American Concentration Camps: “Will Be Used To Enforce Medical Martial Law For The Sick… And To House Political Dissidents”

by | Oct 30, 2014 | Headline News | 398 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. Get real, not a problem. So far these people have shown a remarkable ability to be unable to operate a sand castle on the beach. I’m not going anywhere. And by the looks of things Shortly after Tuesday Next week Bois going to find out what’s it’s like to be a lame duck president.

        • It’s called plausible deniability you idiot!
          They will surely say.. “We didn’t do this or that, look, we can’t even balance a budget, or stop ebola”….
          Ask those Jews in Nazi Germany how they felt about their captor and occupiers…. they ‘didn’t believe it was as bad as people said, and didn’t believe it could get worse’ right up until they were walked into the showers or incinerators..

          • Please Matt don’t even start with that zionist propagated horror story. Yes, the jews were persecuted, scapegoated, and executed. But the mass gassings and open air cremations are BS. They not only defy any logic, they defy physics.

            • Good comment even though zioDave hid it from view! Ebola is phony.
              It’s just a way to stampede a bunch of idiots into martial law and get US troops into Africa to steal more resources. War Is A Racket.

            • We have seen the films and I confirmed with a WW2 vet before he passed that he saw the gassed corpses in person. It really happened there and looks like it is getting ready to happen here. Jews were not the only victims.

          • They cannot even isolate a dipshit nurse in Maine. Just how are these dipwads going to confine millions?

            • John W. says, “They cannot even isolate a dipshit nurse in Maine.”

              Who said that’s what they want to do?

              Keyword: BigPicture.

              As to your question, “Just how are these dipwads going to confine millions?”

              The answer is easy enough, they will manipulate the masses into clamoring for it.

              Via MW:

              clam·or: a loud or strong demand for something by many people

              • That is true. you cut off the government stipend and all those who survive by sucking on the government teat will willingly give themselves up. almost anyone can be starved into submission.

                • Thomas Jefferson once said:

                  ” If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

                  It is AMAZING the wisdom this man had 200 years ago!

              • Do you intend to go along like a sheep? Just what can they offer even the marginally skeptical? I would guess that for the first time since the New Deal that people are starting to realize what a bunch of morons run the govt. When even the blacks are waking up to the Dem. scam there is hope.

            • When the collapse happens, “The Haves” in Government, will not stick around to carry out any round ups, as the will be long gone hidden in their enclaves with their stolen loot. This vacuum at the Top will be fought over by the most brutal as they kill their rivals to be the top dog. It will be mass Chaos. That is your last chance to escape the cities before the big crackdown and Martial Law. Then shitty UN troops will wedge their way in to restore order as they claim but will just slaughter all resistance. UN Troops are the worst corrupt scumbags out there and are bribable. Meanung they will do whatever for riches. They will be promised your property if the kill and get rid of you. These FEMA Camps only hold a few thousand people, and they sure don’t want to use their MRE’s to feed you, so their FEMA Camps will be like a meat factory processing your corpses for disposal. Not housing you with 3 squares a day until the revolution is over. You fight to the death on your feet to stop these Bastards at every turn.

            • She is one of them, I imagine they will use bullets and batons on the rest of us.

            • John W.,

              Don’t underestimate this administration. They will use this irresponsible nurse to further advance their agenda.

              Remember how they think…
              “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
              -Rahm Emanuel

              • I suspect that Odummys time as the anointed one is at an end.


            • I doubt they want to isolate her. Someone has to spread this stuff so there can be a real “crisis”.

        • I would suggest that FEMA camps are designed for all of the Ferguson demonstrator lookalikes embedded in the major cities across the nation when they start rioting after their EBT Card account has been closed for “insufficient funds”; or when they discover that the Ferguson cop who shot Michael Brown in self defense, is gonna walk.

          Engage your employees or be enslaved by them one rule, regulation, or Executive Order at a time. 🙂

          • I suggest we turn each FEMA Camp into a Prison for Politicians. Let them get a taste of their own medicine. Yeah we can call it “Terminis” after the Walking Dead village, of hucksters. When the MRE’s run out they can then turn and feed off themselves.

            • …”Estimated 25 to 30 illegal aliens”…

              That doesn’t seem like very many. We can handle 25 to 30.

              They seem to be missing “million” in there!

            • Oh yeah, WhoWuddaThunkIt, that’s a brilliant idea, then we could all be just like them.

            • WWT
              we dont have to eat them do we?

              • Lower 40. No we don;t have to eat them, but we will use them for vital organ harvesting and body part transplants. The rest gets fed to the hogs. Oh the Humanity!!

          • OT … Breao\king News Eric Frein, the man who shot two state troopers in PA and has been on the lam for 6 weeks has been captured. Per Fox News

            • pardon Navy Vet…didnt see your remarks before posting mine below… REB

              • Wow I apoligize to Navy Vet for repeating his point and the trolls get upset…good! 🙂

            • Navy Vet. Alleged grand jury leak: Ferguson cop Darren Wilson will not be indicted in the Michael Brown shooting. Court documents were hacked according to Yahoo News article. Things are going to get real interesting in Ferguson, MO if this is confirmed. Police already gearing up for potential riots.

              • I heard they were going to announce the decision on Monday the da before the elections. Nation wide riots may have a very big impact possibly not the one they are counting on.

          • Let’s face it, none of us are getting out of here alive, it is not a matter of “if” but a matter of when and how. And since the future is fluid, any number of variables can be a game changer, so it is in everybody’s best interest to be happy NOW and take nothing for granted, make good memories, love those who are near and dear to your heart, and make ammends now so you have a “clean slate” for the hereafter.

            • I like that take on thimgs, ghost, “since the future is fluid, any number of variables can be a game changer, so it is in everybody’s best interest to be happy NOW and take nothing for granted, make good memories, love those who are near and dear to your heart, and make ammends now so you have a “clean slate” for the hereafter.”

              That runs hand in hand with this take on things:

              “Three reasons I don’t care about election day are: 1. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil. 2. “Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods” ~ H.L. Mencken. 3. The only way to vote against crook A and crook B is to not vote.”

              • Helot, I hope you don’t vote. Just makes my vote worth more. And please do encourage your other moron friends not to vote either. Thx for your cooperation.

                • WWTI:

                  Candidates of the two major parties are selected and funded by the Power Elite to give the peasantry the illusion of say-so. Keeps them engaged in their masters’ bidding and tractable. In other words, no matter who you vote for, nothing significant ever changes. Because most of the control structure is codified in appellate court decisions or beyond political reach. For instance Goldman Sucks controls billions of dollars. The 400 members of the Forbes Richest Americans list collectively have a higher net worth than 150 million Amurikans. Most folks who comfort themselves that they are “Middle Class” are debt slaves who own nothing. See Charles Hugh Smith Oftwominds recent posts about what middle class means and what it doesn’t. How does voting change that? It doesn’t. But go kneel and kiss master’s hand Tuesday if it makes you feel good.

              • While what you state is true. I still vote. Blanche Lambert was our Washington representave. She had been elected for decades. Her Arrogance was unbridled. She voted for the Obama care. And at the next election she was defeated. Seeing her lose and her reaction to that loss gave me great joy. Now Pryor is in the same boat. Im not voting for Pryors opponent Im simply voting against Pryor.

        • “Since 1987 we have had an estimated 25-30 illegal aliens enter the United States…”

          If you divide the years since 1987 (27 years) by even 30 illegal aliens entering the United States, that’s not really that many illegal aliens.

          • Sterling, you mean 23 to 30 Million Illegals. We get the point. Obama wants to more than match that number within the next year of so for 34 Million More. Proof on

            • Wow. I was just quoting Hodges and pointing out that he neglected to put the word “million” after the 25 to 30. Not my mistake, just poking some fun. People on this thread need to calm down and just enjoy the day.

          • One of the reasons I suspect that Hodges is managed opposition is his consistent refusal to name the true perpetrators. I believe that Hodges, like Alex Jones, intends to inflame and misdirect us.

            It was not Ayers who launched Obama:


            Follow both the imbedded links and the “also see” links.

            • “refusal to name the true perpetrators”

              As soon as you said that, I said to myself THE JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!

              Yup, you didn’t disappoint. idiot.

              • Don’t let facts get in the way of your ignorance.

                • I was trying not to let your stupidity get in the way of me reading, but…

            • “refusal to name the true perpetrators”

              As soon as you said that, I said to myself THE JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!

              Yup, you didn’t disappoint. idiot.

                • A lot of groups supported BO’s election, not just Jews. The elitists at the top who are pulling all the strings conspire to bring in a new world order, and they may want to rule from Israel, (Jerusalem), but that doesn’t mean they are Jews.

          • Hm. Maybe the article should read 25-30 MILLION?

          • Move to California and you will change your mind. Even one is too many since it has occurred with the silent assent of govt. 30 million is another California. You be either an illegal lover or an illegal yourself to state what you did.

          • dip shit he said “million”
            omfg get a life boner boy

        • Need more FEMA camps to house all the stupid Libs. 😉

            • Thanks Calif Resident. I like Ann Barnhardt. Good stuff.

              Are You In The 916 Area code?

          • come to seattle and bring FEMA camps we have fuck tons of lib tards that need quarantining. Please donate to this cause

          • Freeslave….You mean Holocaust Part 2 ???…. hell yeah!! Lets fry the Bernie Maddofs of the world. Blood sucking parasites.

        • First they must live through we the peoples 30 billion bullets that we will kill them with

          • um dude? Last I counted it was like um 45 billion? Ok?

        • that’s exactly right, paranoid… so far TPTB can’t even get one friggin’ NURSE to stay in her own home for 21 days! Does anyone believe they could force 300 million to get out of their homes to go to such a place? I didn’t think so. Out of 300 million in the U.S., possibly 100 million or more have multiple weapons.. some of them are quite good ones. Just sayin’.

          • Green thumb tinker, but we need more weapons.

        • This is how stupid women really are. Feminazis had a blog today about how the following pop culture heros committed acts of violence towards women and did not get reprimanded for it:

          Charlie Sheen
          Sean Penn
          Michael Fassbender
          Matthew Fox
          John Lennon
          Paul McCartney
          Ringo Starr
          Phil Spector
          Axl Rose
          Vince Neil
          Jim Morrison
          Steven Segal
          Tommy Lee
          Ozzy Osbourne
          Mickey Rourke
          Bill Murray
          Gary Busey
          Tom Sizemore
          Christian Slater
          James Caan
          Josh Brolin
          Edward Furlong
          Ben Roethlisberger
          Christian Bale
          Mel Gibson
          Vanilla Ice
          Nicolas Cage




          • Acid – I hear the Taliban in hiring.. lol Really, do you have any sisters? Do you hate your Mother? Hey, we all have some demons, but maybe join a sodomy club for the like minded. Just a thought.

          • acid…green thumb generally speaking. I dont like girls chasing assholes, but maybe ummm chill pill with the hysterics? i get enough drama at work dude!


          Movie about urban exploration.

          Underneath Paris has 200 miles of tunnels. Its a 60 Euro fine for being caught exploring (stupid fucking old people).

        • Lame duck status makes this president more dangerous than he already is, if thats even possible.

          • Wait till all those asshole democrats and republicrats are also lame duck, stuff is about to get interesting

        • If you (and I) wake up Wednesday morning and see that the Democrats have won everything by a land slide, will you be a political dissident ? No need to answer this question.

        • @ Paranoid : I’m with you on the get real. 25 – 30, even if it is million, since 1987, that is 1,111,111 a year. 800 FEMA camps times 20,000 each = 16,000,000. All the malls, sports stadiums, and fema camps are not enough to hold even half of the US population. They could not possibly feed, house, and guard all of them. So you say they are going to kill a bunch of us. With that in mind, why would anybody go willingly ? If they did finally get you in the camps, everybody here touts what a hungry mob is capable of, what are they going to do with us then ? Only the dumbest sheeple would go. Now if you count just the dumbest sheeple, their still is not enough space to house them all. After awhile of starving in the camps, people will start thinking a bullet is better than starving to death. Then thousands rush the gate at the same time. They can’t kill them all.
          They would be better off shutting down all ports, then let the country starve and kill half of the population off itself before attempting to round us up. If obumer has done nothing else, he has armed the country to the teeth. millions and millions of firearms and ammo since he has takin office.
          Keep buying beans, rice, and bullets.

          • @fishandmud;
            exactly, logistically I don’t think the camps are possible on a large scale. Small scale maybe.

            I did a quick internet search and according to Wiki, the largest prison in the country is Louisiana State Penitentiary.

            It has approx. 6300 inmates and 1800 staff. Think about that for a second… that’s almost a 3 to 1 ratio. Granted this is a max security prison, but you get the idea of the resources that are needed to control a population during regular times.

            Now expand that thought to a scenario where martial law has been declared, or some other event where the just in time distribution system is screwed. It would be almost impossible to support that type of camp.

            Sorry, just thinking out loud.


            • How many “Inmates” can be held in that prison, if soon after arival inmates are murdered?

              Or if in the usa they use the same methods as done in that Other “HOLO” event Shaboz Goyim and their jewish masters never speak of…IE: The jewdeo soviet bolshevik kommies actions to create in Ukraine what is called the “Holodomer” event, which is when mentioned jewdeo soviet kommies led a nationwide mass forced starvation and killed at least 7-Million ukrainian White/Christians off, and actual numbers may be as many as 10-Million starved…And That jewish soviet run event only took less than 18 months start to starved, dead, finish. 18 months to mass murder a full 1/3rd of that nations peoples. And NO there was NO actual food shortages prior or during it all…Except of course the food shortages caused when soviet jewish kommie run theft of EVERY morsal of food grains, veggies and etc grown on farms or private gardens and theft or killing off of EVERY Meat cattle etc was done at Gun Point…Those who dared to “Hide” one single potato or carrot when found out saw their entire family shot dead, then entire dwelling/farm torched, then finally male head of homestead got that bullet to back of head soviet jewdeo kommies and their evil CHEKA are so famous for doing….ps ukrainians had guns also. Lack of proper communications, villages distant from each other, folks who “just wanted to remain apart, left Alone, not be bothered etc” all played a role in the mass disaster of the Holodomer events…Kinda like todays usa in several key ways no?…..All possible when the Same jewdeo-soviets also Kontrols ALL forms Media, TV news etc eh…Theres a good reason camps are always built Far away from the city crowds atten spans.

              Just ask any surviving jewish soviet bolsheviks why they, russian jewish kommies built Aushwitz so distant from regular folks awareness…That it was built orig By jewish kommies in poland is another issue forbidden to be discussed in any msm tv news or History channel documentary shows….Somebody needs do a TV show that documents both the Many, many Taboo’s as well as many “coincidences” always surrounding that tribe in whatever nation they infest…Holodomer the 2nd biggest Taboo unspoken ever of. And the event that IS actually true!

              NEVER! Underestimate the evilness and satanic capabilities whenever a nation has been infiltrated and Infected by Satans tribe…Just ask Ukrainians or any others whos memories are still vivid regarding Their past ordeals with jewdeo-soviet run “Event’s”…

              • Condor Day:4;
                Could I see intentional nationwide starvation, absolutely.

                Wholesale slaughter in fema camps, not so much.

                I may be naïve but I don’t see that happening. I’m sure I could come up with a plausible scenario where mass killings in a camp could occur, but why would they go to such great lengths to build camps and then kill everyone, when they could just implement nationwide starvation,etc and let things devolve for themselves.


                • Ghost Rider: probobly because like their forefather bolsheviks in Ukraine and Poland and Russia etc did. This time around too it will be to their advantages to do so many deaths in secret. Or at least do it with an overall planned method of round up, kill em all, dispose of many dead bodies all while keeping as much as possible of it away from average folks knowing of it.

                  Even the soviet jewdeo kommies and cheka secret cops of that jewish kommie revolution against white christian russia saw most innocent folks Taken captive, driven in unmarked trucks or trucks with phony company names written on trucks sides to deserted Forested areas to be killed off in massive numbers. They didn’t just kill folks everywheres and anywheres and leave dead bodies scattered across landscapes usually.

                  ps are you aware that recent revealings of former well Hidden documentaions from usa army files and various Other euro govnt files hidden since WWII show 100% proof solid that while we all were always told to believe it was evil german nazis who slaughtered about 26,000 of Polands finest, smartest LEO cops and other types…

                  Revealed Facts and Truth shows it was ALL done by the jewish soviet Reds of Russia…That event called “The Katyn Forest Massacre” I am speaking of…Once again while jews Blamed nazi germans for evilness…Like the jew sal alinsky taught lib kommies to do always…Soviet bolshevik jewry projected their Own evil Guilt upon totally Innocent germans!

                  But also as per always…Sooner or later the Real truth will be outted!..Indeed it was, only since it again proves jewry as massive Liars(like Jesus said they are Of their Father the devil satan aka a liar and murderer) Us folks never yet saw nor heard a single MSM news show word of it all…MSM today Still is blameing german nazis for Katyn Forest events…More solid Proof usa MSM TV and news etc is owned and kontroled lock stock and barrel By jewish intrests and personal.

                  Maybe repub talk radio soon will out it all huh?( jokeing! I Know they will never touch such issues ever!)

        • Not any medical groups on the list. Which looks an awful lot like the same list that has been buying all that “training” ammo.

        • Not any medical groups on the list. Which looks an awful lot like the same list that has been buying all that “training” ammo.

        • Ooohhh, Now I’m really scared this time, no, not like all those other times before. The young nurse from Maine is being forcibly detained in her Ebola prisoncamp, I mean home, with no freedom, except when she decides to go for a bike ride with her boyfriend who is also ‘imprisoned’. But hey, they had a police escort, and I’ll bet that was really scary. And speaking of the all-powerful, all-seeing, and all-knowing TPTB, they FINALLY captured Frein in Pennsylvania. It only took them 48 days of playing Hide-and-Seek in the woods at a cost of 25,000+ man-hours with a price tag of $10 million to get him. Wow, is anyone else as UNDERWHELMED as I am? We live in the United States of Clusterfuck. There is no one sailing this ship, the emperor has no clothes, there is no Great and Powerful Oz. We are SOOOO screwed!!! Get ready folks because it’s getting close to YOYO Time (Your On Your Own).

        • This is America. The US Constitution IS our government. People are put into office and positions within the government to carry out the constitutionally ASSIGNED duties for the branch they occupy.

          There is NO such thing as “martial law” or “emergency powers” because they are the DIRECT OPPOSITE of the US Constitution. Please learn our government or they can keep telling you what powers they do have and YOU WILL continue to BELIEVE THEM.

          Supreme Court of the United States: “The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally in war and peace, and covers with the shield of its protection all classes of men, at all times, and under all circumstances. No doctrine involving more pernicious consequences was ever invented by the wit of man than that any of its provisions can be suspended during any of the great exigencies of government. Such a doctrine leads directly to anarchy or despotism.”

          James Madison, the Father of the US Constitution: “Because if . . . [An Unalienable Natural Right of Free Men] . . . be exempt from the authority of the Society at large, still less can it be subject to that of the Legislative Body. The latter are but the creatures and vicegerents of the former. Their jurisdiction is both derivative and limited: It is limited with regard to the coordinate departments, more necessarily is it limited with regard to the constituents. The preservation of a free Government requires, not merely, that the metes and bounds which separate each department of power be invariably maintained: but more especially that neither of them be suffered to overleap the greater Barrier which defends the rights of the people. The Rulers who are guilty of such an encroachment, exceed the commission from which they derive their authority, and are Tyrants. The people who submit to it are governed by laws made neither by themselves nor by an authority derived from them, and are Slaves”

          Hope this helps you to better understand OUR legitimate government.

      2. …And what army?

        • Iowa
          Go to see you are still around. I’m hoping things are starting to go good for you. did you get my Email address from the other day? If you need to talk let me know. Be happy to listen and try to help.

          That’s right what Army?


          • Hey Sgt. WOW, you are still here after yesterday’s beating. I give you credit. Hey many got our jabs in, me too, and its a chance to vent and tell it like it is. The good thing though, is that today in another day. I think the message was sent loud and clear last article. Americans are plum fed up with these Out of Control Cops going off the reservation being freelancing Monsters and rarely being held accountable. And Photography is not a crime. No hard feelings, I give you a lot of credit as you were out numbered 50 to 1. That is what SHTF Will look like. All the enemies that cops create will be hunting for opportunity when the time arises. So you can relate to your brethren tribe in blue, we are out here and we are watching what you all do. I also give MAC credit for letting us freely express out thoughts and frustrations. Recognizing a problem where there is one, and maybe there can be positive change as the public spoke loud and clear. And hey to be honest here, it is NOT all the Cops fault either. They have been instructed by this Foreign Security Training Tribe, to hate the people, treat the public as combat enemies. OK We are not Palestinians here, we are fellow Americans. Like who is letting this SS go on? I would love to see again Officer Friendly again, and Mayberry RFD mode return, where people actually talked out problems with mutual respect vs. the end of a barrel with a SWAT NAZI team juiced up seeking to murder somebody for kicks. Anyway, hang in there and watch yourself, and lay low, as it could all blow up any day now.

            • How the Heck could anyone Thumb Down this thought: “I would love to see again Officer Friendly again, and Mayberry RFD mode return, where people actually talked out problems with mutual respect vs. the end of a barrel with a SWAT NAZI team juiced up seeking to murder somebody for kicks.”???

              I guess there’s a Lot of police state loving, wanna-be tyrants here?

              • helot. Its the Zog Tribe. My red thumb fan club. Just telling the truth. They train US Police Forces to create Hate and divide here in the states. Then the DHS Run by the ZOG handlers gives Cities Grant Money, for this military gear. So what do you expect the outcome to be? The ZOG Trains the US Cops and Arms then with Military Gear. Wake up America we’ve been hijacked by the ZOG- Zionist Occupational Government.

                Read this Article: Israel-trained police “occupy” Missouri after killing of black youth


                At least two of the four law enforcement agencies that were deployed in Ferguson up until Thursday evening — the St. Louis County Police Department and the St. Louis Police Department — received training from Israeli security forces in recent years.

                So you want the truth? Cause and effect syndrome here.

            • WWT
              Yep! I’m still here.

              • thanks for sticking around Sgt.


              • Sgt- Cool!! Hey I’ve been beat up here too. Nothing personal. Stay Safe!!

        • Howzit hangin bud,,,
          Hope things are looking better, had a bunch of folks worried
          Even though we dont really know eachother lots of us can relate, been there

        • Iowa. Uh the UN Army under the direction of Comrad Hitlary

      3. Besides FEMA Camps to be the Biggest Place to get sick here is the next 8 Places to get sick.

        Avoid Getting Sick: Top 8 Germiest Public Places Exposed
        Guard Yourself Against Viruses and Bacteria in These Public Areas
        By Nicole McEwen, Special to Lifescript
        Published October 14, 2014

        1. Grocery store
        Germiest items: Shopping cart handles and seat buckets

        2. Children’s playgrounds
        Germiest items: The swings, jungle gym and other equipment Playgrounds are germ minefields. Kids touch everything they see and often put them in their mouths.

        The largest threat is from fecal bacteria from bird poop on playground equipment and diaper-wearing tots, Gerba says.

        Another kid-friendly hot zone: petting zoos and exhibits with animals infected with E. coli, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

        3. Public restrooms
        Germiest item: Sink

        Most women worry about public toilets. Well, you can sit a little easier now: The porcelain throne is not the biggest restroom offender. It’s the sink.

        4. Offices
        Germiest items: Telephones and desks

        In a study of 113 work surfaces in offices in five of the nation’s big cities, Gerba found more than 25,000 bacteria hitching a ride on telephones. Desks and computer keyboards followed close behind.

        5. Restaurants
        Germiest items: Table surface, high chairs

        No, contaminated food isn’t the biggest threat at restaurants — it’s the rag used to wipe the table “clean.”

        When busboys wipe down a table or chairs, their dirty rags may be spreading a small film of E. coli, he says.

        6. Libraries
        Germiest items: Countertops and surfaces

        Libraries appear to be tidy, sterile places, but they crawl with as many germs as a fast-food restaurant.

        Why so filthy? Lots of people shuffle through and peruse books, log on to computers and touch countertops, Gerba says.

        7. Cruise ships
        Germiest item: Handrails

        Cruise ships are like floating cities, packed with thousands of people in a small space. That also makes them incubators for viruses and bacteria.

        From 2001-2005, gastrointestinal illness on ships increased 25.6%, according to a CDC study: The culprit? Norovirus.

        8. Malls
        Germiest item: Escalator handles

        How often do you hang onto the escalator handrails while catching a ride at a shopping mall or airport?

        Hands off: They’re teeming with germs, according to a study published in a 2005 issue of the International Journal of Environmental Health Research. Scientists took samples from dozens of escalator handrails across the country and found 19% showed high bacterial contamination.

        “The sheer volume of people who touch escalator handles makes it a bacteria hot spot,” Gerba says.

        • WWTI;
          Good post… your ruined my breakfast but still a good post.


          • ZOO’s: are a tough issue. Because zoo’s are a mandatory part of early childhood learning of why, for white kids anyways, it is so important to learn at very young ages the Major differences, and teach a good understanding of whitey Racialism and sepperatness issues.

            Where else But a zoo’s ape/chimp/baboon cages can small kiddies get such vital early youth training, and yet remain 100% Safe at all times?…After all you take Your and your kids lives in hand if you travel into inner city ghetto zones in order to provide such Vital teaching disiplines eh…Therefore a ZOO is a far safer zone for teaching the many reasons with visual live demonstrations as close as 5 feet distance, and yet keep parents and small kides safe as can be.

            What I myself learned as a small kid due to many sunday ZOO trips to the Detroit Zoo, was only surpassed by my life growing up within inner zones of detroit beginning at age of 10 yrs old, when i first recall hearing of..
            “There Goes The Neighborhood”!…By age of 12 yrs old,I was fully aware what that statement really meant!…By age of 15 yrs old, after only a short 5 yrs time frame, when detroit got Looted, destroyed and burned down halfway it ALL gelled into the full meanings of it all.

            Parent’s! Teach them white kids swell…Take kids to the ZOO often, Point out vast differences via use of existing varried monky cage exibits…..It should do swell as a guarentee that Your grandkiddies are also of a white hue.

            • Condor Day – Its the petting zoos, not the regular zoos. Also handling reptiles like snakes can carry a lot of bacteria as well.

              • ok I must have missed that petting zoo parts eh. Never ever try to Pet detroit zoo type caged apes or baboons! Same goes for Detroit Street Apes also! a Very dangerous game to try petting the savages. Just ask the Thousands of very pretty blonde white girls who thought to co-habitate with and have sex with such animals will all work out swell in a long lasting wonderfull relationship!

                www dot incogman dot net has tons of photos and articles related to such endevors by idiotic white brainwashed girls or women folk…ALL are Now Deader than a door nail dead. They seem to believe one can have sex with and reside with such savages and that somehow will “Change” their savagness into cuddly nice animals!

                A type of Multicultic Utopian relationship if you will…Fails big time most every time tried and always ends badly for the white females doing it.

                Too bad their mommas probobly never took daughter at young ages to a ZOO for up close training of vast differences between Us Vs Them eh.

                Multicult Divirsity= Major FAIL!

                Forced Integrations= Major FAIL!

                Forced School Integration Bussings= Major FAIL!

                97% of african blacks within ANY white nations= Major FAIL!

                even germanys merkel has a few months ago gone on Live Tv news to announce that the EU’s attempted multicultural Divirsity immigrant programs has FAILED! Failed Misserably! per merkels Own words when I viewed her stateing that…Next up was british UK’s Cammeron stated exact same thing…Then France’s leadership stated exact same thing…EU honchos are up in arms over it all now!

                White europeans are finally awakening to the major swindles and to whom is responsible for most of it all…It is why recent claims by ADL and other ziojews Orgs has claimed a huge increase of..what else?…Massive antisemitism across euro zones!

                Its the tribal go to designation for all goyims who finally wake up and speak out…jewry Must always maintain the global world goyims belief in that jews are the worlds main “Victims” and the ONLY victims that count or matter…And maintain that ALL Goyims are either evil nazis Or potential evil nazis.

                “IF” enough white folks in usa, canada and european nations ever does wake up to all the tribal swindle scams and lies etc?…Nobody ever again is going to give a ratts ass whenever the world class victims crys antisemite! or repeat that over used lie of “six Million”…if they Lose that six million victim status?…They also Lose every fuckin dime Paid out endlessly for lies told…and in usa its likly we’d see every HolyHoax museum and plaque place demolished in rapid speed by fully Pissed off american citizens so duped for so long now(70+ years now duped by jewry lies! with Trillions spent wrongly to favor them too!).

                Awake Blacks would be their absolute worst ever Fear since blacks never hesitate to loot or Burn down anything when blacks gets angry eh…Wait till usa blacks figures out it was mostly jewry who did slavery issues…Nothing will then halt pissed off black destructions…DHS Cash to harden synagoge of satan securties and steel doors etc wont do squat to save them then I rekon.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt,

          Your post reminded me of this article.

          72% of shopping carts test positive for fecal matter

          This is why I carry a small Ziploc bag of cleansing wipes in my purse and always clean the handles on my shopping cart before using.

          “72% of the shopping carts had a positive marker for fecal bacteria. When they examined some of the samples, they found Escherichia coli, also known as E. coli, on half of them…

          Researchers say they actually found more fecal bacteria on grocery cart handles than you would typically find in a bathroom, mainly because bathrooms are disinfected more often than shopping carts.

          Since most stores do not routinely wash and disinfect their carts, it’s up to you to do it.”

          USA Today dot com

          • Yep I said this many times on here how germs and bacteria spread. One mom sets her peeing child in the grocery cart seat, then 10 minutes later you grab the same cart from the lot and set your eggs, milk and other food in the same seat the crapping baby just sat minutes earlier. Gross eh? And kids touch everything then put their fingers in their mouths. Then Momma kisses her child and wonder why she is sick all the time.

          • @KYMom: I get a few ‘funny’ looks when I put on my latex gloves in the grocery store….many stores are providing the wipes, and I do use when available. Take care, CC.

          • The grocery store where I shop has a disinfectant wipe dispenser next to the cart stack. I’ve been using them religiously since I read that article.

            Another place in the grocery store that is probably (haven’t seen any studies on it, just personal experience) pretty contaminated is the pen on the swipe card reader.

            I used to get bouts of sneezing a day or so after using the swipe reader pen and couldn’t figure out why until I started using the disinfectant wipes on the way out of the store, in addition to wiping down the cart handles on the way in.

      4. one of these days Hodges is gonna be right

        but not today

        • Satori
          Hey old friend. Why do think that Hodges is wrong this time?
          I’m looking for your insight.

          • Hodges is quite the alarmist in my opinion
            catastrophe is under every rock and behind every tree
            I do admire the ability he has to blend just enough fact in
            to make things somewhat believeable

            I would really like to see some REAL pictures of these camps
            the only ones I ever come across are of some parking lot or abandoned factory surrounded by a chain link fence
            these camps should be visible by Google earth
            I know my modest little house is !

            and I don’t think EBOLA is going to be the game changer
            it just is not that contagious,particularly in a first world country

            now a flu pandemic on the other hand…..

            • More to your point Satori, go read Hodges posts from 6 months or even a year or so ago. According to his reading of the events, we should all long ago be cast into FEMA camps and be living under the blackout of an EMP and martial law while starving from famine and choking on dry sand as the clean water runs out.

              These things most likely will happen at some point to be sure, but the more wolf crying he does, the more credibility he loses.

              • Agree with your Sterling. Hodges’ batting average is pretty low. Like most of these guys he hyper focuses for brief periods of time on something which inevitably never happens. A few weeks ago he was pitching the fact that an EMP attack was imminent. I don’t discount that something will happen at some point in time but prognosticators like Hodges lose all credibility when they are repeatedly wrong.

                • The reality is almost all of these guys who keep warning of this or that are losing their credibility, a bit like the whole boy and wolf thing,
                  So the message to take away from these articles?
                  Im aware of all sorts of crazy scenarios,
                  Keep them in the back of my mind,
                  Do i stop living life?
                  Am i prepared to feed myself and family and protect the same come what may?
                  A disaster can happen out of the blue
                  Thats why its a disaster,
                  Will you ever be able to be prepared for everything and anything?
                  Unless your bucks up,,,,
                  Most likely not
                  But you can at least make some good choices and have food and such to keep you from starving,
                  Weather, war, space junk falls on your city, tornado, hurricaine, deep freeze, 4′ of snow, ice storm, flooding, famine, pandemic, loss of job, hang nail,,,,
                  Enjoy life while you can,
                  Rest better knowing you at least try to have some prudence

              • @Sterling & Satori- I personally composed a long email to Dave Hodges listing all of his predictions and statements that are simply not true. He has refused to reply to me and he censors comments on his site (so now way to do that either). Only what he agrees with gets posted.

                At one point Dave was on the up and up, now he is a fear monger and I truly believe he was “gotten to” by TPTB. He disseminates fictitious stories all the time. Most of followers are Christian folks who think “the rapture” is just around the corner and they want to hear his drivel.

                • Smooth criminal-that’s just BS! I’ve commented on Dave Hodges site and my comments have never been censored, but he is pretty good at identifying trolls.
                  Honestly, you’re comments are just “drivel” and btw, I gave you a red thumb because of it!

                  • @anonymous-I am not lying at all. I have been allowed to post if my statements agree with his, but if I ever question him or call him out, my post do not show up.

                    I honestly struck a sensitive issue with you and that proves I am on the right track. I won’t even red arrow you.

                  • Smooth criminal-I stand by my assessment of you and Dave Hodges web site and it’s not a sensitive issue, I just like to correct trolls like you from spreading more & more disinfo! I could give a shit about red arrows-I’m honest enough to tell you I gave you one and why!

                  • @anonymous- you might not agree with Smooth, but he is not a troll. I have read quite a few of his posts in the past. If you disagree fine, but don’t sink to throwing out insults. There are trolls on this site, but he is not one.

                    Also, do you really believe that Dave hodges would post something that is highly critical of him and make him look bad? I don’t…. most people would not.

                  • @Smooth Criminal – I’ve done the same thing. I have had roughly 75% of my comments censored by him. Sent him multiple emails with my real contact information including phone number. He has never responded. Like many of these people he can’t engage in a real debate and certainly can’t handle being called on the carpet when it comes to inaccuracy.

                • A couple of days ago Hodges said his “insider” told him that WWIII would happen in 2 months? I left a comment that it wasn’t wise to slap dates on things, because when it doesn’t come to pass you lose creds with your followers!

                  I went back to see if my comment was posted and couldn’t find the article he had written? I think he pulled it for obvious reasons!!

                  • @km- Whenever I post something critical of Dave it never shows up. I am beginning to think this “anonymous” character is Dave Hodges.

                    @dr.porter-I appreciate your defense, but given the fact that “anonymous Dave Hodges” has over 21 thumbs down 3 thumbs up, I am pretty sure the SHTF folks know I am not a troll. Anonymous is an ignorant little bitch.

                • dr porter-I have also read a number of his(sc) posts and it is my opinion that he is a troll and since you’re defending him so staunchly, perhaps you are as well!

                  In any event-Dave Hodges has posted hundreds of posts that are “highly” critical of his articles and yet he still continues to post pertinent info thru his daily articles!
                  Hodges articles are usually well researched and he references other articles and sites that pertain to his info as well as insider knowledge.

                  Bottom line, I would trust Dave Hodges site and info before I would trust most others as I’ve been reading his site for several years. Many other sites are posting the very same info, just as many sites post Mac’s info….so give me a break with your nonsense porter!

                • @David-Sorry for late reply. I attempted to post on Dave Hodges’ website around 8am Pacific Time today and as of 11:30 am PT my post is still not showing. He definitely censors his site.

                  I also agree with you that Dave Hodges refuses to engage in real debate. He undoubtedly knows that all of his past projections & articles will come back to bite him in the ass. Instead he manipulates those who are the most vulnerable and just want to educate themselves.

                • Some guys are wearing their tinfoil hats a few sizes too small,,,,
                  Dont worry about em,
                  We can read it,
                  Then go about our own business.

              • Hate to say it Sterling, but your post could be applied to this site as well. Go back 4 years and read the headlines.

                • BJ, if you think this site is bogus, why do you keep coming here? If you’re looking for bogus websites, go to any MSM site you choose. They are ALL bogus. Mac Slavo and absolutely ROCK!

                  • Where did I say this site was bogus?

                    Why don’t you go play with Bertha.

                    Were you on the cheerleading squad in school?

                • Nothing but “Doomer” fiction. FEMA has less than 15,000 employees and that includes office wennies. 1,000 cops take 7 weeks to find one guy in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Bunch of crybabies with over active imaginations. No one is going to any FEMA camp unless they go there voluntarily. You’ll all very bad at math.

              • SterlingSilver and Satori, I normally call BS on Hodges’ articles, but on this one I’m hard pressed to do so. Some of this information was already covered by Alex Jones even before Y2K. If he was only linking to the article from another site, I can’t really fault him for that. 3 weeks ago I saw a similar story at another site, don’t remember what site now. I think there’s something to this one.

                • Instead of criticizing other articles, how about write your own articles and present them to Mac. I have no problem reading any article from anybody, if it catches my interest, and can decide how legit it is. No different with comments here, maybe 85% of your comment is correct then 15% of it is in outer space. Sometimes, these articles may be similar to many other but there there are a few new pieces to the puzzle that click and I fit them in the bigger picture of whats up. I also see many saying stuff just to say it, but then have no facts to back up their opinions or statements. Lets see, Who What When Where Why and How.

              • Well at least this article has ZERO mentions of nazis and Hitler in it!…Thats a great start eh..Dave must have got the message that them evil Nazi germans is ALL dead now…Same goes for Our WWII era parents…So far it seems the ONLY group that not only has so many remaining alive from the WWII era…But has also vastly Increased in mumbers, as many as One Hundred Fold times…IE; so called “Survivors” of them Camps…They today somehow number around 4-MILLION collecting payments monthly from duped germany…The Entire WWII generations globally have either died off or soon shall be gone…except of course for them who collect cash stipends for holosurvivor scams….Their group Increases every year!

                If it stops raining here in upper Mich, I am going to Scout closely my 10 acres, or the 9+1/2 of my acreage that is solid wall to wall Trees….I will be searching for some of those elusive evil Nazi’s that always get found hidding behind every Tree awaiting to Pounce!

                If any nazis get located hiding behind My trees here…I will alert dave Hodges and Alex Jonezsky….I shall use a Code word of “OyVEY!” which means yes I found a few more nazis!

            • Honestly
              I dont think these yahoos are capable of truly pulling something like that off anyway, 20, 30 years ago, maybe, now days? We are seeing the most ineffective inept bureaucracy in the history of our country, yea they might be able to collect everyones electronic stuff but organized enough to pull off a mass lockup? No freakin way, it would be a bloodbath.

              • @Kula-There is an incredibly ineffective bureaucracy in charge, but remember that it was intentionally designed to be that way. The vast majority of people will willingly submit to the Gov’t if the conditions are ideal. I agree the bloodbath will be epic, but if TPTB feel their stranglehold on humanity is in doubt, it will go down. People like us have to wake up as many people as possible. Not to mention sending some lead down range when the time comes.

                • The thing is, Obummer is not in charge, any more than Bushwipes was in charge… and these “plans”– all the sneaky stuff going on– they have been in the works for years. Little by little– that’s how they encircle and trap us.

                  Corrupt mafia elites in the background, pulling the strings, planning for the destruction of our Republic.

                • Lets face it. Most everybody here will be OK. The government will be so preoccupied by masses of hungry people storming the governmental buildings that until that mass problem and dieoff ocurrs that we will have all sliiped through the cracks and escaped. Hint: Get detailed city, county and state paper maps to map out your escape on back roads trails and allyways out of any major city with your bug out bags and know where water sources are and woods for concealment.

              • Youre right Kula
                In fact, somewhere in Pennsylvania, the hounds and all the cops are still hunting that survivalist.

                • Cal, SC, Kula
                  I don’t think they can pull it off. What they can do is to start it and try, which will cause all sorts of hell for the common Joe just trying to take care of his family.

                  • Sgt

                    Not only can they attempt it, but at what detainment percentage will half the population fold? At that point they just turn neighbor against neighbor, white against black, rich against poor or any other form of division.

                    You know, like what most of us already see happening.

                  • @ SGT-Whether they can pull it off or not remains to be seen. One thing I am sure of though, TPTB do not give a damn about the average Joe or any of us for that matter. I think if it got real bad TPTB would have no qualms wiping us all out.

                  • Sarge, I agree they can attempt it and wreak some havoc in the process and I also believe they’ll be biting off more than they can ever chew. I know that they’ll never take me alive.

                • Yea, that guy is most likely sitting in someones back room watching TV and reading a good book while the coppers are out hunting around,
                  Sorta like what happened with Dorner,
                  Dorner blew it when he went into that house, if he had sympathizers he could have disappeared.

                • I wonder if the guy they caught was the correct one. Could it be possible that they just picked someone to arrest in order to take the heat off their incompetence?

              • You are right Kula, Our Government is Vastly outnumbered so they use tactics like propaganda to create force multipliers, to make the public think that we are out numbered and try to keep us all inline. I have had a cop respond to my area, and have them tell me that there is only 2 of them covering the entire half of the city and why it took them a a while to get here. But then if you see a Cop shot, there seems to be like 100 squad cars in every color and shape reflected on the helicopter news team at the scene. So what can you believe.

                The only way the Government can control us is to keep us in our homes and Martial Law and round up block by block. And if they find resistance at every turn, there will be massive blowback by the public feeling confident to stray out and seek out the aggressors. Just beware most of the News reels will be crisis actors and BS Propaganda used as a fear tactic and force multiplier.

                • Yea, door to door,
                  When they are entering their 4th house ill already be out of their range and last time i checked we dont have any hardened military aircraft on island.

            • Satori … Here’s a link to the page for purported Fema camps pinned on Google maps. One of the first things to stand out is the pin for a Fema detention center in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. I guess they plan on having us swim there? ;^)

              I checked several other pins on the map. Things haven’t changed much since your last perusal. Another one in particular caught my eye. Check out the one in NH that is pinned to a forest adjoining a state park up near the Canadian border.

              There are also several purported FEMA camps located in Canada.?!!!? So the Canadians are in the plan too? Yah, that’s believable.

              • Forgot to paste the link

                ht tps://

                • One of the “locations ” doesn’t seem right…the one in Petersburg VA shows the location of a library! ( the corner of South Sycamore and Tuckahoe.) the reason I know this is because I lived right down the street! Now, if they meant to pin the Federal Prison on River Rd, then yes, that’s a possibility!

            • I researched these “concentration camps” years ago and was surprised– they really do seem to exist!

              • U.S. CONCENTRATION CAMPS
                FEMA AND THE REX 84 PROGRAM
                There are over 600 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards, but they are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need to be implemented in the United States.
                BY M. SMITH

                See the FEMA CAMP list for your State and area here:

                Also There are the: 10 Federal Regions
                Region I:
                Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
                Regional Capitol: Boston
                Region II:
                New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Virgin Island
                Regional Capitol: New York City
                REGION III:
                Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia.
                Regional Capitol: Philadelphia
                REGION IV:
                Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee
                Regional Capitol: Atlanta
                REGION V:
                Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin
                Regional Capitol: Chicago
                REGION VI:
                Arkansas, Lonisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
                Regional Capitol: Dallas-Fort Worth
                REGION VII:
                Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska
                Regional Capitol: Kansas City
                REGION VIII:
                Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming
                Regional Capitol: Denver
                REGION IX:
                Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada
                Regional Capitol: San Francisco
                REGION X:
                Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho
                Regional Capitol: Seattle
                Supplementing these 10 Regions, each of the States is, or is to be, divided into subregions, so that Federal Executive control is provided over every community. Then, controlling the budgeting and the programming at every level is that politico-economic system known as PPBS. The President need not wait for some emergency such as an impeachment ouster. He can declare a National Emergency at any time, and freeze everything, just as he has already frozen wages and prices. And the Congress, and the States, are powerless to prevent such an Executive Dictatorship, unless Congress moves to revoke these extraordinary powers before the Chief Executive moves to invoke them.

                • John Sez: I Saw a Beast with TEN Regional Heads rise from the Sea(both oceans)….

                  Thank Nixon when Prez for those ten regions…Also ever since Nixon prez, every new prez also appoints a New person as Head of one of ten regional govnt…They serve for 15 yrs when apointed, so each new prez only appoints a replacement as needed of course.

                  EVERY State named per each of 10 regional director, answeres TO said apointee regional director, and those ten directors only answer to the sitting usa Prez, period.

                  Ever since Nixons prez term when this first began as usa policy, the actual individual state Governors have been Quietly submitting to a 10 regional form of overall govnt.

                  All I read of it says once a new state govnor is elected, he or she Must agree and swear alegience to this 10 region system. Those regional directors is who determine various Fed Cash outlays per each state of their control region. Fed $$$$$ IS why state govnors submit mainly.

                  probobly 99% of usa folks never heard of these 10 regions nor prez apointed 10 persons as directors with MORE vast Powers than anybody else besides the usa Prez they answer to.

                  AmeriKwans you been swindled and scammed your Entire lives!…99% just never knew it is all..And still do Not know it apparently.

                  PS I was joking sorta kinda on that first line of John saw ten headed region beast!…However as more time passes, and we learn of even greater usa evils done in Our names…Well just maybe that ten headed Beast of REV book will turn out to be the usa eh…What Other Nation is tyring to overtake control of the entire globe/world, besides usa and that rabid state nation america is a Bitch in service to, Israel?

                  AmeriKa Is israel’s Bitch…Master race jewish ideals and Talmudic teachngs desires a JWO owned and Run By their tribe and state of israel…NObody else has so assisted that endevor other than usa has…Maybe it is that 10 headed Beast nation/System eh…Boy if it is wont That upset 99% of todays pastors and their duped flocks!

            • Satori
              Illinois has I think over 10 empty prisons in it, that with a flip of a switch they would be up and running. Empty prisons that are being maintained. Thompson, Dwight, Joliet, St. Charles, just to name a few. They are there they just hidden in plane site.

              • On the other hand Sgt. If all those camps are just for the rioters that get picked up when the Food stamps don’t work. I’m afraid I’ll just have to watch the paddy wagons go by and wave.

              • I think Thompson is going to open soon as a Federal prison. I know a friend that has a business (pizza) in Thompson. And St. Charles used to be a home for juvenile delinquent boys. I don’t live too far from Thompson. It’s a one horse town. I’m just glad I don’t live too close to Chicago but 100 miles is not far enough in my mind. I prep but my husband thinks I’m a little TOO interested in it, however he lets me do it and I don’t tell him much about what I have in storage 😉
                I hope SHTF never happens.

                • DM
                  The last time I checked St. Charles was empty.
                  Now that might have changed, but I don’t know for sure.

              • Good point Sgt I forget the name but look at the one that the reporter got harnessed for taking pictures of. And was told her can’t take pictures

              • Here are some of Georgia’s FEMA Camps:
                Camilla, Mitchell County – FEMA facility on mount Zion road aprox. 5.7 miles south of Camilla. From Camilla, take Hwy 19 south, go 5.4 miles from 37/19 Junction to Mount Zion Road, turn left (east) on Mount Zion Road. Not manned or staffed yet.
                Ft. Benning – Rex 84 Program Emergency custodial facility east of Columbia, near Georgia/Alabama state line. Prisoners may be brought in via Lawson Army airfield.
                Morgan, Calhoun County – FEMA facility. Take I-75 Exit 32 to 300 South to Albany; then Hwy 234 to Morgan; go through Morgan on Hwy 45 South. Facility is 1.5 miles on right (west) side of Hwy 45. Fully manned and staffed, but no prisoners yet.
                Oglethorpe, Macon County – FEMA facility 5 miles from Montezuma, 3 miles from Oglethorpe, on west side of Hwy 49. No staff or prisoners yet.
                Unadilla, Macon County – FEMA facility on East Railroad Street 1.5 miles from Unadilla on County Rd 230. Plunket Road leads into the facility. Manned and staffed, but no prisoners yet.

            • I have seen real pictures of these camps. Look it up.

            • Satori, I normally call BS on Hodges’ articles myself, but I don’t think I can this time. I saw a similar article on another site 3 weeks ago, don’t remember whose site now, so I think there’s something to it. Alex Jones was reporting on the existence of FEMA camps way back even before Y2K. The antenna on my tinfoil hat just went up a notch. I think there really is something to this one. All the same, if anyone wants to take braveheart to any camp, they need to bring body bags for themselves because braveheart just ain’t going!

            • RE: “I don’t think EBOLA is going to be the game changer”

              Maybe it depends upon what our Overlords want?

              It does not matter if it’s, “not that contagious,particularly in a first world country”.

              What matters is, how “they” spin it.

              You mention, “now a flu pandemic on the other hand…..” but have you considered just how many people die of the flu every year and there’s not a peep out of the MSM or a freak-out by everybody else?
              Not too mention all the people that are whacked by FDA approved drugs. …Numbers are meaningless in this game. It’s all about perception and manipulation.

              Who’s marionette are you?

              …Ya. That’s what I thought.
              See also: Jon Rappoport.

            • I think his confidential sources probably work out of World Net Daily’s Jerusalem bureau. He has claimed there are Russian forces out near Barstow CA, and showed pictures of a BMP. I hunted the Mojave 30 years, and watched the maneuvers with “Red” aggressor forces in Soviet armor on Ft. Irwin that long ago. I once got too close, and soldiers rolled up in a jeep and told me I was on military property and in an 8″ artillery impact zone. I cruised the area he spoke of on a chukar hunt. I saw as much Russian armor as I shot chukars, and I know the area well. He talks about Russian mafia, when most of the world knows that is an euphemism for the Kosher mafia. I think Dave is honest – just manipulated by his “sources”.

        • I’d like to see just one of these joints, just one.
          I’ll tell you how to tell if one is being built though, look for building materials trucks. Concrete, lumber, hardware, fencing, rock trucks, dirt equipment. Odd activity in places and on roads where it’s usually quiet. Local contractors hiring for a nondescript job and location.
          It’ll be out there if you have your eyes open.
          Don’t beleive for a second that the government is going to build, they couldn’t build shit!

      5. You know that they will use these large sites for this and other things, In 1995 we were looking at area to put people into the High School and other things with Kitchens and bathrooms. this was incase 01/01/00 turned out to be a bad day!
        They said that around Dec. that there would be tons of sick with Obola/Ebola in Dec. weeks ago.
        Prep what you can while you can. Working on ammo today.

        • Also Keep in mind that most Sports Stadiums will be used as FEMA Camps, like when they herded everybody into the SUPERDOME during Hurricane Kartina. Well we know how that turned out and why we are preppers andbetter not to follow the crowds.

          Most any NFL Stadiums will become a FEMA Camp, Many Vacant Shopping Malls, any large secured areas, including Military bases and like GITMO for the most dangerous.

      6. Why this doesn’t scare the hell out of people
        is beyond me.
        If people used a little imagination and put
        themselves in the place of the scenario just
        described, there might be no fema camps and
        involuntary detention, only an outrage of
        indignation and wrath toward the instigators.

        • It does not scare me because it’s never going to happen to me. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t live in fear of anything. My rod and my staff do indeed comfort me and the guy that tries to drag me out of my house is the one that needs to be afraid. I am at peace with the universe,and I will live and die free. I will never run out of ammo. EVER

          • Love it Paranoid. Almost everyday they tell us about something else that’s going to kill us. Its all psyops and propaganda designed for control. This is why I mocked it with my Kevlar Head Saver Scarfs. We probably won’t see the other side, however I for one will make it a heavy payment on their part.

            • @Paranoid- Nice post and sums up the way I think too. These continual psyops will eat people alive if they let it. We know things are bad, no use speculating on what could happen.

              At this stage in the game there is nothing we can do. When the time comes, lock and load. The only remedy at this point is hot lead, followed by more hot lead.

              • Paranoid, Maddog, and Smooth Criminal, braveheart believes in the same things. Lead and brass can really do wonders.

            • Damn right make em work for it. Eventually they will quit, cause the pay isn’t worth dying for.

      7. Good Luck with that Fantasy. We will have lots of Lead Poisoning to spread, well before we are dragged off to Camp FEMA.

      8. It’ll be hell trying to empty the cities because thats where the first riots will be. Good luck in the outer suburbs and country. too many peopl will resist. I doubt the military will put up with it too.

        • Jim in VA. They will Never try to empty any cities, In fact the master plan is to shove everybody into the cities so they can surround them and control them. Watch the Movie “Escape from New York.” Here is the Official Trailer, w/Kurt Russel

          ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (1981) Official Movie Trailer

      9. I guess the alphabet agencies will be ordering more ammo!!! That just doesn’t sound right for medical needs. Oh Shit, I’m sorry, I forgot it’s Obamacare!!!

        Does this mean if we are terminal they’re not going to send us home with a pill?? Damn I was hoping to die like a china man in an opium den.

      10. Thank God someone is doing something about these political dissidents. Seriously, how am I supposed to take this country over with millions of people who think they know it all? Put them where they belong and I’ll deal with them after the event. Bottoms up, buttercups.

      11. Just got back from Early Voting. As usual, I always vote out every Judge. Anytime anybody gets too confi in a judge position, corruption usually takes place, so keep the rotation moving forward. Medical Pot is also on the Ballot here in Florida. Ex Gov Crist will approve Pot, Present Gov. Criminal Scott doesn’t want Pot. So Florida Governorship may come down to the Pot head turnout. Smoke em’ if you got em’. I sure would rather see Pot decriminalized. That would get rid of a lot of these Anti-Drug SWAT NAZI No Knock Warrant needless killings and incarcerations.

        • Only reason I gave you a Red Arrow was for this, “Just got back from Early Voting”

          Yeesh. Encourage the bastards, why don’tchya?

          • Yep Vote early and vote often. When voting this time I had to sign a release stating something like, if I committed voter fraud I could be charged and fined $5000. Isn’t that a form of a Poll Tax?

            • And if you were a registered democrat they give you a paper that states that if you commit voter fraud you are paid $5000 and given an uber pass good for 200 miles

      12. Sorry about the caps, if you do not work on the honeydew list, the wife might send you to a FEMA CAMP…



        I DON’T THINK SO’.



        I DON’T THINK SO’.

        ‘FINE’, SHE SAYS

        I DON’T THINK SO
        I’M GOING TO THE BAR!!!! ‘


        TO GO HOME







        HE SAID,

        SHE REPLIED,

        • EPPE
          Thanks for the laugh. after yesterdays bombardment I need a good laugh!

          • Green thumbs and would give more if I could. We don’t always agree on everything but I respect you for standing for your values and not backing down. Just know if I do red thumb you will always know why. I’ll never throw rocks and hide.

            • I’ll give Sgt credit, he did take quite the beating yesterday and stuck to his guns. I like his posts, I will just have to keep our banter to non-police related articles. We are on two opposite ends of the spectrum in that regard. Even our usernames illustrate that. Lol.

              • SC & CC
                Thanks. It is good to have hard fought discussions. I don’t take them personal. Because I believe in your RIGHTS. I just take professional offence when all Cops are put in the same basket.

          • @Sgt. Dale….Morning Sgt., I did see that from yesterday, but I gave you thumbs up, but you should go back and take a look, there are some Good comments there for you too…you are(in my eyes) one of the GOOD GUYS!! take care all, CC.

        • Eppe, at least I managed to avoid spitting out any liquid onto my computer this time. Keep them coming. Damn good one.




          • You are right Acid. This whimp dude next door sees a spider near his front porch and calls the fricken exterminator. No kidding. True Story. Useless humans who call themselves men. No wonder women turn gay.

            I met this chick the other day, a real handy-man she is, remodeled her entire house all by herself and showed it to me. I was impressed, tile work everything.

        • Selco just posted a new one on AK’s…

          Putin is putting up the toys…

          ht tp://

        • funny but sad…a reflection of people who are sleep walking through life.

      13. I have read much of Dave Hodges stuff, including this article before Mac put it up, and he has written more “absolutely certain” and crazy things are about to come about with not much of it really happening. I recall an article at the beginning of the year, where he wrote about his knowledge of some sort of weaponry developed and kept secret by the United States government that can and will keep all other nations at bay. He has written what seems to be contradictory articles about the start of WWIII and our peril, but fails to mention anything about this weaponry he wrote about earlier this year.

        Although I am a big believer in the evilness of certain people of our government and their desire to push us into a one-world government, sometimes you just have to stop for a second and question it. The problem with reading stuff like this is we become immune or desensitized to it, where we stop reacting.

        At some point in the future, our debt, the dollar crash, our government’s action, or inaction will be the demise of the United States of America, as we all know it.

        If you are one that is inclined to “prepare” for whatever demise you see coming, I wouldn’t necessarily say the claim Hodges writes above will be an outcome. God wants us to prepare spiritually and in life for our families and friends. At some point, he may call upon us all to be his warrior’s for what is right. Until then, I continue to read as much material on what’s going on in the world and I prepare.

      14. why is election time always so hectic?

        democrats are about to be bitch-slapped. and, coincidentally:
        Russia is conducting large military flight operations.
        The stock market is rising
        The government is increasing protection for all federal buildings.
        it just feels funny. maybe I look at too much fear porn.

        its strange to be a peasant, and not know the truth.

        • Your right,
          Everything is wonky, and that would fit right in with this crap thats going on,
          Dems loose widely, some attack happens,( most likely an EMP caused domesticly by CIA but blamed on others, they need to kill coms) as a bunch of imaginary ebola cases surface, causing a lockdown, the market crashes,( it was of course ebola and the attack had nothing to do with a decade or so of poor fiscal policy )
          Leading to continuity of government orders resulting in everybody in the BS government staying put and us being locked down and eventually homes searched for our own safety of course,,,
          Eyes wide open,

      15. Off topic but worthy of any preppers consideration. This could be epic.


        Yes, you heard that right. Seeing is believing. Or is it? You be the judge. If indeed this is what they claim it to be, I will be purchasing one. Can’t afford not to.

        (Note: remove the space between the ht and the tp.)

        ht tp://

        ht tp://

        • Off topic and stupid. Peddle your scams elsewhere.

        • I want to know Dave In Idaho’s opinion on this…..among others as well?

          • Water Genset… SCAM… Fema Camps, and Hodges… Fear Porn. They maker a damn good living pushing fear amd survival products. Just prep like you live in the late 1800’s. you’ll be fine.

        • Claims it is a scam.. and I agree.

          ht tp://

          • Well, that’s one persons opinion, and he/she seems to know what he/she is talking about, but then again, I didn’t see a name connected and so I’m leaving this open for further analysis. Can anyone here verify and validate what this person who believes this is a scam, says? If the person who believes this is a scam knows how these machines are “suppose” to work, why haven’t they invented one themselves? Makes me wonder.

            Free energy is out there. Unfortunately, TPTB will slice and dice the throats of anyone who will let that out on the market before a buck is made and the knowledge is in the hands of the serfs. THat is my reservations in this one. But it’s all just a matter of time. Once (free energy, so to speak) machines like this are available, the whole system, the massively corrupt system will have to take a nose dive. It will change EVERYTHING, DRAMATICALLY, OVERNIGHT.

            • Euroean American states. Free energy is out there? Horse shit there isn’t anything free. There isn’t something from nothing. No such thing as a win win situation. You cant change the laws of physics. You can mane something from nothing. you cant make something into nothing. For every action there is an equal & opposite reaction. Anything that promises free energy is a scam. If its too good to be true its false.

              • Splitting hairs, but Yes, there is such a thing as a, “win-win situation”.

                It might not be here in RE: water genny, but it’s true of just about every transaction you partake of willingly.

                Why just today I gave five bucks to a farmer for some acorn squash. It was a win for me because I valued the acorn squash more than the five Dollars. And, it was a win for the farmer as he valued the Dollars more than the acorn squash he had plenty of and now he could buy the thin strips of ribeye steaks from the other farmer.

                Win-win, all around! Live and in action.

                • Your Win Win was a made up fiction. Your example was more of a Even Steven type of deal. For it to be a Win Win everyone involved would need to recieve more than they gave In almost every trade someone gets the better deal and someone get,s less than full value. However I wasn’t stating in terms of barter or commercial trade. I was referring to the something for nothing perpetual motion crowd. Or the folks who believe you can tax & borrow our way into prosperity etc.

                  • Old Guy…. So you are saying that future technology has bottomed out? No hope for advancement to benefit humanity where entrenched interests stop any invention or idea that messes with profits. Something like auto engines that get 100+ mph, there are many accounts of technological advances in just this area alone. All have been bought out and supressed by the big shots in auto manufacturing and big oil. Some have died resisting giving up their inventions. The current use of oil and chemicals are obsolete, only poisoning and polluting our environment. Free energy possibilities and technology advances exist despite your opinion.

                  • That post should have read 100+ mpg, miles pre gallon.

          • Well, that dream was nice while it lasted.

          • Curious, Yohan, why do you agree with the article claiming it’s a scam? What might you know that others don’t know? Some of the comments at the bottom of that page claim otherwise. I don’t see a name associated with the article. The article could be the scam. Alternative media has been infiltrated.

            I plan to watch this play out, open to the possibilities.

            • My 9yo son came up with a theory of using magnets to some how turn a alternator. We all know what happens when you try to force together negative and negative poles or positive and positive poles they push away from each other. So if we could somehow harness that pressure or a line them correctly we might be able to spin that alternator. Maybe they water somehow helps this process I don’t know just thinking…

              • My father had a small magneto….found it when cleaning out his house. It look like the top portion of the sketch in this article…


                • My tractor has a magneto. Unless something is turning it it don’t make any spark. The energy to turn it is greater than the energy it produces. because there are frictional & transmission losses. Now if you want to harness energy from water a steam engine is viable. I have one of those little toy steam engines you can buy on the internet. I took off the boiler and mounted it in the center of a large satellite dish right where the receiver was located. covered the dish with tin foil. Making it a large solar cooker. and sure enough it quickly made steam and powered the engine for about 6 minutes and then the water was used up. It was not viable. However it did work. I do have a very efficient solar water heater. All energy & life on the planet is dependent on the sun.

              • When you try and force those two magnets together. The energy required to force them together is greater than the energy that force produced. Back in the early sixties there was a old cotton gin. it was powered by gas & diesel engines and belts pulleys gears & chains. They got the idea to convert it to several electric motors and power it all by one big diesel engine pulling a generator. And after all the expence there was little gain. and the dust & lint clogged the electric motors and they burnt up. Harnessing the wind water & sun is the direction for cheep safe energy. none of them by themselves are consistently reliable. If you had all three you would be ok.

        • Maybe they are using the flammable fracking water???

          • Maybe Fukushima is bottling up and exporting some of their “ground” water?

        • Scam. Any high school physics student can show you that you can’t extract chemical energy from water, because it’s already in its’ least energetic state. Split it into oxygen and hydrogen, and you can burn the two together are extract energy, but ONLY the energy you put in to split the molecule in the first place.

          • Red thumbs for simple science? I bet you all believe in Glowbull Worming, too.

            • Golwbull Warming is one of my pet peeves. A gallon of fuel has only a certain amount of energy and elements in it. And since you cant make something into nothing how does smog devices & catalytic conveter,s reduce anything? How do the smog devices circumvent the laws of physics? in fact they create more emissions because they reduce fuel economy and more fuel is burned. And carbon dioxide isn’t pollution. plants love carbon dioxide. plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen.

              • Ok here is the argument regarding free energy, glowbull warming ect. Everything in on or about the planet is present in some form . sometimes these things combine or separate in different ways. That change doesn’t add to or reduce the mass of those things. It don’t matter that humans are using the sequestered energy locked up in oil ,coal or whatever. Because everything in on or about the planet is a natural thing. Granted much of those things are harmful to organic life. things like a snakes poison or gas from a volcanic vent are natural things. Now all man has done is combine natural elements and turned them into something else. that combining doesn’t add to or take away any elements. Every thing from your human body to your car is nothing more than dirt. Broken down it will return to the dirt it originally started out from. It all comes out Even Steven in the end. And eventually the planet will recycle everything. Ok now your asking what happened to the energy produced when the fuel was burned. it changed into carbon dioxide and food for other things. and that caused things to grow that will be sequestered. And the whole she bang is powered by the Sun. Without the Suns energy everything on the planet would die in a very short time. The earth itself cannot even create any heat it is dependent on the sun. Scientist claim the earths core spins and creates the magnosphere. That’s absurd that’s like claiming the starter on your car charges the battery. Im of the opinion the suns energy on the magnosphere causes the core to spin. in the same manner a electric motor works. or in the same way a solar cell produces energy. The fact is you cannot make something from nothing. you cannot make something into nothing. For every action there is a equal & opposite reaction. You cannot circumvent the laws of physics. Man cant create anything. there is no such thing as something for nothing. Every thing requires energy and through friction & transmission losses the law of diminishing returns will apply.

              • Them pro global warm clowns also convince folks like tree hugger libs that when they fill a car gas tank with 200 LBS of gasoline it somehow then produces 2 TONS aka 4000 LBS Exhaust Carbon C02!…There is zero method to begin with 200 lbs of Anything, then Burn it up as energy, then see it produce 4000lbs of any emissions!

                Yet most every tree hugger idiot swears by that formula.

                Same as folks still believe Dinosaurs is where Oil came from!…Past decade science research proved that OIL will Never run dry as the planet produces More Oil constantly.

                Its done similar to how Bees makes Honey…DEEP earth enzymes Eats Carbon and constantly produced Gases, what is the type or Name of that gas escapes from ocean etc?…Anyways while its name escapes me now from memory, That particular gas and carbon, enzymes eat, and their by product emitted is OIL CRUDE OIL. Kinda like process where Bees eat plant nector and emmit Honey.

                Recent russian Oil scientists also now discovered same and admit to it.

                Just How many Live dinosaurs would have had to exist long ago on earth to provide such massive amounts like 100 MILLION Barrels per day used with much More oil still in ground?….There’d have had to been a Thousand or more dinos standing atop each other to the MOON and covering every square inch earth land mass and still that wont make that much Oil…Add All Oil used since first discovered!…likly a TRILLION barels or more so far and plenty still left.

                Also why did dinosaurs flesh bodys etc trun to OIL yet many Bone skeletons are found sticking Out from ground level deserts etc?…Why didnt the Bones also Sink to depths of 8 Miles deep?

                Plus how can OIL which FLOATS atop Water always..SINK Passed the Natural water springs and massive underground water tables found most everywheres?

                Plus…How come when old deserted Human burial grounds gets dug up for other use or gets dug up by Huricanes or flood waters never reveal mass quantities of crude Oil?

                Are Dinosaures flesh different or That different from Humans felsh?…or Dogs and Cats or forest animals flesh?

                OIL From Dinos is a Huge HOAX!….likly used to Keep Gas prices HIGH!

                crude Oil “peaks” or soon wont be any left is all LIES and swindle scams. WND Daily website articles from aprox 3-5 yrs ago shows Two usa scientists guys and their new Book that fully details WITH proven scientific done experiments that the enzymes makes Oil theory is correct and now is Fact. Now that Russias scientists also discovered same thing basically…I say their explainations are far closer to truth than ages old Oil from dead dinos nonsense storys as we were taught to believe.

                If we was Lied to on 99.99% of ALL Else?(yes we have been) then Why would they tell truth on Oil or any other issues?(they wont/dont/neverdo speak truth).

                One final issue I have is just How many 50 Gal oil drums or barrels did one single dinosaur, dead body produce anyways?…if every single Oil barrel EVER produced since Late 1890’s get stacked atop each other?…I’d wager them oil barrels would prob reach the MOON litterally, then reach Back to earth too…Did That many dinos exist?

                I am going in backyard to Dig Up my Old uncle Joe and a few of my Older Aunts to see if Their dead bodies created ANY traces of crude Oil folks…I shall report Back to shtf if indeed I “strike OIL!”….I am betting none be located…

                • I got in big trouble when I was in school. for making your exact same statement. I contended the planet makes the oil like you stated. Boy was I ever lamblasted & chastised. Then when I asserted that the magnosphere was the field coil and the earths core was the armature and the suns energy was the power that got me a F in science class. Then when I wrote a report in history class about Lincoln being a failure and Roosevelt being a commie and Columbus never having set foot on the north American continent and the Vikings being here first I got a F in history class. I couldn’t help myself I didn’t never learn to go along to get along. I was a mean little shit and by acts of vandalism I got even with those so called teachers. Keyed the paint on their new cars. poisoned the gas tanks ect. I never bragged or told anyone and never got caught. I always was a Lone wolf & out cast. I was one of those so called Hoods! My wife & I are both the Black sheep in our familys. We are Kindred spirits!

                  • Haw! I can’t remember how many times teachers turned up stupider than the students in my schooling. My earliest recollection is a second grade arithmetic problem: Seven minus Nine = ???. I of course wrote minus two, and she marked me wrong. Opened my eyes about teachers, that did.

        • I didn’t go to EA’s link. I know that there is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine (unless Piper Michael’s invention actually works), but that is not what this is.

          I believe it is what is called a hydroxy engine. It doesn’t try to defeat the laws of physics but actually works with the laws of thermodynamics. It still uses hydrocarbon based fuel but it uses the waste heat (entropy?) in the cylinder and injects water. When water turns to steam it expands and pushes on the cylinder.

          These things have been bandied about for years. Remember the guy in the 50s or 60s that had a car powered by this? They found him dead in the desert and that was that. I also think they had a couple Falcons down in Oz with water carbs but all these were bought out by big oil and that was that.

          I don’t know if it actually works or not since I never saw one but it seems possible.

          • edit:

            “…pushes on the piston.”

          • Ive been hearing about things like the magic carb being bought out by big oil. and the inventor being killed ect. for 50 years. Its a myth.

            • OTOH, I did buy some of that oil enhancer in the genie flask shaped plastic bottle. And did see an increase of a few mpg. 90k miles suv. So, might do the high dollar air filter next.

              • yes some things work. synthetic oil reduces friction & will result in more efficiency. and less restrictive air intake can help . Exhaust hedders & turbo mufflers can net fuel & power gains. Corn gas has less energy however fuel injection & computerized electronic ignition make it burn more efficiently. We have a 92 ford mustang all compueter controlled and the 4 cyl has 8 spark plugs It gets great fuel mileage on corn gas. I used to drive a older ford ranger with the same engine only it was carbed and had a different cyl head and it didn’t like corn gas very well .

          • Why steam engines gave way to infernal combustion.

            Heating liquid water to steam requires adding a huge amount of heat just to get the water to vaporize at all. (Phase transform energy we called it in my high school physics class, but that was 1961.) As soon as the working fluid (the steam) has done work on the piston, it is thrown away, along with all that energy.

            An infernal combustion engine uses only gases, (air, vaporized gasoline or Diesel fuel), as the working fluid. No energy has to be wasted changing the phase of the working fluid.

            Now, it’s been known for many years that injecting a little water mixed with alcohol into an IC engine cylinder will stop detonation, allowing the engine to run at a much higher compression ratio than otherwise. WW2 military engines used this a lot, with a mixture of water and alcohol. It did nothing good for fuel economy, but when some Nazi fighter was on your azz, you didn’t give a damn about fuel consumption.

            Last time I looked, some turbofan jet engines used this same trick to keep the hot section turbine blades and buckets cooler. The phase transform energy works FOR you there, since what you want is to cool the combustion gases to a manageable level. But it’s a gawdawful fuel hog, so they only do it on takeoff.

            • I failed to emphasize that, while water can be used to improve the output of IC and turbine engines, the improvements come from increased efficiency of conversion of the chemical energy in the fuel. None of the energy can come from the water itself, because it’s already in its’ lowest chemical energy state.

              BTW if you want to see a neat system of recapturing waste exhaust heat, look up the Wright Turbo Compound engine as built at the end of WW2. A piston engine that drove a turbine with the exhaust gas, and said turbine being geared to the prop shaft. Pretty much the pinnacle of infernal combustion. Jet engines and turboprops took over within a few years.

      16. @Paranoid:

        You got that right! Ammo, plenty of it is all you need to repel those fuckers!

      17. Looking like St Louis and the grand jury decision on charging Officer Wilson will be Ground Zero for the first “after election” activity of Obammy & Company ….

        Don’t be surprised by any absolutely draconian EOs coming out of the White House …. given even the slightest provocation that guy will be attacking The Constitution like the country has never seen ….

        He’s got two more years and no obstacles to hold him back ….

        • The next couple months after next tuesday are definitely going to be interesting,

      18. Typo??
        “Since 1987 we have had an estimated 25-30 illegal aliens enter the United States ”

        Should that say 25 – 30 million?

        • This is what the guberment will admit to. The real numbers are at least 2 or 3 times.

      19. If it can be thought of within the mind of men it can happen, tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.

        Although history is meant to teach us how to better our lives it can only work if men stay grounded in the lessons of the past. Unfortunately it seems man has chosen to use the lessons of the past as a hammer to control and manipulate the mind and culture of the world.

        Monsters do live in the shadows and in the sick twisted minds of the power hungry.

        • You hit the nail on the head with….

          “Monsters do live in the shadows and in the sick twisted minds of the power hungry.”

          The PTB have a scheduled plan of attack. They will create a catastrophic event, or use one that comes supernaturally, to invoke their agenda. They are controlled by demonic spirits.

          Their ultimate goal is control and they will have to eliminate most of the “threat” to their agenda thru death or incarceration of the possible “threats” to their plan.

          FEMA camps are a real possibility and it is supported by FEMA’s purchase of any and all survival foods; and DHS’s purchases of overwhelming amounts of ammunition.

          When and how it is going to unfold is anybody’s guess.

          I believe it will unfold before the next presidential election.

          We don’t have years to prepare anymore. We have only months. I have my “supernatural” safeguards in place.
          That is all i can do. I am ready to die for what i believe in. That is all I can do.

          It will unfold like a motion picture before our very eyes. If the grid goes down it will be by terrorists or an act of God. Why? They, TPTB need mass media/TV to try and set up delusions amongst the sheeple.

          It has mostly worked so far.

          BTW, we voted today and did our part for God, by voting against abortion and gay marriage/liberals agenda.

          Ya’ll think about it.

          • BTW, we voted today and did our part for God, by voting against abortion and gay marriage/liberals agenda.

            Thank you for voting to impoverish not only yourselves and your children, but the rest of your fellow citizens.

            I considered myself a conservative Republican until I figured out that they have been lying to me for the last 3 decades. We’ve all been had.

            • “we voted today and did our part for God”

              Pardon me, but that’s one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever read.

              ‘Voting Is a Mug’s Game’

              • @helot & nosuc,

                So, when you are on your knees before God and He ask…”what did you do on My behalf, in denouncing the killing of the unborn and against homosex; did you cast a vote against it, even if it didn’t look like it would matter?”

                It may seem insignificant, to cast a vote against those two things on behalf of God, but I think it does matter where a person stands against liberalism, in His eyes.

                To make a judgement call like you two have and say it doesn’t matter to Him, shows who is the ignorant ones.

                I knew about the workings of the evil side of the GOP when you two peeps were still shitting yellow, so don’t tell me i don’t know what is going on.

                BTW, me and the little woman, went into the polls knowing that we were voting against a liberal agenda and that it was just that… a vote for God & Country.

                By not voting against something that’s wrong, it’s like casting a vote for the wrong, because it cancels out nothing.

                Is there fraud and vote switching? Yes
                Does my vote really count? Yes. If for nothing else, it counts in my selfconscience and hopefully “good” in God’s eyes.

                You want to check out and not be a part of the only possible way that can help; well, that is your choice.
                But to criticise others for doing what they feel is right, just makes you look like a person that sits around and pisses and moans all the time and does nothing else.

                All talk and no action.

                have a good trip and stfu.

                • PITW: Do you believe He would go straight to those questions? Or neglect to ask others? Such as: Why did you support perpetual war, killing of millions of innocents in my name? Why did you insist on supporting the lesser of two evils? Is not evil, evil? Is He a greater, or lesser good? Is there such a thing?
                  I personally fear what he may inquire to me, the things myself and others have done to “protect your freedom.”
                  IMHO I don’t think you get bonus points voting for a corrupt, hypocritical, murderer because he promised to save the kids.

                  Besides, isn’t that what the reps give flack to the dems on that line… Something about… “It’s for the children”

                  Done with fake preachers, fake politicians, and a whole lotta other shit too.

                • Gods Kingdom is not a democracy! If it was it would not be called a ‘Kingdom.’

                • @passinwiththewind

                  1. We know that our votes count. If they didn’t, the Republican party would not expend so much effort to disenfranchise whole segments of oursociety; to say nothing of gerrymandering.

                  2. I will begin to entertain the arguments of the ‘Pro Life’ community the second that they actually demonstrate some interest in the actual life of the child and the mother; this includes of course the quality of life of all involved.

                  3. It has become abundantly clear that the entire purpose of the ‘Pro Life’ movement is to punish women. Its funny that there is never a mention of the man’s responsibility for the child, only the woman is publicly shamed and intimidated. Furthermore, if you really want to reduce abortion the ‘Pro Life’ groups would demand effective sex
                  education and family planning to reduce unintended pregnancies.

                  4. Let me quote the entirety of Jesus’s teaching on homosexuality: (That’s right! He didn’t say a damn thing about it)

                  4. There is no ‘liberal agenda’ with any clout at all in American politics. The Democratic party, who is repeatedly called communists by the ‘Right Wing Media’, is actually a center-right party (using the European scale where they actually have ‘leftists’, and outright red-shirted communists) and the Republican party is hard-right (again,
                  on the European scale). It is interesting to note that you hate President Obama because you think that he’s some kind of secret Marxist. I am not happy with him because he is an EXCELLENT moderate Republican. In fact he said that if it was still the 70’s he would be a Republican. I wanted a new FDR and instead I ended up with someone to the RIGHT of
                  Nixon (who is one of the ACTUAL TRAITOR Presidents).

                  5. The funny thing is that when the American populace is polled on the issues, leaving out party affiliation, they consistently poll center-left. So why don’t we have a Federal government that not only represents but builds the Country that the majority of it’s citizens want?

                  6. If voting for ‘God’ is such a great thing, why does our most devote section of the country, the Bible Belt, rank at the top of all negative national trends? This includes metrics such as: Illiteracy, teen pregnancy, alcoholism, divorce, drug abuse, cancer, obesity, and work place accidents. They also rank at the bottom of positive trends such as: Life expectancy, educational achievement, social mobility, and wages. It seems that ‘voting for god’ is a loosing proposition. It also turns out that all of the ‘Red States’ (with the possible exception of North Dakota, for now) are all net receivers of Federal Funds. That’s
                  right all of use filthy, heathen, liberals in the ‘Blue States’ (really blue counties) fund you. We pay to build your schools. your highways, your health services, your disaster relief, etc. And we do it willingly because we want to build a stronger country.

                  7. What does (my) “Liberal Agenda’ stand for? Fair treatment and equal protection under the law for all citizens, fair and equitable labor practices, a living wage (at a minimum) for every single citizen who is able to work, dignity and safety for anyone who can’t work, equality of opportunity and social mobility for all citizens, building a strong, healthy, and well educated population (from which a strong country will naturally flow), and finally to work everyday to actually realize the
                  principles espoused in Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. And before you ask, I spend 10 years in the USN not only defending those ideals any trying to live them out, but putting myself between the innocents and the bad guys. I strongly encourage you to investigate who is more likely to ‘hold their hand up’ to serve the country via military service: Democrats or Republicans (little hint: it ain’t Republicans)…

                  8. As an Atheist I accept the simple fact that I am a mortal man. I will live, love, create and die. This life is all that I have, and I am obliged to make the best of it. In the very unlikely case that I am called before ‘God’
                  to answer for myself, I will simply say that ‘I have helped as many people as I could, as often as I could, and as much as I could’.

                  In summary, you have let a couple of personal ‘bug-a-boos’ pollute your entire world view. You proudly vote against not only your own economic interests and those of your children; but you vote to destroy Our country and
                  our very ideals.

                  Your sir are the very definition of ‘useful idiot’. I hope that our ‘cheap grace’ comforts you in your economic, intellectual and moral poverty.

                  p.s. My wife isn’t a ‘little woman’. She is a full and equal partner in this delightful cluster fuck we call a marriage. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

                  • Spoken like a true liberal!

                    You will bow down upon your knees and answer for your “liberal/progressive” views. i hope you have a little less prideful arrogance and stupidity when that day comes.

                    You are going to have plenty of company in your area.

                  • And in that company will be many upon many so called modern day conservatives.

                    A lack of true knowledge will be the demise of many of all walks of life. The path is indeed narrow and few will find it.

                  • @passinwiththewind

                    Since you have resorted to threatening me with the eternal judgement of your imaginary friend, I am forced to conclude that you have exhausted your store of cogent arguments and have fled the field.

            • N
              My the LORD heap BLESSING on you!

              • Wont God also Judge folks who first voted for repubs & GW as prez to get rid of antigun laws and abortions etc, and THEN after seeing every repub NOT keep those promices and Instead create TWO Fraud Wars, and THEN use two wars to mass kill off Millions of folks so to please the polititions of both parties’ Master race advisors and Bribers (Israel state and jewish intrests) and THEN the same duped fools again Voted for repubs? Even some of the still Same repubs still in office whom did them two wars etc?

                OR…Perhaps it will be folks who finally seen light and said I aint aproving of ANY such frauds crapolas by casting my vote for ANYONE that cannot be trusted, who God is going to Smile at eh?

                I am one who agreed to vote straight ticket repubs back then as best method to protect 2nd amendt issues…That Was/Is MY Main issue IE Gun rights issue…I still now today feel Guilty for voting a war crazed Madman and a bunch of war hawk lunatics into office who then slaughtered millions of innocent folks due to the Master race NuttyYahoos in Israel-Jewyork-Chicago mainly who so hates them now dead goyim folks usa govnt killed off.

                Maybe if instead they begin to KILL off crooked Banksters, wall street swindlers, and nuttyYahoos of the world I will be willing to give another chance to.

                I now feel much Guilt for assisting VIA My Votes them repubs who did MORE harm to citizens rights with patriot acts etc than the dems drooled over doing the past 50 yrs!…Bush and crew did it ALL in a few yrs time while did zero as promiced to do…So Go vote…And Hope at judgement day These questions I posed here aint asked of you…IE:” So my little one, why did you again vote For the same scam swindlers who Lied prior, and did Two fraud wars in haste to prove they too can be counted on by jews and israel like dems has so proven capable of the past 100 yrs now”?….Glad I wont need provide That answer.

                • OK, Them Guys….

                  I see your point. I don’t care what reason a person has for voting or not.

                  I have mine and the little woman has hers as well. Just so happens we agree that a vote for a party that “on the surface” stands against abortion,gaymorrah, and gungrabbers, is a vote we have done on behalf of our conscience and God’s laws.

                  All the other arguements that idiots like nosuchuser and helot bring up is of no concern to us at this time.

                  Both parties are equally to blame for wars and such. So therefore all people that have ever cast a national vote are in some way guilty.

                  Have you ever voted? That should answer your questions as well as all others that want to throw bricks at us.

      20. I’d like to see just one picture of just one of these joints.
        I’ll tell you how to tell if one is being built though. Just look for the materials trucks. Concrete, lumber, steel, hardware, dirt equipment, rock trucks, fencing. Local contractors hiring for jobs of nondescript locations with a clean background.
        It’ll be out there if you open your eyes. Believe all of what you see and none of what you read.

        • Hammerun says: “I’ll tell you how to tell if one is being built though. Just look for the materials trucks.”

          You mean like how people could tell vast facilities and labs were being built for the Manhattan Project?

          It will be That obvious?

        • If you think that ones good, check this one out.

          Add the usual prefix

        • Just to add about the ebola thing.

          Anti-quarantine nurse Hickox was trained as intelligence officer by the CDC.

          The uniforms are just one sign of the militarization of the CDC, an organization so steeped in delusional theatrics that it still won’t admit sneeze particles can travel farther than 3 feet or that Ebola actually has a 42-day incubation period, not the 21 days we are repeatedly told.

        • Interesting that Forbes picks up on this,
          Does seem to fit the MO of TPTB to “not let a crisis go to waste”

      21. When they come for you, have several knives on your person, cut open their Bio-Suits and start to cough, sneeze and throw up on them.
        Don’t go easily into the night.

      22. This country is going to hell fast. Do you think people have put 2 and 2 together here yet with what is going on? I don’t think so. Everything that has been done and still being done is to destroy us and our military. They are filtering this country with illegals for a reason, to take over. There will be starvation, illnesses and death here because its too late to stop it now.

        America has let their own selves be destroyed.

        God bless what is left of this country.

        • Well stated, Grandma.

          Just as i was referring to, in a few comments above.

          To sit around and do nothing but bitch, has gotten us into this mess. By allowing the liberals to vote in their agenda, we have given up rights and freedoms.

          The lazy ass conservatives and ignorant repubs have not been actively keeping check on things for the past 100 years, and this is what happens.

          The self-proclaimed christians are to blame also. Many of them shadow the church doors every Sunday and then live and condone a liberal lifestyle until the next Sunday at 9:45 am. But, to them they are not to blame because they went to church and ask for forgiveness for all sins, so in their eyes they are blameless.

          A person is either a part of the solution, or a part of the problem. To do nothing against the problem, is basically part of the problem. Same with voting.

      23. the people will willingly walk into the facility’s. and anyone who doesn’t is going to be mopped up by tanks. just like the book day z.

        • All they have to do is offer them a free drive-by flu shot. The sheeple will pull up with all smiles.

          Stick it to me, baby.

          “Want some free cookies and soda pop”? Come on in and give some blood…. OK!

          First we need to check your temperature.


          Wait, that ain’t where i was expecting a thermometer to go; that ain’t my mouth.

          Surprise, surprise, surprise! That ain’t my thermometer either.

      24. world war z not day z lol.

      25. Very ominous.

        Unfortunately I had reached many of the same conclusions.

        Here is the short version of what we know for a fact:

        1. The FEMA concentration camps are ready.

        2. The Executive Order has been signed.

        3. Christians and Patriots are viewed as subversives, and have been described as such to Law Enforcement from Homeland Security.

        • 6

          Who’s to say these camps won’t be used to process the next wave of illegals as a way to ramp up the facilities? Process, release some recruit others to work and control the real end game.

          The only way to oil the machine is move the gears, they’ll have to do that before they attempt to take on real Americans.

          • Hope so.

            We have not evacuated yet.

            Just watching very carefully, like someone on guard duty at night.

          • So we let them come in to our country so we can send them to FEMA camps and spend billions to provide them with food and shelter? Doesn’t make sense. No, these are not for the illegal immigrants, of that I am pretty sure.

            • They won’t call them FEMA camps at that point, more like “immigration processing center” we’ve already seen them pop up during the last wave, mostly on military bases.

              I’m just brainstorming based on how it could happen. Camps popping up all around us for our own safety of course is just one way to lull an already uninformed citizenry.

            • Yes, and the fact that they lied and said it WAS for illegals means they’re covering up what it’s really for.

              • That is correct Lisa,

                And the money part of it doesn’t even matter any longer.
                As a nation we are already “bankrupt”.

                • Actually wayyyyyy beyond bankrupt,
                  Want to bet the current run up of the dow ends with profit taking and a huge correction right after tuesday?

            • Since when does anything make any sense ? See what I did there, yeah.

          • I don’t think they would waste the time and expense to process illegal aliens through these FEMA Centers:

            1) Much easier to simply ship them all across the country with a thousand bucks in their pockets and then a list of instructions on where to get government handouts

            2) They wouldn’t want to finally admit these camps exist quite yet, not if they have already proven they can ship people across our nation with little protest (Excluding Murrieta, CA)

            3) With estimates of 25-30 million illegals already here and NEVER had them camping in concentrated locations like this before, why would they then show the American people the staggering numbers? It’s better to keep hiding it like they have done.

      26. As always, there’s always ANOTHER story going unnoticed behind the so called “main news event”. I’m pretty sure Medical Martial Law will eventually be enforced. However, lots of “undesirables” will be rounded up with ebola symptoms, regardless of wether they’ve been exposed to ebola or not. The Govt. need Medical Martial law in place before the worlds most important news story breaks.

        The ISIS news story has slipped in inportance, as has events in Ukraine and Europe. The biggest story going unreported, is the fact that Putin has put an energy embargo in place putting many European countries into full SHTF mode. France and Germant and Britain have limited reserves, however by Thanksgiving, many European countries will be brought to their knees as there energy supplies fail. WWIII by Christmas?

      27. Stage 3 Precautions

        1. Remove all identifying bumper stickers, license plate accessories from your vehicles.

        You can put replacements on magnetic sheets, to place them on and off your vehicle, but a bumper sticker may get you stopped.

        Now is the time you need to preserve the option to be the gray man.

        2. Plan evac routes on foot to avoid Quarantine roadblocks.

        Preposition assets (bicycles, cars, boats, motorcycles) to escape.

        Usually quarantine zones will begin with Interstate beltways blocked, then in house quarantine, finally house to house forced removal to a Fema camp.

        Review what happened in Boston and New Orleans, and the house to house searches.

        3. Make a point to observe and monitor local hospitals routinely, as the Media will be blocked.

        • Pardon me? How about I just stand up for my rights and kill the sons of B’s that try to take an honest mans Constitutional rights. You go crawl into a hole. The man said: “Live Free or Die” I’m to damn old to learn to live on my knees.

          • there is a time to fight,

            and a time to flee

            for everything there is a season

      28. Whether you believe there are FEMA camps or not it is good to at least be open to the possibility. The country is not right. The world is not right. People are not right.
        But the camps are right in front of our eyes. Any High School can become a camp. A few fence posts, chain link topped with barbed wire and you have a detention center. Add a few armed guards.
        Until they begin to take us from our homes to these camps, it is all speculation. I do have a copy of that detention manual. Extensive construction. Have not seen or heard of one in my area, YET! They should located by railroad spurs, major interstates and airports.

        If we did find one, (Operational) what are we going to do about it?

        • I always only post online in general, vague, non operational terms.

          • Very wise counsel, Infidel6.

        • SS
          You know that a lot of the German people didn’t know or believe there were concentration camp.
          The High middle and grade school where I work have fences around them. No Barbed wire yet. But it wouldn’t take much.

        • In North Portland Oregon, we have our Wapato jail. It is a medium security facility that has NEVER had one single person in it. It sits there fully stocked with everything except the perishables in the kitchen. It has railway and port terminals near it, as well as easy truck access.

          Bedding, clothing, dishes, sample-sized shampoos, toothpaste and combs are all waiting in boxes. The only thing this facility has been used for, is as a filming location for a TV series called “Leverage”, season 3, “The Jailhouse Job”. The show has some pretty good shots in it of the interior dorms, kitchen and such.

          This place exists. It was built and fully stocked about a decade ago, but never opened.

          I wonder what it was really built for…

          • During my travels around the USSAG from ’03 thru ’09, I saw many huge warehouses with hundreds of docking doors, sitting idle.

            Many were like that for years and still are. Makes one wonder why????

            And that is just what I was able to see from the Interstate or in a commercial district.

          • North Portland huh? Hopefully my ex sister-in-law ends up there, if Salem Oregon don’t have space for her. Maybe I could write FEMA and ask that they make sure she goes on there RED LIST!!!!

            • It’s Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, in Wilsonville now. OWCC is no longer open. You should get caught up on your info, Cede.

      29. someone said “don’t believe for an instant that
        the people in Washington are idiots” okay so if
        they are not idiots, why are they doing all this
        shit!! for very gooood reasons!!! in their mind!!
        according to their plans.

      30. Sarge,

        “You know that a lot of the German people didn’t know or believe there were concentration camp.”

        Because they were made by the same species who have suck the blood out of the German ancestor’s. The facts is the six sided star on the US flag is invisible but anyone who doesn’t believe who controls each and every seconds of our lives is either ignorant, un educated or simply denies the truth.

        Talk to a German elder who witnessed the truth and you’ll be amazed as how the truth was destroyed and and instead portrayed innocents should who are entitled to receive monetary ransom on regular basis just like the pigs that they are.

        • Soooo…..Jews built the concentration camps where the SS killed……Jews. Riiiiighht.

          • Yes..Aushwitz was Built By Jewdeo SOVIET KOMMIES and USED to house/kill white and christian folk that them jewish bolshevik soviet run kommie so hated. And at Least TWENTY years Before anybody Heard of Hitler!…That info of soviet kommie jewry mass killings of Goyim folks IS what every german person was well aware of!…Thats precicely why germans tried to fight against and HALT soviet communism…While rounding up every fuckin jew kommie bolshevik and every german or other type fellow kommie traveler inside of germany PRE WWII era…Like usa general Patton said in his personal diary entires…”We Americans fought against the WRONG People”

            Thats reason Patton got murdered by same tribe one Day prior to his return to usa lands…to Stop Patton from further exposeing of jewdeo soviet kommie bastards.

            Maybe if you would research a few facts filled Links a few folks HERE has often provided you too can remove the eye scales so clouding Your vision.

            You wont believe ANYTHING negative if its of a jew issue…Thats why you are so deluded still on WWII issues.

            you Bash ALL groups except of course jewish ones…Those you Unquestionably always defend as worlds only victims who matters.

            Yet other than one liner assinine statements as a refutation of Factual Truth….You never provide actual Counter facts nor proofs….This you likly are going to deny also eh…Oooppps! cant deny it as many postings by old coach proves me correct.

        • A
          I will talk to my Mother neighbor, she grew up in Germany during WW2. Thanks for the advise.

      31. The feds prepare for everything including a martial law scenario..

        Any of you served in the military know you train and train again and train then prepare for every damned scenario and then some..

        It’s logistically impossible to round up every damned dissident even though they’d love to..

        As stated above..these asshats can’t even locate one lone survivalist after how long with all their manpower?

        And remember shelter in place in Boston a few years back?

        Thousands of le poured into metro Boston and it took one citizen to find one perp..

        And let’s not forget the numerous recent breaches into the most sophisticated,armed,locale in the modern world..the white house.


        I’ll rest comfortably folks..

        It’s all bullshit..

        Enjoy the damned day will you?


        • Geeze, possee, my question is, why do you think they wanted to find them? As if that were their intention.

          Ya. It’s all bullshit.. But, “rest comfortably”?
          You’ve Got to be kidding.

        • the run at the white house was staged
          obama saying don’t quarantine is staged
          he will say no until he is the hero who
          says yes!!! then everyone will be ready to
          FOLLOW the masters orders voluntarily!!
          divide and conquer!!! control 101

      32. We trained frequently in the 80s in a city I will not mention. We knew it was about preparing to lock the place down. It was the time of Reagan and the game had changed. But I think the issue of competence is key: the government these days is very degenerate, very lazy and very corrupt and incompetent. Even with advanced plans in place, actually doing it is another question. We do not have the same quality of people we had in the 80s. The population has changed. I think what will happen is darker and more chaotic. Probably just straight up social breakdown, panic and then the military and top-level government just falls back into continuity posture: staying on ships, bunkers, critical infrastructure like airports, overseas bases. And then just watch the cities burn and burn until they are done.

        • Then there are the blue hat troops.

          • Thats why im working on keeping my shots to a circle no bigger than 6″ as far out as i can effectively go,

        • Exactly what I observe. People said USA would win any war without really trying; but, I look at how corrupt-incompetent all levels of government are and I wonder if the military is shoddy too.

      33. Will there be free bicycles at the camps to use so we can ride into town when we wish?

      34. I think the SHTF readers Your readers might enjoy my fictional take on a subject on everyone’s mind today. It’s not just ebola-this novel imagines an even deadlierbio- terror attack.
        Jihad in America travels on the wind.
        While a nuclear terrorist attack is unlikely, in a bioterror epidemic, the genetically engineered plague is invisible. Our borders are vulnerable, and metal detectors are useless, even as ISIS, the Islamic State, raises its menacing black flag in Syria and Iraq.
        What if the government is helpless, gridlocked in perpetual party conflict and rancor?

        BEYOND TERRORISM: SURVIVAL is the fictional story of two unlikely strangers who found a way to survive the apocalypse, the most deadly terrorist attack in history.
        Read a sample on my website:

      35. Why are there no good investigative reporters. We have more people finding out who is fucking who but nothing about what Government is doing behind the scenes.

        Had two more people shot in the area I travel. Makes Ferguson look like Cub Scouts.

        Kick the tires and light the fires. Get this stuff started.

        • Sling … There are good investigative journalists out there. The problem is their stories are squashed by their liberal editors because the stories don’t fit the agenda promulgated by Obama’s government.

          Do a search on Sharyl Atkinson and read how she was thwarted by CBS News from reporting on Fast and Furious, Benghazi and a couple of other of the numerous Obama regime scandals.

          Also investigate the marriage and blood ties between top Obama staffers and top executives at major TV news, newspapers and news magazines. Those relationships leave no doubt as to why negative news about Obama, his staff and policies gain no traction in the MSM.

        • SS
          Try Shitcago. Black gang on Black gang crime 15 to 30 shot a week end. Nothing said and no riots.
          I just wonder if a Large White Gang went in and it was black on white or white on black how much attention it would get?

          • Hey SGT; “IF” crazed chicago monky apes ever decides to go berzerk inside of Skokie Ill?…THEN you shall see and Hear of it NON stop 24/7 untill every last ape is dead or in jail…IE: Skokie is that city famous for housing americas largest “Hoax” survivor community of hoaxters…HolYhoaxters in other words…Oyvey!

            six million six million six million repeat Often!

            ps a little old newspaper archive research Sgt and You shall locate at LEAST SIX times from 1895 up to 1940 that jewry has Falsely Claimed in Huge headlines in most every newspaper globally that “jews say six million jews dead due to a Holocaust event”…6 Times at least since 1895!!

            Thats fuzzy Math indeed eh…For “IF” each time jews claimed that six million dead jews crap since 1895 then just within those 1/2 century yrs, 1895 TILL 1940, six million TIMES six equals…36-MILLION holyhoaxed deaths PLUS all who still remained alive! when never has the entire global number of their tribe group exceeded aprox 13-14 Million Grand Total!

            Just a total of 2.8 Million jews resided IN ALL European nations at time hitler was elected…that 2.8 number is FROM jewish Almanacs OWN jew census reports as well as national census numbers…Start with 2.8 Million across ALL europe, then kill of six million, while as many claims, TEN Million jews escaped nazis!…PLUS How many Million more already lived in Other nations Far from a signle nazi threat?…FUZZY Math eh!

            PSS: again by All accurate sources as well as jew almanac sourced jew population numbers In germany at time hitler elected were just aprox 550,000 TOTAL jews in german lands….SIX Million? over and Over since at least 1895?

            Maybe even jewish wrote jew info almanacs are ALL also antisemites too?…NOT very Likly eh!

            NEED web LINKS? I will provide Many, even one with actual CAMP photos that finally got revealed after 50 yrs in secrecy from USA fed govnt agencies and usa army files, CIA photos, BRITISH taken Camp photos etc etc etc…That PROVE that ZERO “millions jew dead bodies” are burried, ZERO human ashes found buried, Photos that SHOW a dirt road with a ‘few” small short shrubs is ALL that “HID” said Camps and a few photos even Shows farmers at work in their fields across THAT dirt road in PLAIN sight of said “hidden” camp!

            In 1999 or so…Several scientists took same type Ground penetrating xray machinery like the Ice Road truckers use to Peer into ground areas and Search for earth disturbances or dead bones, bodies, ashes etc etc…NONE were ever located/Found!…. They marked off a full size Grid around Several Camps sites, ran that xray like a Lawn Mower across EVERY square Inch camps Lands and…That was also reported in Most euro newspapers back in 1990’s after tests of ground done…Need Those LINKS as Proof jews Lie and Lie tremendously?…Old Coach wont ever research such info or photos as hes worried he may just find out Real facts and need RE think all he too got told was truth…Maybe You SGT are more interested in truth eh…

      36. Kinda blows the mind doesnt it,
        People over here dont even register when you mention this crap, they think magically somehow it will never affect us, never mind there are approximately 15,000 mexicans here who came on vacation and never went home over the last decade, but hey what do i know

      37. Did the scoffers read any of Dave Hodge’s links, like the re-education camp operations manual link? I’ve seen it before, it wasn’t something he made up. When it was leaked the Army said it wasn’t for Americans. But in the manual it calls for the use of social security numbers for identification. Americans are the only ones with social security numbers. Therefore, it IS for Americans.

        Hodges is sensational because the information warrants it. He wants people to read it and take action – the more people who know, the less they can hide it.

        • IMHO
          He points out all these things that are real possible, anyone older than 40 REALLY gets it, lots of the younger folks are too (Thank God)
          Most of the people killed by their own governments never really thought it could happen either,
          Personally i would rather have this knowledge in the back of my mind than be oblivious.

      38. First they came for the infected, And I did nothing.

        Then they came for the gun owners, And I did nothing.

        Then they came for the Alternative Free Press Newsies, And I did nothing.

        Then they came for the Inner city Blacks, And I did nothing.

        Then they came for the Indebted Poor, And I did nothing.

        Then they came for the Veterans, And I did nothing.

        The they came for Me… but as hard as they tried to they couldn’t find me.

        * if you want to survive the complete police state lock down coming to once free zog amerika, GET LIQUID, establish a realistic ‘bug-out’ plan to a neutral country.

        “Uruguay is looking good, to be a final destination via a Caribbean island hoping sailboat trip.”

        total potential cost of trip: $16,000. +


        • Actually of the 7 you listed they can have 3-4 and I’ll help. Never cared much for people that don’t take care of themselves and even less for cowards.

          • RE: “they can have 3-4 and I’ll help”

            I guess that makes you one of “them”.

            How ugly.

            A wise man once said something about the least among us, but I won’t go into that now, it’s way over your head. After all, you’re one of “them” now, you might as well go ahead and kiss Pelosi and dance with Bonner and company.

        • URUGUAY IS 90% WHITE.

          Which means its a decent place to live, but that the women have skinny white girl chicken butts instead of big Latin butts. O hell, you cant have everything.

          • Hey Ass’d Itch,

            For a flaming faggot, you sure seem to talk about women’s butts a lot.

            I guess you are not as anal-retentative as you appear, but more like anal-obsessive.

            Look out,… furry animals and black snakes, eisenstein is in the neighborhood with his velour panties on.

        • Fester..I am too old to run and to much of a patriot not to stay around and do what I can.You never know what you can do.I will hang around,you do the running

          • running? i’m not running, i’m making a very intelligent decision for my retirement.

            i will soon hit the magic age where my visa will read ‘retired’! that qualifies me to live over seas in a more affordable freer country than amerika with better cheaper healthcare and dental.

            i’m going for a look at least and if i like it i’m staying.

            have fun getting stomped on by a big black FREEMASON SHADOW GOVERNMENT fascist ZOG boot.


            • Best part about living near the equator is not having to worry about shit freezing,however; you may need a wet suit when the Tsunamis start becoming 100 ft tall.

              Or at least a fast dirt bike.

            • Fester … Uruguay, freer country?

              The right to private gun ownership is not guaranteed by law.

              An applicant for a firearm licence in Uruguay must pass a background check which considers mental records

              An understanding of firearm safety and the law, tested in a theoretical and/or practical training course is required5 for a firearm license

              The law requires that a record of the acquisition, possession and transfer of each privately held firearm be retained in an official register

              State agencies are required to maintain records of the storage and movement of all firearms and ammunition under their control

              ht tp://

              Yep, that’s free all right.

              • not worried, i am going there to ‘chill’ – “RETIRE!”, chase a few cheeky G-STRING senora’s around the beach and do some fishing, not start a revolution.


      39. “You wanna waste my time and put me in a FEMA CAMP, OK? I’m Tony Montana! Hey Obama, why don’t you try sticking your head up your ass? See if it fits. The last guy who tried to fuck me over didn’t do so good. Are you gonna try to fuck me?”

        “I told you… I told you a long time ago, you fucking little monkey, not to fuck me! Hey, hey! Who the fuck you think you’re talking to huh? You wanna fuck with me? Who the fuck you think I am? Your fucking bellboy? Come on! Bring it! You wanna go to war? We take you to war! Okay? Okay Obama & Pals; You wanna fuck with me? You fucking with the best! You wanna fuck with me? Okay. You little cockroaches… come on. You wanna play games? Okay, I play with you; come on. Okay. You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my little friend!

        • RE: “Say hello to my little friend!”

          I saw that film. Isn’t that the part where it didn’t work out so well for him?

          After I saw that film I wondered why that line was so famous. I mean, they replied by saying, goodbye mf’er.

          Not so good a move, now was it?

      40. I have an idea. Let’s call the FEMA camps detention centers for corrupt elected officials. Any elected official that uses their office for any personal gain gets sent to the center for re education.

        • And, here’s yet another guy who seemingly wants to be just like “them”.

          How about Let’s NOT call the FEMA camps, detention centers for corrupt elected officials? Nor, for anyone else.

          I mean, it’s almost like you don’t think EVERY elected official uses their office for personal gain?

          • Exactly how did you extract that here is someone who seemingly wants to be like them from that statement?

            • The statements meaning was that the camps built for us can be used on them.

              • Dear, swinging richard,

                If this message should reach you, I hope you understand, if one acts like a tyrant, one becomes a tyrant.

                That’s something quite a few here do not understand.

                I.e. “the camps built for us can be used on them.”

                Have you seen the film, “Land of the Blind”?

                Doing so might help. … Maybe.

      41. “HITLERY 2016”

        “Vote for Hitlery Lucifer Clinton 2016!”

        Lets just ‘KICK START’ the friggen NWO ZOG POLICE STATE Apocalypse by electing this crazy evil commie witch and get it over with!

        “HITLERY 2016”


        • The only reason she is even considering being in the run for 2016, is if something happens to Odrama.

          he might od on Cocacola and his heart explode.

          She is just evil enough to pull it off.

          Medusa and Jezebel on steroids.

          • The longer she pretends to plan to think about running, the more $250,000 speaking fees she can collect. Until she actually declares, all that money is hers to keep.

      42. I am.

      43. The Commies are probably going to teach Sex-Ed in the camps.

        That curriculum proposal by the Canadian Liberals mandated that sex education begin in Grade 1 and progress in Grade 3 to same-sex relations and gender identity and by Grade 8 have covered many sensitive subjects such as masturbation, and oral and anal sex. No surprise that teachers are doing the “practical” illegal work on their students in the Toronto District School Board.

        About 4,000 parents will be asked to fill out the survey

        A spokesperson for Education Minister Liz Sandals said school principals, who have better knowledge of their school communities (and are feminists who sleep with children because they hate straight men with a venegance) , will choose the left wing parent who participates in the survey likely from parent councils.

        F*** Communism and get your souls out of the FEMA camps and indoctrination Marxist schools!

      44. Hmm, There is a “Keep Illinois Blue Vote Early” banner on the left side of this feed. Ever wonder why all the Democrats want early voting? I mean, come on, the corruption is SO blatant. I just want out of this state.

        • I dont blame you, i wish my daughter and family would get the hell out of there, especially now, just too much wierdness going on

          • Kula, I was here today to just lurk but I have to remark…the blue nanny state here, manages to anchor those with jobs…you make enough to make ends meet but just try and save enough to escape…especially in the crook county collar counties….its hard to scrape together enough to make ends meet.

      45. Mac,

        Since 1987 we have had an estimated 25-30 illegal aliens enter the United States and these camps were not used for “rounding up the mass exodus”

        I wouldn’t think 25 to 30 illegal aliens would even be considered “mass”. 25 to 30 million illegal aliens? Yep yep!


        • Neither the Democrats that want an underclass breeding more potential voters nor the Republicans that want cheaper labor and lets not forget the globalists that want one world without borders are going to round up such people.

          • Wait a minute! You say, “the Democrats that want an underclass breeding more potential voters”

            Well, who says they would vote democrat? Why do you generalize so? I think I saw a survey that said just the opposite.

            Also, man, that’s – low – tossing in the word “breeding”. Were your parents “breeding” you? Or, were they human, too?

            Anyway, the Republicans might want cheaper labor, but don’t all employers have to pay minimum wage here? Isn’t cheaper labor usually of the, ‘under-the-table’ kind? So, if you’re accurate, isn’t that kind of self defeating to make them citizens?

            So I wonder, why are the globalists that want one world without borders, going to round up such people?

            Nothing you wrote makes any sense.

            If anything, it seems like the globalist would want to round up guys like you and others here (or something) and let the rest go.

            One last thought: Does the phrase, “The human race” have any meaning for you?

            • An influx of poor hold wages down, its called supply and demand. The first group non citizens have no political say as they can’t vote. No pressure from them to raise that minimum wage. The agriculture workers are exempt from minimum wage requirements too. People here illegally will work beyond 40hrs in unsafe conditions and say nothing because (drum roll please) they’re here illegally. Now who doesn’t make sense?

              The ultra poor voting Republican? The ultra poor need hand outs that the Republicans historically vote against.

            • “So, if you’re accurate, isn’t that kind of self defeating to make them citizens”

              The Republicans don’t want them to become citizens because the underclass (which despite the best of their intentions will continue for a generation or two) predominately vote Democrat. The children of this underclass will have citizenship and vote predominately Democrat.

              The Republicans want the labor market flooded under or over the table to hold wages down.

              Regardless both party’s have significant elements in them that want the border open for different reasons.

            • Clown, I am late to this post, but yes they are breeding. No my parents planned my arrival. It’s called pair bonding and family values. The mexicants don’t have kids. They breed them for benefits. Sounds harsh, but the truth hurts. Ever seen the woman that 15 kids (she was diverse in race) and demanded benefits. She more than likely had more than 1 male breeder, probably more like 15.

              • You’re one sick puppy, Texas Slouch.

                You and Kevin2 are just two examples of why the empire is freakin’ doomed.

                You’re both ignorant of history and of economics.
                Typical bran dead american’t.

                • He he. Ignorant of history? I would love to hear your revisionist version of “history”. How did you find this site? I can tell you that you either sound confused to disrupt and bog down the conversations on this post, or you are a paid troll. I find myself middle of the road as a voter, but how do you explain the Democrats on this one:


                  They are also the party of the infanticide/abortion.

      46. Assuming one was a suspect emboli case going into a camp as described. In relatively short order you would have emboli just from close contact with those infected. Toss in some political undesirables for good measure. In the end it could be said that 100% of the people quarantined were stricken with this dreadful disease. Its like the USSR putting anti communists into psycho wards that made you crazy.

      47. Everything is in place for a pandemic, the rest in the process of being finalized, and all we’re missing now is a pandemic. The last few days should remove all doubt that Obama, his cronies, and his handlers are doing everything the opposite of containing ebola. This is not by accident, ignorance, or ineptitude. Every excuse and lie was made on why we shouldn’t isolate anyone, the same talking points are regurgitated over and over even when their previous lies crumbled. They came down instantly on Cuomo and Christie for trying to quarantine returning health workers, and Kaci Hickox just happens to be a CDC stooge. State Department plans to ship foreigners infected with ebola from Africa to the US were also leaked.

        Africa and Africans are not our responsibility. No matter how much money or aid, it’s never enough. Keeping a contagion from spreading, means isolating it to that region only including all health worker for the duration of the incubation period. They’re mainly the ones bringing it back home and just one infected running around is enough to spread fear and ruin businesses.

        Whether Democrats win or lose, I have a feeling it’s going to get ugly after the elections with a certain traitor in the WH.

        • RE: “Everything is in place for a pandemic, the rest in the process of being finalized, and all we’re missing now is a pandemic.”

          Yeah, they don’t need no stinking Pandemic, all they need is an illusion of a disease. It’s quite a big difference, but in some minds, it’s none at all.

          SEE also: ‘Industrial-strength scare-propaganda: mind control’

          But I imagine those words scare most people, half-out of their wits, even. And, they won’t go there. BOO!


          Nobody can say I didn’t try.
          Or, as Dorthy Parker might say, “You can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her drink”.


      49. On a side note it seems theyre claiming to have caught the fella in eastern Pa who shot that trooper…so they say…one man,one month,over 1000 leos chasing him…wait till its many times just one…gonna get interesting real soon methinks…keep your powder really dry… REB

      50. your children’s and grand-children’s future –

        “In those first years the roads were peopled with refugees shrouded up in their clothing. Wearing masks and goggles, sitting in their rags by the side of the road like ruined aviators. Their barrows heaped with shoddy. Towing wagons or carts. Their eyes bright in their skulls. Creedless shells of men tottering down the causeways like migrants in a feverland. The frailty of everything revealed at last. Old and troubling issues resolved into nothingness and night.”

        ~ Cormac McCarthy, The Road

      51. “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”
        By Dylan Thomas

        Do not go gentle into that good night,
        Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
        Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

        Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
        Because their words had forked no lightning they
        Do not go gentle into that good night.

        Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
        Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
        Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

        Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
        And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
        Do not go gentle into that good night.

        Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
        Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
        Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

        And you, my father, there on the sad height,
        Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
        Do not go gentle into that good night.

        • A more appropriate one,

          You will never kneel before the painted emperor.
          It matters not if you die , but that you LIVE HARD and DIE FREE.
          Whatever horrors they send against you.
          What ever the terror.
          It matters only that you account well for yourself , weapon in hand.
          Win by any means possible.
          Hope for the best , but prepare for the worst.
          If, despite all your efforts, you lose, lose at great cost . To the enemy .
          NEVER GIVE UP!

          100 heads

          Semper Fi 8541

      52. And Boehner the Weeper will do absolutely nothing to stop it, since it works for HIS clients as well. They have to get it done in November/December, because when the new Congress convenes he’s probably a goner.



      54. Anyone hear a credible report on Putin having cancer?

        • There seem to be reports all over legitimate mainstream European news agencies. However, the details are hazy with different papers reporting different types of cancer. It’s still not clear if Putin actually has it or not, and the Russians aren’t officially saying anything.

          If he’s got cancer though, that would explain his haste with Ukraine and everything else Russian has been doing lately.

          With cancer… Putin has nothing to lose. The fear from the West is that he won’t back down if push comes to shove.

          • I dont think Putin would back down if push came to shove..– even if he didnt have Cancer.
            so what we have here is a man thats not going to back down and our puppet better wake up to it

          • Thanks for the reply Mac. There are many ways to spin this. 1) He has nothing to loose and is more dangerous. 2) His successor may take a harder stance towards the west. 3) His mental state may be affected by his treatment. etc.,

      55. Interesting, isn’t it, how all the DIS-information specialists appear here at shtfplan when Mr. Hodges is, once again, EXACTLY on point?

        Also, many of these people– disinfo specialists or not– suffer from Normalcy Bias, which will also get you killed.

        In addition, it’s also interesting how each of them suffer from denial that hundreds of thousands of foreign troops have been training here for several years and that these troops will be utilized/deployed to enforce martial law while our OWN troops have been deployed to become infected (and later, ill) with Ebola, a manmade virus patented by our own government.

        Failure to connect the dots will make you a victim of those very dots.

        Lastly, the burden of proof will forever lie on those who believe LHO murdered JFK (funny how the conspirators have no film of him doing that, hmmm); that Aids was NOT a germ warfare experiment (when proves it was/is); that Ebola came from a river (when our own Patent office credits the people who created the current version/variant); that the upcoming vaccine does not contain a nanobot that make mush of your brain, etc.

        As you know, they cannot meet that burden of proof, so of course they attack the person who paints the truth (Hodges).

        In conclusion, trust your gut, not your normalcy bias.

        Get right with your God because the crap will take out the fan quite soon.

        If you want to live and survive the fan being taken out, then connect the dots and don’t fall for the naysayers who offer no credible information to dispute what Mr. Hodges writes but were dispatched to sabotage what Mac and so many others here work so hard to put forth: the truth!

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

      56. Still putting the ebola puzzle together and a picture may be emerging. Paid nurse actors act all ebola-stricken while jetting across country, go bowling, drive out for fast food…all the while the CDC et al whine to the public about how safe everyone is…and the public starts to panic and screech for the govt to DO SOMETHING. Along comes Nurse Stompypants (CDC plant) this week who immediately hires a lawyer and gives NJ and Maine the finger. The public is outraged that she could be so selfish and they screech louder for the govt to DO SOMETHING. Sooo on que the GOVT starts turning on the lights and making the beds in these fema camps, and the public will all cheer as they start hauling those selfish ebola snotty pouts through the gates. Mission accomplished the public will embrace the safety of the govt camps. How long before white teaparty prepper types will be the first ones to catch the ebola all at the same time and be hauled through the gates?

        • Nurse Stompypants….That’s a good one I had never heard.

      57. OFF TOPIC: I need some info. Anyone hear of MSM Sulphur? I hear it’s supposed to be some kind of super vitamin supplement. Thanks

      58. What a long strange trip it’s been… Oh, wait, somebody already said that.
        So glad to finally be home. Had some buddies from Virginia trying to come pick me up the other day, but their vehicle kinda came apart. (blown head gasket in the primary booster, or something like that)
        It’s been a rough time up there. 2 months of freeze dried food. Nothing to drink but constantly ‘recycled’ water. (yeah, it means exactly that) Cramped living quarters, shoddy ventilation systems and stale air. Not even a single disc of country songs for the karaoke machine. And the view? Hell, when you’ve seen one star you’ve seen ’em all.
        I’m just glad the teleporter finally got fixed.
        And, for the record, I will never. EVER, book another cut-rate vacation on the international space station.

        • Good to see ya back Okie, been wondering about ya? Stay on Earth will ya?Although we all need a different perspective sometime!!

          • Hey there, Thinker. It’s good to be back here at Mac’s playground.
            Been missing all of the passionate opinions, sharp-edged remarks… and fun that is shtfplan!
            Actually, I didn’t go to the space station. (in keeping with a long tradition, 97% of my comments are fictitious. the other 3% are plain bs).
            Just been extremely busy trying to train rookie truck drivers. Until last month, my batting average was 1000. (no crashes, no warrants and no felonies due to my training). Unfortunately, my latest young protege has had a somewhat negative impact on that number.
            Prior to ‘John Doh’ taking the wheel of the truck, I’d never had one get two traffic tickets in a single day. Never had one need the use of a tow truck (twice). And never, EVER, had I been asked to leave a truck stop cafe and not return. Sadly, I can’t say that anymore.
            John Doh has set a new standard. More missed exits, more missed fuel stops ans more late deliveries than I’d ever experienced. And don’t even get me started about the weigh station in North Carolina. (let’s just say that from now on, whenever I pass through Asheville, I’ll be using an alias)

            • RE: “never, EVER, had I been asked to leave a truck stop cafe and not return.”

              Hell, they serve crap that will kill ya there anyway. Maybe he did ya a favor and you don’t know it?

              Also, all-around funny comment. It almost, kinda, half-way makes me forget I’m just about completely surrounded by maw opening, willfully ignorant, zombies that want me dead.

              • Helot, do you have any original ideas or do you just criticize others?

                • Just a critic, most likely, a no-friends prick.

              • Could helot be related to acid/eisen?

                • Ha! The maw opening, willfully ignorant, zombies speak.
                  They love the empire, they love war, and they hate individuals who think for themselves.
                  That much is clear.

                  It’s scary that there are so many here.

                  Zombies in the mist.

                  • I do not see you doing any free thinking , only criticizing the posts of others. The conclusions you reach from their statements are usually wrong. If you think that there are to many people here that think differently from you, then maybe you are in the wrong place.

            • Hey Smokin’ Oak,

              My ole truck drivin’ friend. i was thinking about you the other day after having a nightmare about one of my trips to La La Land from the Asheville NC area, (yea that chicken coop can be a bitch there).

              This isn’t the nightmare, but a true story I thought about when i wondered about how your training sessions were going, or if you had quit.

              I was at a fuel stop in Tucson, heading back East, on my final trip with this particular trainee. he had three more weeks left for training, but I had my fill with his crazy shit and stupid remarks, so I had already told dispatch he was through in my truck.

              After firing a previous trainee; because I told them he was unsafe and would never be safe, because of his “habits”, and the company kept him on as a local driver anyway; and he finally did what I had feared he would do with my truck; they didn’t question my demands. Yep, he went over a fifty foot embankment one night on a two lane road and cut down a poplar tree that was 16 inches thick. The poplar tree saved a family of six inside a mobile home just underneath the road. The driver, hanging upside down inside the truck, was just about ten feet from their backdoor. The truck, with less than 60,000 miles on it, and a two year old 53′ van was totally destroyed.
              Only then, did they let him go, after loosing about 200k.

              Anyways back to the story. It was my time to sleep and i had been lying down for about an hour just resting from the grueling drive out of LA earlier that afternoon. This rookie was fueling, and then he disappeared for twenty minutes. The place was packed and trucks were honking wanting drivers to pull up so they could fuel. I saw an opening just directly across from the fuel island and instead of just pulling up and stopping, I pulled into the spot. Thinking surely the idiot trainee would be back any minute i laid down and began to read. After fifteen minutes, no sign of the dumbass. Now this man is 58 years old, short and duckfooted. A foul-mouthed prick of a human.

              I put my boots on and walk inside to see him in line at the subway sandwich section. about ten people in front and ten behind him. i don’t even go over there and he doesn’t see me. I go back out and after fifteen more minutes, I’m thinking he will be out shortly, I back the truck just beside the building where my trailer is within twenty feet of the exit door to the fuel islands.

              Get back in the bunk, fifteen more minutes go by. I put boots back on and sit in drivers seat so I can see drivers coming and going by my side mirror. No dumbass yet.

              Then something catches my eye, and I see the duck footed bastard standing at the regular vehicle fuel island,out front, going around in a circle like a fly without a wing, then he disappeared. i say WTF is wrong.

              I did a quick log book update thinking OK, he will be right out, then fifteen more minutes, I go back inside and find him on the telephone with his wife. he quickly gets off the phone and says “I am so happy to see you i could shit. I thought you had left me when i didn’t see the truck at the fuel Island where i had left it.
              Did you really leave me and did the Highway Patrol pull you over and send you back?”

              What?….Highway Patrol?

              “Yea, i called them and asked them to run you down because you had left me.”

              I just wanted to slap the shit out of the dumbass, but said “let’s go, NOW”!

              After I calmed down I asked why did you not come to the truck immediately and move it from the fuel island after paying?

              Well he says..” I was hungry and decided to grab a sandwich and then i decide i wanted to sit down and eat without trying to drive and eat, so….”

              I said, you just ate about three hours ago before you started driving.

              “F- you, boss man, I eat when i get good and damn ready”

              A ways out of Tucson, heading east there is a long hill climb. i was almost asleep, but knowing he always would grind the gears when downshifting, and it usually would wake me up because he would miss a gear and then ram it in gear and lurch forward, I just lay there waiting.

              As usual he was daydreaming, and the truck was getting ready to stall. We had gone from 68 mph, down to about 35 and this idiot hadn’t even realized, and then the grinding began. I immediately stood up and started to poke my head thru the curtain when he somehow managed to get the darn thing into reverse, slammed the throttle down and released the clutch. This sent me headfirst into the windshield and by throwing my arms up i avoided a head crash into the windshield. By this time he has completely stopped again and is still ramming the gear shift around hoping to hit a slot that works.

              I was seeing red. I thought about choking the eyeballs out of this sawed off phucker, and throwing him onto the interstate but instead asked the Lord to give me stength. As i stood up and shook off the pain on my arms, i bent down and looked into his face and said,….”This might be a good time to put the mo-foking flashers on, since we are, SITTING STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF I-10!. i layed back down and he cussed me like a red headed step-son for about fifteen minutes. i finally went to sleep by having visions of him swinging by a rope while i was throwing rotten eggs at his pea brain head.

              True story.

              Oh btw, sweet justice. The company put him with a driver that went by the name “Animal”. Nobody would go back with him after one trip. i went on a trip once with a young driver that had been out with “animal”, about a year earlier.

              He said, “you know why they call him “amimal” don’t you?

              i replied, no.

              “Well, when I went with him, he pulled the same stunt twice on me. While I was driving i got to smelling something awful and heard a rustling, and looked down to see a small garbage can, come slowly sliding out from behind the curtain. I looked down and it was full of steaming shit and toilet paper.”

              No? I said. Twice?

            • SmokinOkie;
              Great to have you back. How’s the family?


        • You know wats really funny about the rescue vehicle blowing up,
          One of the operators pushed the destruct button, it didnt just all of a sudden blow,

        • Dont get here too awful much myself Okie but I had noticed youd been scarcer than a honest politician…good to know youre still out there tearin up the roads chasin the sun…be safe my friend! REB

      59. Einstein once said you can’t solve problems with the same level of conscienceness that created them.The conscience mind cannot solve problems that its seperation from the subconscience created.If we value peace and harmony,and only focus on fear,is it not surprising when we access the same old negative program?Einstein was also equally specific when he described what he believed was the only truly valuable thing:Intuition

      60. All have Sinned- Romans 3:23

        “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”

        The Wages of Sin is Death-Romans 6:23

        ” For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus, our Lord.”

        God Loves You ! – Romans 5:8

        ” God demonstrated His love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

        Confession and Salvation- Romans 10:9

        ” That if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. ”

        What is coming on the earth is going to be horrible and tragic, escape the wrath to come and get right with the Lord.

      61. Making a list and checking it twice!
        WATER= check
        FOOD= check (still adding)
        SHELTER= check
        MEDS/FIRST AID= check (still adding)
        HEAT/COOKING SOURCE= check (still adding)
        DEFENSE/AMMO= check (still adding)
        GARDEN SUPPLIES= check
        MISC. = check (barter, hand tools, etc.)
        FORGET ANYTHING= check (getting to that age)
        Working on Multi-Levels of Warning/Defense (360 degree) out to at least 100yds+
        Camps or no camps I don’t give a Rat’s A$$ for me and mine straight to the burn pits after it’s all over. I will take as many with me as I can. I’M NOT LEAVING THE HOME PLACE!


      62. If you get shot. stabbed or other trauma you need to know how to do this alone, to yourself..
        also great skill to know to save a family member , even if its of the 4 legged variety

        ht tp://

      63. What it all comes down to is, are we going to let other people make life changing decisions for us. Most in this camp would say, “I don’t think so”. After reading thousands of posts, there are too many avenues for us all from which to choose. Still it boils down to Fight or Flight. How in the world did we ever get to a point to have discussions about detention or concentration camps in the USA? The country must be on drugs. All types of Drugs. I am angry as hell. The ignorance and stupidity is astounding in a populace that is supposed to be somewhat educated. It is remarkable that we still listen to the crap that spews from the mouths of those that are in positions of authority. Hell we put most of them in those positions. So we should expect those camps to come in the future. Preordained by our own hands.

      64. What would it take to convince you to stop prepping? Would you consider downsizing?

      65. anyone on here have a good perimeter alarm for their property?

        • Dogs and driveway sensors

          • got that, Im talking perimeter not driveway
            and dogs are not 100%.. im talking a distance on the perimeter and I would like something I dont have to feed or rely on that way


            silent too , I like the element of,,, click click.. SURPRISE!

            • Enemy of the State.

              Those drive way sensors have different freq’s as I do use them on my property. The drawback is you need a different alarm box for each freq. Have to cover the activation light with tape. They are good up to 400 feet between alarm and sensor and cover 180 degree arc up to about 50 feet. Cheap but efficient. At Harbor Freight.
              Batteries last for a long time. The secondary line is where the good shit is. ;0)

              • Thanks Much, I’ll look into those

                I hope to build a redundant perimeter warning system

                this might just work

                dogs are good , and i have those , a driveway alert is great and I have that too
                Im looking to enhance those 2 with something like this..might just do the trick

      66. I am really getting tired of this. I mean all this talk of the coming Government takeover, martial law, medical martial law, suspended habious corpus, blah blah blah.

        Attention everybody… This Government, our government cannot do anything right, especially something like this that would take coordination on the level of fighting 10 World Wars at the same time.

        Our president is a fucking coward. He is a little boy who hides behind the corner and throws rocks at passing cars, then runs away when the brake lights come on. Everything he has done has been covert, behind the scenes, political and mostly ineffective at actually accomplishing anything that cannot be undone by the next sitting president with just the stroke of his pen, and no phone call to anyone. Executive Orders are NOT law. Yes, there is some pain, but Americans overcome pain like this easily.

        If, and this is a big IF, he ever grows narcissistic balls big enough to actually step over that line and show his skinny little ass for who he really thinks he is, and does something OVERT to the American people directly like martial law or forced quarantines, millions of Americans will immediately shove a boot up his ass so far the entire socialist world will taste the dried feces stuck in its lug soles.

        Its because of this fact, that our Dear Leader and his socialist minions will never be brave enough to do squat. There is no Ebola, there is only Obola.

        • Yes,
          Arrogance clouds peoples judgement and gives them a false sense of ability,
          That runs real deep with these control freaks in the government,

        • Youre right and I agree…to a point,consider that all this apparent incompetence may be but a smokescreen to make us feel that way,best way to throw an opponent off is to make him think youre a complete inept loser…a wimp who couldnt punch his way outta a paper bag,then kicks the crap outta him with expert ability whilst they are all shocked and confused as to how this couldve happened then move to actually take control…not saying theyre “not”goofy because they are but more and more I suspect we’re being played in more ways than we think…just saying dont let your guard down for a moment,”the prez” may be entertaining acting like an “Erckel” but he aint funny,not really. REB

      67. Mr. Rodgers.

        Finally caught up on my reading.

        You said,

        In the meanwhile payhaps you might want to sit and THINK for a just a bit on the notion of ‘WHAT will wWE replace all this WITH?” Now mind you I am not asking yo to take on the whole task alone…that is what places like THIS are FOR People…where “WE, the People…’ gather and hash-out what constitues ‘Right and Wrong’. Mr Armstongs article is – I think – a passably good atarting point for any such train of thought, thus…

        Long time ago. How things change.

        I do not think we will be the same people if we get to the other side. Either will be our thoughts for change. Shall we explain how you/I would like it to be.

        • Howdy slingshot!

          Wassup Friend? I am a tad confused by the last line of your’s above…perhaps a clarification therefor? Is that an asertion or a question?

          As said, I am presently ‘out’ point-in-fact, I only just stopped in for a brief moment; we are managing the last of our stock/herds, getting all of those from the higher elevation pastures, in closer to us so that we can attennd to them – adequately – as the cold here becomes deeper, Eh?

          Adios all….

          • Mr. Rodgers.

            It might be a good time to ask and discuss, as you have before. What would you change or would like to see on the other side? I would like to know what change people would fight for. What Laws and punishments. How to change a society of Gimme Dats to a Working one that has respect and gives respect.

            We asked this long ago.

            • Evening slingshot,

              Abruptly, I am releived of my previous obligation…

              Friend, I am NOT now sure that ‘What IS’ can now be salvaged…in any real sense. Assuredly, the effort required would be little short of enoumous; old Friend, HOW many do you KNOw who would be so inclined in these days and times? To few I daresay…

              That said…WHERE does the New Dawn orginate from?

              Simple…each here already knows from where that will come; it COMES from US, not THEM. However, the ‘devil lies in the DETAIL’, does it not? Just so, therefor…

              The seminal failure of the Founders – IMHO – lies in one single area. Ere I pursue that here, allow me to mention something otherwise related rather directly, bear with me plesae. In my home state of Missouri, in recent yera a groundswell of public opinion came about in response to the percieved ABUSE of the citizenry via the articles of Criminal Law (based predonminantly on liberal insanity of various sorts) as those then existed. Simply put, it was roundlky perceived that criminals ended up having MORE rights that did those assaulted, in due course. Finally, the Legislature adopted the ‘Castle Doctrine’ here among us.

              That – being DOCTRINE – supercedes, and is SUPERIOR to LAW, broadly. In essence whatsoever CONFLICTS with DOCTRINE ‘self-nullifies’ as soon it is seen to be in conflict therewith. Dwell on that for just moment Friend, for there lies the beginning of SOLUTION, I think.

              Returning to the Founders and thier errors then, the Founders failed to establish a ‘Codex Primae’ undelying Law…a Foundation thereof, if you will. as the Castle Doctrine served to establsh a firm, fixed footing for LAW to operate upon, so we today universally have none such in the Nation broadly. Bear in mind that when one builds a house how is that done?

              A Builder starts by laying doewn a FIRM footing, pon which is laid then a FOUNDATION, thence subfloor, floor, then WALLS, etc, tec. Yes? Shoulf a builder place some part of the ftructure so that is NOT supported by ‘Foudation’ then all will goes without saying. So too, do we NEED FOUNDATION in Law…

              Think you on Jefferson…on HOW he brought forth the DOI and the Constittion, both. He stated the circumstances involved – clearly – and also therein established BASIC forms and concepts that were beyond QUESTION…as in, NOT to BE questioned, Eh? In the days of the Founders ‘some’ things were KNOWN and some several of those things were ‘alluded’ to within what he prodced for us. The problem – aa it were – was that he did not pursue that modus to it’s conlusion. He did not set themn down as fundamenatl PRECEPTS for the Laws that woudl follow, he simply allowed scholars thereafter to interpret them as they would. Thus his failure – there – lay in ‘simplicity’, No?

              Imagine this statement: “In the long history of Humankind pon the Earth through the reach of all that the MIND of Humanity has come to known, Humanity has come to perceive a singlar Truth, that being,: “All that has a Beginning has also an END…nothing of the World is therefor Eternal.” Even the Universe will end someday, we KNOW this, eh?

              Think on how many such statements like that one above you can come up with Brother…it is from simple, small staements such as that that a FOUNDATION can COME; simply the observances of what is TRUE, codified and set down…unquestionable, as a further PRINCIPLE of BASIS…”What do we KNOW…today?” which the Founders did not. Suprisingly, if one pursuess that – and I HAVE – one sees a framework slowly begin to develop, one that naturally inhibits MUCH of the abuse that we have seen in time, the abuses that have led to THIS, TODAY.

              “From small acorns sprout Mighty Oaks…”

              Thee and me have been in this place long and long, No? Along with BI, there are but a few who I truely wish that Fate had allowed for me to come to know in fullness…I know your Heart Friend, for I have seen it here often in your words…thee and me differ in few ways, and are alike in many…many indeed.

              I ahould tell you ere I depart for this eve, I do NOT hold forth any real Hope for the ‘Many’…they are too self-involved, too short-sighted, too egotistical to ever ‘coadunate’ into what He intended…thus, there wILL come a ‘culling’…as I beleive already you know Friend. Instead, what I have mused pon is -I THINK – for the time AFTER, when a New Basis must form the fundament of Human Minds and Hearts..lest we all persih FOREVER.

              Dwell upon what is here if you will, i will always be avaliable to you Brother, should you WISH to have converse in return…

              “I know Thee, Yeah I know Thee…and thou knoweth Me as well…by the indwelling Spirit invested in us both…”

              Adios Friend..till later then.

              • Jefferson tried to show the way based on personal liberty and responsibility…he never approved of strong central federal govt,he believed as I do that men could be trusted to govern themselves without a tyrants imput…sadly we are learning today the error of not listening to his wisdom…REB

      68. Obama would not have to capture most Americans to herd them into FEMA camp.

        All Obama would have to do is move some Walmarts to a FEMA camp, and announce EBT cards (Food stamp cards) are ONLY good at Camp FEMA.

      69. AAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      70. ran across this today at WND, do NOT know from personal knowledge:

        2soon2b4got10 • an hour ago

        You might wish to keep an eye on…the 1st brigade, 3rd infantry division…its assigned to NORTHCOM… and is the only military unit dedicated to natural disasters/ pandemics on U.S. soil…

        1st of the 3rd ID is still at Fort Steward, GA……

        Subordinate units include:

        2-7inf (cottonbailers),
        1-41 FA (yeah, that’s field artillery folks!)
        3-69 tank battalion, 5-7 cav. sqd (with a rotory troop (apaches) and
        2 special troop battalions….which has been doing quite a bit of NBC training

        (Abrams, Bradleys, Apaches, just your regular LINE INFANTRY BRIGADE…)

        You can google each type of unit to find out how many typewriters they got (yeah, they still issue those)

        All this for domestic ops…consider yourself warned… Not looking good folks…..”

      71. CDC revises Ebola info. on website.

        “-CDC DELETES warning that virus can spread through coughs and sneezes from its website

        -It has replaced the old language with new guidance that says there’s ‘no evidence’ Ebola is spread through either

        -The CDC also took down on Thursday a poster that said that Ebola can be transferred through ‘droplets’ on hard surfaces, like doorknobs

        -It’s unclear why the CDC abruptly changed it’s Ebola advisories

        The quiet removal of information follows a public health campaign by Sen. Rand Paul to get the CDC to be ‘forthright’ about Ebola transfer.”

        Dailymail dot co dot uk

      72. True Intentions and Cats out of the bag

        The Viscount of Connecticut helpfully suggests banning standard capacity magazines while Malloy lets slip why they really want them banned.

        Visonti @4:27 — “If they wanted to do something, they could have looked at the 30-round magazine that Adam Lanza used, and just targeted that.”

        Malloy @6:22 — “The reality of large capacity magazines is they do allow a madman, or a disturbed individual, or someone with malice, or for that matter, someone who wants to fight against the federal government for whatever reason…”

      73. Are you guys ( and gals) picking up on this new trend?

        first in Washington

        ht tp://

        I think the military has told its people not to wear their uniforms off campus/barracks ..
        maybe this was the warning that has got all these cops on a shoot first basis?

        • perp has to be black and or black and muslime

          because if the suspect was white it would say so in the news print

      74. huh ?

        Illegal Children Treated to Ponies, Petting Farms, Guitar Lessons and More: Costing US Taxpayers $1000.00 a Day Per Child

        wtf ?


      75. Good article by Mr. Hodges, however I disagree on some points. Namely the FEMA camps,IMHO, are not for you and me. At best they can only accommodate between 15 and 18 million people.(not counting the sports arenas and malls)
        This will not house the estimated 130 million supposed dissidents they want to deal with.
        No, these camps are for, IMHO, the school children. To get them out of the way of the chaos and slaughter to come. When its all said and done, in their opinion, they will be left with a ready made, dumbed down slave force and be rid of all the “useless eaters.”
        A little research and you can find articles that reveal that many if not all schools have practice ‘drills’ to this effect.
        I do not expect anything to happen until after the elections. After that, I would recommend you get your children out of school for a few weeks. Call them in sick, or go on an emergency vacation. If I am right you can thank God, If I am wrong you can thank God and help your children with the makeup homework.
        Better safe than sorry.
        My prayers are with you.

      76. Bottom line- Those of us (political dissidents) that are actually taken alive, will be housed with those that are already sick and dying. This will make it easy for the government to wash their hands of two problems.

        Tip: When they show up to haul you away- aim for the knees, they can’t maneuver and fire if their legs don’t work, the screaming will demoralize their buddies. Those that run to their aid, knee cap them as well. Remember- if they were there to cart you off to a sick camp, your death warrant was already signed, you might as well take a bunch with you.

        • Its nice to share isnt it,

      77. I am currently raising the bull shit fear mongering flag. Since there are no new cases of ebola and it is quickly flickering out of the media someone has to bring it back to life with “american concentration camps”…. Wow… the second civil war would happen before they could EVER enforce this or begin to imprison people against their will. Get a life people. This is really pathetic. This site has continued to plummet down hill along with our government and economy.

      78. I can’t speak for the other camp locations, but the Fairbanks, AK., Ft. Wainwright and Eielson AFB ones. Sorry, that is garbage. I lived on Eielson for 4 years have lived in Fairbanks for 10 years and go onto Ft. Wainwright multiple times per week. I know that FWW and Eielson like the back of my hand. Unless they are planning on counting the entire base as a camp, there is no special place there to hold anyone. Go onto any military base near you–that is what the bases here look like. Or look at Google Earth. I suppose you could string up barbed wire in wooded sections and hold 10’s of thousands of people—but you could do that anywhere. Don’t believe the BS, at least when it comes to Alaska.

      79. And not one word about what? 400 million forearms in this country?? Fiction and maybe a bit of a Halloween tale thrown in for effect, that’s what this article is.

      80. Suckers!

        Opps! Wait a minute… Another one was just born!

      81. Sorry but all you paranoids will have to look REALLY hard to find a “FEMA camp” in Ky. I have gone to the location in eastern Kentucky marked on the paranoia map. Its not far from my Moms house. Sorry NOTHING there. Not even a fence. Its not even government land. The “camp” near Louisville is the VERY active Naval Ord. Depot. No “death camp” there ether. Have y’all considered Prozac?

      82. Dave Hodges is a bitter man whose heart is not in the right place. He makes his living off of fear creation. He is a manipulator whose instills in those willing to listen to him hatred and distrust. That is no way to live.

        Dave wants you to believe that conspiracy exists under every rock and behind every curtain. It is madness; it is a sickness which drives one into the basement to hide amoungst old cans of cream corn and potted meat.

        Choose the path of peace where true freedom comes!

      83. You can’t carry on about concentration camps for the sick when you also insist on quarantining people who aren’t sick….

        I have addressed this subject many times and people still can’t wrap their heads around the enormity of housing/holding/guarding 100’s of thousands of people. It would take more bodies then the entire police force of every city and the entire active and reserve components (Reserves and National Guard) of the military to guard and hold that number of people. Not possible–unless you expect then to guard themselves. Not going to happen!!

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