Alert: Your Cell Phone is Spying on You! 4 Ways to Block Your Cell Phone and Prevent Being Monitored

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    This guide was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition

    Tess is the author of the widely popular Prepper’s Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide To Survive Any Disaster


    “We are all just prisoners here…of our own device…” – “Hotel California,” by The Eagles

    This piece is on the heels of an article released by RT News on 3/8/17, entitled “85% of World’s Smart Phones ‘Weaponized’ by CIA.”  The article is a very disturbing report; however, it isn’t something that just “surfaced” out of the zone of unpredictability.  The basis for the report stems from the recent WikiLeaks release of the CIA-documents and information that just occurred.  Here is an excerpt from that article:

     “Google’s Android operating system, used in 85 percent of the world’s smart phones, including Samsung and Sony, was found to have 24 ‘zero days’ – the code name used by the CIA to identify and exploit vulnerabilities for the purpose of secretly collecting data on individuals.  The techniques allow the CIA to access data from social messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Weibo and Clockman before encryption, according to WikiLeaks.  Both audio and message data were vulnerable to the exploit through the CIA’s exploitation of gaps in the OS.”

    Now mind you, Readers, this piece is not a “news article,” although this event was just reported on 3/8/17.  The purpose of this article is to serve as a “wake-up” call, in case you haven’t taken the measures already outlined in previous articles to protect yourself from your own devices tracking, recording, and (essentially) “spying” upon you.  You may research past articles on electronic security that you can do, and this piece is a “refresher” that will enable you to secure yourself…. from your own equipment.

    4 Ways to Block Your Cell Phone and Prevent Being Monitored

    As mentioned in times past, Mylar can be your best ally.  Mylar is simple to use, affordable, and it works at blocking the signals going to and from your happy cell-phone tracking and recording device.  Here are some inexpensive sources for the Mylar:

    1. Chip/Snack bags: An infinite variety of sizes are available, and you will have to gauge what size you use after taking the size of your phone/device into account.
    2. Mylar in the form of “ponchos” or “space blankets”: these are a little more expensive than the chips, but only slightly so. You will end up with more Mylar to use, and the pieces you cut will not need to be cleaned off of salt and other detritus as with the chip bags.
    3. Freezer bags: Also in a variety of sizes, such as ones that hold up to 30 lbs. of food/ice (for a laptop-sized device) or just a small 1’ x 1’ bag, such as a lunchbag-cooler size.
    4. Another thing to do is to place your device inside of an ammo can (military issue). In doing so, make sure the rubber gasket around the mouth seals efficiently for a tight seal.  There are other containers that can be used; however, you may have to reinforce the seams with something such as Aluminum HVAC duct tape (available for about $15 per roll from your local Home Depot), and cover them over.  With the ammo cans, the container is contiguous with only the lid needing that rubber gasket that works.

    How to Test for Protection

    There is a way to test it out with your phone to see if you have the protection.  Take your chip bag or bags.  If they’re small, be advised that you will need about three complete layers around the cell phone.  Also, place your phone in a plastic Ziploc bag before putting them into the chip bags.  This will keep them clean just in case you missed wiping all of the stuff out of them.  Wiping out the bags can best be accomplished with a dry paper towel: the oils, salts, and other filth will be caught up by the towel.  Just remember to cover/swipe the entire inside surface of the bag.

    Then turn your phone on, and turn up the volume of its ring all the way.  Next, roll/wrap up your phone and fold it over in at least three complete layers of Mylar.  Then use your house phone/landline/etc. to dial your wrapped-up cell phone’s number, and hold the wrapped-up phone close to your ear.

    If you did the job correctly, you will not hear a thing.  Also, make sure you only ring it 3 times.  Any more than that and it may go to a voice-mail/other function, that will send it stored to your cell phone after you unwrap it as a missed call.  This way it will not ring it, and the call will have been cancelled.

    Remember what General David Petraeus mentioned about the “Internet of things?”  Well, those days are upon us.  So, what else?  You’ll have to figure out the best method for making your layers work and last a long time.  You can take the chip bags, cut them open with scissors, and make three premeasured layers.  Form a pouch, and cover them inside and out with duct tape.  Then you just slip in your phone, and secure the top (fold it over) with whatever type of clamp or clip works for you.

    The continuous signal your cell phone sends out (every 4 seconds) will be interrupted.  Inconvenient?  No.  Coordinate with your family members when you will call and talk to them beforehand.  Emergency?  Pull the phone out of the pouch and use it.

    Bottom line: It is a discipline that will have to be followed to enable your privacy…from your own device.

    99% of all people carry that thing around with them everywhere.  They’re hooked to it more closely than a fetus to the umbilicus: they can’t function without it.  But the point I’m making is this: Do you own the phone, or does it own you?

    You can accomplish the same thing with your laptops and other “smart” toys…your palm-pilots, blackberries, cameras, and all of the other damnable devices that have made you an unwitting prisoner to the powers and systems that set them in place…not for your “technological convenience,” but for the very purposes of control, dominion, and surveillance over you.

    Ammo cans work.  The Mylar (when cleaned and fashioned properly) will work.  Now you just received confirmation that it is happening, and I’ve given you methods to use to stop it from happening to you.  The methods work.  I have tested and used them myself.  So, without further ado, figure out how much material you need and make one of these pouches for yourself.  Your privacy is guaranteed under the 4th Amendment from illegal searches and seizures by the government.  That right, however, needs to be exercised by action.  So, finish those Doritos, clean out that bag, and wrap that phone up!  We’d love to hear of any tips or improvements you have come to trust.  Keep fighting that good fight, and send us your comments!

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    Also See: This is How You Can Dodge Facial Recognition Software

    This article first appeared at Tess Pennington’s Ready

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. I use an Android myself, bugs me that anyone feels the need to spy on an old coot like me.

        What frightens me is where this county is headed SHTF or not.

        See an article at NATIONAL REVIEW by Victor Hanson titled “March 20th 2017”, if it does not give you a chill in the pit of your stomach, you don’t belong at any Prepper site.

        God Bless America for it is in Him we trust

        • Better Idea:
          -Best option: Do NOT own a cell phone.
          -If you Insist: Leave the damn thing OFF.
          -Then pull battery.
          -Then put phone in double wall metal box.
          -Also put those chip credit cards in there. Don’t walk around with those chip cards in your pocket.

          Don’t make comments like this one on ANY website. Yes Big Nanny State is listening.
          Someone doesn’t like my politics, so my boss got a phone call. Then I was fired.

          Boss appollogized. Said the call was from people he could not afford to be on his ass. He refused to name agency. He told me to watch my 6. Fired me, but gave me nice severance. One phone call and my livelihood gone. That is how it works in Amerikka. That is the e-verify system. STASI approval required to be employed.
          You must support der fuher to remain employed.
          You must be blind dumb compliant.

          Was during Obama occupation.
          How times have changed. Or have they?
          Different front man. Same string pullers behind stage? Time will tell.

          Automobiles/Trucks made in last ten years are WORSE than your cell phones.
          Track-Trace-Surveil-Record conversations-Time stamps everything.
          Real time reporting to Police.
          You are OWNED.

          Everything that is now “news” I tried to tell people about for 25 years.
          No one would believe.
          Technology is not your friend. NONE of it.
          Utility companies are not your friend.
          Light poles have audio-video. Look up “intelistreets” “Illuminating Concepts.”
          Police are not your friend. They will falsify charges and MURDER you. No accountability for their crimes.
          Internet is a mass control grid to track trace surveil.

          George Orwell “1984” is a cakewalk compared to what you have before you.
          Sorry for bad news.
          Being aware is half of battle.
          Other half is ditching ALL technology/communications/cable tv box/ xbox/new automobiles.

          • People didn’t listen 25-30 years ago, because the monster was still a cute widdle wudgie-wudgie.

            Looking back, you can see how it progressed from writing cheques to credit cards to pay-by-phone to online banking to SmartPhone banking. It’s called “convenience”, which comes from two Latin words meaning “to come along with”, which is what people did, they went right along with all the convenient changes that made their lives so much easier. Then people say they won’t go along with the cashless society – what a joke! They won’t give up their conveniences, they’ve been duped to the max about this and other stuff. Hindsight about all this brainwashing is so wonderful.

            You can trace the development of other things in the same way.

            I had a 10-year-old metal flip phone that never caused me even one problem, but I was forced to buy a new one when its network was discontinued. Now I have a larger plastic flip phone, I had my provider delete all data services. All I want is a basic phone! Grrrrr.

            Wait till their precious phones don’t work, they won’t know how to function.

            I have downsized my online commenting by 99%; but since you are spot on, John, I came here to applaud what you wrote.

            It was prophesied and it is here. God help us.

            • How may of you IDIOTS still on FaceBook??

              This creepy facial recognition app lets users find strangers on Facebook by taking their picture
              03-14-2017 •
              Facezam can identify people by matching a photo of them with their Facebook profile. All users have to do is take a picture of someone on the street and run it through the app, which will tell them who it thinks the person in the photo is.

              “Facezam could be the end of our anonymous societies,” said Jack Kenyon, founder of Facezam. “Users will be able to identify anyone within a matter of seconds, which means privacy will no longer exist in public society.”

              Facezam scans billions of Facebook profile images a second, which it accesses through a database for developers, until it finds a match. It claims to be able to link most photos with a profile on the social network within 10 seconds.

              Link to Article:

              • I’m not sure how good Facebook face recognition is. A friend had a post where Facebook was supposed to be matching her face to a profile photo of someone else she most resembled. The other photo was actually a dog. I didn’t see any resemblance. The friend actually looks pretty good for her age.

              • Zeus
                Appears that you research and know things.
                So here is my story.
                Recently went out to eat on a weekend. Car parks next to mine. I am observing from inside restaurant. Teenage girl gets out of the car next to mine, goes around back of my car, uses her phone to take picture of my license plate.
                Why would she do that? Some App thing? Girl was high school age.

                My woman would not allow me to go ask her why she was doing that. She said I would make a scene and would frighten the girl. Guess i am a scary guy? Hell if I know? But I wanted to know why a stranger would take a phone picture of my license plate. Does anyone here know why? Some game? App? Teenage game?

                I am a curious guy. I like to know why a stranger is doing something like that.
                I also wonder why woman I was with is such a wimp and expects me to allow the world to break it off in my ass. Looks like I need a new woman.

                Maybe picture taken in case strangers car hit? Was real weird to me. But I am way behind times on stupid things people now consider normal?
                -Why do people suck on those electronic vape things? They act like dopeheads. Is there dope in those vape contraptions?
                -Why would anyone facebook unless they are a business selling something? Is your average person that interesting? No.
                -Why would average person twitter? Donald Trump is interesting and I can see his reason to bypass the media gate keepers. But why would your average person twitter?
                -Why are people addicted to their phones? Again they act like dopeheads about phones. People play phone in public and don’t speak to each other at same table.
                -Why do grown men play video games endlessly? I have lost many friends to xbox? They have headsets and talk to strangers in other places to play a game. Why do that? Why the fascination with video war games and pretending to kill people? As a Marine I want nothing to do with any pretend killing or playing with guns. My gun days are way over. In shtf there will be plenty of casualties and battlefield pickups. I find war play disgusting. War is not a game.

                I seriously don’t understand this brave new world.
                -Why do soccer moms want to be inked up like biker bitches?
                -Why are mothers dressing like sluts? Why do mothers dress like hookers?
                At one time Mothers dressed like mothers not strippers. Even pregnant women in my area dress like hookers? No kidding?
                -Why do accountants and lawyers play dress up, pretend to be bad ass, and ride Harley’s that they almost drop at seemingly every opportunity?
                -Why do people drive their cars so dangerously and carelessly? Don’t they know that life is not a video game with more chances?
                -Why do people drug their children and call it ADD. When it is just children being children. Seems like teachers want to drug up all the young boy children to make them docile and manageable. This is sick.

                I don’t get any of it. Thinking of going elsewhere. But niece from back home says the small town back home is just as bad with now rude and thoughtless people. Many Californians have moved in.

                Guess if mighty Zeus has no answers then Olympus has fallen.

          • Did you hire an attorney to represent you? It sounds like you may have grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit.

          • OF COURSE YOU SHOULD “make comments like this on other websites!!” the minute they frighten you into keeping mum, at that moment, you are under their control…. TALK, TALK, TALK!! don’t let ANY dominating a— holes frighten you into keeping quiet! When we are quiet about abusers, they win.

      2. From the “Today’s H8TE-filled, leftist violence” files:

        1. Laura Hollis at Townhall talks about the riots at $50k/yr tuition Middlebury College in VT, and how they not only prevented free speech, but even sent a liberal professor TO THE HOSPITAL for trying to protect free speech: Learjet leftists of the world, UNITE! I guess is their rallying cry?

        2. Environmental activists vandalize Trump’s golf course. Apparently, all of OBAMA’s 101 golf courses were left untouched.

        2. Rapper Pretends to Murder President Trump in Latest Music Video. Guess this is in keeping with the fact that the left murdered, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford University Press, over 100 MILLION last century.

        3. And from the leftist stupidity /BIG GREEN MONEY-faux global warming files, “California’s New Cow Fart Regulations Totally Stink New law aims to reduce bovine flatulence, but will the cows obey?”

        And from the Orwell’s comment that under socialism, “we’ll all be equal, only some of us will be ‘more equal’ than the others: “California Mulls Exempting Teachers From Income Tax”: I guess this is ok… as long at the Teachers’ Assoc. commits to voting Marxist as a bloc, right?

      3. but,…idinDOnuffin!

      4. Just as I started to read this article my cellphone rang. It was a number unknown to me so I didn’t answer.
        Today is pi day. Pi is a ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle, 3.14, if you forgot. Mark Dice should go out an ask people what pi day is. Somehow I think that that could be very, very, funny. Or maybe he already did it and I missed it. I’ll have to look.

      5. IF you can find a phone with a removable battery:
        1) take out battery
        2) stick battery and phone in clean, new, 1-liter plastic bag to keep them together and keep battery from shorting to anything conductive (loose batteries in pockets full of keys and coins can lead to fire)

        Without the battery, phone will not have enough power to keep logging into nearby cell towers, nor can it run Federal spyware.

      6. Opt out. I did not own one until I was 36 years old. I still don’t use it that much. Don’t like
        the fact that it is a tracking device. There used to be pay phones everywhere. After the
        masses decided they would not be deprived of convenience, no more pay phones. The
        same thing is happening with debit cards and credit cards. They are weaning us off cash.
        The same people worried about society becoming cashless are using debit cards for
        everything. What the masses want is what we get, like it or not. Now most of your
        employment applications are done in cyberspace. Which really sucks because I don’t think
        the firewalls in place on those websites prevent hackers from getting your social security
        number and everything else. Used to be, places wanted you to apply in person so they
        could get a good look at you. Now everything is on line. I digress as I type away here.

        • I’ve seen people complaining about the transition to cashless and how it’s a bad thing yet spend nearly all their money on the debit/credit card. They’ve started using apps in recent years too.

          I’ll continue to spend using cash for nearly all my transactions and no-one will stop me until there’s no cash left.

      7. Only ONE way to stop spying from cell phone…throw it in the dumpster.
        I guess I’m just not important enough to need one. 🙂

      8. Ol’ Zeus here, has warned you all for years here about this. Good to see JJ finally catching up. He should read SHTFPlan more often and m comments. JJ is still stuck in the 1990’s technology mode. Oh, put your cell phone in a chips bag or ammo can? LMFAO!!!

        However JJ still fails to talk about “StingRay” or the 7 backdoor points of entry in most Cell phones, or what WiFi or GPS does to your Cell phone Photos like GEO-Tags them for location. And the Right Click program to untangle the Geotag, which people post these tagged photos on social media like Fraudbook for anyone to know where you live with the GeoTag’s GPS coordinates.

        I’m still laughing over the 13 essentials in a BOB as hammer and nails according to JJ. lol `Grain of Salt folks.

      9. Me: Hi Hon
        DW: Hi, just want to let you know that I’ll be late
        Me: How late?
        DW: About 45 min, got a team meeting
        Me: Okay, I’ll wait to put dinner in the stove
        DW: Great, Love ya
        Me: Bye, love you too


        • It’s not necessarily a problem until that conversation is used in court to prove that you were not at home, and instead, were robbing a bank/ assaulting someone/ etc.

          Then it’s a problem.

      10. “4 Ways to Block Your Cell Phone and Prevent Being Monitored”

        This Article fails to mention the best option #5

        Root(ing) your Phone!!!

        Delete the original OS – and replace it with a Linux OS.

        It is not 100% proof against intrusion – but it is a lot more secure than it not being rooted.

        • That won’t do anything against baseband (modem) attacks. That chip has access to the memory (DMA), and can be updated cellularly. It’s closed source, and you generally can’t replace it’s firmware.

      11. The info on blocking cell signals refered to above comes from some hollywierd movie…

        I was playing with an RFID card and what it would take to block the signal..
        Basically it requires the RFID card to be wrapped in 4 layers of heavy duty tin foil as used for cooking before it would reliably block the signal.

        The tests I did with mylar, ESD static-shield bags and other materials all failed and the RFID card could still be read.

        The rubber gasket on the ammo can is more likely to break the farraday cage effect than help… Water proof and ESD proof are 2 seperate steps.

        If you place your cellphone in a faraday cage then make sure you have turned it off otherwise it will flaten the battery very quickly as is tries to connect to a cell tower.

      12. Where’s Eppe?

        • Sorry, but Eppe is no longer with us.
          He has passed to a better place.

          Miss ya Eppe!

      13. I have to disagree about throwing the phone in the trash. Back in December, I fell on black ice and could hear the crack in my leg as I fell to the ground.(It turned out that I had broken my leg in two places, as well as my ankle) I called out for help; my neighbor next door got in her car without looking my way. A car went right passed me and did not see me. If I had not had my cell phone in my pocket to call my daughter who, in turn, called the ambulance, I could have been lying there for hours. I was told another incident today. A visiting nurse fell down the steps of the home she was leaving. Her cell phone flew out of her purse. She laid there screaming for forty-five minutes, but no one heard her. She ‘army crawled’ to her phone to call 911. She had broken her ankle in five places. I am still not ambulatory, and keep my cell phone in my pocket throughout the day in case I have another accident.
        I think we have to be smart in our use of technology. Just saying’.

        • Med-Alert.
          The problem being with the cellphone tracking capabilities today is not that you might slip and break your ankle in five places and they will not be able to find you, it’s that ‘they’ will eventually find you and break your legs in five places….each, when your legs were just fine just before that.

      14. List: Malware found preinstalled on millions of Android phones used by 2 companies

        Galaxy Note 2
        LG G4
        Galaxy S7
        Galaxy S4
        Galaxy Note 4
        Galaxy Note 5
        Galaxy Note 8
        Xiaomi Mi 4i
        Galaxy A5
        ZTE x500
        Galaxy Note 3
        Galaxy Note Edge
        Galaxy Tab S2
        Galaxy Tab 2
        Oppo N3
        vivo X6 plus
        Asus Zenfone 2
        OppoR7 plus
        Xiaomi Redmi
        Lenovo A850

        • what about ‘Flip Phones’?

      15. Me: What’s up now Hon?
        DW: Did you pick up the neutron bomb that I asked you to get at Nukes R Us ?
        Me: Yes Dear I did. I also got a great deal on an M1A tank, that I thought your Jihadi group might like.
        DW: Thanks, and Allah be praised.

        (Screw Allah and all who worship that demon)

      16. As an IT database administrator (now retired) I was always asked “… how did the government get so much access and control of so much personal data…”. They asked this because my boss had trained me in data formats for response to government requests.

        So one day I asked this question to the instructor at lunch “…how did all this request for personal data come about?…” He looked at me and said “…you of all people working for a big bank should know that one..” and I replied “..No. I’m an IT guy not a bank guy. I was never told…”

        So he explained to me and the others “..well it all started with the credit card. Here is what happened. When we used to deal with just checking accounts asa moey there was no problem. Banks kept personal data to themselves. Banks never did have to divulge who you were because 97% of what you did was write local checks. The other 3% were domestic checks which that time were slow to process…”

        “…then came the credit card. The credit card opened up domestic money processing. And opened up credit card fraud. To combat that fraud the government demanded that banks release through various acts you identity for verification to process these transaction. …”

        “ …as people became hooked on credit cards, used them domestically and internationally, and the internet opened up more and more funds flew through credit cards and more and more government agencies demanded to know and verify the source from banks. Laws were passed that required that your identity be known. Finally this information flow was maximized when government agencies accepted credit cards as payment in full for debts…”

        “…in the process of going from checks to credit cards the government learned everything they wanted to know about you financially. The governments data rights are written into the fine print of your credit card disclaimers. …The next step on the governments part will be to use what they gained from credit card processing to go after all electronic device information. For example you buy an E-phone on a credit card…So the government has the right to extend that credit card transaction for the phone buy to collect data on you from the phone…”

        So that is how this came about…

        • Thanks for this information.

          I’m not going cashless so not all of the above is applicable to me yet but it should serve as a warning to those whom are already ‘cashless’ to switch back to cash.

      17. Ammo cans are the worst option for signal blockers or EMP shielding. The rubber gasket removing doesn’t work either. The spaces between the lid and box are just too big for the wavelength, they just go trough the spaces between the lid and box.
        I’ve tested this with several ammo boxes and all of them “leaked”. Please reconsider ammo boxes for shielding with something better. I really can’t understand most preppers use ammo boxes for shielding. Weld your own metal box and use shielding “fingers” for a solid closing lid.

        Good luck!

        • Try using the foil tape used in Heating & Cooling (for Ducts).

      18. Also while at home, you can simply put your phone inside your microwave oven and just close the door. Doing this will block all signals to and from the phone. Unplug the microwave if you’re afraid you’ll forget the phone is in there or just use an old microwave that you don’t use anymore. Just make sure the door still closes completely.

        Also download an IMSI catcher detector to your phone. Learn how to use it. You’ll be amazed how it will show you when you phone is being attacked. (hint: don’t just rely on the color code warning changes)

        When traveling with your phone, always have something such as what the author of this article is suggesting to block signals. Remember to always turn the phone off before wrapping it up.

        Discipline is essential. Be prepared to block the phone from all signals as long as you have to and whenever you have to.

        The FBI is to be taken seriously in that they are actively acting as an enemy of the American people and they are heavily involved with surveilling people through cell phones. No joke. If they have you in their sights, they will move in next door to you, get employed at your job, follow you wherever you go, etc., all to get evidence against you by hacking your cell phone or computer. If they themselves aren’t doing the surveilling personally, they will have their snitch bastards do it who are part of the FBI Confidential Human Source program.

        God Bless You all.

      19. You could buy a cell phone from a guy living in the national forest and keep the service active.
        Tape the cameras …
        Shining a lazer into fr cam used to wipe them out but that’s why they have tinted domes now but they can still be had Dimitri

      20. Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

      21. Sympathy for the devil , and hotel California were influenced by The Master and Margarita a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov
        A must read … there’s an important little tidbit in there you can’t be without. It’s survival it’s a revelation of the key entry portals secret entrado.
        That’s what you really wanted to know about.

      22. Facebook will be your FEMA camp boarding pass picture ! You stupid fucks just don’t get it do ya .

      23. I got a faraday pouch from and tested it’s ability to block by calling it from another phone and it didn’t ring or register a call. I liked that and bought another one from their site (the first one I bought at amazon).

      24. Don’t forget Samsung “Smart TV’s” and microsofe x-boxes that swithc on a hidden wifi hot-spot about four times and hour just for a few seconds even when they are turned off to scan for MAC addresses from devices that are looking for a connection.

        China needs to produce a phone that is spyware free and sell it on China-Pay (Ebay) like everything else thats being dumped on the west plus they also get cheap postage too, cheaper then we can ever get to compete with them

        • Avoid anything labelled as ‘smart’ or ‘wearable’ as they are data processing devices and the information mined will be shared………….

      25. why not just wrap a piece of tin foil around it instead of all the bullshit ideas,

      26. b.s. on the ammo can . the rubber gasket is the culprit . total faraday is only achieved with complete metal to metal contact . if using a ammo can the gasket needs to be removed and replaced with braided copper or similar such as metal window screen . otherwise you would need to seal with metalized tape such as used on hvac ducts . you can find braided wire in many applications to replace the rubber gasket or make yourself with 16 – 20 gauge or smaller . make sue it makes a dent when closed securely to know it is making full contact .

      27. you need to have a non conductive buffer layer between any device and the faraday . devise cannot touch any of the cage/pouch/canister . rubber is best but cardboard plastic or other will suffice .

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