Alert: Programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies Will End All False Sense of Freedom

by | May 5, 2021 | Headline News | 1 comment

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    With the advancement of the central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) worldwide comes the permanent elimination of and sense of freedom.  What little freedom we have left is systematically being destroyed by those who seek ultimate power and control over the rest.

    Dominic Frisby with Money, Markets & Other Matters said CBDCs are “the final step into the brave new world, Orwellian great reset dystopia.” And anyone who has looked into this even for a minute knows that this will be the end of whatever false sense of freedom we pretend to have right now. (We aren’t free, that’s obvious. But any sense that you could be will be gone if we collectively allow the central banks ultimate control.)

    Programmable money, such as CBDCs, means the user has even less control over their money than they ever had in human history. Frisby said almost any kind of rule could be coded into CBDCs. He provides an example of China mulling over the idea of expiry dates for its digital money. This means those holding the programmable money have to spend the money by a specific time or it disappears from their account, according to a report by ZeroHedge. 

    They could also switch your account off or remove funds whenever they see fit for any reason. We are approaching the precipice of permanent slavery unless we can figure it out, stand together, and firmly let the rulers know we don’t need them and they no longer have power.

    Frisby said issuers (the ruling class) could manipulate money velocity by changing expiry dates. He said the money could be programmed to work only in certain areas or jurisdictions. He then warned:

    “Every transaction ever made will be visible to the all-seeing government.

    Governments will know your whereabouts and habits at all times simply by tracking your use of funds through the CBDC payment system. This can already be done, to some extent, by tracking credit card transactions, but the CBDC system will make state surveillance more pervasive.

    CBDCs also allow the government to have direct access to a person’s wallet to remove taxes and other fines.  –ZeroHedge

    This will be a beast system of permanent slavery from which there will be no escape. If you think calling the government slavery right now (which it is based on definitions and roots of the words involved) the dystopian control and loss of even the idea that maybe we could be free is what comes after the installment of any CBDC.

    Frisby then said CBDCs allow issuers to weaponize the money against certain users who are enemies of the state.  Digital money is the key for governments to control and shape the behavior of their citizens. 

    “The best slave is the one who thinks he is free.”― Johann von Goethe


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      1 Comment

      1. It all boils down to this; the State uses whatever means it has to ultimately obtain unlimited power and control. It may be by using a “vaccine”, it may be by digitizing the currency, it may be by destroying education, it may be by unlimited illegal immigration, and by staging false flag events, or by creating counterfeit cultures and movements to undermine society. And not just use one method, but by using a combination of numerous methods. The one thing all the methods of control that are deployed by the State have in common though is that they always harm the citizens.
        Do not be naive or surprised or deceived, the State has no compunction, no moral inhibition, and makes no distinction what is legitimate or illegitimate, and undermines any and every legal barrier in acquiring power.
        Furthermore, for the present, the absolute highest, most over-arching and primary goal of the State is to irrevocably alter the demographics and culture of the US. This is necessary before it is possible for the State to move ahead to abolish our form of Constitutional, republic gov’t. Even as you read this comment there are nameless and faceless people and entities, both inside officialdom and gov’t and in private quasi-secret organizations, domestic and foreign, all working together in concert, to make a “new order”.

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