Almost HALF of Small Business Will Close If They Cannot Reopen Soon

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 9 comments

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    In a new survey of small business owners, almost half (43%) say their livelihood is on the line and they are going to be forced to close permanently if they cannot resume normal activities soon. One in 10 (11%) are less than one month away from permanently going out of business thanks to the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

    Additionally, about one in four (24%) small businesses have already shut down temporarily in response to the government’s demands to do so during the COVID-19 panic and overreaction. Among those that have not, 40% say they are likely to close at least temporarily within the next two weeks. This means a total of 54% of all small businesses report that they have closed or expect to close temporarily in the next 14 days.

    When asked what proposals might offer the most relief, small businesses indicated support for three key provisions included in the recently enacted Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act:

    • 56% of small business say direct cash payments to Americans would be the most helpful form of aid from the government,
    • followed by loans and financial aid (30%), and
    • suspending payroll taxes (21%).

    “As the poll results show, small business owners are looking for loans and financial aid to ensure they do not have to shut their doors or go bankrupt because of the coronavirus. American banks are ready to help, but they need clear guidelines from the Administration,” said Neil Bradley, chief policy officer at the U.S Chamber of Commerce. “American banks will be on the front lines to help businesses survive during this pandemic.”

    The biggest help will come in the form of being allowed to reopen and conduct business as they had done.  Getting the economy up and running again is going to go the furthest when it comes to saving lives and helping people. At this point, the statistics of the outbreak provided by healthcare professionals no longer support a lockdown, economic shutdown, and the ramifications that have already followed. The government’s overreaction has done more harm than good.

    Dr. Ron Paul On Coronavirus Panic: The Real Danger “Is The Government’s Overreaction”

    Some small businesses still feel optimistic, however, according to the survey reported by U.S. Chamber. Almost one in four (23%) small business owners expect to hire in the next year.

    As a society, we need to do right by those who offer services and get them reopened and return our lives to normal; before the authoritarian government takeover.  This pandemic is not the problem and has not been the problem for the past month.  The problem is the government’s response to it and the subsequent obedience of many Americans thanks to their own fears pushed down their throats by the mainstream media.  Far too many have been inclined to comply with the government’s commands to their own detriment and the fallout is going to be something we have never seen.

    The sooner the government backs off the economic shutdown, the better this will be for everyone.


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      1. Well, they will have Zero Hedge to thank for it for scaring the living daylights out of everyone for claimng that the corona hoax was a highly contagious SARS virus wrapped in AIDS and EBOLA envelopes. Do you think that that claims may have caused people to over react a little?

      2. In a True Capitalistic economy collapse, give all the money to the people and make Big business work for the money, by creating top quality products that the consumers want. You think by giving business all the share of the Pie that they will improve their products, or just keep delivering sub par products laced with GMO’s and lead paint?

        Its all rigged for the chosen, and its every man woman and child for themselves. Another sad chapter in America History. Rock! Paper! Siscor,,uh…Guns!.. I Win.

      3. – They had an Exercise/Drill. Bill Gates innvolved.
        – Then the ChiCom bioweapon was released by CCP.
        Released to TEST the spread rate. Future versions will have much higher death rates.
        – Method to cover up Deaths from 5G rollout.
        – Method to purge political dissadents.
        – Method to cover failing over sepeculated economy.
        – Most Important this is a weapon of Economic Devastation on the west.

        The Shutdown is much worse than the ChiCom flu. Causing more devestation. People will starve. Society can collapse. Because of Shutdown. NOT the chicom weapon itself.

        ChiCom flu is a ECONOMIC bioweapon. This is War.
        5G is a Weapon system. YOU are the Target.

        Non Compliance and civil disobedience is also a tool you can use to End Shutdown. Go Back to work.

        Do your own research. Use critical thinking.

        -censor that Tech Monopoly Bullies-
        There are more of us than YOU.
        Here that Beto, Biden, Pelosi, Media/Tech Commies?

      4. Why hasn’t Michel Chossdovsky from been talking about what appears to be taking place all over the world organized by tne IMF and World Bank from his 4/18/00 interview? He has discredited the corona hoax, and I thank him for that, but Chossdovsky says that when the IMF moves in, schools, factories, businesses, and governments are all shut down. Well, all of those things are happenning, but not in Sweden. Is it just a coincidence? 

      5. small businesses are weak. they have no capital. i wanted to start a business but realized i could have a solid job with a major company. i dont have to worry about paying help. got free medical for the family. dont have to worry about a big company moving in and taking my customers. every small business owner ive known struggled just to survive. they always got to a point where they made no money and shut down. i wouldnt work for a small business owner. only work under a union contract.

        • Lol union!

      6. The businesses that close will have had underlying conditions.
        But bills don’t stop. Insurance companies are experiencing windfall profits and my last bill showed a 50% increase in spite of not driving. They are ripping us off. But, we are on the way out, Trump knows what he’s doing.

      7. This is totally suspicious with Boris Johnson in intensive care for coronavirus. Are you sure that he wasn’t an assassination victim for no deal Brexit? That seems more likely. Everyone has seen political assassinations take place in the past, and many Middle Easterners in high ranking positions seem to be the victims of assassination attempts using coronavirus as an excuse. To have such a high percentage of political victims is just not within the statistical realm!

      8. In a new survey of small business owners What survey? You don’t give the source.

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