After Family’s Home Burns Down, Gov’t Evicting Them from RV They’re Living in to Rebuild

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    This article was originally published by Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project. 

    EDITOR’S NOTE: It is time to start questioning ANYONE who is still a law enFORCEment officer of any kind. It’s beyond immoral what these hired teeth of the ruling class are doing to their fellow human beings in exchange for a paycheck.

    Imagine for a moment that your home that you’ve lived in for decades caught fire and your belongings and irreplaceable family heirlooms are gone forever. Sadly, this is a reality for nearly 400,000 Americans every year and Suzanne Afolabi became one of them in May. Unfortunately, because the government does what government does, Afolabi’s house burning down was only the beginning of her nightmare.

    After her family’s house burned down in May, her insurance company provided her with an RV that she could live in on her property until her home was rebuilt. She, her husband, and their grandson lived in the RV while the home was being repaired — that is, until a neighbor complained.

    “We’re just temporary out here in this camper it’s not permanent until we get the house built,” Afolabi told WNDU.

    However, when an apparently heartless and vindictive neighbor reported Afolabi’s RV — which was set up on her own property — to the local authorities, the government turned the family’s bad dream into a nightmare.

    “He came out and told me that I couldn’t be here,” Afolabi said of the zoning board inspector who told her she had to move the RV off of her own property. However, there was a glimmer of hope when the zoning tyrant told her that she could get a variance on the RV and it would be no problem. But when she asked for one, the board refused to grant it.

    When WNDU reached out to the zoning board to confirm this asininity, they unapologetically responded by telling the reporter that the trailer is actually a recreational vehicle (RV) and cannot be a permanent home due to zoning codes — despite the fact that it is not a permanent home.

    Afolabi said the stress of being forced to move her RV off her property has since caused her health problems, saying she has “Stomach flu from being upset, literally my hair has really grayed from this. I’ve had depression. I mean you lose a home you’ve lived in for 56 years.”

    Adding to the insidious nature of the government carrying out the sick desires of Afolabi’s heartless neighbor is the fact that there are campers in the yards of other residents but she says the zoning board is targeting her specifically.

    “You’ve got to be fair. If you’re going to do something do it for everybody, and it is a small town which in some ways are good but in other ways, we’ve got to…our town councils, our zoning boards, they have to quit favoritism and they have to stop taking rumor. They need to find fact,” Afolabi says.

    Afolabi now has a hearing on Oct 11 to learn her final fate of whether or not she can live in a temporary home on her own property while she rebuilds the house she grew up in — as if this should even be an issue for others to decide.

    If you’d like to help Afolabi, there is a group in her town doing just that, today. 

    The Libertarian Party of Marshall County is hosting the Property Rights Rally Support For Suzanne Afolabi and Family in Bourbon, IN on Wednesday September 29th. I am asking you to attend and to encourage others to attend so we can send a clear message to the local government that this violation of property rights and cold treatment of people recovering from a tragedy will not be tolerated.

    Even Details – Property Rights Rally Support For Suzanne Afolabi and Family Wednesday September 29th at 6pm ET 417 E Sunset Dr, Bourbon, IN 46504



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      1. Time to shoot the neighbour!

        • Man that so called “neighbor” deserves Stage IV RECTAL CARCINOMA and then some. AmeriKA has become so chuck full of ultra evil, sick and twisted garbage. And it just amazes me how 99% of us are still sitting back with our limp dicks in our hands while Tyranny is what AmeriKA is now.

      2. The cop has a job as he is told to do it. The ROOT cause is the lack of compassion from the covenant board. They are the ones who should be SHOT for crimes against humanity.

        • That is a poor excuse. Same one was used in Nuremberg….didnt fly there. Shouldnt be allowed here. “I was just doing my job” is thenlowest form of moral cowardice.

        • And these clown gestapo piggies are beyond words as well. I hope folks have a nice, long memory as to how they have been treated by these $hit-bag thugs.

      3. They should have applied for a temporary variance before moving the RV in instead of waiting till after someone complained.

        Being proactive while there is no opposition is almost always better than being reactive after opposition develops.

      4. Nazis had a job and were told to do it…….
        Anytime you defend tyranny you are complicit.

      5. Several years ago, I owned a home in a HOA, the worst mistake I ever made. The officers of the HOA were clearly psychopaths, and they liked to conduct “inspections” of the homes and properties. One Saturday morning early I went down stairs to make some coffee, as I walked into the kitchen I could see 3 old people standing on my front porch with their hands cupped against the windows looking in. I went out and asked them what in the hell are they doing, they said they wanted to see that my curtains were of a color that were authorized in the covenants. One of them had a clip board and pencil, one was carrying a four foot ladder, and one had a tape measure. The one with the tape measure starts measuring the dimensions of my wife’s rose garden, he then abruptly ran over to my neighbor’s house and starts knocking on their door. This is at 7 in the morning and the guy is knocking on the door as if something is horribly wrong. The irritated home owner opens the door and asked the guy what is his problem. He said (and I’m not making this up) the neighbor’s (me) rose garden was a half inch on his property. I could see the neighbor had to restrain himself from decking the guy, but yelled at him and told him to get the f*ck off his property and slams the door. The psychos then proceed to ask me if I had pets, and their size and weight. And finally, the one with the ladder wants to go around to the side of my house to look over the privacy fence to see if there is any laundry hanging out, I told them to immediately leave and stop bothering people with their bullsh*t. That day I contacted a realtor to put my house up for sale. I left town and never bought into an HOA again (actually live 10 miles outside of town).
        A few months prior to this I had relatives who drove several hours to visit me. When they arrived late in the evening it was raining hard. I told them to park in front of my house and after the rain stopped they could move their pickup over to the guest area or else it could be towed away. I thought about it and decided to go ahead and move their pickup to the guest area because one of the officers of the HOA lived right across the street from me and I knew she would call a tow truck. Turned out I was right, as I finished parking the vehicle in the guest area here comes a tow truck up the lane. I looked over at the neighbor’s house and saw her standing on her porch (12 at night), she had called the tow truck company. The tow truck driver wanted me to pay him anyway but I told him f*ck you, go see the lady standing on the porch over there.
        I later learned the officers of the HOA were all retired gov’t workers – it figures. This country is filled with f*ck*ng statists pr*cks like them. They will snitch on you, they will insist you obey all the rules no matter how ridiculous, they will make trouble for you whenever they can and believe they’re doing a good thing. I occasionally run into people like this at the store or someplace in public. One of them will invariably tell me to put on a mask, I just laugh and tell them they are a pest and stop bothering people.

      6. whatever happened
        to love thy neighbor?
        I’m pretty damn sure
        that reporting someone
        who just lost their home
        & is living in a trailer does
        not qualify as love.
        Hell, it doesn’t even qualify
        as having some basic human decency and fucking compassion for someone when they are struggling.

        • Society is infested with RATS..
          Old saying “why pull 10 when you can send a friend?”
          Think your own relatives won’t snitch on you when the shit gets REAL just in order to save their sorry arse? Get real.
          Relatives will f**k you over quicker than strangers because they know that you are probably not going to retaliate against them because they are family.
          DTA folks..
          Don’t trust anyone.

      7. Where have all the cops gone?
        Gone to graveyards everyone.
        When will they ever learn?
        When will they ever learn?

      8. Now, hire a lawyer, reopen the insurance claim, and get the insurance company to remove the RV and pay for a hotel. The insurance company might then hire lawyers to fight the county.

        • Upvote!

        • My thinking is it’s not gonna happen. The insurance companies generally have all their eyes dotted and their tees crossed. It’s all in the fine print that you need a magnifying glass to read.

          Generally speaking they will only cover around 30% of the value of the residence in loss of use expenses. What’s that house worth? Who knows but probably not much in excess of 100 grand. So 30 grand in loss of use expenses, more or less. How much is that RV? 20 grand? OK that works. Leaves 10 grand or so for whatever loss you have ABOVE what you would normally spend on everyday living in your house. An RV will be a lot cheaper than a hotel. Leaves more insurance money for other things.

          The problem here is that the insurance company could not care less where the RV is placed. They only paid for it, they have no say in where you put it. The homeowners will have to put it in a campground and maybe pay for long term camping fees. Loss of use will pay those fees until the 30% is used up. They were probably trying to save those fees…and who could blame them.

          It doesn’t appear they have even started on the rebuild yet for some reason? That is a long term project and they will probably run out of insurance money first.

          They won’t beat the zoning board either…

      9. I know these types of neighbors, they’re the same type who complain if someone is holding prayer meetings in their home, or calls the police every time they hear a noise, or call child services if your kid isn’t in school that day. They’ll take their dog out and lead it over to sh*t in someone else’s yard but you better not step on one blade of grass in theirs. I even saw a video where one of these types smiled when someone’s teenage kid was killed in a car accident and said she’s glad it happened. These types go out of their way to be the most wretched horrible people. They are exactly like those employed by the Stasi in East Germany to watch and snitch on neighbors and they would snitch with glee on anyone, and if there wasn’t anything to report they made things up. Their main motivation was purely just to make other people miserable.

        • I couldn’t imagine living in the city or suburbs.
          I get claustrophobic whenever I visit the city or even suburbs.
          Homes spaced out less than 10 feet apart is absolutely ridiculous.
          My nearest neighbor is 500 yards away and I feel that’s too close, but I’ve known them for 58 years and they are outstanding neighbors that mind their own buisness.
          If I decide to let my grass grow knee high nobody will say a word.
          We don’t have building codes in my rural area and if I want to add a room to my house I just need to get the material and get to working.
          Flee the city and suburbs.

      10. Andrea the long winded bs artist makes this site suck. I hate skimming over thousands of words tens of times every time I visit here.

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