Almost 8,500 Active-Duty Air Force Troops Have Missed The “Vaccine” Mandate Deadline

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Headline News | 3 comments

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    Around 5,000 continue to seek exemptions on religious grounds, which we know is a systematic joke and won’t be allowed anyway. Only  800 members of the Air Force “refused” the “vaccine” outright. In fact, out of all of the approved exemptions, zero religious exemptions have been approved.

    While just over 1,800 troops have been granted an exemption so far, including 1,634 on medical grounds and another 232 who were allowed “administrative” exemptions, zero have been approved for “religious accommodation,” the Air Force figures show, raising questions about the fate of the nearly 5,000 who’ve already applied, reported RT. 

    There are no questions about the fate of those who already applied. They will not be allowing religious exemptions. It’s become laughable to think the rulers, who desperately need humans to take this shot to complete their agenda, will accommodate personal beliefs. They think we are slaves, treat us as slaves, and we act like slaves. We beg to be allowed to not take a shot instead of just massively not complying and waking up to the fact that we actually don’ have to obey them just because they wrote some words on paper and some guy signed it.

    In updated vaccination stats for troops released by the Air Force on Wednesday, the branch said that 8,486 soldiers remain unvaccinated, including 2,753 who have not started the process, 4,933 currently seeking a religious exemption, while 800 flat-out declined to take the jab.

    However, despite the holdouts, the vast majority of the 326,000 active-duty personnel in the Air Force and Space Force – or nearly 96% – have been fully vaccinated and successfully met one of “the most aggressive timelines amongst the military services” in terms of immunization deadlines, the Air Force said. -RT

    “Our Airmen need to be prepared to operate anytime, anywhere in the world,” Air Force Chief of Staff General CQ Brown Jr. said in a statement. “Getting vaccinated ensures we are a ready force to meet our commitments to the nation while protecting the health of our team and families.”

    They are going to do everything possible to force this shot into everyone. We know this. They have made it painfully obvious that this “vaccine” is somehow a part of the agenda.  Keep using your own discernment, however, and come to your own conclusions. Life is too short to live it as an obedient slave to anyone.


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      1. What percentage of Air Force personnel does that represent?

        • Based on 326 855 active duty Air Force personnel, 2.6%.

          The more germaine question is what branch and level of service; are these key technical and warfighting personnel or just expendable grunts.

      2. As China rises and become more aggressive on the world stage, the US gets rid of the best of their soldiers, sailors and airmen, people that can think and act for themself for “woke’ sheep. Expect America to get crushed if it comes to war.

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