ALERT: Government Freezes EBT Funds: Orders States to Withhold Transfers to Food Stamp Recipients

by | Oct 15, 2013 | Headline News | 598 comments

welfare-stateThis weekend America witnessed a limited crash in the computer systems that manage electronic benefit transfers across the country. Within hours of the crash panicked food stamp recipients who were left with no way to feed their families rushed grocery store shelves to obtain everything they could while the system was down.

The outage lasted less than a day, but it proved what many already knew, that America had become a nation so dependent on government subsidies that any glitch in the system could lead to total pandemonium.

But if you thought that isolated incident was bad, imagine what could happen next month.

We say next month because the USDA, which oversees the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), has just issued an order to SNAP agency directors calling for their respective States to implement an emergency contingency program because of government funding issues. In a letter obtained by the Crossroads Urban Center food pantry, the USDA is directing state agencies to, “delay their November issuance files and delay transmission to State Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) vendors until further notice.”

What this means is that should Congress fail to increase the debt ceiling this week, come November there will literally be millions of people in the United States who will have exactly zero dollars transferred to their EBT cards.

What will happen to the nearly 50 million people who depend on these benefits to survive?

Think this past weekend and multiply it across the entirety of the United States of America.

In the State of Utah the immediate effect of the USDA’s contingency plan will be a freeze in benefits for 100,000 people. Richard Phillips, a homeless man who depends on the government’s monthly distributions, warned what would happen next:

It’s going to cause problems… because then you’re going to come to find out that you’re going to have people starting to steal and do what they have to do to survive. 

Video Report via The Daily Sheeple:

(Watch at Youtube)

Here is the USDA letter in full:


(click for full size image)


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    1. WeTheSheeple

      Just O tightening the screws on Congress to give them an excuse to comply.

      • Swinging on a star

        The regime is playing a dangerous game with the fragile to begin with stability of this country. We are truly living under a dictatorial government. They have shown how little they care for the citizens that they are supposed to represent by forcing the weak ones into submission and degrading them by withholding food.

        The dear leader and his regime have put this country into the dire situation that we are now in and if they have their way, blood will be shed while they hover over and drool at the thought of owning the very soul of a whole society.

        The government is evil at its core, they have created a dependent society by praying upon the ignorance of the uneducated and using their ineptness to control them as though they were nothing more than disposable pets.

        We are entering into a very bleak and depressed time, the souls of men will be tested and freedom will be repressed in a way similar to the era of Hitler. God help us because the regime wants you either in the boat with them or dead.

        • DRD5508

          Next it will be Gov’t checks (direct deposits) and it is coming soon. Hopefully many more will get on board to why you don’t want the gov’t involved in our retirements and food allocations, and many more areas.
          Twice this year, my credit union has had the phone service closed. The recording said ” …. is closed at this time.”
          It really is time to reset and remove this gov’t.

          • OutWest

            I think this year, getting a “lump of coal”
            for Christmas would be a God send.

            But then, obama probably wouldn’t let us burn
            it anyway. Dang carbon pollution, ya know.

            • Be informed

              TRAP. To make someone even more desperate and dependent on whatever, you temporarily take it away. After a little while of going without and a few days of panic, you have the need even more so engrained. People are then totally in fear of it ever going away forever. You have tens of millions of voters the next election cycles that are guaranteed to support those that support welfare. Clever and evil.

              The big monkey wrench in all of this is that the country goes down with all those dependent on the government. Like I said before, is BO and his cronies will dump and shake loose those loyal to him and his party like mud on shoes. This is what the old agades is about; beware of those offering gifts, and nothing in life is actually free and you end up paying for it somehow.

              For you BO and all those loyal to you and your future plans of destruction of America. :(. You all are pathetic and some people see right through you and your “plans”. BO you stink!

              • DRD5508

                BI, don’t be so kind in your discription of BO. Let it out, pathetic and stinking are way too nice for this evil excuse for an American Traitor and his varmin.

                • George Gefferson

                  It’s pathetic the Obama lovers I see receiving Social Security and Medicare. Makes me sick to see people getting wealfare like that. What ever happened to being an Independant American?

                • The Old Coach

                  So, I worked hard for 47 years, never even went on unemployment, paid FICA all that time, but because I’m now living on SS pension at 68 years old with a bad back and bad knees I’m a Halfrican-supporting lowlife. Thanks, pal, and just see if I give you a moldy saltine if you ever show up at my door.

              • durango kidd

                These crisis’ created by O’Bummer are a blessing in disguise. The Sheeple will be aroused from their slumber and spurred to action. Right now they are asking “How am I going to feed my family?” The question they need to ask themselves is: “Why do I need food stamps to feed my family?”

                So far the O Administration has done a better PR job on the Retards, but eventually it will be the actions of this Administration that will cause the American people to Remember in November (2014).

                Engage your employees or be starved and impoverished by them. They have Free Trade, but WE have Free Will. Kill the FED, Death to the NWO.


                • braveheart

                  Swinging, BI, DRD5508, and DK, I couldn’t have said it any better. Now we know when the schumer could hit the air circulation machine, but I think it still depends on how the dog-and-pony show plays out. We still need to see what happens on the 17th. All of the POS politicians in DC are playing one of the most dangerous games anyone can think of. It’s high time for something to backfire on them. time to hit the reset button and take this country back before it’s too late. Even 5% of the EBT crowd looting and rioting can do an awful lot of damage. Once they’ve looted the stores, they’ll start going to residential areas. I’ll have my “ventilation team” ready when it gets to that point.

                • Average Guy

                  Individuals have Free Will to trade freely with others.
                  Only the state and their minions get in the way.
                  Which are you?

                  Also, I don’t have employees.
                  There’s some thugs stealing money from everybody while pretending to be their employees. Is that what you refer to?
                  If so, that’s funny, I never once thought of mafia thugs as my employees. What fool does?

                • SWFL

                  It won’t go on long enough to motivate people to become self-sufficient, that would defeat the purpose. Just long enough to cause panic and ingrain the response so it can be evoked with just the threat, and often enough to cause the chaos wanted for leverage.
                  I think this is one of those power plays that can quickly get out of control and burn the hand that lit the match.

                • Swinging on a star

                  durango kidd,

                  Don’t you wonder where the baby daddies are for the woman with six kids who wanted to know how she was going to feed her kids with her ebt card not working? Probably six different guys who are all on the dole themselves. Who is addressing that national crisis?

                • Feisty Old Broad

                  @Durango Kidd
                  I have often wondered if obama, pelosi, reid, etc. are actually so arrogantly egotistical that they believe the NWO “shadows” will place them high in their regime IF they manage to bring their “hope and change” into fruition…..

                • durango kidd

                  Average Guy: There is NO such thing as “Free Trade”. The Free Trade promoted by the NWO (and foolish Libertarians with your perspective)is NOT “free”. It is Managed Trade and it has real costs: 60,000 factories and 70 million American jobs.

                  It is managed by NAFTA, GATT, the WTO, and Most Favored Nation Status.

                  Free Trade hasn’t existed in North America since the American Indian sold Manhattan Island to the Dutch for $24 worth of beads and trinkets, and allowed them to build “Free Trade Zones” and populate them with other Europeans.

                  How did that “Free Trade” work out for them? LMFAO!!! 🙂

                • durango kidd

                  SOAS: Yes, you are right about the baby daddy problem. I met a black guy about ten years ago who had 9 kids and 9 different baby mamas and was hooking up with a new chick.

                  He was working two jobs to make child support payments, as American fathers go to jail in Arizona for failure to pay child support. Mexican baby daddy’s go back to Mexico while the taxpayers pick up the tab.

                  Arizona Medicade paid $200 million of taxpayer’s funds last year for unwed mothers to have babies. The largest ethnic group by far was hispanic.

                  The tab for the black guy with 9 kids and 9 different baby mama’s was $900 a month; or $100 for each kid. Guess who is paying for those kids even if the baby daddy manages to stay out of Sheriff Joe’s jail?

                  Engage your employees or they will tax you to pay for the babies of fools and foreigners. 🙂

                • durango kidd

                  FOB: Reid for example, came to Congress initially, in a wave of “reform”. Hard to believe but its true. It just goes to show, that once inside the Beltway under current reality, they must drink the AIPAC Kool Aid or go home.

                  The one thing that O’Bummer has managed to avoid, and I applaud the SOB for it, is refraining from attacking Iran on Israeli behalf. Bibi never reckoned on a Muslim POTUS. LMAO!

                  Current reality being the lack of involvement of the majority of the American people with their government. Until WE engage the PTB en mass, and in no uncertain terms. We will continue to be victims of the NWO. 🙂

              • Chip

                Brilliant post! Progressives would have 47 million captive votes. Obama was elected with just 52 million. Hmmm….

                • Reynaldo

                  When you add the number of delusional left-wing progressives there are in this country to 47 million then it becomes obvious how dismal our outlook is. These idiot progressives, the worse things get the more govt they want.

              • Unreconstructed Southron

                I think his real initials are BS, BI. But I’m sure BO is appropriate.

                • sixpack

                  Here’s about the only bright side I can see about the newest budget deal in congress: THEY’RE FREEZING NEW WELFARE APPLICANTS AS OF NOVEMBER 2013! What that means is, NO MORE ILLEGAL ALIENS APPLYING FOR WELFARE FOR A WHILE…Just what the doctor ordered…for now.

              • Wilson

                Assuming this comes to pass and there is no funding of food stamps/SNAP/EBT cards etc, this means we have been put on notice that the SHTF scenario will begin November 1, 2013. It will be nationwide in scope, and what happened in a few places last weekend when EBT cards failed to work will go nationwide.

                To put it another way, you have a minimum of two weeks to finish your food preps. T minus 16 days and counting down until November 1.

                • Slick One

                  If the welfare, EBT, WIC, TANF, Section 8 housing vouchers, SSI…..are not paid will the Federal Government quit stealing my money,(Income Tax)out
                  of my paycheck?

                • MasterScott

                  That will be horrible bday present, unless the revolution starts then it would be worth it! (just for the record, I’m not on government assistance, just saying it would suck to have to hunker down on my bday)

                • Wilson

                  T minus 15 days and counting….

                  Wait, there may be a “deal” from the senate?

              • apache54

                Hey BI
                i noticed there are TWO negatives on you comment, so this is to those TWO idiots, we are going to take this country back and people who think like you will be lucky to survive !! you are idiots and should be barred from this country YOU are the reason we are in this pickle, because of your insane brain process !!

              • Cede

                I have nothing worth saying about BO. There’s only one person in the country that isn’t doing his job though. And he, above all others needs to take his sole position seriously. Who is it you ask? He is the Provost Marshal of the United States. And if you don’t know what he can do, you should find out.

              • Tina

                Just think how easy it will be to implement “the Mark” when you have a bunch of hungry people.

                • sixpack

                  They’ll have to hold me down to do it, then they better bury that fucker deep, or I’ll just cut it right back out!

          • Anonymous

            Really great video titled, “NWO Prepare Yourself!!! 2013” and put out by NWO Truth Channel. VERY, VERY GOOD!! I watched it twice!

          • Kulafarmer

            I dont want the government involved in my life in any way shape or form. They can go to hell.

          • Reynaldo

            I just read this morning over on survivalblog that the IMF has published plans to potentially give EU bank accounts a 10% haircut like was done in Cyprus. We’re going to be next. It’s only going to ramp up after that. I wouldn’t doubt a false flag financial crisis of some kind to give them the excuse to “institutionalize” all IRAs and 401Ks. I’m seriously thinking of cashing mine out even with the penalties and buying land.

        • sharko

          Well written, swinging says it precisely. Stay strong.

          • pissinwiththewind

            Read em’ and weep!

            The signs are in the cards TPTB are dealing out. It’s all about control. These are just bumps in the road for now. When the real SHTF, the sheeples will go bezerk and looking for a saviour.

            The Unaffordable Care Crap, and the monkeying around with the “entitlements”, are just “tests” for now. Everything connected is a way to get info on peoples and later use that to force them into the one world system.
            It’s a test run for the “mark of the beast” system.

            Play along or get your driver’s license revoked. Play along or get your mortgage monkeyed with. No driver’s license, and it’s a juggling act to keep a job. Loose your home/mortgage, and it’s, live like a kid with the parents/grandparents. No one to live with, and it’s, bum under a bridge living, or take the mark, (pledge allegience to the Head beast) and get all the freebies.

            It’s coming, and it could be sooner than most realize.

            Thank God for Jesus Christ and common sense, preps, and SHTF Plan. Otherwise folks are just walking a tightrope into the last days without a safety net.

            God Bless all Christians!


        • Leonard

          Just think what will happen when they control your access to doctors or hospitals…

          • sixpack

            They already control that, just not to the extent you’re thinking of…yet.

          • StayOnTheLandGetOffTheShip

            Meh, that is only an issue to those who think them absolutely necessary. Research and ask yourself why hospitals are all registered as ports of entry. People survived long before death dealers (aka doctors) and entry points (aka hospitals) of new chattel property (aka slaves) were engrained as an absolutely necessary part of this society.

        • JohnFornaro

          The Republicans know about the dangers of food riots. The letter was deliberately released at this time, in order to crank up the pressure on them. The current Executive branch has been consolidating the power that was initially collected by President Bush. They are truly drunk with power.

          I’m thinking that the Republicans are going to cave.

          • Swinging on a star


            They already have.

        • SHANNI

          WEllll Wellll WElll…ALL those of you who think you are independent and going through this life in America by your own “true grit”…think again! This type of dependence on the government by scare tactics is going to affect EVERYONE!
          Everything you think you have can be taken away in a moment. It will either be done by this corrupt government, or the ONLY true Government sovereign over all. We are teetering on the disaster in this country and have been warned by those really paying attention for a while. So, if you are one who is honest enough to say that you are going through a time of lack right now (dependent or independent); hold on to the things that really matter and get rid of the things that don’t. Don’t continue to live your lavish wasteful lifestyles, Americans! Prepare for all that is coming and help others near you because standing together in preparation and truth will be the only thing that will lead to real survival in times to come.

          FYI…the “retards” remark…LOOSE THAT! My eldest son has Downs Syndrome…RETARDED DOES NOT MEAN STUPID! Look it up!

          • Anonymous

            How right you are about the misuse of the word, “retarded.” I think of God’s special people as God’s perfect people. Think about it: they are incapable of sin.

        • Reynaldo

          Only half the society is dependent, but they have divided us by forcing one half against their will to provide for the other half. I have no problem with giving to charity or helping my neighbor get out of a jam. That’s how it used to be done before big industry in collusion with Congress and the Presidency destroyed our communities. If you got sick, lost your job, or broke your leg and couldn’t work your community would pitch in and help you, and then you’d return the favor when someone else needed it. Our communities have been Walmarted and strip malled to death. There is no pitching in, there’s just the fascists and do-gooders who think it’s ok to use the govt to force people to feed a growing and out of control entitlement class. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out how unsustainable such a system is and how it will soon turn out. Our only hope is, when the crash happens, instead of us turning on each other we take out the real culprits and burn Wash. DC and Wall Street to the ground, leaving a few hundred charred bodies hanging from the lamp posts.

      • Kindle

        Ok, I must be getting dense..some stuff that doesn’t quite make sense.

        This was issued on the 11th and the snafu happened on the 12th.

        I get that some states issue their “issuance files as early as the 15th of the month” for the next month. So what if they submit the files that doesn’t mean they automatically get issued? Or does it? If so, then that’s poor programming…should be able to control the process better than that.

        “In the interest of preserving maximum flexibility, we are..blah, blah…delay transmission..blah, blah..until further notice”.

        Something doesn’t jive. If they want to shut it down they can do it faily instantaniously…sending a notice weeks in advance…for what? Don’t transmit?

        • Kindle

          James Rawles on Alex Jones right now talking about the EBT glitch and other stuff.

          • azam1986

            Have to listen to that one tonight on the replay. Both good guys to get information from. Alex just has to calm down on his conspiracy theories and stop yelling as much. He will become much more creditable and more people would listen to him.

            • Stay Frosty

              I too will listen to it when I get the chance later tonight. However, I like when Alex starts yelling. There is a time for mature and gentlemenly conversation, but you can just hear the passion in his voice. Sometimes yelling and raising your voice is what’s needed.

              I can just feel the tension in the air. Things are starting to happen that we as a prepper community have been predicting for years. Keep up the good fight and stay frosty, my friends.

        • JoeRepublic

          Yes, this is a fear tactic. Not really designed to light a fire under the ass of CONgress. This is to light a fire under the 50 million recipients to call CONgress and light the fire. It’s all part of the professional wrestling show with audience participation. Fucking pathetic.

          • Hammerun

            There is not a chilly chance in hell this would be allowed to occur. It would be like the 1994 riots on a magnum dose of steroids. Assuming the 50 million number is correct, lop off 90% and 5 million go rioting. The damage would be nearly unrecoverable, and of course all blamed on the republicans. Who’d a thunk?
            This report is a BOO tactic and nothing but…
            This is barely worth the time and energy to read it.

            • Paranoid

              You are right, but not right. Yes it is a political ploy to pressure Congress. But it is also one more crack in faith and trust in Government as a whole. The history books will tell you WWI started from killing Archduke Ferdinand. Everyone just: ACCIDENTALLY HAD MILLIONS OF GUYS AND MILLIONS TONS OF WEAPONS READY AT AN INSTANT’S NOTICE. You can panic an action for no good reason. If everyone just buys one less Xmass present than usual because they are worried about bad times, bad times are here. Worry ahead of the crowd, act when it arrives.

              • Patriot Man

                Secession. Please. Now.

            • kendo

              5 million go rioting 100’s of 1000’s get killed and order gets restored and the dead get carted off by rail. they are built and ready

            • Slick One

              If we have 1994 riots on steroids, then I guess we will need a shoot out at the OK Corral on steroids as an answer! 🙂

          • sixpack

            I think you nailed it Joe R. They do want the sheeple to hound their reps, giving obummer more leverage to force them into what he wants, with pressure from their constituents…that way he can claim “the people have spoken”.

            I’ll make a special point of calling mine and telling him to hold the line. NOMI.

            • The Old Coach

              Ditto all the way down. I’m calling and emailing my rep every day now. Telling him Not One More Inch.

        • Kulafarmer

          Its is complicated,
          Those programs are federally funded through USDA but are implemented at the state level,
          So the funds go through several transfers before reaching each individual account for each recipient and some recipients have deposits from various programs, in some cases there is a lag between the state issuing the funds and the state taking in the funds from the feds.

          • Kindle

            I still don’t get it…sorry..brain must be getting old. So what if the transmission are sent…why can’t they just sit in the database? Just cuz they transmit doesn’t mean the feds or state have to push the button to release the funds.

            • Kulafarmer

              I honestly dont know, you know how bureaucracy is though, you have all these self important people with government jobs trying to show how they are the most important and indispensible minions all trying to put their thumb on someone,
              Its all bullshit to me, but have spoken at length with an old classmate who works for the state in whatever department deals with the snap and ebt system, is just one big cluster fuck according to her,

              • Kindle

                My point is/was…I don’t think it’s real. Doesn’t make sense.

              • sixpack

                As far as I’m concerned, the fed govt is a layer of govt we don’t really need anyway. If you think it through line by line, there really is NOTHING the fed govt does right now, that the states themselves couldn’t do for themselves—especially if they kept the money they have to give to the feds (so the feds can “grant” it back to them with strings attached later).

                The States can manage their own parks, with the same money they give to the fed for the parks/forestry service.

                The States can maintain their own roads and bridges without federal intervention.

                The States can prosecute and confine their own criminals, even the worst ones. We don’t need two sets of laws, anyway.

                The list of advantages is long. The best thing is, we’d not have to pay hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats for doing NOTHING. No more special treatment for govt employees and the price tags that come with that.

                Personally, I’d keep the NSA, BUT they would be forbidden under penalty of prison to deal with ANYTHING inside this country. Their TOTAL job would be to look for incoming harm. There would be no more fusion centers and federal surveillance stateside. NONE. I’d keep the FBI, only to hunt down multi-state offenders. No more stings for them either.

                If Law enforcement can’t catch bad guys in their own back yard, they get trained until they figure out how to do their job. There would be little time to set up useless stings and watch people in their own homes, hoping they do something wrong to themselves. There would be no more inchoate crimes.

                There would be NO MORE Homeland security, NO bureaucrat would be doing ARMED RAIDS on the people. FEMA would be gone and the States would have those funds to handle their own disasters as they see fit. FEMA would be out of the COG business. Most of the alphabet soup agencies would be dissolved and those people would have to get REAL jobs.

                We would improve this system greatly just by doing away with the federal commerce law and let the states make those laws for themselves…AND keep those funds for themselves.

                There would be NO MORE lobbyists and NO MORE corporate entities pulling strings with their vast assets, mostly stolen from here and abroad.

                The white house would mainly be for entertaining world relations with other nations, NOT trying to bomb everyone else into submission.

                When it comes down to it, we don’t need nearly as many bureaucrats as we have now. They just suck up vast amounts of money and think they are above the law and the Constitution, so why not just get rid of them altogether?

                • Ancient Echoes

                  Closing down all these agencies will only add to the welfare rolls, do you realize this?

                • Tactical

                  AMEN Sixpack as with all of your posts and informative comments brother.

                • braveheart

                  Sixpack, I like your ideas, but why not take it further and just eliminate federal govt. altogether? THAT is where all the BS started in the first place. I don’t mind supporting local and state govt., but I think we would be better off WITHOUT a federal govt. No more federal law enforcement, bureaucracies, professional politicians, etc.

                • sixpack

                  I would say get rid of the entire federal govt, but I can see a need to keep watch on other countries. I think getting rid of the federal reserve and the UN would get rid of a major portion of corruption—how else would the NWO have a death grip on us, but through our money source and the UN (A.K.A NWO)?

                  I personally don’t think our govt would be half as corrupt if we could just get the foreign interests out of it. How else can it ever be “by the people, for the people” when half of them are aligned to some other country?

                  Foreign interests and foreign money DO NOT BELONG IN OUR GOVT.

                  Maybe I’m a little naive, but the biggest banks and corporations are GLOBAL for a reason—because, that’s how they can control us without hurting their own interests, by ravaging us from a distance.

                  If corporations and banks had to suffer the same economic as the rest of us, they’d have no incentive to ruin things here at home for profit, because it would be THEIR home too and incidentally THEIR LOSSES.

                  Even monsatan isn’t stupid enough to shit in their own water fountain.

                  My thought is simply this: we’ve been usurped by foreign interests, and we’ll never be whole again until we’re wholly American in DC.

                • REB

                  Its an argument Ive been making for decades…states rights need to be upheld and the federal govt liquidated…we can all get along as Americans without a federal overlord…which is all they are…simple agreements will suffice between the states…..time for states to opt out of the system and for folks to do the same…

            • CWinOR

              from the sound of it (them “sending files), it is probably a file sent by the state via an ftp server that runs on a schedule, and then on the receiving end, their software picks up these uploaded files to process- also on a schedule. it would most likely be as simple as the folks on the receiving end (USDA in this case) to “pause” that scheduled process. But that would take a vague familiarity with that software, and sad to say, but it’s likely the USDA operators of that system just doesn’t have that. in many cases they’d take a “don’t TOUCH that! it’s working!” approach- so for them, it’d be easier to send letters, than to figure out the very simple software, or try to troubleshoot it if something goes wrong.

              • Kindle

                Thank you. From an I.T. software perspective what they are saying does not make sense. In my forrmer life the company I worked for downloaded many million bits of data everyday and then we on our end would act or not act on it.

                I’m not buying it. If it is real then I think it is only for purposes of spreading fear. They have to have a more advanced system than that.

                I mean, come on, the only way to stop the funds going out is to not have the data transmitted? No way.

                • Kindle

                  You can “pause that scheduled process”. This is bull pukey at its finest.

                • CWinOR

                  Kindle- I’m sure alot of people would like to think it’s more advanced than that, but you’d be surprised how many financial transactions work EXACTLY that way. I used to do IT Disaster Recovery for many of the largest Credit Unions in the country. And that right there was how a great deal of them are done…even as we speak. The flow can be stopped or paused on either end, but for a layperson, the most simple method would be to simply not put the files that would be uploaded to the recipient into the directory the FTP software is scripted to look for them in- hence “don’t send us your files”. Besides- in IT, most good admins still use the KISS methodology. fewer potential points of failure is good, overly/unnecessarily complex=BAD. simple=elegant, more reliable.

                • Kindle

                  Thanks, I knew it was possible…sometimes knowing networking, programming, i.t., etc gets in the way.

                  You are right about the KISS method…but it’s truely pathetic. I still think it’s a fear mongering thing.

              • Kindle

                “so for them, it’d be easier to send letters, than to figure out the very simple software, or try to troubleshoot it if something goes wrong”.

                If this true, then they need to go down to the local junior high school and get some kid to show them how.

                • CWinOR

                  i couldn’t agree more. but if you were an I.T Manager with no technical knowledge (which is sadly VERY common today), and you knew your staff wasn’t all that sharp (pretty much the norm these days), and the system “wasn’t broken”…would you want the monkeys with keyboards screwing around with anything? Nope. because then, when it came time to resume, instead of just adding the files to the directory they’re looked for by the software, you might wind up having to call tech support to have them fix what your guys “fixed”. seen it waaayyyy to many times.

                • Kindle

                  True, but given that there is several weeks notice they could have an upper level IT tech weenie on hand to manage it….if they wanted to.

            • Not so much

              Like @JoeRepublic intimated above.

              It’s meant to panic. They put something like this out right now and they can stir up as many of the LIVers as they can as soon as they can.

              Essentially, this is Obama turning up the squawk box noise on his gimme-shit army to make republicans cave, just one more time….

          • Reynaldo

            That just shows how screwed up, convoluted, and intentionally obfuscated the entire system is, and how they use it to siphon off billions everyday to their corporate and banking buddies.

        • KY Mom

          Frightening, the thought of this nationwide.

          Apparently last weekend was a “test”.

          It sounds like the govt. is following the orders…

          “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.” anonymous Park Service ranger

        • George Gefferson

          Shutdown Social Security today!

          • senormechanico

            That’s MY money I paid into the SS system at the point of a gun.
            To break even, I’d have to live to at least a hundred years old, if even then.

            I agree the system is a ripoff, but why not dump congress perks instead?

            • Pathetic joke

              Señor. Congressional perks? You think 538 people have “perks” that add up to the benefits paid by social security? Social security will have to be reduced or eliminated. It doesn’t matter how much duress or how long you would have to live to break even. The money has been misspent and is gone. Sounds harsh but everyone doesn’t want to lose what they are owed or want. If I were you, I would start saving outside of social security.

          • WakeUpCall

            Why would we want to end Social Security, we worked and paid into it, you want to end it fine, but are YOU going to give me my money back?

            • The Old Coach

              Sad to say, SS was always a Ponzi scheme. Money paid in today is used yesterday to pay retirees pensions. Not oonly that, but Clinton and a Dem congress opened up the so-called “lockbox” and dumped all the money into the general fund, which is how he got to claim that he “balanced the budget”.

              Does the Government owe us the pension? Well, by law, yes.

              CAN they pay it? If the choose to.

              WILL they pay it? Not of the Halfrican Dictator has his way. Retirees are not his constituency.

              We old folks may be prepping for a holocaust, and this time it’s not going to be jews and gypsies.

              • Butterknife

                For both communist and non-communist mass killings, “genocides occurred at moments of extreme social crisis, often generated by the very policies of the regimes.” They are not inevitable but are political decisions.
                by hook or crook

              • John W.

                The Supreme Court ruled a long time ago that SSI is a tax and not a pension. They are under no obligation to pay you squat. The country has an income problem due to all the offshoring and the importing of millions of the third world who can never pay their own way. There is no way the whole scheme cannot collapse all the defict spending does is delay the day and keep those who caused the mess in power longer which is what it is all about. The elites and their power and wealth.

            • slingshot

              Depends on how old you are. Most will never see SS.

            • Reynaldo

              The money has already been spent. I’m 53 now and I don’t expect to see a dime of it. In fact, in preparation for having to fend for myself in my later years my wife and I are “retiring” within the next 2 years and setting up a homestead off the grid while we’re still able and agile enough to do it. The kinks should be out and running smoothly by the time we’re in our 60s and slowing down. The govt can go take a hike.

          • braveheart

            George Gefferson, f#$% you! My dad lives on SS and a federal pension. All of us have been paying into SS forever. that’s our money and yours you’re talking about, you retard.

            • John W.

              Well if he has a Federal pension then he is under the WEP which reduces his SS to almost nothing. At least he has a Federal pension which is better than SS if he is in the old system which was self funded until the criminals stole all the money from it.

            • Kulafarmer

              Ive had to pay into this crap since i started working at 14,
              Now am 50,
              Will most likely NEVER smell any of my money again.
              TPTB can go fu$k themselves and their full retirement and medical too!

            • Average Guy

              braveheart, you and your dad got suckered into a ponzi scheme. You got ripped off. Your money is GONE! Poof! It’s Gone!

              So now your solution is to act all high and mighty and help to rip off the rest of us and future generations.

              How’s that cool? Or the least bit right?

              It makes you and your’n no better than the mobsters that rule us.

            • Urban dog

              Doesn’t mean you should keep passing the debt to the future generation. You are such a liberal brave.

        • Mel

          think “platinum” as the last bruhaha before things go south. god bless “everyone”

        • JohnFornaro

          The letter does say “the 15th of the month”. It is left for the reader to infer which month. Possibly the recent EBT shutdown, which happened really close to the 15th of October, was the intent of the letter.

          Still, the hypothesis that they are experimenting with what would happen with EBT cutoff seems supported by these circumstances. If they raise the debt ceiling and all that, then the EBT threat will be delayed, I’m thinking.

        • veggimama

          send the notice in advance to tptb can bunker down. This is not an ob dem/rep problem, but a much bigger underground genocide plan. also if people are paying attention, and watch the news, they will be prepared, and use the remainder of their snap benefits to stock up. not a huge chance of that happening, but a i have a little hope for that. if people are forewarned there is the illusion of safety from the hungry masses. never forget that no funding is cut to spying programs, medicaid etc… you may not get govt funded food, but sure as hell can get govt funded healthcare. wtf?
          and of course this happens right before winter sets in when people have little chance to grow their own, not to mention heat their homes… wonder if HEAP benefits will be suspended as well? comet ISON set to pass by early nov… probably has much to do with the lack of negotiations on budget and debt ceiling. distractions…
          “one great big festering neon distraction” (tool)
          we seem to be facing bigger problems than snap benefits being cut off.

      • Iowa

        If you had to choose between your sigma 40, 12 guage Turkey Thug, or your 22 Colt M4 30 rd mags…what would you use for self defense against Zombies…?

        • Just Me

          Why choose???????????? I can carry all 3 with no problem.

        • lastmanstanding

          Bring whatever you got to the table and show no mercy whatsoever.

          …and let God sort us out.

          I really want to stay with my family, friends and those that are like-minded…and be left the fuck alone.

          • Average Guy

            You should always show mercy, lastmanstanding.

            Otherwise, once again, you’ll be just like them.

            Anyway, I like your last line:

            I really want to stay with my family, friends and those that are like-minded…and be left the fuck alone.

            • lastmanstanding

              Anyone who can’t eat by their own hands does not belong on the earth.

              That is as kind as I can be at this point.

        • Paranoid

          If it was just one small attack, no doubt the shotgun. No finer weapon in the world than a 5-7 shot pump riot shotgun for stopping a few bunched up zombies. Just the cha-ching of loading one up works VERY well. On the other hand even a 22 LR has a lot more range than a shotgun and you can have thousands of rounds of ammo. Lot like queston are big boobs better than small ones? Quality, reliability, availability, and how they feel in your hand are far more important.

          • The Old Coach

            Shotgun for home defense, until the apocalypse ends modern medical care. Then even the lowly .22 becomes an instrument of fear. Up until WW1 or so every sane crook was terrified of getting gut-shot with even the tiniest bullets, because no matter what he/she got in the short run, within a week he/she would die an extremely painful and lingering death due to peritonitis.

            • braveheart

              Old Coach, AMEN about the .22LR. I own 3 .22s myself, including the trusty Ruger 10/22. People become shocked when they find out what the .22LR can really do. It’s the most underestimated caliber I know of. Get shot in the gut or face with a .22 and you WILL need medical attention, your day WILL be ruined. .22 is what John Hinckley used on President Reagan back in 1981. Go to Wikipedia and type in Reagan Assasination Attempt. Very interesting story. The president lost more than half of his blood in the operating room. Jim Brady was struck by a round that severed his spinal cord and paralyzed him for life. His wife, Sara Brady, turned into a POS gun grabber because of the attack. NEVER, EVER, UNDERESTIMATE THE .22LR PROJECTILE!

              • lastmanstanding

                All complements of H.W.

          • skeptic

            This may be too t.v. oriented. The sound of a pump shotgun is overrated. If I were in that much of a defensive situation all that would be heard is the tiny click of a safety being tripped.

          • John W.

            What makes you think they will not have the same or better weapons? Making assumptions like you are could get you killed. Most of these people will have been just like you until a couple of days before that. Gum safes and all.

          • Slick One

            When the EBT riots start will we have to buy licenses and what will be the limit on moochers? With sufficent rioting, attacks and general violence,the right to bear arms might become a defacto situation.

      • Kenneth

        So do you think that the recent “glitch” may have been intentional in order to demonstrate to the recalcitrant Republicans what will happen if they don’t authorize more money-printing, and that this letter was “leaked” by the administration in order to grease the wheels of chaos even more? If so, this would be a very memorable case of “good politics” (i.e. villany).

        • Kindle

          good question

        • John W.

          The country can no longer work with the present players in charge. It will just gradually wind down to third world status which has been the plan of the left for a long time. You see the slums of Kenya and see horror, they see pay back for real and imagined oppression when they get them to be the norm in America. These people are not normal and their hatred has warped them. Never forget that they hate you and everything about your way of life.

      • Iguana Green

        There won’t be a shutdown. Food stamps will continue. It’s all a big scare tactic. They do it every year.
        Wake up! But soon, Obama and his minions will pull the trigger. And there will be no food. The time isn’t right for Obama’s plan yet. String them along a little longer he might say? No?

      • TJ

        So “people” will be motivated to do what they have to do (aka riot and stealing food) but not be motivated to work…. these are the people you are saying the govt doesnt care about? neither do i

      • Bob

        The repubics have caved, as usual. Once again they accepted promises that have already been forgotten. O has no incentive to negotiate with them on anything now. The coup is essentially complete.
        Boner & co. obviously don’t remember that when despots seize power, they always permanently silence potential opposition. O is not the grateful type.

      • A Christian Man

        Same BullShit different Day!

    2. Canadian Vet

      50 million people without food or supplemental money for bills or housing? There will be a lot of scared, hungry and desperate people out there, most with children to feed. It is going to be very, very messy and fast.

      I strongly suggest those of you who have the option to go about armed take that option and keep something bigger in your vehicles. You might need that.

      • azam1986

        That’s another reason i carry every day.
        My office is ten miles from my house. Locked loaded and ready to go. Got the BOB and all.

        • MiVidaLoca

          I am so jealous! While we live way out in the country, I commute a bit over 75 miles per day. I’m good to bug in, but the trick is getting there should the SHTF on a workday.

          Be safe!

          • CWinOR

            I’m in a similar boat. so my BOB has been renamed to GHB- Get Home Bag. It may take me a few days if it comes to that, but that’s where my family will be, so I WILL make it home.

        • Canadian Vet

          And nobody should overlook putting together a get-home bag too, with the gear and supplies to hike home if need be. And don’t forget some practical and well-worn clothes that blend in with the locals.

          But do make sure your pack also blends in. Say, plain and black and left in the sun to fade for a while.

        • braveheart

          I already carry certain self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere. Looks like I’ll be adding something extra.

    3. Ranch

      This will spark the chaos we’ve been preparing for.

      • slingshot

        The end of the, Arm Chair Rambo’s.

      • DRD5508

        Ranch, it could be the spark but too many will still believe the lies of the white house for a few more weeks and possibly months. I believe Nov. and Dec. are the critical months.

        • Oldfart

          Nov. and Dec. huh? Thanksgiving and Christmas. Probably just a coincidence. . . Right?

          • veggimama

            also oct 17th, full moon and eclipse… always well coordinated chaos with astrological events…..look back through history to see this is true.

      • Slick One

        Ranch this might allow the EBT herd to be culled / thinned,we might even be able to do some very badly needed house cleaning!

    4. Ghostrighter

      “”What will happen to the nearly 50 million people who depend on these benefits to survive?””

      Shit, I’m gonna need more ammo!

      • DRD5508

        Ghost, yesterday, found Academy actually had a good stock of ammo with lower prices than the past year. One thing I noticed is how a few manufacturers are trying to sell box quanities of 20 verses the usual 50.

        • PDXer

          “One thing I noticed is how a few manufacturers are trying to sell box quanities of 20 verses the usual 50.”

          If you understand the “Candy Bar Theory” you have your answer to that statement. To keep candy bars at the same price they make them smaller until they come out with the King Size version that was the original size to begin with at a higher price. Repeat. Works on a lot of processed foods.

          Sugar for example was sold in 1lb., 5lb and 10lb bags. The grocery store in my area now sells 4lb bags instead of 5lb bags.

          • DRD5508

            Agree! 14.6 ounces verses 16 ounces.

      • armed citizen

        ghostrighter Shit, I’m gonna need more ammo!

        I hope a pickup load will hold out awhile after that I gotta go to plan B

        • John W.

          You would be better off spreading it around to those you know and trust. That way they have to kill a whole bunch of people to negate that supply. At best you will survive for a couple of hundred rounds before they kill you. Then they get it all.

      • Paranoid

        Actually 100 million are getting some kind of Gov check. But if it’s only 50 million I can lend you some ammo.

    5. OB1

      The zombie apocalypse is almost upon us.

      • sharko

        Yep, define zombie- therein lies the crux.

        • BadAmerican


          zombie — any person, individual, agent, or otherwise, that wants to take mine and my own.

          Remedy — SHOOT, SHOVEL, SHUT UP.

          ….cool name by the way………BA.

          • Average Guy

            No way, BadAmerican. A zombie isn’t just: any person, individual, agent, or otherwise, that wants to take mine and my own.

            That description fits a thug, criminal or a politician, too.

            A zombie wants to do the above, but has no clue about what’s happening in the world around them and refuses to consider facts, or openly discuss things in an adult manner.

            A thug, criminal or a politician might be perfectly aware of the world around them, so they’re often not zombies. You could say they are vampires though? …Or zombie vampires?

            Zombies often just repeat words, like, “Brains, I need brains.” Or maybe they say, “Engage, engage your employees” as if you have any employees? Ha.

            Zombies support the system without thinking what it means to support the system (unlike vampires) and want you to support the system too. To make it better, to make it faster, to make it stronger. As if that would make things better, when it wouldn’t, and never would. It all just makes you worse off.

            Today’s zombie, is a six million Dollar zombie.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Zombie Is someone that is brain dead to the world.
          Is someone that thinks only of themselves.
          Is someone that takes from others.
          Is someone that doesn’t contribute to society.
          Is someone that will kill its young in the womb.
          This just some that I thought of at 3:20 AM. after taking the dog out.

          • Tactical

            You are describing the selected folks in DC? lol

            • Sgt. Dale

              At 3:20 I forgot them.
              Thanks for adding to the list.
              A zombie is MAIN STREAN NEWS! just thought of another one.

    6. old guy

      It sounds almost to good to be true? I hate food stamps. I resent my hard earned money having to compete with the so called free food stamps at the grocery store. If this triggers a real SHTF collapse that OK by me. I tired of waiting its eventually gonna happen the sooner the better.

      • maddog

        I’m with you old guy. Lets get the party started. Might as well throw in an EMP. Then we can really clean the gene pool.

        • Rich

          “Starting the party” sounds cool and all, but could you please tell us how not having power to cool all of the Unites States nuclear reactors after said emp, is at all going to be a desirable “party”? Not being a smart ass, and I for one would love to have an excuse to stop paying my familys expensive phone plan:-), but those extremely hot and smoking reactors all over the Country is one thing alot of people seem to forget about while they sit mezmerized in their doom porn!

          • veggimama


            my sentiments exactly… live way too close to a nuke plant to be ok with the very real threat of emp…. anyhow, one plant meltdown will create chaos for 100’s of years… we’re still being affected by fallout from chernobal, and fukashima, and they are both 1/2 way around the world….not to mention how the cancer rates in the NE skyrocketed after 3mile meltdown, which was small potatoes compared to the other two….one thing we scratch our heads about in our preps… nuclear fallout….iodine, or cyanide?

            • Rich

              Indeed! I am way too close to the bruce mansfield plant in Beaver Pennsylvania, and it is old, and I’m quite sure that whatever action plan they have in the event of an emp there, it will not be up to par, or even close to dealing with it in a safe manner. In any such event may God help us:-)
              Keep on preppin folks!

      • wrong

        old guy

        I agree 100%. My thumbs ups won’t work but you got mine. After watching and reading about the idiots this weekend I think it would be great to have them beat on each other for a couple weeks. Maybe weed some of em out. I’m sick of it too. I work my ass off every day so I don’t ever have to depend on the fuckwads in washington. They can all go to hell. Like you said (sorta) its eventually gonna happen the sooner the better.

      • Ready & Waiting

        I have to agree! Lets get it rolling soon and bring to a halt the welfare state.

        Hope we get to the end of the month? We are pre-positioning the last of our large needed assets to the mountain retreat the weekend before while we finalize our escape route.

        Not that we want to leave our home of 25+ years but it is something we are wiling to do to get the country back on track.

        • st.augustine

          R&W, please explain me how you fleeing to the mountains is going to “get the country back on track”.??

          • Cujo

            My guess is to get away from threat one, the city. It’s a strategic retreat to live and fight another day. I reside in the suburbs, I intend to retreat, personally I am in my element in a Rural setting. It won’t matter where anyone goes, hell well follow you so get where you can defend best.

            Maybe that’s what he meant…

            • Kindle

              I’ve always liked the top of houses.

              • Mountain Trekker

                Boy ain’t it going to be great when we get to start doing all this shooting. I can hardly wait, I just hope it stops every night before the local news and weather and hope it doesn’t start to early in the morning, cause I like to stay up late and I don’t want to miss anything early in the morning, I hate having to get up early for 2 months of hunting season, so maybe we can make shooting hours between 10Am and 10PM. I have plenty of ammo but we just don’t know how many years this fun is going to go on, once the first shot is fired. Atleast all the wounding and killing will be done to them. SO LETS GET IT ON. Trekker Out.

                • Paranoid

                  You are a disgusting, red necked, chauvinist pig, a right wing baby killer, and an overall low life scum. Just my kind of guy. Hang in there Treck it’s getting weird.

                • Mountain Trekker

                  Para, Thanks for all of the compliments.Trekker Out.

          • Average Guy

            st.augustine asked, “please explain me how you fleeing to the mountains is going to “get the country back on track”.??”

            Have you ever seen the film, or read the book, Atlas Shrugged?

            Your answer, is there.

            • durango kidd

              Clark you can run but you cannot hide behind another name! 🙂

      • Kulafarmer

        +1 Bud,
        Couldnt agree more!

      • Iowa

        Hi Old Guy, Sir,

        Another day that passes without collapse is one more day I prepare my children to choose God. I understand your patience is waning, but I hope this isn’t in your prayers. No offense.

        God please give my family more days to prepare than I deserve, Amen.

      • WakeUpCall

        You know what I resent? my hard earned tax dollars going to wasteful wars, huge companies sending millions of OUR jobs over seas, all while recieveing tax cuts, and corporate welfare, yet you want to bash on people who for many, many years worked their asses off to pay taxes, and then lose their jobs to India, or China, or Mexico, starving to death. How about the 600 billion we used to bail out the very bankers that screwed us all. Not ALL people on food stamps want to be on them. You have a job, great but there are millions of us who HAVE been looking hard, and yet still don’t have one. You want to seperate the chaff from the wheat, good head to Washington! That’s where the REAL chaff is.

        • sixpack

          AMEN, WakeUpCall. Most people didn’t choose dependency, I know I didn’t. Nothing like being kicked in the teeth while you’re down, huh.

          But that’s okay, I can still bite back with a few missing teeth.

          I may be down, but I’m not done.

    7. y99

      It is the fact that we have 50 million people on EBT and other forms of social engineering that has brought us to the door step of destruction.

      Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for the day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life.

      This whole thing has been a set up from the beginning, the government is forming these lazy low information souls into a mob for one purpose.
      They’re easily controlled by fear, food and the desire to be taken care of, they will be the progressive army that begins the end.

      • TrotterOtter

        OR, give a man a fish every day, and he’ll vote for life!

        • y99

          that is a sad fact of reality Trotter, sad indeed.

        • DRD5508

          That’s how it works in big cities and west Texas. Did you have to use fish?

          • The Old Coach

            That’s how it worked in the late Roman Empire. And when the barbarians were at the gates, the sheeple ran to the temples and made sacrifices to their gods instead of organizing an army.

          • skeptic

            I think this is probably a very humerous post. Please explain

        • orn

          Build a man a fire, keep him warm for a day.

          Set a man on fire, keep him warm for the rest of his life.

          Tru dat.

          • Kulafarmer

            Now thats funny

            • Emily

              @ orn – Everytime I read that I lol. Too funny…(snicker)

      • WakeUpCall

        That would be all good and well if there weren’t over 50 million people out of work because they sent all the jobs over seas. Yes SOME people take advantage of the system and that is WRONG, but there are many people who have jobs that are on food stamps! Why because minimum wage is not a livable wage, food prices increase almost daily, and many people can’t find jobs because there are none. I know both kinds, some who have looked almost everyday for YEARS and can’t even get a job at McDonalds, and some that used to make good money and collect unemployment, food stams, and other assistance yet wouldn’t take a job at McDonalds to save their lives. So let’s get rid of food stamps right? Forget the billions we spend every month invading other countries, forget the hundreds of billions that went to rich bankers, it’s the FOOD stamps that are ruining everything. Go ahead teach me to fish in a lake with NO fish, I’d like to see that one. I for one would rather see MY tax dollars going to FEED children than to some multi billion dollar multi national who blew all our money on bad deals, or to multi million dollar drones being used to kill innocent people.

        • ozarkmtgirl

          I thank you for your honest comment. My daughter and son in law have both been looking for work for over 2 years. He has had several part time and temporary jobs but now for more than 4 months, nothing. They both sell plasma for cash and with a 23 month old, EBT is the most important thing other than finding a job. DH and I have almost bankrupted ourselves trying to keep them afloat during this and finally had to stop with helping. Our own money may stop next month too, if POTUS has his way. DH is a 100% service connected disabled veteran and this was promised to him for life, but may not be there in Nov. because congress and POTUS are throwing temper tantrums.
          Another friend is in his 50’s and just had a brain tumor removed, can’t drive from the seizures he’s having since the surgery, can’t work because he’s having problems seeing and standing since the surgery, can’t get disability because of the partial shutdown closing that part of SSA, and all he has is $110 a month food stamps until this is all resolved, and he has worked his entire life until this happened. Now, he might not even have EBT next month?
          Not everyone who is on EBT is looking for handouts. Sometimes it’s just everything being all kinked up in your life and waiting until the knots unkink and you can go back to work. In these instances, it’s a hand up, not a handout.

          • Average Guy

            ozarkmtgirl, your story is filled with people who have fallen for a promise from a ponzi scheme.

            You got ripped off.

            It seems that none of you have realized that yet.

            And yes, Everyone who is on EBT *is* looking for handouts.

            Where do you think that money comes from?

            It comes from your neighbors who have a gun pointed at their heads while hearing the words, “Pay up, or else!”

            It’s worse than a handout, it’s a pickpocket hold-up switcheroo.
            Please stop defending it. It’s theft, pure and simple.

            • gskissit

              its not all hand outs some people has paid in as must as others but things happen in life to where you have to get some help sometimes.until you get to that point you will never know.

            • veggimama

              average guy
              no it comes from the fed reserve printing press… fiat $ is worthless that’s why the rest of the world can’t wait for us to default and move onto a $ system backed by SOMETHING.(the resulting chaos of default on debt will affect the whole world, not just us)
              Its not theft when you’ve worked your whole life and paid into that very same system. shame on you for being so callous.
              communities that previously existed that would help out its members in times of need have been resigned to the amish in this country, and even they are slaves to our monetary system. if your choices are starve until you can get back to work, or get back some of the $ stolen from you in fed taxes, there is nothing dishonorable about that.

              the dishonor is in the system that allows for fiat $ in the first place, the system that allows generations to do nothing and get more than some of the hardest working underpaid over taxed lower middle class gets in net pay.
              it’s the scum who have never paid a dime in taxes who benefit from the system that is shameful. its the scum that think cutting snap is a priority over bringing troops home, or grounding drones, or halting construction on the massive “data farm” in utah filtering useless info we’re writing right here. the scum, who if they took a 50% pay cut while their govt shutdown continues would be able to keep this program online and prevent much chaos and misery. the scum is not ssi, or snap recipients but the politicians we dumbasses voted into office.

              if you use cash at all, or any form of u.s. currency you are just as much duped by the ponzi scheme as the rest of us, and the rest of the world.

          • Kulafarmer

            These issues are complicated arent they.
            There are many cases that are legitimate, i know people who are getting assistance because they have no other option, then there are those who have made it a lifestyle.
            I try to not paint my opinion of other peoples situation with too wide a brush.
            For every one out of work carpenter who cant and hasnt found a job beyond a few day repair for the last two years who has an EBT card to feed the family, there are two who game the system for a way of life, i know both sides, one side i can sympathise with the other i want to grab the HHS lady and drag her to the peoples house and make her watch the movie the rest of us get to see.
            Big part of the problem is the loss of that self reliant spirit,
            Too many just want handouts rather than figuring out some sort of solution, they would rather just say hey its there, im going to take it,
            To all the long term unemployed i say god save us, to the users i say you reap what you sow

          • laeagle

            @ozarkmtgirl, I feel for you and you have my admiration and respect. It is not dishonorable to accept a handout in time of need. Sooner or later, we will all need a helping hand.

            What I worry about most is the loss of ‘humanity’, of ‘compassion’, of ‘love’. It is easy to become an animal, and we all can revert to animal behavior in a relatively short time given the right circumstances.

            When I was in primary school, one of our teachers would get so upset with us that he would call us ‘animals’. He contended that we were going to school so that we could become human beings. What some are proposing is that we should revert to become animals, ruthless dinosaurs. That is going backwards.

            Back where I come from, the saying went, “there are always mountains taller than other mountains, tigers bigger than other tigers’. Reverting to animal behavior is not what will save the world going forward. Mankind will become extinct just like the dinosaurs with that kind of cold blooded values being promoted by some. To me, that is not prepping.

            If you are prepping just to stay alive, you will not last when SHTF! What is it worth a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?

            We need to be prepping to preserve the community, to preserve humanity, to preserve what is best in each other, what is best in humanity. We are strong if we unite but will fall prey to the predators if we are divided and isolated and fail to build strong, principled communities.

            Eventually, we will run out of food, water, medicines, weapons, tools, clothing, fuel, etc. We will need to turn to others to resupply. Let’s reach out and embrace each other whenever and wherever we can, building bridges, to expand our community of strong, self-reliant, forward thinking preppers.

            • ozarkmtgirl

              @laeagle says:
              I couldn’t agree with you more. You are echoing exactly what I have been thinking and feeling for a very long time now. Thank you for putting it so succinctly and well stated! Kudos!

        • Ancient Echoes

          I wish I could give you l00 thumbs up for this comment.

          Well said fellow human.

        • nevermind/obe

          Slightly off topic, but…Wal-Mart Stores Inc will buy an additional $50 billion in U.S.-made goods over the next decade in areas like sporting goods and high-end appliances in what the world’s largest retailer called a bid to help boost the U.S. economy.

          Wal-Mart, the largest private employer in the United States, also said on Tuesday it plans to hire 100,000 newly discharged veterans over the next five years, at a time when the U.S. unemployment rate is at 7.8 percent.
          www dot huffingtonpost dot com

          • Average Guy

            nevermind/obe says, “Wal-Mart, plans to hire 100,000 newly discharged veterans over the next five years, at a time when the U.S. unemployment rate is at 7.8 percent.”

            What the heck is so special about the vets – Who Had Jobs – over the 7.8% who Haven’t Had Jobs?

            If anything, the vets should be giving up their spot in the line for the rest of the poor suckers who have been ridden roughshod over by TPTB this whole time.
            Or better yet, level the playing field, just hire the best man for the job no matter who they worked for last.

            That used to be the American Way.

            • durango kidd

              Average Guy/Clark: Go back to school, get an education, and you to will become employable. Your hatred of veteran’s turn the stomach of the many Vets here who are Patriots.

              You are a limp wristed faggot who doesn’t have the guts to be a Vet. You can change your screen name but you cannot change who you are!!! LMFAO!!! 🙂

          • lastmanstanding

            and you believe that?

        • The Old Coach

          You make a good point there WakeUpCall. In my county on the Ohio River here, the Halfrican Dictator’s EPA is forcing two coal-fired generating stations to shut down. That would be bad enough, but as a direct consequence a large aluminum smelting plant is being forced to close, putting 1000 people out of work. This in a county with only 15000 total population to begin with. What with all the rest, we may have 40% unemployment here by Christmas. No other jobs to jump to. What are those families gonna do in the short run? Long run they’re gonna have to relocate, if they can afford it and can find work elsewhere. This is a totally different situation than you find in, say, Cleveland/Detroit/Chicago/Philthydelphia/Ballmer, where the looters have never worked, their mommas and poppas never worked, and their grandmommas and grandpoppas never worked either.

        • y99


          What a fucking baby you are, I’ve traveled all over the world, I’ve worked since my first paper route at age 10, I’ve made friends in south America and many other places that work three jobs just to be middle class, I live in an area where I see help wanted signs every day and yet working for money is looked upon as bad if you can’t make more than that on unemployment.

          People need to find, create a work ethic or die on the vine, I’ve not stopped working since the age of ten, I’ve never collected from any social program, but I guess in your mind my success is all about the color of my skin?

          • Ugly


            I was a paperboy at age 10 also. I have had numerous jobs as a young lad on thru college.

            From the last Social Security statement, it showed that I have paid in well over $300,000 into SSN since 1971.

            People don’t care about the worker anymore. They just want to whine (not saying ‘wakeup’ is whining–I am saying many others that I have met or even within my own family).

            According to SSN, if I retire at age 70 I will have $3,400 per month in SS. I’ll never see it. So yes, I am starting to whine too. I am also starting to have a deaf-ear towards others getting something for nothing.

            • y99

              Ugly, sounds like you and I are close in age, I’m with you on the something for nothing issue. As for people like Wakeupcall I find there tone and victimhood maddening, so I have little sympathy for people who write with a winey tone.

              If my aggravation in this offends you or anyone I’m sorry, I’m just sick of people claiming poor me when the S has not even HTF yet.

              Sounds like you and I could be friends or at a minimum talk about delivering papers?

              • Ugly


                You said it correct when you said ‘victimhood’. People always want to blame others for their own situation. Let me give example.

                I graduated with a BS in Agriculture from the University of Idaho in 1985. I finished with a GPA 2.11. I worked thru college and also got student loans. I paid off my debt.

                Later, I decided to get a Master’s Degree in Agriculture. So I applied. But because of my poor GPA I had to get in with provisions and on probation. I also had to pay my way and get my own grants. I did.

                Then one semester I had a GPA of 2.60 so I was put on probation again. Then I followed it with another GPA of sub-3.00 so I was kicked out. I had to re-apply again.

                Anyway, it took me 8 years to get my 2 year Masters Degree.

                But I did pay for it while working and having kids in school.

                Did I whine? No! I understood the system and was thankful for it. I never thought someone should pay my education, especially when my GPA was as poor as it was.

                When I tell folks this today, they could careless. They think I had everything handed to me. They have excuses about college or starting a business or whatever. They just have the ‘woe-is-me’. They don’t want to hear how you did it, they just want what you have without that effort.

                I have always given my drive and work attitude to that very first job as a young 10 year old delivering the morning newspaper in the Treasure Valley called, The Idaho Statesman.

                • y99


                  Warm regards, my wife is from Boise, and if I could we’d move there in an Idaho minute. Which gives us time because it isn’t New York, thank God.

                  Just attended my wife’s 30yr reunion for Boise High in July, I love it there.

                • braveheart

                  Y99 and Ugly, I also started delivering papers at age 10. After a year of that, I started doing various odd jobs for people in my neighborhood. I had a good work ethic by the time I was 16 and started paying my first taxes to Uncle Sugar. I learned the value of a dollar and how to work early in life. Been working ever since. never took a dime from any social program or any handouts from anyone. The only time I ever tried to use credit for anything was to buy a BOL I found in the Ozarks in 1997, but was turned down for a mortgage because of no previous experience with credit. I’ve always used cash for EVERYTHING I get for myself, even vehicles. I’m literally debt-free, so I can buy more preps at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. I’m just like both of you; sick to death of hearing the whining from people who have no work ethic, no sense of responsibilities, no sense of morality, no integrity, no self-respect, no esteem; in short, THEY DON’T HAVE JACK SHIT. I’m getting deaf and just about ready to knock out the next whiner that approaches me. I’m ready for SHTF. Time to push the reset button and take this country back. braveheart

                • Ugly


                  Shit. It is a small world. If your wifes 30th, then that means she graduated from either–Boise High, Capital, Borah, or Bishop Kelly.

                  I went to school 40 miles north of there at an A2 school. We ran cross country against those Boise dudes each year, mainly the Ann Morrison Invitational. Thus, your wife was a freshman when I was a senior (class of 1979 dude !!!!).

                  My wife and I are thinking about moving back that way from Pocatello. I like the Warm Springs and Hidden Springs area.

                  But I am a Vandal! not a Bronco.

                  I have ran Robie Creek 7 times. It is a great race. We will do it again in 2014.

                  Anyway, it is a small world. I have my Oly can pointing your way of NY. Cheers!

                  PS. I just saw your post saying Boise High. Cheers!

                • Ugly


                  That is great.

                  I attribute the beginning of my work ethic and money management as a paperboy.

                  You learned a lot. Especially when collecting the monthly bills and some of the folks excuses.

                  I learned a lot .

                  Keep prepping.

            • lastmanstanding

              I’m with you guys…paperboy at 10, class of 79.

              and not “going down without one helluva fight”

              • Night breaker

                Guess I am the old guy here! paper boy at 10 “The Evening Bulletin” Class of 1977 ,
                Joined The USMC that summer, same occupation of my dad who died in 1970, stayed in till 1993 Been working since 10 years old .

                I think us who are over 50 were brought up differently than the current generation of today.

                I guess all of those Hard time stories of the Great Depression my Dad used to tell me about stayed with me.
                He didn’t get his first good meal till joining the Corp. Back then.

                Semper Fi 8541

                • lastmanstanding

                  My dad was a Marine…Korea 50-51…Tank commander.

                  Never wanted us to join the service…especially after a cousin was killed in action in Vietnam.

                  He always encourage us to get out, kick ass and be a productive human being.

                  He is still a Marine at 84…Semper Fi NB.

        • Average Guy

          WakeUpCall says, “minimum wage is not a livable wage”

          It’s not supposed to be, bub.

          A person is supposed to work their way up from there.

          Your friends are having troubles getting minimum wage? Consider this: regulations are the problem, not the companies that provide the jobs.

          Also, check out this thought:

          Minimum Wage Madness

          • durango kidd

            Clark: Still pushing the economist Lew Rockwall who pimps for the New World Order?

            Strip that false Libertarianism from him and he pushes the economics policies of the NWO who has enslaved YOU!

            free Trade is not Free and he doesn’t promote individual trade, he promotes managed Trade! 🙂

      • Patriot Man

        “Give a man an EBT card at walmart, he;ll buy some food. Give him an EBT card with no limit, He’ll buy 40 inch flat panels.”

    8. RICH99

      You can GUARANTEE they will raise the debt ceiling !!!! They aren’t suicidal

      • old guy

        RICH I hope your wrong. The 17th is my Birthday If they cant make a deal it will be the best Birthday present ever!

        • RICH99

          Old guy , I know you don’t want the chaos that will ensue from such a situation ….it will be l.a. riots on SUPER ROIDS !!!!

          • old guy

            Yep I want the chaos that will separate the wheat from the chaff. Its gonna be quite the adventure. I smell the blood of a revolution. The riots wont last a week. Im not worried about lazy sheeple parasites burning down their own neighborhoods

            • slingshot

              Old Guy.

              I am tired of the threats that they will steal my goods or burn my house down if they don’t get what they want.
              I will be waiting for them.

              • slingshot

                Hey Old Guy.

                This is not about the money when you boil it down. It is about the Fear Factor. I mean the fear of the masses going to riot and burn, steal and general mayhem. Let me reverse this. There are few hundred thousand that are pissed off at government and they better think twice.

            • The Old Coach

              Wish I could post images here. I just got one that says:

              “The worst thing about a zombie apocalypse will be trying to pretend I’m not excited.”

      • y99


        I agree, yet each time we go through this contrived crisis the mob grips tighter on to the tit of government control, the real problem is never addressed and we’re that much closer to an event fake money won’t fix.

      • VRF

        were living in Kickcanistan,, so what else would we expect

        • Norse Prepper

          Kickcanistan….Thanks VRF!!! Blew coffee out my nose laughing!.

          Rich99…I agree 100%. They will do it again and again. As soon as they increase the debt limit the MSM will be out howling about how everything is saved, the stock market will bounce up like a crack addict getting another fix.

          This will continue until the rest of the world decides that they don’t want to have the world currency based on a bunch of politicians in dysfunctional Washington controlling the rest of the world.

          On a side note, did anyone know that in the wild, a large amount of baboons is actually called a congress?

          Guess that answers a lot of questions.

          God Bless,

          • Mr. Jonz

            I wish we had a Congress of baboons rather than the bunch of vermin, snakes and pond scum we have now. No offense to real baboons, vermin, snakes and pond scum, who like the rest of us, are just trying to survive.

        • Kulafarmer

          Thats a good one!

        • lonelonmum

          As a refugee still in midflight from Londistan, may I offer a salute to those citizens of Kickcanistan?

          That was superb VRF!

          We should make like those in the actual ‘stans, and check our seed stocks NOW for the spring planting. Mail order convenience may not be around much longer.

        • IL woman

          We need go design a flag for Kickcanistan!!

          • lonelonmum

            Design a flag for Kickcanistan?

            Preppers Homeschool project halloween 2013

            I like it a lot ; )

      • Hammerun

        Watch this.

        Hey Rich99, They who?

      • Kulafarmer

        This doesnt have to do with the debt ceiling, it has to do with the lack of a budget or CR for funding government operations,

        • Be informed

          @ Kulafarmer. Exactly. With a budget and clean resolution it means that everyone sees that the country cannot continue spending like it is without the interest on the loans finally surpassing what the government can pay. Finally the government is taking out more loans to just pay the interest on the original loans. It is like taking out a 3rd and 4th and 5th morgtage to pay off the interest on a muliple wallet full of credit cards. The US government is credit card junkies.

          Eventually the money has to come from somewhere. That means higher taxes or runaway inflation from government printing presses going at warp speed. Either one would have to happen or automatic default, no choice, just like Greece. A budget is something that a credit card junkie cannot and will not do unless forced to. The US government will eventually be forced to one way or the other. A clean resoultion means that something constructive is being done to fix the problem, something BO and congress actually never wants. Since when has wasington ever been clean? The USS Titantic or Lusitania with a nice big hole and another torpedo or iceburg coming in……………….

      • kynase

        I don’t know…isn’t it a really strange coincidence that the EBT system went down the other day…and now this notice…hmmmm. Coincidence? I think not.

    9. old guy

      Yep cut of the food stamps. Let them go hungry for a short time. Them bring the FEMA buses and tell them they can get food and be taken care of. They will fight to board the busses. Hi Ho off to the FEMA slave and Death camp they will willingly go!

      • slingshot

        On the right of the bus you can see the gas chambers and to your left are the crematoria.
        Please watch your step as you exit the bus.

        • TrotterOtter

          Gas chambers? But they told me this was a shower room!!

        • jim in Va.

          what no towels?

        • Butterknife

          that is old school, now there will just be a ramp into the solvent baths, at the base of the soylent green factories

          • Anonymous

            It’s People!!!!

      • Slick One

        If they do that can I run the showers?

    10. loulou

      Its going to be a very hard, sad lesson for these people to learn, nothing is free, start depending on yourself and quit depending on others to carry you and your family through life..Sometimes you gotta hit rock bottom to get it together, I was always taught at an early age….If you don’t count on anyone for anything, you will never be let down.

      • Bob

        The SNAP gang will learn how expensive that free fod really is.

    11. J-Bird

      to old guy – I agree with you. I don’t like food stamps either; however I know there are people out there who really do need help. Most of them though are on assistance from one generation to the next. I believe it should be a requirement if you are healthy and able to work, then one should have to work at some state, city, county job in order to obtain your food stamps or any other assistance. I don’t care if you are out there cleaning up the litter from the roads and highways. One should not be able to sit at home eating chips and watching the jerry springer show and collecting welfare.

      • Canadian Vet

        I agree. Getting food stamps should be contingent on looking for steady employment or doing, as you said, public service crap jobs. But even if physically disabled, they can do other stuff like filing paperwork or driving a desk processing dog licenses.

        • Mr. Jonz

          But then the public union government employee making $80K/yr plus outrageous benefits preparing dog licenses won’t have any work.

          • JRS

            Thunderous applause…and a greenie,too.

        • Average Guy

          Canadian Vet says, “Getting food stamps should be contingent on looking for steady employment or doing, as you said, public service crap jobs. But even if physically disabled, they can do other stuff like filing paperwork or driving a desk processing dog licenses.”

          Um, you do realize this money they are “getting” is stolen from individuals, don’t you?

          If it was money that was freely given, I could see your point, but the way it is now, no. Just turn off the tap. It’s the Only righteous position.

          • Canadian Vet

            I disagree. I won’t deny there are leeches who will just suck for the government tit and enjo being paid to do sweet F-A but there are also those who genuinely need that assistance from being down on their luck. Turning the tap off would not only hurt those who happily spend their days cramming chips down their throat, washing them down with beer and a smoke while watching Jerry Springer all day long but also the otherwise hard-working family man who got canned so his job can go to a bunch of illegal part-timers thanks to Obamacare.

            I don’t like taxes any more than you do but like it or not, that money was taken from you and the government ought to spend it a lot more responsibly. And something I should have added is that food stamp recipients should be subject to hair, blood and /or urine tests. Any signs of drugs, alcohol or even tobacco in their system, they get cut off.

            So basically I am all for trimming from the government tit those who abuse the system, saving its resources for those deserving the help while getting back on their feet.

      • Iowa

        Federal Government Food Assistance is Unconstitutional…People or the State.

        Lets get back to the basics of the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.

      • WakeUpCall

        Congressmen shouldn’t be sitting on their asses making $137,000 a year in our tax dollars.
        If ignorance is bliss you all must be the happiest people in the owrld.

        • jim in Va.

          Try 174,000.

    12. Tactical

      5 years ago, we were told ” Unites States will have a domestic army of 20 million strong”, I guess the number has increased to 50 million. Now imagine 50 million hungry stomachs with guns. C’mon folks, give the SOB’s credit. they are really implementing the master plan. Just in case you don’t remember what it was…….”In 4 years we’ll fundamentally change the United States”.

      • y99


        Yes, I believe that’s what they’re up to also, it’s a trap though, the government powers know that the only way in the end to control the flow of the 50 million man/woman/children mob will be to convince the military to enacted martial law, this will be an unfocused event that will roll up many other people by design, a false flag/crisis event is being manipulated.

        They’ve been pushing event after event upon us for years now, they must believe that they can control the flow of the mob to some degree, but even with that said it becomes obvious that they are willing to except 100 million + dead before it even starts.

        People need to wake-up and see who the true enemy is!

        • Tactical

          @Y99 – I agree and you do have a valid points. From their satanic minds, anything and everything is possible. For the awaken Americans we need to avoid the fear and keep the cool heads while keeping our eyes wide open without reacting to all of their false flags.

          • y99


            I fully agree that cool heads and steady hands must prevail in what we are faced with. I like you see the unfortunate future we may face, I would prefer to live my life in peace, but it appears to me that many people within our own country (I won’t call them Americans) have been working to destroy it for many years, many are just brainwashed animals who prefer chaos out of laziness over the hard and difficult work of becoming wholly human.

            • Tactical

              Indeed correct y99. Real Americans with pride and integrity and hard work attitude just want to be left alone and to live in peace. None of us want to harm anyone. All of us want to provide for to our families, taking care of our elder parents and in general just to be a REAL HUMAN. However, we have been betrayed by corruption and corrupt TPTB. The harm that the bankers and wall street thieves caused this country is far greater than any foreign enemies. Sadly I must state the enemy is within. I am tired of being fearful of my Government, my police force, being spied on for no reasons, waiting as when my job will be shipped to overseas for a less skilled but cheaper engineers. We’ve been lied to for many years and now these bastards are trying to destroy us slowly.

              • y99

                I’ve come to dislike certain sayings due to over use, but…”Knowing is half the battle” and so we are ahead of the game so to speak.

              • WakeUpCall

                Thank you! That’s my point. Blame the people that messed this country up, not those who are just trying to get by in it.

                • y99


                  Sorry, the people you claim are just trying to get by are the same people who latch on to the generational tit of government.

                  I hold these people in contempt, success is always within reach if one reaches for it rather than a handout, you Wakeup are a very feeling person who forgives laziness and calls it something else, you would rather believe the individual person is a victim rather than believe them lazy.

    13. wildman

      This is sure the Hope and Change they wanted so have at it. I for one am staying right here, ready for battle. so when the shtf the so called low info voters sure get just what they wanted. im staying right here. Battle mags ready, Locked an loaded. if i can evict 50 beavers with none returned i can damn sure take care of the problems. POP EM AN DROP EM attitude has been awhile comin an now its here! it aint goin anywheres. wildman out

      • braveheart

        It’s high time for the entire country take a heaping dose of Pepto Bismol and have a damned good shit; CLEAN OUT ITS SYSTEM 1,000,000%. I’ll be locked and loaded with all of my “ventilation team”. braveheart

        • The Old Coach

          LOL! And maybe a planetary-sized enema. I know where to insert it.

        • Sgt. Dale

          You are right it needs a good cleaning out. This country is so screwed up. With us having to take care of the LEACHES with their EBT cards. I can’t afford to help my kids the way I want to, but I still help them the any way I can.
          The leaches will be running up and down the streets burning shit down, and doing nothing for themselves. While I just got back from running up and down hill hunting PIGs. I got one to put in the freezer. I’ll have something to eat, and so will my kids. The LEACHES will have nothing because the spend there time look for a hand out for food instead of going out and hunting or working for it. This just pisses me off.

          • Kindle


          • braveheart

            Good evening, Sarge. You’re right, it’s all any of us can do to keep ourselves going. My late wife would be turning over in her grave if she could see what this country has become. In some ways it’s good that I didn’t have kids. although I would’ve done my best raising them the right way, it would’ve killed me to see them go the wrong way. at least I was spared that kind of heartache. I’m only responsible for myself. I’m not some 2-legged entitlement program for any MF to bleed to death. I’m making several more trips for supplies between now and Nov. 1. I think SHTF is just around the corner. The leaches are supposedly burning up Twitter with messages saying they’ll riot the next time the EBTs stop working. I was out shopping Sat. night when that was happening. fortunately TN was NOT one of the states affected. braveheart

          • slingshot

            SGT. Dale.

            Congats on getting a hog. Black Powder starts this weekend.

            • Sgt. Dale

              I love shooting my black powder. In Ill. it starts Nov 22nd. along with shotgun. I hope I get a couple deer this season.
              I just learned of a guy and his family that hangs out with my son in a hard way. I also just found out that my son’s hours have been cut, so he will get the other half. I’m going to keep one of the back straps. I’m out of deer. My son is getting some porky. Like I said before the Lord wants us to help those in hard times. What piss me off is making me do it.
              I’m going to take some deer over to them as soon as I get one. it’s bow season here and I haven’t got a shot yet. I did kill a coyote. No one is eating these damn thing yet!!!
              Good luck get a good one.
              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL.

        • Urban dog

          Clean out the system? When I mention social security and government pensions you get pissed off brave. Socialism.

    14. Carol

      Some of these comments horrify me, Yes the system needs reform no doubt about it, but for anyone to be so ignorant as to think everyone getting assistance is lazy or useless, it is this same kind of ignorance that is governing the country. Starving people is no joke PERIOD. The majority of households in this country are one job loss or tragedy away from the food lines themselves, be careful you never know when it will be you.

      • old guy

        Everyone using the system is a taking parasite. shure there are varying degrees of parasites some are worse than others. The fact the government no longer has enough making producers to Robb(TAX) and redistribute to the parasites. It is simply not sustainable. The longer we procrastinate and adhere to the Kickcanistan politics the more horriffic the final result will become. One Job loss away? I haven’t worke for another man in two years. Im doing Ok and am not worried one bit about who will feed me & mine.

        • BlueH20

          When you work for yourself, as I do, every customer, every client, everyone who pays for your service, your labor or your hand made product is the person you are working for. In a viable economy, distributing your sources of income works well and one person unable to afford whatever you sell doesn’t make a huge difference. But, if the entire house of cards falls, then the self-employed fall, too.

          My businesses have been on or off the past few weeks, after a busy Spring and Summer. It is as though there is a switch that gets flipped each week between decent revenues and none. In speaking with others, professionals, retailers, on-line sellers, manufacturers, it is the same and this is in an area with low unemployment. It is harvest time in the Midwest and money should be flowing. Instead, people are stocking up and delaying spending or they are alternating between the various businesses they normally patronize. One business has a national reach and that is more reliable, but still slow, considering the time of year. The retail end of that enterprise has been dead in the water for a month.

          I haven’t worked for a single employer in over 50 years. Still, some weeks it is a wonder we survive. Those are the ones where everything that comes in must go into the capital fund for quarterly income taxes and bi-annual property taxes and insurance.

          This country is 9 meals away from anarchy and the cynical administration will just blame their opposition and then magnanimously allow the benefits to flow, the QE to prop up the stock market and the waivers to be issued to the cronies.

          Soon all that is left is cronies and clients and the only source of all income is the tyrant.

          • Average Guy

            BlueH20 wrote, “This country is 9 meals away from anarchy”

            Oh, that’d be GREAT!

            But I think you meant chaos, not anarchy.

            Chaos wouldn’t be any fun at all.

            Look up the phrase, ‘What is Anarchy’ and I think you’d be pleasantly surprised by it’s meaning.

      • Archivist

        Charity is not the job of the federal government. I have never taken any charity from the government, even when I was down to eating chicken bologna sandwiches three times a day. And I will never take charity from the government.

        • DRD5508

          Archivist, good for you. The churches gave charity up years ago, just like in Germany a few decades back.

          • Archivist

            My church hasn’t given up on charity. We send a crew with food once a month to provide meals for the homeless. Each church in our area has a designated day or days each month. We also have a benevolence fund which helps out when someone can’t pay their electric bill or other expense. We are big in disaster relief, such as New Jersey and in Mississippi for Katrina. We not only have rebuilding and repair crews, but we have feeding teams capable of feeding thousands a day. We have a mission crew in West Virginia this week helping the poor and spreading the gospel. We have paid for digging wells in India. We have teachers/missionaries from our own church in several foreign countries right now.

            We can’t help everyone, but we’re doing what we can. And I know the other churches in our area are too.

          • Highspeedloafer

            DRD, You are soooo wrong. My church in association with 107 other churches in our county have a very busy food and clothing ministry. We recently spent over $150,000.00 building a new food center. The need has become so huge though, we can barely keep up. Oct. is national Hunger awareness month, and our people give generously to meet needs not only in our county but also around the world. You need to find a better church.

            Matt. 25:36

            • Average Guy

              If you guys spent half that much time and energy trying to eliminate the minimum wage law you’d do twice the good.

              Look up how minim wage laws outlaw jobs, and see.

              You all need to better your church.

        • TrotterOtter

          And it’s not charity when it’s forcefully taken and redistributed. There is no virtue in robin hood thievery. There IS virtue in volunteering your time and donating what you have at a personal level. It’s easy to lose compassion when you witness firsthand the mindset of welfare beasts. I’ve got neighbors that use EBT and magically afford good smokes (legal and not), good liquor, and have a new Cadillac Escalade in the driveway. I’ve never had food stamps and drive a 12 year old chevy- CHOICES, man choices.

          • S T

            Good for you, TrotterOtter. Thanks for the comment.

      • Tactical

        Carol, I don’t believe majority of these folks are facing such a degrading human condition by choice. Some are and such are simply parasites and should starve to death. You need to ask yourself who are the main culprits creating 50 million people to live like sub-humans. Who are the culprits causing the job losses? Again, you don’t get any sympathy from me for those who purposely steal from the hard working Americans since they need to either die or change their direction in life.

      • Bob

        95% of SNAP moochers give the rest a bad name. I’m sure the sow in LA who tried to take $700 in food had no idea her FSC (Free Shit Card) had a balance of $.49

        • slingshot


          Since they will continue to abuse the system, a shutdown would be nice to a least get a few off the list.

        • WakeUpCall

          Sorry but I highly doubt it’s 95% There are millions of people on SNAP that DO have jobs, unfortunately minimum wage doesn’t pay the bills, but we figure some job is better than no job. Why is it that so many people who work for Walmart, and other companies need food stamps? Walmart is a multi billion dollar company but can’t “afford” to pay it’s employees more than minimum wage? No it’s GREED in ALL forms that is the problem. Yes, some people use the system, but many corrupt it. How many super rich bankers got BILLIONS of our tax money, and then gave themselves bonuses? But no is talking about that, just single mothers who work two jobs and still can’t feed their families. Right? That’s what broke the system? Not the billions wasted in the government that are free loaders, yeah because what’s billions of dollars compared with $327 a month worth of food?

          • Sgt. Dale

            If you are right and they have these cards, they don’t need them. Take them away form them and let them learn how to set priorities!!!!

          • Kindle

            Actually minimum wage can pay the bills. I live on less than $925 a month. I have cable, internet and phone. If I chose to drop those than the total amount needed goes down.

            Granted, my truck is 13 yrs old, my clothes are not new, I don’t go out to eat and haven’t been on vacation in 4 years, but….it can be done.

            Just have to set your priorities.

            • Kindle

              oh, and I don’t have healthcare….that saves a ton right there.

      • Oldfart

        My wife has been working at her job for 22 years. Lately she’s seeing other long-term employees terminated for some sort of trumped-up problem. Of course, once they’ve been fired, their retirement plan is “amended” and it costs the company less. She’s been walking on eggs lately. In the meantime she’s pastoring a small Church and providing care for some people with disabilities — like me. I haven’t been able to work since ’97 due to health concerns.
        We have parts of four families living with us in a five-bedroom, one-bath house. I don’t know what else we can do to prepare besides laying in a ton or so of supplies. We even have a stack of firewood — no woodstove yet but who knows what may happen?

        • 1 4 all

          rocket stove.

      • slingshot

        Take a Gut Check, Carol.

        If nothing is done we all will be in the bread lines. As far as Karma and that I might be in the same position as the needy, well I have thrown my chips in the air and let them fall where they may.

        Crap or get off the pot.

      • JayJay

        Great carol…glad you understand that.
        Because with 45% of workers supplying food for 45% of the non-workers it won’t be long till all those not preparing by stocking food will be in those food lines.
        A collapse will make sure of that.
        Prepare and prepare first. And pray while you prepare–The Creator understands.

        • WakeUpCall

          Do you really believe that all your tax dollars go to feeding the needy? The military spends more tax dollars than ALL other programs combined! Over $1billion a month goes to funding wars over seas! get real.

          • Paranoid

            Wow? You sure don’t know anything about the numbers a billion a month! You are an idiot. Sorry about that. It’s closer to a billion a day. And you are still wrong.

          • Not so much

            Uhh, not so much.

            The milt is approx. 20% of the federal outlay. all the gimme shit is more than 50%.

          • Sgt. Dale

            The military is there to protect us and has done a damn good job of it. The LEACHES with their EBT cars do nothing for us other that take our hard earned money. I know that there are some out there that need and should get the cards, but do you think for one minute that about 70% don’t, and or the 6Th generation LEACHING off the middle class.
            Keep the SHUT DOWN going, and let nature take its course!

            • Average Guy

              Sgt. Dale says, “The military is there to protect us and has done a damn good job of it.”

              Uh, no. They’ve done no such thing. They are off fighting for the spoils of empire and nothing else.
              Or have you never heard of Gen. Smedly Butler?

              The military is just a bunch of leaches no different than the welfare crowd. Get that through your thick skull, will ya?

              • slingshot

                Average Guy.
                You Said.

                The military is just a bunch of leaches no different than the welfare crowd. Get that through your thick
                skull, will ya?

                Funny that this type of comment is never heard in public. OUTLOUD!!

                • durango kidd

                  Slingshot: Clark is masquerading as Average Guy, thinking that a new screen name can hide to tired socialist bullshit he has been preaching here for years.

                  LMAO! 🙂

              • Sgt. Dale

                You have never gone through BOOT CAMP did you? Its a lot of hard work. You take orders you don’t just take from the tax payer. You get up very early in the morning to do military things. You don’t sleep in because you were out all night partying spending our tax dollars on drug and alcohol.
                You learn how to take a life or to give up yours for your fellow American. You don’t just do drive bys to shot some one wearing the wrong colors.


                You have the right to be this ignorant! You also have the right to blog on this sight, So if you get your ass chewed because you have no clue what you are talking about. You might start listening to what we are saying. You might learn something and you won’t be so ignorant!

      • IL woman

        Carol the people at this sight a preppers. We prepare in advance for contingencies such as job loss, medical catastrophe, natural disasters, economic collapse etc. We have all come to the conclusion that not everyone is lazy or useless, but are in agreement that over 50% are. That is a majority.

      • PA Dee

        Why is that my problem? I give personally to help the truly needed. Most of the takers I know are scamming the system one way or another. I know someone on social security disability that’s getting a retirement pension also. He couldn’t make the payments on his second house so he needed us to pay for it. I am not going to lose sleep over these lazy takers. If you don’t work you don’t eat. It won’t take long for the herd to be thinned out. With your attitude, it won’t take long for them to wipe you out.

      • The Old Coach

        The country got along quite well from the first days until Franklin Destroyer Roosevelt without a massive welfare system. People took care of each other, in towns and parishes. We didn’t need a gigantic bureaucracy that consumes for itself 70% of the money it gets, and dribbles the crumbs to it’s “clients”. It’s not just the fourth-generation welfare moms that are the constituency, it’s the millions of “workers” and “managers”, and “facilitators” who are on the government teat.

        Can we change that overnight? Not without a lot of pain. I for one am prepped such that if I lost 100% of my SS pension I would still be alive five years hence, assuming God doesn’t need me any sooner.

        • GOP4EVER

          Old Coach,
          excellent point! I made the same point a couple of articles ago about FDR being the socialist “progressive” progenitor of all welfare, and I got thumbed down…..

          You are spot on – thank you!!

      • U D TR

        Don’t be scared carol. It’s just a few nuts on a site spewing how great and tough they are. They are neither. Not bright either

        • slingshot

          U D TR

          You will come across a prepper and he will ferret you out and kick your ass to the curb. Your stupid remarks will make it hard on others.

        • braveheart

          udtr, f#$% you! back off from the good people of this site. If you don’t like what you see here, why do you keep coming back?

      • Average Guy

        Carol, have you ever heard of the notion of private charity?

        ….As opposed to the theft you defend.

        And uh, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there’s a single starving person in America right now unless they’ve decided to be that way on purpose,… or they’re in GitMo waiting to be released when the judge said they could be released, yet the gooberment still chains them down. What about those guys? Nobody cares, even though they’re innocent. Back of page 10 for them, eh? It’s the American Way.

    15. Micky Bee

      The house of cards is collapsing! And quickly at that!

    16. Safeman

      They will probably raise the debt ceiling – but if they don’t, guys, at least we’re prepared.

      Stay safe, lock ‘n’ load, and God bless you, your families, and the United States of America.

      • The Old Coach

        If they don’t the Dictator will simply ignore it, knowing that all we can do is impeach him for an egregious violation of the Constitution, and that the Senate would never convict him. When he gets away Scot-free with that, then there’ll be some excuse to cancel the elections in 2014, and our only course will be either civil war or at least massive general strikes and “demonstrations” like what we just saw in Egypt. This is why, I think, he is culling the military officer corps, because only the military would have the power to set things right. In that scenario, the sooner the fit hits the Shan, the better for all of us. The current military would restore the Constitution. By 2016, maybe not.

    17. Diaz

      This is J.P. Morgan speaking.

    18. Chilton

      Clean all your weapon systems. Zero everything that you have been putting off. Get another order in for long term food. Time to finalize your preps in case this thing goes hot.

      • mclovin

        Did I leave the iron on?

        • y99

          The curling iron…maybe?

          • mclovin

            Guess no one got the joke. I was referring to in AIRPLANE when all the air traffic controllers are thinking grim thoughts and the one guy thinks “did I leave the iron on?”

            • y99

              I’ve never seen an ATC in an ironed shirt, most always seem quite slovenly.

      • braveheart

        Chilton, AMEN. I’ve got some more shopping trips planned between now and Nov. 1. Everybody get everything you can like yesterday. Get them ASAP before things get hot.

        • North Georgia Idiot

          Dont forget Buttpaste !

    19. LT

      Is this only in Utah? Reporting it from Utah is interesting because so many Mormons live there, and the govt knows that most Mormons store 1 or 2 years worth of food. It’s part of the Mormon belief system to be prepared.

      This raises many possibilities and questions. (There are tons of little red flags waving around in my mind right now!) I wonder if this is a trial run to see what happens when religious prepared people are surrounded by starving people.

      Will they be charitable, or not? Either way, this raises even more possibilities: If they ARE charitable, it could be meant to
      (1) change the mindset of the hungry away from relying on government and toward getting their food from prepared people, legally or illegally, and
      (2) be meant to deplete the preparedness of the most prepared population group in the country.

      If they’re NOT charitable, it could be meant to
      (1) turn people against preppers, and provide an opportunity for the MSM to blame preppers for people going hungry, and
      (2) be the catalyst for confiscation of preps “for the good of the community.” Since there are more deadbeats than preppers, it will be easy for them to convince the majority that this is the “right thing to do.”

      • DRD5508

        LT, the trial isn’t to see if us (religous people, though it takes more faith to believe in this gov’t and evolution than Jesus), it is to see how those affected by the gov’t shut down react. Will the all compassionate gov’t have to step in and enact Marshall Law? Or how much law and disorder can come from this.

        • LT

          I agree. My post wasn’t very clear. It was meant to be about what the reaction will be (theft? blaming everything on preppers? depletion of prepper’s resources?) and what the govt can do (propaganda against preppers? confiscation?) based on the question of what our fellow religious people will do. If they do one thing, what will the consequences and opportunities for mayhem be for criminals and govt, and if they do the opposite, what will the consequences and opportunities be (spelled out in my post above). Does that make more sense?

      • Kindle

        In the address line; TO: it was “all states”. In the CC is was all regional managers.

        So if another letter pops up from another state then we might know if this is real or not.

        • Kindle

          That’s an interesting document…dated October 1, 2013.

      • Tony

        Interesting !!!

    20. wrong

      Off topic. Matthew Bracken’s excellent book Enemies Foreign and Domestic is free to download on a Kindle reader (computer) today from Amazon or his website. It’s a great book.

      • Arkaden


    21. Adam Selene

      “It’s going to cause problems… because then you’re going to come to find out that you’re going to have people starting to steal and do what they have to do to survive.”
      Do anything that is except, get off drugs, learn some skills, get a job, put supplies aside for emergencies etc. Sure, I know there are people out there who cannot do those things, little kids, the handicapped and so on, but there are not 50 million of them. We have created a dependent society with a parasite mentality and soon we are going to pay the price.

      • WakeUpCall

        Agreed, but who are the real parasites? Yes lazy people suck, but some of us have worked paid taxes and are working or looking for work. It is a shame that a small percentage of people give the rest a bad name. I am surprised that so many preppers don’t realize where 99.99% of their tax dollars are going. The government spent 5 million on weapons and ammunition the day before the shut down, we spend billions every month for the very military industrial complex that will be hunting preppers down. I am a prepper but I also have many health issues that don’t allow me a lot to do work wise. I am not on disability but I am a single dad who relys on SNAP, from the tax dollars I paid in for the 20 years I did work, usually more than one job. I am stuck in a rural community because I don’t have the money to move to a place that might have more jobs. I have worked for the same country club 3 times, and all three times it shut down because of the economy and many people lost thier jobs. I agree that people using the system suck, but not ALL of us are that way. And really the REAL parasites are the one syphoning Billions of dollars, just to make themselves richer. I was and still am a prepper but I’m running low, and where I live you can’t just grow your own food and such, there are many laws that block this sort of activity withou VERY expensive permits. I would need a $300 permit just to build a shed. Point is it’s the GOVERNMENT itself that is the REAL parasite!

        • Anonymous

          Wake up: look up stealth gardening. Maybe that can be done there

    22. Southern Gal


      I am in Northern VA this week visiting my husband who has refused to leave this house until he sells it. After seeing that the EBT cards will be empty come November 1 and there still is no “deal” in Congress…would I be wrong in insisting that we pack everything possible in the truck and trailer and get the @*&%# out of here before this thing totally goes to hell?

      Everything inside of me is screaming “RUN”. Am I just being panicky? I don’t think so…

      • Gonetoolong

        Yes, just being panicky. These stooges are fucking off again. They will make a debt deal and Obama will get everything he asks for as usual. Food for thought (no pun intended), the Obamacare website debacle is/was preplanned. They are intentionally sabotaging their own website so confusion about it abounds (until it is in place with funding). They do not want the masses to know what the specifics are such as ultra high deductables, increased monthly premiums, total out-of-pocket costs. They dribble a little info out there just to make it look like they are trying. Why else would their own guy Gibbs come out and decry how bad the rollout is? They are blaming the IT people now, just poor workmanship by an American company. “Those stupid computer guys”. If people saw the real facts about the costs, Obama would lose much support and momentum in the public’s eyes. Now he has won again and will get full funding of his baby. Then we can sit and spin. Gravy on top, blame the Republicans (most of whom are actual assholes) for any malady that may take place in the meantime. Working like a charm.

        • BlueH20

          That website was produced by a Canadian company with a resume that includes the Canadian National Health.

          Otherwise, we agree.

          • The Old Coach

            Source on that please? I’ve read that five years ago they were a small software company with no resume.

            And BTW, they got the job from the Dictator on a sole-source contract. As someone who once had to work as a Contract Administrator for a private firm that did some DoD work, I know how hard it is under the F.A.R to sole-source anything that big.

        • WakeUpCall

          Perhaps, but what Obama really want’s is martial law! start some riots and call out the troops so it may be possible. it’s hard to say but I would be ready just in case. This would be much cheaper than any other false flag, in fact it would save them Millions that they can use to build more DUMBS etc. FEMA region 3, which includes Washington DC has been preparing for something, this might just be it.

      • RICH99

        Southern gal , the EBT cards will be working in November and December and beyond ….don’t be fooled by this , its just fear propagated to make the american people demand the debt ceiling be raised !!! Its politics as usual

        • PO'd Patriot

          Will the real Rich99 please stand up. This one is talking all crazy. Ain’t none of this going to happen. ROW SLAVES!

          • RICH99

            I talk FACT ….PERIOD !!!!! think RATIONALLY about it and use the rational side of the brain instead of the doom side of the brain !!!

      • Babycatcher55

        No, having lived in VA for thirty years, I totally get what you are saying. I think you are spot on. I’ve already warned my daughter who lives in Tidewater, that if this stuff happens, get your a** out of the house, lock the door, and take the back roads to get down here with us. We have room for her and her hubby. I don’t know if he would leave his parents there, but I don’t want her stuck there. The other two children(grown) are already here..

        • The Old Coach

          I’d figure that, what with the hundreds of thousands of government-employee millionaires in northern VA, they’d have the National Guard on every corner, all the way down to Charlottesville, and the risk from the DC zombies would be minimal.

      • Arkaden

        You can be over cautious 1,000 times and live to hear about it, but you can only be wrong once and you’ll never be able to say I told you so.

        • RICH99

          I agree but think about it in reality , Americans protesting and marching are a nuisance but starving welfare ADDICTS are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and that they will not test right now

      • KP89DC

        If I were in that situation and had the opportunity to leave I surely would, can’t say that it’s panic but more of an intelligent move. If things go bad that house isn’t going to sell and you’ll have much more to worry about anyway.

        Molon Labe

      • braveheart

        Southern Gal, I think your instincts are correct. Pack up what you believe is most important to have and head home ASAP. I don’t like the way things are shaping up out here. The trash in DC are playing a very dangerous game at this time. braveheart

        • U D TR

          Brave buddy. Are you at your relatives BOL? Now do you realize it doesn’t matter who you vote for? All the same and all in your words politicians. The repubelicks had a chance to take over the senate, house and presidency and they are fucking it up. Can’t lead if factions all hate each other. I am not a dem I am not playing their stupid game. Keep spewing about individual politicians and mentally playing with yourself.
          By the way, you are not at your relatives BOL. Quit yelling people to run when you sit on your tub of goo ass.

          • braveheart

            urban dog, I know it’s you posting under a different name. True, I’m not at my relatives’ BOL YET, but I didn’t know you believed in the system to any degree. I’m not a rep or dem, never have been and never will be. Who’s the moron now, @hole? what’s going on in DC is nothing more than one of their usual dog-and-pony shows and it’s not over yet. time will tell. enjoy that govt. check while you can. It’ll get cut off with everything else one day.

            • Urban dog

              Yes moron brave. U and R are urban dog and tr is for troll. I have a business and get busy. Not masking who I am. Thought my pointing out your stupidity in direct terms would be obvious. I will spell it out for you.
              As for your feelings and pending doom along with fast acting chaos would make you BO to your relatives BOL. Guess you make fun of business owners while you can’t qualify for a loan with a consigner. Government check yes. I send them checks every quarter in the form of tax estimations.
              You are the asshole then, now and always. Go cry about your daady living off government pensions and social security ( like he earned them). Your daddy must be about 100 years old so he wont suck the tit much longer. How is his sister…er, your mom doing?

        • North Georgia Idiot

          who gives a shit ?

      • Smokey

        Get your house sold, even if you have to drop the price a bit. Most houses sell for about 94% of the asking price, or did, historically.

        Clean out the clutter, freshen up the curb appeal, and get hubby out of the house, occupied houses don’t sell, empty houses sell.

        • The Old Coach

          Spoken like a pro. Of which my good lady were one.

        • Sigi

          Occupied houses sell, but you have to make the price right and put almost everything in storage, make the rest look like a magazine.

      • Paranoid

        Yes and no, no reason not to move your stuff if you have a place to go. But just to move into a place you know nothing about isn’t a good idea. Without more data no one can say. IMHO we still have time. It’s unlikely to fall apart to where you cannot get out for at least several months. If it falls that fast, if you have a place to go just go,if you are even watching you should have time to run. If you have prepared. Lots of if’s

      • Diaz

        Where you running to?
        This is not going to just hit Northern Va… it’s going to be nationwide….
        and just wait till China makes their move with currency!
        There’s not going to be a place to run and hide on the entire planet.

        You have two choices..
        Be a human..or be a human that steals oxygen.
        Neither one is going to have it easy…and no human being alive today will see the end result, either way it goes.

    23. mountain man 6-1

      Sounds fishy to me . If the O’bammy troops are ready for a Nation Wide meltdown ,then THIS is a sure way to get it started !! I think we all know DHS was invented to keep the sheep in line and if this happens the first of Nov.,then it’s game on for the SHTF !! And DHS will start earning their pay . I just hope if martial law is declared ,that I can still travel three hours from here !! TOO many savages around here and I don’t have that much ammo !!…….Oh well ,I guess we’ll soon find out !??…..Stay Safe …

      • Night breaker

        Mountainman 6-1
        Most of us at DHS are on furlough at this time WITH ORDERS NOT TO REPORT
        You can guess who is going to take our place and it’s not going to be pretty . Big Oshitbama doesn’t trust veterans and most of DHS is composed of Veterans.

        Bucle up tight I told you something was going to go down like this on the First of October.
        every one should be getting their last items in and be prepared for government handouts to end and a possible GRID DOWN situation. they are doing this now to take advantage of cold weather
        This cold be one hell of a winter.

        Things are not looking good the longer this goes on the greater chance of a very bad event happening.




        Semper Fi 8541

        • Kulafarmer

          An aquaintence of mine said that yesterday, thought it was odd seeing him at the supermarket in the middle of the day on a monday especially since he just took a new job, then he filled me in on the whole story out in the parkinglot where there were no ears,
          Was one of those hmmm kinda moments.
          Even he thought that some of what is going on doesnt smell right.
          Could be nothing, or could be our worst fears realized,
          Guess only time will tell.

          • JRS

            Dang it, Kula…

            That was such a great lead-in story with such a disappointing ending. C,mon…fess up.

        • mountain man 6-1

          @ Night breaker…..Copy That !! That’s good to know , I thought DHS would be like Home Guard in Civil War !! AND they were HELL !! THANKS …Stay Alert !!…mm

      • WakeUpCall

        Agree but another word other than savage might be appropriate, first is my surname, second it is an Irish word that means woodsman, and has been missed used for centuries. I would think that most preppers would consider themselves “woodsmen”. Just saying.

    24. slingshot

      I Smell Blood!!

      Would they do it? Why not. They want to install martial law. What better way. Lots of Do Gooders and I know what is best for you people, are going to get trampled. Pay attention to what happens the first couple of weeks as that will determine which way the country goes.

      • slingshot

        Just remember that if the riots and crap begins, the majority will be OBAMA followers.

        • Kulafarmer

          And they bleed just like u n me!

        • Diaz

          They will not be Obama followers.
          They will be oxygen-stealers..and they will be from every political affiliation, race, creed, religion, etc. etc….

          I just hope the humans don’t lose focus in the issues that need addressed at the same time as these ‘riots’.
          It’s going to be a tough road for all. People didn’t want to have to sacrifice their lives for change…but that’s exactly what every human, especially in the U.S., is going to have to face.
          I don’t like it any more than anyone else…and I really wish it didn’t have to come to this…but truth is truth.

          And China is about to make everyone on the globe, ESPECIALLY those of us in the U.S., put-up or shut-up.
          It’s that simple.
          What isn’t so simple, is keeping it all in focus of what NEEDS to be done and addressed to make a real change..instead of just destroying everything because ‘we’re not getting what we want, when we want’. I won’t fight that fight.
          I’d rather just stay with my family and protect them until my inevitable death, before I’d fight false pretenses, and another useless ‘war’.

          Speaking of which…if the troops awol and mutiny and start for ‘home’…THAT might make the difference and change might be able to be gotten in this country faster….
          But China is still about to throw everything into chaos.

          I wish everyone well…

    25. Anonymous

      This is scare tactics, pure and simple. It’s a longstanding, well worn, and well known Communist method to coerce a resisting population to capitulate.

      Congress must stand fast and refuse to raise the debt ceiling, and they MUST stop Obamacare. We, as a nation, can withstand the continuance of funding welfare at current levels for a bit longer — like a year — but we cannot, under any circumstances, survive the implementation of Obamacare. It will impoverish all of us, and that, sports fans, is precisely what Obama and his rabid Communist minions wants to do to all but themselves and their chosen elite few.

      It’s classic Communist economic and psychological warfare.

      • WakeUpCall

        I hope you are right. I really do hope Obama wont do this to get his martial law rolling. I would be prepared just in case. If it does happen, it will happen fast.

      • Sierra Dave

        The Communists that took over Russia were a small minority. Many, much to their regret went along with them and died.

        I absolutely 100% believe our government is compromised. They are trying to position themselves so as to have the numbers to win. And their hope is many will stay passive and let it happen.

    26. slingshot

      I want my E.B.T.
      E.B.T. for you and me.

      I want my E.B.T
      E.B.T. because it’s Free.

    27. JayJay

      ATM FAILURE: BANAMEX BANK, 2nd Largest Bank in Mexico and Owned by Citi.


      • Tactical

        Who Gives a F$#%@? Thanks for sharing the news though.

      • WakeUpCall

        I just got confermation on this from a source inside Mexico, it IS true!

      • Diaz

        Yep…and this EBT thing is owned by…guess who?
        J.P. Morgan.
        If you don’t believe me, look on the back of any EBT card.

        They(Big Money) are running scared…and that’s not good.

        Anyone seen the Rothchilds in the news lately? Hmmmmmmm.

        • Tactical

          Lately Diaz? The SOB sub’s are in charge of everything related to the money and the banks. People can jump up and down with BS reaction to the debt limit, EBT etc… but as long as the cancer exist, the world will suffer.

    28. Gonetoolong

      They will get a deal done. However, one of these days they will not. Kind of reminds me of a kid a few years back that kept riding his bike into my yard past the underground fence that my Dobie is within. He would taunt him and circle back and reapeat. Well he finally screwed up and fell off his bike the last go round. My dog got him on the leg. He has never been back. Fortunately for me his parents were cool and understood that their son was not “riding smart”. Our government will one day soon go too far and this shit will fall.

    29. JayJay

      How many EBT card recipients will spend $15 – $60 dollars for Halloween costumes??
      I spent $2 on tootsie pops and that WILL be all.
      What a total waste of money.

      • Archivist

        We buy candy we like. On Halloween, we keep the house dark, and then we eat all the candy because no one came to ask for it.

        • IL woman

          I wait till after and get some on clearance, and pack it in buckets and store it with my preps. I think the kids will enjoy a Hershey bar after working in the garden, gathering wood and hauling water.

          • Archivist

            Plain Hershey bars will last for years if kept cool and in the dark. Mine from Y2K lasted for about 10 years, but I gave in and ate them. I have some Millennium M&Ms from 2000 that I’m keeping long-term as an experiment. I might open a bag and eat one in 2020.

            • Paranoid

              Made Chili tonight, used Jiffy Mix corn bread mix had a best buy date of 3/2010. Was fine FYI

        • wrong

          We go to Target first thing the day after and buy all we want for the year for 75% off. Those damn M&M don’t can worth a shit though..

          • Paranoid

            The Chocolate ones keep for YEARS under the couch. I know I found some Halloween candy at my parents when I moved furniture that had to be well over 10 years old. The peanut kind can go rancid, but still OK. Try vacuum sealing them in a Mason jar.

      • WakeUpCall

        Only the ones that recieve cash assistance, but it is unfortunate that you can buy candy with foodstamps, but not toilet paper!

      • Smokey

        Our local Goodwill and a Value Village thrift shop are going nuts with junk costumes this year.

    30. Peter Pan

      I am wondering whether the food stamp problem might do some good.

      It might make people think twice about buying junk such as soft drinks and alcohol and instead it might make them use some of those savings to build up a pantry for emergencies..

      • Highspeedloafer


        THAT WAS A GOOD ONE Peter Pan!!!

      • Shootit

        Dumping food stamps would bring down health care costs. FSC/EBT recipients would have to get off the couch and get active. No more fat free loaders, less medical issues. Never used to see a fat poor person.

    31. Socrates

      This comment from a few threads ago ties into this. Coincidence? Not.

      maybe my name is larry the walmart guy says:
      Comment ID: 2748549

      October 14, 2013 at 11:08 am

      I don’t know if you remember me, but I’ve wrote on these comments before, I work at Walmart, I have gotten a look at a memo that came in to the managers emails. It states the following ” In the month of December Walmart will not be taking EBT or any government something something something, I was caught looking at it and told by my manager to close it down, I did. It also stated something about the government will begin to do something with all Walmart’s next year. I had to do something called cbl(training) on the managers computer because the other computers were broken or not working and that is when I noticed that I could read his emails, because he left it minimized on the bottom of his screen, I acted like it was already there when he saw me reading it, and then he shut it down and I went ahead and finished taking the training class. I have noticed also in the back the cops now guard the trailers in the back when the food arrives, they didn’t do this before, they make us unload it and place it in the back stockroom and in the freezers. They used to let it sit in their for several hours, now they are acting like it’s precious cargo. I work in a very busy walmart in a big city. I don’t like the way it’s looking.

      • Babycatcher55

        Thanks for the heads up!

      • Tactical

        If Walmart stop taking EBT, China goes bankrupt.

        • Diaz

          You think so huh?

          China is about to shut you up.
          They are going to introduce a new currency.
          The U.S. dollar everyone on the planet trades with will be eradicated.
          It’s put-up or shut-up time! For every human on the planet.

      • Diaz

        It IS precious cargo….

    32. baracalypse

      All stocked up on beers, popcorn and AAA batteries for the remote….. as well as other things.

      There could be some exciting TV coming up!

      • wrong

        Love the name!!!

    33. Slippery Red

      I guess last Saturday was a test.
      This will justify Martial Law….

    34. John

      So, if they DO raise the debt ceiling (they WILL, no doubt about it), does that still mean there will be no SNAP funding for November? Or is this only something that will (supposedly) happen if they DON’T raise it?

      • BlueH20

        IIRC, there is something in the sequester that limits SNAP money. Right now, Dems are insisting that the sequester be removed.

        Not accepting EBT in December, the Christmas month, would be the height of stupidity, even for this administration.

    35. CWinOR

      I expect we’ll be seeing alot of those 2700 MRAP’S being transported to population centers.

      • Archivist

        I don’t live in a population center, so I guess I won’t get to see them.

      • Night breaker

        Definatly keep your eyes and ears open ,
        Look for those MRAPS and support equipment , fuel tankers, duce and a half supply trucks ,
        Fuel bladders being set up for aero mobile operations . For them to do this it will not happen overnight too many logistics have to be moved prossibably at night . Look for large flat bed trucks with 2’X2 cubes of concertina wire . In my opinion they will try to set up FOB’s for stocking operational equipment and air assets (Helo’s.) They may try to infiltrate areas in plane clothes with concealed equipment that’s the scary part , look for people who do not fit in , who you don’t know, ie, guys in cars in multiple with government plates ant going to the GBLT conference!
        Most of this stuff could be brought in under the cover of bad weather and at night.
        They are going for shock and awe in the first implementation., do not let it rattle you, all plans go awry with first contact with the opposition. Time works in our favor if you are prepared.

        Your first warning may be road blocks on the morning or afternoon commutes , your second warning may be waking up to no power and the rumble of military vechicles in the night.

        Be observant ! when you see this let us all know on this site .

        Prepare accordingly.



        Semper Fi 8541

      • Sierra Dave

        If their is chaos and then Martial law. And the gov focuses on the cities and starts gun confiscation IN the cities.

        Is that a sign to go on the offensive? Once they are done disarming the cities. Are we rural folks next?

    36. Well-Stocked.

      Did i hear BA-BA-BA, BAAAAAAAAAAA. coming from that mother sheep and her sheeple children in the picture that went with this article. Maybe if that sheeple women would have put something aside for for the hard times that she looks like she is enduring then maybe her countenance might look alittle less stressed. BA-BA-BA!

    37. Haywood

      Ever stop to think that IF this gubberment shutdown causes EBT to stop, it will cause utter chaos and is a way for odummy to declare martial law? BTW – IF odummy declares martial law, the Constitution is VOID!!!! And he becomes president “INDEFINITELY”…aka “DICTATOR”.

      • Diaz

        Obama can make an Executive Order to suspend ALL elections until the ‘threat’ of Martial Law, and let’s not forget the terrorism hoax, has passed.
        He almost had to do it last year…but TPTB got him to squeak by this time.

        The citizens are waking-up, but still aren’t fully awake.
        When they do wake-up, they better hope they are on the human side..and not the oxygen-stealer’s.

        Either way, it’s going to be UGLY in this country.

    38. Midwesterner

      I have never replied on here before but have read with interest all that has been said for quite a while. I have been torn in the arguments given here. Let me start out by saying I have never been on Welfare or Foodstamps or Public Aid. For most of my adult life I have been self employed. About ten years ago I started working for others & during this time I have come to realize just how hard it is to find a decent paying job. I believe this whole mess has been planned for years. First they ship off all the manufaturing jobs, all the good paying jobs, & leave us with jobs that at one time were considered “second jobs”, jobs people got as a secondary income. Now these jobs are all some have but thy still pay like “secondary jobs”.
      I don’t believe that all these folks on EBT, Snap, & welfare want to be there, they just can’t find a decent job. Sure there are some that have been on welfare for generations but I don’t think it is the majority.
      I have been a prepper for longer than I want to remember, started back in the 70’s reading Mel Tappan’s warnings & have been going strtong ever since.
      In that time I went from self employed & making great money to working for others & making a lot less & have seen our economy go down the toilet. I came pretty close to being like some of these people are, though I was able to find work & thank God I didn’t have to go on welfare. But I do have sympathy on those that have no other choice.

      • Average Guy

        There’s always a choice, Midwesterner.

        And right now, there’s a sh ton of jobs in the Midwest.

        I don’t know what your definition is of, “a decent job” but to me, it’s one that puts food on the table. Pure and simple. And there are plenty of those, …so far. …
        Until automation kicks in to replace all the workers that are priced out of a job due to rising minimum wage rates.

        The funny thing is, most people it seems don’t realize, Americans haven’t offshored jobs, they’ve regulated and taxed them away.

      • Diaz

        It IS, and HAS BEEN planned for years.(Started in 1913, if you want to get technical)
        Although, TPTB weren’t quite ready to have to do some of the things they are forced to do(in their eyes). Hence all the desperation from them lately.
        Hopefully, enough of a wrench has been thrown into their plans to curb/stop them.

        But it’s still going to ugly. And it’s not going to go away if everyone stays ‘submissive’.

    39. Be informed

      The failure of the government can be equated with a Married With Children episode. Peg the dead beat wife was selling cosmetics and getting a commission on what she sold. Al, the hapless shoe salesman husband couldn’t figure out how Peg was making so much money selling the cosmetics. Al wanted to get the names of the fools buying the make up and maybe take advantage of such idiots. Al looked at Peg’s receipts top whom she sold all the make -up to. All receipts were to Peggy Bundy, herself. Al says, “she is her own customer”. Steve the next door neighbor says “Al, your life is pathetic”.

      Al later tries to explain to Peg what economics are. Peg says that she gets money and checks for selling the cosmetics. Al says, but you have to send in much bigger checks each time to cover the sales to yourself. This sends your husband rocketing to the poor house. The same is true with the government as they continue to send out bigger and bigger checks to make it appear to the public that everything with the economy is fine and improving. Bigger and bigger checks to cover themselves. Just keep raising debt ceiling. Keep shelling out credit on a card ready to explode into the stratosphere. Just like the TV sitcom in which Peg didn’t get it, neither does the masses. Bigger and bigger checks means the US debt rocketing into default AUTOMATICALLY with or without bipartisian agreement.

      • BASSTARD

        But Peg is hot so it’s ok…..right ???? I’ve got extra food for her and Kelly Bundy if I could just keep the wife out of the basement,

        • Archivist

          You know Peg will be 60 in a few months?

          • BASSTARD

            60 IS THE NEW 40

            • Highspeedloafer

              You da man BASSTARD!

        • Charley Waite

          I always used to wonder what Al’s problem was with Peg wanting to get it on all the time.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Just a little humor for you:

          ALL men HEAR blah,blah,blah,blah, SEX, blah,blah,blah, blah, FOOD, blah,blah,blah, blah,BEER!

          • gone under

            What else is there?

    40. InsanityISContagious

      Obama refuses to negotiate and now EBT is being closed down? Smells like martial law to me.

      • Kulafarmer

        Dont you love how they roll, these donkeys say the tea party and repubs are holding us all hostage, when the dems and donkeys ass boy obummer wont negotiate.
        Fuck em, let it die!

        • slingshot


          The majority of our nation lives pretty good compared to other countries, so one could understand why we do not want to upset the apple cart. Would we like to see the country turn around and become prosperous again and out of debt? Sure do.
          Question is how willing are we to correct it. How much financial collateral damage can we absorb. The problem is that conditions are so bad either by not preparing or unable to prepare, that a significant amount needed to protest has not been obtained to act successfully against the government. Any change will be by force and not by negotiation.
          To those stuck in the middle where they truly need
          assistance, the tactic of our President to make statements that we, hold hostage our people is one of desperation and that his actions are despicable, as they sell our people into bondage. A fate worse than being held hostage. There are many who can not see the invisible chains being placed upon themselves but will soon feel them.

          • Kulafarmer

            Im growing very tired of the games these politicians are playing.
            These are peoples lives they dicker over and discount as insignificant.
            I have a different kind of hope and change in mind.

    41. wormdirt

      As the saying goes – whoever controls the food controls the population. I was expecting a November surprise.

    42. Big Dan

      The Koch Brothers, who caused this through the fake tea parties they run (tea party express, tea party patriots), said because they have so much money, THEY and their surrogate fake tea parties will shift gears and feed hungry Americans. They said their intent was to shutdown the government and prove fellow Americans – like the Koch Brothers themselves – will help their fellow hungry Americans, they don’t need the government to help feed hungry Americans.

      • Tactical

        And how did you come up with such a F44556UP analysis Big Dan?

      • The Old Coach

        I think that somewhere in your mental algorithms there’s a line of code requiring division by zero, there, chum.

      • Smokey

        Pulled that right out of your tinfoil hat, Big Dan?

      • Highspeedloafer

        I guess we all need to join the tea party then. Thank you Koch brothers.

    43. incognito

      I think that SNAP ending is equivalent to bank holiday or extended grid down situation in terms of the repercussions that will be felt by all of us. It is TEOTWAWKI and one of the three things mentioned above that I concluded long ago that would signal clearly to everyone that believes “the economy is getting better” that we are indeed collapsing. Seems it’s here folks. Soon are recently militarized Barney Fife’s will be working overtime and growing cold.

    44. Pat

      My friend did mention her EBT was not loaded for Nov this morning it usually loaded on the 15th. They have not had EBT long and thought maybe they did paperwork wrong then I saw this.

    45. mallardhen

      I guess this more or less comes down to back in the 90’s we had Ronald Regan, Johnny Cash, & Bob Hope; now we have Obama, no hope, and no cash.

      • Kulafarmer

        Ten thumbs way up Mallardhen!
        That was a good one,
        That was when people still had class!

      • Highspeedloafer

        pssst, it was the 80’s.

    46. old guy

      Its very possible that the government checks EBT cet could fail to arrive. Because it would further the Un & NWO Agenda 21 plans. Those folks know time is running out. We are overdue for some worldwide mega clatyclismic event. The end of an age earth changes will continue to happen. they keep increasing in both frequency and magnitude. Man cant mitigate them.

    47. Fed Up

      Life as usual here. The stupid political posturing, flapping and waving of those sucking the teats, and all the pointless yelling going on are falling on deaf ears in this house. We live our lives, make ourselves useful to each other, prep on, and try to be as self-reliant as a family can be. On the matter of all this “information” that keeps leaking out…I’ll keep an open mind, but it won’t be so open that my brains fall out.

      Fed Up

    48. RickE.

      Let ‘er rip! It’s inevitable anyway. We need a reset of society. Our nation did fine without welfare, the federal reserve, and income taxes for MANY MANY years!

      Folks had to pitch in and do things prudently and plan ahead instead of irresponsibly living for today.

      • Tactical

        Amen. BRING IT ON. TIRED OF WAITING and playing BS games.

    49. Be informed

      Okay you want to see the comparison between the US government and true idiocy of Married With Children TV episode. I found the episode on You Tube. The whole thing is 22 minutes and is one of the funnier sitcoms, but the true comparison with the US government starts at about 18.00 minutes. When Al slaps himself in the head at the absurdity of the situation, this is the way those that can see what the US government is doing with debt must all feel. True stupidity of the fictional comedy world interacts with the real ignorance of the US government and all those that continue to support these retards.

      Anyone wanting a good laugh, you might want to see this. “A three job, no income family”

      • Npgh

        Thanks for the clip…that was really funny! And something we need a lot more of these days…humor!

    50. Nopittypartyhere

      Came outta the woods today for a little phone check on my family.

      I’ve spent the last two days building a fire pit from stones around the old house site, gonna finishe the uphill side built in ‘benches’

      Made my first dutch oven Meal today. Pretty cool. I’ve decided I’m going to start doing this at home. I’ve heard you can make biscuits in a Dutch oven….have to work on this. The hardest part was finding a good, slow hot burning wood for the fire. Most of the dead stuff around here s poplar or pine.

      So glad I’m not home to obsess over this ebt crap. I’m busy playing in he woods!

      • pissinwiththewind

        Dutch oven biscuits are great. You have to practice with the coals and not have too many hot coals underneath or the bottoms will burn. Pack the lid with coals as soon as possible when you get her set down on ashy coals.

        My dutch oven has little legs, so I try to place some rocks in the coals for them to set on. Don’t forget to grease the inside good or they may stick.

        Practice makes perfect.

        I was planning on building an old fashioned clay and rock oven with a door until I ran across an old wood fired cook stove. It will come in very handy if the grid goes down or I no longer can afford the electricity from the thieving power companies.

        • Smokey

          13 good coals or briquettes on the top lid will work just fine for baking biscuits or a pie.

      • Kulafarmer

        Ive had cornbread, and also regular bread anf focaccia bread made in a dutch oven,
        Roasted chicken with stuffing, now thats the stuff!

      • Tactical

        Satori, China is behind us then. I thought we already have the new human H7N9 in the senate named Harry Reid.

    51. Nopittypartyhere

      Just spoke to my mom….Saturday they cleared the Walmart where she lives and closed it down. Police forced cash paying customers and all to leave. They were near rioting. Same in Jackson MS. Hadn’t seen anywhere that they actually closed the stores.

    52. Satori

      Strong typhoon heads for Japan’s nuclear plant

      “A powerful typhoon was closing in on Japan on Tuesday, heading towards the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

      Typhoon Wipha, packing winds of up to 144 kilometres per hour near its centre, was in the Pacific south of Japan early this morning.

      It has been forecast to reach an area off the Tokyo metropolitan area by early Wednesday and then head toward the coast of Fukushima where the crippled nuclear power plant sits.”

      • PO'd Patriot

        Satori, went on your highlighted website and my computer blocked it as a malicious website.

    53. Satori

      No, I Will Not Help, Donate, Or Continue

      “In other words when the system malfunctioned WalMart tried to do the right thing and be compassionate. What they got in return was robbed by a phalanx of looters, EBT holders all, who literally pillaged the store and ran up charges they knew were bogus.”

      • Tactical

        You can’t be compassionate to leaches? Step on them.

    54. Seen2013

      “What will happen to the nearly 50 million people who depend on these benefits to survive?”

      Within 24 hours, it’ll turn into a riot. Within 72 hours, the administration declares a national catastrophe. Within an additional 72 hours, food stamp and cash recipients report to their new work assignment through the jobs programs like per say the TSA and enforce curfew, door to door searches, and etc.

      As I tried pointing out, these are the people who are conditioned to work and obey government through sanctions on their ‘benefits’ of food, cash, medical, and housing.
      I’ll reiterate: Non-compliance for each offense is:
      1 offense= 1 month no food, no cash
      2 offense= 3 months no food, no cash
      3 offenses= 6 months no food, no cash, and may suspend medical
      4 offenses= 1 year no food, no cash, and suspension of medical
      5 offenses= 3 years no food, no cash, and suspension of medical
      6 offenses= 6 years no food, no cash, and suspension of medical

      Up to 50 million people are on food stamps and likely on cash, medicaid/medicare, and much more as required to remain in compliance, do you have any doubt when TSA goes nationwide beyond bus, train, harbors, and airports; it’s contract isn’t going to be added to the college, factory, infrastructure, and etc work assignments of the works program food stamps and cash require compliance of beneficiaries to participate in?

      You’re not just looking at rioters; you’re looking at our future crackdown enforcers after a declaration of national catastrophe. Who better to enforce unconstitutional orders than those trained to submit and obey the ones giving the orders?

      • cabinfever

        Nope. Do you realize all the red tape and paperwork it would take for the one offense, two offense scenario? One offense and you’re done. With everything. We’re staring at the NWO eyeball to eyeball now. There are no second chances in that world.

    55. MicMPK

      Ohhhh S.N.A.P!

    56. David Sims

      I wish that I played a fiddle, but I play a clarinet, so I’ll be tooting in the Appalachian hills while the EBT recipients are running amok, looting, burning, and trapping rats for food.

      Rats in a cream sauce. Rat flambe. Rat tartare. Deep-fried rat. Rat on a stick. Rat hors d’oeuvre. Rat necrom with bonemeal gravy. Rat ragu with powdered deer penis.

      • Smokey

        Don’t forget Ratatouile

        • OutWest

          My favorite — Rat Jerky

          • JayJay

            Ya gotta try Rat brownies.

    57. Pete K

      What’s with the rubber stamped date on the “leaked” letter? Nobody uses those anymore. How is this even believable?

      • Smokey

        Yes, they still do use date stamps. The letter is written by staff and the date is affixed to the signed hard copy, that’s the official date of release, when the boss got cornered and signed it.

    58. Mike

      The inevitable’s coming, now or later.

    59. BillyB

      Is it just me, or does anyone else ever notice that people with those ebt cards always act like it’s their first time using them. They be in line with a cart full of all of their freebies, put the groceries on the counter for the cashier to ring up and bag, then they take out their ebt card and IT’S LIKE THEY NEVER USED THE DAMN THING BEFORE. First they have the card upside down or backwards while trying to swipe it and the cashier has to instruct them on the proper way to do it. Then they’re trying to figure out which buttons to push and in what order. Then they forget to put their pin number in, nothings working so they think the machine is broke and the cashier AGAIN has to instruct them on how to use the damn thing. I swear, I hate it when I’m in the checkout line behind people who are shopping with those ebt cards.

      • Geralt

        so that is what all those random hold ups are while on line

      • pissinwiththewind

        Just remember; some of those folks using EBT are disabled and are trying, or have tried, and were turned down, to get their SS Disability started. Some States make it so hard to start drawing off the “retirement funds” that were forcibly deducted from their paychecks for decades, that they have no choice but to go with the food stamps system.

        I know there are people drawing off their retirement/SS that are able to work, but there are just as many that deserve to get SS Disability and are turned down for various reasons. We shouldn’t make judgements about people we don’t know, until we have walked a mile in their shoes. Let God be the judge.

        The system isn’t entirely fair, but for the most part it works for those that hire a good lawyer. I know most lawyers suck, but it is the way it is and people are left with few choices.

        If they have “incompetent” doctors, they are in for a real battle. They are left to the discretions of a judge. Most SS Disability Judges are fair and competent and can read thru a fake.

        Sometimes a person is just plain, shit out of luck, and has to resort to welfare or whatever means to survive. Like it or not, welfare and the food stamp program was intended for those folks.

        Before the social security system, people that were disabled or just down on their luck could count on their relatives, the community, or the local Church.

        Not so much anymore.

        • sixpack

          The injury to my cervical vertebrae was so severe, that it took me one doctor’s exam and one MRI to get signed up. That is almost unheard of these days. Usually it takes years of getting turned down, before you finally get accepted. Not for me, because my injury was REAL and real serious. I’m recovering a little, very slowly, but I think I’m only dreaming about ever being anywhere close to normal again.

          On the bright side, I FOUND I HAVE A PREPPER NEIGHBOR! Someone who isn’t afraid of being armed. Someone with some skills. Someone CLOSE. Just someone who isn’t scared is a start.

          Oh happy day!

          • brinksmom

            WTG on your prepper neighbor, sixpack! I called a new man in town to help me with a computer problem and he showed up a 7:30 am with concealed carry and felt free to talk politics after he saw my stack of reading material on the credenza. Love meeting like-minded people!

            • sixpack

              I was beginning to think I am the only one in this area. Apparently not.

          • pissinwiththewind

            Wishing you the best, sixpack.

            I was in a lot of pain because of hard living and being worked like a rented mule since I was seven years old. Never did i think that signing a stack of legal waivers to have a wisdom tooth removed in 2006 would be my demise, or what feels like the end of life as i once knew it.

            a piece of shit oral surgeon just about ripped my head off while i was under. He torked my head and neck so bad that my C-1 is twisted by 6 degrees. As i understand it, 9 to 12 degrees is total paralysis in most bodies.

            I suffer, and i repeat “suffer” daily and nightly. Because of incompetent doctors and lawyers. I am still looking for my 1st disability check, of which i paid for over the previous 42 years.

            It’s a game, to fight for what is rightfully yours sometimes. I’m not the right color or not fat enough to look like i’m fucking hurt.

            Anyways, I saw the writing on the wall in 2005 and started getting my debts paid off so i’m not hopeless like some. If the Lord tarries, i may see some of my retirement funds from SS. I am looking for that eternal body without the pain and suffering, so whatever happens until then is just shit i have to wade thru to get to the other side anyhow.

            Oh happy day!

            • sixpack

              I have some idea of what you’re going through. For me, it was hard to come to terms with the fact that I just can’t do all the things I used to. I practiced martial arts for decades, but now, very little of that training applies for me. I won’t be framing any houses anytime soon, but I can still turn a wrench. I can still teach what I know.

              I spent about 3 years feeling sorry for myself, dwelling only on my losses. I thought for a while, that I was simply “done”. It was hard to learn to live with the constant pain you must know all too well.

              But I’m NOT done…I’m just getting started.

              You are too.

    60. Kazz


    61. thefulishbastid


      I am sooo going on a “tax free” shopping trip on Nov 1 if this hsit goes down!

      Gotta get while the gettins good after all.

      Just take your piece with you, it’ll be good practice.

      • Gonetoolong

        Great way to get removed from the equation quickly. Best of luck to ya. Millions more of you will do the same. Good. More for us when the dust settles. I will be staying away from humans as much as possible for the first few months.

        • Diaz


    62. ponomo

      slow day…but O still sucks.

    63. ponomo

      slow day…but O still sucks.

    64. meatinteeth

      America! Reminds me of a giant Zeek rewards scam. People will wake up next week, next month, next year and believe that it’s still not a ponzi scam that has crashed.

    65. Ancient Echoes

      This could be what we have all been prepping for, it really could be the end of everything this time. The end of the road has to come sometimes, but wouldn’t the elite just shit if we all did like in that one Batman movie where there were two boats, one full of innocent people, the other full of criminals. They had 5 minutes to either blow up the other or the Joker would blow them both up. What if the elite threw an “end of the world party” and no one participated.

    66. Ugly

      I wonder when Smokin is going to give us a ‘Trucker’ report.

      1. How did go.
      2. Was it a good start.
      3. What did you see.
      4. Was it successful considering first attempt.
      5. What did you like and dis-like about the event.

      Just some of my thoughts.

      Thanks Truckers!

    67. The VOICE from the Outer World

      Good Evening Everyone,

      A flare of magnitde M-1.3 occurred at 23:26 UTC, and is by al appearances a ‘spike’ type occurrance. AND that concludes the obligatory’s here for the evening…

      Some few weeks ago I here posted a proposal for a Declaration of Nullification whose intent would be to effect a reversal of the process by which the Federal monstrosity first began to come into existence…via the original Declaration of Independence. I submit, here, this very night, that NOW it is time to seriously consider the propsal as written. Specifically, it is my resolute belief that the further continuation of the Fedral government of these United States will result – in relatively short order – in cataclysmic responses in the finacial structure of the World IRRESPECTIVE of whether a ‘last minute accomodation’ is arrived at or no.
      For in truth, the damage is already done….individual (and spercifically, foreign investor) confidence is shaking itself to pieces as we here consider the matters at hand.

      The abject inepritude of the Congress of the United States need not be here visited….such is EVIDENT to ANY who have eyes with which to see – that much – at LEAST – is plain. Here, today, we stand on the brink of the Abyss, one that if WE tumble thereinto will likely result in consequences so horrifying that any description that might be offered here would simply be ‘inadequate’. The finacial consequences would be little short of TOTAL…and yet it is what follow AFTER with which we here should be concerned. eldom in Hitory has any Great Empire fallen abruptly that the result was NOt WAR. Need I remid you here what WAR in this dya and age would entail? Mr Einstein was once asked that question and his reply was TERRIFYING.

      I ask you all here this eve: WHEN is “ENOUGH” actually, ENOUGH? When do “We, The People” say – Yea, even in a single VOICE – ENOUGH!!!

      I submit here, therefor, that the various STATE legislatures of this country should – FORTHWITH – begin drafting legislation to effect the DISSOLUTION of the Federal vampire ere we do fall over the precipice which lies at our very feet. Our Forefathers foresaw this possibility…and were discomfitted by it, in extremis.
      Madison – as well as Adams – refered to this – as we see it today, NOW (as he termed it), “Hyperpluralism’…a state of affairs in which so many varied interest were contesting for the reins of Power that the effect would be equivalent to trying to pull a single object in a multitude of different directions – simultaneously! Is this NOT what we see around us today…where the various MONIED ‘Special Interest’ in co-opting the reins of Governance, have effectively paralysed it completely, or no? What say you?

      Rest assured, Ladies and Gentlemen, that my CONTEMPT for this Congress…and indeed, the entire Federal edifice is now UTTERLY COMPLETE. A previous Supreme Court Justice (at a time when that was something to ASPIRE to being) Justice Brandieis, said that when government becomes the law-breakers they inspire contempt for the Law; that every Man would thereater become a law unto himself….Anarchy. We are but HOURS away from that becoming a possible reality…when the Congress – having completely abdicated it’s PROPER duties allows for this once-great Nation to lapse into a state of DEFAULT, thus leaving the People with no other recourse than to MAKE thier OWN LAWS….personally, individaully! What say you, one and ALL?

      Again, and finally, I ask…IS IT TIME YET? Your answer WILL be required of you VERY soon I thin, whether you give it willingly or no. May He have Mercy on Us ALL…


      • Ugly


        Thanks and definitely a good idea.

        You keep saying your upset with Congress; does that mean you are ok with the POTUS?

        Why is the POTUS given a pass in all this?

        Hope things are going good for you and your family.

        Life as we know it has changed. Enjoy the good things in Life, even if it is a Solar Flare.

        • The VOICE from the Outer World

          Howdy UG!

          Au Contraire Pierre!…in my best FRENCH accent 🙂

          The state of affairs is roughly this Friend: the Executive branch has been – for some time – efectively paralyzed by a plethora of exigent circumstances that we NEEDN’T get into here. It is the case that the ‘Special Interest’ LONG ago discovered that they could simply BUY what they wanted…s Senator, a Congress-criiter, etc. and that THAT was WHOLE lot more effective than any silly old Prez. Worse though, BIG MONEY discovered that it could BUY whole arms of the Federal Government – at wholeslae prices, no less! – and that THAT was the MOST effective way of all, of getting what THEY WANTED.

          But of course you have to be JP Morgan or Citi or Goldman-Sachs to pull that off, Eh? I have mentioned here before – REPEATEDLY – that the Hopi predict that ‘In the Endtimes, the ‘High Ones’ WILL be hunted”…
          I can WELL SEE that beginning on or about , Oh say, the second of next MONTH. Kinda WARMS my Heart actually Friend…just thinking about all those politiicans and Wealthy SHITZ who bought them, HANGING side-by-side fromn EVERY lamppost along the American inerstate highway system. Brings a tear of JOY to my eye, it does!

          REMEMBER though!!! When your driving along the highway with your Children and you see those HANGING along the roadside be VERY CAREFUL to slow the car to a steady,m COMPLETE halt before getting out – with them – to take the pictures for your Family album…never let the car come to halt TOO FAST…someone MIGHT get HURT.

          Also, be sure to explain to them – CLEARLY, PATIENTLY, what HAPPENS to BAD MEN who FUCK with the GOVERNMENT for thier own personal gain….we wouldn’t want a GOOD lesson like THAT to go to waste now, would we? 😉

          Sooo, here at the end of this itty-bitty missive I have only one, last question,

          “Got ROPE?”

          Good to jabber at you Friend! I hope you enjoy the humor implicit here…


          • The VOICE from the Outer World

            Oh, and yea…things are VERY well here. Winter i pon our doorstep now, but we are WELL prepared thusfor.

            Also…there will be a NEW DAWN Brother…I promise you that, and it WILL be coming VERY soon now. There is yet a bit of hard, cold night to be gotten through, but I have Faith that many here will manage…I WILL see you on the other side of that…and THEN WE WILL REBUILD A WORLD, SO HELP ME GOD, so sayeth JOG, Amen.


            • Ugly


              Thanks for the affirmation. Keep us posted. Thanks.


      • Shootit

        Mr. President where is your budget? Mr. President you have not submitted a budget as required by law for the past four years. Mr. President the current state of affairs is because we do not have your budget. Mr. President send us your budget and we will work on reopening government. Sincerely, Congress.

        That is how to rip his sails. Then sit around and listen to him wail. No, Mr. President you can’t have another ice cream cone until you finish your budget.

        • pissinwiththewind

          or you could say: you can’t beat your meat until you fudge your pudding. or maybe it’s; you can’t have any fudge pudding until you finish your meat.

          wtf ever, pink floyd caused it. lol

    68. jim in Va.

      I’m going with my gut. I’m topping off my preps just in case. you all best do the same,take no chances.

    69. Grandma

      If they would reduce slowly the amount of food stamps given every month, they would shop more carefully for the best deals. They would also realize they have to earn their own money if they were taken away. They need to prepare their own selves for what could happen.


      We interrupt the SHTF plan site to bring you how we all feel about congress.

      Please substitute “the good life” show for the term “Congress”.

    71. Buzzfix

      50 million people are going to have to sacrifice themselves for the progression of the socialist state. They’ll all receive Hero of the state status. Czar comrade Obampka greatly appreciates the order of the working class! They are the strength of the motherland. The USSA. Motherland is very very hungry and is in great need of peasants.

    72. Sgt. Dale

      This EBT B.S. over the shut down is just another way to get this Gov. back to spending the hard earned money of the middle class. with Obullshit getting his way.
      Here you go, the Zombies will be walking the streets. None of these LEACHES put anything back for the future. most of them get these card and but shit they don’t need or they sell what is left on their card for cash to get stuff like BOOB jobs or drugs, and alcohol. They just want the hard working middle class to take care of them. They just can’t see that if you fill the cookie jar, and you don’t put anymore cookies in it it will soon be empty. The LEACHES will expect you to put more cookies in it, and when you don’t they will hit the streets.
      Blaming this on the shut down is B.S. This is just a way to get the LEACHES burning things down so we have to rebuild it for them. I say “hell no” keep the SHUT GOING, If the EBT’s don’t work too FRIGGING BAD. Now its time to see who is taking care of these LEACHES since LBJ in 1965. The HAD WORKING MIDDLE CLASS. We get no respect from these LEACHES. Well when the EBT’s don’t work let see where they run to!
      Let the SHTF its coming, so what the hell let it now.
      I’m ready if they are not too bad!

      • sixpack

        Sorry Sgt., but they don’t make EBT cards big enough to sell for a boob job. Drugs, probably. Booze, most likely, but even cheap boob jobs cost thousands of dollars and are you sure any EBT zombie could actually save up enough of their EBT for something like that? No way, even if they wanted to.

        You gotta at least be reasonable when you rant.

        • Sgt. Dale

          There was a news article about a gal that just used a little of her EBT card/ welfare each month because she was a working girl. She sold what was left of her EBT cards over a period of several month to get a boob job. The interview might by on you tube. I’m not making this up.

          Can anyone out there help me on this to show Sixpack where the article is, or where it could be seen. I knopw I just saw it a few days to maybe a week ago or so.

          • PuppyPrepper

            I saw the video interview of her also.

          • sixpack

            I’ll take your word for it, but do you really think it’s right to generalize an entire group of people, based on ONE SINGLE KNOWN INCIDENT? One in more than 50 million? C’mon, that’s a little narrowly focused, isn’t it?.

            I’d say she owes some reimbursement, to say the least.

        • Sgt. Dale

          I found the sight.
          Sept 20Th on SHTF.Plan Just scroll down and watch the video. Good looking Blond being interviewed. It will take a second to get to her because they are talking to other folks.

          • gone under

            well, she did get her (our) moneys worth. got to be 44 DDD.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Those are true 44 mags!!!!

              • pissinwiththewind

                In the late nineties my main squeeze sported a pair of natural 44 double Ds. Dubbed her “big titty red”. While they were pulled up tight, with erect nipples, in her bikini, while basking in the sun on the back of my Searay; they looked “marvelous”.

                When lying on her back and having to pull one from her arm pit to kiss it a little; not so much fun or sexy.
                I’m a fan of the itty-bitty-titty club.
                Just sayin.

        • Smokey

          It’s not ‘drugs, probably’, it’s ‘drugs, certainly’.

          And when your food and rent is being paid by the taxpayer, you’ll have the money for a vacation or cosmetic surgery in less than a year.

    73. Be informed

      The earthquake sequence just started up again. Big earthquake by Halloween, 90% chance. New earthquake SE of Easter Island. When this same place is hit in the past the following has occurred:

      7.6 Andaman Island, India 2006
      8.1 Samoa, 7.6 South Sumatra, Two 7.8’s Santa Cruz Islands 2009
      7.7 Indonesia 2010

      Many earthquakes 6.5 to 6.9

      This is now the 15th precursor quake out of 17 that say a 7.5+ is coming, likely much higher.

      New areas to add to danger zones: Gulf of California and now California state is higher of a chance, and New Zealand. Other areas mentioned before, including still the Philippines, are hot and dangerous.

      As shown with the 7.2 in the Philippines, these outer rim divergent plates show stress building and a major earthquake coming.

    74. Emily

      Off Topic – I need a ten year tetanus booster this month of October.
      Where I live, the do not have an adequate supply.
      They have been very low on the tetanus booster vaccine
      since April of 2013. Only those in serious need get them. I have been reading the online health dept. website, which is vague, not surprising.
      I called them and left them a message. I gave them my cell phone number, and they ‘said’ they would get back to me. Of course, they never returned my phone call.
      Has anyone else in their area run out of certain vaccines?

      • Ugly


        Tetanus shots should be around. In fact, my last shot was tetanus about 12 years ago because I ran thru an old ‘barbed-wired’ fence and had several deep cuts.

        Yes I am past 10 years, but I wont go unless I step on a nail or something.

        I don’t do any preventative immunization, with exception as lad of polio, malaria, etc.

        I don’t do flu shots. My wife does every year and she got sick last year. I didn’t.

        I bet if you stepped on rusty nail, the Doc could get the shot. Maybe it is in short supply for immunizations and not emergencies? Ask your Doc.

        Good Luck.

        • The VOICE from the Outer World

          Howdy UG…Again!

          Ummm, actually Em is RIGHT here. Think about it Friend.

          Do you want to go down some time this week, driving in a nice comfy automobile to a nice, CLEAN Physician’s office to get a wee bitty shot…or later, when THAT is not available, get full bore TETANUS….Oh Brother, “Tet” ain’t purty. You CAN survive it…but only IF your family ‘tube-feeds’ you for 4-6 months, until your larnyx muscles finally, relax from the toxic shock that tetanus does to the nerves that control your ability to swallow? Well, the choice is yours….

          ALL of MINE…and me as well got tetanus, the pneumonia vaccine and whatever else they had on hand 😉 I love MODERN MEDICINE Brother…you might too, if you stop to think about it. Gee, times were a might bit TOUGHER in the days of the OLD WEST…just sayin.

          Remeber that movie with the ROCK in it, “Runaway”, I think..

          “There’s an EASY way to do this…and THERE is a HARD way….” Personally, I LOVE that BOY, he DO have the wit, don’t he? Heheheeee.

          While I’m here – this is for BI – Gee, Friend, there DO seem to be a lot of little un’s doing on tonight…almost 60 at the last count….VERY distributed too. I AM getting more nervous as this wears on. Oops, forgot to mention that Ol Sol is acting up again…just pushed out another near M-Class; actually, it’s in progress now over at NOAA (6 hour plot).

          That said, can YOU BELEIVE the SHITX in Congress…jacking around with all our fates. I used to beleive that nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – was lower than Whale-Shit…I stand CORRECTED, that distinction FULLY now belongs to the glorious members of our pukin’ Congress….you have to wonder WHAT God had in mind when he allowed those to be put into the World…the most venal, sel-serving, arrogant POS’s that ever walked – Gee, I’m on a ROLL tonight, ain’t I?

          FYI, and this is for EVERYONE here…IF this shize worsens, I’m araid that I won’t be able to maintain my normally calm demeanor anymore, lately EVIL JOG is back with a vengeance; he has a new name he wants to use,


          Frankly, the boy is worrying me a little here…

          Keep us abreast of developments, as always, and I will take addtional time to maintain a monitor on the Solar side…and things beyond.

          Anywho, Nighty-Night Y’all.

          PS: Where the hell is Smokin!…We NEED his’ particular’ report on the weekend events!

        • The VOICE from the Outer World


          Howdy UG…Again!

          Ummm, actually Em is RIGHT here. Think about it Friend.

          Do you want to go down some time this week, driving in a nice comfy automobile to a nice, CLEAN Physician’s office to get a wee bitty shot…or later, when THAT is not available, get full bore TETANUS….Oh Brother, “Tet” ain’t purty. You CAN survive it…but only IF your family ‘tube-feeds’ you for 4-6 months, until your larnyx muscles finally, relax from the toxic shock that tetanus does to the nerves that control your ability to swallow? Well, the choice is yours….

          ALL of MINE…and me as well got tetanus, the pneumonia vaccine and whatever else they had on hand 😉 I love MODERN MEDICINE Brother…you might too, if you stop to think about it. Gee, times were a might bit TOUGHER in the days of the OLD WEST…just sayin.

          Remeber that movie with the ROCK in it, “Runaway”, I think..

          “There’s an EASY way to do this…and THERE is a HARD way….” Personally, I LOVE that BOY, he DO have the wit, don’t he? Heheheeee.

          While I’m here – this is for BI – Gee, Friend, there DO seem to be a lot of little un’s doing on tonight…almost 60 at the last count….VERY distributed too. I AM getting more nervous as this wears on. Oops, forgot to mention that Ol Sol is acting up again…just pushed out another near M-Class; actually, it’s in progress now over at NOAA (6 hour plot).

          That said, can YOU BELEIVE the SHITX in Congress…jacking around with all our fates. I used to beleive that nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – was lower than Whale-Shit…I stand CORRECTED, that distinction FULLY now belongs to the glorious members of our pukin’ Congress….you have to wonder WHAT God had in mind when he allowed those to be put into the World…the most venal, sel-serving, arrogant POS’s that ever walked – Gee, I’m on a ROLL tonight, ain’t I?

          FYI, and this is for EVERYONE here…IF this shize worsens, I’m araid that I won’t be able to maintain my normally calm demeanor anymore, lately EVIL JOG is back with a vengeance; he has a new name he wants to use,


          Frankly, the boy is worrying me a little here…

          Keep us abreast of developments, as always, and I will take addtional time to maintain a monitor on the Solar side…and things beyond.

          Anywho, Nighty-Night Y’all.

          PS: Where the hell is Smokin!…We NEED his’ particular’ report on the weekend events!

          • Emily

            Hi JOG, Welcome Back! I am sorry I missed your post earlier, it is in the wee hours of the a.m. here.
            I am glad you are settled and doing well.
            I enjoy hearing about the sun and its activity.
            I will pursue getting the tetanus vaccine, thanks.
            I will keep you posted on how it goes.
            @ Ugly, I appreciate your thoughts and well wishes.
            I will keep you updated too.
            It just floors me that there is a shortage of the vaccine here. There is so much knowledge and intelligence here, and good people. Many appreciate it.

      • CrackerJack

        Tell them there is a new addition to your family – brothers wifes cousin etc… just make something up…

        They will find a TDAP shot for you. (tetanus, diptheria? and pertussis).

    75. Emily

      Hi Ugly, thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I did step on a rusty nail, but it did not penetrate the skin of my foot. (I stepped outside my townhouse to get the weekly suburban paper, delivered on Sundays) and stepped on it. I checked the area, no puncture wound, and cleaned the area anyway. My doc says I am due for the booster this month, but, there is no hurry as the nail did not go through the skin of my foot. My doctors office tells me they have a shortage of the vaccine. I still want it, just to be safe.
      My mistake was honesty, if I had lied, I bet I would have received the damn shot. I just may go down to the health dept., 17 minutes away from where I live, and ask what the heck is going on in person tomorrow.
      But there is a shortage here, and the md offices will not give them unless there is a true, serious need.
      I think that is strange. No shortage of the flu vaccine though.

      • Ugly

        Emily and JOG.

        Thanks dudes. And I do mean thanks.

        Emily, I agree with JOG and get the tetanus.

        JOG, I like modern stuff too. But just not too much. I don’t get flu shots. I also hate the BHT in milk.

        We buy local milk and the dude has been using the stuff. I can tell because his whole-milk and 2% looks just as watered down as any other. Also, I can tell by the taste. He claims we can get the real stuff if we buy at the parlor.

        Good luck Emily and JOG. Wish you well.

    76. SmokyMtnLady

      A little off topic here…But my husband had a VERY strange thing happen yesterday! His drivers license expires next week, and since he’s going to be out of town on business all week, he went to renew his DL.
      He was issued a “temporary” paper license, and he was told that his regular license would be mailed within 10 days, per Homeland Security rules!
      Also, he was asked if he’s in the military, since there was a CODE associated with his DL number!
      My husband is PRIOR active duty military, but that was over 20 yrs…he did do a 10 yr stint in the reserves, but he’s been out for several years now! So what the heck is up with that??
      WHY was he tagged by Homeland Security?? Has anyone else had this happen??

      • Slick One

        I find that to be troublesome indeed, in my state they mailed my a DL renewal…..So after they cashed the check I went to their web site and they informed that my DL was valid, BUT THE SS NUMBER I GAVE HAD TO BE VERIFIED BY THE SS OFFICE???!! In my state you never had to mention your ss number??!!! Something is up.

      • Sigi

        Yeah- the last two IDs I was issued (both in 2012) were paper dummies followed later by the usual laminated card. I just figured it was due to the growth of the state behemoth.

        • sixpack

          Maybe their coming out with DHS embedded chips in them now. It would make sense that the state govt wouldn’t be set up to implant the chips right now, so homeland Security would have to do it. I think I’d put mine in a plastic bowl of clean water and zap it with a 12V charge, just to make sure.

          • JayJay

            If chip is in, nuke it for a few seconds–I read that takes care of the chip. 🙂

            • sixpack

              yeah, but it might also take care of the card too. I’m up for defeating that nonsense at every turn.

      • VRF

        few questions
        1. do you have concealed carry in your state? does your husband have a carry permit?
        if so, its possible your state is tying in the carry permit with the DL.. bar code on the back of your DL is full of info about you

        it also may have to do with your husbands military back ground

        • SmokyMtnLady

          Yes, we both have a carry permit, VRF…it’s just troubling that they asked about his military service, after so many years! He was only active duty for 12 yrs….not a lifer!

    77. Socrates

      Sorry the following is off topic, but I wanted to alert readers of the great write up on EMP and DEW over on Survival Blog. One of the better write-ups on the topic and it should be required reading by all. Joel also covers the topic of nuclear reactors and spent fuel pool dangers as I have posted on here many times about. He says it would be an extinction level event…so I guess my rants and raves about the danger were spot on. ; )—-a-laymans-guide-by-joel-ho.html

    78. Ugly

      Sleepless in Pocatello.

      It is 11:33PM in Pocatello, Idaho. My kid is sleeping and wife went to bed. Normally, I hit the sheets to around 11pm and tune into Coast-to-Coast, but tonight I am sleepless. Things are waging in the mind. This last month this country has done some weird things. Something is cooking.

      Just want to say thanks to Mac for the site to converse and to all the Preppers in PrepperLand. Keep going and keep up. We are the Paul Revere’s of todays America. Without us, what voice does America have? Who will be their warning signal?

      In reality, this is America and it is the greatest land ever. Bar none! We will preserve it, the commies can go home now. They were never welcomed, they just happened to show up. Kind of like throwing a party and the unwelcomed folks show up too along with the invited guests.

      I have a desire to work and progress, but not like I use to. I am starting to ask myself why. For what reason?

      Today I talked to my 13 year old son. He has three F’s in school, just like his dad, and he is frustrated. He feels abit stupid. He wants to play basketball, but he is relatively short. I bought a basketball hoop and put that in my office and storage area. I will make sure he practices and tries his best. I want him to learn that nothing comes easy if you want to be good at something. And to be good, you must practice!

      He tried football, but got clobbered a few many times and then got timid. He is fast. But at a game, the other team did an onside kick that went his way. His team was winning, but he froze. The ball was nearby and he froze. His team blocked but the other guys, about three, came thru and blocked him a good-one and got the ball. A few minutes later the other team scored and won the game.

      My son quit football. He finally felt what it was like to let others down because he neglected to do his part. I told him the choice is his, but nonetheless I love him no matter what he decides. I care about him and not football. Besides, I would like him to be a runner.

      I have also slowly told him about the possible future. That is, America may not be so rosy soon. That what he is reading in history at school could also be happening today. We may live what other Americans went thru, and maybe even worse. I will not lie to my son. I will tell him the truth.

      People, America has changed. I never thought I would see this stuff going this fast. But it is here and also here we are. I really do wish everyone good luck and keep focused.

      • Anonymous

        Your kid needs to study. There is no excuse for that many “F” grades. He has been spending far too much time playing sports, and now it’s clear that it’s to his detriment. It’s a little late to be recognizing it as well.

        When are the principals, school boards, and coaches going to put their foot down and stop this excessive sports practice nonsense. It is destroying our country’s future…literally.

        In my opinion, no extracurricular activity, whether it be geography club or football, should require more than 90 minutes of after-school time, and Saturday mornings should be required no more than once per month. This obsession with grade and high school sports is devastating our country.

        Just think…what would this country look like if even half of the money that is taken in by college football were dedicated to full academic scholarships for American students, with emphasis on the STEM degrees?

      • Smokey

        Let him play all the hoops he wants at home with his buddies if his grades begin to improve and you see him knuckling down. And no turnout for school team, except for track, without a ‘B’ average.

        He’ll grow taller, it’s guaranteed for a 13-year old kid.

        The difference between a high-school diploma and college, any major, is about $2 million over a lifetime. High School is about the easiest school he will attend.

        • Anonymous

          I would state it a little differently:

          The difference between a high school diploma and college is just barely existing and actually having a life.

          American families MUST value education far higher than has been the case for the past generation. The current economy is prima facie evidence that a high school diploma won’t get anyone hired for more than a car washer, and even at that, with constant competition for that job nipping at your heels.

          Parents need to just say “no” to schools’ efforts to get kids to sign up for sports. Let the coaches twiddle their thumbs unless and until the practice times are brought back to reasonablenesss. Requirements for 3 1/2 hours every school night, plus Saturday mornings, for football or basketball or baseball or whatever practice is patently wrong. Wake up people. These wildly excessive high school sports programs are destroying your children’s only chance at being able to realistically support themselves in adult life.

          And guess what, if you don’t wake up and make these changes, which are well within your power to make at any time you choose, your kid will be serving a Communist Chinese or an Indian or some other third world person who does not share our values, but who got here somehow and made the very most of our free education system and of our limitless economic opportunities.

          Do you want your kid bringing the grandkids over to your place for Sunday afternoon grilling, or do you want your kid slaving and sweating for some foreigner on Sundays who demeans him and condescends to him in exchange for a pittance of wages.

          Don’t think it can’t happen.

    79. Anonymous

      22k plus reads and no mention of the full moon in Aries coming, still in the spiritfull Pisces realm for the day, earthquakes, solar storms in the brewing, «ebt» down was a prelude to near events it’s abnormally quiet considering recent past tumult we shall see what’s in store…tc

    80. Emily

      @ Ugly ~ Its 2:25 a.m. est. I can’t sleep well tonight.
      A few nights ago, right before P. Rico got hit with its earthquake, I did not sleep well either. I am not saying the big one will hit tomorrow, but I believe humans can be sensitive to the planet and its changes.
      I can relate to your son. I would not relive my high school years for all the tea in china. I think you are a good dad and giving him wisdom, help , and kind support. He will absorb it, and realize that ‘this too shall pass,’ and he will get through it all. Its tough at that age, everything can be so damn intense. He did not neglect to do his part, he froze in the heat of the game, some athletes do so. He will figure out his niche.
      I love history and am glad you are sharing what you know about this country with your son. Yes, I feel I am on a runaway train, with the time shooting by so quickly.
      Coast to Coast , John B. Wells (I like him as a host)
      calls it the quickening. I can also relate to you asking the ‘whys’ , the desire to work and progress, to put forth so much effort and exertion into things, and wonder if it is worth doing so anymore. To see your $ gobbled up in taxes, the healthcare nonsense, ect. I never thought I would see America evolve into what it is today. Over the weekend, a caller was sharing with John B. Wells, on coast to coast, how our constitution has flaws within it. I was half asleep, so I missed part of that dialog. Anyways, you are doing what you think is right on many levels. Don’t despair and don’t give up. I am glad Mac has this site, many of the people here share so many things, its all appreciated. I wish you well. Signing off now, have to try to get some rest.

      • Anonymous

        I understand feel the same, you rest well now

      • Ugly


        Thanks. I did get some sleep. The song, ‘Runaway Train’ is a good one. Also, John B Wells is great. He has that deep voice that practically makes you listen. When he says ‘Wake-up’, I wake-up!.

        I’m not giving up. I am going to enjoy everyday and not let anything get to me. In the morning I take the time to go for a jog, then I do my work. Everyday has more meaning now and work just isn’t at the top of list.

        My Govt has left me, I have not left America. Soon the Marxists can go.

        @Anon. You are right. We’ll get his grades to C’s. But I am going to let him enjoy his final childhood as well. Sometimes failure leads to success.

        Thanks all.

        • JayJay

          I taught 3rd grade and always told my parents when they got anal retentive about grades.
          It will NOT keep him out of college.
          Oh, you that stresses the need for college; you may want to take a poll of where 90 % of the college graduates are working now.

      • The VOICE from the Outer World

        Howdy Em!

        Do not be suprised that your sleep was lately disturbed by tectonic activity…there is a potential explanantion for that.

        Some few years ago, several researchers were examining the relationship between birds and thier demonstrated ability to navigate across VAST distances without external aids to navigation. What they determined – by way of altering the local magnetic fields that those were experencing – was that those DO, in fact, accomplish thier extraordinary feats of navigation using the magnetic field of the planet.

        How does that here apply? Thereafter, those same researchers focused thier efforta on a HUMAN study group. Thier conclusion was that No, People don’t do the same things as do birds…with ONE exception. It appeared that a percentage of the test subjects – when exposed to varying magentic influences – reported disorientation, nausea and similar discomfitting when so subject….an ‘oddity’, No?

        I can tell yo this as well… a personal story actually. Many years ago I was sent by the US Army to the Federal Republic of Germany. Here, in the States, I had alwaya had an uneering sense of direction. It was rather eery actually, as even blind-folded and then turned around repeatdly, I could ALWAYS tell true North…withot SEEING my surrounding, that is, BEFORE the the blind-fold was removed. Strange, No?

        Once I had transferred to Germany – to my disconfort – I found that I could NO LONGER do that; intuitively knowing where North was simply stopped being a part of me. Here’s the kicker – as it were – once I returned to the States all that INSTANTLY returned…Why?

        It is my belief that some part of the brains of many People – though not ALL – do have a rudimentary ability to sense the local magnetic flieds of the Earth. Inasmuch as we grow and – usually – abide on amd around a specific area, then we are ACCUSTOMED to that state of affairs, Yes? What then happens if we are ‘disturbed’ from that equilibria…in either our local location or by a CHANGE in the local magnetic field…’discomfort’ seems to be the was with me! As such, I would suppose that there are People who are more sensitive than I am to a changing local field…who ‘feel’ it more strongly than do I. If so, then it stands to reason that THEY would be very discomfitted’ by those changes, perceptively, that is…

        There is MUCH that Science – even today! – does NOT know to any level of certitude. You MAY be one of those ‘sensitives’ who possess the latent ability to a far greater degree than most, thus renderting you more subject to the effect of local changes. Just s thought here Hon.

        Thank you for the ‘Welcome Back’…I ‘feel’ at home here…always did in fact, as well, that those here are something of my ‘extended Family’, else why would I retrn here as I do? 😉

        Anywho, duty calls me, so then till later Friends!


    81. Repub revenge

      A funny thing is now occurring to the liberals…
      They might control the votes now…
      But in the end… the repubs own the businesses.
      They are laying off the liberals, jacking up their rates and limiting the opportunity.

      When you try to enslave a person who owns the assets for productivity…they will turn on you. They are a tough breed and will survive no matter what.

      Serves you right you bastards!!!

      Repubs…we’re nobody’s bitches.

      Dems are just Fascists.

      It did not work too well for Hitler.
      It won’t work here.

      Personally I’m keeping my money out of the economy and just by physical gold and silver. The dems will never find it, cannot tax or “nationalize it”.
      These are the under the mattress years. The boomers will steal everything from you and think they are Robinhood.

      Sorry, all the poor ghetto scum who are sleeping in can find their own health insurance. While they watch TV I’m working late into the night.

      You get what you earn in life!
      That rule will never change.

      Zero jobs for dems now.
      You cannot drag repubs to the “Obama plantation”.
      We’re not that stupid.

      • JC75

        “We’re not that stupid”. Really? Anyone who believes in the whole dems vs repubs, liberals vs conservatives, political BS is still living in a fantasy world. TPTB have you by the balls. Get this through your head: politics is a GAME to keep the sheeple distracted.

        You’re concerned about your tax dollars going to “ghetto scum” but I doubt you care when the mega-corporations & banks get continuously bailed out to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars thanks to BOTH our dem & repub politicians who benefit financially. Or how about the millions being spent on unjust wars, which BTW, have killed millions of innocent people worldwide. Illegal immigration – where have the repubs been? Why have the last eighty years or so been a continuous spiral of wars, fake prosperity & debt NO MATTER WHO’S IN POWER, DEMS OR REPUBS? Have you given serious thought to any of these matters? PLEASE WAKE UP!

        • Agent Provocateur

          AMEN TO THAT! I’m sick of hearing about the welfare queens but not a dam word about the political MAN WHORES and paramours in and around DC !

      • Pissed Off Granny

        Repub revenge:

        Don’t know about you but I have noticed that a lot of repubs in DC are “progressives” (nice buzzword for liberal, socialist, marxist, communists) as their demo comrades.

        Each time some of the more conservative talking heads on radio and tv get behind one of these “conservatives” it isn’t long until they get kicked in the teeth.

        Case in point….Chief Justice Roberts, Rubio, McConnell, Bayner, on and on…

        We, conservative Americans, go to the voting booth thinking “this time my vote is going to change something”. How is that vote working out for you?

        You say Republicans own a lot of the big businesses. They sure do. Have you ever checked to see how many of these “big businesses” donated money to both 0bama and Romney?

        In case you think I am a democrat; not. I have voted republican forever, but now consider myself an independent. NO MORE OF THE TWO PARTY KOOLAID FOR ME. The deck is now stacked and it is not in the patriotic American’s favor.

        You might not think you are a “bitch”; truth is we are all “bitches” to the repub and demo powers that be; and breaking out of their slavery chains is going to be a real uphill battle.

        The real PTB is smelling victory for their One World Order and they are turning the screws on America. America is their last piece of the puzzle.

        • pissinwiththewind

          You got that shit right, granny.

        • Repub revenge

          I challenge you all to read ALL of this… yeah..I know about it all.
          But the dems are so brazen on turning us into commies.

          The jews rigged this two party sys. long ago.
          You state the obvious.

          However, the dems are hell bent on enslaving us all with social programs.

          I’ve never seen a dem keep a business open.
          The only ones I know are the repubs.

          I do squarely point my finger at the boomer generation.

    82. KY Mom


      “While everyone’s attention has been focused on the politics of the government shutdown, just look what Barack Obama has been doing under the radar.

      Despite the government shutdown, the Obama administration has continued secret negotiations to complete what is known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP.

      TPP is a proposed ‘free-trade agreement’ between the U.S., Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

      The agreement would create new guidelines for everything from food safety to fracking, financial markets, medical prices, copyright rules and Internet freedom.

      Last week, the White House website released a joint statement with the other proposed TPP signatories affirming “our countries are on track to complete the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.”

      “Normally free-trade agreements must be authorized by a majority of the House and Senate, usually in lengthy proceedings.

      However, the White House is seeking what is known as “trade promotion authority” which would fast track approval of the TPP by requiring Congress to vote on the likely lengthy trade agreement within 90 days and without any amendments.

      The authority also allows Obama to sign the agreement before Congress even has a chance to vote on it, with lawmakers getting only a quick post-facto vote.”

      “The majority of Congress is being kept in the dark as to the substance of the TPP negotiations, while representatives of U.S. corporations – like Halliburton, Chevron, PHRMA, Comcast, and the Motion Picture Association of America – are being consulted and made privy to details of the agreement,” said Wyden.
      However, Obama has so far refused to give Congress a copy of the draft agreement.”

      wnd dot com

    83. Tactical

      Thanks Satori for the heads up.

    84. Achilles Heel

      Woohoo! Awesome! I am almost giddy with excitement. Let ‘er rip! Pull the freaking plug once and for all and starve off the Honey-Boo-Boo and Thugs ‘fo Life section of the population.
      I only hope it is televised so I can watch in the comfort, safety and bounty of my BOL.
      Finally, some ACTUAL reality TV! Watching all the unprepared mindless feeders chimp out and go absolutely rabid with desperation and hunger will be pure delight.

      The weak will perish. The strong survive. All else is vanity and religious nonsense.

    85. old guy

      Any person who goes on food stamps today is very likely to never get back to work and earn enough to ever get off again. The USA is in decline. Today is as good as it gets. Tomorrow will be a little worse. In the near future we will look back and wish we had the robust (in comparison) economy we had on Qct 16 2013. I know this because of the fact That most of the US production jobs have left for third world places. They did so because the cost of production is much cheaper. Until the US cost of production falls and the cost elsewhere rises to equal levels. There will continue to be loss of the good paying jobs. So If your planning on someone else providing a job for you the odds are stacked against you.

      • SugarHoneyIceTea

        Thanks to NAFTA and all the other “Free Trade” agreements…. Bring back extremely high Tariffs on ANYTHING not made here, By American Workers. TAAX to death ALL of the companies that manufacture overseas and sell here and nearly eliminate all taxes for domestic companies and the jobs will flow freely back to The U.S.

    86. Be informed

      Another major earthquake as forecasted, a little low though, 6.8 in New Guinea. On comment #2651272, Oct.7 at 8:42 PM New Guinea was given as another one of the locations that were in the danger zone to get hit. This was given has at least a 7.0, so the magnitude was .2 off. It is interesting to note that on Dec.26, 1976 the same area in New Guniea was hit with the same magnitude of 6.8 after the same precursor earthquake occurred in the South Mid Atlantic Ridge.

      While this was accurate about another major earthquake coming and it was in one of the areas mentioned did get hit, the 64,000 dollar question is what about a much bigger earthquake. The amount of energy of the 7.2 in the Philippines and the 6.8 in New Guinea does not match all the outer plate activity. There is still a 60% chance of a 7.5+ by Halloween, and about a 35-40% chance of a great to mega earthquake. The other areas mentioned in previous comments such as 2651272, plus California, Gulf of California, and New New Zealnad remain dangerous until the end of the month. Further outer rim divergent quakes will show better where.

      • old guy

        Be Informed Your pretty good with your predictions. Keep up the good work. Its very interesting to me because I live about 200 miles west of New Madrid Mo. Where on the rock in the Ozarks so I hope we will be OK? Anyway we know there are end of an age earth changes in store for the entire planet.

        • Be informed

          @ old guy. Actually that New Guniea earthquake was recorded as a 7.1 in Australian seismo-stations, so maybe the 7.0 was correct. 200 miles to the New Madrid is way close enough for serious damage from a high 7 or more. The underlying rock is so solid that it magnifies the energy from an earthquake. Much can be done to secure the frame work of a house for little money. All support beams that are connected to other beams can be reinforced using those metal brackets on all sides for example. Earthquake books talk about this and the cost is minimal and can prevent a roof from coming down or a foundation coming loose from the house. Putting those child proof plastic locks on cupboards is another way to prevent the sahking from lauching everything on to the ground. Fishing line strung across shelves where glass ware is can help from it falling to the ground and becoming another hazard. Of course storing up what you need and where you can get it, an area that won’t have debris from any collapse is a really good idea.

          I don’t know if you are going to have a good birthday tomorrow, it looks like the house is going to cave in and let the government continue to same path to destruction. You would think that someone would just hold up the notion that this spend theft government has to stop, even if that means a default now. It is far better for the country to default now from choice and have the government finally do something about the debt, rather than have a default later that occurs because the country cannot pay the interest period. Eventually no one is going to back those loans as the U.S. dollar dies. Better now for a default so BO and the other losers that live like credit card junkies finally stop the printing presses. I hope you have a good birthday present tomorrow and those in the house showed some guts and stood firm. I however don’t have much faith in anyone from congress.

          • Kulafarmer

            One thing for sure,
            If the music doesnt stop this evening, it definitely will at some point down the road,
            Just like any other junkie they will eventually succumb to their addiction.

          • patientmomma

            BI, what do you know about the currency reset? I heard the G20 meeting called all the central bank heads to come to the meeting.

    87. SugarHoneyIceTea

      Why do these people even GET EBT cards in the first place? Why is it they don’t work two jobs like the rest of us to make ends meet and provide for our families? BECAUSE THEY ARE LAZY, ENTITLED and CODDLED by the system to buy votes for Politicians BENT on the destruction of the middle class. I SAY STOP THE EBT Cards IMMEDIATELY!! Let these Scumbags riot and kill each other off. US debt/deficit and Homeless problems all solved at once!!

      • Urban dog

        Better keep paying them not to riot. That’s all we are doing. Do you really think making them work 16 hours a day is realistic. They could riot for 2 hours and get what they want.

    88. Wolf

      This is my first time reading this site. A lot of good stuff here.

      What woke me and my husband up about prepping was when we were watching the black Friday videos on youtube last fall. Seeing all of those people going crazy and fighting over cell phones and such, made us realize that we never wanted to be caught in a grocery store fighting for food.

      I also think these latest EBT “glitches” are just test runs, but it should be a wake up call that some day you have to be as independent as possible or be a slave. Thanks.

      • Sgt. Dale

        There are lot of GREAT folks here, and will help you get it all together for you. Just ask the ?’s.

    89. Sgt. Dale


      Check out the video on Sept. 20th. You will hear a large breast gal telling an interviewer how she got those very large melons. She will also tell him what she does in her spare time , like smoke pot. I never met to imply that all the folks do it, but if one dose it you know that there are more.

      For all you folks that say to take them off slowly. Doesn’t work. Just ask a cigarette smoker or an alcoholic, and a drug addict. Cold Turkey or nothing at all.
      I know there will be some that disagrees with me and that is OK because that is what this forum is for to speak you minds. Thank God we still have freedom of speech!

    90. Be informed

      @ Kulafarmer. The stocks of course are jumping on news of a senate deal to end the shutdown. Thse retardates are jumping for joy, IF the house caves in, more borrowing. These f’en mongoloids are digging their own graves, and they are happy about it. True zombie wastes. These types of wastes will be a pleasure NOT to share any supplies with WHEN the true SHTF mga event happens. I just don’t know how anyone could be so stupid to jump for joy that the printing presses COULD be running at full tilt again IF the house wimps out.

      • Kulafarmer

        Interesting concept isnt it when running another trillion in debt is considered a good thing?
        Sorta bonkers if you ask me, it does suggest there is some other endgame that is being propagated, the congress is totally responsible and any idiots who support this deserve whatever they get when it does fail.
        Personally, it just reinforces my resolve to detach from the system at whatever cost.

    91. Kindle

      Alex Jones today is tauting “first in breaking news” to cover this story. NO he’s not!! This is the type of stuff that drives me nuts about him. He always does the me, me, me..stuff.

      Says it’s now confirmed…

    92. broke in NM

      its about time that the people go back to basics. grow your own food, make your own clothes, and so on. all these people are used to taking and taking and taking, with no remorse or conscious mind of what if there is no more? they got used to cushy and free at others expense, (our taxes go to pay for them)

      • John W.

        Get a clue. Where are people that live in an apartment going to grow food? How about Winter? Maybe in San Diego you can grow things and in the South but up North? Forget it. Make your own clothes? People have jobs and families that take a lot of time. The 1880s are gone forever get over it. The only ones that can play at the back to the past game are those who are quite well off and can afford to play that game.

        • BlueH20

          John, you can garden in the summer and preserve the harvest. If you have electricity, you can grow some salad greens and Asians greens and even cherry tomatoes and small red peppers under lights inside w/hydroponics and cheap compact florescents. I do this and have for years. Costs about $3/month per hydro crop for 2-5 months. Takes a tabletop in space.

          People without jobs can and do make their own clothes. It is even trendy. See *repurpose* clothing blogs and Instructables. Families only take time if you have the gas and the money to cart the kids around to activities. Poor folks teach those kids skills like gardening, preserving, cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, crochet, carpentry, mechanics, maybe making biodiesel. Some night you d crafts, some nights you play games. TV gets too expensive and even DVDs take electricity.

          I have always lived in the North.

          As for living in apartments, go check out the Urban Green sites. They have community classes all over the urban areas teaching all sorts of things like this. Hydro and sewing can be done in an apartment, as can cooking and baking. The rest are done in community centers and churches.

          I did this when I had kids at home and they do it as adults. I’ve done it in apartments. Some places let you use your storage area for hobbies. I am not rich, but I have worked my entire life and been frugal and saved. doing your own maintenance makes home ownership affordable.

          My parents were Depression babies, my grandparents were Eastern European immigrants. They taught us what was essential.

          Today’s urban yuppies are in for some grim changes. They can learn or go without.

    93. JC75

      “Think it can’t happen here? Think again. Some of the people you’ve lived around all your life – when society breaks down, will turn into your worst enemies, the baddest people you’ve ever seen, will kill, rape, murder & steal. Right now they’re nice people. And I gotta tell ya: you can never determine who’s gonna do what when that kind of stuff happens. You just can’t. You don’t know. You can’t really determine who’s gonna stand up & fight for freedom, when they suddenly realize they’re going to be enslaved by this new world order. Some of the people will surprise you….some of the people who tuck tail & run will also surprise you, cause they’re some of the people who are standing up right now talkin & squawkin the loudest about how hard they’re gonna fight. You’ll be amazed at who comes out of the woodwork to really fight & who runs & hides & turns squealer & rats on everybody when it does. But don’t make the mistake that you can determine who’s gonna do what now cause you can’t. The only reason why I can make this statement is because SOLID RESEARCH OF HISTORY. Because this ain’t the first time it’s ever happened, nor is it gonna be the last if the human race has anything to do with it. We’ve been doing this SINCE…THE…. BEGINNING.”

      —-William Cooper, RIP

    94. DeadMeat

      Whats the best way to control 300 million people…..divide them. We are a country divided. Whats the best way to fight 300 million people……..turn them against each other. We’re on the brink, wouldn’t you think? I doubt it happens next month, but who can remember a time in the past where there were yearly debt crisis?

    95. cabinfever

      I predict that when the EBT stops, they will recruit those citizens as brown shirts going door to door…coming after the prepared citizenry. They will pay them in food and shelter. They will take the Mark first.

      • VRF

        Some would call it a mark, others will call it a target

        • OutWest

          What’s that smoke pouring out of DC?

          Oh, never mind, it’s just the printing
          presses working overtime.

          Janet Yellen has vowed to make helicopter
          Ben look like a piker, by dumping money
          out of C-130 cargo planes.

    96. aljamo

      It goes back to what a previous poster said, they will keep doing the same, prolonging the agony in this great land of Kickcanistan.

      • VRF


      • John W.

        The next amnesty is already being pushed through. It will not be long before our third world population is the majority. They will not assimilate and are correct in thinking that time and demographics will give them control.

    97. slingshot

      They are winding up a deal now to kick the can.

      • Swinging on a star


        Yep, you are right! They must have give them whatever it was they selfishly wanted for their own piggish desires. The American citizen is never a real consideration for any members of the regime. One day they will all be confronted with the evil that every one of them has willingly sold their souls for.

        • slingshot


          I await that day with a vengeance.

      • Sgt. Dale

        I just heard that they are going to kick the can down road until Dec. WTH!!! When this thing goes it is going hit so hard that it is going to split this country so bad that it wouldn’t be the United States anymore.
        I just hope that where we are looking to go stays a republic.
        What needs to be kick down the road is the congress and the president.
        Just keep preparing.

        • Gonetoolong

          All part of the plan. Working like a charm. BO couldn’t have scripted it better. Wait a minute, maybe it is scripted? This sounds profound, but everything will be just fine, right up until it isn’t. Then it blows up in all our faces. Keep up the preps.

        • slingshot

          SGT Dale.

          The Republicans are going to cave in on this fight. Not enough angry people for a third party and nobody to lead. We are screwed. I don’t want to talk about the debt or Obama Care anymore, because it does no good. Have the new Fed Chairman print to oblivion. They don’t care. I don’t care. I will live with it.

        • old guy

          There are several states and parts of states very seriously planning to leave the Union. Texas parts of Oklahoma colorodo & new mexico. Also the northern half of calif and Utah. maybe they will let us immigrate?

      • wrong

        I like to kick obamas ass down the road!

        • Sgt. Dale

          I’m 1ST.

          • OutWest

            Now now boyz, there’s plenty of ass to kick
            for everybody — shit comes out both ends

            • wrong

              If mooch is standing next to him, there’s enough ass for all of us to kick. For several days.

              • OutWest

                Shame on you Wrong, talking
                about the First Bitch that way.

                • wrong

                  I’m bad..

        • ponomo

          HE has a roll of tp in the “vicinity” that is well used. It was installed by hairy reid who used “used” gloves.

        • Ancient Echoes

          Why kick Obama? He is not the one that caved, it is the republicans that caved. Obama stuck to his guns and got everything he wanted and more because the republicans are now finished.

    98. deano

      for those of you wondering what is the correct way to spell Hitler its “obama”. he is following the same footsteps as hitler and you know whats to come…

    99. KY Mom

      SHOCK CLAIM: CHASE Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals…
      Bans International Wire Transfers On Some Accounts… Developing…

      Drudge Report

      • KY Mom

        I believe that Chase Bank has the EBT accounts. They cannot be happy with news the funds may be withheld.

        According to the U.S. National Debt clock, currently 48,084,761 are receiving food stamps. Think of the funds with the food stamp program that flow through Chase Bank each month.

        With every purchase made on the EBT card, Chase Bank receives service charge fees.

      • nevermind/obe

        Report said limits only applied to withdrawals or transfers of $50,000 or more. Out of my league.

        • IL woman

          That was per statement cycle. Most businesses move that much money to a separate payroll account per month. Let alone for purchases.

          • Smokey

            There goes my plans for the Lotto winnings…

    100. Anonymous

      Now that the TRUTH about Obamacare has come out, i.e. that it is going to be astronomically expensive for every American and that it very effectively siffons off money from household budgets that otherwise would have gone toward retirement savings, or a vacation, or expenses for children, or anything else that contributes to the higher standard of living that we in the U.S. have enjoyed up until now, it is very obvious that Obamacare really is just the thinly veiled implementation of impoverishing all Americans except those who are loyal members of the regime. As of right now, the President, Vice President, all Cabinet members and all members of the Senate and House will be exempted.

      Think “Animal Farm.” Recall the special traffic lanes in Moscow, as well as the special Moscow stores, reserved for Communist Party members only. Some pigs are more equal than others.

      The Russian Communist Party elite live quite comfortably, travel, have vacation homes, take vacations, have access to high quality imports, have access to meat, to fresh dairy products, to fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. Everyone else lives in poverty and works like dogs to survive every winter from what they can eek out of little gardens outside the city and preserve it in below-ground storage. Their existence has been primitive, depressing, and devoid of hope. And that, naturally, led to one of the world’s shortest lifespans due in large part to alcoholism.

      That is precisely where we are headed if Obamacare stands. Obamacare has nothing to do with improving or better accessing health care. It has only to do with forcing us to pay a tremendously increased amount from our disposable income under penalty of law.

      Even those dupes who believed Obama have now found out that they were lied to, but it’s too late. And, the eternal hallmark of Communism is that it all is a lie.

      Our only hope is that between now and January, our conservative politicians will be able to stop Obamacare.

      • Anonymous

        And this impoverishment of America under the guise of law would have been concocted using something else if health care had not been available as the most convenient red herring. After all, what cad would argue that everyone doesn’t have the right to be healthy?

        By the way, if the hospitals, large research clinics and general medical communities are announcing large scale layoffs because of an anticipated reduction in patients (customers)and lower reimbursements from Medicare and other payors, then where is all of this pile of money going that will be coming from the exponentially higher premiums and out-of-pocket expenses caused by huge increases in deductibles and copays??

        Remember when, about 25 years ago, it became acceptable for a new mother to farm out her child to “day care,” which actually is just a paid babysitter with too many children to give any one of them the attention they need? Remember that the rallying call was that day care was needed in order for both parents to work? Does anyone realize that the additional income from the mother working was needed because taxes had climbed so high that the take-home pay no longer made it possible, supposedly, for the mother to stay home and raise the children? And these higher taxes, which forced mothers into the workforce instead of staying home where their chldren needed them, went to what? Hint: it was at that same time that welfare recipients began popping out illegitimate babies in earnest for the additional welfare income.

        So, do you see how leftist cultural propaganda spread everywhere — on TV, on TV shows, in movies, on the radio, in advertising — subtly but effectively changes people’s values and sense of what is right and wrong? It went so far that it became a point of pride for an expectant mother to brag that she had her as yet unborn child already registered at the finest daycare facility in town. Instead of preparing to become a mother, she was preparing to become a child manager and overseer. And look now at what we have to show for it in our society…..

        So what TV shows are you watching NOW? Ever considered the message they are communicating in the scripts and scenes?

    101. The VOICE from the Outer World

      A brief notification here everyone.

      An as yet un-named spot group which is seen in solar imaging, trailing the primary mass of NOAA 11861 has – since yesterday – increased in size and complexity ENORMOUSLY. This region is currently enumerated by STAR (aka, as S2761. Given the rapid change we have witnessed in so short a period and as well, that regions extremely close proximity to 11861 (which YET remains LARGE,, and therefor ‘potent’…if not presently complex) the next 36-48 hours may become ‘intteresting’.

      Occasionally, when two regions are sufficiently proximate to each other a flare orginating in one MAY serve to trigger a response – another, seperate flare – from the second region nearby. Under these EXACT circumstances, as witnessed in current imaging, this might well produce an unusually large, total response.

      Please note that I am NOT here saying that it WILL do so…just saying that it IS possible, moreover…more probable as – and IF – S2761 continues to grow and/or becomes more complex.


      • Canada Canuk

        Hey Jog…thanx for watching our backs….you keep safe too…will check in with you in the next day or two…take care CC

    102. brinksmom

      Kickcanistan is a great way to describe nation formerly know as the United States of America! Kudos on that comment!

      • wrong

        Yes. I believe we have all witnessed history here. Kickcanistan. Excellent Job!

        Mac, any special awards for new words?

    103. Ted Kennedy

      I’m not happy. Are you happy? This country is not happy. I’m not happy.

      When gold goes down to 656 I’ll be happy. When gold goes up 1000, I’ll be happy. When silver busts and stays at 50 I’ll be happy.

      If Buffet’s happy, Becky’s happy.

      If Okie’s happy, I’m happy.

    104. Eisenkreuz


    105. Be informed

      First of all I would like say that power is out aall around where I live and right now I am running on emergency power. Sure is nice to have back electricity, not like all the other non-preppers. I was wondering if anyone from the New National Nazi Party known as the Democrap party will break ranks and vote no against this kicking the can down the road AGAIN and starting up the printing presses AGAIN. I really wonder if even one from the Democrap party will go against BO and Reid.

      I truly hope that the GOP doesn’t become the Giant Overhauled Pussies and cave in. For once tell BO and the Democrap party, this is it, NO MORE out of control spending. NO MORE. I don’t have very much confidence though.

      • old guy

        BI my wife where out back hanging out laundry and we noticed something really weird. We have a large elm tree. It has been shedding leaves. now all the outermost ends of all the branches have new green leaves. Its not just buds but large leaves almost full size. We never seen that before. The day before yesterday there where no green leaves just dead ones that hadn’t fallen. It rained all day yesterday. Now today all the dead leaves are gone and the new ones are present?

        • VRF

          I posted earlier about a granny smith apple tree with new blossoms on it, Im also in a northern area, cold temps have been around for weeks.


          • oUCH

            interesting… mainly because I have a plum tree in almost full bloom.. which isn’t right this time of year; even in Florida.

        • Archivist

          I have a black cherry tomato plant in a Topsy-Turvy planter that was stripped a while back by a single tobacco worm. Today, the tomato has leaves all over and at least 6 blooms. The Big Bertha bell pepper plants now have new blooms and a couple of peppers, one the size of a golf ball. Maybe I can get in an extra crop before the real cold starts in January.

          I’ll have to go out and check my elm tree tomorrow. Last I checked, the only thing green in it was huge bunches of mistletoe.

    106. Darkstar

      Can’t wait to see what kind of a “deal” was made. We’re probably screwed no matter what.

    107. Kiljoy616

      All I know is that there are plenty of really rich tax skipping people near enough that I will if SHTF comes I will get to use my Prepper Cookbook to make some great meals out of them.
      If we are going to live in the FU world then the first I am going to stuff in my mouth after barbecuing is going to be the selfish rich F! who live in there fantasy island delusion of grandeur. Bon Appetit.

      • Smokey

        That number is completely made up. It’s the amount of federal disbursements or tax receipts that would have been made the last 3 weeks, but will be made in the next few weeks, instead.

        Except for the losses to the businesses around closed parks and monuments, the numbers are hot air.

    108. old guy

      The Daily Currant



      House Republicans Schedule Obama Impeachment Hearings

      Oct 14, 2013

      GOP Leaders Cite Inability to Halt Government Shutdown

      bachmann-gohmert-king-presser-4a591e1a1c95b8773f7b75242e36e943dd302aef-s6-c30Republicans in the House of Representatives have scheduled impeachment proceedings against President Obama, claiming his inability to halt the federal government shutdown makes him unfit for office.

      Congresswoman Michele Bachmann introduced a resolution to impeach Obama this morning and referred the matter to the House Judiciary Committee. Senior aides close to judiciary chairman Bob Goodlatte say hearings will begin Thursday.

      “I think it’s high time President Obama be held accountable for his crimes,” explains Bachmann. “For two weeks now, vital government services have been disrupted, federal workers have gone without pay and national memorials have been closed, all because of the president’s refusal to negotiate over Obamacare.

      “This isn’t just poor leadership. The Obama administration is corrupt to the core. The scandals surrounding the IRS, Benghazi, the Fast and the Furious (sic) and Solyndra have shown us this cabal will do anything to stay in power.

      “But in shutting down the government President Obama has committed economic treason against the United States of America, and he must be removed before it’s too late. The Constitution provides us the mechanism of impeachment. It’s time to end this dictatorial regime and return the presidency back to the American people.”

      Sour Tea

      The U.S. federal government shut down on Oct. 1 after House Republicans refused to fund it unless President Obama agreed to repeal his signature health care reform, the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare.

      Although most polls show that a majority of Americans blame Republicans for the shutdown, many in the Tea Party feel President Obama is at fault for not immediately acquiescing to their demands.

      • Emily

        @ oldman ~ Thank God. Its a start. I was beginning to think this guy is ‘Untouchable.’ Off with their heads, corruption, and scandals left and right.

        • Emily

          @ Old Guy ~ sorry, I meant to say oldguy, not old man.

      • oUCH

        JP Morgan Chase has it’s tit in a wringer over several severe trading violations they’ve basically plead guilty to. Billions of dollars..

        There may be other reasons for this..

    109. Urban dog

      Guess this article is moot. The threats to turn off the welfare system were also pointless. This was nothing more than a political game and people fell for it. Cruz folded and didnt use rules to slow the process. Rand was also wrong about winning.
      The bill goes up and will continue to do so. The R side isin disarray. Now tell me ALL these fools aren’t the same. The house has the checkbook and keeps writing. Obama keeps asking and getting.
      Schiff is right this time. The social security system is dissolving in front of us. Just because we paid doesn’t mean we saddle the future with the debt. This has to stop somewhere and it ends with us. Can’t be any other way. The rich wont get ss and the middle class will get less.
      Ted Cruz is a pussy and could have stopped this. He didn’t and why not? Not urgent enough?

    110. papa-wise

      It should now be clear that the system going down was a shot across the “congress” to show them what will happen if they want don’t wish to comply.


    111. manila boy

      Be Informed,

      Another 7.1 just hit Solomon islands..hope to read another assessment update from you..

    112. Frank

      Really? If the mainstream media wasn’t bad enough, using a Fox “News” clip? The whole Fox “news” organization gets daily talking points and what to put on national and local newscasts from their headquarters.
      Fox “News” get their marching order exactly the same way that those loonies in Chinese do. As the head of the China News agency said when asked about Fox “News”(rough translation: “wow, they are good!”

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