“All White People Leave Campus Or Else” – Leftist Student Mob Threatens Violence Unless Demands Are Met

by | May 28, 2017 | Headline News | 181 comments

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    Once again showing their tolerance and willingness to accept people of all races, creeds and cultures, a mob of protesters nearly went to blows with Bret Weinstein, a professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

    As the video shows, the mob of about 50 students gathered outside Weinstein’s classroom following demands that all white people leave campus so that the group could celebrate an “anti-racism” Day of Absence. In prior years, non-white students would leave campus for a day in protest, but this year they have called for any Caucasian students and faculty to respect their diversity by segregating themselves voluntarily.

    As Tucker Carlson notes in the video segment below, “it’s so over the top it’s hard for me to believe it’s real.”

    In his own words, Professor Bret Weinstein, who himself is admittedly so progressive that not even Hillary Clinton was left enough to get his vote, explains how it went down:

    Weinstein: What happened is that 50 or so students decided to disrupt the class that I was holding and demand my resignation.

    Carlson: Because you wouldn’t leave campus because you’re white?

    Weinstein: They imagined that I am a racist and that I am teaching racism in the classroom. And that has caused them to imagine that I have no right to speak and that I am harming students by the very act of teaching them.

    After campus police showed up to check on Weinstein the mob reportedly moved to the office of school President George Bridges, where they forced an open meeting to address the issue of Weinstein’s racism and to make further demands, going so far as to threaten violence if those demands were not met:

    Dr. Bridges is allowing this mob to effectively control the campus and they have been in control since 9:30 on Tuesday morning.,

    At this moment I believe Dr. Bridges is answering a set of demands put forward by the protesters and they have said that if he does not accept their demands that there will be violence.

    … He has also told the police to stand down. And although the campus police have a sense of what needs to happen in a circumstance like this… and they have been hobbled by the fact that they answer to the college administration… and have in fact, for several days, have been barricaded in the campush police station.

    As Carlson shockingly highlights, “this is like something out of another country… it’s hard to believe any of this is real.

    Watch for yourself:

    Professor Weinstein, who we remind our readers is a self admitted extreme progressive who no doubt strongly supported the grass roots diversity that is now mutating into all-out racism on his campus, sums it up perfectly:

    No, no, not a Hillary voter. I’m a deeply progressive person.

    I must say, I am troubled by what this implies about the current state of the left.

    Finally, someone on the white left gets it.

    Given the seriousness of what’s happening in the name of diversity and cultural acceptance at Evergreen and other campuses nationwide, we expect that Mr. Weinstein will be invited to speak about the incident on other mainstream news channels and shows outside of Tucker Carlson’s.

    We’ll keep you updated as things “progress” but we’d advise our readers to not hold their breaths.


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      1. Hmmm…..,if you MUST be on campus,well,campus carry really doesn’t seem so crazy!While looking for another school as a whitre student there would probably not worry about getting a degree as could probably make a boatload of lawsuit monies if they actually tried admin wise to support “no white student” day!

        • If there was only a way for white people to figure out how NOT to pay taxes for minority student loans….. I could readily practice that type of “Day of Absence”.

          Considering that 60% of property taxes and 60% of personal income taxes go for education in the state where I live, I could think of a lot better ways for how I can use the dollars I pay for this kind of BS that occurs in today’s “educational” system.

          • I feel no sympathy whatsoever for these colleges and the bullying they are getting from the students. These liberal bastions of higher education foment and create these little monsters and then act like victims when the faculty and college presidents have to resign. They act like victimized parents who have raised little brats with no dicipline or authority.

            I laugh at that. The irony is loud and clear. You sow what you reap.

            • Violence begets violence. They live in fantasyland. Come to the real world and tell us we can’t be somewhere and threaten. Better really be bulletproof.

              • Menzo, Braveheart is right there with you. Braveheart dares any libturd to tell him what he can or can’t do and we’ll see what happens to that POS. Braveheart will teach the POS the REAL meaning of the word DEPLORABLE.

                • Brave; I’m having a problem deciding whether to try to reason with these people using my 30-06 or my AR. Thoughts?

                  • It may come down to that. These people are out of control.

                  • 30-06 of course, long distance negotiations are always have a more positive outcome.

                    • Go “old school”. .30-06 works well with snowflakes.

              • Well… there’s one good thing from this nonsense.

                At least Prof. Weinstein was taught that he is white. not semitic.

                • This is not like me at all, but I find myself sympathizing with this member of the left. I won’t even call him a libturd. He is waking up. That’s an encouraging sign. He is a victim of libturd thugs. I sincerely hope he wakes up totally. If a member of the left is victimized by other members of the left, realizes it, and begins to question things, then I am willing to sympathize with that person and give him or her some encouragement. I wish that man the best.

            • SS. agreed, but it’s ‘you REAP what you SOW’.

            • Put the 50 peebrain lefties in jail for a year, and expel them from the college for disruption. Who the F*ck is charge of these POS colleges anyway? What do you think, if this happened in China? These POS commies would disappear for ever problem solved.

              America is in a mass slide of decline. There is a POS 4 year old boy a few houses down from me. I was over there today, and this little shit was demanding his grandma go into the house? Like WTF? Ordering her to go in the house. Like where do these POS kids learn this crap anyway? TV. I would beat the hell out of that kid if it was mine.

              • Suspend them from this college and all others in the United States for a minimum ten years!

            • Like Frankenstein, you can create the monster but controlling him is impossible

              • Literally killing the monster(s) would work.

                • When they start eating their own, things are about to get cranked up another notch.

                  I wonder what will become…. with the absence of whites…..white’s money that is. Are colleges the new Liberia.

                  HEY LEFT !!! …never go full retard.

                  Do college safe spaces come with crates of ammo like mine does.

                  Be safe….time to nuke it from space….

                  ……just to be sure ….BA.

          • People that buy lottery tickets are supporting education also.

            • So correct.

              I never lotto. The house always wins, in this case the state that sponsors the gambling.

              • Lottery is a tax on people who don’t know math.

                • Got that right! I watched it destroy NY, MA, CT, NJ, and PA, then they had the Gaul to spread their poison to VA,NC, SC, and TN. I don’t know if there are states that don’t do Lottery of some sort, but it needs to stop! Based on the general product of what comes out of public schools, I would say it’s been a dismal failure.

                  • IF students who REALLY want an education are using these funds, I see no harm in them getting aid. The trouble makers, however, such as those who believe they are being marginalized, but are being fed BS and believing it, are making trouble, then their tuition assistance needs to be stopped. “You”, whomever that applies to, are making trouble, for ANYONE regardless of faith, creed, religion, place of origin, by virtue of accusing them, without stand up in court proof, should be expelled from the college, trade school, or Jr. College, and told not to even try coming back UNTIL you can prove tolerance, in action, for others as you desire tolerance for yourself. Live and let live, or get your diploma out of a box of Cracker Jacks, or a kiddies breakfast cereal. Lobby the Fed’s AG and President Trump, maybe they can, and will, assist.

                  • Gall, not Gaul. Gaul was the ancient name for France.

          • Wilson, the DOJ and DOE have the legal authority to cut off ALL federal funding for these ‘institutions’, including the student loans. Let’s see what happens then. the same ‘institutions’ depend on the student loans to pay their professors’ salaries. They’ll do the same thing that freeloaders on EBT would do if their cards were cut off; RIOTING.

          • Time for some lefties to get some lead nutrients in their skulls.

          • Rock the boat, figuratively speaking, with the Fed, and reps, to get these schools off of the Fed college support system. For states, one idea is to just move, leave the state. Another method, get the names of those who have been involved, and petition whomever wants to hire them, to not do so. Point out how they did violence, or did threaten to do so, and the detriment they would be to whomever they apply to, for a job. Does the employer REALLY want someone who turns to violence when they don’t get their way, working for them? If anyone is in HR and has a say in accepting applications, and knows the applicant was one of these persons, using legal methods of job denial, deny their application. Workers have a right to a safe work environment. Having these violence using people on staff is a detriment to the organization. If these people REALLY need a job after college, then the Fed needs to re-establish old school Marine Bootcamp, and let them enlist in the Marines.

        • In real news of violence and SHTF, here is a report that the DOD is deploying the Nimitz to the Korean Peninsula:


          Uhhhh, didn’t someone say tell this community just a week or two ago, that we could expect a THIRD CARRIER GROUP to be deployed for a FIRST STRIKE against N korea within 30 days ??? And didn’t he specifically name the NIMITZ ??? Who was that Masked Man ???

          Yeah, its in the archives. Keep stacking and packing. 🙂

          • Good call on that DK. While north Korea has been generally left out of recent mainstream talking points, I suspect we will soon see panic as Trump prepares a strike… let’s hope we’re wrong, but one carrier was enough to ‘send a message.’

            Three strike troops suggests war is close.

          • durangokidd, I believe that war on the Korean Peninsula will result in WWIII. North Korea is China’s #1 ally. Would the US help destroy England or Japan? No!

            If you have any further thoughts or prognostications I would really like to hear them. How serious are you taking this?

            Check this article out, linked on Drudge. Pentagon chief: War with North Korea would be ‘catastrophic’

            • I meant of course China’s #1 Ally McBeal .

            • “I believe that war on the Korean Peninsula will result in WWIII. North Korea is China’s #1 ally. ”

              Neither is true. 🙂

              First N Korea is NOT China’s #1 ally. Your #1 “ally” doesn’t threaten you with nuclear weapons, as N Korea did China. Second, possession of nuclear weapons by N Korea allows both S Korea and Japan the excuse to arm up to nuclear weapons too.

              This is the one thing that China fears and for which it would throw the Fat Kid under the bus; as it has. China must engineer a “regime change” soon or face the fact that the US will exercise it’s First Strike option. Regime change has been made more difficult since all military contact between N korea and China has been cut, and all N korean military with China contacts have been killed by Kim.

              Japan could go nuclear over a long weekend. It has all of the technology and enough material for 80 warheads. S Korea is in the same position. A dozen US nuclear warhead “triggers”, the most difficult part of the weapons process, were sent by “mistake” to S Korea years ago. All of them were returned according to “reports”, but not before they were reverse engineered, I’m sure.

              The August Dogs of War may bark. 🙁

              • No durangokidd, you are wrong.

                China’s support of North Korea is a very strategic move that also involves historical influences.

                China has been NK’s ally for so long that it cannot just abruptly decide to stop supporting it. This is similar to how China still claims itself to be a “socialist country with Chinese twist”, even though the economy is practically capitalist.

                Shield to Japan. North Korea has been publicly against Japan, and as recent disputes involving oil-drilling and territory claims in the Pacific between China and Japan arise, it is crucial to have a country between China and Japan so that Japan thinks wisely before it does something. Recent military reports indicate that Japan views North Korea as its primary military threat, not China. This is because although China is a lot stronger, it is also burdened by its international reputation, and that it has to at least pretend to go by the international rules. For example, it cannot just randomly declare war on Japan and shoot missiles. On the other hand, North Korea is so isolated internationally that even if it fires a few missiles in Japan’s way, they will have a lot less consequence relatively.

                China believes its best interest is served by keeping North and South Korea unstable enough that they cannot cooperate fully, but stable enough so that a war doesn’t happen. If North and South Korea seems to be on the way to unite peacefully, China will definitely do everything it can to stop it from happening. Contrarily, if North and South Korea seem to be on the way to war, China will also try to prevent that. Keeping the unstable yet stable status quo yields the greatest benefits for China.

                I could go on…

                • Durrango, I just mean that the Chinese fought American troops once during the Korean War and are willing to do it again. If you think they will roll on their long time allies, well we shall see. I hear Asian men don’t like to lose face.

                  We shall see if China is really the NWO’s bitch!

                  • “If you think they will roll on their long time allies, well we shall see. ”

                    China has already “rolled” on it’s N Korean ally and sided with the USA with respect to NK Nukes; which is why Kim killed all NK Military with connections to China.

                    Neither China, nor Russia will engage in war with the USA over NK. Kim will be eliminated and peace will break out for a spell because it’s in the interests of all three major powers to do so.

                    When Iran EVENTUALLY finds itself in the US Crosshairs, the story may be different. But not now. Not yet. 🙂

                    • Re: Russia, China, and North Korea

                      According to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry,
                      NK is a problem to the US because China wants it to be. China and Russia have both enabled NK to pose this threat to the US for geo-strategic reasons. This is asymmetric warfare at its highest levels. NK is the pawn, being put out there to basically threaten the existing world order, which is based on US military power and credibility, and to confront us with this scarey actor, who is so unstable and so dangerous, that they’re hoping the US will abandon its security committment to our allies i.e. Japan, SK, etc., or that our allies will abandon us because they’re afraid that we wil not uphold our security guarantees to them.

                      NK is the cat’s paw for Russia and China. It will cost the US to solve the problem of NK, so Russia and China can’t lose. The US will have to pay them something in order to resolve the NK problem peacefully, IF they’re willing to resolve it peacefully at all.

                      Very good interview with Dr. Pry on YouTube:
                      Dr. Peter Vincent Pry on North Korea & EMP Threat – The Hagmann Report

                    • Dr. Peter Vincent Pry on North Korea & EMP Threat – The Hagmann Report
                      h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrL5qCyJ-Wc&spfreload=10

          • dk- I’m on to your secrets of prognostication. It’s all in the magic 8 ball, isn’t it? Be careful what you ask next, we might not like the answer! (but do let me know about Oklahoma tornadoes in advance)

            • That was old news, it was all over the news a month ago.

              Oh that’s good though, stock pile all the carrier groups in one place for easy targeting by the Russians who will disable them in a few flyovers. Morons. Meanwhile America Burns and these dickwads are playing punching bad with a 3rd world country.

              Watched a Viet Nam series today, America looses every war, because they fail to understand the “Art of War.”

              • The Army teaches the “Art of War” at West Point. Maybe they need new instructors. 🙂

                • It is required reading for new officers at the US ARMY academy, yes, but understanding the book is limited to less than one tenth of one percent much applying it with forces who don’t understand it at all is impossible. Sun Tzu had forces and commanders who were intelligent and loyal to him. The US Army is not even close to that level of cohesion, much less a Department of Defense that is cohesive that way. Mattis’s probably understands it perfectly but is hobbled by a completely undisciplined, politically and greed motivated war organization that has a disconnected and politically rogue intelligence agency network who doesn’t understand it either.

            • The outlook for summer tornados in Oklahoma is “heavy to frenzied”, as usual. If I could predict the outcome of the next Ok v Texas college football game, we could all make a fortune !!! 🙂

          • Durango is no predicting Genius. This news was out nearly 50 days ago. 4/10/2017 via CNN. see the article below. Probably earlier if I want to waste the time to check the real news archives. Once a Bullshitter always a Bullshitter. Caught again masked man. BUSTED!!

            North Korea issues warning on US aircraft carrier

            North Korea issues warning as US strike group heads to Korean … “Are we going to try to shoot … The Nimitz-class carrier’s departure was delayed …

            cnn. com/2017/04/10/politics/us-aircraft-carrier-c…


              • I think the only stuff we watch on TV are HGTV remodel and home shows and Food Network or Food Channel,, sometimes that ID channel with the murder investigation shows,,, but news? Ya, not ever,
                Nothing good on and certainly nothing worth noting

        • Poor baizuo left-tards. Even their leftist professors are not left enough for them. And the idea that any White students have been so brainwashed to participate in their own destruction is beyond sad, it’s beyond bewildering.

          White people had better wake up and prepare to fight these tools the hard way. The people who run their leftist programs are anti-White to the core. This is the run-up to overt calls for White Genocide.

          White men had better grow spines and brains, and fix bayonets.

        • All leftist white professors should immediately be forces to resign without pay, have their deluxe pensions revoked, and forced to leave the campus. After all, it’s only “fair.”

      2. Evergreen is well known as a nut case institution. Nobody who wants to succeed in life, goes there. It is a snowflake paradise. Not much to see here.

        • Very true. Just a token institution. A joke.

        • I compare it to the UH Hilo faculty and students protesting the TMT on Maunakea, then in the same breath complaining about no high tech jobs here in the islands, buncha fucking stupid libtards

          • I have many friends and guys I used to work with at TMT. I helped with TMT design studies for vibration, weather, and structural dynamics. I’ve said for years TMT would not be built because of the cost. It seems I was wrong, it will be built, but not in Hawaii due to the stupidity of the people on this island. Democrats are dumb as posts. The reason there are few technical jobs here is because most Hawaiian citizens are too stupid to figure out how the world works, and they are too stupid to kill the rich liberals that infest the place. All our Democrats should be tossed into HaleMauMau, They are not virgins, but I’ll love to hear them scream like one.

            • I just dont get the mentality of these people,,,
              They dont say shit about developers building hotels on every freakin beach and the local government sticking their grubby little fingers deeper and deeper in everybodys pockets, but something that brings high paying construction jobs, high paying design and engineering jobs then decent paying tech and maintenence jobs they are against,,,
              My mom says they are like crabs in a barrel, one tries to crawl out and the rest pull em back in,,, stupid fuckers

              • Nailbanger, you nailed it again. One of these days it will be time to play “cowboys and libturds”.

      3. This is the future of the usa.

        As the minorities become the majority, this is going to happen all over because the left elite has sold them for decades that whitey is STILL keeping them down and enough have bought it.
        did some whites and especially white americans mistreat other races and some very badly, yes; but the world has a history of tht happening by the same and different races.

        the real surprise will be when lefty white snowflakes get beaten for being white because they enabled the whole thing.

        • Lena, I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that when white libturds start suffering injustice at the hands of the same ‘minority people’ they claim to support, they’ll still sing the same ol’ leftist tune. I don’t have any sympathy for them.

        • Watch South Africa, closely. I think it is a taste of things to come.

      4. Maybe the “protesters” will burn the place down. Problem solved.

        • Agreed ‘Tex’. Not only would it improve the average educational level in Washington State, it would force the protesters to look for something to do with their time besides fake getting an education. Like….. get a job. OH!!! wait….. they might lose their EBT cards and other hand-outs. Nevermind. What gets me most is that as Memorial Day is tomorrow and I once more visit my son @ a Veteran’s cemetery after I’ve read things like this. And think…. “why did he lose his life?… for people like that?” and realize … ‘yes’, ‘yes he did’. I wish they got it. That they would just ‘get it’, what such freedom to be total fools costs.

          • Your Son served for us good folks to. Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice with your Son, you and many like you are always in my prayers. 21 years USN. Pray, Plan, Prep, Form Teams.

          • I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙁 makes one wonder how much longer the charade can go on, huh?

      5. This is the future if progressive (Communist) “white” (rhymes with muse) continue on the path they have forged.

        __ face it you boy, these punks can’t tell you from the rest of us white people, and soon there will be nowhere to run.


      6. I’m in favor of the students demands. Give them what they want for 365 days of the year.

        __ taxes or no taxes, when there is a disease, quarantine before it spreads


        • I have no problem avoiding negroes, if I could just avoid having my money stolen from my paycheck each week to support their Sec 8 housing, EBT……

      7. I’m loving this. The precious snowflakes and their cultural Marxist professors with their slavish adherence to multiculturalism and political correctness are learning the hard way that the extortionate demands of the affirmative action “disadvantaged minorities” on campus will never be satisfied no matter how much university administrators and faculty grovel to them. These white, lefty professors are reaping what they’ve been sowing: mindless militancy.

        • I learned a long time ago that Blacks don’t want equality they want REVENGE!

          • There was a calendar out a few years back, counting down the time to minorities becoming the majority, not many years off. ‘R’ Day was prominently displayed.

      8. I wonder what percentage of each group pay their own way as opposed to be awarded financial help because of their social economic “handicap”?

        • Kevin2, very good question, but I would say they have a ‘mental’ handicap, NOT social-economic.

          • The handouts are for the economically disadvantaged which is perceived to be because of generations of racism. For right or wrong thats the justification. The reality is the underclass have a greater percentage attending without themselves or their families paying.

            I’m sure that Robert Lee McCormick from Mississippi is brokenhearted that his college freshman daughter Abigail is separated from Jerome and company.

      9. News flash. A new scientific discovery has linked 52 inheritable genes to intelligence. Another study proves that the more melatonin the lower the intelligence on average. In other words, the darker the person is, the less intelligence on average.

        So stop hiding your alabaster legs. Paleness is something to flaunt.


        • A friends brother served in the Peace Corps and had an interesting quite plausible theory. His thought was that the acquisition of food was the driving force of man until the last two centuries or thereabouts. This who were in a warm climate did not have to work as hard and possibly more importantly effectively plan for cold month survival having a limited season in the arm months to grow food. They learned thrift (don’t eat the seed drain) and discipline while the warm climate people could drop a seed on the ground and come back a month later to find food. Basically the dumb and undisciplined lived long enough to breed in the warm climate passing on those traits. It just so happens that with more sun they had darker skin.

          • Those not this. Warm not arm.

        • B from CA, I stopped getting a tan a long time ago, because white is beautiful baby!

          It’s like I told my last girlfriend, “there is nothing better than a pale piece of tail.” Sorry for the racy language, but it’s a joke people.

        • B from CA, what are those two studies? I would love to read them.

        • B, I think you mean melanin.
          We take melatonin occasionally to help induce sleep. Works great, too.

      10. It is time all WHITE PEOPLE’S MONEY leave this campus permanently.

        • White wealth for Whites only.

          The money hegemon must be destroyed.

          The Mews’ paper money must not be accepted.

          Time for White secession. Whites- go on strike. Keep wealth out of hands of muds including Mews.

        • RW, spot on. Nobody owes any libturds anything.

        • Evergreen College has been a laughingstock of Washington State for decades.

      11. Get a tech degree! Instead of owing you can immediately start earning and depending on what type of degree over 100 k could be in your near future!

        The real reason they teach marx is that if the students were smart enough to figure out just how badly they will be in debt they would never have enrolled.

        Communist revolutionary college credits, who knew? I suspect that fed dollars may be cut sometime in the near future should this keep up.

        IQ of whites just increased?

      12. My theory of skin color I figured out watching stray cats around dumpsters . The white or light colored ones don’t last long. They can be seen easily at night by coyotes and whatever. Rub black stuff on your face at night?

      13. If this faux professor had the elevators going to the top floor, he might have read Jacques Mallet du Pan (1749—10 May 1800), who wrote about the first leftist reign of terror, in his 1793 essay that ”…the Revolution always eats its own children” (“A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants”)

        • TEST, I saw that about Brezinski earlier. Another NWO/globalist/commie POS gone to hell where he belongs.

      14. Love to catch on the street alone in the dark with just me and my machete.

        • Gotta love a good machete. I like the . Cold steel giant Kukri or gurka. Tried to make a hand guard out off a construction metal strap. Worked good but would like full hand protection . Like silicon glue some nails to a leather glove . Or maybe a hockey glove?

          • TH, I have a kukri. One mean-looking weapon.

          • Go buy a good Kukri or have one made by a local knife builder. The Nepali Army issue is a good design and handle. Lots of the commercial stuff is just consumer bait.

            • Yep, for a knife that size, if it costs under 400$ its most likely crap, just my experience, either too soft to hold a decent edge or so hard it will shatter if knocked againdt something hard,,, some of the foreign made military stuff is decent but still no comparison to a hand made piece with proper heat treat and temper

              • Well said Nb. Most of my blades are either spun by a good maker or anything commercial I usually lean towards Benchmade.

                • I really like benchmade, have a couple of Balisong knives from them, carry a spyder in my pocket all the time and have had it for about 18 years now, my strider is my heavy work knife. Been dabbling in making blades, not near as much as i would like, lifes busy.

                  • Cold steel good Kukri , 26$ Great Kukri, 200$ Ultimate Kukri 400$ see the videos, wow?

                  • Picked up one of their Balisong 44’s (Tanto blade) in the mid 80’s while in FLA. Been a great knife.

      15. Their numbers are growing . How long before we are like South Africa or any third world populated country. See pictures of bullet proof drive through windows. Bars on every houses Windows. If you don’t have the means to get away from these people your children will be tortured at school at any public park , pool . I remember when I was a kid the inner city Puerto Ricans . Would come miles to our neibor hood park and terrorize us out. They came in such large numbers we couldn’t do much , except use our hunting shotguns and 22s on them . And most of us wanted too. But we didn’t we just left. If I could say . That there was one country on this planet that had equal numbers of different races , and wasn’t on the brink of civil war. I’d say maybe we can avoid a race war. But I can’t .

        • TH, I used to have trouble with PRs when I lived in Miami. Total POS. They think the world owes them something and are full of hatred for us. If they have half a chance they’ll cut your throat without any hesitation or remorse. You and your friends would’ve been better off shooting the bastards. PR should just be cut off altogether. They supposedly still want their island to become free? I can support that. Just cut off all American money to them and say, “Bye, good luck.”

        • Lots of US inner cities already show South African characteristics. It’s spreading.

      16. Close down the institution…let them find another place to go,make it inconvenient. Wait til they hit the real world,the world won’t put up with it. If they threaten violence give it back in spades.

      17. Just watched a video of what the Bolshavik communists were doing in 1920s 30s Germany . And what happened to the German people for trying to stop them. They didn’t stop them . and we helped them rape and enslave most of Europe for 40 years? They still control our government and media same as back then . Will we believe the big lie this time around ? Most Americans have been so thuroghly brain washed they are now the domestic enemy? We can tell them hey. The Bolshavic communists that committed the largest mass murder in all history. The Holomador. And murdered the czar his wife and kids Anastasia screamed in vain. Raped and enslaved half of Europe for over 40 years. And the only reason they could , is because our government helped them. And that same government is controlled by the same group now. And if we don’t stop them we will get Holomadored. Or are we at the point were the damage done by years of media , and a poisoned education system . We won’t be able to talk our way out of this. And you know what that means?

        • There is only one way out. Or, there is White Genocide.

        • TH, it means civil war 2/revolution. that’s the only hope we have left.

          • Watch. Hellstorm . To see what this group that still controls our government has planned for us.

      18. Any white who votes democrat is voting for their own down fall, democrat party is the anti-white party, time to pick a side

      19. So, now they are actually asking for segregation and white separatism — using the same fucking words.

        • At some point we have to consider divorce. The grand experiment in integration has failed. If we don’t divorce then there will be (more) blood!

      20. They are engineered and programmed “Children of the Corn” right out of the Stephen King horror novel. The psychopaths controlling hell on earth Police State New Babylon America designed the dumbed down delusional millennial insanity for this express purpose and planned time in our history. The Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals(EDC’s) their coward boot licking toxic dump New Babylonian parents are addicted too, and have been feeding the “Children of the Monsanto BT Corn” all their poisoned dumbed down toxic dump lives-those EDC’s are now paying off for the psychopaths, with chaos, trannies, and violent insanity from these millennial victims of the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling.

      21. The people that are doing this claim that racism is bad. But, in reality, they don’t care about racism, they care about brownism or blackism.

        White people built the world that allows these assholes to go to college and become productive citizens. They’re still to damned dumb to understand that the biggest favor some of my relatives with 4 or 5 “greats” in front of them did for their families was to buy their relatives with 4 or 5 “greats” in from of them from their relatives with 5 or 6 “greats” in front of them and bring them here, give them jobs, houses and free health care instead of staying over their chasing animals with spears and getting eaten by lions.



        (Sorry Mac, nothing triggers me like a public display of a combination of stupidity, ignorance, arrogance and ingratitude.

        • NetRanger, BRAVO.

        • Spearchucker Anthropology 101

        • I think it was Ali, maybe Spinks, had a big bout in the Congo. He came back and said, ‘Sure glad my people didn’t miss the boat back when.’

        • ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

        • Just like the freakin idiot hawaiians over here, they would still be eating eachother and trying to not step on the kings shadow if the whites hadnt showed up

      22. Sort of explains why leftists are so adamant against carrying guns on campus.

      23. Off Topic: I believe that this is getting very serious. “3rd US Naval Strike Force Deployed to Deter North Korea”

        Mac, I want to point out that I have read several economic articles (e.g. that China was recently downgraded) that suggest that China is NOT helping us with respect to reigning in North Korea. Consequently, we are attacking their economy to help persuade them.

        Moving our three front line Super Carriers into the region is serious!


        • Putting three battle fleets into risky and constricted waters is not taken lightly by the Navy. Something big is in the offing.

          • NK just tested another ICBM and is making obvious progress toward a nuclear armed one with the declared intention of using it.

            As much as some people like to deny it, NK is not the good guy in this and America is not the bad guy for responding to them to prevent a nuclear attack on the west, SK, or Japan.

          • And carrier groups no less, those things all together carry a few trillion dollars worth of hardware and tens of thousands of personnel, impressive for sure, hope nothing happens to em,

            • Can you say “false flag”? I thought you could…..

      24. I have no doubt that these students are getting awesome educations that will equip them for living in mom and dads basement, or on government entitlements for the rest of their lives! They will of course default on their college loans, and tax payers will have to cover those expenses as well!

        • PTPO! Truer words were never spoken.

        • I know of two hiring offices where an applicant from Evergreen is guaranteed to not be hired.

          • See my earlier post. Evergreen is really a shithole and waste of time and money.

      25. I say I say. How this be possible? But the great obamer made all things great! No need to worries yourself. I fix all things and make AMERICA great again! Using the power of whiteness! Because all greatness coming from my pussy grabbing little hands!

        • Ahaha.

        • Impersonating a public figure, huh?
          May the Feds be at your door at 4 AM.

          • They cames at 3 and I gives them a good pussy grabbin.

        • With the pornography the left are embracing . Trumps comments seem just their thing?

      26. Hey , Could somebody ask one of these politically active singers , how many concerts they do in Muslem countries.

        • I made some comments to a woman on FB page for a local news outlet if she was on board with having her genitals mutilated and giving up all her rights when she was vehemently defending muslims and denouncing whites, she was white,,
          I had the account banned,,,, guess ill have to make another one,,,,,

      27. West coast radiation from fukushima. Now, if I see anything less than an fbi road block / kill stop, and dozens of snipers in the trees ready to kill everyone, I will be fuming at the double standard!

        • Could you imagine them evacuating parts of California and anyone with an un occupied room in their house has to take one? Mandatory emergency powers? And they send you one of the most discusting perverts imaginable . Or a same sex married couple to share the room. And if you don’t do it you go to prison and your wife and kids live with them without you. Could you imagine the look on your face?

          • Id be killing anything that came down our road, dont have a wife n kids so try me

        • Save your fume, the standards are always double.

      28. What group poisoned our media, Hollywood , the economy, the education system . Can we call them the domestic enemy and declare war? Revoke their citizenship, and if they don’t leave, confiscate all their property.?

      29. Anybody know the Evergreen State College fight song? Probably “kill whitey” repeated fifty times. If these fifty students really are students, expel them! What happened to the concept of hate speech and hate crimes?

        • The mascot is the Geoduck (Gooey Duck), a large mollusk about 2 pounds in weight.

          Go, Geoducks go,
          Through the mud and the sand,
          let’s go.
          Siphon high, squirt it out,
          swivel all about,
          let it all hang out.
          Go, Geoducks go,
          Strech your necks when the tide
          is low
          Siphon high, squirt it out,
          swivel all about,
          let it all hang out.

          There you have it.

      30. Employers will take notice of these former universities. Good luck finding gainful employment with that toilet paper diploma in the real world.

        • I imagine they’ll go on to become college and university professors, and public school teachers, the way their counterparts from the 60’s and 70’s did.

      31. Read some comments, interesting.
        Seems if blacks to “things” it’s OK.
        Whites are racist though to condemn them.

        • How is it racist to condemn racism????? It sounds more and more like these particular type students no longer want integration, but segregation. I say give it to them. It’s been my opinion, go back and look it up, that education began it’s descent about the time integration began.

      32. I wonder if many minority people especially their women know what would happen if white men weren’t in charge?They know how their men would treat them if white men didn’t stop them? Isn’t it obvious?

      33. Do yourself a favor if you are thinking of attending college. Instead get a certification in HVAC or become a licensed plumber or electrician or a freakin’ good mechanic. Anything that requires some sort of platitude to fix or repair something will go a lot further in the next economic fallout. No one will give a rat’s ass that you got an A in Logic 101.

        • Definition of platitude
          : the quality or state of being dull or insipid
          : a banal, trite, or stale remark

          perchance you mean aptitude.

          Logic 101? Right, logic has nothing to do with practical reality. . .

      34. “Carlson: Because you wouldn’t leave campus because you’re white?”

        Professor Weinstein is NOT ‘White’. He is a jew. And, it is worth pointing out that this entire war on Whites and this crock of demonizing baloney called ‘White Privilege’ and every other assault on the White European majority and founding stock of America can be traced right back to the very jewish Frankfurt School of virulently anti-White Cultural Marxism.

        For anyone who is still not up to speed on the Frankfurt School and what the Cultural Marxist objectives are, allow me to recommend a must-read book:

        “Culture of Critique” by Professor Kevin MacDonald.

        • Tucker, I think it’s time to play “cowboys and libturds “. I’m so sick of their bullshit I could choke.

      35. Evergreen State College was one of the happy hunting grounds for one Ted Bundy several years back.

      36. Thank you, Smokey, for the fight song! Love that Geoduck fighting spirit! I don’t know about Evergreen State College but the purpose of any college or technical school education is to prepare you for life. When any school compromises by lowering its standards, it does no one any favors. These students who did this were passed through high schools that lowered their standards or they wouldn’t be doing this. I hope these students aren’t representative of the student body.

      37. Some insight, history and facts..

        A Memorial Day Message
        “Many Americans receive the day off, and it’s not unusual for them to spend the day at picnics, barbecues, the lake or the beach. As you enjoy this holiday, don’t forget the reason behind it.”

        “Today is a day the Nation has set aside to remember those Americans who were lost on battlefields around the globe. Some were lost fighting for American freedoms and to preserve liberty; many more were lost fighting needless wars for the benefit of the elites.

        Regardless, the loss of those military members is equally painful to their family members, who must continue on despite the loss.”

        ht tp://personalliberty.com/memorial-day-message/

        • Kind of seems the only war America fought for our freedoms was the revolutionary war? Wasn’t the civil war for federal power, the green back dollar for a federal bank ? And of course to destroy the south so they could buy the land up cheap. And have the starving survivors rebuild it for them for food?

      38. That whirring sound you are hearing is MLK Jr. Reaching peak RPMs in his casket. He took a bullet trying to end segregation and these assholes are demanding it. To call them morons, idiots or stupid is just plain insulting to actual morons, idiots and the stupid. There is a civil war brewing and it won’t be pretty.

      39. God bless all those who paid the ultimate price while serving,
        You are not forgotten,
        Thank you to all you vetrans and active duty out there,

      40. Such things go on all the time on college campuses, Just not so open. At Fresno state while girls were beat up with pipes by hispanics because they thought La Raza studies would have budget cut to less money, College of Marin student union had black only areas or else. Sonoma State had blsck athletes beating up white hippies for fun. Fresno state black students hunted doves with shot guns on campus nothing done about it, etc etc etc.

      41. June 8, 1967

        The USAs Liberty was attacked by Isreal with the full knowledge of the Israeli government. Isreal, who wished to blame another Country was trying to provoke America into war for Isreal’s benefit. 38 young men died. Many more were injured.

        Thank you to the serviceman of the USS Liberty as we approach the 50th anniversary of that event. And, today, Memorial Day, thank you all servicemen and women.

        __ God Bless America


        • USS Liberty

        • “was trying to provoke America into war”

          Prove it. Israel would not bite the hand that feeds it with such a brazen foolish move. It’s just common sense; try it some time.

      42. I’m confused! White students want other white students to leave the campus because they are white? Did none of them look in the mirror that morning?WTF !!! As far as the threats of violence are concerned, arrest them all and have them banned from the campus. Don’t use the campus cops. Use state troopers. Take them to their dorms or wherever they live. Pack their stuff up and bus them out of the area.If any return, they are tresspassing. Mandatory 18 months in state prison. General population.

      43. Shoot them all… problem solved.

      44. Start protesting at these kids parents home! Sadly, Americans won’t get off their asses let alone pay attention.

      45. sadly the blacks or I should say the majority of them have been trained as useful idiots. the demands they make would give instant gratification but will give much pain long term. it becomes the problem of their inability to conceive and formulate what long term results will be that will be their downfall. who will hire these people in the future? a company wants people who will work with others despite color or ethnic background. they dont want someone who solves problems by demands. it will come for as a business man I don’t have time to coddle someones hurt feelings. We have choices to make. one is to hire someone who can do the job but will work well with others and bend to my customers wishes without argument

        • Agree: I see them all the time, with their fros, sloppy clothes and bad attitude. Who would hire them?

          A key thing to succeeding in any work place is the ability to make others feel comfortable. Comfortable to be around you, even when working late at night and nobody else is around. Let’s be frank: what woman is going to feel comfortable working around these guys after hours? Or with some of the horny Muslims flooding into most Western countries? You really want to be in an office with that while doing overtime?

          As for the legal liabilities for any employer, I do not want to think about it.

          I don’t think any employer wants somebody who is agressive and in your face, or who might slit your throat because they feel ‘wronged’ (something that happens on a regular basis in Africa). Worse still, many now carry – and this you will not believe – bottles of acid they spray in people’s faces if they don’t like what they are doing or feel ‘disrespected’. Would you ever want to work with somebody like that, who could even think to behave like that?

      46. It all began in May 1954.

      47. I think I’d prefer to take a helping of that “or else”. And yes, I pack regardless of what the snow flakes like.

      48. Memorial Day for our soldiers. I have trouble remembering the 200,000+ rape ( aligations ) of German women during WW2 . And the rumors? Marines in the pacific didn’t take prisoners because it was too time consuming? So some poor jap kid who had relatives in America and didn’t want war. Was forced at gun point to fight. And figured he would surrender the first chance he got. I personally was told by a WW2 vet. That they entered a town and they asked was there any women . He was told there was two dead ones in a barn. He smiled at me until I asked him you raped the women. Then he shut up. To keep our honor clean? Duty honor country.? The only thing I believe is who controls are media. And Rev. 2:9 3:9 And John 8:44 ?

        • Traitor Hator, I’m not sure what your point is here. Is it to besmirch the fine men of America who fought the beasts of Germany and Japan in WWII? Let me tell you a story, to counteract your innuendos. I was raised by a WWII vet, not some smirking corpse-rapist, but a damn fine hero who lied about his age and joined the Navy when he was 16 and was sent to the south Pacific to fight the barbaric Japanese. His brother Ralph was in the Navy at Pearl Harbor when the Japs attacked and cavalierly murdered civilians with glee as my uncle watched in horror. My dad damn sure didn’t encounter any poor little Japs who didn’t want to be there. Who he did encounter were murderous barbarians who slaughtered innocent civilians in the most heinous ways. He watched his shipmates on the USS Lamson roast alive from a kamikaze attack, perpetrated by a Jap who damn sure chose to attack that ship, not some poor little guy who didn’t want to be there. My dad carried the shock and disbelief of the things he witnessed to his grave, including the ones he saw when he participated in shore excursions with special forces, where he saw up close the barbarity of the Japanese, hearing from Filipinos what had been done to their family members, Filipinos who were then ready to give their lives fighting those monsters.
          If you think I’ll sit here and let you malign those damn fine men who subdued those beasts, you may think again. I knew one of them my entire life – he was no murderer, he was no necrophiliac, he was no rapist, he was a teenager sent to battle against a vicious and heartless enemy, and he and his fellow soldiers and seamen prevailed. Thank God, and thank God for them.

        • Just curious Traitor Hator……

          Have you served in our military?

      49. Here we go again…

        Both sides are being manipulated. The Deep State WANTS people to be fighting each other as it takes the spotlight off them, giving them more time to take over our money, religion, government.

        It also gives them more opportunity to refine their ability to control “the masses”.

        We need to stop this stupid s***t and focus on the REAL issues.

        Before it’s too late – unless it already is . . .

      50. Nothing quite like Left on Left action. THey made their bed, now lay in it ! ! !

      51. I believe it!

      52. ALL of you coons should of been Abortions!! No good rat bastards, nothing but the modern day Plague!! Wake up people.

      53. Evergreen State College… which is ranked academically immediately below Northern Southeast State College of Pisgy Switch.

      54. Have been sick of the PC movement for a LONG time……..Now that it’s morphing into a full blown anti white movement, I’m pretty much ready for whatever the F comes…….Sorry kids, I’m an old, God fearing, John Wayne loving, God and Country kind a guy………………Normally I have no issues with anybody that doesn’t “F” with me, but you people are really pissing me off…………..Sorry, but WHITE people built the country and pay most of the taxes that support your sad f’ing asses……………..You don’t like WHITE people, pay you own bills and tuition…..F’k with me or mine and I’ll put two in your chest…….hey, I’m an old white guy……What are you going to do, shoot me, lock me up, who cares…I’ve had my time.

      55. Dr. Bridges is weak.

      56. As Jesus said, a house divided will not stand.

        • United we stand , Devided we fall, In unity we stand , In diversity we fall? Devide and conquer? How can we unite with these people?

      57. Unite with evil. .? Can’t we all just get along? Get along with evil? Turn the other cheek ? The next coming Mesiah will do more then whip some money changers.

      58. Each and every one of these students should be identified by name and their student loans revoked. The parents of these students should be forced to repay the used portion of the student loans. Then the student should be told that if he or she is ever caught on the campus, they will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If they then protest and cause any destruction of school property, the police should be turned loose on them. Time for this crap to stop.

      59. The concept of “diversity” is akin to “divide and conquer.” Our nation is a melting pot and we are all in this together. Forget diversity. Promote inclusivity. Our COMMON WELFARE should come first.

      60. your fukn govt is the cause of this shit, its time to place the blame where it belongs and try some traitors for treason.

      61. You built it. You bought it.

      62. Amazing how its always jews leading the non white students in their rallies of hate, as for me I cant wait for civil war, race war, whatever you want to call it. We will never be free until the jews are forever banned from US soil.

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