AG Holder on AZ Law: I Have Not Had a Chance to Read It

by | May 13, 2010 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    (Videos follows excerpts and comments below)

    Flashback to Yesterday May 12, 2010 (AG Holder at Youth Conference in California)

    “My question is whether or not it will ultimately be effective in this way. I think the potential for racial profiling is certainly increased by the passage of such laws. That then leads to the potential driving of a wedge between the communities law enforcement is trying to reach out to…”

    Flash forward to 24 hours later May 13, 2010 (AG Holder answering questions at a House Judiciary Committee):

    When asked if he had read the Arizona immigration law:

    “I have not had a chance to — I’ve glanced at it.”

    Responding to a question from Congressman Poe (R-TX) about how he could have constitutional concerns about a law he has not read:

    “Well, what I’ve said is that I’ve not made up my mind. I’ve only made the comments that I’ve made on the basis of things that I’ve been able to glean by reading newspaper accounts, obviously, television, talking to people who are on the review panel…looking at the law.”s

    “I’ve just expressed concerns on the basis of what I’ve heard about the law.”

    I object – that’s hearsay your Honor!

    We understand the reasoning behind the passage of Arizona’s law, as well as the dangers with the law going forward (and not just for Hispanics in the United States), but this is more an issue of the top prosecutor in the country and his willingness to make public comments on the constitutionality of a law and whether the law violates civil rights without having read it in any serious capacity.

    How can an attorney general of the United States of America suggest that the Arizona law is unconstitutional based on what he saw and heard people saying on television? As an attorney, you’d think he’d spend 5 minutes reading it if it’s such a big deal. Obviously, this isn’t about the law, it is about touting the party line.

    We’ll be advised of Mr. Holder’s position on the law as soon as the “people” reviewing the ten page document brief him.

    Watch the Flashback and Flash Forward Videos Below:

    May 12, 2010: Eric Holder Suggests AZ Law May Be Unconstitutional and Violates Civil Rights :

    May 13, 2010: Eric Holder Says He Has Not Read Arizona Law:


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      1. Ask the IMF, the foreign multinational insurance, big hospital, litigation attorneys,  and foreign multinational drug companies whats in the law, they wrote the law.   Thousands wrote the bill, none were elected Americans.  The beast also controls 90% of all those elected at the Federal level through campaign donations and under the table deals, and 100% of Obama’s appointees and czars.  After this group leaves Washington, there will be plenty of positions waiting for them at the Beast that wrote the bill.

      2. Its sad, but is anyone really surprised at this? After all, he was just doing what all politicians are paid to do – SOUND like they know what they’re talking about.

      3. What do you expect from this liberal mob ?  Honesty ? , Integrity ?  Honor ?  Fidelity ?  Get real !

      4. Typical Obama adminstration employee.

        1. Never tell the truth
        2. Cheat the people every way you can, by taxation, stock market manipulation, corrupt banking, currency destruction.
        3. Collect a big government check for doing 1. and 2.. 

        ZeroHedge coined a nice new term for these people.   Not socialists, not communists, not fascists.  

        Farcists.   The term fits perfectly for this so-called fake government under Obama whose real agenda is to destroy the middle class, the U.S. Constitution, and our freedoms.   Farcist article below.

      5. Its dissinformation and propaganda, the whole administration is smoke and mirrors. If they just “media hype” the message people will believe it. In college they call it classical conditioning (brain washing) the public. Its the ultimate SHAM WOW commercial. The only difference is sham wow actually does what it says.

        The storey is as old as the bible. If you speak the truth the truth will set you free. Like Jesus, if you speak the truth you will be attacked. As AG Holder is attacking AZ.

        If everyone just stopped watching the networks for 30 days we could end the propaganda machine. These networks are infested from the top down with ultra left people who only make up 21% of our country. Its the tail wagging the dog.

        The Citizens, have the power. Stop buying or using products and services from bailed out companies. Think of all the ways you can protest with your wallet. Start using your wallet to fight back. Last time I checked we still had control of our wallets.

        Spread the word, use your wallet. As Citizens of this great country WE HAVE THE POWER.

      6. Farcist! That’s great! And this “farcist” dirtbag Holder is one of the Obongo Marxists that wants to get his hands on your guns, too.  Apparently he hasn’t read the 2nd Amendment either.

      7. Comments… question is, how can our US Attorney General make negative comments on the AZ immigration bill, when he has not even read it?  I don’t care what political party he is a member of, that is VERY irresponsible for someone in a powerful position like Eric Holder holds, to carelessly say negative things that he has no personal information about -  in my humble opinion.

      8. How the fuck can this Eric Holder guy have any credibility whatsoever if he frickin’ didn’t even READ THE LAW!

        I’m getting sick of moron politicians. What people do you elect fooks? Think beyond your fuckin’ Idols for once!


      9. Whenever you hear a politician speaking  just think back to Jim Carrey in “Ace Ventura”……Yep, the talking asshole thing, that’s what you’re hearing….:)

      10. Good video for the anti-immigration nuts:

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