“Activist B***hes Supporting B***hes”: Hillary Clinton Appears In Bizarre ‘Feminist’ Video After Revelation That She Protected Accused Sexual Abuser

by | Jan 27, 2018 | Headline News | 49 comments

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    Just hours after responding to a report that revealed that she had protected a member of her campaign who was accused of repeated sexual harassment, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared in a bizarre video “shout out” to feminist activists she claims to support.

    The former Secretary of State made the strange comments in a video posted to the Twitter account of Huffington Post commentator Alex Mohajer.

    “Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thanks,” Clinton can be heard saying as the video zooms in on her face. “Thank you for your feminism, for your activism, and all I can hope if you keep up the really important good work.”

    As the video continues someone can be heard shouting in the background, “activist b***hes supporting b***hes before Clinton apparently decided to repeat it.

    “And let me just say, this is directed to the activist b***hes supporting b***hes, so let’s go,” Hillary laughably stated.

    In a follow up tweet about his now viral post, Mohajer claimed that activist b***hes supporting b***hes is actually the name of a hard-left feminist group that was asking for and got a shout out from Clinton.

    Regardless the video is extremely weird, especially when you consider that it was published just hours after Clinton responded to a highly sourced report that detailed her protection of a serial sexual harasser.

    “The report revealed the disgusting allegations against Clinton faith adviser Burns Strider and the shocking fact that after his young subordinate came forward, Clinton herself apparently stepped in to keep him on her campaign while moving his alleged victim elsewhere,” I wrote in a write up about the allegations for SHTFplan.com

    “Not only did Clinton herself protect Strider, her own staff, who were completely aware of his conduct, refused to even speak about it for almost 10 years in order to protect Hillary and her political ambitions.”

    In true Clinton fashion, Hillary responded to the allegations by flat out lying, ludicrously claiming that she did the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the New York Times report alleges.

    Keep in mind, Clinton specifically protected the woman’s abuser and is now expecting the American people to believe that she was “heartened” by the woman coming forward in the first place?!



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      1. Two sides to that woman. The side she wants you to see and the side she really is.

        • Yes, she truly represents the modern feminist. Easy to see through to the truly ugly heart.

          • It’s hypocritical when the Left touts being “heard” is enough for those sexually abused by those whom they defend, yet when someone gets shot, we must disarm the entire country because “prayers” aren’t enough.

            Was Hillary Clinton trained by Saturday Night Live?

            • IN MORE IMPORTANT NEWS….
              The ad up above for bullet proof vests is a great deal! Level 3A rifle rated for 229.00 with free shipping! With anti-spal coating and plate pads only 329.00! Better get one while they are still legal… 😀

              • Lab tested and verified to meet or exceed ballistic resistance under NIJ-0101.06 Level 3 specifications [M193 5.56×45mm, M855/SS109 5.56×45mm up to 3100 feet/second and M80 NATO Ball (7.62x51mm) up to 2800 feet/second]

              • That’s if you believe that we won’t get them anyhow even if they say its illegal to own
                Same as guns
                We will own what we want and our Bill of Rights backs that up
                And so does the fact we will back it up with the barrel of our guns

                • MI: Folks NEVER, ever give up your guns! That would definitely be the biggest mistake made in history.

        • GA: You got that one right! Crooked Killary is such a disgusting puke if there ever was one!! HANG that Fugly bag of Feces.

      2. Typical hildebeast crap. She needs to pay for all of her crimes with her life.

        • I think the crooked Clintons have so much dirt on the majority of the upper crust in the Dipocratic party that it will be hard for any one in their party to throw them,(plus some others) under the bus, which is what needs to be done if they have any hope of gaining any credibility.

          In other words, they are all in this together.

        • TDBh – the woman needs to be brought to justice – death, as soon as possible. She deserves no quarter, no mercy. Nor do her followers. This must end.

      3. Why won’t Hillary Clinton just fuck off already?

        • Because she is too busy providing the public free entertainment like this video clip.

        • Because there are those types of people that are just too stupid to read the room

      4. Approximately 30,000 white women are raped by black men every year in the USA. That’s official. So where’s the outrage. All we here about is workplace “harassment”. Rape is the elephant in the room. It is white victims, and black perpetrators.

        There are only around twelve rapes yearly where the rapist is white and the victim is black. Statistically it is considered zero.

        But this harassment scandal distracts us from the real atrocities taking place. Keep importing from Somalia in Africa and sand creatures, then the rapes will be in the hundreds of thousands. I don’t care about Mrs. Clinton. I care about women being raped. When a rapist is caught in the act, he should be shot on the spot and his body left out to rot.


        • Thank you! Preferably where the vultures can have lunch easily.

        • One of the biggest crimes of the post-WWII period was the introduction of blacks to Western Europe. The rapes and crimes have not stopped since. Way out of proportion to their population size. The horrific crimes committed against white women in South Africa are legion.

          As for #metoo, there is next to no cases of white men harassing black women. It just does not happen. Mostly because there is no attraction there.

          • Why would a white man want to screw a chimp anyway?

            • White men like white women and Asian women. That’s it. Their preferred sex and relationship partner is either of those groups. Next to none would say an obese black woman living in a ghetto and working for the Post Office is their ‘ideal’ woman. The fashion industry knows most surveys show ideals of beauty around the world never include these women. And the future is going to increasingly be dictated to by the tastes of Asian men and Asian men NEVER say black women are their ideal beauty. Never.

        • BCA: It’s simple, Blacks are just wild, violent, dangerous, vile savage animals that love to prey on Whites period.

      5. And they wanted her, and still want her! That is how insane the left is now.

      6. Do these bimbos need to be culled or not?Hard choices?Not so hard? Survival or?

      7. Let the stupid survive and see what happens?

      8. Aren’t brown people so wonderful. We see it everywhere. And to disagree so politically incorrect? Whites are 8% of world population. And the minorities get so much protection? Outnumbered and overwhelmed? Time to wake up?

        • Whites are the world’s threatened minority group. Just look at the hard numbers: whites versus the rest. The fastest growing populations in the world are all non-white, with the most ignorant and ill-educated groups growing the fastest.

          It is now time for the migrants to be re-directed to areas of the world where they can be better absorbed: either Africa or Asia.

          In every Western nation the majority of the prison population is non-white, most of the street crimes are committed by non whites as is the case for most terrorist incidents. Ask any police officer.

          A new white cultural block needs to be formed to preserve white European culture and peoples. A new pan-European peoples capital needs to be formed in which the interests of white Europeans can be fully aired and addressed. This could be an ice capital somewhere in the North, far from the threats. The Russians could provide security.

      9. Who’s got the guns,? You are alive because your ansestors had them? Don’t let them down?

      10. A high power revolver cut into a plastic bottle? Speed loaders . Not out of the game?

      11. I always look forward to any videos that surface from the Hillary Clinton comedy show. She will insure that the 2020 election is comedy gold if she decides to run again.

      12. There are a lot of Morons in the world.

      13. Omg can’t that “thing” just wither up and blow away. Maybe a bucket of water.

        • She’d only drink that bucket of water and try to piss on us.

      14. We can take small comfort in knowing this woman is going to hell.

        • I take no comfort in anybody going to Hell.
          I just want Hillary and those like her to
          soon become bones piled in a field.
          Pol Pot had the right idea.
          Kill the oligarchs.
          We call them Democrats.

      15. For anyone really interested in knowing more. I found a vid on utube some many have seen it. IRON MOUNTAIN a blueprint for tyranny. I had a copy of this tape years ago back in 92-93 I came across it again on utube. I gotta say everything in there has come to pass. Hadn’t dropped a stitch. It ties together tptb plans for one world government.
        Should check it out.

      16. “I’m melting! Melting! What a world! What a world! Who would have thought all you activist bitches could have ruined all my wonderful wickedness!”

      17. Where is all the information about survival, economic collapse, prepping? There’s nothing here but idiotic right wing crap still obsessed with Clinton! WTF? Get a life, losers. Mac, why do you keep this stupidity up? How about some real information that will make me want to visit this site again?

      18. Typical rug munching feminist bitch

      19. I wonder what other swamp creature who squatted in the big house in DC stole furniture to furnish her new digs in NY for her Senate run and actually won. She got off on the deaths at Waco and OKC, both proven inside jobs. The Clintons were and are intelligence backed operatives which make them untouchable by the American law mafia. That makes “lock her up” a wide net.

      20. What a nauseating display. Yeah baby. Hillary you’re definitely one of the girls. A real “Feminista” you are.

        You couldn’t even gather enough feminine character and womanly outrage to toss that lying, cheating, two-timing, cold-hearted, mean-spirited, home-wrecking, loser of a husband of yours out on the South Lawn of the White House during the Monica Lewinsky scandal — like a real woman would have.

        What a mighty “b*tch” you are.

      21. Judge Janine on FOX last night was great. I laughed so hard at her ending segment where she went into the woods looking for Hitlery. LOL

      22. Same old stupid political crap here I see. Where’s the info about prepping? Can’t find it. Still obsessed with Hilary Clinton. Pathetic. Bunch of fanatics.

      23. Testing, one two…Censorship check….

      24. I think I remember her using her legal skills to get a raping, child molester of the hook. Got the bitch part right though.

        what I’d like to know is how does this ” thing have any credibility at all.
        Of all the plane crashes and car wrecks and enemies she’s made. Nothing Satan sits on that one’s shoulders ?

      26. Should have used a word that rhymes with runt.

      27. I guess, technically, these alpha females do have sexual market value, as procurers.

        For some years, when I have read that Bible passage about a mother of harlots, in my personal interpretation, that is a madame.

        • You are very right. It is a long tradition that these diesel power dykes carroul and dominate the pretty young women to sell them to the men for power in return. These bitches would sell them to the Masons for sex. It still happens today though they call themselves Oprah, Hillary, etc.

      28. Just saw this clip with the phrase played on Tucker Carlson’s show. This person (can’t say her) is pretty trashy. A scrap of lace (Chantilly or not) would melt her.

        Maybe feminist are b*tches but feminine women are not. A modern woman doesn’t need their brand of activism. It is not clear what this group wants and it doesn’t seem like anything that will actually address any women’s issues.

        Please excuse me while I go barf now.

        • They have no self-awareness or idea of how disgusting they are compared to natural women elsewhere. I was sitting in a cinema the other day surrounded by ugly, fat women and thought to myself “I would never see this scene if I was in Asia or Eastern Europe.”

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