Alaska Man Cited For Illegal Bartering: “I Need Some Firewood and I’m Willing to Trade Some Moose Meat”

by | Jan 20, 2012 | Headline News | 152 comments

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    If you’re planning on bartering emergency stockpiles and supplies in the event of a disaster then be sure to check applicable state and Federal laws or you may end up being the subject of a sting operation, as was the case with Chad Gerondale of Alaska.

    Bartering may have been a necessary trade practiced by the earliest of our human ancestors, but in a society where central planning and control is the status quo, even the exchange of food or services becomes an illegal act:

    Chad Gerondale, 41, has hired well-known Fairbanks attorney Bill Satterberg to represent him in the “meat for heat” case, as it has been dubbed by online spectators.

    “I’ve got a lot to say about it but (Satterberg) told me not to,” Gerondale told the News-Miner Tuesday morning when he returned phone messages left during the weekend.

    Alaska Wildlife Troopers last week issued Gerondale a summons to appear in court on Feb. 3 to be arraigned on a misdemeanor charge of illegal barter of game meat. Troopers issued a news release Friday stating Gerondale had been cited for agreeing to trade 125 pounds of moose meat for two cords of firewood.

    Buying, selling or bartering of game meat, except snowshoe hares, is illegal. The one exception is caribou meat in northern and western Alaska (units 22-26) may be bartered, but the meat cannot be taken out of those units.

    Gerondale allegedly offered to swap moose meat for firewood on the radio show, Tradio, which airs on KFAR 660 AM.

    “The allegations are the guy was on Tradio and said, ‘I need some firewood and I’m willing to trade some moose meat,’” Satterberg said.

    Trooper Ken Vanspronsen contacted Gerondale to make a deal and then showed up at his house and issued him a citation, Satterberg said.

    “If you say, ‘I’ve got some moose meat; you’ve got some salmon, let’s trade,’ that’s a crime,” Satterberg said. “Simply making the statement is the crime. That’s a serious First Amendment question.

    What the law says:

    AS16.05.920. Prohibited Conduct Generally.

    (a) Unless permitted by AS16.05-AS16.40, by AS41.14, or by regulation adopted under AS16.05-AS16.40 or AS41.14, a person may not take, possess, transport, sell, offer to sell, purchase, or offer to purchase fish, game, or marine aquatic plants, or any part of fish, game, or aquatic plants, or a nest or egg of fish or game.

    Source: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

    The lesson here is that if you plan on bartering, illegal or not, keep it a private matter. Government minions, whether on the Federal level, or local law enforcement, have nothing better to do than to interfere in the business of private individuals.


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      1. You missed the real headline here. If this man had been a “native” or a 1/2 native or a 1/4 native or… a 1/32 native the law would not apply. Our lawmakers consistently create “super citizens” who don’t have to obey laws that the rest of us do. Government has forced racial discrimination on us for years and shows no sign of giving up.

        • I fail to see where the law should have ever been implemented……………..

          • It’s pretty simple. It keeps people from making a profit by selling inferior goods. It forces people to go through the correct channels, in this case the FDA, to keep the public safe from dangerous goods.

            • What correct channels??? If the FDA was wasn’t so corrupt, maybe your argument would had some weight. But, as it stands today, the FDA DOES NOT keep the public safe. With its revolving doors in the white house, it lets Pharma sell its dangerous drugs (humans are an experiment of the pharma)… and then we have Monsanto and the GMO’s selling dangerous foods. (pesticide in your food).

            • Guess who owns FDA ? Use to be Federal like Federal Reserve. He owns lot of that also. Rockefeller Foundation and largest stockholder in Pharmas. Anything funny about that? Tell us more ,will ya? thanks, Were learning .

            • This comment is poorly rated not because of content but because of stupidity.

            • Fatso, Love, and Common Sense: I think you’ve missed the point. In most states, the govenment owns game animals and it lets individuals harvest them ( hunting licenses) for personal consumption only. Once a person tries to trade or sell the meat, it becomes a commercial enterprise (possibly for profit) and that’s illegal in most states. If he had raised the moose (again throught govenment approval) on his own property, in many states he could trade or sell the meat just like any other livestock. You’ve got to watch out for those technicalities.

            • Government interfering in the private affairs of it’s citizens is a threat to public safety. Especially concerning food.

            • ignorance is bliss isn’t common sense

            • Since when has the FDA kept anybody safe. An where do you get of calling wild meat (( inferior goods )) What about the Government FDA operated cattle farms,, or should I say steroid fed cattle farms. You ether were not paying attention to what you were reading an then typed out the brain fart response, or you are part of the DUMB-MASSES that the Gov. so loves. Anyway,, sorry about your bad luck and you brain damage.

            • NO….what it is made to do is keep people from poaching animals for trade (or purchase) but like most laws goes
              WAY TOO FAR

          • It hasn’t been implemented. They just fooled *ALL*OF*YOU*!!!

            “…a PERSON may not take, possess, transport, sell, offer to sell, purchase, or offer to purchase fish, game, or marine aquatic plants, or any part of fish, game, or aquatic plants, or a nest or egg of fish or game.”

            Go find the lawful definition of the word: PERSON.

            This is what I have been told to do:

            Never sign any court documents with anything other than your signature across the signature line at an angle. Write immediately underneath your singed name: I DO NOT WISH TO CONTRACT.

            If they DRAG you into court and they demand that you identify yourself, you stand up and say, “Under common law, I am a man. The heart beats and the blood flows. I am a natural person and I do not consent to this hearing and I waive the benefits.”

            Never sign anything without “I DO NOT WISH TO CONTRACT.” and be sure you constantly say that you do not understand.

            Eventually, they’ll get tired of their fake dance of thieves and leave you alone.

            You are not a “PERSON”, you are a (wo)man or a “natural person”. Sell your moose meet and your game and your fish. They DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY THAT THEY CLAIM TO HAVE. Don’t roll over. Challenge them.

            • Natural it is to wish to rebel authority. Righteous it makes the heart. Win the dark side shall not.


            • Yoda, confused you are. A rebel is a disobeyer of authority. When you put yourself under common law, they become the rebels if the continue. Truth will prevail, I feel, so the dark side I shall not fear.

              They only think they have the authority because people are fooled by them. People are waking up and realizing what is going on as the facade of “constitutional compliance in color of law” is being left behind. They’re realizing that to the corporate control freaks that the constitution means nothing. …and it never has not was it intended to! To non-private, commercial “persons” the constitution means very little. You can limit the right to keep and bear arms to a fiction, a person, because the constitution doesn’t recognize persons, it only recognizes men. But, if a man thinks he is acting in the corporate capacity of a person, who is law enforcement to tell you different? If you sign on the line, you are acting in a corporate capacity.

              The “rebels” are the ones that have abused it! They have brainwashed the public by the abuse of authority. They have, in a phrase, rebelled against the sovereignty that was given to us by the founders. I am not a rebel! When I fight TPTB, I am fighting the rebels and I am The Republic. Like all things, TPTB have turned it all around backwards.

              WAR IS PEACE
              SLAVERY IS FREEDOM

              One who follows the law is a rebel. Hmm. Sound familiar?

              Learn who you are, what you are and what they are. They know what they are! To rebel against authority is to disobey it. Instead, you obey the law. You just get to pick which law you obey: corporate or common. That, by definition, is not being a rebel.

              Yoda, confused you are. When you grow up, smarter you will be.

            • I guess if Yellow Stone Nat. Park exploded like a thousand nukes and it was on every news channel in the world there would be a select few that would have to be rushed to a mental hospital because they missed an episode of dancing with the stars. America truly has been dumbed-down.

            • Curious. I agree with what you say because alot of things simply don’t add up with the legal system.

              What do you do if you are the regular joe who has filed for taxes, has a driver’s licencse and is in college with a wife and three kids?

              Many buckle under the pressure(I won’t pretend I’m not one of them) because of the absolute hell these agencies can unleash upon you.

              How do you take the step back from the legal system? I’m already so integrated into the machine, can a man, not a “person” unplug himself without getting caught up in the machinery?

              I have wondered this for a while now and would LOVE some knowledge on the topic.

        • Right on! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        • He could win this without an attorney.. It’s all contract law folks.. A child could win this one.. YOUR NAME in all Capitols is not You.. It’s a Legal Fiction.. Look up Person in Blacks Law Dictionary is a Corporation.. All Corporations are Capitalized. These laws are to take money out of your Bond “Birth Certificate”.. We were all given Birth Certificates because of the Bankruptcy of the U.S. in the Restructured Bankruptcy in the Thirties.. Look Up H.J.R. 192,,,, It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719,,,Public Law 94-564, page 8, Section H.R. 13955

          • Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!

            Hey GC! We got another one!

            Welcome Love Silver. There are several of us in here. Sorry, I kinda duplicated your post before I read it!

            What is it they say? Imitation is the highest form of flatery.


          • I hope everybody on here realizes that Ron Paul is a small step in the right direction.

        • If that man was born in Alaska (or any of the 50 States) then he *is* a Native American. He only became subject to the statute by virtue of claiming status as a U.S. Citizen. If you are a United States citizen (per the 14th Amendment to the Constitution) then you are no longer a sovereign American with inalienable rights but a citizen of the federal government, with privileges granted to you by the Congress (so called “civil rights”).

          If this man had maintained from the get go that he was not a U.S. citizen (making him subject to the statutes of congress or the corporate “State of Alaska”) but rather an American with Inalienable Rights, and he knew how to press those rights, he would’ve sent that minion of Satan (i.e. Trooper Vanspronsen) packing.

          Read this for more info:

          • Oh Lord! Another one…

            GC, we need to start a club!

            The sovereign truth seekers are crawling out of the woodwork!

            Welcome Chumbwamba! I love it when people that know the truth are looking on!

            • Netranger, can you direct me to links or resources that describe steps I can take to rescind my tacit acceptance of this fraud? I fear that having been born ignorant and blindly continuing to accept the lie that I have become stuck… or is there a “De-naturalization” process by which I can become free of The Corp?

              Shoot me an email if you get a chance.

              JM in Denver

            • JM, welcome to the accelerated freeman class. Three lessons to free your mind. You will need to watch this series at least three times. I prescribe watching all three in the order listed once per day for three days. Let it soak in. If you don’t understand, just watch them all again. It takes a while for it to get down deep. Once it does, well, you’ll be free like several on here and your perception of TPTB and the fake dance of thievery that is out government will chance completely.

              WARNING: If you have a happy little life, DO NOT DO THIS! I am not responsible for the unhappiness you may experience!

              Lesson 1: YouTube search and watch “Sons Of Darkness Sons Of Light”. Purpose: Identify who you are and who the enemy is. 30min

              Lesson 2: YouTube search and watch “Meet Your Strawman”. Purpose: Get you familar with how the state sees you. 6min

              Lesson 3: YouTube search and watch: “I Am Allowed To Rob You” Purpose: Expose the fraud of government and view it as the fiction it is. 11min

              Good luck!

            • But, JM, you don’t need to be “Free Of The Corp” like it is some process. You just declare it when you want to be. The more you slip outside of your strawman, the easier he is to use and the more you’ll want to stay free.

              I still have a strawman. Getting rid of him may not be wise. Besides, he can be useful at times. Fankly, you can use him to abuse the crap out of the corporation and then turn around and “not pay your fair share”. While some find the prospect “dishonorable”, I do not. The corporation has abused you and stolen from you with impunity for several generations. As such it is a fiction anyway! You can’t “steal” from a fiction, by its very name, it doesn’t exist. …and neither does your strawman. So, two non-existent entities, one stealing from the other? Somehow I think the law of Natures God does not apply. Can a fiction rob a fiction and be dishonored? Uh, no. This is how they, TPTB legally murder millions and rob trillions.

              I only use my sovereign status to avoid such things as traffic tickets and other victimless crimes like trading moose meat. “The Consent Of The Governed” was not just some empty phrase. If you only knew how much control you really have, you would be shocked.

            • Net, more than you think out there in this club. For me, I found out long ago and the hard way about this wonderful system we have. Sovereign truth is all fine and dandy if you can live that way of life. I applaud you, GC and others for going that route. Been there, TRIED that, but couldn’t make it work for my lifestyle and also paid a price for it. However, just so you know, I F..K the system in my own way!!!! I guess some of us do it one way and others do it another.

            • count me in too… the fiat gov’t has been in power circa 1870 under grant(if my info serves me correctly) and been developed into the monstrosity it is today…

          • Chumba…Thanks for this link. I have been trying to do as much reading about this as I can. It seems there can be several ways to go about preserving your common law rights against the corp.Although I haven’t posted here for long,I have been reading this site for quite a while(thank you Mac).A fellow named Howard Freeman used a little different technique back in the 80’s to not pay “taxes”.He wrote a paper called “The UCC Connection”. I see at the link you provided it mentions the UCC at the top.While some have the opinion that Using “with prejudice U.C.C. 1-207” under their signature is not a viable option,this man did not pay “taxes” from 1969 until 1992 when he passed away. There may be several ways to do it. Anyway thanks for the info.

        • Amen.

        • GoneWith The Wind: “Super Citizens”? The racial discrimination you speak of has been against the natives for centuries: In the name of “manifest destiny” we have systematically taken all of their hunting lands, extracted vast amounts of natural resources from it, fouled the land through various forms of pollution, moved them to “reservations” that are the most worthless pieces of real estate we can find, and decimated their population;(9/10) of the original population is dead from disease, war, and poverty that we’ve inflicted upon them. So they get to hunt and fish better than the rest of us, you’d have us take even that away from them! How much is enough? Super race, yeah I guess they’d have to be to survive all of that for the last four hundred years.

          • Yep and there will be hell to pay one day. What comes around goes around. No body with a belly button is exempt from that rule.

          • Gregory8 says:
            “we have systematically taken all of their hunting lands”
            “So they get to hunt and fish better than the rest of us”

            You use the word “We”, so you must be really old. What role did you have in taking away the lands?


            • TheLittleGuy: Yes, I’m old, but not old enough to have fought in the Indian wars. And yes, I mean “WE”, as we who are the benificiaries of these land grabs, which is everyone who’s not a Native. We live on land that was theirs and use all the natural resources that were theirs to make our lives as comfortable as they are. So they get to hunt and fish better than the rest of us, so what, that’s small recompense for living on a Reservation. They’re nothing like Beverly Hills or Palm Beach, I know because I’ve lived near both. I fail to understand how anyone could be so petty as to begrudge them this one small benefit. Greed perhaps, I don’t know.

        • No Sir, you are really missing the point. Although I agree with you that various diversions exist, we are all in the same kettle. And I have all the respect and admiration for all the INDIVIDUALS regardless of color, race, place of birth, etc. You are not racially discriminated in favor of the “natives” as you call them.
          Think it this way: In the USA, companies are legally persons. That would mean it is illegal for any COMPANY to take, possess, transport, sell, offer to sell, purchase, or offer to purchase fish, game, or marine aquatic plants, or any part of fish, game, or aquatic plants, or a nest or egg of fish or game.
          The laws are only made for serfs!

      2. It is sad, but I can understand why he got a citation. You cannot publicly sell wild game. If he would have said he had beef or pork he would have been fine.

        I don’t like it, but can you imagine how much illegal wild game would be killed just for someone to make a little extra money?

        • Just like Mac said, keep the barter deal a private matter. It’s getting to the point where people are losing faith in their governments and are blatantly thumbing their noses at the law in order to survive. I read a story somewhere that talked about how law abiding citizens are growing weed in Kalifornia to help make ends meet.

          • Without grow permits that is, and for export out of state.

        • Boston T. Party says there are 2 kinds of crimes; “malas prohibitas” and “malas en se”. The last one is a crime that is a crime simply because it’s evil. It is a crime it and of itself. The other, malas prohibitas, is a crime just because someone says it is. Those are the ones that burn my biscuits. Most of the time they defy logic and common sense.

          If you kill someone, it is a logical crime. It’s evil and no one has to tell you it is. If you kill a wild animal for sustenance, then trade a little of your extra for something else of value, that’s a logical and reasonable private transaction between two consenting parties with no victim (except the meat donor). Some idiot in a plush office at the state capitol says it’s a crime, so it must be, right?

          Did somebody say “revolution”?

          • Re “Did somebody say “revolution”?”

            We would be better off planning in terms of a “slave revolt” rather than revolution.


            • A slave is a state of mind more than a physical condition. Doesn’t apply to me. I’m about as much of a slave as a bengal in a zoo; not happy about my environment, but give me half a chance and I’ll eat my captors and be gone in a flash. Don’t think for a second that the zookeeper has no respect for the tiger, they know…

        • Says a trooper who needs to catch them to make his living.

        • I agree, it’s not the barter that’s setting the oligarchs off, it’s the trade/sale of game meat, those laws are in place to keep the moose etc from being commercially hunted and then no moose for those who really need them.

          If he’d said beef, pork, etc he’d have been fine.

          He probably had no idea the law existed. Hopefully he just gets a warning and promises not to do it again and that’s that.

          Soviet-style crackdowns on black-marketeering are certainly coming, if the gov’t has many teeth left when things get that bad.

          • Correct – by 1900 the market hunting of game had almost completely eliminated several species we think of a common today – whitetail deer, ducks and geese for example. It took intervention of law to prevent it. Managing game species populations now works very well, except in suburbs where the bleeding hearts won’t let Canada geese and deer be harvested.

            With a population three times that of 1900, any guesses as to how long game species would last if tSHTF and game law enforcement collapses?

            • the buffalo is a great example of an animal hunted just for its hide and made almost extinct. however, now that the buffalo is reestablished, there are private holdings of buffalo that sell the meat for a very high price…the guy should kept his mouth shut and kept the offer among folks he knew coulda used the meat for the barter of firewood. i wonder how many of these laws will be abolished/or ignored when the economy is in total collapse..

            • Its just around the corner for many of the fish,wildlife,an game officers as well as National forest service officers to be out of a job,,, OH BUT THE JOB MARKET IS GETTING BETTER. LOL!! Many police officers all over the country have been laid of in the past year.

          • Very good satire your name represents.

          • Thank you both DT and Old Coach, The ak constitution is actually very progressive and has specific laws protecting the wildlife and resources for the people for subsistence purposes. This is so that I don’t go shoot two caribou and trade it for services when I am here at home with a freezer full of meat. The law is clear. EVERYONE can go get there own, or there are allowances for proxy hunting if you can’t go hunt for yourself.

            GWTW and the rest of ya’ll who I usually agree with. If you want a constitutional issue with hunting in Alaska it’s the game animals that can only be hunted by native alaskan’s that I find racially discrminatory. This includes many marine mammals, seals, walrus, sea otter, sea lion, etc. which are very open and unrestrictive for native’s to hunt. Yet, not non natives. In fact non natives can’t even own these.

        • mike, the law, whether we agree or not, was to prevent poaching.
          If the officer was serving the public, why didn’t he just tell the guy it was against the law instead of setting up a sting? Then if he Gerondale continued to try selling the meat then fine him or arrest him. As of now, the tax cost to the public will be a steady drain.
          As far as bartering quietly, agreement here.

          • DRD I am not defending how the authorities went about it. You are absolutely correct about the sting and the warning. And I have nothing against the barter system. I do it and everyone around me does to some extent. But I am defending that law.

            I know everyone is going to give me a thumbs down for this. But look at it this way. White people have proven to do nothing but screw up mother natures balance. I am not saying all of us individually have, but together we have proven that our expansion is more important than the farm ground, ranch land, and wildlife herds. We have pumped the ground full of chemicals to keep the soil producing, fed animals hormones to make them grow faster, rivers full of waste. We have never been able to strike a balance between what we can produce and what we want to consume. Why would I think that we wouldn’t do the same to the wildlife population.

            Now did winter sneek up on this guy? Did he not know it was coming? Why in the hell is he without heat in Alaska? Why was he so foolish to broadcast his intentions on public radio?
            This guy, at the very least is guilty of being unprepared for something that comes every year and making some very bad decisions about aquiring goods that he needed.
            How much sympathy would i get from everyone here if I sat around all summer, then had no hay to feed my cattle in the winter?

            • mike, actually I was in agreement with you, just adding to your writing. As far as screwing up nature; think American buffalos, what a waste it was.

            • In your opinion “only white people have done nothing but screw up nature “. You only blame our people, because you are an Anti-White. I truly feel sorry for you. Your self-hate must be painful. Anti-Whites like yourself, will always demonize white people and never acknowledge that our people have fed, clothed and made life more comfortable to many people around the earth and countless other efforts like disaster relief in poorer nations. Go ahead and sulk in your self guilt for atrocities real or imagined. Or feel morally righteous for trying to throw our people under a bus. But don’t put my friends,family and our people in danger by trying to demoralize them to society. That will only lead to Genocide.

        • I can see if it were legal to sell wild game meat that someone would find out and exploit these resources to the maximum…to the detriment of all who might like to hunt and personally consume the meat, there would be nothing left or very little – or there would be thugs threatening legitimate hunters for infringing on their livlihood…

          Trading between friends/neighbors…private affair. I’ll trade you moose meat for firewood or deer meat…no problem and nobody gets hurt…

          Make it legal to do it and there are no moose left after a few years.

        • Mike: It looks like you and I got some low ratings because the infants in the crowd “don’t like the law”. Well too bad, the rest of you need to grow the heck up and realize that TPTB are calling the shots and they will make you comply with every law and regulation out there. I know, I was an LEO for many years, and most LEOs love,(get-off), making the rest of you “Comply”. They’ve got the guns, badges, jails, and the courts, and what have you got? I don’t like a lot of laws either but I’m not stupid enough to flaunt my transgression in public if I can help it. So stop whinning about the law and be smart about everything you do, or suffer the consequences. The last place you want to be is in jail when TSHTF.

      3. Same shit, new day…

        …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…

        mushroom – accept no imitations


        • mushroom what is the 10 cans? and ten dollar bill thing?

          • @eric..ok, one more time here on

            When TSHTF the lights go out, when the lights go out the credit/debit card swipe machines, ATMs and the computers/cash registers too. People will still be willing to take crisp $10 bills for a while ($20s, $50s and Franklins too)…but just for a LITTLE while – because all they understand are FRNs (fraudulent reserve notes). You will still need stuff – or maybe have the opportunity to buy something really cheap with available cash. Even if you are stocked to the ceiling with #10 cans filled with all manner of food and stuff, you can still buy fuel and barter stuff to trade with others who need them or to use later on. Chances are they will only take those worthless fraudulent reserve notes because that’s all the sheep understand. Hope that helps…

            Sim Carstairs: Ten year I been ferryin’ Kansas Redlegs, Union cavalry, Missouri guerillas… you name it. Mad dogs them guerillas. You look sideways at ‘em…
            [snaps a rope like a noose]
            Sim Carstairs: they kill ya.
            Carpetbagger: Sound like hard men to do business with.
            Sim Carstairs: You bet. You know in my line of work, you gotta be able either to sing “The Battle Hymn Of The Republic” or “Dixie” with equal enthusiasm… dependin’ upon present company.
            Carpetbagger: Can’t say as I blame you for that. Only good business to play it safe.


            …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



            • ok thanks I now understand what you were trying to say. Hell even saw your dad on here the other day. Thanks again bud.

            • Is that G, B & U ? Or am I wrong?

      4. “If you say, ‘I’ve got some moose meat; you’ve got some salmon, let’s trade,’ that’s a crime,” Satterberg said. “Simply making the statement is the crime. That’s a serious First Amendment question.”

        Why? Because some higher than mighty politician deemed so and passed a law. I am so sick of this prison planet. 40,000 new laws passed this year, its nearly impossible to step out of your house without committing a violation of one ridiculous law or another.

        Land of the brave….home of the free….keep telling yourselves that America

        Got Militia?

        • I can surely appreciate conservation laws but nowhere does it state if the moose was legally harvested. We can kill a deer in my state and do whatever we want with the meat as long as it was taken legally. The kings (states) claim ownership and conservation rights over the animals and us peasants have to be permitted to harvest one. They want all control until one of “their” animals jumps in front of your car and totals it and then amazingly they want nothing to do with it.

          • lol

          • brw…how true..,In this state it is now upped to a felony to jacklight or poach.Although I may or may not have taken deer for meat without a “permit” in my younger days, it is no longer worth it to lose all my firearms and do time for meat unless I’m starving.Then F— em.

        • Got Mossberg?

          Or should I say, “Mooseberg”?

          • No, no Mooseberg here, but I can introduce you to Mr. Remington, Glock, Smith & Wesson and Mr. Keltek…along with other assorted calibers.

            Accept no cheap imitations!

            …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



        • @RWS III, “Land of the FEE, home of the SLAVE!”

      5. The statuid clearly states SELL,OFFER TO SELL, Bartering is trading one good for another, there is no fiscal transaction here. Although the partys in question are requied to pay federal tax upon traded goods for retail price. I realy don’t see where the fault is.

        KB- If your still on here I have that reciepe you wanted.

        • Justamom:: Yes, I am — thank you!!! Email or Macmail?

          • Email- or if anyone else wants a Pumkin Cinnamon reciepe I will just post it here?

            • Sorry Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.

            • MMMMMMM….love them! Cream cheese filling?

            • i’ll trade you my granola recipe

            • Just — thank you again for the recipe. It looks delicious

        • Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls
          Makes about 2 dozen
          2 Package active dry yeast or 2 tablespoons if you buy in bulk
          ½ cup warm water (105-110)…..
          1 ½ Cup pumpkin
          ¾ Cup Sugar
          1 ¼ Teaspoon Cinnamon
          1 Teaspoon Ginger
          ½ Teaspoon Nutmeg
          ½ Teaspoon Cloves…….
          ½ Cup Shortening (I use butter, just tastes better)
          7 Cups flour
          2 Eggs
          ½ to ¾ Cup Milk …….
          3 Tablespoons butter
          ¼ to ½ Cup sugar
          2 Tablespoons Cinnamon
          Soften Yeast in warm water till frothy. Combine all other ingredients into large bowl. Mix in yeast and kneed till mixed well. I really just mix in the bowl sticky flour is a pain to clean off wood counters. Place in very large, well-greased bowl and let rise for one hour. Should be doubled, if not let it rise a little longer.
          Turn dough out onto lightly floured counter. Dough will be sticky sprinkle with flour and kneed into slightly stiff ball. Roll out to about ¾ of inch as close to a rectangle as possible.
          Spread butter evenly and sprinkle liberally with cinnamon sugar. Roll lengthwise. Cut into 1 inch slices, and place one greased cookie sheet. Let rise till doubled. Back at (375) 20 to 25 minutes.
          You can freeze unused rolls before second rise to make later. Just let them thaw, proof then bake.
          Hope you all enjoy. Be blessed!

          • just…thanks for the recipie. I thought you were making the rolled pumpkin rolls with filling. My mistake.

      6. “Loose lips sink ships”.

        A backwoods lawyer is needed to re-phrase the transaction. No “Quid Pro Quo” but a “gift”. I will gladly give away Moose Meat to someone needy. I would appreciate if someone would be so kind as to GIVE me two cords of firewood I need to stay warm.

        Regardless I would ask for a jury trial. Let his peers be the judge. I can’t wait to nullify something if I get on a jury.

        • SORRY, BUT I THINK THAT’S BS. No one should require a lawyer, back woods or not, to sell trade or give what they legally own to another. I’m sick of people advising others how to manage their activities in such a way as to avoid the potential penalties associated with the intrusive, stupid and misguided laws we are faced with every day! If the law was meant to eliminate the taking of game as a business enterprise, it should have been written better. What we now have is the result of lazy and/or stupid legislation. If a law ensnares an individual for an otherwise normal and reasonable activity, it should immediately be changed. We should no longer accept the broad net cast by our over controlled society.

      7. some day someone is finally going to start fighting back on even the small things. I really believe anymore that “they” have already declared war on us…we are just not on the battle field yet. But someday someone might say

        “I’ve got some bullets and you’ve got blood….let’s trade”

        • Hey BJ! Did you get the snow we got?

      8. Im sure the lawyers will have something to do now in Alaska besides shovel snow All states have some weird laws. In mine its against the law to spit on the floor of a train – go figure!

        • I actually like that law!

      9. That law says you can’t even posses the meat…so what if you are a hunter, or fisherman? As it’s written does that not make fishing illegal, because you would then, by default “Possess” the fish you caught?

      10. I Need Some Votes and I’m Not Willing to Trade Some Special Time with Ex Wife that Acts like a Moose. I’m a winner either way.

        • VICTORY!!!!!! a small one as they still have a law in place, but a victory nonetheless. Chip away at their tyranny like them have chipped away at our Freedoms

          “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”
          Samuel Adams

      11. It’s all about the money. The govt is cut out of their 7% sales tax when you barter.

        How dare those peons deny our imperial govt their just desserts.

      12. Lack of sunlight making them cranky.

      13. If there comes a time when enough people are in a real bind, i.e. enough people find themselves desperate enough, you better believe that we will witness mass genocide of the wildlife population on a catastrophic scale. Within a very short time span whole species could be decimated, i.e. hunting season 24/7, 365 days. That, along with trees, from your local city park, being cut down for firewood. When the wood from their personal property is cut, then they’ll work out in concentric circles from there, whatever they (or maybe we) can carry home. That’s one of the many reasons Agenda 21 is being moved into place, so they can legally hunt the renegade hunters of resources. It will be a felony, possibly punishable by execution, on the spot.

        • I don’t like this guy getting a summons any more than anyone else does. But again, I don’t want to see moose, elk, deer or any other animal to go the way of the buffalo. How long did they last?
          I have a acquaintance that goes out west to hunt elk. He always gives me some, and I buy him a few beers at the bar. I would imagine if he went on the local radio and announced he wanted to trade some of his elk for whatever, they would throw him in jail too.
          As far as people hunting. When I was a kid, every year I would have to go back in the woods and haul people out that were lost or hurt. People have lost their instincts. One guy who was lost, left his rifle out in the woods somewhere, lost his compass. Was a mental taco when dad and I found him. Another shot himself in the foot. Couldn’t handle his own gun but he had the foresight to bring pain killers out in the woods with him.
          I don’t think people will be successful hunters, I would bet most will be scavengers, cleaning up the scraps left by others.

          • Natural selection at its best! When do we start?

        • It happened here in southeastern Az. & southwestern N.M. during the 1st great depresion. They hunted the Goulds Turkey until there were no more left in the U.S. Luckily they survived in a few pockets in northern Sonora & Chiauhua Mexico, & have over the last Decade been reintroduced into the U.S. from Mexico in a successful joint catch and release program!

      14. I’m Alaskan, and the law is intended to keep people from coming up here and killing our game animals and then exporting the meat/trophies for profit. This law exists for good reason, as battling poachers, out of state and foreign nationals who come here and violate our fish and game laws and protect our natural resources is a major function of the state government. If you read Trooper reports most violators are from out of state or are foreign nationals (German Nationals are significant fisheries violators). That being said the game board recognizes that bartering by state residents of legally obtained game meat for heat is not what the law intended to stop, and therefore has removed the word bartering. We saw a similar change on our personal use fisheries laws.

        • Willy thanks for your input.

        • The sad thing is that authorities don’t care about mens rea anymore; it’s just another statute to blindly enforce. It’s all well and good that the game board recognized the situation and are in the process of changing the wording, but we have a right to cry foul when overzealous law enforcement sets up stings on people wanting to barter meat for heat. Why not issue a warning first?

        • Commonsense is becoming fashionable again!!!! Not surprising to see Alaskan legislators to see the error in their ways, won’t be so easy in places like California and Massachusetts but all hope is not lost. The fight is just beginning, stay strong, don’t do anything stupid (yet) and we still have a chance to win. If not, at least we will have some states who will go back to what our founders intended and we can just ditch the rest until they wise up or kill themselves off.

      15. some poor schmuck gets busted for bartering moose meat so he can stay warm
        Wall Street and the banksters LOOT the country
        and get bonuses
        sounds about right
        welcome to AmERiKa

        • We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. – Aesop

      16. Ken V. Don’t you have crime to fight fairbanks?? I have been to your town, I can say YES YOU DO!!!! This cop is an A$$ CLOWN!!

      17. Apparently 80 years is too long for memory these days, but I grew up in the Ozarks and I know that by 1940 both deer and wild turkey were all but extinct in Missouri. At the time it was a very rural state, the Ozarks were incredibly remote and wild by today’s standards, and yet hunters were able to wipe out the entire populations of those species. My mom tells me she survived mainly on possum and coon as most folks weren’t hunting them and they reproduce faster. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to eat deer or turkey, there just weren’t any left. I can imagine how long it would take today with 10 times the population.

        • I read a book once on Jimmy Carter (ducking thrown beer bottles and AR parts lol) and when he was a kid he stayed with some folks his parents paid for little Jimmy’s room and board. Jimmy didn’t like it there because they were feeding him on possum. He finally complained to his mom and the vittles improved. I shoot the damn things all the time and I’d have to be awful hungry to eat one.

          Coons are supposed to be tasty after a fair amount of preparation, if they’re not too old. But they’re smart, they can be trapped but I’m pretty sure the type of trap is illegal and it’s sure not humane.

          There are just not *that* many animals out there, even now with their populations very high. I’m sure in the last Depression people were eating squirrels, ground squirrels, muskrats, gophers, all kinds of critters. Starling pie, anyone?

          • Young woodchucks are delicious. But I helped Dad kill and clean chickens when I were a squirt, and as long as I can buy ’em in the market I prefer to avoid the time and the mess of cleaning my own. So the half-dozen or so that I “harvest” in defense of my garden every year still go to the dogs, (or the vultures). Deer are another matter – there’s enough meat there to make the effort worth while.

            • I’ve eaten a few hundred (no exaggeration) “wood chucks”. We call them “ground hogs” around here. “Marmot” is the official name. I’d shoot them all summer long, years ago. The young ones we’d fry like squirrel. The old ones, if I could get them skinned, Sheesh! …mom would make gravy and cook them in the gravy until the meat would just melt in your mouth. I shot 238 one summer, all soybean fed. That was a record. The next summer, the holes were all active again. …and are now. It never seemed to matter how many I shot, they just kept coming. AND EATING BEANS! One could cost you half an acre, easy.

              The fact is that the population density makes “farming” and high production of food a prerequisite for survival in the modern age. All that has to happen is for the power grid to collapse. Once that happens, the population density will be immediately reduced.

              HOWEVER! What will really help the game population is less automobile traffic. More game is killed by a magnitude of at least 10 by cars and trucks that hunt 24x7x365 that hunters. The traffic kills indescriminately, young, old, pregnant, doesn’t matter. THUMP! and its gone *AND* wasted. SHTF that will reduce dramatically and that will be a good thing.

            • Long range 22 hornet…What fun!

          • you need to “purge” coons and possums, since they’ll eat all sorts of carrion and garbage. Live trap and cage them for a week or so and feed them tablescraps to improve their flavor.
            Starlings taste like crap, I don’t think you can purge them 🙂

            • I’ve eaten a few corn fed possums and it wasn’t bad. But, coon was just treed and shot. No purge. GREASY! GAMY! But, if I was hungry, I’d be fine with it. Starlings? What a worthless bird. …except for pets! Yes! If you raise them you can even split their tounge (so I’m told) and teach them to talk.

            • Around here the farmers used to pay you to catch the pigeons out of their barns. The breast meat is tasty.

      18. Bartering is not the crime.
        Bartering, selling or trading FISH and GAME gets you into trouble. Same laws in many states.

        It’s just a safeguard against poaching, taking more than your share or taking it illegally. If he had traded car repair for cordwood or landclearing for a used truck, stuff like that is no problem.

        Those laws have been around a long time. Got no problem with it. It keeps some low-life’s from poaching and selling the game for goods or booze & drug money. The intent is to make it fair for all those playing by the rules and have enough fish and wildlife for generations to come.

        That said, if this guy had a legally shot moose and had just QUIETLY gone to a friend or neighbor that he KNEW to make the trade, there’s wouldn’t have been a problem.

        If a person has a family going hungry, can’t find ANY work, then I’ve got no problem with going out and getting fish or game in or out of season. Just taking WHAT YOU NEED to eat and keeping quiet about it. Selling or trading it to strangers, that’s different. Just my take on this story.

      19. He should have tried bartering with his politicians first that meat would have got him a large bank loan plus bonus then he could have bought all the wood he needed.

      20. Government over stepping their bounds..nothing new.
        And as every day goes on, theres more of this to come

        Its your country..own it or lose it

      21. I posted a excerpt of the first few sentences from this article with a link to the full article here, and a the pub domain photo in the article.

        Got kicked off of survivalist forums for “infringing copyright” by some yahoo who has no understanding of publc domain or fair use.

        I guess I will not be supporting them any more with my money.

      22. Your Higher Taxes pay for My healthcare thanks President Obama. Pay dem taxes, no barter needed here!

        God speed Obama in The New Air force One – Pay dem taxes bro!

        Noun: 1.The use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of…
        2. A play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire.

        Q. Why does Barack Obama oppose the Second Amendment?
        A. It stands between him and the First.

        Y’all Beware!
        God Bless and have a great and safe weekend.

        • plus five!

      23. A claim of Sovereign Immunity would work because the “law” is corporate and the Man is NOT a PERSON. The codes are meant to stop commercial abuse from unaccountable fictions.

        Would be simple to beat, but should have never happened. That’s what you get when sheep are enforcing the law that enslaves them against those who choose not to be slaves.

        • +1

      24. I’m tired again! Will this crap ever end?

        • @AZ Ready…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

          Same shit, new day…I’m weary too – so if it helps, you’re not alone.

          Accept no cheap imitations!

          …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…



          • Yeah shroom I know. I believe most of us here know the S… is going to HTF one day, probably very soon. It does get very tiring hearing the same shit, new day crap all the time. I try to keep a positive attitude everyday with those parts of my daily routine that I have some control over, but sometimes I dream, or should I say have a nightmare about all of it going down the tubes tomorrow so we all can just get on with it, come hell or high water. At least then we know where we stand, not in a limbo state where we are right now.

      25. Im trading garbage dump tickits for firewood ,both belonged to the state . Ha Ha… what people trade between them selves is their own business, here we have resteraunts serving humans as dumplings, washing their pet parrots in the sinks and cooking food with their sht stained fingernails. one of these day theyre all going to be converted into pez candy dispensers..

        • You live in China ?

      26. I, like most of you, worry about the depletion/extinction of wildlife during a time of crisis in the United States.

        Laws alone will not stop the needless slaughter of our beloved wildlife.

        But the building of community gardens, supported/worked by concerned citizens in the community, will give people another food outlet to keep starvation at bay.

        Many towns,citys have community gardens florishing on vacant lots. These gardens supply the tenders/community food banks with valuable food/nutrition.

        With the poverty level in America on the rise, I see more and more charitable organizations/churches opening up soup kitchens/food banks that accept food donations. But I have yet to see a church/chritable organization open up a community garden and making produce/cultivation available to the community it serves.

        If we do not get our citizens out there and taking responsibility for their own survival, we are no better then the government agencys that turn our citizens into zombies.

        As we wait with loaded rifles and trained guard dogs to take on the zombies that are advancing on our homesteads, we need to think…….What could I have done to help these zombies become self-sustaining citizens.

        The future does not look good and it is going to get far worse. Act now to get community gardens up and running and providing education/food to citizens who otherwise wait for the government to take care of them.

        God bless and keep on prepping. Better yet….God help me yank another person into the lifestyle of the prepper.

        • Mona wrote:
          “But I have yet to see a church/chritable organization open up a community garden and making produce/cultivation available to the community it serves.”

          Unless we’re talking about entirely different things, community gardens are thriving out here on Long Island.

      27. what are people thinking,they give our fearless leaders opertunites to do stupid crap like this. lets get on tradio and make a deal or let get drunk and cruise the roads or one of my favorites we are going to get on the river,get drunk,and shoot the rifles all day long. until someone complains the law shows up and they wonder why they get thrown in jail! where has the common sense gone in this country? cities and states are broke where do you think they will collect the easiest revenues from? figure it out!

      28. European American. I agree with your post for the most part but I disagree with animal species and trees becoming decimated. There are relatively few people who possess any sort of survival skills any more. Most people have no idea how to light a fire without a lighter. Most people have no idea how to hunt up dinner or even prepare it. The closest that some people ever get to nature is owning a housecat and looking out the window of their car. When the SHTF, alot of people will be starved out or die of thirst or waterborne disease within the first 3 months. Not to mention the huge amounts of people who will have no access to medical care and prescrption drugs or the roving bands of looters who will kill for just about anything you have. Or the people who just can’t take it and kill themselves. TEOTWAWKI is serious business. We are going to see mass HUMAN extinction in that event. Those of us who are prepared are going to have to do some “extincting” to protect our families, lives, and provisions. It’s going to be biblical. I don’t want it to happen but it looks like it is inevitable. Imagine having to kill others to survive. The animals will be fine. The trees will be fine. Its US that are going to suffer.

        • …but, its not like we haven’t asked for it.

          We had an ice storm today. I’m a farm boy. When ice or deep snow would come, we always used to hop in the 4×4 and go down to the corner next to the highway and watch the sheople play “dumber cars”.

          Today we had a mini ice storm. People are so incredibly stupid, innefective, cowardly and unthinking. My son and I hopped in the Explorer and took a fun ride. Its comical for us to watch people. The same person bully that would beat the shit out of you if you looked at him wrong has a panic attack when he wasn’t smart enough to realize that 5mph won’t get you up that next hill or that spinning your wheels wildly will not make you get anywhere.

          I learn fast and on the fly with no assistance. Doesn’t matter what it is. Software. Hardware. Game prep. Mechanic work. Driving, flying, swiming. I just do. If no one is around to help me, I figure it out. I’ve been doing it since I was 7 years old. I am 180 degrees out from the average sheople. I see stuff. I learn stuff and I learn it fast. Why? Because my daddy let me struggle when I was young. He’d get me started building something and then he’d walk away. He’d let me fail. …and I did, multiple times. FAILURE is way more important than success. You cannot have success without failure. In the spoon fed world, is it any wonder that people can’t drive when it gets really slick out?

          In this time nobody tries to teach people how to think, they are too busy trying to teach them *WHAT* to think so they can either get their vote or get their money. If we’ll go back to teaching kids how to think we may someday get back a lot of what we have lost. Not going to happen before the crash.

          After the crash, with way fewer idiots, we’ll maybe have a chance. While part of me wants to avoid it, most of me says, “Heck Yeah! Bring it on!” This fake life we’ve been living isn’t doing anyone any good. Its too easy. Its too fake and its too sterile.

          • When someone tells me I can’t do this is that because I don’t know how, I go ahead and do it just to prove them wrong. Love to learn new things all the time.

      29. @Mona…Oh my, where to begin? First, are you for real? The only thing you are yanking into the lifestyle of the ‘prepper’ is a large stiff member staring you in the face. Give Me A Freaking Break – the ‘slaughter of our beloved wildlife’? The zombies will be visiting you first, only because they ARE the wildlife and you will loose. If you are waiting for your church/soup kitchen/foodbank to do something, or your fellow ‘citizens’ to do something, I’m pretty sure you and they will die waiting. Get over it, Mona – you are too late. This isn’t about someone who is starving – he has moosemeat and what he want is firewood — it is about your right as a human being on the planet to do that which GOD ALMIGHTY said you could do, without government interference. Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution is null and void on it’s face. It has no power, cannot be enforced, and for most of those who understand the Constitution and their relationship to God and this world wouldn’t begin to follow. The only mistake this bozo made was he didn’t keep his private business private. Keep your private business private, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. No one needs to know what you have or what you want to trade except you and a select few. If you tell the whole world, the whole world will know. OPSEC is a good thing – google it. Better yet, visit – you can learn all about it. GMAFB

      30. F the trooper and F that law ! The guy is obviously trying to stay warm . What a bunch of heartless interfering robot thinking F^&kers.

      31. Note to All:
        Case has been dropped and the law was in the process of being changed.The REAL problem here is not this one guy bartering,but the rats who would use the bartering excuse to kill everything in sight and “barter” the meat.Think the professional thieves(the ones outside of Washington and Congress) who steal siding and rooftop a\c copper coils and anything else in which copper is part of the construction to take to “recycling centers” because they’re “recycling metals”.Not unlike the Bain company that our boy Mittisy Rom ran.The thieves get in the act and we all have to suffer.
        All the Best

        • …or at least that is what the animal rights groups would have you believe.

          Its like if you threaten to remove all the stop signs and the stop lights, what would happen? There would be chaos and we’d all be killed going to work the first day!!!

          No, not really. We’d all adjust. Stop signs and stop lights ARE FOR THE STUPID PEOPLE THAT REFUSE TO GROW A BRAIN! They live and then they multiply and we need an ever increasing number of stop signs and stop lights to protect an ever “stupifying” public. So, again, why do they do this? To protect the stupid.

          Oh, and for the fines so we can keep the code enforcement officers employed.

          Common law is the ONLY law and the rest is to govern corporations and trusts. I’m glad the code in this case is being changed, but, if the guy knew who he was and what the state is, it would have been a simple matter.

          Are you a person or a (wo)man? You can’t be both.

      32. The real problem is the judges, as foreign agents for their foreign principles are ignoring many Federal Statutes that protect American State Citizens, as individuals deliberately oppressing their rights as individuals. Foreign corporate administrative judges in fiction under color of law can only legally prosecute organizations per Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure – Rule I. Applicability, Definitions (b)(7), and 18 USC 18. These two Statutes were created originally by the U.S. Congress in 2002 to hide the truth of a major Statute that protect the American people of 18 USC 54(C), which stated, “Federal and state statutes within the fifty states do not apply to the sovereign(s)…”

        So, am I to think that the words used here:

        (a)(2) “the term “individual” means a citizen of the United States or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence.”

        really means, in legalistic terms of art:

        … every freeborn man or woman, born on the soil known as one of the 50 several states, and living “without the United States” (CITE: 28USC1746(1)], nor subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of any of them, is the subject and object of Title 5 USCA Chapter 5 § 552a(a)(2)? Isn’t that title the rules for the agents of government to live by? The people at the SSA and the IRS routinely ignore these statutes. I’ve been there.

        Or am I presumed to be an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence (more terms of art) because my parents signed an application to register my live birth into the corporate Beast of the U.S. system of record, resident in the District of Columbia?
        I am not a “permanent resident” anywhere on this earth, although the blacked robed “judge” tried to kidnap me on paper, and then manufacture my consent. To believe that this reality is ‘permanent’ is foolishness. We people of flesh and blood must suffer physical death to this world someday. Corporations merely dissolve or go on indefinitely morphing into other fictional entities, and that’s a privilege.

        Anyway, their imperial conditioning of my mind as been broken, in my case. It’s even recorded in the U.S. system of record. I am not an “individual” anything subject to their record, no Certification of Birth, no SSN, no presumed obligation in assumpsit can exist.

        Please see here: – Watch 2 videos.

        A judge must have the defendant volunteer both subject matter jurisdiction and in personam jurisdiction over to the court. It is the job of an attorney or judge to get the arrested party to sign some document so that happens for the judge is the bonding out contract, and for the attorney the power of attorney contract. All government actions are by contract Best response to always say and nothing more “I refuse to contract with you!” All government actions are by contract. Remain silent by not talking to a police officer, as he does not have legal authority to talk to you. Sovereigns do not have a last name, so never give it out, as a last name is fictional. Your first and middle hyphenated surname is your appellation. Do not allow to be addressed as Mister / Mr. in a court as they are reducing you from being a sovereign over them to a low ranking military personnel, as a judge is an admiral in court of admiralty jurisdiction using maritime law. The judge uses a letter or marque to become an inland privateer/pirate. A police officer’s badge is his letter or marque.

        Definition: Mister

        2. 2) noun, naval a) the official form of address for subordinate or senior warrant officers b) the official form of address for all officers in a merchant ship, other than the captain c) navy the official form of address used by the commanding officer to his officers, esp to the more junior – Source:

        State Citizens are not United States citizens per U.S. Supreme Court Case of Barron v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore , 32 U.S. 243 (1833).

        The people are sovereign, as Masters over their public servants per the word definition from BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY of Master and servant. See the first great U.S. Supreme Court case of Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 U.S. (2 Dall.) 419 (1793) where the State of Georgia tried to hang a man for suing the state for money owed from an inheritance. We the people are the sovereigns over our government not the other way around. All the States and Federal government were founded as republics not democracies. According the the 1928 United States Army Training Manual’s definition a republic protects the rights of the minorities, while a democracy is run by mob rule. Black’s Law Dictionary is not law but the case law used in the word definitions is law used to backup the word definitions.

        The sovereign people over-stand the law of the Land by being the originators of the law. We do not understand Federal and state Statutes, Rules, and Ordinances. We are the source of the law. The states are operating under Roman Canon Law, which is now called the Uniform Commercial Code being contract law.

        Sovereign rights cannot be contracted away by obtaining a state driver license, passport or Social Security Number. See U.S. Supreme Court Case of Merrion v. Jicarilla Apache Tribe, 455 US 130 (1982), which states, “It is one thing to find that the Tribe has agreed to sell the right to use the land and take valuable minerals from it, and quite another to find that the Tribe has abandoned its sovereign powers simply because it has not expressly reserved them through a contract. To presume that a sovereign forever waives the right to exercise one of its powers unless it expressly reserves the right to exercise that power in a commercial agreement turns the concept of sovereignty on its head.”

        The fifty states are sovereign nations.

        The Federal Government having declared bankruptcy on March 9, 1933 lost its sovereignty to its creditors.

        The Federal Reserve went bankrupt in 1928, and the U.S. Treasury bailed them out.

        -NOTICE TO PUBLIC SERVANTS- Joyce Rosenwald

        …Since 1933 what is called the “United States Government”
        is a privately owned corporation of the Federal Reserve/
        International Monetary Fund. It is merely an instrument
        whereby the bankers administer their ongoing subjugation
        and plunder of what was once considered “the last great
        hope of human freedom.” All “public servants,” officials,
        Congressmen, politicians, judges, attorneys, law
        enforcement officers, States and their various agencies, etc.,
        are the express agents of these foreign principals – see
        Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938; 22 USC 286 et
        seq, 263A, 185G, 267J, 611(C) (ii) & (iii); Treasury
        Delegation Order #91 – who have stolen the country by
        clever, intentional, and unrelenting fraud, trickery,
        treachery, non-disclosure, miss-representation , intrigue,
        coercion, conspiracy, murder. If there is a greater tragedy in
        human history it is hard to know what it is.

        An insidious aspect of this is that “officials” like you may
        think you are “public servants,” are upholding the “law,” or
        other hoaxes. In truth you are conscientiously and
        assiduously serving the archenemies of yourselves, your own
        rights, your fellow citizens, continued human rights, life, and
        freedom in general. YOU are seditiously administering the
        plunder, bankruptcy, conquest, destruction, dismantling, and
        elimination of your country. YOU are systematically
        defrauding, extorting, impoverishing, and injuring human life
        on the basis of crimes and lies of such magnitude, depth, and
        proportions as to be beyond human comprehension.


        The Sixteenth Amendment of the Federal Constitution was never ratified by the needed 75% of the states at that time, so the Federal Government is currently operating under fraud, that the State Citizens are legally volunteering to-be United State citizens. See. http://www.thelawthatneverwas.

        The original / de jure government and the corporate / de facto government are not the same. See:

        Those judges have committed high crimes by oppressing the privacy right of the people to be left alone. See: 18 USC 2383, 2381, 1583, 1581, 242, and 241, including the Federal RICO Statutes.

        An administrative judge has a separate duty to uphold each specific right and individual has per the Hohfeldian Concepts they study to become a judge.. You can ask a judge will he uphold your sovereign rights per his Oath of Office. He likely will not and then you need to have him arrested by the bailiff and handcuffed for impersonating an officer for breaching his/hers contract with you as one of the people.

        An Amerian State Citizen volunteers to become an United States citizen, and can un-volunteer at anytime to protect his/her right, including leaving the country freely. See:

        14 C.J.S. “Citizenship” pg. 426, 430
        (Corpus Juris Secundum )

        The particular meaning of the word “citizen” is frequently dependent on the context in which it is found[25], and the word must always be taken in the sense which best harmonizes with the subject matter in which it is used[26].
        One may be considered a citizen for some purposes and not a citizen for other purposes, as, for instance, for commercial purposes, and not for political purposes[27]. So, a person may be a citizen in the sense that as such he is entitled to the protection of his life, liberty, and property, even though he is not vested with the suffrage or other political rights[28].
        [25] Cal.–Prowd v. Gore, 2 Dist. 207 P. 490. 57 C.A. 458.
        [26] Cal.–Prowd v. Gore. 2 Dist. 207 P. 490. 57 C.A. 458.
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        R.I.–Greeough v. Tiverton Police Com’rs, 74 A 785, 30 R.I. 212
        [28] Mass.–Dillaway v. Burton, 153 N.E. 13, 256 Mass. 568

        Congress meant to punish as extortion any effort to obtain property by inherently wrongful means, such as force or threats of force or criminal prosecution, regardless of the defendant’s claim of right to the property.” Robbins v. Wilkie, No. 04-8016, 10th Cir. Jan. 10, 2006. (bold added)

        I would also recommend reading:
        United States v. Enmons, 410 US 396 – Supreme Court 1973,+410+US+396&hl=en&as_sdt=2,16&as_vis=1

        “The Government contends that the statutory language unambiguously and without qualification proscribes interference with commerce by “extortion,” and that in terms of the statute, “extortion” is “the obtaining of property from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear . . . .” Wages are the “property” of the employer,”

        The Federal Constitution and Bill of Rights applies to Federal Employees; not to American State Citizens who have all sovereign birth rights being the Masters over their public servants. See Black’s Law Dictionary definition of: Master and servant, and Sovereign.

      33. Mac Slavo! Thank you for giving us this platform on which to speak! You are a man of vision, writing talent and a friend to us all. We thank you. Our families thank you.

        Now, for a little education…

        Everyone, together say:

        I am a (wo)man.
        I am not a “person”.
        I am a natural person.
        Corporate policy, codes, statutes and acts do not apply to me.
        I may have to battle it out in court.
        I will not simply roll over.
        I am under common law.
        I do not consent.
        I waive the benefits.
        I do not understand.
        I sign things to indicate “I DO NOT WISH TO CONTRACT” unless
        I wish to contract.

        Repeat this once each day. You want a revolution? It must happen first in your mind. If you repeat this once a day something inside you will change. Your attitude will change. You will thank me.

        • NR, thank you so much for the kind words. This web site wouldn’t be the same without all you great people contributing your thoughts, ideas, and sharing your stories. Many thanks to you all!


        • NR…Does your bumper sticker say “I do not consent and I waive the benefits”?

      34. The law behind this is quite simple. The State considers it a privilege to hunt or fish. Once licensed, you are permitted to take game for your own consumption. Your servants, having allowed the privilege can dictate the terms of how the property is held and consumed. You agreed to those terms when you applied for the license. Property and contract are irrelevant.

        Until are retarded servants realize that the USSC was right back in the 1800’s on the issue of property in common, this guy is toast

      35. Was PETA notified?

      36. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws … pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted and you create a nation of law-breakers.

        -Ayn Rand

      37. Now its my turn to ask a question officer……..did anyone see you walk in here? No?….well then, no one will see you NOT walk out of here either….git! 🙂

        (Spoken to a tresspassing forest fascist by a buddy of mine several years ago many miles from nowhere on private property….he ran like a scared cat!)


      39. In Revelation, it talks about no one being able to buy and sell without the mark of the beast. Thanks to Obama and the socialists, we’re getting there….

      40. The law, as written is absurd- it says in part”a person may not possess fish.” I hope they don’t have any Long John Silvers

      41. And when all the political fools have melted away and barter becomes a way of life?? Who you gonna prosecute!?
        Apart from which there should be NO law that bans Barter!
        Congress Barters deals every day!!

      42. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”.

        We are many, but they are few.

      43. No buying, selling, or trading without the mark of the beast……or your blind and silent submission to an pure evil society. Please FED Govt, please fire the first shots, let’s get this Revolution started!

      44. sad state of affairs when the gov’t thinks and acts like it can regulate every aspect of living…

      45. I don’t see anywhere in the above printed law/regulation that it says “bartering/trading” is a crime. It isn’t mentioned specifically. I imagine this man was trying to keep his family warm and safe.

      46. The time will come when the people will get tired of being bullied by the government at all levels and we will take our country back no matter the cost. Live free or die isn’t just a slogan it should be something you teach others and believe in or the dictators among us will never stop.

      47. The final barter will be rope for liberty.

      48. I suspect that the meat was part of his food store, and to trade it for anything (except money) is not a “sale” in my book.

        But if you take the State’s case to its logical end it means that if you bring food to a potluck dinner, and share it, you are in violation. In fact each participant would have violated the law.

        • Hey MattS- It’s pretty much a pick and choose who you harrass type of law. Personally if I lived in the community I would gather a “LARGE” group of people and go tell the law enforcement officer to get the hell out of town and don’t come back. I would black ball this guy until he wanted to get out. I would treat all LEO’s the same way if they would abuse their authority in such a fashion as this.
          –Mr. T

      49. I believe laws restricting the transfer of game meat are intended to deter poaching.
        If the guy needs some firewood all he needs to do is find some fallen trees in a national forest, it’s legal to take as much as you want

      50. The trooper also committed a crime by offering to buy the meat. Will he be charged?

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