Alan “The-State-Can-Plunge-A-Needle-In-Your-Arm” Dershowitz Is In Epstein’s “Little Black Book”

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    Alan Dershowitz, the infamous lawyer for Donald Trump who said the government can “jab a needle in your arm” is in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book of people who flew on the Lolita Express no fewer than 12 times.

    Dershowitz, who defended President Donald Trump during his Senate impeachment trial says you have no right to decide what goes into your body. That is for the government to decide. Americans need to wake up. There is no left or right. The rulers are all on the same team. It’s us vs. them.

    Top Lawyer Says The Government Has THE POWER To “Plunge a NEEDLE IN YOUR ARM”

    So. who among Epstein’s infamous black book will need a good lawyer if Ghislaine Maxwell starts singing? At the top of the list are the usual scandal magnets, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and Alan Dershowitz. They all hung around with Epstein, but each has a history of slithering out of jams.

    Other Epstein associates with less experience in the hot seat might also start to squirm. Billionaire hedge fund owner Glenn Dubin, for example, who is one half of an accomplished Manhattan super-couple: His striking wife, Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin, founded the Dubin Breast Center of the Tisch Cancer Institute at the Mount Sinai Medical Center.

    Dershowitz is little more than a Nazi, with views that you have no right to your own body. He’s borderline senile, like Biden, and thinks the government can use any force necessary to “plunge a needle in your arm.” He’s a member of the elitists and ruling class and should be afraid that his ties to known pedophiles have surfaced.

    But don’t expect justice. As we mentioned a few days ago, if Maxwell even comes close to signaling that she’s going to “name names,” she will meet a similar fate as Epstein. We’ve seen this before. The mainstream media will cover it up as a suicide and the tyrannical pedophiles will go on terrorizing the public and enslaving the masses.

    The dirtbag Dershowitz also helped ensure Epstein never paid for his crimes. When Jeffrey Epstein found out in 2005 that he was being investigated by police for the sexual abuse of underage girls, he called Dershowitz.  The allegations were that Epstein had sexually abused girls when they were underage, sexually assaulted them, or masturbated in front of them during massages at his mansion. Dershowitz went to work discrediting some of Epstein’s accusers. One young woman, identified as A.H., said that she had started going to Epstein’s house when she was 16, that he had photographed her naked, and that he had attempted to rape her. Dershowitz sent the lead investigator a letter intended to call into question her character, culling information from her social media accounts. This character assassination helped Epstein get a “cushy plea deal” without actually having to pay for his crimes.

    Epstein’s legal team arrived at a “non-prosecution agreement” with the office of the US attorney in Miami, then led by Alexander Acosta, who went on to become President Trump’s secretary of labor (he announced his resignation earlier this month after criticism of his role in the Epstein case). Under the deal, Epstein spent 13 months in jail and was able to go on work release to a nearby office — where, according to an attorney representing his accusers, he was able to continue preying on women. –VOX

    Before SHTF, Let’s Revisit Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book

    Dershowitz isn’t the only high profile tyrant in Epstein’s book, but considering he thinks the government owns the bodies of millions of people, it’s imperative we shed some light on the distasteful character that he is as he continues to slither his way into positions of power.

    It isn’t really shocking now that Dershowitz thinks he can violate the consent of those who don’t want to be vaccinated. After all, it looks like he has a habit of violating others without their consent and defends those who do the same.




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      1. Quit falling for pssy hyper-inflation, and try this —

        Be physically fit, dressed to go out, walk a cute dog, or go to any social function, showing that you have a pulse. Use just plain ordinary manners, without being a jerk or a phony.

        Inappropriately young women are readily obtainable, every day of the week.

        I am not especially a pretty boy, like what is shown on tv. There is no particular reason to believe that I have any money.

        The Satanic ptb liked this gritty dungeon sort-of dynamic, and, afaic, the hooker only gets more ‘woke’, more embittered, more publicly exhibitionistic, once she realizes that she is post-wall, and noone will ever see her in a perky light, ever again.

        She was surrounded by a whole entourage of promoters, on her end, like ogrish Dance Moms, who gladly facilitated access, or they played the cckblocker when the opportunity was not enough.

        Uncomplicated, or go away from me. thx

      2. DO not trust the Zionist Chew as he changes like the wind. One moment he is for this the next he is not. He will come home soon to HELL. We are going to call him back …..

      3. idiots hes right they can get you to take the vaccine. you will get it when you go to your doc or the er or during an elective surgery. they can put it in your drip iv they can combine it with shots. one thing i know no one goes through live without going to a doctor. stop thinking you own your life you dont your state property.

      4. To the totalitarians, and their toadies, smirking in their pride of place, I say, “DeFarge.”

      5. Giuffre alleges in her suit that Dershowitz, 80, was a participant in Epstein’s sex trafficking operation, and that she had sex with Dershowitz as part of that operation. Giuffre has made similar allegations against Dershowitz in court filings in the past.

        “Defendant Dershowitz was Epstein’s attorney, close friend, and co-conspirator. Dershowitz was also a participant in sex trafficking, including as one of the men to whom Epstein lent out Plaintiff for sex,” the lawsuit alleges.

      6. “No one goes through life without going to a doctor”

        Nope,not in today’s modern world they don’t.
        It’s not the 1800’s anymore.
        At least 90% of all births in the US take place in a HOSPITAL!!!!!
        If a person lives long enough they will be visiting a doctor in their lifetime.
        It is what it is and nothing else.

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