Afghanistan: “We’re f*#!ing losing this thing.”

by | Jun 28, 2010 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    When word of a recent Rolling Stone article reached the mainstream media, they had a field day with General McChrystal’s contemptuous remarks against the President and Vice President. Most Americans found the President’s acceptance of McChrystal’s resignation to be appropriate:

    Most Americans believe President Obama has done the right thing to fire Gen. Stanley McChrystal as commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, and they support setting a timetable to begin withdrawing from the war zone, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup poll released on Monday.

    In all, 53 percent approve of Obama’s decision to remove the disgraceful general, who was ousted last week after making contemptuous remarks of senior administration officials including Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.


    But how many Americans actually read the Rolling Stone article in question?

    However, it wasn’t just a General and his staff insulting POTUS and VPOTUS. There was much more to the article.

    We find it quite interesting that the other quotes, the ones that really matter to the American people, were not reported on.

    Not to worry fellow readers, because now you can see why the mainstream media was up in arms about the piece and why they reported only PART of the story:

    We wouldn’t want the really substantial information leaking to the general American public would we?


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      1. McChrystal also said that he voted for Obama. Guess what Stanley, you got what you paid for.

      2. Just wait till the draft starts.

        I don’t give a dam. I ain’t going to Viet Nam

        Oh, wrong war.

        I don’t give a dam. I ain’t ain’t going to Afghanistan

      3. Of course we can’t win it. We are not going to “win the hearts and minds” of the Afghani people…ever. The only way to win, which means we get to keep this strategic position, is to exterminate the entire population. That ain’t gonna happen, obviously, so we might as well declare victory, or “peace with honor” and get out. The Russians must be laughing their asses off.

      4. First off, if McChrystal was so smart why did he vote for BO? He is a great SpecOps guy that was best left in the shadows, not in the spot light. McChrystal knew it, all his Jr. officers know it and every swinging dick on the ground knows it. There has never been a central government in Afghanistan, so pretending to create one is never going to work. This is lawless tribal land.

        When we blow the hell out of their cave they are thankful for the renovation. When their tents get burned up they skin some more goats. To this day I think there are only 2 or 3 real roads thru the country.

        There will never be a political solution in Afghanistan. Its a Tribal region with mostly nomadic tribes. To call the Afghanistan leader a President is laughable, at best he’s a Mayor. 

        In my humble opinion the best we could hope for in Afghanistan is about 20 Tribal States. When we leave the tribal states will start killing each other.

        Lets wrap it pretty and tie it in a nice bow and hang it around their presidents neck and get the hell out.

      5. I agree.   Time to pull out!  Lets not waste anymore Americans on such a worthless shit hole as Afghanistan.    Bring them home and let them hang in Arizona  doing what they do best………

      6. Who gives a damn about Afghanistan…………when we’re losing Arizona sovereignty to Mexican drug cartels.

        As usual the preening Kenyan president can’t tell his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to the issues important to the citizens of this country.

        Obama’s a noisy dung beetle, rolling in the shit, with no direction in mind. 

      7. Search,,,,afghanistan a war for gas and oil pipelines,,,,.

        This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats anymore.It’s all about the money and power that the possession of gas and oil creates.International corporations have been calling the shots for years.Foreign wars are investment ventures.
        If our leaders in Washington DC were truly committed to National Security, our troops and bases would be positioned on our borders.But that is not going to happen because our elected officials are puppets.

        Puppets with an agenda,,,,,,,

      8. Very Good Wheedle!! There are some who understand. The rest of you need to get off the Right Wing/Left Wing debate. Neither side gives a crap about YOU! When the fat, old, bald politician/CEO is carrying a rifle in Afghanistan,Iraq, Iran,ect. then I will be right beside him/her. Until then, up yours!!

      9. Afghanastan is just the latest example of a lie created by the Bush Administration that has continued and gotten worse under the Obama Administration.

        Anybody else find it ironic or funny that Obama won the election off of pure hatred and emotion for Bush, yet as soon as he’s sworn into Presidency he not only continue’s Bush’s policies but goes so far to actually “apologize” to the world leaders for the previous Bush Administration…

        Say what you will about Bush, bash him completely just like Obama did to get into office but I find it remarkable that Obama is really just Bush continued, based his whole entire campaign on being a ‘change agent’ and continued to bash the hell out of him when he proceeded the throne.  Have you heard Bush say anything negative about Obama?  nope….latest I’ve heard was Bush saying that “One thing you won’t hear from me, is criticism on any new president”…nice to see Bush atleast kept class while his counter part lied and capitalized on Bush’s mistakes…

        WAKE THE F*CK UP WORLD, NOW!!!!!

      10. Enough of this … “I support the troops” crap from middle America. What, you think the average good German in ww2 didn’t also “support the troops”.

        The fact is the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT is lying about Iran, lying about Afghanistan,   lied about Iraq,   lied about Vietnam.

        It lied about the causes of the current depression.
        It lies just about everything.

        Anybody detecting a theme here?

        Your government is lying because it has been hijacked.
        Hijacked by banking terrorists & the ultra wealthy elite while most of America laid fat,drunk & stupefied . While America watched john wayne/clint eastwood/rambo movies and felt patriotic  macho, while america spent it’s time engrossed in TV & videos, computer games, cell phones and Televised sports.

        There are several issues here:
        1) the “enemy” in within us. It’s homegrown, not external.
        2) most of america is too clueless to even notice/care/react
        3) we ARE turning into a police state, a fascist state.

        Nevertheless, I doubt the banksters get away with it.
        Like many others…….. I am frigging hoping for the system to crash as that’s apparently the only way to level the playing field against the uber wealthy and their bought off politicians.  I’m prepared and ready to get on with it.

        Here’s to the coming meltdown.
        “It’s  the end of the world as we know it…. and I feel fine”.

      11. I’m sorry, but someone has to say this.

        NEWSFLASH: The American people don’t care!

        At least most of us don’t. Americans don’t care about Afghanistan, Iraq, our troops or the 700+ U.S. military bases around the world. Most Americans like to say that they are against war and that they support the troops, but the facts don’t support the rhetoric.

        If we really cared about our troops we wouldn’t be voting for politicians who continue to sacrifice soldiers lives for a wars that were started for fictitious reasons.

        This country has been in 10 major wars in only 235 years. Americans love to bomb people.

        As long as the American people don’t have to fight or see us losing, they’re not going to care.

        Wait, when is the next Harry potter movie coming out?!

        Oh yeah, I was making a point….

        They’re not gonna the care until the war spending cuts into the unemployment and social security benefits. They’re not going to care until the neo con (chicken hawks) start World War III with Iran and their sons come home in pieces.

      12. Reagan,

        Thank you so much for your opinions, you’re exactly why was created you make my case perfectly!

        My case being that most people are blind, ignorant pompous morons much like yourself who live in a complete fantasy world. Keep telling us what you believe and want us to believe you’re obviously much above me and all the other visitors of SHTF plan please bring your opinions to my site too, I’m sure all of my viewers would love to hear the awesome message you get across

        Rest of the site and those in tune with what’s actually going on in the real world….PLEASE GET THE WORLD TO WAKEUP SHOW THEM SITES LIKE MAC’S AND MINE, THE ABOVE IS THE EXACT EXAMPLE OF THE PROBLEM THAT THE AMERICAN NATION FACES.

        Kind regards,

      13. No wonder the liberals, Wolf Blitzer, and the media said it’s a brilliant strategy. This is propaganda to help a run away general to exit his duty to saves face. They made him a victim of Obama, so he may run for office later on. General Petraeus is set to fail from the start. Also O’reilly said Moveon(dot)org took down the naughty ads.
        Obama had this RUN AWAY general, General Mc’Chrystal in charge and gave him all the support, more 30,000 troops in 2009 and billions in more money. Even then Mc’ Chrystal could NOT do it, and LEFT HIS SOLDIERS BEHIND WHEN THEY NEEDED HIM THE MOST. Especially, Afghanistan today under Mc’Chrystal IS MUCH WORSE THAN WHEN BUSH WAS IN CHARGE.
        O’reilly and Hannity said, General Mc’Chrystal voted for Obama, and the General does not allow his soldiers to watch Fox news, a conservative channel.
        Mc’Chrystal is a true liberal, and his actions and his failures speaks louder than words.

      14. Afghanistan is where empires go to die. 
        After putting the warlords and opium lords in charge,
        the beneficiaries ride the terminal gravy train. 


      15. The parallels between Viet Nam and Afghanistan are numerous. Both were/are ‘no-win’ situations. But none of this has come about by some unforseen ‘quirk’ of circumstance; both were very carefully planed and crafted incidents designed to DESTROY the Unites States in order to make the introduction of a ‘New-World-Order’ possible. Viet Nam started the process and Afghanistan will complete it.

      16. “This sucker could go down……..” 

      17. I read the Rolling Stone article. McChrystal both got himself out of being responsible for Afghanistan and he got to publicly criticize his buffoon “superiors”. While quitting would seem to be a dishonorable action to a guy like McChrystal, his exit seems very intentional, not some singular gaffe committed by accident in front of a reporter. Such orchestration seems more consistent with his record of maverick cunningness than anything else.

      18. McChrystal must have political ambitions.

      19. Comments…..I agree with everyone else here who said that McChyrstal voted for Obumma and he got what he paid for.  What cracks me up, is they now have the General that was a Bush guy and was raked over the coals by the Senate.  Pelosi even called him a liar!  I think McChrystal fell on his sword, he knows that Afghanistan is a lost cause.  Petreuas can’t pull it off unless he has more troops and fire power.  Obumma isn’t going to give it to him.  I feel for our troops, I say cut and run and let that be a lesson to future generations about which battles to fight.

      20. Cut and run, Goldenfoxx!? When there is three trillion dollars worth of minerals there to be exploited, I mean developed; not including the oil and gas?

        That will never happen! US military is there to protect “our” commercial interests not our security interests. We have to make the world safe for capitalism! It always has been that way, it always will be that way. At least until Jesus comes.

        Where is He anyway?

      21. “The only way to win, which means we get to keep this strategic position, is to exterminate the entire population.”
        Scar you beat me to the punch again, however you would do better to kill everyone over the age of 10, convert them to Christianity and trade every AK for an IPOD.
        OK, OK I know I’m foolin with ya.  Having been there for a year [2005-06] I made a few observations:
        1] You stay longer than a few months or until the local population is fat on your hand outs you become not the liberator but the occupier.

        2] You push the tribal divide, no matter which you pick and the resulting deference shown causes a nasty, deadly cabal from the others.

        3] Notwithstanding the MSM and the WH there isn’t a little capitalist dying to get out of every Afghan. Most are just trying to survive or get out of the way.

        4] The ANA, Afghan National Army is made up of ignorant, clueless, hash smoking, heroin using, and child ass raping malcontents that have no sense of an Afghan national unity. They see tribal affiliation, family cohesion and village integrity NOTHING ELSE!
        True there may be vast quantities of mineral [no not oil] deposits but who’s gonna put up a hundred million to set up a mining facility when we can’t protect a girl’s school in Kandahar?
        Believe me the remnants of the soviet occupation are everywhere. Unfortunately in ten years or so all the roundels on the equipment will be American.
        Dexter Filkins wrote a great book on the war on terror called “The Forever war” that’s what we have a never-ending conflict with a beginning no middle and no end. I used to say when we went out on mission we had a mission statement that said:  what enemy situation was, friendly forces, Attachments and a clear concise MISSION STATEMENT. Have we ever had a mission success statement from our presidents?
        HELL NO. Afghanistan is just another sideshow for those in power. Bring all our people home you spineless bastards.
        BTW, I ‘am the right winged combat veteran your government warned you about.

        When are you going to stop your selfcensorship in America and finally wake up and tell it like it is: the Afghan war is a war for Israel and the whole country is run by a small elite, the jews.

      23. McChrystal did not slip up…he knew exactley what he was doing when he allowed an ultra-left leaning reporter from the Rolling Stone to embed with the Generals command.

        Most of the material the reporter got was at a military airbase in Europe when air travel was grounded due to the volcano in Iceland…

        Make no mistake…

        McChrystal is no quitter, or at least he did not wish to be perceived as one…so he and his staff cooked up a way that Obama would have to fire him.

        McChrystal has little if any respect for Obama. Obamas rules of engagement prevent our troops from returning fire unless they can visibly identify a weapon in the hand of the enemy.

        Obama’s political hand wringing over extra troops dragged on for 6 unnecessary months while Obama’s team did polling, and when the order finally came down, McChrystal got less than half of what he asked for.

        To top that off, the Obama administration cooks up a new military award for ‘meritorious restraint’ while engaged in battle…how absolutely ridiculous not to mention dangerous for our troops…

        Obama is a class A moron regarding anything military…and has little if any respect from the men and women who serve under him…

        McChrystal’s a SOCOM operator first, not to mention he commanded JSOC for 5 years…the guy is stealthy and incredibly effective and extremely deliberate.

        McCrystal knew exactly what he was doing.

        If you are paying attention you will have noticed that he has not retracted a single thing he said in the article…

        Salute to General McChrystal for another successful black op…enjoy your retirement Sir!

        Carson Wales

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