Alinsky’s Absorption Technique Exemplified: “The Spirit Of Revolution That Once Existed In Ireland Is Now Just A Shadow Of Itself”

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    Most of you are well-familiar with the quintessential “community organizer” and Marxist grass-roots manual written by Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals.” This primer on agitation and “soft” revolution has a principle that the Marxists have utilized successfully with the labor unions (Richard Trumka, for example) that has not been lost outside of the U.S. as well.  With St. Patrick’s Day, we can see a prime example of where an organization formed ostensibly for one reason is transformed into another.  The Alinsky principle is to take over an entire organization by “converting” its heads/leaders…called “organizing the organized.”  In this way, the social network stays in place, “led” into a new way of thinking and conduct by the converted leadership.  For this example outside of the U.S., look no further than Sinn Fein.

    Established as a political party that supported active Irish independence from Great Britain, it presently is far from what it was originally intended.  Visit their website and find they support LGBT issues and same-sex marriage, along with a whole bunch of other platforms that could come right out of the Planks of the Communist Manifesto.  The U.S. Union boss Richard Trumka’s counterpart in Ireland is none other than Gerry Adams.

    His family has quite an active history with both the PIRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army), as well as with other smaller (less well-known) organizations that have actively taken a combat role in fighting the British.  Gerry Adams did a few stints in prison; however, they fit the bill for exactly the type of incarcerations that would suit the purposes of British handlers upon Adams’ release: conditions that were not appalling, short sentences, and frequent communications permitted with the outside.

    Since being released his last term in prison, Adams was elected president of Sinn Fein in 1983.  An assassination attempt was made on him in 1984 that was credited to gunman of the UDA (Ulster Defense Association), a paramilitary group of loyalists to Britain.  “Miraculously,” Adams was “saved” by British Troops, although wounded: the attack had been known to be in motion in advance by the British.  Such an operation could do nothing but substantiate Adams’ position in the eyes of the Irish.

    Gerry Adams accomplished a goal not attainable under the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) “administration” of Northern Ireland: he “persuaded” Sinn Fein to pledge its support to the PSNI, the Police Service of Northern Ireland…the organization that was formerly known as the RUC.  The changes they duped the Northern Irish over was allowing it to have a Northern Irish Head (the Chief Constable) appointed by a lackey of the British Government (the Minister of Justice for Northern Ireland).  The Chief Constable is the 3rd highest paid British police officer.

    Adams has upheld the call to keep armed struggle out of politics, and has fervently denied being any part of the IRA (Irish Republican Army), while still stating his support for them privately, as evidenced by this quote:

    “I’m very, very clear about my denial of IRA membership but I don’t disassociate myself from the IRA.”  (November 24, 2013)

    He has clearly been treading the line between both sides.  Now that most of the bombers and fighters from the 1960’s to 1990 have aged and “bowed out” of conflict, you find Sinn Fein appearing more and more akin to the American Democratic Party than to one originally intended to bring about the departure of Ireland from Great Britain and the forming of Ireland as a nation.  Such a metamorphosis is clearly seen in countless organizations that time, coupled with left-wing policies designed to subvert the existing institutions of society and cram it into a globalist packaging, is rampant and extant in every nation.  Look at the Boy Scouts of the U.S. fifty years ago, and look at them now.  Look at virtually every civic and social club and organization and see the amount of filth, immorality, and destroyed traditions purposefully introduced into them by those who wished to destroy them from within.

    Sinn Fein is no different, and they have been used as a tool in the hands (and at the behest of) the British to quell the fighting spirit of the Irish who have thirsted for independence from Great Britain for centuries.  Be advised: this piece is not written to either commend or excuse indiscriminate bombings and the killing of innocents that has taken place.  But the spirit of revolution that once existed in Ireland is now just a shadow of itself.  We, too, had a country that once needed to be formed in the fires of revolution.

    As governments age, they become conscious only of their own need to survive and maintain power.  They do so by taking dissenting groups and organizations, and either infiltrating them to destroy them outright, or by planting an agent of their own creation in their midst to change it from within.  Gerry Adams is a prime example of such an agent, and the sooner the Irish realize this, the better it will be for them.  They can accomplish a referendum to exit from the dominion of Great Britain, and hopefully peacefully.

    Although Armagh used to be considered a combat tour for British regulars, what goes unmentioned was what was done from their end to the Irish.  The toughest fight the Irish face is to keep an organization that helps to bring about peaceful change and independence without it becoming a puppet-organization or figurehead to dupe the people into believing it is going about in its original mission…when it is not.  Here in the United States, we would be wise to consider our own last eight years under Obama and all of the havoc he wrought within our own social organizations and political parties.  We always have to keep in mind the “organizing the organized” technique of Alinsky, as it will never be completely out of play, no matter who enters into office.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. The “tolerant” left: Conservative author Savage assaulted outside restaurant

        Given that the fascist left MURDERED over 100 million last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, I guess this should surprise no one. Every day there is a new assault, violence or brownshirt antic from the left, such as the Berkeley violence, the assault of a Middlebury College prof a week ago, ad nauseam.

        Hmmm.. wonder if this might classify as a “macro-aggression??” His dog was also kicked… but no word from PETA yet if that was OK or not, given that this is a conservative….

        A few sources to verify this story below at bottom.
        (Oh yeah. Helping puerile Mr. YR here. I have stopped reading your inane posts, but let me help you by giving you space to post your usual invective: Pls post your insults in the space provide here: ________

        • In honor of St Patrick’s Day, did you hear the one about the two Irish guys leaving a pub ???

          Yeah, it could happen !!! 🙂

        • Yeah, your as anonymous as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
          Yeah, I’m puerile, when you actually come out and say that you mistakenly read my comments because you didn’t see the name in really, really, big letters at the top. Now if that is childish what is? And then to keep standing behind the same lies that you have been telling. That’s not only childish, it’s one of the tells of a psychopath.
          The Savage attack was probably staged since it’s become clearer whom he might work for. I think some might even think that he could be one of the guys pushing over headstones in those people’s cemetery. Those people do these things now so they can blame it on the ‘Brown Shirts’ who threw the commies out of their country. Like this assigns blame. And if you listen to this guy, they can figuratively wear any color shirts that they want. So too can the ‘Fascist’ label be put an anyone you don’t care for also. Oh yeah, and don’t to forget to tie it to that German who saved his country from the banksters. But he was a SOCIALIST. He actually wasn’t, but you know how people can corrupt history by taking things out of context.
          Watch the video on youtube of the ‘(The German Guy)’s election speech at Eberswalde’. It’s so very interesting on so many levels.
          There’s a space for your comments too. You’re sitting on it.

        • Yeah, they kicked his dog. That had to put that in there just in case you didn’t really care that they kicked his……

        • Whoops. Ran CCleaner and deleted my auto entry.

      2. Its revolution within a revolution.

        The Democrat Party has completely abandoned the middle class worker with their incorporation of support for globalist free trade and the Neo-Conservative foreign policy. Then then took in the freaks of society, with hypocritical peace symbols, to fill the vacuum. Their followers have no idea what they’re following.

        • … led by dingbat Nancy Pelosi, Imam Mohammed Keith Ellison, Fauxahontas Warren, Suck Schumer, with tech/email support provided by network engineer Hilary.

          Great team.

          • The official turning point of the Democrats abandoning their traditional backbone labor was Bill Clinton with NAFTA.

            • When you are blinded by unsubstantiated hate it takes a bit longer to figure things out.
              But they did figure it out….

          • What makes the difference if you throw one party under the bus today and the other one under the bus tomorrow, if you own both of them. So why aren’t you quoting Alinsky now? You have an autographed copy of his book at home right next to you.
            All they are doing is playing one side against the other now. Enjoying the daily ‘breaking news’? Everything else has been accomplished. That’s why this guy rambles nonsensically. He’s not educating anyone. In fact it’s just the opposite. And his excuse for posting the same b.s. day after day is because he says there might be new people coming to this site. Yeah, a new class of third graders he hopes. Well all I can say is I’m glad that I got to see his posts. Again, and again, and again, and again………..

        • Concerning the subjugation of Ireland:

          mauricepinay.blogspot DOT com/2014/01/update-on-justice-equality-defense-and.html

          mauricepinay.blogspot DOT com/2014/01/update-on-justice-equality-defense-and.html

          mauricepinay.blogspot DOT com/2015/03/how-boycott-of-financial-predation.html

          …and what destruction of a nation would would be complete without the Kapo himself, Soros?

          mauricepinay.blogspot DOT com/2015/05/atlantic-philanthropies-stop-meddling.html

          • …and… mauricepinay.blogspot DOT com/2015/03/how-boycott-of-financial-predation.html

      3. Then then should be Then they

        • Yeah, we figured that out ourselves. You really shouldn’t be a grammar Nazi. Especially to yourself. Ooops, I mean a grammar Fascist, SOCIALIST, Brown Shirt.

      4. Just remember the new St.Pattys day saying, “Don’t try ta kiss me, just get the fuck off me Island!

        • I am from Northern Ireland so maybe I know a thing or two about this.

          The reason why NI remains part of the UK is because most of its population (myself included) are pro-UK Protestants, largely descended from Scots and English settlers. In NI, we call ourselves “Ulster Scots” but in America our name is “Scots Irish”. We are a different seed and breed to the Catholic Irish.

          Our contribution to America has been notable; numerous presidents, “Stonewall” Jackson, the Lockheed aviation company, etc. And we took a massive role in the US revolution, as G Washington himself noted.

          Our ages-long enemy, though, has been the Catholic Irish because of zero-sum political goals. They want a United Ireland, and we don’t. You can say that we should “get off their island”, but in that case we could say you should “give America back to the Red Indians”. It’s just a really stupid, simplistic argument.

          The PIRA always were a bunch of leftist murderers and extortionists, but they had wonderful PR in America. What you will find today in Ireland is that conservative views are almost non-existent outside the Ulster Scots’ northern homeland. The Catholic Irish are liberal, gay-loving, pro-immigrant, pro-abortion, anti-gun, globalist, pro-EU, in sum, everything that is anathema to most US patriots.

          Conversely, Northern Ireland remains a somewhat beleaguered but stubborn resister to the gay agenda (it’s the only territory in the British Isles where Sodomites may not “marry”). It is also the only part of the UK where gun laws remain sensible – you can own handguns, semi-auto rimfires, and so on. But most of all, it has the only truly high density of conservatives in the UK. So you can imagine what the Hillary-lovers on the rest of the island think about us.

          “Sinn Fein IRA” are and always have been one and the same thing, not merely a party representing the aims of a terror group. Gerry Adams is considered a murderer by us, although it seems clear now that he has indeed been an agent of our perfidious rulers in London.

          The only solution to the Irish problem will be when the Catholic Irish – who most meaningfully define themselves by a rabid hatred of all things British – turn to Christ and forsake their ungodly ways. We could be generations from that, but I believe it will one day come.

          • Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️to Mac, Tess, and all the good folks who contribute and frequent this site! We need each other now more than ever. Everyone has something to add to the knowledge and welfare of the group. Thanks,

            Louisiana Eagle ?

            • Speaking of St. Paddy’s Day, fascist gay Brownshirts threaten to violently attack the Boston parade. This is nothing more – and no exaggeration – than Nazi Brownshirt tactics. Truth is, the biggest H8TERS on the planet are the radical gays themselves.

     From the article:

              From the article: “But here’s what the media has not reported. The parade organizers had every intention of holding to their principles. They only agreed to include the homosexual group after threats of widespread violence — and possible death.”

              I have a close friend, a former senior Illinois state trooper, who told me personally that, until if became politically incorrect, they has special training in gay on gay murders and crimes, as they were generally outside the “norm” with the “usual” violence they saw in other crimes.

              I don’t hate gay, or anyone. But I DO hate their lies, their violence, their frauds, and yes, as the courageous Dr. Paul Cameron of Family Research Inst. in Colorado Springs has shown, an *disproportionate* amount of child molestation. And the radical gays destroying the life, finances and business of, e.g., florist and grandmother Barronnelle Stutzman is **disgusting.** One story on her is here:

              Mass Resistance is a great group, doing great things.

              • Your trooper buddy is definitely right, genital mutilation is quite common, if not the ‘norm’ in male homosexual murders, and there is a level of violence that is usually found in psycho killings, 43 stab wounds, bludgeoned 14 times, that kind of ‘overkill’.

                These folks are not normal.

          • Thanks for that interesting and insightful note about the Ulster Scot. I suppose you do not celebrate ? St. Patrick’s day? We are blessed with quite a few folks of Irish descent around these parts and there have been quite a few block parties and parades of which the biggest ones will be this weekend in New Orleans and Metairie. A fun time is had by all and it is a good time for catching bushels of cabbage, potatoes, onions and beads as the throw them out from the floats. Even the Catholics were allowed to eat corned-beef and cabbage yesterday if they will give up something in the following days per the ruling of our local Archbishop ! ? At least locally a great time is had by all and folks are in a celebratory mood. Heck, some down in the Quarter have started a new tradition and even dressed up as Zulus with orange fuzzy hair and grass skirts.? Have a wonderful day!

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Most of us don’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day as it’s seen as alien to our British culture. There is some irony too; Patrick was actually Welsh, not Irish, and his beliefs were those of the old Celtic Church which was in many regards a form of pre-Reformation Protestantism. The Catholics pretty much acknowledge this, but any excuse for a drinking session seems to prevail.

          • Thank you Scots-Irish for the American Revolution, the Whiskey Rebellion, chasing off the Indians and our once great Steel Industry. Now that you’ve done all the backwork all I have to do is sit around and read the internet. Also thank you for my grandfather who fought honorably at Pearl Harbor. Now, when you get a chance can you send some more people over here to chase away the damn liberal parasites.

            • Steve, you’ve done your homework well! We also built the Titanic, but I can never judge whether we should boast about that or stay silent.

              • Jay in UK, I appreciate your insight into the situation in Northern Ireland. You answered some questions for me about it that I long had in mind. BTW, I’m of English descent myself. I had ancestors who came over here with Captain John Smith’s group in 1607 and founded the colony at Jamestown. That was 13 years before the Mayflower set sail with the Pilgrims. I never approved of what the IRA did back during those years. Although my late wife was raised Catholic, she was one of those ‘recovering catholics’ when I first met her. I’m Protestant myself so religion was never an issue for either of us.

          • Jay in the UK. Thanks for that information. I had no idea of what things were like there. Keep the faith.

            • Isn’t Bill Clinton Scots-Irish, too?
              I read that once.
              That’s the only thing I have in common with him, period.

              • Scots-Irish or Scotch-Irish is the same as HILLBILLY in America. That is what Clinton is.

                • Yes, we and the Hillbillies are one and the same. Clinton is a traitor to his race and heritage, but you all knew that anyway.

          • Thanks for the insight and clarifications. 🙂

          • You are not Irish. You just happen to live there. Irish is a culture and nations are self determination of cultures. You folks have always been the lapdogs and the instigators of the brits. Every time in history it has always been you folks who begged for war then didnt show up to fight. Reaping your few pints of beer from the british for your efforts.
            You should be ashamed to call yourself Irish.

            • Ed, just for clarity, I am from Northern Ireland (but live in Latvia); my fellow Ulster Scots in my homeland largely do not consider themselves to be Irish, but rather, British, just as I do.

              “Scots Irish” is an American term for Ulster Scots, but we never use that term because the word “Irish” is in it.

              • So you are against the word Irish? Or are you against the Irish people?

                • The word “Irish” implies a culture and religion alien to our own, hence most of us don’t want that association. And I am personally opposed to most of those things that define the Irish people, i.e., their liberal, pro-EU, pro-gay, socialist, anti-UK worldview.

            • Go find some Irishmen, orange or green, and say that to their faces.

              • I am that. I have.

          • Both sides are too stubborn and ignorant to work out that problem. Enjoy your misery.

      5. What do you call an Irish 7 course meal? A sixpack of Guiness and a potato.

        How do you get a one-armed Irishman out of a tree? Wave to him.

        What do you call a one-armed Italian? Speech-impaired.

        What do you call an Arkansas woman with a full set of teeth? A “24”

        How do you know when Obama is lying? …..( hint ) Everybody knows that one!

        • What is the difference between a Irish wedding and a Irish funeral?…

          One less drunk.

        • How do you get the communists out of Germany?

      6. Everything runs in cycles, and in the US the cycle is about to GO HOT!

        Just look at history it shows us this all the time. About every 200 to 300 years there is a HOT cycle of revolution.

        Its coming, just be ready. Today it just doesn’t have to be in the US it can be anywhere, and it can effect us here.


        • Sgt. Dale

          The concentration of wealth is the driver as the benefits of globalism have largely went to its orchestrators at the expense of the masses in the developed world.

          “Today it just doesn’t have to be in the US it can be anywhere”

          And it is everywhere in the developed world. One could look at it as a global communism where the proletariat is the developing third world nations and the bourgeoisie is the developed world nations with a relatively high standard of living. “From them according to their means to them according to their needs”. The goal is global homogenization of wealth, culture, race of the masses while retaining the separate and superior position of the orchestrators of this endeavor.

          • Kev, I’ve posted this before, but in case you’ve missed it, I think it is great.

            The story goes Leonid Brezhnev had his ancient grandmother visit him at his office in Moscow when he was leader of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Brezhnev proudly showed her his many Zil limousines – all left running for whenever his whims demanded – the Italian marble floors in his private bathroom, the gold plated handles on his mahogany desk, all his dachas, his multiple fine silk suites in his closets, and much, much more.

            Finally, the end of the day came, and all the assistants, servants and aides went home. After everyone had left, the aged grandmother looked around very, very carefully, then sidled up as close as she possibly could to her grandson and whispered very, very quietly in his ear:

            “This is all very well, Leonid. But… WHAT IF THE COMMUNISTS COME???”

            Of course, today we would apply this same story to all the Hollywood Learjet leftists, Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama and her monthly uber-vacations, the John Kerrys with their mega-yachts, the Nancy Pelosis who increase their net worth by tens of millions while in office, etc.

            Or, maybe, in real life, re. Irina Bokova, who as of Sept. 2016 was head of the UN’s UNESCO, and now is up to be the UN head in 2017. This “woman of the people” – but not apocryphal, has a number of luxury properties (among other things), including a Manhattan apartment worth over $3 million, and own properties in London and Paris, worth over $1 million each, according to Bulgarian watchdog Bivol. Funny how she obtained all this as a “servant of the people” on a public servant’s salary. Kinda reminds one of fellow commie rich-nik former UN Under-Secretary General Maurice Strong, who recently went to his reward – or lack thereof – despite a net worth of over $100 million.

            • TEST

              Communism traditionally was the downtrodden individual collectively joining with fellow like minded to overthrow the rich and share their wealth. This was done with the political speaker telling the masses to rise up. Once in power those communists became self serving. This series of events is the traditional Marxist chronology. What I’m describing in the above posting are nations in which the people do not rise for this “take from the rich” social change but the governments go forth, by treaty, without the true consent of the supposedly represented citizenry, to equalize their nation which results in lowering their citizens standard of living. Communists are not at the top of this food chain orchestrating this, fascist capitalists are.

              • kevin2, excellent analogy. That’s what happened in my wife’s homeland of Cuba. The people rose up against Batista only to have been hoodwinked by the Castro brothers. They made Batista look like a Boy Scout in comparison. One of the Castros is already in hell and one more to go.

              • Do you guys do reach arounds so you can each get to the keyboard.

                • Out for your daily troll?

              • Yeah what gets me are all these people that make a career out of serving the fascist capitalist be they military or civilian when suddenly they have an epiphany and become all holier than thou denouncing their former masters all the while assuming no personal responsibility for 30-40 years of transgressions.

                • That’s just what they do when they are ready to retire and live amongst the people with the pitchforks.

              • “Fascist Capitalists”, can you be more specific? Your propagandist friend can handle it. Yeah, right.

            • Do you have to decode these messages you get? I think that enigma machine that you got on eBay needs calibrating.

        • Oh im ready,,,
          Im sick and tired of the left and their crap,

      7. Here is a colorful berating of the left at Shia Lobouf’s “he will not divide us” “Art Exhibit”.
        These kids know what is going on and the media won’t let them speak so this was not covered by they clearly understand!

        • Oops, thanks for that video. Those kids definitely ‘get it’. They’ll be alight in life, unlike their libturd counterparts.

        • Nice post, Oops!

          Learjet leftists of the world, unite, I guess!

      8. They bog down every organization with fruitless debates about trans bathroom privileges and Muslims wearing headscarves as if these are the biggest issues of our times. The world needs to get to grips with many serious problems and letting man-women get to sit-down pee in the ladies is not one of them.

        No white person should spend a second of thought on this nonsense. Spend your days reading, studying, raising beautiful white children, eating organic food, keeping fit, and organising people with brains and values.

        • Well said. A wise comment indeed.

        • So sad that you are dead right. What a world we live in. Thanks for the great comment

        • [[[They bog down every organization with fruitless debates about trans bathroom privileges and Muslims wearing headscarves as if these are the biggest issues of our times]]]

          I think of this ‘every’ day..amen to your post.

          I also think of the homo/lesbian issue a this the only unfair issue these liberals find to bitch about??
          How about the inhumane situation happening in Veneuzeula?? I don’t care what one does in their bedroom as long as there is consent..but the fact we can’t help these starving folks bothers me more than gay issues.
          Geeze..snowflakes, please melt.

          • Very true! I remember in the 1980s how much disruption gays placed on government with their endless protests around AIDS. At that time there was record homelessness and poverty but they made it seem like the most important thing in the world was the right for a man to stick another man up his anus.

            Today, we are told the most important thing is for man-women to enter women’s toilets and showers. At the same time, our government is killing Muslim women and children around the world in various wars. We have record poverty and unemployment. It is the same degenerate distraction.

            What somebody does in their bedroom is their business. But if they undertake unsafe or filfthy practices that spread diseases, surely that is a basic health problem, not something to be endlessly discussed. It is the same with immigrant children with nits in their hair: tell them to wash.

        • Good one Frank.

        • @Frank

          Many young people who know what is going on don’t want to have children. Children are being vaxed and now, one in ten have autism!
          Then you have to deal with the WHO/NWO doctors, allow it or they call child protective services and take your child. Next up schools in many areas home school is not an option CPS is called and cops invade your house and take your child.
          Meanwhile, your child spends hours a day being indoctrinated the turn out as an SJW?
          Many young people feel why introduce a new life into this hell???
          The push back has to start at the grassroots level. Getting involved and searching like minded and develop get a plan (changing local laws, changing local leadership, exposing how tax dollars are spent and how NWO funding is causing the implementation of these programs)
          So far what I have discovered is that Nongovernmental Planning Committees (guess who they are) map everything for elected officials and then provide funding only if projects are adopted.
          The elected dupes are either to stupid because of ego to realize they have been snookered or are to corrupt to care. The NGO’s are deeply embedded, now. They are the local swamp dwellers.
          The Party PTB in which elected officials belong are also driven by the same NGO’s or are fearful of MSM. Its to that point now. Young folks are smart and know more than given credit. They are just not experienced enough on how to push back effectively.

      9. Since being released his last term in prison, Adams was elected president of Sinn Fein in 1983. An assassination attempt was made on him in 1984 that was credited to gunman of the UDA (Ulster Defense Association), a paramilitary group of loyalists to Britain. “Miraculously,” Adams was “saved” by British Troops, although wounded: the attack had been known to be in motion in advance by the British. Such an operation could do nothing but substantiate Adams’ position in the eyes of the Irish.

        For those of you who are followers of Biblical Prophecy,
        doesn’t the above paragraph read/sound similar to the wound suffered by the beast (anti-christ) and he recovers from the wound and the entire world marvels and worships him? Paraphrased but most of you get the point.

        Also, a similar movement to discredit the president. The MSM, Democrats and some Republicans are working hard to build distrust in the president as they tried to do to Ronald Reagan. Proves that all along many Republicans were in bed with the New World Order.

        Trump in office is a disruption of the Global world Order and that is the reason why these dumbass Judges are standing against his executive orders regarding immigration vetting.

        Have to speak up for him, those who voted. Many believe that if Hillary had been elected, we would be at war with Russia.

        My opinion

        • W and W, I agree. We probably would be glowing in the dark for the next 100 years.

      10. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day !!!

        I heard what is considered the most beautiful rendition of the song “Danny Boy” last night on the Rense Radio. Thank you, Jeff Rense.

        Since we had so much rain last month, the hills are lush and GREEN.



      11. Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️to Mac, Tess, and all the good folks who contribute and frequent this site! We need each other now more than ever. Everyone has something to add to the knowledge and welfare of the group. Thanks,

        Louisiana Eagle ?

      12. Long Live the NRA

      13. Go look at the devistating floods in Peru
        Don’t see much about this in the news
        But that whole area is fucked
        Shit hit the fan down there for sure
        And they predict 2 more weeks of rain

      14. It’s applied to everything.
        I remember the anti corporation “Green” movement with Greenpeace & Friends of the Earth bringing to notice all the environmental issues initiated by people like Rachel Carson.

        Now they are toothless, and the dismissive Corporate machine trundles on with no regard or responsibility for its actions and the environmental or health issues they create.

        • This is true: a good example is vehicles. Nothing worse for air pollution in modern Western cities than vehicles. So what did governments do? In order to re-start the car manufacturing industry after the global economic crisis, they told people to go out and buy diesel vehicles because they are more ‘green’ and will reduce global warming. And now, they have cities filled with noxious particulate exhaust from these vehicles causing many health problems. The only plus to it is the greens have inadvertantly made a generation of poor blacks and other minorities (the main residents of many of these densely populated inner cities) mentally more retarded and ensured they will have an early death and/or ill health. Even daisies sprout up beside road sides I suppose :).

      15. Here’s another invisible comment. If you can see this, just pretend that you didn’t and then go wash your eyes out with bleach. Though my comments aren’t filled with communist propaganda and tail chasing training they should be ignored.

      16. Why does Irish chili only have 239 beans? Because one more would make it too faaarty! Yuck, yuck!

      17. Mar 14, 2017 Paul Craig Roberts “It’s OVER For Trump

        Anti-Russian Neocons Are In Charge. Business As Usual.”

      18. Well am a day late….but to the Irish amongst us….”May the dust of your wagon wheels blind your foe!”

        And another….”The terrier is always boldest in his own doorway…”….

      19. March 9, 2017 The US Psychic Programme: Not Yesterday’s News, But Tomorrow’s News

        Once again one of those stories has come round which you have to comment on, whatever you were intending to write about. On the face of it, the story is old news. When you dig deeper however you discover it is very much in line with what is going on right now, and none of us will be able to avoid the consequences.


        “How The Jews Divide and Conquer”

        At Dr. Duke’s site or, if it is still up, on YouTube

        This video has garnered so much attention that
        British Parliament is debating about it openly.

        Ireland is experiencing some of the tactics of divide and conquer.


      21. Speaking of Ireland the movie Michael Collins shows how the UK governs subjects close to home, Gandhi shows it further from the British Isles. God only knows what atrocities they committed in Africa because no one was there to care or document it.

      22. The bigger the government, the bigger the threat. No big governments, no big empires.

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