Acceptable Discrimination: Political Affiliation Bias

by | Nov 30, 2019 | Headline News | 5 comments


The bias against those who are not politically affiliated similarily is the last acceptable form of discrimination. It’s now okay and accepted by the masses, to treat other human beings as less than if they disagree with you on politics.

One new study is showing that most are embracing this type of discrimination with extreme fervor. This study shows discriminatory behavior thrives in the one area where it remains socially acceptable to judge people based on shared attributes: political affiliation. Politics remains one of the few personal characteristics not protected by equal opportunity hiring laws, and if this study is any indication, lawmakers will want to get on top of that quickly.

Belief in certain political values is akin to belief in a religion. It’s all based on opinion and discrimination is still discrimination, even if you label it “politics,” We all know the media has been trying to brainwash us with government-approved opinions for years now, and those who don’t accept their brainwashing willingly are being discriminated against.

Biden’s Campaign Asks Media To SILENCE Opposing Views And No Longer Book Giuliani

SILENCED: YouTube Censorship Ramps Up As 17,000 Channels Removed

Shared political ideology outweighs seemingly more important factors like professional qualifications in hiring decisions, researchers from Clemson University and the University of Kansas confirmed in a study published this month in the Journal of Applied Psychology. Unchecked, this kind of discrimination is liable to produce powerful echo chambers, in which groupthink eventually becomes a prerequisite for employment.

Study participants readily picked a job candidate with whom they shared a political affiliation over a more qualified candidate without that affiliation when presented with Facebook profiles containing clear indicators of the prospective hire’s political alignment. These might include statements about leading a campus Democrat or Republican group, or party symbols like the Democratic donkey or GOP elephant. The closer the participant, acting as a recruiter, identified with a party, the higher ratings they gave to candidates who touted their membership in that party – qualifications were nigh on irrelevant.-RT

More Than HALF Of Americans Want The Government To CENSOR Speech

There is real irony in the mainstream media’s role in pushing for this discrimination too.  The media environment has actively encouraged this polarization. It gets clicks as it drives destructive wedges into society while at the same time condemning any other form of attribute-based preference as “unthinkable bigotry.” In other words, while discriminating against different opinions, the media calls those opinions “bigotry” and says that those are the discriminating opinions.

Welcome to the U.S.S.A. Where groupthink is our future.


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    1. cranerigger

      Some ideologies are DANGEROUS to CITIZENS that try to be tolerant & non-judgemental to those with less experience, education, and/or cognitive abilities. When those “ideologies” are embraced by a political party – that political party becomes DANGEROUS to other CITIZENS. Those that have studied history know of examples in, Germany, Cambodia, Vietnam, and many other countries.

      GOVERNMENT hugely effects a Citizen’s life. Forgive us for passionate beliefs about how that govt. should be conducted.

    2. UCF9698

      Globalist changes the rules as he pleases then prints more money for his worshipers. Got it.

    3. Clown World

      Clemson U said, “Shared political ideology outweighs seemingly more important factors like professional qualifications in hiring decisions…”

      That means, you don’t literally need to be qualified, in order to do the fake “job”.

      Further, the job needs not be productive.

      The job is to skim subsidies from nameable special interest groups.

    4. Sean

      Do you even understand how anti-discrimination laws work?

    5. Confederate Bill

      All authoritarian ideologies are irrational, that is, these ideologies ultimately insist reality bends to beliefs rather than beliefs conform to reality. Therefore, most any particular ideology CAN NEVER STAND ON ITS OWN MERITS. That’s why all authoritarian and ideological systems and goverments must utilize heavy propaganda, state control of all information, state control of education, threats, fear, force, mass murder, secrecy, and all other illegitimate aspects of state power to sustain them. Ideologies, especially Marxism / communism are not naturally conducive to human progress, rather, it is designed to crush individual progress. The reality is no type of real progress can be achieved for long without individual freedoms and liberties. When individual freedoms and liberties are limited, society and nations as a whole inevitably decline into authoritarianism.
      A second inviolable feature of authoritarian ideology is that it is always fomented and utilized for the benefit of a few. In fact, it cannot be any other way because state power and privilege is always highly concentrated. The masses therefore must be compelled to believe they benefit from an authoritarianism ideology.
      A third ideological and authoritarian feature is that the gov’t, military, economy, and All institutions are forcefully subordinate to the party.
      You are merely a part, who is not entitled to any individual identity or purpose outside of the state, with no other function other than as a managed disposable resource. This is what the useful idiots are clamoring for.

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