America Is In Terminal Decline: “People Don’t Even Know What Freaking Bathroom To Use Under This President”

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Headline News | 61 comments


Greg Mannarino of says that our economy is in serious trouble and if there’s anyone out there peddling fiction to the American people, it’s President Barrack Obama.

Anyone who cannot see that the middle class is being systematically wiped out right now is absolutely blind… the dumbing down effect has been taking place here in the United States… People have no idea what they’re doing anymore… They don’t even know what freaking bathroom to use under this President…

The government is trying to overpower us… Someone out here is peddling fiction… It’s President Obama… It’s Hillary Clinton… Anyone else who is saying that this economy is doing good, well, they have an agenda and it’s not in your favor.


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    1. swinging richard

      If you have a willy, go to the men’s room. If you have a winky, go to the ladies room. If you are confused, ask a police person.

      • lena

        Funny story.

        Long before you had to think about which gender you felt like that day, occasionally I would grab my crotch right before hitting the mens room door (and yes, God did create me as a male) to make sure I should be going to the mens room. I have no idea why I started that.

        I guess that doesn’t apply anymore.

        • RJ

          God did not create you as a male or female. Chromosomes do that.

          I often wonder if perhaps gender confusion could stem from the reincarnation process we all go through over and over.

          Another consideration is hormones that can disrupt a persons psyche and make them feel one way or another. Ask anyone who has had issues with their thyroid and how it affects mood, personality, etc.

          The thyroid gland and subsequent hormones are a real u know what and if your divine creator had any common sense it would have done a better job when creating humans. Just sayin.

          • TEST

            Even Bruce Jenner has ONLY male chromosomes. And ONLY male.

            Reincarnation? Nope. The Bible explicitly says it is given unto man once to die, and then the judgment. Moreover, either it is the case the WE, ourselves, save ourselves, or else it is Jesus Christ who saves us.

            Nice to try the syncretism route, but it doesn’t work.I have read the Qu’ran twice, the Upanishads, the Pali Canon, the Gita, the Tao de Ching, and sorry, but you cannot syncretize the different religions (in fact, that is how I ended up becoming a Christian, as the is the route I started down.) Rather, a massive proportion of Hinduism, Islam, etc. can NEVER be reconciled, assuming the law of non-contradiction (A can never be non-A, in the same way and at the same time). I leave Buddhism out as it is really a philosophy, and no one really knows if Buddha even believe in God. Confucianism is also murky, despite its “mandate of heaven.”

            And in fact, God DID create you male or female,via the mechanism of chromosomes.

          • Katrina Survivor

            Sorry RJ you were formed in your mother’s womb by the almighty omnipotent GOD

          • lena

            technically you are right, but at the same time i am right.

            i would encourage you to read the books of the astrophysicist hugh ross, if you really want to open your mind just to how much this entire universe was planned up to this time that humans are walking the earth.

            if you do that, i am certain it is easy to see that individuals were created.

            i leave it to you.

          • lena

            by the way, on gender confusion; there’s a study; i think from harvard that gender confusion comes about from how you are raised and your relatiuonships growing up.

            unfortunately, i do not have the link to it; but its part of one of the 42 books i read this year.

            “just saying”

          • Marie

            Yes, if you were a woman in the last lifetime and your life got cut short and you quickly re incarnated, yes, you would still feel like a woman, only you are now in a male body. I have always believed that.

            • Son of Liberty

              Belief does not determine reality. Sorry, you can believe a lie and be damned. Believe you will bounce softly and jump off a 300 foot cliff — you’ll die just the same. Belief is often our own fiction interwoven into bits and pieces of reality – but is not reality itself.


              Son of Liberty

          • Deborah Eckardt

            First of all, I do believe it is part of the plan of the NWO.
            GMO food, pestisides, plastics and all the other chemicals that we are bombarded with are making us all sick! I have Hasimotos disease, which is an offshoot of low thyroid disease. It started as Hypothyroidism, and because the stupid doctors don’t really know how to treat it, now it is an auto-immune disease which is screwing with my adrenals, hormones, pituitary, and causing arthritis, Leaky gut, and many other problems. If just one of the many docs I went to would have let me know, I would have been able to keep this from happening. I believe that they want us sick, confused, gender confused, broke, and without guns. Then, they can just walk right in, and take over America. The U.N. already has a plan. Just go to their website. Scary stuff. People, get organic, get rid of toxins where you can, or you will end up like me!

      • TEST

        First of all, you can sign that declaration to NEVER set foot inside Target stores again. Just go to website.

        The plan is “death by a thousand cuts” to the fascist left, and in particular, via their pocket books. The goal is complete non-violence, but to destroy their pocketbooks.

        When that Indiana storm blew up re that gay issue (note: the biggest H8TERS by FAR are the radical gays themselves), and Salesforce, Angie’s List, etc. all came out in support of the gay Nazis, I wrote them and told them I would NEVER use their services again. And I won’t.

        • Marie

          I quit target stores many yrs ago because they don’t have layaway. Only Kmart has layawy. Walmart discontinued it, but now they put it back just for the xmas season.

        • Diane

          Amen TEST. If I could make one suggestion, the left has cleverly redefined ‘gay’. Words mean things. The word is ‘homosexual’. Homosexuals are FAR from being happy.

      • Ed

        I think its great. Now I dont have to wait behind the 10 guys at the gas station anymore. I just use the other bathroom.

      • Mr Reynard

        John Kennedy put a man on the moon ?? Obama put a man in a womam bathroom ??

      • Bill

        It is simple.
        Liberals are so confused about gender issues that they have no clue.
        Conservatives and other normal people know what is between their legs and act accordingly.
        It comes down to political stew pedity or common sense.

    2. buttcrackofdoom

      it doesn’t MATTER which bathroom i use. when MY kid goes into the bathroom, i will be sitting outside guarding it, so no perverts are going in until he’s DONE….there’s MY solution to this crap-storm.

      • Doral

        You’re a good parent. Too bad there aren’t more of you.

        • WhoWTFKnows...

          Good parent? With the name of Buttcrack of doom? I bet they all sit around as a family and watch butthead and bevis eating chips and see who can fart the loudest. Real roll model there for children. ITS A FRIGGIN RACE TO THE BOTTOM.


      • Menzoberranzan


      • Marie

        Do this when you are in a female bathroom and a real man comes in….start screaming at the top of your lungs. When help comes say that there’s a MAN in the ladies room. When they say it’s ok, say, if IT has a penis it belongs in a MENS room! If IT has a vagina it belongs in the women’s room!!! I’m gonna do that. It’s so disgusting!!!!!!

    3. buttcrackofdoom

      if my friend that manages a landfill is taking in HALF Of the trash that usually goes through there, things aint exactly rosy with our economy. obammycare is taking HUNDREDS Of dollars a month MORE out of anybody with a job’s pockets. what did you THINK Would happen, uh-muricuh?….NOW Are you sorry you put a traitorous sonofabich in the spitehouse? the dumbmasses didn’t see this coming?….PFFFTT!

    4. Heartless

      KID: “Daddy, I’ve got to go potty!!!”

      DAD: “well, kid, what do you feel like your gender-orientation is today?” …. “oh hell, just go use that bush”.

    5. john stiner

      I had an interesting conversation with my father the other day. We talked about the great depression and the conversations I had with my grandmothers, who were in their 20s and 30s during the depression.

      The conversation was about security.

      Will armed gangs of thugs be roaming the city robbing, raping and killing when the SHTF? That is the question I proposed and what was it like in the 1930s during the depression.

      Why weren’t there armed gangs roaming the depression and terrorizing everybody then? or were there?

      My conversations with my grand mother revealed that there were not crime problems. My two grandmothers were from very different background. My paternal grandmother was wealthy, my maternal grandmother was poor.

      The paternal grandmother said that they did not even know there was a problem because they had money. Life was great because the depression economic effects made prices go down. It was good times for them.

      The maternal grandmother was poor and suffered greatly. All the way to the end of her life at 87 she would never throw food away. Her fridge was full of two week old left overs and I would have to go over there and clean it out every now and then. But nobody stole or robbed from each other.

      So why was crime and thuggary not a problem in the depression?

      We the consensus is that society has decayed so badly that being a thug is an attractive occupation.

      I remember a time that being on food stamps was a TOTAL embarrassment. People would rather kill themselves than suffer the embarrassment of being on food stamps.

      Now, society thinks you a moron if your not ripping off the government for every dime you can.

      Society decay.

      Just look at the election…Hillary has committed numerous crimes FAR worse than Nixon ever thought of, and nobody cares.

      A BIG deal was made of Ronald Regan because he had been divorced.

      Now Bill Clinton gets his dick sucked at every turn and has a black kid from a hooker….nobody cares.

      Trump has how many wives? His current wife did a nude photo shoot? Nobody cares..

      We are fucked.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        ahh, the good old days…..when people would kill THEMSELVES… they would rather kill YOU….what a long, sad trip it’s been.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        “Just look at the election…Hillary has committed numerous crimes FAR worse than Nixon ever thought of, and nobody cares.”
        oh, a LOT of U.S. care alright…just watch a trump rally for more than one minute…but we ARE outnumbered by the democRATS now, so nothing gets done about it. sadly, even if we put MORE republicans in office that are only demoncrats in sheeps clothing, nothing will be done about it…UNLESS trump really IS the real deal(i think he IS)….it’s a very slim chance, but it’s our ONLY chance, the way it’s drawn out right now. what do we have to lose, as trump puts it.

        • Mensa141

          We are going to win by shear turnout this time. Polls are conducted by using the number of segment voters who voted in the last (2012) presidential election.

          Difference this time is that in the republican primary 61% MORE voters turned out to vote than in previous primary. In the democratic primary, even with Sanders, democrats turned out 21% less than for Obama in 2012.

          I think it will be a sweep.

      • Doral

        Another thing about the 1930s. People didn’t use 4-letter words in public. My parents had a farm in the middle of the prairies and they never locked the door. In fact, I remember that my Dad used to put a lamp in the window at night if it was storming, just in case someone was lost and needed shelter.

      • WhoWTFKnows...

        Life in America Changed when Darker skinned people infiltrated the system and brought it down to poverty level mentality. The Gimmy Freeshit Army. The War on Poverty took America into poverty. Why work when everything is free.

        Its called work ethics and pride that have been lost. Young kids today are clueless. They are frustrated, since every body in the contest is supposed to get a trophy.


      • Kevin2

        My Mom was a teen when the depression hit in earnest. One of six kids of Polish immigrants in Philly they were too proud to “Go On Relief”. The kids all went to the train tracks in the neighborhood and gathered coal that fell off and got there early as every kid in the area was there too. They ate day old bread smeared with lard and a thin soup for dinner. Six kids, none of them ever got in trouble. The three boys served in WWII with one coming home wounded. My Mom scrubbed “rich” peoples steps for a nickel and quite willingly brought the nickel home and was proud to contribute.

        Adversity can destroy or build. I think they knew that one day things will get better.

        The Japs by and large formulated their opinion of the US by movies believing that they were a soft people; big mistake.

        • Marie

          My mom must have been poor too cuz i remember back in 1953 when i was 5 yrs old my two older half brothers used to eat lard sandwiches. Back then lard had little bits of meat in it, but not anymore! They seem to destroy everything these days.

      • Fred

        If Trump ends up in the WH, lots of guys will be searching the internet for pics of the first lady naked. USA hasn’t had THAT problem before.

        For the first time in nearly a decade, USA will actually have a first LADY, instead of some ape in a dress.

      • WhoWTFKnows...

        There was a lot of crime in the 1930’s and Mafia. Al svarface Capone, babyface Nelson, Bonnie n Clyde. The Borroughs gang. Ma Barker and her boys. The heros were those who robbed the banks. Dillinger I think was in the 1930’s. Bootleggers to bank robbers.


    6. J

      Yes, you’re right…….American families are FU**ED if they stay in America………..

      Fortunately I was blessed and saw this coming a long time ago,

      my family lives overseas…………..

    7. Rebecca


      If you don’t know which bathroom to use YOU are mentally deficient. Guess what, the gender changers changed their bathrooms in the past and it wasn’t mentioned to mouth breathers.

      Anyone with common sense have always attended their children in public bathrooms… which have always been spots for perverts to congregate. I mean ALWAYS.

      Why do you guys get so hysterical over everything? Must be all those pesticides with male feminizer chemicals.

      • Braveheart1776

        Rebecca, spot on. I’ve always known who and what I am and which restroom to use. No confusion on my part.

        • WhoWTFKnows...

          I had a chick follow me into the bathroom one time, and gave me a BJ. I thought for sure somebody else was going to come in. Nope. lol


          • john stiner

            unless you did a vagina check, that chick was a dude!!!!

            • Fred

              Yea!! Yea!!
              DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY!!!

            • WhoWTFKnows...

              I also banged the vagina on her dozens of times. She was real. She wanted a real man other than her Husband who she couldnt stand. She was a dental assistant on the kinky side.

              All these dopes on here think they have such great relationsips with their spouces. LOL Well here is a fact, 75% of Married women cheat. Ever look at your wives cell phone texts or phone book lists. Tons of dudes in there who are quicky hookups. While you are drinking and typing here, she is texting him setting up the next playtime. I get hit on all the time by married women looking for an escape. Wake up dudes. Its party time. You think she is out shopping or working, or out with a Girlfriend? LMFAO. Think again. Put a GPS tracking device on the car you own, but she drives. That will tell ya where she goes without you.


              • john stiner

                75% of Married women cheat

                95% of bloggers make up statistics.

              • john stiner

                GPS tracking device

                Just put your cell phone in the car and use the “where is my phone” app to track it.

    8. Frank Thoughts

      It is only Americans who don’t call him what he is. The President of the Philippines – a non-white, Asian man from a developing country – calls him a “son of a bitch”. Most Muslims I have spoken to speak very badly of him and Hillary for bombing them and wrecking their countries. The only people who might say something nice are blacks (a population with the lowest IQs and the least wealth and achievement). But even there, I think the praise is starting to wobble as blacks realize they have not done better.

      The world has never had the global structure in such peril and with so many major conflicts on the cusp of breaking out. These will be MAJOR wars. These will be your son-and- daughter-get-drafted wars. Your-wife-has-to-work-at-the munitions-factory wars.

      We will see TV news reports like this as common: “Good evening: the news. The Armed Forces backed up with reserve units fought another night in the Lambeth borough of London. The All-Islamic-Army of Britannia has been hold up in the area since two weeks ago when they declared a sharia-compliant enclave. General Sir Dick Pounder has said it is too early to use artillery units but, ‘we are close, very close’. And in other news, it was an Ass-tastic evening as Kim Kardashian defiantly strutted the red carpet bejeweled to see the opening premier of her new film…”

      • Kevin2

        Frank Thoughts

        “Your-wife-has-to-work-at-the munitions-factory wars.”

        I don’t think the wars will last that long with Varsity Teams involved. The destructive capability will be frightening. Those in safe military jobs at big bases and large ships will be in harms way. I picture a few weeks of fighting and then its crossroads time, “To nuke or not to nuke”. Hopefully sanity will prevail, if not nice knowing you all.

        • john stiner

          destructive capability only lasts as long as there is inventory.

          Then we will be fighting hand to hand.

    9. Rebecca

      Perversion has always been around. The biggest disadvantage of hiding it is that straight people get suckered into marrying pervs as cover for them. Common thought about severely repressed societies like Victorian England is that they increase perversion.

      • Kevin2

        The Catholic Priesthood and Nuns were cover for many a homosexual. It was known but never discussed.

    10. Brian

      With all the really pressing issues there are and all the crises we face, far too much attention is being spent on this.

      • Frank Thoughts

        Very true: transgenders were a topic in the 70s. That was their time. But now, why bring it up? They are few in number and they aren’t the biggest issue to be solved right now. I can only think there is some other agenda to normalize this gender freak phenomenon; that somebody with power is one and is trying to make it easier for them to come out?

    11. Wee Tu Lo

      Nutty world! And disgusting as well.

      • john stiner

        might as well watch some porn…..

    12. B from CA

      Never mind what others do, take responsibility for your own civility. Teach your own children well so they exemplify kindness and graciousness. When children are young, practice discrimination. Keep children away from bad influence as much as possible.

      An infant and toddler learns to speak and act by mimicking parents. Say thank you every time your infant/toddler hands you something. You will never need to tell them to “say thank you”, because it will become second nature.

      Not saying my kids are perfect but I have been complemented by their teachers when they were growing up. So, yes, many things are wrong here among our young. But there are still good people out there.

      I gave my grand daughter a drying rack, an excellent iron, and a beautiful ornate sweater, embellished with pearls and stones. I wanted to teach her to realize and appreciate that something beautiful when new, turns to junk/garbage/rags if not properly cared for. That goes for children, as well. They have to be taught to be good citizens.


      • buttcrackofdoom

        damn good advice, B

    13. steven jacobs

      99.9% of the people do know which bathroom to use-we just have to take garbage from the other .01% in the name of inclusiveness and correctness.
      The people implementing these policies are laughing their heads off at how docile we have become

    14. femaregion1

      JFK put a man on the moon. Obama put a man in the woman’s room.

      • john stiner

        JFK was dead by then.

    15. Anonymous

      If people weren’t such parrots and wouldn’t pay any attention to this
      Aafrican circus clown we wouldn’t such a promlem in the country

    16. Jimbob 327

      Destroying america from the inside out may describe what’s happening.
      Altering our past. Changing our future. A slow acting poison.

    17. Anonymous

      Gender confusion is normal. Because if it wasn’t, it would be abnormal.


      It is simple Mens ROOM
      Mangina ROOM
      Women’s or Butches ROOM
      Transgender ROOM

      I will be glad when the 3rd World War comes because the world needs a good FLUSH…………

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