America Is About To Change In a Major Way: “Everything That Can Be Shaken Will Be Shaken”

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    Editor’s Note: We know things are getting bad. But how bad can they get? According to the information shared by Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog in the article below, families across America are being systematically destroyed and the trajectory of the economic data suggest that it’s are only going to get worse. And though most people don’t realize it’s happening and continue to live their lives in passive oblivion, their lives will soon be shaken to the very core, as everything they have come to know as “normal” is torn to pieces.



    19 Signs That American Families Are Being Economically Destroyed
    By Michael Snyder

    The systematic destruction of the American way of life is happening all around us, and yet most people have no idea what is happening.  Once upon a time in America, if you were responsible and hard working you could get a good paying job that could support a middle class lifestyle for an entire family even if you only had a high school education.  Things weren’t perfect, but generally almost everyone in the entire country was able to take care of themselves without government assistance.  We worked hard, we played hard, and our seemingly boundless prosperity was the envy of the entire planet.  But over the past several decades things have completely changed.  We consumed far more wealth than we produced, we shipped millions of good paying jobs overseas, we piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and we kept electing politicians that had absolutely no concern for the long-term future of this nation whatsoever.  So now good jobs are in very short supply, we are drowning in an ocean of red ink, the middle class is rapidly shrinking and dependence on the government is at an all-time high.  Even as we stand at the precipice of the next great economic crisis, we continue to make the same mistakes.  In the end, all of us are going to pay a very great price for decades of incredibly foolish decisions.  Of course a tremendous amount of damage has already been done.  The numbers that I am about to share with you are staggering.  The following are 19 signs that American families are being economically destroyed…

    #1 The poorest 40 percent of all Americans now spend more than 50 percent of their incomes just on food and housing.

    #2 For those Americans that don’t own a home, 50 percent of them spend more than a third of their incomes just on rent.

    #3 The price of school lunches has risen to the 3 dollar mark at many public schools across the nation.

    #4 McDonald’s “Dollar Menu & More” now includes items that cost as much as 5 dollars.

    #5 The price of ground beef has doubled since 2009.

    #6 In 1986, child care expenses for families with employed mothers used up 6.3 percentof all income.  Today, that figure is up to 7.2 percent.

    #7 Incomes fell for the bottom 80 percent of all income earners in the United States during the 12 months leading up to June 2014.

    #8 At this point, more than 50 percent of all American workers bring home less than $30,000 a year in wages.

    #9 After adjusting for inflation, median household income has fallen by nearly $5,000since 2007.

    #10 According to the New York Times, the “typical American household” is now worth 36 percent less than it was worth a decade ago.

    #11 47 percent of all Americans do not put a single penny out of their paychecks into savings.

    #12 One survey found that 62 percent of all Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck.

    #13 According to the U.S. Department of Education, 33 percent of all Americans with student loans are currently behind on their student loan debt repayments.

    #14 According to one recent report, 43 million Americans currently have unpaid medical debt on their credit reports.

    #15 The rate of homeownership in the U.S. has been declining for seven years in a row, and it is now the lowest that it has been in 20 years.

    #16 For each of the past six years, more businesses have closed in the United States than have opened.  Prior to 2008, this had never happened before in all of U.S. history.

    #17 According to the Census Bureau, 65 percent of all children in the United States are living in a home that receives some form of aid from the federal government.

    #18 If you have no debt at all, and you also have 10 dollars in your wallet, that you are wealthier than 25 percent of all Americans.

    #19 On top of everything else, the average American must work from January 1st to April 24th just to pay all federal, state and local taxes.

    All of us know people that once were doing quite well but that are now just struggling to get by from month to month.

    Perhaps this has happened to you.

    If you have ever been in that position, you probably remember what it feels like to have people look down on you.  Unfortunately, in our society the value that we place on individuals has a tremendous amount to do with how much money they have.

    So if you don’t have much money, there are a lot of people out there that will treat you like dirt.  The following excerpt comes from a Washington Post article entitled “The poor are treated like criminals everywhere, even at the grocery store“…

    Want to see a look of pure hatred? Pull out an EBT card at the grocery store.

    Now that my kids are grown and gone, my Social Security check is enough to keep me from qualifying for government food benefits. But I remember well when we did qualify for a monthly EBT deposit, a whopping $22 — and that was before Congress cut SNAP benefits in November 2013. Like 70 percent of people receiving SNAP benefits, I couldn’t feed my family on that amount. But I remember the comments from middle-class people, the assumptions about me and my disability and what the poor should and shouldn’t be spending money on.

    Have you ever seen this?

    Have you ever experienced this yourself?

    These days, most people on food stamps are not in that situation because they want to be.  Rather, they are victims of our long-term economic collapse.

    And this is just the beginning.  When the next major economic crisis strikes, the suffering in this country is going to go to unprecedented levels.

    As we enter that time, we are going to need a whole lot more love and compassion than we are exhibiting right now.

    As a nation, we have made decades of incredibly bad decisions.  As a result, we are experiencing bad consequences which are going to become increasingly more severe.

    The numbers that I just shared with you are not good.  But over the next several years they are going to get a whole lot worse.

    Everything that can be shaken will be shaken, and life in America is about to change in a major way.

    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.



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        • Simple things amuse simple minds.

            • I saw them the night of the plane crash. Greenville memorial Auditoreum Greenville SC They were awesome and still are.

          • Mr Snyder fails to recognize that the poor and minorities elected this fool they have as president, and you can’t tell them anything or you are racist. Welcome to the devil’s graveyard.

            • It doesn’t matter WHO is elected, when ALL the candidates are chosen by the wealthy elite ruling class, vote A or B it means nothing…

            • yeah like bush has nothing to do with every that unraveled since he looted this country, him and his gangster friends. I am an independent, when Clinton was in office. I had a car that I used to put 20$ worth of gas that bought me a full tank of it. That is 20 gallons!!!! When Clinton was in office, I used to snap my fingers and land 6 jobs in one single week, and then all I had to do is pick which one I wanted. Now I can’t find a single one after I became homeless once the vulture the bush went by the White House. And I am very cheap thrifty person that adapts and does not ask for much. While Obama is just another marionette to the Corporate America. The problem you are talking about exist on both sides of the isle. And perhaps much worse on the gop side. If you are not seeing it. I remind you of how many us soldiers died so a group of corporate criminals could steal and hoard a wealth that does not belong to them. This, while the rest of America not to mention the world, is starving.

              • Nobody despises the Bush Crime Family more than I, and I am not trying to defend anything that any of these slimy rats have done – but, anyone who tries to praise a member of the Clinton family, is clearly in serious need of a brain transplant.

                These two families, along with the Kennedy’s – have done more damage to this nation than any other three families full of filthy cockroaches in this nation’s history.

                By the way, Daisydew. You forgot to also mention that Bill Clinton probably saved the tax payers a few thousand bucks on wall paint for the Oval Office during his 8 years of power.

                He was spray painting them with his sperm, instead.

              • Were any of these job offers internships at the white house?


                  Salvation And Survival

                  John 12:23-25

                  Posted: 05 Apr 2015 05:00 AM PDT
                  Jesus replied, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls
                  to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed.
                  But if it dies, it produces many seeds.
                  The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man
                  who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.”

                  As the Christian Church celebrates Easter in the year 2015, it is appropriate to contemplate this verse today. It is important that we recognize what Jesus meant when He said “the hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.” He knew, without a doubt, that His Father’s plan was being put into motion. He knew that the Jews were about to reject Him, which would open the door for the Gentile nations to know Him. And it would be by the eventual Gentile Church that He would be magnified, and His glory would abound.
                  God knew the exact day and the exact hour that He would accomplish the redemption of man through the death of His Son. And Jesus is accepting of His mission and speaks of its approach with honor and a sense of triumph.
                  His analogy of the kernel of wheat is an obvious picture of His redeeming grace. God, the Father, has made Him the seed and the root of His people. But for that seed to multiply, He must die. The seed must be buried in the ground before it can sprout and produce fruit. And so it was with our Savior.
                  The multitude of saved souls that have sprung from that one seed speaks of His glory and power. For a couple thousand years the Church has grown and replenished itself with faithful saints who have clung to the root of the faith, Jesus Christ, Himself. His legacy is one of Glory and Praise.
                  But the last sentence of these verses drives us toward a sober thought; especially in these days in which we are living. We can see that this world is getting more difficult for Christ’s followers. To remain faithful to our King and Savior is not popular, nor is it aligned with our changing societal laws and regulations. At this moment, Christians are having to make choices between following Christ or their livelihoods. Right now, we are only looking at fines and public ridicule. Are we prepared to face the life-threatening situations that our fellow Christians are experiencing in the Middle East and Africa?
                  In this telling Scripture, just prior to His own death, Christ is telling us that this life — in this world — is not worth preserving. In fact, I can’t tell you how many of my fellow Christians, who have been “on the wall” the last few years, have told me that they despise this world and are ready to go Home. It sickens our hearts and spirits to see that the world values its idols, and its money, and its selfish desires more than it esteems the Savior of mankind. We, his faithful followers, long for eternal life with Him, and hate that we are bound by our flesh in this world.
                  As the Church celebrates our Lord’s resurrection today, let us keep in mind that we should not only focus on glorifying Him and the Father for their gift of salvation, but that we should ready ourselves to follow in His steps in every way — even unto death. We may be vilified in this world, but we will be raised to a glorious eternal life that overshadows anything we coveted in this shallow life.
                  Just as each kernel of wheat is singularly sown to yield a bountiful harvest, I give thanks for what was sown in my heart, and look forward to being part of the Heavenly Harvest!

            • What US Centurion fails to recognize is that the poor and minorities did NOT vote for the fool that created this mess in the first place, that would be this fools predecessor, Bush.
              Blinders off.

              • RC,
                It goes even farther back than that. I think, or I observe that the “turning point” when the acceleration into depravity really amped up was in the aftermath of JFK’s assassination, so it was from Lyndon Johnson administration to the current pResident, that the downward trend can be seen, both morally and economically. Prior to the 2008 elections, I warned the republican party members in my county that McCain was a non-starter, but at the same time, the administrations since Reagan’s had loaded the bases, and the NWO selection- “the One” was chosen to bat clean up, meaning that the final take down would occur during his administration. They thought I was a kook in 2008. Not so much nowadays.

            • No worries! When you are standing in the furnace getting your ass poisoned and your naked, just look around you. There you will have black, brown, white it won’t matter. Just like it didn’t matter to the NAZI’s when they killed millions of white people. You only hear of the 6 milion jews, but there was way more millions of people that were as white as ghosts and they stood in the same poison gas chambers along with everyone else and they died too! So you should get off your hate trips and realize that they want you as dead or maybe even more dead than the rest. You should fight wrong regardless of who it is being done to. They certainly do not care, they will use who ever to further their agendas. The zionist kill off your sons in all of their dirty wars all around the world, what makes you think they won’t kill you too? Open your eyes, this is a war of light and darkness, don’t be guided by the darkness. Don’t let them divide. Those are tactics that they use to bring division and fear into peoples lives. Oh and by the way, last time I checked it was white people that voted him in. And they are still the majority. So get over it, the end is near and you should live every day free from fear and hate and do what you can to further goodness and light into your own life and those around you.

            • If you are dumb enough to think all this happened as a result of Obama alone you are a friggin Retard. G.W.Bush had as much or more to do with the decline of America, it doesn’t happen immediately the affect of policy by these adminisrations, but Fox news doesn’t tell you that and so you remain ignorant. You’re too dumb to look at anything but Fox news and so are as much to blame for the decline of America as the President’s and lawmaker’s you vote for. Keep pulling the lever for Corporate tax break giving Republicans. Democrat presidents have pulled us out of the ditch twice- research it!. Clinton and Obama both have done this after blunderous republican control. No one party has the best interest of the middle class, but democrats at least try to help. Republicans and their skewed policy look out only for corporate tax cuts and the wealthy; their donor’s. As soon as they took a majority in Congress in 2015 republicans upped the amount people could donate. Do you have 500,000 to donate to candidates? Keep being stupid and stupid is what you get.

            • And when someone is that poor, they have absolutely no business reproducing.

            • It’s not a matter of a single President. The elections are rigged. Read up on the NWO, {New World Order}. President Bush is on video talking about the NWO, I didn’t make it up. You can find the video on YouTube. There is a globalist/banker/corporate attempt going on to literally take over the world. It’s not a joke. Ever wonder why so much insane crap is going on now ? Things that make no sense, like the open borders ???
              There are a lot of very good sources of info on YouTube about the subject. If you can’t research it a little for yourself don’t bother to make fun of it. Alex Jones,Gerald Celente,Jesse Ventura are a few to look up.

        • Damn!! Now I have to stock up on extra ammo
          for the illegals as well as indigenous zombies.

          • There are 7 Billion people on the planet, Approx 450 Million in N America. 315 Million in US, and approx 150 million liberals here. I suggest a phased in program. First enough ammo for just all the liberals in your state, plus some for misses. Then work up from there. Perhaps some teamwork for larger amounts. I’ve got enough for every liberal in Wyoming already, working on Montana, and North Dakota

            • Good plan, I have enough for the liberals in Idaho. you, me, and a few others will have the american redoubt covered.

            • Will Wyoming take more than 2 boxes of ammo?

              • Yeah Jackson Hole is infested, no state is perfect. We’ve got Boise, Moscow, and Cour D’ Alene here.

                • Oh yeah and Sun Valley too.

          • outwest: Apparently your love and compassion doesn’t extend beyond your immediate family and friends.

            But there is something too be said about no compassion for those whom don’t deserve it..

            • vtfree

              Love and compassion is a luxury that can no longer
              be afforded. How can we remain benevolent when we
              can not care for ourselves? Unless survival has
              changed it’s meaning, then it means every man for
              Tough as that sounds, it’s the new rules of the
              game we have been thrust into not by our choice.

              • Outwest:

                While looking through the comments section here I feel the need to clarify a couple of points….

                I believe there are NO posters here who do not support REAL assistance to some people in America. And when I say REAL I mean enough to sustain them to the point of living with dignity; not scratching every day to just stay alive.

                Included in that is the disabled (through accidents or through no fault of their own). If you have elected to fry your brain with alcohol or drugs, or punished your body to the point of obesity, that is a choice YOU have made and around the 50-60-70 year old mark you will pay the consequences, and they don’t look pretty.

                No one on this blog really knows if you squandered your youth…punished your body beyond repair. Does that become my obligation to take care of you?

                Most people who worked through the beginning of the siphoning of SS from their check would have never forseen that the $$$ they had to contribute would be stolen, or that inflation would eat up that check to the point it would not even feed them. Or that their retirement fund they contributed to all those years has been stolen, or the ponzi game of the stock market has left them broke.

                A perfect example of why we are disgruntled with the welfare system:

                A relative of mine, who seemed very bright leaving high school. Had 5 kids….discovered the welfare system…and for years check was always in the mail every month…..WOW! Party time! Slept all day, cruised all night. Get a job? (They were plentiful back then.) Hell, that would get in the way of the party.

                And now: Kids all gone, monthly party time check no longer in the mail. Last guy she married took most earnings under the table…SS $350 a month. He died…she gets his $350 (She didn’t work all those years, so no SS for her). Food stamps $150 a month.
                Cries and whines that the government should take better care of the “poor folks”.

                My parents and grandparents barely got by. Nothing left for us kids to fight over when they left this earth. From early age I knew when I looked in the mirror it was “tag, you are it”, no freebees coming my way from any direction. Best thing that ever happened to me, no enabling!

                I think Rebel in Idaho posted the most important points on how to have, or to have had, a reasonably successful life and he is 100% on the money. I would add that having parents who saw the value of education (mine did not) helps one get pointed in the right direction.

                I am smart enough to see if you are down and out in 2015 it is very hard to lift yourself up and out. If there are jobs that pay enough to live on there are hundreds of people lined up for them.

                There are very deserving people for help from our taxes. When I look around it seems the ones who ‘truly’ need the help are the ones the system is short changing. The ones who are gaming the system are the ones who leave us frothing at the mouth!

                • When the factories first began in the usa they were mostly worked by women and kids. They came out of a culture with an authoritarian dad who controlled them hard. The women and kids were already conditioned to authority. Even so the slave masters had to chain some of them to the machines. It took a couple or so generations to break down dad and make him ready for that factory enslavement. Now parents begin the mind control on the kids because they themselves are mind controlled. Then they turn them over to the schools. The schools sit the kids in little chairs all day to break their spirits just like a cowboy pens up a wild horse and breaks his spirit. The schools break them and get them ready for the employers. And the cycle starts all over again. It takes mind control to get a person to submit to this system of enslavement. To hell with your factory and religeon inspired work ethic.

                  • The factories, schools, and insane asylums were all created around the same time. And they have similar organization structures. They all come out of the same mentality. We could probably put the modern prison system in that group too. Really hard to tell them all apart when you look below the surface. They are mind numbing prisons.

                  • WELL SAID. I ended up home-schooling my kids too.

                • After my husband’s accident I had to ask for help. It was hard my husband never recovered and the 26 surgeries were tough,he worked 20 yrs for his company and they let him go because he could not do his job. I got help for 6 months and now take care of him. But I will never forget how kind all the people were to us.So I help others now and pass it on to anyone who needs me. One act of Kindness last a lifetime. Thanks!!


                  • God bless you, Kat!

                • Grannie, I so agree. I might also add the older people on SS. They don’t have the choice to work due to age. Lots of people approaching that time have no real savings for various reasons–good and bad–but the fact remains that much of the SS paid in was spent on other than the reasons it was taken from paychecks.

                  Oh, for those that blame the boomers for misspending it, for a lot of those years they weren’t in charge any more than the Gen X or millenials are now. The so called “greatest generation” had their mitts on a lot of this. Boomers have plenty to repent for on their own.

          • Speaking of Illegals………

            Confirmed……..New disease breakout in the country from them.
            We had a massive TB issue in a trailer park that is mostly populated by people from Mexico and Blacks.

            Also, cases popping up of white women marrying these undocumented
            workers and they and they family being stricken by kidney/liver diseases. Father and such…..

        • The food stamp card is a important chance for some to afford food. However as a cashier at Walmart I see people with two and three food cards and wads of cash from other nations like: Mexico, India, England, Middle Eastern nations, etc. they are wearing nice clothes carrying designer purses and buying steaks. The older Americans, the vets, the family’s they are the struggling people. Many people have come to Fl from up north, some are here on vacation and use their food cards, some have moved here and are using food cards from their former states and new food cards. NY, Chicago, Ohio all seem to have the most new people all with lots of cash and food cards. Yes there are many people that need assistance in America now days for good reason, but the drugged out, the fresh out of jail, the system works for them crowd seem to be the majority and they all seem to think they are owed all . Theft is up as they have no issue with stealing and if caught say ” Oh I don’t really want that anyway”. We live in a society that seems to think they are entitled and if the worker ever decides that they are the stupid one for busting their butt for a low paying job just to have a job to try and pay their way, I wonder who will foot the bill of the entitled, because I have been there when the computers stop working and the entitled flip out that they do not get their freebies!

          • why work when the entitlements are at least twice what your paycheck is with lousy health insurance that will bancrupt your home etc.. where is this train wreck going? I have worked the last 35 yrs and now if i get sick, even my little toe amputated can this can cost me my home and then some. i should have worked the system and REALLY enjoyed myself. we are nothing but slaves at this point.

            • Dentistry is super expensive too even with insurance.

          • It is a cultural thing. Countries where people still have dignity and a sense of public responsibility, you see them only turn to welfare as a temporary measure, not a lifestyle. But in countries where no standards are apparent and where people feel no public responsibility, that is where you see people rip-off the system and leach on welfare as a lifestyle choice.

            The US is in the late stages of terminal decay: in the last two decades I have noticed more and more of the country look like the third world – the same levels of filth, the same armies of ignorant and poor, often the very same people you would find on a trip to any third world country.

            Will the US get out of this situation? I do not think so. The population has permanently changed from mostly European in origin to mostly third world in origin. This brings with it the corruption and ways of the third world.

            • We are also in a recession. Plenty of good people can’t get a job, and I do mean real Americans not the recent,imported and illegal ones.

      1. Nice Video souls…. Brought back many good and happy memories. Thanks for posting it.

      2. “These days, most people on food stamps are not in that situation because they want to be. Rather, they are victims of our long-term economic collapse.”


        I am sick to death of seeing these parasites at the crocery store, gas station, liquor store, etc. pull out their damn EBT cards to buy shit, then get into a brand new Cadillac! Cut off all benefits except for the very elderly and vets. Let the parasites of America STARVE!

        • If you stop feeding the feral cats they usually start killing the rats and hunting for food,,,
          Maybe it would be better to teach folks to fish rather than giving them fish,,,

          • Some people couldn’t catch a fish at a fish market.

            • If you’ve ever seen the way they throw them at the Pike Street Market in Seattle you’d know why very few people can catch them… 😉

              • On a positive note, triple cheese burgers are still only $2 and a bottomless cup of coffee only 75 cents if you are over 55.

                Just saying. Find the silver lining. 🙂

                • Yeah, but that “diet” gets one in the pocket book in the long run, i.e. when one put that food less filler (gmo, grease, starch, salt, sugar, caffeine) into ones immune system, ones health diminishes exponentially.

                  • EA..just finished an article that sugar, lard, caffeine, potatoes and butter are back on the ‘to eat’ list.

                    • Those scrumptious foods have always been on the “to eat” list for the one out of every three (obese) Americans who love to gourmandize. It’s just that they didn’t need to read that particular article to perfect the diet.

                      The “article” was probably written and/or financed by the AMA, i.e. by those who profit most from the side effects of the millions of overweight Americans. ;-0

                    • Those scrumptious foods have always been on the “to eat” list for the one out of every three (obese) Americans who love to gourmandize. It’s just that they didn’t need to read that particular article to perfect the diet.

                      The “article” was probably written and/or financed by the AMA, i.e. by those who profit most from the side effects of the millions of overweight Americans. ;-0

                  • I wish we could adopt Europe’s food policy of you must prove it’s safe to sell it. Here you can sell it as food unless it is proven unsafe. Totally backwards here.

                    There are so many companies, and I’ll use nabisco as just one example, that make a version for americans full of crap and then a healthier version of say ritz crackers to sell in Europe because the Europeans won’t let them put unsafe ingredients in the food. Why can’t I buy the European versions here? Do I have to re-import the stuff from an online vendor?

                    Ok, actually we make most of our food ourselves and eventually will produce over 80% of what we eat. Look I love Idaho, but you just can’t grow bananas easily here. So until I don’t have to use the grocery store at all I would like to have healthier choices with honest labeling.

                    • Yes, Europe even dictates how much cinnamon a baker can put into the pastries he makes.

                      Too much of a good thing can kill you. 🙁

                    • Which do we want? One minute we’re talking about more freedom and the next minute we want more controls! Sure Europe is a bastion of freedom.

                • 50¢ drinks @ Arby’s.
                  $1 off buffet @ KFC.

                  • NEWS FLASH!!!! Those are not “food” products.

                • Anyone over 55 needs the endless coffee to keep working the double shifts in order to survive.

                  • Cabingirl’
                    thats funny because it is so true, the older i get the more coffe i drink to perform the same work i used to do without coffee!

              • It is Pike Place market.

            • I see EBT users can’t figure out how to use the card at the ATM.

              • Horse’sass, I used to work with a guy who used to “rent” his EBT card out to anyone willing to give him half the cash value of whatever was purchased with it, so he and his wife could buy marijuana. Yes, they had several kids…

          • you know what they say, kula…give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day…give a man fishnet stockings, and he will ALWAYS find somebody to feed him!…..or SUMTHIN’ like that….

            • Thaaaats juuust yroooong!

            • You’ve been Acidededed!

          • Great points again, Kula. The Fed. Govt. created this enormous dependent constituency and we taxpayers have topay for it.

          • Kula–>

            There is merit in your words, sir…but…sooner or later (per the FSA types)…they’re gonna wanna “steak’..!!!


            ..don’t worry ’bout you much..’cuz you’re true L.D.O** material now…plus, ya just don’t give-a-shit anymore!!!

            Welcome to the “CLUB”…pal!!!!!!!


            L.D.O. = ..Long Distance Operator (who knows his shit!)

        • We have gone to well-off to struggling to make ends meet. And that’s without debt! Thank goodness we grow a lot of our own food, have a well, and lots of preps.


          • I can see lean times coming for myself so am prepping for that now while i have income,
            So can feel where your coming from,
            Funny how priorities change,,,

        • Pisses you off when these parasites find a small escape from this system of enslavement doesnt it. Many of you constantly harp on changing the system this or that way or back to how it was. Yet you constantly support it with your money and vote. You are the ones that make this shit possible. By doing nothing the parasites are effecting change much more than you are. And even more by taking from the system. At the bottom of all your anger is a person longing to escape this enslavement and that is what the parasites want too.

        • “Let the parasites of America STARVE!”

          You must recognize who the parasites are and who they are aren’t.

          Some breadwinner who once worked hard in a sold middle class manufacturing facility that was shipped off to China and is now sub employed is not the parasite. The people who facilitated this are. Wall Street bankers got huge six figure plus bonuses on your dime while sinking the US.

          • We have two extended members of the family, that are grossly obese and “qualify” for SSDI monthly tax-free checks, because of that obesity and their constant “pain” from being too damn fat. I have zero use for them at all and no empathy when it comes to seeing how they continue to gorge themselves at the buffets(casino) in the city where they live.I’m a quite certain that when the local thugs in that city set their home on fire, their bodies will burn for days. They are gaming the system, and brag about it. Pigs.

            • The majority of my patients are obese, a majority of the remainder are overweight. They never want to talk about exercise or heaven forbid diet. They just want a magic pill.

              The good news for those of you who want to lose a few pounds of fat is that diet and exercise aren’t equal parts of the equation. It’s 80% diet and 20% exercise. Yes that’s the good news, you don’t need to do tons of cardio everyday.

              Instead you can just stop eating crap. You’ll actually save money too. Give me six weeks of a paleo/primal diet and see how you feel and look. If you are eating healthy food you won’t have to count calories or limit you intake in any way.

              Diet is a greek word that means “way of eating.” Everyone is on a diet, most peoples’ diet sucks.

              If I could get you to read only one book on this subject it would be “Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson, then of course anything by Joel Salatin or Michael Polan as well as “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougal would be extra credit.

              • You are what you eat doc, and people should Google “Orac Values” and start there. I eat a bag of broccoli for breakfast, add supplements, and do 4 to 5 miles a day on a bike, at a moderate pace to warm up.

                I also take an ammino acid supplement. I’ll be 65 at the end of the month and have the body of a 40 year old man. 38″ waist; 52 inch chest; and lots of energy.

                Sugar is death. Soda will bury you. 🙁

                • Durango,you are what you eat?!I may not be a hard guy but am certainly not a pussy though I eat a fair amount!

                  • LOL please don’t stop eating that warchild. I’m pretty sure it’s primal anyway and counts towards the 80%.

                • DK,
                  you are so correct, the FDA in this country has been so corrupted to allow such CRAP to be installed in the food that with all the sheeple they just keep eatiing the garbage and wonder why they are fat and why there daughters get boobs at 11 years old, BUT they won’t except the fact that they could stop it if only they would research what they are eating and add a few natural herbs to help straiten out there body and within a few weeks or months would be on the road to live better, BUT alas it aint gonna happen cause they are to brainwashed!!

                  • I found that some of the more main-stream vitamins are actually coated in material made from petroleum products. The FDA doesn’t care about that though. I think they are also looking into start regulating “natural” remedies, because we can’t have people taking natural supplements! It’s worth it to do thorough research to find the best organic, gmo-free vitamins, that’s for sure.

            • We have a few family members in the same boat. Morbidly obese. Won’t work. Collect welfare and say that their fat is all metabolism. Sit at home all day playing video games and watching netflix. They own 3 flatscreen tv’s, 2 different game systems with hundreds of games, newer car and eat out all of the time. i have NO idea how they manage it all.

          • Amen.

            • A huge tornado ripped through Illinois and I think part of Iowa. I hope Sgt Dale and anyone else that may have been in it’s path, escaped unharmed

              ht tp://

          • Yep, you’re right, Kevin… there are scumbags on all levels. Mostly, they are at the top– the rich, fat cats who have been milking us dry for years… and there are some at the bottom rack too, but mostly its at the top.

            • The people gaming they system at the bottom are opportunists that get pocket change. The thieves at the top created the conditions to increase public dependence and couldn’t give a rats ass about the US or anyone else but themselves for that matter. They put more hurt on more people than the welfare queens ever did.

              “An uneducated man robs a train. An educated man steals the railroad”.
              President Theodore Roosevelt

              Make no mistake the majority on SSDI have valid claims.

          • That’s true, Kevin2.

            It is all relevant to location and local job markets.

            In our small city, the majority of middle class and lower middle classes, depended on manufacturing jobs for income in the 70’s,80’s, and early 90’s. Now all those factories have closed and the jobs went to Mexico and China.

            Most of the older folks were locked in to houses and land that they paid too much for, and were basically stuck to accepting lesser pay. Now many have used all their life savings to survive these past couple of decades and have nowhere to turn except EBT and social services.

            If they are old enough to receive SS retirement pay, it has been reduced to minimum benefits each month because they didn’t earn enough over the past decade or two, to keep it in the upper figures they once had when they worked those decent paying factory jobs.

            I know folks that receive about $600.00 each month and have worked and paid taxes for forty years. There are others that have only paid into their SS taxes for two or three years, or none at all, and are drawing the same amount.

            What is fair about that? What is wrong with those needing a helping hand with buying food, when they have been screwed over by their own system?

            Like i said, it is all relative to the circumstances and the area a person is living in.

            If a girl is having kids just to “milk” the system and too lazy to work, or an immigrant is here just to reap free benefits off the taxpayers,…. then that is wrong.

            Once again, the taxpayers are screwed by their own system.

            The bottom line is this; not everyone using an EBT card is a parasite, and not everyone using one is deserving of free food either.

            To blame all free food purchasers for the problems shows a lack of compassion and understanding of the big picture. Judging an EBT card user by what they are wearing or driving is not a common sense way of looking at the overall situation.

            That is like Rand Paul making one of his recent statements about people on SS Disability.

            Ouote… “If a guy looks like me and hops out of a pick-up truck to go into the grocery store, he doesn’t deserve to be on Disability.”

            This kind of judgmental reasoning, without knowing all the facts, shows a lack of understanding and common sense. It wreaks of “looking down his nose at common people”.

            Is this the kind of person we want holding the office of President? Me thinks he is a bit to “elitist” acting, for my taste.

            On the surface, Rand doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as bad as the Obominable One, but he isn’t a Teddy Roosevelt either.
            There is a worse candidate for prez than the current holder, but she is of an evil league of her own.

            • passin,
              I don’t trust Rand Paul he has been to wishy washy over the last few years, there ave been only TWO candidates that have DONE what they say and have NOT really double talked and that is Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, NOW i am NOT saying I trust then either, all I am saying is that they keep doing what they say! and that has some merit. personally i don’t think we will see elections again in this country too many signs showing it won’t be allowed. probably be in civil war by then. whatever does happen this country NEEDS to be reset, and all scumbags tried for treason!!

              • Actually his dad, my hero, Ron Paul always did what he said with a 20 year track record or so. They didn’t call him “Dr No” for nothing. Most of those 434-1 votes, he was the one.
                Alas his son isn’t as reliable.

        • Lol I prep with my 300$ debt a month. If I don’t agree with the system I live in like taxation on my labor. If they are taking advantage of me then why should I not take advantage of them and beat the system in there own game.

          • matt… Sleep easy my friend!

          • I will reluctantly agree there is some validity to this approach. The government is the enemy and any chance to deprive them of resources is worth considering.

        • Even if you dont understand it yet, keep in mind that when you look at another person you are looking at yourself in another skin.

          • CK

            Another human Being?

            We know what atrocities he is capable of bestowing on his fellow man.
            Darwin was right.

            • Not sure your ?. But you are right humans are wacked out. But the real you is not a human. The human is a holographic biocomputer in a holographic universe. The human is an actor playing a role in a holographic virtual reality. The real you is pure formless awareness trapped in a human. That awareness is the only reality. All else in holographic virtual reality. When you look at another person you are looking at a skin containing awareness. You are a human containing awareness looking at another human containing awareness. You are that awareness. You are looking at yourself in another skin. All is one. Awareness is the only reality. All else is illusion.

              • I agree. imho the same consiousness is looking out all of our eyes. When one bathes in that “inner light” and they interact with another they address and “wake up” the inner awareness of that person. I think what makes us the most fulfilled is when we experience that awareness spring out of each other. And then we can try to make this world a better place, but are we here to clean up the train station or just passing through?

                • You are a mental case. That inner light that you are bathing in is the result of the enema obsession that you have. The enema water is springing out of you and that’s why you call yourself fecal matters. Be sure to clean up the train station after you shit all over the floor!

              • CK–>


                Holy Shit, man!!! What kind of stuff are you “flyin’ 1st class” on today???

                • Hunter, sit back and observe your thoughts without judgement. Recognize that two entities are envolved in this exercise. There is the thinker sending out thoughts and the observer who is aware of the thinker. The thinker is an imposter who pretends to be you. The real you is the observer who is aware of the thinker. The real you is that awareness.

              • CK did you ever read “Holographic Paradigm and other paradoxes” edited by Ken Wilbur? Awesome read if you like physics and philosophy.

                • Google treeincarnation the science of meaning. Their is a list of around 8 audios. Think the 1st one is the looking glass mirror. The 1st one start out explaining how mirrors turn the surface of things insideout not left right. Those audios will stun you.

                  • True but did you read the book?

                    • Rebel. No not much interesred in that stuff. But I think science can be a path to the infinite. Especially something like quantum physics. Some of those guys are said to have become mystics but dont make that claim cause they would no longer be scientists. They have little doubt that the universe is holographic. All science can do is explain how the holograph works. That is what all of them are working on. Quantum physisists have explained it all the way. They have no further to go but to metaphysics.

              • Chuck is a lunatic!

                • You would defend your beliefs to the end but beliefs are just beliefs. You believe not know. Beliefs are closed minded. Beliefs freeze you on your spiritual path and usually misdirect you. Once a person submits to a belief their mind closes to truth. They are mind controlled and will defend their position at all cost.

            • Even Darwin hedged his bets.

        • Well lets see, I am $250,000 in the hole for medical expense from a work accident, and the employer got away without paying a dime. George Bush made it illegal to go bankrupt on medical expenses. So, with no bank account I applied for an EBT card. Want to pay my medical bills for me?

          • Kimpo

            My wives case is similar as Too Big To Fail CHRYSLER was self insured, went bankrupt and was absolved from paying workmen’s compensation cases they were legally responsible for. The successor owner Fiat did not inherit the debt from that (and still uses the Chrysler name) and the State did not back it up. We’re talking 1930s here, third world labor relations.

            Globalism in essence is the method to drag down labor into third world serfdom.

          • Aahhh, bankruptcy, I would assume, would have to involve ALL your debt, yes?…i.e., you can’t just pick and choose Debt A to bankrupt over Debt B to bankrupt, correct?

            Your post is very misleading.

            • Ahhhh Workmen’s Compensation is part of labor law administered by the government we and the employer pay taxes to. When the government sub contracts that responsibility they morally accept its consequences.

              Its not misleading. Chrysler was sold and the successor owner was not responsible for the settled workmen’s compensation claims. The State of Delaware, in their wisdom in allowing Chrysler the status of being self insured did not back up the claims. They are one of the few States that don’t back up Workmen’s Compensation being they allowed the employer the self insured status.

              You work under the assumption that:

              A. Compensation promised in exchange for your labor will be paid.
              B. The government will see to it that A above is followed.

              Workmen’s compensation is a long time established and accepted insurance in US labor law. Its no different than working and having your pay check bounce.

            • I agree with K2 also. One of the many problems with our bankruptcy system is that it DOESN’T involve all your debts.

              Trust me, my student loans (>250’000.00) can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. Fortunately I’m not bankrupt, but if when my wife got bucked by a cow last week . . . or if I’d fallen off that ladder . . .

        • Just had to repost this:

          On Friday President Obama got off the helicopter in front of The White House – carrying a baby piglet under each arm.

          The squared-away Marine guard snapped to attention, saluted and said: “Nice pigs, sir.”

          The President replied: “These are not pigs. These are Authentic Arkansas Razorback Hogs.

          I got one for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and I got one for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.”

          The squared-away Marine again snapped to attention, salutes and said, “Excellent trade, sir.”

          • LMFAO, sixpack…good one!

          • Love it, if only it were true!

            • No way that muslim would ever hold a pig. Not going to happen – ever!!

              • Bullshit!! He holds one every night
                in the form of Michelle the Porker.

                • moo-shell? the apocalypse COW?….naww, she’s 100% pure BEEF!

                  • She/It, the He-She, has his porker….swangin’…..swangin’……ssswwwwaangin’.

                • I’ll bet they sleep in different pens.

          • Outstanding! Very funny. Thanks sixpack!

          • SO…. He failed to salute once again ?

          • I’m pretty sure this started out as a President Clinton joke.

          • 6, u a bad lady…
            Luv ya…

        • Hell yeah, by all means feed the vets and let the disabled, children and sick just starve to death……bullshit. Feed the damn world and to hell with Americans. I’m damn tired of inbreds like DMONIC and their useless asses constantly shouting this shit. IDIOTS!!!

          • DOBEY. DMONIC is just a stoooopid prick or at best a wind-up merchant. God bless you for your righteous anger though.

          • dobey please make the distinction between private charity and government welfare. Our church gives money, food, and assistance to the poor every day. We send around a list (with the offering plate) of services that you would be willing to volunteer or need such as plumbing, yardwork, electrical, etc. every week. We will feed anyone who is hungry no questions asked.

            However I don’t think this is a legitimate function of government. I would encourage you to teach men to fish, and give children and the needy fish in a pinch. I would also encourage you to stop using the police power of government to take from those who earned and give it to those who didn’t.

            One is charity the other is stealing.

            • The PTB stole the American economy and shipped it offshore to benefit the Global Investment Class.

              Government MUST take the moral responsibility to feed the poor having taken their jobs and given them to the Chinese and others in the name of whirled peas and corporate profits.

              Every human being must eat. Survival requires it. You can feed the poor or they will feed on you. 🙁

              Churches today, and other NGO’s feed the poor from soup kitchens not unlike the 30’s. These soup kitchen’s are staffed by volunteers from various denominations in Arizona, each church taking a day of service in the metro area in rotation.

              These “clients” are numbered and their names logged. The Federal Government reimburses these soup kitchens per person per day; not unlike ILLEGAL asses in empty school seats.

              Sadly, this is what America has come to, and given that reality, I for one do not mind anyone eating at the Taxpayer expense.

              Americans are a generous people: black, white, yellow, brown, and red; and we must continue to see our fellow human beings through compassionate eyes, recognizing that “but for the grace of God go I”.

              If not, we lose our own humanity. USA! USA! USA! 🙁

              • Dude you’ve almost, kinda, sorta, got the right idea.

                Always start with the fundamentals.

                It’s wrong to take from those who earned it to give to those who didn’t.

                ALL charity is voluntary. I believe that the giver gets more than the receiver. Just try it.

                Anything forced by the government isn’t charity at all and anyone who helps perpetuate this is a thief.

                • “It’s wrong to take from those who earned it to give to those who didn’t.”

                  Yes, it was wrong for the PTB in government to give away the American means of production without our consent. That being the reality today, I do not begrudge tax dollars feeding the poor.

                  The soup kitchens I mentioned, and I expect they exist throughout the country, were established by churches organized within the various communities.

                  Large grocers like Fry’s (read Kroger) donate a large percentage of the food to these soup kitchens before the food becomes too old and cannot be sold.

                  Rather than take a loss at cost, when the food is too old to be sold, these grocers donate to the soup kitchens just prior to the expiration date and deduct full market value for that “can of corn”: essentially booking a profit as a loss.

                  The Feds also pay per individual fed. No pun intended. 🙁

                • “It’s wrong to take from those who earned it to give to those who didn’t.”

                  Yes, it was wrong for the PTB in government to give away the American means of production without our consent. That being the reality today, I do not begrudge tax dollars feeding the poor.

                  The soup kitchens I mentioned, and I expect they exist throughout the country, were established by churches organized within the various communities.

                  Large grocers like Fry’s (read Kroger) donate a large percentage of the food to these soup kitchens before the food becomes too old and cannot be sold.

                  Rather than take a loss at cost, when the food is too old to be sold, these grocers donate to the soup kitchens just prior to the expiration date and deduct full market value for that “can of corn”: essentially booking a profit as a loss.

                  The Feds also pay per individual fed. No pun intended. 🙁

              • Whats up with a creator that would make life on earth a system where all living things must eat other living things to survive. Must be a violent antilife psychopath. And that does fit the creator god of the bible.

        • You got the right screen name bud. For me, I learned a long time ago that you got to give it away to keep it.

        • If you care to look at my Appalachian county, there’s a whole big lot of people been driven onto EBT because Obama’s EPA is forcing coal fired power plants to shut down. This in turn caused the largest single employer in the county, an aluminum smelter, to shut down, putting 1000 people out of good paying jobs right there. (Never mind all the coal miners.!) This in a rural county that has only 12,000 people employed to begin with! (But they’re white folks, so it’s OK.)

          • Wow! I’m glad Obama is doing something right, Old Coach! About time they stopped destroying the mountains, the air, the water, and wildlife so a bunch of creeps could get rich, sending poor old men down coal mines to their death!

            • Remarks like Anon’s so irk me–not one word about all the mess to the environment made by 747s non-stop for the rich …you know..those that haven’t found webcam and Skype yet for those expensive meetings 5000 miles away!!

              • Never mind that he’s assuming that mining today is just like it was in 1940. Not so. When they do mountain top removal today it’s to build shopping malls. Open pit mines hereabouts are a thing of the past. It’s all underground now. Except for the hoist towers, you wouldn’t know they are there. Miners today are professional technicians, not the old image of the dumb drunken Irishman with a pick and shovel, and they get paid like UAW skilled tradesmen, which is to say a lot more than I ever made as a salaried engineer. I don’t really blame ’em. It’s still a dangerous job. Cave-ins and fires do happen, despite all the safety precautions.

                I look around here and see maybe 1% or 2% of the land area is mines or gas/oil drilling pads. The rest is woods or farmland, with a small town here and there. Compare to the concrete jungle where Anonymous’ mother maintains a basement for him to live in.

          • According to most here, its there own fault. They should be breaking into mines and digging the coal any way, or move to a state with oil fields (Oh, Wait…) Or allow their families to starve.
            I’m sure several here would like to see them starve, they are just poor people.

            • UM though the country is changing and this might not always be true, right now it is:

              Barring mental or physical disaster, poverty in the United States is a choice. Show me one person who is poor who hasn’t violated the following 5 simple rules that are within their complete control (barring physical or mental disaster of course and that’s why we have charity).
              1) Graduate High school. It’s currently free to all.
              2) Don’t smoke, drink, or use drugs.
              3) Don’t have children before marriage and stay married.
              4) Get a job, any job, and work full time.
              5) Don’t quit your job unless you already have another one.

              Show me a single poor person who has followed all five rules without physical or mental disaster.

              You can’t.

              Poverty was a choice they made without realizing it.

              I believe in freedom, including the freedom to suffer the consequences of your poor decisions.

          • Old Coach, you left out people unemployed by shutting down the lead factories. Local ammo maker had to close. And people paying their Obamacare premiums have nothing left to spend so how many retail stores are going belly up. Plus regulations are making it harder and harder to run a business.
            I ran a trailer court and budgeted to replace a decaying electricity pole servicing two spaces. But when I went to replace the perfectly fine electrical services, the regulators said I couldn’t use them, would have to buy all new services. Half the renters were not paying rent and I realized if I had to upgrade everything as things wore out I couldn’t do it. So I closed the park. That forced me to get an EBT card so I could pay my electricity with money I used to buy food with. I’m retired and have only social security now.

          • The thing is, there were people living in Appalachian Mountains way before coal was used or aluminum was ever discovered…..they never starved….why?

            They got off they’re asses and planted gardens and harvested game and fished.

            The old, “blame it on Odrama” just doesn’t fit into the folks going hungry game.

            Odrama is just a “pawn playing piece”, in the huge chess game run by jooster/banksters and the other PTB elitist of the world.

            He, as well as Billery, (and many others), will do their bidding, or be disposed of.

        • Gosh. You diatribe is hard to understand with that silver spoon dangling from your crusty lips.

        • DMONIC, I’m with you where does he get this crap about poor people and their EBT cards getting looks of hate, it’s more like looks of disgust. Some poor slob that works his butt off and is eating bologna trying to get by and some lazy ass is eating steak on an EBT card. Could you imagine a poor person in the olden days, being down at the local grocery store buying bottled water? There are poor and disabled that probably don’t get enough help, but all good things are always taken advantage of. Take Handicap parking for example, one person in the family may be Hadicapped, but if they don’t go to the store and they have a handicap plate on their car where do you think the rest of the family is going to park, using a space that is truly need by a handicapped person. We have way to many people that spend their entire life drinking, druging and screwing and not working, running around with an EBT card in their pocket. I’m with you if they don’t work, let em starve. Trekker Out.

          • They need to drug test all, who are on any assistance,

          • Absolutely. At risk of violating OPSEC too badly, my little brother has a Gold Medal in the Special Olympics. My parents never let him whine how he couldn’t use half his body or told him he needed help.

            The last time I heard him say he couldn’t do something I punched him as hard as I could (we were kids) until he got so mad he started punching me back. I stopped with a smile and said yes you can. Then he went and did it he was so angry.

            He has a PhD to go along with that gold medal even though he had to repeat 2 grades and was old enough to drive to 8th grade. Oh and he doesn’t smoke, has a job, got married, then had two kids, saves money, and isn’t poor.

        • Yeah, that’s right, they’re all on fucking EBT because they want to be./Sarcasm Just because you’re doing OK, doesn’t mean everyone else is.

          Maybe if you’d pull your head out of your ass, you’d realize that the Government is FUCKING LYING ABOUT THE 5.5 unemployment rate.

          It’s closer to 20-30%. People aren’t working because they don’t want to, it’s because THERE’S NO FUCKING JOBS TO BE HAD. Thank all the companies that have been sending jobs overseas for that. And all the companies that have had to downsize and close their stores. Places like Target is a good example.

          This economy isn’t recovering and it’s not going to, it’s going to get a shitload worse and it’s only a matter of time before enough people get angry and you start seeing a serious breakdown of social order. It’s coming, get ready.

        • DMONIC, they probably got the cadillac on a no down payment loan.
          The problem started with sending all the good jobs out of the country and has evolved to the gov wanting everyone dependent so everyone can be controlled. When shtf in earnest, the culling will begin.

        • I have six friends getting assistance and food stamps and every one of them has a major disease and can’t work. Millions of working families still can’t earn enough to live on. I suppose you think they should starve? Yes, young able-bodied people should be working, but there are very few jobs–so what do they do, starve too? Instead of running your mouth, why don’t you come up with solutions?

        • Or they are the ones inline that crossed over the border…..Free food, clothes, and Medical while you have to do with out…I’m really tired of those POS….

      3. If Everything That Can Be Shaken Will Be Shaken leads to the total destruction of criminal banking cartels who are the neocon zionist criminals then I want a 10 scale earthquake asap.

      4. There is nothing in the universe that does not change including the universe. And there is never even one moment that anything is not changing. If it is the universe or of the universe it is in perpetual change and never otherwise. Even your body continues to change after its death. And that change will swing like a pendulum between good and bad, positive and negative, etc. That is because nature always seeks a balance. However far the pendulum swings in one direction it must swing an equal amount in the opposite direction. This swing can be incremental over a lifetime or in one big swing. Recreational drugs are an easy way to see this. The high you experience will result in an equal low when the pendulum swings the opposite direction. Nature always seeks balance. Walk the middle road. For example dont let yourself become overly elated as you will eventually suffer an equal amount of depression. The greater the pleasure the greater the pain and suffering.

        • Yep, its called, “duality”, Charles King.

          • Wow you found the name for it. Thats nothing but a name. Now did you get the point or just the name.

        • Walking the middle road …

          • LOL Mr Miagi in the karate kid said “karate yes, or karate no. Walk in middle get squished like grape.”

      5. Yeah, yet another infamous Michael Snyder numerical doomsday article. I love how we’re always on the edge of some major changes and still told it will be some years down the road. I guess if you can’t decide which way to go you choose both and continue to claim credibility.

        • sooo, you don’t see a PROBLEM here, anonymouse?….everything’s OK, right?…..just keep in mind that every day this shit doesn’t BLOW UP….it will be SOOO much worse when it finally DOES blow up….and if you can’t read for an hour or two, and see we are in suuuch deep doodoo, then there aint no help for y’all… me some of michael’s FACTS that aren’t true?….i would LOOOVE for you to prove all that shit he says is WRONG…then maybe i could SLEEP all night….but you can’t, now can you…..yes, I’M TIRED of waiting for it too, but i wish you dumbshits would stop shootin’ the messenger….it’ll git here soon enuff!

          • I agree there crack, but I’m enjoying the delay. The longer it doesn’t collapse the longer I can prepare. My farm will be so awesome in 5 years. Please, I think it’s going to collapse in 2017.5 but if I could just have longer?

            • hell, i thought 8 YEARS ago, how the hell can the FED keep these plates spinnin’ any longer?…and here we are….but i DO KNOW when it finally happens, it will be so much worse because we just wouldn’t take our medicine….you know what margaret thatcher said so many years ago “americans will always do the right thing,….but only after exhausting ALL other POSSIBILITIES”….boy, did THAT girl have U.S. pegged!…sure do wonder a LOT lately, what’s in store for the divided states of america.

              • Buttcrack, an apt name for you if there ever was one. I can see you now, a wild eyed, drooling old man in with his walker wearing a sandwich board saying ” Repent all sinners, the end is nigh!” Go change your depends and try not to piss yourself anymore geezer lips.

      6. “#14 According to one recent report, 43 million Americans currently have unpaid medical debt on their credit reports.”

        So Obamacare hasn’t solved this problem?

        That is one of the main reasons given for its necessity back when it was passed.

        People are just have to get realistic and become satisfied with less, after all “less is more”.

        Not that anyone remembers all the catchy promotional phrases and reasoning that led us to where we are, or will remember what we are told today when we end up in worse shape in the future.

        Or will demand that we undo the things that have brought us to be where we now are.

        The American attention span in action, or something like that.

        • He never intended to solve it. Its about power. The govt. now controls healthcare,food supply,water supply and now the internet. They tell you what to eat,what to drive,what the schools teach and then tax you for it.

          • Yes he did. It’s just that his solution was control and power for the government. What you and I see as problems statists see as solutions. They’re not stupid, they just see the world differently and have different goals.

            Fortunately they require us to make their system work. I don’t need anything from them to make mine work.

          • You’re assuming that he knew what he did. He didn’t. NOBODY knew what the ACA was going to do….it was written by a bunch of lobbyists who weren’t talking to each other, just writing in whatever would favor their clients – insurance companies, drug companies, everybody but the poor schmucks like us who were going to pay more for less care.

      7. At this point what does it matter if millions of people are on food assistance? It’s all funny money with nothing to back it up anyway. Be happy you still have a job because there are tens of millions who lost theirs to globalism. If you think they all deserve to be dead, just wait that is coming and I’m sure it is not far off. TPTB want a defenseless publc, which will happen unless America wakes up to the treasonous designs planned and in the execution stage presently. The u.s. is a large country, gradual implementation is on course and most people are none the wiser. They know things are rotten but feel unable and unwilling to stem the tide of tyranny.

        • The globalist elite are doing a fantastic job of keeping our attention and anger focused on everyone but themselves. All I’ve got to say to those people who so vehemently hate the poor, elderly and disabled enough to wish that they die of starvation:


          The plan is for YOU to join US in abject poverty.

          I know, just like the sheeple, YOU don’t think it will happen to YOU, at least not in YOUR lifetime…I hope you’re right.

          But if you’re NOT that lucky:

          Welcome to the real world.

          • Yep, just like they screwed the American Indians– its all about greed. “welcome to the Reservation”… its our turn now…


            • I agree… Give ’em both barrels sixpack. The world needs more people like you.

              • I agree

      8. What people don’t realize is that, you can buy vegetable seeds and grow a healthy organic garden with an EBT card. Maybe people would be more respectful to EBT recipients if they new they were making effort to grow their food.

        • Growing is expensive–I am just cleaning my grow boxes–raised bed gardens and adding a few feet.
          Needing more soil AND blocks (bought last year).
          It isn’t as easy or cheap as many portray.

          Many of us don’t have sufficient sunlight to start seeds–and in these parts, plants are not cheap.

          • I grow everything I sell (starter plants) at farmers markets in my one bedroom apartment, and all with fluorescent lights. Organics is only pricy for the initial investment but pays for its self in time. E.g. worm farms, compost bins, ect… You’re making plant food from something that would otherwise be waste. For those of you who have a yard/plot to grow in please look up the lasagna mulch method. Organics is all about building your soil, the only other addition for that method would be humic and/or fulvic acid(s) which improves bioavailability of Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron. Especially important for tomatoes

        • You can buy vegetable seeds with EBT cards but the seller has to take the card for payment. The only source I found for that was the grocery store that sold onion bulbs. So grew a lot of onions last year.

      9. My Bible says in the book of Luke not to fear those who can kill my body, but to fear one that can kill my soul.

        I believe that what Jesus was saying is that Christian Morality takes precedence over everything else first. That’s my thought.

        “Things” are getting worse, no doubt, so ya’ll better watch out fur them hogs!

        • If you are saying that your soul is who you really are then your soul cant be killed. The real you is formless pure awareness and you are eternal. And this real you, awareness, is the one thing that cant change. The real you cant be something that changes. And know that the real you is not a thing. Things are of the universe. Things are form. You are formless. The real you is not of this world only trapped in it. Earth is not your home. You should feel like a stranger in a strange land.

          • a spiritual being having an physical experience

        • Keep in mind that Jesus wasn’t Christian.

          • Jesus wasn’t Christian, because He was… Christianity.
            He was Emmanuel…. “God with us”.
            He was the Word… the gospel Hebrew word.

            The Word, became flesh and walked among us.
            He was/is, Love and Compassion.

            Acceptance of Him and everything He stands for, or against, is the “only” way for eternal life of the soul.

            • Jesus was a Jew, through matriarchal lineage of the House of David, and the laws and morals he spoke of as well as the holidays he observed were Jewish laws and holidays (holy days) of the Talmud and Torah.

              That is what Christians need to understand if they wish to practice the religion Jesus taught.

              Yet, many people calling themselves Christians will outright oppose or ignore those laws and even defend violating them. Those are the Jews who call themselves Jews but are mentioned in the Bible, the generation of vipers Jesus flatly condemned by calling them such.

              Jesus was the Christ come in the flesh. A Christian proclaims this while a pretend Christian does not (ask people professing in the name of Christ to confess such and you’ll be surprised at how many will either refuse to or offer an evasion in place of an answer).

              • We are all spirits, awareness, trapped in a human or maybe some are volunteer. The spiritual path is becoming aware of the illusions at all levels that imprison us. There are many paths. Those religeons that point to god somewhere out there
                Got you on a wild goose chase. If you arent dealing with the mystical part of your religeon well good luck.

      10. Administration is accelerating the change…

        Piven and Cloward at work.

        New wave of illegals on the way to cross the southern border this year, 39,000 expected.

        They will be RESETTLED in the U.S. and signed up for FREE food stamps, free housing, free medical card.

        Border patrol ordered to “stand down” and let the illegals stay.

        The overwhelming largest group of illegals are 17-year-old males. “Seventeen” appears to be the “most common GIVEN age” for illegal males.

        It must be common knowledge that those under 18 qualify for extra benefits. 

        building the voter base for 2016…

        “Local state government officials are registering non-U.S. citizens as valid voters — even when the non-citizens say they are not Americans on their voter registration forms, a former Justice Department attorney tells The Daily Caller.”

        • Don’t forget Mom that they are also eligible for SS, tax refunds of three years back and everything else that the libtards can come up with. Woohoo!

          • PO’d Patriot,

            Sadly, this is true.

            Collapsing the economy while bringing in thousands of immigrants.

            Next, they will bring their extended family here and sign them up for free housing, medical, etc.

        • 17 yr old males are the age that they are most likely to be violent, READ: mob formation, destroy and loot. Things are so off the wall now that the “explanation” via the Cloward Piven strategy makes sense: Overwhelm the system via exhaustion of Federal handouts ( like the EBT outage in local areas triggered unrest several moths ago in Mississippi), but to do it on a massive scale.

          Enrolling young, angry, violent, males to start and sustain massive civil unrest will then “require” a response via martial law and from there, more concentrated control by the elites is achieved, at least according to this doctrine.

          • Good point about 17 year old males.

            I sincerely doubt the great majority are only age 17.

            Last year (posted on Breitbart), there were articles about numerous papers found at the border with tips (written in Spanish) on what to say to border patrol.

            Last fall, one of these so called “children” did not show up for school in the community where they were relocated to. A truant officer was sent to the home. It turns out this guy was over 30 years old.

      11. Back in the fifty’s school lunch, smelled so good! was only 30 cents i think?
        we walked the ditches, picking up bottles, take them to the store, for cash, candy bar 5 cents, Shasta 8 cents you needed a church key to open it up.
        a bottle of coke you pulled from the cold water at the machine 10 cents, a pack of cigarettes 28 cents, god i loved those days so fortunate to LIVE THOSE TIMES … i want to go back and stay there…..

        • And a box of .22 shorts was 10 cents.

          Disgusted and layin’ low.

        • …And a weeks wages were about $100.00, on the average.

      12. When I see WHAT the groceries are that SOME of these people are buying….there lies the problem.

        When, with enough kids, you can stack your cart high with the kind of groceries a lot of middle class no longer seem to be able to afford, something is wrong.

        And if you can use that EBT card for liquor (I do not know this) then we have really went off the rails.

        But as long as our bankster system gets their ‘cut’ from EBT cards nothing will change. It will be “the more the merrier”.

        No end to their scams….

        • POG, I was told by the 7-11 owner here in NV that they can get up to $25.00 cash each time they use the EBT card. They then use that cash to buy booze, cigs and dope.

          • I know someone who gets HUD to pay for their house, they rent from family, get 900/mo paid by HUD and get 300 kickback from the family, they get 380/mo cash allowance on their EBT that with SNAP and some other programs totals out to 1200/ month, thats more than i get to spend monthly and i actually have to work for a living,,,

            • Its disgusting Kula!

              • 4 kids, 3 different fathers, lives with a boyfriend who deals pot and is on “permanent disability” because of “nerve Damage” supposedly from an industrial accident,
                They wanted to “work” for me and i pay them cash.
                I dont think they ever heard so many swear words from one person in one rant, all they could say is brah, you need to chill, brah you goin have one heartattack, no sweat em,,,
                Yea, champs

                • In the meantime Jon Corzine’s investment firm took 1.2 billion from depositors accounts for the investment firm to use for the firm without either the approval or knowledge of the depositors. This is 100% illegal (surprising thing about that is its still illegal for the financial industry to do a few things). They lost the money and when questioned Mr Corzine the CEO, with a straight face, the man in charge, said, “I don’t know where the 1.2 billion went”. No criminal charges, no civil charges. That is One Point Two Billion Dollars missing and they make a movie about “The Brinks Job” staring Peter Faulk.

                  • Amazing how a criminal wearing a suit doesnt get treated like a criminal wearing a t shirt,
                    If you or I took 1000 $ from someone we would get locked up, but take millions or billions and you walk free, im in the wrong business

            • That kickback is fraud. Drop a dime on them and the landlord.

          • I hate to disillusion you all, but there are two kinds of EBT cards. I know this for a fact, because I have an EBT card. I am disabled.

            One card is for food only, NO cash from it at any time…NONE. THAT is the common card given to gimme dats who really have no good reason to be unemployed. The otherwise able-bodied mooches who are milking it for everything they can get, fall into this category. Yes, I’m aware of the grocery store fraud. That kind of fraud is nowhere near as prevalent as you people want to imagine.

            The second card is a cash card. People on social security or disability only get this card. People who have a PROVEN reason to not be working, like being too old and weak or disabled.

            I’m sure there are people who lied to get the second card, and I agree that should be addressed. You need to stop listening to the BS. You also need to stop feeding into it.

            Most people are spending their cash EBT on food, not booze or cigarettes or dope. They are not in the moocher class. They just fell on hard times.

            I’m going to emulate acid-etch here, because SOME OF YOU deserve it:

            STOP BEING A HATEFUL IDIOT. Know what you’re talking about, before you open your mouths. Remember that part of the plan is for YOU TO JOIN THE RANKS OF THE POOR. I know, just like the sheeple you hate so much, you don’t believe it could happen to YOU, but you’re wrong.


            Then lets see how you feel about poor people, when you become one….when you become REALLY POOR.

            WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD FUTURE. You are emulating the globalist elites perfectly…except you ain’t got the money to actually BE one. You ain’t no better than the rest of us.

            • Go Sixpack! Way to dole out a reality check to some of the most sanctimonious regulars here who know for a fact that their shit doesn’t stink! Keep up the good work!

            • sixpack. A lot of people will be sympathetic to your plight… The hardness of heart displayed in some of the comments posted here are depicting either a brutish nature or a MSM programed mind. Falling on hard times is not a crime. These are fucked up times we are living through and they sure ain’t engineered by the little people. Peace to OUR sixpack.

            • By the time i get there it will be gone,

              • That’s what I used to think. Boy, did life ever throw me a curve ball…

                • I really dont think it will take long for these programs to evaporate, when they do the good who truly need the help (like you) will suffer because of the indiscressions of oeople who have no moral compas, its a shame, i know folks on both sides, i just know that i will never be able to count on any sort of safety net, for this same reason, I just pray its over quickly for me, scary stuff.

                • Sox pack we all get those curve ball what matters is what what we do with them.You deserve what you get.You work for it.

            • That is why I prep six. All it takes is a job loss at my age. Then who knows how long it would take to get my income back up to where it is today. I always wish you the best. You worked your whole life then in an instant, everything can change. Respect girl!!

            • good stuff there sixpack…i agree with most of what you say. when i was a kid we had to accept the gubmint cheese once in a while, and i remember we made FOOD with the flour/sugar/eggs/cheese type stuff we got. but now NOBODY knows how to COOK anything, much less BAKE bread or a pie from scratch…THAT’S my main beef nowdays…wasting good money on READY-TO-EAT stuff right out of the microwave. i was lucky to have a mom that taught me all that stuff…america has fallen sooo far.BTW, i almost always see that EBT card being used, then right behind is the boyfriend buying the sixpack and cigs, then helping momma off to the car with the basket full of groceries….but i shop at the mexican markets where all the illegal aliens shop….gotta stretch them dollars.

              • Agreed, BCOD. It has been a short, swift fall to the bottom for some people…I just feel sorry for those who actually tucked their elbows in, lowered their heads and accelerated during the dive.

                Anybody who has jumped out of a perfectly good plane, knows what I mean.

                You’ve got four general options after you clear the threshold:

                1. You came prepared. You’ve rechecked all your gear and your chute opens as planned. You float down to the LZ unharmed. You live to fight another day.

                2. You clear the plane just fine, but something goes wrong, because you failed to check your gear. Your chute doesn’t open when you needed it, and you plummet to a very painful landing, but at least you made it down alive.

                3. The wind sucked you out the door without a chute. You think you know it all, so you chose to tuck your elbows in at your sides, lower your head and speed dive the rest of the way to the ground. There isn’t much of you left.

                4. You jumped in tandem with someone who knew what they were doing, and you both made it just fine.

                I may not have the best parachute in town, but I’ve rechecked it for holes and repaired every one I found. My lines are straight. My altimeter is working properly, and I’ve already familiarized myself with the terrain.

                When I jump, I plan to land on my feet.

                If I fail, then I hope I never saw it coming. Quick and painless.

                • reminds me of a friend worked at george AFB in victorville, ca…got word the base was going to close, so he left the job at the base, and went to work at sears for less money….a year later they closed the service center and laid him off…meanwhile, he would have still had a job at the base for another YEAR!….sometimes it just don’t pay to get out of bed.

            • Love you man. If when the government collapses, goes bankrupt, or whatever, just remember that there are many who will voluntarily help you.

              Remember how 200 years ago when a barn burned down (freak accident right?) all the neighbors pitched in and built a new one?

              Look at how many people donate organs.

              I think Americans still voluntarily give more money to charity than all other nations combined (someone check me on this, it was true a few years ago for sure).

              Brother we’ve all been up and we’ve all been down. All you can do is strive for the one and pray for the other.

              • we gave more, because we HAD more(someone check me on this, it was true a few years ago for sure)…the richest country in the world, and all that crap…..not any moooooore(someone checked me on this, it WAS true a few years ago for sure)….but i hear what yer sayin’ rebel.

        • Many years ago, I was between jobs and had to work at a convenience store. This was in the days of real food stamps. The policy was to give change back in smaller denominations of food stamps and cash for less than a dollar. A drunk would come into the store and use a one dollar food stamp to buy a 2-cent piece of candy. I had to give him 98 cents change. Then he would go to the cooler and get an 89-cent bottle of Ripple or Night Train.

          My grandmother really needed food stamps, and she was offered only $8 a month. She told them to shove them where the sun don’t shine and walked out.

          • hey, one of the best jobs I ever had was as store manager for a convenience store.

            Anyone ever shopped at Quiktrip? I worked there over 5 years and loved it. Back when I worked there a new assistant manager started at 32000 a year and I earned 5 promotions before I left. QT is one of the best run companies in the country (we sold over 1% of the nation’s gasoline with just 300 stores . . . think on that).

            You can learn a lot from any job. Please don’t disparage honest work.

        • Can’t buy liquor with EBT cards and mine, at least, is food only. No cash.

      13. Lol I prep with my 300$ ebt a month. If I don’t agree with the system I live in like taxation on my labor. If they are taking advantage of me then why should I not take advantage of them and beat the system in their own game.

        • I get about half that, and I’ve stored up more than a year’s worth of decent food, seeds and more, in less than 4 years. I spend wisely and make the most of it while I have it. I’m prepared to lose it in the future. I don’t buy booze, cigarettes or drugs with my benefits. I buy the best food I can get. I buy vitamins and other supplements. I intend to survive the collapse with the preps I’m gathering now.

          WE’RE NOT ALL GIMME DATS. I resent people who can’t see the difference.

          • Sixpact I am with you all the way.Hang on



      15. Back from paddling GC Lees Ferry to Lake Mead. Amazing flows and waves. Took two solar joos panels, one fell off my truck in Flag when I forgot it was up there, scrapped up but didn’t crack the panel. Something came looses internally as I could here it shaking around.

        Every mile I paddled for 20 days they were both attached to the stern rescue handles by carabiner. The knocked up one performed just as well as the mint. Both were submerged on a regular basis and the scuffed one took another hit during a roll through Lava Falls. Both still work perfect and maintained charges on my Gopro, GPS, satellite phone, flashlights, and tablet. RECOMENDED!

        A year ago or so I saw a video of the manufacturer shoot one in the panel with a .22, and it kept working. I believe that after my experience on this trip. Not the first I’ve used them, but this GC trip quashed all doubt.

        Hope everyone had a great Easter!

        • Are they foldup panels, roll up panels? What are their wattage? Dimensions?

          • YEAH, I REMEMBER THIS SNOTTY AS– WOMAN WORKING AT THE GROCERY STORE YEARS AGO- she was making nasty, derogatory comments about people on food stamps, saying how she worked TWO jobs to make ends meet and didn’t get food stamps! (She was black, by the way, not that it matters).

            I am a white woman, supporting my daughter and myself and I work HARD… and was getting food stamps because we were below the poverty level…

            The thing is, I applied to grocery stores over and over again, practically begging for a job at a grocery store (and I had excellent grades in high school!!) but they didn’t even return my phone calls! Why? Experience. If you don’t have the experience, forget it!

            (And health has ALWAYS been a priority in my household! We haven’t bought sodas, cookies, ice cream, etc, for years!!)

            Furthermore, my daughter is now in nursing school– was working and going to school for years, sometimes getting only 2 hrs sleep at night, trying to juggle school and work! (She is one year from a doctor’s degree- long story– dropped out of dental school in junior year) but she and I both are still poor as dirt!

            Basically, hard work does not always pay– money-wise, anyhow.

            • You sound strong, don’t give up. If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out and board it.

              • yes and follow these simple rules:
                1) Graduate High school
                2) Don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs
                3) Don’t have children before marriage, and if you get married stay married.
                4) Get a job, any job, and work full time.
                5) Don’t quit your job until you have another one.

                All 5 of these rules are within your control. If you follow them you won’t be poor, you may not become rich, but you won’t be poor.

                Barring physical (sixpack don’t think I’m a hater) or mental disaster, poverty is a choice in this country.

                Look, I know an airline pilot that fell off a ladder changing a light bulb, broke his back, and ended up destitute (then his wife left him because he couldn’t “move” from the waist down). Freak accidents happen and decent people are aware of this and will help where they can.

                For most though, poverty is a choice.

                • YEAH, were not talking about all the people that comment on SHTF that have EBT cards, we’re just talking about everybody else. And where the Heck is my Cuz?

                • Why do you keep legislating behavior?

                  • No doubt,,

                  • Advocate isn’t the same as legislate. You won’t hear me suggest using the police power of government to force you to agree with me or do as I say. Feel free to disagree, but even cooler would be to show and example where my suggestions are incorrect.

                • At least STAYING impoverished is a choice. Just because you hit bottom, doesn’t mean you have to give up and stay there. I know I didn’t. I’m leaving deep claw marks as I pull myself back up.

                  I know I’m grateful for what help I’ve received and in return, I honor the source by using it wisely. That’s the best any of us can do. That’s how you count blessings.

                  • …and public assistance is a blessing, not a right.

                    • I always liked the speech Russel Crowe gave in Cinderella Man about his taking and then returning public assistance. If you haven’t seen it the movie is worth it just for that line.

      16. Not everyone on EBT is on the take one person I personally know gets $16.00 a month of EBT she also goes to the local food bank each month but…… she is smarter then most she takes the things from the pantry that are shelf stable and the buying power of her EBT and turns it into preps I have seen her stash and you would be blown away at how much she has managed to gather in just a little over 2 years. I’m proud of her and her family they will survive.

        To bad there are not more like her out there.

        • There are more wise people out there, taking care of preps, than some people want to believe…I’m one of them. We’re not all gimme dats.

          • there has to be a FEW like you that are honest, or they wouldn’t give that stuff out anymore….thanks for being a valuable contributor to shtfplan, sixpack.

          • Here is some truth that I’ll share for the first time ever.

            Making the choice to apply for disability in 2010, for me, was like choosing to cut off a limb. I only applied for the medical assistance. I needed my back fixed if I was to have any hope of working again. I knew the longer it took me to get my vertebrae fixed, the more permanent the damage would be. I just didn’t anticipate the length of recovery for someone my age.

            I repaired discarded household items and resold them. I picked up pop cans. I dumpster dived. I did just about everything I could to avoid taking food stamps. For a short time, I was in a condition where I was still walking, sort of, but I couldn’t get a job. I guess they saw it when I walked into their office for an interview. I couldn’t hide it anymore, the gig was up.

            About the only thing I didn’t do, was entertain thoughts of suicide…if I’m gonna go, I’m going down fighting. But that’s just me.

      17. Enough articles about how many ways it’s bad and will crash.

        We know.

        More GOOD articles on how to really prepare for what’s ahead. Food and guns will help but there has to be more.

        • Agreed,,,
          Farmers markets and swap meets are a good place to network,
          Need to be careful but after a while you can definitely make connections that will be mutually beneficial,
          Weather you go as a vendor or you go to browse.

          • Kula a couple of articles ago I think we called them Assets. Trekker Out.

          • Don’t forget the yard sales. Some junk, some not. Picked up a nice crock with lid at one and will use it to make my own Kraut.

        • Really?….all you gotta DO, is read back for a couple weeks, and you will know what to do…you’re not the only reader here, and i for one enjoy MOST of the articles here, ….and the comments section is PRICELESS, maybe even MORE expensive, to ME….even a “BAD” article is bound to stimulate good comments!

          • yup

            • Mac, I really miss the thumbs. My internet connection sucks so bad out in the middle of nowhere that it takes me a long time to post. The thumbs, however, I could keep reading while they loaded.

              • me 2

        • Really, it depends on where you are how best to prep. For me, being retired, I can’t see living in the city. I once had a 2+ acre home I built along Permaculture principles, but I found living way out in the country too isolating. After I lost my husband, I moved to a rural neighborhood where I ran a trailer park. I have a big backyard which I try to make as productive as possible. I got a wood stove and moved a carport/shed onto my property to store wood. Had a chicken coop added on and hang rabbit cages in it. Have a small fenced garden I grow peas and tomatoes in and grow other things in a community garden. I have saved some bummer lambs the owners didn’t want to bother with. One is in the freezer and another rotates between my backyard and a vacant lot in the old trailer park. She will have a lamb(s) in May. It’s a lot of work, but I like having some renewable foods and not just stores.

      18. Thank God i live in Texas. At least we still have access to food for now. But then again, the water supply, and the fact that oceans per the environment, will cause the ocean floors to literally cause continental crustal plate shifts, causing permanent flooding of the gulf coastal areas. This my friends is what my sources are telling me. The end results is not clean water or food.

        • you have a map of how far up the gulf coast will flood?

      19. “This kind of below-the-radar bureaucratic gun confiscation is a growing Second Amendment and property rights violation problem, particularly in strict gun control states like California, New Jersey and Massachusetts,” said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation. “People can’t afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees to get back a $500 firearm.”

        the new way to disarm you

        ht tp://

        • It’s not new, it’s just now getting more attention.

      20. Until I see the baby eaters who dog poor folks complain (just slightly) about the $80BILLION and more per month that pays off the bankers’ bad bets, I am telling you to stfu.

        Any person who wants to get some part of the pie should do so now, before it is all given away to the real Cadillac Queens that broke this country down.

        The ignorant herd that is blaming poor people for getting what they can (while they can) are stupid, jealous A holes.

        • 🙂

        • Amen, the EBT’s is a drop in the bucket to what the bankers pay out was , and it continues

      21. Walmart’s right to sell firearms and ammunition is being threatened by a lawsuit.
        Trinity Wall Street Church in New York City owns stock in Walmart.

        “The church sued the Walmart when they refused to place a proposal on the shareholder ballot at the annual company meeting,” he explained. “That proposal could be interpreted to force Walmart’s board of directors to suspend the sale of guns and ammunition.”

        Shapiro said that the church won the lawsuit and Walmart appealed. The decision on the appeal is due as early as today, he said.

        “People who support gun rights say, the first court ruling allows political activists to push whatever agenda they wish at the corporate level, instead of through state and federal law,” he said. “Trinity Wall Street Church says it does not intend to end the sale of products at Walmart.”

      22. I can’t wake for the shaking. I’m going to add some milk and some ice cream and some chocolate and peanut butter.
        That way I will have one hell of a shake. I’m going to set back and drink it enjoying every swallow. Then I’m going to go RAMBO!

        • Sure you are grandpa, then you’ll wake up in time to watch ” Matlock and Wheel of Fortune”.

          • lol 🙂

        • @ Sgt. Dale

          re: the tornado in northern Illinois … I hope you and yours are safe.

      23. There is always room for improvement. Update of provisions and material. Adjustment to techniques. I am as ready as I will ever be.
        Many here have been around parts of the world. Have outdoor skills. Have a trade under their belt. Suffered pain and sorrow. Most of all we know, “change” and what it can do to us. Nothing new, only the severity of it.

        All I do now is wait and maintain what I have accomplished.

        I did learn plenty about Preppers. ;0) Hahahaha!

      24. The time is coming,
        will soon be here,
        what can’t go on,
        reveals the fear.

        The Fear is deep,
        and rooted strong,
        veneer of hope,
        covers The Throng.

        Trolls and lies,
        and rich mans songs,
        makes right from wrong.

        Deny, defend, decay, decline,
        all around the media’s eye,
        for lying not seen,
        is profit perceived.

        Capital steals the blood of minds,
        Commune take your hearts in time,
        Both the same in histories dross,
        to own it all, We are the Boss.

        We accept it all, we’re at a loss,
        we laugh, we love, in tempests tossed,
        we hope for a future never known,
        minds are split, for truth not shown.

        The statue with the head of gold,
        takes it all, even your soul,
        we cannot see, don’t want to know,
        illusions crumble, life gone cold.

        We became Shadows tweeting,
        ghostly faces fleeting,
        techno-souls a screaming,
        plastic people gleaming.

        Something wicked,
        this way comes,
        into the future,
        Illusion’s drums.

        • Pretty good, though it would’ve been better as a Haiku.

      25. Will someone please tell me why the people on welfare go to the store at the first of the month, and buy/use their atention defesit disorder cards,and buy an entire months worth of groceries that day. Instead of buying a weeks worth like normal people!! I meen its like they think the store is gona dissapere or somthing!!!

        • I’m disabled and cannot drive myself to the store. A volunteer has to take me shopping. I personally try not to impose any more than I absolutely have to. I buy many things online so I don’t need to beg for a ride to various stores all over town.

          Secondly, since we all know that tptb could turn these cards off at any given moment, spending it while you’re got it is the responsible thing to do. Any good prepper would do it this way, I’m sure. It’s the same reason most of us don’t leave our money in the bank to be stolen without warning.

          So why does that bother you, JJ?

          • S.P. No bother, wasn’t talking about the disabled or elderly. I was in reference to the able bodied lazy,worthless f***s that are fully capable!!! No disrespect intended to Vets, Elderly,or the Dissabled!!

            • I’ve come across a few of them in my lifetime too. They were truly pitiful people who squatted in the basement of other people’s homes, plotting on how to get more free shit. They even stole toilet paper from the bathrooms in city parks. They stole their hosts blind and went on to the next squat.

              They actually had their sights set on ME at one time…I said not just no, but HELL NO! When hell freezes over and the Devil starts selling strawberry ice cream…

              • SP please try to remember so I don’t have to keep qualifying my comments, that my little brother (I should say younger as he’s an inch taller and 30 pounds heavier), whom I love very much, is paralyzed on one side of his body. His feet are different length, as are his legs, and one arm is completely useless. He has had several surgeries, has a pig’s valve in his heart, a pacemaker, and take lots of meds to live.

                He also has a gold medal in the special olympics!

                You and my brother aren’t who people complain about when they complain about disability or food stamps.

                Love you man.

                • Rebel, you NEVER have to qualify your comments, at least not to me. Debate keeps the mind sharp and reminds me that my brain is still working. You do good and are a valuable adversarial source of ideas. I like it.

                  • Thanks.

                • AMEN, rebel!

                  • Thanks, same to you.

        • Hey jj, you might want to take some remedial spelling lessons , try 5th grade level. LOL, defesit disorder, I {meen} really! Lookout or you’re { gona dissapere!}

          • Anonymous.I did gradiate the third grade!! I even know my guzintas!! ya know 3-guzinta 6-2 times!!Just somtimes my thinkin is ahead of my spelling.LOL.

        • Saves gas????

      26. People around here that are scumbags sell their food stamps to the habib store for cigarettes then they go to food bank to get food to feed their kids. Some of these people get over $500 a month for food but don’t have any food stored in the home. They are in the market on the first of the month. They are buying ribs seafood filet mignon bastards are eating better than you and me I’m not kidding no fucking shame. They shouldn’t be able to get food like that they are lucky they are able to eat in the first place. Any of these bums come and try to take my beans after shtf they will get dealt with.

      27. I don’t remember which state wanted to rule no steaks and seafood for EBT users, but I found this.

        ht tp://

        remove the space

        • Missouri

        • When I was growing up, the poor people in my area would be down at the riverfront fishing or crabbing every day. They got seafood, and it didn’t cost a dime. Nowadays I never see a single person fishing or crabbing on the waterfront.

          I sat at the waterfront by the docks today, and nobody was there fishing. There weren’t even any pleasure boats. I did see one small boat with an outboard.

          I’m thinking that if things get tougher, I might be one of the few who are equipped to fish in the river and get good results. I’ve seen some crawdad chimneys in the front yard, so there are obviously a lot of crawdads in the swamp out back. People used to gather down the road where the swamp crosses when the herring were running, but they haven’t done that in a few years. There are lots of turtles in that area also.

          I’m on a seafood diet. I eat what I see.

          • Same here Archivists. I love to fish and eat fish. I eat fish a lot for breakfast (especially salt mackerel) I’d rather eat tuna in oil right from the can with a little “Old Bay” seasoning on it.

          • ever buy a fishing licence, or follow the rules set for doing it? no way you could survive,, the government removed our ability to feed ourselves off the land , not to mention being hassled by the DNR

            and some of the fishing spots are overly contaminated and so are the fish , at least where im from

            also to top it off, fishing in my area is seasonal ,, not always are the “edible” fish running , and when its soooooo dam cold a well diggers ass could freeze ,, there isnt much in the rivers to “fish” for

            dont make it sound so easy for everyone , in every area .. shit some people dont even have a lake ,stream or pond with live good to eat fish or sea food in their area to begin with

      28. Welcome to the real world.

      29. Enemy of state I saw the whole walmart gun thing from what I understand it’s the shareholders that don’t want guns being sold not the individual stores per say. Walmart believes that the decision should be made by individual store managers. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming the walmarts closer to the city took the ammo out of the glass case it stands empty. I was told however that if you want ammo just ask someone in sporting goods and they will check. I never look for it in those stores. It’s available in all the Wally’s around here except maybe two stores. It really is a shame the they are abandoning the shooting community. I remember going into Kmart or sears and there were rifles and shotguns. No more I’m surprised walmart hasn’t put the little gun shops out of business. They put every other small mom and pop out why not the gun folks. Sign of the times I guess the prices at walmart really aren’t much cheaper than the gun shop anymore. Seems like the gov is really putting pressure on the gun shops to not carry any bigger calibers that are autos. I’ve said this before get yourself a varied battery of guns to cover most circumstances now and a heathy supply of ammo. It’s just a matter of time before you have to put your drivers license number and sign a log book for state to track ammo purchases. Buy cheap and stack em deep has never been so right.

        • Amen Brother

      30. Maybe it’s a dickish thing to say, but I just want it to start……or rather collapse. Maybe it’s human nature, or just my own personal biases, but I can barely tolerate getting up every morning and dealing with this thin veneer of society holding back the chaos. It’s all fake and nothing but keep up appearances. Legitimately some people need food stamps and support in hard times, but there are also a lot abusing the system. Even for those who need it I would not stop the collapse. I have to much faith that there are good people out there who will help those worthy and in dire need. The rest? The Golden Horde? ZERO $&@/s GIVEN!

        • Please remember that prior to government welfare Private charity took care of the needy.

          Just look at the names of most hospitals. St. this or Baptist that. Back in the day most people could afford for the doctor to come to their house and only poor people went to hospitals. It wasn’t until the cost savings for diagnostic equipment that most people went to a hospital for care. Private charity (usually churches) founded most of the current hospitals in this country.

          Our church will give to any who are starving and homeless . . . but we’ll ask you to quit your vices until your on your feet (even after, but that’s up to you).

        • I hear you, 100%
          It is a very thin veneer,,
          And patience is running out

      31. I am halfway through the book “Harbinger”. Best a I can tell
        TEOTWAWKI happens mid Sept. 2015. That is all.

        • The date would be September 13, except that’s a Sunday. So things may go on Monday, September 14.

          I downloaded the audio version of the book, read by the author. It’s pretty good. Everyone needs to read it or listen to it. The audio is about 8 hours long and can be found at:

          ht tps://

          It’s supposed to be a financial collapse worse than 7 years ago (2008) or 14 years ago (2001).

          • Because the collapses happen so regularly at the end of Shemitah years, I really believe this date also. We can see that they have kicked the can down the road as far as they can. Now with the petrodollar ending, I think the dollar collapses as the world reserve currency at that time (they can start the run on our Sunday which will be Monday to the east of us). I hope to be ready to live without going to the store by then – wood and hay in, etc.

      32. Do you mean that just chanting “Yes we can” (alt. chant: “Yes, we have no bananas”) won’t magically just fix everything?

        Well, OK then… how about Hillary? Certainly she could get her band of flying monkeys out to fix things?

      33. Remember he said if he didn’t the 2008 debacle turned around in a year or two, he would consider it a failure! You can see this on YouTube. What a joke

      34. You have to do this! You will be amazed.

        This one really works and will only take you about
        ten seconds!
        Amazingly, it really will reveal your all-time favorite
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        Each time I got the same answer, and sure enough it IS my
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        DO NOT cheat. DO YOUR math, THEN compare the results to the
        list of
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        5. Your total will be a two digit number. Add the first
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        in the list
        of 17 movies below:

        Movie List:

        1. Gone With the Wind
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        6. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
        7. Jaws
        8. Grease
        9. The Obama Farewell Speech
        10. Casablanca 11Jurassic Park 11.
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        12. Shrek
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        Now, isn’t that something?

        • wow Copperhead
          your right
          it does work every time !!!

        • Only one same problem, Obama will never have a farewell speech, he is never going to leave office because Marxists never voluntarily give up power, ever…

        • There are scientific studies that prove 60% of the time it works every time . . . anchorman

        • Yes, Copperhead, that is something!

      35. Two points about preppers.

        When you reach the state of Navonna in Preps, you don’t have to argue your point anymore.

        Preppers in the long run can become like those they criticize.

      36. another doom and gloom story, those advertisers on the side of the posts must be stupid to pay for the same stories every other week.

      37. The sad part is that those on assistance have the means to set things aside for any supply disruption in the food supply. But they won’t for they believe it will go on forever.

        • To true Slingshot.those Who are, spend most of their time trying to figure a new way to scrue the system for more!! never thinking it may/will end!!!

      38. funny russian joke-

        “What does the Russian Army call a NATO 5000 Man Rapid Reaction Force?”

        “A Speed Bump!”

      39. A safety net is needed in any society, for various reasons. The abuse of the safety net is sad, but reminds me of the rules at wildlife areas. -PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS, AS THEY WILL NOT LEARN TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES. Which is the case for many on assistance…

      40. NUCLEAR HORROR SHOW: If Downtown New York City, New York Was Hit by a Modern Nuclear Weapon

        Or downtown Moscow for that matter. Today’s nukes are deadlier than ever. Russia and the US have seven hundred 800-kiloton deployed warheads each

        What would happen if just one 800-kiloton nuclear warhead was detonated above midtown Manhattan?

        The Russians are reputed to have 10 such weapons trained on the city. And we threaten their cities in a like manner. This chilling account was delivered at a recent Caldicott Foundation For A Nuclear Free Future conference held at the New York Academy of Medicine.

        It is the work of three distinguished authorities on the subject.

      41. Life as we knew it has already changed, now it is to the point everyone will notice that we are screwed. No more days like yesteryear, As It Spirals Out Of Control..

        • Pippa is always awesome: I have seen her speak a few times and she always raises the value of the event.

          What is troubling is how the majority of the population have no clue as to what is going on or how things are run at the top. In the UK, many still think Gordon Brown (the former prime minister who crashed the economy) is some benighted saint and genius, when he really just did the equivalent of stealing an old lady’s purse, taking her credit cards, and going on a spending spree. Brits are about to vote for Gordon Browm 2.0 (Ed Milliband) and this is going to bring another round of crazy spending.

      42. The Gov. system does not produce goods or add to the overall wealth production of the economy.

        The one and only way to stop the giving of your wealth to the leaches (corporate/private/public) is to stop paying taxes. Simple enough.

        Oh wait, that’s right most “citizens” are to fearful of the gun totting illegal I^r^s

        Too Late!

      43. “In 1986, child care expenses for families with employed mothers used up 6.3 percentof all income. Today, that figure is up to 7.2 percent.”

        In the last 30 years the cost of child care has gone up 0.9%!!!!!

        We’re all gonna DIE!

      44. Was watching the local news earlier and they were saying our last governor Lincoln Chaffee is thinking about running for president. This guy is a moron do not vote for him he is a fish that flip flops on issues he couldn’t govern the smallest state in the nation. His kid threw a party at his Jamestown home/mansion and people left drunk in their cars and got stopped by state police. The news never mentioned it again. I don’t think he got in any trouble. Do yourselves a favor if this guy shows up in the primaries. Don’t vote for him he has already put a city and then the state in the red. Fucking total dork. Look him up if you like. I’m using my free speech right to warn people of corrupt leaders. This state is so fucked up I remember there was blacks complaining about the states name which is the state of Rhode Island and providence plantations. They were saying that plantation reminded them of slavery and they petitioned to have it changed. It never got changed. Last year there was an atheist group that complained about a catholic prayer written on a wall in a local high school that had been there since the 50s one atheist girl wanted it taken down cause she found it offensive. They took it down because they were afraid of the costs of a court fight. We need to dig up dirt on any politicians running for pres and put it out across the web. It’s not defamation it’s putting info out for people to be informed voters.

      45. Obama and the DNC have done EXACTLY as they promised..
        No Whining Allowed ONLY Revenge!!

      46. I still porouse this site because there’s two handfuls from years ago that make sense, but to many on this site are just acid lunatics now. Free speech is great until you find yourself reading the words of a lunatic…just say’in.

        • That’s spelled “peruse” genius and we don’t drop acid, we toke the weed. Now go back to Russia!

        • Free speech is nice when people debate the issues. Resorting to name calling means you cant present an arguement. You debase and vilify those who disagree with you. Govt does that too. Either ignorant or a disinfo psyop agent.

      47. ” over the past several decades things have completely changed. We consumed far more wealth than we produced, we shipped millions of good paying jobs overseas, we piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world”

        You keep saying we. The fact is we did not do this to ourselves. The powers that be did it to us. We did not ship millions of jobs and factories overseas, they did. We didn’t pile up the biggest mountain of debt, they did. Who is they? Those who run the government and the corporations and banks. When the wicked rule the people sigh.

      48. I had to quit my job at a grocery store and find another. I couldn’t handle all that I was seeing.

        I used to see an elderly couple come in every 3rd week of the month and buy two packs hot dogs, cans of beans, buns, milk, eggs and one time the lady turned and said to her husband “Oh I hope this gets us by until the 1st”.

        Then, a young girl with a passel of kids come through behind them with a food stamp balance of $948.00 on her card.

        I saw so much injustice and unfairness working at the store.

        All I can say is, when the real SHTF these people who buy nothing but garbage are going to starve to death and be freaking out in the streets! Most do not ever buy real foods or food that they can make from scratch. It’s all microwaved and frozen crap.

        But yes, a lot of elderly people suffer and struggle, including our vets while the young get hundreds of dollars on EBT. It’s sickening!

        • M. What did you do to help out the elderly couple?

          • as a grocery store clerk? PFFT, he had his hands full ALREADY. if it was a well-paying job, he would have stayed there, no?….but it IS good to hear from someone that is SOOO concerned about the welfare of others, and gives SO MUCH them selves…hope your spidey-sense can detect SARCASM too….

      49. My wife has a sister who stinky boyfriend is a drunken alcoholic he had a job but they fired him because he was cronically late. This kid has been a drunk for years now he’s living in a motel. So we should support a person that made themself sick by giving them programs. Helping the elderly is a whole different story. It gets harder in old age just to do things in general. They should get help. My beef is the people who made themselves sick by their own lifestyle choices to drink or do drugs in excess. Now they have medical conditions that prohibit them from working entitling them to ssd. So here we working folks have to help the gov support useless eaters. See drugs and alcohol are the real problem they destroy the social fabric of society. But our brilliant greedy lawmakers nowadays have given up on the war on drugs. They embrace the legalization of marijuana. Only because they want to make $ off it. Why shouldn’t they. They are not gonna pay for the people who’s live it ruins. I know some people say it’s only weed no big deal. Wrong it keeps you from getting jobs by not passing drug tests. All jobs give drug tests now. You never get jobs so you remain poor. Let’s not kid ourselves drugs are bad they ruin lives family’s community’s . I don’t want to work with a bunch of dopers either.

      50. Anything change in the past 24 hours?

      51. Walgreens to close 200 stores. Ta Da!

        At Drudge.

        • yep

          say each store employs 10 people
          like 3 cashiers , 2 or 3 pharmacy types, 3 stock people and a manager

          thats 2,000 jobs gone ,, maybe even more if there are out side sources supplying these stores .. the number doubles ..maybe triples? could be looking at 200 stores closing making 4000 to 4500 jobs gone in total some not directly , but i like to look at the big picture, and its not a pretty picture

      52. It is all crystal clear at this point. The gov is an oligarchy, proven by the Princeton, Northwestern U study…We have zero input at this poin. How bad can it get? Well the international institutions and laws are in place for an IMF, World Bank, BIS kind of takevoer. Yes, do not just talk about the dollar collapse, move on. When it crashes, the US defaults like any 3rd world country that cannot pay its debt. The IMF, World Bank steps in with a loan and strict austerity measures.

        Yes, America is about to become Greece. All it takes is one more collapse. The Financial Oligarchs that rule Wall St. and the Banking system know this and that is why all the money the FED has printed is whirling around the Apex and not getting into our hands. Money Velocity is at a historic low, that should not be the case after 6 years of QE…

      53. Before it hits the fan let’s have some fun jerking the Elites chain. Take your money out of the big banks (Chase, BoA, Goldman Sachs, Wells fargo, & Citigroup) and put it in smaller banks and credit unions. Demand Congress “Audit the Fed” now because they have the bill under review. ALso, demand Congress pass the Fair Tax Act also currently under review. The Fair Tax Act will abolish the IRS and income tax. Next, Demand Campaign Finance Reform–get PACS, Corps, Foundations, and Unions exempt from contributing to campaigns.

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