Alex Jones Slams Alec Baldwin: “You Coward… I Challenge Him $1 Million To Get In The Ring With Me… Bare Knuckle”

by | Mar 13, 2017 | Headline News | 62 comments

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    Alex Jones, founder of the popular alternative news web site, has challenged Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin to a fight. Baldwin took jabs at Jones in a recent Saturday Night Live appearance sarcastically questioning Jones’ legitimacy. In response, Jones recorded a spirited video in which he calls Baldwin a “coward” and tells him to step into the ring for a $1 million challenge:

    Alex Baldwin thinks he’s a tough guy… I challenge him $1 million to the charity he wants to get in the ring with me… bare knuckle… you coward.. you think you’re a tough guy… you frickin’ bully… you coward.

    I hate you… my listeners hate you… and remember that, scumbag… forever… we’re going to defeat this anti-human scum… we’re going to wreck their world.

    The original SNL skit:


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      1. Fight Fight Fight!

        Kick his ass Sea Bass!

        • i got 22bucks and one perfectly functioning kidney if smart-alec baldwin gets in the ring with ME.

          • Alec Baldwin is a pussy. So is Alex Jones. This will be fun to watch, let me know when the fight is on so I can prepare my popcorn. My $20 is on Alec.

          • Alec Baldwin is a pussy. So is Alex Jones. This will be fun to watch, let me know when the fight is on so I can prepare my popcorn. My $20 is on Alec.

            • Baldwin is another Scumbag Hollywood Sellout of America to the lowest denominator of useless eaters. Polluting the minds of the sheep to degrade the American Sprit, our culture, honor and integrity. Balwin is no different than the other MSM Shills spewing gutter BS. Its not entertainment, but part of the dominos to destroy America fro within.

              Get ready folks for the Great Culling. It can’t come soon enough. Got your lists together. Ready Go!!

              • Zeus

                Heads up.

                Check out penetration tests on sandbox/bag with arrows on Utube. You are not going to believe it.

              • Zeus, I can’t help but laugh at this article. Baldwin and Jones are BOTH shills. Hell, I could take on either one of them by myself and send them home crying to mama.

              • I am in firm accordance with you. What the US needs to do is follow this definition of “cull” and rid this nation of socialists, communists, anti American’s like baldwin, cher, george lopez, and all those that want to destroy freedom, liberty and this republic CULL – to reduce or control the size of (as a herd) by removal (as by hunting) of especially weaker animals;

      2. Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behavior that impairs daily functioning, and can be disabling. Schizophrenia is a chronic condition, requiring lifelong treatment.

        • Bullshit

          You cant legally challenge somebody to a fight unless you both have boxing licenses, the fight is registered with the state boxing commission, and you both are wearing a bare minimum of knuckle wraps, groin cups, and mouthpieces.

          Alex Jones has never fought bare knuckle in his life.

          More old people mouthing off over things they know absolutely nothing about.

          Ive done some of the shit you old fucks talk about.

          Alex Jones is a fucking weirdo conspiracy nut, and thats coming from me.

          • You need to tell Greg Brady & Danny Partridge & that twit skater that then. They had no problem getting a boxing match. I would bet you never bare knuckle fought either, just another know it all punk, that thinks old people don’t know anything, too bad when you realize how little you actually know, no old person will help you. And buy the way this old person could kick YOUR ass. Friggin stupid sissy.

          • Eisen/Acid, I agree that both Jones and Baldwin are POS. But it depends on what kind of fight you’re talking about. They could just have a good, old-fashioned street fight somewhere, anywhere. And you need to stop underestimating us ‘old farts’ here. I’m an old fart who can still hold his own.

        • Bert said:
          Schizophrenia is…

          Yes it is.
          The real question(s) should be, who exactly has it? And who determines who has it?

          • so mental health doctors TELL you who is sane and who is not sane and what consitutes sanity from insanity, and so on and so on. they use allot of verbage declaring a percentage from the masses declares many of there anologies, well here is one to consider using there own train of thought! IF you were raised a cannibal and never knew any other way of life, WHAT then makes it wrong? now if YOU were raised NON-cannibal and you have been taught that it is wrong and it appals you (as it should) about cannibals, what is the difference? the moral of the story is DO NOT buy into a predetermined assumption that just because you are told 98% of the masses are that way does NOT prove anything! and Doctors ARE just like there Plaque hanging in there office says “PRACTICING physician” use your own mind, NOT someone elses. Normal does NOT mean because 98% are that way!there IS NO normal! it is a poor use of a word!

            • Apache54:

              Psychology grew directly from Philosophy.

              During the last century, the prevailing belief among psychologists was that homosexuality was a mental illness, a perversion, and antisocial, therefore dangerous.

              In the current century, anyone who is appalled by homosexuality is homophobic which is a dangerous mental disorder, and that person is a dangerous antisocial.

              Religion is characterized by beliefs. Since psychology is more concerned with beliefs than objective fact proven by experiment in the Scientific Method, it can rightly be categorized more as religion than science.

              The fact that so many people take psychological theories as facts rather than mere hypothesis and opinions, points to the success of the proponents of psychology and the methods used in the art of sales and promotion or advertisement developed by trial and error over a millennium.


            • Apache54, damn good post. One of your best ever. I never trust any ‘mental health professionals’ either.

            • “IF you were raised a cannibal and never knew any other way of life, WHAT then makes it wrong?”

              This is a dangerous way of reasoning. A higher viewpoint would see it as wrong. Socrates would never condone cannibalism, neither would Jesus Christ.

              It is not wrong in the cannibal’s eyes, as long as he doesn’t really start thinking about it.

      3. i hate alec baldwin too

      4. If you didn’t think that the media resembles the WWE now, no matter which extreme that you go to, then I don’t know what does. And I said this same thing awhile ago on another site, for which I was sorely reprimanded, because with that post I referred to the media show as the WWF, which then by default made me an old guy that had no idea what he was talking about., cuz it’s the WWE now stoopid. Not much has changed since I got here ‘recently’. Except now I’m the young guy that doesn’t have an idea of what he is talking about.
        Have you ever been told that nobody likes you?.. What?.. Every time I ask that question I laugh. Why? I have. A few times.
        Anyway, I want to know who the refs are going to be, if they will always be looking in the wrong direction at the most inopportune times, and if there will be one row of folding chairs at ring side or two?

      5. Alec Baldwin is a blubber bellied POS .

      6. I’ll put my money on Nicole Kidman to kick both their asses.



      7. OMG!.. Alex is losing it, time for me to bail out of his channel…wow..calm down Alex, you are going to give yourself a heart attack….

        • Yes, Mr. Jones is a bit on the weird side but if Paul Joseph Watson is his “Robin” he can’t be all bad.

      8. SNL is nothing more than entertainment for retarded people.

        • Agree 100%. It used to be funny, like 25 years ago. But now it’s just progressive garbage. Does anyone watch it anymore?

      9. Alex Jones is a motor gob who job is to make anyone look stupid that subscribes to news outside of MSM news that all controlled by Hollyhoax and it’s outlets all over the world.

        Baankers run the world and Alex motor-gob never goes after his paymasters, never looks in that direction does he now

        • I concur Mr. Smith.


      10. Bread and circuses. Sweet Jesus – is this what we’re coming to? To fat guys together striving to simultaneous heart attacks? My goodness, the tsunami of fat-enriched sweat alone would be disgusting should this ‘event’ occur.

      11. Alex better watch out. I think Baldwin takes “Super Male Vitality Plus” also!!!!

      12. Start playing the Rocky music.

        • bring back the death-match!

      13. It’s Jerry “The King” Lawler V Andy Kaufman . Ha
        They wouldn’t have to come up with these shenanigans if the charity administrators weren’t pocketing most of the proceeds.
        Happy Pi day … Geekers….Tweekers…. and All Night Freakers..??️ π π π

        Ok Ok … The Trump Team either produces evidence or pardons Snowden…. How’s that sound ?

      14. Baldwin – along with Afflect, Babs Streisand, Scarjo, Jennifer Lawrence, ad nauseam – all Learjet leftists hypocrites.

        I will vote left the very first time just ONE of them puts up just ONE illegal immigrant for just ONE night in just ONE room of the zillion room mansions. Will never happen, so I’m ok

      15. This is how the brothers settle disputes. Low class, I’ll beat your ass HS behavior.

      16. Isn’t Alec from Boston or thereabouts? They’re known to be roustabouts, better be careful Alex.

        As I study deeper and deeper into martial arts the one thing I’ve learned over and over is never judge the guy across from you based on looks.

        But really, overall we have to middle aged white guys, overweight, full of themselves and probably don’t workout that often, if at all.

        If they can make through round 1 (3 minutes) I’ll be shocked. 3 minutes of sparring/fighting is a L O N G damn time.

        • Adrenalin is the key factor after physical shape and stamina. Too little and round one will be over in a hurry. Too much and it could last longer

      17. Make the results permanent. Pistols (Single shot. Big caliber) at 10 paces. Two men enter. One man leaves.

        • I had hoped for a Bush/Obsma duel …but everytime you see them … they’re all hugged up like they’re dating.?‍❤️‍?‍?

        • Make the pistols .22 caliber.
          Lets see who is the better shot!

      18. Love some AJ, need more like him.

      19. Lol the haters are out and about today, with screen names I’ve never seen before. Alex Jones is a little over the top but definitely legit, one of the few out there who has helped open my eyes from the slumber that the masses have been embracing(along with sgt report, x22, shtf, and thedailysheeple).

        F*ck Alec ballsin and his schilling propaganda and slander.

      20. The two, prevailing arguments have been called national socialism (with diplomacy) and international socialism.

      21. A new Ferguson video has been made by a guy named Jason Pollock.It is a total fabrication made from editing previous videos. The guy is trying to provoke racial violence by blacks against every one. He was on TV the other night and he seems to be unstable. He is also a flaming commie. Conservative Treehouse has the evidence.

        • Him, I saw that video. Pollock is just another libturd and a stooge for the black criminal groups.

        • Evidently named after the famous artist, Jackson Pollock. They never lack in originality, do they.

          Thanks for the info.

      22. Alec Baldwin is an actor. SNL is a comedy show on TV. Presidents have been subjected to comical skits in the media since forever. Alec Baldwin looks a lot like The Trumpster. Both men are quite handsome. I enjoy humor and I am not offended.


      23. Why do I feel like the Patriot/Prepper movement has died.

        • Just the fact alone that nobody seems to hear you is a good indication.

        • This movement is a commercial, not a revival, nor renaissance. It never especially tells people how to make anything, what to do with it, or with themselves.

          What is the basis of art, medicine, manufacturing, or religion. Where do people begin, in the great do-over.

          The products we are being sold look like detritus, on the peg boards of gas stations and mini marts — the solution to planetary catastrophe. Put a camo pattern on it, and it’s a serious, social movement.

      24. Alex. versus Alec. Reminds you of Alexander Hamilton versus Aaron Burr which was one of most famous duels in American history. Why not a duel instead of a boxing match? How about a pillow fight? A hot-dog eating contest? We could require that sauerkraut or chili be on the hot-dogs.

      25. If baldwin accepts put it on PPV, I’d pay $$ to see AJ kick his pudgy azz.

      26. SNL is TV for dullards.

        Everyone should take the time to watch the documentary film called

        “State of Mind The Psychology of Control”

        They explain in good detail what TV shows like Saturday Night Live is and how it is nothing more than a tool or rather propaganda used to help people think in certain ways about things, especially politics. Propaganda such as SNL is used to push our society in a certain direction by helping the viewers form and shape opinions, especially against people or policies that are a setback to globalism or for “in support of” to promote things that bennifit the global NWO agenda.

      27. How about we challenge ni g ger poop dogy dog to no holds bar fight with mark walhberg. Let that beta cuck poopy shit his pants when a real alt right alpha puts a naga in his place.
        Son Of Liberty

      28. It’s too bad. I saw the movie The Edge It’s too bad Baldwin isn’t on our side?

      29. Mike Tyson… “everybody got a plan till they get hit”!

        I’ll take some of that Alec Baldwin, I’m over 50 and old Navy would love to lay his ass out in under 30 seconds, and I’m not too big. First, interrupt his breathing, directly target the interior dead center of the upper most part of his stomach, second, target the upper right outside eye in three blows as he leans in from the initial trauma of the lower chest shots, third, a final blow up under the same targeted xiphoid region with the right and a final blow to the chest and head in a 4 punch succession left right left right targeting only the same position in the upper stomach again – down, done and OUT of the fight! Maybe not unconscious, but certainly it’s just over.

        Believe me, this works on large people very fast and this is the kind approach. The goal is NOT to knock them out, the goal is to interrupt their breathing.

        Alec will be turning blue straining to breath for at least ten minutes following and this is only the first salvo in the first 30 seconds and then you reload in your corner while he’s gasping in terror. That’s just little me, Alex Jones… shnikee’s man, he’d pummel Alec into the ground as he is not in very good shape. Alex is a big fella and very thick and likely still very strong from the looks of him, my tactics on him would likely not work as he is so damned thick up front, he’s barely feel me. I’d have to go full on joint dismemberment to bring Alex down and that’s if I can out balance him in the first 30 seconds. If he got a hold of me, I’m done lol!

        My money is on Jones no question. Baldwin would be toast with Jones in under a NY minute. I’d even go as far as saying that it’s not even a fair fight it would be so one sided. Me personally, love to see it, but I would not let Alec get in there with him, it could turn out very serious real fast.

        AJ is many things, but from all the time I’ve been fact checking this guy, damned if his stuff checks out in huge percentages. He rarely makes a flub and when he does, corrects it fast. As for all the other fluff in this, I’ll bet Baldwin is pissing himself at the thought of getting into the ring with AJ bawhawhawhawh.

        • Baldwin is a communist pretty boy from from NYC. Jones is a patriot from Texas.

          • See what Jones does to Malkin, on Youtube. You’ll get the idea, of what he is, in a heartbeat, and get banned from his affiliates, equally as fast.

            ffs, sit quietly among plants and animals, for long enough, and you can learn to find food, medicine, valuables, and an accurate weather report. Jones offers no constructive agenda or actionable knowledge, no matter how wholesome or humble. You would almost have to be a social engineer, to interact with other people, never to communicate anything so useful as clouds and the dirt.

            I’m semi-anonymous, here. Not asking for any fame, donations, or product sales, in exchange for my valuable opinions. I have no name to promote or to ruin. You don’t have to like me. Save yourself.

      30. I’d be a velvet gloved pussy slap fight..other than that, SO? slavo is fucking worthless.

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