ALERT: U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS To Round Up And Detain Citizens En Masse Anytime, Anywhere And Throw Away The Key

by | Sep 3, 2016 | Headline News | 205 comments

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    This report was originally published by Catherine J Frompovich at Natural Blaze



    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention literally has overstepped its authority in proposing to grant itself powers that obviously negate any rights U.S. citizens thought they had by issuing the Proposed Rule “Control of Communicable Diseases” on August 15, 2016 wherein CDC will self-invest itself with the power to apprehend healthy people en masse and detain them indefinitely with NO process of appeal!

    That mammoth proposed rule is published in the Federal Register [Federal Register Number: 2016-18103] online at this website.  Before you read it, I suggest taking a very stiff shot of vodka or scotch, because you won’t believe what you read that is being proposed for what is supposed to be a non-communist country and its people, the USA!

    But, the CDC wants to hear your comments about the proposed rule, as if it really cares.  Citizens should file your comments at this website before October 14, 2016!  Officially, it’s Comment No. CDC-2016-0068-0001.

    This proposed CDC rule, in my opinion, is an “end run” or a “Hail Mary pass” around what’s become a nightmare situation in the USA regarding Big Pharma’s ‘sacred cows’—vaccines and vaccinations—which many more healthcare consumers are waking up to being what they actually are: neurotoxic injections damaging children, adults and pets!

    In essence, the CDC is creating a police healthcare state, something that was tried in the 1980s when Representative Claude Pepper introduced three infamous bills that got me involved in organizing the country to defeat them, which we did, only now to be facing another round of excessive medical and federal agency over-reach, in my opinion.

    What the CDC proposes defies the U.S. Constitution and states Constitutional rights with absolutely NO appeal process.  Where is the U.S. Congress, who has oversight of the CDC?  However, what should we expect from a do-nothing Congress?  Why doesn’t Congress investigate the CDC whistleblower William Thompson, PhD epidemiologist, confession of fraud, deceit and collusion he participated in?  Good question?

    If this oppressive totalitarian-like proposed rule giving CDC police powers becomes law, kiss your kids goodbye; kiss what you thought you had in life goodbye—your body, which will not belong to you any longer but to the USA via CDC ‘edict’; and expect to be interred in U.S. FEMA camps—something the shadow government and others apparently have been planning for some time.

    Just the other day I got notice of FEMA putting out a purchase order request for five million bottles of liter and half-liter size bottle water! What are they ‘expecting’?

    What have all the United Nations vehicles moving around the USA been about? [1]   How about all the UN ‘mercenary-like’ troops ‘holed up’ in the USA [2]!  Are the U.S. military or national guard not sufficient, or won’t they do to American citizens what the controllers want them to do to us?  Has the USA relinquished its sovereignty to the United Nations without our knowledge?

    Folks, wake up; it’s later than you think!

    This proposed rule by the CDC is the ‘icing on the cake’ they apparently have planned, in my opinion, from all the ‘political correctness’ memes they have generated along with all the false flag ‘pandemics’ that really never panned out EXCEPT the apparent current one – Zika, which may become ‘successful’ because of the fearmongering built into it, including poison aerial sprays.

    Now, in my opinion and from what I’ve researched, they’ve been able to genetically monkey around with both mosquitoes and a virus to make the ‘perfect storm’ health crisis and the need for a medical police state—all created on purpose, since many of the communicable diseases they are so damn scared of have been around for ages [and the human race survived them], plus I contracted most of them as a child—as did others—and we lived through them.  More importantly, our immune systems gained lifelong immunities.  That’s how the immune system is ‘exercised’ into becoming a well-functioning biological process, especially when healthful, natural nutrition – not GMO ‘phood’ – is provided.

    Here are some quotes from the CDC proposed rule:

    “When an apprehension occurs, the individual is not free to leave or discontinue his/her discussion with an HHS/CDC public health or quarantine officer.”

    “…the proposed practice to issue Federal orders before a medical examination has taken place.”

    “CDC defines precommunicable stage to mean the stage beginning upon an individual’s earliest opportunity for exposure to an infectious agent.”

    And this apparent totalitarian ‘gem’ of an agency’s self-proclaimed ‘rite’:

    “…(holding that a passenger consents to an airport security search by presenting himself/herself for boarding and that such consent may not be revoked by simply walking away).  Thus, in order to protect interstate travel from communicable disease threats, HHS/CDC intends for this section to apply broadly to all circumstances where individuals may queue with other travelers.”

    [How about your being nabbed at a local Starbucks, McDonald’s, baseball-basketball-football game, or supermarket?  Folks, it’s getting to be more than Orwell ever could have imagined!  What are you going to do?]

    And here’s what this, in my opinion, is all about:  Forced Vaccinations!  They have to be forcing these vaccines for some other reason than ‘immunity’ since the toxins in vaccines damage the immune system!

    “CDC may enter into an agreement with an individual, upon such terms as the CDC considers to be reasonably necessary, indicating that the individual consents to any of the public health measures authorized under this part, including quarantine, isolation, conditional release, medical examination, hospitalization, vaccination, and treatment:provided that the individual’s consent shall not be considered as a prerequisite to any exercise of any authority under this part.”   [CJF emphasis added]

    There you have it, folks!  Their ‘wet dream’ come true:  Taking away informed consent, one of the valid legal bugaboos regarding their illegal and unconstitutional enforcement of vaccinations to attend school or work!

    They, for all intents and purposes, are trashing the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights!

    And finally, for now, as this is really too much to absorb or take in, especially if you think you are a free citizen of the USA:

    “…individuals who violate the terms of the agreement or the terms of the Federal order for quarantine, isolation, or conditional release (even if no agreement is in place between the individual and the government), he or she may be subject to criminal penalties.”

    If you value your health, your life, your supposed freedom and that of your children, family and friends, don’t you think you ought to write your comments about the proposed CDC’s “Hitler-Stalin-Mao-like” authoritarian rule making “Rules for the Control of Communicable Diseases”?  Read it first; don’t take my words for granted, please.

    Furthermore, more than anything, I’d like to know the names of the brains behind this totalitarian proposed rule.  I’d like to know which corporate interests had input and what they said.  I think if we are to have a transparent discussion about this proposed CDC rule, then citizens should know some of those details.  What do you think?

    God BLESS America!   Is it too late yet?  Please get off your duffs and do something!

    Citizens should file your comments at this website before October 14, 2016!  Officially, it’s Comment No. CDC-2016-0068-0001.




    Image by Natural Blaze

    This article (ALERT U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS to Round Up and Detain Citizens En Masse Anytime, Anywhere And Throw Away the Key ) can be republished with attribution to Catherine Frompovich, source article and Natural, keeping all links and bio intact

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    Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

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      1. The CDC should quarantine themselves before they get a case of lead poisoning.

        …..stay the course….BA.

        • Yes, I will shoot them without hesitation. They will take me nowhere.

          • so when will the feds stop all this crap about doing WHAT THEY WANT TO US CITIZENS??? when the lead starts coming and NEW people are put into office, and NOT LIBTARDS!!!

            • It is starting to look like the only way.

              • Menzo, apache, and BA, I agree. If they have a death wish, they’ll get their wish granted.

                • I have lived my whole life as a free man, and should they come, I’ll die as a free man.

                  • just read the book, “how do you kill 11 million people”… book about Hitler… answer– you take their guns and lie to them (perhaps in reverse order)…

                    • Quoiting Hitler in away with little knowledge of true history makes you look stupid !

                • So braveheart can go to say…Wyoming and get bit by a bug. Braveheart gets a rare fatal disease that can be passed to other people if they breath air within a mile of him. The cdc should possibly have the authority to separate braveheart from the rest of us before we all die or have deformed kids. If the government were going to arrest braveheart for a fictitious fatal bug bite, it would be easier to just write a fake search warrant and put bad pictures in Braveheart’s computer. In other words, disease is common and accelerating in severity and transmission. Perhaps not everything is a conspiracy and it certainly would be easier to plant drugs, illegally modified guns, bomb making material, or a number of smaller physical items. Let’s settle down and use common sense.

                  • Sorta like ‘common sense’ gun control laws eh? Go to hell, government trash.

                    • Menlo, trolls never have any sense. Tunckuf never has any sense.

                  • INDEED. Or, how ’bout if we just cover the whole continent with throw pillows.

                    It’s not the governments’ job to keep you alive; it’s yours.

                  • Tunckuf, how do you live with yourself?

                  • Tunckuf, you could’ve used anyone else as an example and I would’ve just ignored your post. Doesn’t matter how someone handles it. I just won’t get taken alive, period. I’ve got far more ‘common sense’ than you ever thought about having.

                • Or, as Michael Badnarak said, “You bring your needle, I’ll bring my .45, and we’ll see who makes a bigger hole.”

                  • Or they could bring their needle and I could bring my 12 ga., and we would see who made the MOST holes

              • iT IS THE oNLY WAY.

            • They will never stop! They will have to BE stopped! Carry protection AT ALL TIMES! Carry extra magazines. “Oh no! I’ve got too much ammo!” Said nobody EVER !!

              • “Oh no! You’ve got too much ammo!” Said the libturd tards to all 2ATFers.

                There is NO end to gvmnt overreach by this regime, and they won’t be stopped until WE stop them!

                US Fish and Wildlife Service issued regulations closing 77 million acres of land in Alaska to state wildlife management, including effective predator control and other established means and methods of hunting and trapping.


            • Get off the political bullshit, this isn’t a football game, we don’t make enemies of our fellow countrymen by calling them names. We have too much at stake and you’re playing into their hands. This is for real.

            • When Trump gets in.

          • But WHY,Menzoberranzan,would ANYONE in Or out of her/his/its/Their Right Mind Want to Take YOU Anywhere?
            Don’t get your hopes up.

            • They might want to have their way with me and I ain’t that easy!

              • …as far as hoping goes, it would not be such a bad thing to take a few enemies of we the people permanently out of circulation.

                • YUP!!!!!!

                  • YUP!!!!!!


          • I’d rather die free and full of lead than OPENLY KNOWING ‘subject myself to one or more vaccines (such as The VA tries to jab every veteran with ….but very few ‘takers’.

            You’ll be told it’s a vaccine for “rusty nails” or some bullshit when it will “the one” we’ve all been warned of.

            I doubt it passes, because then the entire populace would have more than ample reason to buy and use a gun. But then again, in this ‘state of affairs’ I wouldn’t be surprised if it was forced upon us (because the end-desired result is that they kill us off, and it doesn’t say in The Koran HOW they have to do it, so vaccines and other high-tech methods are being adopted to their hopeful advantage and our demises.

            You can’t tell me that all the people of this nation can’t WASTE the troops they have been amassing in hopes of pulling this “rape” off, so I agree with y’all.

            Last, The Constitution STILL FUCKING STANDS (and every right that goes with it). So, I’ll shoot’em as they come until I’m eventually overwhelmed (then everyone in my vicinity goes “bye-bye” (sniff).

            SHOOT THE FUCKERS! Since they seem to WANT ‘things’ to be a bit more “sporty” …let’s just give them all their asking for, and once started not back off until they’re all gone.

            • Equorial, I’m right there with you. No mofo is taking Braveheart anywhere.

              • Here is some Great News, at least for now. Per the NRA-No changes to classification of Smokeless Gun Powder.

                ATF Delays Any Changes to Nitrocellulose Regulation

                Earlier this summer, ATF released an Explosives Industry Newsletter that changed the agency’s treatment of nitrocellulose, the primary component in smokeless powders used in modern ammunition. This change had the potential to seriously disrupt ammunition supply in the United States because it changed a long-standing ATF policy that exempted properly “wetted” nitrocellulose from treatment as an explosive under federal law.

                **As if the ATF decided this all on their own, we know the Obama Commie Anti-gunners are looking at every angle to figure out how to disarm Americans either by Guns or deny us ammunition parts by reclassifying them as hazardous. I bet there was a fast run on gunpowder this last few weeks, when this was recently announced. Get all your parts now including gun parts, springs, ejectors, and if you can get a rebuild kit for each gun you have, then do so. Who knows where this will go if Hillary steals the election. And what they will try to ban next.

                ~WWTI… We need to ban anti-gunners from America. They are traitors to the US Constitution. Love it or leave. Go live in Commie Cuba. btw/ US air flights are now landing in Cuba this last week for the first time since the early 1960’s. Obama must have liked the Commie Socialist Castro Brothers when he went there to visit, so the travel ban has been lifted. Hey Obama, how about lift the Ban on Cuban Cigars?

                • WWTI, I knew that commercial air travel to Cuba was going to start back in the fall so it looks like they moved up the schedule some. Carnival Cruise Lines resumed cruises to Cuba back in May. They only went to Havana and 2 other cities on that first cruise and are supposed to add more stops later. It’s only a matter of time before the trade embargo gets lifted completely. It’s interesting that just when the Castro brothers were losing their economic lifeline to Venezuela, the chimp-in-chief throws out another life raft to them. Now American tourism and trade to will resume full-scale thanks to Obola and even the hildebeast if she gets in. Eventually, Maduro and the Castros will fall, one way or another.

                  • That’s many a man’s dream vacation. A cruise to friggin Cuba. LoL. May as well go to Haiti or some other hellhole where one could be robbed and murdered on their vacation.

                    • Mento, you can just go to the Haitian section of Miami to get robbed and killed. No need to leave the US. I used to have trouble with Haitians all the time when I lived there and so did my wife and in-laws. There’s always been bad blood between Cubans and Haitians. I freely admit to this day I still hate Haitians. One of those mofos killed my wife. Totally useless as people. Just like our own blacks; they think the world owes them something.

                    • Sorry, man

                    • Actually the South side of Cuba has some of the best Scuba diving in the world. You would not know that since the US rarely posts anything nice about Cuba. They set it up as a sea nature preserve. I do’t think they are even allowed to fish on the south side. I’d like to get down there some time, Scuba, Cigars and some Cuban Cuties.


                • Well it is treason. The Bill of Rights is the legal description for the laws which the government is founded upon. We the people are the government, and those are our laws, our supreme laws. An attack on them is by definition an attack on the government. Ergo, this is treason. It’s sedition to voice opposition to them, as some politico’s think they are free to do.

          • I want to see actual photos of these alleged U.N. troops massing in the U.S.

        • Just like the “US Chamber of Commerce”, the “US CDC” is a private organization which only has the power you give them.

          If they come for you, shoot to kill. You would be well within your Constitutional rights. 🙂

          • DK, I was thinking the same thing. The only power they have is what you give them.

          • Menzo, it’s OK. I once thought about going there to see the small town where my wife came from, but I refuse to go as long as the Castros still run the country.

        • It’s apparent that the PowerSchool that be want a conflict. They believe they will win.

          What do ya’ll say?

        • Calling bullshit on this one because no one has a data base for vaccinations other than the military. There’s no national forum for them use. My own doctor didn’t know I had gotten a shingles shot at the pharmacy nearly two years ago, so this story is total crap.

      2. But, but, it’s for your own good.

        • Observer


      3. I got an animal CDC close to me.
        Makes one wonder what they have in storage.
        I plan to move soon, my hood is nearly built out, time to sell.

        Be well all…

        • Good luck, Eppe, and hope you find a great place to live. We’re about as far away from the cities as you can get in Ohio, but probably not far enough. I’m not commenting on the CDC website, which is kind of like painting a target on your forehead. Am hoping we’re just too old for them to be interested in us. Blessings!

          • Vicky, got a killer BOL in the country.
            Hard time covincing wife to move there.
            But time will tell.
            Hope to build new homes there, or sell out and try another spot.

            Never fall in love with anything, except for wife and offspring…

            • My next place to live will be for 30+ years.
              Take the time to estimate your conditions of where you are now and where you will be in time.
              Scary to think about, but plan for the future.
              Be well rounded…

              • Eppe, I’ll be back in Jawja in Oct. if not sooner. I have the feeling the next trip WILL be the bugout for me. Once I’ve bugged out then I’m bugging in. No more cities for Braveheart afterward. The area where BOL and family are will be my home for life. Neither CDC nor any other scum will take me alive, period!

                • Hey Brave. Thought you may be interested in this 12g info. How Far Will a 12 Gauge Shotgun Kill?
                  ht tps://

                  Slugs good out to 200 yrds Ft, Cut Shells out to 100 yrds, what birdshot does, 00 Buckshot not real accurate out to 100 Yrds. Have a side saddle and have a variety of specialty rounds as your disposal.


                  • At 200 yards I believe the velocity of the projectiles would lessen enough to severely reduce the impact. Much further and it would likely only cause a good sting to the target.

                    However, yesterday I was plinking in the back yard with a .177 caliber single pump Gamo pellet gun and took out a squirrel at nearly 100 yards. Couldn’t tell by the impact but the resultant twitching of the back legs causing the rodent to appear to bounce around for nearly a full minute tells me I hit the brain and got an instant, clean kill.

                    That was nearly twice as far as I thought the effectiveness of this air gun would be.

                    • Whoops, I sit corrected. I missed your mention of “slug” at the first reading. 🙂

            • LMFAO!!! Liquor kicking in? Keep em’ coming.


              • At least I do not act upon doom porm.
                You fucked up, face it.
                If you died tomorrow, who would care?
                No one…
                You are the problem here, two ex wives can confirm that.
                See the common denominator???

                • eppe, did you consult the other people in your group 20 yrs ago, who have the weapons, and you have the BOL?? Did you tell them you are selling their BOL location? What did they say? Did you get their input? Where are they going then if you sell the BOL? Are you abandoning them, and, does that mean you will not have any weapons now? How do you plan to survive with No Weapons?

                  I think your BOL is in the corner of the basement. By the computer you type on. Why doesn’t your wife let you have any guns? Is your wife a survivalist too? You tell her you are going to buy an AR-15 Damnit. Be a man. Tell it likes it gonna be. Are you a man?


                  • Struck a nerve?
                    Why do you care?
                    Are you just being the asshole that you show here?
                    No one cares but you…

                  • You stated you hate thieves and liars.
                    Why do you take what I post and warp it to your own version?
                    That makes you the biggest liar here.

                    • Crickets…

                    • What’s funny is you made up this idea that you have a BOL, as a trade off, cause you don’t have any weapons. And now since you can’t prove you ever had any BOL, you are now going to sell the BOL you don’t have to erase that lie. I can repost all your stated comments to connect the dots of your fabricated wanna be bigger than life lie. You keep digging deeper to cover-up your past lies. As if selling your imaginary BOL, so then you can say you don’t have one then. That’s pretty twisted.

                      Any property you had was sold last year, as you blab about everything. You sold that like 30-35 acres hunting grounds, paid off your house in your drunken mortgage burning ceremony as you claimed. Then your wife spotted the extra cash and demanded that you buy her a new momma soccer wagon that you blabbed about including the color of her vehicle. Its all in the archives, bud. So why make up new lies?

                      And I and everybody else here would have heard about you having a BOL, as you would have been blabbing about it daily all year, if you did. So why make it up now? You cause this upon your self. Me or anybody else here could have called you out on this. I just happen to do so. So throw your child tantrums all you want. We got what you are all about. Glad you took my suggestion about moving, cause you have blown your OPSEC bigtime here. Maybe you can really find a new property and start anew, but your bigger than life mouth is your worst enemy. SO.. STFU especially when you drink and type!!


                    • How about answer my above questions?? I would love to be a Lawyer, and put you under oath on the stand. I would rip you to shreds, with your lies. You would be guilty of Perjury. Even a jury of Crickets would incarcerate you. lol


                    • Have you not figured out that no one cares what YOU think?
                      All you post is about your great bol.
                      Or MIC, or a race, or your anti religion or silver.
                      You life is one big fuck up.
                      Why do you not gig lone wolverine or lone ranger on religion?
                      Why do you not gig Mac for having mining shares?
                      Who cares if I post jokes, the site got more hits and comments during that time span.
                      You have bashed me for too long.
                      As for Opsec, no one cares except you.
                      I have no brownshirts at my door.
                      If you post here they know who you are and where you live. How stupid can one be???
                      Stop writing books on what you think.

                    • And while we are at it, why do you not bash Genius on drinking?
                      You just want to pick on me since I have been here for 8+- years.
                      Face it, you fucked up on acting on the doom porn.
                      What a loser…

                    • For someone who claims to be a prepper since 1997 you have not done a single thing towards prepping. No weapons, no off grid, no BOL, nothing. You are on the wrong website. When SHTF, reality will hit you in the face as you wasted years talking BS instead of Prepping.. And you can’t fake Prepping.

                      Daddy, how come there is nothing to eat and there are all these black people outside with pitch forks? Can you shoot them or something? Sorry kid, Daddy does not have a gun. That’s how that will play out. You are a fraud. No go run along back over to facebook.


      4. Another article that loses interest because of overly-radical theories.

        Lets accept for a moment; perhaps vaccines do contain harmful chemicals, and do cause damage, all the while funding Big Pharma.

        What also causes irreversible damage?

        It’s the lesser of two evils. Chemicals in body, or possibly get a crippling disease. I’ll take the immunity.
        Getting rather annoyed seeing more and more radical theories creeping in onto this site.

        This CDC move is more about control of the population than vaccinations. Wish they’d focus on the dangers of that, rather than dropping the ‘forced vaccinations’ line.

        I’d be more worried about my loved ones being stuck in a camp, without communication, than a forced shot.

        • Overly-radical??? I’m old enough that nearly everything done by the government is unthinkable, compared to the way things used to be. There is nothing I would put past the Obama administration, or, God Forbid, the Clinton administration. Can you imagine appealing to Hillary for mercy? Our government is turning into a dictatorship, run by wealthy tyrants, and it’s time all citizens became a little bit “radical”.

          • Vicky,
            RIGHT ON!!! you got it!!!

          • I am not disagreeing in the slightest, only saying that the focus was on the anti/forced vaccination as opposed to the totalitarian control. Heaven help us come November.

          • Maybe more than just a little bit! Keep your powder dry.

          • Ehh, Bunker John, when Dr. Thompson, CDC whistle blower told all that the clinical drug studies were bull shit, and the so called declaration that these vaccines were safe…what part of “overly-radical theories” are you taking about. If you are suffering from rectal-cranial inversion theory, I don’t know what to say…unless you’re a paid government troll…Sorry dude, the truth of the matter is The government told us ALL to fuck off a long time ago…AND we know it…So, we are now ready…

        • Bunker, that’s great! You can take all my vaccines too so that you’ll be TWICE as immune.

        • Bunker John, here are some facts, not “radical theory”:

          The polio vaccine in the 1950s was contaminated with monkey aids. That’s a ticking time bomb for a lot of us.

          The current flu vaccines, if you get it from a bulk container, contains mercury, which causes brain damage. You can look at the ingredient list yourself. I’d much rather have the flu than brain damage.

          Go get all the shots you want. I’m not.

          • Oh! I should have clarified! Forget the flu. I’m talking about the big ones. Polio, ect.

            I’ll take the flu over a shot nowadays anyday.

        • You should be concerned about forced vaccinations. A significant portions of those receiving inoculations have difficulty and/or reactions that induce short term and long term issues. Further, we do not know what they may decide we need, down the road, as far as injecting us for our own good. You will no longer have the right to refuse what they may want to put in your body which is a major red flag to me.

        • They arent talking about polio vaccine, this id a whole nother kinda bullshit. The fact of the matter is that the government has no right to force any of us to do anything,

      5. Let’s see now, if some kids get vaccinated and some kids don’t get vaccinated and then they sit together in the classroom, what happens? The vaccinated kids are protected so they won’t get the disease. So the only kids at risk of the disease are the ones whose parents chose not to get the shots. Where’s the problem? Freedom of choice works.

        • Actually, when a person is vaccinated they are contagious for at least 2 weeks. They have the virus and can infect those not vaccinated.

        • Here in Canada, it has recently been mandated, that all kids going to school, must be vaccinated, or else they can’t go to school, until they are.
          253 parents, were sent notices, to get their kids vaccinated, (write up in the local lib paper, ”they” couldn’t understand why the parents wouldn’t get their kids vaccinated!).
          Parents were given a notice, of when to comply by, and if they still refused, they were sent to be re educated.
          My sheeple, stay at home daughter in law (hate saying those words) decided to enroll her daughter, my grand daughter, in pre school. She willing let the goobs inject her, four year old, with toxins.
          She isn’t worried about that though. She worried about her daughters, trip to school,on a bus..
          OMG..the,not the bus!
          To quell her fears, she is having her kid transported by car to her indoctrination.

          • Enough, of, the, damned, commas!!!

            LMAO, you’re just as bad as people that capitalize every 3rd word for emphasis. Makes it difficult to put together a train of thought. Just put the words with required punctuation. It’s easy.

      6. Kimberly Diamonds in South Africa had terrible luck with AIDS, as the town where the Diamond “factory” was located had a 100% death rate from AIDS. So, as long as we stay away from diamonds, I think we’ll be OK!!!


        • Funny how diamonds were worthless in the early 1900’s.
          Took DeBeers to make them worth something.
          Wish I could find a scam like that.

          Test question.
          What is true worth???

          • It can’t be that much – I just read an article the other day about Diamond Foundry which produces synthetic diamonds for retail sale — they’re cheaper and grade higher than the natural stuff DeBeers has stocked in massive warehouses so that they can control supply and prices.

            So, value-wise on the retail side prices will drop.

            I guess we could calculate their real worth by figuring out how much it costs to make a diamond in one of the new machines

            • That was what I was getting to.
              What will one pay for a rock?
              True worth is what we have to survive on if the world turns to shit.
              Has not happened yet, been prepping for decades for this.
              Burnt out, but never stopped.

              I do appreciate what Mac has done to exchange info between like minded preppers

              Thank you sir, you are the mac daddy…

              • Rock?

                You mean like gold, silver and platinum?


            • Decades ago DuPont made synthetic diamonds for industrial purposes by placing carbon powder in cylinders. These cylinders were shipped to another facility where an explosive was placed on top and detonated. The heat and pressure crystallized the carbon. I don’t know if the process is still being used.

            • Mac Slavo:

              Honored to make your acquaintance.

              It sounds like you’re referring to lab created diamonds. Which are different than synthetic “diamonds” commonly referred to as cubic zirconia.

              A lab created diamond is a real diamond, created in a lab.


            • 90% of diamonds mined are used in industry. Now that synthetic diamonds are becoming more and more viable, that market will shrink drastically. Patents won’t save the inventors. If there’s one thing the Chinese are good at, it’s cheap knockoffs.

          • @eppe:

            Good Day

            Second test question:

            What is the truth worth?

            “We fired our guns and the CDC kept a comin,
            There wasn’t nigh as many, as there was a while ago.

            We fired once more and they began a runnin,
            Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.”

            ….ASMS…..I will not go quietly…BA.

          • My ex-neighbor from years ago was a jeweler, and she purchased 1-point diamonds (to make the large stone appear prettier), from one buck each. (Yet they sold for megabucks and still do…

          • True Worth is owning up and be a man to your family, and acquire some Battle Rifles and Ammo cans full of freedom flares. If you can’t defend yourself or your family, you don’t put much True Worth in either.


            • If one was to ask, about in everything in life, what has the most worth of anything out there, the answer would be “Time.” No-one can control time. How do you spend your time? Do you waste time, asking trivial day dream questions when you should be prepping your ass off??

              Ask the Richest people in the world that already have everything they ever wanted; want else would they want??? And that answer is they wish they could have more time.

              And they would like to live forever. They already have the know how to create wealth, but they can’t control time.

              Even the writers of the Bible picked up on this Key element nobody can control. “Time and Living forever.” So they said, hey, if we Promise these gullible sheep everlasting life, if they believe in our Buybull BS…. Thus John 3:16 was written. Whoever believes shall be granted everlasting life.. LMFAO.. Many still today 2000 years later, buy into this Lie.

              The sad part its all a fabricated Lie, because everybody dies, there is no one that ever got ever lasting life on this planet. And if anybody could prove it, then bring them forward. I did read this last week some old guy in Indonesia that was like 145 yrs old, he was born in the late 1700’s imagine that. And all he wanted now was to die. His said all his kids are now dead, and still had grand kids, etc.

              So what really has more worth than anything, and that is TIME. Do you waste time with countless distractions, like Facebook, watching meaningless TV shows, posting stupid Jokes, etc, that waste time, and never lets you reach your goals? Like really being fully prepared for when SHTF to keep yourself and your family safe and secure???? Idleness is the Holiday of Fools.


              • WTF, Enjoy some of your postings,some are rude to people,but haven’t been on here for long so it might be an old duel?
                That being said,wish you would not dog something you personally don’t believe!Don’t get me wrong I don’t go to a building to pray ,Gods first church,the woods!Eternal life does not mean on this plane,If you don’t you don’t believe,you will!!My great grandmother was what we called a witch,actually she was a see’er,druid I think not sure.It still runs in the family some more than others.Take it,or leave it,there is an after life,choose wisely!
                Maniac –out

              • What proof do you have that it’s a lie?

                • Show me one person who ever received ever lasting life. Until you can legitimately do that it is a lie. There bust be some pope or minister out there who truly believes then they should be alive to tell about it. You know 600 to 800 years old. NOT!! Its a lie. Sheep get fleeced.


                  • That isn’t proof. It isn’t even evidence. I can’t show you time. Is that proof IT doesn’t exist? I can’t show you oxygen. Is that proof IT doesn’t exist? I suspect you’re another God-hating gay–angry because of His judgement about your lifestyle. Or, maybe your not gay, but life hasn’t worked out as well as you’d hoped, and you blame God. The fact that you frequently attack Christian beliefs so regularly proves that you DO believe in his existence, and that’s why you get menstrual every time anyone here mentions their faith. You think you can punish God by hammering on us. I really don’t care what a horse’s ass like yourself thinks about ANYTHING. And you sure aren’t hurting Him.I know REAL atheists, and they don’t even get into discussions about God unless you ask their opinion. When one truly IS an atheist, it’s a non-issue. Just like the Easter Bunny. Nobody gets into nasty arguments pro or con on the subject of the bunny that shits chocolate eggs. You are nothing more than a cyberbully, which is why you pick on Christians, Eppe and others from time to time. I’ll bet you’re not so outspoken when face to face with anybody, just when you’re hiding behind a keyboard. You have no proof, and that’s the whole story. Own it. Say hello to the flies for us…

              • WWTI love your post and agree but this was wrote for division.I’ve learned from your post and am confident you are above this

                • Nationalist, My comments are to get people thinking. Religions teach you NOT to think for yourself. In Fact it basically says don’t believe your eyes, or reality, and keep all your hopey wish faith in us, cause we promise you will live forever. I grew up under Christianity, and the older I got especially when I went to bible study class, it hit me that this is all fraud. I did the home work on this.

                  Thus I go back to the argument that if you grew up in Viet Nam you would think Budda was the bomb, or if you grew up in Iran, you would think Allah was the tits.. You are influenced by where you were raised and brain washed. Its all fraud to corral the ignorant to follow instead of lead. Be a leader not a follower.

                  This is noting about division but more to question why you believe what you do. Brain washing is a powerful tool especially when they feed that fraud to you early in life as a young child. I saved my self from that bondage of dependence. Go ask your pastor you want proof of anybody who ever gotten ever lasting life? See what BS story he makes up.

                  ~WWTI… Most people are religious due to Family Tradition. Didn’t want to be called an heathen. lol

        • Most localities have a 100% death rate !

          • Smoke,lol We’ve been one day closer to death,every day we live!Do the best you can,leave a positive mark on this world!
            Maniac –out

      7. Its the zika virus they are gonna use this power for but you all just want to disagree and doubt. Any how just seen where there was a 6.5 or 5.6 earth quake in the Midwest and i know i just read yesterday on here where some one said wr would have one in the Midwest within a week im thinking it was back in the postings about living in the Ozarks. Or it was in hicks postings

      8. Would a diamond tip bullet be better than armor peircing cus there will be alot of diamond rings laying around on the dead

        • It would certainly ‘pierce’ your target but no more so than even a round-nose. Or are you saying just use a ‘shaped’ diamond as a projectile?

          If so, I doubt it because it only takes a light ‘whack’ of a hammer to ‘cleave’ a larger diamond into smaller ones.

          Take the ‘ass’ behind a .308 WIN and the diamond would exit the barrel as dust (imho). (But I’m tempted to test that theory …bored).

      9. Superglue and a hollow point bullet

        • Superglue and a hollow point? For armor?
          Maniac –out

          • To test it take a hollow point bullet and super glue a diamond in it????

        • The Mob in Chicago back in the 1920’s used to tip their bullets with garlic.

          RE: The St Valentines Day Massacre Movie: “Ritchie’s henchmen setting up the massacre. He has one line of dialog. Asked what he is rubbing on his bullets, he replies, “It’s garlic…. If the bullets don’t kill ya, ya die of blood poisoning.”


      10. Just another spoke in the wheel having to do with control. Wait til there is a food shortage and water gets rationed. The wheel is almost complete.

      11. If you’re scared, say you’re scared.

        When the shooting starts, make sure you kill them all or else they will be back at a later date and you will have the same shit all over again to deal with.

        Once is enough.

      12. All of these corporate entities are owned and operated by zionists international and the ZOG.

        Soon the concentration camps will be operational but it’ll be blamed on someone else as it happens before.

        • Correct Stolz.. Our Government needs a good cleansing, culling, purging, and flushing. Maybe just throw some fake fiat dollars in the toilet, and they will jump in to save it, then hit the flush lever.


        • Stolz:

          The World Health Organization and The Centers For Disease Control have tentacles that reach around the globe. They are Globalists, another title for what Henry Ford referred to as The International J*w.

          You may have heard that Israel made a big deal out of the fact that Israel brought Black Ethiopean J*ws to Isreal. But few people are aware that while there, the young women received vaccinations that turned out to be high doses of a substance intended to end fertility. In other words, chemical sterilization.

          Some believe this was a dry run. If you want to eliminate an insect problem, one very efficient method is thru sterilization. Some of these sterilization drugs have been given to infants. I would opt for home birth. When the nurse takes your baby, God only knows what poison may be in the vaccines now given at birth. Besides, that’s a cruel thing, inflicting pain on a kid the minute he or she is born.


      13. One day the disease of critical thinking, manifesting itself by questioning authority, will be the underlying cause, requiring the quarantining of individuals to prevent metastasizing.

        • Yep gotta change the way we think gotta be PC and submissive serfs I bet movie night at the fema camp would sucks probably be Broke back mountain. Just remember when it starts and you do end up prisoners they will hang ya or shoot or guillotine ya weather you shot one of them or a thousand so like anon said once you start don’t stop until there are no more of them

          • Godsoldier, I’ve a feeling that if “they” would be willing to send forth armies “door-to-door” that met opposition, we’d all (soon) find ourselves looking at the business end of a Blackhawk, or twin ’50’s on a ‘drag-a-round’ …or perhaps just a surface-to-surface there-by taking out your entire BOL.

            One more time. DO NOT ENGAGE the enemy unless your back is to a wall (what I mean is do not engage them on THEIR terms). YOUR TERMS ONLY (like an ambush with not only lead, but an avalanche, fire-in-the-hole scenarios, etc).

            If short, if you hiding behind a washing machine in your front yard, you’re dead unless you are very adept at staying off “the X”. (and lucky as hell).

            • Equorial.

              The two roads the government could take is back down or escalate. Past indications is that they will escalate. The time between the first exchanged and the next will be short because they have already planned for it.

              The time we have until the election should be used efficiently to prep.

              Prep for War.

          • GSoldier. Oh once they throw ya in a FEMA camp you will be evaluated for your worth and best use. Some captured may just be used as human organ donors that they will harvest from you body for the elite.. Some sex slaves, some farm workers, some in vehicle repair shops, what ever your usefulness or skillset is. If you have nothing left to offer, then you will be terminated. Like the walking dead in the compound of Terminus, the captured were cannibalized for protein.


        • kevin2, I’ll happily take critical thinking over anything else any day.

      14. The new excuse for the two legged rodents with badges. Is a wellness check. They are just checking to see if you are well. aren’t they Wonderful . We’re do they get these rats.

      15. They need to instill fear and keep Joe Citizen from taking a stand…

        If they keep enough of us seated until it’s our turn to be interred for the greater good, than they shall take us down piecemeal…

        I think though there has to be an event to serve as a catalyst to get the guns… The guns are a BIGGGGG problem for them… Maybe a false flag event…

        But, I don’t see them getting our guns unless they control the food and water, or they can choose to wait for the current drop of educational common core children to grow up and for us to die off… that way they would never even know their God given rights were being taken from them……

        I don’t think they have that kind of time though… I look for things to accelerate from here on out???

        • Vet, I think your point on our attrition rate is right on.
          That’s what bother me!

          • (bothers) must be the wine…back in my corner.

        • Vet 1, if something happens all people would need to do is just act independent from one another right away. Just look around their area of operations, and pick out a target of opportunity that has value to the powers that be. It could be transformers at a power sub station, high power transmission lines, a rail road bridge, oil pipe lines, water canal control gates, or fuel storage tanks. You see there are a thousand targets in any city that can be attacked by an individual, that would do real damage to the powers that be. Now just imagine an army of 1000’s of individual’s, running all over the country doing attacks such as these, the government wouldn’t know what to do to stop it. Due to the fact there would be no command and control between each individual the government would be powerless to stop all the attacks. You see the beauty of a system like this is the government can’t be everywhere at once, so they would be playing “wack a mole” trying to stop all the attacks. These are just some of the types of actions people could take to knock the government off balance before they formed up in groups with a fixed command and control element.

          • This is all coming out of the corporate politburo that rules DC and the poxy stooges who front for them. That’s who is doing this. The rich and their lawyers is about what it boils down to. Of course there’s all the other self described special interests, but let’s face it. Senior citizens aren’t behind this, so we can leave AARP out of our sights. Probably not too many tree huggers are interested in compulsory vaccinations and re-education camps. Lets see, who hates the internet? Hmm, well the New York Times does, most all the controlled corporate media does, OK all of them do.

            Anyways you got good advice. Before we are all considered public health risks to each other, and before half are carted off for beheading while the others are sent to Hillary Re-education Farms, we could just go it alone, doing pretty much what you said, and then start all over from scratch. After which we can determine who was really doing all this bullshit and then send our special forces to cut off their heads. That would work for me. Those clowns and criminals in DC aren’t doing a thing for my health or mental well being right about now, so I don’t think that abiding by their rules and self appointed powers is going to be too helpful either.

        • And they will control the food & water by simply turning off the electric grid. And I think it will be this winter.

          • Can’t turn off my Off Grid Solar Power.. Unless they want to fly a helicopter above my BOL to block the sun’s rays. Not happening here. Like the Wisconsin Badger holed up. Hard to remove him from his hole and ready to fight. Great photo of the Wisc Badger, link:

            ht tp://[term]=wisconsin badger animal&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=6

            ~WWTI… Off Grid Solar Power… Check…

            • Agreed they cant turn of your solar power. But there are so few who can make their own electricity it doesnt matter. The powers that be are not worried about the very few well prepped. They wont come after them. Its the useless eaters they wish to cull. If the electric grid goes down a ripple effect happens. In a few weeks No food & goods delivery, no heat, no police & fire protection occurs. and the folks will fight to be relocated to someplace (FEMA Camp ?) where the promise of food and warm shelter is offered.

              • Old Guy,they won’t be quick about it,they want us to cull our selves,no blame!The unprepared will be begging to be saved!I think it won’t be a couple weeks,months maybe.Me hide mine if I can,I like the woods FEMA Don’t think so!!
                COUNTRY Boy Can SURVIVE!
                Maniac — Out

          • We are old, what do we care what we eat? Lets eat them. I’d rather it be them that we eat instead of them starving and freezing us. How old are you anyways? Hell I’m 6o and I’m not down for this bullshit these terrorists are cooking up with their bullshit laws. How long are you and I gonna live anyways without social security, without a nation that has no laws, no freedoms, where some stooge ass bitch can come up with bullshit like this, and it is bullshit. Complete and total bullshit and I’m sick of this bullshit coming out of some little shithead who hasn’t read the Bills of Rights. Deport the asshole to North Korea, see how he/she likes that one. God these people in DC are nut cases.

      16. I am past worrying and past prepping and past phone calls,letters,email,and packing meeting rooms. I am know cleaning shooting lanes and planting thorn bushes like buckthorn. Big rocks that stop truck’s and slow down tracked vehicles. I am building controlled access points,and controlled evacuation route’s. I know not when and don’t care my family will have at least some place to start from. I am even working on air defenses it will buy time for a strategic with drawl. I have lost my business so my family’s safety has become my full-time business. Be good or don’t get caught.

        • Ive planted false orange & Hawthorn. Got plenty in the fencerows. I aint a cannibal and never will be. There are so few of us they will likely just ignore us. They will probably leave us alone. We will not get to shoot blue helmets. Its those who know you or know about you that are a danger to you. If they see those solar panels or smell your food, hear a engine running that will attract trouble. Air defense. place a number of 100 pound LP bottles on a manifold. attach guiltine valves to plastic pipes run up into trees and the peak of roofs. That way you can release a cloud of gas into the sky. Any helicopter will injest it and blow up.

          • I don’t know, bro, but I think the helicopter’s propwash would push the gas back down to the ground–that’s assuming it’s not as heavy as natural gas, which tends to hug the ground when one has a gas leak. Might work against you…

      17. This is why they bring in third world diseased carriers by the thousands to spread infection creating a national emergency.

      18. I fail to understand the resistance to vaccinations. When I was in the military I had a specialty that demanded I be available to travel to any part of the world on a moments notice. My shot record was stamped to death, Black plauge, Smallpox, Cholera, you name it, I got vaccinated against it.
        I’m well over 60 and pretty healthy considering the abuse I’ve done to my body over the years.
        As for rounding up infected people, that has always been “legal”. Do you want somebody with TB running around?
        I have my TB get out of jail free card, I get poked and prodded yearly by the VA, so I’m OK. However there are a lot of sick people running around that can infect others that don’t get shots and aren’t up to date. What are you going to do about that?

        • @rellik:

          Good Day

          Let google be your friend.

          …vaccine and autism…

          …vaccine and mercury…

          …vaccine and glyphosate…

          …polio vaccine causing polio outbreak in India…

          …measles outbreak caused by vaccinated children Disneyland…

          …CDC is a private corporation…

          Vaccines today are not vaccines of our day.

          Children today get twice as many vaccines by the time they reach 18 as we did.

          Nobody can round up anybody without consent or lawful complaint.

          If a person believes that another person has authority over them, then that person is a subject, not a Citizen.

          Study implied consent vs common law consent to discover the loss of sovereignty.

          …stand firm…stand tall….when in doubt, kill them all….BA.

          • BA,
            I’m as anti government as you can get.
            My daughter did not get anywhere as
            many shots as I did when I went through
            the system. I carefully evaluated every
            inoculation she had to take to be in
            public school.
            She does not have Smallpox
            scars on her left arm like her mother
            and I do. I found it interesting
            that my adult Smallpox inoculation
            did not scar. Wait till some old Siberian
            Smallpox victim gets defrosted, Millions will
            die, I won’t.
            As for your fascination with toxic chemicals,
            Chemistry improves life, you want to live without
            it fine. Die young. I’d rather die at age 85, full
            of mercury and GMO’s from eating Tuna fish and
            Farmed Salmon, than die at age 35 living on
            Hummus and Pita bread.

            • @Rellik:

              I was vaccinated for smallpox, got the scar and everything. I still contracted smallpox, got those scars too.

              Children today get vaccine cocktails, thus multiple vaccines per shot. You might want to check your grandkids vac schedule.

              Smallpox vaccination no longer leaves a scar, been that way since about 1967.

              You would not be anti-government if you remembered that you are the government, not your elected and appointed public servants. [Chisholm v Georgia 1793]

              I tend to stay away from anything toxic and I doubt you are a chemist.

              The search suggestions were a primer towards cognitive understanding of a subject your posts indicate that you lack, but suggestions non the less. Ignorance is but a paper shield.

              Good Day and hope all is well

              ….you can lead a horse to water….BA.

            • A guy down the street got a flu shot last winter and he was down with the flu for a week sicker than a dog. He said but it was free, so he went ahead and got it. I laughed. Stupid is.

              Anything offered for free is not a bargain, its a hook.


          • I’m not a gov shill, but vaccines have never been marketed as completely safe. They have saved the last few generations from being ravaged by illnesses that terrified earlier generations. These illnesses (Pertussis, etc) are being brought back by the flood of Turd Worlders from Central America, Asia, and the ME.

            That said, I would never allow a girl child (or boy) to be poisoned with the HPV vaccine, or any of the “new” vaccines that have been hurredly developed and are being forced on the populace. The “wonderful” (read idiot) Texas governor Rick Perry was behind the push to force the HPV vaccine on every girl in the state. If it’s so great, why do you have to force it on people? As far as requiring vaccinations to enter pubic skool, they can mandate all they want. Pubic skools are an anachronism. I don’t want my kid hanging with these Turd Worlders anyway.

      19. SHOOT FIRST and do not stop shooting until they are dead.

        The law of the land is on your side. It’s called the constitution.

        Lord, make me fast and accurate.
        Let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me.
        Grant me victory over my foes and those that wish to do harm to me and mine.

        Let not my last thought be “If only I had my gun”; and Lord, if today is truly the day that you will call me home, let me die in a
        pile of empty brass.

        • Yes, they are completely and totally insane. Obviously there is no government, it’s only a shell with corporate fascists directing it by proxy using stooges inside whom are only employees because we really don’t have a government. This proposed self awarded right to rule isn’t a law of the people, it’s a willful attempt to subvert and skirt round the rights and supreme laws. We obviously don’t have a government. This isn’t our government any longer. That’s obvious. It’s Monsatans, it’s the Military Industrialists, it’s the lawyers government with laws being written by these clowns whom are paid to write them by of crooks, mass murders, and criminal psychopaths. Completely out of control nut cases obviously.

      20. Okay – I read it. One of the benefits of having learned speed-reading when a boy in high school.

        Folks – cut the crap with the histrionics and beat-the-chest ape-like responses. Try reading the damned thing in the Federal Register. If you do, you’ll realize that anyone can be held for any illness or symptom whatsoever. Whatever is deemed communicable or questionable. Whatever methods are deemed reasonable by any person working at the behest of the CDC and/or HHS are at the agencies’ decision ability. Anyone. You could literally have the common cold, an outbreak of rash due to poison ivy, be drunk, limp, burp too much for God’s sake. Anything and everything.

        This thing is so well-written, so comprehensive, so extreme it boggles the mind. So, people – use them – your minds. Should this go into effect, it’s over but for the resistance. And the way I see it, we are all subject to the provisions of this proposed rule making. No matter what you happen to think is your current health status. Got a pimple? You can be held. You scratch some chigger bite? Suffering from an over-done chili feast? You can be held, examined, quarantined. This is not tin-foil hat time. This is get ready time.

        • The people get that heartless. I get that. They are steeling themselves for what comes next. All soldiers and all peoples who must face war do this. It’s putting our strength together with mutual support. It isn’t crap. It’s getting ready to reply.

      21. Then we should be able to round up CDC employees and their families and treat them in the same manner they treat us. Or worst!

      22. So how many more of these institutions going to decree dictatorial powers because they want to run rough shod over the people? Do they feel they have a time limit to do so and that limit is when Obama leaves office.

        Why would we warn them of our disfavor? Let them come
        and then do what has to be done.

        • anon, I think one reason they’ve used the CDC for this power grab is that most sheeple Americans trust it more than say DHS, Homeland Insecurity, or the rest of the alphabet agencies.
          “Oh, it’s the centers for DISEASE control, honey. They must have our best interests!”
          Said the sheep on the way to the slaughterhouse.

          • Ketchupondemand

            Good point!

        • At least George Bush could hide behind the cover of stupidity, this guy, what a disgrace and embarrassment. I didn’t think it was possible to get any worse and then we get this joker, and now the next chosen one is even worse that this one. This can only end badly with corporate politburo directing public leadership via faked elections. The American people aren’t this stupid, they aren’t electing these clowns, the politburo is with vote fraud.

      23. Like the article said … They are going to do it illegally under an emergency BS scheme. What gets me is the idea they care about me to quarantine me with others who have it. if they truly cared for me they would let me do what it is to live out my life naturally. Why not just let everyone fend for themselves. Because they care so much about you that it is a way to eliminate you in a camp faster!! You may never get it but them taking you away you will die even if you have it or NOT! And as the article states it is going to be illegally done so me making a comment to them more than likely will place me higher on a list of people that they want to get rid of and move me up the list. And what would my comment do when it will be illegally done. Read the article it sates consent to enter into and agreement BUT CONSENT IS NOT NECESSSARY! That is double talk!!! I ain’t making no comment to them I will make my comment when they come to the door!!!

      24. On a lake in the forest sitting waiting Never care for running but i still dance great so lets dance.

      25. Zika is a fund raiser. It’s not a real pandemic. The three northern counties of Brazil with high numbers of microcephaly still have high numbers, and even though they have produced data that Zika is spreading, cases of microcephaly are NOT. The Microcephaly outbreak is a fraud. There may be a tiny number of Zika cases causing microcephaly, but that’s just cover.

        The microcephaly outbreak in Brazil looks more like a mass poisoning, than a disease outbreak. There’s something in the water.

        They are calling for a 1/4 trillion dollars in extra funding for the CDC. Likely to expand Obama’s illegal army on US soil, but we have to spend the money to save the babies!

        Watch your back.

        • Funny how everything goes back to requiring additional “funding”.

          • I’m waiting to hear there were solicitations for thousands of MP-4’s and Glocks plus ammo for the CDC. Obviously they must enforce the new regulations….. Note: I did not say laws!

            • So evidently now the self awarded title of “Health Care Professional” is to also include camp guard and mass murderer?

              • Isn’t that how the Nazi’s exploited laws intended to provide healthcare/mercy killing of the mentally ill, retarded and terminally ill.

                Thus every death camp had a doctor who sorted people. It made it legal. Hillary is this kind of psychotic sick.

          • Zika virus fear fits a convenient funding narrative for chemical giants and vaccine manufacturers. It is being played up by the corrupt, criminally-run CDC and the bho regime to funnel billions of dollars into the hands of vaccine corporations while ignoring the real causes of microcephaly.

            Here are the top 10 reasons why the Zika virus fear mongering is a total scam:


          • That is the charade that even today most people cannot fully grasps. Our political system is about using your tax dollars against you in a myriad of ways

            So for those that still don’t get it, you are paying to get effed daily in more ways than you can even imagine ? Every issue you can imagine is funded by YOUR tax dollars you pay every year and far more that is created as debt for the future. It is all used deliberately to control YOU and there will be an end game result !

      26. They are asking for way more than enough info to be at your front door at 3am..
        They will know everything about you from the little they expect for you to comment.

        Scares me.

        • Horse.

          The way things are going with the internet being given away. All the spying gear going up in major cities. It won’t be long before a frontal assault on the homeowner for whatever crime they dream up.

          • People need to start solving those problems. Red light camera my ass, compulsory health care huh? Compulsory vaccinations? Compulsory Auto Insurance? It’s all just superpack money, jew money, and corporate terrorism. What a load of crap. We don’t need this for government. Who need this? I don’t, maybe the Jews do, but I don’t. Maybe Mosatan does, but I don’t. Maybe the Insurance crooks do, but I don’t. Who needs these creeps, these blood suckers, these criminals?

            • I Visited a friend in NJ, where they banned red light Cameras, yet someone is erecting thousands of high definition cameras at literally every intersection, pointing every direction. A guy who lives there was pointing out the tech. At every street light there are ultra high definition cameras that can facial recognize every visible person in a car, as well as read your plate. They also added antenna that can talk to your cell phone, blue tooth, and eeze pass device. They have you ten ways to noon. I’ll bet if you go dark, no phone or high tech, they take special notice as you pass by.

              Who is paying for this, it isn’t cheap. Who’s watching, that isn’t cheap either.

              Crime has NOT gone down since this tech began appearing two years ago, so it isn’t law enforcement? They are just watching, building their databases

              This crap is everywhere, I traveled through Eastern PA. The high tech spy crap is everywhere. You can’t travel any interstates without being fully monitored.

              The infrastructure is fully in place.

        • If all that separates you from the public street is a thin door and a dead bolt, you are already in trouble. That’s what I hated about living in the city.. Door knockers and solicitors pounding on your door feet away all hours of the day and some nights. WTF..

          My BOL now, is on a dead end dirt road off a private road, 2 locked gates, and 6 ft tall barbed wire fence, to even get to the edge of my property. And you cant see anything or my buildings unless you are on my property. So if anybody in pounding on my door at 3AM they get gunfire. Then Rule SSS applies, – Shoot, Shovel and Shut-up. Or Rule: SWCSS. Shoot, Wood Chipper, Shovel and Shut-up. Depending on how PO’d I am.


          • They will run a robot with a shape charge up to your door and blow you to kingdom come. Killed that terrorist dude.

            Hell, they can fly a drone with a bomb attached to it and land on your roof. Like the Mayor did in Philly Pa.

            Now, not only do you have to listen for footsteps, helos and truck noise, you have to listen for buzzing sounds.

            “What’s the Buzz, tell me what’s a happening”
            J.C. Superstar

          • WTF, Sounds like you got it made,good for you.Nice thing about being poor I don’t attract attention,sounds like you look like a drug cartel,NO You don’t stand out!lol sounds like your so smart your stupid.Let me guess PHD in something?Sorry your being a total AH this morning
            Maniac –out

            • LA, wwti took the doom porn and acted upon it.
              What a loser.
              Those of us real preppers figured out what was for real, not what was made up in some minds.
              Wwti is a loser, why act upon ficticous articles?
              If he left here, the site would improve 100%….

              • eppe never reads any of these articles, he skips right to the comment section to take his daily self indulging cyber shit. Why do you claim to be a prepper for ever, when you never do any prepping? Why are you even on this site at all? So you are now slamming Macs site here, for posting articles about what if’s?

                Imagine a guy (eppe) who calls himself a survivalist, is 100% dependent on the grid, works for someone else, his wife wears the pants in the family, has no weapons, no BOL, no balls of any sort. Pretty pathetic and a disgrace to the male species. Then lies how great he is at prepping, but doesn’t do any prepping and calls himself a prepper. Then slams other for prepping, That’s pretty twisted.

                eppe snail, you are on the wrong website pal.


      27. Yea, American citizen.
        freedom, not so much.

        • No shit huh? Yet again send the slave army to free Syria while giving the Nazi’s more money to murder children in palestine. Sheese…what a shitbag operation.

      28. Those asshole fed gov thugs bleed like everybody else….

      29. When they start talking about aliens more and more shtf will hit and be blamed on them. Lies

      30. I don’thear about them Iinjecting all of these disease ridden rrefugees and border crashers.

      31. some one reciently stated the Second Admendment folks might have something to say about that?

      32. So…Vince the veteran may need to be quarantined? Jussst in case.
        Bob from Black Lives Matter is clean.
        Rudy the Raghead and Ivan the illegal are good to go.

      33. And in other news, I spent the day preparing for the storm that is coming up the eastern seaboard.

        1. The cars are all fueled and ready for a quick getaway.
        2. Fuel for the generator is checked and topped off.
        3. Batteries are all charged up for emergency lighting. I have a charger that handles 10 at a time, and another that does 8 at a time. AA & AAA NiMH batteries are all topped off
        4. I just picked up a set of four 1.5V lithium Ion AA batteries to try out. It’s brand new tech from China, the instructions don’t even have an English version? Looks like they built these batteries with built in voltage regulation, a bit of a marvel. You applie 5V from a USB to charge them. They are very pricey, but charge really fast, and hold 1.5 volt like alkaline batteries, as apposed to NiMH that produce 1.2 volts that fail to work some electronics, due to low voltage. Time will tell.
        5. Lawn furniture is all put away, so it doesn’t become airborn missiles.
        6. Extra ice has been made and now fills any empty spaces in the freezer.
        7. Time to get some sleep, the storms a coming.

        Another big storm is coming and few are talking about it in serious terms. Likely it’ll be small potatoes. Never the less, I have learned not to ignore these events.

        • you mean you actually havent figured out that everything that comes from china is junk?

          • Actually China is making some awesome stuff. Yes, they make dollar store disposable stuff too.

            If you are waiting for a US company to put a 3,000 MAh rated lithium ion battery into a AA package with a full charging and voltage regulation circuit, you are sorely mistaken.

            China has shifted from copying tech, to creating it.

        • Plan, let us know how those batteries work; I’m interested in trying something better.
          Good luck with the storm. Luckily it’s not a hurricane anymore.
          So, why would you want to live in a hurricane zone? 🙂
          You and anon would be better off here in the Caribbean, lol.

          (We start them here and send ’em up to ya.)

      34. We are dealing with the same people Alexander solsenitzen delt with . And his advise was not to be taken alive. It’s a fate worse then death. So act accordingly .

        • Nailed that one. Others may do what they wish, as for me it’s obvious that these people are a threat to life and liberty. Deal with them as such and be done with them once and for all. A rope and some light posts will make for a strong message.

      35. So let me understand…the same agency that encouraged supported and actively transported people infected with Ebola into our country now wants the power to detain people they deem sick.
        What a pile of tyrannical crap.

        • Now you’ve gone and done it. You pointed out the glaringly obvious hypocrisy of a government that creates crisis, just to exploit said crisis to assume more power over the sheeple.

          That clicking sound you’ll now hear in your phone is the people you just pissed off!

          Now repeat after me, four legs goooood, two legs baaaad!

      36. Did we start prepping too early? Is it getting old ? Are we getting bored? Think of. The alternative ? Slow starvation? They can delay the inevitable . As long as they can print and will be accepted paper.. But the new Babylon will be destroyed in one hour. It will be a land of demons. And if it wasn’t for gods intervention even the smart virgins would die.why has God warned us ? Why dose he want us to fill our lamps? Why should we sell our clothes to buy a sword? WHY? I guess we can’t ask why. And we can’t ask when. It’s written this won’t be easy. And the tares will be culled. It’s a test?

      37. The notion that an appointed agency should be allowed or required to create rules which the the rest of the nation must abide by, is at least suspicious.
        imo, All the rules created by non legislative agencies, including executive orders, need to be re-examined
        and voted on or summarily struck
        from the system completely.

      38. Plan twice:
        #6. Extra ice has been made and now fills any extra spaces in the freezer.

        That is a really good way to lower your electric bill. (If you are still on the grid.)


        • B from Ca, dude you are strange sometimes,love some of your posts you think real deep.SOMETIMES??? Woman was on here saying talking about no $$ fighting cancer.You started preaching health food (definitely Cali) which is really pricey ,she’s short on $$ Most places it is really hard to find a health food store!That was not thought out!I’m dealing with 2 with cancer 1 more shortly $$$$$$$$$$$$
          Makes it hard to prep like I need to.Some is better than none.I’ll be fine,I worry about them.All I ask is think before you preach.
          Maniac — Out

          • LaManiac:

            Sorry about your loved ones Cancer. I doubt that there are many left in America who have not had a bout with Cancer themselves or who have or have had family with “The Emperor of all Diseases”, myself included.

            Yes, Organic foods cost more than GMOs/commercially grown foods. And yes, it is a struggle to make ends meet, especially when you are incapacitated. I know first hand just how overwhelming it can be. That is perhaps the reason I come off so insensitive. I’m Not. I’m Just a little too sensitive and I have learned that sometimes sensitivity is counter productive.

            You can use the web to locate health food distributors that ship product. It’s nice to have a place near by (business opportunity) but it’s not absolutely necessary. Everything I say should be taken with a grain of salt. I could be way off base. But these are the things that have helped me and I want to share with anyone who may benefit.

            I don’t know exactly what I said that prompted your post. I’m going to recommend a series on the Internet “The Truth About Cancer, a Global Quest”.

            Personally, I will die before submitting to Chemo. But that’s just me. And so far I still have the right to choose. The way things are heading, if we don’t change gears; TPTB may force what I consider Torture, and bogus malpractice, on sufferers, under the banner of mental health. In other words, if you don’t agree to surgery, radiation, and chemo, you are crazy. Once you are certified CRAZY, you lose your rights and privileges. Doctors can force anything on you. Electric shock and lobotomies are examples of treatments.

            The problem may be that I know too much. I’m Not bragging. I’m Just Saying.


      39. Wtf unfortunately I live in the burbs. I have an additional lock on my screen door because my little guy try’s to escape. For a perp to get inside they will have to make a lot of noise and it will take them time to get in by then the guage will be pointed at their face. I do have cameras on my house and I can see who’s outside at any time. I go in and review the days recording and know what time the mailman came if it was the same guy even. I know what solicitors came or if the electric co came to check the meter. I know everything that happens on my property and don’t have to be home. If I’m gonna be spied on by cameras in public them I’m gonna spy on who ever comes around my place. If I lived in a condo or some other building that wasn’t a one family home I’d be concerned. Could never understand why anyone would want to buy a condo they cost more than a one family house in the burbs. House is better IMO.

        • I lived in an apartment while they built my house, during that time, two units down, someone with a cooking fire and all the wrong moves, burned four families out of their homes.

          Multiple family dwellings put you at risk for the utter stupidity of perfect strangers you have no control over.

      40. FOLKS, With the collapse of this financial system will cause some Bumps..PLEASE do one thing right now,,GET RID OF THIS SPIRIT OF FEAR!
        These evil ones will be eating humble pie, with gravel bits. Our Creator has his plan as well, and its not doom and gloom.

        Evolution is happening at rapid speed. The demonic forces know their time is at hand. THEY are the ones who WILL be afraid, you wait and see. This FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. Like Dr. Martin Luther King quoted, “A LIE WILL NOT LIVE FOREVER.” Post your Objections to this manure, if you do not, you then agree by consent…tc

      41. After passage of this regulation, the CDC/WHO will declare guns a public health crisis, guns will be contaminated articles that can be confiscated and destroyed. Gun ownership will be added as a communicable disease (opinions of gun owners may communicate the disease to others). Symptoms of gun ownership infection or pre-infection will include patriotic thoughts, delusions of the constitutionality or unconstitutionality of laws, distrust of public officials, desire to live free, belief in the so-called second amendment and the right to personal self defense, and other thought-related crimes indicative of a gun ownership infection or pre-infection. As there is no cure for this disease lifetime internment is authorized. If internment centers become overly full, those in an infected or pre-infected state will be heated in ovens until the disease or the host is eradicated.

        • Grr:
          That’s crazy. They’ve got the ball rolling in that direction.

      42. When the US dollar is pulled as the world reserve currency, and one day it will happen; especially if the monetary policies don’t change; things are going to go bad real fast and the govt is going to need to take people away that might become an issue with no problems; this was coming eventually.

      43. From tin foil to a tin roof shield with soft armor inserts.

        Fabricated a small shield and attached a few deltoid upper arm soft body armor pads. Might help with moving about when being shot at. ;0)
        Painted the front with a hazy gray/white skull and cross bones. Wicked looking.

      44. Oh I so GD Hope so, I would love to be the with the first group of public greeters to these enemies of liberty and freedom who so wantonly and willingly skirt round the Supreme Laws of Liberty to award themselves totalitarian powers. Death to traitors and the sonsofbitches that behind this high treason.

      45. Lol, all of them can claim they
        Have authority all they want, whether
        Or not I accept that authority as
        Legitimate is up to me. I personally
        Have not gave any bureaucrat authority over
        Me, so using so called authority to control
        Me will be viewed as an attack.

      46. Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of the PREPPER – some famous dead general. Lots of brave talk – but the reality is that the government will issue any regulation they want in order to grab you, your family, or your house. When they come it will be a knock on your door. You might resist or refuse this one. But they will be back with their weapons drawn, and in greater numbers. You might plink one or two. After that – you and everyone in your house will die from their superior fire power.

        Your house/bunker can be a nice prep against zombie hoards and small gangs – but if the government wants you or your home (and the government is still functioning with all its resources) – then your only hope is evasion.

      47. An EMP to take down the grid is certainly a possibility. Something like that has already occurred. The cost of our utilities has risen dramatically. It’s not only the cost of renting or buying a home, it’s the added burden of utilities and taxes that break people and send them out to live out of their car, etc.

        More than likely, it will be a financial EMP. They’ll just keep hiking the price of utilities until only the rich (you know who) can afford running water, gas, and electricity.

        Make sure if you get solar, it’s yours, and not part of a government scam. If your bill is over a certain amount you qualify.

        • That’s my assessment the citizens and every business is dependent on the electric grid. My electric bill has increased. Hillarys war on coal will farther increase utility cost. I use a solar water heater in the summer one on the out side wood stove in the winter or when the sun hides.. I think curtailment of electricity can be used as a very effective weapon.

      48. The weapon of indignation . A weapon that dosent outright kill us . But takes away our dignity? Takes away our luxuries? Our electricity, ? Leaves us in the dark . Our water for sewage? Our water for washing? A weapon that takes away our dignity the weapon of indignation sounds just like an EMP?

      49. The CDC is a privately owned corporation, not a government agency. Same with IRS, DHS, BLM and the other alphabet soup. Our government is a corporation since the bankers foreclosed on us after we won the war for independence.
        Long and short of it all… along with Obama’s executive orders and other end-runs around the constitution and congress… they don’t have the authority.

      50. why? because they are evil. they work for the devil and his adjenda. because they are greedy, selfish, pathetic excuses for human beings. it will not stop. the gov will take it to the end of the line because they can profit from it. how? because when you are born as a flesh and blood person you have a trust fund that is automatically put in place for you to help pay for bills you accumulate in life. you can get access to this fund if you deny your u.s. citizenship and become a u.s. national. the gov dont want you to know this. now a days when children are born a birth certificate is mandatory before you leave the hospital. at least they make you think that. you can always refuse.(not the one from the hosp, but the court legal signed one) when a legal birth certificate signed by your parents is filed in the court it transfers ownership of you from your parents to the state or gov. when you die they collect the money from the fund. that is why they want to kill us all.

      51. Sitting on the lake in the forest waiting.

      52. Do they think that a law written on a piece of paper carries more weight than an ounce of lead? they may take a few of us but haven’t enough force to remove the rest. lastly where they going to put us? Government assumes we will roll over when they move to secure their future with the Marxist rule. America is populated with heroes at many levels. The best of us rise when threatened. we extend our help to every corner of the world. the world or any who threaten our freedoms and the freedoms of our family will need to be ready to defend and die. That is the fate of any foreign or domestic who believe they have the right to rule. Americas heroes will stand together and show them the error of their thoughts.

      53. Ohh man. I only have one opinion/question. Why does this entire situation STINK of the Impotent Trilateral Commissions request of their controlled CDC?

      54. CDC ha zero authority to do this , so phck them and the regime that is creating this garbage of control mechanisms.

      55. This sounds just like Nazi Germany. This can’t be allowed to happen because it is destroying our rights under the Constitution which obama has always wanted to tear up. obama doesn’t like laws because they limit what he can do. Unfortunately, obama has ignored many of our laws and the Constitution. He needs to be prosecuted for fraud, impersonating an American citizen (he is an illegal alien because he came here as a foreign student and never left).

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