Alarming and Mysterious Rise of Radiation Levels in Europe Baffles Experts

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Headline News | 55 comments

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    When the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl suffered a catastrophic meltdown in April of 1986, it took three days before the Soviet authorities admitted to what happened. And even then, it was a vague report that failed to explain the gravity of the situation. Three days of radioactive fallout spreading across the continent before Europe’s darkest fears were confirmed. And afraid they were, since countries like Norway had already measured heightened radiation levels. They knew something was up, and that the Soviets weren’t being honest.

    Perhaps that’s why the press in Europe is raising the alarm on a recent spike in radiation that has been measured all over Europe. Though an unreported nuclear meltdown is out of the question, the radiation has been spreading in a similar pattern, beginning in Norway and working its way down through Western Europe, and once again raising suspicious glances towards Russia.

    Iodine-131, a man-made radioactive material, is being found in small amounts across the continent. It was found in northern Norway early in January, according to officials, but has been gradually moving across the rest of Europe ever since.

    But despite finding the material in January, authorities didn’t announce that it had been found until recent days. That might be because it isn’t at all clear where it has come from or how it got to be spread out.

    Further information makes the find even more unusual. Iodine-131 is usually found alongside other radioactive materials, but it wasn’t. And it has a short half-life – the time required for one half of the atoms of a radioactive substance to disintegrate – but a significant amount of it was found, meaning that it is likely that it was introduced very recently.

    One of the first theories to crop up, was that perhaps the Russians had conducted some kind of illegal nuclear test. But if that were the case, then the Iodine-131 would be accompanied by other radioactive materials. In any case, it’s widely believed that the radiation really is coming from somewhere in eastern Europe, given that the way it has spread is remarkably similar to the radioactive plum that was emitted from Chernobyl.

    The next leading theory is that the radiation isn’t coming from a nation state at all. Since the Iodine-131 was found by itself, someone must have isolated it from other radioactive compounds. The most common reason to isolate this substance is for medical procedures. Iodine-131 is frequently used to treat cancer.

    So it’s now theorized that there may have been an accidental leak from a pharmaceutical company in eastern Europe, and that unknown company has failed to report it. Because of how often wind patterns shift however, it’s impossible to determine the precise location of the leak.

    Fortunately the amount of Iodine-131 that has been detected is negligible, and doesn’t pose a significant health risk. Still, the situation is so baffling that it may have convinced the US government to deploy one of their WC-135 aircrafts to Europe. The WC-135 is equipped to detected radioactive substances, and has been used to monitor nuclear tests and power plant meltdowns.

    Although this situation isn’t a serious threat so far, clearly it’s serious enough that Western governments are putting their best resources on the line to figure what is really going on.


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      1. Sorry Author, More Fake BS News. Here is a MAP of the entire EUROPE Area. There are no significant rises in Ration on this Live Interactive Radiation MAP that I can see. These maps update every minute, so refresh your browser.

        Look for yourself at Europe:

        Go to to view the entire USA. Scroll down to look at all the other parts of the world. Keep this website link on your cell phone Preppers.

        Look at Japan – Fukushima is only reading 10 – scroll down to see the rest of the close up map of Japan.

        • This Map in detail of the entire US in 4 sections. scroll down to find your area. The only real uptick in radiation in all of the USA is in Salt Lake City Area. Radiation levels Reading @73

            • This article is most likely a false, radiation false flag to give the US the opportunity to fly more aircraft over areas to see what Russia is up to in the northern seas. The KC135 or WC135 has many uses. Probably a scam for surveillance. When does the US military ever tell you the truth? Answer NEVER. Its all lies and deception. And it is none of the US’s Friggin business what’s going on over Norway. Just something else to try and blame Russia for.

              So who really shot down MH-17 over Ukraine?? Answer: Israel with Air to Air Python Missiles. Russia proved this with their Satellite Technology. So why isn’t Israel charged with 300 murders for shooting that plane down?

              • Zeus, you’re an idiot. This is not fake news. Your brain is fried.

              • you are likely spot on-this has the stench of Russia baiting-this is how world wars 1 and 2 were started-and the Rothchild’s Rockefellers and their bankster minions are hell bent on creating ww3 to cover the collapsing banking system and to refinance their demon selves—was it not the freemason monster Pike who wrote about this like a hundred years or so ago???

          • the part of the story that is true is we did send a WC-135 plane or planes ( never got a defined answer as to if more than one) to Europe for nuclear monitoring, so maybe there is more to the story, or they think something IS going to happen, cannot trust the government and or the MSM, so keep your eyes and ears open to what maybe really happening or about to happen over there!!

        • I’ve checked MULTIPLE sources, in TWO LANGUAGES. This is NOT FAKE NEWS. They are hiding the truth! There is a rise in radiation, they are desperately trying to hide it.

          • They’re not hiding it very well, are they?

            They believe the Russians tested a nuke in the Barents Sea, that’s above Norway. The radiation spread down through much of Europe.

        • Your map means absolutely nothing. An up tick in I-131 could be occurring and not be seen by the GM tubes referenced. Typically an increase would be seen with something more like a High Purity Germanium detector on a gamma spectroscopy system. GM tubes are good for gross detection but certainly not for in depth analysis nor even for isotope identification.

          That being said, this article does point out that I-131 showing up by itself is suspect. I have seen that occur once before when a co-worker got a medical treatment which was an injection of I-131. The isotope sweated and seeped out of their body, contaminating their chair and desk. We found it when someone else sat in the chair and then couldn’t pass the monitors later. I-131 is an isotope of concern from nuclear power/bombs. But if the source was from one of these sources you would likely see an increase in Cs-137, Cs-134, Xe-133, Xe-135 and possibly some of the Kr isotopes. Interesting thing about I-131 is that it only has about an 8 day half-life. That means that whatever the source, it isn’t very old.
          The part of this story that is missing is the exact “where” of the findings. Were they in a specific area such as following a road or a train track or was it broadcast like on a wind. Either way it would be easy enough to backtrack to the source.

      2. It is material to test the natural gas lines .. radioactive . Causing a problem all around . Some company . I forget their name .. William Miunr did a story yesterday on them . You Tube .

        • With hundreds of isotopes available the use I131? What could go wrong? It does seem significant that other fission products haven’t been identified.

      3. Who cares about Europe radiation when you got Muslim rapists? More important is that Trump nixed O’Knuckledragger’s Transgender bathroom policy. Trump is unraveling that worthless POS EO’s as fast as he can. The new sheriff in town has a phone and a pen too.

        • HOORAH!!!

        • BO had a black pen.
          Donald has whiteout.

          If you think that is ray-siss then maybe you have a problem with facts.

        • The new sheriff in town also has a real set of balls, unlike the ex chimp-in-chief, who’s only set of balls he had was his husband Michele’s.

          • BlackMoe,
            good one LOL!!!

        • Not much of a peep from the left about the transgender stuff, they know they’ll lose it with the public.

          Liberal governors and legislators are peeing down their legs right now, they’ll have to answer to their constituents why they won’t push the issue in their states, and they know they’ll lose political capital.

          It was so much easier when the White House shoved it down our throats, that’s exactly why they did it. Covering their political butts in the states.

      4. Mac, The Media Assault is on. Got your back up plan? One is none, 2 is one. Back up all your data daily. Read this:

        News Link • Internet
        02-22-2017 •
        GOOGLE blacklists Natural News… removes 140,000 pages from its index… “memory holes” Natural News investigative articles on vaccines, pharma corruption, fraudulent science and more.

        News Link • Business/ Commerce
        Bombshell: Major Ad Agency Suspends Infowars Over Support For Trump
        02-22-2017 •
        Major advertising agency AdRoll has suspended its syndication of Infowars product ads across millions of websites and platforms due to our support for Donald Trump. A letter sent to Infowars explaining the decision cites the “political content.

        • Health Ranger threatened by left-wing media goons: “Destroy Alex Jones or we will destroy YOU”

          (Natural News) FULL DISCLOSURE: I am being threatened with the “complete destruction” of my reputation, my brand and my character by left-wing media operatives who have issued a new threat this week: “Destroy Alex Jones or we will destroy YOU.”
          The warning implies that a barrage of left-wing media stories will target me personally — obviously spreading “fake news” lies — unless I agree to go public with “opposition research” targeting Jones that was previously delivered to me on a physical thumb drive.

          h ttp://

          • Just goes to show you that Alex Jones is nailing it. The Globalist are all on the run and in full retard mode now swinging like sissys, threatening everybody. I would charge them with racketeering, and shut down their businesses. Lock up the CEO’s in FEMA CAMPS.

          • Sarge,
            Like i keep saying times are gonna get far worse and maybe more than that (probaly war of some type) before we see any daylight at the end of the tunnel, Trump is trying, but the libturds have dug in DEEP and are on every street corner!! stay alert!! keep prepping, there are more of us and we know how to shoot!!

          • That is extortion, and a felony. Take a visit to your local FBI office and get them involved.

        • Not only did Eric Schmidt destroy Novell, now he is destroying google. In my opinion, he is one of the most disgusting biz leaders in the US today. I think under him, in my opinionn, Google should change its old motto of “First do no evil” to read now “All we do is evil.”

          • That would fit more than Google. It would fit all disinfo agents who fail to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth intentionally to do their brand of evil.

      5. It’s obvious why “experts” would not be able to find the cause. It’s because their paycheck depends on them not finding it.

      6. Why do black people smell bad?

        So blind people can hate them also.

      7. Mac, go to the search engine and add SHTFPLAN to their search engine list. This site is suggested by NaturalNews as a legit search engine as others like Google are hiding these info sites from searches.

        • Fox News Liberal Alan Colmes just died 66 YO.

      8. One eight hundred fuk u shima

      9. There was a spike we launched two planes Phoenix detection probably Russians testing a nuke in Antarctica,they have been testing a lot lately. Pulling out all of there new systems like the (Bastion system) a formidable weapon,they Russians are now protected on all sides of there country from N.A.T.O

      10. __

        For books regarding prepping, safe houses, “bomb shelters”

        TPTB may be preparing for limited nuclear exchange (which would not put us back into the Stone Age),followed by conventional warfare.

        Iodine and selenium are important supplements. Most Americans could benefit if they took these. If there is nuclear exchange or a leak or accident, your health could be adversely affected before you know. So, be preemptive. Eat and store Brazil Nuts and or selenium supplements. Fish and Kelp Sea weed, high in iodine or iodine supplementation. Protects the breasts and sex organs and dissolves and eliminates cysts which can be precancerous.


        • Skousen


        • BfC

          Didn’t get to read this before I ordered a ton of Sea Kelp tablets from Puritan’s Pride, and now I’m happy I did. Also told the Wife that when she buys more salt to make sure it has iodine in it. I’m going to stock pile most of this for a later date, or WW3.


          • Sgt.,
            You are right on the money with iodized salt. Iodine is only found in useful quantities is ocean seafood and crops grown within 50 miles of an ocean. There was a time when schools were full of mentally retarded children who simply didn’t have enough iodine in their diets, so it was mandated that iodine be added to table salt.

            In the last few years it has become fashionable to be “all natural”. Stupid people have been actually looking for and buying non-iodized salt, to such an extent store shelves now carry mostly iodine free salt. I shake my head every time I look for salt.

            And now with regular radiation leakage into the environment it’s more important than ever to have enough dietary iodine that isn’t contaminated.

        • It is true about the iodine and selenium. They must be taken together tho. My holistic doctor said selenium will help against breast cancer.

      11. I meet with the scientist this weekend. I will keep you all posted. The first thing I will look into is what to expect this year?


        • HCKS
          Let us know what he has to say.

          Let me tell you what I think he is going to say.
          CIVIL WAR by September. Or WW3 by October.



        Go to 40 minutes and listen. This is the plan for 2017-2020. I had my scientist friend listen to Pete Peterson and he agrees that Peterson is telling 100% truth.


      13. Let us say the story is true?
        Depleted uranium rounds being used in the Mid East, and the folks coming from there are carrying it into Europe?

        Radiation being brought into Europe by muslimes for use against the Europeans?

        Depleted uranium rounds being stored in Europe for WW3?

        Or this story is just plain B.S.

        Just some ideas.


        • Russians testing in the Barents Sea.

          • Smokey
            Thanks for the INFO. I didn’t know this.

            • A couple of weeks ago there was an explosion at a French nuclear reactor site. Search for it. Maybe they’re trying to cover up one of there own mistakes. Also, there were no earthquake or seismic events reported in that area, so probably no nuke test by anyone. Another possibility is an accident on somebodies nuke sub. Keep an open mind.

      14. Firstly, this event has not suddenly put you on a war footing. You were on the defensive, when monitoring the isotope, for some time. In fact, the scare has arguably lasted for so long, that terrorism has achieved the intended effect of moral exhaustion. It’s a wonder that people can still be so jumpy, over anything, at all.

        Medically, this only-man-made isotope is accumulated in an overactive thyroid, which it destroys, in small increments, presumably limited by it’s short half life.

        So, involuntary exposure was considered controversial, during early, nuclear tests — generations ago.

        Emits a purple gas, at the point of leaks.

        Advanced notice of tests, along a fault line.

        Proprietary information is not listed, in a straightforward way, on the internet, presumably, because dignitaries will exploit it as a weakness, and plebs are quick to take out pitchforks and torches.

        I am not by any means calling the establishment blameless and infallible, but this kind of stuff generally falls under the heading of the lesser of two evils.

      15. There are radiation problems in Japan that nobody is talking about, and that could be a big problem.

      16. Well, I’m sure people have not completely forgotten the March 2011 issue with Fukishima, and just because the media fails to address it further does not mean that the radiation problem is over but on the contrary; it’s still pouring into the air, water and is filling the planet as we speak with radioactive particles, odorless, tasteless but dangerous and even deadly in the long term.

      17. More fake news designed to stir up the stupid sheep.
        The levels of radiation found would be equal to that
        received if you ate ONE FIFTH OF A BANANA!!!! In short
        this is a GIANT NOTHING BURGER. What happened? Some person had a nuclear medicine scan of their thyroid…then pee’d out the radioactive iodine their body had metabolized after the imaging exam. Once said
        pee entered the open environment it was spread. With a half life of 8 days one hour this will ALL BE GONE in just over 2 months. So STOP PANICKING OVER NOTHING.

      18. Those ticking timebombs (nuclear reactors) are what produce the fuel for nuclear weapons! Get it? Electricity is secondary!
        That would be the Nuclear/Military Industrial Complex in collusion with the Media and Governments of the world covering it all up and muddying the waters with lies and propaganda! This “situation” is real bad! And that’s an understatement!
        Here are the facts about Fukushima! Watch these videos and learn more about the truth of Fukushima than any where else in the world! Dana breaks down the facts like no one else! He exposes Fukushima and the Nuclear Industry like no one else!
        These are the real facts about Fukushima! You really won’t get the information this way from anywhere unless you do a massive amount of research yourself! Here is most of the work done for you! You can research yourself the truth if you know how but its very hard to do! These videos show you the truth and Dana explains for you all of it! This is where you get the raw truth without any bullshit! This information will upset you! This is truth so be prepared to be very stunned by the facts! This is Bad bad bad!
        FUKUSHIMA = Man on a mission! Fukushima? Oh yeah! He’s got it covered! Here’s just a taste! Watch and learn the TRUTH!
        Fukushima is real! Real bad!
        The media are complicit! Murderers!
        The scientists are complicit! Murderers!
        Uranium is death!
        The Nuclear Industry as a whole, with all of its various and many sub industries is the killer of our planet and life on it!

        Here are the liars and pure evil scum of the earth! Pure propaganda and lies! It’s maddening to see stuff like this if you know the truth(refer to above Fukushima links)! I don’t even want to put this link but, just in case you want to understand the purposefully developed and scientifically designed pure bullshit lies and propaganda about how harmless and wonderful and magnificent and marvelous and necessary and good and pure and angelic and essential Nuclear is, then here! But just one site, thats all you really need if you’re up to speed on the truth! ( Again, refer to the Fukushima links)! Here are the killers of planet earth!

        OH MY!! OH DEAR!! WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE??? NO MENTION OF FUKUSHIMA??????????????????????????????????????????????????


        on Youtube is the only place to get all the truth! He’s gathered the information and has documented it on video! It’s all there people!! It’s all there!! He’s a bit rough around the edges but his information is true and accurate and deadly!
        Do yourselves all a favor and become informed! This article sucks so bad it’s pathetic! Must be in the pocket of the nuke puke machine huh! Getting your script from the enemy are ya?

        • I recently read the fukishima is in meltdown…and the robots that are sent there for readings are burned up in ten minutes!

      20. This disaster will never be “taken care of”! Especially when the facts and evidence(that would be truth) are never reported correctly! Many information blackout ie facts in this article, as usual ,from those who continue the under reporting and lies about Fukushima! To get the facts, all you need to do is listen to one person, Dana Durnford! Ignore his most thorough reporting and continue in your ignorance if you will, but I suggest you get it right and stop with the BS articles! This is for anyone who really wants to do a Heroic article, with all the facts and evidence to produce a Magnificent article or series of articles or documentary about the worst nightmare ever visited upon mankind! Dana’s got the goods even if his presentations can be grating on some peoples ignorant and noncritical minds! Don’t be petty, listen to the message and facts and don’t judge the messenger for not being a perfect human being! You “smart” writers are the ones who are…. either stupid, bought off, or just part of the problem! Ya all gonna man up or get an honorable woman to write a good piece or two about Fukushima and etc… or what? Which one of you people aren’t going to cower to the PTB and finally do the right thing about alerting the people about Fukushima? Just as an aside, there is so much to expose and write about you could start a very good career from it! If you wanted to or actually had the balls to do it!
        Take the time to review some of his videos and at least get the truth and the facts right before you vomit your false reporting to the world like a nuclear industry shill or a lying government collaborator traitor to human kind and planet earth! From these videos, you can get to almost all other FACTS about Fukushima and other nuclear Facts that haven’t been widely reported on, or you can continue to deceive your readers with articles like this one! Your choice! Lie or tell the truth!
        And if you are really lazy about researching and you can’t bare to watch some videos and fact check them yourself, then go here and just read the thousands of headlines that this news aggregator has collected since from the beginning!
        You’re to good for this kind of shit article! Please don’t commit the crime of reporting the truth according to the very criminals who are committing the crimes! ie, the Criminal Nuclear Industry and the criminal Governments of the world and criminal Scientists etc…
        This cover up/conspiracy is huge! Grow some balls!

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