ALERT: Glyphosate Pesticide Chemical Found In MOST Beer And Wine Tested

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    All but one of 20 alcoholic beverages analyzed in a recent study by the United States Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) had detectable levels of the pesticide glyphosate. Glyphosate is a well-known chemical in the weedkiller, Roundup.

    The beer and wine tested were said to contain levels of glyphosate that were below the Environmental Protection Agency’s tolerance levels. Kara Cook, who conducted the study said that she would not suggest people quit drinking beer or wine because of this discovery, but they do need to be aware of it. “The levels we found are not in themselves dangerous,” Cook says according to WebMD. “They are well below the EPA tolerance levels. I wouldn’t tell somebody, ‘Don’t drink beer or wine.”’

    However, the report concluded that the Environmental Protection Agency should ban glyphosate ”unless and until it can be proven safe,” due to what the group says is more evidence that it causes cancer.  Glyphosate residues may show up in beer if the pesticide is used on barley, for instance, and in wine if growers spray the weeds near grapevines.

    William Reeves, Ph.D., a toxicologist for Bayer, which owns Monsanto, the maker of Roundup, takes exception to the report’s findings and recommendations. In a statement, he says the PIRG “is publicizing misleading information about pesticide residues in food.”

    Reeves takes issue with some of the research, including the method the researchers used to measure the levels of pesticide in the beverages, which he says is not acceptable for use with any source other than water.

    He says a 125-pound person would need to drink a large amount of wine a day for life to reach the EPA tolerable limit for people. –WebMD

    But what are the EPA’s tolerance levels? Just how much poison does the government suggest is safe? The EPA sets allowable glyphosate residues on more than 150 different food and feed crops (but there is no limit on beer or wine). Tolerances ranges from 0.2 to 400 ppm — or 200 to 400,000 ppb. For the report, the PIRG researchers tested five wines, 14 beers, and one hard cider for the presence of glyphosate. The amount detected ranged from a high of 51 parts per billion (ppb) in a Sutter Home wine to no detectable levels in Peak Organic IPA beer.

    On its webpage, the EPA says that glyphosate products can be safely used if label directions are followed and that it has ”low toxicity for humans.” However, “low toxicity” is still toxic, just in lower amounts. So are the beers and wines tested safe? Who even knows at this point. We aren’t going to get a realistic study on glyphosate as long as there is huge money in making sure it’s continually marketed as “safe.” This is one of many situations in which you will need to take some responsibility and make an educated decision for yourself.  Are those levels of a possible carcinogen that hasn’t been studied for longterm effects on humans acceptable?  That’s all up to you.


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      1. We either go out with a whimper or a bang, it seems.
        Hyper-sonic nuke or slow systemic poison.
        You got any good news, Mac? 🙂

        • This is great news for me as I’ve not had a drink in 19 years.

          • No one likes a quitter lol! Some good news is its almost shine season! Made with pure high mountain well water (super good)! You don’t know what yer missing man….

            • Everyone has an Achilles heel, alcohol is mine so I leave it be! I do store liquor for shtf to trade. George Dickel mainly.

              • Menzoberranzan, congratulations on 19 years! I list my quitting as my biggest accomplishment in life. Anyway it was the best thing I ever did.

                Also, congratulations on the big food score. You put your money where your mouth is (literally). I wish I could do the same, but can’t right now. But what I can do is make sure that I have enough Mylar Bags, Food Grade Buckets, Oxygen Absorbers, half-gallon Mason Jars and plenty of lids. That way I can stock up if I really need to (i.e. right before the SHTF).

                I need to stagger my food purchases, consequently I need to take a couple months off. Right now I am focusing on Entertainment.

                Digitizing Movies and Music. Remember VUDU!

                • Regarding Music I just bought a really good emergency radio. It has three features that I really wanted (1) Stereo Speakers and (2) blue tooth capability and finally (3) Micro SD memory Slot to listen to MP3s.

                  Kaito KA900 Emergency Radio. The best emergency radio yet? It’s STILL $20.00 off at Amazon!


                • Thanks Justice. I’ve got tons of old video cassettes n a few vcr and new head cleaners. I do want to be able to watch a little something after shtf.

      2. My question is why is it there at all?
        What’s its purpose or is it in the water they use?

        • Jakartaman, I think it gets into the grapes and grains from the soil and water. It stay in these ingredients through the manufacturing process.

          I have long though that higher cancer rates is the bi-product of using fertilizers and pesticides to increase food production. Just my theory.

      3. “A pair of amateur chemists and bootleggers, Harry Gross and Max Reisman,worked to develop an alternative adulterant that would pass the tests, but still be somewhat palatable. They sought advice from a professor at MIT who did not realize it was meant for internal consumption. They settled on a plasticizer, tri-o-tolyl phosphate (also known as tri-ortho cresyl phosphate, TOCP, or tricresyl phosphate), that was able to pass the Treasury Department’s tests but preserved Jake’s drinkability. TOCP was originally thought to be non-toxic; however, it was later determined to be a neurotoxin that causes axonal damage to the nerve cells in the nervous system of human beings, especially those located in the spinal cord. The resulting type of paralysis is now referred to as organophosphate-induced delayed neuropathy, or OPIDN.”

        (Or, you could just grow the gingerroot, that belongs in there. Which is easiest.)

        “Glyphosate (IUPAC name: N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine) is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop desiccant. It is an organophosphorus compound, specifically a phosphonate…”

        There’s a prejudice, in which anything from the govt store is clean, and anything DIY is dirty. You can no more convince these people to eat something, grown in the water-dirt-sunlight method than you can convince them not to walk through their own poison, breathing and eating that. They think you’re doing something wrong.

        • patent US7771736B2

          • Valproic and shikimate pathways are synergistic, in the same respect as the microbiome and fibroblasts, imo.

      4. Dont drink, dont care. If you do drink, you’re already poisoning yourself so you probably dont care either.

        Bigger issue- use of roundup at the end of season directly on wheat crops to encourage production by killing the plant. In other words, its in your kids bread, your wifes pasta, and probably in the wheat berries you’re storing in a 5 gal pail.

        • The chemicals were put on fruits and grain, in the water, ground, and air, but not in alcohol.

          • All the more reason to drink “distilled” spirits!

            • Dat’s Right!

            • Stupid, go ahead, kill the two brain cells that God gave you.

              • I could kill 99% of them and still have more than you….

        • Not only glyco but flouride too. I’m sure many places use “filtered” muni water to brew with. Filtering does not remove flouride! Dammit maybe I will have to start making my own beer too using organic ingredients? Grrrrrr

      5. “…why is there at all?” Because all food grain farming needs weedkillers, actually herbacides, to optimize quantities and qualitiy. GMO plants are crossbred to ignore the Glysophate which kills weeds. But that means Glysophate arrives at the grocery store as a component of wheat, corn, soy, grapes, barley.

      6. Oh Shit! Now it’s getting serious. Hey Menzo, hold my beer while I figure this out!

        • Do like I do, use a camelback! 😛

          • Great idea Genius! *Note, move beer from canteen to camelback. Check!

      7. It’s everywhere so regardless of what you eat and drink, you are consuming it. Organic farmers have been screaming this in the food chain for over a decade as it ends up contaminating their crops.


        • Roundup gets into rainwater meaning it makes no difference what you do, some roundup will be in your crops, wild edible.plants, game, fish, honey, acorns, and livestock.

          The same is true for rocket propellent which has even been found in breast milk.

          And when you die, your bodies decay and they have roundup in them. It’s the curse that keeps on giving.

          Everything your body is processed and eliminated. Every drug you take end up as metabolites that go down the toilet and ends up elsewhere. To be a human using any kind of technology results in befouling the Earth. There is no way around it.

          • I agree 100% with M on that one.
            All those antidepressants antibiotics pain meds most synthetic do pass through the body and into the general water supply.
            Water treatment plants DO NOT filter that stuff. Nor do they filter petroleum products. So ya your getting dosed.

      8. Revelation 11:18 “…and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.” KJV
        Bad news for the greatmen of the earth. Catch up with me on YouTube. Editorial page.
        Click here

      9. Experiment making wine by fermenting grapes grown in your backyard. Buy a book on fermenting. Cabbage turns into sauerkraut. The Bible has instructions on proper methods for growing grapes. Monsanto is not addressed but serpents snakes are mentioned. It is advisable to remove the snakes before they can do any harm.


      10. Just like cigarette dangers were hidden for years, or fracking for that matter.

      11. Everybody raise your hands if you volunteer NOT to take medicines anymore. I take no medicines because I took care of my body and have zero illnesses despite my age.

        Everybody raise your hands if you volunteer not to pollute anymore.

        Everyone raise your hands if you won’t use any fuel of any kind anymore.

        Everyone raise your hands if you will stop using insecticide,chemical fertilizers, soap, solvents, etc because to eliminate all the chemicals in the food chain, that is what would be required.

        It is not just Roundup by any means.
        Are you going to give up plastic and clothing because both result in chemicals in the food chain? How about tires and vehicles?

        • Huh? I don’t pollute. Plastic is useful. I like driving my SUV, too.

          I don’t want to live in the woods in a mud hut and no toilet, either. I like the modern world. Obviously you do too or you wouldn’t be posting using some type of electronic device connected to the fricking internet.

          Oh, I like being clean and taking a shower. I also like my SUV to be nice and shiny and clean. Stop using soap? Get a fricking life.

          • You Dope, I am mocking the article. Learn to read. Basically every chemical we make pollutes the environment.

      12. Smoke pot it’s better for you.


          I am less concerned by the plant than by the people growing and consuming it.

        • You missed a big recall in Commiefornia for pot last week. Big recall was due to the product being contaminated with pesticides.

          I grew roses at a former house I owned. I no longer grow them nor would I. Why? Because of all the stuff you need to keep them healthy. Fungicides are particularly bad. Pot with any type of mold on it is not salable and the use of fungicides is probably common. Aphids are another issue for roses (and pot).

          Unless you grow the stuff yourself, or know who does, I would stay away from pot.

          • Try wild roses they grow all over up here with not alot of care.

            • Grow rose hips. They are loaded with vitamin C and make great tea. No maintenence and tough plants. Good for barrier shrubs too as they are very thorny!

          • Either plant could thrive, using wholesome, intuitive methods.

            Sorry, if someone’s spraying poison all over your food, etc, that’s no longer politics.

      13. Can’t even have a fu@king beer now-a-days without some chemical company poisoning ya…..
        We’re all so screwed.
        Thanks Mac, ya got any “Good News”?

      14. Beer? Did he say beer? Ok, now that’s going a little bit too far!

      15. Beaumont.
        I wouldn’t wipe my ass with the CBC lol
        That’s Canada’s CNN.
        I’ve been smoking pot a long time 30+years. Many Canadians do. It’s a cultural thing. Before it became legal we used to grow it anyplace we figured the cops wouldn’t catch us so the quality was way down it was risky to buy or sell not violence persay more getting ripped off.
        The government growing and distributing is nothing short of class A first grade baffoonery. The government is making all the same mistake growers figured out decades ago.
        They harvest too soon
        Don’t cure or let it dry
        Amateurs are doing the growing
        They are basically trying to kick it out the door as fast as possible.
        Fortunately the law also allows the private citizen to grow up to 4 plants upto 1 meter tall (1 yard).
        Honestly that’s more then enough 4 plants will yield upto 4-5 oz of smokable product
        Not to mention the edibles you can make from the leaf. There is also no limit on how much I can store in my home. Theoretically I could store tonns of it.
        In public I can carry upto 1 oz
        When transporting it it must be out of reach of the driver.
        Back on point. I myself have bought some Frome the dispenseies and yes I had to take some back because of mould and mites.
        It’s twice the cost of the stuff you can get in the street.
        I buy from a close friend I pay $100 can for half oz (or a 2 fingered bag) the street quality has actually gone up because the private growers and sellers are experienced. The gov won’t hire you to grow it if you have a record for it get that.
        Simply put the store will sell lesser quality for 2x the price.
        I’ve been smoking it long enough to know a shitty bag when I see it.
        Google Edmonton cannabis stores. And check out the reviews.

        • ab said, “I wouldn’t wipe my ass with the CBC lol”

          At the time, I was researching a rumor, in which FEMA had exported the notorious ‘delousing’ chemical.

          I was interested in where everyday things come from, such as plastics, rubber, pharmaceuticals. So, I assumed it has some legitimate use as a precursor or feedstock.

          There is no other, emergency use, of which I am aware.

      16. I suppose it is all a trade off. Use technology to make an increasing population more comfortable, or abhor technology and make life miserable for an increasing population(that increases at a lower rate).
        We could dramatically reduce the world’s population and those left, the enlightened ones will live as one with nature, harvesting berries, and fruits, composting their waste, spending their time creating art and music, using only “natural” medicines, drinking only fresh water naturally flowing from natural springs, in their self created garden of Eden. Who wants to be the first to sacrifice their lives to achieve such a society? I volunteer America’s liberals to be the first to drink the Kool aid.

        Realistically, were it not for our technology, life would be hard, short, and have few recreations for the vast majority of humanity.
        I choose better living through Chemistry.

        • No one has to kill themselves, just stop having more than 1 kid and in a few generations the population will be much less overbearing. That is unless maranatha gets her way and anihilates the planet for yahweh….

          • Gen,
            American Liberals now think we have less than 12 years to live. That isn’t even one generation(20 years per generation). Not enough time for your solution.
            I like mine, make all drugs legal and cheap.
            All the Bud laced with whatever, Opiates laced with Fentanyl, free high quality meth, Cocaine, You Know “Kool aid”. Problem solved.

            • relik, ya got a good point there. Better just fire up the ovens and get some big loaders and stoke them with liberals. 😛

        • And Maranatha chooses better living through christianity.

          • If you are being sarcastic, there’s no need. I’m not a prude by any means. I also rarely drink ethanol.

            Hey booze it up. If you have a death wish and want to ruin your liver, then I recommend you visit a hospital and see what organ failure looks like. It’s bleak.

      17. THAT’S IT THAT’S IT THATS IT !!! Now the beer and wine are being screwed with. Far past the time we took up musket and sword and put an end to this outrage !!

        • I wonder what distilled beer would taste like. reper, why don’t you try it and report back lol. That should get rid of the chems in it!

          • Gen,
            Most commercial beer is “Homogenized”,
            it is cooked already.

            • Ya but if you distilled the alcohol out of it it might have a good taste… or not lol.

          • probably taste like reindeer piss. Doing some upgrading to the system now. like you say, get’n time to start brewing!

      18. THe sh!t they put into Budweiser is gonna kill you WELL BEFORE any glyphosate does

      19. What kind of amateur prepper makes beer from tap water that is known to be fluoridated??? It would taste horrible.

      20. Good thing I only drink Whiskey!!

        And Fuck Amazon!!

      21. And in just about everything else we are eating. Micro plastics in seafood, meat; weed killers in other foods …. and smoking causes lung cancer.

      22. Ah yes! I just knew there was something in that beer that gives it the extra zing! Got to go get another can from the fridge! Be right back!

      23. Pastors and fellow Christians will give me grief about this, but I see no problem with a little wine consumption especially if it’s homemade. Obviously the Hebrew people and early Christians consumed a little wine. It was in short supply as it was from what one harvested. They ate the rest of the fruit.

        Any Christian without a history of alcoholism could make small batches of raisin wine and while a small amount of Roundup is likely in it, it would be far less than commercial wine.

        Unless one has an endless amount of grapes, or persimmons or whatever, then this quantity is so small that it can’t hurt the average person.

        Similarly a tiny amount of homegrown tobacco is not going to hurt you as the harvest will be very small.

        Have some common sense. You wouldn’t eat a whole pie every day or a steak in history. You would eat some based on what you could grow to harvest.

        The problem is Romans 14 and making a brother stumble. If a fellow Christian has a drinking problem, I am not going to tempt them, I’ll do without. Heck I have voluntarily been the designated driver just so people get home safely.

      24. Did anyone notice that the author kept calling it an insecticide. It is a herbicide

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