After Multiple Reports About New Zealanders Turning In Guns, Guess How Many Actually Did It? 

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Headline News | 82 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Following reports that a flood of New Zealand gun owners have been voluntarily surrendering their firearms in the wake of last Friday’s Christchurch mosque attack that left 50 dead, the numbers are in on how many Kiwis actually handed over their weapons.

    Out of an estimated 1.2 million registered guns, New Zealand police report that as of Tuesday night, 37 firearms have been surrendered nationwide, according to BuzzFeed.

    No accounting was provided of how many people owned those guns, the types of firearms, or where they were surrendered.

    The reports of citizens disarming themselves came after a Monday announcement by Prime minister Jacinda Ardern that several “in principle decisions” on gun control have been made by Cabinet ministers, while praising residents who have surrendered their guns to police.

    So far, we know of four people who have; Green Party member John Hart and longtime gun owner “@SirWB” – who each turned in a rifle, a grandmother who goes by the Twitter handle “@FeyHag” who said she requested for her family’s guns to be handed in for destruction, and former New Zealand Army soldier Pete Breidahl – who said he warned local police of extremists at a local rifle club where he said he suspected the shooter was a member.

    “All I want is to go back to my horses, say goodbye to firearms and the bullshit shooting community and its drama and let the police and government sort this one out,” wrote Breidahl in a Facebook post. “I don’t NEED, want or care about guns. I can happily live my life without them.”

    Most reports cited three tweets, including that of John Hart, a farmer and Green Party member from Wairarapa, who told BuzzFeed News he surrendered his semiautomatic rifle two days after the attack.

    He tweeted a photo of the form he signed to hand over his rifle to the police to be destroyed, saying, “We don’t need these in our country. We have to make sure it’s #NeverAgain.” –BuzzFeed

    Ardern asked residents to surrender their weapons on Monday.

    “To make our community safer, the time to act is now,” she said. “I want to remind people, you can surrender your gun to the police at any time. In fact I have seen reports that people are in fact already doing this. I applaud that effort, and if you are thinking about surrendering your weapon, I would encourage you to do so.

    Looks like that was wishful thinking on the part of the Prime Minister.


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      1. What the media lied??? Smart New Zealanders
        If to give up your guns – you stop being a citizen and turn into a slave.
        The first thing a dictatorial government does is to go after your guns.

        • Beware Of Propaganda! This is a tool TPTB will always use. Trekker Out

        • So to paraphrase the “army” dipshit “All I want is pretend bad things don’t happen and let the police and government run my life because thinking is HARD.”

          • Want to stop being a Tax Slave? Contact the BLM Bureau of Land Management in Washington DC, and request your “LAND PATENT”. For about $30 you can get your Land Patent, then go record this land patent at your county recorders office and send a certified copy to your County Property Appraiser Office along with a friendly F-U Forever declaration notice and you will never have top pay property taxes again. Also with a Land Patent, the Government can no longer place any tax liens on your property or confiscate your property nor can any other 3rd party file a lien against your property. A Land Patent is the Ultimate Title to your land.

            Every property in the US has a Land Patent sitting on the shelf at this office, but the banks and legislatures replaced your land patent over 3 generations ago using trickery, with Warrantee Deeds which are just color of ownership. Which allows your property to be taxed.. Not real Ownership. Once you file this Land Patent, that property parcel is free from any future taxing into perpetuity / forever.

            Read this: Please see the information at the following link: ht tps://

            Federal Land Patent: See below all the info.
            • Summa Corporation v. California established that ownership through a land patent could not be superseded by the State or anyone else.
            • While you wait, create an official declaration of acceptance to convey your acceptance of the restrictions the land patent imposes. You are reaffirming your respect for federal law, and ensuring you adhere to any restrictions the land patent places on your use of the land.
            • The Land Patent is the only form of perfect title to land available in the United States. Wilcox v. Jackson, 38 PET (U.S.) 498; 10 L.Ed. 264.
            • The “Warranty Deed” is merely a “color of title”. Color of Title means: “That which is a semblance or appearance of title, but not title in fact or in law.” Howth v. Farrar, C.C.A. Tex.; 94 F.2d 654, 658; McCoy v. Lowrie, 42 Wash. 2d 24, Black’s Law Sixth Ed.
            • A Warranty Deed cannot stand against a Land Patent. “A grant of land (Land Patent) is a public law standing on the statue books of the State, and is notice to every subsequent purchaser under any conflicting sale made afterward.” Wineman v. Gastrell, 53 FED 697, 2 U.S. App. 581.

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            • Want to keep bureaucrats and others from snooping around your property to search for code violations? Tired of endlessly paying fees for permits to build on your own property? How many times have you heard, “You can’t do that without permission” or “You need a permit to do that which will cost you X-amount of dollars.” It seems harder and harder to do things on your own land, and too much time, energy, and money is usually expended in the process.


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            I will try to post ore info on this. A request to get your land patent takes about 2 weeks. Cost about $30 with some recording fees. Got too read the rules on this to it is executed properly.

            Stop feeding the beast, Stop paying your wealth to tax authorities.

            • Interesting. I DESPISE property taxes. That said…

              The United States Supreme Court has plainly stated that land transferred by a federal land patent is subject to the same limitations as any other lands under state jurisdiction:

              “We hold the true principle to be this, that whenever the question in any court, state or federal, is whether a title to land which had once been the property of the United States has passed, that question must be resolved by the laws of the United States; but that whenever, according to those laws, the title shall have passed, then that property, like all other property in the state, is subject to state legislation, so far as that legislation is consistent with the admission that the title passed and vested according to the laws of the United States.” (emphasis added)

              In Michigan, the Michigan Supreme Court has taken the same position:

              “[T]he power of sale and disposition of the public lands, and of prescribing the rules, regulations, officers, agencies and the whole course of proceedings, for effecting such sales is vested exclusively in the federal government, until the sale is consummated by the issuing of a patent to the purchasers, which alone (in ordinary cases like the present, at least) divests the title of the United States and vests it in the purchasers, when, for the first time, it becomes in all respects subjects to the local laws of the state, like the great mass of other property within its limits.”

            • Very interesting stuff. I must look into this.

            • What if you’ve purchased your land/home with a mortgage? Can mortgaged property be “patented”?

        • It’s just too bad they are registered. If they want them they know where to look.
          NEVER register a gun! EVER!

        • In a country completely without legally owned guns, one man with an illegal gun is pretty much free to do whatever he wants, and kill whoever he wants. I’ll be holding
          onto my gun.

      2. There are 100% more illegal gun laws in the US than illeagal guns.

        • Oh yeah fir sure the “gun turn in program” worked great. All the criminals lined up and turned in their guns immediately, it was just amazing, the power of suggestion.. So now the world is safe again. NOT!! bwhahahahaha Only Slaves are unarmed.

      3. give em up at your peril. What will you defend yourself with then? a knife? They will ban those too….been to Europe lately?

        • Plastic spork lol

      4. Must be something in the food or water. What a bunch of maroons!

        • If it makes you feel any better most of those firearms “turned in” was most likely done by actors.

          • No doubt. Weak knee Bastuds.

            • Or shills planted by the government to “lead the people in the right direction” in handing in their horrible guns!

      5. Mass shooting events are all the more reason to own and carry. If there are any smart, sane people still riding the fence about the wisdom of firearm ownership, these episodes of fifty people here and forty there should easily convince one that arming yourself is a good idea and not a bad one.

      6. Gun laws are only for the peaceful owners, they have no effect at all on the belligerent, rebellious, and criminal ones.

        • However, the armed criminals know who to target now.

      7. Infowars says 37 as of today. I’m glad they are not fools. 37 of them though no doubt are dumb as rocks.

        • Menzo, that was 37 morons that made themselves vulnerable to genocide. I’m not surrendering anything.

          • simple cases of virtue signaling. Otherwise, why brag about it on social media?

            Probably a handful of lefttard cases and the occasional useful idiot in that 37 as well. But my bet is typical “ooo look at me” behavior.

      8. Now, it’s time for them to surrender their vehicles. Vehicular homicide claims the lives of countless innocents, including children. Voluntary removal of these dangerous objects will become involuntary once our fleet of self driving vehicles becomes available for purchase. If your dangerous owner operated vehicle is taken involuntarily, you will be issued a steep fine for failure to co-operate. Those who attempt to hide their property will be imprisoned for not less than 12 years at a for profit prison. Your co-operation is expected. Also, all knives with the exception of plastic butter knives that are found either on your person, in your vehicle, or on your property including in your kitchen, will be an automatic felony punishable by hanging, beheading, or forced starvation/dehydration and exposure in an open field.

        Peace at the expense of selfish liberties is the lifeblood of the World Order. Be a member in good standing or die.

        Aren’t you glad so many people finally turned in their guns. Isn’t peace wonderful. Big Brother knows what is good for us all. Soilent green will be available for pick up on Tuesday mornings as usual. The lines are being managed more efficiently since the population reduction has been such a success.

        There are currently only ten thousand people living in twenty cities across North America. The birth rate is at less than one birth for every 100 people. Natural reproduction is forbidden without a license. Violators will be executed. One must qualify for parenthood. Parenthood is not a right, it is a privilege.


        • Don’t forget ladders, bathtubs, swimming pools. And wear a helmet when watching TV. We’ll all be much safer.

        • The birth rate is at less than one birth for every 100 people.

          Ah. Feminism.

          Marriage is now punishable by a fine of no less than $250,000 or life in prison if you can’t come up with the cash.

          No. Really. It is. Do you typically get into an airplane that has a slightly greater than 50% chance of crashing?

          • Really think they’d outlaw same-sex marriages?

        • Great post!

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      10. If the drunk down the street kills a few people in an accident do you quit drinking beer or better yet turn in the keg tap to the police so it won’t endanger the public? You gun is safest in your hands.

        • Your gun is safest in your hands. Si’, but the beer is not.

        • No Kevin I would not, no more than I would cut off my manhood if rapes were happening too often in my area!!!

          • looking at the direction the Left has taken as late, I could see them making that exact demand.

            such is the place we are right now, sadly.

      11. #neveragainuntilnexttuesdayparticularlyifyoureunarmedlikeastupidpunksheep

      12. Pennsylvania is trying to introduce a bill whereby ALL firearms must be registered. Every year must be renewed at 10 bucks each. All sales must be approved and re-registered by new owner. It would take about a month to register each gun, so you would have to start early each year before expiration. Who the F is going to enforce something like this? It will never pass the Republican controlled legislature.

        You Okies remember Tom Coburn? He was a favorite of mine in the Senate. Here’s what he said about the 2nd: “The second amendment wasn’t written so you can go hunting. It was to create a force to balance a tyrannical force here.” Now how many politicians R or D would ever say that? I’ve never heard any other express the true meaning of the second. They all say, no, it’s not about a tyrannical government. It’s for protection or hunting.

        Need more like him in office. Seems like doctors make better politicians than lawyers. Too bad he got cancer.

        • JRS

          Every so often when it’s applicable I repost this interesting piece of legalize. Simply put gun registration cannot be legally applied against felons who are prohibited from possessing a firearm. If it cannot be applied against criminals then it can only be applied to non felons. That in and of itself speaks volumes.

          Haynes v. United States 1968

          The National Firearms Act of 1934 required the registration of certain types of firearms. Miles Edward Haynes was a convicted felon who was charged with failing to register a firearm under the Act. Haynes argued that, because he was a convicted felon and thus prohibited from owning a firearm, requiring him to register was essentially requiring him to make an open admission to the government that he was in violation of the law, which was thus a violation of his right not to incriminate himself.

          Felons and others prohibited from possessing firearms could not be compelled to incriminate themselves through registration. The original Haynes decision continues to block state prosecutions of criminals who fail to register guns as required by various state law gun registration schemes

          • Oops forgot this part:

            In a 7-1 decision, the Court ruled in 1968 in favor of Haynes. Earl Warren dissented in a one sentence opinion and Thurgood Marshall did not participate in the ruling.

          • K2,
            As a note Hawaii has a requirement that all guns be registered. They have figured that a large amount of people ignore this law and use Haynes v US as an excuse. They tried to pass an amnesty law recently to get around Haynes. I don’t think the law passed and even if it did, most everybody ignored it.

            • Haynes v US only apples to people that are already felons. I called in once on a talk show and dumfounded the host who was advocating mandatory registration, his reply, “Well that shouldn’t be”, “goodby”.


            in other words- when the laws change so much I become a felon by simply continuing to do what I normally do everyday, I am no longer bound by the NFA in any way shape or form and its open season on full auto.

            (yes, yes, I know, the NFA is unconstitutional and non-binding anyway but this gives an interesting “out” in the courts lol)

        • As a Pennsylvanian I will not comply!

          • by “not complying” does that mean you will be hiding your guns and never getting them out for basic practice, letting your skills erode..?

            thats partly what this is about yanno.

            maybe get the law turned back, since you’re a Pennsylvanian. we are turning into islands of semi-constitutionality, otherwise.

      13. But But ar-15’s are a weapons of war!!!

        • They can try
          Good luck with that

        • So, after I turn in my guns the government is going to protect me….the fourth greatest lie..check is in the mail, I love you, and I won’t cum in your mouth.

          • Sorry, wojo,that belief has already been decided. Warren vs. District of Columbia determined that the police have NO obligation or requirement to protect you, or come to your aid and that case has been upheld throughout the nation. The police are there to “uphold and maintain the peace”, not to protect or come to the aid of “individuals unless they (the citizen) has a SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP with the police”. You are free to hire private protection but otherwise the 2nd Amendment provides for your personal protection. Look it up!!!

      14. Want your car registration or license, Turn in your guns…..

        • Want your car registration or license, Turn in your guns……

          Had anyone listened, folks should have purchased weapons and ammo without registering them (aka: private sales). You would not have to worry about having to “trade” your Rights for privileges as suggested will happen.

        • I can and Have ignored unconstitutional laws.
          I don’t need a license to Drive
          I don’t need a registration to to drive
          I think you have a liberal socialist mentality
          Try being and independent American Male

          SEE simple

          • Jakartaman

            “I can and Have ignored unconstitutional laws.”

            Unfortunately unconstitutional laws don’t ignore you. If you get pulled over without license, registration kiss the auto goodby at a minimum. At maximum you’re going to jail.

        • car registration? Govt ID? PASSPORT..? open a bank account?
          get a loan? ability to officially function?

          even worse, before we get there, they will simply mandate heavy liability insurance making guns “too expensive” for the common man.

      15. Off topic: Anyone know of a good book on building an underground shelter that won’t bankrupt me? Please let me know

      16. Justice, any would-be gun grabbers come to me only at their own peril. I’m not giving up anything.

      17. Hawaii requires that all guns made after 1899 be registered.
        You have to get permission from the police to purchase any gun.
        You have to register in the Rap back Federal data base.
        Magazine capacity limits, no supressors, no Tasers.
        Even when a court rules against Hawaii laws, the cops ignore the law, because they know they can fu ck you and it will take years and Thousands of dollars for you to get your rights recognized through the court system.
        This is what an America run by Democrats will be like.
        A while back there was a false alarm alert for a Nuke attack
        I was certain it would target Honolulu. I can’t say I would have done anything to stop it. Unfortunately for Hawaiians it was a false alarm. I feel the same way about any large Democrat city. I see nothing, I know nothing.

        • rellik

          In the end justice is a commodity that costs money. The specific party in power just determines which laws will be ignored and which are enforced and upon who. One of the great luxuries of hitting the lottery for massive money would not just be your ability to force compliance with the law but the governments knowledge that you have the capacity to do so. They would tend to treat you with a degree of respect as you can fight back. How sweet it would be to have the funds to on occasion pay for the legal protection for a commoner that they are theoretically entitled to under, “Equal protection under the law”. It would be a great hobby to pick cases like you described.

      18. Who give a rat’s ass about what is happening in New Zealand when our own Senate will be entertaining Senate Bill 7, introduced in the Senate by Marco Rubio (R-FL), the ‘Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act of 2019 — otherwise known as a national “red flag” gun confiscation bill.

        • damn… thanks for keeping us on track.

        • What a RINO!

      19. Only your enemies,want you disarmed?

      20. Smart New Zealanders! Never comply with liberty destroying draconian self defense laws. The 20th century history is warning us of the implications of gun registration, confiscation and eventually genocide.

      21. Hi all.Just found this
        Hero my arse, like all in the clip-complete bullshit.Some wont come out of thier bubbles, but shit, look at this, take a good look at it all and look a few times.
        Life is hard but will get much harder if we insist on being stupid.Can see why the Govt wants everything taken down and people prosecuted for having this kind of stuff.What’s realy going on ?
        The NZ puppet leader (surely the deputy is realy calling the shots-yeah ?)has taken to wearing a head scarf, oks muslim prayers in the parliment even though christian prayers are currently banned there.Wow.
        I’ve said in a different post and say it again-Tarrant has clearly killed/wounded a few people but the real shooter (very well trained counter terrorist marksman)had already left the building when he walked in.
        If the powers that be have decided to send another shooter in to (say) a catholic gathering some time in the future then who do we all think will be the ones to take the wrap ?
        I recomend people read Pikes letter to Mazzuni, it outlines 3 world wars.Remember, life us hard but gets much harder if you insist on being stupid.

      22. Small Cache of Weapons found. 5-13-18

        Police were called today to a small mid-western town. Apparently, a small cache of weapons was found in this small suburban home.

        The officers were inspecting the small cache of firearms present in the home and discovered a small caliber 22 hand gun and a small single shot 22 long rifle.

        The man was repentant as he sat on the couch saying “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” over and over.

        One officer said “Christ, I know times are tough but come on! This guy had less than 100 rounds in the whole house. He didn’t even have a shotgun!”

        The other officer was shaking his head: “Man, this guy had two young children in the home! What would have happened if there had been a home invasion! This is unconscionable.”

        Apparently, the man had lost his job a few months ago and had to sell his other weapons to pay the rent.

        “Tsk, tsk.” The first officer said. “That’s no excuse. I mean, all right already, the Constitution is very clear on this.”

        In spite of repeated searches of the home, no additional weapons were found. One of the officers even offered to loan a more powerful hand gun and a shotgun to the man “Until he could get his act together.”

        A local representative of the church said that they were going to schedule a bake sale to help the poor family out. “We will be taking payment in common caliber ammunition for our muffins, cakes, pies and cookies. This way he can expect to have at least the minimum ammo count.” She said. “We feel for him. I mean, who hasn’t fallen on hard times now and again.”

        The judge presiding on the case said “The fact that he has his children well trained on the proper safety and use of the firearms that he owns speaks well for him. If he can get his gun and ammo count up in the next sixty days or so, I think that we can expect to drop any charges.”

      23. New Zealand has officially become East Germany … it took one week!

      24. The burning of the Tares seems eminent, we will need that extra oil.

      25. I would swear that I heard a report on the national news that there was an increase in gun sales there acter this happened.

        This was before talk of turning in guns.

        And only heard it one time….doesn’t fit with what they want you to know.

      26. Probably pretty much like gun by back programs here. Widows whose husbands owned the gun and have no clue, broken firearms and old worn out unusable fire arms. I doubt many brand new semi-automatic scary looking guns.

        • I know of a local army-navy guy who does the buy/sell/trade thing. had a local show up with an M1918A2 in his trunk, no idea what it was, said his grandfather brought it back. Wanted to know what he had and if my buddy wanted to buy it. Buddy told him he had 10 years in the pen if he didn’t cut it up lol.

          Some people honestly have no idea what they have, no interest in guns, and just feel like disposing of them to someone/anyone because “safety”. the other side of gun buy backs is common criminals making easy cash with stolen guns. the cops provide a buyer for stolen merch.

      27. We here in America should Remember what Patrick Henry said… When that times comes, what person wants to the one who says turn them over to me…. Suddenly, the moron in DC just doesn’t seem very important anymore…

      28. That “prime minister” had the testicular fortitude to say and remind NZers that owning a firearm was a privilege and not a right.

        So basically, if you are a NZer, what the C U Next Tuesday said was that their right to defend themselves was a privilege and that their rights, er, I mean privileges, are subject to revocation any time the government deems it necessary to keep them “safe.”

        Thank G-d I was born and bred in America!!!

        • now you know why “civil rights” are dangerous.

          Civil: of or relating to the state or its citizenry.

          Natural rights (aka, God given, or Constitutional affirmed” rights cannot be revoked by a civil authority.

          The grantor of a civil right can just as easily revoke that right. Not so with natural rights.

          we must insure certain rights are nor “written out” of the realm of natural rights.

      29. How exactly does law abiding citizens turning in their guns make NZ more safe?? No wonder the Brits dumped those dipshits on that island LONG ago!

      30. “MOLON LABE”

      31. I have always been interested in motion machinery be it aircraft, cars or guns. The automobile, cool autos that do 0-60 quick, top speed 120+ and handle like “its on rails” are marketed with this features. In effect they’re the “assault car”. I’m not advocating their banning but you can guarantee that they are responsible for well over the deaths, above the driver than from semi auto rifles being rifles of all types account for approximately 400/yr. One is demonized, the other glorified, the mortality tally isn’t relevant in the logic.

      32. The whole thing was a fake.

      33. Tarrants AR15 magazine holds 30,so can we count 35 shots before he changes it ?
        Shells vanishing ? Magazines on floor inside the mosque ?
        Window shows no sign of being broken by previous shots ? Car windscreen intact after gun discharges and also no sound of the shot ? These are only some of the anomalies and
        there is much more that can be commented on about all of this bullshit.Listen everyone, these inconsistencies in the 17 minute clip are whats called image overlays.
        The question is why ? And why
        all the bullshit acting,check this site, its unbelievable, hero dad my arse.(
        Has all of this been put together by an intelligence agency ?
        There is much that is seriously wrong with all of this,it realy stinks,but what happens next ? Already that chook PM is wearing a head scarf and okd muslim prayer in parliment even though christian prayer is banned there.Probably the real shocking thing is that only about 10% of people are willing to leave the bubble bcoz its more comfy to eccept the govt line on things.Chook chook chook l say.

      34. Art.VI, sect.2 states…The constitution shall be the supreme law of the land, and judges in every State shall be bound thereby…The 2nd Amendment states…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The definition of infringed is: A breaking into; a trespass or encroachment upon; a violation of a law, regulation, contract or RIGHT… (Blacks Law Dictionary). Therefore ALL laws infringing on the right to keep and bear arms, either Federal or State are unconstitutional.

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