America Rising: We’re Taking Our Country Back

by | Jan 7, 2010 | Entertainment, Headline News | 16 comments

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    A video short that should fire up anyone upset with the way things are going.

    Hat Tip to SHTF Contributor Alanisimus.

    UPDATED 01-08-10: Original video removed at Youtube. Other version found.


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      1. Great video. What do you do when it’s a two party system and both parties are incapable of governing effectively? Obama has continued many of the same policies from the previous administration. The last Congress was known as “the do nothing Congress” because they were only on Capital Hill 3 days a week (Tuesday – Thursday), but the new Congress is on Capital Hill only 2.5 days a week. The .5 day is not really four hours of work. They just check in and then leave. That’s not the change I voted for. The old Republican platform of smaller government and fiscal responsibility that I support went out the window with the last administration. Both parties are dysfunctional. I hope Libertarian candidates score some seats in 2010.

      2. Totally agree Greg.  The Republicans that MIGHT take the spots of some Dems will do no better in terms of big govt, big spending, serving the system, the lobbyists and their bankster masters first and foremost.  As Celente accurately describes, it’s a two-headed, one-party system.  Read Carroll Quigley if you’ve any doubt about that:

        “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”  — Carroll Quigley, from Tragedy & Hope, A History of the World In Our Time.

        Carroll Quigley was Bill Clinton’s mentor.

        Honestly, I do not know if there is any way to reverse course.  The way the political system is setup, especially with the primaries, no legitimate candidate can win the nominations of either party if those parties do not wish it to be so.  And unfortunately, as bad as things are, I don’t think we’re anywhere near bad enough to have a legitimate 3rd party take any semblance of power.

        Those in power have had decades, no, actually centuries to perfect their gameplan.  The central banksters have been moving pieces on the chess board for nearly 400 years.  I pray it can change, but I’m doubtful.

      3. The video is right. Vote against those in power. The message will be sent. When they lose by 20% points, maybe they will understand. Those voted in will at least undo the damage. It took them twenty years to get over the defeat of 49 states handed to them by Reagan. Like him or not, the politicians were afraid. Fear of the people is the very definition of democracy.

      4. Wait! That quote you posted. There is a mistake there:

        “…the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.”

        This is EXACTLY what has happened but in the reverse of what your quote is talking about, can you see it? I know what he means but TPTB have shifted it so there really isn’t much of a difference. The “opposing viewpoints” is nothing but a headfake. They DO NOT oppose each other. They only oppose the other party when its politically expedient and it will facilitate support. They all want the same thing: You, me, US in chains and perpetual power. Sometimes, I think, literally in chains.

        Can we reverse course? Not sure. I wish I could say, “Elect Sarah Palin and she’ll kick the bastards out!” …like she did in Alaska. She might, but I bet she’d get a talking to and she might be a puppet just like O.B.A.M.A.

        The train may already be plunging over the cliff. It might actually be less work to pick up the pieces than to actually try to stop it, dismantle it and rebuild it. It might be less painful (to rebuild) but, who knows. The fact is, its all falling apart. Actually, it has fallen apart. Its like we jumped from the plain, the chute failed. We’re screaming. The big thump just hasn’t come yet.

        (BTW, there are quite a few people that have survived such a thing. Maybe we will to, as a nation. It will, however, change the socio-economic and political landscape, as you can imagine. …and that sudden stop at the end, survive or not, is very painful.)

      5. Hi Patrick. Nice quote by Carroll Quigley. 😀
        I’m doubtful for things turning around also. Seems that things are so far out of hand. When one considers just the interest paid on the national debt….

        We can leave some room for hope…

        Who would have imagined the USSR breaking up peacefully, or the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Germany being reunited, and a Democratic Eastern Europe, Red China embracing Capitalism in their own way…it’s a crazy world…there’s bound to be some surprises. 😀

        Maybe some financial brainiac with invent some way for soften the fall so the worse case scenarios don’t come true.

      6. Comments…..I am confused by the intent and the passion of the video,
        but it is not reality based. There seems to be an assumption that
        Americans will get to choose the new gov’t through the election process. You will get the government that is decided is best suited for you and America’s interests everywhere.
        Remember Gore/Bush.

        Democracy, I think, left the building just about the same time.
        Good luck with the revolution.

      7. Comments….. The video sounds upbeat but the call didn’t seem to have any meat or substance on how to fix it. What’s needed is a paradigm shift in politics, economics, health care, and environment for just a start. Who are ya gona replace them bad guys with? Anyone with a real agenda for Real change is lucky to get a handful of votes on Election Day.
        Who or what are the American people? From my observation, we are personally and collectively dysfunctional. We’re addicted to consumerism, stimulism and do nothingism. I’ve read we are about 2 percent of the world’s population and use about 25 percent of the earth’s resources. So let’s face it, as a society and culture, we’re all a bunch of addicts. What do addicts want? More stimulation, more stuff, more oil, more, more, more to keep feeling good. TPTB are also dysfunctional but a bit smarter, have more power and money. They know how to string the people along with hope. Hope is hoping someone else is going to fix or do something to make his or her life better. A strong person or society takes action. The strong rolls up their sleeves and get in the machinery to fix what’s broken. Hope is sucker bating and TPTB are sticking it to us all the time.
        Am I wrong? You tell me.
        The people are told we are in a downturn and a recovery will hopefully be coming soon. But any new way to live in harmony with each other and the planet is going to look very painful for most of the voters. And as I said previously, all they want is another fix to keep it all going.

      8. I see the term Democracy used so frequenly here. I wonder if these articulate, well meaning contributors understand that we, our country, were founded as a Repubic. There is a difference.It has nothing to do with Republicans either!  (or Democrates) Demo, I beleive is Latin for group or mob…. 

      9. Sorry, this is a bullshit video. Just replace the names and faces with Republicans and you have the same exact thing. Nov. 2, 2010 is just another time the general public will go and play the game, as if it’s really going to make a difference. Make no mistake, We The People have close to zero power if we continue to play the voting game. We’re drifting further to far-right facism as well. You think, like the video portrays, that Obama is bringing socialist (i.e. communist) policies to this country? Well, guess what? Bush was doing the exact same thing. Socialism for the rich, that’s the only socialism going on here folks.

      10. I tried to see this video a number of times now, it has been “removed by user”…. Democracy? Sensorship? Fashism? Totaliterianism?….

      11. Hi Paul. I am not sure why it was removed at YT. I found a new version and replaced it in the post.

        Paul said:I see the term Democracy used so frequenly here. I wonder if these articulate, well meaning contributors understand that we, our country, were founded as a Repubic. There is a difference.It has nothing to do with Republicans either!”

        You are correct! Actually, I believe it to be a Constitutional Republic. I read somewhere recently that the word democracy is not used in the Constitution. The last time I read it was in the 8th grade….50 years ago….Wow!

      13. I think the key issue is here is that many if not most of the elected officials who supposedly represent us have abused their power. They do not represent us.. only the special interests that support them to keep them in power. The only way we can truly undo this tangled mess is to #1 Throw them all out, and   #2 put into law term limits of no more than 4 years on the presidency, house, and senate. They have 4 years to get the job done… make it count!  Oh, and by the way.. like it is in the private sector, if you mess up and repeatedly do not do the job you were hired to do….YOUR FIRED!!!.. When these politicians begin to learn to fear the electorate, and begin listening to us… they will do a better job and we will have a better country.

        Unfortunately, entitlements (hand-outs) have been used like a habit forming drug… you give it to enough people over a long enough period of time and you have a group of people who will keep you in power because they are ‘hooked’ on the hand outs the politicians dispense. This has got to stop… and since the rats in both parties are involved in the “hooked on hand-outs drug”.. We get rid of these rats by trapping them one by one as their re-election times come up thus making them an example both to their fellow rats and the up and coming rats who are thinking they can take their place.

        This video was meant to get rid of the rats…and I am committed to do just that!!!  Are you with me??

      14. This video is little more than hype and could easily substitute Republicans in place of the Dems.

        Democracy does not have any place in our intended form of government and never has from the outset. Study your history to see how the Founders abhorred and warn against it. But it is, in fact, exactly what the puppet masters want the masses to believe our government is supposed to be.

        Why, you ask?

        Because there has been a very concerted effort over the course of many years by the communitarians/progressives/liberals (substitute whatever term you like for communist loving haters of freedom and our supposed Constitutional Republic) to see that a majority of our citizens rely solely..or at least mostly…on the government for their very existence.

        And I’m not referring just to those with their hands out who exist solely via our various social programs…I also refer to those who are employed by or contracted with the government for all or a majority of their income.

        I read somewhere recently that this figure does now slightly exceed 50% of the population. That’s scary enough in and of itself but let’s just throw aside that 50% of the populace (who certainly aren’t going to chop off the hands that feed them by voting out those who perpetuate their dependent existence).

        When you look at this remaining 49.whatever percent this is where things get really scary. What you’ll find amongst the majority of them are 3 common themes; complacency, ignorance and/or downright sloth. Personal responsibility is term understood and exercised by few amongst us anymore.

        There’s an old saying that says something like “you can’t teach stupid” which seems pretty applicable these days. We have become a very stupid country. We’ve been graduating mostly uneducated morons from high school for decades now (and that’s those who actually make it to graduation…which is now less than 50% in many areas). It didn’t happen this way by accident, that much is certain.

        So I truly don’t know what, short of an outright revolution, it will take to truly change things in this country and revert it back to the shining beacon of liberty and hope it once was for the world to behold.

        Term limits…absolutely a great place to start…but who’s going to vote for them? Certainly not those who have decided getting elected to serve means a job for life (or a path to reward their favorite special interest group so they can then gain even more rewarding employment with them once they leave office).

        A meaningful 3rd party emergence/presence…yep…definitely needed. It sounds nice in theory but the current system is setup to all but ensure it can’t and won’t happen. Are those who benefit from this going to vote to change it? No t likely.

        So someone please tell me what’s left other than an actual revolution and reinstatement of the Constitutional Republic we are supposed to be by force?

        It only took about 30% of the population to make it happen the 1st time 230+ years ago and would take, in my estimation, as little as 1% this time (approx. 3.2 million). There is no army in the world that can take on that many committed American defenders of liberty organized around a singular objective.

        Even though I’m certain there exists at least 1% in this country who truly believe in the principles this country was founded upon, my guess is that only a fraction of them are truly willing to organize into a coherent set of militias and potentially lay down their lives for those principles.

        And yes, there are many amongst our active military who would champion such a cause and who probably even believed, as I once did, that this is why they enlisted in the first place.

        But is that what they’re doing in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc? I think not. Fighting CIA/Mossad created bogeyman to protect oil and gas fields and pipelines and poppy fields is not what I’m talking about here. Nor is training to violate the once sacred Posse Comitas act against our own citizens.

        Singing Cum Baya around the campfire and throwing around catchy buzz phrases like “through the rascals out” is about as effective as sticking your head in a vice and squeezing. We’re well beyond being able to just change the facade on the building and think it’s going to have any meaningful effect.

        As a former chef I like to say our current 2 party system (which it was never meant to be, BTW) has become little more than 2 slightly different flavors of the same sh*t soup.

        Thanks for this great site, Mac!

      15. What do you do when it’s a two party system and both parties are incapable of governing effectively?
        E Z, you support/create a 3rd party and vote the assholes out of office. Try a real democratic election for a change.

      16. Abel: Are you having difficulties with facts?  Most of the problems we have now are the result of 8 years of Republican control.  They are the ones who took a surplus and ran up a deficit.  They are the ones who lied us into war.  For all their talk about hating big government, they are the biggest corporate welfare queens.

        However, the Dems are no bargain either.  They are continuing Bush’s policies, which solve nothing.   The bank bailout came under Bush but Obama is continuing it.  And he still has us in several wars with maybe more to come; it’s not for our security but to enrich the military-industrial complex.

        I want a viable third party and I want candidates who represent all of America.  This left/right divide is one of the things that’s killing us, and you are letting labels blind you.

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