Actor John Krasinski: “We Should Thank and Cherish The CIA”

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    John Krasinski © Reuters / Mike Blake and Yuri Gripas

    According to actor John Krasinski, Americans should both thank and cherish the Central Intelligence Agency. After all, without the agency, who would prop up foreign dictators, stage coups, and “play” with mind-control drugs?

    Krasinski who starred in the TV show “The Office” and now “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”, came out and told reporters before the release of season 2 that The CIA is something that we should all not only cherish but be saying thank you for every single day.”

    Ex-CIA Boss: “Thank GOD For The DEEP STATE!”


    Unlike the FBI, the CIA is not tasked with fighting crime in America. It doesn’t spend its time tracking murderers and busting pedophile rings (although lately, the FBI seems just as much a part of the deep state as the CIA). Instead, the agency often operates in the shadows abroad, and while its officers do foil terror attacks and intercept shipments of weapons of mass destruction (albeit very rarely), the agency has also been referred to by journalist Douglas Valentine as the organized crime branch of the US government.”

    So, to be thankful for the agency’s work means also to be thankful for a sordid history of highly controversial actions.

    Coups and torture allegations

    Among them are more than 50 attempted coups. Some, like the 1961 ‘Bay of Pigs’ invasion of Cuba were abject failures. Others, like the overthrow of democratically-elected Chilean president Salvador Allende in 1973 were successful, much to the horror of the tens of thousands of Chileans who were arrested, tortured, or extrajudicially murdered by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet that followed. –RT

    Can we take a moment and be “thankful” for all of the MKUltra experiments the CIA has done too?

    MKUltra Docs: The CIA Made Remote-Controlled Dogs With Brain Surgery

    The Making of a Monster: We’re All Lab Rats in the Government’s Secret Experiments

    The agency’s worst excesses were not abandoned after the fall of communism either. In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the CIA kidnapped and tortured terror suspects around the world, sometimes holding them for years on end with no trial. Current director Gina Haspel is accused by rights groups of running at least one ‘black site’ in Thailand, where detainees were reported to have been held in conditions compared to a medieval “dungeon,” and at least one inmate was waterboarded almost to death. –RT

    So the week before Thanksgiving, let’s all take a moment and thank the largest group of violent criminals: the deep state the CIA.


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      1. Job opening. Needed: one King. Location: Western Civilization. Pay: negotiable. College degree in World History and prior military experience required. The position is currently vacant. Call: 1-800-TOO-LATE for interview appointment.

      2. I especially like that guy with the YUGE mop that keeps the Langley logo so nice and shiny.

      3. I have to agree with him. When you get on a plane and fly safely from one end of the world to the other, that is the Company that has your back.

        Yes, mistakes have been made, but nobody said it was easy to set up a global economy and security structure.

        The freaky stuff that conspiracy nuts focus on is but 1 percent of what is done. Most of what the Company does is act on the orders of the President and Congress and get the job done.

        Most people are honourable and very smart.

        • Frank, you have no idea. They own the media. They are trying to control the flow of all info. In the US. In violation of their purpose. They own your opinion. Hell, they gave you your opinion.

        • Sen. Eugene McCarthy accused the CIA of being a hotbed of commies many years ago.

      4. If the CIA is half as bad as people say, then they are some seriously evil dudes and dudettes.

        Did they off Kennedy? I’m still pissed off at them or whoever did that. Then they wacked his brother and his son. It ain’t right.


      5. (In Greek mythology. Cassandra was cursed to utter prophecies which were true but which no one believed.)

        Opium Wars (courtesy of the British East India Company) became the Fentanyl Wars (courtesy of China). Northwoods was originally against (that other) Cuba. This country is accused of fomenting color revolutions and installing corporatist banana Republicans for better trade deals.

        Farrakhan used to have a saying about blowback, in which our chickens would come home to roost, which I think is redundant. You do a dirty trick. You are caught and exposed, publicly. Someone does it back to you. And, you still fall for it.

        Whether the US is using the foreign theater for it’s own experimental petri dish… whether foreign spies are plagiarizing American material and using it against the ZOG… It had been already been done, before, to those other people, and could generally be researched in a public library, some decades before it became a current event here.

      6. Code in agent frank

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