round em all up on R.I.C.O-Charges!…The Very Fed Law they enacted to ensnare such massive swindlers and bribed officials and outright criminals & treasonous Bastards!

                RICO allows us to charge and try and sentence ALL as if one individual trial. Quick, Easy, Effective…Just ask John Gotti if you doubt rico effectivness!

              • I think the unions had “help” from some overpaid executives on the other side. Early on, unions were good because they fought against poor working conditions and low wages (while the executives got paid quite well, of course). Greed got the best of both sides, so they both ended up milking the cow and milked it dry.

          • The Game is umpired by the gov, SOoo…..

            The score is:

            Grasshoppers — 10

            Ants — 0

            • Wait for the half time show, it’ll be a doozie!! THEN we’ll see how the second half plays out.

              • imagine, being dependent..
                whether it be Ukraine, Syria, iran, Iraq, EBT … imagine being dependent on another to feed not only you, but your family. it is beyond what I feel is real, but reality none the less. the gas in your tank, the solar panel that works for now, wind turbine that charges a few batteries…
                what happens when they don’t work, who you depend on is surprisingly Yourself.
                where will these beast of burden all of a sudden materialize from? what magic wand do we wave as
                (preppers) believe we can re-enact 1870?
                it is no longer go time, it is wtf just happened.
                all of us will be left holding a empty stomach,
                off topic “my brother was robbed today, almost run over by the car the ass was driving. my bro is no pussy, would have beat the shit out of this fat little fuck if he could, but had to get out of the way of the car after he stole from his van… insane”
                I am so sick of this shit.
                I’m no hater, but fat little Mexican fuck tried to run my brother over with his car.
                here is the make chevy
                model Malibu (year around 2000~2005)
                color dark red
                place Wisconsin
                plate 549-RNW
                this shit has to end.

                • Hope your brother catches up with him and gets his stuff back along with a pound of the scrote’s flesh.

                  • @ PO’d Patriot,
                    thanks, and you know what, my brother is an odd lot, he is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, but you cross him and you will be sorry. he will check this parking lot for a long time looking for this asshole. the few tools this immigrant stole out of his van will never be recovered, but his face won’t be forgotten.

                • DB427, I think you have reached the proper amount of frustration with what is going on and I’m sure your brother has. I hope he catches the greaser and beats the crap out of him to the point that he takes his sorry bean eating carcass back to beantown south of the border.

            • If these ants realize they have us out numbered 10 to 1 we r finished.

            • Sad day. Tony The Tiger died….

            • And now in some states places like Hardees can accept EBT, …….This grasshopper doesn’t go to fast food joints!Gotta run, have more green peppers to set out before the rain comes today 🙂

              • just got my maters & okra in. Steet taters next.

                • Wonderful! My maters and taters are in! I love planting season, soon will be eatin’ season 🙂

          • FBI investigating Bundy supporters in BLM dispute – 8 News NOW

            Local MSN report watch your 6’s

            Also ATF posted on national register for public comment proposed rule to notify ATF / FBI when multiple purchases of Semi Auto rifles from FFL occur, no longer border states only .

            American spring is coming up on May 16 ,

            GOT OPSEC?


            PRAIRIE FIRE


            Semper Fi 8541

                • Discover how to multiply your efforts to feed family, friends and PROTECTORS.


              • RE: maxvelocitytactical…all signed up.

                Thanks for the link, Night Breaker!

            • Hope it brings a better result than the bikers and truckers?

          • Rodster, think of how much land food banks could buy with even a fraction of the money spent on EBT cards. They could set up a community based garden whereby members would have to contribute so much time working in it to receive an allotment of food each month. They could teach essential food preserving skills and even have a small cannery operation; teach a man to fish so to speak. But, that’s Not what TPTB want by any means, they do Not want you to be self-sufficient or to believe you can be. That would be bad for business; their business (control) & their cronies businesses.

            The stigma of the Food Stamp is long gone with the convenient swipe and the fact that all your peers are doing it. I am currently unemployed and could never see myself resorting to living off others’ backs as long as I am healthy enough to work; and I believe doing what I can to stay healthy is my responsibility, which is a win win for me and the system.

            We all know this is by design and a set-up for the day when they turn it off to get the true results they’re after… L

            • Lanny.
              “…teach a man to fish so to speak.”

              I ran across meattrapper last night. Outstanding!

              From his website
              “Welcome to the Meat Trapper. If you are ready to learn to feed yourself and your family from the abundance of free, high quality, organic food living all around you, then you’ve come to the right place!”

            • Instead of Welfare and EBT Cash Cards, send these folks, garden seeds, a hoe, a shovel, and a garden hose, and make it mandatory for each recipient to attend garden growing classes, and how to raise back yard chickens and rabbits. And how to preserve and can food. But EBT cards are NOT about helping Americans eat, but just follow the Money Trail Train is funneled all to the Big Corporations like Walmart that just loves EBT income for selling their GMO foods. Welfare and EBT is a Corporate Dependency Scandal costing Tax Payers Trillions.

            • The sad part is that in most states you CAN buy seeds, plants for gardens, but most FS folks don’t know it, and if they did, they would still go to convience stores and buy soda and chips…so very sad!

            • Lanny, spot on. As a kid back in the 60s, my Dad taught me how to earn my keep. I had jobs helping around the house, throwing newspapers doing odd jobs for elderly neighbors, etc. I knew about the value of a dollar and had a good strong work ethic before I was a teenager. Back then, if a man didn’t go to work, he didn’t eat, it was that simple. We need to get back to things like that.

            • Our neighbor, a state park ranger @ HenryHorton St Pk, has set up a community garden to be available to anyone who wants to sign up to work it & harvest from it. We donated sweet potato starts to the garden. Others in the community have donated other plants/seed. We won’t participate in working/harvesting (have our own garden). So far he has had only 10 folks to sign up, but at least it’s a start.

          • Wanna see full employment, Cut off all Unemployment Benefit checks, Welfare checks, and Food Stamp Cards… These mult-generational Lazy Drop Azz, worthless POS, will beg for cotton picking jobs. And if they are caught stealing shoot them Johnny on the Spot. There will be lots of Mass Grave digging Jobs available coming up too. The for rest of us Working Folks, stock up on Lots of Ammo. LOTS of Boat-tail & HP+P’s.

        • 21st of May, the sun goes into the sign of Gemini– square/opposition pluto and uranus (in Sagitarrius/ Pisces)… square is tension and stress. An opposition is even worse, more stressful placement. Pluto rules the atomic bomb and Uranius is about sudden extremely powerful explostion… all this coming around the 21 st of this month… get ready.

          • WOW! So if you’re serious then I’m not the only person that studies everything?

            Had a very strange dream about twins last night.

            • “When the moon is in the seventh house”,
              “And Jupiter aligns with mars”,
              “Then peace will guide the planets”,
              “And love will steer the stars”…….

              The Fifth Dimension. “Age of Aquarius”
              God I feel so old remembering that song along with some of the words. Marilyn McCoo was the lead singer and went on with a short solo career after the bands breakup. ( See there I go again remembering stupid shit.)

              • Music has a way of doing that.

                Lots of great memories come to mind with music from our past, but yes, there is sometimes a few not-so-great memories, too.

                Heck, it’s hard to forget those old TV commercial jingles.

                • NCClyde.

                  Where’s the beef? Where’s the beef?

                  In your local supermarket at $14.00 a pound.

                  Bacon at $9.00 a pound.

        • And your not talking PV right,,
          If thats the case, yes, yes i can!

          • And i dont mean yes i can swipe my EBT,
            I can grow fresh veggies
            I can make enough to cover other expenses
            I can live on little or nothing at times.

        • Food Prepping with many layers. I am also growing a Garden this year, and just had my first ripen tomato in a salad tonight. I also have been canning foods for a year and a half now. The Urban chicken Hen house is ready for egg layers and still working on the Rabbit Cages for 5+ = 2 males and 3 females. That will be tasty come this fall. See the price of Beef lately? Take full control of your food chain and sustainability folks. I am learning to live with No money, No money. There is a ramp up for that self reliance, get started today, and work on this every day in some aspect of your prepping. You and your family will thank you later. Picking up rain barrels soon to water the garden if a drought comes or the water supply is cut off or tainted.

          • Don’t mean this sound rude, but how do you pay your water bill and taxes? We have to make enough money to pay our property taxes or our house and grounds will be sold out from under us.

            • Off topic here, but property taxes are the most insidious of all govt. power and control exercises. I’m sure you heard about the widow whose $225,000. house was sold from under her for a lousy $6.50 late charge. Where is the justice. The judge wouldn’t let her pay it, and the guy who bought the place through auction paid $120,000. but offered to sell it back to her for $250,000. That judge and the guy who bought it deserve a very special place in hell. You can never own your property, the county doesn’t provide for up-keep, you have to get “permission” to do anything (fat chance) and for what? To pay for govt. to abuse you. If it ever goes down, I would suggest burning down the tax collector, property appraiser buildings, destroy all the computers, as much paperwork as possible and if they tried to re-institute it, hang’em.

              • Sounds good to me. I’ll bring the first torch!

          • We having cream of broccoli (from garden) soup for lunch today. Just picked up a good buy from neighbor’s yard sale on a 10×10 x6high used dog pen for my urban chicken set up. Coop to come next.

        • Self proclaimed “liberals” I know talk about the unraveling of the safety net. To which I respond that there’s a very simple reason its “unraveling”:


          This is why real Americans are preparing for the day when the gravy train runs out of gravy. We have no damned intention of being trapped inside the mall on that “Black Friday”

      2. There is a difference between needing help due to circumstances beyond your control,and being a useless slob with no ambition beyond living off the efforts and taxes of others. I have no problem with the former..the latter, however, need a forced attitude adjustment. The problem is the dear leader and cronies prefer gov dependent flocks.

        • OAG, spot on. trying to adjust the attitudes of the useless slobs is a wasted effort. better to leave them drowning in their own shit when TSHTF.

      3. excellent quantifiable information Rory. Thank you. Yes, the entitlement dependency is unfortunately here to stay. WHY, should the huddled masses of the PlantationBrigades leave their free housing plantations, to earn a living like normal hard working people do; when an effete manipulator like Obama and his puppet-masters truly seek to enslave the PlantationPeople? The sheeple are simply willing to be sheared, then slaughtered all in the name of political expediency for the votes, these slugs have sold so cheaply.

      4. This story has been covered in detail on this site.

        We all know it.

        Now, if you really want to read an interesting story.

        Go to

        Find out where our government wants to send us in the event
        of a Yellow Stone Eruption.

        Anybody for South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Australia?

        Don’t think its made steve quayle yet..

        • I read that piece this morning and just shook my head.

          They cant ship me off. I dont know Portuguese or Zulu. Why aint the govt made us learn the languages where they plan to ship us?

          • After you’re herded on that cattle car, prior to boarding the ship to Africa, you’re going to stop off and be forced to take a shower first…….

        • Link not working for me.

          • But I googled it. I’d rather take my chances with the ash than be moved to Africa!

            • Texan, I’ll take my chances also, but in my case it will be the New Madrid Fault. America is the only home I’ve ever known and care for. I’m not leaving my homeland for any reason, period!

          • Oops! I left out an “o” in Protocol.


            • No soup for you… 😉

              • Typical soup Nazi.

              • Good one Jerry, we gotta keep our sense of humor as everything comes apart. I feel for those who don’t have a sense of humor, it sometimes is the only thing that keeps one from losing it.

                • 🙂

        • Notice all are in the southern hemisphere ?

          Notice lack of or small amount nuclear reactors in that hemisphere ?

          Most are semi tropical to tropical in climate ?

          May have nothing to do with yellowstone ?



          Semper Fi 8541

        • I couldn’t get the link to work Watching 🙁

      5. “Sadly, it appears, the soup line is here to stay.”

        This will only remain true as long is there is money for the government to steal from productive people and then give to slugs. I repeat my previous post comment to go John Gault. Do not give them anything including your intellectual property, take everything you can and resist at every opportunity. Take care of you and yours, however if they want a slug be sure to provide a good example whenever possible.

        • Every single one of these control freaks in any government smiles like some demon sitting on a tombstone when they have large number of people so dependent on the state that they would not even consider going against their gravy train provider. This is the way welfare works, the perfect parasitic link that keeps people in line.

        • maddog; For those that think that they are so much further ahead of everyone else scamming the system to eat this poison,better look in the mirror at what its doing to you not to mention your health and brain function.! There is probably more nutrition in the box than whats in it! Everyone that can still think for themselves had better start to produce your own food, and find a good water source or be happy on the gravy train with the grim reaper to hell!!

      6. Most states have the EBT schedule spread out over half the month. I think this is more or less to keep the welfare types from jamming the delivery system and emptying the shelves. The govt made changes to the EBT benefit schedule when more and more people lost jobs.

        Michigan runs from the 3rd thru the 21st. Ohio is the first 10 days of the month. Texas is the 1st thru the 15th. Get the idea? With so many days used to fill up those EBT cards the takers blend in better too.

        • In our part of Ohio, the EBT cards are re-filled on the first of the month. No one ever goes to Wal-Mart or any grocery store until at least the 6th-7th of the month. It’s pandemonium and the rudeness and petty theft are just unbearable. Thanks be to God, we’ve never had to take a government check, but if something happened bad enough to use it, I’d hope I wouldn’t be this much of a jerk. The rules for making an “emergency” run to the store around the first of the month are: 1. Don’t be white, 2. Don’t be clean and well-dressed, 3. Hang on to your purse and take a friend!

      7. *************


        Welcome to the soup lines.

        It must be a new experience for some.

        You have been DE-THRONED. lol, lol, lol.

        Now, food beggers. You gonna experience the hard times.

        Blacks have been doing the hard work, while you pink cheeks have been pushing pencils up your anus and getting better pay just because you look pretty gay in the P.R. (public relations for you white igno-Rants).

        You are IN for a big TRYLEMMA due to your ADDICTIONARY TESTICULATTION, now Sgt. Dale & Cowardsky are going to be CONFRAZZLED. Their JOBFUSTICATENTTION and BELLIGNORANCE is going to end up in EXULTION. LOL, LOL, LOL.


        • Go back to Yugo you idiot. A white boy wanting to be black is so idiotic it’s beyond belief. Go away and by the way, pound salt.

          • ****************


            Confi: Your daughter can go back to the streets and charge instead of giving out for free.
            That way she can avoid the soup lines and bring some food to your household.
            Yugo means South. I’m from the south. But not Stupid low lifer Confi. like you.


            • Hey Yugo, #1 I don’t have a daughter. #2 Since your transgendered go turn a few tricks, it will give you something to do besides run your disgusting mouth.

        • How about you learn English. Your ignorance is showing!

          • Don’t worry about my English. Worry about the Chinese you going to have to learn in the next ten years when you will be begging for a job, “any job”.
            We in Europe speak several languages. Not very much English, since it is a dying language.

        • Rodney King, I dare you to come to say these things to any of us face-to-face or otherwise you’re just a pussy. go f#$% yourself!

          • rb, I think its our star homo, Eisabitch.

          • Tell me where you are and I will be there. You wont last 2 seconds. Meet you in any dark alley. You’ll be there alone. If I’m a mofo, then take your mother out the streets and I wont f her.

            • *Pap Pap* Good troll.

              • See what happens when due to cold winter weather most afrcian savage monkys are deprived of their daily Dose of watermelon.

                And Forget giving em coconuts! it will drive them batty trying to open a coconut with their Can openers!

        • Go to hell ni##er, come on down to Mississippi and I will put you to work at a job you are geneticly qualified for…picking cotton!

          • The chinise are going to reserve those jobs for you and the gangs of oppressors. In the new economy, you wont qualified.
            Hint: start learning Chinese NOW because those are the only employers that are going to be hiring idiots and special needs. It will be hard to train you thou. You’re lucky that the Chinese are very generous.


      8. ****************


        Can’t we all get along in the soup lines??


        • Not with scumbags like you.

        • can’t y’all jest GIT?

      9. The ball is falling everywhere. You look at the amount of tension that building in so many aspects of life. I don’t like CNN, but sometimes their is an article that describes what is really happening in the scheme of events, like this one over in Ukraine and Russia. I took a few paragraphs to shorten the original article.

        Moscow (CNN) — In a telephone call Monday between Russia’s Defense Minister General Sergei Shoigu and the U.S. Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel, Shoigu described the activity of U.S. and NATO troops near Russia’s border as “unprecedented.”

        According to the official Russian version of the call, his American counterpart assured him the alliance did not have “provocative or expansionist” intentions — and that Russia should know this.

        But it hardly seems to matter how often NATO makes these assurances. The Kremlin will never trust them. Fear of the Western military alliance’s steady march east is deep-rooted. It strikes at the very heart of Russia’s national sense of security, a relic of Cold War enmity which has seeped down to post-Soviet generations.

        Russia and NATO have never been able to find much of a compromise. Russia’s repeated stance is that after German reunification, promises were made that NATO would never expand eastward — and were promptly broken. NATO says this is simply not true. “No such pledge was made, and no evidence to back up Russia’s claims has ever been produced,” the alliance wrote in an April fact sheet entitled “Russia’s accusations — setting the record straight.”

        NATO says it has tried hard to make Russia a “privileged partner.” It has worked together with Russia on a range of issues from counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics to submarine rescue and emergency planning. NATO says that fundamentally Russia’s anti-NATO rhetoric is an attempt to “divert attention away from its actions” in Ukraine. Now all cooperation is off the table.

        “From the Russian side, that NATO-Russian cooperation was just a camouflage,” says Vladimir Batyuk of Russian think tank, the Institute of USA and Canada Studies. “After the Cold War Russia tried several times to become a member and the Americans always said, ‘it’s not going to happen.'” He quotes Lord Ismay, NATO’s first Secretary General, on the object of NATO’s existence: “To keep the Russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down.”

        Russian President Vladimir Putin declared at his annual direct call with the Russian people that part of his reasoning for annexing Crimea was to protect Sevastopol, home of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, from ever falling into NATO’s hands. “If we don’t do anything, Ukraine will be drawn into NATO sometime in the future. We’ll be told: “This doesn’t concern you,” and NATO ships will dock in Sevastopol, the city of Russia’s naval glory,” he said.

        Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yetsenyuk has said Ukrainian accession to NATO is not a priority. The nation is currently in such a state of disarray that NATO membership seems unimaginable. But a membership action plan was discussed for both Ukraine and Georgia at the Bucharest Summit in 2008. It was put on hold. But Putin does not forget.

        “Ever since (former Ukraine President Viktor) Yanukovych fled his country and a pro-Western government took power in his country, of course this is something [Putin] couldn’t stop thinking about,” says Masha Lipman of the Carnegie Moscow Center. “So for him, to prevent Ukraine from becoming part of the western orbit if not of NATO, was something he absolutely cannot afford.”

        This is why the rotation of 600 U.S. troops, small as it is, through the Baltic states and Poland for joint-training exercises is such an affront for Russia. This is why it is perhaps not strictly fair to accuse Russia of just engaging in propaganda when it declares its mistrust of NATO.

        • Thank you for a fair and balanced assessment.

          It never fails to amaze me, how some people can profess such a mistrust of the LSM, claiming that they don’t believe anything coming from MSM, yet when something comes up that feeds their personal hatred, they are then all too ready to trust and believe those same liars. This Russian issue is a perfect example.

          I guess people don’t understand that I mean exactly what I say:

          Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

          Whatever the NWO wants—I DON’T. Even if that means supporting someone I may not like.

          ONCE A LIAR, ALWAYS A LIAR. Not just when it is handy.

          • Sixpack, I’m the same way.

            • I know you are BH.

          • The Russians were the scary as shit “fuck me they might just nuke us” evil SOBs of my youth. To this day, I cannot look with equanimity upon the hammer and sickle, knowing that far more people died under that emblem of hate than ever died under the swastika.

            That much being said, I am NOT going to be gulled into being a cheerleader for yet another foreign war. Our country needs a rest, and we have numerous problems right here in America. Our soldiers are fucking EXHAUSTED; never before in the history of this country have our people been asked to go overseas for two, three, four , five tours of duty.

            We, the people need PEACE. Only the heartless bastards masquerading as our “leaders” are thirsting for another war.

            • DEMOCIDE, that is, death by government, has claimed more innocent people’s lives, than ALL WARS COMBINED.

              To put that another way, GOVERNMENTS have murdered more of their OWN PEOPLE, than ANY and ALL foreign armies did while at war.

              Sobering thought.

      10. Just remember the Patty Hearst food lines.

        There were some riots.

      11. I don’t know how these people are doing this. My daughter is 19 and handicapped, she is mentally disabled (retarded) and gets less in SSI per month than some of those cheaters got in EBT card. She doesn’t even qualify for EBT because she lives at home. This is absolutely insane. We’re having to save money to buy her special shoes due to her edema and these bastards are sucking off the system. They not only hurt tax payers but pull needed funds away from people who need it.

        • The ones that need it, and or payed into it, their hole life cant get it, and the ones that could work but dont get it. Its called Bizarro world..

        • Try changeing handicapped daughters name to something like…”DeUniqueenest” or if a son change name to “Sambo” then RE apply for more benifits.

      12. When there is no more jobs, no more advancement of any sort, when the money is worthless, when hunger and lack of medical tx is common, when people become despondent and suicidal, when the govt. dictates every minute of you life, when the ovens are fired up, the sheep will go to their doom without even a whimper. The end is near.

        • Oh, It’s the solution is very simple.
          Put your daughter to work the streets, instead of giving out for free. She can help you bring some food to the table in your household.

          Southerners are very generous. I’m Yugo or Southerner. And I’m very generous. Questions: do you know who your father is? Do you know who father your daughter?


          • Rodney King, you are one sorry mofo for what you said about that lady’s disabled daughter. If she could find you and smack your sorry ass, I would help her.

            • @ the RB.

              You’re a sorry POS. That was directed to Confi. and not to the lady. You got to be more observant or you will fail in the new Chinese economy.


          • It was for Confederate, not for that poor lady. I have respect for the disabled. Not for idiots like Confi.

            • Yugo is just another transgendered coward who can speak the talk but won’t walk the walk. It’s easy to be “brave” when your thousands of miles away. Hopefully the Russians will invade your area and then you can become a whore for Putin and his minions.

          • Do us a favor and shut the fuck up, even better go jump off a high bridge


            • That was directed at the asshole RK for clarification

              • Rodney the Boywonder and monky lover is just upset since he cannot for his life decipher the bluprints hes been given from africa, to erect his Own Hut made by mixture of Mud+Shit+broken small sticks…Once built 100% Guarenteed to Last unto the next heavey rain or Monsoon season…Thats when Entire african Villages with ten thousand such Huts simply…MELT!

          • you say the same thing over and over, what is your problem, are you mentally ill? Take your meds and go away.

        • I do not plan on going quietly.

          • Nor I…,if they do get the upper hand with me …and a trigger is pulled on me…
            I will smile…cause I know where the next dimension will take me…
            Because I will have earned it by an act of vanquish… as many of them as I can….
            They are evil… I am not…simply because I care.

        • @ Confederate –

          Haven’t we already pretty much worked our way through most of your post??? At least, right up to the part about; “when the ovens are fired up …”.

          “The end is near”? I fear that you’re probably right about that prediction. The pieces are almost all in position on the chessboard of the world. The PTB simply CAN’T continue the Ponzi Scheme of their one world economy for very much longer. They will soon have to crash the system and seek a reset. When they do? The look on the faces of some of the unprepared will be priceless! I’ll take no pleasure from their distress, but chances are that I won’t be able to assist them either. I need to take care of my own ‘tribe’ first.

          Every evening I sit out on my patio and listen to the crackle of gunfire from the County Park down the road. The ‘civilian’ side of the facility closes @ 6:00PM and they damn sure don’t allow fully automatic weapons over there, so it has to be coming from the Police Training Facility on the other side of the road. EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK!!! I wish that I had the $ worth of the ammo that they are going through. I wonder what in the world that they are gearing and training up for?????

          Soon ….. very soon I fear. God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

          • I can’t argue with you, your right on. Next time you talk to a cop, ask him what’s going on. He/she probably won’t be truthful but perhaps he/she will slip up and give you an honest answer. Never hurts to try.

      13. We can either fight and kill our oppressors, or we are fucked. There is no gray area here.

        • FP, I’ll stand and fight and let the chips fall where they may. I don’t even recognize the concept of “gray area”. To me, it’s either one way or another, plain and simple.

      14. Find and read Devvy Kidd’s column 3-24-14 about “applying for medicare with a gun to my head”
        I don’t have a link…sorry…find it on…

        A real life experience in gov. bizzaro world…

        Great read!
        Prepare to vomit…do not drink fluids while reading…


      15. Some times I feel like going down and signing up for food stamps, so I could build my prep’s faster. And help Bankrupt the system. But I know all the girls at the Welfare office, I dated the one.. Bummer..

      16. Off Topic…

        Test Your Garden Soil With This Easy Do It Yourself Kit

        How to make your own soil pH testing kit from scratch.

        Here’s what you’ll need:
        Two Glass Jars
        Measuring Cup
        Baking Soda

        See Directions…

        “Depending on what you are planting, you may need to change your soil to make it more pH balanced. If your soil is acidic, try adding lime. And to alkaline soil, add sulfur. But the results can vary and may not even be permanent. Before you plant, always make sure that the plant is able to thrive in your soil.”

        • So simple and spot on…. thank you young lady….that is on behalf of others that did not know…admittedly…you reminded me…

        • Saw that same article KY Mom. Thanks.

        • Thanks KYM! Getting ready to plant blueberry bushes and wasn’t sure how much sulpher to add. This helps a bunch.

          • try Garden’s Alive “Blueberries Alive” plant food. Absolutly makes the difference. Had 4 bushes that just weren’t making it last year (well, hubby ran over one with the mower, but i still love him). Applied the
            Blueberries Alive this year and they are doing GREAT, even the run over one came back!

          • Gopher give them a little “Holly-Tone”. They’re an acid loving plant.

      17. Where da jobs????

        I used to flip houses, now I flip burgers. (not really, but things are steadily getting worse)

        There will be no recovery. Without cheap oil ALL economies worldwide will continue to fail under the weight of unpayable usury.

        The end of the Industrial Age is upon us. You know what needs done.

        • Actually relative to wages gasoline (the greatest consumer energy cost) is only slightly higher than it was pre 1973. Much of this is offset by the substantial increase in the efficiency of the internal combustion engine. Producing 200HP then got you 14 MPG (if you were lucky). Now a 200HP engine gives you 22 MPG an almost a 60% increase. Tires last 2x and the automobile itself lasts 2x as 80k was about time for an engine rebuild in the 1960s.

          “Free Trade” agreements which eviscerated the US wealth creating manufacturing, cheap money with interest rates so low that debt dramatically increased, the demise of Glass-Steagall fueling a Finance Industry “free for all” and a Justice Department devoid of justice asleep instead of enforcing the far fewer remaining regulations are the causes of our economic problems. Far too much spent on the military for the globalists wars deserves a mention too.

          • Food Stamps (EBT Card) is a symptom not a cause.

            Do away with it and watch all hell break loose both directly (food riots) and indirectly (job loss increasing the ranks of the destitute) .

            What is needed is real wealth (not money) creation returning to the US.

            • About the price of oil… sure efficiency makes up some of the cost, but that cannot make up for the approximate 250 billion dollars taken out of the economy each year and sent overseas.

              We import between 6 and 7 million barrels of oil each and every day 365 days a year. At $100 a barrel that money comes out of our pockets and is never spent into the economy. Our wages don’t rise to meet the oil cost so we all spend less on discretionary items. This causes people to lose jobs when orders go down and then you have that self reinforcing downward spiral. Deflation in wages and inflation in prices.

              Countries that have to import oil to run their cars around in circles from gas station to gas station will soon find their cars sitting at the end of their driveways out of fuel.

              That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. But I’ve been wrong before.

          • @Kevin2

            I kind of see your point on the cost basis, but the total cost of ‘ownership’ is really not factored in.

            -Depending on your credit score, finance rates can be very high.
            -Car insurance rates are much, much higher now
            -Repairs and maintenance are expensive as well as many service calls are dealer centric- the owner simply cannot do many of them any longer.
            -Cars ‘last’ longer but the resale value of many plummets dramatically after just 2-3 years.

            The 1973 oil crisis started in October 1973, when the members of Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries or the OAPEC (consisting of the Arab members of OPEC, plus Egypt, Syria and Tunisia) proclaimed an oil embargo. By the end of the embargo in March 1974, the price of oil had risen from US$3 per barrel to nearly $12.

            The oil crisis, or “shock”, caused many global short-term and long-term economic and political effects.

            The ‘early’ portion of 1973 saw gas prices around .33-.35 cents/gallon. This was def not the case come October.

            And the military…is the single biggest user of fuel in the world, believe it or not.

            • The oil peg which replaced Bretton Woods allows the US to print money and export it to the world with far less inflationary effects than would otherwise occur. We abandoned the gold standard in 1971. The reserve currency status of the US dollar was ending (and with it US dominance over the world) so a deal was cut whereby the OPEC nations would take the US dollar as the exclusive currency for oil. Instant demand for dollars. The more dollars needed the greater supply could be printed at home and put in circulation. Oil dramatically increased in price in 1973. The Arabs are blamed but in reality it was pre arranged. in the end the US runs an increasing negative balance of trade yet the standard of living is maintained. Like anything done that works it was far over done.

              Their slick, very very slick.

      18. This thing we are experiencing about soo many people being 0n the dole can only go so long and then things collapse and we are getting very close to that point. Think Greece and to a lesser extent all the European Socialist Countries. Our National debt is approaching 17
        Trillion. Here is what that looks like. Drum roll please………17,000,000,000,000. Add to that the Fed is printing money like never before. It’s only a matter of time before things come crashing down. All this have been predicted by several excellent books on the market like “Aftershock”.

        • Add the 5-8 years that Janet Gellen said we needed (yesterday) to keep pumping liquidity into the market and banks, and that 17 trillion will become “chump change”.

          • She also said that it was unsustainable.


      19. I am really in a bad mood today, please good people here excuse my anger for this one, and this article was the topper:

        These fuc@#$ diaper heads in saudi arabia sentenced this person to 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison for insulting islam.

        The devil’s bowel movement is islam.

        Prophet muhammad was a a goat and pig screwer that raped little girls and boys.

        The quran belongs in horse manure, each and every word of it.

        Another name for allah is Satan, Lucifer, the Devil.

        Ramadan is a holiday when muslims screw every barnyard animal available.

        Mosques are where muslims give high praise to the lord of darkness, his worship the evil one, the Devil.

        Muslims are sand dung beetles.

        Imams are nothing but cheap two bit pimps.

        Come get me saudi arabia I just insulted islam worse than the person that is going to get 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison, you camel fuc@#$.

        • BI, I’m with you and say the same things about Islam. Let’s see the rags come after me. I’ll send them to Allah.

        • BI…you just made my day.

          It is windy, cold with rain likely here and I don’t really want to go to work.

          Now I’m motivated…God bless you and your rant.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • WOW BI…you are in a bad mood…

          So being the nice Southern Gal that I am, here is a hug for you..


          • 🙂

            • What? No kiss?

      20. I get my paycheck on the 1st and the 15th; not everyone crowding the WallyWorld parking lot is on the dole…

        In some ways dependency is good. I tell a friend of mine “it’s like this – I don’t have to outrun the bear, I only have to outrun you!” All those who are dependent on Uncle Sams Tit are going to be in for a world of hurt when the EBT stops working. The more zombies weakened by hunger and malnutrition before they rouse themselves to start ransacking their neighbors pantries, the better. With luck starvation and hygiene-related diseases will quietly kill most of those who act as a sponge on the productive members of society, and myself and others will not have to resort to more direct means to pacify the dregs of humanity.

      21. Peace be with you,

        As long as people continue to force their neighbor to pay for their welfare, educating their children, health care and the like they will NEVER walk in liberty through Christ. Real liberty. It is to covet thy neighbors goods” and is the Tenth Commandment by my Father. This is why “Israel” was continually put under bondage starting from Cain’s city states to Pharaohs’ Egypt all the way to Rome and Caesar and continuing into this day.

        Quit using the benefits. Give them back seeing as they are voluntary. Get rid of the mark called the socialist insecurity number. These systems are exactly what we are called out of as it is written “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Use of the numbers and “benefits” is your consent that it is good, and you will be fully regulated by the “police powers” since you belong to them.

        When you give your responsibility to the STATE and do not maintain it under God, you are under a DIFFERENT law that is strange and foreign to my Father. An image if you will. This is why He told us as it is written,

        1Sa 8:18 And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you; and the LORD will not hear you in that day.

        Anyone who is confused as to what belongs to Caesar let me tell you. NOTHING. For it is written, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof the world; and they that dwell therein. He gave us a King and it is not Caesar.

        And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

        • So did you also eliminate a driver lic? car lic Plate Tabs? and just tell cops when pulled over that You follow Gods laws so do not need such govnt mandated things? I’d bet you Do have a driver lic etc if you do more than walk or ride a bicycle everywheres eh.

          It all sounds swell on Paper or in many articles on soverign man etc…but in todays world and america too it is impossible to live and function as a total soverign as such articles promote. oh it can be done awhile…Till a cop stops you or something happens and you then need ID or a vehicle or a job or tons of other events that will happen sooner or later to totally refute actual existence in that manor…Maybe life as a true cave dweller Hermit like a guru who sits at cave entrance all the time pondering various deep thoughts like jack handys famous for…Even there who Owns that Cave? You cant without proper paperwork etc…Sounds real swell and good untill you try doing it in EVERY way.

      22. I have good information that the Chinese are going to open up factories here in the U.S. of A. We are going to be accepting applications for employment pretty soon. We are trying to work with the government to train the U.S. population how to be productive workers and take their thumbs out their anuses. We will pay according to their production (or per piece produce) a percentage similar to the highest productive workers back in China.
        You must be able to communicate with our supervisors in Mandarin. We believe is a great opportunity for the population to speak the most popular language on the planet. Great opportunity to show your skills and become a faithful servant of the most populated people on the planet.

        Very truly yours.


        • I Love this site! Now China is bringing jobs to America, and Putin is evanglizing the U.S. with Christianity. Boy the Sheep are hard to fool. Trekker Out.

        • The chins and Harry balls just tried that.

          A few percent of Americans will repel these fuckers.

          Along with God and the earth.

      23. and yet another warning concerning the vulnerability of the grid

        Hearing: Electric Grid Vulnerable to EMP

        “It strikes at my very core when I think of the men, women, and children in cities and rural towns across America with a possibility of no access to food, water, or transportation,” he said. “In a matter of weeks or months at most, a worst-case scenario could bring devastation beyond imagination.”

        • Well, I wish they would hurry up and get it over with while I’m still young enough to fight back. We’re fairly well prepared, but in another ten years, the preps will be older and so will I. Am also tired of this hanging over my head. We still sit outside on summer nights instead of watching TV with the AC blasting, but heat tolerance is one of the things I’m beginning to lose. My husband and I just want to grow old together, in some measure of comfort, and if we have to shoot the horde coming over the hill, I want to still be able to shoot and see what I’m shooting. If it’s going to happen, do it now!

      24. Totally off topic but as I worked a colony of Carniolan bees today the queen fell off the frame to the ground…picked her up and put her back into the frames…bees promptly swarmed and killed her…dang it! 🙁 …$40 bug!….crazy worker bugs… so now they get to make another one…this farm life is the only one for me but there are things about it that make you go HUH?…

        • Speaking of bees,,
          Here on my farm there are all manner of flowering plants, all over the place,
          No bees
          NO bees
          Is sort of troubling

          • I’ve seen more bees this year, than there was last year.

          • Hey Kula You ought to get yourself some Bee’s and read about them they’re an amazing insect,not to mention the benefits of the honey, you’ll be surprised! And they are great for your garden! Mine have become more like pets than insects.Also if you can get some frogs and Bats they will take care of the harmful insects that eat your garden without needing any pesticides.

            • I want to get a few hives but a frind who does comercial apiary warned me that because of all the GMO/BT corn grown over here the hives all over are having problems, so want to sort of wait and see

              • Kula;That is a problem everywhere with GMO’s I don’t eat the shit either.I try and do everything organic,seems to me that anytime we try and change the natural way of nature it comes back to plague us. I have planted natural flowering trees, flowers, fruit and sweet clover around my garden area,and try and not disturb the bees by feeding them sugar water to increase production,which also produces mites, and let them take care of themselves the way nature intended,and they seem to be doing just fine! Give it a try!

                • I am doing the same thing…It has taken me years.

                  It looks like I am being rewarded by the earth.

                  “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

                  • LMS; She is and will continue,but for the those that continue to rape her for power and greed! She’ll take care of those as well!!! If you now what I mean? “You don’t fool with Mother Nature”

          • No bees…? Same here. Wife and I spend a couple hours every morning hand pollinating our 1 acre garden using small artists paint brushes or tapping the stalks with rolled up paper. To avoid cross pollination between the different squashes and pumpkins, we labeled all the brushes and keep them separated. Seems to work nicely.

            • The honey bee is not a native of north America. The honey bee arrived with the first Europeans. And corn Squash beans ect where being successfully grown before the white men arrived. Other bees & insects will pollinate the crops. Now honey bees are something I happen to know about. Ive kept bees for many years. I captured wild swarms. Ive robbed bee trees. Its a insect called the Avvoria Mite that has killed the bees. The trucking of thousands of hives all across the country for commercial pollinazation that spread the Mite. most of my bees died from the mite infestation. Insecticides don’t kill the worker bees. the worker bees don’t live long enough to die from residual poison buildup. During the honey flow a worker bee wears out and dies in less than a week

          • Kula-

            Plenty of bumble bees here…zero honey bees!

            • Same here, and all fruit trees are in full bloom. We’re in NW Ohio. Where are you?

            • Bumble bees like the African killer bees are resistant to the AVVORIA Mite.

        • Maybe she was sick and they recognized it and put her out of her misery…or kept her from making the others sick? I don’t know bees, just thinking out loud…

        • Sure does. There’s so much about farm life that sickens me. Mother Nature is a cold bitch and don’t turn your back on her.

      25. Awwwww
        I think the article butthurt some yahooo,,
        Look at all the thumbs down, boo hooo
        Hurt somebodies feelings,,, waaa,
        Some libtard

        • Kulafarmer, who cares if a libturd got hurt? I know I don’t.

      26. Some years back, I found myself ‘homeless’. Not through drinking or drugs or anything like that, but still a very bad time in my life. I can relate to hunger, cold, extreme heat, pain, thirst…and many other things. One thing that experience taught me was…I don’t ever want to experience those things again. It kind of toughens you up and sets your resolve.

        People who through one event or another can find themselves in a vicious ‘circle’ a deep rut they cannot seem to climb out of, yet I see foreigners come to America with just the clothes on their backs and they succeed. To them the rut or hole doesn’t even exist, they just step over it and persevere.

        How do some people overcome all the obstacles in their way and make it in this world while others cannot seem to see the chains that bind them, or the ditch they are in? I believe it has a lot to do with will power. The saying used to be- “Where there is a will there is a way!” I say – “If there is a way, I WILL find it!”
        The American people (and others around the world) have lost hope and given up trying to find ‘the way’.

        Here’s a tie-in to Mac article the other day about the 49 million starving Americans. Kind of eye opening when you look at the chart.
        h t tp://

        • I think it also boils down to the im going to do whatever it takes mindset too,

          • Live or die.

            The only 2 choices you really get that mean anything.

            How long is uncertain.

          • Most who come here with only clothes on backs are also Illeagles and when the fed govnt and state govnt combos Spend aprox $1,000,000,000.00 PER DAY just on the many various expences combined to help support those Illeagles here…Maybe That adds to their Can do work attitudes eh.

            About the Same amount per year spent for combined expenses of illeagles is equal to what all soc sec benifits cost per year…Deport them all and soc sec should do just fine for a century or more longer.

            Add all moneys fed govnt passes out for wars and foriegn cash to nations etc…USA could then have best roads and infrastructure in entire world probobly.

            Which is prefered?…Millions huge Pot holes, falling bridges and overpasses, elec grid precariously glued together?….So Israel can exist, Pakistan too, plus 150 More nations to varrying degrees?…I rather see usa citizens get money/jobs and have great solid infrastructures to last the Next 100 yrs.

            I care Less if other nations cant do without usa money and same goes for mexican illeagles.

            Welfare for looser blacks yes is bad..BUT at least them blacks are usa citizens unlike mex illeagles eh…That should at least Count for something.

            Maybe somebody can convince all the folks who partisipate in the too many, too often to count “Million Man Marches on DC” events, that never acomplish zip zero nothing.

            And if all that cash expences spent for so many multi million man marches to DC or state capitols etc was collected into ONE main Political PAC funds, it likly already will Top over a Billion cash dollars spent so far…Maybe alot more billions so far spent on marches..

            if avg major 4 yr election cycle costs now one billion per each of two partys…Hmmm…if we had a Marchers patriot fund set up and had that cash in one pile…Maybe we too can elect aprox 500+ Brand NEW Honest folks to replace current crop swindlers and FIX usa the Easy way.

            Everybody says Moneys main thing neded for election wins right?…How much was spent in last 20 yrs for endless million man marches for Gas, hotels, meals, various other sundry items etc?…Maybe so much spent with zero results, enough to fund several election cycles nationwide to FIX it all easy and Fast.

            Like US Reps and us senate dominated by 98% PRO 2nd amendt folks eh!…ONE fell swoop Fed new Law that Eliminates EVERY single of 20,000 Bad antigun laws across the board…leaving just a 1/2 dozen needed laws like NO guns for small kiddies etc…No guns for certified lunatics etc….And keep going from There. 2 yr us reps session and america be back to Normal fast.

        • was and am still in the same boat…

          this last five years has been the worst in my life.

          lost the job, apartment, pets, family disowned me with that “no excuse not to have a job” bullshit.

          my first day on the street after TWO years of looking for work and running up the CC’s to max on rent and food, I finally broke down and went to a welfare office… only to discover that without an address they could not help.

          suffice to say I am better off without that fkin hand out anyway. id rather drink my own piss and eat out of the trash than receive a check from the sell outs.

          not that I have done either. fortunately I had an ample food supply… take that nay sayers.

      27. I would like to point out something — many, many, MANY of the unemployed in the United States are unemployed through no fault of their own. They WANT to work, but between federal government intervention in taxes, ‘social programs’ and a myriad of other federally created hardships, they have lost their jobs, and possibly their futures. Bailing out the banks and the BIG Fortune 50 companies (GM, for example) KILLED Main Street because Main Street didn’t get ANY help, ESPECIALLY from this bodaciously corrupt Administration. Bernanke kept printing money, and our politicians (on BOTH sides of the aisle) kept spending it faster than Ben’s presses could create it. Still, they managed to add somewhere in the neighborhood of FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS that our great, great, great, great grandkids will be paying off indefinitely. Ask a Democrat when they think all this debt will be paid off. Watch for that ‘Deer in the headlights’ look. I have actually heard people state that, ‘Well, it won’t be in my lifetime, so why should I give a shit?’ !!! Soooo, how long have you been sterile?

        My point is that ALL of the unemployed are not sitting home, smoking dope, eating Cheetos and jerking off. Granted, some are…ask the Doc who’s Orange today…but so many people have been royally screwed by our own government, it’s just not fair, right or just that we lump everyone together.

        • Yeah, our company is ‘rightsizing’. i.e. reducing head count by 30% and shipping the work off to Mumbai, Vietnam, Russia.

          Those 50 people are having a hell of a time finding work in our local economy.

      28. id rather starve than receive a goram hand out. and that should say something considering I am still unemployed.

        of coarse… that aint exactly plan A.

      29. Meanwhile all your local,county, state, and federal workforce(all increasing btw and.. new hiring) receive gracious yearly cost of living increases,excellent benefits, massive retirement packages.. all on your slave labor wages…..

        These are the ones vacationing,driving new vehicles,sending their kids to prestigious schools and colleges,taking junkets and world class trips worldwide and across the country…then they hire all their relatives and friends at exorbitant wages,and have all the “living in the shadows” illegals nanny their offspring, landscape their lawns, serve their meals,paint their houses,picking their wonder they want amnesty!!

        The plantation has gone’s unfortunate they are playing the role of Robin Hood they have prostituted his original theme..instead of robbing the rich to feed the poor..they are robbing us to sustain their lavish lifestyles…and now have millions of willing serfs at their feet for basic sustenance..

        We are indeed royally screwed..


        • Possee, have you heard from NinaO? No updates on his site since March 23. Hope he’s OK.

          • RB ,
            I think Nina O works in search and rescue ( SAR ) believe it or not , he just likes to pull people’s chains on here , he may be involved with the Tornado recovery operations out west.
            They probably are not any hot spots to log on or he may be extremely Busy.

            Semper Fi 8541

          • No braveheart..not at all..

            The only comm I have had is with Manos..and he’s doing ok considering his situation in Greece..

            Daisy and Burt have been off the radar as well..surely busy with their both have moved and settled in new digs..

            Me, we’re finally receiving 50 plus degree weather so it’s off to the compost piles and tilling the vege beds this won’t see us in soup lines nor snap programs…


        • I knew I should have just logged off with BI’s rant above…

          Now I’m going to work for sure.

          Peace brother p.

      30. Scary times indeed. My husband works in grocery retail. I will not go further with what he does. He tells me how AWFUL it is at the beginning of the month at the store. Once the first allotment of food stamps is released, the store is busy from open to close. He works for an independent mom and pop. As soon as those doors open at 6 am on the first snap release day, at least 50 or more people are waiting in the parking lot. The walmart up the road used to stay open 24 hours, but decided to shut the doors at midnight because they did not want to hire more people to come in and work that late. Why? Once the snap is released after midnight, the store is flooded with shoppers.

        He told me the other day, at least every person coming through those lines have a snap card. He kept a count last month in the middle of the month. He said that out of 225 people coming through the line from 6 am to 6pm, 175 of those people used a snap benefit card. Only 50 people paid on their own. That’s a frightening reality.

        I can also tell you that in our state, if you are able bodied, young, and can work, you do NOT have to be seeking employment to qualify for SNAP. That’s right, you read this correctly. They are no longer enforcing people to go look for work in order to qualify. I heard it straight out of a 26 year old woman’s mouth, who is able bodied, married, and has a child. In fact she told me the woman at the welfare office told her “We are not really going to check into that”. They are RELAXING the qualifications to get food benefits. It used to be, you HAD to be seeking employment or working at least part time.

        My husband also tells me that at least EVERYONE coming through those lines using snap are buying JUNK and high dollar cuts of meat.

        Our gas stations are strict here. You cannot buy hot foods with the SNAP and you cannot use SNAP in this state to purchase fast food, yet.

      31. Oh yeah, and milk just went up a WHOLE dollar here. We are storing powdered goats milk and regular, and I just got chickens for eggs.

        • We have chickens and I’ve stocked up and stocked up on dehydrated milk. Same with flour and yeast. We are surrounded by dairy farms, but it’s ILLEGAL in Ohio to buy raw milk. Idiots. Don’t know how long they can enforce that if things get bad, but as above, I wish it would just happen and the recovery begin. I can milk a cow (very gently) but arthritis is catching up and I’d like to be able to use my skills while I still can.

          • We have a jersey angus cross milk cow. And we also have a registered alpine milk goat. A goat is much easier to milk than a cow. what we do is let the baby calf & goats run in the pasture with their mothers. When we need some milk we pen up the babys for several hours. them milk out what we want and reunite them.

      32. ok , i have to admit i have been using my EBT card for the past few months. had to the cost of food is getting ridiculous around here,hope no one holds this against me… there i said it ,i feel much better now..

        • Who is this POS posting under my name?

          • I’d E-mail Mac and get it under control , im sure he can block them, or research their IP address and know who it is

          • So Brave, you are mooching off the tax payers tit. you said you have a job too. jk.

      33. M6.4 – 15km N of Tecpan de Galeana, Mexico 2014-05-08 17:00:17 UTC

        Tectonic Summary
        Seismotectonics of Mexico
        Located atop three of the large tectonic plates, Mexico is one of the world’s most seismically active regions. The relative motion of these crustal plates causes frequent earthquakes and occasional volcanic eruptions. Most of the Mexican landmass is on the westward moving North American plate. The Pacific Ocean floor south of Mexico is being carried northeastward by the underlying Cocos plate. Because oceanic crust is relatively dense, when the Pacific Ocean floor encounters the lighter continental crust of the Mexican landmass, the ocean floor is subducted beneath the North American plate creating the deep Middle American trench along Mexico’s southern coast. Also as a result of this convergence, the westward moving Mexico landmass is slowed and crumpled creating the mountain ranges of southern Mexico and earthquakes near Mexico’s southern coast. As the oceanic crust is pulled downward, it melts; the molten material is then forced upward through weaknesses in the overlying continental crust. This process has created a region of volcanoes across south-central Mexico known as the Cordillera Neovolcánica.
        The area west of the Gulf of California, including Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, is moving northwestward with the Pacific plate at about 50 mm per year. Here, the Pacific and North American plates grind past each other creating strike-slip faulting, the southern extension of California’s San Andreas fault. In the past, this relative plate motion pulled Baja California away from the coast forming the Gulf of California and is the cause of earthquakes in the Gulf of California region today.
        Mexico has a long history of destructive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In September 1985, a magnitude 8.1 earthquake killed more than 9,500 people in Mexico City. In southern Mexico, Volcán de Colima and El Chichón erupted in 2005 and 1982, respectively. Paricutín volcano, west of Mexico City, began venting smoke in a cornfield in 1943; a decade later this new volcano had grown to a height of 424 meters. Popocatépetl and Ixtaccíhuatl volcanos (“smoking mountain” and “white lady”, respectively), southeast of Mexico City, occasionally vent gas that can be clearly seen from the City, a reminder that volcanic activity is ongoing. In 1994 and 2000 Popocatépetl renewed its activity forcing the evacuation of nearby towns, causing seismologists and government officials to be concerned about the effect a large-scale eruption might have on the heavily populated region. Popocatépetl volcano last erupted in 2010.

        • @ River Rat. Everytime the Cocos plate moves, it puts tension on the Caribbean plate. The northern and eastern part of the Caribbean plate last broke in similiar magnitude to the Japanese earthquake that was 9 back about 600 years ago. This is quite overdue. If there is enough dynamic overshoot WHEN the Caribbean plate goes, it could send some serious tsunamis up the south to central side of the Atlantic sea coast. Even northern areas like Boston would get a decent size tsunami, maybe even to 10-15 feet. The Cocos plate also affect the San Andreas.

          By the way as usual, the USGS downgraded any earthquake around populated areas. This is really a 6.8 as origninally posted.

      34. OPINION: Russia Could Station Missiles in Europe in Response to NATO Moves

        MOSCOW, May 7 (RIA Novosti) – Russia could deploy short-range Iskander missiles in the country’s westernmost Kaliningrad region if NATO decides to strengthen its military presence in Eastern Europe, Lt. Gen. Yevgeny Buzhinsky told RIA Novosti.
        “Russia is a nuclear power,” he said. “If NATO becomes more active, we will deploy a division of Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad Region,” added Buzhinsky, who previously headed the department of international agreements in the Russian Defense Ministry.
        US Air Force General Philip Breedlove said Tuesday that NATO will consider permanently stationing troops in parts of Eastern Europe following the increased tensions over Ukraine, Reuters reported.
        “I think this is something we have to consider and we will tee this up for discussion through the leaderships of our nations to see where that leads,” he was quoted as saying.
        Defense and foreign ministers of NATO member states as well as senior commanders are to examine the alliance’s presence in Europe prior to a summit of NATO leaders in Wales this September, Breedlove said.
        “I don’t see any potential danger if a military conflict between NATO and Russia in Europe involving ground forces,” Buzhinsky told RIA Novosti. “There is no military threat [to Russia], this is an information war,” he said.
        NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said earlier the alliance will boost air patrols over Eastern Europe and dispatch extra ships to the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas due to the crisis in Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that NATO was attempting to use the Ukrainian crisis as a pretext to unite the alliance’s members and to push for Moscow’s isolation.
        Rasmussen also claimed last month that “Russia is speaking and behaving not as a partner, but as an adversary.”
        Franz Klintsevich, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense, told RIA Novosti that deployment of NATO infrastructure in Eastern Europe and in the Baltic States endangers these countries and Russia should diplomatically deliver this message to the leadership of these states.
        “A serious object in the Lithuanian territory, any modern nuclear weapon – means Lithuania basically doesn’t exist anymore, and politicians should understand that, this is a serious issue,” Franz Klintsevich said.

      35. “I started with nothing and I got most of it left.”

        (Pulls out pen and writes on palm). Add this and this…minus that…carry the six…divide by two.
        Hmmmm… Time to taper the food stamps and Big Old People welfare payments.

        Retirement is, after all, a western value and is fairly new. We will have to revert back to the “work the fields til you die” system like the rest of the world.

        And you thought you were “exceptional”.

      36. There is to much abuse in the welfare system. The government could direct the efforts of the many agencies to crack down on that abuse, but it is not their plan. They have little regard for the hard working taxpayer. Those of us who work are outnumbered by those who vote.

      37. ***** MERS CoV UPDATE *****

        and its off to the races

        Saudi Arabia finds another 32 MERS cases as disease spreads

        “The rate of infection in Saudi Arabia has surged in recent weeks after big outbreaks associated with hospitals in Jeddah and Riyadh. The total number of infections nearly doubled in April and has risen by a further 25 percent already in May.”

        • Good, let them hang out with Mohammed, they get what they deserve.

      38. Just consider all the manufacturing jobs that have been sent to Asia as a result of NAFTA.GATT has been nearly as bad for Americans and now fast forward to 2014 and we are staring directly into the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership that spells even more disaster for American households: the end of national sovereignty and replaced by corporate oligarchy.
        More small businesses are closing down than ever before and inflation is being covered over. The truth is the dollar is about to collapse and for those who haven’t yet caught on: The IMF has issued funds to the Ukraine in the form of SDR or Special Drawing Rights, not in dollars. So what does that tell you?
        The dollar is about to tank and the financial house of cards that is being propped up by the Fed and the White House and the MSM will no longer be able to continue to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes. Make no mistake about…collapse is coming. It’s now just a matter of time. The dollar will become worthless, your savings account will be pilfered. Peoples safety account boxes are now being pilfered by the banksters.
        Being prepared for what’s coming is the best way to survive for the coming collapse. Complaining about welfare abuse is one thing but shouldn’t be taking up our time…those people are the ones who are going to be in the hurt locker when it all comes toppling down.
        Yes it’s a shame that people are using EBT cards for other than food but if it this is going to be stopped then a better way of preventing it needs to be put in place.
        The corporate welfare, bank bail outs in the amount of hundreds of billions of dollars called Quantitative Easing has done more damage to America than those who misuse their EBT. I agree those on the program should be using common sense but that appears to be in short supply these days.

      39. If you knew everyone was going to die soon and felt guilty because you were going to make it, you would want to feed everyone a last meal, wouldn’t you? I believe this is what is happening, why the Government is giving away so much that it is ruining the working ethics of its population. Believe me they know what is coming!

      40. TPTB saw that when you give people food and housing you can control them, and they will let you control them. So what they did was start making people into cattle.
        When everything crashed in the 20′ and 30’s. we had open food lines where people stood on the street in long lines to get something to eat. When WW2 started we didn’t have food lines. Today we have EBT and welfare checks going to people. Can anyone say WW3?
        I don’t mind helping people that need help, but for the Zombies and Leaches that are 5th and 6th generation of Zombies and Leaches is where I draw the line. I’m tired at this S%$t. I’m about 48% tax on my income. If I was at 20% I could help my family out a lot better.


        • Sgt. Dale:
          With all the police brutality increasing daily I fear that soon, very soon open season just may happen.
          For those of you in Law Enforcement that are just and fair this will not protect you from the upcoming response. So please be very careful my FRIEND. Again I fear a day of reckoning is approaching!

        • Amen Brother
          Born free, Taxed to death!

        • Uncle Porky,

          The biggest welfare queens by far are huge corporations. If the poor are taking all the money then why are all the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer? But you pigs never investigate the rich, the powerful, or those in blue, do you? I see on The Daily Sheeple that the corrupt, shit eating FBI rats are launching an investigation into those militiamen at the Bundy ranch. Not a single word about BLM pigs pointing sniper rifles, sicing dogs, and tazering unarmed protesters; and tackling elderly female cancer patients. That is why the militia was assembled. To protect the innocent from you pig terrorists. But surprise, surprise, after picking a fight, all the tough guys suddenly vanished when the militia showed up to prosecute that fight. A man who is not afraid to get shot (mostly due to lack of experience) is a dangerous thing indeed, isn’t it? I know most of you pigs flunked out of college, but did it ever occur to you numbskulls that pointing rifles at people tends to make them want to acquire a force equalizer? Its amazing to me how you pigs can tolerate getting cursed up and down at the academy, but you cant handle one citizen arguing with you. “Im not gonna have a discussion with you, sir” aka “Im losing the argument and I know it.” Today I see two pigs in NY beat a nonresistant minor unconscious and then charged him with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. In Al pigs killed a minor by sticking an object down his throat, looking for drugs that were never found. You better have some civvies in your GOOD bag. That uniform is not going to help you.

      41. The Soup Line is the EBT card.

      42. OPINION: Russia Forced to React to NATO’s Eastward Enlargement

        MOSCOW, May 8 (RIA Novosti), Daria Chernyshova – Russia will have to react if NATO is foolish enough to set up bases in western Ukraine, Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar told RIA Novosti Thursday.
        “If NATO is foolish enough to attempt to set up bases in Western Ukraine, for instance, make sure there will be a forceful Russia reaction,” Escobar said. “So Russia’s policy will continue to be defensive and reactive – but that does not mean surrendering. Georgia was a red line. Crimea was a red line,” he said.

      43. The welfare system, including SSI, is overwhelmed. It has virtually no oversight. This could be just natural due to sheer volume or it could be by design. There are “activists” within the system who are signing up everybody as fast as they can. Also, remember that nearly a million people fell off unemployment bennies recently. Guess where they are going to show up soon. Intentional destruction of the country or something else? You figured right. It’s intentional.

        • Poon Tang;You all may also want to go to and read the article “Selective Climate Alarmism of White House ignores imminent threats of EMP attack,debt collapse,and Fukushima collapse” Id link it but i have had one i posted over an hour ago still in moderation?

      44. Hey you want your Blood Pressure to go up few hundred points watch this video.
        Massive tax fraud due to a tax loophole – A friend’s CPA sent this to them. You may have already seen it but it was news to me. It’s a real eye opener! No wonder the country is going broke!

        THIS is just downright F–king WRONG, WRONG!

        Hell I don’t have near that much $ after taxes, let alone it being my Refund!

        WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! They are living better than us and all through an IRS Loophole!

        Where’s MY loophole?

      45. Saudi reporting 10 more MERS cases

        the Phillipines reporting a MERS death

        • I agree,,, especially with OAS right around the corner,,
          They better be careful with their arrogance,,theres far far more of us than them.

        • BI ive got mixed feelings about this. Myself I was taught never point a gun at anything or anyone unless you are intending to kill it. I I ever felt a need to pull my gun ill be cocking the hammer & pulling the trigger. If you don’t intend to use deadly force don’t point your weapon at anyone. That rule is the same for everyone citizens and law enforcement alike.

      46. i need help, please help me

        • I’m the REAL braveheart. I’ll help you get to the emergency room after I put my foot into your ass for posting under my name, POS.

      47. Just read an article showing that Jesse Jackson Jr. is receiving $8600.00 a month for a mood disorder. The POS should be in the pen. Lets see if our elected officials step up and stop this abuse .


      48. Everything is up except the okra in the 6000 square feet garden. Steer is at the law of deminishing returns but is fat and at 1100 lbs. One long row of lettus just for him. All of our country neighbors enjoy our extra eggs. Three years of hedge (osage orange) wood cut for the Hawken stove. Free movies at the library. My woman loves me.

        Life is good.

      49. you cant kill what already has no life, at the rate they are going this will be where most of us will be at very soon, it wont be pretty for anyone in Law enforcement or even those of us trying to protect what is ours and our families

        beware .. its no joke

      50. TEMPER,TEMPER,TEMPER you ol’ chap have some real issues. as long as anyone agrees with you ,you’re okay… you can dish it out but can’t take it..i have seen some of you’re previous post,acting like billy bada*s.i have been prepping for quite some time, not for trying to take on the government but for natural disasters and economic collapse.first off WHEN a situation occurs that would cause mass rioting or looting ,it won’t be as easy as just shooting at someone trying to gain access to you’re home …try taking on multiple assailants,maybe 2 0r 3 is possible,but say 15 or 20 or more coming in at different directions,i don’t think so.I have been shot at , it is a very sterssful situation to say the least,and nothing i hope to experience again if i have a choice..thinking clearly an assessing the situation is of utmost importance,shooting wildly at anything that moves or anything that is percieved as a threat will get you DEAD quickly.. people that have a mindset that they can take on anyone anytime in my experience,have never seen or been in a real combat situation.Yes i am trained in weapons but also in hand to hand combat which i feel will also come into use in such scenerios as stated above…not everyone will have guns,ammo etc. or have access to them instantly such as caught off guard.. it will come down to close quarters combat,more than most would think.My family and myself will hold out as long as possible,hopefully long enough.ALPHA BRAVO 1 out.

        • Back years ago there was a big riot in a texas town. So the Texas rangers where called. The train arrived and one old grizzled ranger got off the train. The Local authorities where dismayed. They asked why is there only one ranger sent? the Old ranger asked why do you have more than one riot?

      51. Allen West: Convict Jackson Jr. Gets $8.7K A Month Disability For ‘Mood Disorder.’ I Should Be So Crazy

        By Allen West
        Whenever you hear our dear politicians in Washington DC say there’s nothing more to cut or that they’re just like us, let me give you a friendly reminder. As Breitbart reported after his jail sentencing, convicted ex-congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) receives $8,700 per month in government disability pay, as well as a partial federal pension of $45,000.
        That generous $8,700 in disability comes thanks to Jackson’s sudden development of a “mood disorder” as the federal government began looking to indict him. Jackson, who was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison, had no history of mental illness during his prior 17 years in Congress.

      52. Tonight I’ll be working on my new venture. 9 pm until 1 am.

        Guess what?

        I’m planning on zero employees!

        Why should I let Obama enslave me?

      53. No kidding. I work retail in meats and from the 1st until the 8th, hells out for recess. Our dept used to run on 575-600 hours a week for employees. Now we are down to 365. Sales are up and we have stagnated at 3 on 1st shift, 3 on second shift during the weekend, and 1-2 on first and 1-2 on second shift the rest of the time. We’re getting the sxxx beat out of us!

      54. today ive been planting some more above ground crops. Sweet corn, Beans ,Peas, and a flower bed. We have newly hatched bantam chicks & baby geese. Rain is predicted the next few days. Dont have need or want a job. As long as the Social Security Ponzi Scheme check keeps arriving every month . Ill Be as happy as a duck with two mud puddles! Now It it fails to arrive I still wont have to beg for help from others.

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