Alert: FBI Investigating Threats to Midwest Water Supply Systems: “On High Alert”

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Reuters reports that the FBI and other agencies are in the process of investigating multiple threats to Midwest Water Supply Systems. Specifically, the FBI has named Wichita, Kansas as a target, but utility facilities have also been put on alert in other Midwestern cities.

(ReutersThe U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation learned of the threats in the past two days and has contacted the water supply facilities and law enforcement offices for the municipalities, said Bridget Patton, a spokeswoman for the FBI office in Kansas City, Missouri.

Patton declined to discuss the nature of the threats or the number of cities affected. She said investigators had been sent out in response to the reports, but offered no details.

“We were made aware of the threat,” Patton said. “We have not been able to substantiate any of the threats.”

Wichita city officials warned employees in emails to be on guard for suspicious activities. City officials also told residents the water is safe to drink and the public will be notified immediately if this changes.

Wichita Police Lieutenant Doug Nolte said Friday that the city had taken steps to keep the city’s water supply safe, but would not describe what measures had been taken. 

(KSN News“The FBI as of our law enforcement agencies take any threats to the public personal safety very seriously,” said Bridget Patton, Media Representative for the FBI.

For the last several days, the FBI has been looking into a regional water threat.

KSN News learned the potential hazard affects four major water systems in the mid-west including Wichita. 

The Wichita water utility plants serve about 500,000 people, but many millions may be affected should systems in multiple Midwest cities fail or come under attack simultaneously.

In 2011 cyber security McAfee issued a warning titled In the Dark: Crucial Industries Confront Cyberattacks, in which they noted that all critical infrastructure systems connected to the internet could be compromised by rogue attacks resulting in shutdowns or malfunctions.

The sectors on which this report focuses — power, oil, gas, and water — may well be the first targets for a serious cyberattack.

What we found is that they are not ready. The professionals charged with protecting these systems report that the threat has accelerated — but the response has not. Cyberexploits and attacks are already widespread. Whether it is cybercriminals engaged in theft or extortion, or foreign governments preparing sophisticated exploits like Stuxnet, cyberattackers have targeted critical infrastructure.

In the case of water utilities, if hackers were to take control of the computers that maintain safe water levels and chemical treatment they could potentially poison the water supplies of millions. In such a case people could go to sleep like any normal night, wake up in the morning and have a glass of water, and be poisoned by any number of chemical or biological agents that have been released into the water supplies.

Hackers have already broken into water utility computer systems recently, despite assurances that the systems are safe. In November of 2011 a Stuxnet-style virus infected the physical components of the Springfield, Illinois water utility plant and shut down water pumps, demonstrating that not only can systems be infiltrated from outside of protected networks, but that the physical equipment can be overtaken.

But it’s not just the computer systems. There is a woeful disregard for perimeter security in and around critial infrastructure assets around the United States, including water plants.

Security around national water reservoirs may not be as safe as we thought:

In a time where people talk all the time about droughts, 21 year old Josh Seater has cost the city of Portland Oregon 8 million gallons of drinking water.

After a night on the town, a heavily intoxicated Seater began urinating a water reservoir.  “I didn’t know it was a water supply, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it, I thought it was a sewage plant”.

The cost of Josh’s drunken behavior has cost the Portland Water Bureau $36,000, as the 8 million gallons have had to be completely drained away.

While TSA gaterapes grannies in diapers at our local airports and steams ahead on expanding enhanced pat-downs and searches to all public venues including train stations, sporting events and malls, the real security holes are completely ignored.

With so many billions of dollars being spent on homeland security, Americans have been left with a false sense of security. The government tells us they are protecting us, and most people simply take this at face value.

In reality, even if the government was  efficiently deploying its resources for effectively securing critical infrastructure, the fact is that nothing can ever be 100% secure. This is evidenced by recent comments from outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who warned that a widespread cyber attack on our national power grid and other infrastructure is not only guaranteed, but imminent.

In previous comments, Napolitano, along with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has advised Americans to stockpile at least two (2) weeks of essential supplies, including food and fresh drinking water, citing concerns that emergency responders could be overwhelmed in the event of a widespread emergency.

Failure to prepare for short and long-term disaster could be deadly. Most Americans have about three days worth of food supplies and almost no reserve water supplies or methods for filtering water should the water supply be compromised.

As we saw with Hurricane Sandy, any disruptions to the normal flow of supplies or commerce would lead to a breakdown within 72 hours as those affected struggle to acquire limited resources.

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    1. Be informed

      Just shutting off the water supply to millions would be enough to cause a panic. I think the terrorists would concentrate more so on the power supply as it would take an awful lot of some chemical with the dilution factor to do much. If they had that new form of botulism that only takes 1 billionth of a gram to kill a person, I think it is called botulism K, that would be an entirely different story. Does anyone else know what chemical is strong enough not to be diluted that would be deadly? I suppose it is possible. I still go with the power supply as the top evil thing to do with a cyber attack.

      • Man on the inside

        It would take multiple train tanker cars to effectively contaminate a large municipal water supply. The bad guys would use power disruption or outright physical damage to shut down a water supply. As for the urinating in the reservoir, the Portland water bureau was told that people pee in lakes all the time and with the dilution factor, 1000 people could pee in the reservoir and it would have no effect after the water treatment plant. They bowed to stupid liberals who know nothing and dumped 8 million gallons.

        • Wilson

          @MonI, BI, and a few others below,
          I agree that it would take a lot of something to contaminate a water supply. But you are missing the point. The point is terror/fear/psyops. As mentioned below, people feared a guys pee in the water supply to the tune of wasting millions of gallons of water. It’s not about the total contamination of water, but the fear created in people’s minds that they might be poisoned. Hello, that’s why we call it TERRORism.

          • 9er Xray

            Wilson – Excellent point. Nothing ever mentioned of the wildlife as it isn’t in the “fear factor. The amount of deer, raccoon, (other mammals) plus birds in a day would have far exceeded one , or hundred, humans peeing in the reservoir.

            • Gods Creation

              If we could only get them to investigate the Banksters and inquire as to why they dump fluoride poison in the water.

              I’m sure whatever the “FBI Terrorist” would do is possibly put a faster acting poison in it. And I am sure the source will probably be the FBI instigators.

              Never has so much evil pretended to do so much good, while doing so much bad to so many people and blaming it on someone else.

            • Lanny

              Don’t recall ever seeing a fish crawl up on the beach to pee or the other one…

            • Lanny

              Don’t recall ever seeing a fish crawl up on the beach to pee or the other one…

          • Man on the inside

            Good … let the dummies live in fear due to the fact they are stupid and poorly educated…. more for me and my team….

          • opr

            there are NO terrorists. wake up. its ALL psyops. the “terrorists” are ‘them’- or at least the illuminati gang among of PTB. its all created by ‘them’- the arabs are merely their stupid goy mercs who are unwittingly provoked and used by ‘them’ as a hammer and as cover for their crimes. LOOK TO THE PUPPETEERS, not the puppet.

            • SWIFT

              There ARE terrorists! They are called the FBI. Tell all FBI agents to stay in their stations and the threat will go away. No need for them to go out and catch one of their own at the 11th hour. No headline in the papers; no happiness at the J. Edgar Hoover building.

            • CWinOR

              And I think the puppeteers are working overtime right now.

              EBT debacle
              Possible EBT cutoff
              Now “threats” to the water supply

              Next up- something to happen to the food supply.

            • lonelonmum

              The Arabs & Persians are simply the ethnic groups that “woke up” to their wiles first. They have paid a heavy price for this, but should still be admired as it has to be said they are not going down without a fight.

              Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya are all effectively ungovernable right now as their people refused to be subjugated despite the unimaginable suffering inflicted upon them. Some of that suffering has involved being cut off from the outside world and evil propaganda against certain groups. The weak minded and the ignorant are most easily manipulated – we can see this in our own back yards with the entitled welfare crew. OPR is right in his comments re puppets.

              Their true crime? The Koran, just like THE BIBLE FORBIDS USERY. The Central Bank concept is the single most critical weapon in the war against the whole of humanity that is being waged.

              Iran, 5000 year ago had a brief experiment with Fiat. It collapsed, causing great suffering for the people. The Persians remember this.

              I cannot describe how cross I get with these TV evangelical “Xtians” who keep repeating the gross lies of these monsters. Zionism is a political movement looking to destroy us all, it is not and never has been any kind of “faith”. It has however co-opted Judaism and sent true believers of that faith into the shadows (The Talmud actively forbids trying to create a homeland). Millions of Jews died under Hitler.

              It has co-opted Christianity and broken the backbone of centuries of our civilisation. Genuine believers are being told to shut up when they protest that abortion, gay marriage or usery is wrong. Millions of Christians were sent to their deaths under Stalin.

              It has co-opted Islam and broken the backbone of centuries of culture through it’s plunder(anyone else noted the wonderful Buddhist monuments that the Taliban destroyed, or the destruction of books, artifacts etc in Iraq, or the theft of the Libyan gold?).How many millions of Muslims will die in their seemingly fruitless fight for freedom? The Saudi royals and the Wa’habi movement were installed precisely for the purpose of destroying that part of the world and being this go rounds “bogey men”.

              We have to stop seeing the ordinary Arab citizen as the enenmy. They are not, they are just the “other” in the latest round of the Zionists projecting their own evil onto others. They operate by means of deceit, blackmail, coercion, & hate at all levels. One way to fight back is to reject the “terrorist” propaganda.

              I have huge theological issues with both Judaism and Islam. As a Christian, I’m bound to feel that way. I do not have any issue however with others being left in peace to follow their faith as they see fit. I expect the same freedom to follow my own faith without being persecuted for it. Without the freedom to follow God throughout my life, I cannot see that I have any freedom at all.

              Until the last couple of decades, Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian Christians all lived contentedly with their fellow native Jews and Muslim neighbours as they had for centuries. It was the installation of Western backed Zionist puppet masters that tipped the balance.

              Non of these TV Evangelist types ever try and protect Christian Palestinians or the Palestinian Jews that have been systematically ethnically cleansed from the region since 1948. Guess these poor souls were just “collateral damage” hey?

              60 million Eyptians took to the streets in spite of the guns trained on them – that’s “people power” the honest direct way. We must remember that across the Maghreb, Persia, Arabia and beyond – miilions of Christians and other gentle souls are battling on the front lines of a war they never asked for. It’s a fight for the soul of humanity.

              The true terrorists reside in the alphabet agencies of the Zionist Banking Cabal. Noone has been able to explain to me exactly why the International Settlement Bank (THE central bank) has more diplomatic immunity than the Vatican, and it’s own military as yet.

          • Son of Liberty

            One man urinates in a municipal reservoir, and they drain it? Give me a break, no IDIOT would drain it because one man urinated in it.

            Here in Alaska, I would suspect at least a half dozen moose urinate, and defecate in the immediate area that drains into our reservoir each night, plus a thousand fish or so who pass their waste into the water, the fish who die and rot in the reservoir, etc., etc. GIMME a break, that water gets filtered, re-filtered, processed, and treated at least four times before it’s sent to your home. Hey a reservoir is in the open. Besides, who knows how many birds flew over the lake and made a deposit?

            We’ve got to quit being so gullible. We’re not buffoons, we’re very intelligent people who read these blogs — so let’s quit feeding on all the nonsense some of these guys are trying to feed us — as well as the nonsense coming from the loony left.


        • Billy Joe

          I agree. And will stay away from the water supply.Do Not ride with the lawyer to go fishing at the water supply lake Ever and I mean it.

        • silveready1

          virtually all municipal water supplies are heavily chlorinated, this process kills and viruses or organisms.

      • Paranoid

        What a bunch of BS anyone that thinks 8 Million gallons of water stored outside is going to be affected by a Qt of P is nuts. what do you think birds do, and fish and everything else. That’s why the last thing you do before you ship it out is CL it. Fools.

        • Man on the inside

          Yep .. that is what happends when C- liberal civil engineers run a city.

          • Ed

            Ive lived in places that lost water for various reasons for up to 2 weeks and besides being a smelly inconvience, people made do. I grew up on a farm next to a chemical plant with a shallow water well. The water pumped out of that well was polluted with everything you could imagine. Many generations of my family grew up drinking that water and besides the occasional heart attack most live into their 80’s and sometimes even 100’s.

            • Gregory8

              Ed: But most folks don’t live in the country where there are some alternatives to municipal water, most live in cities and towns. Three days w/o water and folks start dying from dehydration and then diseases from improper sanitation (no toilets flushing). So it is a big deal for most Americans today. Water purification and water storage preps are what people should have.

        • Eyesopenanddisgusted

          More toxic and full of bad bacteria is geese and duck poop, so pee no I don’t think so. Nothing on the mainstream is true stories all bullshit.

          • Paranoid

            Actually I read this months ago in MSM and I think it’s true, still BS

      • Silver Surfer

        My studies take me to believe that if a water source were to be compromised as a water supply, a heavy metal would be an ideal way to go (think mercury and lead), as they will acumulate in a persons body. They cannot be purified by simple boiling procedures, and not even a colloidal silver generator would dispel the toxic metal (although only distilled wated should be used in colloidal silver manufacturing). This only works on smaller, regional water sources, however, as lethal concentration would be too difficult to achieve in a larger body of water.
        A few ounces of machinist oil can contaminate thousands of gallons of drinking water- imagine a tanker truck of it being pumped into the water main facilities…
        Of the countless ways for a terrorist group to devastate our nation, clean water remains our achilles heel.

        • FreedomFighter

          The only reason the govt is giving a warning is so they won’t be suspected when do something.

          But if you arent on your own well by now your prepping isn’t done yet!

          • Gravlore

            No well here. 2500 gallon cistern. It is enough to last us 5 months at our current usage without precipitation. We opted out of a well for naturally soft water.

        • Joe

          Heavy metals don’t work. Because they are HEAVY. They sink to the bottom and embed themselves in the bottom.
          I worked at a small factory that made These huge diodes for power generation. Each one had about 100 lb of mercury in them. The place was shut down in the 1980’s after a hundred years of operation. There were oil traps in the drain line to prevent oils from going to the treatment plant. We had to get In these and pump them completely dry and clean the insides. At the bottom we found these big blobs of mercury that got there little by little from washing tools off over many years. A good 99.999 percent of the mercury never made it out of that trap because it sinks to the bottom and stays there.

          • Mark

            Elemental metals do sink, of course, but small amounts of metal compounds are already dissolved in municipal water supplies. Thallium sulfate, for example. They used to use that as a rat poison. Remember TEL (tetraethyl lead)? That’s why high-test gas was called “ethyl”. That and other lead compounds are still in the water. Arsenic, technically a metalloid but lumped in with “heavy metals” informally, is in many US water supplies in the form of arsenic acid, arsenous acid, and other compounds.
            Take a look at a list of rankings of city water supplies. You’ll find that arsenic is the top concern in several big cities like Omaha, Tucson, Albuquerque, and Long Beach. Another metal, Radium, is the top concern in Chicago’s water supply!

      • Rodster

        It definitely sounds like the works of those white caucasian terrorists along with the 80 year old bomb strapping grandmas who are behind those dastardly deeds. 😉

      • lastmanstanding

        Everyone is just so big on how wonderful technology is.

        They created it with something else in mind.

        I don’t feel that I need to elaborate…

        • sixpack

          Anything they create is ALWAYS meant for something other than what they tell us it is…ALWAYS. If for some reason, new tech doesn’t work for what they had in mind, they’ll tweak it until it does….guaran-damn-teed.

          • Anonymous

            Back around,1934-36 era a group of globalistic nwo types of professors, elietists, and scientists began a group and called themselves…”Technocraticts” they were promoting a one world globalist govnt Run by Them.

            Their future ideals were that Only scientists and tech will be able to run a world govnt properly. They were also atheists and kommies.

            Once again we see “There is Nothing New under the Sun”

            Peoples memories are very short, todays memory span averages 20 sec to a couple hrs at best for most fool folks.

            When Today ideas First fronted and promoted 50-75+ yrs ago surfaced again, Most folks believe it to be something revolutionairy and brand new ideas!

            But in Reality, what we today see touted as new science, and attepts to convinve us all to abandon all forms of religious or spiritual ideas, in favor of allowing smart scientists and atheists(kommies mostly) to take over every lever of control and run a NWO global govnt system.

            Is no more than the very same NWO & Kommie ideals touted and/or practiced prior. They Count on You not remembering it was touted way back in 1930’s and 1920’s and Failed miserably.

            Its a part of the kommie liberal mentality due to their inability to ever Admit they are, were, and will always be WRONG!

            To liberal kommies what WE call wrong or abject Failures, liberals consider “If we just can Try it again one More time its sure to function as intended!”

            And the more times lib policy has utterally failed, and no matter what dammages have occured due to lib failures, the more times the same lib policy has failed, the MORE adamant libs are in Demanding another chance to “prove” lib agendas are best!

            You see evidence I am correct Daily if you observe ANY Libs on a TV news show like fox tv with one lib vs one repub. They always attempt to get the lib to “admit” to lib failures or failed lib agendas right.

            Yet after 20 yrs of Daily fox tv news shows with such tried…Never yet has a single liberal ever admited that ANY lib agenda or policy is,has,or Will fail miserably…AGAIN!

            It is the policy compared to “Throw alot of wet noodles at a Wall….Because at least some of them are likly to Stick”…Then even if it took 1000 trys, if even a single noodle sticks, Libs will Hail it a vast massive proof of total liberal Success!…”See We libs Told ya we was right!”

            Libs and Kommies will tell you a million ideas etc…Yet Never ever shall you hear a true liberal kommie admit to any wrongs. Its a mental DErangment effect of communisim.

            • moses

              this kommie group you speak of is JEWISH and goes back to the babylonian exile and solomon. became pharisees, cabala pushers, khazars, sabbatean Frankist satanists and finally ZIONIST BANKSTERS. communism= SECULAR TALMUDISM. the most important facts Steve Quayle and Alex Jones will NEVER tell you. they are phonies as well.

      • lastmanstanding

        Everyone is just so big on how wonderful technology is.

        They created it with something else in mind.

        I don’t feel that I need to elaborate…

        • lastmanstanding

          Sorry, wind has sat link fubar’d this morn…

      • Socrates

        It only takes a few grams of Polonium 210 to poison extremely large bodies of water- think reservoirs. It is extremely deadly.

        As poisons go, polonium-210 is a bit of a mixed bag. Is it effective? Absolutely. If you eat a piece of polonium-210 the size of a grain of salt, it’ll probably be enough to kill the average adult. That said, the highly unstable element is notorious for leaving an unmistakable calling card: ridiculously high levels of radiation in the bodies of its victims.

        This incredibly dangerous isotope of Polonium, an element discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie over a century ago, recently caught the public’s attention after an analysis of effects belonging to Yasser Arafat — who died of unknown causes in November 2004 — revealed them to be covered in abnormal levels of the isotope.

        So yes, there are nasties out there to kill us via water supply. And don’t think evil people wouldn’t do it. It’s easy to do, basically undetected until people start dying off.

      • Quick

        I dont understand why the midwest.

        NYC would be much easier and effect way more people.

        Terrorists are really stupid !!

        • sixpack

          The NWO headquarters are in NY. If they blew the grid there, the whole world might see how much of THEIR OWN infrastructure has been protected, and how much they’ve left for everybody else. In other words, they’d stand out like a sore thumb in a power outage.

          • moses

            when the dual-nationals begin leaving NYC- like they did the WTC on 911? then you’d better get the hell out of Dodge along with them- and head for Tel Aviv.

      • RICH98

        Ok… Lemme get this straight. Correct me if I’m wrong.

        ONE drunk 21 year old kid pisses into 8 MILLION gallons of water and it is unsafe to drink?


        these articles just get better and better.

        I’m going to go out NOW and piss in one of the reservoirs near me that feeds the neighboring towns, just on general principle.

    2. Be informed

      @ Mac, I have been trying to send you something that I wrote on the contact section of the site and it won’t go through. When I try to send it that little circle icon just keep going around and around and nothing comes up that it has been sent or that there is some error or anything. Please see if something is wrong with system, I think you might like what I wrote.

      • admin

        BI, sorry for any issues. I just tested the Contact form and it seems to be working from my end. We are going to try and perform a server upgrade tonight — so try and give it a shot some time in the morning once we’re fully on the new system.

        Otherwise, you can hit me at mac ()


        • Be informed

          Please read the following, it is not good that is happening to this site.

          @ Mac. There is a big problem with someone trying to prevent certain things from reaching you, using key words to stop it. I tried to send you what I wrote on the contact form using symbols instead for a certain word and I still can’t get it through. I even tried to send it using just the comment section I am using right now and I get a 404 error message with a short video link that talks about hostile fire with a couple of soldiers under attack. It is not just me, other people also get this 404 error message with certain things they try to send to you.

          This is some serious in the site’s system that doesn’t even allow you to read something, without it becoming public. I even left out any computer ID so it would have to go through moderation, still got that 404 error message. Please check this out as it is not just me that is not able to get you messages. Something and/or someone is blocking and making sure you are personally censored from getting information and messages from people that someone deems that even you should not be reading. It is a glick that perhaps your system analysts are not even aware of.

          • Kindle

            I just got those 404 error message while on this site and the daily sheeple. Running complete computer diagnostics as I type.

          • sixpack

            “and I get a 404 error message with a short video link that talks about hostile fire with a couple of soldiers under attack”—

            I’ve dealt with this before. It got me and some of my email contacts. I got it from a friend who was redirected to an infected web page. I sent the server a virus of my own creation and shut it down.

            If anyone here gets an email from somebody IN YOUR OWN EMAIL CONTACT LIST, but it wasn’t really from your friend, SAVE THAT EMAIL. They should all get similar emails, and so on. If you let it go, everybody in all of your email lists will be involved. That’s how it propagates.

            You’ll pick the virus up automatically, when you get hijacked to the new web page, but I need the FULL HEADER to one of the infected emails, in order to respond. If this becomes a problem let me know.

            I know how to deal with it.

          • laeagle

            Almost all day today, I, too, had problems getting on to the site. When I clicked the URL it just showed a little wheel going round and round and round. I thought perhaps it was due to my postings yesterday.

          • laeagle

            Almost all day today, I, too, had problems getting on to the site. When I clicked the URL it just showed a little wheel going round and round and round. I thought perhaps it was due to my postings yesterday.

          • laeagle

            Almost all day today, I, too, had problems getting on to the site. When I clicked the URL it just showed a little wheel going round and round and round. I thought perhaps it was due to my postings yesterday.

          • apache54

            i believe they are very actively monitoring this site, who ever THEY is? doesn’t really matter much as by the time we knew about being watched we had all been put on the LIST, and all we can do now is keep the powder dry and wait, it will come, and i think it is not far off!sometime between now and end of the year, has strong possiblities

          • apache54

            i believe they are very actively monitoring this site, who ever THEY is? doesn’t really matter much as by the time we knew about being watched we had all been put on the LIST, and all we can do now is keep the powder dry and wait, it will come, and i think it is not far off!sometime between now and end of the year, has strong possiblities

          • apache54

            i believe they are very actively monitoring this site, who ever THEY is? doesn’t really matter much as by the time we knew about being watched we had all been put on the LIST, and all we can do now is keep the powder dry and wait, it will come, and i think it is not far off!sometime between now and end of the year, has strong possiblities

          • apache54

            i believe they are very actively monitoring this site, who ever THEY is? doesn’t really matter much as by the time we knew about being watched we had all been put on the LIST, and all we can do now is keep the powder dry and wait, it will come, and i think it is not far off!sometime between now and end of the year, has strong possiblities

          • apache54

            i believe they are very actively monitoring this site, who ever THEY is? doesn’t really matter much as by the time we knew about being watched we had all been put on the LIST, and all we can do now is keep the powder dry and wait, it will come, and i think it is not far off!sometime between now and end of the year, has strong possiblities

          • apache54

            i believe they are very actively monitoring this site, who ever THEY is? doesn’t really matter much as by the time we knew about being watched we had all been put on the LIST, and all we can do now is keep the powder dry and wait, it will come, and i think it is not far off!sometime between now and end of the year, has strong possiblities

          • Gonetoolong


            I am sure you are aware, but the last 2 days, your site is hit or miss for me. I have not been able to get on it most of the time. This is with attempts from 6 or more computers. 2 separate access points so I feel it is not on my end. The site will start to load and then just freeze, never showing any of the home page. This is typically never a problem for me.

            • admin

              Hi Gonetoolong — thanks for the input — we performed a server upgrade early Sat morning …. and while we’re on a new power server, we ran into some memory allocation issues which we are working to resolve now — We have finally identified the problem. Now it is a matter of optimizing our memory configurations to handle the issue. We’re on it! and hopefully will have resolution in the very near future.

              Thanks for your patience all.


        • Lisa

          Maybe that’s why I never got a response when I sent in an article I wrote on the contact page to see if Mac wanted to use it. I’d rather think that there was a computer problem than think that Mac didn’t even want to respond with “I won’t be able to use it on my site but thanks anyway.”

    3. DirtyGreek

      You guys keep pissing in other folks backyards and shit like this is gonna eventually happen. When the world hates you,’dont say we didnt warn you’. Sleep tight Amerika!

      • gone under

        Hey greasy greek, I literally piss on your southern border backyard often. Did 2 days ago.

        • Invasion

          Sorry folks the greek is right. I had a guy at work bullying everyone. Then he started in on me…but I was very plugged into the upper mgt. The guy is now sweeping the floors and cleaning toilets.

          You fuck with the wrong person sooner or later. That the risks bullies take.

          We need to be more like Canada and focus on home.

      • Average Guy

        DirtyGreek, when you write, “You guys keep pissing in other folks backyards” you *do* know that the gooberment, is *not* The People.

        Don’t you?

        …Not All of them, anyway.

        Also, I read that Airafat was poisoned by polonium, likely on his toothbrush.
        What law is there to prevent the gooberment from doing the same to us?
        One by one, or to a whole town?

        …Face it, there is no law to stop such. ‘They’ would surely benefit from such.
        That shtuff is scarier than any cyber attack. After all, aren’t we just so much cattle?

      • Swinging on a star


        You seem to have an agenda, you obviously hate George Bush and admire the dear leader. Your argument is ridiculous and your posts are old and pathetic. Try living in the real world, the dear leader is an incompetent, dangerous man who is determined to destroy my children’s future. Do you think I feel this way because he is black? No, it is because he is the worst president this country has ever put into office and he is the one who hates whites, Christians, the elderly, the middle class, the homeschoolers, the military and yes, he even hates the blacks. I believe the only people this monster has any affection for are the Muslims.

        The proof is there so educate yourself. What kind of man with this amount of power does nothing to help the downtrodden or the ignorant better themselves, he has taken away their future by making it easy for them to live like sloths off the government. He does not encourage them to work, he does not even allow them to attend school outside of their crime infested neighborhoods.

        We have been saddled with debt that will never be paid, we are vulnerable and at risk of complete collapse yet he will get that round of golf in if it is the last thing he does.

        Spew your ignorance all you want but in the end the truth will be crystal clear even to you.

        P.S., You changed your handle and haven’t posted in quite a while but same old crap, different day.

      • Ralphieboy

        @Dirty Greek Hey mallaca!!! I’ m not happy with a lot of stuff my govt. does, but retaliation which harms ordinary people does not stand! Besides, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, FYI, I actually have an apt in Piraeus where I live a few months a year. Most Greeks I know are God fearing, family people. but then there are the professional angry assholes like you, losers who blame everyone else for their pathetic condition. So Ay Graimisu asshole! if you are in the USA, get the fuck out of here you ungrateful mallaca.

      • braveheart

        Dirty Greek, if your statement is directed at the govt., OK I can agree with that. However, if your statement is directed at the people of this fine community, then you need to go somewhere else. So which is it?

    4. Mal Reynolds

      I lived in Wichita in the late 90s. Stay frosty, Jayhawks.


      • Beth

        me too! LOVE Wichita, great city!

    5. gone under

      I have been reading about the economy collapsing “soon” for years. Terrorist targets, Nibiru, NK, WW3 etc. Wish the majority of articles were prep related as in solar set up, game preservation without refrigeration, fire starting, etc. All the stuff I had to search for on the net. Seems Prep sites are All fear porn. A person can only take so much “its coming” shit. The info needed is how to PREP.

      • Man on the inside


      • NC joe

        Well stated. This site is not about prepping, it is about fear mongering to sell sponsorships so the owner can make a profit. He is just attempting to manipulate a certain segment of the sheeple population for his own benefit.

        • Average Guy

          NC joe, are you getting paid to write that shtuff?
          Does the phrase ‘public awareness’ mean anything to you?
          Is the free market something you fear?
          Would you give shit to those who were buying masks prior to Mount Saint Helens going off?

          Would you scoff at those who moved away from a mountain in Central America that was prone to mud slides, prior to a mud slide happening?

          You seem like the type that might give a hard time to those who insisted on a fire resistant roof out West prior to when they had all those wildfires.

          Do you even have a smoke detector in your house? Or do you think the smoke detector companies are just doing that to make money off some suckers who should just pretend like everyday nothing will Ever happen to them? And maybe they should just learn to hope the fire department gets there before their house burns down?

          Yeah, I’m calling you, Man on the inside, and gone under, schmucks. …Among other things.

          …Because a person cannot prepare for something, unless they know What that something Is.

          • Man on the inside

            Don’t know were that came from… I like Mac’s stuff….

        • InsanityISContagious

          NCJoe: Then why do you bother? You obviously hold a secret fascination for Mac’s website. Even if you claim you just want to see “fearmongering,” you could easily do that at a Wal-mart on the 1st of the month or travel to your state’s urban area at night unaccompanied and unarmed.

          So admit it, you armchair quarterback, you love Mac’s website…or you wouldn’t spend such a large portion of your day reading it.

        • Patriot Man

          Hello NeoCon joey, a/k/a ncjoe. Please, if you can, go out to your troll garage, close the doors to the garage, turn the car on, and breathe very deeply. Don’t worry, the cia can replace you in one nanosecond. Thanks.

          • Anonymous

            NcJoe can’t do the garage thing. He tried. It was 4 hours before he turned the key off on his 0bama stickered nissan leaf!

        • braveheart

          ncjoe, who yanked on your chain? Go f#$% yourself!

        • Armchair Quarterback

          @ NC Hoe:

          Do you bitch about what’s on TV and keep watching it? Change the fooking channel you little girl!

          Great site Mac, I enjoy the comments almost as much as the articles. Keep up the good stuff!

          • Ancient Echoes

            Please do not insult “little girls”!

      • anonymous

        @GU Agreed.

        Dirty Greek, keep talking, they are tracking you down. We will never know…

      • skeptic

        gone under;
        I agree completely. I have a few times contributed and am not answered as far as I can tell. Have asked about generator set ups of the people here and no responses. We live a rural lifestyle very comfortably and can a huge amount as well as processing game meats and raising animals. We have old slow turning diesel gen sets and are prepared to use them long term. Maybe all of these folks are completely prepped and we are just pikers but I wish they would address more real life issues. Please contribute web sites that you have found that do so.

      • Norse Prepper

        Gone Under,

        I submitted an article recently to Mac about refrigeration after the power goes out recently. Not sure if Mac will use it or not though…pretty simple article.

        God Bless,

    6. waterislife

      Okay let me clear up a few really wrong points in this article.

      1. water systems are for the most part NOT internet controlled or even connected to internets, or networks.
      Predominantly the systems are hand cranked or machine cranked by a control panel.

      Main chemicals on hand are chlorine for disinfection, some systems that are newer use UV disinfection systems in place of chlorine. Few places still use ozone. it’s dangerous and outlawed in 34 states last I knew.

      SO2 is used if chlorine is disinfection treatment protocol, it removes the chlorine.

      Perimeter security is the least of it. the real true threat is aged infrastructure. Municipalities that refuse to give the systems the money they need to upgrade. Some cities still use cast iron piping. Very dangerous for numerous reasons. Some of that cast iron is well over 100 years old in some cities. NYC is actually a pipe waiting to bust. some of their stuff has been routed around so much that things intersect in interesting ways. Trade publications have even documented cases of the sewage discharge being accidentally tied into water delivery while trying to circumvent the older iron lines.

      Lab tests are performed 24 hours a day in all water and waste water facilities. every 6 hours. there are currently 15 tests that all check for different things done daily if not multiple times daily on the water. there are protocols in place to stop discharge of any suspect water. Any grounds the Chief Operator in Charge deems worthy can do it. Mayor has no say legally over that choice. And it is not a hard thing to do. Same goes for waste water being sent out to receiving streams.


      • Average Guy

        waterislife writes, “Lab tests are performed 24 hours a day […] there are currently 15 tests that all check for different things”

        15 seems like such a low number, are there 1000 other things they don’t test for?

        I’ll give you a Thumbs Up for this though: “Trade publications have even documented cases of the sewage discharge being accidentally tied into water delivery while trying to circumvent the older iron lines.”

        Which means, “They don’t give a hoot about it”.

        “They” waste their money squandering all their time and effort chasing those who want to decide what goes into their bodies, or how fast they drive and such, while ignoring this: a responsibility they take on, yet they cannot fulfill.

        “They” suck.

        Their priorities are all fucked up.
        It’s obvious it’s on purpose.

        They can’t get one thing right, so they try and control 10,000 other things they have no business being involved in.

        Yeah, “they’ are fucking stupid (and probably evil). …And those who rah-rah them, are too.

        The road of Best Intentions, and all that.

        • waterislife

          The problem with the rerouting is that ‘as built’ designs for how the original cast iron were laid in the ground get made obsolete after about 25 years of building new roads, subdivisions and such, repairs, etc.

          It has been established that newer additions to the lines, and multiple water treatment facilities in places like NYC that each handle Millions of Gallons per day (MGD) need infrared technology to establish the old lines and map the new. The old maps become more a maze after a lot of growth in an area and a hinderance more than a help.

      • Joe

        My small city has 100 year old cast iron pipes. We took some core samples of the piping last year and the pipe was pristine.
        Now on the other hand we have installed a lot of steel piping over the years and it is all dissolving. We have had way more problems with aging PVC piping than Cast iron piping. It seems to be getting more and more brittle as time goes by.

        • waterislife

          Both are issues, the industry is trying to address. The way the old cast iron was made for the pipes, there is and has been found trace amounts of really bad things like arsenic. which is why the cast iron is not choice.

          It also is very prone to just cracking. The PVC issue is also a real concern in the industry with no good answer for it yet. Ductile ceramic/porcelain has been put forward as a viable replacement for both. As of yet it is not widespread or in a lot of places. As of now some cities run a varied mix of old, real old and new. All not well maintained.

          Tests that are done daily on the water are for Fecal coliform after treatment, volatile solids, suspended solids, ammonia nitrogen, alkalinity, pH, biological oxygen demand 5, TKN, o & g, and a few others. But those are the biggies that are tested for.

          As for bottled water, I work in the lab, and I have put 4 brands through the tests the water I test for municipality through. 2 had higher PPM of e.coliform than was allowed for city water, with higher levels of some trace antibiotics than the city water. If those brands had been city water I would have had to issue boil water notices. But because they are bottled and hence fall under food guidelines, they get different criteria.
          2 more passed and if they had been city water further testing and tighter operation protocols initiated to bring them further into compliance.

          Just because the water is sold and bottled does not make it better than city water in all cases.

          Another point to be aware of, filters can only do so much. Trade publications recommend using them only after boiling of ‘wild’ water. wild water is water not sent through the municipality system, well system, or sold.

          • InsanityISContagious

            waterislife: Obviously, bottled water is in everybody’s home….what brand would you recommend as being the safest out of the bunch, in your personal opinion?

            • waterislife

              Aquafina was the worst.

              Nestle passed mid range on results.

              Fuji brand, was low on passing.

              Great Value barely passed. By barely pass I mean I will not drink it.

              • InsanityISContagious


    7. Man on the inside

      With a well, an active spring feeding a 75 by 50 foot “pond”, a 1500 gallon reservoir on the well, rain catchment, a septic, a composting toilet on the out building…I think I’m good. PRAY, PLAN PREP, FORM TEAMS……and stop peeing in the pool….

      • Man on the inside

        And remember … berkly and life straw….. drink up…

    8. waterislife

      Another serious threat is the fact of the normal amounts of medications people eliminate via bodily fluids into the water. Most receiving streams for waste water are the giving streams for drinking water. Currently there is no way to remove the antibiotic traces, SSRIs, ect that are in the water. These are some of the causes of antibiotic resistant strains of things emerging.

      Waste water treatment protocols and drinking water protocols have changed very little since their inception in 1904 England. Just size and testing abilities have improved.

      • Average Guy

        waterislife writes, “Currently there is no way to remove the antibiotic traces, SSRIs, ect that are in the water.”

        Exactly my point.

        And for most things like that, they don’t test for it.

        …Yet they have money to waste on B.S. stuff like __ fill in the blank __.

        The water filters they advertise here look pretty dang good about now. Almost a public dang service, even.

        Because the gooberment is so screwed up, a person would have to be insane to trust them.

        And it don’t matter which wing of the bird of prey is in charge. Republican or democrat, they’re both ok with you dying. …It’s how they roll. After-all, you’re just a statistic on a gooberment chart.

      • Shogun

        I’m sorry I just couldn’t let this statement pass “Waste water treatment protocols and drinking water protocols have changed very little since their inception in 1904 England”.
        I’ve worked in water and wastewater for over 25 years. the rules and regs have changed drastically over those years. If you look at the DMR Permit for plants( public document at all plants)you’ll find all chemicals tested for,all accepted levels of contamination. The list at most plants is stagering.
        Check out a few closed systems in the US or the world that tie the effluent line at Wastewater plant directly to the water plant.
        In my case our effluent of wastewater treatment plant is 6 times cleaner than the river it dumps into.

        As for the medications people eliminate, our state Colleges biology dept came to the conclusion after a 4 month study of the same” Limit to low to detect”

        • waterislife

          You are also aware that they are still there, the medications right? One of the colleges here in the state sampled fish from a receiving stream, a catfish to be precise and found SSRIs in it’s tissues. So the low levels on any one sample do not mean a lot.

          Yes, the effluent produced is clearer than some streams but what was your daily fecal coliform count? Were you using MF or F procedures, total coliform or only fecal count coliform procedures?

          That all varies state to state, receiving stream to receiving stream and plant to plant. Some plants have absolutely no checks on certain things such as BIS thialate, others do. Stream studies are undertaken regularly, but true oversight happens a lot. Larger plants can be out of compliance almost half of every week, but divert flow long enough to get a clean sampling time frame to get a low reading on everything and squeak by in “compliance” for the weekly average and thus hit the monthly average.

          The same design of a clarifier, aeration basins, return sludge biological treatment with or without a trickling filter, most without these days, still treats the water. What has gotten fancier are the motors, the standards in the labs that come premade by USA Blue Book or other supply houses. But the basic principles for how the water is treated have not changed. Just the standards supposed to be adhered to.

          The medication traces in water have been downplayed a lot. But it is still a concern. It’s like asking do you want a fecal count of 2, which is below standard method count of readability or trace to low count in your water or do you want a total zero count. either way it is still there. too low to be more than trace by standards and permits but it is still there.

    9. Ted Kennedy

      I’m here in ICT (Wichita) now. Waiting on my new Lear to roll off the line. The bottled water is fine… but it’s damn cold outside.

      • Ted Kennedy

        Thank Gore my twin jet engines are fuel efficient & the blu juice is epa approved. I need a air marshal with a g string camera.

    10. JRS


      “Yes, we are on the job fighting the elusive boogeyman.”

      “Now make sure we get an increase in our budget and raises for all.”

    11. TnAndy

      We have plenty of domestic stupidity without having to look for outside sources of trouble.

      Our local county water system is just down stream from:

      1. A nuclear fuel plant that has “lost” pounds of plutonium over the years ( and is right on the river upstream ). The small town it’s located in seems to have a real problem with cancer deaths…wonder why…..

      2. An EPA superfund site ( old mining area ) where God knows what was hauled in and dumped over the years from all over the east coast until the local folks final stopped the midnight trucking literally at gunpoint. ( on a creek that dumps into the river)

      3. A large, (30 acres) old auto wrecking yard that they used to just dump the fluids (motor oil, trans oil, antifreeze, etc.) out the back door on the ground (on another creek that dumps into the river immediately above the water plant intake)

      I guarantee ya they don’t test for much more than a few bacteria and water turbidity.

      Also guarantee ya I wouldn’t use it if they piped it up here to my place and gave it to me for free.

      Our water source is a spring located high enough on the mountain that no ground water from any of the above could possibly contaminate it.

    12. Ronald

      35 years ago I walked into our W.T. plant at 2 am. to talk to an employee and took a tour if people only knew how easy it is. ( I wonder if the side door is still unlocked)

    13. Anonymous

      If the “cyber” threat has gotten to the point that our basic infrastructure is that vulnerable, then it is high time that the computer-control element be removed and reverted back to analog/manual. This computer vulnerability nonsense, for the sake of digitalizing everything, has gone far enough. Return to the old way of managing these systems.

    14. pymatugning

      “In the case of water utilities, if hackers were to take control of the computers that maintain safe water levels and chemical treatment they could potentially poison the water supplies of millions. In such a case people could …be poisoned by any number of chemical or biological agents that have been released into the water supplies.”

      How can hackers take control of typically unsophisticated (and sometimes manual) municipal water supply control systems that are not connected to the internet?

      And what magical chemical may they acquire in sufficient quantity (likely tons of the most tightly controlled and least available chemical, chemical warfare agents for example), that must then somehow be introduced into a system containing and circulating literally millions of gallons of water, to kill or injure a served population? All without being detected and ignoring that the chemical may be subject to hydrolysis, adsorption, and absorption.

      Potassium cyanide possibly, but it would take tons of the material to reach an LD50. Even then, a prospective terrorist would fail if he dumped it in a reservoir containing many millions of gallons.

    15. pymatugning

      “In the case of water utilities, if hackers were to take control of the computers that maintain safe water levels and chemical treatment they could potentially poison the water supplies of millions. In such a case people could …be poisoned by any number of chemical or biological agents that have been released into the water supplies.”

      How can hackers take control of typically unsophisticated (and sometimes manual) municipal water supply control systems that are not connected to the internet?

      And what magical chemical may they acquire in sufficient quantity (likely tons of the most tightly controlled and least available chemical, chemical warfare agents for example), that must then somehow be introduced into a system containing and circulating literally millions of gallons of water, to kill or injure a served population? All without being detected and ignoring that the chemical may be subject to hydrolysis, adsorption, and absorption.

      Potassium cyanide possibly, but it would take tons of the material to reach an LD50. Even then, a prospective terrorist would fail if he dumped it in a reservoir containing many millions of gallons.

    16. ponomo

      Send a billing statement for lack of over-sight, etc. to every State governor and WDC reps for their review—and wait for a generic reply regarding most topical requests.

      • The Old Coach

        Thing about that one is, they’d have been doing us a big favor by wiping out Cambridge, MA.

      • apache54

        also notice the strange new flesh eating bacteria that is appearing in the lakes and streams and some ocean areas, that is what you should be worried about!

    17. Hocus

      OF COURSE there’s woeful [money to pay for] security at water treatment plants. There’s woeful money to keep them running in the first place.

      The US Government’s spookiest Orwellian Agencies and factions on the Internet are full of hyperintelligent (oops, I meant to say intelligent but hyper) people who are grateful to fixate on hypothetical cyberattack scenarios.

      It’s cheap entertainment, there are no ground rules for discussion, you do not have to travel to any of the supposed-vulnerable facilities, interview any of the people who maintain them, learn anything about the process, or maintain touch with reality.

      Step 1: imagine a universe constructed specifically that James Bond might attack it. Step 2: imagine James Bond attacking it. Step 3: imagine that it is Al-Qeda’s water supply, which makes it all right, stand up and cheer. Sick bastards.

      You can pile fantasy upon fable upon falsehood and come up with a few moments’ worth of emotional sound bite. Such as, how hacking a chemical flow regulator to inject slightly greater amounts of flocculant or disinfectant results in dead babies. People eat that stuff up. Even if the computers go totally berserk the feed pipes aren’t that big, people.

      Now tainting water sources IS possible, although it is unthinkably rude to mention it. Like it is unpopular to point out that the State of Israel got its start by sneaking in late at night and poisoning the water wells in Palestine so indigenous peoples would have to abandon their settlements.

      Or how Portland dumped eight million gallons of water down the drain because someone took a piss (when dead animals floating on the surface does not elicit this response)

      It is so much more fun to imagine cyberattacks, get back in that cool James Bond mode.

      The thing we should be most terrified of is that our water treatment plants and the underground pipes they feed are aging, and in this time of debt feeding inflation it is nigh well impossible to float the municipal bonds necessary to keep them running at today’s level of efficiency — let along budget improvements, replacements and added capacity.

      THAT keeps me awake at night.

    18. caliber

      has anyone ever seen an “in-ground” swimming pool turned into a bunker/hidden storage spot?
      ive been considering putting in a small bunker, something i could sit for 3-5 days in(nuke blast and radiation), and filling the rest in with cement..
      any input?

      • REB

        As long as its structurally solid it should work…any hole in the ground will work to protect you and your gear…if its concrete Id divide it up with blockwalls into a couple of usable areas such as a root cellar and a living/sleeping area…just remember dirt is heavy and you need a couple feet to protect you…also good drainage…good luck!

    19. wrong

      I like my well water.

      • wrong

        Sorry off topic… Just need to bitch a bit! I just ran up to the local grocery. I got stuck behind some idiot that bought a whole cart full of crap with his Food Stamps! That sucks as it is. Then the MF pulls out $100.00 and bought Lottery tickets. $100.00!!!!!! I was so pissed I had to bite my tongue. WTF??? That’s just bullshit. Something need to change in a HUGE way. These are the mother fuckers that will be the first to die! I can hardly wait. Fat sonofabitch!!!!

        • gone under

          you are a better man than me. I would have asked him why the fuck is he on EBT and then buying Lotto tickets… And Yes it is My busness when I pay for it.

        • Gonetoolong

          Similar for me this morning. I went to my son’s football game. Stopped to get an umbrella at the local store (Family Dollar). The area is extremely dark so to speak, had my gun handy, doors looked. I was sitting in the parking lot observing people leave. A van pulls up and parks in the fire zone. Puts 2 “FREE GOVERNMENT PHONES” placards on the car. The crew stands outside trying to give tax payer money away by signing random people up. It is unbelievable that we are a broke ass country and the SOB’s feel it is acceptable t continue to bankrupt things. Then I got to watch a guy come out of the store with a bags of goods, then pull more shit out from under his shirt that he just had stolen. Nice morning watching my fellow citizens at work.

    20. 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

      this is why I have a well….city water sucks

    21. loulou

      My husband had a good laugh a few months back when a city ( forgot which one) shut down the drinking water when they found a guy peeing in it,,,,, reaally are people that stupid?? The water supply in Houston gets their main water from Lake Houston and that’s so darn contaminated its laughable..poisoining the water supply in his eyes are almost nill percent due to the massive amounts of water they have to deal with and the treatment of the water they have to do with it… messing with the air is a whole different enchilada!!!

    22. PO'd Patriot

      I am a lineman for the county, and I drive the main roads,
      searchin’ in the sun for another overload, I can hear you
      through the wires,
      I can hear you through the wine, but the Wichita lineman is still on the line………

      Glen Campbell

      P.S. Just another Fed glamour shot(brought to you by Fat Bastards Inc.) to make you look in another direction. Why is it in the movies when the victim is being chased that they always stop to turn to see if the bad guy’s still coming? Please don’t stop to turn around. Keep going until you can get something between you and them (like preps) then maybe stop to look.

    23. Unreconstructed Southron

      Alert only 50 years too late. They’ve been poisoning our water supply for decades.

    24. Npgh

      Water, grid, air, bio, geo, whatever…if there truly is a threat you will not be warned anyway. You’ll know it when it happens ’cause the gov ain’t gonna tell us when it does. They’ll save their own arses first.

    25. Garrison

      The enemy within. Just a matter of time before another Catastrophe rocks America.

    26. Patriot Man

      Well at least the zionSCUM private pig force, a/k/a the fbi, are on the job again. They are “investigating” their own newest hoax. Hope they find a mirror to catch the usual perps.

      Folks, if you have not quite figured the “formula” out yet, here it is:

      If the zionSCUM propoganda machine, a/k/a the msm, are running their mouths about ANY “story”:

      News flash: it is a big, fat, GD LIE.

      BTW this is the same band of fbi SCUM with badges who were all over Dealey Plaza 49 years and 6 weeks ago – grabbing every camera and 8MM camera in sight. And this is the SAME jew-owned msm scum who will celebrate soon the 50th YEAR of telling the America people the oswald fairy tale.

      Why so we even respond to fbi BS like this anyway. They are the most obvious, and woefully incompetent LIARS around.

      In the new America, there will be NO fbi.

      • aljamo

        Right on Patriot Man. These are the same criminals going back at least 50 years. It is so clear you can see it forever. Thanks for being a “truth terrorist”. The truth never get’s old, just delayed.

    27. Sgt. Dale

      The only thing that could contaminate this much water would be a missing Nuke. I think you know where i’m coming from with this.
      The scare tactic is just perfect. Its not the so much the pain that makes you afraid its the thaught of pain. So scare the hell out of you. You will go to the FEMA camp.

      • Patriot Man

        @ sarge – Go to the fema camp? Not unless you are so enraged with the traitor scum, that you engage them with a wall of lead before they even get to the door. I may die, but who cares? I feel dead living with the jewSCUM criminal cabal regime anyway. Nope – I will never go to a fema execution center camp; you or others may; not me.

    28. Patriot Man

      Oh, it’s a reuters “story.” reuters: zionscumliar “news” agency started by a jew, run by jews. So it MUST be the truth.

      • MongoPissed

        Look for Dancing Israelis ™ celebrating if there is an attack. It will probably be in a large municipality served by an Israeli-owned security company, like Fukushima and the airports on 9-11.

    29. wallry

      Why must the system be on the web? Just think how well it worked before it was connected- good grief, if it is that critical, disconnect it.!!

      • Kulafarmer

        Thats what i dont get, real good point.

    30. Roberta

      The Springfield, IL incident (which by the way, wasnt in Springfield but somewhat nearby) was not caused by a cyberterrorist. An employee on vacation accessed the system for some reason. THe reason people freaked out was because he was vacationing in Russia.

    31. BK

      “In such a case people could go to sleep like any normal night, wake up in the morning and have a glass of water, and be poisoned by any number of chemical or biological agents that have been released into the water supplies.”

      Way too late.
      The water is probably already poisoned by fluoride, added to the water supply by our leaders, all in the name of doing it for the children.
      Drink up and ingest the fluoride, it’s good for you.

    32. Trailer Park Investor

      Go back to sleep
      You are perfectly safe with us on guard…

    33. Satori

      great article Mac

      this site just keeps getting better and better

    34. M

      I keep reading about these error messages when people are posting and just wanted to chime in with some thoughts. I would guess that many people here have a “file” on them. But the first rule of surveillance is that if the person you are tracking becomes aware that they are being tracked the op has failed. So it could be a glitch in the data collecting system.
      If anyone wants to know about surveillance just go have a couple of beers at a biker bar. I went to college in Wisconsin and as anyone from the southeastern part of the state knows the biker community is pretty large there. I got to know a lot of guys that wore colors and many of them were officers in their respective clubs. Clubs like the state line crew were decimated by the RICCO act. Many of them wouldn’t talk on cell phones, wouldn’t email anything other than small talk or talked in code about meeting places for face to face meetings. A good friend to this day was at a club party that was raided by 3 different police agencies because the bar had more people than the they should have under the fire code. No tickets were given out, but everyone was lined up and had photos taken of tattoos and faces. It was for a this same reason. New club and the feds wanted files on the members. Funerals were photographed by authorities, and daily movements by the officers of clubs were tracked by the police. But that is what these guys signed up for when they prospected for these clubs whether they knew it or not.
      People that speak out against the gov’t or talk about rising up have signed the same sort of contract. It is no secret that “our” gov’t is certainly more afraid of it’s own citizens than foreign entities. And when something is written that speaks out against them they take notice and will continue to track them for whatever time period until they decide the value of information.

      BI: I certainly would expect that you have gotten the attention of authorities as well as JOG. There is a guy I listen to regularly that is trying to educate people about the false that nasa is putting out and he speaks regularly about being hacked. But I am thankful that you are putting that EQ information out there. I come here everyday specifically looking for your updates.

      The advice I would give everyone on this board is to keep the perceived direct threats out of your message. I could easily envision a time where a DA shows up in a court room with a stack of printed pages from SHTF and this would fill the burden of proof for terrorism charges. If you are okay with that fine, if not make the changes accordingly. Our country is going to get worse before it gets better.

    35. Say When

      Is it just me that believes something smells fishy about what has been occurring lately? 1 week ago the EBT system partially crashes, Vets being kept out of the war monuments, now water is suspect. We are being primed for something big. I can’t quite figure what is happening, but something terrible this way comes. As a prepper site, the warnings about how important water is to survival have been discussed over and over again. Get your water collection systems and purification systems in order. This is one of the basics of being prepared. This may be another false flag scare, but knowing how evil some of our leaders are, I wouldn’t stake my life on it. DON’T BE SCARED, BE PREPARED!!!

    36. brinksmom

      I live in an area that is in the 4th year of a major drought. No water in the streams, lakes very low and now wells are running dry. Two small towns near me have no water. That will be the biggest problem for those in my area when the SHTF.
      Of course we have stored water and purification methods, but still a worry.

    37. Satori

      Two engineers discover power grid is extremely vulnerable to attack

      “A few months ago, engineers Adam Crain and Chris Sistrunk discovered a potentially catastrophic vulnerability in the nation’s power grid. Due to a flaw in the software used to monitor most of the country’s electrical substations, an attacker can easily break in and cause a widespread power outage.”

    38. aljamo

      Chemicals have more rights than people do. How else could the polluting and poisoning have reached this level? Throw in big pharma, decades of a chemical soup pushed on sick people to manage their illness, instead of healing practices.

    39. Say When

      Watch the other hand. While TPTB have got everyone fretting about their water supplies, what are they doing?
      If I were planning to do something bad, I would want to keep people off guard and have their gaze directed in the opposite direction. These Marxists aren’t stupid, but they are getting bolder, and bold people get careless. Keep safe my friends.
      Say When

    40. Say When

      Watch the other hand. While TPTB have got everyone fretting about their water supplies, what are they doing?
      If I were planning to do something bad, I would want to keep people off guard and have their gaze directed in the opposite direction. These Marxists aren’t stupid, but they are getting bolder, and bold people get careless. Keep safe my friends.
      Say When

      • Say When

        Sorry Mac, don’t know what is happening with this computer, little round thingy jus deeps going round and round. When I shut down and came back online, I found that I kept repeating myself. Again, Sorry.

        • admin

          No worries — it happens. In fact, we’re having some computer server issues ourselves today. We performed an upgrade to a snazzy new server this morning and the site is having some load issues. Please bear with us while we get this optimized (heck, your issues could be because of us).



          • anonymous

            Let’s hope that is all we need to worry about.

    41. maudy fricket

      As we continue to over-populate our country with unrestricted immigration, we will surely experience a shortage of water and other resources. Our population was about 190 million in 1965. Now our population is around 320 million and counting. Demographers say we will have about 1 billion people here in 2200.

      • maudy fricket

        Correction, 2100.

    42. Jack

      In May the Massachusetts State police detained, but did not arrest, (not PC) Seven chemical engineering “Students” from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, who were caught trespassing after midnight at metro Boston’s water supply, the Quabbin Reservoir.

    43. VaFarmBoy

      That’s it, I’m not drinking anymore water…

      • Patriot Man

        VA, play it safe and drink Diet Coke lol.

    44. Be informed

      Major earthquake alert. 6.8 in the northern Gulf of California. On comment #2790625 at 9:39PM on Oct.17 on the Lock and Load article that was exactly one of the locations given as dangerous to get hit with a major earthquake within the end of October. Again the system works. Not just once or twice, but many times over and over again.

      You see Old Coach, this is yet another proof positive it works and earthquakes can be forecasted as said in that comment before it happened. This can save lives as it is further refined. You can go back and see the comment that northern Gulf of California was one of the hazard zones to watch for.

      • jp

        BI….I really don’t understand how anyone can give you a thumbs down on your posts regarding earthquakes! I mean, you are just trying to help people by being aware…apparently, this is something else that the “barrytrolls” seem to have a problem with!
        In any event, your due diligence is appreciated by many here.
        Thank you….

      • The Old Coach

        Yyawwwwnn! Wake me when you’ve got some real evidence. . . .

      • The VOICE from the Outer World

        Good Morning BI,

        Excellent! I came over SPECIFCALLY to get your ‘read’ on the Gulf of Baja tremor…many thanks for the clarification!

        Do you remember ‘way nack in January, when we we NOT having ANY GRB activity for the longest time? ‘Tis happening again. This time there have been s few ‘tiny’ occurances, but these are of the very low magnitude type…’Cosmological’ in origin….originating at vast distances from us.

        The reason I bring this up is that – then – the TOTAL absence of those SEEMED to presage an unusual string of tectonic activity. Yes, I know, thid SEEMS to contradict what I jhave here said before…BUT, is also the case thea VERY LARGE magnitude events seem to casue such as well; there seems to be a ‘middling’ ground which effects a certain equlibrium twixt the two…and that is NOT happening at present…just sayin here.

        Thank you for your prognotications on the issue which is Cascadia in general; I am lately – more and more – of the ‘opinion’ that something is afoot there, as the continuing , daily 7-day and 30-day USGS reads show a distribution of deismic activity that is, well, ‘skewed’ with a distinct LACK of activity throughout the Pacific Northwest. ‘Eeery’ is the word that jumps to mind here.
        As well, the incidence of activity in a wide variety of locationa – including, as you have noted already, some rather unuusual places, is equally disturbing. In summation, I concur with your estimation that ‘something’ is currently on-track for ome rather LARGE expression of terretrial activity…time WILL tell, No?

        Tis late, I know…we have just concluded the final ‘revamp’ of our power generation and distibution ‘local grid’ – and also, storage subsystems – such that a far more efficient utilization is now available to us here…meaning a surfeit of electrical availablity, (relatively speaking)! Previously, our configuration was rather rudimentary – primarily designed for LARGE burst of power used for the timber procesing which so much occcpied us during the first several months ater our arrival. Hallelujah! things ARE ‘easier’ now, especially with our ”Full’ complement now on-hand… finally.

        While I’m present this eve, I would like to communicate something to everyone here, an issue of some practical importance; Those here who are contemplating using timber as a primary building/construction material would do well to heed the following.

        “Borates’ – of any several sorts – are CRITICAL in any long-term preservation effort of WOOD. I have mentioned the astonishing property’a of those compounds here before, some time ago…that advice REMAINS.

        Here, as we felled and de-barked various suitable logs (typically, 20+ inches in girth we had in place a long, broad shallow ‘pit’ which existed almost ready-made – courtesy of Mother Nature – which we were able easily to fill by the simple expedient of a temporary diverion of a nearby stream afyter having closed off one smallish end. We had brought with us a rather large amount of ‘biz queen’ plastic (on rolls) uuch that we were able to line that depression with same. Once so created, we simply dumped about a TON of BORAX into that and when timber felling began, daily we’d roll some several LARGE logs thereinto….allowing them to ‘soak’ therein.

        The reason to do so, of course, is this; to allow for the timber to saturate with the ‘salt’ (as you KNOW…the combination any METAL with ANY non-metal is, classifiablty, a “salt”) whereupon it – the wood – beomes almsot IMPERVIOUS to the action of any fungus or wood-eating species of insect. As it haapens, the action of Borates – oneither fungus or the bacteria inhabiting the intestines of wood-eateting insects is tpo NULLIFY all such chemical processes; fungudss CANNNOT replicate, themelves and bacteria are unanle to undego cell-division…leading to eventual ‘cellular death’

        Ir SHOULD be noted that Borax IS water-soluble and hence will not REMAIN within the wood – when later exposed to RAIN – unless thereafter it is SEALED with something like a ‘Behr Water-proofing/preservatie” compund. Also, I have failed to mention the relative speed of penetration of the solution; that is, VERY FAST! Typically, you can immere those for only about 24 hours to acheive the effect (for sub 12″ logs, bigger takes more time…) subject to the following caveat’ CUT your timber NEARLY to the length you intend to use it for – Yes, I lmow, that takes a LITTLE PLANNING! – but it is mandatory to expose the end-grain of the pieces you are going to use to the fullest possible saturation so as to provide the greatest benefit. The solution WILL penetrate even into thick timber rather easily, but the concentrations contained in the deepest cros-sections …those farthest from the ‘ends’ are lower than at, or near the ends…obviously.

        Thus treated, the associated matrix of cellulose will LAST for DECADES without any appreciable degradation – moreso, if in later years one refreshes the exterior sealant. This EXACT process ia employed – using COMMERCIAL preparations by almost ALL concerns manufacturing timber-based housing (read as ‘Expensive’) which, in truth, provide no better protection.

        Naturally, BORAX is something which CAN BE obtained NOW ‘easily’…whereas LATER it will be IMPOSSIBLE to obtain; as there exists ONLY one comercial-scale deposit of that in the World…out in the Amnercan West…one of the ‘Alkali lakes’ that dot the region…JUST ONE though.

        In times to come the LONGEVITY of the articles we depoend on for our daily lives will become CRITICALLY imporatnt; WHATEVER we BUILD must be built with an an eye to such considerationa, for TIME will become OUR ENEMY in the coure of daily lives…critcal structures MUST LAST for we will have more than enough other considerations with which to occupy ourselves…and our time…

        There are MANY other such things that I will communicate to those here over the next several weeks therfor, more…LATER, Friends.

        Also, I ask again…literally, as the ‘Voice in the Wilderness” here…if what we SEE about us is SO WRONG, then WHAT is the CORRECTION to what ‘is now’. I will tell you this; ere I left…not KNOWING WHAT woould be the outcome of our ‘adventures’ I LEFT with Mac Slavo ‘Something’ that proceeds into that vein…’something’ long dwelt upon in the complete fullness of my thought. That ‘Something’ FORMS the Basis of the ‘New Dawn’, to which I have here alluded MANY times previously…and it is THAT which I have lately promised – again – to those here.

        There IS a SOLUTION People, to all the ‘Ills’ we see about us in this World – whether that be what will here, soon, come – remains to be seen,. But I will tell everyone here this: IT IS A START…at least, and quite possibly MORE even yet.

        Who among you here would NOT wish to live in World where indivdual effort acheives to it’s fullest reward, where self-directed purpose is ‘The Rule’, where the triumph of Humanity over TYRANNY is the final outcome?

        I ask those here – earnestly – to dwell upon these thoughts in the sileneces of your Souls and to PREPARE therefor. AGAIN, I SAY TO THOSE HERE OF GOOD MEIN…LOOK TO THE WORLD TODAY AND SEE WHAT IT IS NOW…AND REMEMBER THE ILLS THAT WERE IN THESE DAYS…FOR THIS TOO SHALL PASS AWAY, SHORTLY…

        … the clear, clean light of ‘New Dawn’ breaks over the whole of Humankind. IT IS NOW NEAR…I promise you this.


    45. Be informed

      @ Mac. Did you get almost all the article I wrote? I found the little sentence that was prevented the whole thing from being sent. I tried to send you the 12 words and it still would not go through. This is something that is really wrong. Someone or something is not allowing it to reach you. 12 words. This is stupid, I mean what could be so important about 12 words that you are not even allowed to see it? Did you like what I sent you, without that part of a sentence I left out?

    46. FULL-GLASS.

      Two words. WATER-WARS. Its real, its here,prepare your water supply any way you can. NOW!

    47. Be informed

      @ jp. Had another earthquake, Central East Pacific Rise. This is number 18 pointing still to a huge earthquake coming. When this exact spot was hit in 2003 there was a 8.3 in northern Japan, and in 2006, a 7.6 in northeast Russia, and a 8.0 in Tonga that followed within about 2 weeks. I have never seen so many of these precursor quakes in which the same spots has produced so many 8+ earthquakes. 18 times out of 20 since Sept.29 says a huge one is still on the way in the locations I have given on these comments.

      You are so correct about trying to help others. IF there is an earthquake that is coming that hits a highly populated area and is as big as I think it is going to be, hundreds of thousands of people could die. If I could just home in enough maybe I could give those people a warning of something awful coming. Most would not listen, but some would. It is very difficult though to get an exact triangulation because of so many energy arcs that are intersecting each other. I still feel that the top best chance is the India/Chinese border region and Japan for the really meag size. Maybe Ecuador to Peru or the Cascadia fault and southern Alaska coast. This one today points heavily to Japan and the Kuril Islands region.

    48. jerrytbg

      I just love it…
      The trolls say that Mac is pushing fear porn…
      Well, if the feds weren’t providing the material we may just be talking about something else…
      Camp fires and ghost stories… warm and fuzzy stuff…j

    49. Nopittypartyhere

      Well, outta the woods and headed home. What a great week. I’m so glad I was in the woods and missed the whole debt ceiling crap. I did load the blog posts when running it to the store, and read them with interest in the evening around the campfire. Hubby did work on the drive up to the creek. We have a natural spring on the side of the hill. We dug a trench and put in a culvert so we could have a circular turn around. For $250 bucks for a culvert we won’t need a well there as it drains at about 1-1/2 gallons a minute. We’ll collect that water and filter use that as needed in the future. We do have a well at the home site, but its 1200 ft away with 400 ft of rise. I built a fire pit with stone sitting benches into the hillside. Was very nice in the chilly weather last night. We both worked on our Dutch oven cooking skills, and have decided to perfect this skill over the winter at home.
      t times I look at the check book and think I’m never gonna get done, then I realize all we’ve accomplished, most of our savings is now invested in tangible assets…food, tools, PMs, brass lead and cold blued steel. Glad to know my .308 is a preferred weapon ;-]

      I think the Walmart near riot back home scared my mom. I hope they start preparing a little more. My stepdad has a great BOL, but she won’t leave town, and the govt leaching drug dealers across the corner from her house will have to be dealt with. They’re 1300 miles away. I can’t do it for them. I’ve been sending my step dad blog posts and asking him to pass on to my brother. They live in the outskirts of jacksonMS. It’s nothing but a hellhole in that city now. But my brother probably is only a day away from trouble in the little burb he’s in. His 8 year old dtr can probably outshoot any gangster there. Both girls are top shots. I wouldn’t want to go up against them.

      At this point I don’t know if anything is imminent or not, but I do know this….nothing is getting cheaper, and prepping is a definite investment in the future. Tis year will be a homemade Christmas, folks getting jam, jelly, homemade laundry soap with the recipe, etc. for years I’ve tried to get away from commercial Christmas, but its so hard. Family refuses to not buy gifts. I’ve asked for donations to the food bank in lieu of gifts etc. just doesn’t work.

      I hope you all saw the article about the ranger, who was presumed unconscious and is on a ventilator raised his hand in salute when presented a medal at the bedside. The photo is a heck of a sight.

      • debrabrag

        Any large city in the Deep South is now a hell hole. Even some of the medium size towns are finished. I just moved from one; we lived there around 15 years and it was a great place to raise a family at one time. We lived about 3 blocks from the Court House: our son would ride his bike to the Christmas & Homecoming parades and he would stay all day for the local summer “Watermelon Festival.”
        What happened you ask? A chicken processing factory that drew illegals like bees to honey. When our son was about 6 or 7 years old, he would run outside whenever he heard a siren because it was such a novelty. The last 5 years meant: sirens all day, crime up, gang signs on overpasses, bridges, downtown buildings; drop in house values. The last straw was the Christmas parade with illegals throwing glass beer bottles at pedestrians and those in the parade. Our son left for college, we dropped the price on our house to a ridiculous level and left. Where we are now is not a perfect BOL, but it sure beats where we were.

    50. sean

      why would portland get rid of that much water because someone pissed in it,i call bullshit people piss in the great lake all the time and big cities like chicago dont get sick!

    51. REB

      Someone may have already asked but where is the thumbs up/down button?
      Ya this whole pee in a lake thing is BS…how many times has it happened and no one saw it?…no one died did they?…how many fish and such die and rot in this lake daily?…how many birds crap in it…how many coon and possums and deer die/drown and sink to the bottom yearly?…how many tons of alge and leaves rot down into nitrite/nitrate ect all the time?…may be goofy to pee in the water but it wont hurt you…what will hurt you is the morons making the rules to protect everyone from everything….especially when the rules are not to protect anyone but to increase their control over us!

      • REB

        Okay,now the button showed up…forget my asking…

    52. Anon

      Safety Pin Survival
      Though they are fairly small and simple in design, safety pins have proven to be an incredible resource during emergency and disaster situations like large scale earthquakes and even warfare. These little wire wonders can be used for repairing gear and equipment, securing bandages, making slings, removing splinters, replacing fishhooks, making small game traps, removing the tangles from knots, building shelters and more.
      Stored on clothing, at the brim of a hat, on a paracord bracelet or in the straps of a pack, keeps these simple survival tools right at hand for when you need them most. Limited only by your imagination, the benefit and uses of packing even just a few safety pins in your Bug Out Bag and Every Day Carry Kit are just about endless. Safety pins are available in a pretty wide variety of sizes and we recommend keeping at least a few smalls, mediums and larges on hand to cover the greatest range of uses.

      Chapstick Survival Uses
      While it might seem silly or even impossible chapstick can actually help save your life… and not just because it keeps your lips nice and pretty. Capable of being utilized in a number of ways to help endure your survival, these little tubes of topical salve are a cheap, easy to use and readily available supply that no proper preparedness folks should be without.
      Protect Your Skin: We all know that when applied directly to the lips, chapstick can help reduce the risk of painfully cracked and dry lips, but did you know that it works on the hands and face just as well? In fact, chapstick can act as a protectant against biting winds and bitter colds no matter where you put it (though it’s more effective some places than others). Applied to the face and ears, chapstick can help decrease the risk of heat loss, frostbite and windburn and the same can be said when applied to the ears or hands of an individual.
      Start A Fire: Many of the chapsticks available on the market today are petroleum based. That means that they will burn well even in wet and somewhat windy weather. Small slices or smudges of chapstick can be used as stand alone fire-starters. However to achieve a longer/stronger burn time, try working some chapstick into a cotton ball or throughout your tinder pile. This is exceptionally helpful when dealing with damp wood or when trying to light a fire with little natural tinder available.
      Treat A Wound: Small cuts and abrasions – like the kind you might get from shaving, handing a bit of wire, gardening or working your way through brambles – can be treated with just a little bit of chapstick… though I’d recommend not using scented kind as the oils may irritate the wound. Always clean your cuts, no matter how small, before applying any topical treatments. Camoflage: Mixed with a bit of dirt or ash, chapstick can be made into a fairly effective camouflage for use in some survival and disaster situations.

      • Canada Canuk

        @Anon….Thanx for the ‘tips’…good to see this, kinda reminds me of all the tips about survival that we used to get on the site!

        @BI…thanx for your HUGE efforts(on watching our backs) re: EQ developments….we ALL really appreciate it!!…you and JOG together are BRILLIANT!! take care, CC.

    53. eppe

      Seeing the shat we are in, how about a gov. joke I just got. explains alot….

      The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians, passed on from generation to generation, says:
      “When you discover you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.”

      In modern education and expanded government, however, a whole range of far more advanced strategies are often employed, such as:

      1. Buying a stronger whip.

      2. Changing riders.

      3. Threatening the horse with termination.

      4. Appointing a committee to study the horse.

      5. Arranging to visit other countries to see how others ride dead horses.

      6. Lowering the standards so that dead horses can be included.

      7. Re-classifying the dead horse as “living-impaired.”

      8. Hiring outside contractors to ride the dead horse.

      9. Harnessing several dead horses together to increase the speed.

      10. Providing additional funding and/or training to increase the dead horse’s performance.

      11. Doing a productivity study to see if lighter riders would improve the dead horse’s performance.

      12. Declaring that as the dead horse does not have to be fed, it is less costly, carries lower overhead, and therefore contributes substantially more to the bottom line of the economy than do some other horses.

      13. Rewriting the expected performance requirements for all horses.

      14. Promoting the dead horse to a supervisory position.

      15. As a last resort, sell it on Ebay.

      • wrong

        I like 9 the best! I blew Bud Light out my nose…. That hurts

    54. KY Mom

      State of emergency declared as another oil/gas train derails in Canada

      Zero Hedge

    55. eppe

      how about another?


      A bicycle can’t stand alone;
      it is two tired.

      A will is a dead giveaway.

      Time flies like an arrow;
      fruit flies like a banana.

      A backward poet writes inverse.

      A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.

      When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds.

      The guy who fell onto an upholstery machine is now fully recovered.

      You are stuck with your debt if you can’t budge it.

      He broke into song because he couldn’t find the key.

      A calendar’s days are numbered.

      A boiled egg is hard to beat.

      He had a photographic memory which never developed.

      The short fortune teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large.

      Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end.

      When you’ve seen one shopping centre,
      you’ve seen a mall.

      If you jump off a bridge in Paris,
      you are in Seine.

      When she saw her first strands of grey hair,
      she thought she’d dye.

      Santa’s little helpers are subordinate clauses.

      Acupuncture is a jab well done.

      The roundest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference,
      Who acquired his size from too much pi.

      I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island,
      but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian.

      She was only a whiskey maker,
      but he loved her still.

      No matter how much you push the envelope,
      it’ll still be stationery.

      A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was prosecuted for littering.

      Two silk-worms had a race;
      the result was a tie.

      Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

      I wondered why the football kept getting bigger.
      Then it hit me.

      A sign on the lawn at a drug rehabilitation centre said ‘Keep off the Grass.’

      Old soldiers who survived mustard gas and pepper spray are now seasoned veterans,

      Don’t join dangerous cults;
      practice safe sects.

      • The Old Coach

        Where did you find all those 1950s issues of Boy’s Life?

        • eppe

          Sure did, I bet you have that issue. Lol, just kidding, trying to inject some humor and some thought provoking issues to some who are younger and may have not seen the same stuff us older guys have read. May you have a blessed day…

        • eppe

          Sure did. I try to inject some humor to the ones who are younger than us, and maybe have not had the pleasure of clean jokes or thought provoking issues. I hope you have a blessed day…

    56. eppe

      one more time….

      Maureen Scott is an ardent American patriot who was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and retired to Richmond, VA, in 2000. Free from the nine-to-five grind of writing for employers and clients, she began writing political commentary to please herself and express her convictions, as do I. Our Pledge of Allegiance, a military band playing the National Anthem, and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, inspire her passion and views. Her life is guided by a firm belief that truth is the most important virtue, and that God knows what He is doing with her. She is my guest writer today, for I could have never said it better. Please take the time to read and listen to this good American woman. I believe you will be glad you did. I give you Maureen Scott.
      The Architect of Destruction
      By Maureen Scott
      Barack Obama appears to be a tormented man filled with resentment, anger, and disdain for anyone of an opinion or view other than his. He acts in the most hateful, spiteful, malevolent, vindictive ways in order to manipulate and maintain power and control over others. Perhaps, because, as a child, he grew up harboring an abiding bitterness toward the U.S. that was instilled in him by his family and mentors…it seems to have never left him.

      It is not the color of his skin that is a problem in America .

      Rather it is the blackness that fills his soul and the hollowness in his heart where there should be abiding pride and love for this country.

      Think: Have we ever heard Obama speak lovingly of the U.S. or its people, with deep appreciation and genuine respect for our history, our customs, our sufferings and our blessings? Has he ever revealed that, like most patriotic Americans, he gets “goose bumps” when a band plays “The Star Spangled Banner,” or sheds a tear when he hears a beautiful rendition of ” America the Beautiful?” Does his heart burst with pride when millions of American flags wave on a National holiday – or someone plays “taps” on a trumpet? Has he ever shared the admiration of the military, as we as lovers of those who keep us free, feel when soldiers march by? It is doubtful because Obama did not grow up sharing our experiences or our values. He did not sit at the knee of a Grandfather or Uncle who showed us his medals and told us about the bravery of his fellow troops as they tramped through foreign lands to keep us free. He didn’t have grandparents who told stories of suffering and then coming to America, penniless, and the opportunities they had for building a business and life for their children.

      Away from this country as a young child, Obama didn’t delight in being part of America and its greatness. He wasn’t singing our patriotic songs in kindergarten, or standing on the roadside for a holiday parade and eating a hot dog, or lighting sparklers around a campfire on July 4th as fireworks exploded over head, or placing flags on the grave sites of fallen and beloved American heroes.

      Rather he was separated from all of these experiences and doesn’t really understand us and what it means to be an American. He is void of the basic emotions that most feel regarding this country and insensitive to the instinctive pride we have in our national heritage. His opinions were formed by those who either envied us or wanted him to devalue the United States and the traditions and patriotism that unites us.

      He has never given a speech that is filled with calm, reassuring, complimentary, heartfelt statements about all the people in the U.S. Or one that inspires us to be better and grateful and proud that in a short time our country became a leader, and a protector of many. Quite the contrary, his speeches always degenerate into mocking, ridiculing tirades as he faults our achievements as well as any critics or opposition for the sake of a laugh, or to bolster his ego. He uses his Office to threaten and create fear while demeaning and degrading any American who opposes his policies and actions. A secure leader, who has noble self-esteem and not false confidence, refrains from showing such dread of critics and displaying a cocky, haughty attitude.

      Mostly, his time seems to be spent causing dissension, unrest, and anxiety among the people of America, rather than uniting us (even though he was presented to us as the “Great Uniter”). He creates chaos for the sake of keeping people separated, envious, aggrieved and ready to argue. Under his leadership Americans have been kept on edge, rather than in a state of comfort and security. He incites people to be aggressive toward, and disrespectful of, those of differing opinions. And through such behavior, Obama has lowered the standards for self-control and mature restraint to the level of street-fighting gangs, when he should be raising the bar for people to strive toward becoming more considerate, tolerant, self-disciplined, self-sustaining, and self-assured.

      Not a day goes by that he is not attempting to defy our laws, remove our rights, over-ride established procedures, install controversial appointees, enact divisive mandates, and assert a dictatorial form of power.

      · Never has there been a leader of this great land who used such tactics to harm and hurt the people and this country.

      · Never have we had a President who spoke with a caustic, evil tongue against the citizenry rather than present himself as a soothing, calming and trustworthy force.

      · Never, in this country, have we experienced how much stress one man can cause a nation of people – on a daily basis!

      Obama has promoted the degeneration of peace, civility, and quality of cooperation between us. He thrives on tearing us down, rather than building us up. He is the Architect of the decline of America , and the epitome of a Demagogue.

      © Maureen Scott

      • me

        and one 10cent bullet would fix that

      • wrong

        Thanks eppe.

    57. Okie rebel

      I feel I have an obligation to inform the three letter agencies that are privy to the content of this website. You need to inform the people u intend to use for disarming Americans of a few pitfalls of the job before they take it. For the most part they need to be afraid of the personnel who will not be affiliated with the intended target of their planned disarmament. Many will be mowed down from afar without realizing there is a threat to their rear or flanks. It is the shts when the fast moving projectiles pierce the air near you and u get the words out OH Fck then u hear the pop but by then the second round has already found its mark. It is very demoralizing to work in such an environment. You have no clue where it came from or who did it. Many will feel safe in their armored vehicle, however the Btch of it is they have to leave the safety of that hull sometime. I pray you three letter agencies do not drag our local Leo’s into this hell. This is not their doing and they should be left out of it. If u use the UN. It will be your responsibility to inform them of the dangers of trying to disarm the American public. I am not threatening anyone here, however you have an obligation to inform the perpetrators who you choose to use of the dangers of this task.

      • OutWest

        Okie rebel — and that’s the way it’s done

    58. James Woroble Jr

      The absolute zenith of hypocrisy and absurdity!!!

      As the very same government dumps tons of fluoride into our public water supply and knowingly permits the mixture injection of millions of gallons of known carcinogens into the water table for fracking, to turn around and feign concern and fear of a ‘terrorist’ attack upon the water system, in which if even successful, would represent .0000000001% of the damage they effect on a daily basis, is, well…. There are just no words to describe it.

      They must really think we’er all 5 years old!

    59. Mark of the Beast?

      This water supply situation should be a wake up call for all preppers and none preppers to not stop adding to your supplies. We are living in the theater of the absurb, surrounded with calamity and chaos.We are racing towards the finale chapter of human history folks. Make sure you know what direction your soul will go. It will either go up or down. In these perilous times of never ending curcumstances be sure yor pantry is filled and your soul is saved. As Bob Dylan says YOU WILL HAVE TO SERVE SOMEBODY. The one who rules the darkness or the one who rules the light.

    60. Buzzfix

      I’ve been enjoying my Berkey system for a week now. Best investment you can make best I made I used to spend $10 a week on distilled water. I got tired of spending $500 a year on water especially when I took a pay cut with a new job. Without water you got nothing. I got the smaller “travel model with two black filters and two fluoride/heavy metals filters. Filters a gallon in a hour or less. I really recommend Berkey. I ordered mine from James something in Boulder Colorado. I Looked elsewhere Amazon and Ready store etc and compared and he had the best deal. Water is no 1 in survival don’t fuck around! Drink safe.

    61. Be informed

      @ Lisa. Last year I had the same computer problem with the 404 error that would not let me send a comment until I removed two words from the comment, this included the contact form to Mac also. Do you know what those two words were? “Poker face”. Yes, when I removed those two words from the comment I was attmepting to send about Israel and the Middle East, the comment was allowed and posted. Those two key words blocked the comment from getting through to this comment section AND the contact form to Mac. I kid you not, the two words POKER FACE stopped the comment.

      This time it was a combination of 12 words that would not allow the comment here or to get to Mac, I still can’t use those 12 words without getting that 404 error message. Something is wrong with Mac’s site. It is either a computer glitch or the government doing something to prevent key words from being used. This is no coincidence as I tested this without those 12 words and it got through.

      • KY Mom

        Be Informed,

        I have gotten the 404 error code too.

        I have discovered it is not always the ‘same words’ that block the message. The ‘blocked words’ of the day vary.

        Thank you for the time you spend on research and the warnings you share with us on earthquakes!

        Take care! Hope you have a great day!
        KY Mom

    62. DirtyGreek

      My handle has always been ‘dirtygreek’. I am here to ruffle all the chickens’ feathers on here. Critical thought gets assistance,when one goes against the ‘shtfplan gang’. Open your minds,stop blaming your government,stop the fear mongering,stop the sheep like replies.
      Im here to learn about survival,dont care about your shitty posts, slandering your shitty president. Keep hearing about the problems but find little input on possible solutions.
      Ugh,gives me a migraine headache sinking down to your level. Hot damn ‘merikans! I tell you what! 🙂

      • braveheart

        DirtyGreek, if you’re really sincere about learning about survival, attacking the good people here won’t do you any good. We don’t take kindly to anyone attacking our community for no good reason, then you have the nerve to say you want to learn about survival? The “shtf gang” as you call us, ARE here for the purpose of discussing survival-related subjects and exchanging useful information on those subjects so we’ll all have the best possible chance of what’s coming to this land. We already know how to engage in critical thought. Looking for fear mongering? Look no further than the federal govt. and their mouthpieces in the MSM. As one of our people said in an article she contributed here earlier this year we preppers are the last group of independent thinkers left in this nation. You’ve had way too much of that federal Kool-Aid. Before you can learn about survival, you’ve got to wake up and smell the coffee first; i.e. come into the real world. Get out of the Obama fantasy land you’ve been living in. Start acting right toward us and we’ll be glad to help you. Otherwise, go take a hike!

        • Urban

          Brave. You are correct about the purpose of this site. You just don’t further the purpose. I will give you some examples. You never point to your numerous failures. You have had impending doom feelings. You have had them for years. You never lead “I know I have said this numerous times and have been wrong”. These feelings are based in poor reasoning (if you give a reason) and when your specific prediction is wrong, you move to a new hysterical topic without admitting you were wrong. You also make general statements without deadlines. “It’s coming soon” is worthless. You also contradict yourself like a liberal. “My dad lives off social security and a government pension so leave them alone”. You and numerous people here say “paid into social security and I want mine”. Disregard how we are going to saddle future generations with debt. Brave, you never give practical advice, you just thro shit against the wall to see what sticks. I am a business owner and tea party member. I am trying to shut you up so we can get down to business. You are worthless and a loser.

          • braveheart

            urban dildo, I’m not worthless or even a loser, not by a f#$%in longshot! I’ve worked all my life for the things I’ve wanted. I’ve always earned my keep. I’ve never had my hand out for anything from anybody. I don’t contradict myself on anything ever. Never been a f#$%in liberal and never will be. So my timing on certain predictions has been wrong, so what? Actually, I’m glad the timing was off, so that means we all have more time for prepping and getting all the supplies we can before this house of cards comes crashing down, whenever that will be. I’ll carry on with my prepping until the last minute. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll stop making any predictions on WHEN anything will happen. You say you’re self-employed and a tea party member? How do you feel about all the BS regulations and taxes you have to deal with from the local all the way to federal levels? How much faith do you have in the neocons who have hijacked the tea party? It originally started as in independent movement under Ron Paul’s leadership; that’s what it was intended to be. I would have joined if it hadn’t been hijacked by the neocons. If you want to follow them, go right ahead. They’re USING THE MOVEMENT to pursue their own agenda. They don’t care about the people any more than the libturds do. They’ll take the tea party down in flames along with you if you let them. You say I need to shut up so everyone can get down to business? MF, I’ve been getting down to business all this time and still doing so. When the time comes, I will stand up and fight the NWO. What about you? Where do you fit into all of this? I’m an independent thinker and so is everyone else here. None of us accept the crap that comes from either party. We’re not trapped in that false left-right paradigm. Do yourself a favor and get away from their propaganda and join the real world. You’ll be glad you did.

            • Urban

              No brave. It would be better if you included when and please add your reasoning.

      • Kulafarmer

        Are you in Greece?
        Just curious if the areas with tourism are still booming and the other areas out of view are the ones hurting? Over here they try to round up the homeless etc to try and keep up illusions for the tourist that everything is groovy, when it really isnt,

      • InsanityISContagious

        Dirty Greek: If you are here to learn, then SHUT UP and take notes…skip the blogs and stick to Mac’s lessons. You can find actual hands-on prepping tips at the other sites Mac lists.

    63. Be informed

      @ M. It is very interesting that not ounce have I ever got that 404 error with an earthquake forecast. I think that the goverment actually wants to know for their own families when and where the next earthquake of 6.5+ is going to hit. There is still a massive amount of energy building and I think the government wants to know when it is going to happen. Already 3 of the previous major earthquakes have struck that were mentioned as danger areas; Philippines 7.2, New Guinea 6.8, and the Gulf of California today at 6.8. This is not psychic fortune telling, it is going through hours of data and plugging in numbers and measuring and plotting on a medium size globe.

      It is when I get upset about the garbage going on and try to point out something that the problem arises. I sent Mac an article I wrote about what makes a bad government. I thought the whole thing was being censored as it would not go through on this comment page or the contact form that goes to Mac directly. So I sent Mac pieces of it and it went through, until I came to one sticken sentence, 12 words. I narrowed it down after several tries to 12 words. It is really stupid as these 12 words are nothing and mean nothing, yet you try to send them and 404 error message comes up and that circle goes around and around on the contact form. It was a nothing statement on how the elitists get all the advantages from everyone under them, in so many other words. It made the computer puke for some reason. Like last year when I couldn’t send a comment because of the two words, poker face. Go figure. Maybe I should just stick to earthquake forecasting more often.

      • M

        BI: I am not quite sure why some things will get flagged and some will not. I am definitely not a techie. All I know is that at this point, at this time, everyone should be very careful in my opinion when speaking out against the authorities.

        At some point in the future there will be clear lines drawn with the “players” fully revealing themselves. That is when choices will have to be made. But right now the lines are blurry. Right now there are groups that are gathering information on everyone that may or may not be a threat to the establishment. Basically what they are doing is a scouting report and sizing up the competition. Until everyone knows where the lines are drawn and who the teams are, we give them the opportunity to slink off in the night like they have done throughout history. Everyone right now is only seeing the obvious players, that is what “they” want us to see, those will be the fall-guys, we need to wait long enough to see past those to the people that control the macro dynamics, not settle for the micro players.

        I don’t think that your forecast would have ever tripped any keyword. But I do think that what you have written in the recent past about your disgust for how the gov’t is working or not working so well may very well have triggered some attention.

        I am untrained in this field but there are certain things written here today that grabbed my attention. One guy wrote above here that a certain amount of a chemical would contaminate however amount of water. Really? That wouldn’t grab someone’s attention from any organization? Maybe, and a big maybe, if that was posted on a chemistry forum it would be allowed to slide but I really doubt that its looked at the same way on this website.

        Whether people here want to admit or not, like minded people on this site are a fringe society and that will garner attention from everyone wanted and unwanted. At first when the patriot act was passed I was totally on board with it, until a biker friend explained how the ricco act morphed and told me that the pat act would do the same. He almost giggle when he told me that someday it would be held against citizens, because that is what their fringe society had dealt with for years. He was right.

      • Gonetoolong

        Maybe you have already covered this, but do you have any thoughts on the 2 large dead Orr fish found within the past 2 weeks off the coast of Calif? Japanese culture says these fish show up dead around a recent large earthquake either before or after. Just curious as it seems strange that not 1 but 2 have now been found in similar area. Thanks

    64. Be informed

      @ M. There have been times in the past that I wrote something and received that 404 error message and just said forget it and rewrote the message. This time I spent lots of time putting together what I sent to Mac and I wanted to know WHY it was flagged. So just like last year I narrowed it down until I found out what was causing this. I did try to send individual words and they were fine, it was a combination of those 12 words that upset something. It was more of a curious thing more than anything. It wasn’t even important set of words that anyone could have said. Interesting as I can’t stand to not know something.

      The earthquake forecasts have never been flagged. Even if I knew the exact moment of the New Madrid or other fault breaking I don’t think that would be flagged either because there are too many government characters out there that want to know also when a natural diaster is going to strike. An earthquake now is as frightening and as sudden as a hurricane or tornado was 100 years ago or more, yet science figured out how to forecast them. The same holds true for earthquakes, as the system that I am using is at least showing the area where it will hit and within a certain narrow time period of only 15 days or so. The magnitude has been fairly accurate also. I have other theories on other puzzles also. JustOneGuy is someone that is a mega expert on the Sun and I am sure the government watches this very closely also. I wonder if one day many of us on this site and a few others are are going to be scooped up and put into some Area 51 one day, or the government just considers us like Charlie in the 2012 movie.

    65. RickInOregon

      Off topic:

      Well here it is, two in the morning and I’m taking in this last fishing trip. I got home about a half hour ago, took a shower and now I’m in the wind down mode and reflect mode.

      I left the house at two thirty in the morning and met up with another skipper to fish out of his boat. When I left home the sky was clear and just before I got into my rig there was a shooting star. When we arrived at Ilwaco boat launch there was a shooting star, there was also a red sky rising. Note to myself, shooting stars are not a sign.

      We crossed the Columbia River bar by 0700 with four on board and two scoops of live bait and one block of frozen chum. The bar crossing wasn’t too bad, it would have been a little sporty for my boat but for the Striper that I was on it was just a nuisance. After crossing the bar we headed west to an area that’s 60 miles away. The wind was blowing more than what was predicted, the seas were lumpy and it was a slow slog out to the spot. The farther out we went the more the wind was blowing, the wind waves were standing up and white caps were everywhere. We arrived at “the spot” about 1100 and put out some troll gear. I was at the helm and within five minutes we had a reel screaming. The deck hands were taken by surprised and were in a state of confusion on how to convert a single bite into multipole bites. It was just a matter of shaking the cobwebs out though, we had three skippers and one rookie onboard. The skippers stepped up on the next bite and shined. It was a tough day with the wind to get a good bait bite going but we still managed to have a good day for what 2013 has been giving us.

      Sea life was a couple of whale spout, a few sun fish, lots of birds, no sharks and no exotics.

      We left “the spot” a little late and entered the Columbia River bar after sunset, we did witness one of the best moon rises I’ve ever seen. As it came up over the coast range it was big and orange, a wisp of clouds moved across the face of the moon and made it look like a jack o lantern, evil smile and all.

      On the way home we stopped by a camp where some friends were at for a harvest weekend. They had decided to fish near shore and caught some very nice ling cods and filled some crab traps. They had also gone razor clamming and raked steamer clams. When we arrived at their camp they had the cooking well under way. We ate our fill of crab, fried chanterelle mushrooms, ling cod, razor clams and feasted on steamer clams. Something new to me was that while there was a batch of crab being steamed, with four minutes left to go some ling cod fillets were pot into the pots. That was delicious.

      2013’s tuna season was a weird year but it ended well, not epic but memorable.

      • RickInOregon

        Oh yeah, I picked up another tsunami float from Japan, it was a small black plastic float about the the size of a basket ball with marine growth on it. There was also a navigational warning of a small boat floating upside down about fourteen mile outside the columbia River bar with it covered in marine growth.

      • OhioReader


        A few years ago I visited the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria and watched the documentary film about “crossing the bar”. It looked terrifying, so when you said you were crossing the bar, that’s what I imagined! I’m glad it was a safe passage for your group. Your descriptions paint a beautiful picture of the ocean and your day and evening meal.

        I love the Oregon and Washington coast. On that trip, we were in Olympic NP, and got up very early to get to a beach at sunrise during a low tide. We spent 2-3 hours photographing beautiful sea stars, anemones, and various molluscs on the rocks and in tide pools. It was an unforgettable experience.

    66. The VOICE from the Outer World

      BI…you GOTTA see this,

      The range of physical applications for this is HUGE! Needles to say,one of the likely (unmentioned) potential applications is in Seismology, wherein Power Law ‘distributions’ are exceedingly common; as well, Solar
      phenomena also.


      PS: this is ONE of several VERY ‘interesting’ sites I frequent…I’m sure you’ll likely find it intriguing as well…

    67. Be informed

      @ RickInOregon. You may be picking up plenty from a tsunami all right. Number 19 of the percursor earthquakes just hit west of the Galapagos Islands on the Cocos Plate. This exact spot was hit before and again very large earthquakes occurred. Not a 8+, but a 7.6 in 1976 in China that killed hundreds of thousands and a 7.5 in New Guinea in 1990 and a 7.4 in 1987. It is still saying huge earthquake coming. Again the Alaskan area is picking up a lot of energy signatures and the Cascadia fault region has many times before this.

      You are in the belly of the beast where you are in Oregon. If you hear of very large earthquake like in Japan, Alaska and a tsunami warning get high and inland as soon as possible, or if you are too far out in the ocean go to the deepest water you can get to, the tsunami wave won’t build up in deep water. It might go under you and produce a 2 or 3 foot swell and that is it. Shallow water is certain death with a tsunami. If the Cascadia fault goes I hope you are in deep water because no one in a boat will survive, not even the largest battleship would.

      Why I mention this is because many people in boats out in the ocean don’t realize as long as they are in deep water they are safe. While others will try to make it to port and hardly out run the tsunami. There is video of Japanese fisherman in 2011 or in Indonesia, Thailand ares in 2004 that are out 1-2 miles and you can see there boats go up a little and then down and then the tsunami building higher and higher as it reached the shallows. Then you see what happens to any boat caught within the wave, it is horrifying to watch. People in boats though can easily survive though if they know what to look. Few people still don’t understand when the water rushes out of a shoreline or bay and leaves the land dry it means death moving at 25-35 mph or more is coming in soon after that.

      It is just that I see something very huge coming as the earthquakes on the divergent plates continue to say so. It might hit an inland area like India/China region or it could be the west coast or Alaskan region, or Japan again. It could even be down on the Nazca plate off of South America that would produce a horrible tsunami. My suggestions is that if you hear of a massive undersea earthquake that no matter what you take action, because it is survivable as long as you have time to act. Beyond that, good fishing.

      • brinksmom

        Thank you for keeping us informed, BI. Scary, but we need to know.

      • Anonymous

        BI I appreciate your passion and the hard work you do in your earthquake forecasting. I’m like many that live on this planet, we except the short comings of where we live and learn to live with it. The people that live in tornado alley have something where they live that keeps them there, as do those that live where hurricanes visit and where any number of conditions make an outsider wonder if the people living there has all their marbles.

        Keep on predicting and keep on warning and don’t be offended if those of us in the bullseye keep the rest of the world wondering if we have all our marbles.

    68. Ancient Echoes

      Dear Fellow Humans: The waters of our world are waiting for our love and appreciation, like so many things on this beautiful planet of ours. We need to remember who we are and what we are all capable of doing if we work together.

    69. PA farmer

      I was taught by my father and grandfather when buying land, #1, make sure there is a good water Source on the property.

    70. JayJay

      Dear Terrorists,

      Get in line.


      U.S. Government, CIA, NSA, FBI, Ag Department, BATF, IRS, DOD, DHS, EPA, Fed. Reserve, FDA,……….

    71. Anon

      We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrowit from our children.

      I am going to reveal to you 8 magic words.

      With these words you will have a new understanding of issues you have contemplated at length.

      If these words were spoken years ago we would have entirely different influences in music and movies and language.

      If these words were spoken years ago we would have a much smaller national deficit.

      If these words were spoken years ago we would have far less turmoil in America.

      If these words were spoken years ago we would have all of our great cities prospering as well as the small towns.

      If these words were spoken years ago we would have far less violence and have far less need for gun control.

      Ready ??

      ” We should have picked our own damn cotton”.–

    72. km

      First off this government are the terrorists! Secondly, if they-them want to really control masses of people, they will control the food and the water. They have already said as much by signing the water treaty on 3/22 of this year. They now (own) all the water! So, that means a real good control mechanism to get the people to comply. We can go awhile with no food, but that’s not the case with water!

    73. Kettle Moraine

      Hello everyone,
      Off topic, but there is a real threat to think about. There is a 1300 ft. wide asteroid that will hit the earth in 2032!! Don’t worry though. It is on a collision course, but NASA gives it odds of 1 in 48000 of a direct hit. That should loosen up any rust this old planet has on her!!

      molon labe

    74. Be informed

      @ Gonetoolong. You are absolutely correct about deep sea animals before huge earthquakes. These oar fish would be very sensitive to Earth movements. It is also intereswting to note that some very large squid have been rolling up along the European coast line around Spain. The first oar fish was caught, so I am not sure of this, but the second washed up. It would be of much value if other people along the west coast sees any other weird animal behavior. I just know that 19 earthquakes say huge one is coming after some of those earthquakes have already forecasted 3 major quakes. I wish I could have got a direct warning to the Philippines before 200 people died, it might have made a difference.

      @ JustOneGuy. That is quite interesting article, and something like this could in fact narrow down where the next major earthquake(s) are going to be coming from, like the way they narrow down where the eyewall of a hurricane comes ashore.

      I would like to also mention to everybody how well this site works. People find something that others don’t see and are unaware of. When this is passed on, we all benefit and learn. I big cheer for SHTFPLAN and all those that contribute and make a difference for all of us to have a better conception of what is actually going on.

    75. Gonetoolong

      Actually both fish were dead when found. The first was just free floating and a snorkeler had help to bring onto land. The other washed up. These signs do seem to possibly carry some significance.

    76. Infidels-r-us

      A few years ago I read in the news an article about a semi truck load of barrels of cyanide missing in Arizona, I believe. The truck was found in the desert a few days later with several 55 gal barrels missing. Now what would one do with that? It would be easy to pump this directly into a cities water supply. You would just have to overcome the ambient water pressure and pump it in right in your kitchen. Scary shit. It takes a tiny amount of this stuff to kill ya. We are not going to get out of this world alive with everybody trying to kill us, methinks.

    77. sixpack

      This thing keeps putting my email in the website box

    78. Austrian Water Tech

      Hate t remain anonymous but I happen to work for one of these threatened utilities.
      We have a fenced, gated, surveilled perimeter monitored by a couple of crazy women, and a semi-retired religious whack. No need to fear. It’s a gun free zone. Our overly automated control system is a hodge podge that most likely could be hacked. The petite bureaucrats running the place would probably be slow to catch anything though as the IT was handed over to outside contractors years ago. The good part is all of the automation can be turned off and real water operators can still operate the plant
      If they really wanted to contaminate the water there are many ways to do it without ever even getting near the source.
      This is a False Flag designed to scare folks. Probably more coming.

    79. mostevenings

      Sound like McAfee would like to sell more software. Sounds like Y2K again.

    80. Heather

      Thank you for spending time in order to write “Alert:
      FBI Investigating Threats to Midwest Water Supply Systems:
      “On High Alert””. Thanks a ton once more ,Luca

    81. Anonymous

      Is Mac on vacation or something? shtfplan has not had a new article since this one on oct. 19th? or am I having computer update problems. I sure miss reading all of the great news stories and articles from this site…its one of my daily reads.

      • admin

        We have been regularly updating this web site since the 19th — You may have some old pages cached in your browser and I strongly urge you to clear your browser cache. that should fix it!



    82. Bosco

      I am also not seeing anything past the 19th, and I am viewing this on a new laptop so its not a cached.

      Just an FYI.

      Hope to see the new stuff soon.


    83. Bosco

      Never mind, even though I have not viewed this page on this computer, I was able to get the updated posts with shift, reload.



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