America is No Longer Top Dog: Chinese Military “Reaching Near-Parity” With the West

by | Feb 18, 2017 | Headline News | 111 comments

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    The United States military is without a doubt the most technologically advanced force on the planet, and has been since at least World War II. Most Western nations are likewise, heavily dependent on advanced technology. When the West wins wars, it’s not because of moxy or numbers or cunning. It’s because we can detonate our enemies from miles away on a whim.

    In response, our rivals have spent decades trying to compensate with those aforementioned traits. They’re the ones who rely on fighting spirit, cannon fodder, and clever underhanded tactics. They, which includes Russia, China, and lord knows how many insurgents and terrorists, have mastered the domain of unconventional warfare. And they’ve done so by necessity. We’re a wealthy nation with an unbelievably massive military budget. They could never conduct enough scientific research or build enough advanced war machines to compete with us in a conventional war.

    Or could they?

    It appears that China might be able to. Or at least that’s what the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) thinks. They’re a British think tank that’s been around since 1958, and they have countless members who formerly worked for the British and American governments. The IISS specializes in researching geopolitical issues, and every year they publish the Military Balance report, which examines the military capabilities of the world’s nations. Their latest issue should give the American defense establishment pause.

    “Western military technological superiority, once taken for granted, is increasingly challenged,” Dr. John Chipman, Director-General and Chief Executive of IISS, said in a statement. “We now judge that in some capability areas, particularly in the air domain, China appears to be reaching near-parity with the West.”

    Instead of its usual practice of working on systems that imitate Soviet and Russian technology, China has shifted its efforts (and budget) to domestic research and development. Its Navy is currently working on three new advanced cruisers, 13 destroyers, and outfitting other ships with better radar.

    Most shocking were the claims that China is making fast gains in the air war domain. This is an arena that Western nations have dominated since World War II. It could be argued that the United States hasn’t won any war since the 1940’s without that advantage. Now they’re catching up, partly with their own domestic military research, and partly with research that they’ve stolen from us.

    So the question is, what happens if a nation that has already mastered unconventional warfare also reaches parity with the United States when it comes to conventional warfare? Let’s just say that the results won’t be pretty for us should we come to blows with China. Perhaps the Trump and his administration should tread lightly in East Asia, if they want to avoid a rather embarrassing conflict in that region.


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      1. Chinese send their guys to immigrate to America. Get hired at defense contractors and IT companies as less expensive employees, displacing higher paid Americans. Chinese then steal technology secrets and give to China. The Chinese are very nationalistic. Pretty good immigration policy, for the Chinese that is.

        • Him:

          You are 100% correct.

          Chinese people vastly out number us. If they wanted to wage war, they could attack us through our weakest point, our open immigration policy, and H1B visas.

          I went to college recently to take some courses in biotech. A Chinese student here direct from China that I befriended was unable to complete the course and went directly to work for a Chinese Lab here in America. I was informed that they only hire Chinese.

          I’ve seen the same happen with Koreans in retail.

          If I was Chinese and wanted to wage war against America, it would be like taking candy from a baby. All they have to do is immigrate.

          We better change our immigration policy or we are dead in the water, regardless of what happens out at sea. And yes, we have enough problems without having a fight with China.


          • “Western military technological superiority, once taken for granted, is increasingly challenged,”

            This is true, UNLESS the Secret Space Navy using reversed alien technology is real, using black funds stolen and misappropriated from the Defense Department.

            Rumsfeld said there was $4 TRILLION missing just before that cruise missile slammed into the Pentagon at EXACTLY the right spot at EXACTLY the right time to kill certain employees assembled for a HIGHLY CLASSIFIED meeting.

            Yeah, that could be true.

            You can’t spend $4 TRILLION on hookers and blow or at Comet Pizza. The money went somewhere. Time to track it down. 🙁

            • Rumsfeld said there was $4 TRILLION missing just before that cruise missile slammed into the Pentagon at EXACTLY the right spot at EXACTLY the right time to kill certain employees assembled for a HIGHLY CLASSIFIED meeting.

              You mean before the bomb located under the helicopter pad by that wing exploded. There was no plane or missile and there was no plane or missile debris found to legitimize the bombing on 9-11 at the pentagon. Funny how the supposed plane that crashed in a field on 9-11 was no plan debris either. Or how building 7 dropped all on its own when someone yelled pull-it, and the Jew who insured the trade center building months before the dropped collected $5 Billion in insurance premiums, and the Jewish Judge that rules that he be compensated. Oh yeah, don’t forget the Mossad demolitions crew that quit their lease in the Trade center building a month before 9-11.

              Trump said he would release the 9-11 missing 28 page report to Americans so they know the facts. So what is legit at all in this country anymore? Its all a fraud. Oh you miss one IRS payment and it is WW3 knocking at your door.

              • First time I’ve heard of the “bomb” under the helicopter pad. Are you planting a “fake news” conspiracy theory ???

                Just asking. 🙂

                • Zeus sees Jews under his bed.


        • 100% correct.. I see it all the time. We have created our own most capable adversary by teaching them how to build DVD players and Apple Phones.. plus innumerable other items.. all that technology is directly transferable to weapons. There are few people more capable of back engineering something than the Chinese.. I’ve said it since the late 70’s… this will not end well I fear.

        • Him,
          It goes much deeper than that. SOME of our presidents and politicians allowed technology to be released and with ALL the spies from MANY countries our HIGH TECH stuff was allowed to go to countries that can and will use it against us, OR it allowed them to advance at a faster rate than they would have otherwise, ie. of amount of spies in a certain area of a southwest base in the USA in 2008 estimated 300 spies in the area by 2014, grown to a estimated 800, yea this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many traitors in our country in MANY levels it is unbelievable!!

          • How do you blind a chinaman?
            Put a windshield in front of him!

            How do you know when the chinese are moving into a neighborhood?
            The mexicans all run out and buy car insurance!

            Just put a big windshield over strategic areas and they will never find them! 😀

            • I heard the Kardashians had a family reunion and BLM showed up.

        • I’m going to also agree with you ‘Him’ wholeheartedly and add an on-the-surface bit of prejudice. I admit it upfront. The Chinese, the Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodians and so on – the Oriental races of people in general – are different than us in many ways. Before anyone goes with the jokes, I’m not kidding a bit. They think differently, have a completely alien way of addressing life and loyalties, emotions and acceptance of reality. They are born copiers of …. anything, everything. They are resistant to all intrusion into their most basic way of being. I’ve often said that the single most reason I don’t trust them devolves to 2 simple facts (at least to me): I cannot read their expressions. The descriptor – inscrutable – is most apt. The second is something we all know but just don’t think much about. The way they read and write. All other races of people write more or less phonetically. Sure, some left to right, some right to left. But the majority of the Asian peoples do not. They use what amounts to hieroglyphics – pictures in ritualized formats to express their thoughts and communicate. Their languages are tonal to a far greater degree than any other group of languages (European, African, Middle-Eastern). In short, they at some deep core within just are not the same. For any or all other cultures to think we can deal with them and be assured that we understand the deal(s) we created is stupid. They are not like us. In some very very profound ways.

        • Hell scum ass Bill Clinton sold many weapon system plans to the slant eyes during the 90s. They do steal a lot too. I don’t really know how reliable their military equipment is, but most everything I have bought made in China is fracking junk that doesn’t work long.

          • “but most everything I have bought made in China is fracking junk that doesn’t work long.”

            Menzo –

            That is the whole idea of economics … have a country make a product that a consumer likes … make it cheap … have it fail … and have them buy it again.

            Why I like buying things that are old .. 50/60/70 Era’s … most of it was American Made … and it still last today.

            Today’s products are made to fail, and not for the long haul. Why they depend on buying more junk. It makes those companies money, by making products that fail. Why replace something, that works perfectly well …?

            We may get China/Asian junk products … but I highly doubt for a minute that their Technology in the Military Grade is.

            If I were a betting man … I’d say China has top of the line weaponry … and I would hope our country does not attempt to find out how well it may be.

            Same goes for Iran & Russia … no need to try these people.

            The Days of “America being #1” are over.

            Most will buy into that propaganda shit … but they should know better.

            • The US navy has not come under serious fire for over 70 years.
              The last opponents USA fought that had a realistic chance of actually crushing USA were Japan and Germany. Remember, both were much smaller than USA and lacked the resources available to USA.
              In WWII, American factories were in almost no danger of being bombed. Now, not so much. You can bet any serious adversary fully intends to “bring it to” the USA. This is much easier now.
              This situation was envisioned at least as early as the 80s by US military planners. In a conflict with China, USA lost in every Scenario.
              If there’s one thing the Chinese are good at, its making lots of cheap copies of something. In WWII, Germany had better weapons than USA. We just had mountians of less capable equipment.
              Look at the cost and complexity of American weapons systems. When things like B2 bombers or F35 fighters are lost, they are expensive and difficult to replace.

            • I didn’t say the Russians made junk. I stand by my Chinese piece of shit comments. They manufacture inferior steel and cut many corners.

              • In my experience you are correct. Their steel is absolutely horrible, and in general the majority of their issues are material issues (crap brass, crap knockoff plastics that are imitations of Dow / GE /BASF / etc). Followed by assembly line issues as there is super high turnover of employees in that area so no one’s ever very well trained.

                If you design in America they will either follow the plans to the letter or fudge it just a little here and there. If they design it there well yeah. They… tend to ignore important considerations here and there.

              • On the other hand they do make nuclear reactors. In-country I believe but I could be mistaken.

                They probably HAVE good materials somewhere, and they just don’t end up being used in their consumer products industries.

                I mean you can’t make a reactor out of crap metals…

            • FTW,
              Yes, the 50-60-70’s the standard engneering requirement for American made electronics was 500% above required rating that has been reduced to almost a 0% above requirement for electronics and that is wht things will NOT hold up on the public side, NOW IF you wish to make military replacement parts there requirement is MUCH higher and they do test, BUT the testing is done minimally and so there are quite a few parts that make it thru and should not have. It is NOT JUST the chinese, most ALL electronics are NOT up to the OLD engineering standards, some are better than others and those that are, is because that company chooses to do so. LOTS of things need to change for this world to get back on its feet again. and I am sorry to say, i don’t see it happening UNLESS there is a total meltdown and then a start over, and ONLY IF WE win!

          • You don’t think the US Armed forces would tell you about all of the toys they have, do you? They have systems and weapons that will never see the light of day until there is a WW III scenario.

            • Zap,
              YUP, I know about a few of them, but would have to kill if i told you, LOL !!! when you work in that indeustry yuo learn LOTS more than yuor suppose to, normally NO details just overallwhat it will do stuff. What scared them is whe that russian fighter took out the Donald Cook ship, left them DEAD in the water, THAT scared the S–T out of them and good thing for us at that time who knows now the Russians have that technology BUT it is limited to short range use, when either THEM or US have it where it is a loong range use, you will see a balance of power CHANGE!!

              • sorry for typos, accidently hit the go, before i proof read it, but it still gets the point across

              • I’d agree with you no advanced military technology is ever willing shared with the masses.

        • Bingo, you are right.

          Millions of immigrant high tech workers, and China has their extended families under the gun.

          Play ball and spy on America or we will kill mom or dad, brothers and sisters.

          It was very effective for the Soviet Union who played the same game. The Manhattan project full of scientists who had family in Soviet controlled lands, bled secrets like they were sweat.

          American corporations in the meantime just gave China the rights to mass produce our technologies.

          Remember, China through pure numbers, produces more genius level children, than America produces children. The future battles will be won by the guys with the best software.

          I had a great uncle who fought in Korea. We were actually fighting Chinese there. They threw human waves at our soldiers who mowed them down with machine gun fire. They kept coming, until you ran out of ammo. The Chinese never ran out of soldiers?

          The Chinese population is an incredible resource,

          • Reminds me of what some Russian General or Defense expert once said about the Russian lower quality but higher numbers of tanks: “There is a certain quality to quantity”.

        • Israeli J×ews steal $$$Billions of US Technology annually and sells it to China. It is a fact Israel is 2nd only to Russia that sells technology to China. And we let these blood sucking parasites in and let them do it. Can you hear me now Donald J Trump? Wake up America!!!!

          • Why would Pres Trump even meet with this POS Scumbag?

            Netanyahu’s Real Feelings about America were revealed in a secretly tape-recorded conversation in Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem al-Quds in 1990.
            Netanyahu’s Quote: “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control.
            Why? Because it is God’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

            • Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China
              POSTED BY: BRYANT JORDAN DECEMBER 24, 2013


        • Him: You are 100% correct my friend. This stupid country known as the U.S. just never ever learns and they continue to let these filthy mutts into this country by the oil tanker load…My God, WTF is wrong with this picture, honestly, how stupid can you be as a nation??

      2. Well now the same Russian pranksters have called Lindsey Graham just as they did McCain.

        Clearly what was said is subversion against the U.S. and the new administration. This takes precedence over CHINA, Sorry.

        Its on you tube. Graham says he and McCain will meet with McConnell to push for Congressional sanctions against Russia because they interfered with US elections!

        He went on to say that Trump can lift Obama sanction but will not be able to lift Congressional Sanctions!

        Listen here:

        Putin was/is anti-globalist hence sanctions. Also no nukes from Hillary, yikes! FMI, go watch Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen, Europe is breaking from EU.

        This should be the stories here. Our enemies are inside the gate!
        I do not care about CHINA when our Gov is a threat to citizens at home.

        • Our biggest DOMESTIC enemy is DC. If China invades us, we can’t stop them but we can damn sure make them pay a horrific price in casualties.

          • Washington DC- District of Criminals.

        • Its Saturday Night!

          Here is a video that shows what a BIG Anti-Globalist Fight that each of US are part.

          Long Live FREEDOM and Victory to THE WEST!

        • This is how ignoramus Maxine Waters gets her information. This is how she formulates her policies.
          on youtubes Russian hackers play phone prank on fool Democrat Maxine Waters
          ht tps://

        • And Hillary sold 20% of the US Uranium to Russia. Where was McCain on that issue back when? McCain is Senile Penile. Mr song bird selling out his country and fellow soldiers in Viet Nam.

        • Mccain and Graham are bought and piad for by the NWO and they are BOTH traitors and should be in prison! end of story, on Mcain, try reading the untold story about his time in the military and as a “POW” he is as bad as Jane Fonda, probably worse!

      3. Its ridiculous on every front. Lets assume for conversation sake that Chinese imported in terrorists through college admissions. Being oriental they’ll be easy to find. Being individuals they’re ineffective having no armor, air power or even popular support that all guerrillas require.

        China is a regional power. If China can walk there they pretty much own the area. No nation in its right mind would go up against that bottomless pit of asian manpower. China however cannot transport this huge force far from its homeland. The US has the entire world. No nation nor group of nations can put so much effectively complete power thousands of miles from their nation. The US has hundreds of bases around the world and 12 fleet aircraft carriers having more naval aviation then nations have entire air forces.

        The Military Industrial Complex wants more profits so they need a threat.

        • Kevin2, good points. I still question the quality of Chinese weapon systems. Sure, they test them in drills on occasion but they’ve never been tested in actual battlefield conditions.

        • Russia is a “regional power ” as well ( per Obama ). Someone should have reminded him
          that Russia has more nuclear warheads than we do. Doubtful if a modern conventional
          conflict would include transporting millions of troops to occupy foreign soil. That is why
          2 atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. To force the other side to sue for peace so that
          there would be no invasion of Japanese homeland. The American casualties estimate for
          an invasion of Japan was said to be 3 million. Air and naval superiority would be the
          deciding factors. With space and cyber thrown into to mix as well. Thats assuming that
          it does not go full blown nuclear. Boots on the ground in a conflict between superpowers
          is doubtful to happen. Yamamoto told his countrymen that if Japan invaded mainland
          America, there would be a rifle ( armed citizen ) behind every blade of grass. So in reality,
          its not just a factor of transporting millions of troops across the ocean. Its about the
          feasibility of the outcome. You wipe out the enemies navy, airforce and the ability to
          manufacture weaponry ( industrial base ). Game over.

          • joeybagofdonutsandbagels

            Once the nuclear threshold is crossed all bets are off regarding war as even India can destroy 100 city / industrial complexes killing 25-50 million people. Russia has 1790 nuclear warheads at the ready while the US has 1750. For all effect that is deterrent parity. The destabilizing issue is that the US abandoned MAD two decades ago opting for a first strike strategy. Its doubtful that throughout the history of the world that there has been another change in military strategy with more insanity. Let President Trump be removed from office during a term, for whatever reason, and it will rightfully be perceived as a concrete threat to Russia. Couple that with a US first strike strategy and sleep well.

            Madness has become the established norm.

            • Right. The point I was trying to make was Obama called Russia a regional power and you
              called China a regional power. They are both world powers. No need to invoke comparisons
              between the US and those countries. They are both world powers and need not be trifled

              • joeybagofdonutsandbagels

                Conventionally only the US is a true world power.

            • -Kevin 2-

              When China launched a missile from one of their subs off the coast of California a few years ago, that was a message to us. In so many words they were saying, “we can touch
              you up too “. World power. Economically and militarily.

              • “World power. Economically and militarily.”

                If using nuclear weapons. Not using conventional weapons. Neither China nor Russia can put air power conventionally anywhere over the globe. Neither have sufficient shipping, foreign bases, allies with bases and ports across the globe. In effect no reach. Both are very capable of defending their country and its surrounding area.

            • Putin has a black belt in judo. Trump has a black belt in bullshit.
              Lets not forget that Trump the Patriot used his draft deferments to keep him out of
              harms way when he was a young man. He bailed. Ronald Reagan he is not.

              • joeybagofdonutsandbagels

                I fail to see the comparison of previous military service having any relevance especially in Vietnam. Please clarify why this has any importance or who can beat up who.

        • Ragle1, I watched that Ukraine video and have to question it. That American in the video is just a shill and sucker for Russian propaganda. Those were obviously Russians in that video. That word ‘Ukrop’ in the video is a derogatory word used by Russians to describe Ukrainians. Ukrainians have suffered at the hands of Russians for centuries, even during the czarist era. Putin is trying to bring Ukraine back under Russian domination and oppression. The Ukrainians say no to that. They want their own free and sovereign nation. 15-20% of Ukraine’s population identifies themselves as Russian. If they’re so unhappy in Ukraine then Putin should take them in. He needs to withdraw his army from Ukraine.

          • Actually the Ukraine had a democratically elected government that was friendly with Russia and no one questioned its validity. The West, specifically the US/UK staged a coup overthrowing that democratically elected government. The Ukraine is the hub of Russian natural gas lines to Europe. Russia took back the Crimea portion from the coup. The government of the Ukraine has no legal validity. The gold reserves of the Ukraine have been looted shortly after the coup.

            Just so coincidently Syria has blocked a proposed natural gas line from Qatar which would also cut Russia out of its natural gas market to Europe. Russia derives over 50% of its GDP from energy sales. The west is attempting to financially strangle Russia into capitulation.

            Every bit of this is about controlling resources and not one bit is about the tried and true ostensible excuses of Freedom and Democracy. There are no saints, no one wears a white hat.

      4. “Now they’re catching up, partly with their own domestic military research, and partly with research that they’ve stolen from us.”

        This Statement is completely false!

        Chinagate, documented by Judicial Watch, was uncovered by Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman. Technology companies allegedly made donations of millions of dollars to various Democratic Party entities, including President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, in return for permission to sell high-tech secrets to China. Bernard Schwartz and his Loral Space & Communication Ltd. later allegedly “helped China to identify the cause of [a rocket failure], thereby advancing China’s missile program and threatening U.S. national security, according to records.

        Typical U.S. Gov. Foreign Policy Standards … business as usual … no need to be surprised by such actions.

        • … FOLLOW UP …

          In a 2013 column titled “Proof Hillary isn’t fit to be president, Klayman wrote: “Not to be outdone by her prior scandals, Hillary … masterminded a scheme whereby the Clinton-Gore presidential campaign of 1996 took bribes from communist Chinese banks and their government to bankroll the president’s and the Democratic Party’s re-election efforts when it appeared, due to their low standing in the polls, that all the stops needed to be pulled out.

          A lawsuit brought against Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown revealed where, at Hillary’s instruction, he literally sold seats on Department trade missions to China and elsewhere, which principally uncovered this. In late 1996 and early 1997, the scandal had burgeoned to such a level that joint congressional hearings were empanelled, ultimately to be shut down when Democrats uncovered illegal fundraising by some Republicans.

          The two parties, faced with mutual assured destruction, simply took an exit stage left. However, I soldiered on with my lawsuit. And, while I uncovered a lot about Bonnie and Clyde and their Chinese ‘friends,’ this scandal ultimately took back seat to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, since the media preferred sex to foreign espionage and graft. Hillary and Bill were ironically saved by Monica, who became the lightening rod drawing attention away to what at the time was perhaps the biggest scandal – Chinagate – in American history. Ron Brown vowed he would not go down alone in the legal mess. Brown died on a plane crash under highly suspicious circumstances. “

          • I remember all of that. They just think we forgot!

            I do not trust any one in our government in DC, anymore. They have lots of work to do before they earn my trust back!

            PUSH BACK, EVERYONE!

        • FTW
          Don’t forget Billy boy gave China the Secrets behind the B2 bomber.;

          • Sgt. Dale –

            That is very much true, and then some.
            There is a reason why, these so called 3rd world countries are manufacturing products and out-producing us. To be fair to Bill … he is not the only one that is guilty of doing and committing such an activity.

            To them … it is the American way … Business and nothing much more.

            • FTW,
              should be called what it is and that is “TREASON”, NOT business!
              IF we started to convict some of this would stop, b ut for the most part it is too late, too much info. was let out!

          • -Sgt.Dale-

            Slick Willie approved the sale of guidance equipment so they could make their missiles
            more accurate. Talk about treasonous. That alone was an impeachable offense. Churns
            the acid in my stomach. Another president bought and sold by the military-industrial
            complex. Peace dividend, my ass!!! I had a friend that was an M1 Abrams crewman when
            Clinton was president. He said they had to simulate a live fire exercise because they did not
            have enough shells for the 120mm canons. Thats how it is when your commander in chief
            puts social programs ahead of military readiness.

          • My kids bought me a class 3a ballistic backpack for my birthday. Nice to travel with since it’s become a very dangerous world. Sucker is made in China! Not that I’m complaining!

            Do we even make anything in America anymore? We sure as shiit invented it here?

            On a side note, they had a lot of trouble getting the nap sack, turns out since the shooting in Ft. Lauderdale these bags have vanished from the shelves. Shhhh!

            It’s a nice stealthy way to protect the wife and I while traveling, and currently it’s legal everywhere.

            Did I say, I have great kids?

            Interesting side note, in the Ft, Lauderdale shooting, one guy was shot clean in the back, but walked away without a scratch. He did have sense enough to drop and play dead! Turns out he had an Apple notebook in his backpack that stopped the bullet clean, as good as a vest! Apple computers are notorious for having very thick multilayer circuit boards with a very dense component design. It appears the bullet struck the battery too, that may have literally melted the bullet. No one is saying, I’m not sure they know? Anyway it saved his life?

      5. If there is going to be conflict between the US and China, don’t expect them to do a lot of
        saber rattling before it commences. When they crossed the Yalu River into Korea, it was a
        sneak attack. When they went to war with India, sneak attack. When they invaded Vietnam
        in ’79, same thing. Expect some kind of a greasy handshake before hell breaks loose. Maybe even a treaty of sorts. They understand shock and awe, Sun Tzu style. When the
        bell for round one rings, they will come out smoking. Overwhelming force. Thats how they
        roll. They will try to inflict as much damage as they can in the first 24 hours. They may not
        have combat experience, but the planning and execution will be astounding. When they do
        commit, it will not be half-assed. The world will be stunned.

        • joeybagofdonutsandbagels,
          IF they decide to ATTACK, it is because they play to WIN and they will do ANYTHING to accomplish that, sneak attack will be there choice to start a war!

          • -apache 54-

            China is smart and has patience. They got Hong Kong back without firing a shot. They have
            designs on Taiwan and will probably use the same strategy. They have all the patience in
            the world. They have been around for eons. Not as communists, but as a people. They will
            always wait for the best opportunities that suit their interests.

        • With out spy satellites we will know well ahead of time.

          • China has well designed satellite launch systems and an active space program, they have also designed and tested in space, hunter killer satellites.

            If China makes a move, in the first hour, our satellites will be no more. The first hint of the war will be our TV’s going dead and GPS will stop working. Got paper maps?

      6. We can only support our military financially for so long…we are broke. China has lots of money at the moment and their military owns most of their arms industries. Nothing like cutting out the middleman. They still have a long way to go to match our navy and air assets but they are catching up fast.

        • The military will have want they need when the bullets start flying regardless.

          In WWII everything was rationed and if bullets run short,
          yes they will demand the civilian stockpile.

      7. Being a Vietnam vet I despise the warmongers with unbridled passion.

        • The MSM like to call the war mongers NEOCONs, but it turns out 90% of them are not conservatives, but rather PROGRESSIVES.

          We should be calling the war mongers Neo-Progs! It’s far more accurate.

      8. War with China or Russia will come and when it does. It will be TEOTWAWKI.

        I’m Hoping and praying that it doesn’t, but I don’t think that is going to help.

        Hope to see yah on the other side. Until then I keep prepping.

        • OK folks,Warchild needs chicken advice,totally off topic but a strong chick can fight the Chinese.I am working on a home,chickens (and a rabbit)living in heated garage.One baby chick born,a loner that needs help till I get owners to get on it.It is in day 2 and needs food so a little grit and oat meal at moment with water,by pecking with finger have got the little one to go for it and eat/drink a little.My ? is longer term as indoor for winter this season till new set up is chick better off with other chickens with some private feeds or is better off warm spot ect. running solo?Have feed adults ect. in past and were daytime season permitting grazers,not sure what to do with little solo dude,any solid advice appreciated.

          • WD –

            Hope you have a “heat lamp” provided for the young chick.
            Keep it warm … isolate it from the rest of your herd.
            Water down the grain … (make paste) out of the cornmeal.

            Do that … and that chick should be fine, unless it has some kind of impairment.

            • Thanks FTW,he needs the garage tonight as no extra lights in home working on/all lamps ect.gone.The owners getting me a “Incubator box” tomorrow as this is just the start,not sure if they going to make me responsible for little dude while working here,from what I read at least 5 feedings a day in the beginning after day 2!They had a indoor/outdoor setup here but decided then after getting going to go for different home,argh!

            • Thanks FTW& Sarge,he needs the garage tonight as no extra lights in home working on/all lamps ect.gone.The owners getting me a “Incubator/heat box” tomorrow as this is just the start,not sure if they going to make me responsible for little dude while working here,from what I read at least 5 feedings a day in the beginning after day 2!They had a indoor/outdoor setup here but decided then after getting going to go for different home,argh!

            • Thanks FTW& Sarge,he needs the garage tonight as no extra lights in home working on/all lamps ect.gone.The owners getting me a “Incubator/heat box” tomorrow as this is just the start,not sure if they going to make me responsible for little dude while working here,from what I read at least 5 feedings a day in the beginning after day 2!They had a indoor/outdoor setup here but decided then after getting going to go for different home,argh!

              • It’s a bit out of season for chickens to produce young. With heat lamps the chick could well make it.

                Chickens are sensitive to length of day, and won’t normally lay in the winter without extra artificial light. It’s a good sign you have a chick in February. It says you are doing some things right.

          • W.D.
            I agree with FTW.
            My brother always seems to have a problem like this all the time. He told me that he tries to pick one chick with it, any more causes problems. They seem to do better with one other chick.
            good Luck!


          • for one you need chick starter, water and keep him WARM, light bulb and a thermometer, 95-100 deg. for the first week and then reduce by 5deg. every week until normal temp. is reached. watch that you don’t get him to hot! the chick starter has special things in it for him to get a sold start on life, they make medicated and non-medicated, we use the medicated for the first couple of weeks and then switch to non-med. Don’t let any of the laying hens get into the medicated or your eggs will be not safe to eat.

            • Thanks folks,passing this info on as new ones will be coming,saddens me to say the little dude didn’t make it thru the night,was up early,gearing up a meal for him knowing owners setting him up later in day,alas,he died.This though was a learning experiance for me and home owners who are doubling down on baby chick info and any needed gear,they just didn’t even expect any little ones yet and moving to new house everything a bit in flux,they are now on it and will pass along after reading meself info.,hell,raised some goslings when a kid with parents help,that was ,eh,a few decades back!

        • It’s all about choosing the battlefield. The US would get its butt kicked in a land war (like Korea II) because of numbers PLUS improvements in Chinese weapons and tactics. The US would also get its butt kicked trying to take – and hold – the coral islands in the South China Sea due to improvements in Chinese missiles. However, the Chinese cannot control the seas, nor transport its army to remote lands and keep it re-supplied there. And if it cannot control its shipping lanes, it will starve.

          While some argue that the coral islands are for oil exploration, it is obvious that they are militarizing those islands in order to try to maintain and protect their shipping lanes. The same thing with its Silk Road project to establish reliable land supply lines to the West.

          • -Norse Man-

            You are spot on about China not being able to control/ protect its shipping lanes. That is
            why they are building a blue water navy at breakneck speed. They are also investing a lot
            in space warfare. They know we are dependent on satellites for early warning and
            especially GPS. If they can neutralize or knock out our satellites with laser weapons, things
            will be more ” even steven ” in a conflict. If you take out our eyes in the sky, much of our
            weapons systems will not function like they should. We would be using ” dumb bombs ”
            instead of the more accurate guided weapons we depend on so much ( i.e.,cruise missiles )
            Also, they would need to cripple and weaken their opposition incredibly fast because a
            long protracted conflict would consume much of their own oil reserves.

      9. Here is a video of a young American former Chicago gang leader that MSM won’t tell you about. His story is amazing!

        He is on a no budget and producing to break free from the Democrat plantation!

        Two weeks ago he only had about 70 subscribers he has over 10k now.

      10. My BS Detector just went off!

        Get back to me when the peace loving PLAAN has 10x CVNs, and about 50 ‘Virginia’ submarines.

      11. After I get done taking this Maxine Waters, I’m gonna wipe my Schumer.

        • Just for the record, Maxine made a big splash.

      12. I wouldn’t dought for one second that there aren’t tenth generation spoiled rotten rich brats that perverse minds wouldn’t love to see Americans on their knees . They’ve run out of all other perversions. They need a fix. They are sure they will escape and be thoroughly entertained. And then free to practice all perversions our society restricted .

      13. China is holding most of our debt, that is threat number one. If they take the loss by insisting on cashing the treasuries in, the US would collapse. We have financed them into becoming an industrialized nation. Now they can afford their own military.

        Isn’t it convenient that that P.O.S. Bill Clinton allowed Bernard Schwartz (Oy!) and the Loral Corporation to provide Communist China with advanced, dual use/purpose, missle guidance telemetry analysis. See what a mere $50,000.00 donated to the DNC by Bernie got him? That would be threat two. Too bad it happened during BC’s admin.

        Threat three came when Barry Soetero bowed and scraped to foreign potentates, and gave away the store to Iran. ($1.7 Trillion in cash) Plus he pissed off the Saudi’s so much they are reneging on the Petro Dollar agreement, (Bretton Woods), which means that foreign nations no longer have to acquire American Fed notes to buy oil. This means that, like it no not, we are heading for the Greatest Depression that we have ever had.

        We are hosed. We have a lot of bases around the world, but we cannot afford to finance them or the rest of our military as long as we keep borrowing those funny green slips of (debt) paper, at interest, from the Cabal led by the Rothchilds. Threat four.

        Funding NATO, the UN, endless wars, the ‘Project for a new American Century is costing us dearly. Good luck financing our military, space program, infrastructure, Social Security, etc.

        Put threats in any order, it doesn’t matter, we are so hosed.

      14. We can sink their entire navy in a week. The army has to stay in China, and we’re not going to fight it there, except on the coast facing Taiwan or something like that. The air force and missile batteries are going to be tougher, since we’re carrier based and they’re land based, but I don’t think they’re as good as they think they are.

        • The Chinese one child policy for the last 30 years has produced a huge glut of male children with no hopes for marriage. There just aren’t enough women in China.

          Taiwan has millions of eligible Chinese women, if only they could get rid of the Taiwanese men…..

          War is coming to that region, I guarantee it. Will they attack the US, not as long as we are their best customer!

          • Correct to a point. Chinese men generally don’t want to marry over 30 years of age women, who have not married or have had a divorce. This leaves LOTS of beautiful chinese women to select from for us. They are in general very attractive, petite and family oriented, most willing and want to have children. Taiwan also is similar…but in my opinion, women in general not as pretty. Language is an issue, find one who speaks english, which can be done. If you don’t want them, try the Philippines…different issues there, but language will not be an issue generally. We can kill their soldiers and take their beautiful women. MAGA!

          • Ah the power of pussy, or lack of it!!

      15. It’s just a dog and pony show in any event. We all know that whoever’s losing just launches the nukes.

        So basically if you fight to win you’re getting nuked (if it’s any non proxy war kind of conflict).

        So there was a point to this whole shit back in like 1944…


      16. The other reason they should tread lightly in China is a more practical one.

        China will have a functioning liquid fluoride thorium reactor operational within 3 years.

        Since we mumble dropped the ball on this… the only tech that could possibly save our collective asses back during Nixon mumble…

        I’m thinking you might want to be on good terms to purchase a bunch of these things.

        Because for real.

        Current standard of energy consumption for something like 2000 + years. Given all the thorium just kicking around.

      17. mumble and again if it comes to someone else started lobbing nukes at me? I would personally salt the fricking earth over there with radioactive cobalt bomb casings. All the major farmland areas.

        So… don’t lob nukes at me. I’m just saying.

      18. Yes. Another people whom can claim the crown of supreme killing machine. How proud. How Deserving. How beneficial.

      19. Charlotte Iserbyt


        The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America


      20. This article provides an excellent excuse to shovel another trillion to the Pentagon because after all we are falling behind. We are in deep,shit folks, Trump is 20 years to late, No “swamp is gonna get drained, these people are the real power in this country and they have no intention OF STOPPING, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever. Orwell said it and it is here NOW. I just hope it kicks off now while I am still young enough to protect my family in what modest way I can. Trump will be lucky to last the year, after he is gone, the balloon goes up.

        • Trump said he was going to build up the Military and make it strong again.
          Will TPTB let him get that done? Or will they escalate the war prior to in order hand our country over to the globalists?

          • TPTB want a strong US Military. They have been using to do their bidding throughout the 20th century. Read, War Is A Racket, by USMC Major General two time recipient of the Medal Of Honor Smedley Butler.

            • -Kevin 2-

              I absolutely hear what you are saying. Given the choice between having a strong military or
              having a weak one, I’ll opt for the strong one. Sadly, there will always be wars. Yes, there is
              a tendency by TPTB to use the strong military at their every whim. I don’t like that either.
              It sucks when people put it in the context that we are the global police force. Even worse,
              using our military for regime change. I wish that would stop. When we pull back from every
              outpost we have, it sends a signal and creates a power vacuum in those areas. The bad
              actors start flexing and before you know it, there is even more trouble. Its kind of like a hot
              drug spot in a bad neighborhood. Lock up the big dealer, and someone else takes his place
              on the same corner. It’s very precarious, but that is the world we live in. Not too many good
              options any way you look at it.

      21. We need to start testing nukes in the pacific..start rumors that we are stockpiled. Have the news media fake “talk about” how TRUMP is arguing with congress on “when we should use nukes”. Get these scumbags on edge. In the meantime load up all our stealths and submarines and be ready. Hack their military networks and power grids. We are the police of this world. Cant let others population scare us, make it hurt them..! Im ready

        • Allen

          “We are the police of this world.”

          Yea, just like the NYPD in Serpico. The US military is primarily used as, MG Smedley Butler said, “A racketeer for Wall Street”.

      22. I sent some posts about this yesterday. Not seeing them. Hmmm.

      23. And sold 20% of the uranium to the Russian bastards..good job Billy boy.


      24. Expose the secret societies. Expose the shadow government.
        Expose the central banks. They have infiltrated all the intelligence agencies and all facets
        of media. John the Baptist was killed for proclaiming the truth to the world. So it will be
        with the truth tellers of this generation. Get the sheeple wired up. Put the truth out there
        for all to see.

      25. Oct 1, 2016 RISE OF CHINA – China’s Yuan / RMB Joins Elite Global Reserve Currency Club

        Currency’s entry into IMF basket a milestone in long march to international acceptance Renminbi joins U.S. dollar, euro, yen, and British pound in SDR basket Change represents important milestone for IMF, SDR, and China Move recognizes and reinforces China’s continuing reform progress.

      26. Space is the high ground!

        Obama did his best to gut military space programs and NASA. NASA was just turned into another global warming panel of monkeys.

        China has a huge cyber warfare infrastructure, we are toast there. Hint, preppers must have a computer based in Linux, with Linux burned onto a CD. When the computer is started from that CD, a new clean session is started each time. Check out Linux Umbuto.

        The next war will be fought with hypersonic missiles that can hit anywhere on planet earth in 20 minutes. There’s nothing that can stop them, they move about five times as fast as the fastest bullets. They don’t even need a warhead, because the energy released when a Mach 17 missile hits, is like being hit with a 10,000 pound explosive war head. These things are surprisingly cheap, and will penetrate any bunker. They are a freaking block of aluminum, with a fuel tank.

        Question: how fast can regular folk dig a fox hole?

      27. The article mentions that every war America has won since ww2 was with the help of her air dominance….uh ,which war(decisively )? As for the Vietnam fiasco,The US got over run by a bunch of peasants,trained by the Chinese. Did US air power win that war? No,Chinese Communist trained peasants did. And they had no air power .The US couldn’t go head to head with the Chinese back then,they will get positively cleaned up now by them. Yet the US is now constantly pushing for a confrontation.

      28. I like how every person in the picture
        have the same rank insignia.
        It is all about appearance to china.
        Nothing the chinese do has honor or integrity.
        American consumers are merely the enemy,
        whom they must separate from their money.

      29. This fearmongering has been around for a long time, however the reality on the ground can be somewhat different. For instance, first the Chinese PLA is NOT there to defend China from attack, but to protect the Party. They are not really prepared for a real war. As of 2 years ago, they didn’t even have a joint command staff, like nearly everyone else does, to coordinate between their services. Their leaders are also not experienced in fighting; they’re picked for their party loyalty. The PLA hasn’t fought a war outside their borders in, what, 40+ years when they invaded Vietnam and lost? The PLA inducts hundreds of thousands of conscripts every year for military training, most of which is party ideology and patriotic song-singing. Their recruits are also woefully out of shape and, thanks to their improved diet, actually too big for their own equipment! Go to China Uncensored at for this information, with citations, and more!

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